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Let's see where this goes.
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Up the butt
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>It's a normal day browsing /mlp/
>Then, suddenly, you come across this thread.
>At first, it seemed like a joke.
>But more and more people replied.
>Wondering what the rope means.
>There were shitposts, arguements, and even scientific theories as to what the rope means
>Then, it happened.
>The containment was broken. People had posted it all across the internet.
>North america, as a whole, wondered what the rope could mean
>At first, everything was fine, and it was seen as an internet fad, much like the dress Damn that motherfucking dress
>But soon it became apparent that it was more than a fad.
>Something within us all drove us to find an explanation to the rope.
>It was on the news, on the radio
>Songs were published about the rope.
>People turned to the authorities, the governments, the UN.
>But no one could find an answer.
>The governments of the world met to discuss how to contain this.
>But why? Why contain it?
>Let it spill out into the streets, into the churches, into the schools.
>Let the questions pile up on the sides of the roads.
>In the end, they'd beg us for an answer.
>So the governments did nothing, no one was supplied with an answer.
>Then, something unexpected happened.
>People grew desperate for something, anything to answer the question
>There was mass looting, riots, hysteria.
>The superpowers organized into 2 different sides based off of 2 different answers.
>The nukes were launched, the wars were fought.
>And in the end, there was almost nothing left.
>What remained of humanity formed into different factions, and fought in the ruins of the once great cities.
>We burned each others crops, poisoned each others water.
>The wars raged for years without end.
>And humanity fought until it's last dying breath...
>And that breath was:

Stop being such fucking casuals and write smut about this already
Lamp oil? bombs?
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That was the coolest story ive have ever laid my eyes upon
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>rape rope.jpg
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>Op Here.

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

May the dubs be with you.
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I am speechless
Fuckin' kek
An homage to you, sir and / or madam.

>In the end, the ties that bound humanity >together came apart.
>The coalitions formed to uphold the interests of
>their members fought until the bitter end, until
>the last bullet was spent, the last blood spilt.
>In the end, it was all for nothing.
>The secret of the rope had not been uncovered,
>It's heritage, meaning and purpose an enigma
>to the people of the world.
>There were hundreds, maybe thousands of
>people left, spread out across the planet.
>They seperated into groups, tribes if you will,
>warring on each other for resources and the
>the likes, mostly porn.
>It was then, that a young child was born unto
>this world. His father, a warlord, leader of his
>tribe, taught the young boy in the ways of the
>warrior, lest he be caught in the heat of battle,
>tacticool with not enough dakka.
>Under the rule of his father, the tribe was all
>but merciless to the surrounding factions,
>brutal to their soldiers, men, women and
>children. When the surrounding tribes
>banded together into an alliance and attacked
>his clan, the end seemed nigh.
>The boy, now almost an adult, decided to
>leave behind his father and the clan to save
>himself from sharing the eventual fate of the
>clan. He set out with nothing more than his
>trust battle fedora, a gallon of mountain dew,
>and a backpack of doritos.
>It was during his travels, away from the
>everlasting war, that the boy learned of the
>myth of 'the rope'. Intrigued, he decided to try
>and find the source of these stories.
>It took him many years, during which he made,
>and lost countless friends and enemies, until,
>in a place called Equestria, Africa, he found
>the temple of the rope. It was a strange
>structure, made almost entirely out of hemp.
>Inside, he found an elderly man that called >himself 'Jaiden Lenoch'. He told him of the
>history of the rope, and how nobody
>understood its true purpose in this world.
>Intrigued, the man asked Jaiden to make him
>understand, to make him see.
>Many days passed, but enlightenment did not
>come to the man, the rope was still a mistery.
>At the end of his rope, completely out of ideas,
>the man wandered the lands, exchanging
>any knowledge of the rope and its
>machinations. Many years later, near the end
>of his natural born life, the man had a daring
>idea. He called forth for all the people of the
>earth, to unite under one banner, to freely
>share their knowledge, not only that of the rope
>but also general information, interests and
>such. The people were skeptical at first, but
>eventually, a new nation was born, uniting
>the remnants of humanity once more.
>The world flourished, and the man, on his
>deathbed, finally understood it all, the meaning
>of the rope, its purpose, its will.
>Excited, so close to finding the holy grail,
>the people flocked to him, to hear his words
>of wisdom. When asked: "Old man, can you
>tell us what the rope means? what it wants?",
>he answered.
>"I'm a frayed knot.", and died.
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>Hitchcocks only good movie is Rope
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