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My Massive Pony
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Welcome to the Massive Pony Thread!
Small Big Horse Edition

Geriatric big pone: >>22486266

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Writers, artists, and critique are always welcome so long as it pertains to the main idea of the thread which is size difference.

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Rev up those polls.

>you are a smallanon
>choose one power to help you survive in equestria
File: 16570945763.png (1 MB, 2200x2157) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2200x2157
I like how half of these options are more likely to help you get the fetishy death of your choosing rather than actually help you survive

I know that's why I'd pick being invisible
File: Butt.jpg (108 KB, 894x894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 894x894
I hope meganon comes back with that story soon.
I chose durability, because you never know when you just might get a piece of huge ass.

I really need to photoshop that disgusting League of Legends out of there.
File: Attack on Idaho.png (563 KB, 2248x2548) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Attack on Idaho.png
563 KB, 2248x2548
Updating with color!

Here's Glacier's Lyranylons

Here's the transparent
and here's the gif.
Tell me which colors you like the most.
Dark red or gray
>no gold
Gray was fine i guess
All the basic bitches wear black.
Gray is super unf
You'll never be in Lyra's leggings while she works out.
File: 1426470338329.png (493 KB, 800x698) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
493 KB, 800x698
Lyra butt bump
>You'll never be pinned to a wall by Lyra's butt
That's not a butt Anon, THIS is a butt worth being trapped by.
That reminds of the Cleveland Show
This is really setting the stage for meganon.
There's a problem...
She has no anus, nor a vagina...
How does this pony's anatomy work?
Dunnolol, that goes hand in hand with monsterhorsevoodoomagic
I like the Lyra butt better
>implying that would be a problem if you saw it coming down on you.

For a bit of brain food however, this is probably the scenario.

That "area" is normally as such seen in that picture, however extremely sensitive. So rubbing against it would be the equivolent of having someone brush against the head of your penis, or having a brush against your clitoris if ye be female. Continued brushing of this area will slowly reveal the vaginal opening, as it begins dripping with fluid, hastening the revelation at whatever is stimulating it. They are as much in control of it, as you are with erections, so not very much.

This works bi directionally as well, if something is brushing against the interior of either opening, it will reveal itself and let loose its interior, before reconstructing into the blank slate you see.

So, here's a scenario, Lyra shrinks you down, and lowers her rear toward you, as imagined in the picture. It lands on you, as you fall twain the blank space where her vaginal enterance would be. You kick and struggle in the darkness, hoping for some light, or some air. When suddenly, you hear a quelching sound from above you, and warm fluid dripping faster and faster on you. Lyra would undoubtably twitch and moan as each of your kicks and punches brushed against her soft flesh, she would begin to grind ever so slightly, to get more of the sensation. Thats when you find yourself encompasses in twitching flesh, fluid soaking you to the marrow. At which point, your foot gets caught in pulsating flesh. You see, Mares can control every muscle within their vaginas, and in this situation, it is akin to a fish biting down on bait. Lyra would instinctively arc upward, pulling her stimulant deeper within her, as she would knead it into whatever way would bring her the most pleasure. You would most certainly die a crushing death, however if the spasms of passion and orgasm don't kill you, you'd be would be sealed, as her enterence seals again.
File: DONT TRY TO ESCAPE.png (184 KB, 1082x739) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
184 KB, 1082x739
Now, that raises the question.

"But I could escape if I make it to the sealed enterance and stimulate it so that it may be opened! After all, it work bi-directionally!"

Which is an excellent point, even the trickle of urine could expose the opening, however lets go back to what we discussed before. Mares have full vaginal control, if she doesn't want you to leave, she won't let you. She'll feel you inside of her, and just pull you back to where you were, continuing to knead you with her muscles until you stop trying to escape, or simply die. If a toy ye be, then a toy ye shall be. However, she could expel you from within herself, and let you recover before she undoubtedly would do so again.

Long story short, if you are size disproportionate to a Mare, and she is sexually attracted to you, then your fate is solely within her realm of power. You are powerless, if she chooses to be a Praying Mantis, and let you die within her, she will do that. If she wants to let you live, she will do that.

Its a very dangerous world in the realm of Huge horses, and tiny Anons.
The vagina can seal back up, with you inside.
There is no reaction image for the erection reading that just gave me...
You may think to yourself however,
"But Im a stronk Anon, and I can do like a bajillion situps! I can climb out of any mares vagina if I please!"

This is a good point, however remember it is the predator that has the power, so if you make repeated attempts at escaping, when she doesn't want you to, mares will resolve this situation in the rare "undergarment" remedy, which ultimately result in your re-imprisonment. How does that work? Well, luckily for you, I have a scenario for you.

You've tried 3 times to escape Lyra's pulsating womb, and each time she pulled you back with a tidal force that weakened each time. You were tiring her out, you knew you could escape. Its a good thing you went to the gym so often! You drag yourself against the tepid slick flesh, like you are crawling through the battlelines of a war. You finally feel the soft flesh in front of you, you made it to the enterance! You brush up against it, before a small slit began to grow in front of you, blinding you with light. You slide out and breathe deeply.
"FREEDOM! SWEET GLORIOUS FREEDOM!" You cry out, before landing face first in dark nylon. You struggle against it, unknowingly making the enterance behind you grow larger and larger, before its fully agape, waiting to devour you once more.
"NO! NO! THIS CAN'T BE!" You cry out, before seeing the silohette of a hoof, coming toward your location. You kick back instinctively, and land your foot on that piece of pulsating flesh.

Once again, instinct takes over and Lyra pulls you deep within her womb once more.

And so, that is why some Mares wear underpants, and nylons.

The other times, its to keep things from going in.

Now excuse me, I have to go masterbate furiously.

The end.
I wish you'd posted this when I had a UTI 2 weeks ago.
I miss the horrible burning sensation that came along with an orgasm. It made it so much better to feel like I was shooting off strands of molten lead.
Can I have one of our dear draw friends draw something along the lines of this, without the whole Chocolate milk face?

Like, Dazzlings with Anon in their nylons,
Lyra, Twilight, anyone honestly. I have a GREAT need for this.

I did it mostly for keks and sleep deprivation.
Do smaller big ponies feel inadadequate by true titans?
I overslept!
Damn! It sucks when your cell phone battery is growing so weak that it starts posing a danger to your daily routine.
Posting now!

It wasn't really supposed to be that power-lewd this early in Lyra's week. I have this plan for exponentially increasing lewdness throughout the series. .. Hmm, we'll see though. I don't know if I can keep myself in my pants.
>"Here's your room for the week, Anon."
>Lyra leads you into a nicely decorated and also fair-sized room. In the room is a tidy workbench and a couch filled with colourful pillows.
>A moderately sized window leads to the back yard, several potted plants decorating the wide inside windowsill.
>There's also a pony chair/stool--rather similar to a human chair, only larger, bulkier and without armrests--in one of the room's corners next to a small table with a large crystallophone.
>Hm, that's pretty sweet.
>There are paintings on every wall, and an unlit candle is on the workbench.
>The warm glow of a simple chandelier's alchemical lamps gives the room a cozy feel.
>All in all, the room's colours and decor give you a feeling of creativity and art.
>"I guess it's my 'music room' or something.. I usually play here, or convert it into a workroom of sorts when I have lots to do or enough guests over that I have to move things up from downstairs."
>The couch is--like most other pony couches--enormous; low to the ground, long, and wide as fuck.
>"I'll go get you some bedsheets and a blanket."
>She trots back out into the hallway.
>Well, this could be nice. The room was big enough, and the couch would be like a king-size bed for a human.
>Besides, you could stay out of Lyra's hair. Keep to yourself a bit.
>You put your bag down next to the couch and sit down on it.

>It was a rather dandy dark blue couch with ochre embellishments along the back cushions and armrests.
>Wide enough for you to lie down straight backwards from sitting and still not touch the backrest with your head. You do just that.
>Dayum.. this would make a fine bed. The colourful pretty pillows wouldn't hurt either.
>You get up and walk over to the workbench with the candle.
>You turn the tiny ignition crystal in the candlestick, and the candle lights.
>As you run your hand over the workbench, you realize you could use it for projects, should the need to fix somepony's small yet complex (most often mechanical) problem suddenly arise.
>That way you wouldn't have to head home or find some other place to do emergency work, anyway.
>You walk over to the table with the crystallophone and sit down on the slightly oversized chair.
>You'd seen quite a few models around.. Whilst simple in design and operation, the audio quality sadly left much to be desired.
>(Then again, pony music wasn't really that sophisticated either. ..that, or maybe the harmonies and progressions were simply lost somewhat on your alien nature.)
>You reach over and adjust the primary attenuation crystal, before clicking a dark grey purplish-iridescent disc into place.
>(They called them "vinyls" yet you were fairly certain that the material wasn't what you were used to, even though the properties seemed similar.)

>Glancing at the crystalline-yet-slightly-flexible disc, you see a small label with "Heartstrings" scribbled on it stuck to its middle.
>Just as you're about to push the reader-ring into position, Lyra enters the room bearing a stack of assorted textiles.
>The gentle smile on her muzzle disappears when she sees you about to turn on the machine.
>"O-oh! Please don't-.. I mean-.."
>You withdraw your hand, raising an eyebrow at the green mare.
>She visibly swallows, blinks a few times, and slowly levitates the stack of bedding down on the couch.
>"It's just that-.. Well, I don't think it's time for that now. Let me find you something worthwhile to listen to."
>You nod, looking at her closely, and stand up.
"Yeah no worries, I was just checking out the room. Just being curious."
>She smiles, although you think there might not be as much joy in it as you're used to seeing.
>The telltale sound of her magic intensifies as she starts fixing up the couch.
>Pillows, pillow covers, the blanket and sheets whirl about in a veritable textile whirlwind as she prepares your bed.
>You start unpacking your things as well, insofar as moving your toiletry bag and bag could be called unpacking anyway.
>Mama didn' raise no foo' tho
>You're now thoroughly curious as to what's on that vinyl plate.
>Poor Lyra seemed awfully flustered, so you guess asking--even indirectly--will have to wait.
Sorry I forgot. Here's the first part, for those unsure of what this is: http://pastebin.com/uz011n8F


>Smiling to yourself, you assume you'd probably be embarrassed as well over someone else hearing your own voice or playing.
>You finish up the room quickly enough, leaving you to marvel and look forward to your own king-sized bed.
>Eventually, the both of you head downstairs to the living room again.
>You sit down in a large comfy chair meant for a single pony as Lyra goes to the kitchen.
>"Would you like some tea, Anonymous?"
"Yeah, sure!"
>"What kind?"
"Uh..The same as you."
>What are you, British?
>(.. Well, you don't really know now, do you?)
>Besides, instead of Earl Grey it would probably be Lady Lovelace or Duke Dogood or somesuch here.
>After a little while Lyra comes back to the living room bearing two cups.
>..You estimate the amount of tea in your cup (or mug, rather) to be about a quart. Welp.
>Lyra herself places her cup on the table and lies down on the massive couch.
>Even with the huge mare, there's still room for half-a-pony more.
"So Lyra, why did you join the poetry club?"
>She smiles and flicks an ear.
>"Well, a friend of mine--she's a cellist for the Ponyville Philharmonic--knows a lot about musical history. Not as much as Symphony, I think, but then again.."

>She blinks.
>"..I don't really know Symphony that well. Anyway, Octavia--my friend--was telling me about how in ancient Equestrian music, the libretto was way more important than today."
>As you sip your tea, you realize it's actually not bad. Could be a tad sweeter, but at the same time its pepperminty freshness is great on its own.
>Huh. How about that.
>"So, in a rush of inspiration towards finding out more about classical and pre-classical Equestrian lyricism, I thought poetry would be a great place to start."
"And how do you find it?"
>"Well.. They're a great bunch, that's for sure. All in all, I like it. Some of the poetry can be really boring, of course.. You should've heard Symphony before you joined us."
>She tilts her head back in thought.
>"Back then she actually recited from time to time.. Celestia.. I don't know whether it was boring or disturbing.. Anyway-"
>Lyra smiles at you again.
>"What about you? Why did you join?"
>You sigh, setting your large tea-mug back on the table.
"I was-... coerced."
>"Wh-.. By whom?"
"Princess Twilight.. Thanks to a wayward suggestion from Mayor Mare who overheard Twilight giving me a speech on fitting in and integrating more."
>A few seconds pass, before Lyra hesitantly glances at you
>"Wow. They were-uh.. on you from the start, huh?"
>You grimace and take a swig of tea again.
"God damnit, yes. First 'politely coerced' recruitment, then mandated social experiment."

>You sigh again, staring down into the slightly tinted liquid in your cup.
>Eventually, Lyra speaks up, softly
>"W-well.. I think it's lovely that I have the chance to get to know you better."
>Glancing at the green mare, you see she's also studying the bottom of her teacup.
>She's also blushing slightly.
>Heh, aww. Such a kindhearted gi- mare.. She probably has few friends around, and so feels lonely.
>Well, you can relate.
>Wait what?! No way, son. You sayin' you needin' help now?
>N-no. B-baka.
"I think getting to know you will be awesome too, Lyra."
>She looks back at you, her large golden eyes sparkling with a question.
>A few seconds go by.
"So, did you grow up in Ponyville?"
>She startles slightly, blinking, before replying
>"Huh? Wha-.. Oh, no. No, I grew up in Detrot, but moved to Ponyville because of the demand for string instrument repairmares."
>Well alright then.. that doesn't really tell you anything, though.
"I see. But why did you m-"
>"Enough about me already, you simply HAVE to tell me more about the world you're from!"
>She grins excitedly.
>"Is it really true that you're from another world?! I know it said so in the Celestial Times and stuff, but you never know, right?"
>You scratch your head, somewhat dreading the impending relapse into trying to figure out your past..
"Hmm.. Well, you see-.."

>For a few seconds you ponder the possibilities of being in the same universe, based on what you can recall about modern Earth physics and cosmology..
>Supposing it COULD even be possible that you're in the same universe, it would be highly unlikely.. but you guess the term "other world" could apply in either case.
>"Yes, I'm from another world. I remember it clearly and vividly, it's just-.. there's one thing missing."
>"What's that?"
>Lyra frowns in confusion.
"I can't-.. for the life of me remember anything about myself or my own life.. Who my parents were, family, anything like that.. I-.. I don't even remember which country I used to live in."
>Might as well tell her the truth. No use in lying about things like these, and over the last four months you'd come to terms with it anyway.
>..Sort of.
"It's like all the info is there: concepts, history, known figures.. but myself, I-.. Everything concerning myself just-.. isn't."
>You take another sip of tea, before shaking your head slowly.
"I can't explain it. At the same time I feel as if I should be feeling more uncomfortable concerning this, but I just don't. I still feel that I'm-.. 'me' somehow."
>Sighing, you put your cup back on the table.
"I suppose it'll come back in time. Or at least I hope so."
>..Do you now? ..Sure about that, Anonymous?

>You swallow, and shake your head.
>Glancing up at Lyra again, you see she's absolutely enthralled with everything you're saying; her lips slightly parted and her ears pointing straight up.
>And-.. there's that sparkle in her eyes again. Huh.
>"I didn't know that.."
"Yeah, heh.. Well, as I said, it's not soul-wrenchingly discomforting. ..oddly enough. I'm fine."
>She nods slowly, repositioning herself slightly on the couch.
>"And what's your world like? In the news articles about you there was-... almost nothing. Are you really the only sentient species?"
>You nod.
"Yep. I guess you could see us humans as-.. the caretakers of our planet. Granted, there's been some ecological trouble because of us in the past, but we've always had enough concerned majorities to not let it go too far."
>You think back to the calm, gentle tone in which Celestia, Luna, Cadance and Twilight had inquired about your world..
>About how you gave them the bare minimum; enough to pique their curiosity, enough superficial stuff to sufficiently sate it.
>You knew from the look Celestia gave you that at least she knew there had to be more to it, though.
>But she didn't judge you.
>..The wisest, most respected princess of a nation of kind-hearted giant equines..
>Never once had she looked at you in distrust.
>Her soulful eyes might just pull confessions about every sin in existence out of you.
>(..that is, had you remembered committing any)

>Damn. ..and if you had, she'd probably still forgive everything, and console you wholeheartedly throughout.
>"How is it like? Pretty much everything the newspapers said was that it was very technologically advanced..?"
"Well, yes."
>That was pretty much the extent of the specificity you had shown the princesses too.
>You didn't even want to hint at something that could introduce human technology in Equestria.
>..at least not yet.
>Their medicine, for instance, was rather lacking in scope (whilst the art of medicinal and healing magic was a science all on its own--and a huge one at that)
>..They would certainly benefit from human "physical" medicine, all potential differences in physiology and biochemistry aside.
>So.. You guess you could drop some clues here and there about germ theory or something.. how vaccination worked..
>Doing such a thing would most likely change their world, however. ..and knowing whether such a change is for better or worse..
>.. Shit. You guess you'll wait for now. Besides, you're fairly certain you don't in-depth knowledge of any particular science at all.
>Oh well, you could just chalk THAT up to being mysteriously vague. Heh.
"It IS a marvellous place.. Let me tell you about some of our cities..-"
>You sit for a while, telling Lyra about Earth and its wonders. She stares at you wide-eyed all throughout, asking questions now and then.

>You tell her approximately as much as you told Twilight about Earth; Hinting at humanity's wars in the past, and the socio-political stability amongst the developed countries in recent times..
>Being deliberately vague here and there, you can see she's wholeheartedly intrigued, leaning towards you so as to not miss a word.
>You tell her about the lunar landings long ago, the Mars colonies and the space elevator on Borneo.
>When Lyra asks about human sociality and culture, you explain to the best of your ability that it's hideously complex, yet surprisingly uniform in its conventions due to over a century of near-worldwide internet access.
>As the hours go by, you start getting more and more enthusiastic.
>Consequently, it takes more and more willpower to.. well, regulate what to tell her or not.
>Eventually though, as Lyra laughs at your telling of some weird fact concerning Earth cartoons, you notice you're getting hungry.
"Say.. What do you say we get something to eat?"
>She jerks her head around toward the kitchen.
>"Oh, damn! I forgot all about that.."
>She sighs wistfully, flicking her long tail about as she smiles at you.
>"I'd love to hear more later, though.."
"Sure thing, Lyra."
>She gets up just as you do and trots toward the kitchen, levitating your tea mugs along.
>"I'll get started on dinner, you just make yourself at home."
"Well, in that case I'll definitely help you out."

>"Oh, there's no need. You're a guest, Anonymous!"
>You cringe as you briefly consider the concept of having guests...
>That is, there are two kinds of guests: Firstly and--by far--mostly, those that you constantly feel you have to "entertain" or wait upon.
>Good fun if they're good friends or people of course, but in the long run they'll wear you out.
>Then there's the other kind: Those so close to you, whether due to family, good old friendship or interpersonal chemistry, that they take care of themselves.
>Helping you out around the house, fixing food for themselves (and you, from time to time!)..
>Damn, guests like that could stay nearly forever, lessening your burden as a host instead of increasing it.
"Nah, I'm not going to be that kind of guest."
>You smile at her.
>She grins back at you as you follow her into the kitchen.
>..You swallow hard as you suppress the odd sensation of not remembering whether or not you've ever had any guests before..
>So how the fuck do you-?
>God damnit.
>Welp, no use in thinking about that when you're about to cook with a beaut-..uh.. nice young mare.
>Shaking your head to clear away the heretical thoughts, you start following Lyra's instructions.
>She instructs you in making an eggplant gratin with cheese and a proper salad.
>When the time comes to consume your mutual culinary masterpiece, you sit on one of Lyra's pony-chairs around her kitchen table.

>The ponies were fond of using chairs that actually resembled human-sized ones in height, at least when not sitting on pillows or the floor.
>Their tables were also at a not too far-off height for human use.
>All in all, the meal is a pleasant one, interspersed with casual conversation and light joking.
>Afterwards, you help your green-furred host clean up.
>She hums adorably to herself nearly all while you do so.
>When cleaning the dishes, you eventually notice her humming has stopped.
>Glancing at her, you see she's watching your work.
"What is it?"
>She leans closer towards you, seemingly inspecting your hands.
>"Oh, it's just-.. those hands of yours sure are useful."
>She steps closer to you and the sink.
>"For earth ponies and pegasi, doing the dishes or other things like that are lengthy rituals that often the whole family joins in on, unless one of them is a unicorn."
>She smiles lightly.
>"I tried learning a cleaning spell for dishes once, but it was too hard. It's still fairly quick using simple telekinesis, though."
>You nod at the green mare as you finish up.
>Together you head back into the living-room, content to sit as you did earlier and talk about more small things.
>Lyra asks you about your initial settling in Equestria; about how you were treated and how you felt.
>You can feel her dying to know more about Earth, but she probably believes touching the subject too much in one day will be bad for your emotional health.

>After some time has passed she starts yawning, hiding each adorable yawn behind a hoof.
"You should probably get to bed, huh? Work tomorrow, right?"
>She nods, eyes half closed in an adorable tired manner.
>"Yeah. ..and then for the rest of the week as usual, until the weekend."
>She lays her head down on her forelegs, smiling and looking at you dreamily.
>"Any plans for tomorrow? I asked Mr. Note if it was alright for you to join me at work, and he said he would be thrilled to have you there. It's up to you though, of course."
>Well, you could just laze around all day, but you were far too restless for that.
>Also, you really weren't-..adjusted enough that simply strolling about Ponyville and doing nothing would relax you.
>Staying at Lyra's place and hoping for some of your own work to find you was a possibility. That, or you could visit your regulars, see if they needed anything dexterously handled or fixed.
>After a moment's thought, you decide that coming with Lyra to work would be the best option, if not just to try it out.
"Alright, I'll come with you tomorrow, then. I hope it's okay with you, and not just your boss..?"
>The large green mare smiles tiredly as she gets up from the couch.
>"Of course it is, Anon~"
>She stretches languidly and starts heading up the stairs.
>"Well, I'm off to bed. Want me to wake you, or..?"
>You're about to reply that you have your own crystal timekeeper that Twilight got you
>..except you left it at your own place.

"Yeah, that would be great. Thanks."
>You follow her up the stairs.
>Before parting ways to prepare yourselves for bed, you stop the mint green mare.
>She turns towards you and looks down at you questioningly.
>You step toward her until you're right in front of her plushy chest.
>She lifts a foreleg slightly, unsure of what you're doing.
>Embracing her and resting your arms on her back, you gently press your cheek against the side of her warm, velvety neck.
"Thank you, Lyra. I feel much better about this whole thing already, all thanks to the hospitality you've shown me today."
>She shifts slightly, and then sighs softly. You feel her body relaxing.
>"Uh-... I-.. I didn't really-.."
>She bends her neck down to reciprocate the hug, and a few bangs of her mane cascade down around your head.
>You feel her foreleg curl behind you, pressing you against her ever so slightly.
>"Y-you're-..y-you're welcome.. Anonymous."
>You stroke her mane a few times and give the mare a final gentle squeeze.
>As you start to let go, you feel a slight reluctance on her part.
"I'll see you tomorrow then. Good night!"
>"Yeah... Tomorrow. Anonymous."
>Smiling at the huge pony mare, you start walking towards your room to get your toothbrush.
>Hearing no sounds of movement behind you, you glance over your shoulder, only to see a flustered and blushing Lyra still standing where you left her.

>When she sees you glancing at her, she startles and glances feverishly at everything but you.
>"Good night to you too!"
>Huh, such an odd mare.
>Smiling and waving at her, you head off into your room.
>A short while later, you're lying on the large couch-turned-guest bed in Lyra's 'music room'.
>The thought of being a guest of someon- somepony this kind makes you smile to yourself.
>You think back to the conversations you had, the dinner, and not to mention the cozy hug.
>This really wasn't that bad. Maybe this really was what you needed after all? Hm.
>As your eyelids grow heavy and your mind starts wandering off to wherever it strays right before sleep, you're reminded of something:
>A deep lustrous sparkle from a pair of gorgeous golden eyes.
>This really wasn't bad at all.

End, part 1 (day 1 and 2) of Lyra's week.
Just wanted to throw you a thanks for continuing this, I've been interested in it so far. Though I'm not gonna read it until after I wake up because it's too damn late.

Dumb question: is all the lewd surrounded around Lyra? I didn't follow the very beginning of the story but I saw you rattle off quite a few characters at the end of the last thread. What's their purpose?
You might just want to pastebin these things.
Well, Anon will be staying with all of them one week at a time throughout the series. Lewdness ensues!
Though I suppose Lyra will be the main "romantic interest"

ikr, damn it's just too long..
It's good to see this make a comeback. I've nearly forgotten all about it! When would the next update be?
I'll try to write somehing up for the weekend
Having a guardian of your choice is a neat option. You will have friend for cuddles.
There is no "very durable needle" option :^)
Holy shit, this is so fucking scary.
>choosing to be invisible, merely to watch
Or you could choose to teleport yourself into... places.
>Celestia as guardian
At least bigpones would be very careful not to hurt you on your visits to Ponyville or such.
So whoever hurts you even in the slightest basically becomes enemy of the state? Like, wow, dude.
And, everypony will be vying for your utmost adoration in hopes of garnering royal favour!
Plus, just imagine reading a miniature book while snuggling atop a sleeping Celestial nose.

>You climb over to her ear, and whisper into it.
"Thank you my kek'est of waifus"
>You wrap your arms around her soft white-furred ear in an embrace.
>The ensuing flick sends send you careening across her muzzle.
>Her huge eyes slowly open, before focusing on you.
>She smile, half closing her eyes again before murmuring
>"I heard that."
Not that I like Celestia much, but you can see the possibility of becoming equestrian power behind the throne, amirite?
Hell yusss

>The princess of the night just stares at you, her mouth open.
"..Just a thought, in any case. Sweet dreams, Luna."
>You whistle and walk over to the edge of her bed, whistling.
>Philomena squawks happily and lands on it next to you.
>"..Good-... good night, Anonymous. We will.. think on what you have said."
>Giving the phoenix a loving pet, you climb up so that you straddle her neck.
"Oh, it was mostly your ideas.. I don't know how you do it, Luna.. but you're always so wise and firm in matters of state. I admire that. See you later."
>Philomena takes off with a shriek, setting out for Celestia's chambers.
>Oh.. Tomorrow's council would be interesting indeed..
>Besides, you never liked those minotaur tribes anyway.
In case of war we introduce magically enchanted katyushas. There is no possibility this could end badly.
I assume you mean the rocket launcher?
although a Tupolev airplane bomber or a submarine would be nice too, I guess

>Klaxons blared momentarily, before a deathly silence fell over the deck.
>Silence except for the ever-present hum of the gigantic zeppelin's engines, of course.
>Bigpones in various uniforms immediately started moving.
>Gauges and readings were checked. and hushed voices could be heard again.
>Among the chatter of excited equines, you stretch, leaning back atop your gilded pillow.
>The view from the center of the command bridge really was spectacular.
>"Commander Anon, sensors indicate successful activation.."
>The enormous uniformed mare that knelt beside you was light brown, with a dark grey mane tied back in a knot.
>Her huge blue eyes loomed before you as she glances about nervously.
"Good. Double check S7s and let me see the readings from forward counters.
>"At once, commander."
>Nopony fully knew how the equipment worked, but they sure had learned how to work it.
>The mare bowed her head and galloped off.
>Every pony on the bridge had frightened eyes, some of them casting glances in your direction.
>You stand up in your little nest-like command chair.
"Maroon Point! Come here!"
>The deep red mare immediately appeared next to the command-chair.
"Let me ride your head."
>She saluted, and held her head so that you could climb onto her.
>You motion, and she trots over to the fore window.
>.. Mushroom clouds were beautiful.
>I assume you mean the rocket launcher?
The truck with rockets, yes. I suppose that this enchantment made rockets go full tsarbomb. That is good.

Now, how I see the ending, this is purely my vision, not a suggestion. Anon's knowledge and advices help win the war. Then he suggests his guardian princess to administrately divide her domain in two parts. Anon takes one as Governor, Luna takes second. They are equal to each other, but subordinate to Celestia who is declared Empress. Happy end.

And please pardon autism.
Sounds like good quality Russian autism, Anon
>tfw you will never command crew of bigpones during combat.
>tfw you will never watch everyone freaking out in a goofy manner when your ship of the line takes a few hits.
>tfw you will never reestablish order and watch as your crew snaps to and resumes their stations to continue the fight.
"Yar, be ye monstermares or be ye whorses, split your lungs with blood and thunder! When you see the white sail, break your backs and crack your horns mares, If you wish to prevail!”
>tfw you will never eventually take a lucky shot and have your flagship go down.
>tfw you will never afterwards be stuck with your entire crew, floating across a lake on a raft made up of bigpones holding tightly to one another.
"Yar, the ground invasion's on!"
>Lyra being main romantic interest
Very yes.
File: 14030274392117.png (18 KB, 141x103) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 141x103
>Anon will be staying with all of them
wow this story seems like a massive undertaking. Good luck, hope you can keep your motivation up.

>featureless crotch
>heavy powerplay
You somehow managed to appeal to /everything/ I like in bigpones
>I'm not the only one who likes bigpone with featureless crotch
My nigga
I know.. Thanks, I'll do my best

Also.. is that a-.. chemical structure formula unicorn? ..with Feynman diagram components?
Princess Nucleuna?
Photona Fusion and her assistant Quark?
Decay dogs?
nuclearpone general when
>tfw all the protons, neutrons, and electrons in your body aren't just subatomic pones
Queen Uranium
Do she got da booty?
>tfw when your life is all a grand adventure where you solve problems and defeat supervillains, all with various supernatural powers, granted to you by the ponies comprising your body.
>tfw they will never cheer you on at your first prom night, giving you all kinds of advice for getting to kiss that girl.

>tfw you'll never be separated from your own body and shrunk down to atom-sized, all by a villain
>Finally able to meet your closest atom-pone friend, who's also in love with you.
>tfw episode ends like these things always do: you go back to your own size, she managing to hide her feelings. Only the viewer sees her tears after she wished you farewell.
I like this stuff.
Why do I like this idea?
She will squirm under your gentle touch, sigh even so slightly when you will whisper love-words to her ear, and in the end eventually explode with love when you will manage to give her so much of yourself if you know what I mean that she will reach critical mass.
Because of those double dubs
>Not staying atom-sized
>Not growing your tiny mare-friend.
>Not wanting to become sub-atomic
>growing a subatomic pony that could be anywhere in your body to a normal pone size
Might not end well
I sort of want to be subatomic due to being a complete chemistry nerd. Seeing molecules and compounds and reactions all at that scale seems like it'd be awesome
Not becoming bighorse's voice of reason hidden in the mane, telling it to burn things.
Like, extra pleb, dudes.
Damn, from macro-sized megapones to sub-atomic ones.

>"Joining us today will be professor Planch String! Arguably the smallest, largest repository of knowledge on quantum magic."
File: 88530960.png (212 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
212 KB, 500x500
You spawn in Equestria at an inch tall. You may choose any of these four rings.
File: large.jpg (125 KB, 1280x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 1280x768
>"Gee, Anon. This sure is autistic."
You can create things with your mind.
You can become invisible.
You have a decoy you can use once a day, but he follows you around constantly and sounds super asian.
You can make ponies hear the sound of a phone ringing from anywhere.
>The One Ring
>inb4 something like the scene from the second Hobbit movie when Bilbo is fleeing from Smaug, only instead it's Anon and a pony
File: 1394641950589.jpg (71 KB, 413x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
71 KB, 413x395
File: sleepover.png (104 KB, 700x521) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104 KB, 700x521
Sleepover with big pone?

Be careful. She tends to roll around in her sleep
*ring ring ring*
She hears voices. I am the only one to stop it. I tell it to be obedient. I am gentle and tell it to be good.
File: 1404534086382_png.jpg (26 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 400x400
>you will never be someone's entire universe.
>they will never complete you.
>you will never literally be someone's entire universe
File: 1414537305543.jpg (332 KB, 1200x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
332 KB, 1200x750
or the other way around..

>you will never go for a walk away from it all
>deep in the woods, atop a small rocky hill, you'll never look up at the night sky
>you will never whisper to the cold, quiet winds about your daily life
>you'll never end by asking if She is really there
>tfw the universe never sweetly will reply:
"Always, my sweet, sweet Anon."
Bigpone, in whatever form, will not be reached.
We are all sentenced to death.
We give our lives to country we were born.
We wake as pones.
File: Sequoiabeutiful.png (299 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299 KB, 700x700
I want to kiss Sequoia.
I want to do it too, Anon, but we are not possible.
Reminder that people worship this oc and call her their goddess.
Reminder that the 'giantess stallion' just recolors artwork to look like his oc
Reminder that DA is full of autism
>They say the universe is cold and ruthless.
>They are wrong.
>In the moments since its conception, a burst of warmth and energy, the nuclear furnaces of stars twinkle and exude.
>According some wild theories, there are possibly limitless numbers of universes.
>Every universe forms a special tie to a certain creature in it, should there be life at all.
>The tie is to a random intelligence, and most go raving mad from the revelation brought by the connection to the universe.
>Some, merely embrace it.
>Such are the great sages and oracles of legend.
>But in the modern day of awareness, one such being finds itself connected to the universe, and he is merely content to bask in it.
"Where am I?"
>"I don't know. Somewhere," comes the reply.
>He is too small for the other end of the connection to even begin to put a name on the location.
>The planet, solar system, it was too small for her to define.
>Sometimes she wondered if he was in her mind, on her hoof, in her hair, dangling by a thread on her tail, or somewhere deep inside.
>His descriptions did not match any part of her she knew of, and yet there was this constant feeling every time they communicated.
>A close warmth.
>A tinging that ran along her spine, but he couldn't be in all those places at once.
>Wherever he was, she was happy, proud, even, that it sounded relatively safe.
>An entire world of life, connected to her, living with her, and yet, she couldn't even place where they were on her.
>She sometimes dreamed that she could visit wherever that place was or could even pull him out of there and place him on top of her nose so they could see one another.
>Descriptions only went so far.
>In the mean time; suns radiated, nebulae formed new worlds, and galaxies spun within her all encompassing self and she would rest soon, content in her knowledge, even if it confused her.
File: 1423169651704.png (293 KB, 900x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
293 KB, 900x700
Wish there was more of this horse.
nighttime bump
So if Starlight Glimmer equalized a bunch of ponies and then shrinked one of them would the rest shrink as well to be equal?
File: sequoia.png (168 KB, 651x657) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168 KB, 651x657
experimenting with transperancy, don't mind me.
File: coco growsplosion.jpg (209 KB, 747x557) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
coco growsplosion.jpg
209 KB, 747x557
Morning bump
Jesus fuck, I need to be restrained from using computer when drunk. This is shameful.
Goat drew r63 big pones. We need more of this
Say what now? What have you done, Anon?
didn't you stallion people already get a new fucktoy in the S5 premiere?
>not wanting r63 big mac and shining armor.
Come on now, I've seen a few pics just from browsing around and those girl versions are adorable.
File: Shining.png (171 KB, 900x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 900x700
>not wanting regular Shining
Possible macrobro fun, shame it is hardly expanded on.
I'd pick Shiny, probably be safest with him.
File: 10330728093499.png (140 KB, 960x895) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
140 KB, 960x895
>3 terrible pons to choose from
>they're literally all white unicorns
goat confirmed for bigoted shitlord
r63 Shiny is in my opinion flat-out best r63 pone.
Those girl versions really are cute as hell
He certainly needs to check his priviledge :^)
as if earthies can be big
newsflash everyone else walks on the earth
Neat pic. Love the ponut.
Hnnnngwhat is this I don't even

>supposed to feel like "fuck it, it's furry"
>feels more like "want to fuck it, even if furry"

Nice drawing, at any rate
She has a cute butt
Okay I can let two of the three go as a matter of
>not liking Rarara
Go git ketchuped underhoof by a big Dress Horse you plebasaurus :^)
if you let me watch and fap to it I'll forgive you
File: large(2).png (268 KB, 1218x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
268 KB, 1218x1024
>"Anon I heard you liked this specific article of clothing. Why're you turning red? Are you mad?"
File: large.jpg (274 KB, 421x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
274 KB, 421x1024
Seeking input
Are you asking our age or how old the board is?
Saw that in the other thread, already voted.
>Under 5
I hate everyone of those cliches.
I want to feed bigpone a big corn. But the corn tree has not born fruit.
Corn doesn't grow in trees, it's a root.
Tell that to Sequoia, the Heretic.
I was going to link the goattrain stream going on but there's no big horses unfortunately. Only furries goddamit
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