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Anon in pones prison #3
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Old thread have hit bump limit, so here is a new one
Small explanation for those who don't know what are these thread :
Anon is in ponie prison for a minor incident (pushed someone in a line/throw a waste at the floor and didn't pick it up/insulting someone)
It's perfect in all ways, it's a fuckin' hotel.
Also, hugging while the mare don't want to hug is as awful as rape in our world
Current pastebin :
>Well, if i just try to put it up, it goes in the black thingy
u wot
In her mouth, there is a big part of it which is black
if i try to fix it, the line just go straight into the black hole thus making it worse

With teddy bear prints.

They call me the fuzzy slipper rapist.
make the mouth smaller

or just lessen the lines made from biting
File: 1430514730445.png (134 KB, 745x1053) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134 KB, 745x1053
My autism couldn't handle it. I also think her coat should be more cream colored than tan. And her mane and freckles more dark chocolatey. Because right now she just looks like Button's mom.
Anon in Pone Prison - Part 2

My Pastebin with all previous parts: http://pastebin.com/u/MLPNope


>Day 16 in Equestria
>Everything was going great for you ever since this whole "prison" thing started for you almost a full week ago
>The food was great
>The atmosphere friendly
>Your cellmate, Flizzy, not even as close to as scary as you first imagined her
>This entire thing was pretty amazing, considering you were in prison and what-not
>Honestly, you never considered yourself a strong man, so you thought the worst coming in here; that you would likely be some mythical creature's bitch by the end of the first day
>But instead you have made a best friend, who you share top bunk with, and have taught your fellow prisoners how to play Basketball; which you excel at compared to them
>Actually, when you asked for the equipment to play Basketball you expected it to take longer
>Instead, they sent a white unicorn with gems on her butt the next day, along with a team of different types of ponies, and they created the items from your description by the end of the day
>You don't really know, but maybe in this mystical land of talking ponies, dragons, manticores, and all sorts of creatures they regard prison and punishment as something completely different than what it was back on Earth
>Nonetheless, after getting the supplies to play Basketball, you had to teach the prisoners how to play
>Thanks to Freedom Keeper, who you still kinda despise for her utter annoying nature, you were able to host a seminar detailing the rules and how to play
>The entire prison populace showed up for it and most of them seemed to love this new sport being introduced to them
>You were happy to oblige, you used to play Basketball all the time when you were a kid; never were good enough to join the varsity team, but were one of the best in the community league
File: 1426273825037.png (1 MB, 2000x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2000x1400
Should we decide on a color scheme for CnC?
I think it should look more like cookies and cream ice cream. White coat with oreo cookie colored mane and freckles.
Don't you know who I am
Seconding >>22874902
>After a few days of the creatures trying to learn how to play, especially those who had bodies that would make it difficult to play, they seemed to be ready for their first game
>That is where you currently are; the first game of Basketball this prison populace has ever played
>You are on a team with:
>Your cell partner, Flizzy, who has been inseparable from you ever since night one; she is probably one of the best friends you have ever had, and you barely met her not too long ago
>The super nice manticore that always bakes goodies for people in his free-time, who had no name but the prisoners refer to him as Delicious Goods
>The hyper aggressive/competitive umbral pony who emits light instead of darkness, Umbright
>And the slime, who you know absolutely nothing about because it seems to be about as animate as you would expect a slowly moving blob would be
>They put the slime on your team to be a handicap, as you are the only one who has any real experience playing the game
>The other team consists of:
>Freedom Keeper, the prison warden, who seems WAY TOO ENTHUSIASTIC for her first game
>A demon who was recruited to be a guard after he served his time, who all of the current prisoners fear and hate; you don't know his name though
>A six armed monkey who you normally see meditating in the garden area; don't know his name either
>A normal guard pony you never met
>And a three horned grey unicorn who you know you have saw a few times, but don't know much about
>Well nonetheless GAME ON!
What about her eyes? Maybe green, kinda like mint?
That would look good I think. Maybe something like this?
>>Your cell partner, Flizzy, who has been inseparable from you ever since night one
>By the first few minutes of the game, your team is already up by 8 baskets
>Between the Umbright, Flizzy, and you the other team can't compete
>Despite her originally enthusiasm, Freedom Keeper seems to be slowly following the ball back and forth, mostly watching you score on her teammates
>The guard pony just can't seem to keep up
>The demon guard is getting outplayed hard and being a bad sport by yelling at us for "cheating"
>The three horned unicorn isn't using any magic to attempt to dribble or shoot, so is failing in all of her attempts
>And the six armed monkey is doing exactly like Freedom Keeper; just silently observing while following you slowly
>And another basket
>and another
>and another
>and another...
>You just keep scoring on them relentlessly
>You would feel bad, but you and Flizzy have never been so in-sync
>She got ahold of the game almost instantly, doing about as well as you are
>Umbright keeps yelling at you to pass to him, even when he is not open
>Despite being annoying as hell with his insistent attitude, he is playing on equal terms with you; likely would be doing better if he seemed to understand the concept of "teamwork"
>After the score reaches 102 - 0, halftime commences and the creatures watching are not even enjoying the spectacle anymore
>Honestly, you aren't either
>It is not fun to win so easily
>Maybe next half you'll start to take it easier on them, give up the ball on purpose to try and make it seem like they did a good job stealing
>"Hey Anon, you got a second?"
>Flizzy motions you over to her with a wave of her claw
"Yeah! Coming!"
>You run over to Flizzy, who is drinking out of a water bottle, visibly sweaty from all of the running
"Yo. Wussup?"
>Flizzy leans in close and starts to whisper
>"Hey Anon, do you think they are up to something? I don't think they are even trying."
>You give her a strange look
>Was she even seeing those ponies tripping over themselves?
File: 1430263701288.jpg (16 KB, 422x362) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 422x362
>Three horned unicorn
Ok i already drew her following your recommendation so you must be sure of what you want because i won't redraw everypic everytime
so, tell me, what do you want ?
for colors.
And put the freckles on the cheeks instead of the mouth.
Mint green for eyes.

cookies and cream for mane and freckles

oreo colored freckles and mane and white cream for coat.
Bedroom eyes.
So you want her like this ? (made quickly on paint)
File: like this then.png (142 KB, 745x1053) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
like this then.png
142 KB, 745x1053
Forgot pic
What do you mean by that
Try this color for the mane.
>And that demon wouldn't stop screaming profanities at you all game; it actually kinda made you feel guilty, like bullying a little kid
"I don't know what you mean. They were obviously having a tough time trying to keep up with us. I mean, two of them were tripping over each other and I heard the demon say he was going to personally drag me to Tartarus a few times now."
>Flizzy shakes her head slightly and motions her eyes over to Freedom Keeper and the six armed monkey
>"No. I meant THEM. They weren't trying to do anything all game. I think they are going to try something. We shouldn't let up in the slightest, those two will dunk on us hard if we let 'em. I can feel it in my instincts."
>You chuckle and pat her on the back
"In your 'instincts'? I didn't know Dragons had a supernatural ability to gauge Basketball potential. Personally, I'm gonna let up on them. It is just a game, after all. We've got them beat already; where I come from, this sort of lead is practically impossible to come back from."
>Flizzy just sneers at your proposal to take it easy on them
>"I don't want to ever lose if I have a chance to win. No mercy for them. If you actually want to win, I suggest you listen to me dude. The first sign of weakness you show and they will exploit that. SHE will exploit that."
>Flizzy gets up and walks back onto the court, throwing her water bottle onto the ground behind her
>Umbright follows right behind her, looking at the demon on the other team and taunting him with lines like
>"Good luck. With how bad you are, you will need it."
>Flizzy is raring to go, ready to continue scoring hard on them
>Umbright is continuing to taunt the other team, mostly the demon
>The manticore is going over and wishing the other team good luck earnestly, like a good sportsman
>And the slime is... doing slime things, like sitting and not moving in the middle of the court

Anons' choice:
Take it easy or keep destroying the other team?
Looks shitty as fuck with white coat
black is good
Yes. THE GREY TRICORN! Legends state that she is the last of her kind... and the first of her kind.
File: 33575474.jpg (56 KB, 785x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 785x359
>sitting and not moving in the middle of the court
Alright, just wondering.
Keep destroying, but never help warden+monkeys
He's flubber
>but never help warden+monkeys
What do you mean?
Curbstomp them to appease the glorious Flizzy overlord.
White is an awful color for the coat.
Honestly, the color in the original one was fine.
Also, I´d rather have dark brown freckles than white ones, but maybe that´s just me.
>the color in the original one was fine.
except it made her look like a knockoff of button's mom and didn't look anything like how cream is supposed to look.
File: FFFFCC.png (323 B, 480x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
323 B, 480x480
How about something like this?
mixed with This version.
So what are pony prison showers like?
Sorry it took me so long. I went and made dinner.

>You know what, Flizzy hasn't steered you wrong yet, you can trust her "instincts"
>Well... there was that one time she choked you...
>Ah forget that, it was a misunderstanding
>Nonetheless, the only way to teach is through example; you will make one hell of an example out of the other team
>If they have anyone to blame, it won't be you, but instead their two teammates just sitting around watching everyone else play
>They haven't even tried to help, so it only makes sense your team is beating them so badly
>Hopefully then can just learn from this ass-whooping
>As you start to head back over onto the court, you nod towards Flizzy to confirm you aren't gonna go easy on them
>Flizzy gives a light smile towards you, then goes back to serious mode as both teams prepare to get back to the game
>It doesn't take much time for you to get back the ball from one of the ponies and score on them
>You just got that ball and drove it full speed down the court for a lay up
>The score is officially 104-0
>This is in the bag; just gonna score another 100 points or so on them and the pain will be all over for their team
>Flizzy runs over and steals the ball from the tricorn and starts to maneuver herself around the two stumbling opponents to do a lay up, which is more like just putting it straight into the basket for her
>"Anon, get in position to steal after I make the basket and they throw it back!"
"Got it!"
>As you are ready to implement a quick 4 point strategy, the ball disappears from Flizzy's grasp
>You hear a slam come from behind and see the scoreboard change from 104-0 to 104-2
>You quickly turn around and see Freedom Keeper hanging from the rim with a huge cocky smile
>The 6 armed monkey speaks in a surprisingly bass voice for his size
>"I think we have."
>T-That must have just been a fluke
>Flizzy yells to you, noticeably annoyed by that sudden steal
>"Hey! Hold onto the ball ya losers!"
>Umbright yells at Flizzy and you
>Must have just been a fluke, she hadn't done anything all game after all, it would not be surprising for her to catch Flizzy off guard with her sudden choice to actually join in
>You aren't going to let her psyche you out though
>That annoying mare's cocky attitude will only fuel you to want to DEMOLISH her even more
>Flizzy goes over to the basket and picks up the ball to inbound it
>Freedom Keeper and the six armed monkey, who you now know is named Darius, are standing near the two ends of the box, where Umbright and you are currently standing
>Both Umbright and you are positioned to be open to a pass, so Flizzy makes the pass as he requests
>As Umbright is about to catch it, Darius does a massive sidestep and extends his arm to catch the ball
>He throws the ball from one hand, to another, then to an already airborne Freedom Keeper
>She catches the ball and plummets it immediately downwards into the hoop, making an even louder slamming sound than before
"T-They just used our plan!"
>Flizzy just stands there noticeably astonished
>The demon starts jumping up and down in joy, laughing right in the face of Umbright; who is gritting his teeth angrily
>Umbright is anything but happy right now
>This just gets Flizzy even more angry
>Flizzy get the ball once again and completely hurls it at Umbright
>Umbright, surprised by the sudden speed of a ball thrown by such a massive creature at full speed, is not able to catch it in time
>The ball instead hits him in the head and flies out of bounds
"Oh no..."
>You know this feeling
>Your team is tilting
Good choice in VN´s there anon.
I don´t think the choice mattered all that much.
>If you don't take control quickly, they will start playing worse and worse
"Don't worry guys, we still have a massive lead on them. Just stop fighting, we still got this in the bag."
>Umbright, rubbing his head from the pain of being whacked so hard by the basketball, just growls at you and Flizzy
>"I will just have to win this myself! You idiots! You're lucky I even got us that lead in the first place!"
>Flizzy scowls at him in such a manner that would likely make you piss your pants if it were directed towards you instead
>She then just sighs and walks over to you
>"Fine Anon. I will trust you, if you say we still can win then I will just work on winning."
>Thank god for Flizzy
>You were scared for a second things were about to go down the shitter
"Let's do this, there is no way they can win if we just keep them from scoring."
>Flizzy and you get into a defensive position, attempting to work more on preventing scoring than scoring yourselves
>End of the third quarter and the score is now 106-98
>Freedom Keeper moves faster than you can even register when she gets that ball while jumping higher than you think even Flizzy could get with her pure leg power
>Every single time, she uses phrases you are surprised she even knows, like "BOOM SHAKALAKA!"
>Umbright is doing even worse than the tricorn, who is now playing pretty decently, now thanks to him completely losing his mind while raging
>And almost as scary as Freedom Keeper is Darius, who moves in ways that leave absolutely no room for any error; he puts machines to shame with the pure perfection he executes everything he does
>Flizzy can barely keep up now, as she is still a newbie to the game
>You would like to say you are the only one doing well, but that is not true either
>The only basket you got this quarter was when Delicious Goods accidentally tripped with the ball and smashed it against the ground in a way that it bounced straight into their basket; complete luck
File: Alma Elma.png (743 KB, 799x602) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Alma Elma.png
743 KB, 799x602
If you don't want to know the end of this before I write it, then don't read the spoiler:
If you chose to go easy on them, Anon would cause the team to lose thanks to being COMPLETELY caught off guard. Kind of a "this is what happens when you don't trust Flizzy." More than anything, it was to make Anon choose in a way that would show he is actually an Anon with Anons' reasoning.

Alma Elma is best grill.
File: Gnome.png (439 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
439 KB, 600x600
That ain´t Gnome.
"Okay guys, well we still have a full quarter to defend against them. We can still do this."
>You look at Flizzy
>She still is determined and ready to win, you can't let her down
"I promise you, all of you, if we work together we can still do this."
>Lizzy smiles at you confidently
>"Don't worry Anon, I trust in you."
>You look at Umbright
"We won't let them make fools out of us. Let's go make them feel silly for trying to catch up to us."
>Umbright goes from an angry frown to a confident smile
>"Damn straight. They are all just worms compared to us!"
>You look over to Delicious Goods
"So how about it? We all a team?!"
>He just gives his usually friendly smile to you
>"I have not had this much fun in a while! I am so glad I have you all as my teammates."
>As you get ready to disband the huddle, the slime slithers over
>Does this thing want to be part of the huddle too?
>Well it is your teammate after all, you should put your trust in it also
"You too little buddy. We'd never win this without you."
>You think you see the slime slightly bubble for a second
"Now on three we say 'Go Team!'."
>They all nod in unison, minus the slime who you would like to think is contributing to team spirit in its own way
>As you disband the huddle, the other team is already on the court ready to rumble
>The demon is giving a cocky laugh and starts to taunt
>"Good luck! You will need it!"
>How original...
>Your team starts with the ball this time
>Welp... HERE WE GO
>You throw the ball in to Flizzy, who has finally learned how to get the ball without allowing it to be stolen mid-air by stepping into it while having a teammate body block the two who could steal it
>As she gets the ball, she quickly passes it to Umbright
>The six armed monkey quickly steps in front of Umbright and moves in front of his path to intercept the ball
>Before grasping for the ball, Darius makes a snide remark at Umbright's selfishness
>"To advance, one must be prepared to share their victories. It is a shame you choose to be stagnant."
>Umbright quickly stops his drive towards the basket, catching Darius off-guard, and throw the basketball backwards
>"I always win. This is my decision based on my skill, not me sharing my victory."
>As you dash towards the basket, Delicious Goods catches the tossed ball and tosses it out of his mouth from a few feet away
>He missed the basket and it rebounds off
>You expected this from him though, he has not made a single shot all game, thus you are already in position
>At the end of your dash, you jump up and grab the ball ready to put it right back up upon landing
>But as you land, Freedom Keeper appears before you ready to stop you from scoring
>Not exactly as planned, but it is alright, you are prepared for this also
>You blindly throw the ball behind you and yell
>Out of nowhere, a huge dragon soars to the basket and slam dunks hard enough to cause the glass backboard to shatter
>You feel ash fall upon you as Flizzy flashes you a victorious look
>"I gotcha Anon."
>And with that, you feel like you can win again
>The crowd erupts in cheering as they realize what just happened
>The score is now 108-98
>You hear a loud laughter from the one who was just about to block you
>Freedom Keeper is having a grand time by this sudden slam dunk
>By how confident she is, you think she still thinks she can win
>And honestly, you can see why she thinks that; you likely can't fool them with such a maneuver for a second time
>A spell is cast on the backboard and the glass reverses and fixes itself
>The other team starts with the ball
>"I have learned more from you all, thus I must thank you. Unless you have more to teach, I cannot let you win though. For that I apologize."
>Darius throws the ball in towards the tricorn
>You run up to the tricorn to steal the ball
>When you go down to grab it, though, she quickly outmaneuvers you in a fashion that mirrored the perfect movements of Darius
>The Tricorn starts moving down the court as quickly as Freedom Keeper, mimicking her dribbling patterns
>Umbright attempts to intercept her from the side to stop her drive, but she just stops immediately like Umbright did earlier
>Umbright completely tumbles over and the tricorn continues her drive
>"You're not getting past me!"
>Flizzy swats her arm down to hit the ball out of the Tricorn's reach, but she just jumps over her arm and shoots the ball
>As the ball makes contact with the rim, it misses and rebounds off
>You are running to rebound the ball, but before you can, the tricorn is already back up catching the ball
>She jumped after immediately hitting the ground towards the direction of the ball, so even after catching the rebound she is flying out of bounds
>But almost immediately after getting the ball she kicks backwards past all of your team
>And suddenly
>The glass breaks as Freedom Keeper slam dunks the ball thrown back to her
>You yell out of a mixture of anger and surprise
>Freedom Keeper falls off of your backboard and replies
>You saw that tricorn doing terrible all game, what changed?!
so much green

thank you nope
>Once again the backboard is repaired and the game continues
>But it starts to fall apart again
>That tricorn starts beating everyone
>She is moving as swiftly as Darius while showing the same speed and jumping power of Freedom Keeper
>Now their team has not two, but THREE monsters
>Though keep scoring on your team now, one after another
>The only benefit you have is that your team is still staying organized, thus working together well enough to keep them from securing a lot of their baskets
>There is only a minute left on the clock
>The score is now 110-112; they have 2 more points than your team now
>The clock's timer is stopped, but will start as soon as the ball is tossed in-bounds
>Your team has possession after the demon fouled Umbright
>Umbright is showing annoyance and anticipation, but there is nothing he can do about it than channel it into the motivation to win this game
>So he places his last hope into you, who came up with a plan for the team to do a hand-off play and get a two pointer in, then try for the quick steal into another 2 points to win the game; like what they wanted to do earlier
>This time the catch is that the whole team will be attempting to intercept the ball this time, leaving nobody down near their basket if they screw up
>It is everything or nothing on this
>Umbright throws it into Flizzy, who quickly starts to drive it down the court
>She is stopped by the Tricorn who successfully swats it out of her claw
>You jump out and catch it, but you land on your butt and have to toss it quickly
>But as soon as you attempt to find a target, the three beasts are on you immediately
>You have absolutely no way to pass to any of your teammates
>Darius is attempting to grab the ball from you as you flail yourself from side to side
>Darius finally gets a hand on the ball and you know you only have one choice to pass to
>The slime is the only one open
I was expecting this so hard, get ready to slime jam.
>The ball flies through the air, completely uncontested as nobody would have even thought to guard the slime
>You had no other choice
>It was for this last chance, this final opportunity to win, that he had to trust his teammate
>40 seconds remained on the clock
>The ball hits the slime, slipping straight inside of it
>Darius sighs and runs over to the slime quickly, the other two going over to block the other players on your team from getting the ball from the slime
>35 seconds remain on the clock
>As Darius reaches down to pick up the ball, the slime starts to bubble and blurble like crazy
>Darius jumps backwards as a reaction to the Slime suddenly expanding outwards, quickly changing its shape
>The slime begins to change into a brownish color, with pieces of red and white in certain areas
>30 seconds remain on the clock
>As the slime begins to complete its transformation, the ball goes to one of the stick-like areas it had formed and came out at the end
>Everyone is too surprised by this sudden change to do anything right away
>The slime is fully transformed and you cannot believe your eyes
>25 seconds remaining on the clock
>The slime looks exactly like
>The slime quickly starts to dribble the ball upon finishing its transformation
>Just as quickly, the tricorn and Freedom Keeper turn towards MJ Slime and attempts to stop him with everything they have
>The tricorn uses exact movements at super speed to attempt to intercept the ball mid-dribble, but MJ Slime just bounces it slightly harder, making her calculated grab go a bit too fast and completely miss
>Freedom Keeper moves to the slime's left one way, while Darius moves exactly in-front of him, prepared to steal the ball with the precise movements of all 6 of his hands creating a perfect defense
So, Fizzy sex?
I prefer this song for a situation like this:
>Freedom Keeper attempts to lunge at the ball at the exact same time as the tricorn
>MJ Slime just throws the ball over his head in an arch to change the dribbling hand
>As he does this, the two ponies lunging for the ball smash heads together, causing both to lay there and clutch their heads
>20 seconds left
>Darius seems noticeably startled and nervously boasts to the slime
>"Y-You can't get past me! I have a perfect defense. No matter which way you go, I can intercept you!"
>MJ Slime is not intimidated in the least and just walks towards Darius while dribbling
>"Didn't I tell you! It is useless! Your best chance is to just pass the ball!"
>Darius is starting to get frightened, a complete oddity you would think
>15 seconds left
>MJ Slime walks towards Darius's left and...
>Darius encloses his arms from both sides on the slime and the two downed ponies get up, getting ready to rush MJ Slime from behind
>MJ Slime fakes out Darius and dribbles the ball between his legs, using his slime body to shrink under his arms and reform on the other side immediately to continue dribbling
>10 seconds left
>Everyone except the slime and the three attempting to stop the slime are completely silent, watching this completely unbelievable event unfold before their very eyes
>MJ Slime gets to the outside of the 3 point shot zone and gets ready to take the shot
>The two ponies are rushing at him from behind in a desperate attempt to stop the shot
>The tricorn jumps to hit the ball from the top
>MJ Slime fakes her out and lowers his arms at the exact second she would hit the ball; causing her to completely miss and go flying by
>Freedom Keeper attempts to trip and foul him, but he takes the jump at the exact second she lunges, going higher than she could reach
>MJ Slime arcs his shot
>MJ Slime lets go to make the shot
>As the buzzer goes off, the ball goes straight into the hoop, hitting only the net
>The scoreboard changes from 110-112 to 113-112
>Your team won
>The silence completely goes away as everyone in the prison erupts in cheers
>Your team and you all run towards each other and start hugging one another while yelling
>Surprisingly, Umbright seems to be the happiest about this; he is literally crying
>If you were not so hyped and 'in the moment' you may find that sudden character kinda weird
>But everything is too wonderful for that at the moment
>It may have only been a practice game, but with the emotional investment you all put in, it felt as good as winning the olympics
>The demon guard scowls and walks off while the guard pony comes over to congratulate you all
>The slime comes over back in its original form
>You all raise it up and start cheering
>Delicious Goods hugs the slime and says
>"I'm going to bake a cake that looks exactly like you. I will call it 'The Victory Cake'. You will get first slice."
>As the celebration goes on, you look over to Flizzy and notice she is looking back at you with a huge grin upon her face
>She comes over to you immediately and starts hugging you... a bit too tightly
>"I knew I could trust you. That was amazing, Anon!"
>You can hardly breathe, but you don't put up a fuss as you feel like basking in the hug
>For a few seconds at least, then you start tapping on her and calling for surrender
"Uncle! Uncle!"
>She notices you turning blue and drops you
>You get back up off of the ground and start to brush yourself off
>"Oh. Whoops... Sorry Anon. Heh heh."
>You stop for a second, then hug her yourself
"I promised you we could win. I don't break my promises."
>You do actually break promises sometimes, but you feel like saying something cool
>Flizzy just hugs you back, more gently this time
>The celebration starts to die down and you hear from over by the other team's hoop
File: defuck man.gif (435 KB, 500x473) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
defuck man.gif
435 KB, 500x473
That whole thing made me giggle like a retard.
>It was Freedom Keeper
>She walked back over with a little stumble in her walk; she must have hit her head decently hard
>You have to say, after seeing how capable she was during this game, you have a new found respect for her
>She is still annoying and has a voice that makes you want to kill small animals, but at the very least you think she is kinda cool now
>She starts to exit the prison's newly built gymnasium only saying once again
>Then she fully exits
>Speaking of individuals on the opposite team
>Where did Darius and that tricorn go?
>Darius probably went off to meditate, is your guess
>The tricorn could have gone off and done anything else
>Seriously though... how did she suddenly get so good after doing as bad as the guard in the beginning?
>Maybe she was good all along and just faked being bad so to surprise us, kinda like Darius and Freedom Keeper's sudden half-time announcement
>You continue to ponder the sudden skills from the grey tricorn, until a brightness like the sun starts to blind you as a creature approaches your left side
>You cover your eyes for a second, then start squinting while looking at the source of the bright light
>It is Umbright, and he is glowing much brighter than usual
>"H-Hey Anon... I just wanna thank you for helping us win. I-If it weren't for you I would have kept us from acting as a team... so sorry."
>You just give him a thumbs up, using your free hand that is not semi-covering your eyes, and reply with
"Yeah. No problem Umbright, my man. Thanks for being on the team and keeping us on the path to victory. Couldn't have done it without you."
>The bright light starts shining brighter as he says quickly as a response
>"I-It's not like I wanted thanks or anything... but thanks for thanking me. If you ever feel like hanging out or something..."
>You are too busy being FUCKING BLIND at the moment to completely understand everything he said
"What? Sorry, I think I missed that."
>Umbright starts to run away, shining brighter than ever
>Wow, what was his problem?
>You feel a tap on the back of your shoulder
>As you turn around, a bright blue pony in a lab coat retracts the hoof she poked you with and starts speaking
>"Hello Anonymous. Our labs are ready for you now. Please follow me to the examination chambers."
"I am sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about."
>You look to where you thought Flizzy was, but she apparently went off somewhere else while you were not paying attention; likely when Umbright was blinding you
>You guess she won't be able to explain what is going on
>The lab pony just keeps motioning you to follow her
>You decide to get it over with and hear her out; if they need you in a lab, there must be something that needs to get done
>Probably DNA identification or something, you don't know what prisons do, but you would not be surprised if they had to draw blood to keep on record or something
>So off you go with the lab pony, you wish you could at least tell Flizzy you were off, but it probably won't take too long anyways
>You can be back and celebrating in no time
>You try to ask the lab pony answers on the way to the lab, but she keeps ignoring you and constantly answering
>"All questions will be answered by the doctor that will be examining you."
>You enter a white tiled hallway, not knowing that this theme is a sight that would become very familiar to you soon enough

That was fantastic, Love the cliffhanger too.
Love you Nope.
Get your ass writing I need something to fill the void in my life with.
Thanks. I am glad you liked it.

I wrote A FUCKING LOT! Like wow, I didn't expect this Basketball game to end up taking so long, but I kept getting invested in making it more and more interesting; more twists.. always more twists!
Welp. Whoever else is writing, take over. I'm outtie for the night.
You got it boss, consider it done.

Be Anon
>Lunch is over
>Time to shine
>You head towards your cell, Cookies will follow in a few minutes
>She won't be here for another five to ten minutes
>You move over to your bed against the back corner of your cell
> Your bed was large by human standards
>Stupid big by tiny horse standards
>They had given you a dozen pillows along with amazingly soft sheets and three blankets
>This place really was like paradise sometimes
>You remove the pillows and blankets from the bed and begin to carefully arrange the pillows into a nest shaped roughly like a lopsided bowl with pillows against the wall
>Perfect to lean against
>You lay all but one of the blankets on top of the pillows, nearly completing the setup
>All it needed now was someone to help you fill it
>And you knew just the pony for the job
>You took off your shirt and tossed it aside
>Cookies couldn't resist you without a shirt
>Speaking of which, she should be arriving any-
>Several soft knocks at your front door interrupt your thoughts
>The time for your mid day cuddle was upon you!

Be Cookies
>Be walking to your pre-lunch cuddle session
>Be very excited to have your itch /finally/ scratched
>Be also thoroughly annoyed with Anon
>What was he thinking, teasing you like that during breakfast?
>The others might have noticed!
>Your relationship was /far/ from appropriate, after all
>A guard sneaking cuddles with an inmate!
>It was the kind of scandal that could end your career
>The kind of scandal that could put you in prison for 'taking advantage of an inmate'
>Never mind the fact that HE started it!
>You almost don't notice the soft sound of knocking coming from around the bend in the hall.
>You cautiously slow your canter and peek around the corner

Be Anon
>You fling open your door
"Hey, about time you-"
>That isn't Cookies
>That isn't Cookies at all
>or if it is, she is doing an /amazing/ impression of the warden
"H-Howdy Warden, what brings you here?"
>"Hello Anon it is good to...see... you
>The warden is stunned by your bare chest
>not because of muscle or fat, but because you've never been bare-chested in public
>The Warden continues to stare at you for several seconds
>You cross your arms self-consciously
>She shakes her head and blushes slightly
>"You've been absent from Show and Tell for a couple days now, is everything ok?"
"Eeyup, everything is just fine. I'm a happy camper."
>"You sure? I've heard you've been having trouble making friends. Coming to Show and Tell could help you make friends."
"Nope, I'm good, no need for that. I have plenty of friends already!"
>"Really? Who are they?"
>You can't say Cookies is your friend, that might make the Warden suspicious
"None of my friends are in prison."
>"Don't you get lonely here alone? And why don't your friends ever visit you?"
"Because...they are very busy with their lives"
>"You really should make friends here. Join in one of the activities going on right now! Just because your block is doing Show and tell doesn't mean you have to. You can join one of the other groups. There are groups knitting, doing book club, and I hear there's even a group playing with a ball in the yard. I hear the game is pretty intense"
>If this goes on much longer, Cookies might get caught trying to sneak to your room!

>You had to get the Warden away from your room by any means necessary
"I'll try joining the book club for a while I guess.."
>"Lovely! I'm sure they'll be happy to let you join"
"Just let me get my shirt"
>you shut your door and quickly put your shirt back on
"gotta let Cookies know why I'm not here"
>You grab a pencil and paper to leave a note
>She'd probably be so worried otherwise
>You leave the note on your bed and open the door to once again see the Warden
>Her eyes light up as she starts leading you down the hall towards the library
>Looking back towards your room, you spot a flash of movement at the far end of the hall
>Cookies n Cream!
>She is peering out from the bend in the hall

>If she were human, she'd be staring daggers at the back of the Warden's head
>She was doing the pony equivalent
>Staring slightly dehydrated dandelions
>You mouth an "I'm Sorry" to her and she bites her lower lip
>Human souls were not meant to handle this level of Hnngg
>Cookies disappears behind the wall as the Warden turns her head to face you
>And begins to sing, not noticing your discomfort
>About making friends
>That was another reason you liked Cookies
>She never sang for no reason
>And her singing voice was the perfect opposite of the Warden's singing voice
>As the Warden walked and Warbled, you wished she wouldn't have wasted your time

Be Cookies
>Having nothing else to do, you head to the guardhouse to think of creative and new curses
>and to take a shower
>a really cold one

Be Anon
>Be at the book club
>Time has stopped
>You could see a hummingbird's wings make delicate movements as it slowly flew past the window
>The inmates were /still/ discussing the latest chapter in their book
>All the character did was go to a florist's shop
>All the book club did was discuss the symbolic importance of the flower's colors
>/every/ flower
>In a florist's shop
>There's one flower you'd like to show these inmates
>Very pretty flower
>Flower that's a better singer than they are too
>that would be neat
>you sigh
>at least book club is only an hour and a half long
>only an hour and twenty seven minutes and thirty four second to go...
Be Cookies
>That itch felt like it was burrowing through your skull!
>And because the Warden had stolen Anon, you had lost your chance to get it scratched during your break
>You were stationed in the communication room, the heart of the PA system
"Today's lunch special will include artichokes and oranges from Manehattan with cheese and dairy from the Udder ranch. It will be...
>Oh you really /dislike/ whoever wrote this script
"...udderly delicious"
>That physically hurt
>Oh hey, this is an interesting announcement...
"Princess Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Ponyville and Leader of the Elements of Harmony has generously decided to offer a prize to the best behaved inmate by the end of the week. She will deliver the prize personally during lunch."
>She's the princess that sent Anon to prison, wasn't she?
>This prison
>That she's going to visit
>This could be bad...
>Nah, you are just worrying yourself over nothing
>What's the worst that could happen?
While Nope. was doing his magic, I wasn't just twiddling my thumbs.

I was twiddling my thumbs dangerously close to a keyboard!

Pastebin is updated with tonight's posts, and that's all for now. Promised my friend we would game before the night was over and I've been keeping him waiting too long already.

This will never not be funny.

Best twist yet.

Tsundere Umbright?
To be honest, kinda lost interest with the weird ass freak cast.
Yes. Yes, Cookies is undeniably adorable.
Slime is best pony.
Ok and what color for the mane/eyes ? And I will try to see if bedroom eyes is better or not
That was pure genius
It's always really cool to read your writing, you're doing god's work Mythd
Love this story keep up the amazing work!
File: jolly.png (215 KB, 1300x1091) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I-It's not like he wants Anon kouhai to notice him or anything!

But unique characters and plot related points are the best part of a story. Who likes the mundane anyways; other than dual avarice users?
Bump, we need more writefags+more green+more drawfag
By God, what a heartless monster. And I'm not just saying that because he lacks internal organs
Bump, don't let the thread die
Trust me anon, pony prison threads ain't dying anytime soon.
Her eyes should be mint green.
Ok and mane ?
Dark brown.
>Prison showed up in today's episode.
Rewrote this, because my brain fucked itself, obviously, while writing it:

I know it is kinda scummy, so sorry for asking, but if any drawfags want to draw Flizzy I would love that. I would do it, but my art is about as good as "1000+ hours in MS Paint" drawings if the artist had a stroke while drawing the pictures.

Just kinda want to get an artist representation out there. Feel free to say "fuck off", just a request to any drawfags in the thread that ain't got anything better to do.
Was it like the prison in these thread ? Because i haven't saw it
Thank you both, I hope you guys have as much fun reading the next bit as I had writing it
Be Anon
>You can feel your will to live draining from your body
>You couldn't feel your hands anymore
>"The description of the flower first flower of the top row of the bouquet on the top shelf of the western wall, closest to the door was simply divine"
>"I agree, I love the color yellow!"
>You were going to die in this library, surrounded by idiots discussing flowers
>"Please excuse the interruption, I have to use the little warden's room"
>The Warden was leaving?
>Now was your chance to escape!
>You watch her step out of the library towards the hallway restroom
>As soon as the other inmates put their noses back into their books, you carefully slid from your chair
>Staying low so that their books blocked their fields of vision from you, you inch your way under your chair and away from the group
>risking a glance back, you notice one of the inmate's isn't looking at his book,
>He's staring at where you were sitting with a perplexed expression on his face
>He takes a deep breath, no doubt to alert the Warden of your escape attempt!
>He was only sneezing
>All the other inmates comment on the power of his sneeze and he just blushes and giggles
>As everyone returns their noses to their books, he really does notice you aren't sitting across from him anymore.
>You hold perfectly still
>He glances around the Library until he sees you
>On the floor
>Near the door
>He just raises an eyebrow and slowly turns back to his book and the discussion
>You'd have to remember to properly thank him for not ratting you out
>But that would be taken care of in the future
>For right now, escape!
>You've made it to the door!
>*sink sounds*
>The Warden is about to leave the bathroom!
>The one you have to get past to complete your escape
>MommaNON did NOT raise no quitter!
>You retreat back to the library, planning the next phase of your great escape
Be The Warden
>You still have no idea why your parents named you that
>What you do know is that you /really/ needed the restroom
>You felt so much better!
>You had been holding that in for a long time
>You didn't want to miss a single second of book club
>You loved discussing flower colors!
>You leave the restroom feeling refreshed and hurry back to the book club
>You were so proud of yourself for getting Anon out of his cell
>He had spent the entire book club looking outside, deep in thought
>Flower colors are serious business
>You were glad he was taking it all so seriously!
>Before you take your seat, you notice something wrong
>There is an empty chair next to yours
>Anon disappeared
>Poor dear must be shy, and couldn't stay with the group without you!
>You had to find him so that he knew it was ok to rejoin the group!
>You didn't hear anypony pass the bathroom, so he must still be in the library somewhere
>Time to find that silly 'human' and bring him back to the group
>You put your nose to the ground and begin to sniff for him
>Found his trail!
>Only a matter of time, now!
>Let the search begin!
That was just a jail cell, not prison. Or at least, that I what I think.
Be Anon
>You had managed to find a fog machine in the back of the library
>Perfect to obstruct the Warden's vision
>But that wouldn't help much
>You knew about ponies' powerful sense of smell
>Especially the Warden's nose
>You had taken the last minute to prepare
>You had speed in two circles, forming a figure eight shape between the shelves
>after completing the circuit, you had retreated farther into the depths of the library
>You watch the Warden sniff for your trail...
>There! She found it
>She keeps her head down and follows your trail until she gets to your diverged paths
>Please take the bait!
>Damn! No dice, she followed the real trail...
>...the real trail that lead straight to you!
>You have to lose her somehow
>You creep from your hiding place and begin a high-stakes game of hide-and-seek
>Luckily the same inmates who had left the fog machine behind must have had a party
>that they didn't clean up afterwards
>There was all sorts of stuff to help you escape, just lying in the aisles
>Someone was probably going to lose dessert privileges over the mess
>Hopefully they don't miss too much dessert
>Their laziness has given you the keys to escaping this club meeting
>You snatch up a soccer ball and roll it down an aisle...
>This time she took the bait!
>You hadn't stuck around, making your way to a record player
>Some inmates read better if music was playing
>You turn it on and skedaddle behind a bookcase
>The warden rushes towards the back of the library, where the record player sits
>You have almost completely outmaneuvered her!
>The music stops
>She must have turned it off
>"Come out Anon, it's ok, I'm here again! Let's just go back to the group so we can talk about flowers some more!"
>You'll never take me alive!
>Darn, she is heading back towards the door
>There must still be some way to get past her!
>...Oh, that might work!
>Yea, this would be great
>You saw it in a cartoon once so it had to be a good idea
>You sneak behind the Warden, just a few steps behind as she moves back towards the door
>Her head perks up
>She's about to look back!
>You dive behind a shelf
>She sniffs the air...
>...and keeps going towards the door
>close call, the fog saved you
>You creep out behind her again, carefully only stepping when she does
>You've almost made it to the door now, if you can just distract her...
>The door is to your left, so you carefully extend an arm and tap her right shoulder
>You jerk your arm back and do your best to stick to the wall to avoid detection
>No good, she's seen this trick before!
>She looks straight at you!
>"Huh, weird, he must have gone to the back of the library again..."
>She completes the turn and moves deeper into the library
>How did she not see you?!
>You let out a deep breath of relief and turn to the wall
>What could have camofl...
>The art club aparently decided you were the perfect muse
>'The Wall of Anons'
>Thank you based pone drawfags
>Some of those paintings looked alive
>Their eyes...your eyes... seemed to follow you
>You shake your head, no time to admire the perfection that is yourself!
>You dash out the door and back towards your cell
>It was the first place the Warden would look for you
>You knew that
>She knew that you knew that
>She'd never suspect you'd be so stupid as to hide in your own room!
>Making it the perfect hiding place

Be The Warden
>Be upset
>Anon is missing all the pretty flower talk!
>and so are you!
>He'll come out when he's comfortable, and rejoin on his own soon
>you just don't want to miss anymore discussion!
>You had to know what everypony thought of the fifth flower in the third row of the bouquet in the EXACT center of the western wall of the florist's shop!
File: Smile smile smile.gif (1 MB, 320x388) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Smile smile smile.gif
1 MB, 320x388
>that music
That's all I got for right now, pastebin updated as well
daily reminder that steve martin can never be forgiven for selling out and making those pink panther remakes.
I dunno. I liked that Pink Panther movie. It reminded me of Ace Ventura.

Or maybe that is just nostalgia speaking, as I haven't seen it ever since I was a kid.
Have you Watched the Peter Sellers movies?
I dunno. I just remember this shit was the most quoted thing between my friends and me for weeks when I was younger:
File: PD.png (133 KB, 745x1053) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck, this theme made me feel so much ... I remember the time when i was little and watching this, and laughing my ass off
seriously this was awesome
Anyway, Fucking awesome as usual mythd

btw, here is the finished pic, i hope it's good
File: PD.png (132 KB, 745x1053) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wrong one sorry
Are there anymore Drawfags around here? She needs a cutie mark.
So much better.
That theme has powerful feels for me too
Back in high school I was a theatre kid, one of the shows we did was Pink Panther.
I was Dreyfus
It was so much fun being absolutely batshit on stage

Your work turned out really well, good choice going with green eyes
Swiggity swuddles, I'm coming for dem cuddles.
Well i can try drawing one if needed, but I'll need to know perfectly what you guy want, because i don't want to redraw it 10x times like i did with cookie
Considering Applebloom 'had' that pest control cutie mark with an apple, I'd suggest a mix of pastry and law enforcement

Sheriff star colored like a chocolate chip cookie

Handcuffs with cookies inside

Churro nightstick

Something like those is my vote
Well she can actually have a cutie mark which isn't related to her name ... Look at octavia, her cutie mark isn't a fucking car
Wtf. This is all familiar. I remember this all from like, a month ago. Wtf.
Not sure about the bangs and how the lip bite looks, but overall quite good.
excellent bait good sir, i raged.
Thanks anon, i've spent thousands of years into my cave trying to come up with the perfect bait. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.
A month? The first pony prison thread was made five days ago

There were prison threads before, but they were more of a serious nature, usually involving rape.
I know, that's the weird thing. I was just reading about Octavia and having a car cutie mark. And that remark about applebloom. And suddenly I remembered reading about that so long ago! Before season 5 even started! Like a dream or something. Its feels so weird.
MJ Slime
ayy lmaooo
More greentext before i go to sleep mythd/nope ? Please ?
You still awake? I do have the next section written, but was planning on posting it as soon as I woke up. Give myself another chance to look it over before posting it. But I'd be willing to post now if interest was high enough
i'm awake.
Alright Anon, I'll start the posting in a few seconds here

Just for you
Be Anon
>No need to keep that note you wrote earlier, since Cookies saw you leave with the Warden
>'Dear Cookies, I've been abducted by a tone-deaf monster and taken to its lair in the library. If I don't survive, I dedicate my remains to science'
>You rip up the note and toss its pieces in the trash
>Nothing to do for now except stay hidden for a while
>You suddenly hear Cookies' voice
>"Today's lunch special will include..."
>Oh, she's just reading the announcements
>dang, for a second there you had thought she had snuck back into your room
>no snuggles for you this time
>you give a forlorn glance at the nest you had lovingly crafted on your bed
>was it doomed to remain unused for cuddles?
>"... with cheese and dairy from the Udder ranch. It will be... udderly delicious"
>you could /sense/ her scrunching in distaste of that pun
>like adorable mortar fire
>You check your clock
>fifty minutes had passed since you were kidnapped and forced to endure book club
>another forty until it ended and you were 'safe'
>wait, did Cookies just say that cryptozoologist wannabe princess was coming to visit the prison?
>That will be...neat
>What's the worst that could happen?
>With nothing else to do to kill the time, you decided to finish off that history book you rented earlier

Be Cookies
>Be done with announcements
>Be assigned your least favorite job
>Patrolling the outside of the prison
>Couldn't let anyone sneak close enough to the prison to tease the inmates
>Just because they were criminals didn't mean they had no feelings
>Celestia, why did you make today so hot and bright?
>You pull down the rim of your cap to help block the sun from your eyes
>The hat actually helped muffle the itching a little
>Not nearly enough though
>Patrolling around like this always made your hooves hurt and your head ache
>That itch wasn't helping any either
>Nothing to do now but grin and bear it...
>You tug down the cap again and continue your rounds
File: 45293-4.jpg (22 KB, 600x498) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Writefag here, same one that posted a few short stories about anon and his henchponies "Rocksteady" and "Bebop". Anyone interested in more?

Be The Warden
>Book club had ended several minutes ago.
>Anon had never rejoined the group, and you were worried for him
>It wasn't healthy to avoid being around others like this
>You decided to check his room to see if he's feeling alright
>You step up to his door and knock
>"Hello? Who's there?"
"It's me, The Warden."
"Can I come in Anon? I'm worried about you"
>"I'm fine!"
"Since you didn't make any friends at the book club, lets join the knitting club for a while! I'm sure you'll meet somepony you like there!"
>"I said I'm not here! Goodbye!"
"Anon, I know you're in there. I'm coming in, ok?"
>You hear frantic sounds from inside the room
>you open the door to find his bathroom door ajar and the main room empty
>You walk into his bathroom to find the shower curtains pulled closed
>Poor dear is so shy, he's hiding in the shower!
"Its ok Anon, everypony will be happy to see you and will treat you nicely"
>you pull back the curtain to find the stall empty
>As you do, you hear familiar frantic sounds from the main room
>You look out his door in time to see him sprinting out the front door of his cell
>He must have hidden himself under the bed!
>You would not let him get away
>You could not let him get away
>You were not going to let this ape escape again!
>You gallop after him, reaching the hall just in time to see him disappear around the near corner
>It was no use, you knew this prison like the back of your hoof
>It was only a matter of time until you caught him!

>some time later
>How could Anon have this much stamina?!
> Every time you got ahead of him, he'd just turn around and sprint the other way
>all paths lead back to the heart of the prison, the Mess
>you could set your trap there
>You rush to the mess hall to prepare

Be Anon
>Be winning
I am

>Also be out of breath
>Curse that tricksy pony!
>Every time you thought you had escaped, there she was again!
>Not your fault these equines have no respect for people who are antisocial!
>You were not going to experience the horror of another prison club
>You can't hear The Warden following you, so you take the chance to catch your breath
>As soon as you and your lungs are back on speaking terms, you start walking down the hall again
>did you actually lose her this time?
>As you came to an intersection, you decide to take the risk and return to your room
>As you turn towards your block, you notice something in the mess...
>someone had left a perfectly good pudding cup alone and defenseless on one of the tables
>Your spontaneous mid-afternoon fleeing session did burn a lot of energy, and pudding sounds /amazing/ right now...
>It could be a trap
>one thousand to one that its a trap
"never tell me the odds"
>Time to get your pudding on
>You do your best to nonchalantly stroll towards the treat
>A single drop of sweat rolls down the side of your face
>Every fiber of your being was on alert
>With a few nervous glances around, you deem the treat safe and move in to secure the kill
>You cry out as a net falls down on top of you, pulling you to the ground and away from your prize
>Soft laughter fills the mess and you turn to face the source
>"Yes Anonymous. That was quite the workout you gave me! Have you considered joining our track and field clubs? You'd be amazing!"
>What? Regular physical effort?!
>"Now Anon, don't be like that. You really are too shy. You and I are going to sample clubs for the rest of the day together until you find at least one friend. First up is that knitting club I mentioned!"
>This is it, this is how you die

>not with a bang, but with a crochet needle
>There must be a way out of this!
>THERE! Someone was watching from the hall...
>It was the same pony that didn't rat you out earlier!
>This would be a long shot, but it was your last hope
"He's my friend!"
>"He is?"
>"I am?!"
>The Warden turns to look at the stallion in question
>"Is it true that you are friends with Anon?"
"You betcha! We're great friends!"
>He looks back and forth from you to the Warden
>"No we're not"
>The Warden looks back to you with a frown
"...He's just kidding! He has such a sense of humor!"
>The Warden looks back at him
"In fact, we are such great friends that I was going to share my dessert with him"
>You give him an over exaggerated wink to make sure he gets the idea
>His brow furrows in confusion
'Come on, understand what I'm really saying!' you think to yourself
>His eyes light up as understanding dawns
>"Eeyup, me and...."
>"Yeah him, we are swell palls"
"What he said, we are the best of friends. Me and...uh...this guy, practically inseparable"
>You both shoot The Warden big false grins
>"...I guess, if you both say so. I'm proud of you Anonymous! Way to come out of your shell and make a friend!
>If you weren't in a net, you hug the glorious bastard!
>no homo

That's all I got, had a surge of inspiration when I thought of the "Ape Escape" reference.
Thank you for the delicious green, sir writefriend.
My pleasure, this whole writefagging thing is new to me, and it is folks like you who give me the drive to continue.

Though I may have gone a little overboard with all the links this time around
It's all good, a bit of scene-setting music isn't a bad thing. If it helps you to keep the writing flowing, then by all means.
>That's all I got, had a surge of inspiration when I thought of the "Ape Escape" reference.
I love that game.
File: 2993914_orig.jpg (11 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
11 KB, 480x360


Namefagging this now

>Another week and not much has occurred besides a few pranks.
>need to keep things lively around the "corral"
>Bebop and Rocksteady continue to work with you
>Though after the last stunt you pulled you and the henchponies had to spend Forty-five minutes in the "Time-out corner" and write letters of apology to the janitorial staff.
>it was during lunch that Bebop brought you some interesting news
>"Boss boss!" The stallion ran up to excitedly. "A new group a inmates has arrived!"
>You give the pony a bored glance.
>Rocksteady's ears perk up as he glances up from the pudding cup he was muzzle deep in.
>"And why, dear Bebop, does that concern me in the slightest?"
> Before he can answer his counter-part does.
>"Cause one of dem is supposed to be worse den you! I heard some of ta other inmates talkin' bout him"
>You pause. A pony worse than you? The idea was laughable but it did manage to spark your curiosity.
>"Oh?" you begin "What did this 'terrible' pony do, exactly?"
>I don't know boss but he's been sentenced tah SIX MONTHS in dah corral!" Bebop chimes in
>You whistle, for a pony that is almost an eternity.
>You and the Henchponies only had two months, at the moment.
>Before you can continue the doors on the cafeteria open and the new are 'escorted' in.
>if being given a guided tour complete with cookies and juice-boxes could count for such a thing.
>Thinking on your feet you order Bebop and Rocksteady to find this 'hard-timer' and bring him to you. If for no other reason it should be good for a chuckle.
>After ten minutes of searching and introducing themselves to absolutely every new inmate they stop to question they find him.
>The wait was not worth it.
First game I ever beat. Game of my childhood
Thanks for the advice, doubt I'll pepper as much in again though.

I spent way too long listening to the sound track trying to pick the right songs to fit the mood

>Standing before you is a very small stallion. If you didn't know better you'd have mistaken him for a colt.
>Or better yet a filly given that his coat is a eye-searing pink with a white mane. His eyes are a solid blue.
>The tiny horn on his head marks him as a unicorn
>Putting on a patronizing smile you introduce yourself. The response you get is not what you would have expcted
>"So these two blockheads work for you?" the small stallion's voice is rather shrill and you wonder briefly if your ears are bleeding.
>A quick inspection proves they are not.
>Bebop and Rocksteady look at each other and then you with hurt expression. Like children who've just been insulted and expecting their father to defend them.
>With a repressed sigh you answer.
>"These two are my, associates, yes." You say carefully. You'd never a met a pony that was anything but polite and friendly
>Even Bebop and Rocksteady for their faults where still nice.
>It was funny watching them ask the ponies they protected for their payment with a well-mannered smile.
>"And what Pray-tell is your name, my pint-sized friend?" You can feel the patronizing begin to waver on your face and give way to confusion.
>Puffing his little chest out, an action that would have been adorable if his face was not set in a scowl he introduces himself.
>"I am Hi-IQ and I now run this place!."
File: Shredder chin rub.gif (237 KB, 400x285) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Shredder chin rub.gif
237 KB, 400x285
>After a few minutes of laughing, all the while Hi-IQ growing more and more irate you finally answer.
>"Do you know? How exactly are you going to bring all these big ponies to heel?" letting out a few chuckles you continue. "Keep tripping them until they all obey?"
>Bebop and Rocksteady join in your chuckling
>"Ya maybe he'll just stomp dere hooves.Boss " Bebop says
>"I'm surprised dey put a wittle bitty colt in the grown-up jail." Rocksteady adds.
>Before any of you can say anything else Hi-IQ acts.
>he kicks all three of you in the shins faster than you could follow.
>While the blow does little to you it does send your henchponies to the ground crying out about "boo-boos" and the "mean little colt"
>The guards quickly run over and take stock of the situation. Bebop and Rocksteady are taken to the infirmy to get their owies kissed better while Hi-IQ is taken to solitary.
>As you eat your pudding cup in silence you mull over the short meeting.
>Rubbing your chin with a hand you smile as a decision is reached.
>You like this little pony.
I had forgotten about that video game until now, thank you based writefag
I like where this is going!

It is possible to get a ROM of it now. I'd never do anything illegal, but if I hypothetically had it on my computer then I probably would have been playing it earlier today.

The T-Rex scared the shit out of me as a little kid
>I'd never do anything illegal
just saying, there is a COOL site out there where most ROMs are available
Damn, that was so subtle it took two readings.
That place is pretty COOL with the ROMs it has but somtimes you need to look for a EMUlation PARADISE.
Where's Jubilee?
wut i wasn't awake it was 4:30 am
Anyway thanks for posting it Mythd, i love you
clearly you were awake, its the same username and everything.
these songs are actually quite awesome, thank you mythd
Since when anon is stupid enough to get caught by this kind of trap ?
Oh, it's been a loooong time we haven't seen you
>i'd never do anything illegal
dude are you for real
I approve of these shenanigans

The feeling is mutual, Anon

I spent a good thirty minutes at least picking them out, I'm glad you liked it

The Warden would have just kept trying to abduct him. My thinking when I wrote it was that Anon was tired and needed a pick-me-up. That and he's Anon so he is overconfident at the worst times.

And would you have expected a net to drop from the heavens as you went for a snack?

The proper response to
>I'd never do anything illegal
is >>22894656
Still waiting for green, is nope or mythd here ?
Writing right now, actually. I Have about 7k characters that I'm sitting on.
Wow, good, keep up the good work
If you need some inspiration, check out his channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJi6adPtAd60Wc47uaAUKlA
Alright, I'm at 9k characters without counting spaces. 10.8k with spaces. You all want me to post everything now or leave some to post later on?

I've actually been listening to Goldfish while writting
Well, i don't mind actually, post it right now or later would be fine for me , even if i prefer to read it right now
I'll post some now, save the rest for later. That way I can keep putting out green without getting burned out

Still Be Anon
>The Warden had left a few minutes ago, probably to bother some other poor bastard
>She had taken the pudding with her 'Don't want to spoil anyponies appetite' she said
>Leaving you alone with your new 'best friend'
>Might as well get acquainted
"Thanks, she would've never left me alone if it wasn't for you"
>"No problem man... say, you really gonna give me your dessert?"
"Yea, it's the least I can do for the rescue"
"so... I never caught your name"
>Well then
>Man of few words
>er...stallion of few words
"so... what is it?"
>"Sleepy Feathers"
"Huh, not a very intimidating name"
"So what did you do before you ended up here?
>"Made pillows"
>That would explain the feather on a pillow cutie mark
"...What did you do to end up here?"
>"obstructing traffic"
"obstructing traffic?"
>"Slept in the road"
>well that was a bust
"well, I'll see ya around Sleepy"
>It was impossible to read this guy
>Sleepy Feathers turns and slowly meanders out the western door, giving a loud yawn as he disappears from view
>That yawn was infectious
> As you stifle your own yawn, you consider your options:
>Read a book?
>You've had enough reading activities with that book club
>You're already pretty tuckered out from running from The Warden
>You check yourself for odor
>Not terrible... but the sweat would only make you more ripe if you let it
>Alright, item one on the agenda is a shower
>But after?
>You yawn again
>you normally didn't like taking midday naps but...
>it would be a good time killer until dinner, and you were tired
>Its settled, shower first then naptime
>You set off towards your room with a purpose
>"When I went to the little Warden's room..."
>she giggled. ugh.
>"...he disappeared! I refused to let him hide and not make friends"
>Oh poor Anon...
>"I spent the next two hours looking for him! Finally caught him using a brilliant strategy!"
>She probably just left pudding out
>"I set up a trap and baited him out with pudding!"
>nailed it
>"And wouldn't ya know it, my plan to help Anon make a friend WORKED!"
>You doubt it
>"I believe it's only a matter of time before he is happy and comfortable here! All thanks to me!"
>The Warden is partially correct. Anon /will/ be comfortable here
>But it will be because of you, not The Warden.
"That's very good Ma'am Warden. Is there anything else?"
>Please say no and go
>"There is one other thing..."
>You must have been such a meanie in a past life to deserve this
>"... could you check in on him later? I think he's less shy around you"
>Being paid to spend time with your coltfriend? In the middle of the day?
"Sure, I guess I could swing around to his cell a little early"
>Oh wait... you are stationed out here until dinner...
>No, you'd do anything to avoid walking in big circles around the prison all afternoon
>and if you don't get scratchies soon, your head will implode from that Tartarus-bound itch!
"Ma'am, I'm stationed out here until dinner. Could you get somepony to cover for me so I can check in on Anon?"
>"Sorry dearie, Night Watch has the day off and Criminal Justice called in sick. I hope the poor Stallion is alright..."
>"Though I suppose... today has been quiet..."
>She gives you a big grin
>"... and I know how much you dislike patrolling around the prison..."
>No, she doesn't
>"... So I'll personally cover the patrol today. As a personal favor to you!"
"Thank you Ma'am, I really appreciate this!"
>"Of course dear, now go make sure Anon is feeling comfortable "
"I will!"
>Yea you will
>'comfortable' is what you've nicknamed your tummy
>Anon will most certainly be /feeling/ 'comfortable'
>You hurry back to the main gate, trying not to look too eager
>Time to FINALLY get this itch scratched!
Be The Warden
>Be several minutes later
>You now remember why you don't do patrols
>patrols are boring
>and hot
>and boring
>and lonely
>and did you mention boring?
>Your hooves hurt
>the sun was in your eyes
>Celestia, why did you make it so hot and bright today?!
That's all for now
I can't bear such cuteness.
>Day role reversal in equestria
>You are Anon, the worst criminal in Equestrian history
>You were put in this jail for cuddling the princesses without their consent
>And their guards
>And the judge, jury, your defence lawyer, and court-ordered therapist
>It's only now that you figured out they don't like it
>Ponies are not all that good at communication
>But now you're in their jail, and it's boring you
>So you decided to redecorate a bit
>You've taken the sign on the front of the place and put it facing inwards
>Heh, now those ponies are in YOUR jail

>It is two days later
>The jail is litterally overflowing with ponies
>Once the ponies found your sign they started forcing the others to "Get out of the jail"
>The guards stopped patrolling the "new jail" once ponies started pouring out the top of the jailhouse
>Now they're just frantically trying to put the ones that come out back in
>Only prinsoners allowed in the jail
>You ended up having to walk off, since they made you go out of the jailhouse thinking it wasn't really the jail
>There was a big sign saying otherwise, after all
>So now you have a the nearby city to yourself
>it's getting a bit dull here though...
>durnk anun
>story makes no sense for me, didn't understood anything
Eh, i guess your really are drunk
Sorry anon, I'm a bit tapped for inspiration. I'll try to do something today depending on how much free time I have. No matter how far I end up going with this, I promise that I won't stop writing without giving warning first.
>Anon is jailed over a misunderstanding
>Anon gets bored
>Fucks with the signs around the jail
>Ponies read them, now think that the jail is on the outside of the fence
>Outside ponies are not allowed to just come in whenever, so they put them inside the jail fence

>Basically the guards are treating inside and outside of the jail as reversed
This is actually quite funny to me. Props, anun.
Oh ok i understand now
btw just checking
bump for Cookies n Creme
File: Cooking up a story.png (239 KB, 900x790) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cooking up a story.png
239 KB, 900x790

Cooking up another batch of green text for you anons.
Thanks, based writefag
File: Cookies N' Cream.png (704 KB, 538x673) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cookies N' Cream.png
704 KB, 538x673
Alright inmates, I finally have the finished work. And whoever colored in my girl jumped the gun. YOU'RE PREMATURE! HAHAHAHA! Anyway here she is, in all her glory.

Now, don't make decisions on your own, I have priority if you want anymore Cookies from me.
dat smile tho
Wut ?
I'm the one who colored your first drawing, but i don't understand what you were trying to say

Anyway, if you didn't wanted me to colore it, i'm sorry for taking the initiative to colore my waifu while you weren't there for 3 days long
I'd boop it.
File: image.jpg (86 KB, 508x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 508x720
File: Activate the dick.png (47 KB, 544x386) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Activate the dick.png
47 KB, 544x386
>3 Days
LIFE. Live it.

And... well. I'm not saying this to be mean, but... It hurts my eyes, looking at how you colored it. Just saying... yeah.
File: 1365635802782.png (116 KB, 401x504) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 401x504
something about her mouth looks strange

like its too big or something
i agree. never go full saturation.

also tan coat and brown mane is pleb central. and then going to white and black was even worse. that almost black blue you used for her shirt/hat wasn't great either. go with a nice light blue next time. remember these are colorful mini horses not brown boring horses and stay away from that edgy full saturated shit. theres enough of that with all the shitty sonic oc's out there.
Well then colore one to show me you supreme faggot.
I was doing my best to satisfy all of the lurkers here, so, yeah i'm sorry for using your picture while you weren't there, but i wanted to make things for my waifu, even if "this hurt your eyes". We all aren't as good as you, but we all wanna help, even if we are making shit.
Dude for the fucking color i was following what everyfuckingone in these thread told me
just look how much people told me "tan coat+brown mare !!!!!" then "nah it sucks white and black plzzzzzzz" then "nah do this for coat plzzzz"
I was just doing what everyone told me to do.
>listening to the ignorant pleb masses that cannot into color theory

ya, don't do that.
Fine I will, gonna take a little while. Also you are the faggot for getting mad. Cause you mad brah.
Yeah that's what i was wondering, she looks like a lion. the mouth looks like >:3 but on the other side
Maybe remove the line on the left ?
File: IsThisBetter.png (815 KB, 564x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
815 KB, 564x666
Both of you are fucking children for reacting as poorly as you did.

There wasn't a need to instigate because you didn't like the way CnC was colored, you were gone 3 days after all. Do it yourself and show him up instead. Also, "it hurts my eyes" is shitty criticism.

Don't go full damage control because he gave criticism. Oversaturation is a legitimate problem. Just accept the advice (admittedly he could've been less vague but eh) and move on.
I think he was talking about how far around the right side of the nose curves but I'm not a drawfag so take that for what you will.
considerably better
I may be acting poorly, but in the end the result will absolve me of all my sins. So pppppppttt!
File: Cookies N' Cream.png (122 KB, 538x673) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cookies N' Cream.png
122 KB, 538x673
I like it!
but do you think you could make the face more like >>22901561 ?
Then it'd be perfect.
amazing... I luv her even more now...
It's not hard, just do it yourself.
Nailed it
Damn, it looks great.

But, is it just me, or does the skin color make her look a wee bit sickly?
Its only cause your comparing it to the other skin color which is really bright.
That's probably it.
Yeah, this.

That lines gotta go.
File: Cookies N' Cream.png (122 KB, 538x673) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cookies N' Cream.png
122 KB, 538x673
Right, I forgot what that's supposed to be in there. Look at it now.

I was just wanting to color it in the first time, that should make it look like it was supposed too.
I can see what you were going for originally now and I like it! The line was just too thick in the original and in the other colored one. Love the little sheen on the edge too!
File: Edit1.png (132 KB, 538x673) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 538x673
Here you go.
Much better
>3/4 nose on a 7/8ths face

No bueno.
What if a pony goes to a human prison because of filing error?
>The only human is Anon.

Anon would be holding a pone in captivity by order of the Equestrian Penal System?
Through extreme friendship, it ends up becoming like pony prisons within two weeks. Wardens report incredibly low rates of internal crime and even death row inmates are rehabilitated more efficiently than months of therapy could do.
I'd read that green
Due to a clerical error, Anon's house is now registered with the Equestrian Penal System as a jail with him as the de-facto warden.
He's shocked and appalled by the conditions, and writes a letter to Celestia about the horrific human prisons.
The punchline? The prison is in Norway.
File: 1375245923959.jpg (36 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 450x450
Welcome back Mythd, any more green from you today?
File: image.jpg (40 KB, 395x495) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 395x495
based drawfig delivers
Only if there is some serious demand. I've already spent three hours writing today, and I don't want to burn out.

I'm sitting on little over a thousand words of green, figured I'd post it tomorrow.
No worries, last thing we want are ded writefags.
As the jail must be kept operated entirely by human staff, Anon is forced too watch his inmate('s) at all times. ALL TIMES. Anon is also obligated to reeducate his inmates to fit back into society.
Dontcha mean Avelyn?
I was imaging a guy with two symbols of avarice in both hands, trying to munch you with them.
Yes I did. Shut up! I play so many games, I get the names confused (Avarice Blade from LoL compared to the Avelyn from DS II).

Just kidding, though. Thanks for correcting me.
File: This.gif (984 KB, 450x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
984 KB, 450x250
I´m gonna buy a ps4 to play bloodborne soon, so I´ve been playing Demon´s and dark 1 to "prepare".
I'm now doing the ENB challenge for Dark souls, it's fucking tough but really rewarding.
Thanks for understanding, I have a good chunk of green on the way tomorrow. Decided that I had a little juice left in me after all and got a little more written.
I wanted Bloodborne so badly, UNTIL I saw it was only for PS4. I have not have a console since Xbox 360's last version (the slim black version). I wish they didn't do an exclusive, because I don't plan to spend a ridiculous amount on a console just for a single game.
Well, there are some cool upcoming games for the ps4, so it´s also just a thing for the future for me.
And I really like the souls games.

But does that mean you haven´t played demon´s either?
Because you've missed an amazing experience if that's the case.
Honestly, thanks to my Xbox 360 dying for about the 10th time in a row, I never even got to fully finish Dark Souls 1. I have only finished Dark Souls 2 (MANY MANY TIMES). I wanna get back to Dark Souls 1, but buying it again for Steam is not preferable, mostly because I want to play a game that other still play (to get some JOLLY COOPERATION going), because my mastery of the controls from Dark Souls 2 will likely transition very poorly back to Dark Souls 1 (along with my battle strategies), and most importantly of all because I am a super poor College student who is currently only afloat thanks to student loans.
Sorry for not writing anything in the last few days, I am currently away from home and have spent the last few days working out in the fields.
It may just be a timed exclusive for x-number of months.

Then again, Demon's Souls was a straight exclusive iirc.
demon souls and bloodborne are both straight exclusives because sony paid for their development. It's sony's IP, so the game simply wouldn't exist if not for the ps4.
Wow, the one game you finish is the worst one in the series.
Well, DS2 combat skills will translate to DS1 to some extent, but DS1 will be harder.
Enemies are also more interesting and more interestingly placed.

And dark souls 1 is still pretty active online, mostly because many people disliked 2 and just jumped back.

But if anything, dark souls 1 is worth it to play it just for the atmosphere and that glorious moment when the lore clicks.
When you come into the last boss battle and you have an OK understanding of the lore by reading item descriptions and dialogue, you will be in awe.

Demon's souls has the best atmosphere and level design in the entire series (I haven't seen anything of bloodborne yet so excluding that) though, and that's definitely worth it.

But really, Dark Souls is like 5-10 bucks on steam during sales, that should be a no brainer, even if it's just for the single player.

I'd understand if you wouldn't want to buy a ps3 for demon's, but that game is a fucking masterpiece, really.

Bloodborne will never be not exclusive.
Sony owns the rights to demon's souls IP, and bloodborne is a part of that.
Hell, I think the reason Miyazaki made dark souls take place in a different universe was to create a new IP so that he could put it on different platforms.
But Sony is using Bloodborne as something to get people to buy PS4's, so there's pretty much 0% chance of it ever coming to different platforms.
My nigga
File: Carlos.png (272 KB, 560x560) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
272 KB, 560x560
Did you guys hear? A five foot tall psychic escaped from jail!

The cops are looking for a small medium at large
File: 1430237177646.jpg (83 KB, 790x638) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 790x638
File: 1429975886052.png (100 KB, 284x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100 KB, 284x312
I swear they search this shit
File: image.jpg (25 KB, 460x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 460x276
Nothing coming tonight, either. I compiled the previous stuff into a pastebin at least.


If anyone has suggestions on how to break it up, I'm all ears. It looks godawful as a wall of text.
Gamegrump teir bs
I seperate chunks of text by switching perspectives. Every time I change perspectives, new blank line before announcing who it is. You could do something similar with scene changes.

For example, extra line of space between lines 11&12, as well as 33&34
File: 4chan - Copy.png (235 KB, 407x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4chan - Copy.png
235 KB, 407x412
I actually laughed
Game Show Anon goes to pony prison - Super Mini Short

"Anon here with another episode of SUPER FUN PONY PRISON BANZAI BONANZA"
>Fluttershy, who voluntarily put herself in prison for accidentally killing an innocent bear by feeding him a food he was allergic to, gave the newest prisoner, Anonymous, a strange look
>"Who are you talking to, Anon?"
"Here are your contestants today playing for a shot at seeing Mayaka pantyshots I smuggled into prison inside my asshole!"
>The three ponies in jail for their own special reasons continue to stare at Anon, who is yelling at a concrete wall in the hallway
"First up is FLUTTERSHY! Strike a pose."
>Fluttershy yelps at her name being yelled so loud and hides behind her bangs
"Awww! Now isn't she just somepony you'd want to bukkake?"
>Rainbow Dash, who was in prison serving a short sentence after causing millions of bits of damage in a weather factory for her pet turtle, stares quizically at Anon
>"Bukka-what? Are you alright dude? You are acting nuttier than usual."
"Next up is RAINBOW DASH! Hey Dash, do you mind if we all come inside?"
>Rainbow shrugs her shoulders
>"Come inside where? What?"
"I'll be asking the questions here! And the answer is you and your butt!"
>Anon flips around and does a dramatic pose for the camera
>Rarity fluffs her mane and strikes a grand pose
>"I don't know what is going on, but I would never miss a chance to look fabulous in public."
>Rainbow Dash cries out at Rarity playing along
>"Oh puh-lease! Don't tell me you are going nuts too?!"
>Anon grabs Rarity's hoof and throws it up into the air, completely catching Rarity off guard making her lose her cool and collected composure
"So Rarity! How did you exactly end up in prison? Please do tell, the audience is DYING for all of the juicy details!"
>Rarity quickly rips her hoof out of Anon's grasp, brushes her self off with an audible "Hmf~!", and then goes back into a pose for the concrete wall
>"Well you see darlings, I had been wearing last year's fashion trends without even realizing it. I had been seen by an entire town in such unfabulous attire! I simply could not let this crime to the most basic of common fashion sense go unpunished, so I requested Celestia lock me up for a suitable amount of time."
>Anon zooms in on her face with his face
"Soooooooo, how long were you sentenced?"
>Rarity wipes a tear from her eye and replies while holding herself back from sobbing
>"W-Well I have been in here since this morning and I am not scheduled to get out until later on this evening."
>"I know! I can not believe some ponies can choose to live like this!"
>Rainbow Dash says in a very matter of fact tone
>"They don't get to choose. Or SOME OF US don't!"
>Anon goes back to yelling at the concrete wall
>Anon picks up a plunger from a janitor cart that was lying around
"SO! Now for our game today! Are you ready for it?!"
>Anon puts his hand up to his ear and goes silent
>All three of the ponies just sit there and wait for Anon to unpause
>Anon starts yelling
>Anon quickly twists towards Fluttershy, who recoils in fear of the unnatural movement directed towards her
>Fluttershy hides her face and backs up against the wall
"Are you excited for today's challenge?"
>Fluttershy just sits silently trembling
"Well today, your duty is to take this plunger, go into the men's shower, and attempt to shove it up a prisoner's butt without them noticing! The rules are simple, no shoving the plunger up your own butt, no disguising yourself as a male, and no telling the men your objective. You ready?"
>Fluttershy shakes her head
File: 1409675720611.jpg (31 KB, 260x355) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 260x355
There, should be a little better.

Quality keks are being had.

It looks good
>Anon grabs Fluttershy, puts the plunger in her hoof, and pushes her towards the bathroom
>He then jumps into a laundry bin, disguising himself under the clothes, and holds up a brick to his eye
"The challenge has started. Just remember, the whole world is watching."
>"T-The whole world?!"
>Fluttershy nearly faints at the thought of all of Equestria watching her
>"Calm down Fluttershy, nobody is watching. Anon is just being stupid."
>Anon just keeps watching through the brick
"How intelligent, it seems that the contestants have already learned that they can help each other through these challenges. Though they better watch out how much they help one another, only one can win the prize."
>Rarity hugs Fluttershy and says to her
>"It is alright Fluttershy, we don't care about any prizes. We will help you win."
>Fluttershy cries softly
>"But I don't want the prize..."
>Rainbow Dash comes to a sudden realization and says promptly
>"Wait! If this is a competition for a prize with only one winner, that means if Fluttershy wins, I lose!"
>Rainbow Dash flies off in a hurry towards Fluttershy's goal upon realizing this
>In the distance she yells
>"Sorry Fluttershy, but I can't let you win! I am too awesome to ever lose!"
"Well, it seems that our blue contestant has left to likely sabotage poor little Fluttershy, speeding off in a dash!"
>The Janitor, whose cart Anon borrowed and was sitting in the corner reading a magazine, keeps looking at his magazine but shows his disgust openly
>"Even Scruffy knows that was a bad joke."
>Anon gives him the evil eye for a second before going back to holding the brick to his eye, now directed at Fluttershy
>"The longer you wait, the longer contestant number 2 has to sabotage the area surrounding your goal. Better get on it as soon as you can!"
>Fluttershy looks around nervously for a second before she looks back over at Anon
>"Can I choose to give up?"
>Anon throws one of his spare bricks at Fluttershy's head
>Fluttershy writhes on the ground, holding her head where the brick hit
>Rarity helps her up and gives her a hug
>"Come Fluttershy, wouldn't want that brutish Rainbow Dash to win YOUR prize."
>Fluttershy walks while holding onto Rarity
>"I think my head is bleeding."
>Meanwhile Dash is off outside of the men's shower room talking to a group of mean looking stallions
>"Okay then, so we have our game plan then. You dudes take the plunger away and shove it up Fluttershy's butt. Then she will be disqualified and I will get my turn to win this challenge."
>One of the stallions raises his hand
>"But what if she doesn't have the plunger on her?"
>Dash just waves him off
>"Then find another one to shove up her butt, it doesn't really matter. So are we ready or are there any more stupid questions?"
>Another one of the stallions raises his hand
>"Well two things, why do you want to win a made up game and shouldn't you be helping Fluttershy as the element of loyalty?"
>Dash just whacks him upside the head
>"I was being sarcastic. Keep your dumb questions to yourself. Now find a place to hide, Fluttershy is likely not too far away by now."
>"I really don't want to do this. Please just let me go back to my cell."
>Anon just continues to silently follow her, scooting his clothes cart behind her using a hole he made in the bottom for one of his legs
>Rarity just pats her on the shoulder
>"Oh Anon is just trying to be a good friend and share some of his culture with us. The least we can do is humor him. What is the worst that could happen?"
>As the three approach the men's shower room, Anon starts whispering again
"And it seems that our first contestant has successfully located the shower room without a problem. The hard part will be getting inside without being caught."
>Fluttershy just sits there, not wanting to enter a room with a bunch of stallions washing up
This was me... turned Anonymous to post in another thread

I love the idea of Anon as an announcer for his own mad mind games.
>Rarity notices Fluttershy's hesitation to enter and reassures her
>"Don't worry darling. I always keep an extra one of these handy in case I want to trick a gay stallion into coming home with me."
>Rarity pulls out a fake mustache and puts it on Fluttershy
>"See! Now nopony will know."
>Fluttershy just sighs and starts slowing walking towards the shower room
>Rarity grabs a pair of shorts from the clothes bin Anon was hiding in and puts it on Fluttershy
>"There we go! That was close. With your... *ahem*... "delicate area" on display, they would have found out in an instant."
>Fluttershy immediately sits down and starts trembling again, as she almost got caught before even starting
>Rarity puts on a fake mustache of her own and starts pushing Fluttershy into the shower room
>"Come darling! Destiny awaits!"
>Upon entering, there are several stallions waiting at the door
>"So when is this FlusterShy coming? Dash didn't give us any exact details of her time."
>Another stallion responds
>"Well she gave us a description. Pink hair, yellow fur, a butterfly cutie mark, likely holding a plunger and traveling with another mare with purple hair, diamonds for a cutie mark, and white fur."
>The first stallion points at Fluttershy and Rarity
>"You mean kinda like them?"
>The second stallion analyzes the two ponies for a second, who are still moving slowly towards the shower area, before smacking the first stallion upside the head
>"No! Of course not like them! Those are stallions, can't you tell by their mustaches?! Also, they have shorts, not exposed cutie marks! Are you stupid?"
>He then points towards Anon, still slowly following the two
>"And I think Dash would have mentioned a giant sentient clothes cart following them!"
>The first stallion just hangs his head in shame
>"I'm sorry Frankfurt, I guess I was being pretty dumb."
>sentient clothes cart
This is my new favorite inmate.

Has been arrested on multiple occasions for stealing dirty laundry. Mainly lacy mare things.
>As the two continue to talk, Fluttershy and Rarity continue on inside of the shower area, where there are a lot of very rugged stallions taking... well what do you think? Obviously showers!
>"Hubba Hubba!~"
>Rarity can't contain herself at all of this exposed stallion
>Sure stallions are normally exposed, but by their sexiness is amplified 100x when they are doing something considered private
>Fluttershy reassures herself and continues looking down at the plunger, too nervous to even attempt to take in all of the eye candy being presented to her
>"So all I have to do is put this in somepony's... b-butt... and I can go back to my cell."
>Anon is sitting there wagging his butt back and forth in the clothes basket while humming a tune
>All of the sudden a blue pegasus stallion with a seriously rugged mustache, wearing a pair of bathing shorts, comes up to Fluttershy and Rarity
>"Hey, what's up dudes? What's up with that plunger and humming clothes bin?"
>Rarity immediately sees what is up, but attempts to stay quiet, deciding to push Fluttershy along
>"Uhhh... Hey Flutterrick.. Shouldn't you get going with that... thing?"
>Fluttershy just looks down at the plunger and slowly walks forwards sadly
>"I guess I should... It's not like I have a choice."
>The blue stallion holds up Fluttershy, though
>"Don't you know? No shorts in the shower. Off with them!"
>Rarity pushes the stallion aside
>"Come on Flutterrick. Do it quickly, I will stay here and have a nice conversation with this kind young stallion for why you need to keep your shorts on."
>The stallion just keeps attempting to pull off Fluttershy's shorts
>Rarity just starts to push him back with much force
>The two start grappling each other
>Anon seems more interested in this turn of events than ever
Fuck, These kind of jokes always get me ...
Top kek
"It seems that Fluttershy is in danger of being found out by one of the other contestants. It depends on how long Rarity can hold off Dash. Fluttershy better get a move on if she wants to avoid being exposed!"
>Obviously everypony could hear Anon speaking
>Dash screams while pulling down Rarity's shorts to reveal her cutie mark and mare parts
>Rarity does the same and Fluttershy's falls down just due to bad luck meets good timing
>All of the stallions in the shower room immediately cover themselves and some start to scream
>The stallions are in an uproar, throwing bathing supplies at the mares
>Rarity starts basking in the sight of all of the stallions seeing her in shame
>"Oh my~! Yes! Look at me more! I have been so naughty!"
>Meanwhile Fluttershy tries to make a run for it, but is stopped by the two stallions from earlier
>"I guess you were right, this wasn't a stallion, just a really ugly mustached mare!"
>Fluttershy's mustache falls off as she starts to attempt to escape their grasp
>"Oh! Nope. Looks like the mustache was fake all along. Who woulda guessed?"
>Meanwhile Anon is getting every single piece of this amazing dramatic footage on brick
"Uh oh! Looks like they got found out! Can Fluttershy still complete her task without slipping up even worse?"
>Rainbow Dash starts cheering, even as a few bars of soap hit her
>"YES! Looks like I am gonna win this now!"
>The stallions that have Fluttershy grab the plunger from Fluttershy
>"Sorry ma'am, but we gotta do this. We're getting paid mint flavored gum, can't pass up on an offer that good."
>Fluttershy starts to cry as she resigns herself to her fate
>"P-Please don't make it hurt..."
>She pleads
>"No can do missy. It'll likely hurt a lot."
>The stallion gives it to her straight as he forcibly lifts up her butt and positions the plunger's handle
>Anon is getting ready for all of the glorious footage of Fluttershy getting her ponut penetrated when suddenly
>Every pony completely stops what they were doing and goes silent
>They all look at the entrance to the bathhouse and see a purple alicorn standing there, absolutely livid
>Every pony stays silent for a few seconds, until one of the two stallions Dash hired speaks
>"We were gonna put a plunger up her butt."
>Twilight just yells
>He then points at Rainbow Dash
>"'Cuz she told us to."
>Rainbow Dash sees Twilight look at her in disbelief, then starts blushing and scratches the back of her head
>"Well, yeah... But it's Fluttershy's fault!"
>Twilight then looks down to Fluttershy, who is bawling her eyes out, then looks back up at Dash with an even angrier gaze than before
>"Wait! Just hear me out!"
>Twilight continues to give her a deathglare
>"Well you see, Anon was hosting a competition where Fluttershy had to come into the men's shower room and shove a plunger up one of their butts. I didn't want her to beat me so I told the stallions down there to put a plunger up her butt to get her disqualified from the competition. So you see, it is actually Fluttershy's fault for trying to beat me."
>Twilight has a complete look of disbelief on her face, with her mouth wide open and eye twitching
>Fluttershy lets out a screech as the stallion inserts the plunger in her butt
>The stallion drops her tail and looks up at Dash
>"So do we get our gum now?"
>Twilight's horn starts to glow and all of the cleaning utensils around the room start glowing with her aura's color
>She is audibly growling in a very vicious manner
>Anon jumps out of the clothes basket with the brick in hand, running up to the stallion who penetrated Fluttershy's butt
>The stallion is both confused by your sudden appearance and your comment
Fucking quality kek right here my friend

>Meanwhile Anon is getting every single piece of this amazing dramatic footage on brick

Unfortunately, you can only play that footage on a betamax
>Twilight seems to be holding her fire for a moment to see how this plays out
"And with that, you get our grand prize of panty shots!"
>"Panty shots?"
>Anon pulls down his pants, sits over the bathroom floor, and shits all over the place
>The stallion stands in horror as this event unfolds
>Rarity vomits in the background while Anon digs around his pile of poop
>Twilight is even more astonished and horrified than anypony else
>Rainbow Dash realizes exactly what and just gives a huge frown and replies
>"He is searching for the prize..."
>As Twilight yells that, the stallion starts to cringe and cry out
>"I-I don't wanna win no prize. You can keep it to yourself."
>Anon finds what he was looking for and pulls out a shit covered photo of a Japanese idol's underskirt panty shot
"Congratulations on winning this year's SUPER FUN PONY PRISON BANZAI BONANZA!"
>Anon holds the shit covered photo up to the stallion's face
>"No!! Save me Frankfurt!"
>The stallion's companion is no longer there
>Anon just continues to hold the prize closer and closer to the stallion's face, before the stallion attempts to turn around and run away
>As he turns, he sees and smiling Twilight blocking the entrance with a wall of cleaning supplies
>"I really do think you should accept Anon's prize. You won it fair and square, after all."
>Twilight says in a malevolent voice, obviously enjoying the stallions unhappiness to this situation
>"B-But I don't wanna!"
>Twilight just smiles
>"Well you aren't getting out of here until you get what you've earned."
>The stallion slowly starts to turn back to a super happy smiling Anon
>He then backs away much faster than Anon comes forwards
>The stallion looks back at Twilight, pleading with his eyes to let him through the entrance
>The stallion has something sticky and smelly sticking to his cheek
>It was the photo
>"Oh... My... AAAAAAHHHHHH!"
>The stallion starts rushing around and screaming as the photo is stuck to his fur by Anon's shit
"Next time I will be hosting THE PRICE IS FUCKING WRONG YOU IDIOTS! See you then!"
>The scene ends with all of the ponies laughing, except for a sobbing Fluttershy, as the stallion keeps running around, desperately rubbing his face on anything and everything while trying to get the picture off his face

You mean betabrix?

I can already imagine Anon popping open the cover and inserting the brick like a tape.
Link to it on Pastebin:

That was glorious, perfect way to end the night.

I'll see you all tomorrow, with some green of my own to deliver
So I hope y'all niggas liked it. I spent much more time on it than I originally expected to.

Gotta go to sleep now. After all, Work + morning = Fuck me

Night niggas
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That is my life in a nutshell also....
Morning bump
File: 1430158401154.png (244 KB, 809x423) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Why Carlos why?
File: 1430089056596s.jpg (4 KB, 125x106) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Anon throws one of his spare bricks at Fluttershy's head
I never thought Anon could be capable of such evil.
Don't worry, the brick is fine.
No bricks were harmed in the making of this AiE
File: 869.png (224 KB, 945x945) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
224 KB, 945x945
>Everyone's laughing
>Fluttershy still has a plunger up her ass
File: mlfw3439-psgfim.png (46 KB, 800x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 800x450
Look at the bright side. At least it wasn't a good pony.
This isn't really the theme of the thread but heh, that's still quality shit right here
The plunger was unharmed and after a short wash was completely fine.
File: 1430136296263.png (260 KB, 500x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Nope.'s first story: Anon goes to jail because he ate Fluttershy

Nope.'s second story: Anon creates a fake game show in his head which leads to Rainbow Dash paying some prisoners to shove a plunger up Fluttershy's ass.

Be honest with me Nope.. Do you not like Fluttershy?
So, how many more characters do we need to be drawn?
Well there is flizzy for nope, and way more cookies'n'cream
Don't forget the brick, the warden, the slime thing, the plunger, the sentient laundry cart, and the other basketballers
Mythd ? Nope ? Durnk anon ? Can one of you post green ? Please ?
File: rub_that_cheese.jpg (117 KB, 892x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 892x600
>be anon
>be sent to weenie hut prison
Well, I didn't know CIRD was such an offense" you holler
>arrive in the prison
>is heaven
>die from diabeetus

I don't even know anymore. Maybe I need more booze
More booze is good, just ask nicolie (I don't know how to spell it, nickolie?)
You got it

Be Anon
>Be in the shower
>You had decided you would head straight to bed after the shower
>had already set your alarm for dinner time
>Didn't want to sleep through Cookies' arrival and have her think you were ignoring her
>You forgot to lock your front door though
>You don't worry about it
>You never get visitors
>and these ponies would never enter your room without knocking first
>Even if they did need to visit, they'd probably hear your shower running and leave
>You are too wet and soapy now anyway, no sense getting your entire room wet due to a little paranoia
>and the shower is nice and warm
>put you back in a good mood
>You softly hum to yourself, lost in thought
>You haven't had the same urges to sing as these colorful equines surrounding you
>But that didn't mean you couldn't carry a tune
>You just couldn't summon backup music from the fucking aether
>Strange, strange musical magic horses
>You finish rinsing off the soap and linger in the shower for a while
>this place never ran out of hot water
>There was five hours between lunch and dinner
>The book club and warden escape had taken two and a half hours
>This shower had already eaten up ten more minutes
>You had about two hours and fifteen minutes before you could expect Cookies
>You sigh and turn, letting the hot water warm and massage your other side

Be Cookies
>Be at Anon's door
>You'd normally knock, but why bother?
>You confidently stroll into the room, letting the door softly close behind you
>wait... is he in the shower?
>And you were in the room next door?!
>Maybe you should wait outside his room?
>Oh hey, the shower stopped!
>You'll wait here then!
>The time for cuddles was nearly upon you!
>You hear movement from the bathroom
>Then the doorknob rattled
>As Anon stepped into the room, steam poured out from the bathroom behind him
>with wet hair

>Brain, this is body, please respond
>Brain, I need orders
>"Hey Cookies! I thought you had patrols until dinner?"

Be Anon
>Someone entered your room
>without knocking
>You shut off the shower and step out
>You quickly towel off and pull on pants
>You'd left your clean shirt in your room
>Oh well, you'll just have to face the intruder while showing a little more of your natural perfection than usual
>You open the bathroom door and scan the room
>Oh, it's just Cookies
>wait, Cookies is here!
"Hey Cookies! I thought you had patrols until dinner?"
>You were happy to see her, but it would be really dangerous for her to leave her post
>"Er...no...I used to though"
"What do you mean?"
>Her eyes haven't moved a millimeter since they landed on you and her pupils were the size of pinheads
>Her face was bright red and she was biting her lip
>You loved it when she did that
>and she has her mane in a ponytail, coming out of the hole in the back of her hat

Be Cookies
>Get a hold of yourself, filly!
>He asked you a question!
>He is also beaming the biggest smile you've ever seen
"The Warden asked me to make sure you were feeling comfortable here and making friends"
>"How long can you stay?"
"How long until dinner?"
>His grin grows (somehow) even larger
>His eyes are practically sparkling
>"Time for cuddles?"
>He chuckles, a deep melodious sound
>Anon walks past you to lock the door
>"Can't be too careful. Who knows who might enter without knocking"
>You are too distracted by the promise of ear scritchies to be embarrassed
>Anon then walks to the bed and motions you over.
>Did he make a nest?
>out of pillows and blankets?
>Is that a thing humans do?
>You jump up onto the bed sit between his splayed legs
"Can you scratch my ears? I've had the/worst/ itch all day"
>"Only if you promise to put the cap back on after"
"Hm? Like a mare in uniform huh?"
>"Who doesn't?"
"Less talk, more scratching"
>Anon chuckles again
>You have finally arrived at the promised land

Be Anon
>You reach out and begin to scratch behind Cookies' ears
>Is...is her back leg kicking a little?
>No way....
>This requires further study!
>As you continue to caress, massage, and scratch her ears, she slowly slumps down into you
>Back leg twitching slightly the entire time
>After several long minutes of this, the twitching slows and her contented sighs stop
>"That... was amazing, I mean really /really/ great"
>She has the silliest little grin on her face
"What do you mean 'was'? I'm far from finished"
>you scritch under her chin and she giggles
>Time to get this party started
>You pull her up into a tight hug, which slowly morphs into petting
>You can feel her heart beating
>She wriggles around in pure joy
>As you stroke her neck and withers, and she ends up with her back against your stomach
>You pick up her cap and put it back on her head
>She scrunched at the interruption
>"Why did you stop?"
"You promised to wear the hat, didn't you?"
>[Scrunchie intensifies]
>You chuckle and resume your petting
>Starting just under her neckline, your hands make languid strokes down her front and sides
>Every now and then she wriggles against you again
>Seems almost like she's trying to meld with you
>Like a fluffy, cuddly Voltron
>You scratch her chest fluff and she curls her tail around your leg
>You scratch the hard to reach places on her sides
>She melts
>If it was possible for a pony to be so comfortable that they became a liquid, it was about to happen
>Let's see if that's possible!

Be Cookies
>Anon's fingers are able to sate itches you didn't even know you had!
>Belly rubs, chest scritchies, and petting
>You could not be more comfortable than you are now
>Ok, you were wrong, you could not be more comfortable than you are NOW
"Oh that's nice~"
>Instead of answering, Anon begins to nibble your ear and massage your hoof
>This is paradise

Be Anon
>Cookies is humming with pleasure
>occasionally giggling or cooing, depending on how you move
>She is putty in your hands
>You rake your fingers up her side against the grain of her short fur, leaving little lines on her coat
>she takes a deep breath
>You smooth down the lines in her fur
>She slowly lets out her breath with a contented sound
>She cranes her head back to put her cheek next to yours
>She rubs into you and you bury your face in her neck
>She normally smells like a fresh cookies
>She is also still carrying the smell of the outside world
>The combined effect reminds you of picnics as a kid
>You couldn't be happier in this moment
>You both share a wish
>That this would last forever
>Your ministrations slow as your breathing slows and deepens, mirroring Cookies' breathing
>As the minutes move cruelly forward, she falls asleep in your arms
>You follow soon after

Be Anon's Alarm Clock
>Be an inanimate object
>If you could see, you'd see Anon and Cookies spooning
>They had rolled once or twice while sleeping
>at first, Anon was the big spoon
>Then Cookies turned to face him and they slept like that for a while, gently breathing into each other's contented smiles
>Then Anon turned in his sleep and Cookies became the 'big spoon'
>She almost looked like a backpack
>Her legs were wrapped around his side, one just under his armpit and the other just below his hip
>Her tail had stayed curled around his leg the entire time
>She would occasionally twitch slightly in her sleep
>An ear flop here, a leg twitch there
>Anon had one hand holding the hoof draped over his chest, the other arm was stretched out in front of him
>Celestia had decided to take the afternoon off, and was setting the sun a few hours early
>meaning her gold and amber light was fading quickly, bathing the room in a soft orange-red glow
>It was the most idyllic, poetic scene any alarm clock could ever hope to be a part of
>If alarm clocks could have hopes
>It was the ultimate expression of contented lovers
>Anon immediately sits bolt upright
>Cookies' eyes shoot open and she stares at the ceiling, frozen with shock
>all four legs straight up in the air
>"Shit shit shit SHIT!"
>"ANON! Language!"
>If alarm clocks could love their job
>You would
That's all for now folks, pastebin updated as well
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How cute..gif
475 KB, 640x360
Me hate bipolar Mary Sue pony? Really? I can't imagine me ever hating Fluttershi--SHY.

Good save, myself.

In all honesty, she is the easiest character fuck with.
File: Brick chan.png (38 KB, 1173x774) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Brick chan.png
38 KB, 1173x774
Normally I wouldn't have even written the brick into my story, but I had to include mai waifu somehow. Forgive me.
I kek'd
File: 1430456601508.png (206 KB, 343x358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 343x358
File: 1430680177019.png (170 KB, 1000x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
170 KB, 1000x750
>you will never cuddle or pet a soft little mare like this
haha hey guys guess who's a piece of shit and can't write tonight (it's me)

I fully acknowledge that this is getting out of hand, and I'll try to have something to show for myself tomorrow, but my net is super bad tonight anyway. Sorry.
"Cookies, I've been thinking."
"I don't have much time left. My sentence is almost up."
>"Oh, Anon, don't worry. I'll come find you, and-"
"Wait. Cookies, my love, there's a very old tradition in my world that I was hoping we could do together."
>"W-what's that?"
"Cookies, I want to... Escape. With you. We'll live on the run, always one step ahead of the law, and most likely get badly bruised in a hail of pies. What do you say?"
>"That's the most romantic thing I've ever heard!"

And then they were Bonnie and Clyde.
stealing candy from candy shops and shooting the ponice with water guns
Rape everything.
If we were all watching, would it really be a "fake"game show? Maybe he knew we were here, just confused about the medium that we viewed his show in...
File: image.jpg (57 KB, 535x577) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 535x577
>tfw you will never cuddle with your qt pone waifu in equestrian prison
Do what ya need to, I'll do my best to keep the green flowing each day.

I'm on break, I literally have nothing better to do than game and writefag
That's really too much cuteness for me
Fuck you guys. Fuck you. I didn't need these feels
File: 4LIzudu.jpg (146 KB, 979x807) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
146 KB, 979x807
>be the warden
>you just brought this ape into the gulag
>toughest gulag in all of equestistan
>hail supreme leader
>hail her glory
>she always watches
>never blinks

>be anon
>"why is everything so red here?"
>everyone be gasp
>secret guard ponies of the state come in
>"oh sunbutt no!"
>you hide in corner

>be guards
>be closing in on big ape thing
>feel strang as you beat it with foam bats
>strangness gone as ape laughs at valiant efforts
>"supreme leader will punish us for sure!"
>run away into hiding

>be anon
>take over equestistan
>be... aw fuck it

Haven't had even booze for this.
After reading this, I have a sudden need for the pony jail setting to be acted out as 40k. The wardens all have the sense of justice of true Space Marines, and the prisoners plot to litter the streets and refuse to hold doors for people in the name of Chaos. Of course, the prisons are still Weenie Hut tier.

When the inmates gain control they make each of the guards sit in it for at least an hour. It's pure torture on their virgin buttocks.
These images that I get in my head are one of the main reasons that I keep coming back to this thread.

That and Cookies N' Cream.
I still get boners from this.
I think I have a cuddle fetish.

That was great, almost died laughing. Thanks for that, feel free to do that again.
Tzeech and his pictureless books
File: c87.jpg (43 KB, 550x309) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 550x309
>not even a ponified brick
>just a fuckin' brick
Want a ponified brick? Draw one. I ain't got the aurtistic talent for that.
Shall I continue with my brick tier green?
Yes, more green is always good, even if it´s shit.
File: 1398580549431.gif (580 KB, 197x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
580 KB, 197x196
Alright. I'm heading off to work in hell soon, so I'll give some green around my lunchbreak.
We need green/drawing guys.
Also, bump
Scratch that, just got suspended for 3 days. So, more time later
Looking at porn duing school?
Hold on a sec, what does her cutie mark supposed to represent?
Naw, I started working on my rims during the last couple of minutes at work. Turns out, that's a bad idea. Looks like I'll get 4 weeks in pone prison for that.
I don't know, based drawfag decided it because her name is "cookies and cream" .
Which is fucking stupid, but at least it's a really nice drawing of her
Ok, milk being poured onto a cookie.

When you pour milk onto a cookie, the cookie becomes softer.

Her talent is making life easier for others.
File: 17I+love+you.jpg (66 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
66 KB, 600x600
Damm, that's actually really deep.
Be Anon
>Alduin, Vaas, Frieza, even Diablo himself...
>... Have /nothing/ on the pure evil that is your alarm clock
>From this day forth, it is your mortal nemesis
>You don't even bother hitting snooze, you remove the crystal battery
>However, its evil is merely slumbering, ready to take up the fight again when its power is replaced
>You can never destroy pure evil
>You look over to Cookies
>She is glaring at the demon-clock
>The fur on the side of her face had been smushed flat in her sleep
>...she had bed face
>bed face, with all four legs still sticking straight up
>"W-what are you staring at?"
>she begins to blush
"Please...stop being so cute, too much more D'aww and who knows what will happen to my poor heart?"
>She blatantly ignores your pleas for mercy
>Her blush intensifies
>"Why did you set that alarm anyway?"
"ACK!.... I warned you, humans are not meant to be exposed to such levels of adorableness!"
>Your hand clutches your chest as you feign a heart attack, huge grin on your face the entire time to show Cookies you were only joking around
>Her blush reaches a peak, her face scrunches up and her cheeks puff out in annoyance
>You chuckle and lean over to give her a hug
"I was planning on taking a nap before you arrived. I set the alarm so I wouldn't be asleep when you got here"
>Her scrunchie turns into a smile
>you boop the scrunch back
>you let out a laugh and she joins in
>You lift up the cap and give her one last ear scratch
>Her eyes close and her leg twitches again as she lets out a happy little sound, tilting her head into your hand
>You help her muss up her face fur to its normal position, and get completely dressed
>It was time for dinner

Be Sleepy Feathers
>Be waking up from a nap
>Today had been a good day
>Made a friend
>Who was weird
>Dude crawled on the floor during book club
>He also promised you his dessert
>So he can't be all bad

>You slowly force yourself out of bed with enough willpower to crush coal into diamonds
>You walk into your bathroom and rinse out your mouth
>Don't want nap-breath while eating with your new friend
>You yawn and nearly choke on the water
>being sleepy is dangerous
>That is why you slept so much
>Sleepy ponies make mistakes
>sleeping ponies can't get into trouble
>Finished with your post-nap preparations, you head to the Mess
>You walk away from the counter, tray laden with food
>you usually sit alone
>Ponies don't like sitting with you because you don't talk much
>You are a good listener though
>Even if all the other inmates were too chatty
>Not Anon though
>He didn't pressure you to talk too much
>He seemed nice
>Speaking of Anon, there he is at his usual spot in the corner with Cookies
>She was paid to watch Anon eat
>Her mane seemed messier than usual
>She probably needs to sleep more

Be Anon
>You see Sleepy Feathers across the Mess and wave him over
>You had been dreading this moment
>The moment you gave up your precious pudding
>Sleepy Feathers trudges over to your table and sits across from you and Cookies
"Hi Sleepy"
>"Hello Anon"
>You silently hand over your pudding cup
>Sleepy nods at you
>Cookies' eyes go wide in shock
>"Why did you give him your pudding?" Cookies whispers
"I owed him a favor for bailing me out with The Warden"
>You watch as Sleepy sets your pudding on his tray, next to his own pudding cup
>Farewell pudding cup, you will be missed
>Let there be a moment of silence
>"Hiya Cookies, Anon, and Sleepy!"
>The Warden has no respect for the fallen
>"How is your dinner everypony?"
>"Its good, Ma'am"
>Sleepy just nods
>Never before have you struggled so hard to wear a false smile
"Lovely, just peachy"
>"I LOVE PEACHES! I didn't know we were serving them today!"
"That's just an expression"
>The Warden's ears flop down

>...and now you feel guilty for some reason
>"So, anyway, will you two be participating in the competition for the mystery reward from the Princess?"
>Sleepy shakes his head
>"Aw, why not?"
>"Too much effort"
>"Oh sleepy, you joker"
>The Warden giggles and turns towards you
>"What about you Anon?"
"Well, seeing as she's the one who had me put here, I doubt I have much of a chance at being the best behaved inmate"
>"Are you sure about that? The Princess entrusted me with judging everypony, so you could still win with some good deeds"
>The Warden beams at you
"I'll keep that in mind"

Be Cookies
>"I'll keep that in mind"
>Despite the tartarus-bound alarm clock, you were /still/ in the afterglow of the cuddle session earlier
>A feeling even The Warden couldn't spoil
>The Warden sits next to you and leans in close
>"So how'd your little chat with Anon go?" she whispers loudly
>What chat?
>Oh yea, The Warden wanted you to talk to Anon about being friendlier
>"I'd say it went very well"
>You turn in surprise towards Anon to see him sporting a toothy grin
>Your face scrunches up and he chuckles
"Yea... Anon agreed to be friendlier, he might even give Book Club another try"
>Anon turns to you with the biggest hurt expression you'd ever seen
>"GOODIE! Tomorrow's book club will discuss how the main character 'Daisy Doodle' chooses a flower to buy. It'll be intense!"
>D'aww, Anon has a little thousand yard stare...
>... was book club really that bad? Poor Anon, what did you just get him into?
>Sleepy just smiles and nods
>"It's been fun catching up with you all, but I've got to check in on the other inmates too. Enjoy dinner!"
>Sleepy nods in synch with Anon
"You too ma'am"
>The Warden practically jumps up and trots away
"Yes Anon?"
>"Why do you hate me?"
"Is book club really that bad?"
>Sleepy shakes his head 'no'
>"Let's just make a few little rules about book club"

>"Rule number one: we do not talk about book club"
"What's rule number two?"
>"we do NOT talk about book club"
>Well then
>They were simple rules, at least
>easy to remember
"Alright, I'll follow the rules"
>"You'd better. I'm the rule breaker, not you"
>You giggle and turn to your meal

>The rest of dinner passes without incident, you and Anon making light conversation
>Sleepy would occasionally nod or shake his head to express his opinion on the topic
>Sleepy had saved dessert for last like a good colt
>Anon's eyes were glued to the pudding cup the entire time
>With dinner ended, you and Anon said goodbye to Sleepy
>Sleepy just waved goodbye
>Anon turns to you
>"So, I think I'd like to go to bed early"
>B-but what about your after dinner cuddles?
>You shoot him a pleading look
>Maximum puppy sad puppy eyes
>Anon just grins at you
>Come on filly, gotta take it to the next level
>Pout that bottom lip!
>Anon chuckles again
>"However, I don't think I can't sleep without a bedtime story"
>He winks
>Your smile goes from ear to ear as you nod
>"Shall we go to my room then?"
>You shake your head
"I'll need a minute to grab a book for your story"
>"But I wasn't-"
"Meet you there!"
>"But I-"
>Anon's words fade into the general din of the mess as you rush away
>You look back to see a scrunchie on his face
>You almost stop to get a better look
>No wonder he thought it was cute when you did it
>You lose sight of Anon as you continue to hurry away

Be Anon
>Well that didn't go as planned
>Oh well, reading cuddles are just as good as vanilla cuddles
>With nothing else to do, you make your way back to your cell
That's deep as fuck dude
That's what I got for now. If I write enough later then I'll post a little more today.
I like the way your brain works
File: 1427750897335.jpg (41 KB, 283x352) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>All of the stallions in the shower room immediately cover themselves and some start to scream

sides missing, send help
File: Bite.png (70 KB, 367x358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Fuck i actually kek'd
You're too good for me mythd
>>The fur on the side of her face had been smushed flat in her sleep
>>...she had bed face
It's cute mang
Senpai noticed me!
Now all we need is a story about how she got her cutie mark
>You look back to see a scrunchie on his face
Anon making scrunchies?

This kills the man.
>tachycardial infarctions intensify
she was volunteering at a retirement home and the old ponies couldn't chew the hard cookies.
This. Motherfucking this.
File: 1403142946973.png (6 KB, 349x328) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 349x328

You are now imagining a filly CnC getting her cutie mark after chewing up cookies and feeding the elderly like a momma bird regurgitating for her chicks.

And you are now displeased to find that this is your newest fetish.
File: 1418878061136.png (65 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 500x500
Y-you monster
Agreed, I approve of this.

Mind if I steal your idea and eventually make this part of my green?
>Mind if I steal your idea and eventually make this part of my green?
go for it.
Who dat?
File: image.jpg (56 KB, 470x317) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is it going to be a seperate story, or are you going to fit it in to your current story?
File: 5hbLf.png (55 KB, 427x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 427x315
Are you referring to Cookies n Cream?
Do you not know who Cookies n Cream is?
Are you unfamiliar with the ultimate Waifu?
File: 1430220983812.jpg (72 KB, 480x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 480x720
>Chewing food and regurgitating it like a momma bird
Oh god yes.
I'll try and fit it into my current green. If I can't make the topic come up naturally then I'll just leave it out.
Why not just have Anon ask Cookies "What's up with these tattoos everyone has on their asses? And why do the guard ponies have then too? " or, something like that.
Does anyone have links to the previous pony prison threads?
I'm thinking it will be the other way around, Cookies asking Anon about mundane earth. That would open the door to Cookies talking about her past as well. Think I can fit it into the section I'm on right now.

My cat was asleep on my arm all day so I couldn't really type until now

I'm a sucker for anything small and fuzzy that loves me

previous thread
First thread
>I'm thinking it will be the other way around, Cookies asking Anon about mundane earth. That would open the door to Cookies talking about her past as well. Think I can fit it into the section I'm on right now.
I like it.

Good or bad things about Earth?
That gives me an idea
>Anon says one of those lines you did about the adorableness being dangerous
>Ponies take it literally
>Try to remove anything adorable from around him for his safety
>Goes on for a while
>Pony comes along and sees anon, thinks he's an adorable cute alien thing
>Ponies now try to remove Anon from Anon for his safety
>Flaying ensues
I gave some thought to her hearing about earth's bad side. I don't think poor Cookies could take all the horrors of earth though.

She'd have nightmares, drawing the attention of Luna. Luna would learn that Anon was responsible for the nightmares and the relationship between Anon and Cookies would be discovered. Bad ends aren't fun to write
What if Cookies just doesn't get nightmares?
Drawfag here, thinking about making more Cookies... not sure what to do yet.
so, burst of inspiration, spent last three hours writting. Up to 12k characters. I'll post some of it when I wake up tomorrow.

Special thanks to Anonymous and Anonymous for letting me use their ideas for Cookies' cutie mark backstory.

Cookies may be tough by pony prison guard standards, but even the toughest person can have a bad night.
>Special thanks to Anonymous and Anonymous for letting me use their ideas for Cookies' cutie mark backstory.
no problem, I'm just happy to contribute. I'm sure Anonymous feels the same way.
File: CARLOSNO.jpg (8 KB, 275x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
8 KB, 275x183
Hey did you guys hear? A truck full of Viagra was stolen!

The cops are on the lookout for a group of hardened criminals
A gang has hijacked a helicopter from a local news team. Police fear the situation may be over their heads.
I like these, they make me laugh
Carlos's puns are supposed to be situational, not just jokes you pulled from your ass
You hear about the titanic? They're going to sink a crate of viagra down to it to try and raise it.
Yeah, this jokes are pretty shitty
That one suck.

Anyway mythd, post some green please.
I had an idea

>Be anon, human in equestria
>At pony kindergarten because you never graduated pony school
>Today you get a guests
>Scare them straight cliche guests
>Prisoners from pony jail are here
>Unicorn that's all smoky, centaur thing, black pony fill of holes, derpy, and a deer
>"oaky class, this is officer scarem straight and some of his friends"
>"Wait your turn."
>"No i have to go first"
>"Crys crysalis crystals CRYSTALS?!"
>"Leave me out of it, I don't care who goes first as long as i get to play with these delicious looking ponies"
>"So anyway as i was about to be saying, these are dangerous criminals, the worst equestria has ever seen"
>Blah blah blah pony ponice police talks a lot
>You don't pay much attention
>derpy breaks the school
>in confusion you are taken to the jail because the ponice just locked up everyone not a pony
>at least you don't have to do homework
Good. We need someone writing that
Nope ? Will you continue your story or what ?
Mythd ? Can you post some green please ?
Durnk/anon/replacement green, can any of you write something
>You are derpy
>You are looking for mr straight around the school
>what's left of the school anyway
>you kind of sat on the old one and then it broke
>You hope nopony will be mad at you
>They might make you leave the jail and miss out on being in the story
>That would be terrible
"Mister Straight? Where are you?"
>"I've found another student! Get a nurse over here!"
>"Don't worry, we'll get you home safe"
>You decide to go with these ponies, they'll take you back to the jail and you might even end up in a clop fic
should sombra also get left behind at the school?
he's a pony after all, but he has that glowy eye smoke thing going on
>becomes softer.

well, at least we can rest assured there won't be any lewd ruining this threads.
You called?
Source on that image?
File: 1428606883295.gif (27 KB, 225x219) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 225x219
Activating the MYTHD beacon
bump, mythd come here plz
Who was writing that story with Sombra, Chrysalis, Discord, and Anon being in prison together? We need more of that story.
It was anonymous, i think he left the thread
Or it's mythd if i'm not wrong
Yup, it was anonymous, and another anon posted a story of Discord and Chrysalis being sent by Celestia to reform Anon, which also sounds like a great story.
I'm here! green incoming


Still Be Anon
>Be in your cell
>You had made your nest with two blankets, but you had a third sitting beside your bed
>You pulled it partially over the nest from before
>Blankets make cuddles warmer
>Cookies was sure taking her time
>It did not take that long to get to the library
>Maybe the librarian was out?
>nah, too early for that
>what could she-
>You hear a soft knock at your door
>must be Cookies
>better be sure, don't want a replay of The Warden abducting you
"Who's there?"
>Well then
>That didn't work
>That could have been anyone
>The mystery guest starts to open the door and you half expect a murloc to waltz in
"Hi Cookies!"
>She had finally arrived!
"Why didn't you say it was y-"
>She had been carrying something in her mouth
>That's not a book she's carrying
>That's not a book at all
>That's a pudding cup and a spoon!
>She places the items on your nightstand with a small 'pleh' sound
>"I couldn't bear the thought of my Anon going to bed without dessert"
>She has the brightest blush on her face
>and the most adorable smile
>"And I wanted to say sorry for making The Warden think you were going to go back to book club"
>This mare, man
"This is fantastic! You are the best!"
>You give her a big hug and she wraps herself around you in return
>You release the embrace and open up the pudding cup
>That glorious chocolate smell was the second greatest smell in the world
>First place was Cookies' smell
>You move to grab the spoon
>Cookies blushes and looks away from you, yet still manages to sound stern and in-control of the situation
>"ah-ah-ah, you aren't allowed to use cutlery"
"Then how am I supposed to eat this? I don't have anything to dip into it"
>"You might not be allowed to use spoons, but I am"

>What is she getting at?
>Her blush intensifies as she sees realization hit you like a brick
>She picks up the spoon again and jumps up to the side of the bed and looks at you expectantly
>You pick up the opened pudding and sit next to her
>Holding the spoon lengthwise in her mouth, she dips her head forward and the spoon slides perfectly into the pudding
>She carefully lifts her head so the spoon is parallel with the bed
>You both lean forward and you take the other end of the spoon into your mouth
>Cookies glance darts back and forth between your eyes and the floor
>You both withdraw and you lick your lips
>Cookies' eyes widen slightly at the gesture and she dips her head to get another spoonful
>The process repeats itself several times, each time she feeds you she seems to become a little more nervous
>by the time the pudding cup was nearly empty, she would tremble a little whenever you took the spoon into your mouth too
>This must be really intimate for ponies
>She must /really/ like you
>You'd have to show her that the feeling is mutual
>As soon as the pudding was gone, of course

Be Cookies
>You can't believe this is happening
>You had to call in a couple favors for this pudding cup
>And had risked discovery when you brought it to his cell
>And when you had first entered the room, you were worried you might be taking things too far too fast
>Last thing you wanted to do was scare away the one colt you'd ever been in a real relationship with
>But Anon hadn't been freaked out by your forwardness
>He looked like he was really enjoying himself!
>So why were you still so nervous?
>He really was cute
>Even with you feeding him, he managed to get some pudding on the tip of his nose /somehow/
>You'd have to help him clean himself later
>But you didn't bring any napkins
>That was really stupid, you should have been prepared!
>What if Anon got his sheets or clothes dirty because of you?
>You HAD to clean his nose before that happened!

>but HOW?!
>You could get it off by kissing his nose...
>He did seem to like it when you acted forward
>And his culture was different from yours
>after all, his culture thought it was ok to cuddle outside of relationships
>But then again....
>You continued your internal debate the entire feeding
>With the cup finally empty, Anon sets it on the nightstand
>You carefully place the spoon inside the empty cup
>You turn and face him, as he smiles at you
>It's now or never
>Your head darts forward and you give him a little peck on the nose
>mission success?
>His nose is clean, first objective successful!
>Was he ok with you doing that?
>His eyes are wide with surprise
>please be ok with it
>He laughs and pulls you into a hug
>You beam a smile at him and he gives you a predatory grin
>wait, what?
>Oh my!
>He picked you up!
>Anon walks on his knees to the well-worn nest and flops on his side, taking you with him
>you give a small cry as you fall and he chuckles, face buried in your fur
>He pulls a blanket over the both of you and begins a ruthless cuddle assault
>this was happiness

Be Anon
>Be some time later
>Be with a thoroughly cuddled pony
>You had your back against the wall, cushioned by pillows
>Your arms were wrapped around Cookies
>Cookies had her back pressed against your belly
>The blanket was pulled up under her chin
>She did a happy wriggle against you and turned her head to face you
>"Say Anon, you never talk about where you came from"

>You had been worrying about this
>Prison was heaven
>The Equestrian army was for show
>perfectly 'normal' human dreams were treated as signs of severe mental illness...
>Cookies just looked at you expectantly
>"Please? I want to know more about you"
>You could never say no to that face
>Alright, lets avoid the bad stuff, just tell her about your family and human tech.
"Well, I'll start with the basics. I had a mother and father, pets, and a sister"
>"Were they nice?"
"Not by pony standards, but they loved me and I loved them. We took care of each other"
>"What do you mean?"
"Well, for example, when I was little I didn't want to learn to ride a bike but my dad insisted"
>"What happened?"
"I hated it because I kept falling and hurting myself. At one point I hid in the bathroom and locked the door, refused to leave for half a day!"
>You chuckle at the memory
>"But if you kept getting hurt and hated it, why did he make you continue?"
>Cookies looks like she's on the verge of tears
>damn, ponies are sensitive
"He just wanted me to have the skill. He always pushed me hard. Helped me in the long run."
>"It did?"
"Helped me get my first job"
>Cookies sniffs, that was a close one
>"What did you do?"
"Do you have computers here?"
>"You mean like arcade cabinets?"
"yea, kind of. Where I come from, we use computers like unicorns use magic."
>"Don't you have magic in your world?
>Eyes like saucers, she looks like you just told her there was no atmosphere on Earth
"Eeyup, no magic. Our magicians and illusionists have some neat tricks but they are all just that...tricks, illusions"
>"It must be so... dark.. where you come from. "
>She scrunchies
>"No, that isn't the right word..."
>You give her a squeeze
"Anyway, my people use machines and computers like unicorns use magic"
>"You can use arcade machines to move objects? You're pulling my tail"
"No I'm serious! We have machines to do almost everything. From medicine to cooking to entertainment to..."
>You were going to say 'fighting'
"...music. We even have machines to build OTHER machines"
>"So what was your job if machines and 'computers' could do everything?"
>You smile
"I fixed computers. Even assembled a few"
>"Really? Was it hard?"
"Easy to put the pieces together, not so easy to know which parts to use or how to repair them. Usually just easier to replace a broken component entirely"
>"Wow, so you're like what a powerful unicorn is here?"
>You chuckle and shake your head
"There's tons of people better at it than I was, and these machines were so complex that no one could know EVERYTHING about them. When a unicorn uses a spell, they know how to create and use every part of that spell, right?"
>"I think so"
"Well, human machines are so complex that no one human knows everything there is to know about how it was made."
>"If no one knows how they work, then why DO they work?"
"Because different humans know how make the individual pieces and other humans like me know how to put them together so they work."
>"Kind of like an orchestra?"
"What do you mean?"
>"Well, everypony knows a different instrument that the others probably can't play. They use music composed by another pony and they are 'put together' by a conductor"
"That is actually a really good metaphor, couldn't have said it better myself"
>Cookies smiles and scoots herself into you
>Now was your chance to change the subject!
> before she asked questions about your world you couldn't tell her the answers to
"So I've heard the basics of how this world works from Twilight, and I've read the books in the library about this world's history and sciences but there are a few questions I still have"
>"Such as?"

"well, why don't pony families always share a last name?"
>"Is that common where you're from?"
>Damn, back to earth
"Yes, family names are important in my world. Some people would...be very protective of their familial name. Now answer my question"
>"Well, parents will name their children with the family name. If the family is really tight then they'll keep the exact same name. If they want more individuality, its common to use a similar name to your family name or one that relates to your cutie mark"
"Like 'Sparkle' and 'Shining'?"
"And if the pony wants to have a lot of individuality?"
>"...Then they'll just create a new name for themselves, though that is a rarity"
"How about you?"
>"W-what do you mean?"
>Your hand disengages from her belly to touch gently at her flank
"Did you rename yourself after your cutie mark or did you keep a family name?"
>"I renamed myself after my cutie mark, but my name is still similar to my family name"
"So how'd you get your cutie mark? And why did you become a prison guard? Most guards here have something related to law enforcement as their mark, like sheriff stars or handcuffs"
>"Well, the story starts with my sister getting hers"
"Alright, and?..."
>You smile encouragingly at her as she turns her head to you with a blush
>"My family owns a pastry shop in a little village. My sister got three cookies as a cutie mark when she won a baking competition."

"Did you participate?"
>"I got fifth place. My cookies were hard as rocks. My sister always was a better cook than me."
"Still, fifth place isn't bad"
>"There were only six ponies in the competition. The sixth didn't even show up, so I got fifth by default"
>poor girl seems down... better get her back to how she got her mark
>You give her another squeeze
"So how did you get yours?"
>She turns to rub her face into your chest
>"I so desperately wanted my cutie mark , and was so depressed when my sister beat me AND got her cutie mark that I didn't bother trying to sell my cookies after the competition. I packed up and left while my sister was selling all of her cookies."
>you pull up your hand to scratch behind her ears and she lets out a little sigh
>"While I was walking home, I stopped by the old ponies home to visit my Grandma. Nana Chocolate Clusters could always cheer me up."
>She gives a little laugh
>"When I got there, it was snack time and they had run out of treats. My Grandma suggested I share my cookies with everypony who was hungry. I tried to tell them my cookies were no good but my Grandma just told me they were fine because I had made them with love and determination. They would be good cookies because I had poured my passion into them"
"And did the senior ponies enjoy your baking?"
>"Buck no, one of them broke their dentures!"
>you felt bad for laughing, but she laughed too
>"I was ready to give up entirely on ever getting my cutie mark, but my grandma wouldn't let me lose hope. She kept trying to chew through that petrified pastry."
>She smiles fondly at the memory

>"I didn't want to disappoint her, so I went to grab something to help her wash it down, I ended up spilling an entire pitcher of milk over the tray of cookies"
"So the cookies were ruined?"
>"Exact opposite. They became just soggy enough for the old ponies to eat, while still remaining solid enough to be picked up"
"So your special talent is making soggy cookies?"
>She laughs and turns enough to poke you with a hoof
>"Not quite, my cutie mark represents my willingness to help others and make their lives easier"
"That's...beautiful, actually"
>her heartbeat speeds up
"So how did you end up working as a guard, and not a nurse or aide in the old ponies home?"
>"well, I figured that if anypony needed their lives to be better it would be the criminals that everypony else either dislikes or is too afraid of to help"
>this mare, man.
"You really are something special"
>she giggles
>"so are you"
"Only because I'm an alien. You, however, have a heart of solid gold!"
>She wriggles in closer to you
"And a butt with soggy cookies permanently marked on it!"
>She laughs and pokes you again
>life is good

>The two of you continued talking on and off for a few more hours, until lights out when Cookies had to leave for her own home
>on her way out, she sets down the empty pudding cup and spoon on the floor and turns to you
>"Hey Anon..."
"Yea Cookies?"
>She looks away from you, blushing
>"You really are special, not just because you are unique. I mean, you are special to me"
>You smile warmly at her
"I love you too, Cookies"
>She makes a squeaky sound, hurriedly picks up the trash and darts out of your room
>That mare, man...
>That mare
>You fall asleep with a grin

That's all for now, I felt bad for making everyone wait so used up two posts worth of green.

Shoutout to Nope.'s waifu
>>>She places the items on your nightstand with a small 'pleh' sound
>>"I couldn't bear the thought of my Anon going to bed without dessert"
>>She has the brightest blush on her face
>>and the most adorable smile
She need to ask more about earth. I want to know how she'll react...
Oh and make them kiss

Anyway, that's still d'awwwww as shit.
We love you, Mythd-san
Thank you, this level of adorableness helped me through my bland workday.
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very hnnng, I felt my heart nearly explode after all that. Thank my good sir for all of your spectacular green.

Hasn't the paste order in this one been accidentally reversed?
don't know, I just put them in from what i was able to gather from the old thread.

Also congratulation, you are the 420th post of this thread

>"I love you too, Cookies"
>>She makes a squeaky sound, hurriedly picks up the trash and darts out of your room
I just read both pastebins in one go.

I'm lying senseless.

Muh heart.

That's... not what i expected when i arrived here.
That's what nobody expected when they first came to the thread.

Be careful, and check the waifu you have right now : You should better hold onto it. Because cookies is just gonna rekt the shit out of her, and take her throne
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