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Vampire/Monster Thread #5
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>No one decided to make a new thread

>We general now edition

Previous thread >>24801656

Thread for all things vampire or otherwise 'monster' related..
Planned as EQG content, but every kind of blood sucking and spooking is appreciated.

Writers so far:
Insanebow Dash - http://pastebin.com/u/Insanebow_Dash
Vampon - http://pastebin.com/u/Sleipniiir
Treppahcs - http://pastebin.com/2BATbQp0
twiligh/tg/ame_night - http://pastebin.com/RPhhri1s

Any other writers just please add your pastes in posts below

I don't think that Rarity would kill herself in a zombie outbreak.

With all those needles in her boutique, I think she could defend herself pretty well.
Why don't you just name this 'Monster Thread' so people won't mistake you for the batfag circlejerking general and their autistic batshit OC?
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Because it started as a vampire thread.
Sewing needles, against zombies. Nigger are you high? Just use magic to beat them over the head with a sewing machine. They are heavy and durable as fuck.
Basically this. Plus basically all the green is vampires but
there's been talk of delving into other spooky stuff
so it's in the title to make sure it's advertised as
And it seems to be slowly turning into a Monster thread. Or am I wrong?

Shoot those needles into their brains.

It's finesse and couture that befits Rarity.
Still mostly vampire stories m80
If Rarity was a vampire, she'd need a streak of white in her hair, and an updo.
And how dense do you think the average zombie pony head would be? How hard would you have to project it? How accurate would you be with it if you have to put that much effort into it? How fatigued would you be after one? When it comes down to it a good ol' blunt impact to the skull would do much more damage.

Through the eyes, which would be soft and decayed.
You think you could hit the bullseye every time? I suppose the eyes are a little bigger so it would be easier still hard at a moving target and once you've used it it's gone forever.
>You try to explain, but the words won't come out.
>No air.
>"Not that I'm sayin' no or nothin'," Applejack whispers into your ear, "but shouldn't *you* be on top?"
>If you were, maybe you could breathe.
>"Still, this suits me just fine," she says with a sly smile. "It ain't called cowgirl fer nothin'."
>The fuck is she talking about?
>You try to roll her off of you, but she resists.
>"Whoa now, Ah said this was fine!"
>Dimly, you hear the microwave beeping in the background.
>Too long!
>You *never* let the popcorn go the full time; that's just a surefire way to burn it.
>"Ah ain't supposed to do nuthin' serious with ya," Applejack sighs unhappily - and follows up with a mischievious giggle, "but we was pretty vague on the definition o' that, so howsabout Ah -"
>Shit, Pinkie is pissed.
>Pinkie is nuts.
>Nothing you didn't already know, of course, so the look of absolute horror on AJ's face is bizarre.
>She's way closer to the other girl than you are; she should already know this.
>You try to push her off again, but she's frozen rigid - only her eyes are moving, slowly tracking...
>You've seen enough horror movies to know where this is going.
>Whatever she's watching is coming closer; you can hear each and every step clicking on the tiles - and feel them, too, though you're smart enough to realize that's just your imagination. Probably.
>The next footstep is right by your head - but not close enough for you to actually see who or *what* it is.
>Not with you on your back, helpless, with Applejack's golden hair blocking off most of your vision.
>The girl flinches as a shadow falls over her - and passes.
>There's the heavy click of the microwave door popping open, followed by the horrid smell of overcooked popcorn.
>"Hey, Nonny?" Pinkie Pie mumbles, probably stuffing her mouth already. "Where are your bowls?"
File: 1439201911037.png (334 KB, 784x791) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
334 KB, 784x791
Don’t remember where I left off, but this is basically where we were going anyway, it should be fine.

>A quick shower in her, less than girly, but overall normal facility later, you towel off.
“I’m guessing she doesn’t have any deodorant or cologne I can use.” You say to yourself.
>Walking out of the shower with a towel wrapped around your waist, you notice Dash isn’t present.
>Right, the suit.
>Black suit and black tie. They don’t fuck around.
>For an unemployed vampire fledgling, you clean up pretty good.
>Out you step into the sanctum.


>Now it was time prove to your new friends you had what it took to provide for the family. Guess they never really explained if they needed to ‘feed’ or what have you. Doesn’t really matter anyway. What would you even do about it? Refuse? You’re not exactly in a position to do such things, given your changing anatomy.
>Octavia gave you a basic briefing on what you would be doing.
>In popped in a stunning Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer in matching black dresses.
>”Your escorts for the evening,” She said. “Do as they say, and you’ll be fine.”


>You stepped outside with the girls.
>There was a waiting horse drawn carriage outside.
“A little dated, wouldn’t you say so?”
>SS “What, too small town for you?”
“I guess it’s better than walking,” you shrug. “But why?”
>TS: “My idea, heh. I like the attention it draws.”
“I never knew you to like attention, miss librarian, “ you retort, there’s a playful sarcasm and grin between the three of you.
>You try to answer, but little more than a soundless croak comes out of your throat.
>Right. Breathing. You should try that. All the cool kids are.
>AJ's breathing is shallow, but you can feel each and every one.
>It's distracting.
>Too distracting to be entirely comfortable.
>Makes it hard to remember which way you fell.
>Right, *away* from the microwave, which means...
>You pull your arm from around her waist and point Pinkie in what you think is the direction of the bowls.
>As soon as your arm is free, AJ bolts upright and air fills your lungs.
>"WE FELL!" she yells at her friend. "THAT'S ALL!"
>Pinkie nods, spilling popcorn as her head bobbles.
>You were right; she didn't wait to start eating it.
Sea Urchin's Anon is a monster hunter at least.
Shit, I need a title for that EQG/Friday the 13th thing I was making. Any suggestions?
Night of the living Friday the 13th the nightmare on Equestria street.
It's too long to fit into the pastebin title
Yay, arts

I need motivation to write, so I hereby swear to write and post chapter 1 today. I've had the story worked out since yesterday but I was too lazy to write. But now if I don't, you all will textually abuse me. So I'll be back in a few hours
http://pastebin.com/wbBWBzJK And here it is, the first chunk of the tale, to be continued soon.
Bumping for writefags return
Reminder that if the shotavamps guys doesn't deliver in the next 50 minutes he has to live stream him an heroing.
It's somewhat confirmed
Do it
I'm not the one writing the shotavamps m8. I'm writing the nightmare night orgy. Btw, I'll continue writing after work.
Ooohhhhh nice, also I am a dense motherfucker so i still dont know exactly whats going on here, but i love it like that
I completely forgot about shotavamps. Did that ever get started?
No, the writefag lied to us.
M-maybe he's just busy?
Maybe not
Do you guys mean me, or someone else? Because I started writing a little while ago, I should be done with the introduction chapter soon
Nah some dude a couple threads ago hyped up writing a story based on >>24913746 (r63) showing up at femanons door. Probably got busy or something.
File: image.jpg (73 KB, 960x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 960x640
I got a pastebin
more pls
Here is the introduction chapter. Since it's the intro, it's pretty short, but the later chapters are going to be far longer. Also, I'm putting this in my new pastebin with the one-shot I wrote last thread, and the rest of the story will also be going there.
>Class was so boring.
>Really the only reason you went to CHS was the abundance of female students. And the parties.
>Pinkie threw some bomb-ass parties, it was undeniable.
>Ugh. Bathroom time.
"Mr. Doodle?"
>He didn't look happy, but then again, he never did. What else could you expect from someone whose first name was 'Cranky'?
"May I use the bathroom?"
>"Yes, that's fine."
>Taking a piss was one one of the few things that was still a necessity, and an annoying one at that.
>The boys' bathroom was empty, although for some reason it smelled strongly of perfume, apples, and sweets in the hallway outside.
>Normally pissing blood would be a bad thing, but for the undead it was a sign of good health. Just as you were zipping up your fly, you heard footsteps farther down the hall.You made out six different gaits, and the smells you picked up earlier were accompanying them.
>You finished washing your hands as the door opened, and Sunset Shimmer and her pseudo-gang streamed in,
"Uh, what are you doing in the boys' bathroom?"
>Sunset glared at you. "Give me your hand."
"Why? Are you really that desperate? Is hand-holding the best you can get now that Flash is all hot and bothered over Twilight instead of you?"
>Her glare devolves into an enraged, wide-eyed stare. Oh yeah, she's pissed now, you definitely touched a nerve. Beat it with a baseball bat, more like.
>Shit, it seems they may have found you out. But what gave it away?
>"Oh yeah, we know all about you. You never seem to be seen eating, you get perfect scores on everything even though you never seem to be paying attention. Your skin is greasy and cold, because you have to slather yourself in sunscreen to go outside during the day, and a few miles away, there have been a lot of recent murders around the time you showed up."
>well then.png
"I see. So what do you want?"
>Rainbow Dash stepped forward, putting a hand on Sunset's shoulder.
>"It's okay, I got this Sunset."
>She pulls a sharpened stake out from behind her back.
>"What we want is to get rid of you before you kill any more people."
"And you plan on doing this in the school bathroom."
>She looks taken aback by this. "Uh...yeah?"
"And just how will you explain this to Principal Celestia?"
>"We'll figure it out later."
>She seems not to care, despite that little hiccup. They must be serious about killing you now, then. Even indoors, your powers were greatly weakened during the day. But you might just be able to get out of this without shedding any blood if you played your cards right.
>Flicking your eyes back and forth as fast as you could, you stopped and gazed into each of their eyes for a fraction of a second before looking at the next. This way, it appeared as though you were looking each of them in the eyes at the same time.
>Next came the risky part. You had no idea if you would even have any power at all, but it was worth a try.
>You put all your power into the single word, and the breif but recurring eye contact caused all of them to hesitate slightly. Not full hypnotism, but enough to cause a moments doubt.
>While they were distracted, you bolted straight through the group and out the door into the relative safety of the hallway.
"Damnit. They're smart. They must have been watching the bathroom to make sure they got me alone. Oh well, at least things are interesting now."
>If they found you out this easily, they must be treated as dangerous enemies worthy of caution. Or something like that.
>You leave school early, heading back to home base. Once in the comfort of your "borrowed" house, you sit down and start thinking. Obviously since there are at least six of them, it was probable they'd find out where you live eventually, and if they did, they'd also find your coffin. That could not be allowed to happen, or then they would stand a much bigger chance of killing you.
>If they find where you live and find your coffin, you were screwed. But then an idea occurred. It wouldn't matter if they found where you lived as long as your coffin wasn't there.
>That was it. And in the meantime, you would attempt to bring down their little posse. But no way would they ever lay your hands on the box that contained your true remains. You'd make sure of that.
Why are vampires sexy?
Personally I blame Anne Rice for that
These are some really good painkillers. Posting when I wake up.
Loophole: I didn't specify this Friday, so technically I didn't lie. Still shitty of me though. And no, I'm not doped as a result of an an hero attempt, just had some furniture get dropped on me while helping a friend move.

>Twilight trying to back out
>lay your hands on the box
Otherwise, cool stuff, will enjoy more.
Page 9 save
>that moment when you realize none of the writefags are using the name Anon Rice
Page 7 bump
Why should they?
page ten no you dont bump
Fuck, I missed that one
File: _20151003_123659.jpg (173 KB, 720x1074) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Rice bump
Continuing from >>24915537
>Care slept peacefully, his need for sleep overtaking his self-preservation instinct.
>The machete on his lap as he faced the front door, the depth of his mind keeping him occupied as his death lurched into the room
>The hockey-masked figure known as Jason pulled the machete from the teen, waking Care Root
>Before he could scream he had his mouth quieted by Jason's mighty hand
>Trying to plead with the beast that was more monster than man, Care Root's mumbles were quieted for good as the powerful blade he'd planned to defend himself with cut through his ribcage, his lungs, and his spine, killing him instantly
>As Jason tossed the body to the floor, he began searching for more prey

>"Ugh, man this trip sucks..." Norman mumbled as he got off the lodge's hard wooden floor.
>"First anon freaks out, now the power's gone..." Rolling his neck, Norman checked the time on his phone. "Jesus..." He yawned and entered the main campground, spotting Twilight and Sunset running past
>"Woah, woah!" He said, nearly being knocked over by the girls.
>Taking a page from his friend Anon's book and following in curiosity, Norman approached the body of Flash Sentry
>"Ugh, what's that smell?" He asked as the girls stared mortified at the corpse
>They looked at Norman and sighed.
>"Norman, you..." Sunset began.
>Twilight put a hand on her shoulder and moved aside to let Norman get a closer look
>Flash's body was not a pretty sight
>In the moonlight most of the fine details wear shrouded in darkness, but Flash had certainly not had a good time
>His left leg was bent at an odd angle, having been broken to ensure no escape
>His neck was bruised, implying the injury that killed him had happened there
>In his left hand was a metal chain that he'd grabbed, perhaps in an attempt to find something to defend himself
>With all these pieces, Norman came to a conclusion:
>He then ran to a nearby tree to vomit
File: 1434855703798.gif (2 MB, 150x173) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 150x173
>Flash killed
another flash dead
File: image.jpg (5 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey Stoker will you continue the Super Anonymous story or is it completed ?
Okay, looking my story over, it needs work. I've just finished polishing the prologue, so I'll post it now and follow with more when I can.
>The lights flicker as a shadow hurries past.
>The cheerleader, gasping for breath as she hobbles away, doesn't notice until it's too late.

>Blood spurts from the legs as the chainsaw-wielding lunatic seeks a new victim.
"Bahahahahaha! That's bullshit!"
>You love bad horror movies; a twelve-foot fountain of blood from a pair of obviously plastic legs, streaming from what looks like it's supposed to be an aorta, is a special kind of stupid.
>Not many better ways you could've spent Hallowen, you muse over another sip of scotch.
>Sure, your street hasn't had even one trick-or-treater in years, but that just means you've got privacy to relax and don't have to share the candy. What's the alternative? No one needed a babysitter to escort their kids this year. You could've gone to Pinkie Pie's party and, what, watched other girls get hit on?
>Nah, MacAllen Single Malt is your date tonight. Dress code's even easier than the party, too.
>You hike your shirt up and snatch a bra, hooking it together as you rise from the couch.
>Mirror Mirror, on the wall, who's passably presentable?
>Fuck yeah, basketball shorts are comfortable, functional, and socially acceptable.
>Straightening your bra so it doesn't show through your t-shirt, you lurch towards the door, grabbing the candy bowl as you go.
File: 1443802119306.jpg (223 KB, 880x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223 KB, 880x1000
>Who the fuck is even trick-or-treating this dive, anyway? The good hauls are all out in the habzones; this dead-end street is usually still as the grave on Halloween.
>Stumbling to a stop in front of the door, you glance down at the candy bowl and bury the sole surviving peanut butter cup in the mix. No snotnosed kid is getting the last one of those. A deep breath before you open the door, and...

>"Ve vant to drink your fluids!"
>Three boys are standing on your front porch in full costume; an orange kid with magenta hair in a dark cloak with some skulls and bony bitz, that yellow Apple kid wearing what looks like a Japanese schoolboy's outfit with an IV stand, and... damn, this white nigga went full Dracula. Lace cravat, red/black velvet cape, the works.
>Come to think of it, you've seen these three at school; they're that group of freshmen that got kicked out of the library for using YouTube at max volume.
"Heh. Nice costumes, boys; help yourselves."
>You extend the candy, and the boys hesitate before taking a handful each, stashing it in pockets.
>Weird, trick-or-treaters usually carry bags. Even with fancy custom costumes like these guys have, nothing ruins chocolate like body heat.
>Well, except maybe heat waves. You're glad it's autumn, even if your bare feet are numb.

There has to be a more efficient way of blocking greentext into postable chunks than just dumping in the whole thing ad then erasing lines until it fits.
File: am221.png (31 KB, 406x210) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>A scream from the TV interrupts your thoughts, making the cloaked orange freshie jump.
>"Hey, is that Jason X?" Draculet chirps. "The one where Jason goes to space? I heard it was a good laugh."
"Nah, it's some crappy indie film. The effects are a pretty good laugh, though."
>"Sounds fun. Mind if we come in and watch? Home's a ways away, and it's getting pretty late."
>Boy you have a sword at your hip. Are you seriously afraid to walk the streets tonight?
>Granted, this is a kinda sketchy neighborhood, but it's Halloween. Everyone's got one eye open for sick fucks tonight.
>"Our ride home is busy for a while, and our feet are kinda sore."
>Ah, makes sense. The Apples live even farther away from civilization than this, and who knows where these two live.
"Eh, why not. Shoes off at the door, though."
>While they take their shoes off, crouching in uncomfortable tight pants, you slip into the living room with the candy bowl and snatch your scotch, sticking it in the nearest cabinet. Not getting charged with corruption of minors, NoSirreeBob.
>With that done, you flop back down in your recliner and pause the show. Not worth rewinding to see what you missed, but might as well wait on the boys before continuing.
>They file in after a moment, ditching props at the door - the pale kid's cape and sword belt hang neatly off the IV stand. With sighs and groans, they flop down on your couch and start watching the TV.
>After some shifting and grumbling, they seem comfortable.
"You guys thirsty? I've got drinks in the fridge."
>"That'd be great, miss; thanks!" the Apple kid chirps in his cute little accent. Shit, what are these guys' names? The Apple family is huge, but you know you recognize him, weeaboo suit or no.
>Hopping to your feet with a grunt, you head for the kitchen and check the fridge... milk, water, hard lemonade (Nope!), and... apple cider.
>The good, cloudy stuff, not some watery storebought filth. A local company sells this stuff in glass jugs every autumn, and you always stock up on as much as you can afford the cash and fridge space for.
>Eh, you've got two jugs left. May as well share the love.
>As you grab the open jug and some plastic glasses en route back to the living room, you glance again at the cape hanging by the door. This is quality fabric and stitching... where would they get..?
>Of course! Draculino there is Rarity's younger brother! Figures she'd make him and his friends some high-end costumes.
>What's his name, Something Bell? At least you remember his friends now. Scooteroll got called in for detention last week for riding a scooter in the halls, and those two are always hanging out with Applebuck, AJ's little bro.
>On your way back, you hear grunting and shuffling. Are they wrestling or some shit?
>Aw hell no.

Using r63 names from On A Cross and an Arrow, but leaving the M7 female... or at least Rarara and Ponk. The rest don't come up in this story, unless they end up in one of the sections I'm splicing in.
File: tomoko-14.jpg (41 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 1280x720
>The boys have shoved the couch over in front of your recliner for a better view of the TV.
>Line of sight from your Bastion of Comfiness is ruined. And the carpet where the couch was looks desperately in need of a good vaccuming.
>At least they don't seem to be paying attention to that. You can see some Doritos in the crud; ew. Maybe it's a good thing they moved the couch.
>You set the cider down on the coffee table they moved the couch next to and grab the candy bowl too before joining them, sitting on the left end next to Applebuck and kicking back.

Part 1 complete, but still a ways off from lewd. Hopefully I can get into some kind of routine of daily posting, but if not, well, I did earn this name.
If you finish I'll forgive you. You're still a cunt though.
>You're still a cunt though
Aw, thanks Anon.

I don't expect it to be worth the wait, but you bet your ass I'm gonna finish. Eventually.
I look forward to it regardless.
>Anon wind strip poker
>Anon got lap dances from the mane 6
>Anon banged Fluttershy tenderly
>Anon fucked Rainbow Dash
>Went for water, fucked Rararara and Appul in the ass and filled the apple anus with cream
>Banged ponk in the kitchen with light food play
>Won bet for Twilight's vagina
>Gonna bang her in the shower in 5.
See ya later homeboy
File: _20151003_214741.jpg (62 KB, 720x832) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 720x832
Now there's the laugh and smile I needed before bed.
Cheers, mate; I'm glad Anon made that second thread for you to move on to the M6 and started this monstrosity.
Carlos, what the fuck are you doing?
File: DONGIMPLODE.gif (2 MB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 480x360

>”I noticed,” Pinkie comments before tossing another handful of blackened popcorn at her mouth – only about half make it in. “Yeah, you *fell*, alright.”
>”Don’t believe me!?”
>You expect AJ to jump to her feet and assume a fighting stance, but she stays on her knees, straddling your lap.
>Is it a lap when you’re lying down?
>Or just called your thighs?
>You’ll have to ask Twilight.
>She’ll know.
>And she probably will carry on for the next three hours, so scrap that.
>”No, I believe you fell,” Pinkie laughs, stepping over your legs to get to the bowls and patting AJ’s head on the way. “I believe you fell, alright. Fell *for him*.”
>She giggles at Applejack’s outraged expression.
>”Ah, sure as shoot –“
>An unpopped kernel bounces off her forehead.
>”Just get the ice, AJ,” the other girl sighs, pulling out a pair of large bowls. “We’ve decided on a movie and Twily *finally* returned, so we’re just waiting on you two!”
>The cowgirl opens her mouth to argue, but it just hangs loose, like she can’t think of anything at all to say.
>Slowly, she forces herself to her feet – and then reaches down to help you up.
>You take her hand, only to nearly pull her back down when you try to stand.
>She refuses to let go, though she has to brace herself on the counter before she can actually get you up.
>Those heels are really fucking with her balance, aren’t they?
>”One more bag, Nonny?” Pinkie asks as she skips out, a full bowl in each hand. “I think we’ll need one more, okay?”
“Yeah, I was planning on it anyway, since the last one got burned to fuck thanks to AJ.”
>”Not my fault yer such a pussy,” the cowgirl says with a shrug and a smile. “Can’t even take a lil’ tap.”
“A little tap!?”
>”S’what Ah said,” she smirks while you start the next batch of popcorn going. “Whar’s the ice?”
“In the freezer.”
>”Oh, right,” she mumbles, jerking open the door and staring into the frozen reaches totally lost. “Now how the hay am I gonna…”
“Just take the whole bucket.”
>She should have brought the glasses in here with her, but fuck it, this’ll work too.
>She grabs the bucket out of the freezer and unsteadily wobbles towards the hall.
>”Don’t take too long, ‘kay?”
>You stay there, eyes glued to the timer.
>Another bag won’t be ruined. Not on your watch.
>Even when there’s a sharp yelp from the living room, you leave the girls to their shenanigans.
>Maybe they started the movie without you.
>Almost there… almost… done.
>A few seconds to get it into a bowl and you’re head back in with a nice fresh batch all for yourself.
>And Fluttershy, if she wants any.
“Now what the hell was all that –“
>There’s no point to finishing that sentence.
>It’s kind of obvious what the noise was about, what with Applejack’s leg bleeding all over your favorite chair.
>Well, on the bright side, she found your hatchet.
>”Don’t worry,” she tells you even as she fishes the blade out from between the cushions. “Ain’t as bad as it looks.”
>”Well, it’s still bleeding,” Twilight counters, pressing a fresh wad of napkins to the outside of AJ’s bare thigh, just below her where her shorts end. “Maybe we should get you to the hospital or –“
>”Nah, don’t be such a worrywart! Ah’ve cut mahself worse shavin’.”
“You shave?”
>”O’ course Ah shave! Or didja think that girls are just naturally hairless!?”
“Your legs?”
>That was a stupid question.
>She’s wearing shorts – you can *see* her legs right now.
>It’s just hard to imagine Applejack doing anything so *girly*.
>”Yes, my legs!” she snaps, stretching out her uninjured leg and displaying it for you. “What the heck else would Ah be shavin’!?”
>”Pussy,” Pinkie and Dash answer in unison.
>”Why the hay would Ah shave *that*…?”
“I don’t need to hear this.”
>Not that you don’t want to, but from the way Applejack is struggling with her belt, you’re starting to suspect she might be a little drunk.
>Okay, discard that qualifier – she’s not a little drunk, she’s just plain drunk.
”Twilight, do you think you can help her to the bathroom and slap some bandages on that or something?”
>”Oh, I can help with that,” Fluttershy volunteers, appearing at her friend’s side before you notice she’d even left her seat. “I don’t mind.”
>”Please do,” Twilight sighs, gesturing for the shy girl to take Applejack off her hands, but Fluttershy didn’t even wait.
“Need help –“
>”No, I can carry her,” she interrupts, already helping the cowgirl up. “Don’t worry; I’m stronger than I look.”
>That’s good, because she looks like she couldn’t take a piece of wet spaghetti in a fair fight thanks to that weird combination of skinny build and leftover baby fat that so often plagues teens.
“Um, okay then.”
>You move aside to let them pass, then flop down on the loveseat, right next to the blanket Twilight had brought..
>Would have gone for the chair, except for all the blood.
>That’s going to be fun to explain later.
“So, you decided on a movie?”
>Might as well get it started if it’s going to be too scary for Fluttershy to handle anyway.
>”Mhm!” Dash grunts. “We finally reached a compromise.”
>Is it your imagination, or did she shudder when she said the last word?
File: _20151003_182321.jpg (295 KB, 720x932) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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more rice before I sleep
File: 1421901155212.png (89 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 450x450
I am all ears

Also that fucking hatchet
Fluttershy escorting a bleeding AJ alone? She might really be a vampire
Beginning to suspect that Fluttershy is the only vampire
>With Chocolate syrup crusted onto your body, you decide to make your way up the stairs
>Twilight seemed to follow extra close without saying a word
>You're about to open the door when you hear noises coming from your room
>You can't help yourself and tell Twilight to start the shower and that you'll join her in a second
>As you approach the door you can make out the noises to be moans coming from both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy
>Didn't flutters tell you to come back soon?
>You wonder how long you took banging the girls
>You look in the crack of the door to see Rainbow eating out Fluttershy
>The only odd part was that Fluttershy was pushing Rainbows head into her
>She was really into it
>You were visiting these two after your shower for sure
>You move back over to the bathroom and open it and find Twilight to already have the shower started
>TS:"It took me a minute to figure out how it started but I got it. It should be warming up right now.
>She looked anxious
"Are you okay Twilight?"
>TS:"Just nervous a bit. First time is all."
>You move closer to her
"You'll be fine Twilight. I promise to go slow. I won't hurt you."
>You smile before pulling her into a kiss
>Her eyes go wide as she is stunned for a few seconds
>When she recovers from the suprise kiss she pushes back into you
>You reach around and grab her ass
>It's plush and petite
>It's no appleass but it was a good handful
>She's the one to pull away from the kiss
>TS:"S-So um, should we get in now?"
"Of course Twilight. Just wanted to reassure you a bit."
>You're the first one to enter your shower
>It's definitely big enough for 2 people, maybe 3.
>Twilight gets in behind you
>Somehow she found the perfect heat for the shower
>It felt glorious
>You pick up the bottle of shampoo to begin cleaning yourself but Twilight stops you
>TS:"Um, I would like to wash you. Is that okay?"
"Sure Twilight, go for it."
>She pours a large glob out of the shampoo bottle
>TS:"U-um, can you please maybe neal down a bit? You're too tall."
>You get down on your knees to allow her to reach your head
>She begins to first wash your hair, then your shoulders and back
>She was really lathering you up trying to make you extra clean you suppose
>TS:"Okay, you can rinse your back side off. Then let me do the front."
>She gave a gulp
>As you washed off the soap, she applied more soap to her hands
>You move back out of the water and now you're facing her
>She begins to wash your chest and abs seeming quite fixed on them
>You were no fitizen but you kept pretty good care of your body, enough so that you weren't fat or flabby
>She seems transfixed on your chest but afraid to go any lower than your belly button
>You lightly grab her hand and move it down until it presses against your junk
>Her face turns a but more red than it already was as she begins to slowly wash it
>She now has both hands on making sure that shes cleaning it extremely well
>She's rubbing your balls while stroking the shaft
>You can't help but get hard
>Twilight was now only focusing on your cock and balls watching as it went from flaccid to hard
>TS:"I-i need to document this phenomenon."
"It's just me getting an erection Twilight. Nothing phenomenal here."
>TS:"W-well it's just gotten so large! I can't help if u want to study it..."
>You chuckle to yourself
"Well, I think it's washed enough. Can I rinse now?"
>TS:"Oh! Of course. Sorry!"
>She gave a sheepish smile
>You turn around to once again rinse yourself off
>Twilight moves behind you and grips your cock
>TS:"Anonymous. I want it inside me. I want to copulate in the missionary position for the soul purpose of procreation!"
"How long have you wanted it Twilight?"
>TS:"Since we first came in your door, please. I need this."
>She begins to stroke you
"Glad to see that you wanted me just as much as everyone else."
>TS:"I want you MORE!"
Now this is what I like to wake up to
Sex bump
I've got coin on rarara as well.
File: _20151004_131550.jpg (65 KB, 720x465) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 720x465
I wonder if that myth is what inspired this glorious motherfucker.
...wow, I don't have many images of the Count saved. Time to fix that.
>Eddy gettin his shit rekt by the count
Yer goddamn right he would. Sparkly bastard
Would the Count in Equestria go here or in AiE?
It was. A Vampire has to count any rice you spill in front of them, or else they cannot get you. Some theorize it originated with the Jiang Shi from China, but it's been an attributed in many cultures with Vampires. The Count was based on this mentality according to some.
Just a quick bump here and there
File: _20151004_161826.jpg (96 KB, 897x554) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 897x554
Out of rice
>You sat in the girl's cabin as Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Fluttershy began calming down.
>Ignoring the talking dog, you maneuver yourself ever so closely to Rainbow, who was the least shaken up of the group, claiming that "she knew it was alright" and "everything's gonna be fine"
>Now anon, now you can use your wit and charm to get into her pants
"Your pants are fine."
>As all the women in the room stare at you confused, you keep a smile on your face
>You think of yourself as someone Flash Sentry wished he was
>The girls just wished that something would stop this moment
>You begin
"The moonlight brings out your skin..."
>The girls begin backing away
"I was worried there, that maybe, you know, I'd never..."
>Before you could get any further, Norman's voice rung out and screwed you out of... well, screwing.
>The girls turned to you, looking mortified as they all came to their own conclusions
>And as they all got up and began rolling up their sleeves it became painfully clear none of those conclusions were beneficial for you

>Across the way, Time Turner and Curly Roots ran down to the bottom floor to investigate the screaming, finding Care Root's body splayed upon the floor and realizing that they were in a rather unfortunate situation.
Should we see
A. Jason kill Microchips
B. Jason kill Sandlewood or
C. Where the Hell are Vinyl and Tavi are?
First one of your posts I've seen, but C sounds nice.
>are Vinyl and Tavi are?
I need a proofreader...
File: worried.jpg (9 KB, 267x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Shes a vamp
please continue
I need more monster hunter dating in my life.
File: full.jpg (204 KB, 900x1273) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Getting a strong urge to mix together ponies and LoK in some writefaggorty
Thought you meant Legend of Korra for a sec.
Go for it. Ponies would fuck over all the Tzeentch-tier schemes that franchise had going on.
Hold on, is that a Soul Reaver pony?
This will either be good or terribly autistic. Wish me luck!

Yes, yes it is.
I fucking loved those games. Once I get a computer, I'm getting Steam. They have at least the first two games for friggin cheap
"Nightmare moon is deified. The herds tell tales of her, few know the truth. She was mortal once, as were we all. However, her contempt for Celestia drove him to create me and my brethren."
"I am Star Saber, first born of her lieutenants. I stood with the Empress and my brethren at the dawn of the empire. I have served her a millennium."
>Star Saber enters the grand hall of eternal night. The bat pony has red fur and a black mane. His eyes are of the deepest yellow. Over his right leg a half-cloak black like his mane with his cutie-mark stamped on it. Which also happens to be the mark of his herd.
"I am Star Saber, first born of her lieutenants. I stood with the Empress and my brethren at the dawn of the empire. I have served her a millennium."
>Walking into the center of the room the stallion kneels. Around him stand his five brothers. Each with the same kind of half-cloak declaring their own herd's emblem. Seated directly before the bat pony rests Nightmare Moon. Her eyes cold.
"Over time we became less like ponies and more . . . divine. The Empress would enter the state of change and emerge with a new gift."
"Some years after her, our evolution would follow, until I had the honour of surpassing my Empress."
>Star Saber lifts his head to show that a horn has sprouted. A horn that exceeds the length of the Empress' own. Scowling the Alicorn mare steps off her throne and approaches her lieutenant. She slowly circles him before stopping and staring right into his eyes.
"For my transgression, I earned a new kind of reward. Agony."
>With a roar her horn glows and the smaller ponies is broken from his skull leaving only a numb where is used to be. At the same times her magic envelops his wings and tears the bones from them. The combined pain is to much and the stallion passes out.
"There was only one possible outcome, my eternal damnation. I, Star Saber, was to suffer the fate of traitors and weaklings: to burn forever in the bowels of the lake of the dead."
>At the edge of a mighty whirlpool do Nightmare moon and her lieutenants take the unconscious pony. Taking him to the edge the dark mare smiles and turns her back
"Cast him in!"
>Just as he drifts into consciousness Star Saber finds himself falling and screams until he hits the water.
"Agony, time ceased to exist."
>The water is as acid to him. His entire body begins to break away until only an emaciated corpse remains.
"Only this torture and a deepening hatred of the mare that damned me to this hell. An eternity passed and my torment receded, bringing me back from the precipice of madness."
>Stirring the bat pony slowly lifts himself up to find he is in some kind of cave. After examining himself for a brief second he takes the remains of his half-cloak and uses it to cover the lower portion of his face which is currently missing a jaw.
"The descent had destroyed me, and yet, I lived."
>Taking another few moments to get his bearings he is startled to hear a voice. One that is both ancient and powerful beyond measure.
"Star Saber. You are worthy."
File: 1436718805292.png (405 KB, 650x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
405 KB, 650x590

That is what I have so far.
For some reason, this makes me want to make a Sir Daniel Fortesque pony story

Strange that you'd ask me this question here instead of my Werewolf thread. Super Anonymous kind of peaked in Super Anonymous 2; I presented Discord as a cosmic-level threat that could end the entire universe and Anon defeated him. I mean, where do I go from there? I had a thought a while back to write Super Anonymous 3 wherein multi-dimensional Anons battled for supremacy, but I scrapped it.

Plus, I like Super Anonymous 2's ending.

But in three years or so I'll be ready for the cross-universe fanfic where Super Anonymous, Anonymous Werewolf and Anonymous the Jedi meet and fight each other.

I'm kidding. That's not going to happen.
>That's not going to happen.
I'd read it though.
"Not to happy with the choice?"
>The girl shrugs noncommittally and leans back in the sofa.
>"Nah, I'm fine with it," she answers, stretching and resting her right arm on the back of the seat. "But it could be *better*."
>"Not really," Pinkie comments, bouncing beside the athlete.
>She looks so fucking happy with her burnt-ass popcorn.
>Fucking weird.
>Even Rarity thinks so - she's eying the bowl with a mixture of disgust and confusion, so you hold out yours to her. And like a proper lady, she only takes a small handful and rewards you with a smile.
>You would have flipped the table if she had taken the entire thing, instead of the pile she gently places on a napkin.
>"Yeah, you're right," Dash sighs, still not sounding entirely convinced. "Army of Darkness *is* pretty awesome, but..."
>"Just ignore her," Rarity tells you, daintily popping the first peace into her mouth. "Rainbow Dash is just getting fussy because her first pick is *boring*."
>"Well, EXCUSE ME!" her friend huffs, nearly taking off Pinkie's head when she crosses her arms angrily. "It's not my fault! I've never seen it before! I just heard that it was awesome -"
>"Well, it's not," Rarity interjects. "Believe me, I *have* seen it, and Cannibal Holocaust really isn't your pace at all."
>She turns to you and smiles cruelly.
>"Not enough Michael Bay," she explains in a stage whisper for your benefit. "Besides, it does not really fit the theme, does it? Gory and delightfully disgusting, yes, but scary? Certainly not."
>"And it's not a monster movie," Pinkie mumbles through a mouthful of blackened popcorn. "We gotta watch a monster movie!"
File: 1W8W23hFGc-2.png (7 KB, 300x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 300x250
Applejack is ded
Bat pony thread is over here >>24808261
True. Would agree that bat pony should be kept in their containment, I mean their own thread.
>"Fine," Dash grunts. "I just wanted to watch something new, you know?"
>"Oh, do not worry about that," Rarity titters, daintily covering her mouth as she laughs. "I can assure you that the *next* movie will be a fresh experience."
>She giggles louder at her friend's disappointed moan -
>They ARE friends, right?
> - and shivers theatrically.
>"Anon, could you be a dear and pass me one of those blankets?"
>You hadn't noticed, but Twilight had dropped both of them there.
>She seems rather unapologetic about it, too - she only shrugs when you glare at her.
>With a sigh, you grab the top one -
>"The knit, if you don't mind?" Rarity asks, smiling apologetically.
>You grab the *other* blanket - the knit one - and.... meh, you'll probably knock over all the open bottles and glasses and everything if you throw it.
>One of the corners will snag something and make a mess.
>You just know it.
>And so you stand and carry it over to the girl to drape it around her shoulders.
>Of course you do it wrong, because Rarity is immediately adjusting it and pulling it around and tucking herself, turning herself into a Rarity Burrito with only her head, the tips of her feet, and one hand exposed.
>A hand that grabs yours as you try go back to your seat.
>She doesn't say anything, just gives it a quick squeeze before letting you go.
>Maybe - maybe you should *thank* Twilight.
>Somewhat reluctantly, you return to your seat - her face is beaming with such satisfaction you don't quite want to walk those few steps away.
>"What're you looking so happy about?" Dash snarls at her. "I know you get to pick the next one! You don't have to be so smug about it!"
>She sighs loudly and throws herself back in her seat and making the entire sofa shudder.
>"I bet it's going to suck," she mumbles loudly when Rarity doesn't dignify her with a response. "Can we at least start Army of Darkness now?"
>"What about Fluttershy and AJ?" Twilight asks distractedly, fidgiting in her chair - she tries to cross her legs, but stops partway and snaps them together.
>Probably worried that she might accidently flash her panties in that skimpy dress.
>"Well, Anon?" Pinkie asks, defering to you.
>As it should be.
>This *is* your house, after all.
>Well, your parents' house, but close enough.
>"Let's start it!" Dash urges you. "Come on!"
"No. We wait."
>She screams in frustration - or is it horror?
>"Fine!" the athlete shouts, leaping to her feet and pointing at your favorite chair. "We're at least going to do something about that, right!?"
>For someone so very lazy, she just can't chill, can she?
>Always has to be doing something, even if it's slacking off.
>But now? With no work to do and nothing to slack off from?
>It's driving her nuts.
>"I am afraid it has already soaked in," Rarity sighs without even looking at the stain. She's too happy and snug in her blanket, you think. "Not much that can be done about it now. Certainly nothing effective."
>"Well, actually -"
>"Hydrogen peroxide!" Dash yells at the fashionista, her voice drowning out Twilight's.
>"Hydrogen peroxide will get that out!" Dash repeats, smiling smugly. "Go get some, Anon!"
>If it works, that's one less thing for you to get in trouble over, so why the hell not?
"Sure. Be right back."
The fuck she know that for?
Leave it to rainbow dash to know some extremely arbitrary fact, that ain't really relevant except in one specific case.
That's a very good question.
She's an athlete; with the sheer number of sports she plays, she's bound to bleed a little, especially as recklessly as she moves. She might've learned that way.
I'd thought this was common knowledge; I'm surprised Rarity at least doesn't know, considering it's cloth-care, but as girls they're all subject to monthly bleeding - a few accidents from that and bloodstains probably become a fairly common blemish to cleanse.
You're confusing Dash with Pinkie, anon.
I know what I'm doing, anon, don't worry about it.
and whats that
Lots of drugs.
File: image.jpg (4 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 KB, 125x125
How many drugs?
Like 7 marijuanas
You guys still interested in my story?
of course
Just going through a bit of writer's block so updates might be slow
its ok dude take your time
>There should be some in the bathroom with the rest of the first aid stuff.
>You’ll just slip in and nab it.
>And check on AJ. She was acting like it was nothing, but they’ve been gone a while.
>Might be more serious.
>You *almost* feel guilty. Less guilty than you would if you’d found the axe when you were looking for it earlier, though.
>Yeah, that would have been bad.
>Good thing all you found was some change.
>And with that thought, you’re now the one finding yourself blocked by a closed door.
“Hey, AJ?”
>You knock on the door.
>No clue why it would be closed, but who knows what’s going on in there.
>Another knock.
>You try the handle.
>There’s a muffled groan, a few thumps, a click, and the door opens a hair.
>Just wide enough for you to see a wisp of pink hair and a single blue eye.
>”Oh, um, sorry, but…”
“Everything okay?”
>”No,” Fluttershy answers quickly. “Yes.”
>”Everything’s fine.”
“So I can come in?”
>”Sorry, but… I… um…”
“I kind of need to get the peroxide.”
>”Oh!” she gasps. “For the stain! Of course!”
>She shuts the door in your face and you can hear the click of the lock.
>There’s another click after only a few seconds and the door opens again, just wide enough for her to slip the bottle through.
>”Here,” she mumbles. “Sorry it took so long…”
“Not a problem, but why couldn’t I come in?”
>”I… um… Applejack had to take her shorts off so I could properly bandage her.”
>Makes sense.
>You can totally understand why she’d want the door locked.
“Sorry, AJ!”
>”She’s… um… we’ll be out in a minute,” Fluttershy says, shutting the door on you again.
>You got what you came for.
>And when you return to the living room and shove it into Dash’s hands, it works wonders, clearing up the blood almost instantly.
“I can’t believe that worked.”
>”Really?” Twilight snarks, one eyebrow raised.
>”Yeah, you should know better than to doubt me,” Dash smirks at you, totally misinterpreting the egghead’s comment.
“But why would you even know that?”
>”Oh come on,” she laughs. “You should know why! I have to clean blood out of my clothes on a pretty regular basis!”
>Free bleeder?
“Gross. I didn’t need to hear that.”
>”From *sports*, you dingdong!” Pinkie explains with a giggle. “Besides, isn’t it common knowledge?”
>”It *is*,” Rarity agrees, but with a slight frown. “But I still think you should just get the thing reupholstered, since it probably reached the padding.”
>She blinks at you innocently.
>You have no idea how a blink can portray innocence, but it does.
>”Besides,” she says sweetly, “that fabric’s pattern is *horrid*.”
>It kind of is.
“But if we did that, we’d have to get all of the others redone, too, so they’d match.”
>”I know.”
>She gives you a victorious little grin.
“Fine, I’ll ask about – oh, welcome back!”
>The questor’s have returned, though Applejack seems to be leaning awfully hard on Fluttershy.
“Are you *sure* you’re okay, AJ?”
>”Yeah,” she mumbles. “M’fine.”
>”I don’t know,” Twilight says, almost sounding concerned. No, you’re being overly harsh – she actually does seem like she’s worried for her friend, going so far as to help her into her seat and pressing her hand to the side of her friend’s neck.
>”You’re looking kind of grey and your pulse is weak,” she says, shifting to check on the bandage Fluttershy had applied. “I’m starting to worry that you might have gone into shock.”
>”Ah *said* Ah’m fine!”
>The cowgirl slaps at her friend’s hands, driving Twilight back to her seat.
>”Don’t worry,” Fluttershy tells her, coming over to sit down beside you. “She’ll be okay, though it couldn’t hurt to elevate her legs or get her a blanket…”
>”I’ll be right back!”
>Twilight is gone in a flash – shit, she really *does* care, doesn’t she?
>At least she already knows where to find one.
File: levia.png (159 KB, 790x618) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 790x618
What degree of monster you guys accepting? Pony variations or general MLPverse things? I've been trying to convert some monsters, but they're not really strange waifu material so I wasn't sure what to do with them.
File: 1386298637836.png (183 KB, 311x393) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB, 311x393
Let this be your guide, citizen.

Ave Imperator.
Goodnight, sempai
Really hoping you don't end up going full grimdark, but even if you do it's gonna be interesting.
Fucking hell, is there anyone on /mlp/ that isn't a teegeefag, kommando, or fitizen?
>implying that there aren't secret /d/eviants among the horsefucker ranks as well
>implying it's a secret

I'm from /co/.
>I'm from /co/.
For the recor/d/, most of us don't hate you /co/, or your naughty spawn, /aco/. We just want our /d/omicile back.
File: 1429923981053.jpg (80 KB, 598x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80 KB, 598x400
We all love guns here right?

It's a couple days behind, but I'll update it tonight.
>Fluttershy, on the other hand, doesn't.
>She's snuggling up to your side with legs curled up under herself.
>If she cared at all, she would have given up her blanket for AJ instead of pulling it over herself - and you.
>Okay then.
>That's enough for you to feel comfortable cuddling back.
>You slide your arm around her waist and pull her closer - and nope, you were wrong.
>Fluttershy jerks away from you, scowling as sadly as humanly possible before yanking the blanket up to cover her nose.
>Maybe she'll forgive you.
>Or maybe she was just surprised.
>Yeah, hopefully that.
>"No, it's okay," Fluttershy mumbles into the cloth, "but could you, um, could you maybe wash your neck...?"
>Oh, right, the garlic.
>"Yeah, you *do* kinda smell like a cheap Italian restaurant," Dash agrees with a cruel smile. "Instant turnoff."
>"Indeed," Rarity agrees. "What is it about high school boys that makes them think those kinds of places will impress us? That's why I *always* choose the restaurant."
>She shudders slightly in her blankety cocoon.
>"At least, I do *now*," she adds, winking at you, "though I do make an exception from time to time."
In a roundabout way I guess that answers my question. Is there really nowhere on /mlp/ for monster focused stories that aren't sexually charged?
I was writing an EQGs/Friday the 13th crossover, but I'm thinking of dropping it due to lack of interest.
I think we decided early on that this was going to be more "classic" monsters and that bat/spider/naga/monster girl type things were to be taken elsewhere.
Just because people aren't singing praise from the roof doesn't mean people aren't interested. I for one am reading every story in this thread, apart from the futa/shota one some Anon keeps saying he'll write I have no interest in that what so ever.
ib4 anon jams the axe between flutterbat's eyes
Even mine?
i am
"Fine, point taken."
>It's not like you'll be holding things up. Not much, anyway, since Twilight still hasn't come back with that blanket for AJ.
>In fact, she isn't in the hallway, either. Dammit, what the hell is it about your bedroom that she finds so enthralling?
>You wash up in the bathroom before heading back to your room. Even if she passed by while you were in the bathroom, you could probably stand to change your shirt. It doesn't smell of garlic - you don't think, anyway - but you might as well.
>Just in case.
>To no surprise, Twilight is still in your room, a heavy comforter held in both arms.
"Well? You found it."
>"Not yet," she mumbles, only half-hearing what you said. She doesn't look up, continuing to search your floor for something. "I can't find them anywhere."
"Um. You're *holding* one."
>Her head snaps up and her eyes widen to anime-like proportions.
"Um. A blanket. For AJ. You're holding one."
>"Oh, right! Right!"
"So, could you make get the hell out?"
>"Why?" Twilight asks in an insultingly suspicious tone.
>She really needs to stop skipping her meds.
"Because I was going to change."
>She doesn't budge.
>Fuck it.
>It's only a shirt.
>"What the hell are you doing!?" she hisses when you begin pulling it off.
"Like I said, changing."
>You throw the old shirt on the floor, where it belongs.
>Twilight doesn't say another word.
>Nor does she leave.
"Maybe I'll change my pants too. Swap out these jeans for some PJ bot -"
>Oh, that does it, sending the girl walking out stiffly, but quickly, while very obviously NOT looking your direction.
>She pulls the door shut behind her.
>Because you were serious about those PJs.
>If only you could find them.
"Dammit, where the fuck did I leave those...?"
>"They're not on the floor!" Twilight yells from the other side of the door. "DON'T LOOK ON THE FLOOR!"
>Fucking weirdo.
>Why would (mostly) clean clothes go on the floor?
>You find them tangled up in your sheets, and with the addition of a clean shirt from your closet you feel somewhat presentable.
>Meh, you're still more dressed than any of the girls, besides Pinkie. Maybe. You have no idea what she has on under those robes.
>Twilight is still waiting outside your door and tries to slip back in as soon as you open it - so you grab her by the shoulders and physically guide her back towards the living room.
>She doesn't resist, besides the soft whimper of a guilty puppy.
"Stop it."
>You shake her until the sound stops.
"AJ needs you, so stop trying to sneak away."
>"Oh. Right."
>She pulls free from you and practically sprints back down the rest of the hall - by the time you catch up, she has the comforter draped around her friend and is finishing up tucking in the corners.
>Looks like she has everything under control, so you push past her and make for your spot beside Fluttershy.
>Weird that she's still sitting there, grinning at you.
>Shouldn't she be fussing over AJ?
>Meh, Fluttershy is the one that bandaged her up and probably has a better idea of her friend's condition than any of you.
>If she's acting like this, then AJ will be just fine.
>If she's acting like this
She's going to eat our delicious jugular.
First I've heard of futas, and I'm the one writing the damn thing. Gonna try to squeeze out an update before class.
>Vinyl bopped along to the music over her headphones as Octavia lead the way down the bumpy, unpaved road.
>Octavia had been complaining and moaning and bitching about how Vinyl'd talked her into this and how should be at home with her double bass and blah blah blah
>Her silent companion kept her headphones and sunglasses on, it being a mystery to all how she was able to react and interact normally with those pieces of plastic obscuring her senses
>They had been walking for two hours, the two of them realizing how much they'd taken the school bus for granted
>Before they took another water break Vinyl stopped Octavia and pointed to a vehicle in the distance
>"Oh thank god!" Tavi shouted. "I was growing worried we'd never reach civilization."
>Scratch raised an eyebrow at that remark but followed her companion regardless.
>As they got closer they found the vehicle was a police truck, usually ones that carried prisoners and convicts. Closer still, they saw that it had crashed into a tree, and all the doors were open.
>As the two ladies stared at each other and considered their options, the bushes rustling forced them to make their choices quick.
>The two ducked into the front seat, shutting and locking the doors behind them. Scratch began meddling with the police radio before finding a transmission.
>"Twenty-Eight Point Five, code six, we have a case of uh..."
>Before Vinyl could answer Octavia jumped in.
>"Oh thank the heavens above, listen! I need the police!"
>"...Who is this? Ma'am, are you aware that it is illegal for civilians t-"
>"Civilian?! How dare you! Do you know who I am?" Vinyl gave Tavi an unhappy look. "Listen, that's not important right now. We found a crashed police van on the side of the road, we cannot find the driver or passengers, and one of our friends might be dead."
>A short pause followed, the two girls looking at one-another in hopes that it went through.

Will the cops come through or are they "busy"?
Cops respond, but don't help.
They've lost too many officers over the years trying to protect this stupid kids. But they're very, very sorry, and they'll help any of the kids that make it out of Jason's murderzone.
>She doesn't *look* particularly fine, though a bit of color is starting to return to her cheeks.
>"Don't worry, she'll be okay," Fluttershy reassures you, seeing your gaze lingering on the cowgirl. "I have a lot of experience with that kind of thing."
"Because you're always taking care of injured animals?"
>She stares at you blankly for a second before nodding.
>Yeah, that was a pretty stupid question to ask, because what the fuck else could she have meant?
>Satisfied with AJ's condition, Twilight slumps into her seat and gestures towards the tv.
>Right, everyone's ready.
>"What are we watching?" Fluttershy asks, snuggling up to you again, followed by a happy little sigh.
"Army of Darkness. You're lucky, it was almost Cannibal Holocaust."
>You jump in surprise as she growls softly.
>"But it doesn't really fit, you know?" Pinkie chimes in. "Not a monster flick or horror film."
>"I disagree," Fluttershy answers, staring at her friend angrily. "There are *plenty* of monsters in that movie."
File: 1443739689394.png (131 KB, 288x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 288x339
"There are *plenty* of monsters in that movie
human kind are monisters
I took it as more of an issue with the killing. Flutterpire is catch and release it seems.
thats what i was getting at
I'm gonna post today. I promise.
Figures. 4chan unfucks itself as class is starting.
Oh well. Bigger update later, then.
We'll wait.
Hell yeah, you were the one who got the original thread to take off.
Yeah, this thread is my love child. I regret nothing.
Except the CMC threesome scene
Because it was a little rushed, right? Because that was the only problem with it.
I wonder if Sweetie stole one of Rarara's morning after pills. Speaking of which, I didn't realize until a day or two ago that you were the guy who wrote that Sweetie story from however long ago, or that it continued past Anon walking her home.
I'm sorry, I never finished that story. I could always go back and continue if a thread like that comes along
It's fine. Between this thread, RGRE, Prison, Star Wars, Wardrobe Malfunctions, Stepsister Moondancer, et cetera, and actual books, I've got more than enough reading material.
>You sit next to the lovely lady an decide that if your going to have a meal, it's probably her
"Hello madam my name is Anonymous"
>The girl replies with an accent that sends blood to your dick rather quickly
>"My name is Rarity, it's a pleasure to meet you"
>She assesses you while you 'pay attention to class'
>She notices the slight bulge in your pants and almost instinctively bites her lip
>"Say Anonymous, may I call you Darling?"
>Ooo so she's already giving you per names
"If you wish to then I shall do the same darling"
>Her eyes tell you of her uncontrollable lust right now
>"How about you meet me in the bathroom darling?"
>The girl immediately raises her hand and asks to go to the restroom
>She is allowed
>As she is walking from her seat to the door she sways her ass in a very enticing and teasing way
>The men are staring at the spectacle that you can claim
>Sometimes you don't need to be a vampire to enthrall people
>Several minutes pass by before you ask as well
>While the professor is a bit more hesitant she allows you to leave anyway
>You head to the bathroom and decide to go into the men's first
>You never know who else will be in the women's
>After peering inside and listening for heart beats only to find none you go to the women's
>You do the same thing here
>There are two heartbeats
>Should you go in?
>>24967642 yes lets get her in a nice quiet stall and {feed/fuckher}
Feed on her mid-fucking.

I haven't been following this; are our bites pleasurable, or just bites? Unless they're supernaturally painful I'll bet she'll be into it so long as she doesn't realize how much blood she's losing.
the centuries of experience we have in the romance department should keep her well distracted from blood loss
File: 1434977770144.jpg (47 KB, 598x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Should I continue my story? I haven't been posting because shit happened IRL, but if anyone is interested still I'll continue. It may be a while before an update though
Please continue. If we weren't interested, someone would have gone full REEEEEEEEEE on you by now.
Do it cunt.
Alright. It'll take a few days, but update will happen, my real life be damned
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What a trooper ;-;7
Can't wait for the update!
thread theme.
>”Oh, darling, no!” Rarity gasps, shaking her head and sending her curls to bouncing around her head. “They may be cannibals, but they are still human!”
>”I know.”
>There’s a deep and ominous silence that stretches on just a little too long – you’re tempted to speak up, or just reach for the remote and just start the movie, but thankfully Twilight does it for you.
>The speaking up bit, not the movie.
>Bless her little sperg heart.
>”Actually, I totally get where you’re coming from,” she says to Fluttershy, nodding slightly. “From what I’ve heard, it sounds pretty similar to Apocalypse Now in that –“
>You gently push Fluttershy away and reach for the remote – well, you *try* to, but she’s so tensed up, it’s like pushing against a mountain. Luckily, you’re able to reach it anyway with a bit of stretching.
>” – well, anyway, both films explore the darkness inherent in –“
>This isn’t going to stop.
>Twilight never does, unless someone makes her.
>So you start the movie.
>” – I should probably watch them both to do a proper comparison, but –“
>And crank up the volume.
>That shuts her up.
>So why is she smiling?
>No mistake about it, she’s acting like she won or something, leaning back in the chair and happily munching from the bowl of popcorn in her lap.
>After a bit, Fluttershy does the same, though in place of a chair, she’s leaning against you, and instead of happily munching from your bowl of popcorn that you offer her, she’s eyeing it suspiciously.
>”Oh, go on,” Rarity whispers loudly to her. “You haven’t eaten a single thing and you’re insulting our host. Keep this up and he might just throw us all out!”
>She yelps when Pinkie smacks her upside the head and hisses wordlessly – but with unmistakable meaning: the movie has started, so shut the fucking fuck up you worthless shiteating cumdumpster!
File: 1439352569872.gif (124 KB, 563x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
124 KB, 563x750
Really? Well I'll try and see if I can work up the motivation to do it tomorrow, otherwise I'll probably end up procrastinating
>That might not be and exact word-for-word translation of the gesture, but it’s pretty damn close in intent.
>Well, you’ve had enough popcorn for now, and Fluttershy isn’t going to have any so you pull it away from her and set it on the sidetable – leaving the girl with a single piece of popcorn trapped between her thumb and forefinger.
“Oh, sorry, did you –“
>She shakes her head and starts nibbling on her popcorn like a squirrel on a nut.
>Well, if she’s happy with just that, who are you to argue?
>Instead, you try to relax and enjoy the film – and that’s surprisingly easy to do. The comforting warmth of the girl pressed against you makes your worries melt away – most of them, anyway.
>Unable to forget what happened last time you tried to return her cuddling, you keep your right arm on the back of the loveseat.
>At least, that’s where you’re keeping it for… maybe the first ten (fifteen?) minutes of the movie, until a geyser of blood makes Fluttershy jump and grasp your hand.
>Without a moment’s hesitation, she pulls your arm over her collarbone, leaving your hand in a very confusing and precarious position just shy of her shoulder and only slightly above the neckline of her dress. If your hand accidentally strays…
>Thankfully, her hand is clasped over yours, so you don’t have to worry about that, or that you’ve already crossed some line. After all, if she’s holding it in place, that must mean she wants it there, right?
>Her earlier reaction must have just been from surprise – or the smell.
we so dead.
Not a bad way to go, though.
File: ahmadinejad.jpg (60 KB, 800x505) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 800x505
>the movie has started, so shut the fucking fuck up you worthless shiteating cumdumpster!
I'm going to print that out, laminate it, and keep it behind my TV in case of emergency.
Feed while fucking
Gotta make her cum while we do it
Even better if we can make her orgasm -from- the bite and ride it all through the feeding, then give her another as we're finishing drinking. Rarity seems like the kind of girl to get prolonged orgasms, and might be the type to get off on being bitten - if we're careful, she might not figure out what we are until she has a chance to examine her neck.
I like the way you think
>Whatever it was, Fluttershy is happily snuggling up to you now.
>Unlike AJ, this girl is soft in all the right places - and unlike AJ, the rhythm of her breathing is in tune with yours. With your arm clasped over her chest, you can feel it rise and fall in perfect time with your own, broken only by her occasional giggling fit.
>It's just too comfortable to move, which is almost annoying because you're starting to get really thirsty.
>But if go to pour yourself something, you'll have to get up to reach it, and right now that seems impossible.
>Kind of like getting out of bed on a cold winter morning. Theoretically it can be done, but the practical says otherwise.
>Well, at some point she'll get thirsty and you can pour something for both of you, except she never does. Or at least, she never says anything.
>You try to catch Rarity's attention - maybe she can get you something - but the girl is focused wholly on the movie and your gesturing does nothing.
>Practically nothing.
>One of them catches Pinkie's eye and she glances over - you point to one of the soda bottles and she nods.
>Fuck yeah.
>Another giggling fit from Fluttershy pulls your attention away from Pinkie - oh, right, the three books - and you look back just in time to see her set down your glass on the corner of the coffee table, just the perfect spot for you to grab it without having to move anything more than your arm.
>You nod your thanks and take a sip.
>This... is weird.
>It tastes weird.
>Maybe the soda went bad...?
>Not that you don't like the flavor, but Dr Pepper isn't supposed to taste like this.
>You almost say something, but Pinkie holds up one of Rarity's bottles before you can. She gives it a little shake and smiles diabolically at you.
>She spiked your drink.
>It still tastes good, so you take another sip before setting it back on the table and giving her a thumbs up.

captcha: select the popcorn
Last time it made you select waffles, now its making you select popcorn. Maybe captch really is becoming skynet.
I know it's a little late but I would also like to get in on this writefaggotry taking place, but only if you guys feel like you can fit in one more.

Ain't trying to just butt in out of nowhere.
Get in there boi !
File: Dark_Hallway.png (106 KB, 900x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
106 KB, 900x563
> You pull up the lantern to try and gain some visual.
> You know, being a vampire wouldn't be so bad.
> Or a Werewolf, at least then you could smell where the hell you were going.
> The rickety floor creaked and groaned under your weight.
> You are Anonymous.
> And you're a hunter.
> Well... you try and avoid that title, a lot of hunters were hated.
> Most of them were bigot, inbred, rednecks toting guns.
> Or men in tinfoil hats.
> But they were shiny and cool looking...
> Right, right.
> You've been tracking this thing for awhile.
> Same old, same old.
> Kids spend night in rumored haunted house.
> End up dead the next morning.
> So who has to clean up?
> That's right, you.
> You look around, battered furniture decorated that dark hallway.
> To your left open, dirty windows let the night gust in, bellowing the dirty white curtains.
> You adjust your mask.
> Maybe you could talk this out?
> You didn't feel like fighting right now to be honest.
> You had a movie to go to.
> What movie was it again?
> Probably something girly, you fou-
> This was the most boring part of the hunt.
> Hunting....
> So you tried to keep yourself occupied with jumpy, thoughts.
> You were told by other hunters that you were quite... Eccentric.
> Yeah, eccentric and not crazy at all.
> You turn the corner.
> Suddenly you backpedaled and came to a stop in front of a covered mirror.
> Uncovering it you smile under your mask.
> You always had to admire yourself.
> It was part of your lifestyle...
> You had a rather odd dress style.
> But it was perfect for hunting anyway.
> A clover green and black suit with a green and black striped tie.
> Over that you wore a black, button-up rain coat made from polyester and cotton.
> To top it all off you wore a clover green mask with a large question mark smack dab in the middle.
> You had your reasons.
> Pulling up your leather gloves you sigh as you adjust them.
> Suddenly a sharp movement caught your eye.
> You jump out of the way, a loud crash ringing throughout the still air.
> A large ash covered man in a black leather jacket pulled a fireaxe out of the mirror.
> Turning to you with an angry eye shine he lumbered forward.
> Sending out a wild swing, you managed to barely duck under it.
> The wall next to you exploded in a frenzy of splinters.
> You pop up.
"Suppose we could talk about this?"
> With a grunt he bought the axe loose.
> You step back, calling it close again.
"No? Really, come on now!"
> He bought the axe down overhead.
> You back into the wall, pressing flat against it.
> As the axe struck the ground the giant let out a howl.
"Okay man, enough of this."
> You pull out a silver flask and unscrew it.
> Pouring out the water onto the back of his neck the giant roared and stumbled away from you.
> Axe, Giant, Unintelligent.
> Yeah this was your guy.
> Plus there was the holy water thing.
> It worked on any thing that went bump in the night.
> From your prior hunting knowledge you were guessing he was simply a zombie.
> Which was easy.
> You pull the axe from the ground.
> The giant lumbered for you.
> And you simply lobbed off his head with ease.
> The body ran past you, falling to the ground.
> Both the head and body decayed instantly.
> Done and done.
> You shoulder the axe and pick up the lantern.
> Now for the hard part....
> You stood in front of a farm house overlooking a nearby lake on a hill.
> You tried knocking on the door but nobody answered.
> After some investigating you found a frail, old man in overalls staring out at the lake.
> He sat on a dock.
> It didn't take long for you to reach him.
> "Is it gone?" he asked solemnly.
> The man turned back to the lake silently.
> "Good..." he spat.
> "Damn monster took my son."
> With a sigh you walk over and plop down next to him.
> Adjusting your coat you place and arm around his shoulder.
"Yes, yes I know. But you've got to let it go Mister James."
> He just grunted in response.
> You frown.
"If you hold onto that hate you become something worse..."
> "What could be worse than a monster?"
> Your eyes met.
> And he turned away.
> "Right, right of course..."
> The two of you sat in silence.
> Patting him on the back one last time you get up and walk away.
> You wouldn't see him again.
> As you headed back towards your car your phone went off.
> "And I'm hungrrry like the woooolf!"
> You pull it out and flip it open.
> Flipphones are hip.
> "Anonymous...."
"Who is this?"
> You check the number and bring it back to your ear.
> Unknown.
> "It's me Luna, and I've got a problem at my school."
> You quirk an eyebrow.
> Luna was an old friend of yours.
> Well more like old acquaintance.
> She and her sister used to hunt as well.
> Eventually they settled down somewhere and dropped out of the game.
> They had both thought the same as all of the other hunters.
> That you were a craz- eccentric man that shouldn't be trusted no matter how desperate you were.
> Which meant that they were beyond desperate.
> "Look, just drive to the town Canterlot. I'll explain once you get here."
"Uhg, but there's a sweet movie I've got and I think I've got a lead on the Bunnyman Bridge case."
> That was your dream bust.
> "Anonymous please, this is way beyond either me and my sister."
> You frown and scratch your head.
"Well... alright, but I'm kind of three states away."
> "That's fine, I'll pay you back whatever it is for gas so long as you get down here fast."
> Man she sounded desperate.
"Why don't you call any of the others? I heard Big Blue is looking for some jobs."
> "..."
> ....
"The others are too busy for you aren't they?"
> "...Yes."
"SO you dug through an old black book until you found my name and thought 'Hmmm, let's push him back as a last resort and find someone better'."
> "...Yes."
"Then you couldn't find anybody else huh?"
> "...."
> With a sigh you roll your eyes.
> "Alright, I'll be there as soon as I can, it may take me a couple of days."
> "Okay, thank you! Please hurry."
> You flip the phone shut and slip it back into your coat.
> Man, that was new.
> Cracking your fingers you stroll over to a large RV camper.
> 'I like black girls' was spray painted in black on the side.
> On the other side was a large middle finger.
> Kids would and will always piss you off.
> Especially teenagers.
> You hoped you wouldn't have to deal with them for this hunt...
> They made things so much harder.
> Stepping into the RV you sigh.
> Pulling out a shard of broken mirror glass you trudge past the various litter of beer cans and glass bottles.
> Candy wrappers as well as fast food wrappers lay among the litter, infested with roaches.
> A large silver box was on your left, right under the RV window.
> Across from it was a half table with a booth bench.
> Strewn out on the table were multiple papers and pictures of different monster sand creatures.
> Maps, plans, and drawings were strewn about as well.
> You click open the silver box, stepping back from it.
> With a hiss the lid opened and a polished shelf came rising out of it.
> Black, metal fold-able bars helped it compress into the box.
> Multiple random objects decorated the shelves.
> A machete and hockey mask.
> A clawed glove.
> Some strange puzzle.
> The broken down head of a teddy Animatron.
> A kitchen knife and another stark white mask.
> A battle axe.
> A perserved eldritch tentacle.
> And many more objects.
> You place the shard of glass between a burned 'Chucky' doll and a Victorian doll propped against the wall of the shelf.
> You always kept trophies of your victories.
> Stepping away you give a curt nod and kick the box once.
> Almost as if it were alive the shelf folded back into the box, disappearing from sight.
> You knew where she was talking about.
> You kept tabs on them at least.
> A three state trip eh..?
> Probably just to take down some ghost or something.
> You slip into the drivers seat.
> Look out Luna.
> You were barging back into her life.
Continue? Like I said I ain't just trying to barge right on in without warning.
He'll yeah continue
Alright, I got about 40 mins left.
> You pull the energy drink away from your lips.
> You swerved on the empty road, nearly going off into the cornfield patch.
> Yeah... you hadn't gotten sleep in the last four days.
> All you've been doing is driving and taking breaks at gas stations along the way.
> You couldn't even sight see which was greatly depressing.
> As such is the life of a hunter...
> You empty the can and toss it behind you.
> It clacked connecting with multiple other energy cans in a pile.
> You were used to this lifestyle.
> You had to be or you wouldn't make it very far in the hunting game.
> You look in the review mirror, peering behind you.
> Canterlot was a... strange town.
> A lot of paranormal things happened there, namely harmless stuff like sightings and contact.
> Sometimes though something actually dangerous would happen.
> Celestia and Luna had set up in that town for that exact reason.
> You felt bad for the gals...
> They would never be able to have husbands or a family because of the whole 'hunter' deal.
> None of you could.
> You didn't even have any friends.
> Just those that came and went.
> You flipped on the radio.
> "On a dark desert Highway~!"
"Ohhh yeah...."
> You begin to sing along.
> Just as you got to the haunting guitar rift you pull one hand away and mimic a strumming guitar.
> Your RV swerved again, prompting a curse out of you.
> You righted the vehicle, coughing awkwardly and keeping it steady.
> Back to Canterlot...
> It was namely built around farming and agriculture.
> So it was a pretty close community, despite being such a large town.
> Seriously if the thing wasn't listed as a town you would assume it was a city.
> But hey, some snake in a suit says it's a town, it's a town.
> And you weren't keen on going into any heavily populated areas.
> Due to your... hobbies you were wanted in several states.
> Several other thought you were dead.
> Two had very angry fathers in it...
> So what if you thought his daughter was hot.
> She was legal.
> And kind of a hussie but whatever.
> You began to list off possible threats in a area like Canterlot.
> Well the regulars, Vampires, Werewolves, Ghosts, Zombies, Ghouls, Demons.
> The the not so regulars.
> Lamias, not as sexy as you thought.
> They were actually spindly, warped creatures that killed more than seduced.
> And a succubus wasn't all it was cracked out to be.
> Tried to rip your throat out the last time you fought one.
> Mummy?
> Would have to be a supposed god, Mummies gained there powers from belief.
> So an emperor or king Mummy would be a possible reason they called you.
> Maybe it was a higher tier of Demon.
> One of the ones that did a little more than strike deals...
> If you didn't think about this you would go mad.
> Anything that was enough to make another hunter contact you was something that shouldn't be taken lightly.
> Especially since Halloween was well on its way.
> A month and everybody would be out scaring others.
> In costumes.
> Which was perfect to hide among if you were a monster.
> You sigh.
> You already regret taking this request.
> If you didn't know Luna you would have said no to be honest.
> That movie would have to wait...
> You reached the end of the long stretch of road.
> Turning around the corner the seemingly barren countryside was suddenly filled with multiple buildings in the distance.
> You passed a large, green sign with a faded 'Welcome to Canterlot' on it.
> You pull out your flip phone, keeping one hand on the steering wheel.
> You had a leopard print wheel cozy...
> It was nice.
> You hit the quick dial button and bring the phone to your ear.
> It rang as you tried to peek out the window and see where you were headed.
> The phone clicked and a tired but exceedingly annoyed voice picked up.
> "Hello..."
> A female but not Luna.
> Oh yeah it was like two in the morning.
> On a monday...
> Oh well.
> "Hello?"
> The voice seemed to be getting much more impatient.
"Yes, is Luna there?"
> "Mmyeah but she's sleeping.. who is this anyway?"
> Should you say it?
> Yes?
> No?
> Compulsive lying disorder was ago.
> That was a lie.
"I'm Jake from state farm."
> The voice sighed heavily.
> "Please stop the prank calls Flash, I know you're bored bu-"
> Plan A failed.
> Time for plan B.
"I'm Luna's secret lover, we meet in the midst of the night whenever she leaves but puts three pillows her size in a bed. Last night we made excellent love near the river, she calls me 'Dark Chocolate' and I guess you could say I produce some chocolate milk..."
> ....
> "That sense of humour..."
> "Wait a minute..."
> "NO!"
> "Anonymous don't you dare come near my sister and I ever again!"
> Oh so it was Celestia.
> You should've guessed.
"But she called me first!"
> The line went silent...
> "Where are you..." she muttered.
"In your town."
> "And Luna called you?"
> The phone went silent and a couple of seconds later you heard shuffling and yelling.
> You could hear Luna and Celestia yelling about something.
> After a couple more moments of this the phone was picked up by Luna.
> "Anonymous?"
That's it until 5:00 pm tomorrow.
top lel
Now we wait for the morrow.
File: 1425512261660.gif (92 KB, 536x563) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>new friend
>all this green
Damn son, I'm gonna need to set aside some time later to catch up on this
looking forward to it
>You could feel her trembling body against your own
>She was nervous but wanted it
>Acted as if she almost needed it
>You turn around and look Twilight in her eyes
>They were scared but determined
"I just need to be positive you want this..."
>You take her hand in yours
>TS:"I got in the shower with you and exposed my naked body! Isn't that enough to tell you that I want it?"
>Before you can answer she mashes her lips against yours
>She was just kinda forcing her face against yours
>After a few seconds she breaks away
"Was that your first kiss Twilight?"
>TS:"What? No of course not! ... That bad huh?"
>You smile
"It wasn't bad Twilight. You just have so much passion but don't know exactly what to do with it. Here let me lead this time."
>You bring your face close to hers and softly bring your lips to hers
>Her eyes are wide open but soon relax to half lidded
>You begin slowly kissing her and releasing only to go back for another kiss
>You release her after a few minutes
>TS:"That was amazing! But I thought kisses had used tongue..."
"Do you want to try that?"
>TS:"Well, I kinda do want to experience all of it so yes please."
>You bring her close once again and begin with another kiss but part your lips
>You begin by massaging your tongue against hers in her own mouth
>After she understands a bit more she begins moving her tongue against yours
>Soon you're playing full on tongue tennis with one another
>Swapping between her tongue in your mouth or your tongue in hers or simply meeting somewhere in the middle
>It was nice but you could guess that she wanted to move on with how hot her body was
>You pull away once again
"Do you want to move on or do you want to stop?"
>TS:"Like I said, I want to experience ALL of it. And I think I should start by helping you with the erection you have going on."
>She gets on her knees in front of you and seems frozen in front of it
"Sure you're okay?"
>TS:"I'm fine! Just... examining it."
"Examining it?"
>TS:"Just.... trying to find out the best way to proceed."
>Christ, she was prodding and feeling
>She wasn't this transfixed earlier
>Granted, she couldn't see it but still, she was stroking you off
"Maybe try putting it in your mouth?"
>TS:"Oh, great idea Anon. I always wondered what they might taste like!"
>At this rate the shower was gonna be cold real soon
>She grasps it in one hand and begins licking it
>She smacks her lips together as if trying to discern the taste
>TS:"Hmm, it's kind of salty but has a odd taste that I've never quite tried before."
"So, do you like it?"
>TS:"I guess I could say that, yes. I'll have to taste a bit more to truly discern my feelings."
>God dammit Purple Smart
>You decide to help her a bit by placing your hand on Tha back of her head
>She gives you a questioning look before letting you take control
>You make sure to only slide what she can handle into her mouth
>Don't want her coughing and gagging on you
>Her mouth feels good
>Real hot and you could feel her shallow breaths on the tip of your cock
>Too bad you can feel the water starting to turn cold
>You release her head and turn off the shower
>TS:"Are we done here?"
"Naw, the water was just turning cold and I'd rather not have sex during cold showers."
>You hop out of the shower with Twilight
"But now, it's my turn to taste you."
>TS:"Um, okay. Just be careful I'm kinda sensitive down there."
>You prop Twilight up on the sink and spread her legs to reveal her pink wet pussy
>Most of the moisture was probably from the shower but you could guess that she was pretty wet
>You stretch it between two fingers and she gasps
>TS:"Don't do that! I said I was sensitive."
"Fine. Fine."
>You move your tongue out and take one long lick up her honey pot
>She had a sweet taste to her and was very alluring
>You move your tongue up and down her pussy as she lets out moans and groans
>TS:"Oh Anonymous, right there! Keep licking right there!"
File: aa1.jpg (124 KB, 600x446) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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a timebomb is in play here
>She's moaning even louder as you're now focusing your licks and sucks directly on her clitoris
>TS:"Anonymous, I think I'm going to climax!"
>You take that as a sign to move your tongue inside her pussy
>She arches her head backwards as you begin pushing inside with your tongue
>Soon after you can taste her juices splashing onto your tongue
>You remove your tongue from her and wipe your mouth as you stare at the disheveled bookworm
>TS:"That was absolutely amazing! I can barely think straight right now."
"That good huh?"
>Pride increase plus 1
>TS:"Yes, now all that's left is for you to become one with me."
>Odd way of saying "fuck me" but okay
>You align your cock up with her slick pussy and rub it against it for some impromptu lubrication
>You look her in the face
"Are you ready?"
>She just let's out a mhm and bites her lip
>You push your head aginst her to move inside
>You can feel yourself slowly being pulled inside of her
>Now she's biting her finger to prevent any cries or screams
>You could tell she was in pain
>You're also about halfway inside of her
"You okay?"
>TS:"FINE! All fine! Just keep going!"
>You continue once again until after a few whimpers from her you reach the end
>Completely inside of her
>She was gripping the sides of the sink now
>She had tears in her eyes but none of them fell
>She was at the point where it was a full mix of pain and pleasure
>Without asking this time you begin the slow movements to ease her into this
>Of course she let out uncomfortable whimpers and cries which caused you to stop and make sure she was fine
>Finally all her cries had dissipated and now she had the beginnings of moans coming out of her
>However you could feel that you were close
>Virgins grip was tight yo
"Twilight, I think I'm gonna cum."
>TS:"I-i want you to do it inside. I want to know the feeling."
>Out of all of them you guessed Twilight to be the one who was most afraid of Pregnancy
File: 1444196712045.png (122 KB, 479x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Then again, you've came so much tonight you're pretty sure that you're gonna be firing blanks
>You begin moving at a pace that was as fast as she allowed
>She was still feeling a bit of pain but not enough to prevent you from moving a bit quicker
>Moving at your moderate pace, you could feel your orgasm coming soon
>You start letting out slow powerful thrusts
>She brings you close
>Chest to chest
>As you're about to release you are pulled into a sloppy kiss from her
>You give a final thrust and release yourself inside
>You were wrong about not having any cum left
>Twilight let out a high pitched squeel as she was filled
>She releases you out of her kiss
>TS:"*Huff* I climaxed again.*Huff*"
>You couldn't help but let out a small chuckle
>You pull yourself out and her the splat of your mixed juices hitting the bathroom floor
>She gets off the sink and moves away
>Welp, looks like another place to clean up after the night is over
>Twilight comes right to your face and kisses you on the cheek
>TS:"Thank you Anonymous."
>She has a soft smile on her face
"Anytime Twilight. And I do mean anytime."
>She has a slight blush
>TS:"I may have to take you up in that offer."
>She giggles before wrapping herself in a towel
>You also grab a towel from the rack and wrap yourself in it
>Twilight opens the door
>Suprise hits Twilight's face and confusion on your own
>Standing in the doorway was Sunset Shimmer in black lingerie[pic related]
>SS:"Sorry I'm late to the party. Seems I missed quite a bit."
I even heard the music in my head.
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Originally wasn't gonna add Sunset but sunny bunny made me.
File: 1422406440603s.jpg (5 KB, 125x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know I said I might update today, but I slept like shit, too tired to write well. I Pinkieswear I'll do it tomorrow though.
Sorry about the lack of updates on the Ft13th-front, but I've been working on writefagging for the Alien Invasion threads. I hope you guys understand.
I do
>insane bow updates
Bump. God, I'm useless
Shit friend, you need sleep as badly as I do.
I can't accept that there is such a thing as too much /tg/, but all these campaigns are really cutting into >green time.
>With your parched throat addressed, you reach over your shoulder and blindly grab a handful of popcorn from the bowl on the side table, followed by another sip from your glass - a pattern that repeats itself over and over, broken only once by you offering a handful to Fluttershy, just in case she wants some.
>You don't say anything - if you did, Pinkie's retribution would surely follow. Instead, you hold the popcorn in front of her face.
>Not blocking her line of sight, of course, but close enough that you hope she'll see it and realize your intent.
>She does - her head dips to stare at your hand - shit, making her miss one of the best scenes in the movie.
>You're about to pull your hand back when she gives a little shudder and dips her head. Her tongue flicks across your palm -
>- snatching up a single piece of popcorn out of your hand.
>Well, if that's how she wants to eat it...
>You keep your hand there, expecting her to lick up another piece, because she doesn't look away - at least, her head doesn't move. You can't exactly see her face with her sitting like this.
>Fluttershy shudders again, a slight vibration that sets your whole body to tingling.
>Falteringly, as if trying hold herself back for some bizarre reason, her head dips down again.
>Why the hell would she be hesitant?
>If you didn't want her to have it, you wouldn't have offered, and it's not as if it's made of any cute little animals.
>She whines wordlessly, her mouth right above your hand.
>You're regretting asking even as the word comes out of your mouth.
>Pinkie is going to -
>The girl grins sheepishly when you glance in her direction - and catch her refilling your glass.
> - do nothing, apparently, unless giving you more to drink is supposed to be a punishment.
>You turn your attention back to Fluttershy. She hasn't answered, but her head has dipped even lower. She takes a deep breath, stuttering breath - one out of sync with your own - and sighs.
>You can feel the air rushing over your wrist, followed by what feels like a feather gently - wetly - being dragged across it.
>Her tongue, you assume.
>You give her a little shake.
>Her head snaps up at your voice.
"Do you want anything to drink?"
>She starts to nod, but halfway through the gesture starts shaking her head vehemently instead.
"Any more popcorn?"
>"No," she moans softly, "please. Please don't make me..."
>Well, now you feel like a bit of a cunt.
>Maybe she's on a diet or something.
>Or just too nervous to eat or drink anything - she *is* Fluttershy, after all.
>Yeah, that makes since.
"Sorry, of course you don't have to."
>Fluttershy's body doesn't untense until you pull your hand away.
oh god we have to wreck her
You're speaking my language
Continuing from >>24976109

"Ave Luna."
> "Look, I'm glad you got down here. But you can't meet us at our house."
> "...."
> "My sister doesn't want you to know where we live..."
> Jokes on her, you already knew which street they lived on.
> Just not their address...
> Eh, you would delve into the towns plans later.
> "Meet us at the 24-hour cafe on Filly Street."
> Ew.
> "I take it you're just entering the town, as you're not barging through the door right now?"
> What a smart girl.
> She sighed.
> "There goes not knowing where we live... anyway, You're coming from the east right?"
> Never saying that again.
> "Keep on driving until you see a statue of a man in a large overcoat.
> "Go forward for three blocks, make a left, then make a right."
> "It should bring you onto a street full of shops."
> "In big neon colors you should see Hip-sters Coffee shop, meet us there."
> Hip-sters.
> Strangely gross and funny at the same time.
"Okay, okay."
> You flip the phone shut.
> Celestia and Luna were an odd hunting pair.
> They were like you pulled a pair of sisters straight out of a TV show.
> Celestia was tall, thick and more passive.
> She was way more protective of her sister than you've seen from anyone else.
> For real, she once dived into a pond and killed a bunch of ravenous mermaids just because they took her sister.
> Then there was Luna.
> Short, muscular, and waaay more aggressive than her sister.
> You would have to watch your private parts around her.
> She was a whole other story in on itself.
> She was rumored too actually kill Chuthulu.
> How could someone pull that off!?
> Yeah, they were good hunters.
> Which is why it bothered you and amazed you that they were able to leave the game so easily.
> Last you remembered they were the go-to hunters for any problem.
> Most others ignored you, if not hated you.
> Why?
> You could be a 'little' hard to work with at times, you would admit it.
> But you never thought you were impossible to work with.
> Which may be true considering these two were calling YOU for help.
> You chuckle darkly to yourself.
> Ah, you were going to have so much fun with this.
> Forget the regret, this was the two greatest hunters crawling at your feet.
> Maybe you would make a banner of this...
> You peek out, staring at the statue with an over-coat.
> Okay, forward three blocks....

> You hop out of the RV, which was parked in an empty parking lot.
> Save for a raggedy moped and a busted hippy van.
> Little coffee shop on the outskirts of town?
> Perfect meeting spot then.
> You lock the RV and shove your hands in your coat.
> Strolling to the door you push past it.
> All the other shops on the street were closed, which helped you adjust to the melancholic atmosphere of the Cafe.
> Two 'men' in colorful clothes chatter to a girl in the corner.
> She shyed away from them, trying to sip her coffee in peace.
> She looked nervous around them but they were obviously invading her space.
> Should you help her?
> Nah.
> You weren't a hero, just a freak with resources.
> You walk up to a four chair table and pull out one of the chairs.
> Plopping down you faced the door, waiting patiently for them to show.
> The shop itself wasn't nearly as bad as you thought.
> Creamy white and tan colors made up the scheme of it, giving it a very familiar feeling.
> Windows decorated the front and side of the shop, letting the warm light of the shop creep out into the darkness.
> Behind you a white, marble counter with a waitress behind it.
> "Anything you need sir?"
> The two 'men' stared at you briefly before turning back to the girl.
> One of them began to run a hand through her pink hair.
> Probably covered in piss.
> You shudder.
"Just a cake please, whatever you think is the tastiest."
> The waitress nodded wordlessly, staring at your mask.
> Yeah, it drew a bit of attention.
> You lean back in your chair, pushing it back on two legs.
> You lean your head back and stare up at the ceiling above you.
> You began to whistle a tune.
> The two 'men' glanced at you again before turning back to the shy girl.
> Something about this picture bothered you.
> You quirk and eyebrow and bring your chair back down on all fours.
> Reaching forward your grabbed the pre-rolled napkin and unfolded it.
> Pulling out the spoon you hold it up to your face.
> All three of them possessed reflections.
> Okay, so paranoia was just messing with you.
> Or they could be something else.
> You stay weary of them, your gut telling you something was amiss.
> It got you this far.
> The cafe door opened, Luna and Celestia stepping through it.
> They both wore heavy aviator jackets despite the mild temperature of the autumn night.
> You had a feeling it was so you couldn't oogle.
> Yeah... you were prone to that too.
> They both focused on you.
> Celestia's eyes narrowed while Luna gave you a respective bow of her head.
> They both took a spot from across of you.
> The waiter came out with a fluffy cheesecake covered in chocolate sauce.
> Pfft, you didn't have money.
"Yes while you're here hun can I have three chocolate muffins, three mocha latte's, three mild coffees, three more slices of cheesecake, three slices of chocolate cake and a bag of suger. Oh and they're paying."
> Celestia sighed and ran a hand down her face.
> Luna just glared at you.
> The Waitress nodded and got to work.
> When she left you leaned into the two.
"Don't forget to tip her, she looks like she's had a rough life right?"
> Luna folded her arms over her chest.
> "Anonymous, please be serious for one moment."
> Serious?
> Serious was your middle name.
> It was passed down through your family line for generations.
> You lean back and shrug.
"A little bit yeah."
> Celestia groaned and turned away from you.
> Luna, who was surprisingly still dealing with you tented her fingers.
> Leaning forward she lowered her voice to a whisper.
> "Okay, Anonymous listen and listen carefully. Recently there has been an increase in paranormal sightings and disappearing's here."
> Luna reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out rolled up newspaper articles.
> You unfold them.
> They were multiple clippings of missing students, elders, average men and women.
> Which was odd...
> But this was multiple sets.
> Black people, white people, young, old, disabled, healthy.
> "You noticed it then!" Luna hissed.
"Yeah, there's no pattern here. Usually the monsters prefer a certain age or group. But this is inconsistent."
> "Yes!"
> Celestia got up and headed over to the two 'men' and the shy girl.
> You quirk an eyebrow.
"What's up with her?"
> "She's trying to stop hunting all together..."
"So why is she here then?"
> Luna frowned.
> "Because I'm here."
> Makes sense.
> You lean forward, coming in closer.
"Okay, so what. It's just a roaming zombie or undead. Jason wasn't picky."
> "Yes but that's not right."
> Que?
> "Vampires, Fairies, Mermaids, Werewolves, Anonymous it's all here, they've all been sighted roaming the town."
> Oh...
> Shit.
> "Anonymous, we think something is going to happen here and we need you to investigate. My sister and I can't do it because we still have to keep our day image up."
"Oh so your day lives are more important than saving what may be the world."
> "Well we called you didn't we. You and I both know the only reason we would is if we even cared about this."
> You lean back and fold your arms.
> With a click of your tongue you roll your eyes.
"Alright... where was the very first sighting."
> "Well about a mo-"
"No, Nyet, Naddah."
> Luna stopped.
"The FIRST sighting. Ever in this town. Here."
> Luna sighed.
> "There's an old Asylum on the west outskirts of the town, near the old barns. Some people have claimed that the area is haunted."
> Pfft, ghosts weren't a problem.
> Poltergeists were a problem.
> "By a Poltergeist."
> Oh...
"How come you guys haven't taken care of that yet?"
> "We didn't really want too. Nobodies been up there in five years, we managed to convince the town council to deem it unsafe."
> Hm
> Suddenly some shuffling caught your attention.
> Where was that waiter with the cakes?
> You and Luna turn to see Celestia and the 'men' arguing.
> Luna joined in instantly, walking over and trying to figure out what was going on.
> You got up to join in but the Waiter came from the back with your food.
> She bought the tray down on a jack smiling at you.
> "Here you go Anonymous~!"
> You didn't give her a name.
> You turn back to her and glance down at the spoon.
> No reflection.
> Shit...
> "And I said she's just sick bro!"
> "Don't call me bro." Celestia said, looming over the man.
> "And you shouldn't be flirting with a highschool student when you're obviously thirty."
> "Look, we were just going to take her back to her house, we're good friends of hers."
> You doubt it.
> The Waiter went in the back.
> You turn back to Luna and Celestia, trying to signal them.
> They were too busy arguing.
> Uhhhhhg....
> Looks like you would have to deal with this yourself.
> And the food was out of the option.
> While they're busy arguing you slip behind the counter.
> You slip past the light doors.
> Waitress.
> Waiter was a man dude.
> The whole time you've been calling her the wrong gender.
> Oh well, you tended to get those kinds of things mixed up.
> Like Piña Mary's and Bloody Colada's.
> That seemed correct...
> The kitchen was actually deceivingly large.
> Everything was so new and chrome that it sort of hurt to look at.
> It reminded you of that sponge bob episode.
> You reach into your coat.
> You knew you had a stake in here somewhere.
> Vampires were so common they were like the roaches of the monster world.
> Every crevice of the planet had to be filled with them.
> Recently one of them made a book and movie in an attempt to make them more likeable.
> Twilight...
> You sneer, still reaching into your coat.
> Binoculars...
> Flashlight...
> Screw driver...
> Batteries...
> A penny.
> Lint.
> You made a mental note to clean out your jacket the next chance you had.
> And you still couldn't find the stake.
> Crap.
> You would turn back and get Luna and Celestia but you felt like that would be a bad move.
> As if what you were doing already wasn't.
> You peer around, noticing a butcher knife on one of the counters.
> Snatching it up you creep forward slowly through the kitchen.
> It was roughly the size of a small house.
> All of a sudden the lights overhead shut off with a buzz.
> When they flickered back on a beefy butcher stood in front of you.
> Turning around you saw the waiter- Waitress standing behind you.
> "I told ya' he was here." The waitress said.
> "Eh it's good, we got him now..."
"Okay... I've got one question."
> The Waitress licked her lips.
"Why is there a butcher knife in a Cafe?"
> "It's not for the cakes..."
> Peering past him you could see a pair of unmoving feet sticking out from behind a pile of pots and pans.
> Ah...
"Well, I must say. That was creepily cryptic."
>> The Butcher began to move forward.
"And I've got to say, is the only thing you cook up humans? Cause' uh..."
> Your voice began to crack.
> You bumped into the Waitress.
> "That's bad for business."
> The Butcher made a wild grab.
> You ducked under and popped back up.
> Pushing past him you made a beeline down the kitchen.
> "Pa!" The Waitress shouted.
> "Get him! Don't let him go!"
>Heh, they don't know your juke-
> You slip on a pool of blood, falling forward and crashing into a bunch of hanging pans.
> The Waitress came towards you.
> You snatch one of the pans and bash her across the face.
> A hollow ting echoed throughout the kitchen as she reeled back.
> You tossed the dented pan behind you and bought the butchers knife down.
> Only for her to dodge it gracefully and pop up in front of you.
> She pushed you with a single hand.
> And sent you flying back a good five feet.
> Sliding across the tiles added another three!
> What a fucking deal.
> You pick yourself up and shake the birdies loose.
> "Oh I'm going to have fun with this."
> The Waitress moved forward and smiled maliciously.
> You looked back and noticed a coffee pot brewing.
> Snatching it away from the machine you bring it on her face, the sizzling and screech of pain instant.
> She backed away clawing at her face.
> You ran forward and bought the butcher knife down in an arch.
> You caught her in the middle of her skull, leaving the butcher knife stuck and jutting from her fore-head.
> She wasn't dead but the pain should keep her down for a bit.
> Pushing her over you look up and notice the butcher was gone.
> All of a sudden a big, meaty hand grabbed the back of your neck.
> He lifted you in the air with a single-hand.
> "After my girl heals, we're going to suck you dry!"
"In which way?"
> His grip tightened, prompting a pained gasp from you.
> Wow, you weren't usually like this.
> Your guess was the fact that four days of sleep and non-stop driving was to blame.
> But hey your ego was in trouble here so...
> You kicked your legs out frantically.
> No..
> Focus.
> Focus.
> You calm down, going limp in the Butchers hand.
> Before he could do anything else an elbow out, catching him in the nose.
> With a crack he grunted in pain and let go of you.
> You dropped to the ground and rubbed your elbow.
> All you managed to do was effectively piss him off.
> Curse him and his enhanced durability.
> Like really, that fact that the monsters were always stronger pissed you off greatly.
> Oh well, you were kind of busy right now.
> You turn around and throw out a wild punch.
> Your hand cracked as it connected with a nearby silver microwave.
> You let out a silent scream and cupped your hand.
> The Butcher gave you an annoyed look.
> "You're the most idiotic and clumsy hunter I've ever fought."
> You had no words.
> "I'm honestly surprised you've lasted this long."
"Welp, you see. I've lasted this long because I'm a lucky bastard."
> The Butcher quirked a bushy eyebrow.
"Luck like...THIS!"
> They had to have heard all the commotion by now.
> You pointed at the kitchen doors expecting the sisters to come in.
> Nope...
> You sit there silently, still pointing a finger at the door.
> "Oooohh kay, if you're not going to take this seriously I can go ahead and end it right now.."
"Uh, hmmm. That is certainly disappointing."
> Turning back to the Butcher you smile under your mask.
"Sometimes it's a little delayed."
> He glared at you.
> With a snarl he stepped towards you.
> "Enough of your inconsistent babbling!"
> You side step.
> He rushed right on past you, too slow to stop in time.
> He slipped on the same puddle you did.
> With a series of curses he went down, his head bashing against one of the kitchen counters.
> You stick your hands in your pockets and stroll over, letting out a long whistle.
"That's a shiner."
> Oh hey...
> You pull out the stake.
> It was in your FRONT pockets.
> You smack your head.
> Of course.
> Ohhh you Anonymous.
> You loom over the Butcher, flipping the stake in your hand.
> Yeah, winging it was really amazing sometimes.
> You caught the stake so the pointed end was facing down.
"Hasta la Vista baby."
> Before you could end the poor bloke a hand grabbed your wrist.
> Turning around slowly you came face to face with the waitresses shredded and burnt face.
> Hey that was a little nice play on-
> She grabbed you by the throat.
> Lifting you into the air like her father she glared at you.
> "I'm going to snap your neck and drink from it like a twizzler."
> Twizzlers don't snap, slim jims do.
> Her grip began to tighten.
> You bought your hands up and tried to pry off hers.
> Welp, here you were.
> Going down by a crispy critter vampire.
> You thought something more interesting would do you in...
> Suddenly a soft voice floated through the air.
> It was a girls voice.
> She sung softly.
> The Waitress let go of you, listening to the song.
> The Butcher seemed distracted as well, getting up to listen.
> It was a strangely soothing song despite your current situation.
> Wait a minute.
> The kitchen doors burst open.
> Celestia walked in and took the stake from your hand.
> Grabbing the Butcher she stabbed him in the heart.
> He disappeared in a burst of ash and an echoing screech.
> The Waitress seemed too distracted with the song too even pay attention to you.
> Celestia whirled around and stabbed the stake into her chest as-well.
> She burst into ash just like her father.
> You rub the back of your neck.
> "Aren't you supposed to be better than that? That was two vampires Anon."
>You stay weary of them
>so you couldn't oogle

Shit, at the rate you're churning out green I'm never gonna catch up on reading it. Thanks for writing.
"Nuh-uh it was like three."
> You rub your throat.
> Celestia frowned.
> "Mhm.. well my sister is putting a lot of trust in you so don't go and break it."
> She stood over you.
> "Or I'll make sure you're the first thing I hunt again."
> You know that would be intimidating if you weren't currently trying to peek at her chest.
> Suddenly you perked up.
"Oh, what's that lovely serenade?"
> Celestia rolled her eyes, gesturing for you to follow.
> You put the stake back in your pocket and trail after her.
> As she pushed past the doors the singing became much more clear.
> The picture before you was wrong.
> Luna sat cross-legged at a table sipping on some coffee.
> The shy girl stood in the middle of the room, singing her heart out.
> The two 'men' from earlier sat in the booth, blank eyed and drooling like a pair of dogs.
> "Anonymous meet Fluttershy."
> You looked over the shy girl.
> She was rather shapely with long pink hair.
> She wore a yellow turtleneck, most likely to hide her
> You hadn't noticed before but she had a massive... personality.
> You try and ignore her protruding chest.
> Wait that song...
> She was humming really but you knew that.
> You pull out the stake and screwdriver.
> Realistically you needed a sailors knife dipped in whales blood too kill them but nature would find a way.
> "Calm down Anonymous." Luna said taking another sip of her drink.
> "Anon, this is Fluttershy."
> The shy girl shot you a sideways glance before turning back to the ground.
> She continued to hum her song.
> Wait.
"You guys are working with a monster?"
> Celestia sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose.
> "He's not going to let it go Luna."
> "Yes I know sister, I was going to get to it."
> Luna put her drink down and moved over to you.
> Placing her hands on your shoulders she began to massage them.
> "Now Anon, stay with me."
> "We aren't working with one monster."
> "We're working with six."
Thank you, I'm a little tired so I'm trying to keep the grammar in check but eh, what can you do?
> If this was a cartoon your head would do a 180.
> If this was a drama you would hear the 'dun dun dun'.
> If this was a...
> You rub the side of your cheek.
> "You were looking at her chest again Anonymous, don't do that, she's only seventeen."
> Yeah, right, whatever.
> Still you were worried.
> Peering past Luna you look over this 'Fluttershy'.
> Pulling Luna away, you bring her into the back.
> Ignoring the body and blood puddles you hold her out at arms length by the shoulders.
> You pull one hand away and stick up a finger.
"Wait... so let me get this straight. You're working with six other monsters, not hunters, monsters to solve the MONSTERS problem!?"
> "That is correct."
> You let go of her shoulders and throw your hands in the air.
> "Because they offered."
"Offered? Offered to eat your faces off more like it."
> Luna sighed.
> "Anonymous, it's not like that. Now please be quiet and listen for a second."
> You fold your arms over your chest.
> and wait patiently.
> "My sister and I were going to explain it to you later but we were going to originally investigate this ourselves."
> "When our trainee-"
"Woah, woah, woah, wait. You have a trainee?"
> "...Yes, I probably should have mentioned this as well."
> She really should have.
"Run me through what the hell has just been going on exactly."

> Celestia and Luna had been aware of the increasing problem for a while now.
> They had lightly looked into it at first.
> Anybody who didn't live in the town or hadn't seen anything yet thought everybody else was a cook.
> So right now the town was divided.
> And no-one would come and help.
> After a little bit of research Luna and Celestia came to a dead end.
> So they turned to the next best thing.
> They had tracked down Fluttershy and managed to convince her to help them solve this problem.
> Sirens didn't really eat anybody and they were only dangerous at sea.
> Fluttershy had never seen the sea in her life so she was no threat.
> Anyway after she was convinced so were her friends.
> Who were all monsters hiding right under their noses as well.
> You were starting to doubt their abilities as hunters.
> She then went on to explain that after those six got involved one other wanted to get involved.
> A student named Sunset Shimmer.
> Literally the only human among the group.
> What a coincidence!
> So Celestia and Luna took her under their wing.
> It wasn't long before they had a little posse going on.
> They had managed to get only slightly further in the case though.
> As it turned out the girls didn't hang out in any of the underground clubs or anywhere useful.
> So recruiting them had been a moot point.
> They all had their own aspirations and actual goals apparently.
> So they began to track other monsters.
> They had killed two werewolves and a ghoul before finding these vampires.
> In which case Luna had decided to call you because she was getting desperate.
> Well not really you, she had tried multiple others before.
> But when they figured out she was working with monsters they either told her to 'shove it' or threatened to come and kill her.
> Luckily she hadn't given out any info prior to asking them.
> Which led to you.
> And you being tricked into getting pulled into this ridiculous cold case.

> You sigh.
"Look, just let it go, kill the monsters and ditch the trainee. That's all I can tell you."
> "Anonymous..."
> You groan internally.
> Were you really about to agree to this?
> With a sigh you lean against the counter.
"Alright, alright. I'll help you out and not kill the quote Good Monsters unquote."
> Luna seemed satisfied, knowing you at least had enough respect to not go back on your word.
> As far as she knew.
> If any of those monsters did one thing you didn't like...
> And you felt like there was more to all of this then they knew.
> Something you could only find out through staying here.
> Oh investigation fun!
> The two of you headed out of the kitchen.
> "Fluttershy, meet Anonymous."
> Fluttershy turned to you, stopping her song.
> She flicked her eyes to the ground and held out a hand.
> You took it in a handshake.
> If it could even be called that.
> It was so lifeless and half-assed.
"Uhhh hi..."
> She mumbled something.
> You look back at Luna and Celestia.
> Luna urged you to go on.
> Of course, she needed you to make nice, nice with the monsters if this was going to work.
> You turn back to Fluttershy and pull your hand away.
"You uhhh, have...."
> Big
"A nice.."
> Gigantic.
> "Thank you..." she muttered.
> Mhm.
> You were still freaked out being this close to a Siren and not in a struggle for life but you managed to get through it.
> Besides you have done crazier things.
> Just trying to be social with someone never suited you well...
> You step back from her and look at Celestia and Luna.
"Okay... so what are we going to do the Cafe?"
> Torch it?
> Clean up?
> Torch it?
> You really hoped you guys would torch it.

> Because it was so late in the night you guys decided to torch it.
> The fire roared into the night, engulfing you in its orange light.
> Celestia had bought some untraceable flammable liquid.
> You would need to figure out the name of it.
> The others were long gone, something about taking Fluttershy and the two hippies home.
> By home they meant their car.
> They would most likely get blamed for this.
> You look back at the two sleeping forms in the van.
> Good thing you had some extra jack bottles on you, they could pass off as drunk.
> Statutory rape was not okay.
> And the vamps were already ash so the fire worked perfectly.
> Such a shame you never got to try any of those cakes.
> You turn around and head back to your RV.
> Welp, starting tomorrow the first thing you were to do was investigate the area they had told you about.
> But forget that because the first thing you were doing was finding out about those girls.
> You still did not trust this.
That's it until 5:00 Eastern tomorrow, thank you guys for letting me in on this.

Pastebin here for those interested: http://pastebin.com/4cXgVdED
Alright, I'm tired as fuck and not in the mood to write, but I said I'd update today, so I'll do a peice of the first chapter. I wanted to write and post the full chapter but that won't be happening today. Be back in a lil while
This is about half of the first chapter. I'll write the other half in the near future, and when it's fully done I"ll add it to my dropbox. Enjoy even though it's not much.

>Playing hookie was exceedingly easy when it came to CHS. It was a minor annoyance, but a necessary one for the plan to succeed. Besides, you'd only be shirking school for one day.
>Staying home from school would ensure you one more night to not have your dwelling discovered. After all, if you didn't show up to school, Sunset couldn't have you tailed to find out where you live. Being able to move freely tonight was highly important, after all.
>You check the clock. Two fifty. Time to get going. Pre-covered in sunscreen, you head out the door and leap onto the nearest roof, alighting gently to prevent the resident any way of noting your presence. You jump from rooftop to rooftop until you are near enough to the school to see it without being spotted yourself.
>It was a short wait before the bell rung and students began streaming out the double doors. You spot a certain bacon-like head of hair, and focus in. The other girls were right behind her, but a second later they seemed to say their goodbyes and split up.
>Perfect, you needed to find Sunset's individual house. Following her was exceedingly easy. She seemed alert, obviously your lack of attendance today had set them on edge. But even in broad daylight, spotting a vampire who was concealing himself was no easy feat.
>It was only a short amount of time before she got home. Noting the street name and look of her house, you return home in a few seconds with the knowledge you needed to set the first stage of the plan in motion.
>Waiting until three-thirty in the morning took an annoyingly long time, however. But when the time finally arrived, you grabbed a shovel and hoisted your coffin onto your shoulder with one arm. Closing the door behind you with your free hand, you run over the seven or so blocks to Sunset's place.
>As the leader of their little group, or at least the one the other girls looked to in Twilight's absence, she needed to be corrupted first. Leaping the fence into her backyard, you look around for a good spot. There, in the small alley between the side of the house and the fence. They'd never think to check their friends backyard for their enemies weakness.
>Burying it as quickly as possible, you moved over to the back sliding glass door and were about to open it when it slid open on its own, revealing a very sleepy looking Sunset.
Actually, looking at how little this is, it's closer to just a third of the first chapter. But due to the amount of chapters i have planned out, they won't be incredibly long. Anyway, this is all I have the motivation for today
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Love ya, no homo and all that.
>"And I love you, random citizen!"
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If this lasts the night, I will promise another chapter of the Friday the 13th story.
What goes bump in the night?

This thread.
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Why so many vamponies and so few were ponies and tatzlponies and the like?
>You didn't notice just how rigid her body had become until it suddenly *isn't* and she sinks back into you.
>Okay, that was weird.
>Apparently, you can safely add popcorn to the list of things Fluttershy is deathly afraid of.
>You try to put it out of your mind and just enjoy the movie, but it's hard.
>It's just too weird.
>Almost as weird as the car/lawnmower/re-deadifier that just showed up in the movie.
>As it smashes through the ranks of skeletons, Fluttershy giggles and squeezes your hand - the one she's holding in place over her collarbone.
>Fuck it, it's not like you were ever going to get a girl that wasn't at least a little weird.
>Okay, that's a *little* presumptuous - maybe she just enjoys cuddling with random guys - but you can't stop your brain from going there.
>She's cute enough that you want her, and just weird enough to not be *completely* out of your league. Not completely. Not in your imagination, at least. Not like Rarity - even if she has - or more likely *had* - a crush on you, she's just too perfect for anything to ever work out.
>But this girl right here?
>The one laughing in your arms?
Bumping, gonna write the next part right now.
>"Uh, yeah, we'll send a car uh... where are you?" One of the voices on radio finally responded.
>"We're just north of Camp Forest Green, in a crashed police vehicle. Our friends are still at the camp though, and we need help!" Octavia shouted.
>"Oh. OK, uh... well, we kinda... don't work the Camp anymore, after all the missing person's reports and octuple homocides and... we can pick you up, but uh... you might wanna call your friends to tell them to get out."
>Vinyl opened her mouth to speak but once again Octavia cut her off.
>"You WHAT? You cannot be serious! People are dying! How ca-"
>"Listen lady, you can argue once you get back to the station, do you want a ride or not, because we can leave you out there to die if yo'd prefer."
>Octavia went silent as Vinyl pat her back in an effort to comfort her.

>Back at camp, Sunset Shimmer, Twilight, and Norman mourned the deceased Flash Sentry.
>"He's gone... what do we do?" Norman asked
>"We can't just leave him like this. He has to be given a rightful grave." Twilight said, sighing.
>"...Not necessarily." Shimmer said, recalling something as she grabbed Flash's arms and drug him away. "I think I know how we can get Flash back and get rid of that murderous psychopath once and for all."
>"Shimmer, you can't mean..."
>"What, what's she talking about?"
>"Norman, back in Equestria I learned a few things, a few, cursed, forbidden things while researching your world. I'm not saying it's the BEST idea, but it's better than just letting that maniac kill us one by one."
>"Shimmer, be serious, he's been dead for hours, he's already rotting and bloated!"
>"He's still freshly dead, Twilight. Get some Chalk. Norman, find some candles."
>"This is getting weird as Hell..." Norman said, going to do what she said regardless. "Now I know why anon huffs paint."

>"Shimmer, we cannot do this!"
>"And why not? We have the ability, we have the expertise, we have the know-how, we CAN."
>"But we shouldn't!"
>So what if Fluttershy is a little weird? You can deal with weird. *You* are weird.
>Hell, maybe... maybe that's why she's here.
>Oh crap, everything you overheard back at the school - everything that convinced you they were vampires...
>They're trying to set her up with you. She's never had a boyfriend - or a girlfriend. (The rumor mill was *very* certain about that last part.)
>That's why AJ said she wasn't supposed to do anything serious with you.
>That's why Rarity said it was too late for her.
>And if it doesn't work out... well, like the girls said earlier, you're "only Anon."
>It's not like anyone will believe a word you say about the girls, not if they say otherwise. Fluttershy's reputation as the pure, chaste innocent will remain intact.
>That's the kind of stupid shit high school girls do, right?
>Somehow, you don't mind it.
>Fluttershy jumps in surprise as... as *something* happens on the TV.
>Whatever caused it eludes you. Though you're pulled out of that stream of thought, the scene flickers away just as your eyes come up.
>Oh, the movie is almost over?
>That was fast.
>Crap, which version are you watching - the theatrical or one of the special cuts?
Necromancy? Ooo, this should be interesting!
I promised it, it needed to happen eventually.
>Whichever it is, you'll find out soon. Not much runtime left and the big difference is in the ending, so...
>Fluttershy jumps again and suddenly you don't care anymore.
>She's slumping back down a little less with each surprise, and now - now, if your head just slightly -
>Her hair smells of flowers.
>No big surprise, but it isn't the overpowering fake stench of most shampoos.
>You use whatever happens to be in your bathroom, regardless of what the hell it is, so you'd know.
>This is more subtle, more *real*.
>Maybe it's the slight undertone of freshly cut grass that does it?
>You breathe in her scent again, and try to convince yourself that this isn't creepy at all.
>Sniffing a girl's hair?
>After all, she - well - fuck - okay, it's creepy.
>Not Twilight Sparkle level creepy, but you have more dignity than this.
>Well, you can *pretend* you do.
LIVE, damn you!
When I asked Good/Bad end earlier, the answer was Good end, as defined as Anon living and the girls winning. But what if not all of the girls can win?

Good Sad end, Good Bloody end or both?
Good and Bloody, friendo. Good and bloody.

> You know.
> You were getting tired of hunting.
> If it wasn't for your promise you would have worked on getting a psychology degree.
> Or ran your own restaurant.
> Or hunted, the different kind.
> Killing cute, defenseless critters instead of toothy monsters.
> Your alarm went off, releasing the sounds of a soft guitar strumming.
> It was always a pleasant way to start the day.
> You slam your hand over the alarm clock.
> Sliding out of the bed in a wrinkled dress shirt and boxers you let out a yawn.
> Three hours of sleep was not a good time.
> You sit at the edge of your bed, trying to wake yourself up.
> You pick at your mask and slap yourself.
> Yeah, you wore it even when you slept.
> Nobody was going to get a good look at you.
> You hop off of the one person bed.
> You reached under it and folded it back into the RV wall.
> Heading into your bathroom you get through your daily routine.
> Which consisted of just brushing your teeth.
> The life of a hunter wasn't a luxurious one...
> You slip into your outfit from before.
> Stepping back to were your bed was you open the rickety closet doors.
> Weapons of all kinds lined the doors.
> Pistols, Shotguns, Automatics, Swords, Knives, Machetes, Kurki's, Gasoline, various jars containing different fluids and powders.
> You grab a stake, sickle, and 9mm pistol.
> It was weak but you weren't trying to carry a elephant shooter on you yet.
> Slipping into your coat you try and rub the sleep out of your eyes.
> You close the door and step out of the RV.
> You were in the middle of some forest.
> You had decided to drive down a forest path until you reached a clearing.
> It was a nice clearing, next to a brook and hidden behind multiple trees and bushes.
> Plus, it was near the High School.
> Which is where you were headed for today.
> You had some snooping to do.
Good and Bloody

> You pull your sleeves back and stare at your watch.
> 7:21.
> With a roll of your eyes you go back to peering through your binoculars.
> You hid behind some thick bushes just across from the schools rear parking lot.
> Multiple students had gone into the school but you hadn't even seen Fluttershy.
> If you found her, you found the others.
> And if you found the others, you found out what the hell was going on.
> Celestia and Luna working with monsters...
> Bull hockey.
> You scan the parking lot.
> It was a lost cause.
> Just as you were about to give up another truck pulled into the parking lot.
> It was a beat-neck four door thing.
> You think it was a ford.
> You kept your vomit down.
> It parked between a hummer and a electric scooter.
> A tall cowgirl pushed out the drivers door.
> She yelled out something and turned back to the truck.
> Another girl with rainbow hair hopped out of the other side.
> And then some big dude wearing a t-shirt that was a little too tight followed through.
> Huh...
> Your gut was telling you they were too be suspected.
> You watched as they rushed into the school, barely slinging on their backpacks.
> Hm, you had an idea.
> And it was crazy.
> You pull out a folded piece of paper the size of your hand.
> Unfolding it led to it being the size of your body.
> You were 6'4.
> A map of the town was held in your face, showing you a detailed accumulation of information.
> Marketing smarts...
> Marketing smarts...
> Perfect!
> Just a little bit down the street was a clothes shop.
> Time to go shopping.

> You chuck a trash can through the window.
> Someone yelled something, coming out early to open up.
> Jumping through the new entrance you snatch up a bunch of random clothes off of the display mannequins and as many snapback hats as you could.
> "Hey, what the hell are you doing!?"
> Someone grabbed your shoulder.
> Probably the shop owner.
> You whirl around and push them down.
> Grabbing a couple more articles of clothing and a green backpack, you leap back through the new entrance and sprint off, dropping some clothes on the way.
> Weren't you supposed to be shopping?
> Oh yeah, this was shopping for you.
> You didn't have any money.
> The world was a blur as you turned a corner, running into the woods like a madman.
> "What the fuck just happened!" the shop owner shouted after you.
> You kept on running for a good five or six minutes.
> When you were sure it was clear you stopped and caught your breath.
> Wordlessly you slip out of your regular outfit.
> After cycling through some clothes you decided on a pair of sweatpants, a flashy red and gold 'Tapout' shirt three sizes too big, a leather vest and a pair of rainbow, zebra stripped sneakers.
> Slipping on the snapback hat labeled with 'obey' you look yourself over.
> This was totally how they dressed.
> You pull out the 9mm and slip it into the sweatpants.
> Shoving the rest of the outfit, stake, and sickle into the backpack you slip it on.
> Now too head back to the school.
> Correction.
> Your school...
> You managed to find a way in through the back way of the school.
> A janitor had found you and tried to tell you that he was going to call the cops.
> So you just socked him in the face and drew a bunch of inappropriate things on his face.
> Probably a more diplomatic approach but you were on a mission here.
> You look at your watch.
> 7:59.
> Hmmm, class would already be in session.
> If you waited a bit maybe they would switch periods.
> You actually had no idea how the school system worked.
> You haven't been in one since middle school.
> Twelve was when it all changed for you.
> That's when you found out about the darker side of the world.
> It wasn't like you did it on purpose...
> Since then the only life you've known is hunting.
> Which is why you were still pissed that you were so clumsy back in the Cafe.
> Eh, maybe you could pass off as late.
> And you knew some teen slang so you could easily pass it off.
> You would say the mask was too hide some deformities.
> Half-true.
> You pick a random class-room and kick the door open.
"Yo, yo, yo what's up Homes!"
> Multiple eyes stared at you.
> Some of the students muttered 'what the fuck' while the others just stared blankly.
> The teacher, a short woman with cream pink hair stared at you with a quirked eyebrow.
> "Umm hellllo..."
"S'up sister, I was just cruisin round the down low knowwhatimsayin?"
> "No..."
"Course you don't cuz' you're obviously thirty."
> You turn to the kids in the classroom.
"Adults don't understand us knowwhatimean? We gotta' stick close AIGHT!?"
> Someone coughed awkwardly.
> One face caught your attention though.
> A pale girl with purple hair that was curled up elegantly.
> She wore ridiculous amounts of makeup but she managed to pull it off without looking trashy or fake.
> She wore a mini- jean jacket over a white t-shirt with a three diamond logo.
> This led to a pair of black yoga pants and lightly designed boots.
> She seemed amused with you for some reason.
> And there was something behind her eyes, something predatory.
> You would keep an eye on her.
> Turning back to the teacher you throw your hands up in the air.
"Awh naw man, I ain't fin ta lie, I wanna sit next to that shawty in the corner."
> The teacher reached over and pressed a button on the wall.
> A crackle moved throughout the room followed by a voice.
> "Yes Cheerilee?"
> Oh hey, Celestia.
> "I think I've got a mentally disabled homeless man in my classroom, please send somebody down here before he shoots up the place."
> There was a long sigh.
> "Is this man wearing a green mask with a question mark?"
> Cheerilee looked at your briefly.
> "Yes."
> Another sigh.
> "I'll send Vice Principle Luna down, she'll take him away... Until then, just give him a piece of candy it should keep him busy enough."
> Was that an insult?
> She was insulting your intelligence!
> Aw hell no!
> Cheerilee chucked a piece of candy at you, trying too keep her distance.
> You pick it up and suckle on it for a bit.
> What were you angry about?

> After awhile of waiting Luna came storming around the corner.
> Before anybody could ask any questions she grabbed you by the ear and pulled you out.
> Shooting one last glance back at the pale girl you memorize her face.

> "Sit!" Luna growled.
> She threw you down on a chair roughly.
> The two of you were in her office.
> Which was pretty bland to be honest.
> It looked like your average run of the mill office except for the big painting of the moon hanging overhead.
> Boring!
> "Why are you here!?" Luna shouted slamming her hands on the desk.
> Que?
"I had too figure out about the monsters myself. I thought the poltergeist could wait."
> "You idiot!"
> Huh?
> "Sunset Shimmer is waiting for you at the Asylum right now!"
> Wait.
> "Yes! We pardoned her from her classes so she could help you out!"
> Oh shit...
"And how long has she been there?"
> "Since six in the morning..." Luna said through gritted teeth.
> If she was smart she would have left by now.
> But hunters were not smart.
"Ah... so she's-"
> "Most likely gone off on her own if I know her... Anonymous get your ass down there right now and find her, A poltergeist is way too much for someone of her skill level."
> Mhm.
"You know a young lady like her shouldn't be skipp-"
> "Shut"
> "Up"
> "Go!"
> She pointed a finger out of her office.
> You throw your hands up and exit.
> You would have to double time it across the town.
> If she wasn't already dead.

> Your RV skidded to a stop.
> You throw the town map behind you, rushing out of the drivers seat.
> Running over to the closest door you throw them open, grabbing a bag of rocksalt, a sawn-off shotgun, and shotgun shells, stuffed with rocksalt.
> You take a shaker and shake some rock salt onto your head and shoulders.
> Tossing the shaker back in you pocket the bag and stuff the shells into your inner pockets.
> You run towards the door but backpedal.
> Running back you pull out a black, leather book and a silver necklace with a cross at the end.
> Then you push past the RV door.
> You hopped out onto a dusty path.
> A couple things caught your eye.
> A dead crop surrounded the area.
> Across from your RV was a sleek, black Monte Carlo.
> You were parked at the bottom of a hill.
> Up the hill was the Asylum, looming over the land.
> You hide the shotgun and sprint up the hill.
> By the time you reached the gate you had already wasted five minutes.
> Catching your breath but trudging forward at the same time you push past the already open gate.
> A heavy padlock lay on the ground.
> Crap she was in there.
> You straighten up and head up to the asylum.
> Why did it have to be a asylum.
> You would go in caves, haunted houses, manors, the ocean, basically anywhere else but here.
> You don't even both checking the door.
> You kick them open and rush in, pulling out the shotgun and aiming down the barrel.
> Nothing was rushing you... yet.

> You lower the gun and purse your lips.
> Blowing out some air you saw nothing.
> Good, it probably knew you were here but wasn't attacking yet.
> Poltergeists never really did anything unless you disturbed something.
> That also meant with any loud noises so shouting out for shimmer was out of the option.
> You ready the gun and creep forward.
> The cross dangled from in between your fingers.
> In your left inner-pocket was the bag of rock salt.
> And in your right was the book.
> You were at the entrance of the Asylum.
> A dusty old sign hung over a dusty window and desk area.
> It was labeled 'Check-in'.
> Probably because nobody ever got to check out.
> Poltergeists were very angry spirits.
> They would only haunt a place if something brutal happened to them.
> So if a poltergeist haunted this area, it was more than likely that the doctors were a little less then ethical.
> Hmmm...
> The desk branch out in two different hallways.
> Left and right.
> You look over the rusted wheelchair and rotted benches.
> The only reason you could still see was because it was day time.
> But if this was going to take long, you didn't want to be here when night fell.
> Luckily this was early.
> And you were on the edge of town so...
> You bring the shotgun up.
> This wasn't gonna bring any attention.
> You look down at the dusty floor.
> Very faint boot prints leading into the right hallway caught your eye.
> Perfect.
> You creep forward, avoiding touching anything or making any loud sounds.
> As you slip past the wheelchair you stop.
> A rusted pipe lay on the ground.
> You step over it and go back to creeping.
> Sometimes you would get those hunts you took seriously.
> This was one of those hunts.
> If Shimmer wasn't already dead she was most likely going to be.
> She wasn't experienced enough too take on a poltergeist.
> Though if Celestia and Luna took her in then she must've shown potential.
> Your phone began to vibrate in your pocket.
> Good thing you were smart enough to set it to silent.
> Pulling it out you flip it open.
"What?" You hiss into it, trying to keep your voice low.
> "Anonymous, It's Celestia. A Twilight Sparkle is with her as well, make sure to get both of them out of there."
> You look around.
> Seeing that you hadn't attracted its attention yet you bring the phone closer to your mouth.
"A rescue mission for two? You're killing me!"
> "Anonymous both of these are still our students regardless of their abilities. If they get harmed on your hands, then they get harmed on our hands and if that happens you'll be the-"
"First thing you hunt, yeah I got it."
> Before she could protest you flip the phone shut.
> It was a miracle the poltergeist wasn't on you yet...
> You creep down the hallway.
> Despite the darkness you could see the thick, barred doors to your left and right.

> You kept on moving down the hallway until you reached a light double-door.
> Something was nagging at you.
> A little detail you missed.
> Something obvious.
> Oh well.
> You peer through the dirtied windows.
> YES!
> The doors led to a cafeteria.
> Overturned and crooked tables lined the large room.
> Two figures were in view.
> One paced around while the other sat at the table, its head in its hands.
> You push open the doors slowly and walk into the cafeteria.
> The figures were not two teenage girls.
> In fact they were what you did not want to see the most.
> Echoers...
> At the table was a malnourished woman with frazzled hair, rocking back and forth while whispering something to herself.
> The figure wandering around was a large, obese man with thick hair. He and the woman wore stained, white jumpers.
> The man had some kind of orange bile running down his mouth.
> The woman was...
> Well her eyes were scratched out.
> She continued to rock back and forth, whispering something inaudible.
> Okay.
> It was good.
> If you didn't make a sound or touch them then the Echoers wouldn't notice you.

> You turn back to leave through the doors.
> Echoers filled the hallway you had just come from.
> One ran back and forth while most of the others wandered or sat against the walls, rocking back and forth.
> Ah...
> Looks like you weren't going that way.
> You turn back around and jump.
> A man in doctors scrubs stood in front of you.
> A scalper jutted from his balding head.
> In one hand he held a syringe.
> In the other he held a clipboard.
> He whispered to himself staring directly at you.
> You went rigid.
> Echoers were the feeder fish of a Poltergeist.
> They were souls lost or trapped along with them.
> They were essentially harmless except for the fact if you broke ones cycle, then the poltergeist was more than likely coming for you.
> Which was terrible because...
> "Help me..." The Doctor whispered.
> They were basically suffering...
> And the only way to free them was break the cycle.
> You side-step past the Doctor and circle around him.
> He didn't move from his spot, repeating 'Help me' over and over again.
> You make sure you weren't going to knock anything over.
> When you noticed that you were okay you turned back and continued to walk forward slowly.
> Across the cafeteria was another set of doors that looked unlocked.
> It was just getting across without disturbing the Echoers.
> And boy where they active!
> FUN!
> You sneer.
> Why couldn't anything ever be easy?
> You slowly got up on one of the tables.
> Heading across is slowly you leap onto the next one.
> The entire time you kept your focus rotation between the three Echoers in the room with you.
> Leaping over to the next row, all you had to do was get off this last table and reach the doors.
> You leapt down and threw your arms out, softening the landing and therefore the sound it would make.
> None of them noticed.
> You smiled brightly and step forward.
> Only for the pacing Echoer to stop right in front of you.
> You throw you arms up and jump back, nearly stepping right through him.
> He muttered something, belched then paced forward.
> You flick him off for the jumpscare and reach the door.
> Pushing them open you shut them slowly and press your back against them.
> You were in the cafeteria kitchen now, stained pots, pans, and kitchen utensils lining the dirty and aged shelves.
> A click and you felt a presence eyeing you.
> "Don't you move an inch."

> You look to your left and put your hands up.
> A short girl in a leather jacket held a...
> Wasthata...
> Was that a fucking Spaz-12 in her hands?
> Where the hell did she get that!?
> She flipped her red and orange hair out of her face, glaring at you.
> "You can't be a ghost... you're actually responding to me."
> She was speaking louder than a whisper.
> "Don't you dar-"
> You put your hand up to your lips.
> You were surprised she was still alive if she was acting like this.
> She went silent, glaring at you.
> You put your hands down and run over to the door.
> Peering out of the circular window you saw a fourth figure among the Echoers.
> A large, balding man in a white jumper.
> He lumbered down the pathway of tables, fading in and out.
> Green wisps of smoke emitted from his body.
> The girl had taken a side at your door, peering out at him.
> "What th-"
> You snap a hand over her mouth and glare at her.
> She was gonna get you both killed if she kept talking.
"Whisper!" You hiss.
> The two of you studied the large man.
> He looked around the cafeteria briefly before letting out an ungodly screech.
> In a puff of green he was gone.
> Suddenly the barrel of the shotgun poked into your side.
> "What are you doing here!?"
> At least she was whispering.
"I'm Anonymous, and by my educated guess you're Twilight?"
> She pulled the gun away, lowering it.
> "No I'm Sunset."
> Sunrise, Sunset.
"Where's the other one then?"
> Sunset frowned.
> "We got separated."
> Oh that was wonderful.
> Things would be so easy!
> You would clap if it wasn't sure to kill you.
> Sunset sneered.
> "Why are you in that ridiculous outfit?"
> You look down, noticing you were in the same outfit as before.
> Just with your raincoat thrown over it.
> You don't know how you managed these things but you did.
> You shrug.
"Part of my dress style."

> You stick your hand out.
> She took it reluctantly, giving it a firm shake.
> She looked rather surprised by your demeanor.
> You were shocked that such a young girl was even doing this.
"Okay, if you want to survive stick close, shut up, and help me find your friend."
> Your ass wasn't going to be grass if you had something to say about it.
> Sunset frowned at being given orders.
> "No."
> Que?
> "If we're doing this you don't get to boss me around like some sort of grunt. I want to be treated with respect."
> Oh boy here we go.
"Yes but-"
> "Shh!"
> Sunset bought the Spaz up and looked down the kitchen.
> A light whisper came from just beyond the darkness.
> You look at the darkness then back to her gun.
> Hers was bigger than yours...
> You hold up your sawn-off pathetically and shove it back into your coat.
> Maybe someday.
> "Is somebody there?"
> That wasn't Sunset.
> The voice repeated from the darkness.
> Slowly a frail old women in a lunch apron shuffled out of the darkness.
> Two forks jutted from her eyes, making you and Sunset visibly cringe.
> "Whose there?"
> You put a hand over Sunsets mouth.
> You were hoping none of them had reached the second stage yet.
> Consciousness.
> The old lady stopped, standing in a crooked way among the kitchen.
> When neither of you responded she turned around and headed back into the darkness, muttering something to herself.
> You push Sunset forward, trying to find a way out of the kitchen.
> You were too eager though.
> The two of you bumped against one of the ovens.
> A loud bang echoed throughout the air as Sunset screamed a curse.
> Suddenly the old lady came sprinting from the darkness screeching at the two of you.
> Her jaw unhinged, swinging back and forth as he reached out.
> Sunset bought the Spaz up and blasted her.
> Rock salt burst from the barrel dissolving the women instantly.
> You purse your lips and breath.
> The air was cold...
Okay, that's it until tomorrow. I don't know when I'll be on, but it's not like the thread will die that easily.

Those that are actually enjoying the story, thank you very much.

Pastebin's updated here:http://pastebin.com/4cXgVdED
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You even have to ask?
File: 1443907904329.gif (2 MB, 213x321) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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God damn, being banned for a day sucked. Now I'm at work and can't write. Fuck this gay earth.
How about Anon drives a stake through Fluttershy's heart after an attempted forced-feeding while her friends look on.

Or just good and bloody.
God dammit homie, and I was waiting for you.
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The banhammer is swift and smites even goku
What? No more green for the night?
Bump it feels as if we are missing a certain vamp master anon feed fucking rarity, max you are our only hope
>off by one
Interesting. I scored 2 of those quads and tons of trips in that thread and I didn't get banned.
A vampiric tampon
Cmc happening bout to happen. Pls bump so no die.
I second this.
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My arrival is late
Please take this update as compensation
Thought process requires further studying
Commencing writing
>You enter the restroom as silently as possible
>You find Rarity awaiting you with
>Much less articles of clothing
>Her smooth skin gleams in the sun's ever glowing light
>Her lingerie as white and pure as a dove
>And you were about to ravage it
>"I thought you wouldn't come darling"
"Wouldn't think about missing this"
>You walk over to Rarity's enticing embrace and kiss her
>Your tongue engages in a battle with hers for dominance and proves itself the victor
>You proceed to explore her mouth while taking off your clothing
>Rarity reaches down towards your member and strokes it
>The feeling of her cold hands upon your warm shaft sends chills up your spine
>You unclasp the bra from Rarity and look at what you have revealed
>Her breasts are near perfect
>Her nipples and areolas are proportional
>They are big and soft while still keeping a measure of perkiness and firmness
>You open your mouth and suck upon the luscious orbs
>A moan escapes her lips as she pulls your head closer into her chest
>The warmth of her flesh and softness of her bust make leaving a hard thing to do
>She bites her lip as you pull away from her and drops to her knees
>Rarity looks up at you and says
>"Use this mouth for whatever you want Darling, you never need to masturbate again just tell me when you want it"
>Rarity proceeds to open her mouth and put your cock inside of it
>You groan as the tightness and warmth of her mouth surrounds you
>Her tongue wrapping around your cock feels amazing as she bobs her head up and down your shaft
>She proceeds to lick up and down your length
>"Darling I knew you wanted me but I didn't know you were so big~"
>The pleasure from Rarity doesn't allow words to flow from your mouth
>Rarity giggles and says
>"Is the pleasure too much for you Darling? Just cum whenever and wherever you want"
>Rarity proceeds to suck and lick your balls
>The pressure in your loins is starting to build up
Where do you want to cum?
Inside her mouth.
Leave no evidence.
File: image.jpg (5 KB, 108x124) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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We've made that joke, actually. It may have been their intention in the first place.
Down her throat for the first spurt. Then just keep thrusting, but make sure some gets on her tongue.
And don't spill any. Like >>25015316 said, no evidence. Well, maybe her breath, but that's not cause enough to deny her our taste.
p10 save
Now I regret writing this about teenage humanized ponygirls who may or may not be vampires and NOT about teenage humanized ponygirls that are trying to deal with the Red Thirst as newly inducted scouts of the Blood Angels chapter.

Doing a bit of painting and then I'll get started on some more green. It's Rarity's choice for movie now, and Anon might actually pay attention to it. Would either Stage Fright or Rigor Mortis work for her? One's a musical and the other is always described as being "pretty", so...? Or does she not care anymore and let Dash pick Aliens?
She enlists Dash's aid to further smexy tiems with Anon, and the price is that Aliens must be watched next. Flutterpire hears, and is amused but does not stop it.
I'm not really a horror movie guy, but I'm glad you enjoyed my shitty joke about Best Legion.
File: 1441166741339.jpg (155 KB, 753x706) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dammit Autistocrat, your huge amounts of green at a time make me feel inadequate

Don't stop
Glad you guys enjoy it despite your feelings of loathing Spatula I like the way your stories heading.

> The whole kitchen began to rumble and shake.
> The pots and pans clacked loudly as some stray plates fell to the ground and were smashed.
> A echoing yell surrounded the two of you, the rumbling of the kitchen growing more intense.
> Suddenly at once it stopped.
> A voice came from all around.
> "Old Mcgarthy had an old farm."
> "Old Mcgarthy meant no harm."
> "When Old Mcgarthy lost his mind."
> The last line was whispered directly in your ear.
> "The harvesting was of human kind."
> You whirl around.
> Nothing was there.
> "Anon, what's going on?" Sunset demanded.
"You pissed off a powerful, psychotic spirit that's what happened!"
> "You pushed me!"
> Did you?
> You didn't.
"Did not!"
> You whirl around on her.
"Besides! What kind of 2-bit hunter trainee thinks 'Hmm see that asylum haunted by something that many hunters who actually have experince are scared of? Yeah, let's go take it on ourself' Like seriously, you must be retarded."
> Sunset gritted her teeth.
> Suddenly she stopped, shrinking away from you.
> Oh what now? Was she going to-
> "Old Mcgarthy had an old farm."
> Cry....
> "Old Mcgarthy meant no harm."
> Now...
> "When Old Mcgarthy lost his mind."
> You turn around slowly.
> A giant man in stained jumpers towered over you.
> One lazy eye stared at his feet while the other eye focused on you blankly.
> His mouth was crooked, twisted in a strange frown.
> Welp, you're boned.
> He let out a yell and reached for you.
> You leap out of the way, crashing into one of the counters.
> Sunsets Spaz roared as she unloaded a round into him.
> The Poltergeist only flinched.
> The lazy eye suddenly rolled up with a strange sucking sound.
> Both eyes focused on her.
> Suddenly Sunset was sent across the kitchen, dropping the Spaz.
> It was a couple feet from you.
> You go to pick it up.
> Only to find yourself slamming into the kitchen counter.
> The Poltergeist began to lumber towards you.
> His footsteps made no sound as he glowered at you.
>he's back
> "The harvesting was of human kind."
> He could seriously just blow it out of his ass.
"Fuck you..."
> Suddenly you slid forward across the ground.
> The golden 'Tapout' scratched off on the floor, leaving behind golden bits of flakes.
> You crash into one of the cabinets, just barely avoiding having you neck snapped.
> "Old Mcgarthy-"
> The Poltergeist stumbled forward, a large hole in his chest.
> The wisps of green smoke worked to repair it.
> Sunset cocked and fired again, blowing out the back of his head at point blank range.
> You roll around, pulling out the sawn-off.
> The recoil kicked once.
> Twice.
> Three times.
> Four times.
> You began to reload.
> The Poltergeist had multiple holes in his ethereal body now, constantly trying to be repaired by the wisps.
> Sunset shot once again, blowing away his arm.
> You finished reloading.
> Reaching into your pocket you fiddle with the pouch of salt.
> You pull it out and undo the rope keeping it shut.
> You toss the salt in the air.
> In an arch of shining white it engulfed the Poltergeist, forcing him to crouch.
> Now that you were back up you move over and aim the barrel down the back of his head.
> Kick once.
> Twice.
> Thrice.
> You were kind of pissed.
> Pulling the sawn-off back you kick up some of the salt on the ground.
> The Poltergeist finally dispersed, leaving you and Sunset alone in the kitchen.
> Catching your breath and trying to push your growing rage down you give her a smile and a thumbs up.
> She awkwardly gave one back.
"Now, that's not gonna keep him down forever, I say we have about..."
> You check your watch.
"Fifteen minutes before he can reform. Maybe ten depending on how strong he is, We need to find your friend."
> "Okay..."
> ....
"You're not mad about what I said earlier are you?"
> Sunset sneered.
> "I'm fine, now let's get going."
> Whatever.
> "Last time I saw Twilight was in the cafeteria, she ran back the way we came to get help."
> That's what you had missed!
Loathing is a little extreme. More like mild annoyance, but I like the story too much to let it bother me.
Thanks though, update within a week or a few days or something. Soon. Ish.
Nice, I look forward to it.

Didn't mean to offend ya' man, and isn't this fun?

> One pair of footprints!
> Duh!
> You smack your fore-head letting out a groan.
> Sunset quirked an eyebrow.
"Fuck me I'm slower than a molasses and snail love child on a christmas night!"
> "What?"
"Nevermind, On my way In there was only one set of footprints."
> You look out into the cafeteria.
"What is your friend?"
> Sunset reeled back.
> "What?"
"Your friend TieDye Sparkle, what monster is she?"
> "She's not a monster she's my friend!"
> Uhg, this girl was going to be the end of you.
"What is she?
> "She's a witch, her family-"
> You cut her off by throwing the doors open.
> No time for a backstory, you would listen to that later.
"Come on!"
> You ran over the tables, not caring if you disrupted the Echoers now.
> You had eight minutes.
> Sunset followed behind you, bringing the spaz up whenever one got too close.
> They weren't the conscious ones you two were fine.
> When you reached the door you entered from you tap her shoulder.
"Cover me, I think I have an idea where your friend is."
> You push open the doors.
> You walk in confidently with a smile.
> These were the regular Echoers, they wouldn't even notice your presence as long as you didn't-
> Simultaneously all of the phantoms in the hallway turned to you and sunset.
> Interrupt them...
> One of the Echoers in a straight jacket stood up and charged the two of you, letting out a screech that sounded like a cross between a human and a pig squealing.
I've been piecing together a story for this thread, however I've planned things a bit differently. Namely, no second person prospective and no Anon.

And no smut.

And the story itself doesn't heavily involve "monsters" and/or vampires. But it is 2spooky. At least I hope it'll be.

I can just stick to FiMfic and pastebin if those notes displease.

> You duck instinctively.
> A blast filled the hallway.
> The Spaz was more powerful than you thought because at least five of the Echoers were cleared away right there.
"You could've have yelled something!"
> "Oh, I'm sorry Anon. I was just covering you."
> This...
> You let it go and get back up, brushing dust off of your raincoat.
> The Echoers began to make their way towards the two of you.
> There had to be at least twenty of them flooding this hallway.
> You and Sunset could not take on that many.
> They began to moan for help, reaching out for the two of you.
> You fall back as Sunset blasted into the crowd.
> Three dispersed.
> She cocked again.
> Two.
> She cocked again.
> Six.
> She pulled some shells from the belt on the side of the Spaz, reloading.
> The Echoers were too close.
> Suddenly you had an exceedingly crazy but brilliant idea.
> You wrestle the Spaz from her hands, earning yells of protest from her.
> Snatching it away she glared at you.
> You turn back to the Echoers.
> And point it down, blasting it into the ground five times.
> That left you with a single shell.
> They surprisingly did, most of them still moaning for help.
> "What the hell are you doi-"
> You cut her off with a finger.
> Turning back to the Echoers you wave the Spaz.
"This is the only way that cycle of yours is going to break for good and I've only got one more go left."
> Some of the Echoers shot you pleading looks.
"Now if you keep coming at me and Pudge here then the last hope you guys have becomes absolutely useless!"
> The Echoers stood there for a second, repeatedly muttering to themselves.
> All at once they back away, stepping away from you.
> You gesture for Sunset to come on, shouldering the Spaz.
> "What did you just do?"
> You sigh, beginning to make your way through the pathway they formed for you.
"Echoers are suffering souls, they aren't exactly angry like Poltergeists, only some... But they would rather have their cycle end more than anything."
> "I could have finished them off though!"
> Some more began to take the place of the others, coming through the walls and through the floor.
> You gesture to the new Echoers.
"No you couldn't have, then they would be pissed."
> You wave the Spaz again.
"But this being their only hope is the reason we aren't one of them right now."
> Sunsets eyes widened when she realized she was getting further behind you.
> She moved forward, stopping just inches away from you.
> You frown as the two of you headed down the hallway.
> Most of the Echoers looked as if they died violently.
> And not by a Poltergeist.
> Poltergeist would usually just weaken you then steal your soul, leaving a lifeless body behind.
> But these souls.
> Burnt, split skulls, cracked neck, multiple sharp objects sticking from them.
> Were killed by other humans.
"Why did this Asylum close down?"
> Sunset folded her arms, still sticking exceedingly close to you.

> "In 1978 there was a riot during lunch time. One of the inmates led the riot, telling the others to kill everybody in the Asylum then kill themselves."
> You grunt in acknowledgement.
> "As it turned out, after the cops investigated a bit, they found out that a group of the Asylums doctors had been playing with the inmates brains and stuff."
> Called it.
> Sunset looked around, unfolding her arms.
> "Shouldn't we have been at the end of the hallway by now or at least seen it?"
> That was true...
> You could still see the hallway stretching, a pitch black wall at the end of it.
> It was day time, if anything you should be at the desk by now.
> You look at the Echoers and flinch.
> They all stared directly at you, there eyes no longer scratched out or dead and rotting but inky pools of darkness.
> "Old Mcgarthy had an old farm."
> "Old Mcgarthy meant no harm."
> Fuck.
> A group of the Echoers rushed forward.
> In what felt like a wave of ice the threw you against the wall to your right.
> "Anon!"
> They pulled the gun away, blasting themselves with the last shot.
> Suddenly your sawn-off flew from your inner pocket and skidded across the ground.
> The Echoers instantly went for it. their cycles having long been broken but not broken for good.
> You pick yourself up shakily.
> Sunset went to say something but was silenced.
> A green light filled the hallway.
> At the end of it stood a large figure, enveloped in wisps of green smoke.
> A green light hummed behind him, casting a shadow over you and Sunset.
> "When Old Mcgarthy lost his mind."
> Suddenly multiple hands shot from the walls.
> They were rotting and covered in mud.
> Two of them clamped over your mouth, while others grabbed your clothing and held you in place.
> Sunset found a pair snatching at her feet.
> Multiple hands sprung all around the hallway, waving back and forth slowly.
> "The harvesting was of human kind."
> "Shut up!"
> Sunset worked feverishly to break the hands grip.
Offended? I mean it all in good fun, no real animosity is harbored
give it a shot. At worst we'll tell you to take it elsewhere
> You reach around in your inner pocket, only arm free.
> Finding it you pull a screw driver out and jab it into the hands holding your mouth.
"Sunset! The book!"
> You reach into your right inner-pocket and toss the book through the air.
> Whether it was luck or divine intervention she caught it.
"Page 83, read the whole thing!"
> Sunset didn't protest, cracking open the book.
> She frowned and pulled it away.
"Just read it!"
> The hand recovered and snapped back over your mouth.
> "Spiritus Fortitudine Dispersus Hoc Malo!"
> In a universal screech the hands let go of you and Sunset, seizing in pain.
> The Poltergeist gripped his head, letting out an ear splitting howl of pain.
> You get up and grab the book from Sunset.
> Flipping through pages you look between the ghost and the book.
> Stopping at the very last page you pull up the cross and hold it high.
> "What are you doing?"
> You begin to read from the page, each verse sending the hands and Poltergeist into a frenzy.
> Sunset watched in awe as you spit out verses like it was no thing.
> Your mixtape was fire fam.
> Each verse caused the Poltergeists power too weaken, the hallway of hands and Echoers slowly disappearing.
> The hallway flickered, slowly bringing the two of you to reality.
> This was all new to Sunset yeah.
> But you had done this three times before.
> Technically four.
> Something felt wrong though...
> You were halfway through the page and the Poltergeist was still holding strong.
> He may be worse than you thought.
> His arm stretched down the hallway, snaking through the air at an incredible speed.
> His fist connected with your face, sending you sprawling on the ground.
> With a roar he slammed his fists on the ground.
> The ground cracked and split, heading for you and Sunset.
> A green light peered through the cracks as it slipped under the two of you.
> Before either of you could react the ground broke away, letting the two of you drop.
> The last thing you saw before fading out of consciousness was the ceiling of the hallway, slowly growing hands.

> Oh man your head...
> With a groan you reach around for you alarm clock.
> Your hand slapped against a soft, wet object instead.
> Oh yeah...
> With a grunt you pick yourself up, dirty water already soaking through your clothes.

> Peering down you realized you were grabbing Sunsets chest.
> Her t-shirt was white so naturally you could see her orange bra with red lining.
> Heh...
> You give it a little squeeze.
> Heh heh...
> You pull your hand away with a cough.
> She was still close to Celestia and Luna, pissing them off even more was not on the top of your list.
> Getting up you look around.
> You and Sunset were in a cave of some sort.
> You were ankle deep in some mucky water.
> You lean over her, feeling for a pulse.
> A steady one, she was fine, just asleep.
> You slap her once.
"Wake up Shimmer."
> You slap her again, a little harder this time.
"Wake up!"
> You slap her as hard as you could.
> Suddenly a blunt force connected with your nose.
> The world was a blur as you fell back into the water.
> Some blood began to trickle from your nose.
> Sunset cocked back her fist and rubbed her check.
> "Don't ever slap me again!"
> Good thing she didn't know what you did earlier.
> You pull yourself out of the water, keeping you nose elevated.
"You get this one... You get this one newbie..."
> "Where are we?"
> You grunt and pull your fingers away, letting the blood flow anyway.
"Wherever he want's us to be."
> "What do you mean?"
"The Poltergeist, we were on his turf so now we're in his world, he's basically god here."
> Sunsets eyes widened as it dawned on her.
"Yeah, you can see why most hunters don't like fighting Poltergeists now."
> You get up with a groan.
> You didn't realize it until now but your whole body ached.
> Must've been from the fall.
> Scanning the cave you could see an un-moving form on a circular rock surrounded by water.
> You trudge past all of the water, prompting a strange look from Sunset.
> You stop at the edge of the water, noticing a drop off.
> Good thing you didn't fall in.
> Reaching into your coat you produce a small flashlight.
> Clicking it on you shined it over the form.
> "Twilight!" Shimmer shouted.

> You couldn't tell much about the girl laying down.
> Aside from the fact that she was a girl.
> And her hair looked pretty neat with the purple and the stripe and whatnot.
> Sunset stepped forward, obviously willing to swim to her friend.
> You stop her and point the flash light down.
> Multiple bodies littered the water, hidden in the darkness before.
> Somewhere between them was two pairs of eyeshine.
> You grab Sunset and jump back.
> Just as you did a creature burst from the water, chomping down on where the two of you had been.
> It looked like a giant aligator made from multiple pipes, tools, wheelchairs, and bodies.
> Its jaws clacked and clanged as it tried to snatch up the two of you.
> It gave a nightmarish roar before sliding back into the murky water, being hidden.
> You get up and dust your coat off instinctively.
> Not like it did much, it was soaked now.
> So was this whole outfit, you were glad you weren't wearing your usual outfit right now.
> Sunset got back up and glared at where the gator had been.
> "Damn it!"
"Calm down, we can still get your friend."
> "How?"

> "Are you one-hundred percent sure this will work?"
> "Are you even close to a fourth of one-hundred percent?"
> "A fraction?"
> "Remind me to leave you here Anonymous because this plan is fucking insane!"
> You smile at her.
"Yeah it is!"
> Trudging forward you get to the area Twilight was stuck at.
> Flashing the light into the water you saw the eye shine once more.
> Getting ready you waited...
> And with incredible speed the gator burst from the water...
> You rolled out of the way, despite your bodies aching.
> Running back over you hope on the side of its head, scaling it.
> All in all it was about the size of you and then some.
> Mounting the top of it you slide your hands in and grip a stray pipe and a loose chain.
> The Gator began to try and buck you off, its metal parts clanging constantly.
> Sunset sprinted past the two of you and jumped into the water.
> Hopefully she had the stomach to ignore the bodies.
> She popped back up through the surface again.
> She cut her way through the water, trying to reach the rock as fast as she could.
> As you watched her you almost lost your grip.
> Hissing a curse you right yourself.
> If you lost your grip it was most likely over for the both of you.
> If the Gator got back in the water, he would chomp on the both of you.
> Sliding your feet under you throw one hand up.
> Maybe you did belong in an institution.
"Hit em' up brother!"
> The Gator let out a roar, tossing its head back and nearly throwing you off.
> You laugh gleefully and shake your finger.
> The world rocked and shook as the Gator did its best to throw you off.
> Sunset grabbed Twilight, now swimming across the water.
"Just a little bit longer boy and Ah'll tell ya hwat!"
> The Gator just screeched in response.
"Ah got a brand-"
> Your hand slipped from the chain.
> Oh shit.
> You fall back, tumbling and tossing.
> No no no no no no....
> You reach out frantically for anything.
> Managing to snatch the loose hand of a body you let out a sigh of relief.
> Then realize your shaking hands with a body.
> Pulling yourself back up you scale its back.
> Sunset was out of the water now, having gotten Twilight to the shallower part.
> You leap off of the Gators back, landing back where you started.
> Rolling away from its chomp you flick it off.
> It sunk back into the water slowly, watching you the entire way.
> You run over to Sunset, forgetting the Gator.
> She nodded to you and stood up, slinging Twilight's unconscious body over her shoulder.
> Damn, she was stronger than she looked.
> Explain why the kick of the Spaz didn't knock her out.
> You give her a thumbs up and a smile.
> She returned the smile with a little less reluctance this time.
> Good, progress.
> She frowned.
> "I can't wake up Twilight though."
> You look over the unconscious girl in her arms.
> She wore what looked to be a colorful private school outfit.
> It was torn and shredded though.
> Her skirt was ripped up, leaving little to the imagination.
> One of her boots were missing.
> Sunset looked concerned for her.
> You were more focused on trying too peak up a little.
> "Anonymous!"
> You snap out of your trance, shaking your head.
"Yeah, yeah. Time to go."
> You spin around on your heel, getting a 360 of the cave.
> Stopping back on Sunset you clap your hands.
"Yeah... I don't know the way out."
> Sunset rolled her eyes.
"You look over this 'Twilight'."
> You pocket your hands getting Sunsets attention.
"Okay, if she's a witch then she could combat this Poltergeist no problem. She just has to wake up."
> "You're not slapping her."
"Not my plan."
> It totally was.
"Instead I've got another idea, do something shocking, like induce pain or something."
> "I-I can't hurt my friend..."
> You roll your eyes.
"You seem to hurt me quite a bit."
> "You're not my friend, you're some weird dude who happened to help me out in a time of need."
> She frowned then smiled.
> "You're Okay though..."
> Huh...
> Someone thought you were okay.
> Scratch that, a girl thought you were okay.
> What is this fuzzy feeling inside of you.
> You felt like you could soar among the clouds.
> You found a dopey smile forming under your mask, thankfully being hidden.
> You had to get her out of here.
"... Pleasure might work equally well."
> "Pleasure?"
"Yeah, something to jolt her up, like you know... kissing."
> "What the hell!?"
"Do you want to save your friend or not?"
> Sunset glared at you before putting Twilight down slowly.
> She looked over the unconscious girl and sighed.
> Turning back to you she growled.
> "You sure this will work?"
> Work wonders for your right hand later.
> She looked back down at Twilight.
> With a sigh she muttered something about her mother and leaned down slowly.
> They were inches from each other.
> Centimeters....
> Oh god, she was going to do it, the absolute madwoman!
> Suddenly Twilight's eyes fluttered open.
> "Mm Sunset, what are you doing?"
> Sunset jumped back.
> You began to laugh hysterically, throwing your head back.
> Sunset stood up, flustered by the situation.
> "T-take this seriously Anonymous!"
> "Where am I?"" Twilight asked, pulling herself out of the water.
> You continue to laugh, pointing at Sunset.
"You...actually almost did it! HAH!"
> Sunset balled her fists up.
> "You ever speak of this to anybody and you're dead!"
> "Twilight!" Sunset shouted.
> Twilight waved her hand obediently.
> Suddenly your mouth snapped shut, the feeling of a zipper going over it.
> Ah, yeah, Witch.
> Probably best not to piss them off.
> Sunset explained the situation you were in to Twilight.
> Twilight was a really mousy girl despite her appearance.
> You expected nerd chic from her, not an actual nerd.
> She actually used terms like 'trajectory' and 'Why'.
> Maybe that last one was okay.
> The whole time you couldn't put a word in.
> Sunset and Twilight then began to work on a plan.
> Twilight would use her magic to get you guys out of here.
> After which the Poltergeist would most likely come for the lot of you.
> Yeah this could get a little messy.
> After they hugged it out Twilight stepped back and began to chant to herself.
> As she muttered what sounded like gibberish the cave began to slowly become engulfed in a white light.
> A ringing sound tickled your ears.
> It became deafening after a bit.
> And the light took your senses.
All I can do for now, I'm starting to trip up because of lack of sleep.

Tomorrow sometime around 2 or 3 I'll continue for a bit.

We await your eventual return with great pleasure.
>At least you aren’t feeling Fluttershy up – though to be fair, you can’t really. Not with that deathgrip she has on you, pinning your hand in place just… below… her collarbone, on the gentle slope of her bust.
>You could have sworn that was higher up earlier.
>Oh, good, you're watching the theatrical cut.
>Fluttershy gives another little screech and twitch as the last of the undead show up and – ah – she’s pressed against you so hard she can’t help but sit up straighter, but her hand doesn’t move, dragging yours further down the soft incline. One more scare, and – and – credits aren’t particularly scary.
>Shit, why did you put of PJ bottoms?
>You’re lucky the lights are off.
>With a groan, Dash pushes herself to her feet and wobbles over to flick on the lights.
>You’re lucky Fluttershy’s blanket covers both of you.
>It slips free as the girl stretches and yawns, pulling your hand down to -
>Twilight’s eyes flare wide open at the sight of your hand clasp on her friend’s breast.
>Well, this is awkward – and made all the more so by her sly smile – an expression shared by all of the other girls.
>*Most* of the other girls.
>AJ is still a little out of it, though she has a glass of water – you *hope* that’s water – clutched firmly in one hand. She just looks confused.
>Rarity looks… dissatisfied…?
“Fluttershy? Think you can let go?”
>”Let go…?” she mumbles, look at her friends in confusion. “Let go of what?”
“My hand. Please?”
>She doesn’t release her grip on you.
>Fuck it.
>Not like this can get any *more* awkward, right?
>You squeeze.
>Gently, of course.
>You expect her to scream and leap out of the loveseat, not to groan and slowly pull her hand free of yours.
>”Okay,” she mumbles, pulling away from you slightly – and dragging the blanket with her, revealing the tenting of your pants to everyone in the room.
>You were wrong.
>Things *could* get more awkward.
>Pinkie’s giggling is the final straw, sending you leaping to your feet.
>”Need to rub one out?” Dash sniggers as you lurch past.
“No, need to go to the bathroom.”
>It’s not a lie, just a convenient truth.
>You think you had more to drink than you thought.
>A possibility that leads to confusing strings of thought like that and a slight difficulty in putting one foot in front of the other properly.
“What the hell was that drink, Pinkie?”
>”Just Dr Pepper and cake vodka,” she answers cheerfully, holding up the bottle for you to see. “Pretty mellow, isn’t it?”
>Vodka comes in cake?
>You shrug and stumble into the hallway, chased by Dash’s shrill laughter.
>Fuck her.
>Actually, you’d rather not. Well, you would, but not if any of her friends were – okay, so, maybe this is what being tipsy feels like?
>Well, it’s not too bad.
>Better than that, really. You’re able to hit the target with a stiffy and two wobbly legs, so you upgrade that to “fucking awesome” status before shuffling back out to – oh, wait, back in to wash your hands – okay, back out into the hallway, passing a very amused looking Pinkie Pie.
>”Don’t worry,” she reassures you. “I’ll make you something even better as soon as I get out of the little girl’s room!”
“We don’t have a – oh, right.”
>She giggles and skips into the bathroom – and you head back towards the living room.
>Rarity and Rainbow Dash seem to be in the middle of a heated argument, though one so quiet you can’t hear a word they say. Dash probably didn’t like her friend’s pick, you guess. So much so that the athlete abandons the sofa to get away from Rarity and throws herself into the loveseat next to Fluttershy.
>So why is she smiling?
>More importantly, where the hell are you supposed to sit now…?
>”Oh, Anon…?” Rarity calls out, slipping a hand free of her blanket to pat the sofa. “I am *so* very cold; do you think you could help warm me up?”
“But –“
>There’s no room on the loveseat for you. Not unless Fluttershy sat in your lap, which you’d be pretty okay with.
“Well –“
>With a savage grin, Dash turns sideways and stretches out the whole length of the loveseat, with her head on the arm and her legs across Fluttershy’s lap.
“I guess.”
>You stumble over towards the sofa and slam your shin into the coffee table.
>Totally on accident, of course.
>Or was it?
>Whichever it is, the impact sets the bottles to teetering perilously – and nearly knocks your hatchet off.
>You should probably put that away, or at least clean it off.
>Carefully stepping *around* the table (since trying to go *through* didn’t work out), you slump down next to Rarity.
>”Here,” she says gently, pushing a peanut butter cup into your hand. “I managed to save this for you.”
>She is your very best friend.
>As you fumble with the wrapper, she leans against you, resting her head on your shoulder.
>”I am happy you think that way,” she purrs.
“Did I say that out loud?”
>”Mhm,” she moans. “Now how about you slip under this blanket and –“
>”Rarity!” Twilight snaps at her suddenly. “You agreed!”
>”And though it pains me to say it,” the pale girl answers, wrapping her arm around yours, “I now believe I was wrong to do so.”
>To what?
>Oooooh, you finally got the wrapper open!
>Delicious peanut butter cups belong in your mouth!
>”Well, that ain’t too generous of you,” AJ grumbles. “Ain’t too generous at all.”
>”No, it isn’t,” Pinkie agrees as she comes back into the room. “And NOBODY –“
>”I never promised,” Rarity cuts her off smugly. “I only agreed that it might be a good idea.”
“Do I get a say in this…?”
>”Do you know what we’re talking about?” Twilight snaps at you.
“Not really.”
>”Then no.”
>Pinkie stares at you for a second before bursting into laughter.
>”Why not!?” she chuckles, hopping over to the loveseat and grabbing Dash by the ankles. With one smooth motion that leaves the athlete screeching in surprise, Pinkie throws her friend to the ground and sits in her place. “Go on, Fluttershy!”
>She gestures to the empty space on the sofa beside you.
>”No,” Fluttershy mumbles, hiding behind her blanket again. “It’s okay, I don’t want to hurt anybody –“
>In the blink of an eye, she’s sitting beside you.
>”Sorry,” the girl whispers to her friend – or is it to you? – who answers with a tense smile.
>Somehow, this manages to be more awkward than anything that came before.
Of course, 4chan thinks I'm spam, so the song's over now. Flutterbat later, though.
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Will write soon. Just gotta do a few things.
Can't wait
Got an hour and a half of free time, gonna write.
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> The light, warmth, and ringing faded from your senses.
> Three of you were out of the cave now, back in the hallway of the cafeteria.
> At one end was a wall of pitch black darkness.
> At the other end was a forest clearing, a rickety barn in the middle of it.
> "What-"
> You gesture for Twilight to free your mouth, opting to be pissed about it later.
> Sunset rolled her eyes and nodded.
> Twilight whipped her hand, the feeling of a zipper unzipping rolling over your mouth.
> You rub your mouth, trying to rub away the strange feeling.
"Good, We're not in the clear yet."
> "Why?" Sunset asked.
> Why she asks.
> That's like asking why a bear was still chasing you after you poked it.
"He's pissed! He's not going to let us go that easily."
> You turn to the end of the hallway leading out to the forest.
"We've got to play the game."
> You took a step forward, only to be stopped by Twilight.
> "Hold on, you're Anonymous?"
> Twilight shot a look to Sunset.
> "That's really him?" she asked.
> "Uh-huh, I thought he would be different too."
> What?
> "I expected him to be more... punctual, maybe a little bit more composed."
> Where they really talking about you right in front of you.
> You turn back and begin to head towards the forest.
> If you knew anything about a Poltergeist this was the end.
> In fact, if you were correct.
> "This is his rhyme..." Twilight muttered.
> Damn, she was smart.
> Sunset quirked an eyebrow, a little bit slower to the catch.
> "What do you mean?" she asked.
> "When I went back to find someone to help, he chased me. The entire time he did he was talking about an Old Mcgarthy."
> Maybe she was slower than you thought.
> With a sigh you begin to explain.
"Twilight was thrown into his world before us, which explains why there was only one set of footprints. That's why you and I weren't torn apart while we were talking, he was busy with her."
> Twilight and Sunset shared a look before you continued.

"Annnd now we're still at his mercy with no way of exercising, no weapons, or no rock salt. I would say this is hopeless if I was a little less optimistic."
> By now you had stepped out of the hallway, walking among the forest.
> The barn was just a couple feet away.
> Overhead a slightly off-colored moon hung high in the sky.
> The barns paint was chipped and scrapped.
> You couldn't even see into the barnyard from any of it's entrances.
> You saw something green rush past one of the windows on the second story.
> You opted to not tell the girls.
> Walking up to the barn you push open the door.
> And find yourself in a dirty operation room.
> You and the girls stared at the middle of the room.
> A large man in white jumpers was strapped to an operation table.
> Multiple tools and rags were laid on a table at his side.
> A doctor in blue scrubs stood at the end where his head was resting.
> He was cutting into the mans skull with a scalpel.
> Pulling the bloody instrument away he dropped it in a nearby pan of water.
> "Alright Mister Mcgarthy, just give me one second and I'll be right back."
> The man strapped down let out a pathetic gurgle, staring blankly at the ceiling.
> You and the girls loom over the man.
> It was pretty obvious that the Doctor had been working on the mans brain.
> But it wasn't to help.
> "He looks like the Poltergeist." Sunset muttered.
> "He is the Poltergeist." Twilight corrected.
> You lean down and get directly in Mcgarthy's face.
> He looked comatose to the world.
> With a sigh you get back up and turn to the girls.
> Twilight's eyes met your own.
> "Is this what our world is really like?"
"You're called the monsters for a reason... It's not because we're scared of you but it's because of what happens in this world."
> With a grunt you turn back to Mcgarthy.
"I've been thinking he was the bad guy this entire time, but I have a feeling I'm wrong."
> He's just lost.
> Turning back to the girls you look between the two of them.

"Trust me girls?"
> Twilight reeled back while Sunset shoved her hands in her pockets.
> "You've gotten us this far." She said with a shrug.
> "Besides, I'm out of ideas."
> You turn to Twilight waiting for an answer.
> With a sigh she rubbed her arm slowly.
> "Yes fine, if Sunset does then so do I."
> Good.
> You step away from the operation table.
"Buckle up..."
> You cup your hands over your mouth.
> The tools and body began to rock, the very ground rumbled beneath your feet.
> Sunset and Twilight let out a shout as it began to get more violent.
> The room fell away, peeling away like old paper of a book.
> The body, table, and tools dissolved.
> You just stood in the middle of the room calmly, your hands in your pockets.
> Suddenly the rumbling stopped.
> One more powerful throw and the three of you were on the ground.
> At once multiple whispers came from all around the three of you.
> The whispers and murmurs of the dead tickled at your ears.
> You and the girls get up.
> A circle of Echoers surrounded the three of you, forming a wall so thick you couldn't even see through it despite the transparent bodies.
> Sunset bought her fists up and Twilight backed away, readying a spell.
> You turn around and see the large, Poltergeist from earlier, staring down at you.
> And at your friends, the lazy eye threw you off...
> You simply sigh, hoping that you were correct.
> If not you would all probably be killed horribly.
> And then Sunset wouldn't think you were cool.
> No spoiling this.
> This caused the Poltergeist to flinch, leaning in upon recognizing his name.
"It's time to let it go, everybody already knows what was happening here."
> It continued to stare down at you, unresponsive to your words.
> One more thing.
> You pull the cross from you inner-left pocket.
> Holding it up in front of the Poltergeists face you nod silently.
> He seemed to understand.
> A black book dropped from up above, landing at your feet.
> He watched silently as you picked it up.
> Sunset and Twilight dropped their stances watching as you flip through the pages.
> Stopping on the right one you begin to read the verses off.
> The Poltergeist lethargically peered up at above.
> As you lead yourself through the verse the Echoers began to disappear one by one.
> The Poltergeist began to fade in and out of existence.
> A wind picked up around you and the girls, howling loudly.
> By now all of the Echoers were gone leaving the four of you alone.
> You stop mid-verse, lowering the cross.
> Time to get what you came here for.
"Show me!"
> "Anonymous what are you doing!?" Sunset shouted.
> You hold a finger up.
"Show me what's going on in this town!"
> The Poltergeist glared at you.
> Pointing behind the three of you he grunted.
> You whirl around.
> Standing before the three of you was a tall, unidentifiable figure.
> It wore some kind of decorated robe that was hidden in the darkness.
> With a sound like a graveyard bell, two red eyes peered from the darkness.
> The figure let out a deep laugh before dispersing.
> You turn back to the Poltergeist, unsatisfied but no willing to piss him off.
> Finishing the verse the spirits arms shot out.
> A golden light enveloped it, drowning the green.
> With an echoing cry, the Poltergeist disappeared.
> And you and the girls were back at the entrance.

> You pick yourself off of the ground.
> Sunset and Twilight did so as well, giving a groan of protest.
> They were feeling it too.
> Now that you weren't trying to just survive anymore the adrenaline was wearing off.
> You could feel every sore muscle, forming bruise, and a feeling of exhaustion rising.
> Basically how you felt after a hard day at work.
> Sunset and Twilight began to chatter and hug each other, glad they had gotten out alive.
> Yeah actually beating a Poltergeist did that to you...
> You look down at your hand, a red crystal in the palm of it.
> Pocketing it you stand to your full height.
> Sunset and Twilight stood up.
> "That was certainly... interesting." Twilight muttered.
> You were surprised she was still standing to be honest, she looked pretty banged up.
> The person least harmed out of the three of you was Sunset.
> She got up and dusted off her jacket.
> "We actually did it!"
> You did most of the work, but you weren't a buzzkill kind of guy.
> Suddenly Sunset wrapped you up in a hug.
> Despite the smell of sweat, mildew, and disgusting water it was nice to have another warm body pressed against your own.
> And...
> You look down, peeking at her chest pressing against yours.
> That was a plus.
> Two pluses to be exact.
> Twilight was more subtle in her appreciation.
> "Thank you Anonymous."
> Sunset let go of you, realizing what she had done.
> With an awkward cough she took a spot next to Twilight.
"Ehhhh, it's no problem. Now go and get out of here."
> The two left without protest, leaving you alone in the Asylum entrance.
> You check your watch.
> 10:23 AM.
> Well Celestia and Luna would have your head for taking so long.
> You snatch up a decayed piece of paper from the desk.
> One more trophy for the case.
> Pocketing it you take one last look at the area before you.
> You may have not gotten a direct answer.
> You fiddle with the crystal in your pocket.
> But you had a lead at least.
That's it until 6:00 tomorrow. If anybody has any suggestions on improvisation of the story then be my guests.
Bump for streaming
You should have AJ be something like a lycanth or some other hybrid. Other than that you're doing God's work Autistocrat. I can't wait for the next installment.
You're gonna have to introduce the rest of the monster mane 6. Then fight an Elder god or something, I dunno
just bumpin
Guize I don't know how to write Sunset. Pls halp.
She's like a nun, who was really mean in a past life
Like Twilight, but more confident and slightly religious?

She doesn't mind if you come inside, but you'll have to marry her.
Anon, let the fucking meme die
in Dawkins we trust my friend :^)
"S-Sunset?! Who even let you in?"
>SS:"Pinkie Pie did. By the way, they should really get some clothes on downstairs. I know it's late but you never know if some kid wants some candy."
>TS:"P-Pinkie invites you? Huh, I uh, I didn't know!"
>SS:"Oh, is that why I wasn't picked up by the group?"
>There was a bit of anger in her tone
>TS:"Yeah. Look, I'm really sorry Sunset. We just kinda had the group vampire thing going on and ya know. Stuff happened."
>SS:"I can tell stuff happened. Considering Applejack and Rarity are sitting on ice packs and Pinkie was dripping."
>She grimaced
>You gave some nervous laughter
"Sooooo, you here for the party? We uh, got drinks and stuff downstairs."
>SS:"I'm just here for my turn."
"Your wat?"
>SS:"My turn. With you Anonymous. Everyone else seemed to have gotten one. By the way where's Rainbow and Fluttershy?"
>From your room comes a soft moan
>SS:"Nevermind. Forget I asked. Look, whole point is, is that fair is fair and I want a turn with you."
"Sunset I have just gone 5 rounds of sex with 6 beautiful females, do you really expect me to be able to go again?"
>She puts a finger to her chin for a brief moment of thought
>She's kidding
>She has to be
"Welp, I highly doubt it."
>She slightly turns herself
>SS:"Are you positive Anon? Not even one more round? and I thought you praised the sun."
>She spoke in sultry tones
>And moved her hand slowly up her body
>How is it possible for you to still even be alive dick?
>D:"Because if I don't fuck her then my harem won't be complete yo."
>Deja vu
>SS:"Hmmm, nope. Off to your bedroom we go!"
"But Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are in there!"
>SS:"Iiiiii don't care!."
>She opens the door to your room
>All you can smell is sex
>They must have been going at it since you left
>SS:"Oh god you guys stink!"
>Inside were a absolutely exhausted looking Dash with Fluttershy
"God damn, you girls sure know how to keep yourselves ready for me."
>RD:"Shut... up... Anon."
>Deep breaths from her
>And she looked... sticky?
>Oh god
"I'm afraid to ask, but why is Rainbow Dash... sticky?"
>Had to confirm suspicions
>FS:"Well umm you see she has some quite intense orgasms. And she kind of... did it all over herself?"
>RD:"It is not all me! It's your fault too!"
>Rainbow Dash was covered in girl cum
>SS:"Well, as gross as that is, me and anon are gonna bang. So make some room."
>The casualness of that statement
>SS:"Also Anon, if you do good... would you want to be like, friends with benefits?"
>Brain.exe has stopped working
>FS:"Y-you can't! Anon is mine!"
>RD:"I believe I should get a share myself..."
>TS:"But Anon also offered his services to me anytime I wished already!"
>They be fighting over the dick
"Sunset! Look, tomorrow morning I'll have your answer. But for now, you still want a turn, right?
>SS:"Damn right Anon. Now hurry up. I'm kind of tired."
>Oh she was gonna be even more tired soon
>What time was it anyway?
>Sunset unclips her bra to reveal her voluptuous two of a kind
>And makes sure to face her backside to you as she slowly slides down her panties
>Boner has reached full mast
>She climbs on the bed and gives her rump a shake
>It's times like this that having a queen bed was glorious
>Rainbow and Flutters were still wrapped with one another but still watching you intently
>You climb on the bed and slide your cock against her entrance for some lubrication
>God damn you were tired
>Last one for sure
>You begin to slide right into her
>SS:"Unnnh~ Ya know Anon, you don't have to go slow. I'm ready for you to take me as hard as you want. I actually prefer it that way."
>Man, a perfect excuse to make this a short one
>Lol no, you were still gonna take a while
Must wreck her
Anon has to make Fluttershy his bottom bitch yo
>You begin your normal pacing of thrusting
>Not too fast but not too slow
>Enough to get you and your partner off in a reasonable amount of time
>SS:"Oh yeah, fuck me Anon. Show me what I've been missing out on tonight!"
>She has her tongue out
>Her eyes have that blank stare of pleasure going on
>Wait hold on... are those hearts?
>For her pupils?
>Fucking magic yo
>SS:"You know, I've been a bad girl Anon. Why don't you punish me? For my sins?
That's the only thing remotely religious your getting out of her.
>You oblige with the the spanking of her right ass cheek
>She quivers and screams
>SS:"You call that a slap?" Really punish me anon. I've been baaaad~"
>This time you wind up the slap before you hit her ass again
>Another scream/moan
>You begin the cycle of slapping her ass while thrusting into her
>Fluttershy watches in awe with wide eyes while Dash has the look saying 'I want to be her right now'
>SS:"Oooooohhhhh Anon, keep going. I'm gonna cum!"
>Shit nigga you was only like halfway there
>You keep thrusting in and out of her
>Shes moaning and screaming from your slapping and fucking
>It was a great symphony of noise
>Suddenly she clamps down on you with her muscles and let's out one big scream of pleasure
>She moves forward and slides off your dick
>She's huffing and puffing from the ordeal
>Her ass cheeks are crimson red with handprints all over them
>But you still haven't came
"I'm gonna keep going Sunset."
>You don't even wait for an answer before you get over her prone body and start pounding her again with gravity helping a bit more this time
>And gravity was also helping you orgasm faster
>You keep pounding into her with each time your hips connecting her ass gives off a satisfying jiggle
>Finally, and hopefully, you release your last orgasm of the night