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Ponies that can't kick the habit
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Pain is eternal! - Edition
This thread is about ponies that are addicted to Anons cum.

So far, only three writefags and two drawfags have stepped up.
Feel free to contribute your own write- or drawfagging to the thread.
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>"SO, Cross."
>"Hows about writing us some more green?"
>"Or do I have to take 'steps' to ensure you don't leave us?"
good lord the movie that I think that image is based on was pretty damn creepy.
Summoning writefags
Don't poke me. Or I will fap.
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>"OK, Anon's way didn't work."
>"Lets do it by the book and see what happens."
Get back in the physique thread Oni, you're freaking us out man.
Also Cross said in the evening, in Germany it's only 5:30pm, he's probably still at work
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Sweetie Horror.jpg
142 KB, 1280x905
Who dares summon me?!
Technically, I'm already at home. Just have to do some stuff that has piled up the last few days.
File: Raribump.gif (832 KB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okay. Time to start writing again.
Also bump and such things.
Fuck yeah.
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Twi preening.jpg
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>He must surely smell how aroused you are... Your marehood began dripping since the moment you entered the shower with him.
>Stupid, sexy human. What does he do to you? Why does he make you so horny?
>This isn't normal... But you like it, so you don't care too much. Nevertheless, you keep it in mind.
>No, he is still just staring. Not even touching you a tiny bit. Looks like you have to take the initiative.
>Or maybe, he wants you to take it... That would be even hotter.
>With a flick of your tail, you get his attention.
“Eyes are up here, stud. I thought you wanted the plot to my story and not my own plot.”
>He blushes and laughs.
>”Oh well... After I took a closer look at yours, I think I might have changed my mind.”
>You raise an eyebrow.
“What about your “bruised and spongy flesh”? I don't want to hurt you.”
>”Eh, I can endure that. Don't worry about it”
“Aww... Maybe I should kiss it better?”
>And he could do something with his mouth too...
>You blew him several times now, but he never really ate you out.
>Well, he did it a bit. Not for long however, since you already came when he stuck his tongue in.
>Yeah~ That is exactly the right treat right now.
>Licking your lips, you scoot your hindquarters closer towards your boyfriend's face.
“But you would have to kiss something back there too... It got so much punishment today, that it is a bit sore.”
>Teasingly slow, you raise your tail. Revealing your wet and glistening pussy to Anon, bit by bit
>You can hear him breathe faster and faster as your mask begins to engulf him.
>Celestia be damned... It's a pity that he can't smell your pheromones, but at least he seems to enjoy the smell of your excitement.
>His cock already begins to leak a small rivulet of his pre... The urge to just lap it up is almost overwhelming.
>Contenance Sparkle... You want some fun out of this, don't you?
>And if you start licking his glorious, pulsating shaft now, you wouldn't be able to stop.
>He has to do his part first. Earn his prize so to speak.
>Anon puts his hands on your cutie marks and gently kneads the flesh underneath them.
>Grinning at you, he spreads your buttocks and lets his tongue graze the sensitive lips of your marehood..
>A hot shudder runs up your spine.
>That's the ticket~
“Ah! Anon~”
>”So, you want some of the good, old number sixty-nine?”
>Huh? What number now?
>You shoot him a confused look.
“Sixty Nine?”
>He laughs and slaps your rump. Eliciting a yelping moan from you.
>”Silly pony. That is how this position is called. When I eat you out and you blow me at the same time.”
>How interesting... Ponies call that “The Cancer” from the zodiac sign. But sixty-nine sounds kinkier.
>Giggling, you let your tail swish across his face.
>Not so fast~
“Who said that I'm going to blow you, stud? As far as I know, you are a few orgasms ahead of me.”
>His face takes a somewhat crestfallen look. How cute.
>Your gaze falls on his dick The fluid that runs down on it looks so inviting...
>Just one small taste can't hurt.
>You nuzzle his cock and lick the sticky stream off it..
>Salty and a bit bitter, with a sweet tang... Just how you like it.
>And more is soon to cum~
>Forcing yourself away from your boyfriend's penis, you beam him a sultry smile.
“If you do well enough, I might reward you.”
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That's it already for today Clop just takes longer to write. I will update tomorrow before work again, around 12am eurofag time.
Pastebin is updated:
Also I'm still looking for a good title for this story.
My favouritie from the last thread:
Viscous Love

And just for shits and giggles, my incredible cheesy title: Love as thick as honey

Have a nice night, mates.
File: top unf.png (257 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
top unf.png
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Night Based Roads, thanks for your work again today
File: 1423325547642.png (159 KB, 468x569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"Misery must not die" or something like that, right?
Too bad I never fully watched it, but goddamn that ending in the restaurant got me spooked as fuck

Also here's the 8th archived bread http://4archive.org/mlp/thread/22451542
bump before bed
Oh shit page 10?
We can't let Cross down!
File: Good morning.png (89 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Good morning.png
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Better not. Or I will find you....
Good morning!
That probably wouldn't take more than 7-10 hours
Hi CrossBob.
How the hell you can write so many high-quality blocks everyday?
Every germanfag is like that?
No, I am German and I suck, I have 2 stories on hiatus, CrossRoads is just fucking amazing
Will you be on Galacon?
I would like to hang with other not-too-well writefags...
File: Smiling Lyrehorse.png (42 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Smiling Lyrehorse.png
42 KB, 250x250
Maybe I have already found you?
Dunno. Writing is just fun. As long as I don't hang at one specific part for too long, then it starts to get frustrating
I manage to write around 3-4k characters of clop and around 6-9k of non-clop material per day. I don't know if that is that much.
Jeff Mango writes at the same pace as me, if I'm not mistaken.
But I'm flattered you called my stuff high-quality. Thanks.
Oh you~
>His smile from before returns, cockier than ever.
>Looks like you have awakened his competitive spirit. Wonderful.
>You are going to blow him either way he is doing good or not.
>There is no doubt of him doing well anyway... And his dick looks far too delicious to turn it down.
>Note to speak of the stuff which will soon coat every taste bud you call your own with it's sticky, creamy texture.
>By Celestia, you want to taste his cum now. Feeling it's stickiness gumming up your jaws and slowly running down your throat.
>You catch yourself getting closer and closer to his penis with your awaiting mouth open, but you manage to stop just in time.
>It would be a shame if you were too distracted to fully enjoy your boyfriend's tongue.
>Giggling you give his glans a quick kiss and propel yourself gently forwards.
>Your soapy chest, teats and stomach graze and glide over his rock-hard member more than once. Taking it with them as they slide over it.
>Eliciting several deep moans from Anon.
>Maybe you should do that, instead of sucking him off... He seems to like it well enough. You wanted to wash him anyway and sliding all over his body is kind of fun.
>His seed though... You will have to think of something.
>Magic is out of the equation, since you suspect it of corrupting it's effect.
>Meh... Your mind is far too hazed with lust to think of a solution to this problem. Let's deal with that when it occurs.
>One last time, you let your body brush over your boyfriend's shaft and come to a stop on his stomach.
>Achieving a sitting position on his now slick body is a bit troublesome, but you manage.
>Licking your lips, you scoot a bit closer to his face.
>And closer.
>He locks his arms behind your rump, allowing you to angle your hips in a way that gives him full access to your marehood.
>Pony anatomy can sometimes be so troublesome when it comes to interspecies lewdness... But he just knows how to sidestep this issue.
>One more time, you close the distance between your sanctum and his mouth. No more than a hairbreadth of air is between them.
>You put your front hooves on his head and let your hind legs embrace it. His hands wander up your back, steadying you even more.
>Anon looks directly into your eyes. His hot breath directly hits your sensitive, swollen lips.
>It drives you wilder and wilder by the second.
>The anticipation of finally feeling his tongue on and inside you is nearly unbearable now.
>Your clit pops out of it's hood, pushing a small spate of your nectar out.
>It flows from your groin on his sternum, creating a little pool.
“T-Taste me...”
And I'm off to work. I should be home around 10 pm, with this training thing I have to attend to
More clop in the evening mates.
Have a nice day.
Chill bro. Power over 9990.
As long as I can fap, I do.Oh I do. My bodys reactions cannot lie about quality of your amsterpiece.
Hah. It's just ordinary greentext smut. But even for greentext smut, it's just average.
Yeah, bought Tickets already.

Maybe, Sleepy here, I'm pretty sure I once told you my Bundesland, so it's possible you already located my position and ordered orbital bombardements.
File: 1423391266001.gif (138 KB, 284x284) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 284x284
>it's just average.
>X-Roads story
I will buy in July. Depends when I will finish my studies.

I hope they will be available then.
Since I'm poorfag I can handle only cheapest one, but I was never into "free-but-paid-in-the-ticked" stuff.
Got the cheapest one myself, I can't do shit with the whole brony stuff you get for free there.
Only mlp stuff I wear are tanktops with cutie marks and shit, stuff that no one outside the show knows about
You know... I still need a proofreader...
I'm kinda reluctant to post my skype on 4chan, you got steam?
Good idea!
Try to find Fapman.
If that could help, I've signed to mlpcraft group.
There are 200 Fapmans on Steam, heh.
But apparently only 1 Sleepy Bastrd, Avatar is a Spitfire CM.

But I'm away for a few hours now, I'll accept when I get home
I will buy the cheapest one too, once I know if my holidays gets approved or not. The free stuff is usually not that amazing. Also I need the money to buy more autistic stuff there.
I fucking hope they have Wonderbolt Hoodies, I saw them when Season 1 was new and now they disappeared from the internet
I'm the only one with celestia.

We will hang out like CMC, but no homo!
Just added the only Fapman with Celestia I could find, see ya tonight or tomorrow
See yea!
Save day!
File: hnnnng.jpg (136 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
136 KB, 1000x1000
ayy lmao
Just saying that i'm still a bit busy, hence why i haven't returned to drawing yet. Sorry for not saying more. Currently sitting with a minus balance on my bank account. Drew for the first time in what feels like months today, pic rel8ed, m-muh OC. >inb4 unoriginal oc . I'll probably return to drawing here within the next week or so.

Keep up the good writing, man!
File: 123321.jpg (62 KB, 402x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 402x666
>not spoilering picture
Is anyone else experiencing this shit on Clover?
Doesn't work on /g/ for me either.

also, pic related, am i the only one who read the winnie-the-poop as "urine shit"?
This new recaptcha system is fucked up.
>9 no.
File: Squeak ! Squeak !.png (77 KB, 500x413) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Squeak ! Squeak !.png
77 KB, 500x413
Just got home. Going to chill for a bit now and then continue writing again.
File: Bookbutt bump.jpg (267 KB, 1280x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bookbutt bump.jpg
267 KB, 1280x1280
Slow writing bump
File: image.jpg (45 KB, 523x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 523x400
just look at this dubs
Eehh... Sorry, mates. But I'm not going to deliver tonight. Just too tired from all the extra shit I had to do today.
I barely managed to shit out 1k characters in 2 hours.
But I will update tomorrow before work again. Then the clop scene should be finished at least Twi's part.
Sorry again and good night. Keep it bumped.
It's alright, keep your shit straight, we come seconf m8
Bumping for lord CrossRoads
File: twilight bump.png (357 KB, 767x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
twilight bump.png
357 KB, 767x600
off to bed bump
sleep well
>Now sugarcube you can't really be serious here, Anon's cum that's disgusting.. Baby batter goes in the oven, eating it is just grosser then a inside out spider in maple syrup.
>Twi nodded in agreement
"I used to think so too, but I was the one who agreed to play truth or dare to help him come out of his shell. I couldn't just turn down the dare"
>Apple shivered at the idea.
>"Well thank goodness that stuff don't take long to collect, eh. So that's it for anon right.
"Actually um... well you see he is going to see me again tonight."
>"Twi dumpling what's going on in that princess head of yours but ya can't be serious. "
"Oh don't worry Aj, its for science. I just need to taste... I mean a sample of it to test if is has mental cognitive abilities."
>Twilight smiles as she puts on a fancy saddle for her date.
"How do I look."
>"It looks like ya leaping before looking but other then that ya look pretty good."
hm... go on... seems interesting
File: Twi Ooooooo.jpg (28 KB, 450x425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Good morning - bump
Could it be? Did finally some other writefag show up?
Go on mate.
Wump bump
Story time! Still a bit rough, but I will smoothen it out later.

>He laps part of the slick pond up before grazing over your lower lips with his tongue. Tracing their outlines with long, deliberate strokes.
>Each of them sending a blissful jolt of electricity up your spine and eliciting a husky moan from you.
>Slowly, it's advances approach your hooded pearl and teases it out of it's hiding place with gentle flicks.
>You pull his head closer to your dripping honey pot. Almost pressing it against your crotch in an attempt to get more from it even faster.
>And it works. Once your clit shows itself, he ceases the opportunity and wraps his lips around it. Sucking hard on it and hindering it's retreat.
>Your eyes shoot open and your mouth opens in a scream of pleasure.
“Yah! Anon!”
>The rapidly building up lust let's your hips move in their own. Grinding your most sensitive parts against his chin, soiling it with your lubrication and increasing your ecstasy even faster than before.
>If he isn't careful, you will reach your climax in mere seconds, which would be a real pity... All this hard work to finally get him between your legs, only to be over in a blink of an eye.
>You try to back your loins away, but your boyfriend's firm grip has your whole body more or less locked.
“Anon.. pleasssssnnnnghaa! ... Stop!”
>But he just blatantly ignores you and continues to mercilessly assault your clit, which franticly tries to retreat back into you.
>Your breathing gets faster and more irregular and your body wildly jerks around in his arms.
>Tell tale signs of a rapidly boding orgasm.
>Just before your pent up lust was about to release itself in a messy explosion of your juices, he lets go of your violated pearl.
>A deep sigh escapes your lips, and you use the moment of serenity to catch your breath.
>Breathing heavily, you take a look down to your boyfriend, who peppers kisses around your marehood.
>Each kiss is followed by a quick lick of his tongue and a soft gust of air against your thinly pilosed skin.
>Teasingly slow, he spirals inwards, towards your hot, leaking centre.
>Gently he lowers you onto his torso, as your body rocks around in his arms with each kiss, lick and whiff.
>Now lying on your boyfriends body, he takes a firm hold of your right thigh and moves his other hand to your teats.
>Slow and gentle at first, he begins to knead and tug at them. While his lips and tongue steadily approach your dripping honey pot.
>You close your eyes and gnaw on your lower lip as his caressing of your mammaries gets rougher and more violent.
>Finally he reached your swollen lips again and indulges them with fast flicks.
>At the same time, he pinches your left teat's nipple and forcefully pulls it upwards.
>The sudden burst of pleasure makes you jerk your hips up, forcing his tongue inside your tight, leaking tunnel.
>You cry out as you feel it penetrate your depths and parting your inner walls with it's powerful muscle.
>Hopefully, Spike didn't hear that.
>Anon let's go of your leg and lets his hand crawl up your stomach to your chest where it forms a claw.
>Deep it bores it nails into your soft skin and drags them downwards. Leaving a burning sensation in it's wake.
>Not exactly painful, but painful enough to satisfy your perverted mind.
>Instantly your brain is filled with desperate thoughts of flight and self-preservation.
>But you ignore your intellect's pleads. Shall they fuel your lust further and further.
>You can feel his tongue wiggling around in your most sensitive parts, like a snake that tries to catch it's prey in a burrow.
>It searches for a particular sensual spot and it's attempts to find it drives you wilder by the second.
“Ach... Anon!”
>His hand reached your stomach and joins it's brother at your mammaries. Grabbing your unattended teat and treating it to the same procedure.
>At last, it finds the small, rough hill that sits on the ceiling of your slick passageway and probes it hastily.
>The two front attack on your primary and secondary genitals is almost too much to bear.
>Another time your mouth gapes open. But no scream comes out. Only a long, sustained and husky moan escapes it.
>Your body jerks from side to side in attempt to get some of your pent up ecstasy out of your system.
>But to no avail... The familiar pressure in your loins builds up faster than you are able to release it.
>More and more of your nectar leaves your marehood as it spasms and convolutes around your boyfriend's tongue.
>You muster all your strength and concentration to lean towards Anon and put your front-hooves on his head.
>Pushing hard onto it, you force him to go even deeper into you.
“Anon! Aahh...! Faster.... I'm going to...”
>He lets it happen and presses his face against your almost vibrating pussy. All the while still roughly massaging your teats.
>Pinching, tugging and twisting their nipples in alternation.
>His tongue swirls around you like a whisk, stirring your juices deep inside you.
>Your mind goes hazy and you close your eyes another time to get the most out of the overwhelming pleasure you are experiencing right now.
>With one last flick of his tongue against your g-spot it's all over.
>Blue and pink stars appear before your inner eye and let loose with a violent twitch of your whole body.
>A wave of pleasure washes over you and your marehood clenches down hard on his dexterous muscle. Milking it desperately for seed that it will never get.
File: I am T to the W....jpg (176 KB, 750x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I am T to the W....jpg
176 KB, 750x1000
>A strong gush of your nectar is forced out of your cunt. Splashing against his chin and neck.
“Taste me!” you scream out, more loudly as you intended,
>You can hear him swallowing your love efforts as several smaller torrents leave your body.
“Drink me...!”
>He still continues to eat you out and assault your mammaries, prolonging your climax and intensifying it by a good bit.
>Your hooves, shaking from lust and exhaustion, press him even harder against your rapidly winking cunt.
>But soon your strength leaves you and you collapse onto your boyfriends torso with a wet slap noise.
>You breath heavily and yelp when you feel his tongue exiting you.
>Anon kisses your now over-sensitive clit and gently turns you around, so your head lies on his chest.
>He locks his arms behind your barrel and idly pets your back.
>The cloud still steadily sprays you both with it's warm rain as you enjoy the afterglow in his loving embrace.
>You bury your snout into the crook of his neck and whisper into his ear:
“Thank you, stud.”
And that's it. Until later mates.
Work is calling.
Almost forgot to shill my pastebin.
>A strong gush of your nectar is forced out of your cunt.
Welp, it could've been worse. You could've used "snatch".
Incidentally, I wonder why ❝female ejaculation❞ is so common in clop and furry fiction. Females don't ejaculate. Especially not bucketfuls of— well, it's never explained what exactly the "nectar" is. In reality, it'd be piss.

>bury your snout
Nose or muzzle. A snout is what pigs have.
Some females do. And as far as I know, mares fo that too when they reach an orgasm.
And yeah, of course it would be piss. In reality.
But this is fiction. Fiction about small, colourful, talking and magical equines. So I take some small artistic freedoms. Or whatever its called
There are two kinds of orgasm. The true one, as I like to call it since it's physiologically homologous to what males experience, doesn't normally involve squirting, but it may induce the production of what could be considered ejaculate (with no sperm cells in it, naturally). It's produced in very small quantities, though. The other one doesn't sometimes even warrant being referred to as orgasm. Real horses can't tell you what they're experiencing, so it's no wonder people often mistake various signs that are simply autonomic or voluntary reactions for an actual orgasm. The true orgasm is unmistakeable, though-- well, mostly. This is getting too specific, so I'll stop here.

>whatever it's called
Artistic licence is the phrase (or license if you prefer AmE). Although, in this case "erotic licence" or something like that would be more accurate. They say it should be invoked with the utmost caution, but since you apparently stick to common clop tropes, most readers won't give a damn about your creations possibly deviating from reality, though applied to a world of fantasy and magic. After all, it's extremely difficult to write a passage depicting superawesome sex that is at the same time realistic. It's possible, though. Unfortunately for me, realism seems to be my fetish. A mundane or kinky yet realistic sex scene makes me way harder than when I read about how the climax is incinerating your sympathetic neural pathways in its sheer intensity and nearly making you cum pure fire before blacking out from the neural overload. But that's just me.
Please continue sir
Well, to each his own. I like exaggerated stuff, especiall when it comes to orgasms. Huge, messy explosions of lust are just my thing, and my writing reflects that.
And I know that I sometimes lay up way too thick. For Anon I can use Twis spell as an excuse, but for Twi... Yeah, thats just fantasy.
Im sorry that I cant cater to your realism, but I hope you at least enjoy the non clop parts.
Which of the Mane Six would be most likely to drink?
Drink Anons cum or booze?
Green is what I demand.

I think most of them would drink some kind of Alcohol, maybe Twi and Flutters being the only ones who wouldn't.
Rara probably going for red wine, AJ and RD going for the harder Stuff and Ponka going batshit insane on mixing wodka with sweet stuff
File: drunk ponies.jpg (6 KB, 250x156) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
drunk ponies.jpg
6 KB, 250x156
This mostly, but I think Flutters and twi would on occasion but only stick to the small, light, and fruity kinds.
>most of them would drink some kind of Alcohol

All of them would:
AJ and RR ethyl alcohol
FS isopropanol
PP ethylene glycol, methanol, butanol
TS glycerol
RD cyclohexanol
File: 1420347249120.png (229 KB, 460x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
229 KB, 460x360

Who would drink good old fashioned beer?
Im at work, mate. And I wish I had some kind of alcohol now.
Take a break for fast fap.
yes hide amongst the old folks and jerk your gherkins while whispering stories of pony plots to them.
>9 nope.
Is there a story of ponies being addicted to violence instead of sex ITT ?
Maybe we should name this thread: Addicted Ponies
File: Overworked Rara.jpg (389 KB, 1280x953) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Overworked Rara.jpg
389 KB, 1280x953
So, I'm back home from a hellish day full of work.
And the best thing is: I have to be up again in six and a half hours.

No there isn't
That's a good idea. Maybe this will attract more writefags.
I'll be in favor to that. Adding some spice would be nice.

Man, any good website grammar checker suggestion ? I'd like to participate by making Pinkie Pie addicted to explosive like a maniac.
File: You're.gif (93 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 300x300
Sorry mate. I check my own grammar. And the parts tbat are still wrong afterwards, some other guy checks for me.
Just write it the way you think it sounds right. Don't worry, someone will show up and flame you :^)
This moment, when this is actually right.
And I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is an early shift again. But don't worry, I have written a bit and I will complete it tomorrow evening.
Good night mates.
Good night.
Time to bump this thread
page 8 bump
>You are Anon
>You have just went through an ordeal that changed from confused to comprehension.
>You were just walking along and suddenly as you stopped to look at flowers, a spider came up and bit you on your hand.
>You flinch and flick your hand a few times, thankfully getting rid of it.
>You get a good look at the spider, just before it meets its end by the bottom of your shoes.
>Looking back at the bite, you see a small red swollen mark on your knuckle.
>Keeping your cool, you go to the one Pony who may know about what to do.
>You stroll over to Fluttershy's house with a small bag of ice around your injury.
>Knocking at the door alerts all the animals in the house causing them to cry their unique sounds.
>Fluttershy eventually answers the door.

>"Oh Anon. What a nice surprise. What brings you here?"

>She is covered in small traces of dirt, while she wears a gardening apron, and hat.
>You show her the bite on your hand and tell her the situation.

>"Oh my, come right in, let me see!"

>She puts you on the couch, and removes the ice.

>"Oh my, that does look bad."

>She puts her hoof up to your forehead, and hovers in the air.

>"You're burning up a little, Anon. Let me get make you some tomato soup."

>She pushes you to recline on the couch and places a soft pillow under your head, and a warm blanket over your body.
>She then flies into the kitchen, and after a few moments she comes back out with some steaming hot soup.

>"Now be careful, Anon. It's hot."

>You take small sips of the soup, and relax as best you can.

>"Now can you tell me what kind of spider bit you?"

>"It was a black spider with 4 white stripes parallel to each other on its back and a pink heart in the middle. It was small."

>Fluttershy paces around for a few moments thinking.

>"I'm sorry Anon. I'm not even sure I can identify it on my own. But I know somepony who can."

>She calls one her birds and writes a message, to which she attaches it to its leg.

Keep going?
>If spiderman
Stop right now
>If plan to continue posting in double space format
Stop right now
>It then flies out the open window in the direction towards Twilight's Castle.

>"If anypony would know about spiders besides me, she will."

>You smile at her, because knowing that having a friend like Fluttershy is to good to be true.
>Suddenly you feel a pain in your stomach, you grasp at it and breath heavily.
>You reline on the couch and groan in pain.

>"Oh my goodness. I hope Twilight gets here soon. I'll go get you some medicine that should help with the pain."

>She trots into the kitchen and leaves you be in pain.
>You can feel that it the pain in your tummy is slowly moving towards your kidneys, then all of a sudden your dick hurts like hell.
>You grasp and hold your crotch for dear life, hoping that for whatever reason it doesn't break off, grow limbs and leave you.
>You groan and groan, hearing noise coming from the kitchen, of pans clashing together.
>Fluttershy comes out covered in tomato juice.

>"Here take this, it will make you feel better."

>She pours a purple liquid into a table spoon.

>"Now say aww."

>You open wide and Fluttershy feeds you the medicine.
>It oddly tastes like grape.
>As Fluttershy finishes with your third serving, you both hear the sound of a hoof knocking at the door.
>Fluttershy opens the door revealing, Nurse Redheart.

>"Hello Ms. Fluttershy, I'm here on behalf of Twilight Sparkle. She regrets to inform you that she can't see Anon, but she was able to tell me to tell you what kind of spider that bit Anon."

"Tell us!", you ask.

>"What bit you was an Eros Arachnid. Or a Love Bite to the common pony. You are entirly in any danger, just minor fatigue to make up for the extreme libido you are going through right now."

>She points a hoof at the bulge coming through the blanket sheets.

>"I can see that the poison is already taken place. Sad to say there is no known cure, except just getting off until you are satisfied."

>Fluttershy's face turns to a deep red and she whimpers a bit in response.
Another writefag showed up. How nice.
Gonna read it later.
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Midwork bump
Hows it going anons?
just fapped, it was good.

About to have something to eat. not sure what though.
Dayum so close to those quads
Oh you know, staying awake all night waiting for the new episode, y'know, the usual...like every other season.
Nice repeating numbers.
Totally forgot that today is saturday. That will be the first episode of this season i will be able to watch live. Im a bit hype
I used to watch them live too, but since I only had streams to watch it on, I eventually got tired of the bad connections, poor sound, and shitty quality. Now I just wait for the tvrip or itunes to show up and avoid spoilers until then.
2 hours to the episode bumperino
So Cross, are you ready to watch some horses doing cute shit in less than 1 and a half hours?
Namely of the best princess and best filly variety?
>only 20min bump
>post horse episode bump
That was a pretty good episode.
Made me smile almost all the time / 10
Applebloom a qt
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Scoot Scoot Scoot.gif
76 KB, 300x300
Quick! Someone motivate me to write!
I will fap to your story.
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So much porn !.png
35 KB, 303x416
I guess that's a good enough reason.
I'm still waiting.
I've read everything already!
Like I said previously, you are the countervague of hating Twi thread.
Also your lewd is l-lewd.
Heh. So you finally catched up. Hope you enjoyed it.
Also I'm currently rrewriting the last clop scene. I'm not satisfied with it. So improved lewd is about to cum soonish
File: 1403142946973.png (6 KB, 349x328) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 349x328

Anticipation for best green hardcore vanilla shit.
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Lewdlight Sparkle.gif
375 KB, 800x564
On the last third of the scene - bump!
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File: !.gif (133 KB, 525x525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 525x525
Incoming 12k characters of lewdness!
Hopefully it's better than the last version.
Anyways, enjoy.
File: 1395609754370.jpg (111 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
111 KB, 800x800
>He laps part of the slick pond up before grazing over your lower lips with his tongue. Tracing their outlines with long, deliberate strokes.
>Each of them sending a blissful jolt of electricity up your spine and eliciting a husky moan from you.
>Slowly, it's advances approach your hooded pearl and teases it out of it's hiding place with gentle flicks.
>You pull his head closer to your dripping honey pot. Almost pressing it against your crotch in an attempt to get more from it even faster.
>And it works. Once your clit shows itself, he ceases the opportunity and wraps his lips around it. Sucking hard on it and hindering it's retreat.
>Your eyes shoot open and your mouth escapes a scream of pleasure.
“Yah! Anon!”
>The rapidly building up lust let's your hips move in their own. Grinding your most sensitive parts against his chin, soiling it with your lubrication and increasing your ecstasy even faster than before.
>If he isn't careful, you will reach your climax in mere seconds, which would be a real pity... All this hard work to finally get him between your legs, only to be over in a blink of an eye.
>You try to back your loins away, but your boyfriend's firm grip has your whole body more or less locked.
“Anon.. pleasssssnnnnghaa! ... Stop!”
>But he just blatantly ignores you and continues to mercilessly assault your clit, which franticly tries to retreat back into you.
>Your breathing gets faster and faster as you wildly jerk and twitch around in his arms. Your orgasm boding itself rapidly.
File: 1423985353500.png (844 KB, 1280x1011) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
844 KB, 1280x1011
>Just before your pent up lust was about to release itself in a messy explosion, he lets go of your throbbing, abused pearl.
>A deep sigh escapes your lips, and you use the moment of serenity to catch your breath.
>Breathing heavily, you take a look down to your boyfriend, who peppers kisses around your marehood.
>Each kiss is followed by a quick lick of his tongue and a soft gust of air against your thinly pilosed skin.
>By the celestial sisters... This feels so good. His caresses are so gentle but yet give you so much.
>Teasingly slow, he spirals inwards, towards your hot, leaking centre.
>Gingerly, he lowers you onto his torso.
>Your head slowly settles on his groins. Something hard and warm brushes against the tip of your horn.
>You bow your head back and see his fully erect cock. Twitching in unison with every kiss Anon plants on your marehood.
>It's leaking quite a thick stream of it's delicious, salty lubrication now.
>Running down on it's length and polling right in front of your forehead.
>There is nothing more that you want more right now than to suck it.
>To feel it pulsating and throbbing as it enters your throat.
>To feel it's final and strongest twitch when your lover is ready to unload into you.
>To feel his creamy seed filling your mouth up and savouring it's unique texture and taste as it coats every inch of your orifice.
>Before finally swallowing all he has to offer down and feel it viscously flowing down your throat.
>That's almost the best part...
>Yeah. This maybe your addiction speaking, but you cannot wait any more.
>Every second not spent, sucking his penis is wasted.
File: 1423986332992.jpg (673 KB, 1500x1148) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
673 KB, 1500x1148
>You quickly roll yourself around on your stomach and shoot your boyfriend a seductive smile over your wither.
>He first looks a bit confused but then nods knowingly. Putting both his hands on your flanks.
>They immediately begin to grope and fondle the area around your cutie marks roughly, eliciting a long hiss from you.
>Now to make him understand what you want...
>Your eyes go half lidded and your lips form a somewhat sad frown.
“Please, Mister human...”
>You lift your hindquarters up and twerk them towards his face.
“Don't hurt me with your sharp teeth and nails... I'm a sensitive filly~”
>Anon's gaze falls on your teats and he beams you a wide, toothy grin.
>The sight of his canines send a cold shudder down your spine.
>Your brain knows what is about to happen, and it doesn't like it.
>Nice~ Just how you like it.
>Satisfied and full of perverted anticipation, you turn your attention back to his shaft.
>You lick your lips and gradually approach it. Taking in and relishing it's masculine, deep musk that the fluid it leaks emits.
>By Tartarus, what does it do to you...
>One of his hands take a firm grip of your left thigh and you feel the other graze your mammaries as it crawls up your soft underside.
>It fondles and plays with the short fur there before forming a claw and rotationally sinks it's nails into your flesh.
>As short as they may be, the are enough to trigger your instincts and fill your mind with a slight sense of fear.
File: 1425679926272.jpg (751 KB, 1000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
751 KB, 1000x1500
>You shudder and close the last inch that separates your muzzle from his cock. Planting a quick kiss on it's glans before nuzzling down on it to it's base and inhaling his musk where it is at it's strongest.
>His pheromones haze your mind and another shudder runs down your spine. This time a warm and pleasant one.
>Why... Why does he smell so right for you?
>In return, Anon kisses your clit and then indulges your swollen lips with long and deliberate strokes of his tongue.
>Fully exploring the entirety of one before switching it's sister.
>You really shouldn't fall behind...
>Quickly, you lap up and swallow the small pool of his pre and then give his length a taste of your tongue.
>Letting it follow the tangy rivulet before wrapping your lips around Anon's glans.
>He moans directly into your drenched marehood and the resulting vibrations make you moan into his dick.
>At the same time, he bores all of his nails in the sensitive flesh right below your ribcage and slowly drags them backwards.
>The burning sensation they leave in their wake intensify the lingering fear tenfold.
>Your whole body tenses up and prepares itself for an escape that you will deny it and your brain begs you to find a safer place.
>Immaterial where, just far away from this dangerous predator that is about to tear your defenceless belly up and indulge itself on your innards.
>But you ignore your instincts pleas and wallow in the panic with which it tries to convince you to opt for flight.
File: 1427501102582.png (916 KB, 2000x2744) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>You go down on his pulsating member to feel it entering your throat. Slowly forcing itself in and taking your ability to breath through your mouth away.
>Concentration now... You never actually deep-throated before. Just breath through your nose and everything will be fine...
>Easier said than done, with that distracted mind of yours.
>But you manage and once you hilt on his pelvis, you let your tongue wrap around his cock and begin to swallow empty.
>If you aren't mistaken, your tight throat massaging his shaft with it's muscular walls should feel heavenly for him.
>You hear him moaning and louder and louder with every dry swallow you do.
>But you don't want to him to cum too soon... You want to cum together.
>So you let your tongue unwrap itself from him as you go up again. Stopping at his cock's tip to suckle on it and fill your oral cavity with some of the delicious saltiness it leaks.
>That spell of yours does a nice job of satisfying that specific kink of yours.
>Anon starts to trace the outlines of your slick tunnel. Slowly approaching it's entrance and teasing it with quick tongue flicks and sloppy kisses against it.
>His hand has reached your teats now and takes one of them into it's firm grip.
>Slow and gentle at first your boyfriend's he starts to knead them. But soon you feel his nails scrape against the sensitive skin if your nipples as they pinch and tug at them..
>You close your eyes shut, and relish in the desperation of your mind and body as the fear and panic wells up another time.
>It hurts just enough to satisfy your perverted desires..
File: 1427543775599.png (2 MB, 2500x1996) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2500x1996
>Your lust is fueled further when you feel his dexterous muscle enter your slick depths. Wriggling around like a snake that tries to catch it's prey in a burrow.
>It searches for a particular sensual spot and it's attempts to find it drives you wilder by the second, making you double your efforts.
>Again, you go down on his throbbing cock and start to rapidly bop up and down on it.
>Anon's other hand grabs your tail and violently tugs at it. Sending a burst of lust through your nerves and making you yelp in surprise.
>At last, his tongue what it was looking for and immediately assaults it mercilessly with aimless strokes and pokes.
>Your eyes shoot open and the movements of your head ceases from the sudden burst of ecstatic pleasure.
>The two front attack on your genitals and on your tail, which gets yanked every few seconds, is too much for you and your hazed mind too handle
>But Anon takes up your slack and begins to thrust his hips into your mouth. Taking his cock deep into your throat with every push.
>You force yourself down on him to let him penetrate your gullet even deeper than before. Using your tongue to rub and caress his pulsating dick as it enters and leaves you.
>Simultaneously, he lets go of your tail and places two fingers on the tip of your dock. Slowly they wander down on it before tracing your taint and prodding it's inlet
File: 1427553782317.png (646 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>Still slick from the soap, they effortlessly advances into your rectal tunnel and do beckoning motions against it's folds.
>Your eyes roll into your sockets and you can barely coordinate your tongue's actions any more. They get more and more irregular and random as a familiar pressure in your loins builds up at a rapid rate.
>Now you will cum before him...
>Mustering all your remaining strength and concentration, you brace yourself up and continue your bobbing from before.
>Now your head moves opposed to his thrusts, allowing an even deeper penetration than when he face-fucked you.
>The urge to gag is nearly overwhelming now, but you suppress it.
>Your tongue is wrapped around the midsection of his cock, squeezing it tightly and massaging it as good as you can manage.
>More and more of your nectar leaves your marehood as it spasms and convolutes around your boyfriend's tongue.
>You push your rump hard against Anon's face and hand. Coercing their corresponding appendages you to invade your depths further.
>He lets it happen and begins to grind his chin against your rapidly winking clit while his tongue swirls around in you like a whisk, stirring your juices deep inside you.
>Anon must be close too, since you can feel his dick twitching violently and the taste of his cum starts to fill your mouth.
>Your eyes roll up into their sockets and you slam your muzzle against his pelvis. Sucking his length into your throat.
>With one last flick of his tongue against your g-spot and one last scrape of his fingers against the ripples of your bowels it's all over.
File: Ultra Snuggly Twi.jpg (295 KB, 850x850) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>Blue and pink stars appear before your inner eye and your body lets loose.
>At the same time Anon's groins jerk upwards as his own climax hits him.
>A wave of pleasure washes over you and your marehood clenches down hard on his dexterous muscle. Milking it desperately for seed that it will never gets.
>Instead it is shoot up your throat and you instantly back up to feel it where you want it.
>Inside your mouth.
>A strong gush of your nectar is forced out of your marehood. Splashing against his chin and neck.
>You can hear him swallowing your love efforts as several spurts of his thick seed splatter against you palate and tongue.
>More and more of the sticky, salty cream that you desire so much, fills your orifice and prolongs your orgasm with it's effects.
>Both of you continue to pleasure your lover as you exchange bodily fluids. Of which no drop is wasted.
>When the last dash of cum hits your tongue, you let his cock exit you with a silent pop.
>Anon retrieves his tongue and kisses your pearl, sending a gentle, ecstatic aftershock through your nerves.
>You turn around and shoot him a sultry look.
>Slowly and carefully, you open your mouth. Showing to him how full it is with his cum.
>He smiles at you and strokes your chin and throat with the sides of his fingers.
>Taking this as a sign that he is satisfied with it, you close it again and relish the slightly bitter taste before swallowing it all with a big gulp.
>A warm sensations spreads through your body as it runs down your throat.
File: Tired Bookhorse.png (76 KB, 900x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Tired Bookhorse.png
76 KB, 900x540
>Y-Yeah... Your magic interfered with it's addictive effects... T-Thats now for sure...
>G-G-Good to know...
>But what you now need is closeness to your boyfriend while you ride this out,
>Your vision already starts to get blurry and far too colourful to be normal.
>Luckily, Anon sees your distress and pulls you onto his chest.
>He wraps his arms around your barrel and you happily snuggle into his loving embrace.
“Hold me f-for a while... Will you?” you whisper into his ear.
>”Of course.”
“Thank you, stud. I love you.”
>”I love you too, Twi.”
>You bury your muzzle into the crook of his neck and close your eyes.
>Hopefully, this won't last for too long.
File: Applechew.gif (347 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
347 KB, 300x300
So that's it for today. It's full of mistakes and some grammar isses, but I will fix that some day this week.
Tell me what you think about it.
Good night mates.

Obligatory pastebin shilling: http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
>your momthro
Thank you,
was a pleasure as always,
and good night.
Good morning bump
Looks cute as hell mate. Will eagerly wait for more drawfagging.
Butt bump
Man i just missed the entire day of yesterday because family reunion and im welcomed with 12k of glorious green from Cross, holy shit.
Keep up the great work Cross.
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Naptime !.png
47 KB, 372x423
Bump and
>pic related
Page 10 holy shit no
bump again
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Angry Cellohorse.png
85 KB, 690x649
Can one overnap? I think, I just did.
Yeah, I hate that feeling.
And bump.
>The magical cloud still pours it's warm rain down on you. Every drop hitting you like a miniature, wet bomb and leaving small craters in your body.
>No painful though... Only annoying.
>But Anon's gentle hold will protect you from this treacherous attack... You thought, you could trust this thing.
>Apparently not.
>First thing tomorrow, you will... or yesterday? Mhmm... Time is a strange concept.
>Who gets to decide what is what? And when is when?
>Princess Celestia? Princess Luna, or even Cadence? Or is there a fourth Alicorn that controls time?
>Princess... Princesses... Where are their parents? Shouldn't they be queens?
>You roll on your side.
>Queen Celestia... Has quite the ring to it.
>Where were you going with this?
>Your brain feels like mashed potatoes with.... With... What goes well with mashed potatoes?
>Cheese, doesn't it? Some cheese would be nice right now.
>Maybe you could fix some up later... Or you could order something... Like... Like...
>Hmm... What would be nice right now?
>Something that gives you all these calories back that you just lost... or lust. Heh.
>Fucking is fun. And good for your health.
>If you keep this up you will be slimmer than ever in no time!
>You snicker and push his arm off his chest. Why? You don't know. It seemed appropriate.
>Anon laughs and rests his other arm on your side. Lazily petting and fondling your cutie mark.
File: Baglight Sparkle.png (2 MB, 3000x2960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Baglight Sparkle.png
2 MB, 3000x2960
>Ah you know! Pizza! With every topping... even the things only Pinkie orders.
>Like cupcakes and gummy worms.
“Hehe... Worms...”
>You open your eyes to see what is going on outside of your mind.
>Your mind is fun, but it doesn't have colours. Only thoughts.
>So many different coloured shapes float around in the air before your eyes.
>You reach and paw for them, but your hoof just goes through.
>How annoying... But if you would be a colourful shape, you would stay in this bodyless form too. So no other ponies could touch you.
>Speaking of ponies... Who is this?
>A little, green pony with a question mark as a cutie mark stands on your boyfriend's shoulder, waving at you.
“Heh... Hi there.”
>”Hey, Twi.” a voice responds to you. You are not sure if it belongs to the pony or Anon.
>Giggling, you cuddle deeper into your lovers embrace and continue watching the small pea-coloured equine.
>It looks at you expectingly.
>You stare back, waiting for it to do something funny.
>But it just shrugs and peels his cutie mark off.
>Slowly it trots towards you, question mark in hoof, and plants it on Anon's right breast.
>Right next to his nipple... What’s up with that, anyway? Why does he have nipples? Isn't he a male?
File: Sitting bookhorse.png (142 KB, 834x958) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sitting bookhorse.png
142 KB, 834x958
>Is he?
>You let your tail swish around until it hits something solid.
>Yep, definitively a male. Phew... got you worried there for a second.
>Your new diet plans would have been ruined.
>A chuckle comes from somewhere and you turn to the source of the noise.
>Anon is widely smiling at you and you immediately return that smile.
>”Everything alright, Twi?”
>Wait... Did you say that or just thought it?
>Well, too late now. You or him might never know.
>You press your muzzle deep into the skin of his chest, inhaling his masculine scent.
>He smells so nice... Makes you feel protected and safe.
>Slowly but steadily, you start to drift away when something in the corners of your eyes catch your interest.
>Four other ponies climb from Anon's right arm on his chest.
>They all look like your friends, except palette swapped.
>Rarity has Pinkie's colours, Pinkie's has Rainbows, Fluttershy has Rarity's and Rainbow has Fluttershy's.
>How peculiar and incredibly adorable. You want to keep them all as pets.
>You would give them cute names, like Pinkity and Flutterdash, and love and feed them everyday.
>So you reach a hoof out to pet them, but they back away and shake their head in unison with quite grim looks on their faces.
File: Douchebag Sparkle.jpg (176 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Douchebag Sparkle.jpg
176 KB, 1280x720
>Rude... Now you don't want them as pets any more.
>Retrieving your appendage, you decide to watch first watch them for a bit. Maybe they have something planned?
>You hope it's something funny.
>And indeed they have... One by one they show you their flanks.
>Each of them has a strange cutie mark... Looking like strongly stylized letters made out of elements of their original cutie marks.
>E... C... R... U... ?
>Fluttershy steps forward and peels her cutie mark off and plants it next to the question mark.
>”E?” Hmm...
>Then Rainbow Dash flies into the skies of your bathroom, does some flips and dive-bombs her cutie mark besides Fluttershy's.
>Did she hurt him?!
>Shocked, you look at your boyfriend, But he seems unmoved by it and just looks back at you.
>Friendly and caring as ever.
>He must be tougher than he looks, because that was quite an impact from Flutterdash there.
>You sigh in relief and return your gaze to the four ponies.
>They are still there... Seemingly waiting for you.
>Once they know that they have your full attention back, RainbowPie bounces forward on her rump and leave her cutie mark next to the others.
>How funny. A quiet laugh escapes you.
File: Sadlight Sparkle.png (1 MB, 6238x4000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sadlight Sparkle.png
1 MB, 6238x4000
>It now reads “URE?”
>She flank-hops back to the others and lands flat on her stomach with a pomf.
>Laughing, she points at Pinkity, who fixes her mane and uses her magic to float the “C” over to the rest of the letters.
>It gracefully lands and completes the sentence.
>Huh? Cure?
>There was something you wanted to create a cure for... But for what?
>You shoot them a confused look.
>They all giggle and point at something below you.
>A bright blush creeps on your face. You don't want them to see your boyfriend's junk and let your tail cover it.
>But you now know what they meant.
>Your addiction...
“I'm working on it!”
>Flutterdash taps her ankle, as if there was a watch.
“Don't pressure me!”
>Rarishy does beckoning motions with her hoof.
>Anger starts to well up inside you. Why don't they leave you in peace? That is not their problem!
“Go away!”
>Anon shakes you, but you ignore him and point at the four nuisances.
>Suddenly a black pony walks directly out of your hoof.
>Scared, you immediately pull it back and take a good look at the new guest.
>It... It looks like you. Only malnourished and thin.
>So, so thin...
>The four ponies all slowly back away from it as it trots towards them.
>Black Twilight's head yanks around. Her eyes, fallen in and glowing faintly green, staring at you.
>Her lips form a distorted grimace, revealing a black, endless void.
“NO! Leave them be!”
>You swat a hoof at the black you and it bursts into a greyish mist, that disperses quickly.
>But so do the other ponies and the letters.
>Breathing heavily, you franticly overlook the area where this creepy scene played out... Nothing remains... Only the tan skin of your boyfriend.
File: Trixie catching some z's.png (72 KB, 900x697) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
So that's it for tonight. Going to catch some Z's now.
More tomorrow.
Pastebin is updated: http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
Good night Anon's.
Good night Cross!

Fuck I hate those tripping scenes. They are written so well, and while it's funny and somewhat cute while reading the first post, you soon realize, that it's just really damn sad...
Is this what the spring estrous threads have become?
File: w.png (190 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 500x500
page 10 bump
Where there even spring estrus threads last year? I cant remember.
And no, this thread is different
bed bump
I'm waiting. (bump)
On my way.
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pone on a drone.jpg
899 KB, 1784x1189
Bump before I start writing.
Another bumpenando
I'm kinda struggling at the next scene, so this may take a while.
Take your time, we'll be here.
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Scootaloo sad.png
167 KB, 1243x1024
Yeah, sorry mates. No updates for tonight. I'm too tired and have a headache. I will be just going to bed now and deliver tomorrow.
Good night Anons.
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Good night; sleep & get well.
And no problem at all, tomorrow we'll still be here, too.
>This thread is about ponies that are addicted to Anons cum.

That sounds... Incredibly stupid...
Yet a pretty good story evolved from that stupid idea. Give it a shot.
It's virtually all clop, though.
Nah, it isn't. I would say it is about 30% clop and 70% story.
and even then it isn't clop for the sake of clop, it's relevant and has a place in the story.
Surely many, if not all, of the clop passages are there mainly for pornographic purposes. Why would they be so explicit in detail and over the top if it were otherwise?
So they are enjoyable to read, but you're right. I think that anon >>22721578 meant that they fit into the storyline without being awkward or sticking out too much.
The clop kind of overshadows the rest, imo.
There is a certain emphasize to it, but the cute and slice of life stuff is at least as enjoyable as the clop
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Napping appul.jpg
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After work bump.
God I'm tired.
Then do it like an appul and nappul
Yep. Just took one.
Time to start writing - bump
Bump for green.
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Rainbow's needs.jpg
204 KB, 1196x751
T-Thats the only thing you guys want from me nowadays! It's like you aren't interested in my body any more...
I... I have needs too, you know?!

Also about halfway done with what I intended to write today.
Just post it when you'll finish.
Yes, post it. Post it all over our faces.
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Rainbrow wiggle.gif
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Eh? So you want my hot, sticky green all over you? Should I stroke my long and hard keyboard right in front of your faces until it shoots out of it?
Would you want that?
I will pass.
It's to gay for me.
But give me your glorious green because I can't write my story with full balls.
Hey Fapman, still around eh?
>Where did your friends go? You could swear you aimed just at the evil Twilight.
>Hesitantly, you extend your neck to look for them, but to no avail. They are nowhere to be found.
>That wasn't your intention at all, even if they kinda pressured you.
>Or did they?
>Did you overreact?
>Uhh... You can't tell. Your brain still doesn't feel solid enough to think properly.
>But at least you are almost out of your stupor now. Mostly the visual effects remain.
>The effects of his cum seem strong, yet rather short lived when consumed orally.
>Last time you experienced this... this... What did he call it? High? Yeah... That was it.
>It was much stronger and more intense in all it's aspects.
>Like a colourful, surreal and oneiric eternity.
>You groan and and rub your temples.
>All those bright colours and blurry outlines that everything has, start to give you a headache.
>A pretty bad one...
>Why won't the shampoo bottles stay still?!
>Celestia be damned! You just want one point to focus on... A reality anchor. Something!
>”Twilight? Everything alright?”
>Huh? A voice?
>Are your miniature friends back?
>Hopefully. You want to apologize to them.
>Slowly, you turn your head to it's origin.
>The voice belonged to Anon... And he has quite a worried look on his face.
I want it, do it for me, my friend
>That won't stop changing and morphing either... It's creepy, but you know who is behind this grimace.
>Your loving boyfriend, who worries about you.
>There you have it. Your reality anchor.
>You aren't capable of forming any complex sentences now, so the following will have to do.
>Beaming him a wide and wonky smile, you nod at him.
“Yah! Thanks...”
>Anon chuckles and puts the arm you shoved off before, over your body again.
>Giggling, you tug your front hooves under his forearm. You like being this close to him.
>”Okay then. Are you cold?”
>Hmm... Are you?
>The water isn't as warm as it was in the beginning. So, yes... Kinda.
>But on the other hoof, you don't want leave the tub right now.
>You are a bit scared of what your bathroom will look like. Now that you have accustomed to the wacky world that is your bath.
>So many lucent spheres and other indescribable forms... Kinda soothing to be honest.
>This orange one in particular caught your interested... Swimming through the air, like a whale in the ocean.
>”Are you feeling cold, Twi?” he repeats.
>Oh, he asked you something.
>Should you lie to him?
>Would he be angry if he found out that you did?
>You blankly stare at him while you ponder your options, and the worried look from before returns to his face.
>”We should better get out...”
>Aww... But it's most likely for the better.
>A cold is nothing to be taken light-heartedly.
>Especially, if you want to find a cure and make your small, palette-swapped friends proud.
>That's the least you can d, after you killed them.
>What... What nonsense are you thinking?
>Seems like is seed has still a greater effect on your mind than you thought.
>Heh... What silly thing did Anon say when his favourite comic book series got cancelled?
>Press “F” to pay respects.
>So you press the closest thing to a “F”, which is the faucet, and do a little salute.
>Anon watches your ridiculous display and chuckles before ...
>”Oh, Twi...”
>... Cradling you in his arms, like a mother would a foal, and carefully standing up.
“Don't slip!” you blurt out.
>”I won't. Don't worry, Twi.”
>The shower curtains are drawn open by an invisible force, which turns out to be his foot after a quick check.
>Wow... Is this how he always sees the world? Everything looks so small. And the ceiling is so close... You could touch it if you wanted.
>This looks far more impressive than it has any right to be, but heck you are enjoying it.
>Sounds of awe and wonder escape your lips as he steps out of the tub, and you cuddle closer into his arms to prevent accidentally falls.
>You are pretty high right now... Heh. Good one.
>Making a mental note to tell him about this joke later, you soak in your surroundings.
>It's totally different than in your tub... Instead of blurry, washed out colours, everything is over-saturated with very clear and sharp outlines.
>Almost like the drawings in a comic book.
>What did this sudden change cause to happen? The different lighting maybe?
>If you were any less drugged up right now, you would investigate this further.
>But for now... You just want to take in all the pretty colours.
>A wide smile appears on your face and Anon laughs when he sees it.
>”I guess, you are having a fun time.”
“Uhu.” you say, distracted.
>You have neither the time, nor the mental capacity to form a more elaborate answer.
>This... This is too wonderful not to turn your full attention to it.
>Anon quietly laughs and carefully kneels down, allowing you to slide out of his embrace.
>One by one your hooves make contact with the tile floor.
>Were they always that cold and hard? Strange...
>But each is shining like a small star in the white light of your lamp.
>You plant your rump on the ground with a wet noise and look around.
>Your boyfriends pats your head and turns your head to face his with a finger.
>”Wait here for a moment, okay? I will get the towels.”
>He beams you a smile and then walks towards your towel rack.
>You let your gaze follow his naked form for a bit, before something in the corner of your eyes catches your interest.
Nice repeating numbers
There you have it. Fresh and hot.

And that's it for tonight. I have to work my third from last early shift tomorrow, so I need to catch my z's.
I will update the pastebin some time tomorrow.
Good night, mates.
I was there all this time. But wiout trip.
Hm things start look more like a cartoon when she is high on anoncum? maybe she is starting to see stuff more like Anon sees it, in that it is a cartoon world that he landed in, and since Twi and the others live in it they just cant really notice it?
the bump
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Working Rosehorse.jpg
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Bump before work.
Good morning.
Good morning from nighttime in 'Murica
And a good morning from the land of maccaroni. Also page 9 bumpety.
I was here all the time, without trip, though.
You really though I would miss the smallest part of this marvelous clop material, do you?
Quick rump bump
Time to boop this thread.
Heh okay. I just wondered because you usually never post without your trip.
Interesting theory. But I don't see this Equestria as a cartoon world, or else Anon would have heard of it back on earth at some point.
>9 no.
Bumping cuz' scared of page 10
I have an eye on this thread too while I'm home, so it shouldn't die prematurely.
Also just awoke from a quick nap and slept too long, meh.
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Sorry to dissappoint you guys once more, but I will have to delay the green until tomorrow. I have something but it's not finished yet.
I'm struggling at one part and I have to go to bed soon. Those early shifts really fuck with me, along with the other stuff I have to do afterwards.
Tomorrow I should have more time to write.
Sorry again, and good night mates.
hm were you on imgur before I saw someone using an mlp image and talking about having trouble with a fanfic he was writing.
No, I wasn't. I only use imgur to link nsfw pics.
But link the pic, please.
It was a few hours ago, and I didnt comment or anything on the image it was just a screenshot IIRC. I didnt focus on the image that much, as I thought it was just a random dude and had no reason to think it was you.
Oh yeah, that makes sense.
Anyway, I'm off to bed now. Good night.
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Bump b4 bed
bed bumps
Have I to hit you in the face?
Where is your delicious >green!
Brother I have to... No... Please come back!
>fapman threathening to hit someone in the face

Why am I imagining he isnt talking about using his hands.
>Why am I imagining he isnt talking about using his hands.
And that's why I love you anons.

Didn't think about it though, kek.
>page 8 bump
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#go home lil shy.jpg
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Back home - bump
Don't worry. I will deliver tonight.
You better.
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Ponka shrug.png
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Or else?
or else he will "hit" you.
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ship it.jpg
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FapmanxCrossRoads otp
Or I'll give you a stern talking to, and make you sit through a six hour power-point about why leading people on is a bad thing.
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Applebloom shocked.png
338 KB, 1600x2047
>implying this isn't my fetish
But I have to go through a one and a half hour power point presentation every week alrready! I can't handle any more...
Looks like I have to start writing now.
But I didn't know you lurked this thread, heh. Working on anything at the moment?
File: 1427956984639.jpg (37 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 400x400
Just started lurking yesterday, got a kick out of the name of the thread.

I plan on popping out an AT update sometime this afternoon at any rate.

Otherwise, if I can find the time, I'll try putting out a little one-shot in here.
Okay, nice. Looking forward to your one-shot and update.
Also I need to find some time to catch up to the stories I lurk including your AT story... But work and writefagging are cruel mistresses that claim nearly all my time.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the green I shit out here.
Nice to see you there
But Fife, this is the thread I go to as a safe haven from you and your Twili-hate.
File: 257566754.png (105 KB, 394x368) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105 KB, 394x368
Go figure I actually love purple-smart.

Love you too.

I have gotten quite a few chuckles out of it so far.

As well as a raging erection or two.
Heh, nice. Just what I wanted to achieve. Going to catch up to your story later. I'm missing quite a few parts.
Also bump.
File: Don't look!.png (238 KB, 779x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Don't look!.png
238 KB, 779x1024
>It's your terrycloth rug that Rarity got you last year... After you used your old one to wipe acid off your bedroom's floor.
>You wanted to create a new mineral-dissolvent for specific gem-streaked metal ores, whose gem veins gave you trouble to properly start a reaction.
>Sadly it just corroded the vial and nearly ruined your whole bedroom.
>Oh my... That was one crazy day full of scientific shenanigans and near death experiences.
>But that's not why it caught your interest... Oh no.
>The reason that you are so fascinated by it right now is, that you can see almost every fibre and thread that was uses to weave the rug.
>And to the smallest detail too.
>You lie down on your belly to inspect your new and fuzzy centre of attention closer.
>It's like a new whole world made out of purple and pink fabric.
>Your breath makes the fibres sway slightly from side to side like culms in the wind.
>How wonderful.
>You rest your head on the soft rug and rub it all over it.
>Hmm.... It's so soft. Almost unnaturally soft and smooth.
>Another side-effect of Anon's seed? Probably. But you cannot be sure.
>This need further testing~
>Getting up again, you walk on the rug and let your body collapse onto it with a quiet, dull noise.
File: Twi top adorable.gif (962 KB, 699x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twi top adorable.gif
962 KB, 699x540
>You hear Anon laughing in the background, but you don't care.
>By the celestial sisters... This... This is bliss.
>Each short, firm and yet soft fibre is palpable in such an intense manner that your mind almost can't comprehend all this sensory input any more.
>You need to feel this all over your body...
>So you start rolling around on the rug and more than one content moan and sigh escapes your lips as you do so.
>How can this be so enjoyable.
>Also you get dry at the same time, which is a pleasant side effect.
>You close your eyes to get the most out of this blissful experience and lose yourself in it.
>So much so, that you don't notice Anon walking up to and kneeling down next to you.
>Just as you were about to begin to rub your back over the rug, you feel five points of pressure being put on your stomach and chest.
>They start to wildly swirl around on them. Tickling, massaging and fondling you simultaneously.
>You can't stop yourself from breaking into a giggle fit, which makes your boyfriend laugh too.
>Your hooves uselessly flail around and kick the air.
>Hopefully you don't hit him accidentally. That would be a shame.
>For a while he continues to assault your underside, before stopping and helping you into an upright position.
>You open your eyes again and see Anon smiling at you.
>He almost looks normal now... How sad... Looks like this was the last burst of joy you got out of your addiction.
>But everything has to end some time, you guess.
>”Had fun, Twi?”
File: Pancake pillow.gif (976 KB, 330x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pancake pillow.gif
976 KB, 330x240
>A bright blush creeps on your cheeks and you meekly nod.
>He drapes a towel over your neck and withers. It still feels more intense than it has any right to be, so at least the heightened tactile-sense seems to still linger around.
>”How are you feeling?”
>Anon starts to rub your mane dry, sending several pleasant shudders down your spine.
“My brain still feels a bit mushy. And other than that everything feels so much softer and nicer, all the effects are gone.”
>You lean into his touch and relish in the sensations it gives you.
“Thank you.”
>”Just making sure, my favourite pony is feeling good. “
>His hands move the towel down to your upper back.
>”So everything feels nicer, huh? Even right now?”
“Uhu... You can't imagine how good this feels. Every touch is intensified like, like... Tenfold!”
>He whistles and dries your ribcage.
>”Really now? Should I dry you off extra slow and careful than?”
“That would be lovely. Thanks, stud.”
>”Everything for my favourite pony. I'm just glad that you are speaking again... I really don't like it when you are lost in your own little world.”
>You nuzzle his chin.
“Were you worried?”
>”A bit. You screamed at invisible things in the tub before... That startled me a bit.”
>Oh... That incident.
“I'm sorry, stud. I just have trouble differentiating reality from imagination when your stuff kicks in...”
>Your boyfriend flinches when he hears the words “your stuff”.
>”What did you see?”
>Should you tell him?
>You don't want to make him worry even more than he already does.
>But it would be probably better if you did.
>So you take a deep breath and beam him a smile.
“Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow and Pinkie.”
File: Twibounce.gif (269 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
269 KB, 500x281
>”How nice.”
>Anon is now working on your lower back and you try hard not to start moaning from the closeness of his touch to your rump.
>Oh my... If this feels already so heavenly, you wonder what sex would feel like.
>Or a double dose of his cum.
>Could you convince him to go again?
>He doesn't have to pleasure you, as long as he shoots it somewhere inside your body.
>You catch yourself delving deeper into progressively naughtier thoughts, before you manage to shake them off.
>No... This is your addiction speaking... And you nearly gave into it.
>Now you finally understand the meaning of your hallucination from before.
>And he has to know.
>His voice snaps you back into reality.
“Oh. Sorry. I was lost in thought.”
>He chuckles and takes your right foreleg into his hands to gently dry it as well.
>”No problem. So why did you scream at them then? Were they scary looking?”
“Quite the opposite, to be exact. They were all palette swapped.”
>”Palette swapped? That sounds adorable. Did Rarity had Fluttershy's colours?”
>You giggle and float the other towel over to you with your magic.
>Seems like he already has towelled himself down, but his hair still looks wet. So you wrap it around his head.
“No. She had Pinkie's. And Pinkie had Rainbows. Who had Fluttershy's, and she had Rarity's, I even gave them new names.”
>”Let me guess. Pinkity, Rainbow Pie, Flutterdash and Rarishy?”
>How did he know?
File: Multihoof drifting.gif (183 KB, 250x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Multihoof drifting.gif
183 KB, 250x200
“Exactly. Did I say their names or what?”
>”Hehe, no. But they seem pretty obvious to me.”
>You shoot him a wink.
“Or we just think alike~”
>”Or that. What did they do to stir your anger?”
>Finished with your right appendage, he lets it go and concentrates on it's counterpart.
“It's a silly story...”
>You tell him what happened in your hallucination up to the point where the black you showed up.
>Which was not an easy task, since he moved on to your hind legs and thighs... So you had to concentrate extra hard, not to pounce at him like a hungry manticore.
>”Their cutie marks formed the word “cure?`? How peculiar. Maybe that was your subconscious trying to remind you of the cure.”
“I already thought the same... But that's not all.”
“There were two more ponies. A green one, who planted the question mark and a black one.”
>Anon chuckles.
>”A green one? Perhaps that was me?”
>You don't know why he sometimes associates the colour green to himself. His skin is tan... But he has a point there.
“Yeah... Because than every pony represents someone who knows about our relationship or is directly involved in it.”
>”Hmm... Okay. And the black pony?”
“That one... Was me.”
>”You? How so?”
“It looked one-to-one like me. Only that it was black and malnourished.”
>A sound of disgust leaves your lips.
“She directly walked to my friends and then stared at me... With those sunken in eyes of hers. I got frightened and feared that she will do something to them... So I swatted at her.”
>”Yeah, I felt that.”
“Did I hurt you?”
>”Nah. I'm a big guy.”
“For me, at least.” you say, giggling.
>”Exactly.” Anon chimes in with your snickering, “What happened next?”
>You shrug and unwrap the towel from his head.
“Nothing much. They all disappeared into thin mist and I started looking for them then. But to no avail.”
>”Okay then. The black Twilight you described, reminds me an awful lot of the creepy AJ I saw before... Turn around a bit, please. I want to dry your tail.”
“Of course.”
>So you do an one-eighty turn on the spot and lift your tail as high as you can.
“And now that you mentioned it... You're right. But Applejack wasn't black back there, was she?”
>”No. But the creepy thing that came out of her was.”
>Is there a correlation between these?
>The answer is yes, if it really doesn't turn out to be an addiction at all.
>You will keep that in mind.
>At the moment 50% of your observations speak for an addiction and the other 50% do not. So you can't be sure.
>Tonight will be very long and exhausting...
>Now you have to perform two entire different series of tests, instead of one.
>And both are complicated and require expensive materials.
>You sigh and shake your head.
>At least you are relaxed to the core now and can start your experiments freshly energized.
“Nothing, stud. Just thought about tonight.”
>He wraps the towel around the hairs of your tail and lets it run along it's length.
>The slight tugs and yanks still feel very nice, but not as intense as before.
File: I am pancake.png (4 KB, 388x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I am pancake.png
4 KB, 388x352
>”Okay. What about AJ and black Twi?.”
“I made a mental note. It could come in hoofy later.”
>Anon gives your tail a last, quick rub down and then frees it from the towel's grasp.
>It flies above your head and lands on the floor in front you with a wet noise.
>You let out a content sigh and look at him.
>”Do you want me to brush your mane and tail?”
>Do you?! Of course!
“That would be lovely.”
>Using your magic, you open the small cupboard and levitate a white and golden brush out of it.
>Another house-warming gift, made out of various precious metals and very rare jewellery stones.
>”Oh wow... Where did you get that?”
>He takes it out of your magical hold and inspects it closer.
“From my mother, as a house warming gift. She got it imported from Saddle-Arabia.”
>Like every time your boyfriend is impressed, he whistles.
>You love that aspect of him. It's adorable.
>”Saddle-Arabia huh? Then I don't even want to know what it costed.”
>You giggle and scoot closer to him.
“Me neither. So don't break it.”
>”I would neve- Whoa!”
>He laughs and pats your head.
>”Just messing with you. Now turn your cute head around again, so I can brush your pretty mane.”
>”Just how you like it.”
So that's it for today. Tomorrow I will conclude this whole bathroom/shower scene.
Which was never intended to be so long, but eh.
Good night, mates.
Take it easy bruv.

I need to get on top of my green-dumping game, god damn.
File: 1417616016689.gif (30 KB, 220x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 220x300
File: fuck you.gif (1 MB, 550x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fuck you.gif
1 MB, 550x400
fuck you and your gif

It's the best clop story nowadays.
Dude, either churn out some green or stop namefagging.
Dude, either cease whining about inane bullshit that has zero affect on your life or stop posting.
It's weekend bump!
Thats how much I post when I have a good day and w hen it isn't clop
But usually I post around 5-6k worrth of green per day.
And that's why we love you Cross no homo totally homo
File: Oh you~.jpg (53 KB, 404x408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Oh you~.jpg
53 KB, 404x408
Everyone loves Cross full homo
File: A balanced meal 2.jpg (771 KB, 1063x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
A balanced meal 2.jpg
771 KB, 1063x900
Another bump.
Just going to fix me something up for dinner and eat it.
File: 1384373936878.jpg (16 KB, 460x460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 460x460
File: Bugbutt bump.png (453 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bugbutt bump.png
453 KB, 800x800
Mid writing bump. Going to deliver in about one or two hours.
For some reason, that made me chuckle.
File: 1426045756327.png (1 MB, 5006x5070) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 5006x5070
I think the mime's face does it for me.
Okay, finished. I changed the last few sentences of the last post a bit:
>”Saddle-Arabia huh? Then I don't even want to know what it costed.”
>You giggle and scoot closer to him.
“Me neither. So don't break it.”
>”I would neve- Whoa!”
>Oh no! Did he let it fall?!
>Worried, you yank your head around only to see your boyfriend grinning from ear to ear, with the brush dangling in his hand.
>He laughs and pats your head.
>”Just messing with you. Now turn your cute head around again, so I can brush your pretty mane.”
>”You know, you like it.”

Just posting it so it makes sense.
File: All-nighter.jpg (179 KB, 900x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179 KB, 900x700
Also the new parts are full of mistakes, but I will correct them tomorrow.
“Indeed. So never stop praising my beauty, grace and intelligence!”
>Anon takes a strand of your mane into his hand and lets the brush's bristles sink into it.
>”I never said something about grace and intelligence. Just that you are cute and your mane is pretty.”
>They slide down through it in a fluid motion.
>You chirrup your tail against his chest, making him yelp.
>”I was joking , of course. You are the most graceful and intelligent unicorn out there.”
>And are brought back up again to comb another streak.
>He chuckles and works his way through the knots and hair clumps of your mane.
>The two of you have fallen in relative silence, while he does this.
>So you begin to hum a slow song. The same one you hummed yesterday, when he brushed you in his bathroom.
>Your boyfriend soon chimes in when he realizes what song you are humming.
>You close your eyes and concentrate on his sign of affection, accompanied by a soothing melody.
>It feels nice to have somepony else do this. Brushing yourself is quite a pain in the flank, even as an unicorn.
>How Applejack and Pinkie do it is a mystery to you.
>But that is not your problem. You have now your own personal human boyfriend who can brush you everyday.
>Well, as long as he is with you when you need to be brushed.
>And is willing, of course.
>You would never force non-consent brushing on him. That would be cruel.
>The song's second verse kicks in and Anon tilts your head slightly to the side, so he can reach your upper mane.
>With gentle and precise strokes, he tames your highlights and puts them back were they belong.
>He bumps a few times against your horn, but it doesn't bother you. It's hard enough to endure a bit of punishment.
>Also it reminds you of something... When was the last time, you polished and moisturised it?
>Probably over a week ago.
>You sigh internally... Last week was pretty stressful.
>And proper horn care is important, or else the thin, velvet skin on it dries out and then crackles.
>This happened to you once, in your college years and it was a painful experience.
>Maybe he can do that for you too? It's not as bothersome as brushing yourself, but still takes a good amount of effort to get it right.
>Besides, it would probably feel ten-times better.
>My, oh my. That sounds like you are exploiting him for your own personal pleasure.
>Hopefully, he doesn't get it this way.
>He let's the brush slide a last time through your mane and then smoothes a few stray hairs out with his hand's palm.
>”So all finished. What is it, Twi?”
“If it isn't to much trouble for you, could you maybe polish my horn? It has been a while since I last have done it.”
>”Polish your horn? I guess I could, if you tell me how.”
“You really don't have to, if you don't want to. If you want to get going soon, that's fine with me too.”
>Anon grabs you by the withers and turns you around, so that you face him.
>His lips bear a big, friendly smile.
>”Nah. Kirron can wait for five minutes longer. He isn't my marefriend after all.”
>You giggle and return his smile.
File: Twixie Spin.gif (94 KB, 255x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twixie Spin.gif
94 KB, 255x210
“That would be creepy. But he would have one more horn to polish.”
>”Two more.”
“What do you me-”
>A bright, crimson blush spreads across your cheeks when the realization what he meant hits you.
“Anon! Ewww!”
>He laughs heartily and bops you on the shoulder.
>”You can't outhorn the Kirron, Twi. And now tell me...”
>You are not sure if you can get the mental image of Kirron's “horn” ever out of your head...
>Anon gently flicks the tip of your horn. Sending a soft shudder down your spine.
>”How should I do this? Do I just take a towel and rub it until it shines?”
>As pleasurable and tempting as this sounds, it has less to do with horn care and more with getting you off.
>And sadly, that is secondary right now.
>So you let your magic hover a tub of horn polish and a special polish rag out of the cupboard and into his hands.
>”Feels silky...”
“It's made out of Hollow Shades Widow silk.”
>He shoots you a confused look.
>”Hollow Shades Widows?”
“A breed of giant spiders. Roughly as big as a pony and about as broad. They are not very poisonous, though. They hunt their prey with their strength and speed.”
>”Creepy... And ponies collect their silk to make rags out of them?”
“Uhu. It's nearly as durable and resilient as steel, with only a fractions of the metal's weight.”
>”Why don't you guys make armour out of it then? To me it sounds like the perfect material for it.”
>Good question. And you have a good answer for it.
>By Celestia, you love teaching others stuff. Especially your boyfriend.
>Not that he is stupid or something like that. But he is always genuinely interested in the stuff you tell him.
“For one it's highly flammable. Even the smallest spark is enough to set it ablaze.”
“Also due to it's arcane properties caused by the spiders special diet, it is a so called “tertiary magical catalyst”.”
>”A what now?”
>Snickering, you let the rug float into the air.
“Meaning that every magic user can use it to channel his or hers spells through it. Look.”
>You close your eyes and prepare a simple light spell.
>Without any effort you manage to channel it through the rag instead of your horn and the bathroom is illuminated in a soft orange glow.
>”Oh wow...”
>Cancelling the spell, you carefully levitate the silken patch back into his hands.
“See? Any spellcaster could target his enemies ranks without the need to aim or having to worry about accidentally hitting an ally.”
>Anon whistles.
>”Makes sense now, that you guys don't use it as armour. But what special diet gives it it's magical properties? Unicorns, maybe?”
“By Celestia, no! If that would be the case, I'm sure they would be extinct by now!”
>”On what do they feed then?”
“Hollow Shade Widows mostly live and hunt in underground caverns. And like most animals, they need a certain amount of magical energy, that is sparse there, to survive. So they prey on a special kind of centipede, called “Gemite”, that happens to soak up magic like a sponge.”
>He nods and inspects the rag closer before shifting his attention back at you again.
>”Also giant, I assume?”
“Yep! Those centipedes can grow up to twelve metres in length. And when a spider manages to catch one, it usually feeds on it until it's prey is sucked dry and nothing more than a hollow husk. Of course that give it much more magical energy than it needs, and this excess magic gets integrated into the spiders silk.”
>Another whistle from your boyfriend.
>”Well then. Thanks for the lesson, Twi.”
>You laugh and nuzzle his fist.
“No problem, stud. I love to give you lessons about equestrian wild life.”
>”And I love getting them from you... But, you still didn't tell me how to polish your horn properly.”
>Oh, yeah... You kinda got carried away.
“Sorry. Just take some of the polish and gently rub it into my horn until it feels “squeaky”. You know, like when your skin when you used too much soap.”
>”Sounds easy enough. Anything else I should mind?”
“Not really. Just follow my horn's spiral from it's base and don't use too much polish... It's very expensive.”
>”Got it. Bow down a bit please.”
>You do so, and watch your boyfriend as he opens the small tub.
>He dips the rag into it and you soon feel it on the base of your horn.
>With circular rubbing motions, he begins to work it into it's skin.
>This feels nice. Especially when he polishes the groove of your spiral, which contains most of your horn's nerve ends.
>Slowly, magic starts to channel through your horn and thus making it more sensible to his touch.
>If you aren't careful and in full control of yourself, this can quickly get out of hoof.
>Hornjobs always got you off extra fast... Even if most of them, were self-given.
>And magicum not only glows, but also stains everything it comes in contact with. Including skin and fur.
>The last time some got on your coat, you had to wear a scarf for over a week to cover that embarrassing, bright purple stain.
>Luckily, nopony saw it and it faded away naturally.
>Slow and steady, he makes his way up your horn's spiral. Only stopping to to apply more polish and rework parts that don't feel squeaky enough yet.
>”Good so?”
>Hopefully, he didn't notice your stutter.
>Anon has reached your horn's middle section now, and his attentiveness to your natural given catalyst made it gather quite a copious amount of ambient magical energy.
>Which of course made it even more sensitive to your boyfriend's rubbing and polishing.
>Especially since he now started to get a bit rougher and more erratic with his movements.
>By Celestia... You have a hard time to not find this arousing.
“Anon...” you quietly moan.
>Your breathing begins to get faster and shallower.
>He chuckles and just continues polishing your horn with no change in his technique.
>Either he isn't interested in jerking you off, or he just teases you.
>You so hope that it's the latter.
>Gradually, his hand approaches the tip and finally engulfs it with the rag.
>You can feel the untamed magic inside your horn thicken and getting denser by the second.
>Horngasms are so different from a normal orgasm, that is why you like them so much.
>Instead of long climax, that releases itself over a few seconds. It's a short and very ecstatic burst of lust.
File: Magicumtastic.jpg (452 KB, 713x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
452 KB, 713x1024
>With the added benefit of not having a sticky, wet mess from your marehood.
>And you can sense one coming. Rapidly.
>One last time, he removes the rag to apply more polish.
>You inhale and exhale sharply with every stroke that goes over the spiral of your horn.
>Faster and faster, his hand flies over your bony growth.
>He must surely know what’s happening to you... Your eyes are clenched shut, your cheeks feel like they are on fire and several times a husky moan escaped your lips.
>With one last brush along your length, he ceases his movements.
>”So all finished...”
>W-What? No...
>Just as you were about to say something, you feel his hand wrap around your horn and a hot jolt of electricity rushes through you.
>”Now we come to the happy end.”
>That is what you wanted to hear.
>You just have to remember, not to hit your boyfriend with your load or else parts of him will be purple for a while.
>Anon leans down and plants a quick kiss on your lips. Grazing them with his tongue, before retreating again.
>And with that said, he tightens the grip on your horn and starts to rapidly jerk it off.
>His hands slides over it's slick length in an immense tempo. Maximizing your lust in only mere seconds.
>The hot feeling inside it intensifies as the untamed magic thickens again and readies itself to be released.
>And as fast as it started, it's over.
>In the last possible second, you manage to yank your head to the side and let loose.
>Your orgasms rolls over you and the pent up magical energy bursts out of your horn in an array of stars and strands of thick, concentrated magicum.
>Which lands with loud splashing noises on the tiles of your bathroom floor.
>Anon continues to masturbate you and lets his finger graze and brush over the tip of your catalyst.
>Surely soiling them with your sticky, arcane goo.
>This thought alone gives you another burst of pleasure that washes over your body.
>A final, small squirt merely drips out of your horn and you collapse into the awaiting embrace of your boyfriend.
>He locks one arm around your barrel and slowly manoeuvres your shivering form on his lap and chest.
>Heavily breathing, you open your eyes to look at him with a goofy, but satisfied smile.
>Anon pecks your nose and then moves his fingers, stained with your purple magicum, to his mouth.
>Licking them clean with slow and deliberate strokes of his tongue, while staring into your eyes.
>By Celestia, this is so hot... He just knows how to push your buttons.
>In an instant you shoot out and lock lips with him, wasting no time to invade his oral cavity with your tongue.
>You swirl it around and let it wrestle with his, to get some of the treat you just gave him too.
>A bit egoistic, but well... It's still as fruity as today morning~
>The faint taste of limes and tangerines fills your mouth and you break the kiss with a quick nip on his lower lip.
>Judging by the look on his face, this sudden kiss took him by surprise.
>You press your forehead and muzzle against his chest and take a deep whiff of his scent before resting your head on his shoulder.
“Thanks, stud. That was just what I needed.”
>He chuckles and pats your back.
>”You know, we just did it like 5 minute before in the tub.”
“Details. Now shush. Lemme enjoy my afterglow.”
>”Pfft. Do you mind enjoying your afterglow while I carry you to your bedroom? I'm starting to get cold.”
>You giggle and nuzzle his earlobe.
“Nah. Go ahead.”
So thats it for tonight. With these 13k characters I conclude the shower scene.
As soon as I corrected all my mistakes, I will upload it onto my pastebin.
Have a nice night, mates.
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Cutesy. I like it.

Take it easy bruv.
File: 1426990174053.jpg (6 KB, 220x182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My beloved CrossRoads

I write this post to say you, I love your work.
And I love you.
Shake your hand will a pleasure for me unworthy to fap to this god-tier story.
I would love to be your student.
I can even turn gay for you.

Your faitful

No, I would not into gay, however I think that could be nice.

Shaking your hand will be a pleasure*


File: Yes Gayness.png (168 KB, 683x384) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Yes Gayness.png
168 KB, 683x384
Yeah... I'm glad that you like my story so much, but please tone it down a notch.
INo offense, but 'm starting to get UTV vibes here.
Also bump and waiting for a HD riff.
This EP was awesome. Would watch again/10
Waiting for a HD version to get too. and dodging spoilers at the same time.
Asking that faggot to tone it down is what everyone on this board has been doing since he showed up. He doesn't understand the fact that no one fucking likes him
Heh. That episode was nice. Rainbow was a bit over the top and, in my opinion stupid, but that was ok. The ending made me feel a bit too.
Overall 7.5/10
I dont even know what the synopsis is. hope I will like it as much too.
Dont tell me the synopsis. I like it when I dont know anything about the episode when I go in.
File: No touch !.png (388 KB, 1280x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
No touch !.png
388 KB, 1280x1280
Oh, yes. Before I forget: I will take a break from writing today, since I have the day tomorrrow off and will use my saturday night to grab a few beers with friends.
So no new content today. Sorry, mates.
Anyway. Have a nice night guys. I will update tomorrow again.
Have fun!
you're making me wish I had something to drink myself. And someone to drink with at all. have fun and dont drink shitty stuff.
Oh. Oh!
He doesn't understand the fact that no one fucking likes him
>Implying it's not 4chin's norma
File: Boop Boop Boop.png (364 KB, 701x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Boop Boop Boop.png
364 KB, 701x1024
File: Your face is drunk.png (671 KB, 1280x1536) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Your face is drunk.png
671 KB, 1280x1536
Drunk bumlp
Nice Engrish
File: internalsorrowaj.jpg (24 KB, 318x405) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 318x405
The pain isn't eternal it's just internal
File: I don't feel.png (316 KB, 722x692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I don't feel.png
316 KB, 722x692
She doesn't feel externally
Stay that way thread.
bed bump
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Crying Bookhorse.png
211 KB, 1134x1024
I just came from there.
I miss it already.
Poor X-Roads Now give us some green
Tonight my dear anon, tonight.
Is it a promise?
I will internally cry if you break this word.

>Implying I would able to not forgive you immediately
Pinkie promise? :^)
Cross My Heart, Hope to Fly, Stick a Cupcake in my Eye
File: Bloomspin.gif (345 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
345 KB, 640x360
Spinning bump before I start writing.
File: 1392479685482.png (18 KB, 220x107) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
18 KB, 220x107
Away for a week and everything Cross wrote is still pure bliss.
File: Aahhhhhhh.jpg (169 KB, 1024x781) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169 KB, 1024x781
>Anon slides an arm under your rump to steady you, and slowly gets up.
>Your whole body still feels a bit jittery and weak from all the mental and physical exhaustion, so you lean against your boyfriends chest.
>The warmth it radiates is soothing and if you listen carefully, you can hear his heart beating in it.
>Such a blissful moment and feeling... If somehow you could let last them forever, you would do so.
>But sadly, there are experiments waiting to be experimented on and mysteries waiting to be solved.
>Quite important ones at that.
>You sigh and open the door for him with a quick spell.
>And Anon surely looks forward to his evening activity too. A night out with this rude minotaur...
>Hopefully they don't drink too much and decide to re-enact historic battles... Again.
>Your boyfriend here would have had a fairly nasty scar across his chest, if you wouldn't have healed the wound so quickly and ran into him in the middle of the night in the first place...
>His whole shirt was torn and full of blood.
>He can be so foalish and irresponsible at times, but you wouldn't want him any other way.
>Scars can be sexy, though... Maybe you should look up spells for illusionary ones.
>Could make an interesting base for an erotic scenario.
>But you are getting ahead of yourself, like always. First you should tackle the real vital and pressing problems.
>Then you can think about spicing up your encounters of the sexy kind.
>Anon walks into your bedroom and gently lowers you towards your bed.
>More sluggish than graceful, you slide out of his arms and onto the mattress, flanks first.
>You yawn and stretch your back, before checking on his clothes. Which should be relatively clean by now.
“A bit.”
>And indeed, the orb has changed colour from blue to a blueish grey and almost all of the stains have vanished.
>They still have a pungent stench of your arousal clinging to them... Especially the pants.
“Hmm... I'm not sure any more if one of Spike's perfume is enough to cover that.”
>He sits down next to you and takes the shirt into his hand.
>His nose scrunches up when he takes a whiff from it.
>Okay, now you can see why he thinks that it's cute, when your muzzle scrunches up.
>It really looks adorable.
>”Hmpft... It's tolerable. At least for me.”
“But most ponies would notice, and Kirron for that matter too. Which isn't a problem, since we agreed on you telling him, but still.”
>”Yeah... I don't want to run around, spreading your pheromones either... Who knows which kinds of crazy ponies stroll around in the night.”
>Oh my~
“I wouldn't worry about that. Most stallions aren't attracted to mares, who are twice the size as them and easily pack the same amount of muscle.”
>You giggle and poke his upper arm with a hoof which makes him look at you with mocked seriousness and pride.
>”Pfft... I can get any stallion I want. Just you wait!”
“Oh, yeah?”
>Anon crosses his arms and turns his gaze from you to the ceiling.
“Okay. Then we should make sure, that no stallion snatches you away from me...”
>You lean down and pull out a small wooden chest from your bed, where you keep all the stuff that Spike isn't allowed to have unlimited access to.
>His perfumes, gems with medicinal properties, this freaking ball that screeches like a dying cat when it bounces and the Equestrian Army multi purpose knife, he got from Shining last year.
>Which has far too many blades and things with pointy ends than is good for a growing boy.
>The perfumes should be in the second compartment, you think.
>Ah there they are!
“So... Which one do you want?”
>You show your boyfriend a green bottle in the form of a stag.
“Deepest Woods or...”
>The next one is a round orange flask. Pretty boring design, but you like how it smells.
“Celestia's Delight for Stallions or...”
>”That sounds naughty.”
>He's right...
“Indeed, it does. I never noticed that... It smells nice, though! Take a whiff!
>As you open the flask to hoof it to him, the smells of amber, incense and musk with hints of lily and white pepper invades your nostrils.
>Such a heavenly combination of scents
>It reminds you off summery days in the more mountainous areas of Equestria. Where you used to spend some holidays with your family when you were just a small foal.
>If it wasn't so bloody expensive, you would buy more of it and use it to perfume your home.
>He takes the bottle and carefully waves some of the fragrant fumes to his nose.
>”Hmm! That could work! Where did you get that?”
>You float the cork over to him and close the chest.
“Spike bought it himself, when he started to take his dating attempts more seriously. Do you like it?”
>”I consider buying it myself. But...”
>How nice!
>Not that his natural scent isn't lovely either, but you are sure the perfume would only compliment it.
>Anon splays the shirt over his lap and scratches the back of his head.
>”How do I do this now...”
“What do you mean?”
>”This bottle has no spray thingy.”
>Ah, yes. It's a pour flacon... And just pouring it all over his shirt would be a waste and honestly quite an overkill.
>But you know just the spell to solve this problem!
“Let me handle that!” you say proudly.
>He chucklesnorts and hands you the small bottle back.
>”Do your magic, Miss Sparkle.”
So that's it already. Tomorrow is a work day again, and this means I have to get my beauty sleep.
Tomorrow Anon may actually leave Twi's house and meet up with his buddy Kirron :^).
Good night, mates.
Obligatory pastebin shilling:

Pic is something a drawfag drew for me some time ago, felt like spreading it
Page ten bump
As an artilleryman, I approve.

As always, XR is stealing all the gets.
File: YawnBon.png (260 KB, 800x558) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
260 KB, 800x558
It's way too fucking early to be up - bump
Thanks. Welcome back.
My nigga. Artillery was always my fav. branch.
Bump b4 bed
Why are you even on your legs?
Where do you work?
With Aryanne?
File: AtomicAnnie.webm (3 MB, 747x420) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bump b4 bed. May Atomic Annie protect the thread while we rest.
Why are you even still posting?
Again this same?
Wow, friend, you are durable.
It's rare to see a white knight in action.
Go on.
>not knowing what a White Knight is
Faggot. Tell me, why did you take your name off for like a week only to throw it back on? This board was slightly more tolerable until you returned just to shit everything up again
I hope you like my answer.
Now let the bumpenaddo kill us all.
You sure are well versed in ebin maeymaeys. You literally are unable to post without them. It just makes you seem that much more autistic, which is amazing.
Just keep calm men. We all are in our kind of autism. And you know, being here is the best reward itself.
But still don't know what we've won. Except autism.
Now I don't even know what you are trying to fucking say. Autistic is too kind of a word for you. You're way past that, faggot.
Because warior's path is a lonely path.
Just trying to be friendly, mate.
What's it like to suck as many dicks in a day as you do? How do you find time to do anything other than gargle semen?
File: 1429492120294.jpg (32 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 500x500
Bump before shitstorm
>on 4chan
>On a thread not about Mr.Rogers
Don't be retarded now.
I want to believe
File: 1425924629434.jpg (36 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 500x500
Bumping with Tavi's tighs.
Seriously, squeezing them should be top priority.
File: The unf is real.png (130 KB, 361x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
The unf is real.png
130 KB, 361x361
So I'm home. Just gonna fix me something for dinner up, so I don't have to write with an empty stomach.
How could we forget?!
Human thighs are sexy.
File: Element of UwotM8.png (166 KB, 900x923) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Element of UwotM8.png
166 KB, 900x923
Kek, years of fighting off all no-hooves from /mlp/ and suddenly your trips of wisdom confirm the superiority of human-looking thighs over pony ones.
File: 1425297789341.jpg (191 KB, 686x899) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191 KB, 686x899
Nah, I wouldn't say that. Both kinds are sexy.
File: 1423176640545.jpg (251 KB, 1388x851) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251 KB, 1388x851
Well that's true. Thankfully I share your same mindset and prefer to get the best of both worlds.
I was just surprised it didn't cause a shitstorm as it sometimes does, but I guess that only happens when it's about horse pussy we're talking about
And when quads or higher are involved, nowadays. Even trips tend to be ignored now.
File: 1423986422302.png (3 MB, 2697x1792) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2697x1792
>best of both worlds
If you meant anthro, I generally don't like it. There are very few good anthrrro pics that I find sexy and thats it.
Also that Nightmare comic by Slypone, but I only fapped to the x-ray shots, because of the cummings insides
I either clop/fap to full pony or full humanized.
File: 1427140805176.jpg (175 KB, 752x1063) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
175 KB, 752x1063
Naaah, Pony ones are way better man.
A little furfaggotry is usually acceptable. We can't deny our nature. It's still technically no-hooves, anyway.
File: 1423521982475.png (893 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
893 KB, 1280x960
Didn't mean anthro unless they really really (really) tingle my peeny weeny, I was only saying pone and humanized (rigorously separated) are my things. I don't think I've seen any good anthro myself actually and since I'm still too much of a plebeian, I'm more inclined towards humanized and ponies with human vaginas than rigorous, anatomically-correct winky-holeI just can't help it, okay? Bear with me, at least I'm not posting anthro or humanized in this thread

I'll give you that, they look better. But my idea remains the same: humanized Mane 6 are sexy. Full-pony Mane 6, instead, are utterly cute and lewd as fuck and no quints will ever deny that.

I mostly treat clop as a guilty pleasure and leave it for when human asses don't get me going anymore for some days, but most of the times I resort to normie porn. I guess that's a good thing in its way, since it means I can look and think like a normal person when I'm away from my computer and that I don't risk saying anything related to the show that would get me go full spaghetti-waterfalls. You know, the "better safe than sorry" way of thinking. And besides, I've never been into yiff or any other furfaggotry. Clop was my first non-human porn, if we don't count hentai elves, so I don't know where that places me.
File: Twilight wondering.png (174 KB, 900x1001) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Twilight wondering.png
174 KB, 900x1001
“Of course, Mister Mous. In no more than the blink of an eye, your clothes will smell like Canterlot's finest gentlecolt clubs!”
>You pat his hand to signalize that he should keep holding the round flask and begin to channel magic through your horn.
>First you will need some of the fragrant liquid out of the flacon.
>Usually that wouldn't pose any problem, but since you can't really judge how much of the perfume your magic actually affects, it's more fiddly than you imagined.
>Damned be the pony who invented opaque glass.
>But after some attempts you manage to get just the right amount out of it and compress it into a compact, nice-smelling sphere.
>Looks almost like a clear pearl. Pretty.
>Maybe you could create more of them and freeze them in time to use them as some kind of jewellery?
>Rarity would be surely interested in that. Aromatic pearl necklaces... Or earrings.
>If this takes off, you could be filthy rich in no time...
>A project for the future. You take a mental note and concentrate again on what you originally planned to do.
>Now you have to gasify the liquid and cover Anon's clothes with it.
>A simply heating spell should do the trick... But sadly there is almost no Aqshy in your general vicinity.
>But for some reason lots of Ghur... Are beasts running rampant somewhere close?
>Most likely some Timberwolves in the Everfree Forest.
>No... Timberwolves are elementals, earth elementals to be exact, they would invoke Ghyran not Ghur.
>So a hydra or a manticore maybe?
>You shake the thought off and ponder about converting it into Aqshy.
File: Hungry Twi.gif (2 MB, 330x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hungry Twi.gif
2 MB, 330x330
>Shouldn't be too dangerous since it is it's neighbour on Quaysh, the diagram used to reflect the relationships between the magic winds.
>But also so is Shyish... The wind of death. And that could go awry and out of hoof faster than you would like.
>”Twi? Everything alright?”
“Yah. Just thinking.”
>He nods and brushes a few dust particles off his pants.
>A certain outline in the pockets of his trousers gave you an idea.
“Do you happen to have your lighter with you?”
>”Of courrse! I never leave my house without it. You never know when you need to set something on fire.”
>Giggling, you beckon him to get it.
>”Here you go, Twi.”
“Thanks. Give me a light please.”
>So he does and instantly you can sense the warm and dry wind of Aqshy flooding the room.
>The world Anon came from is devoid of magic, at least from what he told you, but strangely some things he brought with him tend to produce magical winds when they are active. Not much, but usually enough to fuel simple spells.
>Especially his electronics, which emits Azyr, the wind of heavens, and this very lighter here.
>Why? You don't know and it bugs you like nothing else.
>Many nights were spent without sleep, trying to figure out how or why they do this. And of course no test or experiment wielded a single result.
>It's just a mystery which will most likely stay one for ever.
>But it comes in hoofy now.
>Now you won't have any problems more to cast and sustain that heating spell.
>With ease you gather the required amount of Aqshy and channel it into the sphere of perfume.
>It starts to boil and slowly turn into a gaseous mist, which you keep constrained by a magical field so it doesn't disperse into the thin air.
>That would be a shame and honestly quite embarrassing.
>After a short while it fully gasified and you carefully widen the field that restrains the fragrant gas, until it roughly has the width and length of Anon's shirt.
>You slowly let the mist sink into the fabric, and seal it deep into it with a final burst of heat.
“Okay... Now your pants and boxers.”
>Adding some more perfume and gasifying it, you give his legwear the same treatment as his shirts.
>Hopefully, that should have done the trick.
“So. All done. Tell me how they smell.”
>He grabs his clothes and gives each of them a hesitant sniff.
>”Oh wow... The smell is almost completely gone... My pants still smell a bit like you, but they would have to sniff my crotch to notice that. And I don't plan on letting anypony do that tonight.”
>You snicker and playfully bop his shoulder.
“You better not! Only I am allowed to do that from now!”
>”Heh. Don't worry. And thanks, Twi.”
“No biggie. Let me check them really quick, since my nose is more sensitive than yours.”
>Anon presents you his clothes and you diligently sniff at them.
>And indeed, most of your arousal got covered up by the perfume. The few lingering hints of your scent are not very noticeable, even to ponies. So that should do nicely.
>They will most likely think, that they came from normal every day contact.
>Except if he runs into Rarity, but she already know about you anyway...
>She always assumes the most kinky situation possible first, when she smells the scent of others on somepony.
>You beam your boyfriend a smile.
“All clear!”
>”Great! Then I can get dressed and be on my merry way.”
“So eager to get away from me?”
>He chuckles and ruffles your mane.
>”Nah, of course not. But you said, you don't want me here while you experiment and...”
>You and him take a look at the clock. It's five past eight.
>”It's already pretty late.”
“You're right...”
>He chuckles and scratches behind your ear.
>Celestia, how were you able to live without this for so long.
“Okay then... I will be downstairs and finish some more preparations for tonight while you get dressed.”
>Your lips escapes a long. content sigh and you hop off your bed.
>Stretching your four limbs for a bit, you yawn and turn to your boyfriend.
“When you are dressed, please put the used towels into the laundry bin over there, before you leave.”
>”Will do, Twi.”
>He leans down and plants a gentle kiss on your lips, which you happily return.
>You break it and look into Anon's eyes, before pecking his nose and trotting towards the door.
“Thanks, stud. See you soon.”
>”No problem. See you soon, my Love.”
>And there they are again... The butterflies in your stomach.
>Quietly, you open the door, so Spike doesn't wake up, and exit through it.
File: Twilysmily.png (121 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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For me it didn't take long to find plump pony pussy and crotchtits arousing, since I fapped before to Centaur and other monster girls. /d/ what did you do to me?
Also I don't think clop is a guilty pleasure for me. People fap to much weirder stuff.
But to each his own. Fap to what you find comfortable mate.

And that's it for tonight. Hopefully Anon will be able to leave Twi's home soon, since I'm rreally eager to write the Kirron scene.
Good night, mates.
Daily pastebin shilling: http://pastebin.com/u/X-Roads
I actually started watching the show after getting off to some of the porn. I think it was a rarity x spike comic. At first I thought crotchtits were disgusting. Now... well..
>I was just surprised it didn't cause a shitstorm as it sometimes does, but I guess that only happens when it's about horse pussy we're talking about

A nice human innie is undeniably better than a tiny pony's pussy, though.
File: 1424794016166.png (308 KB, 560x468) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Human crotchboobs on ponies are distasteful. Equine teats, however, I find tolerable.
File: 1423200617206.png (359 KB, 699x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
359 KB, 699x1024
Pony pussy may feel godly but the human one looks better in my pleb opinion. But don't say it out loud, for your own good.
And anyway, I can't make a comparison between humans and horses, as I've never had any firsthand experience with either of them, so I'll just go with the idea that I'm not the one who should criticize others and keep my tastes for myself unless someone inquires them. And I really wish more newfags like me thought the same instead of shitposting about morals and shit.

Can't really get into any of those, but I think that's also because I'm mostly an ass man in general, so I don't really focus on tits.