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>Me? With Anon?
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>Me? With Anon?
>Oh Rarity, ha ha, you're so funny sometimes!
>Like I'd ever be interested in that loser!
Welp time for rape
Fuck you too you purple cunt
>What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.
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>implying I was ever intersted in bookpone
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>Oh come on Dash. Anon really? I'm not THAT desperate for a coltfriend.
>Anon walks up after hearing everything
>"How could you say that about me? I thought we loved each other!"
>Twilight drops spaghetti and shame everywhere
>tfw you're too big of a loser even for Fluttershy
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>tfw picnic ment nothing
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>Anon? I think not. It would be unseemly to pursue a relationship so far beneath one's station. Besides, flannel and socks and sandals are never coming back. I'm not sure they were even ever in.
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Pack your bags boys, it's time for a feel trip
>Huh? Wha-
>A-Anon?! Uh... H-hi! H-how long have you-
>An-Anon? Anon, wait! Please don't go, I didn't mean-
>Oh Celestia, what have I done...
>Now he'll n-n-never love me...
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Forgot image
>Oh good.
>Then you won't mind if I borrow him to help me with special dress for a exclusive client.
Just check under your bed Twilight, Anon will be there
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>flannel and socks and sandals
You did this to yourself Anon
I- I thought you said it looked good with my fedora
What loser wants to be with Twilight? She's pretty much engaged to Flash.

This pony right here is waifu material.
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That hit me hard
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>Dash? Um... What are you looking-
>O-Oh! O-Oh dear!
>A-Anon, please! I, um, I... I wasn't..! I L-... L-l...
>... Anon...
>... I-I'm sorry... C-come back...
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>M-My word! Anon!
>Darling, please d-don't get the wrong idea-
>Th-That is to say, I was simply saying-
>-that... That...
>My... My goodness...
>I-I think I just said something... Terribly foolish...
More Anon getting rejected, that shit is more fun to read
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>this thread
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Fuck you Twishit. Never liked you anyway
>anon who had overheard that as he was upstairs, appeared in the staircase with a blank look
>his expression quickly turns into a saddened and confused face
B-but I thought there was something b-between us...
>"yes, air." she responds abruptly

"Fuck this crap, I fucking hate you ponies" he says as he leaves the room.
>"He's gonna come back, rarity."
>he never came back
>Not writing one for Celestia, Luna, BonBon, Lightning Dust, Zecora, Cheese Sandwich, CMC, Mulia Mule, Gustafan, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Diamond Tiara's butler, Big Mac, Trixie, Granny Smith, Tom, Discord, Diamond Dogs, Nightmare Moon, Queen Chrysalis, Breezies, Manticore, Mayor Mare, Coco Pommel, Suri Polomare, Garble, Fizzle, John de Lancie, Meghan, and Lauren Faust

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>"HAHA! Me and Anon!?"
>"Now that's just silly talk Rarity!"
>"He's soooooo boring and like, never wants to have any fun!"
>"Now that would be the worst match in all of dating history!"
Why are all anons Barkley?
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Not you too
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>Realistic Anon story
>Anon is being rejected for good reasons
>Need to decide between getting a life and stop being such a antissocial freak, or being loyal to himself, but alone
I seriously want to read this, sounds so fun
writefags where
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>tfw not even pinkie likes you
>You're either cool, fun, and have a gf OR a loser and alone 5ever.
Aside from tvs and movies, which aren't realistic AT ALL, when has that ever been the case?
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What was that, Twilight? I couldn't hear you over your mentor's orgasmic screaming.
"Gee, thanks guys. I love you too."
>"Anon? Uh, this isn't what it sounds like?"
>"I dunno Twilight, doesn't it sound exactly like that?"
>"Not helping Fluttershy!"
"It's fine, I'll just go now. I figured maybe I was more than just a freakshow to you guys. Guess I was wrong."
>You step outside and grab some fresh air.
>You walk back to your house, kicking pebbles along the way.
"I knew it was too good to be true, but I guess I just wanted to believe."
>You hear a frantic voice coming from behind you.
>It's Dash.
"What do you want? Shouldn't you be back there with your friends?"
>She kicks the ground.
>"Um, I was kinda hoping you'd... uh..."
>She mumbles something.
"What was that?"
>"Maybe you'd like to..."
"Couldn't quite hear that."
>"Do you wanna go on a... date?"
"Which one of them set you up to this?"
>"None of them! A-actually, that's kinda why I was asking them about you. Didn't think they'd be that harsh though."
>She grumbles, "Told Rarity not to be so rude, where's the loyalty?"
>You raise an eyebrow.
"Why her?"
>"Uh, duh? She's way more interested in this dating crap than I am, but... you are fun to hang out with."
>She sits on your shoulder, "It's like hanging out with a best friend you wanna be with all the time."
"... Fine, we'll see where this goes."
>She fist pumps and does a little wiggle with her hooves.
>Damn that's adorable.
I am talking about Anon being the oposite of what he is usualy portrayed as, Anon is our vision of what we want to be, he fucks all the waifus, he is a winner, i want to read a story where anon is a fucking loser, he doesn't need to be a fat neckbeard, but he would be the type of faggot that would browse 4chan, i mean even the biggest normie has a reason to come back here, and this is the anon i want to read about
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At least crushing loneliness is steady and continous so you can learn to cope with it.
This is /mlp/ official waifu.
>Our vision
Speak for yourself.
But I don't want to be a winner.
Me neither

All I want is dope and ponies
>You go back to your treehouse near ponyville
>Rushing to your house, you made sure nobody could see you arrive
>You pick a rope and just hang in there

>You realize that killing yourself and coming to equestria was a mistake
>Killing yourself in afterlife apparently would leave in the no existence

>Time stops
>You see a humanoid shape getting near you
>It's apparently another anon, but this one seems old, he has spooky look

Don't be a faggot anon, you know the whole point of the Anonymous character is to be whatever we want, and most people read a stories where Anon is the good guy, the one who wins the girl, who does shit, i am just asking for a story where he isn't this for once
I'm kinda interested on this one. It's like the waifu threads where people destroyed them with their happy waifu charts and losing the point of the threads turning it into a hugbox
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>really Fluttershy
>the fall formal with Anon?
>Egh I'd rather die than go out with that loser
I'll see what I can do. I woke up throwing up and I feel like someone hit me with a sledgehammer, but I'll live.

Stories need to have a driving force, so he'd always have to do shit, but it would be interesting to have a story where Anon loses.
Sadly, I like to write happy things, cute stories that'll make people smile. Sorry to disappoint you.
Craaawling in my skiiiiin.
Pinkie, why? You were my only reason to live. Welp time to hang myself and my death is on your head!

I want to see a story where love save a heartbroken suicidal Anon life
I dunno how else to describe it. This cold weather is never good for me.
No because that never happens irl and is total bullshit
>never happens irl
Why the fuck do you think we are here? We go to /mlp/ to escape the daily shit that we have to trudge through until we die. If I wanted something realistic I'd go outside and try to socialize with people.
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Y'know what else never happens in real life and never will? Ponies existing....
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Pic related

I'm up for something like that, or more bits of these that's going on.
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>Pones treat anon like shit
>Anon leaves ponyville and rallys equestrias enemies
>She sits on your shoulder
How small is this pony?
Shh, I forgot not everyone has shoulders as wide as mine. I have freakishly long arms.

If you want, you can imagine her sitting sideways though, I should've put shoulderS, really.
>Anon goes mad from being rejected
go on
lately the writefags have been giving up on life or it is me? not even drawfags are so depressed about contributing
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screams internally.png
195 KB, 1066x594
I like this thread. Moar.
My heart needs this
>screams internally
Rejection threads are my favorite threads, because they make me feel the closest I will ever be to my waifu.
I just woke up sick, that's all.

Showtime everyone.

>You take Dash to a nice secluded hill.
>You came here to think about stuff sometimes.
>Helped clear your head.
>You'd never shown any of the ponies your spot.
>Not even Fluttershy, despite the place crawling with animals.
>A bluejay lands on your shoulder.
"Hey there little guy, how's it going?"
>He lets out a little chirp and snuggles your neck.
>Dash looks at all the foliage in awe.
>"How'd you find this place dude?"
"I like to walk to clear my head. Plus my legs need to move."
>She cocks her head, "What?"
"Why do you think I like to run with you? I have a lot of energy to burn."
>She snorts, "I thought it was just because you liked looking at my butt."
>You think for a moment on how to respond.
"... Yeah, you have a pretty nice ass."
>She punches your shoulder, "Jerk! Hehe... So, this is your special spot, huh?"
"Yeah, Fluttershy would probably have a heart attack if she knew about it."
>"Oh man, she's missing out on this!... Sorry they said those things about you."
>You lay back on the grass and wrap your arms around her.
"It's fine, I'm not exactly normal around here."
>"Still, it's no excuse for talking about a friend like that!"
>You pat her head.
"Eh, don't worry about it. I'll get over it."
>"You seemed pretty mad to me."
"I just wasn't expecting it, that's all."
>You were usually pretty easy about forgiveness.
>It took a lot to actually get you upset, but you weren't ready for that kind of feeling.
>"I wasn't expecting just laying here to be this much fun."
"If you like somebody, anything is fun with them."
>"Y-yeah, I guess so."
>She blushed a little, not used to the whole affection thing.
>A squirrel decided to offer the blue blur an acorn.
>"Uh, you can keep it. I'm fine, really."
>The little critter shrugged and ran off into his little home.
>"Anon! We're sorry!"
>You figured it was time for damage control.
My boner needs this
My...liver needs this?
>Me? With Anon?
>Oh Rarity, ha ha, you're so funny sometimes!
>Like I'd ever be interested in that loser!

>You catch the end of the conversation as you enter through the door.
>Both ponies look at you in shock
>Twilight chuckles nervously
>”Anon, you came in at the wrong time. It was just a joke.”
>You stand there silently folding your arms.
>After hearing the same thing from the female sex for the hundredth time you kind of just shrug it off.
>You guess this universe is no different.

>Twilight mutters
>You let out a sigh

“Why the hell would I date you Twilight? Also being even associated with you make me sick to my stomach. Hell. ever since you got those wings you act as if you’re better than anyones else.”
>You take a step forward
“Well you’re not. You're just a fucking mule with wings stapled on for fucking decoration. Plus haven’t anyone told you that you smell of old books and stale cum?”
>You see Twilights eyes well up with tears.

>Rarity pipes in
>”Hey it was just a joke.”
“What a joke like your fashion Rarity?.”
>Rarity’s jaw drops in shock unable to say anything.

>’That is what I would do’ you think to yourself as you slouch behind the door.
>”Yeah It bet Anon was a loser on his own planet”
>A single tear rolls down your face.
>These feels
File: feelsnami.gif (895 KB, 500x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
895 KB, 500x280
Well played, sir.
"How'd you girls find this place?"
>"We totally followed you and Dashie around!"
>Stay classy, Pinks.
>"Oh my, there are so many wonderful little animals here!"
"I had kinda planned on showing you for a picnic, but I guess it's a bit late for that."
>You stroked Dash's mane, she let out a little coo before covering her mouth.
"Don't worry, I didn't hear anything."
>That earned you a little smile.
>You sat up, dusting yourself off.
"I know you probably have a lot of apologies ready, save them."
>You worked out that kink in your back you've had all day.
"I'm not really that mad. Guess it was more shock than anything."
>"But we wanna apologize! I can even throw you a party! I know you don't like them but-"
>You put a finger on her lips.
"Shh, it's okay. I'd be fine with that, if it'll make you happy."
>She puts on the biggest grin you've ever seen.
>You had to cover your ears, goddamn Pinkie was loud.
>"And I'm terribly sorry for making fun of your beach outfit."
"Damn skippy, Rares. I put those things on to annoy people that care so much about it."
>She blushes, "Ahehe, yes of course. Who would ever judge someone by their clothing?"
>You're a dirty liar Rara, but you ain't so bad.
>"You're almost as much of an egghead as Twi, but it is kind of... uh, what's the word Twi?"
>"He's not a deer, I thought you were the smart one?"
>"That's not..."
>Purple Smart sighs.
>"She's right though, you might be a loser but you're our loser."
>"He is not! Have you seen him run? I mean he's not as fast as me, but still."
>You felt her friends were trying to step around calling her out on it.
>They couldn't tell her that cowards are usually good at running.
>You were definitely not a fighter.
"Uh... where's AJ?"
>"She wasn't there, she had to harvest crops."
>Oh, makes sense.
>"I'm sorry too, by the way."
"Who could stay mad at you, Flutters?"
This is way too sweet and sugary. If I overheard someone saying that kind of stuff, it would be a pretty clear sign that they want nothing to do with me. I might accept their apology (because they're sorry they got caught) but I certainly wouldn't want to have anything to do with them anymore. Why are they all suddenly best friends now?
I completely agree. Those ponies were clearly being assholes, and are only apologizing because they got caught.
You think I'm just gonna leave all the tension out?

No, that comes later.

Things won't stay as happy as they seem.
Different types of persons anon

Right now, out there somewhere, there's a person that enjoys eating his/her grandma's shit
I /really/ hope Anon's just being 'sarcastic'. He better be bitter about it one-on-one with them.
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>W-With Him? For sooth? Surely thou jests, Sister. As the Princess of the Night, tis our duty to defend against the monsters that plague Equestria, not fornicate with them.
I am now reminded of the (very recent) experience where my 90-something grandmother with dementia was visiting and went to my bathroom and proceeded to remove her extremely shitty diaper and threw it on the floor. She walked out with shit falling down her pants legs.
The mental image this gives me is absolutely hysterical.
Oh, fuck man, sorry about that
File: 1414016248517.jpg (18 KB, 452x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That's harsh...
>tis our duty to defend against the monsters that plague Equestria, not fornicate with them.

File: image.jpg (297 KB, 797x1127) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Anon commits suicide.
I wanna be mad but that's a really good one
>You are Anon
>And you're going to do it this time.
>Steadying yourself on the stool, you pull the noose over your head.
>All these ponies don't give a shit about you.
>Sure, they act nice when you're around, but you know what kind of stuff they say about you behind your back.
>They probably won't even miss you.
>That's fine with you, you won't miss them either.
>Well, maybe there's one pony you'll miss.
>Pinkie Pie.
>Ever since you arrived here she had always tried to make you feel welcome.
>She was the one pony who didn't make you feel like shit.
>She had a certain air about her that always made you want to smile when being around her.
>However, she knew you carried a lot of pain.
>She was always there for you when you needed a shoulder to cry on, or anger to vent.
>Yes, she was your best friend...your only friend.
>Maybe you'd go as far as to say...you love her.
>It's silly, you know. Thinking a pony like her could ever love a creature such as yourself.
>She was probably just doing all those things for you out of pity, it would make sense.
>With that, you find the will to continue, carefully inspecting the noose and testing the strength of the rope above you.
>You take one last look around your room, finding solace in the fact that you'll never have to spend another night in this miserable place.
>You take a deep breath, and with one kick the stool is rocketed across the floor.
>tfw Anon has a crush on Princess Luna
>tfw it was supposed to be a setup by Anon and Celestia to get Luna to ask him out
>tfw Anon was on the other side of the door with a bouquet of flowers waiting for her to agree to it
>tfw he heard everything
>tfw I have no face

>Implying I would ask out a lesbian.

There are two types of people in this world.

How is development on that interdimensional portal going?

F-fuck, man. I need more of this
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well hung.jpg
44 KB, 529x800
>"I never expected this from any of you. What with touting the 'magic of friendship' 24/7 and shit. Yet here we are. If you'd been human, hey, I would've understood-, we're a destructive hateful species, but you're not human. You're cute candy colored little ponies. Hell, maybe I'm putting too much blame on you, I guess if some weird alien fuck had asked me to be their friend I would've looked at him like he was something I stepped in, too. It's ok though, now that I know I was nothing but a bother, you won't have to deal with my shit anymore. Please tell Celestia & Luna I appreciated the home they gave me. -Anonymous"
Laughed more than I should have
Oh come on, the image I got was of an old grumpy woman going "Fuck this, I'm done.", throwing her diaper on the floor with a wet THWAP, and then marching out of the bathroom.

I couldn't help it.
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122 KB, 800x900
>Do I like Anon? OFCOURSE I LIKE HIM! He rubs my tummy and pets my head and we always have super fun together and his shirt smells nice.
>Huh? Do I "like" him like him...?
>Ehehe, a little... maybe a lot <3
>Content with them for now, you decide to give them a second chance.
>Dash starts dragging you off.
>"Great, now that that's sorted out we can go hang with AJ!"
>Manual labor, the best way to stay in shape.
>Aside from stripper poles.
>Your place needed more stripper poles.
>Shaking aside thoughts of Dash giving you a show, you start running.
>It's in your best interests to not let her tear your arm off.

>Sweet Apple Acres, home of the best damn cider this side of Equestria.
>Dash was looking around for AJ.
>"Yo Applejack! Where are you?"
>"Over here sugarcube!"
>She waves the two of you over.
>"Am I glad to see you two. I could really use some help with carrying these baskets."
>You liked AJ, she was always good to you.
>She didn't care about what you looked like, she just enjoyed your company.
>It helped that one of the first things you said to her was a compliment to her apples.
>You decided not to push your luck about her other apples, though.
>Besides, you were with Dash now.
>Somehow, she actually enjoyed how cheesy you were.
>Probably because she's a closet nerd.
>You hoped she enjoyed the stripper pole in your bedroom.
>"Uh, Anon? Y'there?"
"Oh! Sorry AJ, just thinking about stuff is all."
>She grins, "Dash is a handful, I'll just let you know."
>You feel your face get hot.
"Uh-huh, yep. Totally wasn't thinking about her ass."
>AJ giggles, "Like you enjoyed my apples?"
>Fuck, abort mission.
"W-well, I mean. I wasn't talking about those apples, but I could've if you wanted to."
>You try to stammer out more of a reply.
"B-but I mean I'm with Dash now so I gotta be loyal, right?"
>"Relax hun, I'm just messing with ya. Now come on, dinner's ready."
"But I thought-"
>"Dash already got it done while you were daydreaming, loverboy."
"Oh, heh."
>Your face was now a tomato.
I was the dude apologizing and i'm loosing my shit to this post
Get this fictional fantasy shit out of here
You write ok but if Anon doesn't smack a bitch soon you're gonna lose me
File: mayonnaise.png (906 KB, 662x4510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
906 KB, 662x4510
yeah right, don't want him to spill more mayonase over your back
I was saving that for the party, patience my friend.
>losing your shit
This shit's gotta stop
>"Gah! Er... Anon, we did no-"
"Save it Luna. I heard everything."
>"We were only jesting!"
"At my expense? Y'know, I was prepared for rejection. It's happened plenty of times already so I know how to deal with that. What I didn't expect was for you to straight-up insult me behind my back."
>"Thou art taking this too personally!"
"Oh really? So its fine if you make fun of me just because I'm not a pony? You called me a monster."
>Luna cringed
>"W-We didn't-"
"Just shut up."
>You walk out of the room.
>Celestia glares at her sister.
>"That was just shameful, Luna."
>"Just shut up."

Good. Write-fag did good.
File: 1414024329960.gif (2 MB, 323x386) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 323x386
File: 1420945342666.gif (166 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 500x281

Wouldn't complain if this was continued
File: 32423141234123.png (516 KB, 680x418) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>TFW this would never happen to you because you're such a shut in loser hardly anyone in Ponyville would even know your name
>As the three of you ate dinner, Pinkie decided to drop by.
>"Hey Nonny! Your party is gonna be later tonight, hope you'll come!"
>She started to leave before stopping herself.
>"And I really am sorry for saying those mean things."
>She cries a little, "Sometimes I say stuff without thinking, and then I feel awful!"
"It's okay Pinkie, I know that's just how you are."
>Doesn't excuse the other three though, but you told them you'd give them a chance.
>Still, it hurt to hear Fluttershy of all ponies talk that way about you.
>You can imagine Angel Bunny giving her the business.
>He always was a strict little rabbit.
>"What mean things was she talkin' about, Anon?"
>You almost forgot you were having dinner.
"Oh, it's nothing, really."
>"Yer lyin' Anon, you know you can tell me what's wrong."
>You rub the back of your head.
"You probably won't believe me, but I overheard the girls saying some..."
>What's a nice way to put it?
"... Unsavory things about me."
>"What?! Why in tarnation would they do that?"
>"I kinda asked Rarity to see how they felt about him..."
>Dash taps her hooves together.
>"I wanted to ask him out, but also wanted to make sure the girls were okay with it."
>"Lemme guess, Rarity blew things out of proportion as usual?"
>"W-well... yeah, she did."
"That's like saying getting your dick stuck in a vice is mildly annoying."
>"That bad, huh?"
"It's one thing to say it to my face, it's another to do it behind my back."
>You eat your pie.
"Y'know I just came by to pick up some books, I never asked for any of that shit to happen."
>Dash wiggles her legs.
>"Well it got you me, didn't it?"
"... Yeah, I guess it's not all bad."
>"I'll have to have some words with the girls tonight."
"You don't have to do anything AJ, it's fine."
>"No, it ain't. I'll get to the bottom of this, don't you worry."
File: 1406303737179.jpg (148 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>I'll get to the bottom of this

Silly AJ, you can't contribute anything from the background.
Based AJ. The big sister you'll never have.
I would exclaim, in fact, but that's just me.
File: going deeper.png (211 KB, 800x623) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
going deeper.png
211 KB, 800x623
We need to go deeper
File: 1422045125512.png (22 KB, 530x444) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That was bretty gud

Ouch though.
My temporal lobe needs this.
>You thanked AJ for the apple pie, and set off for your place.
>As crazy as Pinkie was, you figured she knew you'd want a private party.
>It'll be fine as long as they don't go into your bedroom.
>Last thing you need is to be made fun of for having a stripper pole.
>You let Dash inside and go into your bedroom to get changed into something more casual.
>You didn't expect to see Pinkie dancing on your pole.
>"Wow Nonny! I work out the same way! Now I'm super duper sorry for calling you boring!"
>How do you get out of this without being awkward?
>Answer, you don't.
"P-PINKIE! Come on now, I need to change!"
>She jumps off the pole and trots by you.
>"Okie dokie lokie!"
>You stop her.
"Please don't tell the others about this."
"Pinkie Promise?"
>"Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye!"
"Thanks, last thing I need is Rarity getting on my case, or Twilight."
>"I know right? They told me, 'You can't have a stripper pole!' but that's silly."
>She giggles, "How else will I work out? Sometimes I get Fluttershy in on it too!"
>That was not an image you needed.
>But it was kinda funny.
"Her? I doubt it."
>"I know right?! Who'd have thought she was such a good dancer?"
>Please don't do this Pinks.
>"Anyway, I'll let you get changed!"
>She bounces off into the living room.
>That pony was a mystery to you sometimes.

>You put on a T-shirt and some sweatpants.
>Not TOO casual. Can't be having a party in your pajamas.
>You grab a glass of apple juice that you got from AJ.
>Working for her had its benefits.
>"Anon! The others are here!"
>Well then, time to get this show on the road.
>You notice they all brought you presents.

Ask and you shall receive. Keep in mind I'm new at this and I have no idea where this is going.

>Day who-the-fuck-cares in Equestria.
>Be Anon
>Be depressed as fuck.
>You sigh as you sit down on the train heading back to Ponyville from Canterlot.
>You wipe your teary eyes with your sleeve, sniffling slightly.
>Despite your words to Luna, getting insulted by your crush had happened more often than you would like people to know.
>It always hurt like knives stabbing into your chest.
>But you would never let them see you cry.
>Thank God there was nobody else in this car.
>You put your head in your hands.
>Chin up, you told yourself.
>You've been rejected and insulted before, but you've always managed to find the inner strength to go on.
>This is just a setback.
>But her words rang in your mind.
>You looked down at yourself.
>You weren't a monster, were you?
>Sure you weren't handsome, but you were at least average right?
>You looked at your protruding gut and bad skin.
>You sigh again, looking out the window.
>It's fine, you told yourself.
>You were consoled by the fact that Luna wasn't human.
>It made sense really.
>Humans looked weird to ponies, so it's only natural that they wouldn't be attracted to them.
>'Or maybe it's just that you're ugly' that traitorous negative part of your mind said.
>You shook you head.
>No, you're not going down that road.
>Fuck that emo shit.
>Maybe you had just aimed too high when you decided to ask out a pony?
>You figured that because Equestria was like something out of a children's show, you'd have a better chance.
>Because the guy always gets the girl in those.
>You were wrong though.
>It turned out Equestria was just as cruel and unfair as Earth.
Not much habbening yet, but not bad. You have my attention
Build ups anon
>AJ pulled out a piece of paper tied up with a ribbon.
>"You always talk about how much you enjoy apple pie, figured I'd give you a copy of my recipe."
>You smiled and gave her a hug, she was too good to you sometimes.
>Twilight gives you a couple of book-shaped presents.
>The newest Daring Do book, a couple of comics, and a journal.
>"You said you liked to read a good adventure, and write about stuff."
"And the comics?"
>"Spike wanted to make sure you were okay, he looks up to you y'know?"
>You treated him like a little brother, guess he took it to heart.
"Tell him he has my thanks."
>Fluttershy gave you a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables.
>"I know it's not much, but I hope you like them."
>You were getting low on those, so you gave her a smile.
"Thanks Flutters."
>Angel poked her head.
>"O-oh, right. Here."
>She handed you a card, you opened it up.
>It was covered with little paw-prints and talon marks.
>"The animals wanted to cheer you up too."
>You pet Angel Bunny, he gave you a little smile.
>Since hands are a rare commodity around here, he quite enjoyed belly rubs and ear scratches.
>She handed you a jar of honey.
>"Harry wanted you to have some of the food you helped him gather."
>At first the bear scared you, but it turns out he was just as fluffy as his friend there.
>Pinkie hands you a... wingsuit?
>"I figured you'd want something to keep up with Dashie!"
>She points to Twilight, "I had her enchant it with a cloudwalking spell!"
>She gives a flourish, "I made it myself!"
>You were weirded out by her technical prowess, but you've seen her make a flying machine before.
>Finally, Rarity handed you a box.
>You found a swimsuit inside, with a note.
>"Don't be such a crime against fashion darling, love Rarity."
>You let out a dry chuckle and grinned.
"Thanks, Rarity."
>"It was my pleasure dear."
>This was gonna be a long night.
i really really like it
keep it up
>this was gonna be a long night

oh boy here it comes
if Dubs Rarity gets a bloody nose
>bloody nose
Hell no, Anon needs to do this with words.
Giving them a taste of their own medicine and whatnot.
File: 1425069398934.gif (953 KB, 450x252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
953 KB, 450x252

Keep going, your princess commands it!

>You walked off of the train.
>You inhaled the cold night air.
>You took solace in the fact that Ponyville was beautiful to look at nighttime, with the stars illuminating the way.
>You strolled through the town and up to your small home.
>Small by your standards anyway.
>It wasn't your fault ponies were tiny.
>You had to get everything scaled up to fit human size.
>You thanked God for Celestia's generosity, and your knowledge of technology.
>You pulled out your keys, unlocked the door, opened it, and walked in.
>You flip the lightswitch.
>You nearly jump out of your pants.
>You looked around to see the small group of friends you had made here.
>You sigh.
"What are you doing here?"
>Rainbow smirked, "What's wrong? Aren't you happy to see us?"
>You were actually. They could take your mind off of your recent rejection.
"I am, but I'm not happy about your startling me like that."
>The blue pegasus rolled her eyes, "You really think we wouldn't ask what happened after you told us you had an important meeting with the Princesses?"
>True, you would do the same in their position.
"So what do ya wanna know?"
>"How did it go? Are you gonna be making robots for the Princesses or something?"
>You chuckled and shook your head.
"As cool as that would be, I haven't figured out robots yet."
>"What's with the flowers?"Applejack asked, pointing a hoof at the bouquet in your right hand.
>Damn it.
"Do you really want to know?"
>The looks on their faces told your the answer.
>You sigh.
"Alright then."
>So you told them what happened.
>How you had developed a crush on Luna. >How Celestia had noticed and decided to help you.
>How you had gone to the bathroom only to come back and hear the Moon Princess insulting you.
>By the end of it, you had their pitying looks.
>Damn it.
>You didn't WANT their pity.
>Twilight patted your back "I'm so sorry, Anon. I never imagined Luna would reject you so harshly like that."
>You sigh.
i would agree with you but to be honest
rarar wouldn't even understand what you're saying and her ego will block off the most of it
but a broken nose is hard to hide so her precious look is in real danger
i get really pissed about rarara if she's acting out

in reality i would just do unspeakable things to her in the bedroom so she never can walk with her chin up again
>Dash gives you a kiss on the cheek.
"What, is that all?"
>You grin, she just smacks you.
>"Come on, I'm trying to be serious here!"
>She still lets out a laugh.
>After the others start setting up the food and drinks, she pulls you aside.
>"But seriously, can we take it easy for now? I've uh... well... never, y'know?"
"Too tough for all the stallions?"
>She blushes, "S-shut up... but, thanks for the compliment. I work hard y'know?"
>You give her a hug, which she gladly returns.
>You noticed it was a literal wingsuit, with mechanical wings.
"How does she make this stuff?"
>"I have no idea, but it's pretty rad isn't it?"
"... Yeah, it actually is."
>Pinkie waves you over to get some cake.
>You'll never know how she did these things on such short notice.
>"Chocolate or vanilla?"
"You know I love chocolate."
>"Same here!"
>"Personally I prefer vanilla."
>"Don't be such a party pooper Rarity! Vanilla always needs backup to make itself tasty."
>You can see Rarity scrunch her face, "Ah, yes. Of course it does."
>Pinkie looks on in confusion as she trots off to the other side of the room.
>"What's up with her?"
"I think she took it a bit personally."
>"That's silly! It's just a flavor."
"You know how she is."
>Pinkie hands you a slice of cake, "Eat up Nonny!"
>You're not sure if Rarity was upset because of her makeup or what.
>You shrugged, not your problem.
>You shared your cake with Dash.
>"I know I shouldn't eat too much of this stuff, but it's so good!"
>Twilight sat down on the couch next to the two of you.
>"So, I guess we all learned a thing or two today huh?"
"Yep. Dear Princess Twilight..."
>You broke out into a grin.
"Today I learned that maybe you should take a lesson or two from Dash on loyalty."
>She let out a sigh and smirked.
>"Guess I had that one coming, didn't I?"
"A bit, yeah."
>You ate your cake, least she admitted it.
Rarara strikes me as the type of lady who would know exactly when you're laying down sarcasm and backhanded compliments. That ego of hers would probably not want to point it out in front of everyone else, hoping they might not have caught on, but still.
Wait, did you just say... you want to be with me Twalot?
>She nods eagerly
>You open a bottle of hooch
Uh-oh, *sip*, no way. I've got much more important shit to do than dating you.
>She doesn't stop talking to you about her feelings and her friends
>Looks like they're into you too
>She's at the brink of tears
You know what, you could tell them to fuck off too. Why anyone would want to spend his life with any of you. I'm out I've got some more work to do, there's still that bunch of unpainted miniatures which you replicated for me.
>Gotta go paint
>Word bearers
>Not world eaters
First, its just a copy paste from a thread exactly like this
Second, retards are the most likely to enjoy any of our personalities since we are all terrible.

"It's not even the rejection that hurts. I'm used to that. What really burns is that she insulted me behind my back like that.
>"It seems kind of out of character actually." Pinkie says.
>"Um.... we don't think you're a monster if it's any consolation." Fluttershy said.
"Thanks, that means a lot."
>Of course, retelling that story made you think back to your earlier thoughts.
>Was it because you were human, or because you weren't really datable?
>There had to be a reason why you so rarely had a girl who said yes.
"Hey girls? Can you think of a reason WHY she would say reject me like that? Aside from the fact that I'm a completely different species."
>THAT got a reaction.
>All six of them looked uncomfortable
>It was Rarity. who answered first.
>"Anonymous...Oh how do I say it right." she began.
>Ah shit.
>Nobody ever called you by your full name unless it was to soften something bad they were about to tell you.
>"You're a good friend, darling. But you're not really... coltfriend material."
>You cringed.
"Any particular reason why?"
>"To start, you're not really all that social. Most of the time you just stay at home and read books."
>You couldn't really deny that.
>"A relationship requires work on both parts to maintain. You just seem too..."
>"Lazy?" Pinkie suggested.
>"I was going to use a nicer word, but yes. Next, well you're not all that hygenic."
>You couldn't deny that either.
>"Most of the time you exude a distinctive odor."
>You knew you needed to take better care of yourself, but damn...
"That bad, huh?"
>Rarity nodded.
>You sigh once more.
"Anything else?"
>"You're fat." Rainbow said bluntly.
>Couldn't deny that at all, but it still hurt.
>"I'm not saying it to be mean, it's just a fact. Girls like guys who are in shape, and you just aren't in shape."
>You raise a hand, making a 'come-on' gesture.
"Keep it coming."
>"Yer a bit of a weirdo, sugarcube."
>You raise an eyebrow.
"So is Pinkie."
>You decided to check on Fluttershy.
>AJ was already talking to her.
>"Well now why would you go and say those things? He's never done anything to you!"
>"I dunno, I like him as a friend."
>She taps her wee hooves, "I guess I didn't want Twilight or Rarity to laugh at me."
>AJ puts a hoof on her shoulder, "You know they wouldn't judge you like that."
>"I was just scared is all."
"I already told you Flutters, it's fine."
>She jumps, tossing Angel into the fruit punch.
>He shrugs, and starts swimming around in it.
>It figures she'd be pressured into saying that stuff.
>It's the only way it really made sense coming from a pony as nice as her.
>You grab a glass of punch, and give Angel a fist bump.
>"I'm going to ask Rarity some questions now."
>You hand AJ the note from Rarity's present.
"Tell her thanks for the swimsuit, but she can keep her thoughts to herself."
>AJ reads the note, "Want me to let her have it?"
>You shake your head.
"I'd rather do it myself, but you can get in her face about it if you want."
>"You're darn right I do! Hold my hat."
>You just lean back on the table and sip your drink.
>"Do you think she'll be okay?"
"Yeah AJ's fine."
>"... I meant Rarity."
"Oh I have no idea."
>You can hear AJ from here.
>"This is not how we treat friends, Rarity!"
>"I'm just giving him some helpful advice!"
>"Maybe he doesn't wanna be your little project!"
>"Hah! As if! You'd have him roll around in the mud!"
>"At least he enjoys my company!"
>"You take that back! He loves me!"
>"News flash Rarity, he likes Dash!"
>"She doesn't know the first thing about dating!"
>Don't put your foot in your mouth, Rarity.
>"I'll bet she doesn't even like him!"
>Better stop while you're ahead.
>"Why, only an idiot would settle for a mare like her!"
>Don't do this.
>"She might as well be a stallion!"
"Fluttershy, hold my drink and her hat."
File: 1410798765532.png (677 KB, 663x521) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh boy, here comes some Grade A+ verbal smackdown.
I like where this is heading.
Time for an intervention.
>inb4 Luna attempts damage control in anon's dream
>inb4 she fails miserably and makes it worse
>"if you want a monster so bad then I'll give you one"
Ok so I'll buy Fluttershy's excuse. It's... sort of within character. AJ and Rainbro are both fine. Pinkie I'm a little unsure about. She did a complete 180 and is now acting very... Pinkie-ish, but I don't think that should excuse her behavior from before. We know Rarity is now just being a bitch. That leaves Twilight, who is an unknown. I kinda hope Rarity isn't the only one who takes the fall here. Sure, she's the most bitchy, but she wasn't the only one in the group, even if they make excuses.
and you fuck'ed it up good job writefag

what is it that every time these story have to be the tale of the amazing Annonymous duble dick johnson
don't fucking get it am i that self confident? so beautiful? that i can't enjoy this shit?
Applehorse and Fasthorse are our only friends.
File: 32498432.jpg (9 KB, 250x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Reminder that if ponies/Equestria were real, all of the ponies (even Fluttershy and Pinkie) would never love you. They would hate you and think you are disgusting, and would kick your ass if you ever tried to touch them.

>Applejack shrugged.
>"Yeah, but she's an endearin' kind of weird. Yer a creepy kind of weird. Plus ya make those morbid jokes a lot."
>Curse you, my dark sense of humor!
"So I'm basically like Twilight before she met you guys, only worse?"
>They looked at each other, then nodded.
>You sigh, and put your head in your heads.
"Could you leave?I need some alone time to think about all of this. I'll see you tomorrow."
>Twilight nodded. "It's fine, Anon. Goodnight."
>The others bid their goodnight as they left your home.
>Now you were alone.
>Then, and ONLY then did you allow your tears to fall.
"Just... goddamn it all."


That's all for tonight. I don't really know where I'm going, so do any of you have any suggestions?
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was wondering when you were going to show up.
>Luna tries to fix things in his dreams
>makes things worse and worse
>The mane 6 aren't exactly helping either

All downhill from here.
Looking interesting so far, looking forward to see where it goes
File: 1357359390255.png (841 KB, 836x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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im dying
To be fair to the Mane Six, he asked them why they think Luna rejected him and they gave an honest answer.
Oh, I know. I meant that he's trying to change but it doesn't help. Or that they aren't super supportive of it because of the reasons they mentioned.

I think they just don't know what to do.
>You crack your knuckles, but hesitate.
>No, that'd devastate Spike, better do this on her terms.
"Rarity, do you mind if I speak my thoughts?"
>She looks up at you, nervously giggling.
>"N-now darling, there's no need to-"
"Shut up, I'm talking."
>She quiets down.
"First of all, do NOT talk about my Dashie like that!"
>She winces, "I'm only looking out for you-"
"You're really not, you just want me to pose for you all day."
>You sigh, trying not to lose control.
"You might pay well, but you're a shitty friend to me."
>She frowns, "Now you know I'm always there for you to-"
"No, you're not. You never want to help me do any physical labor."
>You tapped your foot.
"Remember when I was moving in? Who helped me then?"
>She stammers, "R-Rainbow Dash and Applejack."
"Exactly. Another thing, I am not an idiot."
>"I didn't say you we-"
"You implied it, do I look stupid?"
>She scrunched her face up.
"Of course I do, I'm an alien species."
>"Dear you look fi-"
"I look fine in your suits? No shit Sherlock, you're amazing at your work."
>She starts to smile, before she notices you were being sarcastic.
"I bet you treat your assistants well, right? Oh wait, Spike is still home alone, crying about you."
>"As if you would kno-"
"I'm his big bro, and the only reason I haven't knocked you out is because it would hurt him."
>She starts to sweat a little, "If you would just calm down dear, I can expla-"
"I'm perfectly calm right now, dear."
>You spit out the last word with extra venom.
"So maybe you should just think about what you've done missy, and go to the timeout corner."
>She actually slinks back into a corner and curls up into a ball.
>"I'm sorry..."
"Don't tell me, show me. And don't come back until you realize how awful you were."
>You grab your drink back from Fluttershy.
>"Hey, Anon? Thanks dude... can we talk in private?"
>You toss AJ her hat back, and lead Dash into your bedroom.
I know hearing that hurts, but I think the brutal honesty is what Anon needs to hear. Lying to spare his feelings would not have helped at all.

I'm really hoping you dont go to bed like the other anon out of nowhere
>All this pity party bullshit
>Still no greentext of Anon going berserker murderfuck on equestria
Thread is shit
Sounds like you need to get to work, then.
>They were talking just right now behind your back
>Suddenly memories about how you were treated like shit in earth and those feels you tried to bury revived in that very exact moment
>You feel anger building inside you

>Rarity was just staring at you, nodding her unicorn fedora and trying to excuse herself
>You kicked her face with all your strenght
>All those feels you gained and all those nights alone trying to go to equestria, turned into anger and then transformed into a kick

>Your now old shoe impacted rarity's face with such screen the time stopped for a second
>The impact just threw her against the wall

>She was a little pony after all and you were a giant comparing size

>''ANOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!'' Twilight yelled at you screaming both internally and externally
I think I got cut on that edge
i'm sorry take that shit pasta as a.. quick bump
File: alphamale.png (132 KB, 788x287) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 788x287
I was actually writing a one shot about this kind of thing, an Anon in Equestria story where he was kind of a loser that was hard to get along with, but still a decent guy, unfortunately I'm currently sidetracked by my first multi part, so I didn't finish it, I still plan to pick up again sometime though, glad to see I'm not alone in thinking that Anon is just a little too perfect in these stories sometimes
I still got a couple hours in me, should be able to finish by then. Didn't think I'd get this far with the headache I have though.

>You sit down on your bed, putting your head in your hands.
"Sorry about that, I just couldn't stand her insults."
>"It's fine, actually I'm glad you stood up for me."
>You start laughing.
>"What's so funny?"
>You compose yourself.
"Ah, I was just thinking about the whole loyalty thing. Kinda funny, really."
>She giggles, "I guess it is. Still, that's why I like you."
>She sits down next to you.
"Ah, I just do what any friend would."
>"Not just any friend would carry me on their back in a rainstorm after I injured my wing."
>Right, that one evening when you two were getting ready for your daily jogs.
>Didn't turn out quite as expected. Apparently someone got the wrong memo.
>The tree would've done more than that if you hadn't tackled her out of the way.
"It was nothing, you'd have done the same for me."
>She scoots closer to you.
>"Y-yeah, I would."
>She puts her hoof over your hand, and smiles.
>"Anon... I uh, I think I... I l- Oh hey is that a stripper pole?"
>Goddamnit, don't ruin the moment Dash.
"Yes, gotta work out somehow right?"
>She busts into a giggle fit, "You're such a dork Anon!"
>She sits up, wiping a tear from her eye.
>"That's why I love you."
>She immediately turns crimson and her wings stand at attention.
>"Oh my gosh did I just say that out loud?!"
>You pick her up and stroke her mane.
"I know Dash, I know."
>You hear a knock at the door.
>It's Twilight.
>"Hey can I- Is that a stripper pole?! You know what? Nevermind. I came here to talk to you."
>You pat the spot next to you.
"What's on your mind, bookhorse?"
>She scrunched her face at the nickname, but smiled and got up on the bed anyway.
>"I uh... I dunno what to say about how Rarity acted. I'm glad you didn't hit her, though."
>She tapped her hooves.
>You motioned for her to continue.
Has anyone here danced on a pole before?
your mom
pls go on
True story, I actually danced on a pole before.
Surprisingly, it's a great workout.

>"I'm sure Spike would appreciate it too, but... Is she gonna be okay?"
>You shrug.
"The only thing hurt is her pride. She'll live."
>That got a giggle out of her, "I suppose you're right. Sorry the party didn't go quite as planned."
>You pat her on the head.
"That's your problem Twi, you're too worried about plans. Sometimes you gotta improvise."
>She thinks about it for a moment and smiles, "Heh, I guess you're right."
>Dash cuddled up into your shirt.
>Stop being so adorable, damn it.
>"Well, it's clear you've made somepony happy. I guess I should've known Dash was right."
"Right about what?"
>"About you, she said you were a true friend. Somep- Er, someone that she liked to hang out with."
>"If AJ had been there you guys would've listened to her, what am I? Baled hay?"
>"You know she's great at telling truth from lies."
>"Yeah, and I wouldn't leave a friend hanging."
>Twilight sighs, "No, you wouldn't. I'm sorry Anon. I really am."
"Just be more careful with your words next time..."
>You smile.
"... You egghead."
>She laughs and punches your arm.
>"AJ told me you came by to pick up some books, care to tell me which?"
"The next couple of volumes of Equestrian history."
>She looked surprised, "I didn't think you'd actually read them!"
"If I'm gonna live here I need to know how things work, right?"
>She nodded, "Always a good idea. Sorry for doubting you Anon."
>You raised an eyebrow.
"You were worried about my knowledge of your world?"
>She laughed, "I know, a bit nerdy right?"
>You stared into the distance for a moment.
"You really are neurotic sometimes, you know that don't you?"
>"Yeah, I've been told that before."

Coldsteel the Edgehog? Is that you?
>"Hey Twi, it's getting late! We should get going!"
>Pinkie had a way of popping into conversations.
>"Thanks Pinkie... Well, see you later Anon."
>You decided to see the girls off.
>Pinkie had to carry Rarity on her back.
>"Don't you worry, I'll throw you a 'You-Just-Got-Served-And-Need-A-Friend' party!"
>Closing the door, you let out a sigh of relief.
>Today has been a long day.
>You turn around and notice Dash is still here.
"You know you should probably be going home."
>She whistled, "Well I mean it's an awfully long way, maybe I could stay here?"
>Her house was about fifteen minutes away, which meant about thirty seconds at most for her.
>Still, you knew what she was trying to do.
>You grin, and pick her up.
"Alright, how can I say no to such a cute face?"
>You can hear her snort, "I'm not cute."
>You pat her butt, which elicits a squeak.
"Sure you are, even if you won't admit it."
>You jump into bed and snuggle up next to her.
>"T-thanks, I'm glad you think so."
>She gives you a little kiss.
>"Nopony has ever called me cute."
"Well, then I guess no pony has called you cute."
>You boop her nose with your own.
"I'm a human."
>She giggles, "Egghead."
>You pull her closer.
"Cute tomboy."
>She blushes, "Y-you're cute too."
"I know, right?"
>She chuckles, "Gosh you sound like me."
>She nuzzles your neck, "I kinda like it when you're like this."
"Ah, don't get used to it. I'm just trying to cheer you up."
>"I know... Hey Anon?"
>She tightens her grip on you.
>"I... love you."
>You pat her on the back.
"Love you too, Dashie."
>It was easy to sleep that night, and pretty much every night after that.

The End.

I just wrote a story while I had a killer headache, I feel like I can take on an ogre right now yo.
We got scary world, Hairy world, Dairy world and Fairy world working... No pony world though.
Dubs confirm.

Dairy world sounds delicious.

Keep trying. We'll get there someday...
File: 9869887.gif (1 MB, 260x173) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You-Just-Got-Served-And-Need-A-Friend' party
Oh pinkie
That was a cute story anon, thanks for writing it
Hope you get better
Thanks man, I had fun writing it. I should be fine in a day or two, something I ate yesterday didn't agree with me when I woke up today.
Only problem: have to go through Bony world and Kony world to get there.
Tony world is radical though. It's got supersuits and sick skateboarding in it.
You prolly just need some rest then

It'll be worth it. We just have to persevere!

That sounds fun!
Yeah, I slept through most of the day and I feel better.

Throwing up for two or three minutes in the morning didn't help.

Luckily shit is frozen over here so I don't have to go anywhere.
Sounds like vacations kinda
Mhm, though I'm not one to sleep in normally.

Things to do, studying to be had for the CCENT later on, video games to play.

Oh yeah, and friends to talk to, that too.
>Celestia glares at her sister.
>"That was just shameful, Luna."

Fuck you, you pasty white whorse, you're the one who asked in the first place.

I think she didn't expect Luna to be a bitch about it though.
File: 1402363789691.png (220 KB, 475x391) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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reminder that these stories aren't about feels
>"Anon, Flash just proposed! Isn't it great?"
>You were shocked to hear the news.
>She and Flash have been together a little over four months.
>You really didn't expect them to last this long.
That is really great! I can't wait for the wedding.
>Twilight reached her legs around you for a hug.
>After she was satisfied, she let go.
>"I can't wait to tell the girls!"
Well don't wait on me, go tell them.
>You didn't need to tell her twice.
>She ran right into town to spread the news.
>You waited till she was out of your site before you slumped your shoulders.
>The rest of her friends were dabbling in their own relationships, but it hit you had to hear the word 'proposed.'
>Looking back, you never took the time to find someone for yourself.
>You gave up waiting for a human long ago.
>You were hoping to maybe start something with one of your friends, but you were too slow.
>Someone would turn up for you.
>There is always someone for each person/pony... right?
>>There is always someone for each person/pony... right?
>ON the other side of a door, your head hangs low after the revelation
>You had always had a thing for Moonbutt, but she made it..clear that...that
>Hold it together ol chap
>You stand there and remember something your father once told you
>"Anon you are a giant faggot that no one could love, but if you actually stood tall and proud you might find their view change"
> You know what to do
> you back up a few feet and do a running kick into the door knocking it open and revealing two princesses in the room
> with your chest held high, your eyes full of passion, your benus swinging with pride, and a stomach full of vigor you triumphantly
> oh shit Luna got KTFO by a flying vase that was by the door ..... Celestia is looking unhappily at you
> Slowly you tip toe back out, shit run nigger
> High tailing it down the royal halls, a pair of guards give chase

> Coma sequence activated
> Luna sees herself in a decreiped forest holding a doll and looking human
> By the gods where am I , and what have I become
> Luna senses something is very amiss

> Luna awakens in her bed with Celestia looking worrily at her
>"Anon you are a giant faggot that no one could love, but if you actually stood tall and proud you might find their view change"

So long, and thanks for all the laughs. I'm going to bed now, that was a good way to end my day.
Goodnight sweet faggot, it's time for me to sleep as well.
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>You freeze in your tracks.
>Your mind reels, trying to process what you just heard.
>Is this what they all really thought of you? You're having a hard time believing that.
>But you heard it for yourself, straight from the horses' mouths.
>You were on your way to borrow a book from the library when you heard the girls start talking about you through the window.
>Curious, you decided to stop and lisen.
>You're not even sure whether or not you regret it.
>You thought these ponies were your friends. Especially considering how much they spew about 'friendship is magic' on a daily basis.
>Yet here they are, saying things like that.
>You've stopped listening to them at this point, lost in your own thoughts.
>But the more you think about it, the more upset you're getting.
>In silence, you turn around and start making your way back home.
>Your trip home is slow, giving you plenty of time to think.
>You're not... explicitly ugly. At least, not by human standards.
>And sure, you're not the most outgoing, but you try to help where you can and you're generally friendly.
>You got dropped off in this bizarre world, and you're doing the best you can, damnit!
>You get to your front door, unlock it, and walk in.
>You lock the door behind you, lean your back against it, and slide down to the floor.
>A thought occurs to you; What if this is how they've always felt?
>Were they just pretending to be your friends since the beginning? Out of pity for a wayward soul?
>You shake your head, trying to dispel that heart-wrenching thought process, but it doesn't help.
>You bring up your legs to your chest and hug yourself tightly, and cry yourself to sleep right there.
I love you, OP. I really missed these threads.
god damn it Anon I need more or hell I may pick it up myself for a first write fagging attempt
This is my first attempt at writefagging, and i'm writing it as I go along.

>A few days later
>You are Twilight Sparkle, and you're starting to get a little worried.
"Are you sure you haven't seen him anywhere?"
>Applejack shakes her head "Can't say I have, sugarcube. Not today, at least."
>That catches your attention.
"When did you last see him?"
>She pauses for a moment, and scratches her chin with her hoof "Well, Ah'm pretty sure Ah saw him the day before yesterday. He was out doin' some grocery shoppin'. Even bought a bushel of my apples!" she adds, with a hint of pride.
>You sigh. That doesn't help much at all.
>"Why're you lookin' for him, anyway? Is he missin' or somethin'?"
"Well, I don't know. He was supposed to meet me yesterday to help with an important experiment, but he never showed. And when I started asking around, everypony I've asked said they haven't seen him the last few days."
>Applejack hums quietly to herself, thinking "Well, have ya tried his house then? If he hasn't been in town, then he's probably there."
"I knocked on his door this morning, but I didn't get an answer. I figured that he'd be out and about as usual..."
>With a shrug, Applejack gets back to her stall "Well, Ah wouldn't be too worried. Maybe you've just been havin' a string of bad luck or somethin'."
"Maybe... Thanks anyway, Applejack."
>You leave her to her work, and continue wandering around town looking.
>You don't have much luck, though, and everypony gives you the same answer as before.
Anon is an hero. Keep going. I must revel in Purplesmart's guilt
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Dr. Feel.jpg
15 KB, 403x393
I remember seeing one where anon wants to kill himself and no one likes him.

>Got me right in the feels, made me angry, and killed my boner.
You're still here... right?
>You look up and notice that the sun's already made a decent trek across the sky, so you decide to try his house one more time.
>You walk up the steps, and knock on the door.
"Anonymous, are you home?" you call out.
>No answer.
>You look over to the window, and your curiosity gets the better of you. You peek inside.
>There don't appear to be any lights on. Or anything, for that matter.
>You know that Anon likes keeping his fireplace lit. Said something about 'ambiance', but you don't quite remember what.
>You go over to the door again, and this time, you try the doorknob. It's unlocked.
>You cautiously open the door, and crane your neck inside.
"Anon? I'm coming in!"
>You walk slowly inside, and the first thing you notice?
>The house feels empty.
>You walk into the kitchen, and notice a paper on the table.
>You pick it up with your magic, and realize it's a letter of some kind.
>You start reading it, and the further you get into it, the more your eyes widen and your jaw drops.
>In your shock you nearly drop the letter with your magic, and stand there for what feels like hours.
>You snap yourself out of your trance, and run outside.
>It takes you a few minutes, but you've gathered the girls at the library.
>"What's this all about Twi? I was just about to have dinner." Rainbow Dash complains, as she flies in through the door.
"Girls, this is serious. I went to Anon's house, and his door was unlocked, and there was a note on the table-"
>"GASP! HAS ANON BEEN KIDNAPPED?! IS IT A RANSOM NOTE?!" Pinkie Pie interrupts in a panic.
"Wha- no! This is worse!"
>Rarity perks up "Worse? Darling, what could be worse than that?" she asks.
"Here, let me read it..."
i hope this is not the writefag that writes nice things and then leaves after 5 mins
File: 1423536749430.gif (365 KB, 500x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Great thanks for making me feel guys
As if I already didn't have a fear of rejection and making fun of me behind my back

Is there no end to this torture
This is getting good. Don't stop
someone saving?
Don't leave us hangingAnon.... >>>22089184
"To whomever finds this letter,
I give up. I guess this wasn't meant to be, after all. But I suppose you won't be too sad. I guess you all never wanted me around in the first place. 'Loser'. 'Desperate'. 'Ugly'. 'Boring'. 'Antisocial'. 'Lazy'. I was already used to hearing things like this back in my own world, but I hadn't expected to hear them here, too. I try my best to fit in, but it was all for nothing. I guess that might be why it hit so hard. Or maybe it's because some of you just pretended to be my friends for the duration of my stay. I must have been asking for too much, but I suppose I was only worth your pities and sympathies. But hey, here's a silver lining; at least you all won't have to deal with me any more. I've packed up my things and left. Where to? I don't know. Maybe I'll just wander the Everfree until I find an end to it all. By the time someone finds this letter, I'll have been long gone anyway, so I don't think it matters. You're all free to whatever I left behind in the house, I don't want it anymore. I don't want any reminders of this place after leaving.
Friendship truly is magic.
>Everypony is silent, taking it all in.
>Reading it out loud, you're just now taking it all in.
>Anon's packed up and run away.
>Into the Everfree Forest, the most dangerous place you can think of.
>And this must have been written a few days ago, at least.
>"I-I can't believe he ran away..." Fluttershy whimpers. She's way beyond tears at this point, outright crying all over.
>"H-How dare he! Sure we /might/ have said some... less than nice things, but he just..." Rainbow starts, but seems to lose her voice, as it all weighs her down and she sits down on the floor.
>The other girls are just left speechless.
>Rarity's completely spaced out, having a hard time processing all of it.
>You've just been re-reading the letter over and over again.
i'm feeling anon, go on.
Hello darkness, my old friend....
Yes.... let the guilt flow through you.
Posting in cuck thread.
ur scaring me anon
File: bait.png (55 KB, 625x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 625x626
Dammit, now I'm tired AND im going to sleep sad. Praying for green upon return, Bumping is magic?
>Those words he singled out in his letter... those are the words you and the girls used when you were talking about him the other day.
>He must have overheard you all talking.
>The realization dawns on you like a dark cloud.
"This is all my fault..."
>"This is all my fault..."
>You all look at eachother, having spoken in unison.
>None of you really know how to deal with this, so you all sit in silence a little longer, before you speak up.
"I... We have to go find him..."
>"B-But he's already been gone for a few days..." Rainbow starts "How do we know he's even still... Ya know...?" she quietly asks.
"I-I don't know... But we have to try! We're the ones who drove him away!"
>You all look at eachother and attempt to steel yourselves. You're all shaky, but you think you can fix this.
>You have to.
>It's been a few weeks now, since Anon ran away.
>You enlisted the help of everypony in town.
>You asked Zecora to help teach the ponies of Ponyville about the Everfree Forest, so that they can navigate it in their search.
>You even asked the Princesses for help.
>While they were more than willing to help, even leading search parties themselves, they were incredibly disapointed in you and your friends' behaviour.
>You're asking everypony you know for help.
>But nothing turns up.
>You can't even tell what's worse; the idea of finding a body, or not finding anything at all.
>At least finding a body, while absolutely horrible, would bring some form of closure.
>But this? Just the idea of not knowing?
>It's killing you inside.
>Every day that passes is another day that the guilt of what you've done weighs down on you.
>You feel so heavy that some days you can barely get yourself out of bed.
>The others are much the same, but for some reason it's hitting you harder than them.
>Even though you all share the blame, you feel personally responsible.
>And that makes the feeling even worse.
It's kind of awkward how quickly the horses feelings turned around. It would help to specify why they didn't mean what was said earlier, like damage controlling a crush.

Or I just missed something like a faggot.
Guilt is a hell of a feel anon
Plus they know better than that
>Anon... and me.
>Yes I am attracted to humans but anon.
>I um... I am dating Snails right now sorry.
But ms Sunset I don't like girls.
>Shh here is fifty bits now shut up.
>inb4 they found anon's body
>twilight is blamed
>celestia looks down at twilight
>she's kicked from the name of ''celestia's student''

>rainbow dash gets fat
>fluttershy just doesnt care for her animals anymore
>applejack works less, harming the apples production farm
>rarity sees anon in every dress she tries to make
>twilight wont work and is all depressed

>spike does twilight work and he turns into the new princess
I was kinda writing this with them sorta meaning what they said, and with their guilt, not being able to honestly justify it. I probably could have done a better job explaining that, though.

>The sun shines in your eyes, waking you up from your dreamless sleep.
>Miraculously, you find your way out of bed.
>You morning goes about the same as it usually does; clean, groom, breakfast...
>All in silence.
>Spike knows at this point not to talk much in the morning, since you've stopped being much of a conversationalist.
>He just watches you go about your morning with a sad look on his face.
>You're greatful that he's worried. That he cares.
>Not that you deserve it.
>You flinch internally at the thought.
>You wander your way outside, not really paying much attention to anything.
>A guardspony spots you and starts babbling about the usual spiel;
>Anon hasn't been found yet, they're trying everything they can, and that they won't rest until he's found.
>The same thing they've told you since they started.
>You'd be going in the forest yourself, if you were able.
>But you can't bring yourself to, anymore.
>You keep wandering around town a while longer, before you stop.
>You hadn't really been paying any attention to where you were going, but your heart stops when you notice where you've arrived.
>Anon's old house.
>Inb4 Anon wasn't in the Everfree
>Inb4 he went to new town/city/country
>Inb4 he met ponies/creatures of Equestria who truly liked him.
>Inb4 he is happy and the ponies of Ponyville will never know, thinking he died because of them.
I wouldn't mind a bad end but don't do emo shit like this where everyone stops giving a shit about life.
>Forgetting Pinkie Pie
Guess it hit her so hard she just faded into obscurity.
It's called depression. It can hit anyone and when you think you've veritably killed someone, well, you'd have to be some kind of heartless monster to just brush it off. I think >>22089648 is doing a fair job on portraying it.
Sure, but there's a line that you don't want to cross where it becomes stupidly ridiculous. Being depressed and guilty is one thing, but hallucinating Anons everywhere, throwing away your dreams, and completely ignoring those who depend on you is more of a stretch than my suspension of disbelief is willing to take.
"You're mother's better than you in bed anyways."
>' e
You've never had a fit of depression, have you? As unrealistic as it SOUNDS, writefag's doing a decent job with it. A bit exaggerated, but at least he hasn't gone to the extreme where Twilight starts thinking of going an hero.
>Seeing it wakes you from your reverie, and you stand there.
>Nopony's entered his house since you discovered the letter.
>You think back on that night, with your friends, reading it.
>You don't really notice yourself walking up to the door, pushing it open, and walking inside.
>You start taking in the sight of everything being left beind, the dusty smell of nothing having been touched, perfectly preserved since that day.
>You make your way upstairs, and find yourself in his bedroom.
>He left behind things from his old world; mostly useless things he had with him at the time, like an old backpack with binders, papers, and even that 'laptop' thing, with it's batteries long empty.
>Your eyes drift to his nightstand where, sitting right in front of a lamp, is a picture frame knocked over.
>Curious, you lift it up with your magic, and stare at the photo.
>It's a photo of you, your friends, and Anon.
>You remember this; this was not long after Anon first showed up in Ponyville.
>The day of his housewarming party.
>Pinkie had a blast planning and throwing it for him.
>You stare at it a little longer, your eyes getting misty.
>You quickly can't see anything anymore, your tears blurring your vision.
>You drop to the floor, and curl up into a ball, hugging the dusty old photo frame.
"I'm sorry... I'm so, so, sorry..." you sob.
>You wish you could take it all back. Give Anon's story a happy ending.
>But it's useless. You know that saying 'sorry' won't bring him back.
>And you know better than anypony that not all stories get happy endings.
>You cry even harder.

The End.

And here's a pastebin for those who want to save it:
>a bit exaggerated
That's what I'm saying. Depression is fine, go ahead. Don't overdo it. And yes, I'm very familiar with it. Not to mention these ponies live in marshmallow sugar land and also have a very large and very close support group of friends and family.

Again, for the fifth time, I'm not saying don't do it. I'm saying don't go full retard.
can you write a prologue about how anon died?

Permission to write a sort-of prologue from Anon's PoV?
Aw, that's it? I guess it's a decent open-ended place to stop, but I was hoping for more of a story.

noun: prologue; plural noun: prologues; noun: prolog; plural noun: prologs

a separate introductory section of a literary or musical work.
"this idea is outlined in the prologue"
synonyms: introduction, foreword, preface, preamble, prelude; More
took me a minute
just write how he died k
I didn't have any plans for if/how anon dies. I wanted to leave it ambiguous, because that's exactly what Twilight's going through. She still doesn't know whether or not Anon's dead or just missing, so it's tearing her apart. I suppose, the way I wrote it, you're just to assume the worst.

I'm sure you mean epilogue, but yeah, feel free. Where I ended it is where I planned to end it.
If you don't know what a prologue is I don't think you should be writing one.
let him

By prologue, I planned on starting it off from the point where Anon wrote the letter.
yes pls
Oh, either way. I'm happy where I stopped, so I'm fine with people writing stuff to add to it.
Considering the story started with Anon walking to the treebrary and overhearing the ponies, I'm bretty sure it still doesn't apply.

>You enter your home, your mind buzzing with depressing thoughts.
"Did they...am I that much of an outcast?"
>...speaking to yourself won't help.
>You want to bust down that door, call them out.
>You want to scream at them for backstabbing you.
>...you wanted to.
>Instead, you sit on the floor, back against the front door, and sob.
>It's been months since you've ever really cried this hard, whether it be tears of sorrow or joy.
>Unfortunately, they were tears of sorrow...again.
>There really isn't anything left for you here.
>And to think this world would've been better. Instead, it only served to be a mirror-image to your own home.
>What to do...what to do...
My nigga
go on
Did someone say world eater?
Might want to include prompt in pastebin, so the story has a proper start
Good call. Updated.


>"Don't be such a pussy."
>You look up, finding yourself laying in bed.
>But, it's your old bed.
>"Hey. Get up! We need to talk."
>Looking up, you see a familiar face.
>With a somber look, you see your old friend staring at you from the door.
>You just lay back in bed, wondering if it was all just a horrible dream.
>You see your friend walk towards your bed, before sitting on an office chair across from you.
>"I...no, wait..."
>Still the same guy, as usual.
>"Anon, I know what you're thinking. And it's an abso-fucking-lutely terrible idea."
>He pauses, as if waiting for a response.
>Too bad. You're already in a shit mood anyway.
>Might as well wait and listen.
"Goddamnit, Anon."
>You feel him grab your shoulders, and force you into a sitting position.
>You look at your friend, his features becoming clear to you.
>You remember him now. He was a polar opposite to you.
>Handsome, smart, wealthy, social...friendly.
>"Do you remember anything from last night?"
>You shake your head.
>"Alrighty then. I guess the liquor hit you hard."
>Wait a minute.
>You remember this day.
>You drank yourself to unconsciousness, after another hard night of the usual day-to-day bullshit.
>"Listen. You mentioned suicide last night...I'm concerned, Anon."
>Rubbing the back of his neck, he continues.
>"I never knew it was that bad."
>This pisses you off.
"Didn't know!? I've told you the same shit multiple times, and you just 'didn't know!?'"
>This seems to make him grimace a bit.
>Taking a deep breath, he starts.
>"Just...fuck, man."
>He falls back on your office chair, his hand covering his face.
>You fall back in bed, still getting used to your shit reality.
>"Suicide isn't a solution, you know."
>"What do you mean 'so?'"
>"Wasn't it obvious? I've been depressed for God knows how long. I kinda figured it would've been a matter of time before I moved on to that solution anyhow."
>The silence is deafening this time.
This story seems to match up well with that one where anon dies and the ponies go through the videos in his phone, or just me? P.S this story actually made me cri....

>"Do you really want to do this?"
>...do you?
"I'm just tired. Tired of it all."
>You're already getting tired from the conversation itself.
>You really just want to tell him to shut the fuck up already.
>"Anon, listen..."
>You wave you hand for him to continue, getting an annoyed grunt from him.
>"Listen. I'd be lying if I said I know how you feel -"
>At least he's truthful.
>"- but you can't just spend your days moping around."
"Then what should I do?"
>Some more silence.
>You lay there and wait, before he breaks the silence.
>"Wanna know what I would do?"
>"I'd leave."
>...that's his plan?
"That's your plan? Leave?"
>Sounded like a stupid idea to be honest, you but you decided to humor him.
>"Yeah. I'd leave. I'd be doing everyone a favor."
"And what does that accomplish for me?"
>"You get to leave your haters."
>Can't argue with that.
>But there has to be something else.
"And what?"
>"I'd roam. If I can't experience joy from people, then I'll just substitute it from the world."
>No way he can be serious...
"You're telling me that you'd be a bum for your life?"
>"That's a bit of a harsh word, dont'cha think?"
"I don't know how to feel about that idea."
>Tbh with yourself, you always did dream of venturing places, but the world never really interested you.
"There's not much to see out there."
>"You're just lying to yourself. There's lots of things out there to experience; you just need to find them yourself."
"And where's the fun in that?"
>"The fun part is the journey itself, not the actual goal."
>...still not convinced.
>...okay, maybe a little.
>Adventure always did seem fun.
>Yet, you had no idea on how to start.
File: 1422340456287.png (2 MB, 1034x1032) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>>"if you want a monster so bad then I'll give you one"
>Not writing one for Vinyl Scratch, Octavia, Derpy, Lyra, Changelings, Candyass, Shining Armor, I don't know any more who sound interesting

Anon, helped by his friends, gets his shit together. In the meantime, Luna figures she's been a bitch and that she needs to apologize. Continue from there
>>The mane 6 aren't exactly helping either
Mate Anon is a lazy fuck, they had to be honest. He needs their help to improve. 80s montage that bitch
File: ed.gif (458 KB, 500x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
458 KB, 500x275
>both internally and externally
Got me

>Maybe he was right.
>"You can't do this. You need to get up and do something with your life. It doesn't matter how big or small, just, do something!"
>Maybe you should.
>Sitting around hasn't done anything good to you anyway.
>But to go out to the world?
>It's a scary thought, really.
>But as long as you can escape the hate, you'd be fine with anything else.
>"And one more thing."
>You look at him, your enthusiasm rising.
"Yeah, man?"
>Right as he continues, you hear a loud shattering noise.
>You gaze to your left, only to see darkness
>In a matter of milliseconds, your world turns black.
>You jolt awake, as you hear more glass shattering.
>You're in a dark room, illuminated by the moonlight seeping through the windows.
>You stare in front of you, spotting a large coffee table littered with empty bottles.
>You rub your head to ease the throbbing pain.
>Getting up, you feel a sharp object stab into your foot, causing you to fall back on your couch.
>You look on the floor to see a shattered shotglass and bottle of liquor.
>Pulling your foot to you, you spot a small shard embedded in your foot.
>You quickly tug it out, causing you to hiss in more pain.
>As the pain lessens, you sit on the couch, contemplating what your dream.
'I...need to do something with my life. And not just be this pathetic loser.'
'...or maybe I can just wander the Everfree and see where it takes me.'
>The last thing you want was to deal with another pony.
"I guess it's time to actually go do something with my life."
>And that sealed it.
>Feeling determined to actually do something with yourself, you quickly get off the couch.
>...only to step on another glass shard.
>Abandonment can wait a couple hours.
Goin' to bed. Will probably continue tomorrow.
Practicing my Olde English

"Oh Princess of the night, how could you be so cruel to me"
>"W-WHat, oh Anon, we did not see thee enter"
"It does not matter for where one is when others speaks such hurtful words towards them. The hurt, the anguish"
>"Anon, I spoke without thought, please, you mustn't jump to such conclusion. It was only a jest"
"A jest at what cost. My dignity? My honor? Are these merely tokens you can hand out as party favors. It hurts Princess"
>"Anon, my friend. we are ashamed at our display. Our shortsightedness will never come to pass again. Please forgive us for our trespasses against you."
>There is a pause
"Let me remind you that words that cut deep cannot be healed so easily. While it would alleviate the anguish in my heart to forgive such betrayal cannot be so carelessly given."
>"What dust thou ask us Anon? Name the price of our friendship and we will pay it ten fold!"

Should I continue? Any suggestions for what comes next?
ask her for da pussy, mane

Ask her for a magical dreamtime adventure.
Glorious Combination.
Awww yeah man

Sorry, no dreams now.

>You feign deep contemplation, and rest your hand upon your chin
>The answer was rather simple and easy, but you do not want to appear like a simple minded savage
“Only one form of recompense comes to mind Princess, as act only you are fit for”
>”Say the word and it shall be done”
>A predator grin appears on your face, but Luna is blind to it
“Then there is no time to waste. First, let me escort thee to my private chambers”
>She looks confused, but she seems determined to go through with whatever you say
>”Very well, lead on.”
>You lead her to your bedroom
>Luna looks around your lavish living space, before turning to you
>“We are curious, Anon, what is this task you wish for us to carry out”
“Oh, we will be getting to that very soon, now pardon me-“
>You grab Luna by the pits of her forelegs and quickly toss her onto the matress
>She lands on her back near the head of your bedpost
>”Wha-What are we going to do on the bed?”
>That was it
>This was what set off the beast within
>The caged monster that resides within your trousers was fully enraged
>You take the trousers in both hands and rip them in half
>Nothing shall stand in your way
>Nothing can stand in the way
>You are now fully ready to give her… The Dick
>Your Dick now at full mast
>You hover hungrily over the splayed form of the defenseless alicorn
>The Princess is shaking in fear at the intimidating size of your Dick
>You crawl on the bed and inch closer to Luna
>She looks away, but you take a hand and redirect her to face you
>Her pleading eyes beg for mercy
>But this night, you are not taking any survivors
File: Here's to you faggot.jpg (29 KB, 238x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]

the ACTUAL Pinkie Pie would cheer up Anon and tend to him and love him deeply, this is some grade A BULLSHIT right here, who do you think helped out cranky doodle?
>mfw nobody here watches the show
Fucking faggots
Anon becomes a merc

"Keep calling me loser, tough mare! You just wanna laugh at me like everyone else!"

"She thinks I'm some stupid thing she does! WELL I DIDN'T ASK TO COME TO EQUESTRIA! I didn't ask to be torn from my family and gawked at over and over and over like I'm....some......some little MONSTER!"
>You push yourself onto the alicorn and kiss her deeply
>She wants to fight you, but she knows her place is to be submissive
>She may be the Princess of the Night, but this is your domain
>Your tongue explores her mouth with lustful abandon
>She tries to pull her head back to break the kiss, but you will not be interrupted so easily
>Just when the tear form at the bottom of her eyes, you let her go and stand above her
>Your Dick awaits lying on top of her stomach
>You move yourself down to her neither
>Your Dick throbs in antici[ation as you rub your tip along her folds
>You are forced to clench your eyes shut, to restrain yourself from turning into a some horny peasant
>You are better than the common filth
>Everyone must hold onto something
>You grab two hand fulls of Luna's soft flank
>The pain becomes unbearable
>Sight and sound become incomprehensible
>You are gone, and now there is only, The Dick and sweet obsidian maiden beneath you
>With the first thrust Luna cries out in feral pleasure
>You continue to thrusting into her pussy
>Her tight walls automatically try to pull you even deeper
>Her past hesitation completely abandoned she cries out for more
>You continue your assualt even faster
>Your balls slapping into her with every push
>The mounting pleasure starts to approach, and you can feel yourself getting close
>"We are nearing Anon! Do not halt!"
>You redouble your effort
>The musk of her sex
>The sweat coating her fur
>Like an animal you unleashed onto her your full might
>The Fully Fury of the Dick is set
>You are balls deep, and her walls keep pulling you in for more
>Her body tightens and her back archs
>Her wails send high to the heavens above
>You finish inside her and moan in pleasure at your relase

>For a moment there is only silence and stillness
>But you regain your breath and composure
>You pull your flaccid dick out
>You move off the bed
>Stand straight in front of her
>Close your eyes
"I have arrived"
>You walk out into the frigid night naked, and take a stroll under the stars
"Mayhaps, this friendship is magical"

Probably botched up that ending, but overall how was it. Second time doing clop. Any feedback is good
>You will never pack up shop and wander the far corners of Equestria
>You will never be an adventurer, calling no one place home.
>You will never look up the road one day, to see an odd little mare travelling in the opposite direction
>She will never grow from a little speck in the distance to a life size pony
>She will never give you a curious look as you pass by her on the road
>She will never stop and look after you, head tilted
>She will never turn tail and follow you
>You will never notice that she's following
>You will never stop so that she can catch up
>She will never close the distance and crane her neck to look up at you
>She will never happily greet you, telling you point blank that you're funny looking
>She will never invite herself to travel with you.
>You will never be slightly annoyed by her blunt nature, but become good friends anyway
>The two of you will never grow ever closer as you go on adventures over all points of the compass
>You will never notice that she has bad dreams
>You will never ask her what she dreams about
>She will never avoid your gaze as she tells you that she's scared of being left alone
>She will never beg you not to leave her
>You will never remind her that she's a faggot who invited herself and that you couldn't get rid of her even if you tried
>Her ears will never flop down in confusion, trying to make sense of what you said
>You will never tell her that you don't want her to leave you.
>She will never squee with delight and hug you, falling asleep soon after in the warm glow of the camp fire
>You will never be happy that you left Ponyville, knowing that no matter what, you and this little mare would travel Equestrias roads for many years
>Friendship really is magic
File: 1422894874679.jpg (36 KB, 680x1102) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 680x1102
y-you mutterfukka
File: 1400487594913.jpg (74 KB, 500x673) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want this.
File: 1410393392685.jpg (79 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you've always been wondering what she was thinking about you
>now you know
>you were about to knock on the door when you overheard it
>and there you are, with you arm ready and your fist, staying 10 away centimeters from the door
>how could you be so foolish about that ?
>thinking you had chances with her, leader and goddess, and you, the average loser.
>you put your arm down and silently leave
>you keep hearing her words as you're going away.
>tears fall onto the ground as you leave the hall and push the doors leading to Canterlot's town
>the sunlight is bliding you so you have to put your hands between the sun and your eyes
>fuck, everything is so shiny here
>you're getting a headache from all of this light
>too fucking shiny
"Too fucking shiny..." you whisper
>confused, you look around only to see faces staring at you
>out of anger and sorrow, you speak :
"This aint a fuckinh freak show... *sniffles* leave me alone !"
>you head toward the Canterlot gate, you've seen enough of this pony bullshit
>now crying, you go faster, leaving this hellish town
>everything is looking too fucking perfect in this world
>damn, you are the saddest creature of these lands, and there's a bright sun mocking you
>you hear voices chattering. Some are laughing. Are they laughing at you ?
>you start to feel anxious
>this reminds you of how things were back on earth
>you're out in the wild
>crying like a bitch, you kick some rocks around thinking about what she just said
>are you really a monster ? A potential threat to them ?
>you knew they were all acting weird when you were around...
>your eyes still wet, you stop and contemplate the landscape before you
>fat trees, bright grass, colorfull flowers
>this sight is making you sick
>all of this is filling you with the urge to vomit
>things are clear now
>what once filled your heart with joy, now brings nothing but hatred
>your expression disfigured by the face of disgust, you whisper
"These lands shall burn."
mmmm yyyeessss
File: wgattgsfefun.gif (496 KB, 400x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw someone like one of your very few writefagging attempts
If it makes you feel better I didn't like it.
>”Well Anon, I do think this will just about do it” chips your favorite marshmallow pone
>”Awesome! It’s not quite my style or anything, but hey I just gotta put up with it for a week right?” you reply while carefully working your way out of the “clothing” you’re wearing
>You think “clothing” to yourself, quotes and all, because after a discussion of Lady Gaga Rarity has gotten very… experimental
>But it makes her happy, and it requires basically no effort on your part, just stand there and “be glamorous~” she’d sing-song at you
>”Anon,” she whines. “I certainly hope you’re not actually ‘just putting up’ with my genius!” she says haughtily
>Fuck you mouth
“No! No. I didn’t mean it like that! Well, okay so these outfits are a little…”
>C’mon man! Damage control!
>Rarity looks at you with an expression you can’t quite pin down
>”Pinchy? That’s all, but I can manage. It’s only going to be a week after all right?”
>Her expression softens and she breathes a sigh, in what you hope is relief
>”Oh! Good, I was a little afraid to hear that you hated these, I spent so much time working on the matching sets with the models you’ll be presenting them with in Manehattan”
>”I am terribly sorry you find it a little uncomfortable, but the designs must remain as they are. As you said, it’ll only be for a week no?”
>Dodged a fucking bullet there
“Yeah, just a week. The show is coming up soon though right? Next month?”
>”Anon! It’s in exactly 28 days” she huffs
>Okay, maybe the bullet grazed you. She is very sensitive about … well everything, but her “masterpieces” especially so
>”And I do hope you’ll do nothing to risk your ability to perform, why it would be… The. Worst. THING!” she shouts
>Did you mention sensitive? Maybe dramatic is The. Most. ACCURATE!
>Oh Marshmallow drama, how she makes you laugh sometimes
“Don’t worry Rarity, I’ll be just fine. Light walking, plenty of fluids yadda yadda” you ramble off as you’ve finished dressing yourself in her little dressing room
>Like really little, you have to hunch yourself over to change
>”Please do. I certainly wouldn’t want anything to happen to my biggest springboard into the fashion world everrrrrrr~” she sing songs again
>She magics open the door for you only to reveal a multicolored pile of ponies standing by the door
>Most of them holding a hoof to their face
>Why are they h-
>RD: “BAHAHAHA! Oh are we in your way Sprrrrrringboard?” she asks rolling her ‘r’ in a mocked regal voice
>This breaks the rest of the ponies in front of you as Pinkie and Twilight burst out into laughter to join Rainbow Dicks, Fluttershy trembles in restrained laughter behind her mane
>”Yes yes, let’s all have a laugh at the expense of fashion!” says a very flustered Rarity from behind you
“Oh c’mon Rares, Ardee is just being an Ardouche” you say with a slightly forced laugh
>Defusing is just as important as breathing when it comes to being around Rarity as you’ve come to learn over these several months working with her
>”Hmm, yes. Well Ta-ta! Don’t strain yourself, can’t chance anything with our deadline so close!” she rambles out with a face still burning red
“Okay, By-“
>The door shuts in your face
>Okay, not literally, but pretty damn fast
>Meh, she is a pretty busy mare, and you were still only getting the ropes of fashion making
>Or maybe Twilight and everyone needs something from her, the elements tend to get called off to some disaster just about every week it feels like
>Making your way towards Ponyville square gives you some time on what to do now
>A grumble of your stomach helps make that decision for you. Food time!
>Wait, fuck. Your Bitbag is in the dressing room.
>You’re about to knock on the boutique you’re all too familiar with when a certain fashionista begins speaking quite fiercely
>R: “Me and the human? HA! What would ever give you that impression?!”
>RD: “Oh I dunno, what could have springboarded those thoughts to me” she says with a snicker
>R: “Please! He’s got no sense of class, or high society living, I know he continues to sneak hayburgers despite my insistence on his figure!” she huffs
>R: “Perhaps, Twilight dear, he’d be more suited to you no? Reading and burgers seem to be all you two are interested in” she asks, snark seeping behind every word
>T: “WHAT? Me?! No! I mean, he’s nice and all but, no. I-I couldn’t see myself and… no.” she says with a fluster
>RD ”Ha ha! Yeah, two losers together could cause some kind of nerd sinkhole in Ponyville or something right Fluttershy?” she chirps before an “eep!” that usually accompanies an elbow to the yellow mare
>F: “Y-yeah. M-maybe” she mutters to the point that you could barely hear her
>P: “Hehehe, Yeah!” says pinkie cutting of Fluttershy
>P: “And he’s such a boring ol goofy doofy! Are you sure you’re not interested Twilight?” she chides her purple friend
>”WHA- NO! I’m not boring I-"
>R: “Well!” Rarity, cutting of twilight this time
>R: “If you’re all ‘QUITE' done laughing at An- my …choice in fashion models then I do have some work to get-“
>She flung open the door with the kind of force only an extremely flustered unicorn could produce
>The door you were leaning against, stunned against
>Now you have five mares looking down at you, each with a shocked expression
>Well, everyone but Rainbow Dash who’s wearing a shit eating grin at this new discovery
“I-I-I, bits… dressing room, I was. I left them” you stammer out trying to hold back the tears
>You try
>You fail
>Your hands burn from the tumble onto gravel, but your eyes burn even more than that
>Scrambling backwards doesn’t gain you any distance from your mockers thanks to the loose gravel beneath you
>”Anon!?” Rarity finally manages some words
>Her voice only serves as another reminder of her words just a few moments ago
>It spurns you to finally find some footing and run
>Where? you don’t know
>You can barely think, flashes of everything you heard keep running through your mind
>”The human”
>”Fashion model”
>That’s all you were to her, an differently shaped moving mannequin
>Of course that’s all you were
>Why would anything be different here?
>Why would you think you had any chance?
>Your legs give out to weariness, the choked breaths you were taking could only get so much air to your now aching muscles
>You crumple down and sob, not even caring where you are
>To call it a sob is a disservice to your feelings
>But you have no words to describe this pain
>Once again everything you cared about is gone
Okay, that's all I wrote up so far. I took some phrases from >>22084057 Because I told myself next time I saw someone post the image I'd write a story around it.
I can stop here, or keep writing if anyone is interested
I've wanted a proper story like this for a long fucking time, but no one ever does it.
Definitely interested. Keep it up
Alrighty, I'll keep writing then. I'll be posting as I go now, rather than prewrite huge chunks so feel free to correct any mistakes I make along the way. I'm still a new writefag so anything helps
That's just just public knowledge.
We all know she takes the knot.
You fucked up
Did I?
R for Rarity
RD for Rainbow Dash
T for Twilight
I think I got the dialog correct when I look at it, but I haven't done multiple people talking at once before.

WOAH WOAH! Anon, nobody is calling you a monster!
I don't understand the problem. I don't think you fucked up either.
Keep going.
>Some time passes
>It doesn’t really matter much, not like anyone is missing you anyway
>Heh, maybe Rarity’s drama is rubbing off on you
>Though, having cried yourself dry does help you calm down somewhat
>Alright, let’s not focus on that right now
>Get up
>Your weak frame manages to bring you upward, that’s a start right?
>Now just dust off and…what?
>You can’t really feel anything right now
>You don’t really want anything right now
>Just being is a questionable state for you right now
“C’mon Anon. Don’t be such a bitch.” you mumble to yourself hoping to fool yourself into thinking someone is encouraging you
>You don’t fall for your pathetic ruse
>Thankfully, once again your stomach reminds you of your original goal
“heh. Seems like you’re my only bro through both worlds eh?”
>The ruse fails a second time, but your feet take you in the direction of the markets
>As you approach the familiar markets and the scent of food hits your nostrils the realization dawns on you why you went back to the boutique
>Great, now you’re pathetic and broke
>God you’re such a-
>A voice so southern you could deep fry it calls out to you, breaking your chain of thoughts
>You walk over to the source and find a familiar orange pone sporting Big Mac’s yoke which effectively tethers her to the cart of apples she’s hauling
>As you close the gap you see that she’s not hauling so much as she is inching along the path
The problem is being a lazy fucker with writing
I guess before I keep writing too much, is there a consensus on whether or not I should write the "southern drawl" or just write normally and leave you all to add her voice yourselves

Is it the way I did the dialog then?
It's difficult I think to write muslitple characters speaking because of how many characters it takes to write out who said what. It's easier to just list along with RD, T, R, F so they can say what they need to within the 2000 character limit and I don't wind up with chopped up posts. If you have an example of a better way to do dialog I'd appreciate you posting it so I can do better.
Eh, it didn't bother me that much but after rereading it I kinda see what this Anon is getting at. It just kind of looks bad and brings the quality a little down. No big deal, though

Personally I read it all just fine. While it may be a bit taboo for someone more experienced with writing, it'll do for now and it's understandable. Offering some tips on how to write multiple people talking at once would have been more helpful.
Good god for the love of all that is holy and satanic please do not ever write in a southern accent. No one EVER does it right and it's just obnoxious. I can hear the character voices in my head just as clearly as all the other ones, thank you.
Fair enough. I don't usually mind either way when people write it, but I figured I would ask before I got too far with the next post. Fixing it now, and no, thank you Anon
Southern accent is fine. Just don't use retarded catchphrases like they do in the show. I'm from Texas/Louisiana and I don't know a single fucking person that uses those types of catchphrases.
>"You're fat"
>"You're lazy"
>"You stink"
>"You're antisocial"
>Anon hits the gyms and goes to tons of self-help workshops to build himself up
>Years down the road he's a prize for any mare but the work he's done to get himself there and the pain he harbored inside ate away at him, and he's just an empty guy working to prove he's the dead star of an ever moving binary system
I'll do my best. From Georgia myself, I've heard the dumbest shit from old classmates and their families. I'll see how the next post goes and adjust as needed though
>I've heard the dumbest shit from old classmates and their families

Really? Perhaps I haven't been to the right states to hear these dumb phrases.
>but the work he's done to get himself there and the pain he harbored inside ate away at him, and he's just an empty guy

I've tried to self improve and I believe I've succeeded but that's the same way I feel. Once I've gotten to a satisfactory point I don't feel relieved or happy. I just feel empty and bitter about the whole thing. So I'd definitely be interested in reading something like this.
What's Fairy World like? I want to go.
>”Hoo-wee am I glad to see you Anon!” she says slightly out of breath
>”Mac done went and got himself stupid on Berry Punch’s newest brew, so he’s a little out of commission.” she says while wiping sweat from her brow
>”Do you mind helpi-“ she cuts herself off when she actually looks up at you
>”By the stars Anon what happened to you?!” she asks
>Her reaction makes you wince somewhat, but you recover quickly as you think of an excuse to give her
>”I, just had a rough night yesterday…” you respond while looking away, hand instinctively scratching behind your head
>She doesn’t say anything for a minute, just holds her gaze on you
>Idiot. Lying to the element of honesty? Really? No wonder you’re such a loser
>She breaks the silence with a small chuckle, ”heh, well you look as bad as Mac did this morning.” she replies, “At least you could manage to be up and about”
>She gives you a small smile
>You doubt highly you slipped the lie past her, but maybe she pities you enough to leave it alone
>Your stomach once again makes itself known to you and the farmer mare
>”Tell you what, help me with this cart and you can help yourself to as many apples as you’d like along the way” she chirps while motioning her head back to the cart
>”I’ll even give you half of what would’ve been Mac’s pay were he not such a dummy” she huffs
>Like you had anything better to do right? Besides, food and money are the two things you’re really lacking in right now
“Yeah. Thanks Applejack” you say with as normal a voice as you can muster
>You settled in behind her and pull the rods up with both hands
>Doesn’t really feel like you’re doing much, but the cart seems to move a little faster than before
It's certainly not as forced as the show, and not very common. But I've certainly met a few true to life bumpkins, they're not too bad though if I'm being honest
>Occasionally you both stop so you can grab an apple, only to be corrected by Applejack to "get the right apple” and so she can recover from the yoke she’s not built to wear
>You both travel mostly in silence, which you’re grateful for since the labor allows you to distract yourself from what happened earlier today
>Oh man, don’t get back to that now-
>”Alright! We’re here! Can’t wait to get this darned thing off of me” cheers the orange mare in front of you
>”We’ll pull in over to the barn sugarcube” she says motioning slightly with her head to the open barn
>”Then I can get your pay and you can head on back, and if you’d take my advice, head off to bed.” she says with a little concern
>You both pull the cart over to the barn, all the way forcing yourself to keep from thinking “Yeah, so you can get me out of your face?” “Am I only good for farm work like I was for modeling?”
>The tears try to make their way out again, but thankfully you must have sweat out all the liquid in your body
>”Howdy sis, Anon!” chirps a southern voice from behind you, as Applejack is getting herself free from the yoke
>The distraction gives you enough purchase to don a mask that looks somewhat less depressed
>You hope anyway
“Hey-“ you stop to clear your throat from the shakiness “Hey Applebloom”
>”Hey little sis,” Applejack chirps back which thankfully drones out your pathetic greeting, “Finish your homework yet” she continues with an instantly stern voice
>Applebloom jumps a little at her sister’s harshness then quickly looks away
>”Well, I did...” she says softly, “mostly.” she finishes and droops her head lower
>”Well I’m sure Anon here appreciates your greeting, but it’s getting late so you should get back and finish” she responds and gently pulls up the filly’s head
>”I can’t though!” she whines “Its fractions! I just don’t get them!”
File: 1425518627320.png (388 KB, 918x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
388 KB, 918x1000
Help best filly!
File: 1402831169243.jpg (578 KB, 1242x1920) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
578 KB, 1242x1920
>Open up thread
>Scrolling down
>Spot a repost of something I done wrote
>Archive tells me it's a week off one year since the original post
Thank you for making me feel old, you bastard
>An hour or so passed
>Memories of helping your own sister with fractions flooded back
>Filly frustrations were had
>Answers were erased
>Explanations were given
>Demonstrations with apples were used
>Those same apples were eaten
>And finally…
>”It’s one eighth right?”
“mmmmmm…” you hmm to yourself while putting on your most serious scrutinizing face
>She’s now biting her lip in anticipation
>A simple nod is all you give, but it’s enough
>”YYYYYYES!” “Oh and that one is six twelfths!” she chirps
“Bu-“ you attempt to correct her only to be cut off
>”But it simplifies down to one half!” she shouts having finally attained the knowledge of adding and subtracting fractions
>You can’t help but chuckle at her little dance of victory
>Neither can Applejack apparently
>”I can’t believe I didn’t understand it before! It’s so easy now!” she says after being told to “settle down” by her big sister
>”Maybe I can get my cutie mark in fractions?! I’ll be able to split things any which way and know exactly by how much!”
>One relic from your old life comes to mind, and a Revengance-ing filly is a scary thought
>Though the cutie mark thing is a little different, the sense of pride you feel is very similar to the one you had helping your sister
>It brings a smile back to your face, the muscles pulling themselves in that way feels a little foreign to you
>But you’re alm-
>”Anonymous! Are you in there?!” shouts a familiar refined voice from outside
>And quickly does your face retract to it’s forced stoic form as you scramble to the door
>”Shoot Anon, what’s got you in a fluster?” asks the orange mare who was too busy preparing dinner to hear her friend’s call
“I-I-I gotta go. Left my oven on! J-j-just being a-…I have to leave, sorry!” You stammer out
>You slip out of Applejack’s grasp and keep stammering over her requests to stay and eat dinner or to get your bits
>You slip out through the side of the barn, which thankfully a certain white mare didn’t catch as she made it to the front door, and take off back to your home with the setting sun lighting your way

>Be Fruit hoers
>That Anon is a strange one
>How he managed to worry about a wood burning stove is beyond you, but maybe its a human thing
>After how helpful he was with he cart and Aplebloom you wanted to offer him dinner and Mac’s full pay
>He was really glum earlier, but you’ve seen that face enough to know there’s no use digging deeper about it
>You were about to run out to catch up to him now that you counted up the bits, but a knock at the door puts that plan on halt
>Opening the door reveals a very flustered looking white unicorn
“Howdy Rarity, y’all don’t look too good” you greet her with concern in your voice
>She winces a bit at your statement
>Maybe you’re a little too honest sometimes
> She sighs and seems to collect herself a bit before responding, ”I’ve been better. Have you seen Anon...ymous?”
>Hmm, seems like you might have a better clue about the resident alien
>”I heard from Carrot Top that he was helping you earlier today and I desperately need to speak with him” she continues, and attempts to slyly look past you into your home
Okay, I'm stopping here for now. Need to prepare dinner and what not. I'll be back later to continue this unless there's any strong objections
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Fuck no, I love hearing AJ ripping on these assholes, post more!
We'll be waiting.
>"I write mayo fanfiction"
>paler than an albino ginger

>'Or maybe it's just that you're ugly' that traitorous negative part of your mind said.
Anon's conscience is Patrick Star
>"Don't you worry, I'll throw you a 'You-Just-Got-Served-And-Need-A-Friend' party!"

>Anon x Dash
Squidward: How original
I mean, that was before someone put EqG Dash's response in. I figured I'd roll with it.

Squidward a shit though. Such a grump.

I kinda wanna write a sequel where three years later, Anon becomes a Ganondorf-esque motherfucker hired to fight for small villages and towns being raided by diamond dogs and other creatures.

The story would take place with him contemplating whether or not he should take a job in Ponyville.
Do it faggot.
But seriously, I had considered something along those lines. Zecora had lied to them, seeing as she was shunned before and knows what that's like. Anon lives with her in the everfree for several years, becoming a competent hunter over time. Acquiring reagents for Zecora in locations too dangerous for most other creatures.
Then one day a beast roams into ponyville, one that can't be taken down with the elements. One that can only be taken down by an onlooking Anon.
File: 1363911753759.png (79 KB, 220x220) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 220x220

>Anon becomes a Monster Hunter
[Wanting Intensifies]
File: 1419631523666.gif (604 KB, 420x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
604 KB, 420x350
Dear Ganondorf,

I have heard of your exploits all over Equestria. For the past three years, you've made a name for yourself as a sellsword, fighting griffon raiders, diamond dogs packs, and minotaur brutes. You've even fought dragons and other large monsters who've popped up to destroy pony population centers. But now, I must ask your assistance. Ponyville is in need of your services. A Hydra is nearing the town. Normally, I would be able to take it down myself, but there's been an outbreak of Unicorn Pnemonia, which inhibits spellcasting abilities. Enclosed is two thousand bits up front, and another five thousand once the Hydra is defeated. Please, help us.
Princess Twilight Sparkle.

>You are Anonymous.
>AKA Ganondorf Dragmire.
>You changed your name for many reasons, mainly because you didn't want to be found.
>As to why you changed it to the badass who terrorizes Hyrule, that's because you look and fight like him, now.
>Seriously, you have an oversized sword most weeaboos would be envious of, and you've learned how to use magic in the same way Unicorns do.
>And half of your spells are used to keep up the impression that you're that same motherfucker from the Legend of Zelda franchise.
>It's been three years since you left Ponyville.
>Three years since you started wandering alone, and fighting things to get your money and your kicks.
>The Everfree forest taught you how to survive, and when you came out, you thrived.
>You swore that you'd never return to Ponyville, especially after the way your so-called 'friends' treated you.
>Maybe you were a little spiteful, but friends never talked about each other behind their backs.
"Still, they don't deserve this."
>You say to no one in particular.
File: Continue_Screen.jpg (62 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Of course.
You better believe it Anon.
It's worth waiting for a few more posts to see what they've got planned, besides what else is this thread going to do? Bump?
“Y’all sure are in a hurry to see him eh Rarity?”
>”Yes, Please applejack it is of the utmost importance!” she huffs while abandoning any attempt to be sly about looking behind you
>It’s not unusual for Rarity to lose sense of her emotions when she’s stressed, but she rarely gets hissy with you
“Mind if I ask what it’s regarding? you ask, speaking slowly to keep her occupied
>There’s clearly something up between them that had Anon all spooked, you may not know him well, but you know a wounded animal when you see them, and Anon was mighty hurt earlier
>She sighs forcefully before responding “Yes, actually. It’s a very private matter and I would very much like to know where he is please”
“Haven’t seen him for a bit” you reply curtly, which is technically true
>”He helped me get the apples I didn’t sell back here and left afterwards”
>There may have been some happenings between these two events, but it’d only be information she’s not interested in right?
>”Why didn’t you say so sooner?!” she huffs again, “Now it’s dark out and I don’t have the time to keep looking and ARRRGH!” she whines before throwing out a particularly loud groan
“I was trying to tell you, but with all your huffing and puffing I didn’t get the chance, sorry I couldn’t help sugarcube!” you shout to the mare that’s stomping her way back to her boutique
>Still technically true, her frustration was really putting you off about the whole thing, and since she wouldn’t give you and answer and with how late it is, there may only be onepony who could tell you
“I’m heading back to town to bring Anon his pay!” you shout into the house to let everypony else know where you’re heading
>”Wait!” shouts your sister from somewhere in her room, “here, caff you giff hi thi fr mmm” she says holding a sheet of paper out to you
Yay you're back
Yeah, got distracted a bit trying to piece together Five Night at Freddy's lore. Apologies.
>It’s a drawing of herself with a "1/4" on her flank and “Thank You” spread out at the top
“I’ll make sure he gets it” you respond giving her a slight nuzzle before heading out to Anon’s

>The walk isn't too far
>At least it isn’t if you’re heading in the right direction
>The last time you were at Anon’s house was the housewarming party Pinkie threw for him
>You’re a busy mare having to run the farm with your family, sometimes even with all of you working it’s not enough
>Days like those make you miss your parents
>You shake the thoughts from your head and get yourself back on track
>Then there’s the element business, seems like every week there’s some danger to all of Equestria, or some ancient evil awakens or whatever
>Your eyes roll as far back as you can make them
>All of it keeps you from running the farm as well as you could... but without you there’d be no farm to run eh?
>All you can do is chuckle at the situation
>Anon was usually busy as well, working with Rarity mostly
>She was overjoyed that his kind all wear clothes so she was pestering him as much as Twilight was
>After everything got settled, he was given a house by the princess that was sized for him
>It’s a little bigger than the usual houses around Ponyville, which is why it was moved out further from town
>You finally come across it and thank your memory for leading you to it
>Bag with bits, and Bloomy’s drawing, in mouth you knock on the door
>Your response is nothing
“Hrm, You can’t be asleep so soon can you? you mumble to yourself so you don’t drop the bag
>You’re about to knock again when you hear his voice in the back
File: 3ff.gif (725 KB, 245x172) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
725 KB, 245x172
>>It’s a drawing of herself with a "1/4" on her flank and “Thank You” spread out at the top
>dem quads

oh my.
Nice trips
Derp. I meant quints. They both start with QU.
>You make your way over to the back of his home
>As you get closer his voice becomes more clear
>As do some thrumming sounds
>You see a fence surrounding the area behind his house
>It’s about twice as tall as you are
>Must be sized for him
>It’s certainly new
>Or well, newer than when you visited him last
>There’s gaps in the fence, wide enough for you to look through
>You see Anon sitting down and leaned against a tree
>He’s got what looks like a cello in his hands, but it certainly don’t sound like any cello you’re ever heard
>It’s lighter and raspy?
>Music never was your strong suit
>He’s sliding his hand along the neck and swinging the other up and down
>The tone coming from his cello stops you from calling out to him
>It’s slow and sweeping
>He just keeps repeating the same sounds
>His head bobs a little to the rhythm he’s making as he keeps repeating
>Even in the shadow of the tree you can see the pained look in his face from earlier
>Your heart feels kind of heavy just hearing him
>Seeing him play in the dark
>The rest of you starts feeling a little heavy
>And when he starts to sing you just sit and perk your ears to hear him as best as you can

Holy fuck I didn't even check em, good thing you guys were there for me
>The only company you two have are the moon and crickets
>It seems like they too are captivated as they stop chirping
>His voice breaks when he sings out the word “cry”
>You see the shimmer of tears stream down his face despite the shadow’s best attempts to hide it
>He trembles and chokes the words “I’m a friend”
>Then he’s unable to keep playing, despite his best efforts
>And now he’s curled up his knees to his chest with his cello laying beside him
“A~a~anon?” you whimper out with a shaky voice
>You hadn’t realized you were crying, but the cool feeling of moisture on your face now dawns on you

>You couldn’t even face Rarity
>When given the choice, you ran
>They were right. You are a lo-
>A voice calls out to you
>A soft one
>Did you even he-
>Two thumps to your fence assure you that you did hear someone
>You slowly unfurl yourself and try your hardest to bring your breathing back to normal
>It doesn’t work very well, but at this point you hardly care
>A quick wipe from the sleeve of your shirt clear your view enough for you to walk over to the source of the voice
>Looking over the fence you spy Applejack
>Eyes are red and puffy with damp spots below them, but she’s giving you sheepish smile
>”I wanted to give you your pay, and Applebloom had something for you too, but I heard your playing when I got close and… can we talk Anonymous?” she asks, gradually working the sobs out
Okay, that's all I've got in me for now I think. I hope you Anons enjoyed it as much as I liked writing it. And if not I'd love to hear why.

I'll pick this up again tomorrow if the thread survives the night, but I'll be lurking for a bit before going to bed if anyone has any comments for me. Cheers!
Twilight how many times do I have to tell you I'm NOT RARITY?!
Oh, didn't make one yet in case it wasn't well recieved. I'll make one in a bit
Here it is

>You will never not share your nerds with Rainbow Dash
> Rarity talking to herself trying to convince herself she wants to go out with Anon
Just a warning, I am absolutely terrible at finishing stories in a timely manner. Also at telling good story ideas from the bad.

>God, your arms hurt.
>You look at the giant tome in your hands as you walk along.
>More accurately, the tome is in your arms.
>This giant-ass book is roughly a foot thick, and well over 20 pounds.
>You didn't even know anyone made books this thick until Twilight shoved it into your arms and told you to read it all.
>After a couple weeks of trying to introduce you to this world, she decided to just get you to read every detail of Equestria's history, technology, culture, government, science, math -- everything.
>Why are all these different subjects in the same book, anyway?
>For once, the fact that you haven't managed to get a job yet came in handy, as you've spent most of the last week reading the several thousand pages of this massive book.
>Well, alright.
>Technically, you've spent the last week skimming the several thousand pages of this massive book.
>If you actually read it in detail, you'd still be reading for a few more weeks.
>Ain't nobody got time for that.
>Besides, the magic book horse probably would like her precious book back sooner.
>When you finally reach the library, you shift the book around, trying to figure out how to knock without your hands.
>Before you can decide, you here loud laughter from an open window.
>Settling down next to the window, you rest the book for giants on your knee as you listen in on the conversation totally audible from a public area and therefore not private.
>You're not eavesdropping.
>You're listening in inherently public space, and therefore this isn't illegal.
>At least, you think it isn't.
>You fell asleep in the middle of the law section.
>"...ilight, darling, we've all seen you with him since he moved to Ponyville. Surely you can't deny that you have some feelings for him."
>Oh, juicy gossip.

>Apparently Twilight's got herself a little crush.
>"No, seriously, Rarity. I've just been showing him around because Celestia ordered me to."
>"Sure, Twilight."
>"I mean it! Anon is infuriating!"
>Oh, they're talking about you.
>That's a surprise.
>"He's constantly rude."
>What a stupidly obvious statement.
>"He never pays attention to anything I say, even after I stayed up all night to prepare a presentation to ease him into our culture."
>To be fair, you could barely focus on her dull speech after the first hour.
>"He's a loser who lived with his mom most of his life. He's an idiot with barely any education. He doesn't have a job and didn't even have one back home!"
>Well, those are true.
>"He brags about eating flesh, he has terrible breath, never seems to shave, and smells like he's never showered!"
>Actually, the last few are because you can't seem to find or afford decent mouthwash or razors and shaving cream.
>You also can't afford to run the water for long.
>Because you have no job, nor the skills necessary to be hired for much of anything.
>"We even exchanged stories from our worlds. I told him some scary stories, and he laughed, Rarity. Laughed at the unfortunate characters! His own story was some sick, deprived fantasy involving Pinkie eviscerating Dash for sexual gratification!"
>Maybe it was a mistake to adapt one of your world's stories for her.
>That was probably a very bad decision.
>You make those a lot.
>"Anon is one of the worst beings I have ever known! He's an overweight, unintelligent, lazy, and heartless person!"
>Well, at least she finally figured out what you are.
>Honestly, years of shitposting on 4chan did no favors to you, either mentally or physically.
>You pretty much are a loser.
>You've known for years.

>"If it were up to me, we would banish that... that utter monster!"
>Anyway, this book is heavy.
>Hefting the book, you push open the door to the library and enter nonchalantly.
>"I... A-Anon?"

>You freeze up as you see the human walk into the room, carrying the book you'd assigned him.
>How much had he heard?
>"Y'know, if you wanted to have a private conversation, you should've closed the window."
>Oh, Celestia, he heard everything.
>"I... I'll just go, darlings."
>You just keep staring at Anon as Rarity slips out the door.
>"Where do you want this heavy thing, Twilight?"
>Moving on reflex, you shakily point to a table, where he drops the book with a loud thud.
>He's going to rampage, or tell Princess Celestia that you're racist, and then everypony will riot, and it'll all be your fault because you couldn't stop to think and be tolerant and --
>"Twilight. Breathe."
>You try to calm your rapid breathing, but fail as he stands right in front of you.
>You close your eyes, not wanting to face his retaliation for your folly.
>"Look, I agree with you. I am an ugly loser who's barely had any friends. I'm not particularly bright, and I don't really do much for society. So, stop cringing."
>Your eyes shoot open at his words.
>Oh, no.
>He's internalized your insults.
>His eyes show no argument, just acceptance with a hint of sadness.
>"Umm, Twilight?"
>The other princesses are going to be furious when they find out you caused irrevocable damage to the psyche of the being you were supposed to integrate into Equestria.
>"Look, I've got to go."
>All this, because you couldn't accept your cultural differences and get over your irrational fear of the giant human.
>"So, uh, see you around."

>You criticized him, but you didn't even try to understand what it must be like for him, stuck in a world where everything is completely different with no way back.
>He's not the monster.
>You are.
"A-Anon, I'm so sorry."
>You look up tearfully.
>He's not there.
>Mildly confused, you glance around the room.
>He must've left.
>Your hoof lifts to run and search for him but you stop.
>You can't approach this haphazardly anymore.
>That's how you got into this situation.
>You need to be careful, and tactful.
>Blinking away your tears of regret, you pull a few psychology and psychiatry books from the shelves and sit down at your desk.
>You're going to need as much knowledge as you can get to fix your terrible mistake before it gets worse.


Pastebin so far: http://pastebin.com/uCkxnrkz
I'm liking it, Anon.
>mfw I remember a fic about this.
>Never 4get da burr ._.7
>>mfw no face...
I kek'd but I came here for feels, so 9/10 - 3 because of Cupcake reference
If any one can do ah super feely story I sure could use one.
This and also hardmode: feels without suicide. Cuz all the feelsiest stories take that route. We need something different
based numbers anon please never stop
I might take something in a matter of hours, possibly universal for the reader, but we'll see.
do it nigger
Has anyone ever actually caught someone they liked or thought was their friend talking trash behind your back.
I doubt it, you'd have to be very lucky /unlucky to catch someone talking behind your back.
>Her tight walls automatically try to pull you even deeper
>walls keep pulling you in for more

Vaginas, man. They suck.
confirmed virgin
You mean the ever so slight feeling of resistance when a woman contracts her pelvic floor muscles? That's nowhere near any sensation that could be described as "pulling in".

No, John. You are the virgins.
ur a faget
>Olde English
>uses Modern English

HWÆT, WE GAR-DEna in geardagum,
þeodcyninga þrym gefrunon,
hu ða æþelingas ellen fremedon!
>You both return to sit by the tree in your backyard, the cool night air being tolerable enough for both of you
>She doesn’t say anything for a moment, but eventually asks the question you were expecting hours ago
>”What happened to you sugarcube?” she asks softly, as if asking normally would break you
>To be honest it might have, and the “sugarcube” certainly helps your shitty mood
>You take a deep breath to steady yourself before you begin explaining what happened

>”Is that so?” she asks, venom dripping from every word
“Yeah, that’s about everything that led me to helping you with the cart” you mumble
>You said everything as well as you could remember it, despite how painful it was
>”Well I think a few friends of mine need to have a good ol’ fashioned talking to” she growls, mostly to herself, but you’re so close that you heard everything
“No, Applejack don’t-“
>”Don’t what?! Scold them for being terrible friends? I can’t believe they would say those kinds of things abut you. Rarity especially!”
“They weren’t terrible friends” you say, finding some strength in your voice, “Most of what they said isn’t even that bad”
>She huffs and is about to add more before you cut her off
“Look, I’m just being mopey is all. It’s tough to explain, but I’m going to try so hear me out okay?” you ask, turning to finally look her in the eyes
>There’s a fire in them, protective looking? But she gives you a nod and huffs one more time
“I lost everything.” you state blankly
>She stiffens somewhat at your statement, but doesn’t speak
“My mom, my dad, my little sister, my friends, my job, home, car, computer” you stop yourself from just listing everything and continue, “Everything. In one fell swoop, everything I knew was taken from me and I was here. With just the clothes on my back”
“Do you know what that’s like Applejack” you ask trying to stifle the sobs that are working their way up your throat
>A look to the orange mare reveals her hat, she slumped and looking straight down. You take her silence as a “no” and continue
“I guess I just ‘sucked it up and dealt’”
>you manage a chuckle as you imagined your father telling you that after you fell off your bike. He never said it maliciously, it was just his way of comforting you
“It’s what I’ve always done when things got hard, and eventually this place wasn’t so bad. The magic is cool, and it’s sort of like going back in time from my perspective” you say to your companion with a more solid voice
>And now you’re going to get all shaky again eh?
“But I miss my family, my friends, all the time.” you pause to try to keep yourself in check “Rarity was really great when I got here, she was so kind and interested in me when I told her I have to wear clothes all the time and… I guess you can see where I’m going with this”
>Her hat bobs up and down, but she says nothing
“She didn’t have to like me Applejack, none of you did I guess. I’m a freaky monkey alien from another world, I don’t know what I’d do in your shoe-er. Hoofs.”
>She chuckles a bit at your slip up
“But I thought there was at least a companionship of some kind, I didn’t think I was no better than a mannequin. That hurt. Like that really hurt. I’m sorry for skipping out on you earlier I just, I don’t think I could have ‘dealt’ this time”
>She sticks to her agreement and doesn’t say a word
>You sobs start working their way through as you explain how you feel to the farmer mare beside you, but you power through the last of what you wanted to say
“So the one thing I thought I had going in this world, a true friend, It was just a sham. I was sprawled out on the ground in front of all of them, in front of her, and I had just lost everything again”
>The words were forced out between growing sobs and you have to stop again to steady your breathing, which gets harder each tie you have to do it
“But it’s just me overreacting I think” you mumble loud enough for her to still hear you “It’s not the end of the world… this time anyway. Just a dumb human and his dumb feelings I guess, the others didn’t even say anything that bad or that wasn’t exactly false. So don’t take it out on them, I just need some time to get over all of this”
>You finish with a deep sigh and hope you’ve ceased the farmer’s desire to rampage
>Crickets are the only sounds for a time as you both sit there, the air feels heavy to you, despite how cool it is
>She sighs and tilts her head up, but doesn’t look up at you
>”I think I kinda know what you’re on about Anon” she speaks slowly, almost restrained
>”When I lost my folks…it was the hardest thing I’d ever had the displeasure of going through” she says with a whimper in her last word
>”I had Granny and Mac to rely on, Bloomy was still too young, but in a way I could rely on her too. I just can’t imagine losing everything like you did, your whole world”
>She looks up at you, as if to see if you’re still listening, her green eyes shimmer with tears coating their surface
>”You said it when you were addressing the Princesses, but you never said how big a deal it was. I’m sorry for being such a darn fool to not notice it”
>”Hold on there, let me say what I’ve got to say too partner” she interrupts you and holds a hoof up at you to emphasize it
>”No matter what you think you’re owed, it’s still mighty unfriendly of me to have just let you be knowing how much you had lost” she continues
>”Oh, speaking of what you’re owed…” she pauses and pulls up a bag, which she then holds up to you
>You take it and hear the tell-tale sound of coins, but also the sounds of paper scratching the bag
>You open it and take the paper out and unfold it to find a drawing
>The dark obscures it somewhat, but it’s a doodle of Applebloom and what looks like a fraction where a cutie mark would be, with “Thank You” written over the top
>Now you’re fighting back sobs of joy
>”She didn’t get the chance to say thanks after your departure” she says while you’re looking over the drawing
>”I think you’re right about the others, they didn’t say anything they haven’t said to each other before…” she pauses “don’t mean I’m not gonna give each of them a bonk for being rude though” she says with a light chuckle
>”Rarity on the other hand is the worst in all of this” she says, the venom seeping back into her words
>She holds her hoof up again to stop you as you were about to talk her down
>”She’s spent the most time with you, and she must have taken a generous helping of stupid for her to say things like that about you” she stomps the ground with a hoof at the word “stupid”
>She, like you did, takes a deep breath once she’s done and the crickets once again fill the silence for a time
>You don’t know what do to do now
>Speak? you really don’t know what to say
>Offer her a drink or something?
>You’re a terrible host, m-
>”So is what you sang true?” she asks you, looking up at you with curiosity taking over the anger that was just in them
>”About death? A lover’s final breath? Who was your friend? They must’ve been a good friend to be there for you huh?”
>She whips out one question after the other, barely pausing between each
>What is she ta-
“That’s right. most of your songs are about things that are happening, or have happened aren’t they?”
>She looks confused now with expression that reads “Of course they do, don’t all songs?” is very clear to you even in the shadow
“Well, I guess some of that song is true. Not the lover’s part, or anything but… music in my world doesn’t exactly do the same things”
>Her confusion only grows at your half-assed answer
“In my world some songs are about what happened, some songs are intended to convey and emotion or feeling like joy, energy, lust, and sadness” you say while motioning to the guitar, hoping she gets your meaning
“And some songs are just sounds, or they don’t have a purpose really, other than just being music I guess.” you end your human music theorizing with a shrug
>”So your cello playing and singing wasn’t from your past?” she says with a little more certainty
“Cello?” you ask with a quizzical look between her and the guitar
>It doesn’t even sound like a cello, nor does it really look like… oh! right, they’re little horses of course this thing would be like a huge stringed instrument
“That’s actually what guitars are like from my world, you know, it’s one seed for me” you say motioning to your tall figure “I had a unicorn make it for me. Lyra was her name I think, she didn’t really charge me much for it but she did ask me to play for her once she finished it”
>Applejack just nods in understanding
“And to answer your question, it wasn’t from my life experience or anything, I just played a song I remembered that was somber because I wanted to feel sad. It’s weird maybe, but I don’t like to cancel out sad with happy or anything. I want to feel the whole emotion out until it’s run it’s course and music was a great way for me to do that back home”
>She starts to say something before you cut her off
“It’s kind of funny y’know? I used music as a means to escape from my world, and now that I’m away from it, it’s one of the anchors I have to go back.” you chuckle slightly and reach over to set the guitar back in your lap and idly stroke a few notes
>Applejack’s ears twitch and seemingly focus on your playing
“Y’know I think I’ve already kind of run through my sadness I think” you say with relief washing over you as you continue plucking along to no song in particular
“I forgot how much I loved playing music. I didn’t actually play it much after Lyra built this for me. Things got really busy at the boutique and I-“ you pause when you realize where your memory is taking you
“Okay, maybe I’m not quite there yet, but I do feel a lot better. and I guess I have you to thank for that Applejack” you say looking at your lone audience who jumps a bit at your mention
>”W-w-well I’m glad I could help you Anon and If you think you’re up for it, I’d love to have you over for dinner seeing as you skipped out on this one” she says after collecting herself quickly
“Yeah, I’d like that” you respond before you even process her question
>”Well alright then! Best bring an empty stomach tomorrow, you’re getting the apple family special!” she chirps
>You walk her to the fence gate and bid her a good night
>She passes through it and turns around to bid you the same
>You grab your guitar and pause before going back inside
>Deciding that you’re not tired just yet, and that you still feel a little spiteful for not getting in Rarity’s face earlier you sit back down and start strumming
>Little do you know a certain orange mare is seated at the spot where your fence meets your house
>A mare who had stopped walking home when she heard the only human in Equestria playing his guitar
>A mare that was entranced by your playing earlier
>A mare that’s stifling her laughter at the lyrics that come out of your pseudo-angry singing while also bobbing along to the beat
>No you don’t notice any of those things because you’re wrapped up in memories of exes you liked or loved
>The feeling of “Yeah that’s what I would’ve said!” flows through you and that sense of normalcy in this magic horse world brings a smile to your face as you end the song
Alright. Finally done! I wanted to pre-write the whole talk between Anon and Applejack so I wouldn't lose track of where the conversation was going by posting it piecemeal. Kinda disheartening to see that it only lead to ~6 posts worth, but oh well.
I like it so far. I look forward to more.




Thanks, cuz in most greens anon is a total cuck

Well done guises
Horse pussy. Luna's a horse
I think you mean
>the clop fanon version of a pony pussy
I need this
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I hope finally done doesn't mean what I think it means, I need to know what happens next!
Okay, I kek'd
Well, it does and it doesn't I guess. I did have more story bouncing around in my head, but no set path for how to write it all.
It's pretty fucking autistic, like magical event time travel autistic

I wrote a kind of open end so at least I could be satisfied with it if noone else was interested, or if I couldn't think of how to continue

Thanks for showing interest though anon, I'll give the story more thought
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hooray for more
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well, to be honest, as much as I like these stories, I can't help but expect a "Anon we're so sorry please forgive us we didn't mean it!" forgiveness sort of ending. It can still be a nice ending though, so it's whatever you feel.

Pic not really related
>Be anon
>Heading towards the Sugarcube corner.
>Today was kinda a special day for you.
>Five years in Equestria.
>Five years of friendship.
>Five years of having everything you knew ripped from you.
>But this is your home now and with the help of friends, you even took off your mask.
>Gave that old thing a proper burial in the ever free about a year after staying here.
>Everyone was happy that you no longer hid yourself.
>But enough of the past, gotta keep moving forward.
>To get some delicious cake.
>Pinkie had approached you earlier about throwing you a party for tonight.
>You agreed cause fuck yeah free cake and booze with friends!
>What more could you want?
>Nothing can take away the happiness you feel right now.
>You finally reach Sugarcube corner and enter.
>"Anon! its good to see you!" Mrs. cake greets with a hug
>Mr. Cake gives a smile and a nod before continuing with the sweeping.
"Its great to see you Mrs. Cake! are the girls around?" you ask with a smile
>"Of course dear, they're up in pinkies room, if you wanna head up." she says motioning for you to go
>You give a small nodded and walk up the stairs.
>You can here giggling coming from behind the door as you head up
>With a smile you reach to knock but a voice stops you.
>"Me? With Anon? Oh Rarity, ha ha, you're so funny sometimes!" Twilight giggles abit
>"Like I'd ever be interested in that loser!" she finishes
>"What about you Shy?" you hear Rainbow Dash ask.
>"Oh come on Dash. Anon really? I'm not THAT desperate for a coltfriend."
>It to Flutters?
>"How about you Rarity? you've seen him the most next to Twilight." Pinkie chimes in.
>"Anon? I think not. It would be unseemly to pursue a relationship so far beneath one's station. Besides, flannel and socks and sandals are never coming back. I'm not sure they were even ever in." Rarity says flatly
"But that was only once." you whisper
>Tears start to form in your eyes.
>"Well I think he alright."
>That was AJ.
"Thank you apple butt." you sigh
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Gonna need some moar of this pls
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>"If you can get past his gob." she adds
>Well fuck.
>They just keep going and going.
>"His body gives a unique design to make clothes for but I merely use this as a challenge to better my skills."
>"Yeah right! you totally want him." Rainbow laughs
>"W-What? I most certainly do not want him! What mare in heir right mind would want a freak like that!" Rarity yells back
>You stand there, speechless.
>They hate you.
>They fucking hate you.
>All these years, they only put up with you.
>All that talk of coming out of your shell and show us the real you.
>Taking off your mask.
>All lies.
>Just then the door creaks open.
"I'm gonna go get more snacks before Anon arrives. Do you gir-" Pinkie stops mid sentence as she see you.
>Tears flowing down your face
>Eyes looking at the floor.
>Shoulders shaking from you holding back sobs.
>"A-Anon!" the girls gasp
>You try to stop yourself from crying.
>But it was a losing battle.
>You wanted to say something, anything.
>Tell them to fuck off.
>Point out all of their flaws.
>Fuck, you knew you weren't perfect but....Damn.
>You look up and see faces of regret.
>They start to apologize.
>Saying they didn't mean it, just a game that got out of hand.
>Hooves pointing at each other for who started it.
>You don't care anymore, It hurt worse coming from them.
"I expected this kinda shit, from my world....But not here, not from you" you say quietly
>Pinkie begins to wrap you in a hug.
>"I'm sorry Nony.....I didnt mean an-"you cut her off by shoving her off.
"Don't...Just don't" you say as you turn and walk away
>Your pace turns into a jog then to full on sprinting as your hear shouts for you to come back.
>Not slowing down, you slam open the doors to sugarcube corner and bolt towards the everfree forest.
>The one place that reminds you of earth.
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>You slam into a couple carts and ponies in your emotional sprint.
>But you don't stop, you just scramble to your feet and keep moving.\
>Its getting harder to see, your eye blinded by tears.
>Voices call out your name, but you dont answer.
>One of them sounded like Spike. He probably fucking hated you too.