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Adagio Thread
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A lot of love for Sonata and some love for Aria, but there doesn't seem to be enough Adagio.
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So is she the very first competent villain of MLP?

previous generations not withstanding
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Pic related was competent.
No. She alerted the enemy by issuing an official threat to Canterlot. The shield would not have even been up if she didn't fuck up.
I want Adagio to give me a lapdance with those intoxicating swaying hips

I still like Sonata better, but Adagio is a close second.
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Yeah, actually
She was pretty cool in the final battle, too
Instead of some retarded line about how "lol I'm gonna win because powerlevel," she said "let's battle".
If the shield hadn't been up, Shining Armor would have noticed something was wrong with his wife
I want Adagio to sing while we have missionary sex for the purpose of procreation.
He also wouldn't be getting migraines from performing the spell, thus no need for Cadence to "heal" him.
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The most competent villain is actually the parasprite.
I want her to step on my dick
They weren't inherently evil, just creatures with no ability to reason.
I want her to be real
Some writefag do some story of Adagio seducing anon
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Kinda like this anon?
And he could try to get her out of the dark side however futile it is.
Yes, it can develop in other things as well
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>implying any love for Aria
'daigo Dazzle is best Dazzle.
>I want to be Adagio's sex slave
>I want to satisfy her however she wants to be satisfied
>I want her to cover my body in her vag juices from constantly getting orgasms for licking her cunt
>I want to swallow her love juices
>I want her to get a strap-on and fuck my asshole until it bleeds
>I want to be under her spell
>I want to be her primary source of sexual pleasure
>I want her to call up Aria and Sonata
>I want to be the new toy she shows to her best friends
>I want them to play with me
>I want them to play with me together
>I want them to argue over who's cunt I'm going to have to lick
>I want to be showered in all their sex juices
>I want her to be happy
Bump for our goddess
bump for her to become as popular as SOnata
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I don´t know why but I have the urge of joining...the police force
Your wish is my command m'lady
So, Dazzlings femdom stories when? Because seriously anons. Seriously.
Absolutely no downside to submitting.
Anons, seriously.
It´s not gonna happen, it´s only SOnata or nothing this days
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But Adagio is literally best dom. Literally. Sonata is submissive as fuck.
that better be the naval MP's
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You´re right, but looks like people like submisive above dom. That´s why there are little to no Adagio or Aria threads
>Literally all the girls notice within one musical number.
>The gap between victory and defeat was so wide you could use it to comfortably divert LA Rush Hour Traffic.

Seriously the worst thing is the most competent villain was a fucking shadow with a thing for crysssssstalsssssss.

>Took out 1/2 the guard spell, forcing the other half to go further into exhaustion.
>It took a hail mary wife toss for victory to be snatched away from him.
But the entire Gilda threads were all sub anons and dom Gilda, people love that shit. Howcome no one is writing it ;_;
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Now that you mention it, it´s true, maybe they poured all their dom creativity with Gilda
>unzips dick
I'd have to say there's little Adagio threads due to her being, for the most part Sunset Shimmer 2: Musical Boogaloo. As for Aria, wow, she got so much fucking character in the movie.

that said, anal with Aria is love. Anal with Aria is life.
Well someone call some of the writefags from there then. I could write some, maybe. My life is about to get pretty busy.
It´s up to you if you want to write.
But we had many threads with "a lot" of character, damm it this place gave personalities to background ponies that never said a word
I want to write, but I don't think I have the willpower.
WHy not?
Coming up with a cohesive story is hard and I don't think I can make myself focus on it long enough to make it worth being read. ADD makes writing hard.
Well then, everyone keep bumping posting shit or anything that keeps this thing alive until a writefag asnwers our prays
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No that was /co/ this place has pretty much been shit since day 1.
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But they wanted to be noticed. Compare how ostentatiously they dress when they go to the school compared to how low key they normally dress, like in the diner at the beginning.

That was the whole point of their plan. They needed to draw out whoever it was who had Equestrian magic. And it worked perfectly. A full day before the battle of the bands they knew who they needed to target, and they were able to manipulate others to sabotage them.

It all would have worked out if not for Vinyl Ex Machina and Sunset Shimmer.
I've never written before but I have a story in mind that I've been inspired to work on because Adagio is really compatible with it's plot. It's not a dom story and I want to think the general plot details through before I start getting crazy with the keys. I will be a while before I get it on the thread as a result.
Is it better that I watch RR to get a better grasp of her personality?
captcha: ticscll chaos
I wouldn't say its required, bitch is a siren and loves to be worshiped as it literally gives her power. Thats the actual best backround you could have for a dom ever anyways. Manipulative, confident, cruel, not much else to her.
That's very useful. I'm going balls deep into a concept that could make this story either eye-opening or really fricking edgy, maybe some of both. At the base it's a reform story, there's really no other way for me to describe it with words at the moment.
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I should start writing some shit. I just usually get too lazy to.
That sounds awful, but lets see it when its ready anon.
There needs to be something to hook a writer. Some sort of prompt that makes Adomgio interesting.

Maybe something like the sirens mindcontroling Anon so they can live in his apartment.
They get used to using him as a tool, sometimes forgetting to tell him to stop.
I may just be overly pessimistic, but it'll be ugly business trying to make this work. The most difficult challenges usually have the biggest reward or punishment though.
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Adagio 3.png
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>Vynil ex Machina
>Established in the shorts as never taking off her headphones, and the music being loud enough to affect her perception of reality.
>Not getting the literal Argonauts reference.
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File: i came.gif (1 MB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
i came.gif
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i came
>"Now it's your turn, Anon.
File: my-body-is-ready.png (236 KB, 590x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I wasn't actually trying to criticize that. I was just having a little fun in referencing her as one of the things that saved the day in a way the dazzlings didn't see coming. And yes, I had greek history in Jr. High, so I caught the reference.

Also, nice dubs
It's funny because the scene where they try to sing and fail epically after their amulets have been destroyed reminded me of the scene in that particular Simpsons episode where L.T. Smash's superior cuts the power to the voice enhancer thingy that made Bart and the other members of Party Posse sound like the Backstreet Boys and exposing them as frauds to their audience.
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Just finished watching the movie at last.

Gotta admit, holy shit Adagio's a hottie!
I could never understand why she didn't just run a brothel to feed off of.
I'm confident that it would be the best brothel in Equestria, which would attract high ranking officers of the Princesses. Eventually leading to the princesses wondering why said officers are so beat all the time.
Just a theory.
I love how Sonata looks here

>Adagio: Strip down, you worm.
>Aria: You heard her, faggot. Do it.
>Sonata: I wonder what's for lunch at the cafeteria today?
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Some stuff from before the movie came out. I don't think that my fetish. That is all.

>As an outsider, Adagio doesn't really 'get' some human fetishes.
>Lingerie? Sure, as long as you bought it for her, she'd wear just about anything.
>She could slather on make-up to give her an extra trashy look for a night, and participated in denying your orgasms with gusto.
>But when you asked her to put her foot on your dick, she blanched.
>"Y-you want me to -what-?"
>With a sheepish grin, you try to explain what it is you're wanting.
>As you detail your desire to feel the soles of her feet against your dick, you see her shiver.
>"I, don't really know about that. I mean, wouldn't it hurt?"
>You shake your head and try to assure her that she's not supposed to crush your cock underfoot, just to play with it with her feet and toes.
>Adagio gives an anxious squirm, sending her cacophony of copper curls bouncing.
>"And, you're sure about this?"
>You tell her as much before giving her a gentle push backwards.
>She lands on the table with a surprised squeak, her eyes following you as you sit down in front of her.
>With a little encouraging, Adagio sighs and kicks off her boots, but as she reaches to slide down her leggings, you catch her wrist in your hand.
>She stares at you in confusion as you shake your head and tell her to leave them on.
>With a reluctant sigh, Adagio makes a face and pushes her toes, en pointe, into your chest.
>While not painful, she manages to do so with enough force to press you into the back of the seat.
>"Now listen here; just because I'm anxious doesn't mean you get to tell me what to do, dear."
>You shiver as you feel the breathable fabric tickle at your chest even through your shirt.
>Adagio, finally in her element, gives an elegant smirk and slides her toes down the middle of your chest and over your belly, before finally settling in your lap.
>Making a small, dissatisfied sound, the blonde songstress places the bottom of her foot gingerly over your crotch and begins going through a small circular grinding motion with her heel.
>The pressure isn’t much, but you can feel the firm bone of her heel grinding into your pelvic bone, causing your dick to spring to attention at the sensation.
>Despite the fact that this isn’t her first rodeo, Adagio looks surprised as your pants begin to tent up; her eyes flitting between your own and the bulge slowly making itself known under her ministrations.
>Without warning, she gives a firmer press down with her heel, which causes your dick to arc upwards, straining through the thick fabric of your pants and seeming to reach hungrily for her ankle.
>You give a groan of distress, and watch as the blonde is quick to reduce pressure.
>She stares in quiet wonder, assessing the situation before sliding her heel away from your pelvis and giving your dick a friendly stroke, caught between your thigh and the arch of her foot.
>Shivering under her attention, you make another small sound, this time of delight, and see Adagio’s face light up.
>As she continues to experiment with pressure and different locations of her foot against you, you close your eyes and try to focus on the sensations.
>There’s the problem of your pants dulling the feeling of her stockings sliding against you, but as she’s more exploratory than hungry at this point, you’re willing to let her do as she pleases.
>The tickling sensation of her toes against your scrotum snaps you back to reality, a broad smile decorating Adagio’s lips.
>“All right,” she whispers, her toes trying, unsuccessfully, to undo the button of your pants. “I think I’m ready for the real thing.”
>The siren makes a few more attempts before huffing in frustration and giving a firm nod to the obnoxious object.
>She doesn’t need to tell you what to do, as you quickly unbutton your pants and kick them away before sitting back down.
>Adagio hums to herself, her feet taking up a position on either side of your dick, resting comfortably on your thighs.
>She presses against you, once with her left foot, and then with the right, alternating back and forth as she initiates long, playful strokes that she clearly has no intention of finishing.
>With only your underwear in the way, you squirm under her touch; your breath escapes in short, ragged gasps as you realize how much pleasure your pants were protecting you from.
>Adagio has only just begun her affections and you already feel as though the head of your dick is about to burst.
>The situation is made worse when she switches over to rubbing the sole of her right foot up and down the length of your dick, while the toes of her left gently stroke lower, making a delightfully clumsy attempt at cradling your balls that leaves you shuddering.
>The girl’s eyes sparkle as she whispers, “That always seems to be your weak point,” before pressing her big toe more firmly into your testicles.
>You wince at the pressure, but don’t tell her to stop and so she doesn’t, instead focusing her attention on your penis for a few seconds more before gripping the waistband of your underwear with her toes and pulling it down and away.
>She makes sure to drag the soft fabric over the head of your meat missile a few times before letting it bob into view.
>Adagio’s face falters for a moment as she sees the swollen nature of your semen splatterer, but then giggles and goes right back to teasing you with her feet.
>“I don’t quite understand, but you certainly are a strange one, aren’t you?”
>Giving a lengthy, pleasured sigh, the siren places her heel down towards the base of your dick and tries to conform the rest of her foot to the shape of your shaft.
>It’s the sensation of her tactile tendered toes tickling the head of your penis that finally pushes you over the edge.
>Moaning her name, you feel the rush of heat surge through your body before splattering lewdly against Adagio’s stocking-clad feet.
>“Ew! That’s so gross!”
>You can’t hold back a tired chuckle as she bounces away and hurriedly strips out of her soiled stockings.
>Despite your half-hearted apologies, she keeps shooting glares in your direction as she kicks her stockings away.
>“I told you about giving me a warning before you do that, pervert!”
>Another apology, but it still doesn’t take.
>After several long moments of hate filled glares, Adagio grips the stockings in her hand and storms back over to you.
>“But, whatever, I can just wash them, right?”
>You bob your head.
>Adagio cocks a hand onto her hip, looking thoughtful.
>“But, since you seem to like them so much…”
>A cold sneer breaks out across the siren’s lips.
>In a flash, she reaches out and pinches your nose.
>Catching you off guard, your mouth opens wide in order to breathe.
>“Why don’t you take care of it for me?”
>And, just like that, your mouth is filled with a raunchy blend of sweat, hers, and sex, your own.
>You gag, even as she continues forcing the soiled garment into your mouth, laughing the whole while.
>Just as your eyes threaten to roll back into your head, Adagio stops and gives you an evil look.
>“And I don’t want to see a single stain, got it?”
>Around the stockings, you gargle out an affirmative.
>Content with your lesson learned, Adagio turns on her bare heel and sashays over to the couch.
>The television thrums to life, leaving you to your labor.
>So much for a pleasurable night in together…
>Oh well.
>The way she's squirming against the cushions, you might be in for a long night yet.
>You'll just have to wait and see.
File: wat.jpg (8 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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...How long do I have to wait?
And lose my wizard status? No way
forever because the writefag is a faggot of the highest order
Sounds like a plan, what could posibly go wrong?
>"Adagio, w-what are you doing, I have a girlfriend" you exclaim
>"Hmph, right now the only girl you need to worry about is me" she hums in your ear
>Slowly your mind turns hazy
>Girlfriend, what girlfriend
>The hottest girl in school is right infront of you
>"Thats better, now strip" she orders you with a sinister smile
Don't tempt me to write about sexing up Adagio in her true horse-fish form... and ending up covered in amber roe that smells of her and the sea...
"mmm, salty!"
Do it, this place needs more fetishes
Bump for puddle hair
File: hands.png (185 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185 KB, 800x600
I want Adagio to hypnotize me into taking off my clothes.
I want to feel the tips of her fingers run softly along my schlong, teasing it
I approve of hypno-seductive Adagio.

A lot.
Trips confirm Adagio hypnosis must be a thing
File: 1411006758199.png (353 KB, 373x373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
353 KB, 373x373
Any potential writefags still around?
They're here. Inside your soul, unlock them, Anon
This, unleash your inner writefag and show us all the power of your creativity. Femdom Adagio please?
Chrysalis was perhaps the most incompetent villain we've had, truth be told.

She didn't know enough about mimickry (despite being a fucking changeling) to actually act like the pony you're "wearing."

She more-or-less declared all-out war on Canterlot, instead of using her minions to infiltrate and take over by stealth.

She picked Cadence as an object to receive love, instead of Fleur-de-Lis.

It's like she, despite being one, had no idea what being a Changeling meant, what it could do, what it's strengths and weaknesses was, etc.
There will be no writefags for this let this thread die alongside our Adagio story desires, in the end we can only ride the Sonata train
File: smilesmilesmile.jpg (18 KB, 210x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You come to consciousness only to see darkness
>A cloth is wrapped around your eyes blinding you from whatever they conceal before you
>You try to move your limbs to discover they are restrained by a thick rope
>You begin to panic thinking of what's going to come of you now.
>During this panic attack, you feel a certain warmth approach you
>You feel fingers slowly and gently stroking up your back up to the back of your head
>The cloth has been removed only for you to be blinded by the light that shines on you and you only
>You hear a chuckle right next to you
>"At long last, I finally have you. All for myself!"
>This female voice sounded distinct. You have definitely heard it before.
>Stepping out of the shadows before you is Adagio Dazzle wearing a black bra, leather vest, black panties, and black leather shoes with small metal spikes
>"Hello, anon. ~<3" She says to you with a wide, cynical grin

To keep this alive and to Spread some Adagio apresiation you must go on, doesn´t matter how shitty this may or may not become
I can help but think of "Little Einsteins" every time I hear the name "Adagio," and therefore she is forever ruined for me.
The think her as "Puddle hair"
>"Puddle hair"
I think/hope you meant "poodle."

Because "puddle hair" sounds like she's got a lot of semen stuck in her hair.
Yes, sorry I, but the other thing helps you to focus, use it as well
Dubs confirm for Puddle hair
What a coincidence! In my mind she's 'Sexy-Ass Hips Girl'
File: image.jpg (116 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 800x800
sick fuck
she's hot as FUCK
no u
File: heythere.jpg (41 KB, 341x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 341x351
>She grabs your chin with just her index finger and thumb
>Arise penis
>"Oh I'm going to have fun with you~"
>She takes a seat right on your lap facing you, moving her hands to your shoulders
>Her nethers found the lump contained in your pants
>"Mmmm. You ARE excited to see me, huh? I always knew you had a thing for me. I do have certain perks that Twilight and her friends don't."
>She slides her hands down to your chest
>She leans in to your right ear and begins to whisper
>"I can't blame you"
>That voice is pure ecstasy. Dong fully expanded now. Her face tells you she recognizes this.
>You hear her whisper to herself
>"Oh this is going to be too easy"
>She gets off your lap and recedes back into the shadows
>"Let's spices things up a bit shall we?"
>You fear her intentions. What's she going to get? What's she going to do?
>However, you miss her. You yearn for her return.
>While you wait, you come to the realization of some more things going on
>You are shirtless with a ball gag in your mouth and tied to a chair at the joints of your arms and legs
>You are going no where anytime soon
>You hear metal clinking on metal from within the shadows. Whatever Adagio's getting, it doesn't sound too reassuring. However, you feel calm and relaxed.
>The noises come to a halt and you begin to here her stepping towards you
>Stepping out of the shadows, you notice her holding a pair of scissors
>"Looks like I forgot to take off your pants, anon"
File: 1412049102779.png (897 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
897 KB, 1280x720
Why does so much of her fan art depict her with huge breasts when she's pretty much the flattest girl in the movie?
Because boobs anon. What other reason do you need?
Adagio is objectively the best Dazzling
File: happyhappyjoyjoy.jpg (62 KB, 683x447) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 683x447
>She begins cutting through your jeans
>These were you favorite pair, yet you do not hold a grudge against her
>She makes the final snip and places the scissors on the ground next to you
>"Alright anon, let's see what you're hiding underneath here"
>She pulls your jeans off you taking your destroyed boxers with it
>You're erection now stands as tall as it can and is no longer restrained by anything
>She begins to gently run her fingers up your length with a cheeky grin on her face
>"Wow anon..."
>You're face gets warm, you know it's turning red now. You are being violated afterall.
>"No wonder you've been hiding it...what a shame"
>You're face turns beet-red. Having been fully exposed only to have your pride be deemed shameful by such beauty.
>"You mean to tell me I caught you for THIS?"
>She flicks the tip of your penis.
>Oh the pleasure you get from every single touch of hers.
>"And here I was going to let you unload inside of me, shame that'll never happen."
>You become depressed as she tells you this. You want to impress her so much, she has only shown nothing, but disappointment in you.
>"Well I can't let you go so easily, anon."
>You don't want to be let go now, you want to redeem yourself however you could.
>"As a matter of fact, you need to get punished for wasting my precious time. I should be off fucking Flash but no, you had to do this to me."
>'Flash Sentry doesn't have half the dick you do' you think to yourself.
>"That's it anon, you're going to have to pay now."
>She disappears into the shadows with that grin that you now find so sexy
Dubs confirm
Dubs and you keep writing
Re fucking roll
If singles you keep writing
You cheeky bastard. Of course you get dubs
IF dubs we let the thread die and forget about Adagio forever
Hhaaaaa if dubs adagio is best waifu. And if trips, well you know
File: underherspell.jpg (127 KB, 776x394) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 776x394
>You hear the metal-on-metal once again
>Again, it comes to a halt
>She emerges with a metal chain
>She removes the leather vest in front of you and begins to approach you
>"It's such a shame you'll never impress 'me'"
>She mounts herself on your lap once again, throwing the chain over your shoulder as she starts to grind her crotch against your member
>You can feel the folds of her pussy through those panties as they stroke your disappointment of a dick
>She begins to speak with an alluring voice
>"Feels good, doesn't it anon~? Bet you've never felt anything like this before, hmm?"
>She knows you're still a virgin. You can tell by her face that she's going to hold that against you.
>She still grinds against you
>"Poor anon, never got to feel this ever before~. Shame he'll never have the joy of pouring his seed inside a lady~"
>She then takes her hand and strokes the other side of your dick softly. She's sandwiching your dick between her crotch and hand.
>You feel your balls preparing to shoot out its contents
>"Oh, getting ready to explode now, hmm?"
>She chuckles and comes to a halt removing herself off of you making sure to bend forward for you to get a good view of her breasts as she backs away
>You failed to reach climax. You didn't orgasm.
>"Wow, you were about to climax so early too. How pathetic. Can't even last long either"
>You are disappointing her. Why can't you please her? Come on, anon! There has to be some way to make her happy...
>"I watched your eyes, anon. Ogling my breasts. You just can't help yourself. So weak. Can't contain your urges. You probably thought one day you'd get to fuck a 'woman' like me one day. You're just kidding yourself, kid."
>Shot through the heart, and you're to blame
>She walks behind you wraps the chain around your neck and begins to slowly pull both ends
>She leans to your ear and begins to whisper
>"I know you don't want to let me down anon."
>Holy shit! She knows what you're thinking?! How?!
>"Come on anon, don't think I can't read you like a book. You want me to be happy."
>There's a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe you have a chance!
>"I want to see just how TOUGH..."
>She yanks the chain. It's squeezing your neck and suffocating you
>"...you really are."
>She lets go of one end and pulls the chain off of your neck
>She then goes back into the shadows where he armory of tools and props lie
>When she returns, she's holding a fairly thin, 6-inch metal rod straight up with her thumb and index finger
>"So anon, want to feel what it's like to be inside a lady?"
>You nod your head violently. It's you're only way of telling her what you want so badly.
>"Well, I guess today's your lucky day~"
>You face turns red with excitement. You'll finally be inside Adagio's womanhood
>She approaches you with the metal rod
>When she is standing inches away from you, she pulls down her panties revealing her vagina
>You instantly get erect from the sight of this jackpot at the end of the rainbow
>With this she grabs your dick
>"Open wide~"
>But, you're mouth has a ball gag preventing it from opening, what else does she mean by opening wi-
File: aftermath.jpg (30 KB, 415x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 415x426
>No ball gag could hold back the shriek of pain
>She stuck the rod straight into your fucking urethra
>It burns like a thousand suns inside of your dick right now. Tears pour out of your eyes from the pain
>"Is it really that bad anon or are you just weak?"
>This is your chance to prove to her that you worth her time. You can make her happy now. The pain though...
>Gotta do it for her
>You try to suck up the pain as much as possible. She smiles knowing you've accepted your fate now.
>She then mounts herself atop your dick and fucks you cowgirl position
>Just when you thought you have made yourself endure the pain, it stricks again and she ends up pushing the rod from hell deeper in
>"I thought you could handle this anon."
>Through all the water in your eyes, you can see her have that sexy grin on her face as she says this
>You gotta pull through with this, anon. Do it for her.
>You both proceed, her taking you in and you taking her rod in. You are enduring it however you can, but you still are in such pain you can't even feel pleasure going to your scrotum.
>You're not going to be able to release into her
>She begins moaning after what feels like an eternity and not too soon after, you feel hr sex juices squirt onto the tip of your dick and trickle down to your pelvis
>She removes herself from you breathing heavily from her workout
>"So, did you enjoy yourself anon?"
>You nodded, though slowly as the rod still weakened you
>"Good, cause I'm still not done with you."
>She slowly pulls the rod out, causing that strong burning sensation within the very insides of your dick all the while.
>You know, you actually kinda like that burning sensation now
>She brings the rod into the shadows of the room with her.
>The question is, what's next?
This is my first time writefagging. Thoughts so far?

File: 3453636.jpg (12 KB, 245x318) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 245x318
You shoulda just stuck it in his ass
I'm out. That is boner killer material right there.
I think the story is great. But I personally don't like the urethra part.
>Her trips to the darkness always worries you. You fear she'll never come back.
>You just want her to be happy, yet you've let her down so much. You think to yourself that there is bound to be a way to turn this around and make her appreciate you.
>She returns empty-handed this time
>"Are you thirsty, anon?"
>Having asked you this question, you suddenly realize that you are actually kind of thirsty. Heck, all those tears that poured out of your eyes probably would lead to you needing to replenish some liquids.
>You nod your head
>She grins
>"I've got something new for you to try..."
>She moves towards you then leans to your ear
>"...from the tap."
>To your surprise, the chair you are tied to reclines back. You are now practically laying down, however slightly up-right from the waist up
>She removes the ball-gag. Now's your chance to finally speak
>Just as you were freed from the gag, she places a finger over your mouth
>She looks into your eyes and you gaze back into her beautiful, purple eyes
>"Shhhhhh. Not a word"
>After she says this, you could've sworn you saw green in her eyes. Weird.
>You do not want to go against her will. That would not make her happy.
>She lifts her leg over your neck
>You are now eye-to-eye with her wet, yellow cunt
>Holy damn it's gorgeous. Instant painful erection.
>"Now use that tongue of yours to go digging around. You're bound to find out how to get the precious *ahem* 'water' you thirst for."
>She brings her womanhood straight to your mouth
>Your tongue begins to explore her in search of her juices
tbh It probably would've fit Aria much more than Adagio
Adagio strikes me as the person who's rough and demanding but not so much dominative.
Angry sex?
File: ohyea.jpg (52 KB, 283x378) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 283x378
>You slip and slide your tongue around her, tasting her juices all the while
>Still tastes a bit like metal after the rod
>You're bound to strike the gold so you keep going
>Adagio makes little moans here and there, but nothing that sounds like she's actually really enjoying it
>"Come on, anon. I don't have all day."
>You worry. She's growing impatient with you. This is your time to make up for disappointing her the way you did
>Maybe if you do this right she'll forgive you
>You go as far in as you can
>With this you hear her gasp
>You kind of worry that you might've harmed her and you pull out a bit
>You look up at her face for a sign of how she's reacting. After awhile, she looks bored again.
>You go deep again this time watching her face
>Again, she gasps, but this time, she grunts too.
>You see a satisfied look on her face along with hearing her moan so you continue.
>She bites her lip and is really soaking it in
>She starts to get louder and her pussy growing more moist
>She then grabs the back of your head and pulls you into her crotch shoving your tongue even deeper into her
>With this she screams and moans really loud and squirts her juices into your mouth
>As she orgasms, she demands you with gasps and moans all the while...
>"Swallow, bitch! Swallow!"
>You do as you're told and she notices you followed through
>She's trying to catch her breath after having made so many vocal noises
>"That's right, anon. Swallow my lady cum."
>The remainder of her juices drip onto your face
>You enjoy the warm, sticky texture of it, but not as much as you enjoyed the blissful taste of her orgasm
>"I got one more thing for you, anon. Can you handle it?"
File: ohshit.jpg (33 KB, 244x445) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 244x445
>Going back into the shadows, she goes and grabs her final item. This time, there's no metal to be heard
>You hear a few snaps
>When she returns, she is bra-less, however, her pussy is no longer visible
>"It's your turn~"
>She stands there proud with her strap-on in place
>"If there's anything I enjoy most, it's getting the chance to fuck a guy's brains out."
>The dildo was probably a good 8 inches long and it certainly wasn't thin
>She reclines the chair all the way. You now lay flat
>"Well anon? All you have to do is turn over"
>She loosens the rope enough to give you the chance to roll over the top half of your body but not enough to where you could attempt to escape.
>You do as she instructs you to and repeats with your lowerhalf
>You now lay on your stomach only to have her push your legs up to make you face down, ass up
>She leaps a top the flat surface and sticks her strap-on right in your anus
>Just when you thought you were done with the painful shit, it started again. However, it wasn't as bad and you were already kind of adjusted to dealing with pain after earlier
>She begins pounding away at your tight virgin butthole
>"You like that anon~? I bet you do, faggot"
>Now Adagio is soaking in the moment and asserting her dominance
>"That's right. You live to take it up the ass, don't you anon? You even squeeze your butthole so that you can feel every inch of it going inside of you. You're a slut who loves this shit, huh? How is it being the bottom bitch?"
>She goes on for what seems to be an eternity as she continues to thrust her toy into her boy toy
>"Whose bitch are you? My bitch!"
>With this she pulls out. You wonder if your ass is bleeding.
"Well anon you sure took that all pretty well. I guess you redeemed yourself..."
>She chuckles
File: demons2.png (438 KB, 614x307) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
438 KB, 614x307
>You finally feel you're allowed to speak
"You liked it Adagio?! I satisfied you?!"
>She leans in towards your ear still on top of you and whispers...
>Your heart sinks
"B-but I...
>"Shut up, anon. You're my slave. You'll never completely satisfy me. You're NOTHING."
>You feel as though you did this for nothing.
>"Don't worry. You're going to do whatever I want, whenever I want and you're going to learn to enjoy it. You're just a toy, anon, and I will abuse the shit out of you."
>You hear a knock of the door that seems to lead to any potential escape you have
>You hear faint yet familiar voices coming through.
>Adagio gets her regular clothing back on
>"Come on in, I need to show you two my new toy"
>The door opens up
>"Anon, meet Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze. I've shared my toys with them ever since we were kids..."
>All of their eyes begin to turn red
>"Let's play."

The End?
Keep going
Yea keep at it
Is this finished?
File: rideneverends2.jpg (7 KB, 175x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 175x183
>Keep going they said
>The ride never ends they said
>Very well, but it'll be later
I just want you to know I was super disappointed that there was no pee drinking. Also the metal rod thing brought back terrible memories of sandboxes.

The rest was awesome though 10/10 anon.
I was enjoying it up until the urethra part.
I would fuck every pone in equesria
EXCEPT sunset shimmer and the dazzles

they just.....so ugly as ponies. so much hotter as humans

am i alone?
File: MeetTheDazzlings.png (371 KB, 591x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
371 KB, 591x302
>Sonata: "There no fun in playing with him if he's all tied up"
>Aria: "I kinda like him tied up. Makes him all the more helpless."
>Sonata: "Untied!"
>Aria: "Tied!"
>Adagio becomes annoyed instantly
>Adagio: "Both of you! Shut the fuck up already!"
>The two give each other a dirty look but remain silent for Adagio to speak
>Adagio: "We can untie him..."
>Sonata's face grows a big smile
>Adagio: "...WE can make sure he goes nowhere."
>Aria's begins to smile with evil satisfaction
>They do not wait a second. They untie the ropes that bind you.
>This could be your chance of escape. Once you're unbound from the ropes you attempt to leap up out of the fully reclined seat that once held you.
>All 3 of the sirens grab you. Adagio grabbing your legs, Aria grabbing your arms, and Sonata grabbing your dick
>You see Adagio and Aria shake their head in embarrassment of Sonata
>Sonata just shrugs her shoulders with an adorable, innocent smile
>Adagio begins to speak to you slowly
>Adagio: "Anon, you're...not...going...anywhere"
>She gets that grin back. Why is that grin so attractive to you now?
>Suddenly, you lose the urge to leave. You want to stay. Have to please Adagio afterall
>Adagio: "Sonata, go get the strap-ons."
>She makes haste to retrieve the strap-ons from Adagios shadow armory of sex goodies.
>You begin to realize, now that you're not bound by the ropes and held in one position as well as now there are three of them working together on you, they have more freedom to do what they want with you. You are helpless now.
>You have an itch on your nose that you try to get, but you can't even get any part of your arms to your nose. It's almost like they have inhuman strength too. You're definitely helpless now.
Cont based write friend
File: gameover.png (142 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
142 KB, 500x281
>Sonata emerges with 3 strap-ons holding 2 of them by the dick and wearing one of em on her head
>Oh your sides when you saw the one sticking straight up on her head
>Adagio gave her an angry glare and she took it off
>*Ahem* Yea, t-that wasn't funny
>Sonata begins to put hers on. She then hands one off to Aria switching places with her in holding you down and then Aria switches with Adagio.
>They're all ready
>Adagio: "So anon, I wonder if you can handle 2 at once..."
>Aria and Sonata lift you up by your limbs while Adagio pushes the chair into the shadows
>They lay you on the cold, concrete floor. This has to be a basement.
>Adagio climbs over you while Aria lifts up and spreads your legs
>Adagio: "Open wide, anon!"
>You're kinda frozen and you don't do it.
>Aria goes all into your rectum. The pain causes you to scream, opening your mouth.
>Adagio seizes hold of the opportunity the very moment is presented.
>You're not taking Adagio and Arias rubber lengths entirely. The pain from your asshole combined with the gagging in the back of throat is pretty unsettling. You squirm a bit.
>Damn, Aria is much more aggressive. You can feel her jamming hers into your rectum oh so violently
>Sonata: "You look like you're enjoying yourself anon."
>Adagio: "Oh, he definitely enjoys this!"
>Sonata: "Can't wait until I get a turn!"
>Aria: "Geez anon are you a virgin or does your ass just want my dick that much? Sure is squeezing it."
>All you can do is just lie there are you take it up in the ass and in the mouth from the Dazzlings, utterly helpless. However, you've kind of surrendered yourself to them
>After what was probably 2 minutes, Adagio speaks to Sonata
>Adagio: "Your turn, Sonata."
>Sonata: "For realizies?!"
Fucking typos
Line 15 should say "You're now"
I would still fuck them as ponies but I agree that they are hotter as humans.
File: razzles_my_dazzles.png (227 KB, 661x677) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
227 KB, 661x677
>Adagio grasps onto your arms and mounts off of you. You finally have a chance to get a good breath of fresh air.
>Sonata lets go of your arms only to mount you
>As you take your last gasp of air, Sonata sticks her rubber into your mouth and begins thrusting, forcing the tip to the back of your throat.
>Sonata is getting into it and starts acting as though she can feel your mouth work wonder with her fake dick
>Sonata: "Oh yeah, anon! Such my dick! You know you want it! Mmmmm! Feels soooooo good~! I bet you want me to cum down your throat too; you want to swallow me whole like the little bitch you are! I guess Adagio's dick just wasn't enough for ya, huh?! Well guess what bitch, you're my bitch and you're going to take it all! You don't DESERVE my cum, little whore!"
>While Adagio is holding you down, you notice a shocked expression on her face. She never knew Sonata was capable of this.
>Aria: "Can you shut the fuck up, Sonata?"
>Sonata: "I CAN but I don't WANT to. Let's ask anon if he wants me to.
>Sonata glares into your eyes
>Sonata: "Anon, do you want me to stop calling you out for being the little whore-ass bitch you are?"
>She then grabs the your head from both sides and begins to 'talk in your place'
>Sonata: "I have this dick down my throat Sonata, but if I could talk I would say..."
>She shakes your head left and right
>Sonata: "...NO WAY! I'm anon and I LOOOOVE sucking dicks! I love it when you call me a bitch, a whore, a slut, a dick licker, a cum guzzler, a-"
>Aria interrupts her and begins to thrust even harder and deeper than before. Geez, she still has more to her. Like, holy fuck!
>Aria: "You WISH someone would say that to you!"
>Adagio grows annoyed again with their constant bickering
Top unf
File: ariatakesthestand.png (356 KB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>Adagio: "You two need to learn when to shut the fuck up and stop arguing with one another."
>You see Sonata look back to glare at Aria
>Another couple of minutes pass
>Aria: "Adagio, I'm getting tired of seeing anon's boring asshole. *quietly* And Sonata's ass at that."
>Adagio: "Sonata, switch with Aria!"
>Sonata: "Awww! But I want Anon to swallow my dick some more!"
>Adagio: "Don't worry, he still will, just with his asshole."
>Sonata has a sad, pouty face and says in disappointment
>Sonata: "Oh alright..."
>Sonata removes herself from you while Aria continues to hold your legs. Once Sonata grabs a hold of them, Aria speaks to her.
>Aria: "Just don't let go."
>Sonata: "I won't, Aria"
>Aria mounts herself on you
>Aria: "Ever taste shit before, anon?"
>She begins to wave her shit-covered dildo in front of your face. The stench ever-so nauseating. You struggle to open your mouth. You do not want to be eating your own shit.
>Aria: "Come on, anon..."
>She brings it in even closer to you with an evil grin on her face
>Aria: "We don't have all day!"
>Sonata inserts her rubber into your ass giving the reflexive screech with an open mouth to let it out.
>Aria pushes right on in straight to the back of your throat
>Oh fuck I'm going to puke
File: 1411919143493.jpg (99 KB, 676x832) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 676x832
>mfw i read this story.
Please keep going.
I'm disgusted but also aroused
>Oh god, you are now mixing your saliva with your feces. The taste is gruesome. The pain from your anus being stretched, the gagging of a long, rubber dick down your throat, on top of the extreme gagging of tasting your own feces, you can only cringe and tense up every muscle in your body. That dick won't even allow you to puke if you wanted to.
>Aria: "Wow anon. You love this dick don't you? You love the taste of your shit too huh?
>Adagio: "Anon loves it all~"
>Sonata: "What were you talking about anon's asshole being so tight, Aria. Sure doesn't seem like it to me. It almost looks like he's been buttfucked on a daily basis by a horse."
>With how it felt from Aria pounding your ass, you wouldn't be surprised if your anus was stretched a mile-wide, just a mere gaping hole.
>Sonata is definitely softer than Aria. You're asshole doesn't feel as bad as it did with Aria, but it still hurt. You're throat however...
>All you can do is lie there starring up at Adagio and Arias faces. They both have that grin on their face. Seeing Adagio's face though just gives you an erection
>Sonata notices your dick standing straight up and shouts on sight
>Sonata: "Woah! Anon really IS getting excited! Go figure, that fucking whore"
>Aria: "He does look like he takes dick in every hole in his body daily.
>Adagio just smiles even wider
>Adagio: "He's so pathetic. Fucking him just feels sooo right, doesn't it?
>Sonata and Aria both nod and agree in unison.
>Your gag reflexes are kicking in to the extreme.
>Aria: "Look at that. He's pretending to swallow my cum! Heh! He really wants it badly!"
>You gag so much yet nothing came out. Nothing could come out. Your digestive tract was about as helpless as you.
>Aria sure does go deep. She clearly wants to destroy anon's insides with her rubber dick.
File: 1411461347174.jpg (12 KB, 240x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 240x210
>liking cheeto hair
File: 1396575722672.jpg (4 KB, 378x378) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 378x378
>Not liking the best Dazzling
File: 1398374114763.jpg (365 KB, 1200x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
365 KB, 1200x750
>tfw it's very unlikely we'll ever see ANY of the Dazzlings again or hear them sing
She looks nothing like Sonata, quit being a faggot.
File: ticklerapeactivate.png (345 KB, 800x451) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
345 KB, 800x451
>Adagio: "So Sonata, you said anon's asshole was loose?"
>Sonata: "Yeah, I have no idea what Aria was talking about when she said that he had a virgin butthole. It isn't even tight. Aria, you're a liar!"
>Aria: "Am not!"
>Sonata: "Are too!"
>Aria: "Am not!"
>Sonata: "Are too!"
>Adagio: "GIRLS!"
>They get quiet
>Adagio: "I fucked his asshole earlier, let me try again. Sonata, switch. Aria, hold his arms.
>Aria: "Heh! With pleasure!"
>Sonata holds your legs until Adagio can. Once she does, Sonata takes her leave and Adagio gets in the cockpit. Sonata takes a hold of your arms once again.
>Adagio inserts herself
>Adagio: "Fuck, anon is pretty loose. Aria, you sure did a number on his soft little asshole.
>Aria: "Yeah, I do that often."
>Adagio finishes what she started earlier when she was alone with you. You missed having her length inside of you.
>This time, Adagio runs her finger along your pelvis. OH SHIT! THAT TICKLES!
>Adagio: "Mmmmmm, I think anon's a bit ticklish too.
>She runs her finger back to where it ran when your muscles began to spasm.
>OH! You shout in laughter, suppressed by Aria's rubber.
>Adagio giggles and begins to tickle your little spot
>You're whole body is spasming out of control, however still restrained by The Dazzlings firmly
>You're dying from laughter. It's really hard to breath with Aria thrusting her rubber down your throat.
>'Is this how I'm going to die?' You think to yourself. You're going to die from suffocating on a dildo while you try to laugh?
>Adagio: "Listen to anon. He's a not just a toy, but a squeaky toy."
>They all chuckle as you lay helpless, restrained, laughing, breathless, in pain, and gagging all at the same time.
>They love torturing their new squeaky toy
Adagio is pretty sexy op
I'll return in a few hours. Don't worry, there will be cunnilingus and (by request) paraphilia
Hope you're all enjoying this so far :)
I'm enjoying so far.

Analingus maybe too? Yes?
I just wanna say that I think you´re a sick person and you should kill yourself.........please go on.
This reminds me when I read a charapter of a sci-fi novel called Yggdrasil
File: 725163.png (11 KB, 402x698) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 402x698
Itty. Bitty. Adagio. Titties.
>loading evil plan.gif
File: 045 - PHUpAJB.png (717 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
045 - PHUpAJB.png
717 KB, 1280x720
She's my flat-chest goddess.
File: 1386134256516.png (280 KB, 452x710) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
280 KB, 452x710
The green haired chick's questioning her sexuality right now
Is there a coloured version?
File: adagiosproposition.png (311 KB, 656x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
311 KB, 656x600
>Adagio: "Alright girls, that's enough. Lets mix things up a bit."
>Aria and Adagio remove their rubber penetrators from you.
>Luckily, your gag reflex has calmed down. Maybe because it's finally over? Maybe because they've been fucking you for so long you've adjusted.
>Either way, good thing. The last thing you need is to vomit on one of em. Celestia only knows what they'd do to you.
>They each remove their strap-ons one-by-one still assuring you will not move anywhere.
>Adagio: "Hey girls, when was the last time you took a shower?"
>They all smile at one another. It had to be some sort of code for what they were going to do next.
>Aria: "It's been a while, I think I need to clean up a certain 'spot'."
>Sonata: "Me too!"
>They all glare at you with a closed smile
>They lossen up their pants
>Oh shit, I'm going to clean them aren't I? >They are all now only wearing panties to cover the lower half of their bodies. Adagio wearing the black panties as you'd seen earlier, Aria wearing white ones with black and red skulls, and Sonata one with teddy bears
>God damn Sonata is so silly. If it wasn't for Aria and Adagio and the fact that she called you what she called you and did what she did to you earlier, you would not be able to take her seriously throughout this whole session of you getting rapped
>They all move in at once, bumping into each other
>Dazzlings: "I'm going first"
>Their eyes widen and then glare at one another
>Dazzlings: "No I'M going fir-"
>This is getting entertaining. How are they going to determine who goes first? Rock, paper, scissors? Flip a coin? Roll a die?
>Adagio: "I'll start."
>The other two do not agree
>She grabs them both by the collar of their shirts and give them an evil "don't fuck with me" look
>Adagio: "So, I'm going to go first."
>She dropped her panties (as she's already done)
>She doesn't wait a second. She pushes her pussy to your mouth
>Adagio: "Clean me again"
Why I keep reading this? it doesn´t even give a boner
Because it's currently the only Adagio greentext being written
Sadly true, I would try to write something, but everytime I write it ends up being shit
File: 683808.png (343 KB, 1422x3774) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
343 KB, 1422x3774
We still have over 3000 posts to go until the get
If posting doesn't pick up it wont happen tonight
File: formaline.png (289 KB, 800x451) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
289 KB, 800x451
>You begin licking her cunt yet again
>Wait, what the fuck?!
>Adagio: "Oops! Been a while since I went to the lady's room."
>She pissed right in your mouth
>Adagio: "Come now anon..."
>She starts straight into your eyes and see them turn green momentarily again
>Adagio: "You LOVE lemonade, don't you?"
>Instantly, you swallowed her piss without hesitation. However, you begin to let off licking her walls
>Adagio: "I never said to stop, anon!"
>You resume like a good boy
>Urine still trickles into your mouth and you just let it mix with your saliva. Can't go against your queens orders
>Not shortly after she stops dripping urine in your mouth, she starts to moan from you licking all the right spots.
>As she begins moaning, you decide to give her clit one lick. Turns out at that moment it was a trigger
>Adagio's sticky sex fluids drown you even more than before as she lets out a loud, dragged out scream of delight. This time you try to catch every drop of it, the taste was so pleasant.
>Adagio trying to recover through deep breaths speaks to the 2 Dazzlings.
>Adagio: "Who's next."
>The moment Adagio got off you, Aria pounced her pussy right on top of you
>Aria's pussy bomb sure made it's mark, Your head's going to be feeling that for a good week.
>Aria: "Alright anon. Be of some use and start cleaning, little bitch."
fucking awesome
God Damn....
I want to stick my dick in her hair
This thread, all Adagiofags have sick sexual fantasies, you´re all sexual deviants
>This thread, all ponyfags have sick sexual fantasies, you´re all sexual deviants
How dare you to ridicule me with your logic?!
File: 2down1togo.png (341 KB, 843x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
341 KB, 843x468
>Just as you're about to open your mouth, Aria unloads her bladder
>Holy shit, this felt like you were standing under a warm waterfall. Your face is completely drenched
>Aria: "About fucking time I get to let that out."
>She grabs the back of your head and slams it straight into her pink coochie
>Aria: "Fuck anon, get to work, slacking little pussy. You're all wet, deal with it."
>She looks like she'll bite your head off if you don't make haste, so you go straight into her with your tongue.
>She is just pressing your head straight into her crotch. You're practically going to suffocate on her pussy, just hope you don't create a vacuum and fucking end yourself so soon.
>It feels like you've been exploring her vaginal caves for what feels like an hour and she still has yet to cum. This girl sure is durable.
>She's growing frustrated
>Aria: "Any day now, anon."
>Sonata: "Is he still alive?"
>Aria: "I'm beginning to doubt it."
>At this point, you just go for the clit
>Aria: "I don't even feel anythi-..."
>You finally got to her. Why the fuck didn't you try her clit in the first place?
>She moans in a surprisingly cute way.
>You can feel the rumbling that is her orgasm making it's way through the chasms in which you're blocking the exit to.
>She screams in delight and her fluids push your face back
>Shit, never would've guessed an orgasm could ever be that strong.
>As she continues to squirt the remainder on your chest, her whole body shutters from the experience.
>Sonata: "Get out of the way, Aria! It's my turn!"
>Sonata pushes Aria off and plops her pussy on your face, missing its target and landing on your cheek
>Oh that silly screwball Sonata
>Sonata: "Woah! Anon really IS getting excited! Go figure, that fucking whore"
>Aria: "He does look like he takes dick in every hole in his body daily."
Aria, i believe you've mistaken Anon for OP...
>Getting called a fag for eating pussy
You're not doing this right....
File: ohsonata.png (322 KB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
322 KB, 800x450
>Sonata: "Woops!"
>She lifts herself up and tries again
>This time, she loses her balance and falls forwards slightly, getting her ass-cheeks in your face and letting out a big juicy fart right on your face.
>Sonata: "It was Taco Tuesday yesterday. Couldn't help myself! Atleast I don't have to piss."
>Oh god the stench. Atleast her ass is comfy.
>She re-positions herself and now she finally has her cyan womanhood by your mouth.
>Sonata: "Go on, anon! No time to waste! Chop-chop!"
>As you open your mouth you start to taste Sonata's Taco Fart after having been directly exposed to it. Here you thought your own shit tasted shitty.
>Time to tough it out. You slip your tongue into her.
>Instantly she begins giggling with joy as her walls have your wet tongue caressing them.
>Sonata: "A little to the right, no the other right! No, that's left, I said right! Up higher! Come on, go deeper!"
>She proceeds to bark orders on where you should have your tongue. She has no clue where her g-spot is and every direction she's giving you is only leading no where. She's just basically having you go all around her pussy.
>You finally get to a certain spot on the right
>Sonata: "STOP!!!!"
>Now you fear you're deaf.
>You proceed to stroke your tongue in that area causing her to moan in pleasure.
>She's now dripping her juices on your tongue where it will proceed to slide into your mouth.
>He moaning grows louder, her walls grow more and more moist. She's read to climax.
>She lets out a nice scream of delight.
>You prepare for the flood of vag juice
>Sonata: "Ha! Just kidding!"
>You kinda got a little mad that she toyed with you like that. Time to attack the weak spot for maximum damage.
>Sonata: "I am getting close though, so-"
>Your tongue made its move
>Sonata: "-ooooooo boy!"
>She lets out a scream of ecstasy and she releases on your face.
>Her body is shuttering
>Sonata: "Ha! You're all soaked in my lady cum! Bet you like that shit, bitch."
>WOAH! Kinda came outta nowhere
Anon was getting called a fag for being nothing but a mess soaked in urine and vaginal fluids, not cause he ate out a pussy. But yeah, 'bitch' can be a good placeholder
Thank you. Also, please don't end this with them crushing his balls...I've read that hentai before and don't want to feel that feel again.
I would think the sex hair would make her a bit more popular.
File: dazzlingsstandtall.png (309 KB, 763x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309 KB, 763x412
>Here you lay on this concrete floor naked and soaked in urine and vaginal fluids
>The Dazzlings just stand before you as you lay defeated to their desired.
>They made you their bitch for probably a good 2 or 3 hours, putting you through hell and back.
>Are they finally done with you? Afterall, Adagio DID say you were going to be her slave.
>I'm sure one of them is hungry by now. You certainly are.
>What will become of anon? Will the Dazzlings proceed to play with their sex toy or have they grown sick of anon? Do they have more in store for him?

Anon commits seppuku because that shit was NOT what he wanted...entirely.
>inb4 "Pfft, he's such a bitch, he can't even handle major emotional and sexual trauma."
>Nobody cared about anon killing himself.
cont plz
>Without a doubt, The Dazzlings were not done. Oh no, they only got started with anon
>They've gotten into his mind and made him submit to their will, but that wasn't enough.
>They needed to milk anon for every ounce of pleasure he could provide. He was a test dummy for new things they've always wanted to try for awhile.
>Adagio: "Let's tie him up so that we go get something to eat."
>They do as they're instructed. Adagio adds to this as they make their way to her arsenal
>Adagio: "Actually, get the chains and cuffs. I grew tired of rope being used to restraint people."
>You hear them grab several chains and metal cuffs.
>So what were you going to be bound to? The chair again?
>They cuff your hands and ankles and then grab the chains and pull you out of the lone light and throw you against a wall.
>They then turn on another light that shine directly on you from the front. To the wall you go.
>Once they've secured you to the wall, the get their panties and pants back on and begin to take their leave
>Adagio: "Don't worry, anon. We'll be back~"
File: yournewgods.jpg (48 KB, 1014x571) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 1014x571
>The Dazzlings are gone and you are in the room by yourself
>You begin to feel lonely and scared. 'What else lies in these shadows?' you think to yourself.
>You don't care how bad they're going to fuck you up, you miss their company. You feel safe when they're with you in that room.
>You miss Sonata's silly little quirky ways
>You miss Aria's tough love
>You miss Adagio's soft touch
>You miss their warmth. The room is growing cold despite the light shining on you
>They control your life now. You are their slave. You have accepted this fate.
>The Dazzlings are love. The Dazzlings are life. Especially Adagio. She seems to show the most affection. You know she cares about you.
I love how Sonata is like 'whats going on?'
File: therealshitbegins.jpg (50 KB, 500x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 500x276
>With an hours wait, the door finally swings open and you see them walking in
>Aria: "Wow, anon didn't sure didn't move a muscle"
>They all chuckle
>Adagio: "So Anon, ready for more?"
>Sonata once again grabs your head and speaks as you
>Sonata: "'Why yes! I've been waiting here this whole time craving to get more shit shoved in my asshole and throat'"
>Adagio shakes her head in embarrassment of Sonata while Aria just looks away
>Adagio: "Anyways, let's get you down from there."
>She goes into the shadows and grabs some more metal objects. When she comes back, she's holding hand cuffs, the ball gag, and a paddle.
>As Sonata and Aria remove you from the wall, you are instantly handcuffed behind your back
>Adagio puts the ball gag back over your mouth, pulls out a blindfold from her pocket, and blindfolds you
>All three of them begin to stroke your body softly, though Sonata and Aria did not have the touch that Adagio had
>One of them slaps your ass
>Oh we're going into the REALLY kinky shit now
I will resume tomorrow. Need sleep. My brain is losing ideas at this time of night. Good night all.
Doing a pretty good job so far.
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