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When you see the Equine filth, leave none...
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When you see the Equine filth, leave none alive, but make sure you bring me a Princess Twilight Sparkle, alive. I need to have a 'chat' with her.
>"But our mission is to kill them and take their valuables and leave, Anon" A female viking said to him
>"Yes, but preparing for our next raid is more important, capturing a princes would be an excellent bargaining tool for future raids"
>"Ah, I see, you thought of this when Anon?"
>You have heard of the recent defeat of a demon called 'Tirek' in these cursed lands?"
>Yes, we all have, they say he had great power, but then somehow he was defeated"
>"Yes, he was, but I want to know what kind of power could have possibly taken down a god of death. I mean' by Odin's beard could you imagine what we could do with such power?"
>"Only he and those in Valhalla know Anon"
>"Yes, and all my leads over the past months lead me to a "Twilight Sparkle", the recently crowned Princess."
>"How shall we capture this princess, she has an entire kingdom and army at her disposal no?"
>Don't worry about that, I've got a plan...and it involves every single viking here on this beach. all two hundred thirty five of us"
>"I hope your right Anonymous"
>"But sir, do we have enough man power to combat every single Pegasus and Unincorn? Let us not forget the Draconequus and his chaotic sorcery too. Word is he hath allied with thy enemy."
will be updating frequently
None shall pass.
I hate it so much when they inject female characters into movies and television just for the sake of politically correct equality and "showing that women are just as tough as men."
its not historically accurate it's like

"HEY lets make a WW1 film where EVERY soldier is a female and one is a man because gender equality is what making films are about not actually making it good for audience viewing pleasure"

Yes, Anon, I'm fully aware they existed. They were however the exception not the rule, and few and far between.

The only show I think is doing the whole empowering women thing right is game of thrones.
One minute they are actually in a position of power and showing that woman can be as powerful as men...then reality hits and the rape ensues
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>The mass of viking warriors walked along the beach for about half a day, until they came across a small settlement not far, further inland.
>Buildings and a church spire could be seen past the treeline, and the treeline was just up a large sandy hill and past a small meadow
>"Alright then, our first picking of the day"
>"Should we send a scout brother, to know of the enemy that may lurk in the settlement?
>"No, we strike now, we've sailed for months and I know you crave blood as much as I do"
>"Am I right boys!"
>The small army let out a fierce war cry and lifted there weapons high
>"We march on them now!"
>"Form ranks!"
>Three lines of vikings farmed in columns of around twenty each, and paced up the hill, being silent as to catch the settlement by suprise
>Passing up the meadow and into the treeline, the force stopped and observed the town
>"Anonymous there are hundreds of ponies here, and only a handful of guards"
>"Good, good, but the guards were never anything to worry about in the first place"
>"Shouldn't we-"
>"Listen, When you kill them all, I want you, and a group of men to sever and collect any and all of the unicorn's horns, I want trophy's to bring back home"
>"Yes my Jarl, your will be done"
>Now men...Charge!"


>The entire viking army charged, screaming and hollering like demons from hell
>The unsuspecting populous were caught by complete surprise and seemed to scurry in all directions, panicking
>The slaughter had begun, ponies were killed left and right, the small guard force formed in the middle of the main road
>The guard charged the vikings in a feeble charge, but are cut down in mere seconds
>At the end of the day, no pony was left standing, and the Vikings had set up an encampment amongst the burnt ruins, feasting on the meat of their kills, and laughing heartily amongs't themselves
>"That was too easy" Said Anonymous
>"What did you expect Anon, a challenge?"
might be a small delay, but do you want to see this continued?
You writefag ! You have any idea how awsomw idea what you have ! Ponies and vikings ! Oh mein gotts in Asgard ! Personally I have two favorite things in my life !
>Scandinavian mitology/culture
An I never saw this two mixed ! But thanks to you now I see ! Keep going ! This is gona bee good !
>Heidevolk is the best viking/pagan metal band !
I am greatly aroused by your excellent taste in godtier shows.
>The next day, Anonymous awoke to the sound of birds chirping and rustling foliage
>"Anon, your awake"
>"I am Balder, how do you fair this day?"
>"I am well after feasting on salted horse meat my Jarl!"
>Both men laughed heartily when suddenly an abrupt sound is heard
>A horn sounded throughout the encampment and beyond
>"Vi har innkommende! Få Jarl nå!"
>"It seems we have trouble"
>A young viking warrior rushed into Anon's tent and speaks out
>"En hær av ponnier marsjerte på oss, vi trenger deg på andre siden av byen!"
>"I see, the ponies have sent help"
>"How is that?, I thought we killed them all?"
>"obviously not"
>Anon, Balder, and the other young Viking stepped outside, only to witness a massive army of ponies in glimmering armor upon the northern hill that dominated their view
>"Anonymous, we are prepared to die!, We can take down twenty of the equine filth for each Viking that stands here today!"
>"Yes, but what then?"
>"We must leave Balder"
>"What, are you a coward Jarl Anon!?"
>"No, but we must leave if we want to live to see another raid"
>Anon gathered his men and retreated back to the beach, the army of ponies not far behind now
>"We must reach the ships as soon as possible! We can only hope to outrun the bastards!"
>"Balder, take a small group of men and run beside us on that hill, we need to know if their following us!"
>"Yes Jarl!"
>The army of vikings, now out of breath and slowing from the run it took to get to the ships, quickly boarded the boats and pushed them into the sea
"Anon heard Balder's cry for help as he saw him catching up with his small band he had with him
>"Jarl! Flying ponies are coming!"
>The army laughed hysterically at Balder's words
>"Anon laughed as well, but his laugh quickly dissipated as he saw the seriousness of Balder's face as he approached
>"We need to leave now!" Yelled Anon
>"Archer, ready your bows, we have incoming!"
>What seemed to be a distant haze, quickly turned into a mass of winged ponies armed with swords and spears the seemed to magically float in front of them
>Anon's archers, with their bow's drawn, awaited orders
>Fire on my command!"
>The flying army of ponies grew nearer, anger and vengeance displayed on their faces
>"Fire now!"
>All the archers let loose their bows and hailed death upon the approaching ponies
>The volley of arrows was devastating to the flying force of equines, some turning back after such a terrible blow
>"Fire at will!"
>Another volley is unleashed, tearing through the ponies ranks, causing the entire force to rout
>"Hurrah!, look at the cowards flee Anonymous!"
>"Yes, savor our victory, for we sail for home"
>"We have much gold here, including your 'trophies' Anon, we also have several slaves captured by the men guarding the boats, can we keep them?"
>"Yes, Do with them what you wish, just don't kill them, I have questions..."
>"A sick and twisted look appeared on Balder's face
>"The mares do have a...certain 'charm' about them do they not?...Can I-"
>"I said do as you wish, do not bother me now, for I am weary"
>"Heheh...Yes my Jarl"

Two months of sailing passes...

>"Men! we are home! prepare to disembark!
>After a while, the ships dock at port and many warriors reunite with their families, and Anon steps before the crowd an speaks up
>"My people, we have achieved victory over the Equines! Now that we know what lies there, we will return, but this time we will gather all the clans...And we will invade Equestria's territory with a force of three thousand strong! This I swear!
>The cheer of the croud could be heard for miles, for this was a great victory for Anon's clan
>"we will return within one year...with a mighty fleet at our disposal..and this time, there will be no retreat"
"The warriors of Jarl Anon all raised their might y weapons up high and let out a fierce cry"
I've only seen like 5 shieldmaidens on the show.
i'll update a bit more tonight, keep it bumped till then. So i want feedback, do you want more, maybe a different direction maybe ect.?
Bump for premise and dubs
>be Viking
>be afraid of Scots because of how vicious they are

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Thread images: 6
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