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Ponies that can't kick the habit
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Ponies that need the white potion read: cum because they just can't kick the stuff.

So far, only three writefags have stepped up.

Here's hoping there will be more writers this thread around. Now, raise your glasses and drink up.

Previous thread >>21664352
Apologies for my forgetfulness that lead to the death of the last thread, and no link from there to here.

Double post?

>Your ecstasy wells up higher and higher. Far more than
Missing part?
It was hot. I can assure you.
And none of the other ponies seem surprised that she can immediately recognize the taste of cum.
Not again! I summon >green!
bumpin for crossroads to find the thread
page 9 bump
Demanding >green
Bump for our writefag
Yeah double post and I apparently deleted something before I posted it. It's all on the pastebin though.
Was 4chan down for anyone else today? Some boards just showed me "Yotsuba Image board" or something like that instead of the board name.
Anyway, starting in an hour or so.
yeah it was down for a little while. not sure why.
yeah 4chan went retarded around 5am my time it it just now came back on around 11am
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120 KB, 254x261
It went down at 11am reichstime. I Was a bit upset that I couldn't spend my sunday noon and afternoon browsing ponies with the sun blocked out.
Jeez, this shutdown gave me heart attack
>Oh my gosh... She is completely drenched!
>Her face, mane and horn are a wet, sticky mess.
>Hilarious but also hot... your juices dripping down off her beautiful little head.
>She's pouting quite fiercely, shooting you an equal stern look.
>Maybe you should clean her up a bit? That would surely calm her down. And you kinda want to taste the combined aroma of your efforts and Twilights sweat.
“Come here, Twi.”
>Closing in, she lowers her head so you can grab it with your still sirupy hooves.
>With long strokes of your tongue you begin to lick her clean.
>First her cheeks and snout. Stealing a kiss whenever you make contact with her lips.
>Then up to her forehead and the base of her horn. Making sure not to actual touch her nature-given , magical focus.
>You want to tease her a bit too.
>The taste is weird but not in a disgusting way. Sweet, metallic and salty... all at the same time. Your musk gives it a quite sharp note.
>Once your saliva is the only wetness that remains on her face, you let your tongue wander back to her horn.
>Tracing it's base before following a spiral up to it's tip.
>”Ach... Yeah...”
>She closes her eyes and lays down, her four legs tucked in snuggly under her body.
>Very nice, now you don't have to stretch your neck out so far any more.
>You take the tip into your mouth and slowly let your lips slide down it's length.
>With every inch you cover, her whole buddy shivers harder and she moans louder.
>It begins to feel warm. You wonder if this is a sign of arousal?
>Anon's hands claw along her spine. You can actually her the scraping of nails on flesh... Creepy.
>Twilight is now hilted against your mouth and you begin to suck on her horn while going up on it again.
>You reach it's tip once more and drift down in a swift motion. Letting your tongue coil around it's torsions.
>The skin on it is like velvet... Feels kinda nice.
>Yaanng! Anon!”
>He must be fingering her, judging from what you can see and hear.
>His thin and dexterous appendages moving in and out of her... Reaching and rubbing every sensitive spot... must feel good.
>Not wanting to fall behind, you increase the speed of your bobbing and the strength of your grip on her horn. Sucking harder and harder on it every time you go up again.
>The wet noises are getting faster too.
>Looks like Anon is trying to match your pace.
>Twilight's breathing becomes more irregular now and she barely can't keep her head still. You hope she doesn't stab you.
>”Yeah... a bit more... Hnngg!”
>You let her horn hilt one last time against your lips and cease the movements of your head.
>Concentrating on sucking and licking it. Flicking the tip and gently biting on the very base of it.
>It now nearly uncomfortably warm... and is your mouth glowing?
>Her whole body tenses up and she cries out.
“Mmhhaaa!! Yesssssss!” she hisses.
>Her horn suddenly releases a burst of magic, filling your mouth and puffing out your cheeks.
>It's gaseous at first, but slowly turns into a thin liquid and then into a thick goo. Coating every inch of your orifice.
>The taste is... fruity? Like tangerines and something else.
>”Haahaahaa... That was... Wow.”
>You remove your mouth from her horn and spit a bit of it into your hoof.
>Bright purple... Fascinating.
>Also it's far stickier and thicker than Anon's... you will have a hard time swallowing it.
>”Don't swallow it, Rainbow.” Anon says.
>Shooting him a confused look, you shrug. To signalize something like“Why not?”.
>He chuckles and points at his stomach.
>Oh wow. Its glowing faintly in the same shade of purple. You didn't notice that before.
>It looks kinda funky... but you are not sure if you want that. Maybe for one of Pinkie's next parties?
>”Here... spit it into this tissue.”
>He gets a paper handkerchief out of the small bed stand and holds it out to you.
>You don't want to glow like a lava lamp, at least not now, so you comply and let Twilight's magicum flow out of your mouth.
>It soaks into the tissue, dying it purple.
>The rest that remains of it, you mix with some saliva and swallow it. Hopefully it's not enough to make you shine like a star in the night.
>Anon crumples it and throws the now glowing ball of paper behind him.
>Twilight is still laying in front of you, with a goofy, satisfied face. A horngasm must be a pretty intense thing...
>You wish there was something like a winggasm. This is so unfair. Unicorns get all the cool stuff.
>Nevertheless you not begrudge her that, so you lie down besides your friend and pull her upper body close to you.
>Idly rubbing her back. Making her afterglow as pleasant as possible.
>She purrs.
>”Thanks, Rainbow. That was... awesome.”
“No biggie, Twi.”
>Her lips form a soft smile.
>”You just earned yourself something very special... just you wait.”
>Uh... what?
bump before work
>Twilight wriggles herself out of your grasp and walks over to Anon. Giving him a quick kiss before whispering something into his ear.
>What's with her and whispering today? Ugh...
>Surprises are nice... especially sexy surprises. But for a change you want to know what she is planning.
>You sneakily lean your head in and perk up your ears.
>Eh you can barely understand anything... But you are pretty sure she mentioned cum...
>Cum is always good. Maybe she is talking about your impregnation fantasy?
>Seriously you can't wait to finally feel his seed splatter against your womb and fill you up.
>By Luna's full moon... unf. Just unf.
>She catches you eavesdropping and shoots you wink.
>With a little nibble on Anon's ear she shifts her attention back to you.
>”So.... Rainbow... Since you are the guest of honour, you get to feel Anon's wonderful dick here inside you.”
>The purple mare rubs his penis.
>Each stroke of her hooves making it bigger and bigger..
>Your eyes fixate his growing member and you gulp.
“A-And you?”
>She giggles.
>”Oh I can wait until later... Like I said you are our guest. I even took the liberty of telling him of your fantasy... And he is more than eager to fulfil it.”
>Her rubbing gets faster and once more it's standing at full size.
>”Just tell him how you want it... Do you want to be underneath him as he pounds our tight pussy...”
>She bites her lower lip and stares at his cock with half lidded eyes. Talking about that must have got her inner cinema going.
>”Or do you want to ride him until your efforts make him explodes inside you...Oh Celestia...”
>Greedily she plants a sloppy kiss on his lips. Invading his mouth with her tongue... hot.
>Twilight breaks it and gazes into Anon's eyes, mouthing some words, before addressing you again
>”What will it be? Tell us.”
>Good question.
>There is something you always wanted to try. It's nothing special, just a variation of the normal pony style.
>But stallions are usually not heavy enough to do it.
“Uhm... could we do it pony style?” you ask anon.
>He nods and gives you a thumbs up, but Twilight snickers again.
>”What? That's kinda boring. He could do so many things, alone with his hands and-”
>You shush her.
“I wasn't finished.”
>”Oh~ Do go on, then.”
“I want you to really push down on me. Pressing on my back so that I can't move while you fuck me. Make me as immobile as possible!”
>”Aren't you claustrophobic?” Twilight chimes in, a hint of worry in her tone.
>You nod.
“That's the thing. Like you like the feeling of being vulnerable and in danger, I like not being able to move. Well I don't like it normally, but in the hay it's another thing.”
>Anon scratches the back of his head.
>”Okay. Anything special I have to be aware of? I don't want to hurt you.”
>Aww... how cute. Your heart skips a beat.
“Not really. Just stop when I start to hyperventilate. That's a sign that I'm panicking... and that’s not nice any more.”
>”I'm not sure if I can concentrate on your breathing... Twilight could you do that?”
>”Of course~ I wanted to watch her cute face contort and grimace as she gets fucked in a blissful coma anyway.”
>Twilight snickers again and removes her hoof from his dick, licking the small droplets of his pre off it.
>Her lips form a sly grin.
>”Be a good girl then and assume the position, Dashie~“
Nearly finished bump
This is still the threeway right?
Waiting for it to be finished before I read it,
I prefer reading long stuff in one go
Yep still threesome. The last clop scene is nearly done. After I post it I will write a short epilogue.
Nice, and as I recall it's non-canon so far right?
Can't wait for the main story to continue
Yep. To be honest I can't wait either. I had my fair share of writing clop for a while.
Non-canon? Boo its too good to not be canon.
If its as good as your story I am going to enjoy reading the fuck out of it
non canon YET as far as we readers know
Don't make me write two endings... Are there more anon's who want this is as an alternative ending?
Nah, don't think about it.

Write what you want first, if you are finished you can think about an alternative ending
Naw, I'd rather this stay "it was all a dreaaaaam" and not affect the story.
>You quickly turn around and present yourself to Anon. Your torso pressed into the mattress and your hindquarters raised as high as possible, to compensate for the height difference between your and Anon's hips.
>Your tail already splayed across your back.
>Anon approaches you and places one hand on your flank and the other on your awaiting marehood.
>Which by now is soaking wet and steadily winking in anticipation.
>Slowly, two of his finger begin to rub your swollen lips, gently parting them before entering you.
>”Yes, Rainbow?”
>His appendages writhe deeper inside your wet tunnel, making strange motions.
“Mmhaa... Don't bother with your fingers... It feels nice, but I want the real thing.”
>He chuckles and retrieves his hand and let it crawl up your back to your withers. Gently exerting pressure on them.
>You can feel his pulsating penis prodding at your entrance. Running up and down on it's lips, lubricating itself with the nectar they leak.
>Anon leans over your form so his belly rests on your flanks and his chest on your withers, together with his hand.
>Nearly his entire weight settles on your body. He's heavy... but that’s just how you want it.
>”Is this okay so?” he asks.
>You test if you can move.
>Not one inch... Perfect.
>A little bit of panic begins to well up in you, but it's bearable and you can suppress it. As long it doesn't get stronger it only contributes to your arousal.
>”I'm not hurting you?”
>Ohh... Anon. Always so caring.
>You shake your head. One of the few movements you are capable of doing right now.
“Ready when you are!” you chirp.
>”All right.”
>Gradually he moves his hips into yours.
>You can feel every inch of his length as it slowly slides into you.
>Dividing your inner walls with it's girth.
>His pelvic bone hilts agains your labia... Oh my! That is a new sensation!
>And it feels wonderful.
>Twilight lays down in front of you. Staring at you with sultry eyes.
>She rest her head on her hooves and blows you a kiss.
>You would rather have a real one...
>Moving his other hand to your lower back, he pushes down hard on it as he pulls his hips back.
>With the increased pressure on your body, the feeling of helplessness intensifies...
>Your body wants to move so badly, but it can't. Your brain is screaming bloody murder at you to do something against it, but you ignore your mind's pleads.
>Anon slams back in and you cry out.
“Hnnaaach! Yes!”
>You can feel your stomach cramp up in panic and your lungs imbibing air faster and faster as his cock slides in and out of you.
>And you try hard to fight it. But it gets overwhelming very fast due to your complete inability to move.
>Never has this happened before... Oh Celestia please no.
>Luckily Twilight sees your distress and moves in closer.
>Planting a gentle kiss on your lips. Which helps you calm down and suppress the upcoming panic attack
>Her tongue pries your lips open and you let it do that. Meeting it with your own, once it crept into your mouth.
>You close your eyes and concentrate fully on the sensations on both ends of your body
>Twilight's sensual caressing of your tongue and the rhythmic thrusting of Anon''s dick in your pussy replaced the panic with lust and ecstasy.
>Every time you feel him hilting against your nethers, a wet sound can be heard and a bolt of pleasure jolts through your nerves.
>A familiar pressure begins to build up your loins, and your marehood winks faster and faster.
>Working hard to keep his hard member inside it.
>She breaks the kiss and nuzzles your snout.
>”All better?” she whispers.
>You give her a slight nod in return and she smiles.
>The mare takes a quick glance at Anon.
>”He's close.” she breathes into your ear.
>Her horn lights up, dying the room in a purple glow.
>”You've earned your reward.”
>A particular hard thrust interrupted you.
>”What would you say, if I tell you that I know a spell that makes Anon's cum able to fertilize you, regardless if you are in estrus or not...or disregarding the fact that he is an entire different species.”
>She licks your cheek.
>”Would you want that?”
>Would you?
>Another hard thrust... it completely eliminates your ability to think straight.
>So your more primal instincts take over your brain. Filling it with thoughts of pregnancy and child birth.
>Anon stroking your swollen belly and caring for you.
>Anon holding your hoof as you give birth to his foal.
>Anon playing with it.. no her.
>Definitely a filly.
>So would you?
“Yes! I want his foals!” you cry out.
>Twilight giggles.
>”Okay then. I'm sure you will be a good mother.”
>You will be... soon.
>Planting a quick peck on the tip of your muzzle, she releases the spell and you can hear anon grunt.
>”Knock her up, dear.”
>He gets himself back on his knees again, freeing you from the burden of his weight and puts both hands on your hips.
>Once more he increases the pace of his thrusting. Slamming into your abused cunt more rapidly and harder.
“Yes! Yes! Fill me up! Give me your foals!”
>Your first orgasm hits you like a chariot, and you can feel your marehood clenching down on his member.
>Which makes anon cry out. His penis tenses up inside you and he lets loose.
>His cum painting your insides white. Several spurts splatter against the entrance of your womb.
>Making you cum a second time.
>”Just tell him how you want it... Do you want to be underneath him as he pounds our tight pussy...”
>pounds our tight pussy
I now have the mental image of Rainbow and Twilight doing the fusion dance from DBZ and then fucking Anon.
“Mmmaaahhh! YAH!”
>Your muscles contract violently around him, milking his cock for every drop of his seed.
>You swear you can feel how his sperm invades your cervix and travels up your tubes to an already awaiting egg.
>Fertilizing it, to create your and Anon's offspring.
>He is still ejaculating, overfilling your tight hole as his cum sloshes out of it. Mixing itself with your own nectar that your marehood pushes out.
>The combined fluids dripping down on the blanket like a thick waterfall.
>Twilight moves her muzzle to your ear.
>”It is done, Dashie~ Congratulations.”
>Anon's hand runs up and down your back, massaging your stressed muscles.
>As his and your orgasm subsides, you can see your future dreams bursting like bubbles before your inner eye.
>The wonderbolts...
>The fastest flyer competition...
>The equestrian games...
>All gone.
>You begin to doubt your hasty decision...
>But the physical and mental exhaustion slowly overtakes you.
>The world goes black...
File: Ponyfusions.jpg (268 KB, 1061x752) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
268 KB, 1061x752
I will first write a non-canon ending. Maybe later when I have some free time, I write a "canon" one.
Oh didn't see that, thanks. I will read through it again tomorrow and correct mistakes, and perhaps flesh it out a bit more.
But ponyfusion sex sounds hot
Why are you going to write the "non canon" ending first? Any reason?
That was my orginal plan. And I don't have to think of anything new now, since I already have written the outlines.
Alright, I am confused.
You originally planned ending is now going to be "non-canon" and you are going to write a new "canon" ending later?
Maybe I hose the wrong words. The entire three some is non canon, not only the ending. What I meant was that I will later write an ending that might make this whole threesome possible as an alternate ending for the story.
Needs more cockhungry Ponka, her cumthirst is practically canon.
Ah, alright, i was just helluva confused, sorry
File: Luna moonhug!.png (224 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Luna moonhug!.png
224 KB, 1000x1000
>Thee art now Luna.
>And thee fucked up twice.
>First thee started with the wrong perspective and now the kind of nightmarish end.
>Not to speaketh of the informations thee gaveth her about the desires of thy sisters protégée.
>But thee wilt simply alloweth that mare to forget this and the dream's end.
>She hath some strange fantasies...
>The thing with the hooves thee can kind of understandeth, but wanting to beest hold down... unable to moveth at thy free wilt?
>Wanting to beest a mother is eke a normal thing, at least twas in thy times.
>Thee desire that mare's dream wast enjoyable.
>That is thy worketh, and thy powers allow for an almost realistic experience.
>She wilt has't to changeth her bedding tomorrow, but that is not thy worry.
>Thou has't a few more dreams to weave.
>Spreading thy wings, thee taketh one last behold at the sleeping mare and taketh off.
End Threesome
File: Happy Coco.png (209 KB, 1280x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Happy Coco.png
209 KB, 1280x1280
I hope you enjoyed reading the threesome as much as I writing it, even if it was a pain in the ass from time to time.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads and will be eridacted of mistakes tomorrow.
File: Student Pinkie.png (313 KB, 1024x1030) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Student Pinkie.png
313 KB, 1024x1030
Aww yeah. Ponka. Some day I will get to her. Technically, I wrote already something with her, but it was pretty shitty.
god damn why do pictures of the ponies expecting mouths open like this turning me on as much as they do?
I'd prefer the threesome be the primary ending, if possible. But its your story, and as long as its written well its fine.
File: 1401121016382.jpg (60 KB, 1148x516) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 1148x516

My advice would be turn the sluttiness to maximum-fuck for her. Maybe a little gokkun? She sure does love parties...
File: 1403310818055.png (263 KB, 945x945) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
263 KB, 945x945
that was fucking hot mate. so it was all a dream then? a dream weaved by luna? does she get off on the dreams she creates? because that's pretty hot.

page 8 bump
File: Rainbowbutt bump.jpg (222 KB, 1280x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rainbowbutt bump.jpg
222 KB, 1280x1280
After work bump
gokkun? Like a gang bang and everyone cums in her mouth?
Yo exactly. Going to write a second ending for this once the main story is finished.
I'd imagine she would like to have her friends join her or at least watch. spreading the happiness and all that jazz.

And imagine the volume three or four guys with that cum-growing spell Twilight knows cast on them. she'd be swimming in it!
Okay. I ill put this in my "ides for future clop things" file. One day I may write that.
Because seeing them eagerly waiting for the load is many times more enjoyable, I guess. In real life, a girl doesn't really like this kind of stuff as a fetish and we know it (but they try and look like they actually want the facial). But seeing someone with an open mouth, almost as if begging for you to bless them with your stuff, is something that would drive a man crazy.

Actually, has anyone ever met a girl that does enjoy facial and doesn't force herself into this kind of things instead?
Sadly no. But I would really like a girl or better: pone like this
File: Baglight Sparkle.png (2 MB, 3000x2960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Baglight Sparkle.png
2 MB, 3000x2960
Story time ladies and gentlemen
>After a while, she finally calms down from her crying.
>You release her from your hug and smile at her.
>Wiping a few tears from her face, Rainbow returns it.
>”Thank you, Twilight.”
“No need to thank me, Rainbow.”
>She shakes her head.
>”No, really. I did something that not many ponies would easily forgive me for, but you did.”
“Aww, come on. Nopony can stay angry at the Dash!”
>Rainbow giggles.
>”Yeah, you're right...”
“But say, Rainbow...”
“Why did you do it? It can't be just mere curiosity. That isn't like you... there is more behind it, isn’t, it?”
>Shyly she avoids your eyes. A slight blush on her face.
>Does she?
“Don't be shy. We are friends. You can tell me anything.”
>”I kinda...”
>Oh. Yeah... you suspected something like that.
>”But I knew that you were interested in him, so I never made any advances...”
“Y-You knew?”
>She giggles again.
>”Of course, Twi. It was so obvious...you always spent so much time with him. Not to speak of the ways you look at him when you think nopony is watching...”
“You found my romantic stories about him, didn't you?”
>”That too.”
>Meh. You need better hiding places for them.
>”But now that he has you, my chances of getting a roll in the hay with him are non-existent...”
File: Boxlight Sparkle.png (810 KB, 1280x1021) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Boxlight Sparkle.png
810 KB, 1280x1021
>Her shoulders droop.
>Aww... poor Dash. But it's not like you can do much about it.
>He is with you now.
“I'm sorry, Rainbow.”
>You put a hoof on her shoulder to comfort her, but she waves it off.
>”Nah. It's alright. I will just stick to spying on you two from time to time.”
>She playfully shoves you.
>”Aww, come on! I was just joking. I learned my lesson. Spending a night here gave me some time to think.”
“Glad to hear that.”
>That only leaves one question now.
>You are not sure if you really want to know this, but your curiosity gets the better of you.
“Say Rainbow...”
“Why did Anon have to pay 45 bits for cleaning your cell?”
>She winces. That's a bad omen.
>”Uhm... you see... I got really bored at night, since they don't have books here, and...”
>You shush her.
>The night she told you drunk what she does when she is bored with nothing to do is still etched in your mind. Every dirty and disgusting detail.
>She either throws balls of clouds at ponies, reads a book, takes a nap or...
File: ....png (1 MB, 1131x707) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1131x707
How did I reply to this?
>Furiously masturbates herself into a blissful coma.
>And since there are neither books nor clouds here and she probably napped a few times...
>You shudder.
“Okay. I understand.”
>”You do?”
“Yeah. I do. Let's not get into details please.”
>Rainbow blushes and giggles.
>”Hehe okay. And I will pay him back, don't worry.”
>That's what you wanted to ask next.
“Wonderful. So you wanna leave this place now?”
>She nods.
>”Yep! I can't wait to stretch my wings and feel the wind in my mane again!”
“And hopefully take a bath... Sorry Rainbow, but you reek of sweat and... other fluids.”
>Taking a whiff at her fur, her muzzle scrunches up.
>”Eww... yeah you are right.”
>Her face takes a devious look and she spreads her front-legs.
>Rainbow closes in for another hug, but you manage to dodge it.
>”Come here! I wanna hug you one last time before I leave!”
“No! Get away from me!”
>”But I want to thank you properly for forgiving me!”
>You run to the door to escape the stinky pony, but it's no use. She is Rainbow Dash after all.
>With one giant leap, she catches you in her fore-arms and pulls you close.
>Pressing her face into your mane and generally rubbing herself all over you.
“Noooooooo! You stink!”
>”This is what friendship smells like! Get used to it!”
“I don't wanna be your friend any more!”
>”Aww... you are just saying that. Just give in and let it happen.”
>Defeated, you hold your breath and endure it.
File: Fancylight Sparkle.png (848 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Fancylight Sparkle.png
848 KB, 768x1024
>Rainbow finally released you from her smelly embrace and gave her farewells to Anon and you.
>You are now sitting on a bench outside of the guardhouse and enjoy the fresh air. Imbibing it in a desperate attempt to get Dash's stink out of your nose.
>It slowly works...
>Anon is sitting besides you and idly rubs your back.
>”I'm glad that this is over now.”
“Me too.”
>”I was honestly a bit worried how you would react. But looks like you took the news pretty well.”
>You shrug and lean into his touch.
>Ahh... so nice and relaxing. You have to remind him to do this more often.
>Maybe he could do this professionally? In the spa? You are sure he would be booked out all the time.
“I didn't see any reason not to forgive her. She was really sorry and she is a good friend. So staying angry at her wouldn't have achieved anything but a sad Dash. And I don't like seeing any of my friends sad or depressed.”
>He chuckles
>”Yeah. I can understand that. I don't like seeing you sad either, or the others for that matter too. We have that in common.”
>You just nod and enjoy his attention for a bit more in silence.
>Now you have to find a cure...
File: Twicake.png (276 KB, 550x734) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
276 KB, 550x734
>And that will be a quite difficult and costly endeavour. The metals and crystal you will have to use are rare and must be imported from all over equestria.
>You could ask Princess Celestia for a bit more money, but then you would have to think of an excuse why you need it.
>Maybe for some rare spell components? Shellfly stingers or Bloodwart roots? No... these are used for dark magic. They are fairly expensive, but very attention-grabbing.
>She would ask you some very uncomfortable questions...
>Better would be something you need for an elemental summoning... Like Salamander cores, arcane dust and a soul stone or two. That could work...
>But if you asked for that, she would send you the actual materials and no money, since everything is available at the royal arcanum.
>You could sell some of it, though... And actually a new elemental minion would be handy too.
>The last one laughed at you and exploded, after you told him to clean your room.
>Looks like even bound elementals have some free will left, even if its just used for suicide.
>Poor Dusty. You always liked him... or her, or it. Or whatever elementals can be.
>You sigh.
File: Its Not Evil.png (170 KB, 490x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Its Not Evil.png
170 KB, 490x590
>No... Lying to her is a bad idea. That's unbecoming for her protégée. You will have to swallow the bitter pill and pay it out of your own pocket.
>The clocktower strikes.
>It's already one in the afternoon.
>Spike will be coming home soon, and you should really be there when he arrives. Or he will stuff his belly with ice cream again.
>You also need to get a sample from Anon, without your nosy little dragon walking around the library.
>There doesn't need another showering incident to happen... You had a hard time explaining him what you did with the shower head.
>Extreme cleaning won't save your face this time.. or perhaps it will? He's still too young to understand anything sexual.
>You hope... The day you have to explain him dragon and pony sexuality is the one you dread.
>Anyway... you are wasting time. Better get going.
“Let's go, Anon.”
>He stretches a bit and helps you off the bench.
>Such a gentlecolt...
>You take a last look at the guardhouse and begin your walk home.
So this part of the story now back on actual canon? I'm confused, the entire threesome thing was all a dream or what.
Yep canon, again. Going to deliver in a few.
huh, this should be interesting since it seemed to cut right back to before the threesome...So I'm pretty confused right now.

Still nothing left to do but wait and watch, continue write-friend.
See it as two "time-lines"
File: I will hug you.png (4 MB, 3000x3192) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I will hug you.png
4 MB, 3000x3192
>Ponyville's streets are as busy, if not busier, as a few hours ago.
>No wonder. Everypony uses their lunch break to buy a few groceries or get a snack from the numerous stands and shops.
>Luckily the breakfast you had at Sugarcube Corner was quite filling, so you are not hungry.
>You take a few glances at some stalls to see if you need anything.
>Roseluck is selling some extraordinary beautiful and tasty looking roses today. The daisies don't look to bad either.
>But too many flowers are not good for you. Your stomach learned that the hard way.
>You pass a few more stalls until you reach a wooden cart.
>Looks like a travelling merchant. The old unicorn stallion, who currently spreads his goods on a holey carpet, is apparently it's owner.
>Are this...?
>They are!
>You trot over to him, leaving a confused Anon behind.
>Spell books! Lots of them!
>One by one, you eye the dusty tomes.
>Most of them you already own... but two particular old looking books catch your eye.
>”Pyromancy: The art of setting things on fire. By Gleaming Ruby.” and “Unknown realms of the arcane. By Angri Stormtalon.”
>Especially the last one is fascinating, since Angri was one of the few non-unicorn magicians that ever existed.
>Gryphons have a different approach and grasp on magic It's far more primal and shamanistic. So it really would be interesting to try out a few spells.
>Maybe his famous lightning storm incantation is in there? Would come in handy for next nightmare night.
>The book about pyromancy is just rare. In older times it was a recognized school of combat magic,
even if spell miscasts had the tendency to explode the caster into burning pony-confetti.
>Today it's banned from being taught, probably for that reason.
>Nevertheless you want them! They would give your collection a serious boost in rarity and worth.
>”Good day, young filly. See something you like?” the old stallion says.
“A good day to you too, sir! Yes, I do. How much are these two tomes?”
>You point at the books you want.
>”Oh, you have an interest in old magic? Let me check that real quick... they are quite rare.”
>He pulls out a yellowed parchment and squints his eyes.
>”Ehm... I need to get my glasses out of the cart... Can't read without them any more.”
“Okay!” you chirp.
>You are barely able to stand still. The last time you were this excited to buy something, was when you bought the components for Dusty.
>Poor thing...
>Anon kneels down besides you, laughing at your excitement and poking your barrel to get your attention.
>”So what are these?” he asks you.
“Spell books!”
File: Give me money.png (377 KB, 761x494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Give me money.png
377 KB, 761x494
>”About lasers?”
>You giggle.
“Maybe there is a fire laser in the pyromancy one!”
>He whistles.
>”Uhh... A fire laser. Can't live without one!”
>The stallion returns from his cart and puts the glasses on his snout.
>He looks at the parchment again, but then notices Anon. His face taking a surprised look.
>”I have seen many strange creatures in my life as a merchant, but something like you is even new to me. What are you? A furless Ungor?”
>Your boyfriend chuckles and nods.
>”Exactly. Rare genetic disease.”
>”I see... so where are they... Ah there! Gleaming Ruby's work costs thirty six bits and Angri's ninety. If you buy both, I would sell them to you for one hundred and fifteen.
>One hundred and fifteen bits?! That is expensive... But you want them and you might never get the chance again to bring them into your possession.
>Sighing, you summon your small bottomless bag. Well it's not bottomless, but it has more store room than a normal bag it's size.
>The stallion makes an impressed sound.
>You open it and look at it's contents... Doesn't look too bad. Thirteen gold coins and about ten silver and eight bronze ones.
>Roughly two hundred and thirty-eight bits.
>Affording the books would be no problem if you didn't need to buy the materials for your experiments too.
File: Twilights big book.jpg (735 KB, 2137x2826) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twilights big book.jpg
735 KB, 2137x2826
>>21844000 check 'em
>Not to speak of groceries and other daily life stuff...
>Disappointed and a bit crestfallen, you close and banish it into the ethereal realm again.
“Looks like I can't afford it... at least not now. How long will you be in town?”
>He scratches his chin.
>”Hmm... not too long. Maybe till tomorrow. If ponies don't buy something, I starve. I hope you understand.”
>You nod.
>Your ears perk up.
>”I saw your excellent use of magic before. Not too many ponies bother with creating a bottomless bag any more, or other similar arcane tricks.”
>The stallion sighs.
>”Sometimes I miss the old days... Anyways. I'm willing to sell you the tomes for only eighty bits, since you have such a great interest in old magic.”
>”Yes. I would be a stupid old pony, to smother the flame that is your potential.”
>A blush creeps on your face.
>With new-found excitement, you re-summon your bag and take the money out of it.
>Even if the materials cost seventy bits or more, you would still have enough to ensure food for Spike and you.
>He grabs the coins out of your magical grip, stashes them away and wraps your two newly acquired books in tissue paper.
>”Here you go, young filly. Have fun with them.”
“Thanks! I will!” you chirp.
File: Twi's bookfort.jpg (127 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi's bookfort.jpg
127 KB, 600x600
>You take the tomes, but you notice that you have no saddle bags on today. And carrying them on your back or teleporting them home would be too dangerous.
“Could you carry them?” you ask Anon.
>”Of course.”
>Anon takes the wrapped package and tucks it under his shoulder.
“Thank you. But be careful with it.”
>He does a little bow which elicites a giggle from you.
>And from the old stallion.
>Your blush returns full force.
“Oh nononono! That is not what it looks like!” you stammer
>”Don't worry. I haven't seen anything. Take care you two.”
>Phew...He isn't one of those ultra conservative ponies. That could have ended pretty badly.
>You make your farewells and were just about to continue your walk home, when the stallion calls you back.
>With no words spoken, he hands you a thin booklet and vanishes into his cart.
>A bit confused you take a look at it.
>”Differences: How to make an interspecies relationship work.”
>Curious you open it. A greyed out photograph sticks on the inside.
>It shows a younger version of the stallion kissing the cheek of a gryphoness. A quite pretty one at that.
>How cute... A tear rolls down your cheek.
“Thank you, Sir.”
>You wipe it away and return to your boyfriend.
File: Colgate reading.png (158 KB, 800x545) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Colgate reading.png
158 KB, 800x545
So that's it for today, since I have to be up early tomorrow.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
As per usual feel free to correct my mistakes and leave critique.
Fair enough. See you later write-friend look forward to more.
I'm enjoying it
Bumpity bump
Ungor? is that a Warhammer thing?
I love it, great work.
after work bump
doing a great job mate.

page 8 bump
Non-unicorn magicians
>The lore intensifies
page 9 bump
This is beautiful
File: Bubblebutt bump.jpg (166 KB, 1280x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bubblebutt bump.jpg
166 KB, 1280x1280
After wörk bump
Yep it is. Ungors are something like satyrs.
World building is quite fun. Step by step I create my own equestria. Or steal ideas from somewhere else :^)
>somewhere else
Hmm, trips & dreams.
>The rest of the walk home happened without any other shopping sprees.
>You made a few mental notes about some stalls that sell cheap gemstones and other stuff Spike likes.
>He earned himself a treat after playing butler for the Cutiemark Crusaders the whole night.
>Strangely Anon didn't ask about the booklet the old stallion gave you.
>Maybe he just assumed it's another spell book. As impressed he is sometimes from the effects of magic, he isn't particularly interested in it.
>Most non-magical creatures aren't, and why should they? Most spell books are a boring read if you can't use the spells in them anyway.
>But that's perhaps a good thing. It gives you some time to read it secret and maybe surprise him one time.
>You would really like that.
>After a good ten minutes, the two of you finally reached your library.
>And just in time. It's already a quarter to two.
>Spike will be home soon, and you still have to get a sample from Anon and get the more rare gems from their hiding places.
>The little dragon would surely devour them if he knew where you store them.
>And he always tries to spy on you...
File: Lewdlight Sparkle.gif (375 KB, 800x564) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lewdlight Sparkle.gif
375 KB, 800x564
>You open the door and hold it open for Anon, who thanks you with a pat on your head.
>After he walked in you follow him, and close the door behind you.
>”Where should I put your books?”
“Just take them with you upstairs.”
>”Upstairs? What are we going to do upstairs, Miss Sparkle?”
>He throws is arms up in mocked confusion.
>Slowly approaching Anon, you brush his legs with your tail as you pass him.
“Science, Mister Mous. Science.”
>You grab a small vial from a shelf and walk up the stairs. Swaying your hips as seductively as possible.
>Shooting him a sultry look and a wink once you reached the top.
>With what part of your body you winked, you keep a secret.
>He gulps and loosens his collar.
>Looks like you are getting better at flattering him.
>You vanish into your room and hop on your bed.
>Listening to his footsteps as you wait.
I would really like to see them finding a book written by Star Swirl the Bearded. It could be even his diary filled with all kinds of magic. dreaming about possibilities
File: Books intensify.gif (236 KB, 462x463) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Books intensify.gif
236 KB, 462x463
I planned on letting Twilight read the two books she purchased, before she starts her experiments. So you guys know what's in them.
Would be interesting, I think. At least I like such stuff in stories.
But first she needs a sample to experiment on.

inb4 she lies on the bed as ANon walks in and only says "fuck my face" while looking at him.

god do I want to hear those words from... Any of the ponies, really.
I just love reactivating old background stories from the show. It's only a character mentioned in two or three episodes but the story behind made him mysterious pony.
I will keep that in mind, maybe I can work it in somehow. Or use it in another story.
That's hot mate. But sadly I have something else planned.
File: Hello handsome....png (141 KB, 900x535) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hello handsome....png
141 KB, 900x535
>Anon enters your room, puts the books on a table and sits down beside you.
>Idly running a hand along your back.
>”So what kind of science you want to conduct, Miss Sparkle?”
>You giggle and put your hooves on his shoulders.
“The best kind of science, Mister Mous. Sexy science.”
>He raises an eyebrow.
>”That's the kind of science I can get behind.”
>One hoof travels down his chest, drawing small circles on it.
“Sadly there will be no “getting behind”. We don't have much time... We may have to stick to testing your knowledge now and experiment later. How does a quick oral exam sound to you?”
>Your lips form a seductive smile. He liked your assertiveness before, let's try that again.
>”An Oral exam? But Miss Sparkle, I didn't have time to learn... I don’t know If I can pass such a test. And I don't want to disappoint you.”
>His hand found it's way to your flanks. Cupping their cheeks and fondling them.
“Mister Mous... I'm sure you will do fine. You are my top student.”
>”I am?”
>You nod and lean your head in closer. His hot breath mixing with yours.
File: I'm listening ....png (173 KB, 1024x787) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I'm listening ....png
173 KB, 1024x787
>>21858222 check 'em again
“You are... And I want your knowledge now. So be a good student and listen to your teacher, will you?”
>”Of course, Miss Sparkle.”
“Wonderful. Such eagerness must be rewarded.”
>You press your mouth on his and shift more bodyweight on his shoulders, pushing him down.
>The kiss is a hungry one. No time is spent on a prelude. His tongue meets yours almost instantly.
>It intertwines with and dances around yours in a passionate dance.
>But he knows what you want and quickly retrieves it again, letting you invade his mouth.
>While your tongue hastily runs along his teeth to his canines, you can feel his caressing the underside of yours with short flicks and brushes.
>More than one shudder runs down your spine as you probe the pointy ends of his teeth.
>His fingers creep towards your already wet marehood, tracing it's outlines.
>Slow but steady your arousal increases.
>You wish you had more time...
>One last time you let yourself feel the small serrations on his teeth before you break the kiss.
>Gazing into his eyes.
“You passed the first past of your test, Mister Mous. Congratulations.”
File: Lipbite Sparkle.gif (869 KB, 2000x1250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lipbite Sparkle.gif
869 KB, 2000x1250
>”Thank you, Miss Sparkle. And what comes now? The oral exam?”
>You shake your head and press your hips down, forcing two of his fingers inside you..
“Mmnaach~ I changed my plan.”
>Slowly you begin to ride them.
“We... mmha~ will just take the time for our experiment, Mister Mous.”
>”You are sure that is a good idea, Miss Sparkle? Not that I complain, but...”
>You shush him with a hoof and check the time.
>Five to two. Rarity will be here in about ten to fifteen minutes.
“Yes~ We will just skip the preparations and go straight to it.”
>He scrapes his teeth along your neck, making you shudder.
>”But I really like the preparations, Miss Sparkle. Won't this affect my grades?”
“N-Nonnngh... No... It won't. But disagreeing with your teacher will, Mister Mous. And you don't want that, do you?”
>”Of course not. I have plans for my future.”
>His faces takes a worried look. Which arouses you even more.
>You can hear your nectar dripping on his pants.
>In mocked shock you turn your head around and look at the mess. His crotch area and some of your bedding are soaked in your juices.
“Mister Mous! You wear casual attire in the laboratory?”
>”I'm sorry, Miss Sparkle. I forgot my lab coat.”
>He shoots you a cocky grin, which you return with a stern look.
“That won't do, Mister Mous. That won't do. Remove them at once!”
She loves the feeling most, she mixes it with her coffee and spreads it on her toast, she likes the white stuff, baby, in the middle of an oreo.
File: Top Unf.png (235 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Top Unf.png
235 KB, 800x800
File: magic bump.png (90 KB, 337x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
magic bump.png
90 KB, 337x640
Dubs and trips aplenty are a further confirmation of Crossroads' basedness although it was obvious since Thread 1
Next part is nearly finished, just got a bit distracted.
Aww stop it, you
>Tfw you gonna start your bday with reading some TwilightxAnon clop by X-roads.

A good start innit.

tfw dont have a tfw-image. Have a best pony being pretty instead.
Cute ponies are always a safe choice anyway her limbs are pretty damn long though
And happy birthday Anon.
Happy birthday, Anon

“Yes, Miss Sparkle!”
>You lift your hips a bit, so he can reach his pants.
>Almost teasingly slow he unbuckles his pants and slides them down to his knees.
>His raging erection twitching and wiggling like crazy in his boxers.
“Your underwear too!”
>Nodding he removes them too. You watch as they gradually exposes his member.
>Finally it breaks free and flicks against your pussy.
“Hnngach... nice. You really are a good student, Mister Mous.”
>A furious blush is on his face. Looks like he really enjoys it when you are in charge.
>The roleplaying surely does it's part too. It makes it oh so hotter.
>You will have to do this more often.
>Maybe next time he can be a guard and you a thief... waiting for her punishment.
>You gradually lower your hips on his cock, prodding your entrance with it.
“Are you ready, Mister Mous?”
>”Yes, Miss Sparkle.”
“Okay. Remember you only have one attempt at this. The experiment must go smoothly from start to finish.”
>”I-I understand.”
>With a quick kiss on his lips you let your cunt slowly engulf his pulsating cock.
>Inch by inch you feel him parting your inner walls, drilling deeper inside you.
>You moan once he hilts.
“Ach! Yes...”
>For a moment you enjoy the feeling of fullness his penis gives you.
>No movements for now...You just let your muscles do the work. Massaging and kneading it from the base to the tip.
File: 1423985353500.png (844 KB, 1280x1011) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
844 KB, 1280x1011
>His fingers bore deeply into the flesh of your buttocks, you can feel them shaking.
“Is something wrong, Mister Mous?”
>He locks eyes with you.
>”N-No... It just feels so different.”
>Oh right... This his is first time he really is inside you... aside from yesterday in the tub and your session this morning.
>That gives you an idea.
>You could obtain a few informations about human mares, and without even breaking the roleplay.
“Share your observations with me. Compare them with previous experiences in similar environments.”
>You let your marehood clench down on him.
>”Mmha! It's... It's far warmer and your muscles, Twilight...”
“Miss Sparkle! But tell me about them.”
>”Yes! Miss Hnnah... Sparkle. It feels incredible, like a massage. I don't know how long I can keep this experiment up, Miss Sparkle!”
>He already exceeded any other stallion, so it's okay if he cums a bit sooner this time.
“It's quite all right, Mister Mous. I assume you enjoy it?”
>”Of course!”
“Wonderful. You know what to do with your hands, Mister Mous?”
>He gives you no answer, but nods and puts his fingers to good use.
>By letting them claw across your cutiemarks.
“Yesssssss...” you hiss
File: 1423986332992.jpg (673 KB, 1500x1148) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
673 KB, 1500x1148
>The vulnerability and feeling of danger returns full force. Sending jolts of lust through your nerves, like electricity.
>You move your loins up again and begin to ride him.
>Every time he hilts, you press your hips down on his pelvic bone and rub your clit against it.
“Yes.. mmhaaa... “
>Anon moves one of his hands up your barrel, to your face and gently lifts it up.
>Exposing your slender neck... presenting your most important blood vessels to him.
>Your brain fully knows that Anon is a carnivore... no a predator... and begs you to cover them again.
>But you ignore your mind's pleas and cry out in ecstasy when he sinks his teeth into the sensitive flesh.
>His canines poking through the skin against your precious arteries and veins.
>Your eyes shoot open and your heart rate increases rapidly.
>You feel so endangered right now it's nearly not funny any more... but you love it. Every bucking bit of it.
“Tear me up... I'm your morsaahhhch...morsel!”
>In effort to increase your pleasure even more, you pick up some serious pace on your riding.
>Slamming more and more violently into his hips, producing loud and wet noises.
>Anon begins to move in unison with you, matching your rhythm perfectly.
>He moans into your neck, gently nibbling and gnawing the on skin in his mouth.
>Yes this it. He could kill you any time now... he won't, you know that, but the possibility makes it unbelievable hot.
>Trust is a nice thing...
File: 1396917580740.png (3 MB, 1207x1921) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1207x1921
>The pressure in your loins is now practically unbearable, urging to be released.
>Hopefully he is close too, since you certainly are.
>With one additional push it's all over.
>Your marehood contracts one last time, clasping around his cock and milking it desperately.
>His whole body tenses up and his teeth clench down on your neck. You can feel them pierce the skin, drawing a small trickle of blood.
>It hurts, yes... but it intensifies your orgasm tenfold or more.
>Anon's cock twitches inside you, as good as it can in the vice that is your vagina, and shoots out spurt after spurt of his hot, thick seed.
>It splashes against your womb and paints it white. A few dashes force themselves out, as he overfills you. Splattering, mixed with your juices, against his thighs
>Your eyes roll back into their sockets and you let out an almost banshee like scream.
>His own orgasm long subsided when your own is still going strong.
>But all things must end, even this mind-shattering climax, and you collapse onto your boyfriends chest.
File: Twihooves.png (71 KB, 950x713) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 950x713
>Breathing heavily and with a satisfied but goofy look on your face.
>You can feel him remove his teeth from your neck.
>Oh... He must have noticed the blood.
>”Twilight are you alright? Did I hurt you? I swear that was not my intention...”
>Sluggishly you move one hoof to his mouth, sealing it with it.
“It's okay.... and don't forget, it's still Ms. Sparkle...”
>”But I-”
“Don't worry. I know... but stop blabbering now and just hold me.”
>He locks his arms around your barrel and lazily rubs your back
>”Of course... Ms. Sparkle.”
Thats it for tonight. It's pretty meh-ish, so I will rewrite it a bit, before I put this part into the pastebin.
Stay fresh cheese bags.
>human mares
she wants to know how she holds up against earth dames
Still love it
File: 1395609754370.jpg (111 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 800x800
Yo guys!
I updated my pastebin. http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
The last parts are there, including the clop scene which is now longer, improved and over all better. check it out!
I have told myself to actuall check out your pastebin even have it bookmarked but keep forgetting im sorry semsndfse-pie
File: 1421541962365.png (273 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
273 KB, 900x900
File: HM8pK7c.jpg (255 KB, 741x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
255 KB, 741x900
I really want a story about how both the Princesses are generally curious about Anon and grow increasingly fascinated by him. Over time they begin to be major closet pervs about Anon, and then turn into a pair of cum sluts after they get a taste of him.
>You open it and look at it's contents... Doesn't look too bad. Thirteen gold coins and about ten silver and eight bronze ones.
>Roughly two hundred and thirty-eight bits.
Gold coins are worth 10 bits, silver 5 and bronze 1.
Oh no scrap that.
Now you get it, dont you?
Best guess is that purple smart cant into math or:
Crossroads here. Nah I can't into double checking what I wrote. I decided on the amount before I wrote what coins are in her pocket. 10 for gold, 5 for silver and 1 for bronze is correct. I will change it later.
Page 8 bump
page 8 bump
That's what I figured it was.
File: Applemoth tired.jpg (225 KB, 1600x1040) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Applemoth tired.jpg
225 KB, 1600x1040
Greetings fellow Anons.
Had a long day but now I have some time to write. Will start in a few.
File: Corious Twi.png (369 KB, 1842x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Corious Twi.png
369 KB, 1842x1500
I'm writing fucking slow today
>Not even a minute passes before you have to heave yourself up again.
>Every part of you would have liked to enjoy this longer, but time is running.
>You gaze into his eyes and beam him a smile.
>He still looks pretty worried.
“It's all right. You didn't hurt me.”
“But I made you bleed...”
>Indeed he did, but the bleeding already stopped. It was just a small cut anyway.
“Don't worry about it any more. It happened. And to be honest, I liked your more aggressive biting quite a bit... just be careful not to break the skin next time. Or else everypony will think I'm dating a vampire.”
>You end your sentence with a high pitched giggle and... there it is again. The smile you love so much.
>You plant a quick kiss on it.
>Connecting your lips for a brief moment of time.
>Wonderful. All his worries gone. Now you have to clean up here a little.
>Especially the bed is a mess. Full of your and Anon's juices.
>And you still have to... well transfer his cum into the vial, before it adopts any magical properties.
>The spell itself won't give it any, but your bodily fluids surely will, given enough time.
>You don't want to have to filter it too... ridding anything of magical energy is a major pain in the flank.
>Liquids in particular...
“Could you please put clean sheets on the bed, and open a window? I have something to do in the bathroom...”
>It's awkward enough to do it alone, no need in having an observer.
>Smiling, he ruffles your mane. Making it even more bedheady than it already was.
>”Will do. They are in the closet over there, I assume?”
>”Okay. But you will have to get off me, if you want me to do this.”
>You giggle and let yourself fall on your side.
>It was not the most elegant way, but the funniest.
>”Silly pony.”
>He gets up and pulls his boxers and pants up again.
>”Eww... I'm all sticky with pony juices!”
“There are your juices mixed in too... If you we had more time, I would offer you a shower together... but for now, you will just have to endure it.”
>That reminds you to give yourself a quick wash over down there... Rarity has an eye and a nose for such things.
>Anon should have one too... Not that Rarity wants nuzzles him as a greeting and smells your arousal on his crotch.
“But you can use the bathroom after I'm finished. There are spare wash clothes in the closet too. Feel free to take one, but not the green ones! Those are Spike's.”
>You hop off your bed, take the vial and walk quite stiffly over to your bathroom.
>Please don't let him see this...
Okay no. Can't really concentrate today. Too fucking tired, I will stop here for now and continue tomorrow.
Sorry mates.
As said earlier, dont burn yourself out on storywriting. no need for apologies.
page 9 bump
Bumpity bump
page 10 scare
What this >>21871797 guy says man
Page 8 bump
File: 1412710169434.png (120 KB, 1092x673) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 1092x673
Dat file name.
Nigga I know, I know.

page 8 bump
Yeah I know. It's not that I feel obligated to post something everyday, but posting nothing or very little feels "bad". Is this the burden of a writefag :^)?
File: Guilty pleasure.png (369 KB, 749x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Guilty pleasure.png
369 KB, 749x1024
>First things first, you put the vial on the floor and open it.
>Probably the best way to tackle this, would be to straddle over it and let the semen slowly flow into it.
>You sigh. That’s the second time today that you have to clean an orifice... but both times were worth it.
>Here goes nothing.
>You spread your hind-legs, position the entrance of your marehood above the opening and let your muscles gradually relax.
>A thin whitish rivulet begins to run out of you. Filling the small bottle bit by bit.
>After a few seconds it's nearly full, but there is still quite a lot left in you.
>And it's too late to close to floodgates now... Eh, you can just wipe it up afterwards.
>So you just let the rest that is inside you overflow the bottle.
>Watching as more and more of Anon's seed leaks out of you, overfilling the glass vessel and running down on it to soil the tiles underneath it
>You feel so kinky right now~ If your parent's would know what you are doing right now... Oh my~
>Finally the last bit of his cum leaves your body, dripping into a puddle next to the vial.
>Yeah... you didn't care much for accuracy any more once it was full.
>That was hot in it's own way...
>The bottle is completely filled. Carefully, you close it again, some of the precious semen sloshing out of it.
>Quickly you catch it with your tongue.
>You shudder as the sweet and salty taste hits your tongue.
>Maybe you should do this with the rest too?
>It would save you toilet paper... And you don't want to let it go to waste.
>Giggling you put the vial aside and lean your head down.
>Now that's kinky~ You ponder if you shouldn't get Anon to let him watch... he surely would like it.
>But no... this is just for you.
>Your dirty little secret.
>Your tongue reaches out, dipping it's tip into the small pool of Anon's cum.
>Ahh... it's still warm~
>You let your tongue swirl around in it a bit, before lapping it up with long, greedy strokes.
>In a matter of no time, you collected all of it in your mouth, relishing Anon's and your combined aroma before swallowing it.
>The unnatural feeling of satisfaction fills your body once more.
>You wouldn't mind the addiction if it wasn't for it's withdrawal effects. Somehow it makes your whole relationship with the human so much more special.
>You feel a bit dizzy as you approach your sink and soak a wash cloth with water.
>Better use some soap too, you are really sticky down there.
>After your loins are sufficiently clean, you brush your teeth real quick and rinse your mouth out.
>As much as you like the taste of his seed, it's scent is quite strong. Everypony would smell it immediately, especially your white, dressmaking friend.
>With that done too, you grab the vial and exit to bathroom to see if Anon is finished also.
>Ah, nice. Your bed is freshly made and the windows are open to air the stench out.
>But where is Anon?
keep going
File: RD munching.gif (194 KB, 300x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
RD munching.gif
194 KB, 300x320
Already on it. But my stomach demanded a sandwich.
File: Peek-a-boo.jpg (61 KB, 644x833) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 644x833
>You stroll a bit aimlessly around your treebrary in search for your boyfriend.
>But he is nowhere to be found... Hmm...
>Walking down the stairs to the living room, you can hear the running of water.
>Oh... He is probably in the guest bath. You sometimes totally forget that you have one, since you don't invite other ponies over very often.
>Well, while he is washing himself, you could get some of the materials you need out of their hiding places.
>But first you cast a preservation spell on the bottle, to keep the cum inside fresh and warm.
>It's more of a time slowing spell for very confided spaces, called Slowga, but it does it's job better than a normal conservation arcana.
>Since they tend to rather quickly lose their power if you don't sustain them at all times.
>You open the closet which contains gems and other precious metals that Spike isn't interested in eating.
>For now, at least. When he hits puberty, you will have to hide the Crimson Heartdrops. They induce powerful, sexual lucid dreams, when eaten or grounded up and snorted.
>You tested them once and oh Celestia was it ever beautiful, but you nearly didn't wake up.
>Alchemy is a very dangerous field to tread in.
File: Well...Yeah!.gif (435 KB, 250x239) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
435 KB, 250x239
>Hmm... what will you need. You really should have made some kind of list... Improvisation was never your strong side.
>Dark and Fel iron is always a good bet... A bit of Khorium can't hurt too. It' costly, but most of the time it wields some kind of result... Pyrite? Nah... too dangerous.
>But Ocean Sapphires on the other hoof... you could mix them with the Pyrite to negate it's explosive properties without watering down it's effects.
>Good idea, Sparkle.
>How you never got an A+ in Alchemy is a mystery to you. Probably because the professor was a stallionist and didn't like mares.
>Now when you think about it, she always preached about the rights of stallions and never taught that much alchemy...
>You shrug and grab the stuff you need with your magic and spread it on a nearby table.
>After a bit of assorting and rearranging, you let it through on the nod.
>Perfect. You take a look at the clock.
>Ten past two. Where the hay is Rarity?
>Maybe she forgot the time in a chat with Applejack. That is entirely possible.
>If you knew that she would be tardy, you could have done more stuff with Anon.
>Meh... but now you have enough spare time to think what you need from your hidden cabinet.
>Or how you like to call it: “The closet of forbidden things”.
>Because it also encloses some of your smut, drawn and written.
>You pull out specific books in a certain order and the secret compartment opens with a click.
>Totally worth the 250 bits you paid for it.
>Suddenly you hear a whistle behind you.
>”Uhh... impressive. What do you keep in there?”
>Wonderful, just in time.
“All the stuff that Spike isn't allowed to get in his claws. Like rare gemstones and metals.”
>”And you are sure this isn't just your secret drug laboratory?”
>You giggle.
“Nah. But some herbs have a nice effect if you would smoke them. Like this one.”
>You pull out a jar with a orange flower in it.
“That's a Phoenix Down. Strong hallucinogenic, but also very dangerous to your lungs. And this...”
>Putting the jar back on it's place, you take another out.
>It contains a bright yellow fern.
“This fern is called “Sun Ray” you can surely tell why.”
>”Yeah it looks like one... really pretty. What are it's effects?”
“Let's just say it makes you more eager.”
>He chuckles.
>”Okay, I understand. Any other interesting plants?”
>You nod.
“Lots. Wanna know more about them?”
>Teaching him is fun. You could do this all day.
>”Sure. But shouldn't Rarity already be here?”
“She probably lost herself in a chat, don't worry.”
>”Okay then. Let me get a chair.”
>foreshadowing kinky stoned sex
>I hope
Dubs confirmed Anon and Twi get baked and have awesome sex
>Half an hour passes and you taught Anon about all kinds of plants, gems and metals.
>Being very careful not to reveal your smut corner... one day you will show him and perhaps indulge in some of the fantasies you created.
>He was especially interested in herbs that can be used as a drug or medicine. So you concentrated your lessons on them.
>Maybe you will order some Crownroot from the royal herbary, invite Anon over and have a nice evening with him.
>Your former colleagues said that sex on Crownroot is like sex while in estrus... hot, messy and incredibly satisfying.
>Normal sex with him is already all that, so you really wonder how the drug would improve on this.
>Anyways... You and him got a bit worried that the white mare still didn't show up and so Anon left to go look for her.
>You are now alone with nothing to do, since everything you need from your secret closet is already on the table.
>Various elemental ores, as catalysts, and some painfully expensive gems...
>Especially the Psitanium, a bright pink stone, will rip a hole in your bottomless bag, when you have to order it again.
>If you wanted you could start your experimentation right now...but you really don't. That can wait until Spike has gone to bed.
>Not that he asks awkward questions about what's in the vial and why you mix it with glowing things.
File: Lil' Sparkle Cute.png (91 KB, 897x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lil' Sparkle Cute.png
91 KB, 897x468
>What to do... what to do...
>Ah you know! You could read a bit in your new spell books.
>Giddy as a school filly who just got candy, you trot up the stairs to your room and grab the two tomes.
>Gently floating them over to your bed, you throw your self after them.
>Landing with a soft thud on the fluffy blanket.
>You love that word. Something you learned from the small comic books, Anon calls mangas.
>The art style used in them is really weird, but the stories are generally funny and some times even exciting.
>So with which one should you start?
>Gleaming Ruby's pyromancy or Angri Stormtalon's incantations...
“Eeny, meeny, miny, moof,”
“Catch Pinkie by the hoof,”
“If she hollers, let her go,”
“Eeny, meeny, miny, moe.”
>Your hoof lands on the book about pyromancy.
>Works every time and for every hard decision.
File: Bathlight Sparkle.gif (293 KB, 500x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bathlight Sparkle.gif
293 KB, 500x333
Going to leave it there for today.The next part is nearly finished but needs some smoothing around the edges, gonna post it tomorrow.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
Good night guys
Good night man
Good night m8
You made that sound real hot.

>implied reverse gender role equestria

And the alchemy things are interesting. Heh maybe with all those drugs and stuff no wonder Twi eventually got addicted to something.
>There are spare wash clothes
Did you mean "towels"?

Little bit. I somewhat felt the same way. The ending to my story was shit, and the thread died with no one commenting on it. I can't say it discouraged me from writing again, but it did slightly affect me.
Twice the dubs for further confirmation. Preparing for dank drilling of purple ponut.
The Final Fantasy refs...
File: Come on guys.jpg (58 KB, 489x454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Come on guys.jpg
58 KB, 489x454
>not mentioning the Psitanium
File: 1423033894855.jpg (76 KB, 382x463) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 382x463
What is that?
That pic is my favourite clop material at the moment.
Ma draws cum really well
Double alliteration further confirms faded funtimes

Here you go, mate.
Page 8 is full of h8 and fr8ts m8
That was my intention. Glad to hear it sounded hot.
It was only a matter of time :^)
Aren't wash clothes the small glove like things you wash yourself with?
And sorry to hear that mate, which story did iyou write?
Too many references? Because more are coming...
It's frrom Psychonauts.
go check this, it's pretty good (bonus point for Sparkle): http://mulpwiki.org/index.php/Celestia_and_Luna_harvest_Anon%27s_resource
Pyrite ? Too dangerous ? As long as you don't turn it into vitriol, I don't see what can happen... You can use it to form steel, but I don't see other applications ... Does it really have other interesting chemical properties or did you invent it ? 'cause I wouldn't use it in alchemy
Okay then.
I picked it because it sounden "fiery". It's magical mate, I ain't gotta explain shit :^)
That story happened here not even a week ago.
yes, but the guy asked for it...
File: Applejack shrug.png (162 KB, 839x952) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Applejack shrug.png
162 KB, 839x952
Didn't we have two active writefags? Where is the other one?
I have assumed he died, which is sad
File: Sad Rara.jpg (79 KB, 920x868) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sad Rara.jpg
79 KB, 920x868
Meh... the thread must go on.

>Carefully, you put Angri's book aside and pull Gleaming's closer.
>The cover is really beautiful. Red leather, which is a rarity in equestra, with stylized orange flames in the corners.
>Leather has a really nice feeling to the hoof, even if it's technically the skin of an animal.
>You open it and begin to read the introduction.
>Just few tidbits about his life. Where he was born, where he studied and in which battles he fought.
>Apparently in more than you knew. That he participated in the defence of Trottingham is new to you.
>A sanguinary battle in which a few hundred ponies defended their town against a horde of diamond dog slavers.
>He summoned several fire elementals to fight on the locals side and drove the invaders back with them.
>Only a few dozens ponies were caught and that was seen as a great victory.
>Interesting. Any more fights you didn't know of?
>Hmm... ah there! The great purge of Ravenholme? That’s a town near Gryphonia. Shining Armor is there at the moment, to train a few recruits.
File: FuckthatVille.png (279 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279 KB, 900x900
>When you told Anon about that, he just gave you a confusing response:
>”We don't go to Ravenholme, Twilight.”
>And then he laughed and ruffled your mane...
>Probably another one of his human references.
>Anyways, what was the great purge about.
>Undead? That's just plain silly. Everypony knows, there is no such thing as the living dead.
>Gleaming must have made that up, to increase his fame or something.
>Not an unusual thing for his times.
>Pfft... you would never do that if you ever become a famous sorceress.
>Outside of fiction, of course.
>The rest of the introduction is just what kind of magic channelling technique he recommends.
>For all the simpler and advanced spells Star Swirl the Bearded's “Mind Lock” method.
>Which is basically just thinking about what the spell should do, “lock” that thought into your horn and weave the corresponding magic winds around it.
>In this case Aqshy, Ghur and Chamon. The most common winds used for fire magic.
>This approach to spell casting has the advantage that spell miscasts are very rare, but in return you can't use your full horn capacity.
>Essentially trading power for security.
File: Unsure bookhorse.png (86 KB, 757x605) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Unsure bookhorse.png
86 KB, 757x605
>But for the expert level spells he recommends a technique developed by him, called “Wildfire”.
>Now that's intriguing... A spell casting method you don't know.
“Be wary and courageous if you want to walk in my hoofsteps.... bla bla bla, get to the point... ah finally!”
>By Celestia! This is suicide!
“Channel all the magic winds in your vicinity and convert the undesirables into Aqshy, the red wind of fire. Show no fear and release the spell on a whim, just barely thinking about it's effects.”
>Nope. Won't do this.
>Sure, it guarantees nearly full spell strength and elemental purity, but also your certain death if something goes wrong.
>Aqshy is one of the few winds you don't want miscasts with. In the best case you burst into flames and in the worst you just explode.
>And you definitively don't want that to happen any time soon.
>Alone the conversion of winds is a very dangerous act... so much can happen and go wrong there.
>A shudder runs down your spine.
>You turn the page.
>Time for the good stuff now. The spells.
File: 1423827879377.gif (284 KB, 500x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
284 KB, 500x800
>Everypony knows, there is no such thing as the living dead.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I stopped reading
Dude, wtf ?
I know that they are cartoon ponies, but seriously ?
Necromancy didn't make it to the recent pony era ? Or Twilight just isn't aware of it ? Isn't it something that Celestia should have told her ?
You better explain yourself...
File: Scrunchlestia.png (265 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
265 KB, 600x600
It probably got banned from being taught, since it's considered dark magic. And now noone knows that it even existed. All according to Celestia's plan.
Is that good enough?
1-Go to Equestria
2-Scavenge ancient ruins
3-Discover ancient artefacts and spellbooks
4-Become a necromancer
5-Enslave the princesses using le hot monkey dick
6-Become the ruler of Equestria
8-Lots of Ponut
Dark magic isn't bad !
Wait, is harming people considered bad ?
>actually, yes
Oh, serioulsy ?
And drinking their blood ?
>No anon, that's bad, do NOT feast upon the pony's corpses. In fact, do not kill them at all.
But how am I gonna enslave all of you ?
>Wait, what ?
Let me guess, I'm not allowed to do that either...
>... Yeah
Can I still summon Cthulhu this Thursday ?
>Who ?
A tentacular demon that drives living creatures into insanity. He knows the best jokes of all seventh planes of existence !
>Remember me to not teach you about magic again...
Does that mean that I can ?
>things anon isn't allowed to do in equestria anymore
Using magic ✓
>things twilight is not allowed to do in Equestria
Telling me what I can do, fight me bish !
>things anon isn't allowed to do in equestria anymore
Writing to Celestia about rules
“Basic combat and practical pyromancies.”
>You squee in delight.
>And he immediately starts with the interesting spells. Wonderful.
“Fireball. A small, fiery projectile to hurl at your enemies. Pure it sets them aflame, mixed with Ghur it gains physical mass. Dealing additional damage on impact, but reducing it's temperature the more earthen wind you give it.
>So basically a molten ball. Interesting. Doesn't seem to difficult to cast.
>But you really shouldn't try anything in your home... It's a tree after all.
>Humming a slow song you take a look at the next page.
>Such a simple name. What does it do?
“Gives life to a small elemental to do your biding. Requires an empty vessel.”
>Surely he means a core or an elemental gemstone.
“It isn't suitable for combat, but can do simple tasks like cooking food or boiling water. Will perish in rain or when combined with any other wind than Aqshy.”
>Strange... usually elementals don't care which winds you use. As long as the core was pure, they just adapt their elements a bit.
>But it's a pretty old book, maybe they didn't have purified cores like today.
File: Reading bookhorse.png (415 KB, 1024x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Reading bookhorse.png
415 KB, 1024x683
>You turn the page.
>A basic immolation spell, for camp fires. Uninteresting. Normal arcane magic can do that too.
>The next one, though...
“Torrid Sun's Hooves of Fire. Uuuhhh...”
>That's something that could be handy some day. Even if you just use it for nightmare night.
“Set's the casters hooves on fire. Allows for walking on water and burns away harmful soil. If not being fed constant magic energy, it will steadily sustain itself through the casters flesh.”
>Eww... But what’s standing beneath that?
>Neat. Illusion variants of the spell. Even in different colours!
>You definitively could cast that.
>What magic winds do you need for the purple flames?
“Shyish, the purple wind of death.”
>Creepy. You are glad they renamed it a while ago to the wind of change.
>Sounds less intimidating.
“Also a bit of Hysh or Ulgu, depending on which shade I want...”
>Hmm... A nice dark purple would look cool.
“Okay! Lets try this then.”
>You close your eyes and begin to slowly channel magic through your horn. Concentrating on what the spell should do and look, then you gather the magic winds you want.
File: Twibot charging.gif (1 MB, 1296x976) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twibot charging.gif
1 MB, 1296x976
>There is barely any Shyish in the air... Which is good, because it means not many lives where lost today.
>Yeah. The renaming doesn't change the fact where this winds draws it's power from.
>Still this should do nicely.
>You release the spell and open your eyes again.
>Your hooves are on fire! They are engulfed by dark purple but cold flames.
“Nice! But it would surely look cooler in the dark.”
>Quickly you shut the curtains and close the door. The room is now completely devoid of light, except for the violet glow of your sizzling legs.
>You even leave fiery hoof-prints when you walk around.
“That is so cool!”
>Giggling you run around your room. Watching your hooves in awe as they create blazing tracks.
>Maybe with a bit too much awe, since you run head first into your closet.
>Perfect... now you are sitting on your haunches, rubbing your hurting muzzle with burning hooves.
>At least you have something to write into your diary today.
>Better open the curtains again and get back to reading.
>That is safer and involves less pain...
Is this interesting so? Or should I change something about it?
I like it, i cant speak for other, but its your story and you are doing a great job, pls continue as you see fit
Oh, you meant that? Then it'd be 'wash cloths'.

clothes: noun
1. items worn to cover the body.
"he stripped off his clothes"
synonyms: clothing, garments, attire, garb, dress, wear, costume;

Cloth noun, plural cloths
2. a piece of such a fabric for a particular purpose.
"an altar cloth."
Ex: If you use warm, wet cloths with the mineral oil, check frequently to be sure that the cloths have not become cold.

Just helping you expand your vocabulary my man.

>that artist
>that oc
Mah muthafuckin' nigga
yes it is
Someone went a little overboard on the transparency.
'ad a giggle m8
>tfw I hadn't read through the whole thread when it was up
>tfw too lazy to read it now
feels bad man

It's great man. Keep going with the cute learning bookhorse.
File: Twilight typing.png (111 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twilight typing.png
111 KB, 800x600
Okay. Just asking, because it is a long book and we have two of them.
Thanks mate. Going to correct it soon.
>With a pulsating snout, you hop on your bed again and assume a comfy position.
>All four burning appendages tucked in snuggly under your body.
>So where were you... There.
“Cauterize Master.”
>Huh? Master? Which master?
>Ah! You understand. That’s a spell that you can teach the ember elemental.
“Canalizes a searing bea-... laser”, you giggle, “at the masters wounds. Closing them and accelerating the healing process. Though very painful it's more effective than herbal remedies for smaller cuts or gashes.”
>Makes sense, since it's magic.
>Next page.
>Flame Bolt. Another spell you could teach the elemental. Looks like it can get pretty versatile, once you taught the little guy a bit.
“Allows the ember elemental to project fast moving, burning shards at your enemies.”
>The next few spells were not as interesting. So you skip them.
>But this one is.
>Another spell for the elemental. Gleaming must have been really fond of them.
File: Oh my gosh.png (114 KB, 770x568) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oh my gosh.png
114 KB, 770x568
“Fire Ward. Creates a ward that prevents damage through fire. It can severely lessen the impact of miscasts and also illuminates the area around the pony it was cast on.”
>Okay, that is really useful. With that you could more or less safely practise these spells. As soon as this whole addiction thing is over, you will make yourself an ember elemental.
>And name it... Hmm...
>Emby? Flamie? Ragnaros?
>Eh, you will see.
>And with that said, you turn the page again.
>Oh. An enchantment spell for weapons.
“Searing Blade. Enchants a weapon with a sizzling flame. Each successful hit will smoulder the flesh of your enemies and leech their life force, thus sustaining the flame.”
>A self sustaining enchantment. Very handy to have, if you would be a battle mage.
>For this there are also illusion variations available. But you really don't have anything to enchant at the moment.
>Or do you...
>Using your magic, you pull out a cardboard box from under your bed and open it.
>It contains all your “self entertainment” equipment.
File: Tired Twi.png (499 KB, 1024x788) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tired Twi.png
499 KB, 1024x788
>Oh Celestia this is silly.
>You pull a medium sized dildo out of it and give the spell a quick read over.
>Doesn't look too hard. Unlike the thing that is in your hooves.
>Which sadly stopped burning.
>Okay here goes nothing.
>After a few seconds you have an enchanted dildo.
>It's whole length is flooded in a bright orange flame.
>And it looks bucking cool.
>You swing it like a sword.
>Your gaze falls on your pillow. That will be your enemy for now.
>With a battle cry you charge at it, wildly flailing your “weapon” around.
“Swoom! Swoosh! Take that, evil monster!”
>No mercy will be shown today!
>Over and over again, you hit your foe with the burning rubber schlong. Dealing one devastating blow after another.
“Fear Twilight Sparkle's limitless power! HAHA!”
>Time to finish this!
>Your hind legs send you into the air and you use the momentum to execute a powerful overhead swing.
>It connects with the pillow and annihilates it completely.
>The soft thud that can be heard is prove of that.
>You are a bit out of breath, but that was fun.
>Deciding that you fooled around enough, you put the dildo back in it's box and stash it away again. There is reading that needs to be done.
>Hopefully nopony heard or saw your performance...
File: Heartbeat hnnnggg.png (330 KB, 1306x644) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Heartbeat hnnnggg.png
330 KB, 1306x644
So thats it for today. Going out for a few beers. I will update the pastebin later, and continue tomorrow.
See ya.
have fun getting smashed, just dont end up going on a drunken buying spree and end up with dragon dildos and pony plushies all over the place. That shit's costly I tell you.
sounds like someone has been through something...
sadly not, just was looking at my own pinkieplush while thinking of ordering that 4DE Fluttershy one that is coming in March
File: 1421651467488.png (314 KB, 717x436) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
314 KB, 717x436
page 9 bump
File: download.jpg (4 KB, 259x194) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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bumping with a dumpling
File: 1396045250907.png (86 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 900x900
File: 1423547258163.gif (158 KB, 991x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
158 KB, 991x1024
go away page 7, no one likes you
page 8 is sad
God fammit page 7, go home already
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It burns.jpg
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Yo anon's.
Just rreporting in real quick to say that I won't have time to write today, since someone called in sick and I have to take over his evening shift. But I'm getting monday off in return. So it's chill, I guess.
If I'm fit enough I might post something later tonight.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
Stay fresh.
Welp have fun at your shift
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Thanks for all the bumps mates.
I'm awake again, and will now consume several cups of coffee. And then start writing again, some time later.
Stay tuned.
Patience is a virtue. Plus, by now I guess we all know the meaning of patience. Wait and you shall receive. It's like the hiatus, except in a shorter time frame and with less generals.
p9 ---> p1
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I am T to the W....jpg
176 KB, 750x1000
>Now back to more reading.
>The next spell is called “Glut Mine” by a germane pyromancer named Aschmähne.
>Germane names sound always so cool. You wonder what your name would be if you were germane.
“Buries a small explosive mine into the ground. If stepped upon or activated remotely, it will explode and leave small patch of blistering heat. Depending on the casters skill and experience, up to fifty can be buried at once.”
>That must hurt pretty badly. Maybe you could alter this a bit to serve other purposes?
>A confetti mine for Pinkies parties for example. She would definitively like that.
>Seems like these were all of the beginners sorceries. At least all of the engaging ones.
>There are five or so pages left but they all just describe more practical stuff. Like a small orb that follows you around and provides light or a spell that warms shelters.
>You can do that already with your normal magic, so you have no need for that.
>So you skip them and continue with the advanced section.
“Only for the more experienced pyromancers. Do not try any of these spells if you haven't mastered at least two thirds of the last chapter.”
>Yeah. Yeah.
>Another pyromancy by Aschmähne.
“Odem des Feuers. Allows the caster to breath fire like the dragons do. Slight alternations of it's element can be done through shifting the balance of the winds.”
>Neat. How far can you bend it's element?
“Known and “safe” variations:”
>Inverted commas are never a good sign...
“Breath of Chaos: Achieved by corrupting Aqshy with it's opposite Azyr. Turns the breath into a bright blue stream of chaotic flames and thunderbolts.”
>Huh? Chaos? Maybe because of the fact that Azyr is the wind of heavens and weather couldn't be controlled as well as today?
>Could be. You should read up on that some time.
“Breath of Shadows: Mix Aqshy with Ulgu, the grey wind of shadows. Turns the flames black and gaseous and adds an acidic effect to them. Smelting armour and severely damaging flesh.”
>You heard of pyromancies like that. The first pyromants didn't use fire as much as their name would suggest. They concentrated more on acid, poison and similar things first.
File: Rolllight Sparkle.png (2 MB, 4000x3272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rolllight Sparkle.png
2 MB, 4000x3272
>Perhaps it was easier to cast or the consequences of a miscast wasn't so dangerous.
>You hope that Gleaming has some of these written in here.
>Not that you would need poison spells... but you never know.
“Breath of Life.”
>Interesting. A healing spell?
“Breathes pure life force into the casters targets. Closing their wounds and curing their afflictions. This variant does use your own essence as fuel, so be careful. Casting it longer than necessary may leave you as a lifeless husk.”
>Whoa... that’s creepy.
“It also takes care of the living dead quite efficiently. Returning their souls to the peaceful sleep they deserve.”
>Undead? Again? But they are just fiction... Even Princess Celestia told you that.
>She wouldn't lie to you, would she?
>But why would he mention something like that then... Just for the fun of it?
>Probably not.
>Aliens were thought to be a fairy tale too, but then Anon came along...
>So maybe zombies, ghouls and other undead creatures are, or at least were real as well...
>Spooky... Equestria's history might be darker than you suspected.
>Another thing to add to the to do list:
>Investigate necromancy.

hurry! welcome back
On it already. Just wanna eat something first.
sorry i meant hooray
Just one more hour to S4S vs MLP
also bump
thank you for the necromancy thing anon, it was really bothering me
yeah, it's me from
so, if I had to say something...
No problem. You had a point there, so I thought about it.
Also I have an idea for a story about Twalot searching for the lost art of necromancy. Might do that one day.
you need documentation about it ?
but continue your actual story first, of course
>But that's a thing for the future... so you continue with your book.
>There are spells to be learned and grammatical mistakes to be corrected.
>As brilliant Gleaming was as a magician, he wasn't the greatest of writers.
“White Dragon Breath: Add Hysh, the white wind of light, to create this variation. Your breath will emit a gleaming white beam. On contact with the ground, will spawn crystal spikes that follow the terrain. The crystal spikes will travel up walls or trees, across ceilings, and down cliffs, though not very far. ”
>Uhhh... a laser! You knew that one had to be in this book!
>Even if the crystals are the actually damaging part of the spell, it's still a nice find.
>That were all breath variations it seems. Or all of the “safe” ones.
>You giggle and turn the page.
“Combustion and Greater Combustion... Summons a burst of fire out of the casters horn. It has a high chance of igniting the enemy but requires almost no distance between the caster and them. The greater variant is created through simply adding more Aqshy. This spell is relatively easy and fast to cast but drains the caster's mental power quickly.”
>So that's something if you need some fire power fast. Like the arcane bolts they teach every unicorn in college, so they can defend themselves if the situation ever calls for it.
>They don't need much weaving like the Combustion but they do need a fair bit of mind power.
>Also they are not the strongest spell that one can learn... but pretty much the only one that most ever will.
>It's not that you couldn't learn more combat spells in schools, but the courses are optional and so not frequented very often.
>Only you and two other students visited your years seminar...
>So the only ponies that know more spells than the arcane bolts are the guards nowadays.
>And it is a shame to be honest.
>Anyways... next page.
“Sek-Sek's incantation of hellish fire.”
>Sek-Sek? The Diamond Dog arch shaman? How did he get informations about Diamond Dog magic?
>In Gleaming's times most tribes of Diamond Dogs were hostile... unlike today.
>They learned after a few wars that trade is a better method to acquire gold and gemstones than raiding pony mining towns.
“Summons a raging pillar of flames that dances erratically across the battlefield. The fire is so hot that most creatures that have the incredible misfortune of coming near it, combust in the blink of an eye. Once created, it can't be controlled and will fade when a certain time has passed.”
>That sounds dangerous... A spell that you can't control directly and possibly could hurt your friends or brothers in arms...
>Typical for Diamond Dogs... they love things like that.
>But it seems very powerful. Maybe as a last resort you would consider casting it.
“Warmth... Creates a gentle, warm flame that heals anypony in it's vicinity. It will stop most types of light bleedings and close small cuts. For more severe injuries it's useless, but still can provide some comfort in the heat of a battle.”
>You like the fact that this book contains so many different healing spells.
>The actual combat pyromancies you might never need, but the healing stuff could always come in handy.
>You turn the page.
“Aschmähne's Seelenfeuer.”
>You think that means Soul Fire.
“Conjures a giant flaming ball. Requires a filled soul stone to cast.”
>A soul stone? That's pretty dark... but Germaneigh is known for it's achievements in Soul or Spirit magic.
“The soul provides fuel for the orb and lets it reach higher temperatures than “usual” fireballs. It travels very slowly but will consume everything in a giant explosion once it reaches it's destination. The caster can add Ghur, Ulgu or Chamon to alter the spells effects. Ghur gives it more mass, expanding it's explosion radius but increases the travel time even more. Ulgu makes the ball emit poisonous gases on detonation and Chamon will reduce it's size but double it's speed.”
>Very interesting, you must say. You never bothered with altering spells too much.
>But this changes your view on it completely.
>You take a quick look at the clock before turning the page.
>It's nearly three... Anon is gone for half an hour now.
>Hopefully he found Rarity and Spike.
Don't know yet. I will see when I start writing it.
Tie bompeno
Will twily try any of the spells on anon?
Will anon get to be best bros with a fire elemental?
This ideas calm my autism
>If he isn't back in thirty minutes, you will go look for them too.
>Yeah... you should better do that. Not that something happened.
>Okay. Next spell.
“Gleaming Ruby's Rain and Storm of Fire.”
>Ah, a pyromancy by him!
“Summons a blistering cloud of ember that douses an area in fiery rain. The downpour doesn't distinguish from friend or foe, so be careful where you cast it. The rain covers a small zone and the storm a large one.”
>Honestly you could have worked that out by yourself.
“Additional winds can be weaved in to add effects or strengthen it's intensity. Ghur turns the fire into molten drops of earth and Ulgu into a potent acid. While Ghyran, the green wind of life, transforms the flames into a warm, healing rain. It's mending properties are a bit weaker than the one of the Warmth spell, but it covers a far wider area and also cures most types of natural poisons.”
>Cool. That such a destructive school of magic would have so much healing or curing spells, baffles you.
>Page turning time!
“Sek-Sek's Unnatural Selection.”
>Hmm... another Diamond Dog sorcery... And a creepy sounding one at that too.
“I highly recommend to never make use of this spell. It is incredible dangerous to anyone that stands near the caster. I listed it here so it won't be forgotten by history.”
>Fair enough.
“When cast the spell determines between five and twenty random targets, engulfing them in bright red flames before completely devouring the unfortunate souls in a violent fiery pillar. Leaving nothing but a pile of ashes behind. After that the spell will choose other random targets, repeating this destructive cycle around seven times before finally stopping and sizzling away.”
>That is just plain sadism... Battles or wars are never a nice thing, but you don't have to make them more cruel than they already are.
>You simply destroy lives... with what is basically the throw of a few dice.
>Like in the game that your brother enjoys so much.
>What was it called? Oubliettes and Ogres?
>Yeah, you think that's it.
>With a bit of an upset stomach, you leave the disgusting spell behind.
“I still can't believe it... Why would one even think of such a... ARGH!”
>In a fit of anger, you grab your teddy bear and throw it against the wall.
How many of thos do you have and why are they all named?
what did you do crossroads? confess and repent!
“No! Mr. Bearington!”
>Luckily he isn't damaged. Poor thing.
>You kiss his forehead and set him back where he belongs.
>Relieved that your cuddle buddy is undamaged, you take a look at the next page.
“Gleaming Ruby's Curse of Flammability.”
>A curse? How curious.
“Curses the casters enemies with the fate of their skin and armour catching fire like dry leaves. It doesn't last very long so make use of it while you can.”
>Curses are technically forbidden today., but were quite popular in the old days. Especially elemental curses like this one.
>A bit dark but interesting.
>Mmhh... the next pages are just more practical pyromancies.
>Oh, this sounds cute.
File: Pony is for party.jpg (133 KB, 1750x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pony is for party.jpg
133 KB, 1750x1920
“Ritual of Liberty. Frees the Ember elemental from it's magical bindings, giving it a free will and enhancing it's powers. If you treated it right it may stay with you. Allows the teaching of almost any other pyromancy to it. Take note that it won't be sustained automatically by your magic any more. You will give it some sustenance from time to time or it will die. This ritual requires bottled dragon fire, phoenix downs and several kinds of arcane dust. Most basic ones will do, But the rarer and more potent the dust, the less of it you will need.”
>Hmm... Giving an elemental a free will is generally seen as a very bad idea.
>Almost every scholar is strongly against it.
>But Gleaming must have had a reason to develop such a spell.
>Maybe elementals can feel friendship or companionship too? That is a nice thought...
>You think you might do this ritual once you created your own Ember elemental. Perhaps it will become your friend.
>Or it could destroy everything and everyone you love. Yeah... you won't teach him any harmful stuff. Just useful pyromancies.
>So the worst it can do is illuminate or warm your room.
>You turn the page.
Milk is most definitely for sexual, don't know what you're talking about
Enough. Do you like them :^) ?
Milk might be now, but the pony that produces it is.

Also that's it for today. Only two more chapters and we are through that book.
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
As always leave critique/suggestions and tell me how you like the story so far. Et cetera et cetera.
I am actually just disturbed, especially because of
>Kannst du es fühlen.png

That one came so out of the blue I just didn't know what to feel
Tbh Crossroads, as much as I'm enjoying this whole spells scene, it kinda feels to me like it's stretching too long.
I mean, I enjoyed it initially, but right now it feels kinda too much. I'd kinda like more Anon-Twi and co. adventures, lewd or non lewd but preferably lewd
File: What is sexual.png (54 KB, 500x549) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
What is sexual.png
54 KB, 500x549
So... can you? Tell me!
Okay. Fair enough. Any other anon's that share the same thought? If yes I will skip the second book which would not be a problem for me So we can return faster to Twi's and Anon's shenanigans.
Natürlich kann ich!

I actually didn't read todays update, going to read that on the train tomorrow, but if this was still all book one then maybe book two later? you don't have to leave it out entirely
Wunderbar! :^)
Nah I just can give it it's own chapter. I may do this with the pyromancy book too, So that someone who isn't interested in them, can just skip those parts.
while interesting, they really dont have anything to do with the story, they would be better for other type of stories, like the one where celestia ask for help from humans to fight a war, i would say that you skip them, and get back to the main story, but its still your story so do what you want
I will finish the pyromancy one, since it's almost done anyway. I don't want to bore you, but also I don't like to leave shit unfinished. Tomorrow we should be done and maybe even return to the main story.
File: Anon ! Rainbows !.png (666 KB, 5000x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Anon ! Rainbows !.png
666 KB, 5000x5000
On the other hand, I think I will finish the parts about those books as a side project meaning I won't post them here and just update the paste when I made progress.
So we will return to the main story tomorrow.
page 8 bump with 8 dumplings for the thread
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Page nine save
Good morning bump
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Oh golly, this is such a lewd thread...
page 10 scare
page 9 close call
Must I do all the bumping around here?
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You are doing good.
File: Molestia Badge.png (1 MB, 1280x1106) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Molestia Badge.png
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I'm going to start writing later today than usual. This probably will probably affect my fellow eurofags more than you amerifags.
Just saying this so that people don't start thinking I'm kill.

Until later mates
I have to say, you are really good at telling us if you will be late, or even have a schedule of sorts on your posts. Its really nice to have, thank you for that.
No problem.
Also I'm back and start writing now. Expect something in about an hour.
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>mharshmallow pone
how does this even work ?
File: Spidershy topcute.png (729 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Spidershy topcute.png
729 KB, 1000x1000
It works.
Next part is nearly finished, just looking for a few synomyms for "first" and "first time"...
This is, by the way, the main story again
>You are now Anon and you just left your marefriend's home to go look for Rarity.
>She was supposed to drop off Spike a while ago and you two got a bit worried.
>Ponyville is not a very dangerous town, but still some times an accident happens.
>Just last week a pony was nearly slain by an ice box that fell out of the sky...
>The mail mare who was responsible for this mishap just didn't know what went wrong. According to her everything was properly secured and fastened.
>What’s a good place to start your search?
>You could go to Sweet Apple Acres... that would be your best bet. So you start walking in the generally direction of it.
>Twilight is probably right and the white mare just forgot the time in a chat. The newest issue of “Canterlot's juiciest scandals” just got out, so there is plenty of stuff to talk about.
>Even if Applejack is not interested in gossip that won't stop Rarity from endlessly babbling about it.
>You know more about Hoity Toity's gay escapades than you ever wanted... Especially the detailed report on his trip to Zebrica is forever etched into your mind.
>No amount of straight sex will ever remove that image.
>Ah yes... sex. Finally you have some too again. And with a mare you really care for and love. Which makes it oh so better.
>To be honest you couldn't be happier right now.
>Most ponies are real friendly, but none showed any romantic interest towards you. It's not that you didn't try to make a deeper emotional connection to somepony, but almost every attempt was seen as a joke or immediately blocked off by some bullshit.
>You originally decided to give the small colourful equines a chance after a particularly depressing hearts and hooves day.
>Initially you were a bit disgusted at the thought of dating a pony or even see them as anything else but a friend.
>Your brain kept telling you that they were mere animals... but that quickly changed after you caught yourself staring at Applejack's flanks for a bit too long a bit too often.
>The first pony you asked out was Roseluck, who always got a little touchy when you went out for a few drinks.
>You tried to... well “make the moves” on her but she shoved some roses into your mouth, from god knows where, and opted for flight. She avoided you for a week after that.
>At least the flowers tasted somewhat good. You made a nice salad for Twilight out of them...
>Why did you never ask her out to begin with?
>Sometimes you can be really dense...
>Her drunken blowjob was the first time somepony gave you any “attention”... and even then you thought that was just because of her inebriated state.
>Your palm hits your forehead with a loud smack.
>How can one human being be so fucking blind?
>You sigh and wave the ponies off who ask if everything is alright.
>But luckily it bloomed into something really lovely.
>A smile forms on your lips.
>Now that you think about it, she is everything you always wanted in a girl.
>Smart, funny, a bit awkward, cute...
>Oh god, is she ever cute. You mean every pony is cute in his or her own way, but she won the cuteness jackpot.
>And of course she is unbelievable beautiful too...
>You will do everything in your might to make this work, despite your differences.
>Huh? Your eyes catch the glimpse of a pearl-white flank vanishing into a side street.
>There aren't too many white ponies in Ponyville, so that certainly could be her.
>Better step it up a notch before your dressmaking friend is over the hills and far away.
I'm going to start the next part now. If I can finish it in under an hour I will post it, if not... good night and see you guys tomorrow!
Pastebin will be updated later http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
But the real question is, kannt sie es fühlen zwischen ihrer hufe pulsieren?
Fuck I need to practice my german, I had to look up the last two words.
My sides, yeah, English and German grammar is kinda different here
It would be
"Kann sie es zwischen ihren Hufen pulsieren fühlen?"

I actually postponed reading your book stuff for 2 days and now I am kinda disappointed you are going back to the story, that was helluva more interesting than I thought.
You're putting the rest of that in a pastebin, right?
>You will never stick it in your head that you have to move the main verb at the end of the sentence
I'm close to yelling blasphemies in ancient illyrian, anon.

Aryan quads of germanfriend confirm the rise of the IV Reich
She probably can... but she want to feel it somewhere else.
Like I said I'm continuing the books as a side project. But that one anon was right. They didn't really had to to anything with the story and I would have needed another week or so to finish them. I would rather finish the main story first before concentrating my efforts on "fluff". But I won't forget them. I even thought about to just write them out "completely", like a real book. That would be fun, I guess.
German grammar can be weird some times, so don't worry.
That filename, I can't breathe man
>Aryanne is blonde
I'm now singing the translation on the notes of "Do you want to build a snowman".
I have more. Behold!
Muh heart
Lewdest superior pone of Reichquestria
You're killing me man
File: Das ist blöd.png (123 KB, 1100x1100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Das ist blöd.png
123 KB, 1100x1100
>In a matter of seconds you managed to catch up to your supposed friend and unfortunately bumped right into her.
>Looks like she didn't make it too far into the street...
“Umpf... sorry Rar... Oh.”
>That isn't Rarity. It's the blonde mare with blue eyes and the strange cutie mark.
>It's a heart. But it always looks like she painted over that thing with pink paint.
>What kind of special talent is “heart” anyway? Can she use the power of love to instill caring, passion and sympathy into ponies? Or talk to animals, like Fluttershy?
“Sorry, for bumping into you. I confused you with somepony else that I'm looking for.”
>You get off your ass and dust your clothes off a bit.
“Is everything alright? Did I hurt you?”
>Her face is full of disgust and repulse... Like you just killed her whole family or something.
>What was her name again... Aryanne? Yeah, you think that's it.
>She neither gave you an answer yet, nor moved an inch. Perhaps she is in shock?
>So you reach an arm out to give her a little poke, but she instantly flinches away from it.
>”You do not touch me, you filthy ap-... I mean... Nein, you did not hurt me. Zanks for asking.”
“Okay. Glad to hear that...”
>Did she just insult you?
>Aryanne back up and shoots you an angry glare.
>”Take mehr care in Zukunft!”
“Uh, I will.”
>Is she speaking german?
>You know a few words, so maybe that will calm her down.
“Uhm... Es tut mich wirklich leid. Es wird ehrm... nicht mehr vorkommen?”
>Hopefully you didn't insult her family right now. She looks like the type of pony who would have no problem with bucking your face in.
>But much to your relief, her form visibly relaxes and a smile appears on her lips.
>”Kein Problem! And it's “mir” and not “mich”.”
>She sits down on her haunches, looking at you with curiosity.
>”Where dit you learn to zpeak germane? Aren't you a dirty immi-... an alien?”
>Dirty immigrant eh?
“Ehm yeah. But my world has a similar country and language to yours.”
>Her face lights up.
>”Really?! Tell me about meine Kameraden from another world!”
>Meine Kameraden? Does she cover up a swastika under that painted cutie mark of hers?
“Sure, but I'm in a hurry right now. Maybe some other time?”
>All the excitement leaves her face.
>”Och menno... but okay.”
>She pulls out a small card out of her saddlebags.
>”Juzt write me a letter whenever you are free! Zen we can talk about zem over zome tea.”
>The blonde mare beams at you.
>You take the card and put it into your pocket.
“Will do.”
>”Wunderbar! I will not detain you any longer zen. Auf Wiedersehen!”
>She closes her bags and takes her leave with a cute, little wave.
>Seems like you made a new friend today. She's a bit strange, but who isn't.
>You take a look at the card she gave you.
“Fräulein Aryanne's pesticides. We have an Endlösung for every pest!”
>Under that is her address and tele-crystal frequency.
>Yeah... why not.
My sides are beyond the 3rd reich
fuck no, back to cute dress horse
File: 1420347249120.png (229 KB, 460x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 460x360
>We have an Endlösung for every pest!

Why are you doing this to me
God that OC is fucking painful to look at, who designed this piece of garbage?
Legends state that it was Adolf Hitler himself when he tried to apply to art school, but then he created a tulpa of her that told him that the jews were at fault
We will return to less offensive horses shortly.
I think his name was Randy. He's on /mlp/ too, mostly in the Aryanne threads.
I wish, I could speak german. Unfortunately I chose russian over 3 years ago that was very bad idea ;-;
File: 1423341645261.jpg (31 KB, 250x251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 250x251
I laughed so hard at this.
File: 20150224_221554.jpg (1 MB, 2560x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2560x1536
Schöne Trips, herr Kreuzstraßen
Does Aryanne like rp games like pic related?
>Mfw when I'm on my 5th year of German.
>Mfw when all my teacher sucked, from the crazy "superior holy race" to the annoying feminazi
>Mfw I don't understand shit aside from "Mein name ist..."
>Mfw I'm in the top ten students in my german calls
I don't know about you, but french german teacher sure have "original methods"
File: kollindosen.jpg (18 KB, 260x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 260x339
Stop by her shop and ask for Zyklon B

for delousing, of course
Story time!
>Back to your search for another arya... you mean white mare.
>Aryanne seemed nice enough. And as long as she doesn't look for an Endlösung for you, you have nothing against the idea of telling her something about your world.
>But you will leave out some bits. Not that she starts thinking, Equestria needs a holocaust or two.
>It has enough non-pony races, so more than one wouldn't pose a problem.
>You are back on the road again that leads to Sweet Apple Acres.
>Not too many ponies decided to open their shops or set up their stalls there, since it's not as frequented as the main streets or the market place.
>Nevertheless they manage somehow.
>Mostly due to the exotic inventory they are allowed to sell here.
>A year ago, Mayor Mare thought it was a good idea to ban the selling of weapons, spell and alchemy materials or other similar dangerous stuff in the inner parts of the city.
>Probably to give Ponyville a better image and attract more tourists, after all those crazy things happened.
>You don't know, neither you care if it worked or not.
>”Yo, Anon!” a deep voice yells.
File: Hey Nonny !.png (667 KB, 5000x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hey Nonny !.png
667 KB, 5000x5000
>Hey, it's Kirron Swiftwalker! You didn't know he was in town again.
>It can't hurt to talk with him for a bit. There's got to be time for that.
“Heya, Kirron! How is my favourite walking steak?”
>Kirron is a travelling, minotaur weapon smith with steel-grey fur and white horns.
>You first met him last summer, when you strolled aimlessly through the town with nothing to do and the sight his weapons caught your eye.
>Medieval weapons always fascinated you, but on earth it was nearly impossible to get your hands on a well crafted one. At least not without money, that you didn't have.
>He instantly saw your interest and began to talk shop with you.
>After an hour, he closed shop and offered you to drink a few minotauren beers with him.
>Of course you couldn't reject such an offer, and a small barrel and many dirty jokes later, the two of you became friends.
>Ever since you try to spend some time with him when he visits Ponyville.
>”Haha! Mighty fine, my friend! How did life treat you?”
>He extends his fist towards you.
>You let your own collide with his.
“Not too bad, Kirron. Not too bad. How is business?”
File: I can be a waifu too, Anon !.png (616 KB, 5000x5000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>Oww... His fist is rock-hard... Like always.
>The minotaur snorts and pulls out a giant bag of bits out of his cart.
>”Look for yourself! The guards in Maneton bought five sets of spears off me!”
>You whistle.
“Maneton? Is this the frontier town near the badlands, you told me about last time?”
>Kirron nods and throws the bag back into the cart. It hits the wood with a loud metallic clank.
>So much money...
>”Exactly. The bugs are kicking out against them again. But with my quality weapons, there is no chance that they will get one hoof wide of ground! To hell with them!”
>You chuckle.
“Yep. I don't doubt that. Got anything new?”
>”Always! Look at this baby! My newest creation!”
>From under his stall he pulls out a gigantic sword. Easily as long as you are high with a silver, beautiful crested blade.
>It shines in the sun like quicksilver
“Wow... Impressive, Kirron. What is the blade made out of?”
>”Gryphonian Truemithril. Pretty fucking expensive, but worth every bit. Do you want to hold it?”
>Do you?
“Of course!”
>He hands you the sword and you carefully take it's handle into your hand.
>As soon as his grip leaves it, you can feel the full weight of the weapon.
>Yeah... it's heavy. Easily twenty five pounds. But it's forged in such a way that a minotaur could wield it one handed with no problems.
>You have to use two hands, but still are able to swing it around with almost no effort.
>The minotaur laughs.
>You let a hand run over the smooth material of the blade and admire the ornaments on it.
>They show several minotaurs fighting a giant dragon. Each minotaur has ruby eyes and the dragon's scales are emeralds embedded into the blade.
“Did you make the ornaments too?”
>”No. Not with those podgy fingers of mine. A unicorn jeweller in Canterlot I know, did that for me.”
“Still very beautiful. I like it.”
>”Thanks, friend. Sadly this blade is not for sale.”
>Not that you would be able to afford it any time soon... or ever, but still you wonder why.
“Why not?”
>His voice loses some of it's excitement.
>”My chieftain found his end in the claws of a dragon last winter... of course not before he ripped that scaly fucker several new ones. This blade is to honour his death.”
“I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sure it's more than worthy to do this deed.”
>He laughs again.
>”I sure hope so! I nearly died making this thing!”
>Kirron points to a rather nasty looking scar on his right shoulder.
>”Seems like Truemithril makes every other non-magical explode when they come in contact with it, while hot! My fucking hammer burst into thousand pieces!
“Eww... That looks like it hurt.”
>”Sure did! But my momma didn't raise a crybaby! Anyways...”
>You hand him the sword back.
>”How about I tell you all about my new adventures over a few beers? My cart is full of barrels that need to be emptied!”
>Oh god are you tempted... but you still need to find Rarity.
“Certainly... but unfortunately I have other stuff to do right now...”
>He gently shoves you. As gently as a minotaur can be.
>”Come on! It can't be more important than old Kirron here!”
“Umpft... Sadly yes. I have to to find Rarity for Twilight.”
>His eyebrows raise.
>”Don't let yourself get pushed around by mares, mate! Wait... did you say Rarity?”
>”Is that the white mare with the tight flanks and legs that would drive any bull crazy?”
>You wouldn't describe her like that, but yeah...
>He lets out a bellowed laughter.
>”I saw her! I complimented her on how incredibly sexy her buns looked today and she told me to fuck off, more or less. But she will warm up to me some day. Nopony can resist Kirron's charm!”
>Laughing he stashes the sword away.
“Did you see where she went?”
>”Yeah, I couldn't take my eyes off her ass. That way.”
>He points towards Twi's library.
>Meh, you just came from there...
“Thanks, Kirron. How long will you be in town?”
>”Two days, or so.”
“Perfect. Maybe I have some free time tonight. Then we can drink and bring each other up to date.”
>”Sounds good. I will try to sell these puny ponies some weapons in the meantime.”
“Do that. I will catch you later!”
>You extend your fist for another manly, human-minotaur fist bump.
>Which you immediately regret, like every other time.
>”Take care, friend. And don't forget about me!”
“No way, Kirron. Take care too. Don't get caught selling daggers to colts again!”
>You can hear him snort as you walk down the road.
I am imagining this KIrron fellow to be a bit like League of Legends Braum guy, only a bit more brash when it comes to the ladies. I am liking him so far.
File: 1424071118869.jpg (9 KB, 407x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 407x482
Kirron is here!
The next part is somewhat finished, but still a bit rough around the edges. So I will post it tomorrow. Need to go to bed anyways. Good night guys
Pastebin is updated http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
Gute Nacht, bis morgen
File: Forty Keks.jpg (34 KB, 292x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Forty Keks.jpg
34 KB, 292x257
Kek. so this just showed up in the pastebin public paste feed and I thought I would share it with you.
It's pure fucking gold.
I googled the names and apparently they are roblox characters or whatever.
I want to go bang bang!
What did I just read
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