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Pone Prison #2
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Prev. thread: >>22825850
Old thread hit bumpu limit
best prison guard
seriously though

id put a baby in that
>be Anon
>sent to Equestria's top security prison.
>for raspberrying Celestia
>shit prison
>delicious food
>the guards leak you pudding
>warden is afraid of you
>everyone is afraid of you
>Life's gud
Now we wait for the thread(s) to get shit up by folks who aren't in on the joke(s).

We should use the first post to outline the premise.

Turns out the ponies dont really have a concept of differentiating between crimes such as mildly insulting the princess and attempting to eat a village.

Two weeks later your new cellmate is Karakossor the voracious, a down on his luck dragon that was Princess`d after trying to add Pony to his dinner plate.

He claims upper bunk.
Nah nigga that's MY FUCKING BUNK.

Figure out which thread to stay in.
I wish I was writefag.
How do I writefag?

>Be Anon
>Sent to prison for pushing a pony in line
>You didn't know this was something that you could be sent to prison for, but, as you now know, is.
>The ponies there are all very tough looking
>You immediately search for the head of the pack.
>You've been to prison here in Equestria before, you know precisely what to do.
>Starting off with 3 pudding cups allowed per meal, you won't mind losing one anyway.
>You scan for anypony who might remember you from your last trip to the slammer.
>They all seem knew.
>It's very easy to see everyone, as there are no cells in this prison, just a mess hall, some visiting rooms, and fancy, suite-like dorms
>Each with its own mini-fridge
>Finding the toughest of the inmates was relatively easy, and you approach him from across the yard
>You walk to him, and you look at him with your best angry-eyes.
>He seems unintimidated and unimpressed
>He tells you to "be on your way, or he'll pummel you to pieces."
>Immediately after he is done speaking tackle him and begin non-consensual tummy-rubs
>Being behind a fake-bush thing, no one notices either of you here
>Continue until you are called to mess 45 minutes later
>He is crying to himself and whimpering in the fetal position
>Take his pudding at snack time
>Didn't even know his name
>Never got caught or lost an allowed pudding cup
>Today was a good day.

Do you want to continue, yes or no?
Ay yo where's the green
>>They all seem knew.
replace "knew" in line 9 with "new"
Lurking mode ON
>combat petting
how terrifying


There is trouble in this penitentiary paradise.

Turns out dragons are not really all that emotional, so its hard to use verbal abuse to put Karakossor in his place. Also he is a 20 ton lithovoric reptile which make it pretty hard to physically intimidate him.

This cannot stand, that reptilian lardass is threatening your position just by sleeping in the same cell as you do...This was your sweet gig...There is just one solution, you will have to get him a pardon.

>"that top bunk is mine you scaly fuck"
>"oh yeah! Come get it you...what are you?
>"I'm a human, want to know about the dragons on my home world?"
>Anon looked deep Ito his reptilian eyes and said something that struck fear in the dragons heart
>Anon grabbed the Dragon by the throat and tossed him from the bed, knocking him through the wall, ruining tea time for the inmates next door
>"fuck you. I get top bunk you crocodile with wings"
>the dragon groaned with pain "o-ok"

Das right bitch
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>Be Anon
>Swabbing the roof of a local building while on prisoner work duty with half a dozen other prisoners and your guards
>Overhear the guards talking
>"So yeah, my uncle died."
>"Aw shucks Beat Stick, sorry to hear it.."
>"Never mind, he was a jerk. Turns out he was loaded, though. Left 5,000 bits to me."
>"That's great!"
>"You think so? Gosh-darn Equestrian Revenue Service gonna take a big chunk out of it, and what am I left with? Hardly anything."
"Do you trust your mare, Mr. Stick?"
>"What! What did you say to me, Anonymous?!"
"Because if you trust her, there's no reason you can't keep every bit of that inheritance."
>"You... you don't say?"
"Well, if you don't believe me, I guess I could just throw myself off this roof as punishment..."
>"What - no! Don't! I'll get in trouble if a prisoner gets hurt on duty..."
"Oh? Is that so? I think I'm getting wobbly...might fall..."
>"No! please! Come back... I'll do anything!"

>And that's how me and and six of my fellow prisoners wound up eating cupcakes and drinking root beer in the warm summer sun, courtesy of the hardest screw that ever walked Hoofshank Prison.
>Anonymous didn't even have any. He said the sugar would be bad for his diabeetus.
>I think he did it just to feel normal again.
Dude, you misunderstood me. I'm not bashing the threads. Two people posted a pony prison thread and we need to consolidate it down to one.
the other one has a troll.
Or some autist.

Or a twelve year old.
is there a difference?
So we're staying in this one?
probably if more green happens
I vote yes. It isnt stained with his filth.
Somebody poked holes in all the milk cartons before lunch.
Pastebin from last thread.
I heard Anon did it to get back at Crim for saying he enjoys milk slightly more than the average pony which is still perfectly fine and socially acceptable, but still mildly (not overly) odd.
Can we please get more chicken tendies Anon? I'd give all my good by points for one.
> Everypony who hears this gasps in horror as Anon is led to the naughty corner.
>they don't know that Anon took all the milk and put them in water balloons and plans to start a milk balloon fight when her gets back
>Somebody using Hardened Crim.

I knew that was funny!
>Panic descends upon the prison and its inmates
>Guards do not interfere with the chaos, only giving looks of empathy for the poor bastards afflicted by the turn of events
>God has come to reap the sinners
>Cookies has a breakdown to the thought of Anon not getting his fill of milk
So is this the thread?

Please tell me this is the thread.

I hate making mistakes.
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>"I have seen the world he is from"
>Celestial had pure fear in her eyes
>"Luna, we must send it back from whence it came"
>"I saw your nightmare sister, that place, it cannot be real, so much...evil...beyond any evil in this world"
>"we need to get rid of Anon, he is one of those monsters"
>find twilight, find discord, get Tirek if you have to! find a way, get rid of that Human!"
Sorry for writing so slowly.

>Day 2/14
>Yesterday you cuddleraped the biggest pony in prison
>You finally found his name: Dirty Work
>Waking up at 5, you snuck into his dorm, found his ID card, so you now have lots of information on him
>In jail for not returning a bit he saw someone drop
>10 more days, he's been in for 4
>Nopony else woke up tiill 8, so you decided to do things
>Like take everything from Dirty Work's minif-fridge
>And most other inmates
>They're all very heavy sleepers.
>At 8:30, everyone is called to breakfast.
>Wait till 8:45 to go to breakfast, much to some of the guards' chagrin
>Walk into the mess hall, and search for Dirty Work
>See how he reacts to what you've done
>He, and many others, are absolutely distraught.
>Walk up to him
>He pretends to ignore you, just untill you lean up to him
>You offer him your breakfast today in return for 1 of his pudding cups each meal over the next 3 days
>He accepts immeadiately
>aww ye pudding
>You should do this more often.

Do you like RP?
Cookies is seriously adorable.

I'm glad she's been a recurring character.

>Anon escapes from prison again.
Anon gives the Equestria justice proof of Princess Twilight's chocolate milk spilling conspiracy to reduce his naughty corner sentence from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. And an ice cream with extra sprinkles.

Twilight ends up in jail with Anon for crimes against milk.
I just pastebinned my own stories like the selfish autist I am, I don't know if other authors did too.

I'm really feeling like writing /ROBOT/ anon, but it may take some time. I want to write cute things about Cookies and my fingers are fucking killing me.

I think it's funny how she was a side character with about 3 lines that got turned into a recurring character.

I guess we all have a thing for cuddlesluts.
>from whence
What a fucking pleb Luna is.
You fucker.
You actual fucking fucker. Its 2:42am. I have work in the morning. My tablets battery is!running out and you have to go and post a brilliant idea?

Fucks sake. Right. One last green before bed.
I know what was posted in the other thread but...

>A week passes since you unexpectedly gain two cronies
>Your new henchponies work out rather well
>They shake down other ponies for protection from shower snuggles,name calling and having their teddies stolen.
>You have more pudding cups than you could have hoped for.
>One thing is bothering you though. One question keeps popping up.
>"Bebop, Rocksteady. What exactly are you in for?" you ask
>The two look at each other. Their glances a mix of shame and pride.
>"Bebop and I used tah be musicians boss" Rocksteady begins
>Why do they keep calling you boss?
>One day we performed a song "bebop picks up" that landed us in Sing Song.
>A devious smile crosses your features.
A few hours later in the Warden's office during second recess but before nap time.
>"Aww come on Boss!" pleads Rocksteady "We don't want tah get another week in the corral !"
>You silence him with a hand gesture before turning on the microphone that feeds into the loud speakers in the yard
>"Now you two" you begin" Sing for me this song."
>The two henchponies look at each other nervously
>A glare from you quashes any doubts they had
>Bebop begins to beat box as Rocksteady steps to the mic and starts to sing.
> "I like big plots and I can not lie
You other stallions can't deny
That when a mare trots in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
You get sprung"
>before he can finish the line goes dead and guards rush in
>None of you get story time that night
>Or a third satin pillow for bed time.
kek m8
>>None of you get story time that night
>>Or a third satin pillow for bed time.
my sides
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>"why have you summoned us here Celestia? Oh great and wise kind Princess?" Discord said sarcastically

>"yes, why am I here!? Of all things, I have a hive to tend to since you wrecked my last one" Chrysalis whined

>Celestial didn't turn from the window overlooking the Prison which Anon was situated, she saw him in the Yard, beating up a griffon.

>"I need a prisoner re-educated. This prisoner is the most dangerous creature to ever roam Equestria, i need him pacified, either by Discords chaos magic or your "romantic charms" Chrysalis.

I want him reduced to a harmless, cuddly, lobotomised and passive citizen, free from all violent desires. No inmate has ever displayed behaviour such as his. He is beyond reformation and far to dangerous to contain.

If you saw the world he came from, the things his kind is capable of. Even Sombra would draw a line.

Do what you must. I will be waiting"
>Cream goes as far to sneak into the kitchen and politely ask the serving staff to give her a cup of milk to help calm down.
>Once the ruckus settles down she sneaks into Anon's room and makes sure he drinks the whole cup.
>She didn't do this to try and get extra belly rubs.
>She absolutely didn't partially want to see Anon with a cute little milk mustache.
>And she certainly didn't have a small burning desire to lick said mustache off his face.
File: Ahahahahaha.jpg (154 KB, 695x715) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Day 12 in Equestria
>Be sent to pony prison for accidentally killing a Yellow horse upon arriving
>You were hungry and hadn't eaten in days
>When you finally stumbled across an unsuspecting animal, you just had to take the chance provided
>Bad thing is, that chance led the local populace to find you sucking the grilled bones of the yellow pony outside of her hut
>How were you supposed to know that the world you were transported to was inhabited by sentient horses with a sense of community?
>Well, after a full day of being scolded by the largest white horse for killing an "Instrument of Harmonica" or something like that, you were sent here as punishment
>It was either this or be turned to stone
>You have never been to jail, but the idea of going there sounds scary
>The "Scared Straight" episodes go through your mind as you imagine exactly what prison will be like, especially in a place where sentient horses rule the land
>As you imagine all of the horrors of this prison you are being sent to, the driver of the prison wagon seems to make a detour and stop at some sort of colorful bright castle
"W-Why are we stopping?"
>The bus driver looks at you like you have three heads
>"What are ya' talkin' 'bout? Obviously we are stoppin' 'cuz we're at our destination."
>You stop and try and take in what he means by that
>"I said, it's your stop. Now get off the bus."
>You look back out the window and give the colorful castle-like structure a better look
>The windows of the building is indeed covered in bars, and the building itself surrounded by large fences, but it looks like the entire building was created by a Kindergartener who was mashing MegaBlocks together to make a make-shift giant tower... castle... thing
"You're shitting me, right?"
>"Nope. Havin' regrets? Well ya' know the sayin'; ya' do the crime, ya do the time. Now git outta here b'fore I hafta call over an attendant to escort ya out."
I want to see Anon forced to become passive
I want to see Anon force THEM to become passive.
>Most dangerous creature ever
>Handing him over to a Chaos god
This can only end chaotically
>"I don't know if I'll be able to last in here Anonymous. I already got threatened with a time out for speaking out of turn."
"How long you in for?"
>"Two days!"
>She seems distraught.
"OK, your're going to have to deal with it, like everyone else. Lucky for you only the very stupid mess with anyone they see talking to a black jumpsuit."
>From nowhere a guard appears.
>"Inmate. Are you sure you want to be talking to a black suit?"
>"Its OK, we're friends."
>"Move along Inmate Sparkle."
>You flash Cookie a look.
"That seems unnecessary."
>"Why are you talking to her, Anon?"
"She's my friend. Plus I need to know if she knows I got her sent here."
>"You brought her here? Why would you want to bring another made here?"
>You fix her with an even stare.
"You heard what she was doing to the milk, right? I was looking at an hour on the stool. An HOUR Cookie."
>"Listen if you wanted to rub another mare's tummy all you had to say was..."
"Whoa! Hey! Its not like that and you know it."
>She hits you with a glare. But it slowly softens when she sees how sincere you are.
>"Sorry Anonymous. I don't know why I got so jealous just now. Listen, since you're friends I'll try to get some of the guards to go easy on Twilight. Maybe not give her the stool or take her snack time away."
"You will earn extra cuddles for this."
>"Plus it couldn't hurt to have the Princess of Friendship on my side."
"Pragmatic, I like. Triple cuddles for you."

That's all I have in the tank.
Sleep now.
Pastebin tomorrow.
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can't wait for this
No more of this as far as I can tell right now.
I will be collecting up what I wrote in the previous thread and putting them on my WhoKnowsPone Pastebin.

Be nice to dust the old thing off.
File: image.jpg (91 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 KB, 1280x720

And Discord saw inside the Chaotic mind of the Human Being.

And he was afraid.
T-triple cuddles?

By the way, which thread is the correct one? Some namefag's shitting up the other
This one is the correct one. Don't tell that fag though. He isn't allowed in our club.
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Within a week. Anon wanted snuggles and behaved himself
>Confused to all Hell and back, you just listen to the driver and start to walk off the bus
>Suddenly a tiny blue horse with a yellow mane and a birdcage tattoo on her thighs appears, giving you a huge smile
>Mother of god, she is fucking loud and energetic
>Your ears ring as she speaks, feeling a little wet
>Did she cause your ears to bleed with only that little of speaking or are you just imagining things
"Please keep it down.."
>You nod your head as you start to follow the pony, keeping your ears plugged the entire time
>As you approach the building you notice that the only parts of it that are not colorful are the iron bars on the windows, the large fence surrounding the facility, and the massive steel doors that lay before you
>The massive doors start unlocking over the next minute or so
>Cogs and other grinding gears are able to be heard as the door fully unlocks itself to allow you and your shrill voiced warden to enter
>When you walk inside, you see a massive area that is much less colorful than the outside; all white tiles and large glass reception area that reminds you of the entrance of a hospital you once went to as a kid
>As you walk inside, towards the front counter, the doors start to close and lock themselves again behind you
>You aren't sure, but whatever they have in here, they must not want out based on how impenetrable that door seems
It's called greentext
anyone else start reading this in Morgan Freeman's voice?
its a reference to my last green which is a reference to a video
Wow, that autist completely ruined the other thread.

>The door slowly closes and you start to walk towards the front desk to sign your name on the clipboard held by a brown pony in a guard uniform
>As you look on the sign in sheet, you notice that some of the names seem to be written in different languages, or at least use weird incomprehensible symbols instead of normal pony letters (which are coincidentally, English)
>You just assume that this means you will have some exotic prison-mates as you fill in your name on the dotted line
>Lordy Christ all mighty, you couldn't hate another creature as much as you hate her right now
>Fucking annoying horse
>You really hope that none of the other ponies will be like this one
>Or... maybe you do hope they will be
>As you follow the warden into the Dining Hall, you see a wide variety of creatures sitting down and eating, conversing, and seemingly having a good time
>While most of them were smaller than you, like the ponies only being about half your size, there were others that were taller than you by almost double your size
>The biggest one in the room had to be a big dragon looking creature with black scales and big red eyes; the only real defining feature past that it had was a massive scar going diagonally across its face
>Whoever that creature is, you don't want to fuck with him
>Seriously, you are never prepared for that and it is your ears that suffer for it
>The room goes silent and a few hands are raised in the crowd
>Oh god, it is mostly the creatures that are larger than you that are raising their hands; they must want to make you their bitch
>>The biggest one in the room had to be a big dragon looking creature with black scales and big red eyes; the only real defining feature past that it had was a massive scar going diagonally across its face
We're riding that nigga.
Alright my turn for this kind of shit
>be me
>got arrested for a late book
>let me go through the basics of this place
>they require that eat broccoli before I get my cookie
>my puncake has less syrup
>and the place is made of chocolate
>and now for some well know convicts
Crimes: pushing someone in line to the play
Gender: male
Other: enjoys mares in sexual activities

Nationality: Asian/Canadian
Other: is just the real vanoss gta 5 online character
>need to get some sleep
>see you tomorrow
Get the fuck out.
Fuck. Thread's over.

I'm working on a cute short with C'n'C. Should finish within the hour.
>Im working on a cute short with C'n'C.
You guys know that he can have his posts easily hidden.

This. Just ignore.
>It seems you've been sent to pony prison.
>Apparently, dining and dashing is a still a crime here.
>You're not actually sure why you thought it wouldn't be.
>As a result, you've been sentenced to two days in the slammer.
>You didn't have any plans for the week, so you went along with it.
>As you arrive, the cop who arrested you gives you a look.
>"I'm really quite disappointed in you, you know. Maybe you do things differently where you're from, but around these parts, we pay for our meals."
"I see."
>"Now then. Prison is no laughing matter, of course, but you'll be treated well. See to it that you're on your best behavior and you'll be out in no time. Hopefully you'll have learned your lesson by then."
>You enter the jail.
>It's pretty quiet in here, save for the sounds of the approaching guard.
>"Hello, you must be Anonymous. My name is Jubilee Sunbeam, and I've been assigned to your case. Most prisoners are only here for a few hours, or a day at most, but more serious offenders such as yourself are given somepony to talk to. Prison can get pretty tense if you have to cope with it yourself, you know."
>You take a moment to wonder what sort of crime is worth a few hours of jail time.
>Littering, maybe?
>"Basically, you'll go about your day as normal, and I'll visit your cell before bed time so we can talk about what happened and how you feel. Hopefully, your visit here will be productive, and by the time you leave, you'll be ready to rejoin society."
"Sounds good."
>She smiles.
>"I'm glad to hear it. Now then, you'll be placed in Group D, which means it's time for Arts and Crafts. Let's get going."

Fick, now I have to stay up. If I wake up cranky, you're getting fucking cauliflower for supper.
>You arrive at the Arts and Crafts room.
>It reminds you of your elementary school’s art room, actually.
>Sunlight shines through a window that takes up almost all of the wall opposite of the door, illuminating the room.
>Various works of art line the walls in varying stages of completion.
>The room gives off a cozy aura, and you wouldn’t mind spending a while here.
>The guard notices you enter and walks up.
>”Ah, the new arrival! Good timing, we’re just getting started here. Help yourself to any materials you see lying around.”
>You’re kind of shit at art, but you notice a stack of square paper that would be perfect for origami
>.After a few failed attempts, you manage to make a passable crane.
>You proceed to make four more cranes because you’re kind of shit at origami too.
>Your fellow jailbirds seem impressed.
>You suppose origami would be a pretty rare art around here, given that nobody has fingers.
>Eventually, Arts and Crafts ends.
>Group D heads back to the cafeteria for a snack.
>Everyone swaps stories of how they ended up here.
>They apparently do this every snack time because at least two or three members will have left by then.
>When it comes to your turn, you explain your story, which receives a few horrified gasps.
>One of the mares mutters something along the lines of “can’t believe I’m in here with people like this”.
>The rest of the day is relatively uneventful, and eventually night comes.
>You get a cell to yourself, presumably because of the serious nature of your crime.
>It’s actually nicer than your apartment, somehow.
>It has three rooms including a bathroom, locking doors, a mini-fridge, a tv, and the comfiest fold-out couch you’ve had the privilege to sit on in your life.
>Of course, the tv only tunes into the news and the nature channel, because it’s prison.

While the evil men have done could never possibly outweigh the good, it would be foolish to blame an entire race for the evils a few men have done.

>As promised, Jubilee eventually swings by.
>”Hi, Anon! Sorry, may I call you Anon?”
>”Okay, good. I didn’t mean to assume. How are you holding up?”
”Pretty well, I guess.”
>”That’s good. Some don’t adapt nearly as well. Is anything on your mind?”
“I found out I’m pretty good at Arts and Crafts, I guess.”
>She doesn’t have to know the truth.
>”I heard! You have quite a way with paper, it turns out.”
“Do you think I could hang on to one of those? I outdid myself.”
>Sadly, you’re not exaggerating, those were among the best things you’ve ever created.
>You’re REALLY shit at origami.
>”Of course! They’re all yours, after all. I’ll have them delivered to your cell by tomorrow afternoon.”
“Thanks, Jubilee.”
>”Not at all, Nonnie!”
>Realizing what she just said, the mare blushes.
>”Err, Anon. I’m sorry, that just slipped! Well then, you seem all set here, so I’ll let you get some rest. Tomorrow will be a busy day! Good night.”
>You stay up until 2 watching the nature channel before passing out.

>I'll visit your cell before bed time so we can talk about what happened and how you feel.
keks and feels at the same time

>The next day, you wake up around 10:30.
>As soon as you’ve showered and changed, you wait in the room closest to the cell door for escorting.
>There’s nothing barring you from leaving, but you aren’t in a hurry.
>About eleven minutes later, a guard walks by.
>”Ah, Anonymous! I was going to fetch you around 7, but you seemed tired, so I let you rest. Right this way, please.”
>The guard takes you to the cafeteria, where all the prisoners are gathered for Friday brunch.
>As you enter, the room quiets.
>You hear a few whispers of “he didn’t pay”.
>Ponies are bad at whispering.
>You grab a tray and start serving yourself, and the chatter slowly builds up to its former level.
>The choices are somewhat limited.
>They have toast, apples, oranges, pears. biscuits, hay, scones, cereal, pancakes, waffles, bagels, and croissants.
>You settle on a small pile of hay and 7 pears.
>Looking around for a seat, you notice Jubilee alone at a table.
>She looks up, smiles, and beckons you over.
>”Good morning, Anon! Did you sleep well?”
“I guess.”
>”It was pretty lucky for you that today’s brunch day, because you would’ve missed breakfast otherwise! Well, Monday and Wednesday are also brunch days, but still.”


Sorry for breaking this up weirdly, I'm just trying to dump what I have for the night and I'm not too used to the post count
>Why did you have to be sent to prison with a bunch of horrorish nightmares?
>Out of the individuals raising their hands you see a bull demon creature, a giant snake, and a few other misfit creatures
>You look down at the warden and beg her
"Please don't put me with them. Let me choose my own partner, like that guy."
>As you say that, you point towards a tiny glasses wearing pony that obviously must have come here for some sort of nerdy crime, like tax evasion or something stupid like that
>In the movies it is always the nerdy one that is the best companion to have anyways, it sounds like the best choice for you
>She sits and ponders for a moment
>That sounds much more preferable over the choices you currently have
>Freedom Keeper audibly squees happily
>She waves over the big black dragon towards you
>As she yells over at the dragon, he just sighs, with a huge puff of smoke coming out of his mouth, and slowly walks over to you
>You start screaming internally as you imagine getting hurled across the room by this behemoth
>Why did you even think this was a good idea in the first place? Were you really THAT afraid of a few demon like creatures being left in charge of your safety?
>...Yes, yes you were actually
>But still, this is even more horrifying
>As the creature stomps its way towards you, each step making an audible BANG, you reevaluate every choice you have made in your life that has led you to this moment
>The big dragon comes over to you and clamps its hands around you
*character count, fuck me

>You sit and consider your food.
>Why did you get hay again?
>You’ve probably had worse ideas than eating hay, you suppose.
>A quick taste determines that no, you have not.
>Jubilee notices you gagging.
>”Goodness! Is that hay not to your liking?”
“Sorry, I haven’t had it in a while.”
>Never before is kind of like a while.
>”Really? I can see how it would be a bit of a shock to eat after abstaining, I suppose.”
>You bite into a pear to get the taste out of your mouth.
>Aw yiss.
>Mother fuckin’ pears.
>”Did you get a chance to check the day plan before you got here?”
>”Alright, let me help you out! Let’s see... Today, group D is playing outside, then having lunch, a nap, reading time, snack, play time, dinner, and then bed. How does that sound?”
“Pretty good, I guess.”
>”Just pretty good? I can arrange for another snack, if you’d like. Special cases get more lenient schedules to help them cope.”
“I’m fine, thanks.”
>”Alright then. I’ve got to get going. Paperwork doesn’t do itself! It was nice eating with you, though. Want to do lunch?”
>”Okay, it’s a date!”
>She blushes again.
>”Err, not... you know... oh, see you later!”
>She runs off quickly.
>You finish your pears and contemplate getting seconds.

That's about what I'm going for, if a little more towards keks. Glad to hear you liked it anon.

Bored of writing for now, I'll probably continue tomorrow. Night guys.
I'll be waiting for a continuation on this. Mark my words.
In Equestria prisons being kind of nice and promising to be good but breaking your promise makes you like a hannibal lecter level master manipulator.
>The stern face on this creature a bit more than twice your size as it held onto you made your mind go blank
>It starts to lift you off the ground
>You can feel it getting ready to throw you as its muscles tighten up
>Your brain reboots
>You scream like a little girl as the dragon throws you up into the air and you hit across the padded ceiling and back towards the ground
>You continue to scream as your feel your guts shifting around while hitting off the padded ceiling to hurl you towards a giant green slime thing
>You hear it say as it run over to catch you
>But instead of the slime creature catching you, you instead hit off of it and bounce back towards the ceiling
>You continue screaming without stop, your iron lungs refusing to give out
>You hit the padded ceiling once again and your breath is knocked out of you when you whack your back really hard off of an exposed bump left by the small holes in the ceiling for the lights to shine through
>No more screaming, only falling
>As you resign yourself to whatever fate you have in store for you, you see yourself falling towards the giant dragon that originally threw you
>Oh god! You are on a direct collision course!
>You start twisting and trying to throw yourself in another direction, to no avail
>The dragon puts up its clawed hand and catches you; twisting its body to swing you safely into a position where it can use both its arms to fully grab you
>During this whole football special catch session the dragon has with your body, the rest of the prisoners give an angry response
>"Awww! Flizzy cheated again!"
>Most of the responses are incomprehensible to you as you are being caught, but you can tell the crowd isn't pleased
"I-I'm gonna vomit..."
>You say as you feel a wave of extreme nausea come over you
>promise not to bully the inmates for extra pudding pops
>go back on your promise and shove a pie in an inmates face
>end up behind a glass wall talking to some EBI agent (Equestrian Bureau of Investigation) about Buffalo Bill
>Apparently he's an actual buffalo that goes around shaving mares and attaching their fur to his body
>they think you have a sick enough mind to know where he'll strike next
we got a dragon bro now
>As you start to regain yourself, you slowly seem to come back into a realization of where you are
>"Hey man, you alright?"
>A high pitched voice, a slight bit raspy, asks you a question from somewhere real close
>You don't answer, as you are using your energy to fully recover from that amusement park ride and a half
>By the time you fully regain yourself, the warden is gone from the room
>As you end up being in a fully conscious state again, the first thing you see when you look up is..
>A huge cloud of smoke comes from the dragon's nose all over your face as you realize you are being held in a princess cradle by the huge dragon that sent you on a joyride in the first place
>"So... You alri--"
>You start screaming again, upon the realization that your bootyhole was going to likely be the sheath for a huge dragon cock soon enough; and that is if you were lucky and he ended up liking you
>"Hey, shut up!"
>The rest of the crowd ignores this now, they lost interest after not getting to be your tour guide partner
>"I SAID..."
>The giant dragon flips your body around, causing you to do a full 360 degree body rotation in less than a second, catching you back in your original princess cradle position
>"...please be quiet."
>You are stunned by that sudden body rotation and you completely stop screaming in the face of apparent death
>"You done now?"
>The dragon's voice... it is high pitched and raspy, kinda like the voice you somewhat heard while drifting in and out of consciousness
>Dragons have this sort of voice? You expected it to be deeper and more full of bass, especially with this guy's size
so wait

is that a chick dragon then
>"Hey, so I guess I am your prison partner now."
>"Yeah. So, I had a few before, but they aren't here anymore. As long as you keep it down with the screaming, we aren't going to have any problems."
>The dragon drops you from its hold and helps you regain your balance
>"I get enough loud stuff from the stupid warden after all."
>The dragon gives you a look that lacks amusement
>The dragon turns you towards the exit and starts to walk you out slowly
>"I must have thrown you harder than I thought. Hopefully I didn't break you already."
>You just stumble along side the dragon as he walks you out the door
>After a couple of hours of walking you around the entire prison system and just showing you a few of the facilities without actually explaining anything about them, you two get heading back to the Warden's office to get assigned a bunk
>You have to say, for a dude that is so massive and intimidating on first sight, this dragon is extremely chill
>You didn't expect that at all
>Another thing you didn't expect was the fact that this prison system was pretty much devoid of any real security; it seemed more like a giant school with everything held inside than a prison
>Out of all of the places you went in those two hours with the dragon not a single one had any sort of security system
"Hey, so... dragon."
>"Yo dude, my name is Flizzy. Shoulda heard it from the warden. I prefer you use that over 'dragon'."
"Sorry. So... Flizzy, how well guarded is this place?"
>"About as well guarded as you would expect from a super high security prison."
"But there were no guards anywhere. It doesn't seem very secure at all."
>Flizzy gives out a snort chuckle and whacks you on the back
>"Ha! Why would there be guards inside? We are already contained in here, why would they need any? There are a few near the exits if that is what you are talking about."
"No. I mean, what if some of the prisoners get into a fight? Where are the guards to break up a riot?"
>Flizzy just pats you on the head and rubs around your hair while continuing to give out a little chuckle
>"Hehehe~. Man, you really know nothing about any of this prison's systems. Okay, so outside there are fences. You probably saw them on your way in, right? Well those fences have magic coursing out of them around the facility, forcing all creatures into a non-aggressive state. The prisoners are all under this spell's effects, making it so we are not able to purposely harm each other or attempt to escape. Pretty much, not much need for guards when prisoners aren't able to beat the crud out of each other."
>Flizzy then looks down at you and gives you a gentle smile that you wouldn't expect off of such a scary face
>"Either way, why would we hurt each other in the first place? We are all pretty much family here."
>As you are about to reply, she takes her hand off of your head and opens the door to the Warden's office
>Flizzy just gives a joking semi-salute and replies to the Warden casually
>"Yup, Anon and me are good friends now.~"
>Flizzy looks down upon you and puts a hand on your shoulder, giving you a slight nudge
>"As long as Anon here is still cool with me after the fun ride I sent him on."
>You know, you really can't hold it against Flizzy that much
"Naw. We are cool bro."
>Flizzy gives you a funny look and just replies in mocking manner
>"Yeah BRO. We are cool."
>This kinda confuses you, but you don't have enough time before splitting headache pony interjects
>She looks down at her documents, writes some stuff in, then looks back up towards Flizzy and you
>Hang on, exploded? Wot?!
>>"Yeah BRO. We are cool."
Hah, I knew it.

She has a vagina.
>You look over at Flizzy worryingly
>Flizzy just has his head down looking the other way
>You can't tell what expression Flizzy has, but the fact he is looking away from the both of you makes you believe that the warden isn't lying
"Hang on... What was this about exploding?!"
"No... Seriously, what was that about the -- oomf!"
>While you attempt to get the details, Flizzy grabs you with an arm and scoots you out the door
>"Don't worry about it man, let's just go get us some shut eye."
>Flizzy's previous levity is now completely gone as you are pushed out the door
>Deciding it best not to keep asking unnecessary questions that will obviously not be answered today, you decide to postpone the questions
>You turn around and start manually walking your way towards your cell, Flizzy's hand still on you to help guide you
>You turn around
>You just give a nod to the warden and continue walking in silence with Flizzy
>Keep walking
>What was that?
"Her? She?"
>You ask out loud to yourself, but then shift your gaze towards Flizzy, as if asking HER
>Flizzy stops and looks at you like you are the biggest idiot in the world
"HOW?! WHAT?! WHY?!"
>"Are you an idiot? Please don't tell me my new cellmate is one of those dumb types."
>That seems to irritate Flizzy
>"Oh really, why NOT?"
"Because isn't that illegal or something? You're not allowed to have girls and guys together in prison. It is dangerous I thought."
>Though, the ones at risk would be the guys with her, you would think; she is easily the largest creature you have seen all day
Oh shit.

show me your dragon tits
>"Why would it be illegal? Dude, you are making no sense right now."
>You start stuttering you are so visibly shaken
>How can she even ask this?
"Y-You know! R-RAPE! That sort of stuff! Why wouldn't it NOT be illegal?!"
>Flizzy is showing almost as much confusion as you are now
>"Rape? What in Celestia's name is a rape?"
"Y-You can't be serious, can you?"
>"HEY! I am NOT the idiot here right now. Obviously the stupid one is you for assuming I was a guy AND that some stupid rule exists for chicks and dudes not to share a prison together!"
>You are visibly angry now
>How can she not know of rape? Is she fucking with you right now?
>"Seriously, I don't know what a rape is, but I can't imagine why the prison wouldn't be able to house both genders because it had one of those."
>You face palm fucking hard
"No! Rape isn't an object, it is an action! It is very bad!"
>"Really, well what is this 'rape' and why is it so bad? Huh?"
"Well obviously rape is..."
>Wait... if she doesn't know what rape is, do none of these creatures know what rape is? Do they maybe have a different word for it?
>If you tell her what rape is, could this backfire and teach the prison a new thing that could put your booty at risk?
>Should you tell her or should you keep it to yourself?
>Choices choices...

(You guys get to choose. A little FUN TIME with those who are currently reading)
Teach her. Make her your bitch.
Obviously not.

Just change the subject and write it how you think it should go.
File: 1428962089490.jpg (16 KB, 300x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She must be made aware of the horrors of humanity!
Rape is when really mean would tickle girls even when they asked politely for them to stop.
Tell her, what's the worst that could happen?
>2 for teaching the horrors of humanity
>2 for not

Nevermind, this guy broke the tie. Looks like she gets to learn.
Make it ridiculous. Like this guy
>You toss and turn on your bunk, unable to sleep
>It feels as though a thousand hot needles are piercing your eyes
>An incessant ache forms under your skin
>To top off the list of your nocturnal discomforts, your entire body is itching
>You can't find a comfortable way to sleep
>As it is, you are stuck in the weird limbo between wakefulness and slumber
>You can't wake up either
>You continue to toss in your sweat dampened sheets

>Suddenly, a noise approaches in the hallway
>It's the night guard making their rounds throughout the cell block
>Fuck, if a guard caught you having sleep troubles you would never see the end of it
>Concerned looks
>Worried glances
>Special treatment
>Warm milk before bed
>The persona you had crafted could be shattered completely
>You roll over and face the wall, willing your breathing to slow

>The echoing hoofsteps stop just outside your door
>If you weren't sweating before, you certainly are now
>Just fuck off will you?
>There's probably some stallion who had night terrors somewhere
>Go find him and leave me alone
>Your inner dialogue goes unheard in the still prison air

>You hear a gentle tap on your door
>When you say nothing, the door opens just a crack
>Double fuck
>The gentle voice doesn't cut the air, it is carried softly to your ears
>Of all the guards to be stationed in your cell tonight, this was the worst possible one
>It had been mere hours since you last saw Cookie
>She had left your cell with a dopey smile on her face and a slight wobble to her step
>This time there is no question
>"I know you're awake, Anon. You never sleep with your back to the door."
>You can barely hear her soft voice
>With a sigh she pads gently into the room
>"I uh... I brought you something."
>Just great, it begins
>You roll over and glare at the intrusive mare who flinches back
>You must look a sight right now
>Eyes bloodshot
>Hair crazed by tossing and agitated hands
>A facial expression that looks worse than your mother after a Jaeger Bomb
>The mare visibly steels herself
>"Trouble sleeping, big guy?"
>No shit
>You say nothing

>She tries again
>"You wanna talk about something, Anon?"
>You roll over and face the wall again, willing yourself to just pass out
>Really not in the mood for this shit
>The cream coloured mare sighs again and you here the clink of something being placed on the small coffee table in your cell
>"Look, Anon. You can tell me what's eating you so I can help or I can sit here all night reading you bedtime stories from the library
>You roll back over and fix the defiant mare with the meanest glare you can muster at two in the morning
"You wouldn't dare."

>To her credit, Cream stands tall matching you glare for caring gaze
>And just like that, you know you can't win
>This mare holds the better hand
>Hell, she holds the whole fucking deck right now
>You try to start slow
"I can't sleep."
>Your voice sounds like it got run through a wood-chipper
>Cookie just smiles softly, nods and approaches your bed
>"I thought that's what I heard. I brought you something, if you think it will help. Warm milk always knocks me right out."
"No thanks, Cookie. It's just never done the trick for me. My mum used to try it all the time, to get me to go to bed."
>Cookie must have noticed something because she sits down on the edge of your bed and hovers a hoof over your arm
>You don't move your arm away
>Cookie smiles and lays a hoof on your shoulder, rubbing it in small circles
>"Is something bothering you, Anon? Anything you want to talk about. You can talk to me about anything."
>Here it is, the moment of truth, the point of no return
>Hell, that was five minutes ago
>You should have just told her to leave
>It's too late now
>Was it always too late?
>Could you have prevented this?
>You make up your mind to talk to Cookie
>But you sure as fuck don't want any of the mooks in your cellblock to hear
"Hey, uh... Cookie? Could you close the door? Please?"
>The mare gets up and you almost call her back
>The lack of contact with something feels like you pulled a piece of your body off
>Fuck it, you are an American
>Americans have always been notorious for gathering information and doing risky things even if for no reason at all
"W-Well... You see..."
>"Come on dude, either spit it out or shut up."
>You stare at the behemoth of a beast in front of you and start clenching your butt as you tell her
"You know what sex is, right?"
>Flizzy laughs
>"Ha! Do I know what sex is? You are speaking to the Alpha Female of her group; I was young but adventurous! All of the boys wanted a piece of what I was giving."
>She doesn't seem skittish at all around the subject, maybe you are making too big of a deal about it
"Well... Rape is when two individuals have sex, but one of the individuals involved didn't want it."
>Flizzy scratches her head in confusion
>"Huh? Well if they don't wanna have sex, why are they having sex? That doesn't make any sense."
"Because rape is when one individual FORCES another to have sex, even if they don't want it."
>"What? That sounds extremely selfish. Why would somepony do that?"
"Well, because one of them does want it and they either don't want to try to get it through making the other love them or the other will never love them, so they force them to do it even when the other person doesn't want it; either through violence, coercion, or any other thing that could force someone to do something they REALLY DON'T WANT TO DO."
>Flizzy gets angry and lifts you up by your neck
>Coughing and hacking, being choked by a grip that should easily break your neck if it weren't for the pacification field, you attempt to speak, but can only do so weakly
"I... I have never.."
>Flizzy drops you and punches the wall, leaving a hole in the tile; apparently the pacification magic doesn't stop them from breaking things that aren't living
>"So they keep them apart because the alphas would find a way to 'rape' others that did not want it?"
>The door shuts with a muted click and the presence returns to your side, somehow managing to find the exact position she left
>"I'm listening, Anon."
>Her soft voice fills your room and you feel another hoof join the first in soothing your fevered skin
"I don't know how to start."
>"Anywhere, Anon. Just start anywhere."
"And nothing leaves this room."
>"Of course not, Anon."
>You're stalling now
>The mare just continues to smile at you, rubbing her hooves in small circles across your arms

"Fuck, I don't know."
>Cream doesn't stop, even at your expletive
>Most ponies would be questioning there faith in a God at that
>"Why don't you tell me about where you grew up?"
"Well um, I grew up on this little planet called Earth. It's not very big, and it's not very interesting."
>"Tell me about Earth, Anon."
"It's a blue planet, covered in water almost. It has trees and animals and everything like that. Some places are cool, most aren't."
>"What did you like about Earth, Anon?"
"It was home? I guess? Hard not to like your own house..."
>The mare gently pushes you over so that you are facing the wall
>A hoof starts to rub your back
>"How do you feel about moving to Equestria?"
"I don't like it Cookie. Everything is wrong."
>"What's wrong with Equestria, Anon?"
>She starts to hum wordlessly into your ear
"Nothing is wrong here, Cookie. That's what's wrong. Everything knows what it's supposed to do. Everything just magically works out like there was some fucking moral to the day's story."
>She pauses in her humming to rearrange herself behind you
>You are barely cognizant of the fact that you are now being spooned by a little horse
"I have to pretend to be some kind of badass because I don't want to like it here."
>Her humming changes tempo and she goes to work on your neck
"I don't want to feel like I'm part of this gay rainbow of happiness."
>Now you've done it
>You've started admitting your problems
>Next thing you know, you'll be crying into some mare's shoulder while she shushes you and tells you that you're going to make it
"Problem is, now I'm stuck in a place where everything treats me like a walking nuke and no one likes me for me."
>Cookie's humming tapers off
>"I like you, Anon."
"Thanks Cookie. I like you too."
>The cell returns to silence, broken only by the rustling of Cookie as she rocks you gently
>Your eyes start to feel heavy
>"Why don't you try to work real you into your schedule?"
"What do I get out of it?"
>"Make me a proposal Anon."
>You think for a few seconds, working out the free points in your weekly routine
"I have an hour in the afternoon every Sunday and Friday."
>"That'll get you a cuddle after every one of our sessions."
"Throw in a snuggle before bed."
>"Add five minutes of Ear-Scratchies to the daily session and you've got a deal."
>YOu clasp at the hoof that's wrapped around your shoulder and shake gently
>The deal done, you feel your eyelids getting heavy again
>"Good night, Anonymous."
>You fall asleep to the gentle ministrations of Cookie, her humming in your ears

Pastebin being updated and calling it a night.

Good night horsecuddlers.
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And I forget pastebin

I am not a clever writefriendo

tell them of the darkness within mens souls
>You guess you weren't making "too big of a deal out of it" after all
>It is actually a relief she is acting this way, if she used this new concept herself there would likely be nobody able to stop her
"Yeah... That is pretty much it, that is why I didn't expect it."
>Flizzy walks with you back to your guys' cell
>"So. Now that you know that I am a female, are you going to attempt to 'rape' me?"
>She scowls at you, she obviously really doesn't like the fact you are even associated with such a term
"N-No. Of course not. I would never."
>Honestly, you could go for some poon, but she would tear you apart in an instant if you ever tried to force anything upon her
>Nobody is THAT desperate, especially when their partner would be an animal that looked like the child between a flying alligator and Satan
>...Though now that you look at her as a HER...
>"Stop staring at me!"
>She growls at you
>Oh shit.
"Not staring, I am going to bed."
>You jump up on top bunk, you always get top bunk
>Though as soon as you get on
>"Oh no you don't."
>She grabs you and throws you off top bunk, jumping on herself
>"Top bunk is for alphas."
"Oh really?"
>You can take some shit, but ain't no woman gonna steal your top bunk!
>You jump on her and attempt to throw her off of the bunk, only to get a large dragon butt rolling on your face
>Flizzy starts laughing
>"Top bunk is for alphas I said! Say uncle!"
>She constantly keeps slightly jumping up and down, bouncing her butt up and down on your head and back
>As she goes down again to bounce on your head, you thrust your head down and your back up, putting your body in a position where she hits you and accidentally rolls off you like a ramp
>Flizzy falls off the bed and whacks face first onto the floor
>You stick your head off the bed and taunt her
"So who is the alpha now?"
>You start laughing to yourself
>"You little!"
"Oh shit..."
>You realized you have been poking the bull this entire time
>Maybe you shoulda just given up top bunk
>The giant dragon hops back up on top of you and lets out a loud roar
>As Flizzy positions herself on top of you, like a beast pouncing upon their prey, she stares at you for a few seconds and then..
>The large black figure thrusts herself upon your tiny form and you are engulfed by an embrace of scales
>Instead of roaring, though, you hear the big black dragon laughing, as she turns herself and you around on the bed
>You are laying on her lap and she is holding you like a person would hold a teddy bear on their chest
>"Fine Fine. There is enough room in this cell for two alphas I guess."
>Flizzy gives you a large jagged smile, her big razor sharp teeth in clear sight
>She continues to laugh as she holds you on her
>Her laughing is contagious and you start bursting out laughing
>For the next few minutes, the two of you just have a good time laughing
>The thought of being transported to a foreign world, being in prison for murder, and being literally in the arms reach of a creature able to rip you to shreds with no trouble all fade from your mind
>You are just having a good time now
>The sort of time you never were able to have back in your own world
>Maybe all of this happening wasn't so bad, this is pretty fun after all
>As the laughing dies down and you feel sleepiness start to overtake you, you hear Flizzy ask you something in a hushed tone
>"So, I have already guessed you are not from around here. I have never seen a creature like you before. What sort of terrible place did you come from where that 'rape' thing is practiced?"
>You sigh and reply in a similarly hushed tone
>"A place FAR AWAY. I don't know how I got here, but I honestly can say I don't regret it so far. And if it is any consolation, we hate 'rape' as much as you do, that is why it is considered one of the worst crimes."
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>face full of dat ass
I'd become a dragon rider if you know what I mean.
it still baffles me that people get more outraged over rape than murder
When is time for dragon anon secks?
because murder is more understandable, relateable and desirable.
File: 1417250534732.png (186 KB, 800x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is kinda cute.
>tfw no dragon bro...sis to screw around with
>Be in the prisons cafeteria, at the black suits table.
>Of course the table got moved around since Glee club wanted to sing for the prison.
>Which means, it's fucking glee club time.
>Fuck the fucking glee club.
>They never make anything original, all they did was pop songs.
>Of course the fucking Sirens headed the group since they weren't particularly good at anything else.
>"Ugh, do they ever shut up? I'm trying to focus on hyperspace hyperwars and I can't if their singing with their shrill voices."
>Chrysalis said while tapping the crayon on the piece of paper.
>Both Chrysalis and Shining armor have started a new game, but instead both have started using armies they were unfamiliar with.
>"Crystals, crystals, crrrystals! crystalssss!"
>Sombra waving his arms around pointing towards the glee club.
>Of course Discord noticed that you were grinning.
>"My dear boy, what has you grinning wider then a Cheshire cat?"
>You look at the sirens floating up in the air, singing in a mic.
"I'm just waiting for the real show to begin."
>The rest of the group staring at you, while the sirens were about to start up a new song.
>"Welcome to the sh-."
>"Cease and Desist!"
>Their song was interrupted by Cookies 'n' Creme with a C&D notice in her mouth.
>The group was suddenly smiling as you looked back at them.
>"My friends, meet the Equestrian Musicians union. Protecting copyrighted songs since a thousand years ago. They got an anonymous tip that the glee club was preforming songs without the artists permission."
>Of course you put your feet up on the table and lean back against the chair before saying.
>"Glee club is kill."
>This brief moment of joy was interruped by the sirens.
>The lead yellow one shouted out before rolling around on the floor crying her eyes out.
>The purple one decided to grab a fork and stab herself in the pad of her hoof while shouting.

>inb4 dragonchick becomes overprotective because of his past experience on earth
>Of course the blue one was just pigging out on tacos hoping to choke on her favorite food.
>Looking back at the group, you all give each other the same shocked look.
"We never talk about this and we were never here."
>All three nod.
>Chrysalis, you and Sombra file out of the room, while Discord teleports out of the room completely.
>You feel some ash fall on your chest as Flizzy breathes in and gives a sigh of relief
>"Yeah. I am glad to know you aren't like that."
>Flizzy puts her hand on your head and starts brushing rubbing your head and brushing your hair with her claws
>"I am glad I decided to throw you in a way that you would bounce back to me."
>Hang on, she did that on purpose?
"Heh. Well I would have preferred you just gently toss me up rather than turn me into a human bouncy ball."
>Flizzy repeats what you said
>"Hyooman. Huh... So that is what you are."
>Flizzy continues to rub your head and play with your hair, which feels really good
>"Well, it is nice to get to know you hyooman."
>And here it is!
"Yo dude, my name is Anonymous. I prefer you use that over 'human'."
>You laugh as you say that
>She laughs in kind and replies in her decently high pitched, but gently gruff, voice
>"Yeah. Well good night Anonymous."
"Good night Flizzy."
>As you go to sleep, head being pet, sharing a single bunk, sleeping cuddled up with a monster from another world over twice your size, you think about prison life and how it won't be too bad as long as you have your "BRO" here with you to make it pretty great


So... Thanks for following along with this, I spent a lot more time on this than I expected I would. I may want to continue on this, because I am enjoying this story a lot. Tell me if you have any suggestions, feedback, or if you think I should even continue on it or not.
That would be a fun idea.

Or maybe she starts getting into the idea of rape herself
>sleeping cuddled up to a living furnace
>and getting your scalp scraped
Maximum cozy.
nah mang
its got such a cozy happy feel
this, don't kill what you got going on pls, it's too good
Fair 'nuff. I just noticed a lot of the anons were like "she gunna rape him"; it just got me wondering if that was what the anons reading truly wanted or something.

Ain't nothing like going to sleep like that. Hell, I wish I had me some of that right now.
I decided to pastebin this. If I get the chance, I may keep going with it, writing more in these generals. Fair warning, though; I am not a writefag, so don't expect perfection.

Nonetheless, thanks for reading. I will see y'all either next thread, or maybe some time later in this thread if it is not dead.

Pastebin link to the story:
File: 1343230813609.png (13 KB, 498x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
13 KB, 498x450

Thanks for the story, mang. I'll keep reading.
Sounds gud. I will try not to dissapoint you two.

But just as a little plug, I have only written 2 stories before (both comedy short stories). If y'all are looking for more shit to read while waiting for the sunrise, may I suggest these too?:

Anon x Gilda - The Sensual Fist of Destiny

Cheerilie and the Spaghett-anon

Okay. Night.
What are black jumpsuits considered anyways?
I'll probably check them out
Crime: not drinking my bleach
Sexuality: literally never a time when a cock isn't in my ass
Personality: prison bitch, recently upgraded to prison toilet
Reason for extended stay: staying up past bedtime

Pls write a green text about me :3
>"I don't want to feel like I'm part of this gay rainbow of happiness."
my sides
and now i feel comfy
I am not sure what is going on, but I feel like this has already deviated from what the original thread had suggested.

There's barely any mention of the other inmates cowering in fear of anon because he doesn't eat his kit kat bar one bar at a time. He Bites all four at once without separating them

These posts gave me some serious feels and ASM-
Damn. Get a hug, you.
>anon is in prison
>best pony arrives to visit you
>best pony says that this is a conjugal visit
>lewd stuff happens
>the end
One clop ending, one non-clop ending?
I need more pictures of Cookies N' Cream
And more cute stories.
I'm back
>day 2
>I talked to vanoss.
>he talked about Los Santos
>from what I heard it's crazy
>anon rubbed a ponys belly or something for a pudding
>her name was cookies and cream or something
>I just wanted out of this place
File: Five_Minutes_Later.png (561 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
561 KB, 640x480
>Celestia expected a lot of things to come about today.
>Good things. Bad things. Annoying things.
>She didn't expect to be blubbered all over by a God of Chaos.
>At least his tears tasted like lemonade.
>He didn't seem to register her command and only blubbered louder.
>"S-so meaaaan!"
>Celestia tried to step back away from him, only to land a hoof in what appeared to be a small lake in the shape of Manehatten.
"Discord, stop this right this instant!"
>That seemed to get his attention and got him to loosen his grip on her neck and look up at her.
"No. No buts. What happened?"
>He finally released her and sulked away, mumbling.
"Stop mumbling, I can't understand you."
>"He called me ᵘᶰᶦᵐᵃᵍᶦᶰᵃᵗᶦᵛᵉ and ᵖʳᵉᵈᶦᶜᵃᵗᵃᵇᶫᵉ"
>"Anonymous called me unimaginative and predictable"
>This time he was loud enough to move her a few inches back.
>"How could he! Moi, the very image of imagination and creativity! Obviously he has no taste for style at all!"
>Celestia resisted facehoofing.
"So I take it you weren't able to passify him?"
>"Well no. But Chrissy is still working on it. ᴷᶦᶰᵈ ᵒᶠ"
"Kind of?"
>"Well. She's still around him at least. He mentioned something about a Crystal Heart and seeing if he could get her to explode when he knocked her out."
>Celestia's teeth grinding was almost audiable for several moments before her face brightened.
"Ok. Thank you Discord, you've been very heplful!"
>Discord spins around from where he was giving a thousand year old portrait 70s hair.
>"I have been? I mean of course I have been! How have I been?"
>Celestia simply smiles at him.
"You said he was going to the Crystal Heart correct?"
"Then he's Cadences problem now!"

Unrelated to most of this thread, but that post made me t hink o fit.
Wow, can't believe the first thread already hit limit.

Good to see this going strong.
This doesnt make sense at all ...
>an unsuspecting animals
She was motherfucking singing with discord in her house. She sings all the motherfucking time when no one is looking. (only when she feed animals) and when she don't she is talking to them.
And even so, a fucking pony, in a hut, sleeping/doing chores inside it like a human. Sorry, but i'd try to wake her up and make sure she isn't conscient, then kill her for food if she isn't, and every anon would do that in this kind of situation
Bump, needs more fucking C'N'C , I think she is my new waifu.
Btw, is the drawfag here ? I really need more drawings of her for reasons
>He Bites all four at once without separating them
He's a maniac.
I'm honored, anon. Here you go then.

>Before you have the chance to act, though, the intercom chimes in.
>”Brunch is now over. Please make your way to your groups for departure.”
>By this point everyone who was in your group around snacktime yesterday has been set free, but each group’s letter is painted on the wall, so you head over to the D with everyone else.
>Once everyone in the room is with their respective group, they take off to their destinations.
>You were expecting a guard to guide you `around yesterday, but it seems that they’re stationed at the activities themselves, and not babysitting the groups.
>You haven’t been to prison back home, but you’re fairly sure it’s not like this there.
>Anyway, playing outside.
>There’s a playground outside that puts your elementary school’s to shame.
>This is the sort of play equipment that children dream of.
>At least you did, anyway, but you could understand if nobody else did.
>You always were sort of odd.
>Once the shock of this sweet playground wears off, an orange colt approaches you.
>”Hey Anon, the name’s Nutmeg Strudel. Word around the prison is you’re a pretty tough guy, yeah?”
>”Heh, you look it. I figured that a man like yourself has no regard for the rules, you dig?”
>”That’s what I like to hear, my man.”
>You’re not fully sure if this conversation is actually happening.


>”So... you’d be willing to pull some real funny business, right?”
“Depends, I guess.”
>”How about... helping me get out?”
>You think about it.
“I don’t see why not.”
>”Most capital.”
>This conversation is definitely not happening.
“What’s the plan?”
>”The plan? Alright, I’ll spill. We’re gonna mosey on over to the wall over there-” he gestures to a three foot high wall to the left of the entrance- “and you’ll give me a boost out.”
“Give you a boost?”
>He glares at you, and looks around suspiciously.
>”Just make it work.”
>”Alright, alright. I don’t mean to forego stealth completely, but... GO!”
>Yelling the last word as a sort of battlecry, he books it to the wall in question.
>You walk over, despite his impatient gestures.
>Nobody pays either of you any mind.

seconded, she is awesome
>They probably just think you’re racing or something.
>”Alright, Anon, gimme the boost!”
>You consider the situation, ultimately deciding to pick him up around his midsection and lift him over.
>As soon as his front hooves touch the top of the wall, though, a shrill whistle sounds and the playground guard hurries over.
>”Nutmeg! I’ve already told you, you’re not allowed to go out that way! It doesn’t matter that your time ended fifteen minutes ago, you have to use the front door like everypony else.”
>You think that’s the most strict example of rule enforcement you’ve seen since you came.
>”Gosh, fine, you got me. Is it cool if I chill here a while longer, though? It’s such a nice day and I don’t feel like walking.”
>”Well, of course! Enjoy yourself, but don’t try anything like that again.”
>Nutmeg wanders off, leaving just you and the guard.
>”Anonymous, let me guess, did Nutmeg try to lure you into yet another one of his escape schemes?”
>”I figured as much... Unfortunately, the punishment for trying to help another prisoner escape is another day of jail time.”
>”I’m sorry, but that’s just how it- wait, did you say okay?”
>”You’re just accepting it?”
“I don’t see a problem.”
>The guard eyes you intently, perhaps wondering if you’ve snapped.
>You ponder that as well, just in case, but thankfully you don’t seem to have.
>At least, unless you have and you just can’t tell.
>You proceed to spend the next hour on the swings, until Group D is called in for lunch.

Gotta take care of some stuff, but don't say this anon never did anything for yo
some good shit mang keep it up
you*. Didn't realize I had auto on.

Anyway, yeah, I'll be back.

Thank you as well, anon.
My sides sent me a postcard, they're thanking you for this.
I'm so glad this thread is still up.

I've put my scribblings from yesterday into my Pastebin.
Couldn't even remember the password it's been so long.
B-but I just wr-
Alright, tell me what you want to see. Or is it just 'Cute Pone Doing Cute Things'?
Do whatever you want. I just want something involving my new waifu.
Maybe try to take it a step further than the usual boop and cuddle to something a little or way more lewd
Way more lewd? You mean like holding hands? Or do you mean something really lewd like kissing?
Hum ... well ... Maybe ... Kissing and holding hands ? And even holding hands in public?
Fuck, i'm such a fucking pervert
File: 1406859274039.png (3 MB, 1576x974) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1576x974
>Holding hands in public
I can do that.
Hell, I've been banging around some ideas for lewd anyways.
I'm just writing a quick short first then I'll start on undisguised affection.
Glad to hear it. Knowing that I've put a smile on some anons' faces is what makes writing worthwhile.

>As you arrive at the cafeteria, you notice Jubilee waiting at the door.
>”Hi Anon! Are we still on for our da- err, lunch?”
>”Alright! Let’s get going.”
>She walks away from the cafeteria.
>You’re not exactly sure what’s happening, but you follow her, because why not?
>She leads you right outside the front door and onto the sidewalk.
>”I hate to burst your bubble, but you’re not out of jail yet, Anon. However, I arranged for us to have lunch outside the facility today. We don’t want you going stir-crazy, after all!”
>Okay, you’re really sure that jails back home wouldn’t allow this.
>But again, you haven’t been.
>Maybe they do?
>You consider getting sent to jail if you ever return for the sake of comparison.
>”I didn’t actually have a destination in mind. What are you hungry for?”
>It is at this point that you notice that Jubilee now smells strongly of pears.
>Like, /strongly/.
>This pleases you.
>Pears are God, after all.
“I like your perfume.”
>Once again, the mare blushes.
>”Oh, err, do you? Haha, it’s just some old scent I found laying around and decided to try out today. I’m glad it’s a good one, I guess-”
>Apparently too caught up in what she was saying to watch where she was going, she bumps into a restaurant’s sidewalk sign.
>”Oh goodness! My bad. Say, let’s stop here for food if you’re okay with that.”
>...this is the place you got sent to jail for in the first place.
>This would be awkward, but you’re hungry and they had good food here.
“Sounds good.”
>You seat yourselves at an open-air table and scan the menu.

Eh, time to get ready for the day. Let's be real, I'll be back.
Wha-what ? I now it's fucking hardcore but dayum, at least i'm not asking for anon to kiss repeatdly on her stomach
interesting fact, when prisons first began seperating by gender, the offically stated reason for the policy wasn't concern over rapes but rather to try and cut down on the number babies born in jail.

And before you assume that the pregnancies were all because of rapes, that really doesn't hold up mathematically, unless you assume that people who weren't rapists before going to jail just decide to "give it a try" for no reason when they're inside.
Can you do something that has anon in it?
All the pictures we have gotten so far are just C'n'C
Not a drawfag, just a friendly neighborhood writefag.
Ye, that sucks dick, even a shitty drawfag would be awesome, C'n'C Is too motherfucking cute , and it would be awesome with anon.
But nobody is willing to draw for us
Whoops, thought you said you were a drawfag
File: 1425026729408.png (797 KB, 504x1610) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
797 KB, 504x1610

Is this Jubilee, who took up a job as prison guard after the Apple mob ran her out of business?
Anon simply won't clean his cell when the guards ask him to.
Don't be silly, this isn't /tg/.
>/mlp/ isn't /tg/
Are you a fucking retard ?

She may have been doing absolutely anything else yellow horse could have been doing when anon put his stealth skills to use and snapped her neck, making delicious 'Questrian Fluttered Chicken out of her. Several days of not eating can make people want to eat, believe it or not.
Fluttershy ? Doing nothing at all, not being in her house ? Are you kidding me ?
>"Oh wow! I sure do love looking at flowers outside my hut, I sure do hope nobody snaps my vulnerable little neck when I bend off to enjoy the flowers' scent."
Sorry this took so long, I kept getting distracted.
There's an autistic guy upstairs who's constantly hammering shit. He found a powerdrill today.

>Day 'Fuck it I don't even know' in Pony Prison
>It's been business as usual for almost a week now
>Extra pudding and cuddles makes for a complacent existence
>But you're feeling like something missing
>You have an itch that needs to be scratched
>Things haven't been nearly as fun as the first weeks
>Sure, having half the prison population under your thumb gives you a power trip
>But there's no dynamic, no give and take, nothing to make the days stand out

>It's at this point that you would usually start planting cherry bombs in toilets and setting trashcans on fire
>Or just start spreading rumors about people becuase, let's face it, you're a huge pussy who's never touched an explosive in your life
>So here you are, sitting in the yard, taking a breather from a particularly intense game of duck-duck-goose
>You overhear a nearby conversation between two of the guards
>"So, uh, how do you think this month's visit is going to go, Night Shift?"
>"What? Same as usual. She shows up, gives a speech and then leaves us for another month."
>"Even with monkey-boy over there?"
>The other guard gives his partner a look
>Labelling is greatly frowned upon here in Weenie Prison Jr.'s
>"He's been pretty docile for the last week or so. I think he'll be just fine."
>"Yeah, well we got two days to make sure this place is fit for the princess and I don't want any scum messing this up."
>Oh boy, this one's a hardass
>That other guard will probably be filing a report tonight
>Guards like that have no place in an institution dedicated to reforming Equestria's most dangerous criminals
>You resist the urge to kick your feet and laugh as the key to your sanity just presented itself

>You were able to learn the full details of the visit from an extremely flustered Sprout
>Turns out, all that really happens is that Princess Celestia shows up, gives a speech about the magic of faggotry and splits
>Attendence isn't even mandatory
>She would hate to take up anyone's important time, after all
>The more you think about it, the more Celestia seems like a huge, coniving bitch
>By the time you got back to your cell for your daily session with Cookie, a plan was forming in your head
>Two days wasn't much to work with, but you were determined to make that visit the highlight of the Princess' month
>The next day involved you cutting all of your activities with the excuse of a stomach ache
>Turns out, that still works here
>They didn't even send a guard with you, just made sure you got to the nurses office
>Candy was insisting on a full body checkup but you didn't have time for that shit
>She sent you back to your cell with what looked like a bottle of Pony Tums and happy thoughts
>The next few hours were a blur of antacid fuelled anarchy as you put your knowledge of circuits to use
>Really, you just snuck into the guard station and stole a microphone and a boombox that they had in confiscated items
>They even had some shitty mixtapes in there
>The man's gonna have to charge you with arson because you're gonna burn this prison down

>Day 'Fire it up' in Weenie Prison Jr.'s
>You snuck into the cafeteria during pre-snack recess and hooked up your sound system
>Turns out, they're gonna broadcast the Princess' speech throughout the entire prison
>Just so no one feels left out
>Who would want to miss Dear Leader's address to the nation of Equestrian Misfits?

>A sudden commotion in the yard grabs your attention
>Everyone is looking at the sky and pointing as if Superman was hovering naked above the prison
>You look up in time to see the golden chariot sail over your head and land in front of doors to the prison proper
>The ponies are now gushing as though Celestia had the star-power of every hair band from the 80's
>They ain't seen nothing yet
>It is time
>You stand in the back of the room, microphone in one hand and tofu-tendies in the other
>Motherfuckers ran out of chicken tendies even though you specifically stated they were a core staple of your diet
>You tuned Celestia out a long time ago
>Something, something, something; friendship
>Something, something, something; magic
>It's like the entirety of politics in Equestria can be summed up with "Shit's gay so be happy!"
>You make the executive decision to interrupt Celestia's circlejerk
>The squeal of feedback from your microphone makes every pony in the room cover their ears and cry out for Mother
>You hit play on the Boombox that you hid under the table and get ready to drop some bombs
>You climb onto one of the tables so you can pretend you're Jay-Z
>From your perch, it looks like all of the inmates are bowing to your presence
>They will be soon
"Yo, Celestia. This maybe one of the greatest speeches you've ever written and I'mma let you finish in a minute. But!"

Fuck it, c'est la vie
I know that we the new slaves
Y'all ponies can't fuck with me
Y'all ponies can't fuck with 'Ye
Y'all royals can't fuck with 'Ye
I'll haul my ass out the country
So you can't see where I stay
So go and grab the reporters
So I can smash their recorders
See they'll confuse me with some horseshit
Like the New World Order
Meanwhile the CEA
Teamed up with the PCA
They tryna lock niggas up
They tryna make new slaves
See that's that princess owned prison
Get your hug today
They prolly all in the Castles
Braggin' 'bout what they made
Fuck you and your Royal house
I'll fuck your Royal spouse
Came on her Royal blouse
And in her Royal mouth
Y'all 'bout to turn shit up
I'm 'bout to tear shit down
I'm 'bout to air shit out
Now what the fuck you gon' say now?

>The dull boom of your mic hitting the floor echoes across the cafeteria
>Almost every pony is staring at you with something akin to shock and/or terror
>At some point, you lost your shirt
>The Princess recovers and gives you a small smile
>"Well then, Anonymous. That was certainly something. I'm so glad you've taken to expressing yourself in such a creative manner. Did you write that all yourself?"
>You can't believe it
>You haven't been tackled
>No pony has politely asked you to step down from the table
>YOu look down at the mic in your hand
>How did you fuck this up so bad?
>A light tapping sound draws your attention
>The Princess is clopping her hooves in what you have learned is the pony version of applause
>A few inmates join her and soon the entire cafeteria is filled with confused appreciation for your failure
>You look into the Princess' eyes and fight no malice, only delight
>You played right into her hooves
>Making a mental note to yourself, you take a quick bow and step off the table
>Next month, you're going to start a riot
File: 1429315241960.gif (44 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 400x400
>all this green
Ooh baby, you know what I like.

>when prisons first began seperating by gender

Educate me Anon, I never thought there was a time when they weren't.
See a fucking pony smelling flowers ... Sorry but even if i'm starvin, I'm in a fucking other dimension, so i fucking wait a little to see what the fuck is this colorful pony and if it is conscient, and not the motherfucking devil itself hiding under this disguise
And she is living near a fucking house, I just don't kill her in order to have food from the owner or even just go in the house whithout paying attention to her

And don't tell me that in 3 days of road you haven't seen one bunny or one fucking lizard to eat
Good luck catching either of those. Besides docile, big animal > tiny, fast animal.
He could have caused more chaos by just making fart noises into the mic during the entirety of her speech.
I haven't seen this much bullying since Shirobako
Celestia would have still stone cold served him with her praise though.
don't mind me, just checking
Previous post in green.

Talied up the votes from previous thread, Cookies is an Earth Pony

Be Cookies n Cream
>It is night, day of the incident
>Can't sleep
>You were tough
>You were brave
>That was the reason you were Anon's chaperone. You were the only one who was brave enough to get anywhere near that monster
>He had waited, scheming, to lure you out and /hug/ you!
>You couldn't let things stand this way
>There was no way you were gonna let him make you his cuddle-buddy
>You...were going to make him YOUR cuddle-buddy! Show that 'human' who is the boss!
>Smiling a dark smile, you turn over and begin to fall asleep.
>You were going to need your strength tomorrow...for cuddles

Be Anon
>It's late morning
>Birds chirp outside
>People are laughing and talking outside your cell
>DAMN this world that doesn't know the meaning of sleeping in!
>With a sigh, you give up on any more sleep and, as you make your way to your private bathroom you notice a letter that had been pushed under the door to your cell.
"Hrm, musta been delivered while I was asleep..."
>Picking up the letter, you notice the Royal Seal.
>curiously, you open the letter and read
>Long story short, Luna attempted to enter your brain while you slept.
"What is this? 'You have been deemed mentally unstable'?! This is bullshit!"
>"LANGUAGE, Anon! You just lost your complimentary chocolate tonight"
>Stupid overly-sensitive colorful equines
>The letter also says that your sentence will be extended until Luna declares you mentally sound.
Fucking fail, sorry
No you are doing it fucking wrong, everyone agreed with her being a fucking pegasus, Because of the wings being sensitive and being able to do more things. Stop saying shit, delte this and rewrite
There might be a way to save this. Go around talking to all the other inmates:

"Wow, that sure was unexpected, huh? The princess encouraging poor behavior like that. Even allowing me to insult a royal. It's almost as if... nah, it couldn't be."
>"It's almost as if what, Anon?"
>All ears are on you
"It's almost as if she raising an army here. A New World Order for a harsher Equestria. Getting us ready for a war. The toughened, hardened criminals we are could could usher in great change. You know what? I bet she's planning to take over Griffonia!"
>"Anon, th-that's crazy. She wouldn't... would she?"
>And then Anon preached and twisted the minds of the other inmates
>Putting them through the motions, training them for judgement day
>They would learn to do without their pudding cups! They would eat veggies and shit justice!
>He would build his taskforce, waiting for him on the outside

Or something like that.
Not him but weren't there more votes for earth pony? I thought they were.
>everyone agreed
Fuck you.

Earth or unicorn. Get your rat wings out of here, faggot.
It was very close, I used a points system. when people said "Earth or Pegasus" I gave both races one point. When people said Just one race, it was worth two points

Earth pony won by two points, one vote

Alicorn had one vote, unicorn had two

I'll wait for a few hours before I write the next part, let a few more votes add up. When I get back, whatever race wins will be my Cookies.
Earth had six full votes and Pegasus had five
I vote for earth
File: durden.jpg (279 KB, 500x619) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
279 KB, 500x619
"The first rule of Project Princess is you do not ask questions!"
Voting for pegasus then
Dude, unicorn have nothing to do working in prison, they are too fancy bitches to be in a prison. And no one likes them.
Earth suck dicks srsly
so for me it'll be pegasus
Voting Earth Pony.
Who honestly wants to stroke a horn, das gay. Now petting a soft pair of wings on the other hand...
Earth pony is not an option cause of lack of an extra thingy to cuddle
Let me tell you guys why earth ponies suck and why any other race is perfect.

Earth ponies CAN'T DO SHIT. Don't expect any fetish by touching the horn or gently biting the top of the wings, Nothing at all will happen exept the usual cuddling and shit. no "let's make anon fly with me or shit" or watching her fly in the sky while her ass was fat, No blowhorn, no "i use my dank power magic filled of memes to make him my bitch or tickle him"
So please, take your responsibility, AND DONT FUCKING VOTE EARTH PONY if you want more c'n'c green and way more interesting green to read
so my vote is for everyone EXEPT the fucking earth pony
That is one very autistic idea. Like shit teir OC bad.
Calm your autism.

It's still just for this one writefag's story.
Why did you put that in a pastebin
Voting for earth
By your powers combined, I am captain planet!
>not captain faggot
Ya blew it.
I can't tell if you're serious or not.

I wrote and write Cookie as ambiguously as possible so that people could write her however they wanted.

The whole reason I made that post a pastebin was so that people could see how I originally wrote her and will continue to write her and maybe so they might remember what I said in the first thread.

Maybe I just should've given her a race in the first place, but I wanted to see where people went with it.

Strawpoll, anyone?
Pegasus goddamit , don't be fucking retarded
Time to break out the samefag.
Here guyz
Samefag detected
I want to give dirty mud pone CnC a bath.

>"A-Anon, I don't have wings or a horn like other ponies, so I need help scrubbing... places. C-Can you help?"
Hey, some of us have lives to live and shit, its terrible. Anyway, yeah I could make some with Anon. Will work on it later
>It's not going my way!
>Must be a samefag!
But yeah, it's strawpoll. After the first dozen or so votes, it starts going downhill.
When one strawpoll will reach 57 votes, it's over because else it's samefag
Is this a fucking joke?
We're going to take >>22848174
because it has the most vote in it
File: 1430199116267.png (651 KB, 424x787) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
651 KB, 424x787
Drawfag here, going to color the sketch of C'n'C That the old drawfag left us, if he doesn't mind.
What color do you want her to have ?
btw my vote is on pegasus
Dirty earth pone shall win
From the last thread


I hope I didn't fuck that up.
Thanks, i'm going to eat and i shall start coloring + drawing more of her right after it
Bumpity bump, this thread needs more green
The strawpoll is almost over, you can now start considering she is a pegasus op
I see two strawpolls and the one without the retarded options says otherwise.
Well look at the number of votes. It says otherwise too. We take the one most people have voted on
>be me
>see this thread continued from yesterday
>frantically search for colored version of >pic related
>none found
>I must request this.
>Fight club
You have good taste m8. I thought of that too.
Shhh, I wanted him to discover that on his own :^)
oh, okay, let's deleted these then :3
So far it's earth pony on both polls. Are the polls done now? I really want to get back to more pansy prison ponies.
>implying there isn't samefagging
Threads dead. Time to pack up. It's been fun.
Cookies Has some serious earth fans. Earth she is!

could always have hoof fetish or strong girl fetish. Earth ponies are naturally stronger on average than the other races
I'm gonna continue with her as Earth, I'm back so I'll be writing soon. Writing as I go with just a general Idea of where I'm going
oh, you were the writer? i'm dumb then, my bad
>They seem to serve vegetable-based dishes here, as well as a few hay-related meals.
>You’re all set on hay, so you order a tossed garden salad with a side of fruit.
>Jubilee gets a mini-bale and a small bowl of mixed greens.
>The waiter clearly recognizes you, but he doesn’t say anything.
>Perhaps he figures you’ve already learned your lesson?
>”It actually took a bit of convincing to get the higher-ups to allow this, specifically because of your crime.”
“Makes sense.”
>”That said, I just know you’ve learned your lesson by now, right?”
“Of course.”
>You learned it when you got arrested, but whatever.
>She smiles.
>”I knew it. To think you’ve made so much progress in such a short time... I’m proud of you, Anon! I know you’ve got two long days ahead of you, but don’t worry, it’ll be over in no time.”
>It would seem that she’s heard of your extended incarceration already.
>”By the way, about Nutmeg... I’m sorry he got you involved with his mischief. He’s always like that. I’m making an appeal to the board of directors that you helping him shows your willingness to lend a hand to anypony in need, which should serve to lessen your sentence somewhat. I’ll keep you updated on that.”
>She seems really passionate about this.
>You don’t have the heart to tell her that you wouldn’t mind staying longer.

Jubilee Sunbeam is a well-respected prisoner rehabilitation therapist and she takes her job very seriously! Accusations of unprofessional behavior are completely unwarranted. Even if Anon is kind of cute, if only just a little.

Fuck, I was just thinking of that pic yesterday for unrelated reasons. Thanks for the laugh.
I wanna see Anon tell her how long some sentances are on Earth, and what kind of conditions they're in. But at the same time I don't wanna see Jubilee sad.
>Snack time in the big house
>You remembered to ask for something other than Hay biscuits, for poor Cookies' sake.
>You got animal crackers and juice
>You've been biting off the heads and saving the rest for later. Old habit from when you were a kid.
>you learned from the snack pony that Luna has been 'sick' ever since her 'expedition' into your brain.
>serves her right for invading your privacy like that. Still, better if she hadn't gone in at all.
>Now there is no hope of getting out of here...But honestly, why would you want to?
>The other inmates are nice, and the guards mostly let you do your own thing. Even if everyone is afraid of you.
>"Hello there prisoner 007"
>damnit, dropped a lion/scorpion thing cracker.
"Morning, Cookies, you startled me!"
>She doesn't usually show up this early in the day. odd.
>"Good to see you eating during snack time"
"Yea, I remembered how upset you were yesterday when you learned I wasn't eating."
>Something seems...off about her. Her tone is different from usual
"You alright Cookies?"

I just want him to belt out about the worst prisons on earth just for the shock it would induce.
Be Cookies
>"You alright Cookies?"
"What do you mean? I'm perfectly fine."
>You couldn't let him catch on to your plan for revenge cuddles
>You have to beat him at his own game
>If the other inmates found out, none would take you seriously
>If the Warden found out, you'd lose your job
>The only way to reclaim your pride is to cuddle this mean monkey into submission! Lunch is still hours away, and the other prisoners in this block are all at the arts and crafts station
>You have all the time in the world
>Step one: Make him drop his guard
"I've been wondering, do you have a special somepony?"
>"I don't have a- wait, what?"
>It's working, he's completely off-guard!
>He'll regret dropping his guard around THIS guard!
>Time to create an opening
"Hey, what's that over there?!"
File: 1422577633836.gif (49 KB, 69x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
49 KB, 69x120
You're not at all. I'm being needlessly difficult because I don't want a trip.
Ah. You make a good point. Maybe Anon should have gone inside the cottage and asked for food from a stranger who lives out in the middle of the woods. Maybe that woulda been the smarter decision to keep himself from starving to death.

But that is not what he did. He was on the verge of death, decided "YUMMY HORSE SPOTTED", and pounced on the opportunity to not die.

Does it really matter? Not really. Either way, he killed a pony and ate it; so he goes to prison.

The next part wasn't really coming, so we non canon mode

>”By the way, about Nutmeg... I’m sorry he got you involved with his mischief. He’s always like that. I’m making an appeal to the board of directors that you helping him shows your willingness to lend a hand to anypony in need, which should serve to lessen your sentence somewhat. I’ll keep you updated on that.”
"Please, Ms. Sunbeam..."
>Jubilee looks shocked, to say the least.
>"Ms. Sunbeam sounds so formal, Anon. Just 'Jubilee' is fine."
"Yes, well. Jubilee, I'm not too worried about one more day in paradise. It's no big deal either way."
>"Paradise? Anon, I'm glad to hear that you've adapted well to prison life, but I'd hardly call it that!"
"You say that, but you haven't been to a jail from where I came from. Here, everyone is nice, they keep us entertained all day instead of putting us to work, our food is delicious and plentiful..."
>She looks shocked at the possibility that a jail could operate a different manner than the one she works at.
>Affronted, even.
>You pause a moment before continuing.
"Here, I'm trusted to be a good citizen, even while imprisoned. I have friendly jailmates. I feel like everyone cares about me, and values my life."
>Somehow, she looks even more surprised at this point.
>Time to hammer it home.
"Here, I feel safe. Here, I haven't once been threatened, been hurt, or had a legitimate reason to worry for my life."
>She's on the verge of tears.
"Back there... well, that's behind me. Most importantly..."
>You place your hand on her hoof, eliciting an almost inaudible gasp.
>She's staring into your eyes like she's never seen anything more worthy of attention.
>She's trembling, and as if subconsciously realizing what you're about to say, her mouth begins to form the tiniest smile.
"...here, I have you."

Dammit Anon, I didn't ask for this.


Shit, I actually did.
Be Anon
>As you turn to follow Cookies' gaze, you are suddenly pushed to the ground
>"You like hugging and petting upset ponies? Try being tickle hugged!"
>Cookies is on top of you, legs clenched around your sides pinning one arm down. She starts to wriggle her tail around under your shirt.
"Stop! I'm ticklish!"
>She doesn't stop
>there is a mad look in her eyes
>A look you've seen before back home
>Your friend, Incognito, would look like this when initiating a tickle or pillow fight
>She wasn't going to stop unless you tickled her into submission

>Challenge accepted
>With one arm pinned down, the other one trapped underneath you, you can't reach much of her other than her left foreleg
>Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. VIVA LE RESISTANCE!

Be Cookies
>This is going better than expected!
>He's on the verge of cracking!
>You've all but won!
>If anyone ever found out you did this to a 'helpless' prisoner, it would be you eating snack times in a cell
>But it will all be worth it...
>Ha! He's trying to wriggle loose, but you'll be having NONE of that!
>he can barely....
>Oh no
>Oh Cadence's Colorful Crystals, he's not cracking! HE'S FIGHTING BACK!

Be Anon
>Seems like the area around the hoof is extremely sensitive.
>You can turn this around!
>As your fingers dance and dig around the sole and frog, her grip starts to weaken
>her tail moves more erratically, significantly hampering her assault
>With a mighty shove, you manage to push her off enough to completely free the arm that was under her
>[It begins]
>You loop your free arm over her and begin to dance your fingers across her withers, down her sides and under her armpit
>You continue your two-pronged assault on her sides and hoof as she falls from you, face a rictus grin as she struggles to keep from laughing
>You got this. You were tickle fight champion back in the day. You've never lost once
>Why start now?

Be Cookies
I will tickle you.

And everyone will watch as you succumb to the giggles.

It would be extremely lewd. For you.
We even less canon mode. I badly wanted to do this.

>Grinning ear to ear, Jubilee puts her other hoof on your hand.
>"I'm glad to hear it, Anon, but... since you've come clean about the sort of prison you expect, what kind of warden would I be if I didn't make sure it was fulfilled?


>"...but in nature, sadly, young rabbits are susceptible to a large variety of predators, and few will lead long lives past the warren of their youth."
>Oh, right. You must have fallen asleep to the nature channel.
>That's weird, it was on a pretty compelling infomercial as you lost consciousness.
>You don't recall being tired, and you were even planning to order... whatever it was.
>In a seriously delayed reaction, you recall the events of your dream.
>Even by your standards, that was pretty weird.
>After all, you've never been to human prison, and you don't talk even half that much.
>You were kind of smooth, though, so it evens out.
>You get comfortable and watch the remaining hour of the bunny documentary before calling it a night, making sure to shut off your tv this time.
>There's an autistic guy upstairs who's constantly hammering shit. He found a powerdrill today.
>you only gave them vague ideas
>they have no idea of how to go about it
>you wake up every morning to legos on the floor of your cell
>since you can't leave prison, yet, they have you work as one of the meal servers
>you get to do horrible shit to the food in revenge
>Anon continues his relentless assault as you try and tumble away
>You try to kick him away, but he easily overpowers your tickle-weakened limbs
>His hands move to your belly and continue their cruel dance

>Maybe if you can--
>Too late
>Anon is going for the kill!
>You have to fight it, you CAN still turn this around! YOU CAN STILL-
>Pony.exe has stopped responding
>Would you like to restart? [y]/[n]
>Cookies-n-Cream is downloading updates, please wait.....0%
Be Anon
>You broke her again
"Cookies, hello? Are you alright?"
>She just continues to stare at the ceiling, occasionally blinking.
>She'll be fine, just needs a minute to catch her breath
>You move over to the wall with her and begin to gently rub her belly apologetically.
>What brought on this sudden, merciless sneak attack?
>She asked if you had a 'special somepony'
>then jumped on you...
>she must have a crush on you!
>Adorable little guard pony
>Actually though... she is really nice.
>Been the only one to talk to you like you weren't a monster...
>And she smells like freshly baked cookies (duh)
>this could work!
>except she's a guard and you're a prisoner...
>Ah what the hell, what could go wrong?
>You are jailed indefinitely twice?
That's all for right now but I'll be back.
Jubilee's an awful dedicated... whatever it is that she does, after all. Warden wasn't really the right word, I guess, but whatever.
She's also quite eager to please. In this silly nonsense route of this silly nonsense story, if Jubilee actually got the impression
that Anon wanted a more hellish prison, believe me when I say that she'd deliver. He'd be lucky to survive a day, especially
after he charmed her so well with that confession. But hey, who am I to get in the way of silliness when that's what I'm writing
in the first place?
>slowly build an escape ladder from lego
>lower it from your cell's open bay window
>step down
>fall because lego is not a sturdy ladder building material
>wake up in the infirmity
>two days added to your sentence
>sent to pony alcatraz
>become the birdman
So she'd flog you to the best of her ability?

How long do you think it would take before she cracks and starts crying and apologizing for hitting Anon so hard with the squeaky paddle?

2 hits tops.

With the power of Fluttershy's kick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykVuLVhw7MY
A more canonical Jubilee would nervously agree to make things harsher at extensive insistence, then get one halfhearted hit in before collapsing in tears.

(Literal) nightmare-mode Jubilee wouldn't stop until something was broken, and maybe not then. Anon mentioned having a legitimate reason to worry for his life, and anything less would be a letdown.
>she doesn't want to let you down
>even if she has to break your spine to do so
>Just then, your food arrives.
>You take a cursory look through your fruits to determine how good this meal will be.
>Apple, orange, and banana slices are arranged neatly, with some grapes in the center.
>”We can talk more later, but I’ll let you eat for now. I don’t know about you, but I’m starving!”
>She digs into the hay with unexpected ferocity.
>You sigh quietly and content yourself with the salad.
>It’s actually not bad, and some mixed nuts give it a well-needed serving of protein.
>Despite the gross and condemnable lack of pears, the fruit is fresh and delicious.
>As you finish eating, you notice Jubilee staring at you, a wide and genuine smile plastered on her face.
>”Mm, that really hit the spot! How was yours, Anon?”
“Pretty good.”
>”I’m glad to hear it! Right then, we’ll pay for our meal and be off.”
>Right, they do that here.
>Well, they do that back home, too.
>You suppose the concept of compensation for food is truly universal.
>Jubilee leaves full payment and a tip above what would be expected, and the two of you head back for prison at a leisurely pace.
>Nutmeg wasn’t kidding, today’s weather is great.

Come to think of it, I'm not even into yandere, but that's exactly what I created. It stems more from her naive belief that Anon wants it and that struggling is just him reacting appropriately to the situation that he's used to rather than any desire to inflict pain, though.

Time to eat, so expect the next update even slower than normal.
>Right, they do that here
moar plz, also pastebin?
the first women's prison in Britain was built in the 1830's before that female prisoners would often be assigned cells in a women's only wing, but would be otherwise using the same facilities and able (and functionally required) to intermingle the rest of the day
>functionally required
Of course. Women are too weak and irrational to be in prison with themselves.

They need the presence of a man to set them straight.
it's cool, you have your reasons and all. good stuff btw.
Just created it. Should I use a name when I post from here on out?
Please, it makes it easier to know who's story it is.
so wait
was there laughing

i didnt read about any laughing
I imagined mostly yelps and growls
Can't believe I left out such a basic detail. Some laughter, mixed with >>22852979

Be Cookies
>Why is the whole world made of ceiling tiles?
>....oh, because you are looking at the ceiling
>Why were you looking at the ceiling?
>And just what was that /heavenly/ sensation on your tummy?
>feels so good...
>What were you doing again?
>hard to think, so nice~
>"You coming back to me, Cookies?"
>What the what? ANON?!
>What is he doing here?!
"what are you doing here?!"
>for that matter, where is here?
>"This is my cell"
>That's silly, why would you be in his ce-
>he won, and you lost. He absolutely dominated you.
>you might as well get used to the idea of being a laughing stock for the rest of your life
>the guard pony that couldn't handle a single prisoner
>and that's the best case scenario...
>and now he's rubbing it in by rubbing your belly
>you resign yourself to your fate, turning your face to hide your blush
>Why can't anything ever go your way?

Be Anon
>She's cute when she looks so confused.
>Still, good to see her back from her own personal 'Nam
"This is my cell"
>Why does she look upset?
>She's probably just self-conscious
>nervous that you will reject her
>Weird how she just jumped on you though
>probably just a pony thing
>Time to make her feel better!
"I know what you were trying to do"
>A panicked look explodes across her features
>"Please, I ju-"
>You boop her nose to silence her
>oh that scrunch

>BRAIN, this is heart. What the HELL is going on!? Why are my systems critical?
>Heart, this is brain. We have a class ten cute factor going on out here.
>Brain this is heart. God help us all.
>God help us all.
>>you resign yourself to your fate, turning your face to hide your blush

>"Brain, this is Captain Dick of the Anonymous special forces. We're assuming control of this operation! Get your boys away from the objective and watch how a job gets done right."

>"And by 'job' I mean 'mare'."

>"And by 'done right' I mean 'fucked'. We are going to fuck that mare like no tomorrow!"

>"Tell those /ROBOTS/ that they're a bunch of fags. Captain Dick out!"
>That scrunch has thoroughly derailed your train of thought.
>all is quiet, save for the gentle sounds of mirth far away.
>Seems like show and tell is really lively today
"While you were 'out' I gave it some thought... You are my only real friend in this entire world. Everyone else has seen me as some kind of monster."
>Her face morphs from panick scrunchie to confusion
"When I first got to this world, the only person who would come near me is the princess of nerds. Even she only thought of me as a weird test subject."

Be Cookies
>what is Anon talking about?
>he's never talked this way before. He's always been so... emotionless?
>no, that isn't the right word
>Is there a word for somepony made of steel in a world of cardboard?
>"I didn't really care about anyone from this place, this whole world. Sure people were nice, but they were all so afraid of me that none of it seemed real."
>Anon clears his throat and gives a nervous little chuckle, his hand moving from your belly to his own lap.
>"I never really had a chance at a girl back home, and when I learned there were no other humans around... I just gave up on love entirely"
>Oh Sombra's Saturday Sombrero, what is happening?
>"But if you really want to be my 'special somepony' and you won't get in trouble, I can give it a chance. You really are a special pony after all." He chuckles again.
>Wait, what?
"You think I'm trying to make you my special somepony?"
>His expression changes from awkward grin to mild confusion
>"Why else would you ask about it and then jump on me?"
>Is that really how 'humans' show interest in eachother?
>must be a human thing
"I didn't..."
>He thought you were special
>only your parents ever thought you were special!
>Stallions never like the tough prison-guard mare...
>Stallions always go for the cute mares who can cook. Mares like your sister...
>He must have been trying to show you he cared yesterday by ruthlessly hugging you!
>>only your parents ever thought you were special!
I'm signing off for the night, actually. I'm tapped for inspiration at the moment. I'll probably be back tomorrow if we're still in business here.
Ooooh, I'm going to draw something with cookies now just to spite you!
Nice try, but I'm doing oddball anon's adventures with Jubilee and Nutmeg, not CNC. That said, go for it, we could use more art around here.
Fine then, I will breath life into Jubilee and Nutmeg! HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM APPLES!?
>This, this was the best case scenario!
>You make him promise not to talk about your cuddle sessions.
>You get to keep your job
>And you can't force a cuddle on someone who wants it...
>You get to keep your dignity!
>but really... a giant bald monkey?
> he does smell nice~
>and those 'hands'!
>You suspect you've only begun to experience what they are capable of.
>a monkey that is giving you the most confused, worried look...
>He's adorable when he's nervous
>It is settled, you'll give it a shot!
"Promise not to tell anyone about....us?"
>it felt weird saying that
>his grin returns
>"Of course not. Things may be relaxed here but I'm guessing this kind of thing isn't really allowed"
"N-Not really..."
>"Like I said before, I'm willing to try this if you are. You are the one in danger with this, not me."
"What do you mean?"
>"I mean what's the worst thing they can do to me? Revoke snack time? Double imprison me? I'll be fine."
>Daw... he's worried about you
"I'll be ok as long as we keep it a secret"
>"I won't say a word, I promise"
>awesome, you were in the clear!
>now what?
"Now what?"
>he chuckles, "That is really up to you. Show and Tell is probably wrapping up soon, but everyone will probably go to the play."
>Warden had gotten the Ponyville Players to show the musical "Daring Do and the Emerald Melon
>"...and after that is lunch. So we have a good hour and a half before we have to worry about being anywhere specific. Unless you want to catch the show? Or have you already.... 'scene' it?"
>That monster
"bad inmate, puns are a no-no"
>He chuckles again

Be Anon
>Cookies begins to nibble at her lip nervously
>"Could you pet my belly again? That felt really nice."
>That blush!
>That lip nibble!
>Dong expand + Daw... = Dawong expand
>Dawong expand
>Time to give this little pony -YOUR little pony- the tummy rubbing of her life!

That's it for tonight. Got final exam tomorrow.
anon you better not i swear

go give >>22854107 some love, they're actually good at writing and thus they deserve it
I'm doing it! I'm making some base skellys right now, and pretty soon I'm going to start picking the styles oh how I want to draw them, then I'll start making pictures, Line. By. Line.

Whatcha gonna do bout it!? HUH!?
in that case you leave me no choice but to cry i guess
... ok, I'll way till tomorrow and we can work on it together.
Sounds like a plan, then. On retrospect, I might be out of the house for a good part of tomorrow, but I should at least be home around this time if nothing else.
>somepony made of steel in a world of cardboard
File: 1430163030063.jpg (104 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104 KB, 1280x720
I audibly responded "Yeeeeeeesssss" when you mentioned cookie. I seriously think I have a new Waifu.
File: 1430286799347.jpg (163 KB, 960x901) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163 KB, 960x901
She is a super qt.
>no daily updates
you lied to me
you betrayed me
File: comfyguy.jpg (9 KB, 252x252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 252x252
This makes me feel fuzzy, thank you Anon.
I promised no daily updates. I have been at work and then at a Pathfinder session for the entire day. Sorry my friend.

I will likely get a chance to update Friday, as tomorrow I got shit all day.

Sry m8. Don't give up hope on me yet.
i have been disappointed

so disappointed writefag
>inb4 new board is made just for pony prison threads
>my little criminal
My nigga
>I used to wonder what ass rape could be
>Until I dropped my soap in front of his D
File: Gruff.png (492 KB, 700x753) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
492 KB, 700x753
Pathfinder >>>> DnD 3.5

Got a character named Gruff who speaks about himself in the third person; he is practically a mixture between Scruffy from Futurama and Graves from League of Legends. Also, Gunslingers are fucking great; that touch AC attack roll requirement tho.

"Gruff could give a damn, but he'd find it too much of a pain to do so."
"If Gruff had a choice between shooting a monster and drinkin', he'd shoot them monster while drinkin'."
"Gruff prefers to speak in the third person, 'cuz speakin' in the first person is rude where he came from."

I am disappointed every day of my life. Now we have a common ground to become friends on. Congrats.
>Prison farts!
>Big black cocks!

>Tfw my friends just play 4e
It's not as bad as it could be, but man...
He sounds like a mix of Trixie and every character Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever played.
File: Trixie.png (814 KB, 750x639) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
814 KB, 750x639
>mix of Trixie and every character Arnold Schwarzenegger has ever played
I can't tell if that is good or not. Personally, I like Trixie. She made EQG: RR a better movie by being in it.
Trixie in prison running a peanut butter cracker extortion ring sounds remarkably in-character.
>A brutal cop!
>Can't trust the guards!
>"My fellow inmates~"
>"Big Cell Blocks!"
>"Tons of guards!"
>"Shivs in the heart!"
>">Rape isn't be wrong!"
>"Sharing bunkbeds,"
>"It's an easy feat, keep shut and you wont be beat!"
>"My fellow inmates~"
rape could be
>Until I dropped my soap in front of his D
>Prison farts!
>Big black cocks!
>And herpes makes it all complete
>"My fellow inmates~"
>"Big Cell Blocks!"
>"Tons of guards!"
>"Shivs in the heart!"
>">Rape isn't be wrong!"
>"Sharing bunkbeds,"
>"It's an easy feat, keep shut and you wont be beat!"
>"My fellow inmates~"

10/10 would fantasize about
Heck, no, please no hoof fetish. That's as disturbed as motherfucking feet fetish
File: 1312115823345.jpg (29 KB, 560x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 560x630
I had a mighty giggle
lord gootecks
This is cute and sexy
Nice combo.
Good luck on your test!
File: 1396511701815.gif (302 KB, 307x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
302 KB, 307x281
That sounds like some reverse-writefag psychology m8, and I'm afraid that I'm going to have to treat it as such.

Cookies is crazy for hoofrubs because she gets so sore after standing on her hooves all day.
>Anon turns her hoof over and gives it a little message, then to finish off he give the frog a little smooch, sends her into a shuddering mess.
>You boop her nose to silence her
>Oh that scrunch
Dude, i'm in the same case as you, i just can't think about anything else than moherfucking cookie'n'cream. And i'm sure of it, it's my new fucking waifu
i have no regret leaving twilight for her
Are you fucking crazy ? I don't want hooves shitty fetish. It just sucks dicks, even more than the unicorns.
If you like hoof fetish, then you seriously have a motherfucking problem because that just suck as much as feet fetish
Seriously, dude, don't do any hoof fetish, i'm begging you, cookies is my new waifu and i don't want her destroyed by such a shitty fetish
and that's not reverse writefag psychology
>hoof fetish
The fuck are you talking about? Just because a woman really likes it when you rub her feet doesn't mean it's a fucking fetish. It's nice to have your feet massaged just like it's nice to have your back or neck massaged, especially after a hard day's work. Does that mean you have a back and neck fetish?

Rubbing someone's feet does not necessarily mean you want to put your cock between their fucking toes. Get a grip.
Rule one of the Gentleman Anon... Don't shit on someones else's fetish... unless that is their fetish.
Sorry but asking for rubbing her hoof is having a hoof fetish. Of course she doesn't have one, but you, who ask for it, have a motherfucking hoof fetish.

So, stop saying shit, dont try to make him write shitty hoof fetish green to please you, and everything will be cool
I know, but fuck this hoof fetish is fucking awful, that's a fucking cock blocker for me
well then don't read the hoof fetish ones.
>rubbing her hoof is having a hoof fetish
That's the most retarded thing I've ever heard. I guess those masseuses whose jobs revolve around massages must be some kinky perverted fucks huh?
This may be shocking to you but there are people who ask for something because they think its cute.
New new DrawFag here. What should CnC's cutie mark be?
You could go the literal approach and have a couple cookies next to a carton of cream.
that sounds cute
A pudding cup.
either of these is fine.
This one.

It just makes sense.
But she is a jail guard, so cookes in a milk cell, or cookie hoof cuffs and a milk baton.
File: WIP CnC.jpg (91 KB, 927x836) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
WIP CnC.jpg
91 KB, 927x836
Reporting in with progress. I have to do a final lineart layer on the left most scene. I need to fix the legs or crop the picture.
Cookies'n'Cream really needs to become a thing! Like a really BIG thing! She deserves more attention than just ours, the entire fandom should know of hnnngg inducing CnC!
File: 1427098469798.jpg (502 KB, 3662x3525) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
502 KB, 3662x3525
Literally kill yourself for wanting CnC to become a forced meme.
File: 1412449151031.png (265 KB, 572x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Writefag woke up bump

Green maybe
Extremely positive ok I'll do it agian
>day 2
>is vanoss shitting me.
>he killed ten of the guards .
>anon had to give belly rubs to that cockies n cream mare
>for some pudding
>I had stole my confiscated items back
>they'll be useful later
You're so worthless
bumpin' an' goin' ta bed.

I'm not a robot
I imagine >>22858652 is doing a "Swiper no swiping" snap right now. His plan has been foiled.
You made me giggle.
Does it relate to your picture?
>Not getting erect from whooves
>not understanding that for me everything related to feet/hoof is a cockblocker

Anyway, C'n'C Has officialy become my first real waifu. And she deserves it. I never thought i could get my first real waifu from the first thread
And she deserves it? Who the fuck do you think you are? She deserves better than you, better than all of us, don't act like your Celestia's gift to marekind.

>Implying i meant that i'm good enough to be with her
>Implying I didn't wanted to say that she deserve to at least stay in someone's hearth forever
Now that sounds waaaay better, but you're still a faggot.
Being a faggot mean that I have as a waifu the best fucking mare in the whole universe ?
If this is the case, i wish to be a faggot forever
No, waifu had nothing to do with it. I'm just saying you're a faggot, and since you wish it forever that just prove how much of a faggot you are. Nice job.
File: image.jpg (24 KB, 534x440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 534x440
Oh, If you say so, i guess that i'm a faggot then ...
But still, I don't care at all, C'n'C is just too motherfucking perfect
Is this honestly your post? Feet fetishes aren't even anything wrong, okay. If you were being vocal against like rape or incest, then you'd have more of a leg to stand on, but there isn't a damn thing wrong with wanting to rub ya dick between someone's toes. Ain't even my fetish, before you start on me.

On top of that, with all due respect, CNC is a one-off prison guard that likes belly rubs that some anon wrote for kicks. Sure, the thread latched onto her and there's nothing wrong with that, but how hard have you been avoiding waifus to have her be your first.

>Implying i meant that i'm good enough to be with her

Are you doing this? Are you actually doing this? Dear god, how are you already pulling the "my fictional female obsession would never fall for such scum as myself"? Leave pls.
I haven't been avoiding waifus at all. The only problem is, the last one was twilight but i never felt something as awesome with her before. That's why i say a "real one" because with my two previous waifus i never felt something as awesome.
And foot fetish is just a cockblocker, like scat or guro, I just hate it, but that's just my personal opinion.
File: 1416951333731.png (58 KB, 394x252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wings are superior in every way.
But none of you earth fags would admit somepony you like being a pegasus, so you just made the dirty mud pones win.
>Captcha : plaeb
>Be anon
>Be in prison
>At least, that's what they told you
>The building looks like a gay six year old designed a chuck'e'cheeses knockoff
>The fence doesn't have barbed wire over the top
>Just warning signs about climbing without a spotter and the various injuries associated with falling
>How the fuck would the ponies even climb the fence?
>Their hooves are too big and the holes are so small
>Not too mention the only ones to be foiled by the fence would be Earth Ponies
>The subtle racism of magical horseland never fails to amuse you

>You are approaching the doors now
>Oh look, animatronics welcoming you to your new home away from home
>A griffon, a diamond dog and all of the pony races are represented by the terrifying spectres
>Don't make eye-contact, just move along
>You don't have anything they want
>They ain't got no reason to fuck wit' you
>They're still staring at your retreating form
>Can't a negro take a walk through his own communiteh?!
>What's wrong with America these days?
>The hellspawn go back to watching the road as the doors slide shut behind you

>"Hello Mr. Anonymous!"
>A chipper voice breaks your disturbed thoughts
"Uh, hello?"
>A little white mare wearing a guard's uniform appears by your side, an open expression on her face
>"We've been expecting you for some time now!"
>You glance at the clock on the wall
>Forty-five minutes late
"Yeah, sorry. We ran into some traffic leaving Ponyville."
>A lie
>What actually happened was that a squirrel made a stirring attempt for the Darwin award under your wagon
>Your cab driver was crying and holding the dying tree-rat as though they had fought side-by-side in Mogadishu
>You wound up just hauling ass to the prison
>Some may question your sanity but you had nothing better to do
>Besides, your sentence was only three days

>The mare must have noticed you checking out of the Zone
>"Hey, Anon. Hey. Anon. Anon!"
>When you snap back to reality she's standing on her back hooves, bouncing in place trying to wave a hoof in front of your eyes
>As you lock eyes with her, she draws her forehooves back, holding them against her chest, still standing
>God that's cute
>"Are you okay?"
>She leans in and makes a quick sniff before scrunching her nose and recoiling
>"No, that's sweaty. Come on, let's get you settled in and you can take a shower."
>Little flag goes off in your head
>You would rather smell like your arch-nemesis' jockstrap
>Maybe the showers here aren't as gay as the rest of the prison
>The mare leads the way through hallways that belong more in a public fitness facility than a prison
>There are tasteful decorations, potted plants, Hell, even trees, are everywhere
>Through the bar-less windows you see inmates playing all sorts of sports out in the yard
>This place looks like no prison you've ever been to
>Maybe you died and went to Norway, magical land where everything is gay and good

>The mare stops in front of a small wooden door with the numbers '106' chiseled into the name-plate
>"Oh! Don't worry about that, it's just for the staff. Your proper name-plate should be arriving sometime this evening."
>She opens the door for you and room that greets you further adds to your growing confusion
>It looks like a fucking hotel room
>The bed is huge
>There's a small sitting area
>It even has its own study area

>You check through a door to your left to find that the cell even has its own fucking 3-piece ensuite
>You'd be suprised but the feeling of relief is palpable
>No anal devastation for you
>You step out of the shower and are greeted with a dejected pony sitting slumped on one of your chairs
>She looks up at your entrance, golden eyes shimmering
>Not shimmering as in 'gonna jump his bones' shimmering, no
>This is more like 'I keep waking up in the middle of the night. The face of that boy I killed in the Middle-East haunts my nightmares' shimmering
>Her voice weakly addresses you, hesitant and hurt
>"Did... did I do something wrong?"
>Her words crack towards the end and you feel like some jackass just kicked you straight in the nuts
>You stride over to her and put a hand on her withers
"What makes you think that you've done something wrong?"
>"Y-you... haven't even asked me what my name is yet!"
At this point, she breaks down and starts crying directly into your shoulder
"Was I supposed to?"
>You have no idea what's going on and words fail you at the worst of times
>At this point, your ex probably would have slapped you and then run away bawling
>"Th-that's what ponies do when they meet! Unless they hate each other..."
>She pauses looking at the floor, before making eye-contact again
>"Do you hate me, Anonymous?"

Well Anons, do you hate her?
>>This is more like 'I keep waking up in the middle of the night. The face of that boy I killed in the Middle-East haunts my nightmares' shimmering
my sides
Well, that's quite weird she begins crying for no fucking reason at all, that's fucking stupid.as fuck.
But ye she's kind of nice. Just tell she's really weird and she is scaring anon
Of course not, explain things to her. Don't want any more misunderstandings in the future... right?
Well anon, we hardly even know her. Hard to hate or like someone you don't even know.
Tell her she's fucking ugly and suck dicks, and nobody likes her and check my deubs btw
>tfw when 4chan think checking deubs is spam
>Maybe you died and went to Norway, magical land where everything is gay and good
New strawpoll to determine if C'n'C is really a motherfucking earth pony or a pegasus. Get your votes ready, gentleman
Only a matter of time until samefagging sets in.
>Tears are trickling from the corners of her eyes and she sniffs quietly, waiting desperately for your response
"N-no! Of course I don't! How could I hate you? I don't even know you."
>The brief moment of brightness that encompasses her face is quickly swallowed by the despair at your reminder that you don't even know her name
"So, uh... What's your name, Miss Guard Mare?"
>Another quiet sniffle before she responds
>"My n-name is Cookies and Cream."
>That's a weird name, even for Norway Horseland
"That's a cute name, Cookie. Can I call you Cookie?"
>She nods weakly, smiling around her hooves as she desperately tries to dry her eyes
>How the fuck do you cheer her up?
>All you have to go on is yourself
>Well, she does want to get to know you better and there are worse ways of doing it

I was kind of hoping more people would say yes.

Fuck off, she's an earth pony
>Still buttfrustrated about CnC being Earth Pone
oh boy, description made me think it was totally another guard... hum i didn't know she was crying for nothing... ok she is worried all the time by anon but that's it... She don't even know him in this story
But continue, this is some really good shit
Just so you know, strawpolls are easily rigged.
File: Chicken Tendies.jpg (208 KB, 572x367) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Chicken Tendies.jpg
208 KB, 572x367
"Hey, Cookie."
>She perks up at her name, ears standing to attention
"Why don't we get to know each other over snacks?"
>She gives you another smile and another nod
>"I'd like that."
>You grab her hoof and lead her down the hall, still talking
>"So anon, what's your favourite snack?"
>Don't say chicken tendies
>Don't say chicken tendies
>Don't say chicken tendies
"Uh, Chicken... Ten... ders?"
>"Oh, just like that griffon in cell block R. Except, he calls them his 'Chicken Tendies' and doesn't let anypony else see him eating them."
"No shit?"
>Even here, /ROBOTS/ exist
>Maybe this place won't be so bad after all
Dry those tears of hers.
Then what can we use i want it to be fair

Everything will be rigged.
And pastobinu updated


Maybe lewd next. Maybe.
By lewd, i hope you mean cuddle/rubbing belly/and even kisses if it's not too hardcore ?
So you admit the last strawpoll has been rigged and she shouldn't be a earth pony at all ?
CnC's cutie mark should have cookies, something prison related, and maybe a milk/cream carton.
Quit your shit you autistic horsefucker.
She's an earth pony.
Exactly. Ain't anything wrong with it, don't knock it for those who like it.
Then let's just let the writer decide, because fuck you can't have any particular fetish with horse, it's just a fucking pone.
But if he want her to be a shitty horse, then i don't mind.
I think Cookie is fine as any pony race because she would still be as adorable as ever.
Would any Drawfags like to make a Cutie Mark for CnC?
She would.
Mr. Rogers is right.
I can't disagree with Mr. Rogers. Damn.
Fucking autists. Get the fuck over it. This is coming from the guy who voted pegasus. Now stop shitting up the thread.
Rest in peace
What would a prison designed by Mr. Rogers be like?
There'd be no need for prision if we lived in a world where we acted like he told us.
Therapy. Very effective therapy.
Nutmeg from pony living?
Were you not loved by your mother or something?
I mean, not trying to offend writers or anything, but CnC has not had enough content to be considered an actual character.
She's incredibly shallow, just because of lack of subject matter.

>not liking guro
M8, we'd just be neighbors. Some neighbors can make mistakes, but as long as they learn from them it's alright.
Great responses but how do you know where I am now that I'm one of you
I'm keeping this shit up until I get in actual greentext by a write fag I know my work is shit but I'm k epping it up until I'm in the official as a side character
You realize that acting like a 12 year old isn't actually going to get you what you want, right? All it's doing is make you look underage.
>You're "Anonymous", or the fucking faggot A.T.B.
>You suck dicks
>You go on 4chin while sucking dicks and try to make some good greentext
>critical fail, you become a fucking 12 y/o faggot, and now people only use your second name, which is A.T.B
>You can't understand you failed like a miserable bitch and that you're story is as shitty as a one direction fanfic
>You keep spamming in thread warning everyone that you'll continue if you aren't put in a real greentext
>Everybody don't fucking care about you because you're a fucking 12y/o faggot
>You finally die alone in a corner, while being raped by your little friend vanoss
>The end

First time i try writing green, i hope it is good
Potatoe/10 Gud enuff -New York Times
Is this nigga being serious right now?
File: 1394643346526.jpg (34 KB, 292x257) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
34 KB, 292x257
So is A.T.B the new fapman?
I'm a newfag here, who's fapman?
Nah he is wayyyy worse
Get the fuck out ponychan
Writefags, Drawfags, where are you?
Nah, Fapman at least realizes when he's being autistic. And his autism is mostly one of enthusiasm and joy. He's almost sort of endearing, like a retarded puppy.

A.T.B, on the other hand, is just an obnoxious faggot who makes demands and then thinks that ruining threads with his shitposting is going to get him what he wants. If anything, A.T.B is the bastard offspring of Scraps and Lexi.
Wow, harsh AND accurate. Nice
>Scraps and Lexi
Who? Not to mock, but genuinely curious. The only real shitposter I ever encountered was Rainboom Crash.
I hate to say this but Fapmans wall of txt is far more bearable than whatever junior has been shitposting us with
Truer words have never been said. Well, except IWTCIRD
You must be 18 or older to browse 4chan. Come back in eight years.
they went to prison to be with their new waifu
Drawfag here, she and I are... busy at the moment.

Yeah, she is working at the prison and you're drawing a lewd picture of anon rubbing her belly/kissing/huggin her,
So yeah you are both busy at the moment
File: 1430142308564.jpg (8 KB, 246x232) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 246x232
We're alone. They have left this thread and abandoned us. Now we must continue where they left off. We must become the Writefags and Drawfags.

But I've only got a phone though, so this is y'all niggas problem.
Oh shit, y'all niggas still here. Thank fuck, we couldn't have taken your place.
>Be Anon
>You are at your cell
>There is a riot going on about someone wasting some chocolate milk
>They look angry like if it was the end of the world
>You get out of your cell and walk to see the show
>A pony with a brown mane says
>"Don't yell at the prison! Now clean your mess or else.."
>"O-or else what?"
>"You know what we do to ponies like you when they don't obey orders"
>"YOU- you wouldn't do that..."
>"Oh yes we will"
>The pony stared at the guard for a few seconds, and then said in single slow motion
>Everyone gasped
>You just giggled at the little rebel
>"Then you leave us no choice"
>The guard lifted a phone from his.. cloth? Damn pony magic, he doesn't even look like having any pocket
>"We are calling your mother"
>Everyone gasped even harder than before
>The pony at this point was crying
>You just started laughing while yelling at them "HELL YEAH MOTHERFUCKER"
"Worth it!"
I am here... Lurking...

I will definitely be doing some writing tomorrow to continue on the story I was doing.

As a sidenote (feel free to skip it if you don't care) I am thinking of implementing a pseudo-CYOA thing to it. I will probably have more of those choices at key moments for anons to choose what they would do in that situation, because lord knows I suck at writing, so I want to help make it more fun for those reading by adding some interactivity (not full CYOA, but a bit).

So yeah, I will be contributing tomorrow though, so hold down the fort today.
Drawfag. Please draw a Cutie Mark for CnC. It Should have cookies, and something prison related. Cookie handcuffs? Maybe put in something milk/cream related.
It should be either pudding related or bellyrub related.
I don't see why it would have to be cookie related.
Is it just because of her name?
Because that's a really bad reason.
You're right, that was actually a stupid idea. But what kind of talent would a bellyrub or pudding cutie mark represent? What would a bellyrub cutie mark even look like? What is CnC's special talent anyways?

Drawfags, halp.
This should be its own thread, with some juicy green.

Because it is "Anon", not "Self-Insert Faggot". I thought it would be kinda fun also. It would more be little decisions and "Anon's subconcious".
Hey Faggots,
Glorious Leader Writefag here, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no-lifes who spend every second of their day looking at stupid ass pictures and reading autistic greentexts . You are everything bad in the world. Honestly, have any of you ever gotten any horse pussy? I mean, I guess it’s fun making fun of people because of your own insecurities, but you all take to a whole new level. This is even worse than jerking off to nohooves pictures in EqG threads.
Don’t be a stranger. Just hit me with your best shot. I’m pretty much perfect. I pet my waifu for hours today and tickled her hoovsies. What do you guys do with your waifu besides jerk off to pictures of her and pretend she is real? I also get straight A’s, and have quality time with my banging hot waifu (She just cuddlefucked me; Shit was SO cash). You are all faggots who should just kill yourselves. Thanks for listening.
Pic Related: It’s me leaving to meet up with her.
Your point being?
Never gets stale.
Thanks for the support, it really means a lot to me.
Thanks, I think it went pretty well
I'll avoid having Anon french her frogs, just for you
Be writing soon, I promise!
Be Anon

>Be waking up from a lovely dream
>lovely by human standards
>you actually caught Luna puking in your brain
>serves her right.
>Three days have passed since you and Cookies became an item, and you have settled into a routine with her.
>light cuddles in your cell during Show and Tell before lunch, and serious cuddles around 'lights out'
>Show and Tell was boring anyway
>'this is the spoon I used at breakfast'
>'this is the sock I'm wearing right now'
>he always showed that one sock
>only one sock
>Hugging Cookies is much more fun
>even though it is more dangerous for your heart
>Finding an excuse to have her in your cell late was too easy
>Some inmates need to be read a bedtime story to fall asleep.
>The perfect excuse to cuddle in the soft glow of a night light while everyone else was visiting Luna
>Cookies would even sneak you extra pudding cups at night
>Getting up and stretching, you notice another letter under your door
>Royal seal again
>same as every morning now