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Wardrobe Malfunctions of Canterlot High
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>be the one and only Rainbow Dash
>tonight's the big game
>after yesterday, Fluttershy's been too ashamed to show up
>But you try not to let that bother you during the game, as it was the biggest game of the year
>the opponents play tough, but you're tougher
>strangely, you have to tug your shorts up a little more than usual
>the elastic must be worn out
>but nonetheless
>it's the final minute, and you're running to the opponents goal with the ball
>suddenly, a breeze makes itself present
>but you've got too much at stake
>you shoot the ball at the goal
>it goes in
>Canterlot wins
>you start cheering, until you hear laughter coming from the stands
>yeah, losing like that must be pretty embarrassing to the other team
>then you see your shorts on the other side of the field
>and how the entire stadium can see your lucky, school-colored undies
>you lost your shorts
>they aren't laughing with you, they're laughing at you
>your shirt's too tight to cover your panties, and if you run, it'll only attract more attention than you want
>you feel your face burning red with embarrassment
>so maybe this game didn't turn out so great after all
You cling to the pure tannical views of the masses, proving just how inferior you are! But I won't be ashamed, if it means I can fulfill my ambitions, I will bare my breasts for all to see! I will do whatever it takes! For I know that my actions are utterly pure!
why did you make another one

theres already a thread with hardly any posts
That one died just at 43 posts as I was about to bump it.

If it happens again, I guess we won't make another.
So is this thread really about wardrobe?
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>a magical wardrobe appears behind various doors in CHS
>Classrooms, bathrooms, hallways, even locker doors.
>It always pulls in only one student
>Spits them out in an entirely different (possibly unwelcome) style
>Then it vanishes.
>It's impossible to predict where it will go next.
I wish.
Another one was made for that girl to focus on specifically

The other one was left along for the green's sake

And so, the beginning of the legend of Rainbow Flash was born.
I'd love to see that butt blushing in the middle of the field.
Bump for this guy
I'm hoping for the shy one and anon from This Guy
Pretty much this. Come back to us pls, I need to know if Anon lives.
>Wounded and beaten you manage to walk a couple of blocks
>Before accidentally treading on one of your undone shoe laces
>Making you stumble and collapse onto one knee
>Rain fall only seems to be getting harder the longer you are in it
>The light shirt you did wear now feels like a chain-mail vest pulling you down
>Resting for another moment in the down pour, you manage to tie the tripping lace back into a knot
>From behind, you pick up the sound of tire tread on the wet road
>Headlights beam onto you, your shadow stretching into a hunched giant beside you
>As you hear the car slowly mount the pavement you turn your head to see why
>You recognise the car, its black sleek design pulls up beside you
>Its engine still runs as you stare at the trickles of water rushing off it
>Hearing a low click from the door it swings open
>A figure sets a black cuban heel foot down
>Rising from behind the door and a deep smoky voice calls your name with concern
>Standing back onto your feet, you realise that this may be good or worse
>You can't decide, and you can't help how brittle your voice sounds
"...Hey Dad"
>He treads fast to you with worry in his eyes
>"Christ Anon, what happened?! Wait, never mind, you can explain when we get you home"
>Carefully he places an arm round you and throws your arm over the back of his neck
>Helping you to the passenger door he gets you inside the car safe and secure then runs round to get back into the drivers seat
>The warmth of the car helps ease you a bit as you sink into the upholstered seat despite wearing your sodden clothes that cling to you
>Your father drives off the pavement and back onto the road
>He's silent for a moment focusing on driving but his long face shows he's inner conflict
>"What happened?"
>Dad's not asking, he's demanding to know from the tone of his voice
>You're not even sure where to begin
>He obviously cares, but there's anger in him
>It scares you
>Hard rain hits the wind shield window of the car as you remain silent
>Your eyes follow the wipers as they go back and forth
>Impatience is starting to seep into his voice
>His hands squeeze the wheel tighter before he loosens them with a sigh
>"Okay kiddo. If you don't wanna talk about it that's fine. But it's going to be a lot better if you have me on your side when we get in, no doubt your mother is going to go ballistic when she sees you."
>A pretty solid point
>"So you can either tell me, or your mother, but either way. We're going to talk about this"
>Resting your eyes closed you take a deep painful breath and explain what happened today
>He keeps his stern eyes on the road but listens to every detail
>Finishing just as the car pulls up onto the drive of your home
>Turning the engine off but keeping the heater going as he undoes his seat belt and shifts to look at you
>His face not showing what he's thinking
>Its always been hard to get a read on Dad
>"So, you helped this girl out, and now your trying to launch an investigation?"
"Pretty much..."
>He sits back into his seat, his large hand wipes down his face
>"You like this girl?"
>Only his head moves to look at you this time, his brow furrowed up with question
"I dunno...maybe. A little?"
>Both of you sit in silence, rain pelting the car from the outside
>"You shouldn't go around picking fights, Anon."
"But they--"
>"It doesn't matter what they did or you think, you can't open palm someone in the throat and expect everything to be fine afterwards. You are not a thug and you are definitely not a in a position of authority to go around giving orders. You are not an officer of the law"
"I was just doing what you might of done!"
>"I'm not a officer anymore!"
>Another awkward silence fills the cabin again
>"Anon, I know you want to do good and help these girls out. But its not your problem. The rumours will eventually stop and everything will go back to normal"
"...No, it won't"
>Glancing outside the passenger window, the wind and the rain mix to hit with heavier waves of pressure against the outside world
>"Anon...You're not like your br--...You're a good kid, Anon. I know you are. But my days on the force have ended. And to tell the truth, I couldn't be happier. I don't have to worry if my next raid would be my last. Or if I would leave behind a wife and son's on their own with only memories."
"What memories? I barely ever saw you, you were always working. When we needed you, when I needed you, you were never around"
>A flash of anger glints in his eyes before he lets another sigh out again and recedes back into his calm talk
>"You're right. But when I was working I was making sure thugs and criminals were behind bars and you, your brother and your mother were safe. But now I'm around more and now I'm telling you. Stop making other peoples problems your concern."
>A vibration buzzes in your pocket
>Pulling your phone out you unlock it and read a text
>[Hey Anon, its Sunset. Did you get home alright? xxx]
>Holding the phone in your hand you stare at the message.
>Before placing it on your lap with a wet slap
"They're not just random people, they are my friends"
>Dad presses his head against the headrest and wipes his face again
>A defeated breath passes through his mouth
>"C'mon kiddo... lets go inside"
>When you enter your home Dad sends you into the front room
>He brings back a towel and your mother
>Mom rushes to you when she sees your bruised face panicked to know what happened
>Dad manages to calm her down and explain everything
>Talks of pulling you out of Canterlot High are brought up and whether to phone Principal Celestia about everything that's taking place at the school
>Somehow you manage to talk your way out of these options
>Making sure your parents agree with your decision to continue attending the school
>With the talk slowly dying down, you go take a shower, eat and retreat to your room
welcome m8
>Safely in your room you pick your phone up again and text back
[Yeah. See you tomorrow.]
Taking a lunch break back in a bit
>Sleep evades you tonight
>You toss and turn trying to find a comfortable position
>But no matter what side you lay on, you find a new bruise complain as you rest on them.
>Exhaustion overcomes the pain as you close your heavy eyelids and let sleep take you
>No dreams tonight
>Eyelids unsteadily open
>Sitting up in your bed groggy, you feel worse than when you went to sleep
>Dawn cracks through your curtains
>Reaching over to your phone you check the time
>There's also another message
>Opening it, it is another text from Shimmer from sometime when you must have been asleep
>[Good good, me and the girls have been chatting and think meeting at school tomorrow at 8:15 should give us enough time to go over what we need to do. See you tomorrow :) xxx]
>School starts at 8:30 and you're already up before your alarm
>You go to the bathroom to begin your morning routine
>Deciding last night to sleep in the buff, when you see yourself in the mirror again you are covered in dark bruises
>Tiny scratch have scabbed over in a reddish brown or have healed
>Raising an arm in the air you examine your ribcage
>Dark prints of where you were kicked show a yellowish circle around them
>On your face where you were hit a purplish crescent has been created on your cheek bone along with a few bruises on your temple
>The kick Dash gave you has turned yellowish from when it was that blueish purple colour
>From your experience with pain you know that a yellow bruise is already close to healing fully
>While the darker ones signify they need more time to heal
>With all the beatings you've taken in the past, your body seems to be more adapted for coping with healing multiple attacks
>But you still look like a mess
>Other students are defiantly going notice and start talking about you when you go in
>Its a good thing you kept your old dark forest green hoodie from back when you attend that lower circle of hell school
Nicely placed reference.
Don't leave us hanging.
I wish public humiliation didn't turn me on.
I like this.
>After washing, brushing your teeth you shrug into a long sleeve shirt with black sleeves and a white body and slip into some blue jeans along with your dark green hoodie
>Wandering down the carpeted stairs you make your way through the halls and enter the modern kitchen
>On the sink counter is a brown paper bagged lunch ready and prepared for you
>Fixing yourself some breakfast you eat then grab the bag and leave for Canterlot High, throwing a backpack over your shoulder
>When you step outside the air has a mist to it and petrichor pleasantly emanates around you
>While the light of the sun spills over the roofs of your neighbouring houses
>A new day and with it
>New challenges to face
>Flipping your hood over your head to conceal your battle worn face and zipping it up to fend off the chill
>Walking to school only takes you about 15 minutes and you already left home at 7:30, when your alarm would usually go off
>Arriving with all the other keen bean students, you wait under the shadow of the Canterlot High Wonder Colts statue
>Seems as good spot as any for a meeting point
>But it always feels strange around the white stone statue
>Some weird shit has happened around this statue, there feels to be some sort of charge in the air surrounding it which makes your skin goose pimply
>Or at least that's what you've heard
>You've not seen any magical rainbow blasts, she-demons or sirens since coming here.
>To be honest
>It might be better that way
>Being blasted by a colourful rainbow is not on your agenda
>Minutes tick by as you watch eager students enter the wide doors into the school building
>Fresh dew drops from the previous nights rain glisten and shimmer on the grass as the haze of the morning lifts
>Looking at the clock on your phone it reads 8:09
>Shouldn't be long until you start seeing familiar faces
>"Anon? is that you?"
>From under the cover of your hood you hear a soft-spoken voice
>Fluttershy is the first of the troupe to arrive
this gud
damn nigga he beat to shit
>When you peer up from under your hood she peers in.
>Cautious but curious to see the identity of the stranger
>She's wearing her usual ensemble and a new skirt that looks just like the old one she wore before, with the same butterflies that appear to flutter on the fabric
>A bright yellow backpack strapped to her back and a stack of flyers carried in her arms
>Pulling on the top of your hood to ensure she doesn't see the bruises, you answer in an all be it tired but tender voice
"Yeah, its me Shy"
>Acting a lot more confident than yesterday, she approaches closer adjusting her white and green butterfly hair clip in her pink swirling locks
>"O-oh good, I was hoping to see you today. We were going to meet anyway, but I'm glad I ran into you first"
>Swinging her backpack round she undoes the zipper on her bag with one hand and reaches inside, pulling out a sandy coloured cardigan
>Her voice sweetly carries to your ears with the same tone as her namesake and a coy smile
>"I washed it for you"
>In her hand she holds your cardigan, all folded neatly and presented to you fresh and clean as she said
>When you reach to take the sweet gesture you notice your hands still look noticeable raw with new scabs forming on your knuckles
>Withdrawing them back into the pouches of your hoodie
>Fluttershy has an anxious expression, her brow furrowed with a few lines on her forehead and biting her lower lip
>"I-Is something wrong?"
>A brittle wobble in her throat
>Formulating some remedy to answer for your reluctances to take back your cardigan you think of an excuse
"No, Shy. I, I just don't need it right now. I've got my hoodie, see? How's about you keep hold of it for me a bit longer?"
>Uneasily she retracts her arm a little
"Sure, I mean it feels like it might be cold again today. So you might as well hold it for me. Plus, if anything happens to your skirt again, you can always use the same trick as before"
>A smile wriggles across her lips and her cheeks reddened
>"Okay.Thanks, Anon..."
"Don't mention it"
>The last person you want to see you in this state is Fluttershy
>Who knows what kind of look she'd give you
>Hopefully not one of contempt, but being the timid girl she is, she'd probably not even want to come near you.
>You, looking as neat as a Joan Mitchell painting
>"Could you hold these for a second?"
"Er, sure"
>Handing over the stack of flyers you read the top of the pile while she lets the cardigan unfold and slides her lithe arms into it
"You need volunteers for the animal shelter?"
>Rolling the oversized sleeves up, she threads her arms through the straps of her backpack and takes the flyers off your hands
>"mm-hm, we're always looking for people to help at the shelter"
>Taking a piece of paper of the top, she holds it out to you
>"Would you like to? You don't have to if you don't want to. It is on the weekend, so I understand if you have plans already"
>What plans?
>You were going to do what you always did on the weekends, train in the mornings, finish any homework then do nothing but waste time on the internet
>It'll be a nice change of pace to go to the animal shelter
>And if you can get in Fluttershy's good books, it might be worth it
"I don't have anything planned, I'll volunteer"
>Her cyan eyes light up with a wider smile
>"Oh that's wonderful!, it would help out so much. It can get a little overwhelming on my own"
>Under your hood, a gentle smile emerges on your face
>A warm sensation spreads from you heart, through your body
>Aches and pains of yesterday, forgotten for a moment
>Its nice to see her acting a little more confident, especially around you, of all people
>Her stammer is all but gone when she speaks to you
>Maybe, now would be a good time to ask her
"Would you, wanna go somewhere afterwards?"
>Turning a deeper shade of red, that stammer comes back all to fast
>"M-me?! Y-you'd want to g-go somewhere w-with me?! L-like a-a--"
>Looking down into the corner of her eyes they then dart about in her head whilst her she appears to shake
>Thinking on an answer
>Shit, you're not thinking.
>Warm fuzzy feels blocked your capacity to think logically
>This isn't what you should be doing
>You need to return to the background after you've helped her, not ask her out
>If she sees you banged up, you might as well call it quits now anyway
>She's too sweet to get mixed up with someone like you
"We don't have to, if you don't want"
>Clearing her throat she tries to talk
>"Well i-if yo--"
>Boisterously shouting to you, Rainbow Dash energetically races across the grass to where you and Fluttershy are
>Kicking up droplets of rain water off the grass in her wake
>Skidding next to you both
>RD:"Yo! Good to see you guys made it on time too, I'm guessing you're Anon under that hood, right?"
>Slightly disappointed that Dash interrupted what Fluttershy was going to say you confirm
"Yep, its me"
>Shy seems too nervous now to finish what she was saying, and with her usual quite and tender voice greets the blue speed machine
>FS:"Good morning Rainbow Dash"
>RD: Mornin'. I think the others should be arriving soon"
>And as if by divine providence her prediction becomes truth
>R:"Good morning darlings"
>Rarity elegantly walks along side with Applejack, Sunset and Pinkie Pie
>Greeting each other with cheerfully
>How anyone can be cheerful at this time in the morning goes beyond your grasp
>SS:"Good, it looks like we're all here, so what's our next move Anon?...Aaand what's up with the hood?"
>Without even thinking you immediately come up with an excuse
"I have a head cold..."
>AJ:" Didja' git cot in tha rain last night, Anon?
"Something like that"
>R:" I'm sorry to hear that darling, would you like some medicine?"
>Rarity dips a hand into her bag
And that's all for today Anons.
I'll see ya tomorrow. Till then.
>And that's all for today Anons.
Bu mms p
Anyone else find it oddly fitting that the thread that's supposedly dedicated to Rainbow Dash has only a Fluttershy story in it?
Page 8
The FS wardrobe malf thread died and the rarity one is older and has it's own greens.
This part is missing on the pastebin
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I hope not. This shit's too much for all the niggers who live in this shithole.
"Its fine, I took something earlier"
>Ceasing rifling through her bag Rarity's big blue eyes convey her worry, her lips formed into a pout
>R:"Well if you're sure darling, we don't want you over doing it"
>They all seem to express the same feeling towards you
>Its touching knowing that they give a damn to your feint illness
"Thanks. But there's no need to worry. Besides, you're going to be the one we're relying on today"
>Perplexed Rarity places a delicate pale hand on her chest and cocks a thin eyebrow
>R:"Me, darling? Whatever for?"
"You've got a class with Snips and Snails right?"
>R:"Why, yes I do. I believe its science, first period"
"Okay, I need you to keep an eye on those two. If you see them with whatever is left of Fluttershy's other skirt try an charm it off them. If you see them talk with anyone unusual contact any of us immediately."
>With a flick of her purple hair she dons a boastful smile
>R:"I shan't let you down"
>Gesturing to Sunset with an open hand, you inform them of the rest of the plan
"Sunset is going to talk to them during lunch break, but only a few of us should be near by as backup, in case anything happens"
>Giving a nod to the rest of the group Sunset has that serious look on her face again
>Pinkie Pie shoots a raised hand in the air a happy determined smirk on her face
>PP:" I volunteer as tribute!"
>Having the party animal on watch might not be a bad idea
>She certainly knows how to surprise you, maybe she'll have more tricks up her sleeve
"Alright, I'll also be on stand by with Pinkie. The rest of you, same as yesterday. Keep Fluttershy out of trouble"
>AJ:"You can count on me"
>Rainbow gives a big grin and a thumbs up
>RD:" Got it"
>Fluttershy looks the happiest you've seen her in ages.
>FF: "Thank you everyone"
>A pink arm hovers in the centre of the group
>PP:" Hands in everyone!"
>Reluctantly, one by one, they place a hand in the centre.
>One on top of the other, with Fluttershy being the last
>An assortment of colourful arms contributed to the cause
>They all expectantly look at you
>Smiles on each of their faces
>Rolling your eyes under your hood with a small smirk you say
"Sure, why not"
>Pulling a sleeve over your raw knuckles to hide them and gentle placing your hand on top
>Glancing over at the shy girl, a tinge of blush surfaces on her cheeks with the corners of her lips turning upwards
>PP:"Gooooooo team Flutter Force!"
>Dipping the cluster of hands, they all lift off into the air
>You can't help but feel how embarrassingly cringey that was
>Despite your lack of enthusiasm though, the girls all laugh and giggle as they make a move to head inside the school
>Today was going to be tough
>But with some new allies
>You feel ready to take on anything or anyone
>As you tread up the steps and enter the school, the student body are all busily going about their mornings before home room starts
>Splitting off from the girls you find your way to your locker
>Retrieving everything you'll need for the day ahead
>Just as you are about to finish, a familiar stomp hits your ears
>Louder and louder they come closer and closer to you
>Standing up straight slowly, you close your locker door with a push
>You'd have hoped that this hoodie would have concealed you for a little while longer
>Max, towers right beside you, now sporting some new facial marks
>He's changed his shirt from the red speckled one you helped make
>Its not even first period and it looks like you're already going to have to fight
>Calmly, you ready yourself and face Max
>This time you'll remember not to skull bash him and to actual use what you know
"What do you want Max?"
>He looks almost as worse for wear as you
>A cut on his lip has freshly scabbed over and his chin, forehead and right eye are all matching with purple black shiners
File: unnamed.gif (1 MB, 350x191) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 350x191
>He takes a deep, long inhale
>Those stone hard eyes beating down on you with the same intensity when you last saw him
>"I'm not here to fight"
>Wrinkles form on your forehead
>Mute Max actually spoke, his voice gravelly and rough as sand paper
>You're more unsettled at how deep his voice is rather than his reason for being here
>Guess that's what smoking does for you
>"I came here to say, I'm sorry"
>Not letting your guard down, you question his motives
"Bit late for apologies isn't it? You were going to smack me with a brick. /And/ you nearly kicked me to death"
>Scratching at his hair, you spy dotted up his forearms more bruises.
>"I know, and I'm sorry. I was just doing what Alex told me to do"
>Sneering at that name you voice drips with venom
"And is this something Alex is getting you to do too? Making you apologies on his behalf? So I let down my guard and you jump me again?"
>"Nah man, I don't listen to that little jerk anymore. Alex is a prick, he went downhill a long time ago. I ain't cool with stealing girls pants and selling em. S'not right"
"Glad we can agree on something there"
>From his chest he gives a chortle with a pitch so low it reverberates through your body
>"But you, you're like on the straight and narrow, and you're hard as nail. Manage to beat the crap outta me. I was hoping we can put this shit behind us, start fresh?"
>Extending an open hand you eye his invitation with a wary, untrusting glare
>Smirking on one side of his face, he shrugs a shoulder
>"Its cool man, I'm not gonna rip your arm out ya socket. Too many people around anyway"
>Searching his eyes for a furtive intent you fail to see anything but honesty
>Clasping his hand its like placing your arm into a lions mouth
>He could very well pop your joint out of place but instead gives your hand a firm shake and releases
"Why'd you ever hang out with him anyway?"
>Giving the scar on his chin a stroke he looks up into the corner of his hard eyes
I'm more than content for this to turn into a story just about Anon and Max taking on the world.
>"Long story short. We were friends at a time. He did me a favour once, and never let me forget it. Now he can bite the curb as far as I'm concerned"
"Fair enough man"
>Its weird connecting with someone who you butted heads with, literally
>Knowing that problem of someone using you to get what they want
"Anyway, I've got a busy day ahead of me so, see ya around"
>Swinging your backpack over one shoulder you head in the direction of your home room
>Hearing that stomp tread behind you closely
>Stopping you turn to look over your shoulder
>Max is following in your footsteps
"...What're you doing?"
>"Following you"
>Dull features on his face contort as a struggle in his head becomes plain to see
>"I dunno.Its, kinda what I've always done"
"Max, I'm not Alex. You don't need to follow me like you're on a leash"
>Blankly he stares at you
>"...So what do I do?"
>This would be the perfect moment for a tumble weed to roll by
>Both of you waiting for a reply from the other
>Instead you settle for a grey girl with blonde hair an wandering eyes to blow raspberries as she saunters by
>...This school is very strange
"Okay erm, why don't you wash that hair of yours first?"
>Running one of his hands through his black greasy hair, he inspects it then nods
>One of your eyebrows spring upwards as you give the golem an incredulous look
"Maybe, apologies to Ash for beating him up too?"
>Nodding again he keeps asking
>"And then?"
"Fuck man! I don't know? Do whatever you want! I'm not Alex, you don't have to listen to me"
>Blinking at your bark, its like he's never heard those words before
>"Right...yeah! I can do what I want!"
>With some new revelation in mind he smiles and lumbers of in the other direction
File: 1444001434561.jpg (16 KB, 450x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 450x333
Guys sorry but this is all for tonight. Work has called and asked me to do some shit tomorrow fucking stupid early.
I would have blown them off, if it wasn't for the fact I need money.
I'll try and give it another go tomorrow when I get back.But for now, till then.
>mfw work is a bitch
We'll be waiting. Dunno how many are left, but I know I'll be here until it's either done or dead and buried for good.
Do what you must Anons. I won't begrudge any of you if it does become buried and archived.
Thank you for sticking with me for so long.
I understand its been a difficult past few days, I know first hand what its like waiting on a writer to come back and add to his/her story.
Warms the flesh that sits in my chest cavity to know at least one Anon likes my green enough to bump.
Fuck, I just hopped on this ride
One more because you've been very patient

>Hoping Max doesn't cause more harm than good with his new found freedom
>You continue to your destination
>Attending home room you sit at the back again, hood still over your head, veiling your appearance
>A few stares and whispers from classmates, but nobody questions why your hood is up
>Not even your teacher
>Things are going alright
>Home room finishes with the register being done and a few bulletins about lunch and you make your way to first period class
>Another English lesson to start of the day off with Ms Harshwhinny
>Entering the class you swiftly target a seat at the back
>Gliding past Ms Harshwhinny, she sits at the teachers desk in front of the board, reading a novel
>Freezing on the spot you can hardly believe it
>Ms Harshwhinny somehow can tell its you under the dark forest green hood without even raising her sights from her book
>"Would you kindly remove that hood while your in my class please?"
>You don't want to stir a scene up by talking back, but neither do you want to reveal how battered your face is
"Sorry Ms Harshwhinny, but I'm not feeling too well today. I have a headache and the light seems to play it up"
>Placing a book mark in between the pages she closes it and raises her head
>"Anon, you're not a vampire. If you have a headache then go to the nurses office. But otherwise while you're in my class, I would like to see all my students faces"
>Some students that are already sitting down snicker
>Its never a good idea to get on her bad side
>You've kept a good rapport with Ms Harshwhinny, few students can say that
>Pissing her off is the last thing you want to do
>Checking in your usual solemn demeanour, you breath a submissive sigh
>Surrendering to her whim you lower the hood
>Students that were snicker now eye you with aghast at your face
>Keeping your visage in check you return to moving to your desired seat
>While the students begin whispering up a storm
I like Max.
The girls are definetely going to know now.
it was inevitable
it is terrifying
If you die on me, I swear I'll kill you.
If I don't lurk, who else will?
Seriously can anyone indicate that I'm not the only one watching.

I've been the last 7 bumps and I want to sleep
Get a move on watchman, I'm here to relieve you of your post
>Anon agrees to volunteer at animal shelter in order to get closer to fluttershy.

What do you know, kind of like every of eqg fluttershy fic.

Not telling you to change it, just a heads up if you ever want to do something like this again.
page 9 bump
File: image.jpg (38 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 500x375
Morning bump
The bumps continue
Not much else you can do to get closer to her though is there?
She is pretty reserved and, surprise, shy. So building a bond with her or finding common ground would be challenging.

Could be something like regularly passing her down by some ponds/lakes on your travel route, and leading to befriending.
As long as it's well written, finding the right scenario isn't such an issue as good writing can make multiple situations work.
>Eyes trace over you from all directions
>Doing your best to hide the crescent shaped mark on your cheek with your hand, a heat washes over you
>You can feel yourself sweat as the whispers get louder
>This is not were you had planned
>Within hours, maybe even minutes, you will be the new subject of unwanted attention
>It was a going to be a struggle enough to halt the rumours around Fluttershy being some sort of exhibitionist
>Now this has fallen on your plate as well
>And who knows what kind of bullshit they will come up with that will follow you around like a bad smell
>As the bell to start class begins, Ms Harshwhinny glances up
>Her eyes briefly touch on you before turning her attention to pressing a piece of chalk to the board behind her
>It was too quick to notice anything, while the rest of the class are still talking amongst themselves in hushed voices
>Agitated by the constant talking Ms Harshwhinny silences the classroom with a simple command
>In a dead voice you answer
"Yes Ms Harshwhinny?"
>"You will stay after class"
>You've done what she wanted, and now you're the one in trouble?
"But I--"
>"Is that understood, Anon?"
>She's still not looking at you, busily writing on the board
>It would be best not to provoke her
>Through gritted teeth you try your best not to sound too annoyed
>Snickers from some girls in the class irritates your ear as you try to focus on learning instead
>Thankfully their laughter masks the vibrating sound of you phone in your pocket
>Ensuring Ms Harshwhinny does not notice you slide if out and glance at a text
>Its a new number you don't recognise
>[Just saw Snips with what looked like the skirt -Rarity]
>Rarity is doing her part efficiently
>Sunset must have dished out your number to the group
>Thoughtful planning ahead, if not a little unnerving
>Nevertheless you text back with one hand, your other writing in a textbook on the desk
[Good, get it]
If you want I could try something with that, I'm not sure how it will be received. But if other Anons want something different too, I can give it a go?
Goddamn man, if that was really all you, thank you. I don't know when you'll see this but you are one hell of a trooper.
And thanks for picking up the watch
It's going good as it is, but if it eventually gets back to Anon and Fluttershy it's probably a good idea not to re-use the shelter setting.
File: Flash_Sentry.png (351 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
351 KB, 1280x720
>Slipping your phone back into your pocket, a screwed up paper ball accurately lands on your textbook
>Following its point of trajectory
>Across a few desks from you
>A boy in a black jacket and a blue quiff on top of his head, has his arm casually over the back of his chair and looking directly at you
>He's in some of your other classes as well, Rash something or other
>A rocker or jock type of guy
>Not turning away when you meet his gaze
>He points to his pencil then the ball
>Putting two and two together you unravel the screwed up ball
>On the crinkled paper surface is a note that reads
>Hey man what happened to you?
>When you look back at him he shrugs his shoulders, his hands open, palms facing the ceiling
>Eyelids falling just half over your eyes, you write your own note
It doesn't matter
>Folding the paper into a tiny compressed square you wait for the opportune moment when everyone's heads are down, and fling it back at him
>Aiming it to hit him in the head, he reaches out a hand and catches it
>Not bad
>Without bothering to see his reaction, you return to writing
>When another paper ball missiles its way back onto your desk harmlessly hitting you hand you were writing with
>How very vexing
>Unravelling this note it reads
>Did you get into a fight?
>From under your brow you wearily glare up at him, whilst his mouth tightens to one side of his face
>He may look like he gives a crap
>But adding fuel to what could already be a dumpster fire in the making is not a good idea
>Plus, you hardly know who he is
>And whether he could be trusted not to fuck things up for you
>Resolving to write back one more time and not reply to any further paper missile notes, it simply says
Don't ask
>Folding it again and tossing it back over to him
I'm just sitting and having a re-think of scenarios I can change.
I sense that rumors of Anon being an abused minor arising.
No wait, that'd be stupid.

Maybe about how he got beat up by Dash? It was in the middle of a crowded hall.
>>Did you get into a fight?
>>From under your brow you wearily glare up at him, whilst his mouth tightens to one side of his face
no shit
>The tenacious rocker ceases his fire of paper notes
>Out of respect for your wish to not be bothered or giving up
>Either way, its a relief to not have to secretively long shot messages across the room
>Class drily ticks by and it is soon time to head over to the next class
>Sweeping your stuff back into your bag, you stand to go and meet the English lecture at the front
>Ready and waiting to hear some kind of drivel about how if 'everything at home is okay?' she sits patiently in her chair reading her book
>Her usual sour demeanour firmly present on her face
>With the last of your classmates out, she lays the book down on his open pages and eyes your bruises
>"Do you mind telling me how you got those Anon?"
>Telling her you fell down the stairs might not do it with Ms Harshwhinny
"I fell down some concrete steps"
>You're a fucking genius, you idiot
>She scowls at you with an intensity like she's piercing right through you
>"Don't. Lie. To me. Anon E. Mousse."
>She stands and walks over to the door shutting it after checking to her left and right
>Then walking back to her chair, each click clack of her heels sends a jolt of tension through you
>"I know full well about your history Anon."
>Revelation strikes you like a hammer on an anvil
>Of course the staff would know why you were transferred here, they would most likely have had a meeting to discuss keeping an eye on you
>Sitting back in her chair she still looks at you with that x-ray vision
>"Have you been fighting in the school?"
"I haven't been fighting in the school, no"
>Well, you did a little bit, but what your wearing on your face was done outside of school grounds
>Propping her elbow on the desk and supporting her chin with her hand, she continues her cross-examine
>"Anon, this is serious. I won't tolerate bullies. And if you've been protecting yourself or causing the fights, I need to know."
>Her scowl deepens, a wrinkle forming in between her eyebrows
Second watchman here. Thanks for giving us something to look forward to.
Should just simply say 'you're not the only ones who know my history.'
Should answer her question.
>You didn't start the fight and actually tried to avoid and not participate? Well, I'm still going to punish you because it would be unfair for only one party to be punished.

My teacher and principle did this, I really hope this doesn't happen here.

Also I hate this matching pictures bullshit for captcha
>Standing firm against her harsh stare, you stick to your guns
>Tone and face expressionless
"I haven't been fighting"
>Her nostrils flare blowing some frustrated air
>"Look, the rest of the faculty will agree with me when I say you're a good student. You're quiet, you don't cause problems and you're grades are steadily improving better than we'd hoped"
>Removing her elbow from the desk she folds her arms at her chest
>"But if you have been getting involved with fighting or bullying, we will take action. Canterlot High has a strict policy when it comes to bullies. Do I make myself clear, Anon?"
>Unable to control the corners of your mouth, an anxious smile cracks on your face as you speak through your clenched teeth
>She scratches something onto a piece of paper and hands it to you
>"Now hurry to your next class,if your teacher asks why you're late, give them that"
>Nodding you turn around and head for the door
>Seems your good rapport with Ms Harshwhinny was founded on a misconception
>She only cares if you're grades go up and you behave in class, staying out of the way
>Well...in for a penny
>Just before you exit into the halls, your body half in and out of the classroom
>You grab her attention as she is just about to go back to reading her book
"Ms Harshwhinny?"
>With an exasperated roll of her eyes she turns in her seat
>"Yes Anon"
>You recognise that book cover from the shelf at home, one of your mom's books
"Alejandro dies at the end"
>Her sour disposition drops to a flabbergasted one, as you flip your green hood back up onto your head
>Pivoting on your heel and sauntering off down the hallway
>A cruel smirk happily fixed on your face
>Vibrations in your jeans pocket turn your attention
>Tucking the note into your back pocket you retrieve your phone from your front
I'd rather match pictures than not have a captcha at all. I don't know how prevelant this problem is, but on mobile captchas may not even appear. This includes legacy captcha
>"Alejandro dies at the end"
I love this guy.
Yeah, it happens. It's the reason I never browse on mobile. Too many bugs.
I think I'm gonna call it here, I'll be back soon.
Till then
File: image.jpg (37 KB, 300x425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 300x425
Whats that green & pastebin about? Ill check it out tomorrow when im bored in class but someone give me a quick summary pls
Former street thug Anon helps Fluttershy when her skirt gets ripped.

Someone else saw her without her skirt and spread rumors about her being an exhibitionist.

Anon tries to help cull the storm with the Main 6 so that he won't get his ass constantly kicked by people who thinks he spread the rumor.
>"Alejandro dies at the end"
File: 144123550494322.jpg (90 KB, 356x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 356x366
Do you have a better version of that pic?
With a darker shade of blonde and normal skin color?
booping for more
Morning Everyone. Hope everyone has at least a manageable day.
File: Flash is back.png (296 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Flash is back.png
296 KB, 1280x720
>[I honestly tried my best. But they wouldn't oblige. Sorry :( xxx]
>A minor set back
[You let us know they had it, Rarity. That's good enough. Thanks]
>Means you've got to get your hands dirty again. Not a problem
>If Sunset can't encourage them to give her the skirt that is
>Might be better if she can accomplish it rather than you going in
>Snips and Snails are being adamant about keeping hold of it though
>Rarity is supposed to have some pull at the school, with her looks alone its been said she could persuade anyone for anything
>If she can't get it off them with her charm, then 'Bill and Ben the done fucked up men' are probably being told to keep it by someone else
>Someone with more pull
>Or someone they don't want to get on the bad side of
>They could be keeping it for something else entirely, which could be plausible
>...Maybe they're just a couple of weirdos that like to keep hold of a girls things? When they can get their hands on stuff like that.
>Lost in thought you bump into that rocker again
>"Oof? Oh!, hey man, its you. I see you got the hood back up again"
>His tone is warm and friendly, but you don't know him that well to be that comfortable around him
>You rumble from your throat, carrying back on track to your next class
>Picking up the same pace, he walks beside you
>"Hey, I'm sorry if I got on your nerves back there."
>Thinking on other matters, you respond with the simplest of acknowledgements
>"Its just, you know. You're kind of a recluse kinda guy. And the next day you come in with all of this going on"
>Gesturing to all of you, he continues to keep pace and talking
>"I gotta know man, what happened?"
>Now ignoring him you continue to tread, not fast but not slow either
>"Some people are saying that Rainbow Dash did this to you, is that what happened ?"
>"They saw her kick you, pin you against a locker and then you went into a classroom together, is that when she did all of this to you?"
How does everyone else feel about Flash's sudden interest? Genuine or faked?
Seems a bit early to tell. I want to believe he's sincere, and Anon is suspicious due to his past.
Don't care, I wouldn't trust him either.
I personally feel that a bit of it is faked. Flash seems to have known for a while that Anon is reclusive, so why take a sudden interest now that he shows up with bruises on his face?

It seems like he's just fishing for gossip.
Then again, maybe it is just genuine concern.

I can relate to this Anon, I always think someone has an ulterior motive when showing genuine concern
Tip there usually is
>Those events from yesterday with Dash had completely slipped your memory
>Rash however, or whatever his name is, is becoming a nuisance
>Possessed by some kind of 'must-be-in-the-know' parasite, the feeling that he won't relent sets in
>Feeding him some spoon-fed bull should keep him off you
>But if you give off the wrong impression, it could have some ramifications
>Coming to a stop in the hall, he does the same along side you
>And using your best modulated voice you ask for his name politely
>With a small grin, he indulges your request
>"Flash, Flash Sentry. And you're Anon, right?"
"Yeah. Listen Flash, Dash did kick me, but everything else that happened to my face was my own fault"
>"Oh okay. I was gonna say, if Rainbow and you are having some sort of tiff I could talk to her for you. I'm pretty good friends with her, so she might listen to me if you need her off your back?"
>This is...unusual
>You're not familiar with this kind of helpfulness
>Especially from strangers, it's throwing you a little
"Erm right. Thanks, but I don't need you to do that Flash. We've...talked through the issues we had"
>"Issues?...Was it that stuff floating around about Fluttershy wandering the halls half naked?"
>Its a good thing your hood is concealing the upper half of your face, otherwise Flash would see your furrowed brow and eyes wide to his unexpected knowledge
>Flash seems to knows some shit, maybe too much
>And his sudden interest in a 'recluse kinda guy' like yourself is triggering alarm bells all around
>"You didn't /do/ anything did you?"
"Er no, it was about something else. But we sorted it out. We're cool now"
>From under your hood you can feel him heavily eyeing you
>"That's good man, I'm glad to hear it. I know Fluttershy a little too, and she doesn't seem the type to do that. So, how /did/ you get so beat up looking?"
"...I tripped and fell down some concrete steps..."
>He's really digging here.
>Why? is unclear
>For now
Alarms are blaring inside my mind right now.
I have a strange suspicion that Anon should watch his locker if he owns one.
>In your ears you can hear your heart rate picking up, thumping away in your battered head
>Measuring yourself up, you're taller than him, by just a few inches.
>Your eye level rests above his thick eyebrows
>Other students breeze by unassuming, as you and Flash stare each other down in the middle of the busy hallway
>Its not an obvious hard stare, both of you donning blank faces and neutral stances.
>Tension in the air though, is palpable
>Flash's hands are hidden inside his jacket's zip pockets out of sight
>Whether they've curled into fists or not is in question
>Starting a fight in the middle of the hallway however, just because he's getting a little too big for his boots, is not the way to go
>Not including the fact you've already brushed Ms Harshwhinny the wrong way looking like you do
>If you decide to tell Flash that you'll help him to find out what the inside of his ass looks like, after that talk with her. You can say goodbye to Canterlot High, right now.
>You've already got enough to deal with anyway, and to get in on time for class and trying to find a seat at the back is all sliding through your fingers
"While I know you can't stop gazing into my eyes, Flash. I've got to get a move on"
>Leerily his eyes squint
>"Yeah. Same. Try to watch where you step, Anon."
>An irritated twitch flickers under your right eye for an instant
>Its hard to tell, both of you with deadpan face
>But threats don't sit well with you
>Icy polite you confirm within him
"Thanks Flash. But I won't trip again, you can be sure of that..."
>Smirking on one side of his face his eyes stay fixed
>"Good to know. Catch ya later Anon"
"Yeah, see ya around"
>Without causing a scene you both walk away
>Everyone seems unwise to the stand off that took place
>You'll need to talk with he girls about him at some point
>If he really does know them and is on good terms with them
>Right now though
>You need to get to History class
This is all I've got in me tonight
Cheers for staying interested. There will be some scenes coming up a bit later on that I would hope you'll like.
But I don't want to spoil anything
What's your opinion on Flash? Can he be trusted?
Stay tuned
And see ya soon Anons
I know I wouldn't trust him.
we all know he steals our waifu
who knows, he might help anon so he can steal anon's waifu
God damn it Anons, I'm trying to be less cynical. I'm going to put a little trust in Flash. If I come out of it looking like a fool, so be it.
He's the white knight that Canterlot deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

Seriously though, Flash has no definitive proof that Anon is the one spreading rumors, so he should take his threats and fuck off.
Bumping for History class shenanigans
Page 9
Stay alive
Page 9, Bumpin' Fine
Whether or not Flash can be trusted is still in question but now TWO people have assumed Anon is a piece of shit just from hearing rumors about him and his history.
Harshwhinny knew full well his history so she had a little more fact to go on but still misjudged him. This Anon might have trouble escaping the "Don't get involved with others, it isn't worth the trouble." mindset after all this shit. All he did was try to help someone and this is what happens.
Page nein
Two hours since last post? No can do
How about another bump
Hm. Writefag would have posted something by now.
Hope he's alright.
Might just be planning the story out, it can be a lot harder than you think. I've tried my hand at various creative mediums. I'm decent with music, terrible with drawing, and alright at writing. I have trouble with pacing and direction mostly.
Does anyone has that pastebin story in which Principal Celestia has to walk through some neighbour yards to get to her house while she loses her clothes?
File: 834448.jpg (3 MB, 3500x4894) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 3500x4894
I would if I could, but pastebin is dead at the moment.

Fortunately for you, there is a screencap of it.
Nice, thanks anon.
I'm not dead yet, but through a 16 hour shift day. I might as well be.
I will write tomorrow, day off. Now though, sleep is required.
Apologies, I would have tried to post something sooner but you know.Shit was sprung on me.
See you soon Anons
No worries. Love u long time <3
Shit I forgot to mention. There was another version I think where Celestia finds Anon walking down the street and she begs him to get her clothes, which Anon asks for sex after that.
I think that was just a suggestion in a previous thread anon, although you're welcome to search through the archive for it. It should be in the same thread as that story.
>throught the archive
File: We're All Mad.jpg (91 KB, 508x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
We're All Mad.jpg
91 KB, 508x600
Were have you been for the past days?
What? It's not-

...oh. Is that the second archive we've lost inside a year now?
In Wonderland, silly.

While we're on the subject of Celestia, anyone remember that green where Anon was an abused child an stayed at the Principle's place?
File: 1433365072152.png (621 KB, 700x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
621 KB, 700x1200
I think you want this green.
One of the best I've read.
Yup that's the one.
Will you have bear my children?
Okay, since pastebin is back up I might as well link you to the story itself. There's a couple of other wardrobe malfunction stories in the pastebin as well, so do look around.

I'm not capable of doing that Anon. I am sorry.

I was in the threads as it was being created. Easily the best week I spent in /mlp/.
I came buckets to the other WM stories. I need more.
Page Nein
I just read through the whole thing, I want more
It was a very special green.

It's also the green that turned me into a sunfag
Anyone taking the shift tonight?
great, didn't know moe is ded; so, who's the next likely candidate for /mlp/ archival?
Anyone on nightwatch? I'm starting to fade in and out of consciousness.
Sure, why not.
Thank you.
Seriously I have to be back up in about 3 hours
File: 837302.png (648 KB, 1167x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
648 KB, 1167x1500
Morning Bump
File: Rarity1.png (154 KB, 422x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 422x1024
>Threading your way through the halls and students, you find the classroom for your History lesson
>One chair left, at the front of the room, next to the door
>Not ideally what you wanted but its out of the way enough
>Seating yourself down right as the bell rings
>Looks like you won't be needing that note after all
>Lecture subject for today is history of the ancient Greeks and myths
>The teacher starts the lesson with noting some of the wars waged by and at the Grecian people whom were divided to begin with
>Spartans, Arcadians, Athenians and more
>Each culture having different ideals, purposes and goals
>One war that piques your interests, is the mythos behind the Trojan War
>Something about tricking your opponent into a false sense of security by exploiting their greed with a gift, speaks to you
>Class ends with you learning the different cultures of ancient Greece
>Launching the beginning of break
>Thoughts linger like still clouds on the events that have transpired this morning
>So far you've managed to tick off a teacher and another random person
>Ms Harshwhinny, you can sort of understand the reason for her calling you in to question
>Being a teacher her priorities would be ensuring teaching students and their safety
>But Flash
>On top of having no other interactions with him until now
>Its weird to you why he would suddenly start talking wit-
>Make that, subtlety threatening you, out of the blue
>These nagging thoughts need to be put to rest
>"Yoohoo! Anon, darling!"
>A sing-song voice calls over from across the hall
>A few groups of people are still congregating around lockers
>When they hear Rarity's voice most of their heads swivel around to find out who the pale beauty is calling to
>Gathering of eyes with confusion, shock and glares arrange on your position as the fashionista swaggers her way through them
>Seemingly parting them like the red sea with the invisible force that is her popularity and grace
>Something about tricking your opponent into a false sense of security by exploiting their greed with a gift, speaks to you
File: critcalfailure.webm (265 KB, 486x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
>Anon wants to stay under radar
>Rarity announces to the school that they have some sort of association
File: Rarity2.png (428 KB, 1024x2577) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
428 KB, 1024x2577
>With each of her graceful steps in her stride, her chest jiggles and bounces slightly in her top
>Your eyes are grabbed and drawn to the mounds by their alluring dance
>Physically, you have to restrain yourselves as she steps closer, straining your neck so your eyes won't wander southward
>Stopping in front of you a waft of her perfume drifts to your nose
>Even the air around Rarity has a comeliness to it
>"I'm so sorry I couldn't help as much as I thought I could Anon dear. I was so sure that they would be kind enough to oblige a lady like me."
>Pouty lipped with a furrowed brow you can see she feels down trodden with regret over not being able to get the skirt back
>But what you're more worried about now is all the leers you're receiving from the other students
>Announcing her presence and heading straight to you is making you feel like there's a cross-hair hovering over your forehead
>"I suppose gentlemen are a rare breed now. Really, they were so rude!"
>Your throat feels tight, and the inside of your mouth feels like the savannah. Not even saliva seems to satiate the dryness, with everyone watching you two interact
"Rarity, its fine. Look, could we... move this somewhere else? Please?"
>"I mean honestly! What would those two want with a disaster of a skirt like that! Not that Fluttershy's taste in clothing is a disasters, Its actually very cute. But torn up the way it is-"
>Unaware of the audience around her growing, her ranting doesn't seem to have a pause button
"Rarity I think it'd be better to discuss this wher--"
>"Men can be so insufferable sometimes!, not all men mind you. You're much more--woah!"
>Grabbing hold of her delicate hand you drag her and yourself out of the halls, away from everyone else
>"My Anon, this is so sudden! I-I'm not sure what to say--"
"Stop talking"
>Leading her to the nearest empty hallway to find an unoccupied classroom
Not seeing a lot of people losing articles of clothing in public spaces...
Its coming I swear
File: Rarity3.png (191 KB, 712x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
191 KB, 712x1024
>Making sure to be gentle with the her hand as you grip it, you pilot Rarity into a classroom
>Before closing the door you scan around to make sure you weren't followed
>That was probably a really stupid move on your part
>But this was the best solution you could think of
>"Well, I'm not sure what that was about darling but if you simply wanted some alone time with me, you should have asked"
>Keeping your eyes surveying the hallways through the closed door's window you reply
"I did"
>"Oh...well you have me now dear, so what can I do for you?"
"For starters you could--"
>Glancing from the door, the chatter box has hiked herself up onto a table, one leg cross over the other
>Her deep blue eyes track you
>Whatever she has in mind, its not the same thing you're thinking
"I need you to do me a favour, Rarity. But I'm not sure you can do it. Actually, more like, I don't think you will do it"
>Leaning back on her arms, her voluptuous chest beckons you to stare
>"Oh come now Anon, I'm sure if its to help the cause, I will do anything you need me to"
>The line of her mouth puckers outwards while she flutters her eyelashes
"Are you sure?"
>Hopping off the desk she sways her curvaceous hips with each footstep
>"Of course, how can I help you?"
>Getting closer and closer to you, you inhale deeply through your nose
>Rarity now close enough that you can see a blush filling her cheeks you bite the bullet and say
"Rarity, I need your panties..."
>Bemused and bright red she claps her cheeks and turns
>"My graciousness, Anon. I didn't think you were like that!"
"Hear me out for a second"
>Trying to shake the giddiness out of her head she faces you, biting the inside of her lip with a smile
>You feel a little flushed in the cheeks yourself for asking
"You will get them back. Its just a precaution if things don't go the way they are supposed to at lunch. I need to use them as a sort of... bargaining chip..."
File: unf.png (675 KB, 800x568) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
675 KB, 800x568
>Rarity wandering around school pantyless
>"Stop talking"
File: 1392087452987.gif (3 MB, 756x815) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 756x815
woo nelly
In a skirt no less
File: 1444335488833.png (1 MB, 1500x1699) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1500x1699
Rarity has a bit of a kinky side.
File: Turn around.jpg (62 KB, 409x425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Turn around.jpg
62 KB, 409x425
>The redness in her cheek's remains, but her smile recedes
>Morphing her mouth into being parted open slightly
>Her deep blue eyes grow smaller as she squints at you
>"Excuse me?"
"I know I'm asking a lot but if--"
>"You want to use my under garments as a bargaining chip?!"
>That provocative stare she was giving you moments ago has changed to a glower look
>"A ladies underwear is not something you can gamble away, Anon!"
"I know!, but it will only be until lunch, and as soon as we're done with Snips and Snails you'll get them back."
>Folding her arms she shifts to look away from you and loudly humphs
>"What kind of girl do you think I am?!, really! such impertinence!"
>Appearing avid in her decision to keep her pants on you choose to be selective in your next choice of words
"Fine Rarity, if you don't want to help, fine. I thought you'd be mature enough to handle this but I guess I was wrong. I thought you, out of all the girls, would be able to understand the plan. I'm sorry I asked."
>As you grab hold of the door handle you catch a glimpse of Rarity's expression as you turn
>She looks to be deliberating, and her tight crossed arms have loosened as she watches you
>Her intense scowl lessened to a more dejected one
"I just thought that maybe, you'd be strong enough to do this small thing for Fluttershy"
>Opening the door you act as if /you/ had just been asked to take off your own underwear
>Walking with enough speed to not run off but not be too slow
>Euston, we have panties off
>Keeping the act up you keep your stern tone when you see her head poking out the door, looking sullen
>"Come back here..."
>Re-entering the classroom Rarity now checks behind you to make sure no one is around and closes the door
>"You promise I'll get them back?"
>Nodding, her face heavily blushes
>"Okay, but you can't look!, so turn around"
>She wags her finger in a circle to you, while her other hand fans her flushed face
File: 1436314274770.gif (3 MB, 540x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 540x300
Anon's quite the manipulative bastard.

I'm pretty sure we just lost some points with Rarity. Please don't let this end up backfiring in the long run.
File: 1442439662639.png (348 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
348 KB, 1024x768
Please, I bet she's enjoying it inside.
File: 1417566712206.png (336 KB, 640x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
336 KB, 640x810
>rarity about to walk around pantiless
>in a skirt
my dick
>"I would love to help you Anon, but I'm not wearing any."
Which sucks. It seems our writefriend wants to shack Anon up with flutterbutt, but I would have been fine if we went full lood once Anon asked her for her panties. She was really into it for a moment there
I don't think Anon would go for it anyway, even if Rarity fully came on to him.
He is of the mindset that people are better off without him remember? He wouldn't want to create such bonds, not right now at least.
I'm talking about what my dick wants. You think it cares about character motivations?
Depends on the situation
If Rarity said she would sleep with you, but would immediately amputate your dick the moment of penetration, would you still go through with it?
File: Close em.jpg (36 KB, 169x157) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Close em.jpg
36 KB, 169x157
>Complying with her request you turn around
>"You can turn back when I say so. I do hope you won't peek now, Anon"
"Unless I have eyes in the back of my head, I can't"
>A light humph, and then the slow sound of fabric being slid over soft skin is heard
>It pains you to have manipulated Rarity like this
>You remember how the girls in higher grades at the other school used to do the same thing to you, to a certain extent
>Mostly they wanted you to steal things from other people usually other girls and give it to them.
>And It always ended with not a shred of gratitude or thanks, and if you were really unlucky, a slap in the face to keep you quiet and obedient
>This is different though, you will return them to her, and its just to be used as a precaution
>She grunts lightly as you hear her step off and back on one foot then the other
>Clearing her throat she gives you the go ahead in her silvery voice
>"You can look now Anon"
>Facing her again, Rarity's pale skin on her face is red from ear to ear
>She has one hand clutching something against her bosom while the other holds down the hem of her skirt
>Her knees pressed against one another, she looks to be shaking but still retains her poise and grace
>Holding out her clutched hand you walk over to take possession of her panties
>"But, before you take them...I want something"
>Taking her hand away you fight not to roll your eyes
>Here we go, an ultimatum
"Alright Rarity, what do you want?"
>Taking a gulp and clearing her throat once more her silvery voice has a wobble to it now that you are closer
>"Two- no er, three things"
>Your solemn visage as still as stone with no expression in your voice you ask
"What is it?"
>Her lips pucker inward as she tires to push out her demands
>"Number 1 I want you to close your eyes and keep them closed until /I/ say you can open them"
>A growl escapes from deep in your throat
>Closing your eyes, you world is black to you
No, because my dick doesn't want to be amputated, analogy don't work m8
>Not wanting your dick amputated
Filthy casual
File: Hot Damn.gif (533 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hot Damn.gif
533 KB, 500x281
She gonna hit him aint she
>Relying on your other senses to keep track of where you are, you keep still
"Now wha--!!"
>A sharp thwack across your cheek sends a jolt of pain to your brain
>Your eyes remain shut through it though
>With your hoodie up, your face is still covered from sight of your bruises
>But Rarity, unbeknownst to her, has struck one
>It would have been easy to take it had you not already received a dozen blows much harder than that
>Hands now clenched into a tight balled fist you shake, resisting the pulsing pain and the urge to fight back.
>After all its only Rarity, and she has every right to slap you at this point
>"That's for trying to manipulate me"
>...Well fuck
>She's as smart as she is beautiful
>You should have known Rarity would be able to see through your amateur act.
>After all you have heard how she can get what she wants just with a stroke of her long purple hair
>You defiantly deserve this
>Hearing the sound of her tongue against the roof of her mouth tut you, you shake it off
>Bracing yourself for another round across the head you stand vigil
>When a warm, soft and gentle sensation presses against the hot slapped skin of your cheek, followed by another nose full of her scented perfume
>"That's for a good attempt though"
>Your eyebrows reach up and your mouth opens with surprise
>"Try not to be too much of a bad boy Anon, we like you better like that."
>Feeling her delicate soft smooth hands take hold of yours
>She opens your fist and places some soft, warm silk fabric in them
>Rolling your hand back into a fist with gentle slow moving precision
>"And don't lose these, if you do, it might be the only one I let you have"
>Giggling she lets go of your hands and you feel her elegant presence move away and out the door
>Like a dumbass you stand waiting for the command to open your eyes
>You're in a bit of shock from what just happened
>Rubbing the spot she assaulted then caressed with her lips to figure out if it was real
Ha, fucking called it.
Well I did bring attention to being slapped by the girls at Anons other school.
Its not so much you called it, but rather, I wanted you to know that was coming
A lot of foreshadowing today
But that's it for tonight
See you soon
>But that's it for tonight
Wait, what?

Did he REALLY need the panties, or what he just testing his luck?

Sorry, I'm a bit slow
I love you too
>It's only 3:31 pm where I am
What time zone do you live in?
That may spoil a few things if I outright tell you, if you read a bit back you might catch on to why he might need them
more please
I think Alex asked for the girls underwear a while back.
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11 KB, 160x160
Bumpit liek yu meen eit
Wow, I haven't seen the Wardrobe malfunction thread in a while. I still remember posting my Rainbow Dash story all those months ago.
morning bump
File: Rarity4.png (165 KB, 705x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165 KB, 705x1024
>Flexing your hand open tells you, that it was real
>Light blue silk lace panties rolled into a ball spring back into shape as you relinquish your hold
>They radiate with a warmth, fresh off their owner
>You will really have to do some ass kissing later to thank Rarity
>She has placed a ton of trust in you by handing these over
>Trust you won't let falter or be misused
>With these in hand, if Snips and Snails are really holding onto Fluttershy's skirt for their own perverse reasons
>The lure of Rarity's underwear should be too great an opportunity to pass up for them
>You'll bargain for the skirt, then when they think they'll be able to walk away with Rarity's trust, you'll quickly snatch them back
>This is all just a precaution if the talk with Sunset doesn't pan out as planned
>If she is successful you'll swiftly return the panties to the blue eyed mistress
>Having the option to use them is a safety net, a safety net made of blue silk
>This trick, if you pull it off, will be your own version of a 'Trojan Horse'
>Not quite the same as hiding in a wooden structure and then slaughter your enemy in the night
>But more, taking advantage of their avarice
>Snips and Snails don't know you, and you don't know them to an extent
>This will be a good way to get them close enough without rousing suspicion of your intentions
>It feels a lot safer to have a backup plan, considering the way things have been going lately
>Perhaps though, this is a sign of things to change
>Lucky is an understatement when it comes to what happened
>If Rarity wanted to, she could have refused and told everyone what you just asked for
>Sending you into a spiral of chaotic problems
>But she didn't
>Hopefully she won't tell anyone
>Considering the type of girl she is,from this little encounter, its very unlikely that she will
>The fashionista probably has more secrets than Area 51
>And keeps them just as well guarded
>Pinching a corner of the blue lace, you unfold the balled up panties
>There's a small damp patch on the crotch, minuscule in size, turning the light colour into a darker shade of blue
>Questions for later
>You now need to think of a solid place you can hide these things
>If they fall out or someone somehow finds them on your person
>You'll need to think faster than light can travel to come up with a reasonable excuse for carrying around a girls underwear
>Putting them in any one of your pockets just seems to beg for a mistake to happen
>The only safe place no one can get to without you noticing is...
>Your own underwear...
>Its weird...but it'll be safe till you can get them back to Rarity
>Stretching the band open on your black boxer briefs, you fold and flatten up the silk and place them next to your junk
>Snapping the band back onto your 'v' lined pelvis
>The residual alien warmth of the smooth silk makes you shudder, knowing they were just wrapped around Rarity's hips moments ago
>Secured and ready to head off to next class, you pat the spot where the silk rests
>After this lesson, it will be lunch and you'll have almost an hour to meet up with Pinkie and Sunset and launch the next phase of your plan
>If Shimmer can't obtain the skirt, she may be at least able to tell you whether Snips and Snails are working for someone else
>Exiting the classroom, the halls are void of any life, you take an early head start to get to next lesson
>And for a brief moment a realization dawns upon you
>Rarity will be walking around, in her skirt, with nothing else underneath
>Her womanhood dangerously exposed should anything happen
>An image of a gust blowing between her legs and lifting her skirt to reveal two white precious buns, obscures your thoughts
>She did seem eager to surrender them to you before you mentioned using them as a bargaining chip
>Maybe she relishes the chance to walk on the wild side?
File: 1438169635683.jpg (76 KB, 574x538) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 574x538
Kinky Rarity is kinky
>Making a stop at your locker on your way to Science class, to swap some books over, the hallways are swarming with students
>You have to rub elbows with some of them as you squeeze your way through what gaps you can find
>And an added pressure surrounds you, with the knowledge that Rarity's undergarments are pressed against your manhood
>Its stupid that you should be feeling like this
>No one knows
>So why the self consciousness?
>It might not be so much that you feel like one wrong move away from being called a 'panty thief'
>But that Rarity maybe suffering more than you if she encounters a hallway like this
>Then again. They do recede faster than the tide when she comes through
>Unlocking your locker door you swing your bag round and open it, beginning to swap books over
>"Did you hear what happened earlier?"
>"Apparently, Rarity, was talking to that guy in the green hood"
>Your ears prick up hearing the hushed gossip voices of two unknown girls on the other side of your locker door
>News travels fast through the grape vine when it involves one of the 6 girls you know
>Girl 1:"Do you mean the guy with all those bruises on his face from English class?"
>Girl 2:"Yeah! that's the one, she was talking to him like she'd known him her whole life!"
>Girl 1:"Maybe she does? But I never would have guessed Rarity to talk to a guy like him. He seems like a total loner"
>Snickering between them you try to carry on checking which books you need to take
>Dammit Rarity, if you hadn't called me out like that, maybe these shitty talks wouldn't be the subject for interest
>Girl 2:" That's not even the strange part. He grabbed her hand and dragged her off somewhere. Just the two of them. No one knows where they went"
>They both sound like a siren when they decrescendo with an audible 'OOOooo'
>You're doing your best to ignore them. Wanting to get away as fast as possible
>But you're having trouble finding this illusive Chemistry book
Right I need to get ready. I'll be back soon to finish of this little section off tonight.
Till then Anons, cheerio!
We await your return.
I'm catching up by reading the pastebin, so you have some time before I catch up.
>Page 9
Bump again. Board is getting flooded cause anniversary day.
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Bump for the bump god
Page 9 already?
People are busy today
Good so far.

Odd that there's no sign of Twilight.
>not rainbow "perky tits" dash
>not rarity
>not applejack

Shit taste
This after Rainbow Rocks, so Twi went home already.
Oh, that makes sense. I didn't watch it (hate on me) so I didn't know the timeline this was written in.
Don't worry,
I haven't seen a single episode of the series and only watch clips to get an idea of the voice for characters
>Girl 2:"She's never been seen with a guy outside school let alone running off with one"
>Girl 1:"He certainly doesn't look like her type though?Do you know what his name is?"
>Freezing up on the spot, you wish you could just blend into the walls like a chameleon
>Girl 2:"Not sure, I'll have to check around."
>On the bright side they seem to lose interest quickly
>However the down side is now, you're the subject matter for their gossip
>Girl 2:"And I dunno, I think he's O.K. looking. Maybe without the loner attitude and the bruises, he might wash up nicely"
>Strangely flattering
>Girl 1:"Oh my god Jean, you'd fuck anything with legs"
>Jean:"Shut up Lily!, no I wouldn't! But if Rarity let him get close enough to her without breaking his fingers off, he's got to have something to him. Maybe she can see something we can't?"
>Their voices mix in with the hum in the crowd of students as they leave
>About half way through the compliment you had uncovered your book
>But waited till they had left to close your locker door
>Seems you're now in the spotlight as well
>Some of the heat has been taken off of Fluttershy too for now from what you listened to
>Rumours seem to be catching like wildfire on a scale you can't control
>Catching whoever started this shit-storm is going to be like trying to grab smoke
>You can cup it, but when you squeeze, its only going to slip through your fingers
>There has to be a way to get them to come to you
>Right now there's already too much going on to think
>Finish Science, get the skirt back, deal with the rest of this later
>Baby steps Anon, baby steps
>Slapping your palm against your face you try to rub off all the thoughts and pressure
>Everyone is dispersing now, moving off to their next lessons
>Following suit you thread your way through them and enter one of the science labs of the school
>Large grey tables built into the clean pristine floor are mostly empty of students for the time being
Thanks for all the bumping guys,its very hectic today with the anniversary so do what you can, not what you feel you must.
And I'll see you soon Anons
's okay sir. Aside from your Anon being a bit 3edgy5me (which kinda makes sense if he's in highschool), This is a top notch green.
Waiting for each update is the literary equivalent of edging.
Anyone watching for tonight?
Last bump for the night, someone else take over.
I can't do the night shift tonight
>>Rarity will be walking around, in her skirt, with nothing else underneath
>>Her womanhood dangerously exposed should anything happen
Oh my, going commando, in a wardrobe malfunction thread? What could possibly go wrong?
Certainly not Rarity getting soaked from all the possible exposure, or her giving the only other soul aware of her predicament a good flash.
File: 1443592179695.jpg (150 KB, 2000x1333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
150 KB, 2000x1333
>Certainly not Rarity getting soaked from all the possible exposure, or her giving the only other soul aware of her predicament a good flash.
File: 1436655607227.gif (2 MB, 450x254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 450x254
I'll post something I wrote for the Wardrobe Malfunction thread when it first came up. I'm just finishing up editing it at the moment.
Here we go

>“Rainbow Dash, it’s time to get up sweetheart!”

>Rainbow curled herself further into her blankets, trying to immerse herself back into dreamland where she had just held aloft the All-Schools Soccer Championship trophy in front of a cheering crowd...

>However, she was brought once more to the waking world by five sharp raps on her bedroom door.

>“Rainbow, if you don’t get up right now you’ll miss your bus!” sounded her father’s voice from the other side of the door.

>Rainbow uncovered her head to answer, unwilling to open her eyes and banish her last hope for more sleep.

“Bus? What are you talking about Dad, the bus doesn't come for another...” she paused, checking to see the time on her alarm clock... which continually flashed 00:00.

>Slightly panicked, she reached for her phone, which wouldn't respond in any way to her increasingly frantic button-pressing.

>Unable to tell the time, she stiffened when her father spoke again.

>“I have to get to work now but you’d better hurry, it’s coming in ten minutes!”

>She sprang from her bed as quickly as her half-asleep body would allow, almost tripping over the basket of clean laundry she was aiming for.

>The sound of her father’s hurried footsteps as he descended the stairs echoed back to Dash as she searched through her freshly done laundry before she heard the door close.

>She’d had a bit of trouble working out the new washer-dryer last night, ultimately deciding that all hot was the way to go.

>She quickly picked out her usual outfit of skirt, tee-shirt, buttoned short sleeve shirt and compression shorts, clothing herself as quickly as she could despite some unusual added resistance from the strangely tight garments.

>The sudden tightness of her clothing would have to be investigated later, when she wasn't running late for school.

>shrunk in the wash

>Slipping a pair of socks on her feet, she hastily jammed them into her sneakers before grabbing her backpack and cramming her half-done History homework inside.

>Leaving her dead phone behind, she opened her bedroom door and bolted as quickly as she could for the kitchen, vaulting down the stairs four at a time before grabbing a banana and an apple from the fruit bowl and exiting her house, locking the front door behind her.

>She began running towards the bus stop, unsure of how soon it would arrive.

>As she ran, she became more aware of just how tight her clothing had become: her white tee-shirt must have been at least two sizes smaller than it was before, riding up her abdomen at the movement of her shoulders pumping back and forth, sitting tight against and moulding around her breasts.

>She cursed her decision to go commando due to time constraints, but hoped that her unbuttoned blue shirt would disguise this fact.

>As the bus stop came in sight she slowed to a walk and adjusted her shirt, a slight creaking sound reaching her ears originating from her compression shorts.

>She sat down on the bench at the bus stop and ate her pieces of fruit, noticing that her skirt’s hem came up higher on her thighs than it usually did, which would be uncomfortably high if not for her shorts covering her most important bits.

>For a moment she considered running back home to change into something else, along with some proper underwear, but the bus turning the corner quickly changed her mind.

>Having finished her breakfast she got on the bus and spent the ride messily finishing her history homework before arriving at school.

>The first half of the school day went pretty much as it usually did for Rainbow Dash: History, Math and English (the former she handed in her homework for) were pretty much a snoozefest for the athletic girl, so when she arrived for PE before lunch she was excited to finally stretch her legs.
>Though she’d forgotten her PE uniform in her rush to get to the bus, she was confident that she’d be able to perform just as well in her regular attire, nobody having noticed the difference so far.

>“Alright, listen up,” Coach Firefly said, addressing the assembled students. “Today you’ll be running through an obstacle course designed to test your overall fitness.” she continued.

>“While you will be timed, remember that this isn’t a competition between students. Every few weeks you’ll run through it again and try to beat your personal best time, and I expect every one of you to improve on your initial time. This activity is worth twenty percent of your final grade, so I advise that you all put in more than a token effort. Have I made myself clear?”

>“Yes Coach!” responded the class.

>Rainbow Dash was thrilled at the prospect of exhibiting her physical prowess (hey, it sounded better than ‘showing off’ when she put it that way) but was even more determined to do well when she locked eyes with Lightning Dust.

>The pair exchanged cocky grins, a sign that this wasn’t just about “personal bests” anymore.

>The class filed out onto one of the school fields, catching a glimpse of the obstacle course for the first time.

>The course itself was pretty standard, including a climbing rope, tires, horizontal climbing frame, commando crawl net, vault and roll bars, an eight foot vertical wall climb and finally a rope traverse, all of which was built from sturdy wood and rope suspended over loose wood chips in a “U” shape.

>Firefly promptly started calling up students to start the course in alphabetical order, everybody else generally milling around, lying on the grass or talking to each other.
>Dash knew that she would be called later in the group, so began stretching in preparation for her turn, noticing that Lightning Dust had the same idea.

>However, when she leaned forward to stretch her hamstrings, her compression shorts, which had been creaking and complaining all morning, decided that they didn’t like to stretch that far anymore and promptly split along the back seam in a series of snaps.

>Rainbow Dash immediately stood straight up, fearing the worst as her hands quickly travelled to her backside to cover anything that might be visible beneath her skirt and assess the damage.

>A light, cool breeze upon her rear brought a greater sense of panic running through her mind as her hands found the bare flesh of her rear exposed to the air, the fabric having split from the bottom of the waistband to the very bottom of the crotch, and slightly beyond that as well.

>Compounding the problem, with the tension of being anchored to the seam lost, the spandex had contracted on both sides of the split, exposing her backside all the more.

>The shock of the situation paralysed the athlete for a good few seconds, before noticing that Lightning Dust was already up for her turn, leaving Rainbow very little time to come up with a solution to her sudden conundrum.

>Her face aflame with embarrassment, she turned over her options in her mind.

>Ask somebody who had already completed the course to borrow their gym shorts?

>No, they’d wonder why she would need them and cause greater embarrassment for her if they figured out why she needed them.
>Even if somebody was willing to give her their shorts, they probably weren’t willing to take them off out in the open to give them to her and would insist on doing it in the changing rooms, wasting precious time and making her miss her run.

>Maybe Coach Firefly would be sympathetic of her plight?

>“Alright every one, lunch is coming up soon so no more fooling around! I want everybody that has yet to run to form a line so we can all get out of here on time!” sounded Coach Firefly’s authoritative voice.

>Rainbow’s panic increased slightly as the line formed, but stepped out of the forming line so she could speak to the coach, trying to adjust her too-tight skirt to cover anything that might show.

“Uh, coach?” she began.

>Firefly looked up from her clipboard and stopwatch.

>“Hm? Rainbow Dash?” the coach started, looking at the girl in puzzlement. “Why are you out of line?”

“Oh, uh, sorry Ma’am, but is there any chance that I could do this on another day?” Rainbow asked.

>“Why do you ask?”

>Okay Rainbow, she steeled herself, just tell her why you need to be excused, she’ll understand.

“Well, because I... I’m...” she began, trying not to draw attention from the other students.

>“Rainbow Dash, I have a physiotherapy appointment during lunch that I need to get to, so don’t waste time and just tell me what’s wrong.” said Firefly, trying to hurry the flushed girl along.

>Flustered, Rainbow blurted out the first thing that came to her mind.
“I-I’m not feeling my best today, coach, so I wouldn’t be able to give my best time.” said Rainbow Dash, immediately regretting her lame response when her teacher sighed.

>“You’ll need a note from a doctor, a parent or the school nurse to be excused from physical activity.” the coach responded, continuing when her frustrated student groaned. “I’m sorry Rainbow, but those are the rules. I can excuse you from running the course today, but I’ll have to mark your time as ‘did not finish’ or equal with the slowest student.”

>Rainbow and Firefly turned to see the slowest, fattest kid in the class, Dumpy Munch, struggling to heave his bulk up the climbing rope, not even able to leave the ground but already drenched in sweat and panting, before giving a dismissive gesture towards the offending obstacle and waddling towards the rows of tires, promptly falling face first onto them after tripping on the first tire.

>Part of Rainbow Dash wanted to give in and take the slowest time, but her pride quickly shouted down that idea, although another one was gaining attention as she tugged on her unbuttoned over-shirt.

“Actually, I could probably do this...”said Dash with a sigh of resignation.

>“Good, because your turn is coming up soon.”

>Rainbow got back in the worryingly short line, her idea put into effect as she removed her unbuttoned shirt from her shoulders, tying the short sleeves across her waist in the most secure knot that she knew, relieved that her makeshift skirt was covering more than her near useless other skirt.
>She spent the remaining minutes before her run fretting over what could happen and trying to gather her bravery, but before she knew it, she was standing before Coach Firefly, shaking slightly with nerves in the starting position.

>“GO!” barked Firefly.

>Rainbow dashed off the mark, hoping that her speed and the movement of her clothing would distract anybody from anything that might show.

>She was immediately glad that her shirt was tight enough to keep her breasts in place as she ran.

>She arrived at the climbing rope and, mindful of where her potential spectators were sitting, climbed the rope with her side facing the coach, quickly scaling the rope to the wooden crossbeam at the top before letting go of the rope and landing with knees bent and hands holding down her skirts.

>Sprinting to the tires, she scrunched up her hands on the sides of her lower garments, holding them tight enough that she didn’t have to worry about them flying up with the movement of her legs coming up high enough to clear the tires.

>Her shorts, however, protested the large movements of her legs and decided to pop even more stitches from the back to the front, almost making her trip and making her blush even harder at the fact that her most private place might be on display for all to see.

>Not to mention the waistband of her skirt riding up her abdomen, exacerbating the problem.

>She soldiered on though, determined not to show weakness under pressure.

Supplementary image: http://rule34-data-003.paheal.net/_images/8f30d7e5a13f80a051aec02d30fa033f/1321404%20-%20Equestria_Girls%20Friendship_is_Magic%20My_Little_Pony%20Rainbow_Dash%20Yugito_Pornz.jpg
>Next was the horizontal climbing frame, which would be slightly trickier with no hands to hold down her skirt.

>Dash hoped that there wouldn’t be any strong updrafts as she made her way across the monkey bars, thankful that they were low enough to prevent the casual observer from noticing her wardrobe malfunction, before she dismounted with closed legs.

>The commando crawl was almost trivial, because her shirt-skirt rested between her legs and she was face down and side-on to the crowd.

>As she stood up from the crawl she noticed that her shirt and skirt had rode up her abdomen again, the skirt nearly at her navel and her tee-shirt bunched around the bottom of her breasts.

>Pushing her clothing back into place, she ran up to the vault and roll bars and proceeded to do just that, alternately jumping and rolling under horizontal wooden beams of various sizes, always making sure that her backside was away from the crowd.

>Next was the wall climb, which she took at speed, grabbing the topmost beam and hoisting herself over the top.

>Unfortunately, she failed to notice the nail head slightly protruding from the uppermost beam until it caught her shirt-skirt on the way down, tearing the stitching out of the back panel and leaving the sleeves to flutter to the ground, still in a knot.

>Rainbow Dash almost froze, but quickly regained her composure, figuring it would be suspicious if she stopped now and so continued towards the rope traverse.

>This would be tricky, she thought, concealing her state of nakedness would be even more difficult without the extra protection of her shirt-skirt but would be helped by the fact that the top of her head would be facing the crowd.
>At about thirty feet long, she decided that the fasted way across the rope was to monkey crawl and so, hooking her hands and ankles over the rope, she started to put hand over hand, hoping that nobody had wandered to the sides to watch, her face reaching a temperature hot enough to melt steel as she felt the cool breeze gently caress her exposed nethers.

>Finally, she dismounted with her back to the crowd, running as fast as she could while holding onto her skirt towards the coach.

>She desperately hoped that nobody had seen anything and, to her relief, everybody was either talking to each other, fiddling with their phones or walking back to the gym.

>“Good job, Rainbow Dash,” said Coach Firefly, “You finished in one minute twenty seconds.”

>Having peeked at the time sheet while talking to the coach earlier, she realized that she had finished two seconds faster than Lightning Dust.

“Aw yeah!” she cheered herself, pumping her fists once in the air before quickly bringing them to her sides, holding her too-short skirt once more.

>“Okay champ, the period is nearly over so go and cool off.” The coach said, before adding, “And you should probably invest in some looser shirts while you’re at it.”

>Rainbow blushed and once again adjusted her tee-shirt over her stomach.

>She decided to go back to the changing rooms to wait out the end of the period, walking in a strange gait while trying to keep her bottom half covered.

>Who knows, she thought to herself, maybe I’ll find something to wear under my skirt...

>She had no luck in finding clothing of any sort in the girls changing room and couldn’t even get into the boys room.
“Lousy janitor, cleaning up everything, always returning lost property...”she grumbled to herself as she made her way into the bathrooms with her backpack.

>She had to find out just how badly damaged her shorts were.

>Very badly, she discovered.
>As she closed herself into a toilet cubicle, she sighed before lifting up her skirt to find her worst fears confirmed.

>The spandex fabric of her shorts had split and contracted right along the seam from front to back, leaving a wide gap between the pieces of fabric, exposing her privates to the open air beneath her now mini-skirt.

>Adding to her growing displeasure was the fact that the side seams of the crotch of her shorts had unravelled almost to the cuffs as well, effectively making them useless.

>With no small amount of trepidation, she removed her ruined shorts and stuffed them in her backpack, blushing as she felt the cool air of the bathroom wash around her now bare bottom half.

>She groaned as she thought of how precarious her situation was with barely anything to protect her modesty.

>No, she thought to herself, there has to be a way to make this better!

>Could she repair her shorts?

>No, she had always considered sewing to be a bit too girly for her, even if the boy scouts did it.

>Hmm... girly...

>Of course!

>Rarity was the girliest girl that she knew, besides Fluttershy, and they both knew how to sew!

>However, without her phone she couldn’t contact the very friends she needed most right now.

>Even worse, she hadn’t seen any of her friends at school today.

>She vaguely remembered something about an apple harvest... a book fair... fire at the bakery... crud.

>She wasn’t sure if Rarity of Fluttershy had somewhere else to be, but she had to at least try to find them.

>Before she left for lunch to try and find her friends, she prayed to whichever deity was listening that there were no wet floors for her to slip on, sudden drafts or mirrors that she had to step over.

>With that done she made her way to the cafeteria, skirt pulled down as far as the too-narrow waist would allow and walking with an unnatural step while trying to get used to the feel of nakedness around her crotch.
I'll post the rest later, so I'll see you guys then!
Keep it coming anon
>Rainbow made it to the cafeteria just before the bell chimed to signal lunch, quickly collecting a tray and some food from the substitute lunch lady before finding a table next to a wall and sitting facing the wall, not wanting to give out a free show to anybody looking under the tables.

>Sitting down was slightly more difficult than usual while she was keeping her legs so close together, but she managed, slightly shocked by the feel of the cold seat on her exposed skin.

>She tried not to think over her predicament as she ate, but kept looking over her shoulder in case she spotted either of her friends.

>While she was looking, she heard the sound of a tray being put on the table and quickly turned back to see another one of her friends place his tray opposite hers.

>“Hey Rainbow,” greeted Anon, “What’s up?”

>Rainbow’s knees might as well have been fused together with how hard she was clenching her legs.

“O-oh, not much...” she started, unsure of how to continue, “How about you?”

>“Well, my parents finally let me drive my motorcycle to school after they cleared it with Principal Celestia that I could park in the teacher’s lot, so that was pretty cool...”

>As the conversation continued Rainbow kept looking over her shoulder, on the lookout for Rarity and Fluttershy while shifting slightly in her chair to find a comfortable way to sit.

>“You okay, Rainbow?” asked Anon, a look of concern on his face.

“Y-yeah, why wouldn't I be?” she answered hastily and slightly shakily, hoping that he hadn’t somehow deduced the cause of her distress.

>“You’re fidgeting quite a bit and you keep looking over your shoulder.” Anon replied, looking even more concerned now that she’d started sweating under his scrutiny.
“I swear, dude,” she began, not noticing the girl walking behind her. “I’m totally fi-“

>It was at that moment that Derpy stumbled over Rainbow Dash’s backpack, knocking her into the athlete’s back and spilling the ice cold water within her plastic cup all over Dash’s front.

>Rainbow gave a yelp as the cool liquid ran down her tee-shirt before running down the fabric of her skirt to her most sensitive place.

>Usually when this kind of thing happened (which was all too often with Derpy) the people involved would shrug it off as an accident and move on with conversation while Derpy looked apologetic.

>Too bad for Rainbow Dash, who was both wearing a thin white cotton shirt and not wearing a bra.

>Rainbow Dash and Anon were both stunned for a moment as the cold water took its toll.

>Rainbow was mortified as she witnessed her already tight shirt becoming translucent and her nipples stiffening beneath the soaked fabric, further revealing her breasts in their almost full glory, causing another full blush to spread across her face.

>Anon was simply gobsmacked at the sight revealed before him, taking in the star athlete’s sodden chest before quickly averting his eyes.

>Derpy was already apologising and frantically trying to help dry the poor girl’s chest with paper napkins, inadvertently reaching second base with an even more flustered Rainbow Dash.

>Anon caught a glimpse of what was happening developed a red tinge in his cheeks before getting up and stuttering something about getting more napkins.

>Although Rainbow’s chest had grown slightly drier from all of Derpy’s efforts, she insisted that she could clean herself up without the apologetic girl’s help, especially when she had to wrench the blonde’s hands away from travelling any lower down her body.
>Having sent Derpy on her way, Rainbow continued to use her dwindling supply of napkins to dry her chest, making the feel of the cool water pooling around her backside and nethers even more noticeable.

>With only one napkin left she began the delicate process of trying to soak up as much water from her seat as possible without actually standing up and revealing her predicament.

>She lifted herself slightly from her chair before giving the area beneath her rear a quick swipe, leaving only a thin film of water while minimizing the chance of revealing anything risqué.

>The seat of her skirt was still wet, but she’d deal with that when she had more napkins.

>Then, after weighing her options, she decided to address the water still trapped between her legs by gingerly spreading her legs apart until she could fit her right hand with a slightly moist napkin between her damp thighs.

>The cold water made her skin tingle, so she got to work dabbing the napkin around her inner thighs, working her way towards her exposed vagina.

>Eager to dispel the strange sensation on her lower lips, she pressed the cool, damp paper to her sex and gave a small swipe upward, gasping at the sensation.

>As if she couldn’t control her hand, she repeated the motion once more, then again.

>Rainbow’s breathing grew shallower and more rapid at the unexpected pleasure, forcing her to plant her left hand on the table as her legs spread further apart and she zoned out of the world around her.

>She almost couldn’t believe that she was doing something so private in a place where anybody might see her, the pleasure even greater than any other time that she’d done... this.

>Eyes half lidded, she fumbled with the napkin in her right hand which left no barrier between her fingers and her fast moistening...
>She regained awareness of the world around her as Anon came into view from across the table, a small stack of napkins in hand.

>Her whole body jerked when she saw him, but she tried to surreptitiously move her sodden right hand from her crotch, close her legs and regain her breath to look more casual.

>It seemed to work, as he simply placed the stack of napkins in front of her and resumed his seat with a concerned look on his face.

“Thanks...” Rainbow muttered, taking several from the stack to dry her shirt, not trusting herself to venture beneath her skirt once more.

>“No problem, Dash.” replied Anon.

>Silence hung between them for a moment, Rainbow still blushing and drying herself with her eyes firmly downcast.

>“Hey, have I ever told you the story about the swimming pool?” began Anon.

>Rainbow looked up at him in puzzlement, which he took as the cue to continue.

>“I was about twelve when some of my friends decided to go to the local pool to cool off in the middle of summer. I tagged along even though I wasn’t a great swimmer, but I figured I could splash around in the shallow end while they tried to impress this new lifeguard. She was way out of the league of any twelve year olds, but we were young and stupid.”

>Dash raised an eyebrow, distracted from her own situation.

>“Anyway, somebody suggested that we have a diving contest and when my turn came because, you know, peer pressure, I decided to swan dive from the fifteen foot diving platform. Kid who doesn’t swim, never been in water deep enough to dive in, stupid right? By some stroke of luck I managed not to belly flop and started frantically clawing for the edge of the pool, but something felt different. So I feel around myself and my swim trunks aren't there.”
>Rainbow couldn't help but give a small chuckle at the story.

>“I look around myself, frantically searching the surface, sticking my head under the water, until I see that they’re caught on a grate at the bottom of the pool. Now I'm worried that someone will figure out that I’m naked in this pool, but too scared to ask anyone for help. I figure that I can handle this on my own, so I take a deep breath and try to swim down and grab my trunks, but they’re firmly stuck on this grate and I’m running out of air. I tried to resurface as quickly as I could, but I ended up swallowing water before the surface and the lifeguard catches me coughing and spluttering.”

>“She dives in because she thinks I’m drowning and drags me out of the pool, and everybody around the pool turns in the direction of the commotion and I’m there, hacking chlorinated water out of my lungs without a shred of clothing in front of a well developed lifeguard.”

>Rainbow was only barely stifling her laughter at the story at this point.

>“Even worse, puberty decided to hit me while looking at this woman and something else came up, which I had no control of. Do you want to know the worst part?”

>Rainbow Dash was biting her lip so hard that she couldn’t even answer him.

>“The lifeguard was Coach Firefly.”

>Dash couldn’t contain her laughter anymore, letting it wash away any other concerns.

>Anon lightly blushed as the athlete calmed down.

“Oh man, I can’t believe something like that happened to you without me hearing about it!”

>“Yeah, I made everyone there swear that it would never leave the group, and Coach Firefly was cool about the whole thing.” said Anon, rubbing the back of his neck.
“Why would you tell me about if you never wanted it to get out?” asked a genuinely puzzled Rainbow Dash.

>“To cheer you up, mostly, but also to let you know that you’re not alone in your embarrassing experiences. Hell, look at how Derpy handles when things go wrong for her.” Anon replied, a smile on his face.

>Rainbow certainly felt better about her situation and smiled back at her friend.

>Maybe she could tell him about her current problem?

>She blushed at the thought of telling Anon that she was completely bare beneath her skirt, her imagination running wild with thoughts of showing him the problem itself making her surreptitiously rub her thighs together.

>Derailing that train of thought before it went too far, she remembered her other plan to find the girls for help.

“Have you seen Rarity or Fluttershy anywhere today?” she asked, looking over her shoulder at the dwindling lunch crowd.

>“Can’t say that I have.” replied Anon, scratching his chin and looking down at his phone. “Damn, I have to get to Civics before Miss Harshwhinny or I’m up for detention. “

>Even though it was five minutes before classes resumed Rainbow understood his concern; Harshwhinny was a notorious taskmaster who wouldn’t tolerate tardiness and, in conjunction with her role as Dean of Students, gave out the most detentions of any other teacher combined.

“Aw, well, see ya later, I guess.” she said, disappointed to see him go.

>“Later, Dash!” he said, turning to leave the table and hurrying out the main door.
>Rainbow sighed, disappointed that Rarity and Fluttershy were seemingly absent and dreading the prospect of another two periods before her predicament could end.

>In Rainbow’s mind there was nothing to do but carry on as usual and hope that no one caught on, so she used up the last of the napkins to clean up the last of the spilled water before heading to her penultimate period for the day: Geography.

>She held her backpack in front of her skirt along the way while trying to affect a normal gait, rather than the nervous knees-together walk that would draw even more attention.

>She took her usual seat at the back of the room in Geography, once more having trouble finding a comfortable way to sit without exposing herself while everybody else arrived for class.

>Vice Principal Luna soon walked into the room urging everyone to sit before explaining that their geography teacher was sick but had left instructions and a DVD for the class to watch.

>Everybody was glad that they’d have an easy period but especially Dash, who was glad to be in a darkened room where she could relax a little without the constant threat of flashing someone.

>Luna wheeled in a media projector and rolled down the screen in front of the black board before loading the DVD, students helping her close the blinds and shutting off the lights.

>The documentary started, something about undiscovered tribes in a rainforest, but Rainbow was only half paying attention to the film.

>She was dozing off for who-knows how long until the film snapped her out of her stupor with the image of bare-chested tribeswomen fishing in a river.
>Two guys in front of her high-fived while light chatter sprung up between some students, Luna calling for a little maturity.

>Rainbow was thinking of what it might be like if she was suddenly in a society without a nudity taboo.

>Hell, it would probably make her current situation seem trivial if clothing was always optional and someone like Principal Celestia could address the school without a shirt on.

>It might be even more interesting if some of the boys took up the habit, but knowing some of them, they might turn it into a literal dick measuring contest.

>Still, it might be nice to know how much her body was appreciated by her classmates without the ambiguity of clothing...

>She blushed at that thought, trying and failing to shake away the building sensation below her skirt which only grew as her thighs rubbed together.

>She had nearly succumbed to similar urges in the cafeteria, and it was probably an even worse idea to try and indulge herself while the Vice Principal was in the same room.

>Rainbow Dash was forced to rein herself in when the bell sounded to mark the end of the period and everybody stood up to get to their next class.

>Making sure that she was the last to leave the room, Rainbow made her way to the library for study hall.

>The uncomfortable heat and friction generated between her thighs, as well as the lingering wetness from her arousal, was starting to become a problem. Rainbow knew that if she kept walking the way she was she would begin chafing, making it even more difficult to move while concealing her problem.
>After arriving at the library and the teacher taking attendance, Rainbow made her way into the stacks rather than messing around on one of the school computers like she usually did, eager to put some distance between herself and her classmates.

>Finding one of the comfortable reading chairs near the back of the library, she sat and placed her backpack between her legs before fishing out the latest Daring Do book from her bag.

>She let out a sigh as the cool air soothed her thighs, glad to have her backpack handy to block anybody’s view of her lower half.

>She settled in to read her book in the quiet of the library, losing herself in the adventures of the brave relic hunter...

>Before she knew it, she’d read through a quarter of the book.

>It was only when she had to rub her eyes that she looked up from her book to the library’s skylight to find the light streaming through was worryingly orange.

>Dash started, berating herself for losing track of time while she jammed her book into her bag, stood up and ran out of the library.

>The halls were deserted and she could hear the sound of the janitor’s floor buffer down one corridor, not noticing the way her skirt was billowing as she ran.

>Bursting out the front door, she scanned the grounds in front of the school for any signs of students or buses, but she saw neither.

>Having apparently missed her bus home and facing the prospect of walking home in her current state of dress, she leaned against the wall behind her and hung her head.

>Without her phone she couldn't even call anybody for help.

>She wasn't alone for long though.

>The door opened beside her and out walked Anon, surprised to see her as she was to see him.

>“Hey Rainbow, what are you doing here so late?” asked Anon.

“Hey Anon, I uh,” Rainbow started. “I missed my bus so I have to walk home.”

>“Well, I could always give you a lift, if you don’t mind.” said Anon, holding up his motorcycle helmet.
>Dash smiled, glad that she had caught such a lucky break.

“Yeah, I’d be cool with that.” she answered him.

>“Okay, just give me a minute to get something from my locker.” he said before handing her the helmet.

>True to his word he was back in a flash, another helmet in hand.

>“Alright, let’s go!” he said, leading Dash behind the school to the teachers parking lot.

>However, Rainbow Dash noticed a problem when Anon led her to his bike and he straddled it.

>She would have to straddle the bike and hold Anon from behind, leaving her skirt to blow in the wind if she couldn’t secure it with her hands.

>“C’mon Dash, hop on!” said Anon when he noticed her hesitate while putting on his helmet.

>She secured her own helmet before quickly straddling the seat behind Anon and wrapping her arms around him, glad that Anon was facing away from her and nobody else was around to see.

>The sensation of her breasts being pressed against her friend’s back was odd, but not entirely unpleasant through the thin fabric of her shirt.

>The next shock came when Anon keyed the ignition and the engine came to life with a throaty rumble between their legs.

>Rainbow Dash stiffened as she felt the vibrations travel from the seat beneath her to her rear end, the sensitive flesh at the apex of her thighs almost directly stimulated.

>“Nervous, Dash?” asked Anon, noticing that his passenger’s arms were shaking slightly.

>Rainbow couldn't answer, having to bite her lip to stifle any sounds of pleasure from escaping her.

>“Don’t worry, you’ll get used to how this thing rides in no time!” he yelled over the noise of the revving engine. “Hang on, ‘cause here we go!”

>With that, he peeled out of the parking lot and onto the main road.

>The wind whipping around the pair, Rainbow pulled herself tighter against Anon’s back to press her skirt between them while trying to suppress the waves of sensations coming from between her thighs.
>However, it was a losing battle as the feeling beneath her skirt only intensified as they rumbled along.

>Dash could feel her peak building quickly as she panted, her hips shifting unconsciously against the seat and Anon in a desperate bid for release, which would come at any moment...

>She didn't notice until the engine cut out that they had arrived at her house.

>“See, we made it here in one piece.” Said Anon as he took off his helmet and turned to face her. “You okay back there?”

>Still leaning into his back for support against the fading sensation elicited by the vibrations, Dash slowly took off her helmet once she got her breath back.

“Y-yeah, guess we did,” she replied, her face flushed and her eyes half lidded. “Just trying to get the feeling back in my legs.”

>“Yeah, my legs went numb the first few times too. Need some help getting off?” he offered.

>She blushed harder at the wording of his offer before replying.

“Nah, I think I can handle it myself for now.”

>Rainbow took a few moments to regain her composure and, making sure that nobody else was on the street, quickly hooked her right leg back over the bike and adjusted her skirt before walking to the kerb.

>She was mortified once more as she saw the wet spot she had left on the seat, and she only hoped it would dry before Anon had a chance to inspect it.

>A gentle breeze made her aware of the moisture still clinging to her crotch and thighs, making her shiver slightly.

>Deciding she should attend to that matter when she was inside her house, she handed Anon her helmet.
“See you later dude, and thanks for the ride.” she bid her friend.

>“Any time, Dash.” he replied.

>Happy that everything had worked out in the end, Rainbow turned and made her way toward the front door when Anon started up the engine, turning back to wave when she reached the front door.

>Bending down to pick up the spare key from under the doormat, Rainbow had no time to react before a breeze blew the back of her skirt onto her lower back, giving an unrestricted view to anybody on the street looking her way.

>Frozen in shock for a moment, she turned her head in search of any onlookers, only seeing Anon taking off down the street.

>If it was only him who saw what just happened, she thought to herself, it wasn’t exactly the worst outcome she could imagine.
>Still blushing, she unlocked and opened the door and trudged up to her room, tossing her bag on the floor and taking off her sneakers before lying on her bed.

>Rainbow sighed as she thought over the eventful day.

>Waking up late... her clothes not fitting properly... ripping her shorts... the obstacle course... her surprise wet tee-shirt... cleaning herself up... the last two periods... the ride with Anon...

>She couldn’t help but blush and cover her face with her hands, the stress of the day still weighing on her, especially after getting so close to release on two occasions during the day.

>In need of relief, she raised the hem of her shirt over her breasts and bunched her skirt up around her waist, spreading her legs for easy access.

>Her right hand made its way to her pussy, finding it already soaked and sensitive, while her left hand cupped and kneaded her breasts, her hardening nipples being pinched and caressed by her lithe fingers.

>Channelling her earlier situation, Rainbow Dash imagined herself standing under the gym bleachers in her current state of dress, holding onto the person behind her as he slowly slid in and out of her exposed pussy, breathing hard as her imaginary lover increased his pace and the force of his thrusts.

“Aaah-ah!” sounded the real Rainbow Dash, having added two fingers to her moist depths for realism.

>Her imagination produced the image of her female sitting on the bleachers in front of her public liaison, so close to discovering her toned athletic body being pounded from behind, her leg being lifted perpendicular to the ground to show anyone watching exactly what was going on between her thighs.

>Her imaginary self revelled in the possibility of being discovered, the presence of her friends intensifying her arousal beyond anything that came before.

Supplementary link, for anybody interested https://derpiboo.ru/331916/
>Rainbow was surprised at just how quickly this new fantasy was bringing her to the edge of orgasm, but the intensity of the feeling was addictive as she audibly plunged her fingers into her dripping pussy at the pace of her imaginary lover.

>Rainbow’s imaginary lover announced that he was nearing his own release, spurring the real Rainbow to increase her own pace to try and match her fantasy man.

>Rainbow imagined that he was going bareback, slamming his cock into her soaked pussy and unable to stop himself from painting her insides white with his seed.

“Y-yes! Ah! C-cum inside!” she moaned to herself.

>Rainbow’s body shook as she imagined her lover’s cock spurting inside her, triggering her own orgasm as she let out a primal cry of satisfaction at the most intense climax she’d ever experienced.

>She simply lay on her bed, getting her breath back and enduring the aftershocks of her climax for a full minute before she fully regained her wits.

>She could feel that she’d drenched her hand and, on closer inspection, a patch on her sheets too.

>She would definitely use that fantasy again, with some tweaks of course.

>Perhaps she should give a face to her anonymous lover...

The end?

Just for fun image: https://derpiboo.ru/836098
Well, there it is. I changed it slightly from when I first posted it in March; just little details like changing Rainbow's fantasy from one of outright exhibitionism to more 'danger of being caught'.

I hope you all enjoyed it, and thank you for reading.
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>>Her imagination produced the image of her female sitting on the bleachers in front of her public liaison
>image of her female
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>Finding a secluded spot won't be possible this time
>The hexagonal tables means you'll be sitting with a group
>Taking up a stool you rest your bag on the table, extracting the books you took from your locker
>Students filter into the classroom in a steady stream
>A few of them scan the room before taking up stools where they can sit next to their friends
>A couple of girls wander there way over to your table and sit down along with some boys
>They all do the same thing you did, preparing for the lesson by fishing out books from bags
>Chatting away
>Two of the girls voices you recognise as the voices of the gossip sponges by your locker
>Opening your Chemistry book you keep your head down
>Refraining from looking up unless you need to, you've had enough interactions today
>Class begins with the teacher strolling in just before the bell rings
>Most of the lesson is just jotting down information from the board into textbooks
>Occasionally having to sketch out some chemical symbols, processes of chemicals and reactions
>All this menial learning is starting to take its effect now, your stomach is feeling empty, sapping your energy and concentration
>Sweet relief comes when the class ends and lunch begins
>Packing your things away, you take out your phone and text Sunset
[Are you ready?]
>The reply only takes a few seconds
>[Yep. Me an Pinkie are going to meet you at the cafeteria entrance xxx]
>Bad idea
>The entrance will have a tsunami of students heading in that way
>The less you're seen together with the any of the girls, the better
[No, I'll see you inside. I'll be nearby. Tell Pinkie to hang back and keep an eye out for me]
>Books back in your bag, you shoulder it and move out of the classroom
>This is going to be one interesting lunch break
Gotta get back to work, I'll attempt more tonight
Thank you writefag

>inb4 Writefag's boss actually monitor's the thread
>Gets pissed when it doesn't update fast enough
>Expresses their anger by adding hours to employees
>Doesn't realize they're making it worse
>you will never expose Dash in public
>lifting her shit up and over her head, and restraining her arms
>feeling your erection discreetly press into the small of her back as she fruitlessly struggles, kicking out in blind outrage
>catcalls and laughter echoing through the halls as phone cameras capture perfect, high-resolution images of her teeny tiny cheapshit Target bra
>the next day Dash brings a gun to school
>spit out a tooth, ask what appeals to her about womens' juvie
>end up disappointed as she is mown down by SWAT gunfire
>lol. cunt
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Alright Anons, I'm going to start pre-writing an post when I can.
So there is more to read without having to wait an hour for my brain to shift in gear and produce green without hitting any writers blocks.
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>Stepping back out into the rat race, its unavoidable to notice all the quick glances and shielded talk
>You can feel their eyes crawl on you, dissecting you to the core
>Pulling your hood over your head more, a hot spark from the back of your neck travels down your spine and over to the front of your face
>As you advance you feel as if you are pelted with stares the more and more you have to walk through this endless number of students
>This kind of attention, this kind of feeling, it's all foreign to you
>No one is lining up to kick your ass, but you think you'd prefer that to this
>Dealing with this sort of situation. It isn't straight forward
>In a fight, things are simple.
>You block, you hit and you try to walk away unscathed
>This though, there's no enemy. Or anyway to defend yourself.
>Just a buzzing hum of indistinct chatter from your peers
>It's like your drowning while people watch
>No one reaching out to help you
>Cheshire grins and laughter spitefully pull you down further into crushing depths
> Is this how Fluttershy feels?...
>Sickening can't begin to describe this sort of passive aggressive torture
>Through the myriad of students you find your way to the cafeteria doors
>Pushing one door open with your forearm, countless students all have tables for their own clicks
>The loud noise of the crowded lunch room blends into nonsensical blabber
>Surveying the room you catch a glimpse of the girls on their own table as well
>They haven't noticed you yet
>Keeping that way may be of more use, as to not become another beacon of attention
>You can see all the girls are discussing something with a gravity to it
>All, except Fluttershy, who looks to have shrunken into herself whilst she nibbles at a fruit salad
>Your vision slides across to Rarity
>Her deep blue eyes flash you a wink
>Abashed you turn your sights down to look at the floor as you move to a pillar
>You saw Applejack, Rainbow and Sunset there but...
>Where the hell is Pi-?!
>" Hiya Nonny!"
>Your skeleton almost frees itself from its skin coat when Pinkie shoots up from beside you holding a half eaten cupcake in one hand
>"It's good to see you since this morning, how has classes been?, Mine were kind of boring but I'm ready whenever -mmm mph!"
>Your hands have placed themselves over Pinkies maw like a reflex
"Fantastic, Pinkie. Let's try an be a little more quiet though"
>Gleefully she swiftly throws a thumbs up talking into your hands
>"Mmmm mmm mm!"
>The vibrations tickle and tingle the palms and fingers
>Removing your hands from her face you quickly check around you
>Anyone who might noticed have already returned to their own lunch time
>Your hands are suddenly taken hold off and jerked forward by a soft hand
>"Anon, what happened to your hands?"
>Pinkie has a hold on you her once gleeful appearance has turned to worrying over your grazed knuckles
>She's holding it very delicately like you would fall apart if she were to take her hands away
>Lacking any fuel to come up with an excuse you pull your hands away and her light blue eyes regard you with a disquieted glint
"It's nothing Pinkie. I just scuffed up my hands a little yesterday, no big deal."
>"Does it hurt?"
>Her thumb glides over one of your grazes, your face distorts little from the contact on the still red raw abrasion
"Only when someone touches it"
>Flinching her thumb away she sheepishly grins at you
>Letting go of you, you place a reassuring hand on her shoulder give a small smile
"Forget about it Pinkie. What's happened so far?"
>"Nothing yet, Snips and Snails haven't come into the cafeteria as far as we can see. We're waiting on them before Sunset talks to them"
"Gives me a chance to actually get something in my stomach then"
>Delving into your bag you retrieve the bagged lunch that was prepared for you this morning and pull out a shiny red apple
File: Show time.gif (18 KB, 300x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Show time.gif
18 KB, 300x150
>Taking a crunching chunk of the sweet crisp fruit you rest yourself on the pillar and scout the entrance as you chew
>In a copycat fashion, Pinkie Pie mimics your motions taking a mouthful of cupcake and decorating her cheeks with a few crumbs
>Her posture reflects your own, but her bright smile remains of her face while yours rests with its usual dignified look under the hood
>In this mass collective of students no one seems to be taking notice that you're standing with Pinkie
>Too busy with their own distractions
>Chomping another bite out of your apple Pinkie stirs from her mimicked stance
>"So are we gonna just wait for them?"
>Gulping down the chomp you confirm
"That's the plan"
>"And what are we supposed to do?"
"Watch. Listen. Intervene if we have to"
>She chews on that for a moment before asking
"Yeah, if something goes wrong I'm gonna need you to get Sunset out as quickly as possible while I handle whatever happens"
>"Could something go wrong?"
>A thin line forms on your face when you think on the possibilities
"I don't know. But its better if we are ready for something to go wrong, rather than for it to happen and be too late to help"
>"Oooh, I get'cha! It's like super heroes on a stake out and waiting for the perps to make a mistake so we can swoop in and save the day"
"Sure, if you like Pinkie"
>When you go to take another bite of your half eaten apple, you spy Snips and Snails wader through the cafeteria doors
>In a deep voice unlike you've ever heard of from the walking sweet cotton candy girl, she wipes the corners of her wide grinning mouth on her arm and utters
>"Show time"
>She sounded like Craig T. Nelson for a second there
>Shaking your head of that absurd dead ringer impersonation, you go about extracting your phone from your pocket you text Sunset to alert her of their entrance
>And to begin
Add more later, gotta get back to job and boring shit
I patiently await. Somewhat patiently await.
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>tfw following 3 greens and they all have frozen since yesterday
Pinkie pls.
Jazz club, Collars and Colors and this one?
>countless students all have tables for their own clicks
Isn't it "cliques"?
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Work brain.gif
496 KB, 500x332
I knew that didn't look right, thank you. Its been changed in the pastebin
Don't worry too much about that. It's hard to get everything right without a proofreader. I only mentioned it because I wasn't sure myself.
awwwwww fuggggg
>Flash interrupts plan
Sorry I'm late but...


Last bumo
waiting till next thread to prompt
No, this one, homecoming anon and Human suoeriority (the manos one)
Homecoming Anon isn't frozen at all, though. FullR3tard writes fast as fuck.
>finally caved in and bought akibas trip, giving up on sales
>find this thread
>now wanna write some sort of cross over
>cant write for shit
Shoot me.
And so my watch begins
your doing gods work man. signing off myself
>since yesterday
>what are clocks
Bumping for the watch ;_;7
Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death.
tfw you have something epic planned and forget the bump

I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children.
I shall wear no crowns and win no glory. I shall live and die at my post.
last bump for the morning, God speed you glorious bastards

I am the sword in the darkness. I am the watcher on the walls. I am the fire that burns against the cold, the light that brings the dawn, the horn that wakes the sleepers, the shield that guards the realms of men. I pledge my life and honor to the Night’s Watch, for this night and all the nights to come.
Waiting for writefag for to come home and eat dinner. He's been staying at the office later than usual. His dinner will be cold at this rate.

I sure hope he isn't cheating on me.
I would never betray such perfect Anons

And yeah work has been causing me grief during this week. So much so that its been sapping all of my free time.
I will have a chunk ready tomorrow and the day after though.
Who wants shitty green?
>Green the color of shit
Sign me the fuck up!
Why? You ate one of those Halloween Whoppers?
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Time to Duel.jpg
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I summon, Night Watch Patrol!!
Anyone on night patrol
Two, I was just waiting for a page 8-10 to bump on
I stand on guard for thee!
God only knows
I wont sleep all night, so expect hourly bumps
Guys this thread is now a bump thread, I'm leaving, bye
That's like 2 hours

Also bump.
>Snips takes the lead and makes his way through the gaps he can find to the cafeteria lunch line followed by Snails
>You follow their position round the pillar
>They're both shorter than you thought they'd be
>Snails looks to be no taller than any of the girls, and Snips is shorter than that
>Questioning you ask yourself how could these two be considered a problem?
>Navigating their way down the line with a tray in hand they proceed to find a table, Snip's line of sight crosses over to you
>Slinking back behind the pillar, Pinkie almost jumps on you
>"What's going on?"
>Pressing herself against your back to try and peer round the corner she inadvertently pushes her rack on you
>You cry out in a hushed voice
>"Hold on"
>Clambering onto your back her warm bosom now slides up to the back of your head, her cleavage making room for you
>Panicked you look to see if anyone is watching this spectacle, and thank whatever you could pray to that everyone is still occupied with their own devices
>"Looks like they got something yummy for lunch. Can you see alright down there Nonny?"
>Pinkie has now saddled herself on your back, her legs dangling from your sides. She's extremely light to the point of non-existence.
>You want to be irritated at this mounting of you, but her antics makes you crack a wriggled smile under your furrowed brow
"I can see fine, Pinkie."
>You were half telling a truth
>In honesty, you were finding it hard to concentrate with two extra heads either side of your own nestling against your neck like two warm pillows wrapped in a cotton shirt
>Dumb and dumber had taken a table for their own and had already began eating their lunches, their bags thrown underneath between their feet
>It's not long before Sunset enters the scene
>"Hey there's Sunset! Do we jump in now?"
"We've got to wait. Let Sunset withdraw what information she can from them. "
>Bouncing up and down on your back Pinkie credits her
>"You'll see Anon, Sunset is the smartest girl I know next to Twilight."
>"Oh that's right, you haven't had a chance to meet her. I think you two would get along. She helped us out a lot too when we needed her."
"I'm sure we would Pinkie."
>Sunset appears to be donning a posture and air you've not seen before, standing next to the table the skirt wavers are on.
>There is a more formidable presence about her as she addresses Snips and Snails who are still seated
>From the distance you are though with the noise in the cafeteria, it's hard to make out what they are saying
"Dammit, I wish we could hear what they were saying"
>"Leave it to me!"
>With confidence, Pinkie leap off over you.
> As silent as shadow, into a roll and under a table with people still sitting
>For a flash second you saw blue and yellow polka dots under her skirt
"Pinkie!? Wait!"
>Again, you cry out in a hushed voice to the crazy pink ball of energy
>From under the table a pair of big blue eyes peer out at you
"If you're going to try and get close to them, make sure you aren't seen, got it?"
>Her trademark wide grin greets you and disappears as quickly as you saw it
>Scouring everywhere you can't keep track of where Pinkie went
"How the fuck!?"
>When Pinkie doesn't want to be seen she has an agility that might even rival Dash's speed
>Narrowly, you just miss a pink blur bullet from under a table to another
>Advancing closer and closer to the heavy conversation taking place between Sunset and her two former lackeys
>And no one seems to be any wiser to the pink cotton ball moving between their feet
>She's making this look all too easy
>The darting movements stop
>Only the motions of a crowd of students packed into a lunch room can be seen now
>Pinkie must have gotten close enough now
>When you view the conversation again Snips and Snails are already leaving
>They appear to be laughing as they walk away from a stunned Sunset
>She doesn't have the skirt
>Edging out of your cover something tugs at the bottom of your jeans
>Pinkie Pie is under a table looking up at you, except for her arm and head
>"Um, Anon?"
"Pinkie! did you hear anything?"
>"Not quite..."
>She looks distressed, her lips curling into a smiling grimace
>Snips and Snails are getting away, you need to follow them
>Your phone vibrates in your pocket, from a guess you figure its Sunset
"What's wrong Pinkie, what's happened?"
>Stress is leaking into your voice
>"...I kinda, ripped my skirt...off"
>Shamefaced and a reddening of blood rushing to her cheeks, your eyes are the size of pin pricks as the knowledge hits you like a ton of bricks
"Why didn't you go the girls?!"
>"They were too far away!
"Well, what do you want me to do about it?!"
>Your head keeps switching between looking at the desperate cotton candy girl and the two boys making their way out the door
>Another sound of 'vvvvvv' in your pocket
>"C-could you lend me your hoodie?"
>Alarmed you stare down at her
>"You know, so I can do the same thing Fluttershy did with your cardigan?"
>You can't
>If you do, she'll see your face
"C'mon Pinkie it can't be that ba-!... fuck"
>Crouching down to look under the table Pinkie has made an attempt you cover herself with her hands
>Her attempts to fail as you can clearly see under the shade of the table her bright violet skirt has vanished
>Leaving behind her light green panties with blue and yellow polka dots snugly fitted around her hips
>A defined lined where he feminine genitalia would be forms a crease as she squeeze her legs together
>Desperately she tries to cover herself too embarrassed to look you in the eyes
>In a pleading voice you've never heard Pinkie use before she whimpers "Anon. Please help me"
Fuck, fell asleep, at least writefag returned
During worry, I'm the day watch and I usually wake up at this time.
>Quickly you glance over the table top
>Snips and Snails are gone
>This plan has fallen apart, this is something you never thought of happening
>Without giving it a second thought you unzip your hoodie and throw it off yourself and under the table
>Those big light blue eyes stare up and out at you tracing your face
"Put the damn hood around your waist and go to the girls. I need chase down Snips and Snails before they get too far"
>Uncloaked you set off
>It doesn't matter anymore if everyone can see you
>All that matters to you is getting to Snips and Snails
>Knifing your way through the crowds like a fish through water, you hastily aim for the entrance of the cafeteria
>Without having to look you can tell some people are watching you run from the cafeteria
>Fuck it
>let them. People will talk and stare but as long as you do what you need to do you can brush it off
>Approaching the doors fast they open from the other side
>Flash is nonchalantly walking in when he sees you encroaching
>"Anon?! "
"S'cuse, thanks"
>Jettisoning your way through the doors you barge past Flash and back into the labyrinthine hallways
>Snips and Snails aren't in sight
>Your burst rush has your blood pumping as you start running and scanning round corners and hallways
>It takes looking down three or four before you catch a glimpse of the short stacks turning a corner
>Now sprinting you try to catch up with them before skidding to a slide on the polished floor
>Barely keeping your balance you're stopped by slamming into the lockers at the end of the hall
>The hollow boom of the metal lockers cause you to promptly see if Snips and Snails are still in the hallway
>Gone, again
>But the double glass doors just a little further up to the left to get outside are still swinging from being just open
>Finding your feet again you rapidly make your way to them
Page 5 bump
>Crashing into the doors with your shoulder the metal bar handle slaps the wall and ricochets off
>Before you is the school football field and the bleachers
>Out of the corner of your eye you see them
>They're both gawking at you
>"What's wrong with you?" Snips says in a quavering voice "You shouldn't slam the doors like that, you made me jump"
>Breathy you say
"Hey, I've been meaning to talk to you two"
>"Wow check out his face" Snail chimes pointing a finger at you
>"He looks really messed up"
"Yeah I know, I get it. But try to focus on me and not what's on my face"
>Snips:"Hahah what happened, you pick a fight with a door and lose?"
>Finding some sort of amusement from that joke they both laugh at you
>Grumbling to yourself if they were a bit closer you would smack them both as hard as you hit the door until they looked like you too
>But you can't use violence to solve this problem
>If you do these two seem like the sort of pair to run off to a teacher and report you
>Calming yourself with a few breaths you laugh with them
"Hahah yea, funny"
>You say that with a growl rumbling in your throat and a toothy clench grin, scowling
"I heard something funny as well, apparently you've got hold of something?"
>They're ridiculed laughing soon fades as Snips childishly asks
>Snips:"Who wants to know?" a cocky sneer on his face
>Snails:"Yeah, who wants to know?" Snails echoes
"I'm no one really, but I would like to make an offer, a trade?" curbing your scowl you reach into your pocket to look at the messages from Sunset
>Snails: "And what would you have that we could possible want?"
>Opening up the texts they read [I'm really sorry I couldn't get the skirt from them. They aren't working for anyone as far as I could tell, but they've changed since I knew them]
>The last one saying [I think they are just a couple of perverts now]
>A grin widens on your face
"I think you'd be, pleasantly surprised"
>Snips:"What exactly is it that you think we have that we'd even want to consider a trading?"
>Snails:"You're not the first person to ask us for something today"
>Digging an elbow into Snails ribs, Snips abstains him from talking
>Snips:" Shut up man!"
>Turning from them, you reach into your jeans and pull out the blue panties from Rarity that have been tucked away
>Lancing a finger through one of the leg holes you turn back to them, whirling them around, wearing a cocky grin
>Snails:" What are those?" his eyes tracking the panties
"Oh nothing really, just Rarity's underwear"
>Both of their faces drop agape in disbelief
>Snips:" H-How?"
"Does it matter? Right now, I'm willing to trade them for that skirt I know you have. But this deal has a limited time offer "
>Snails:" What makes you think we'd want them?" his low and slow voice says with a hint of distrust
>Catching the panties in your hand, you begin to slowly put them away in your pocket
"If you say so. But these are real and a once in a lifetime offer, if you feel you can pass it up then by all means--"
>Snips:" Hold on a second, Snails he's right. What do we need with a cruddy torn skirt when we can have a treasure like that? We'd probably never see anything like those again, ever!"
>A bead of sweat runs down Snips round face
>Snails:"I know. But something doesn't seem right about this. First Rarity, then Sunset and now him?"
>Snips:" Of course the girls that hang out with Fluttershy would figure we had the skirt, but Rarity won't be able to ask us for her panties, she'll be too embarrassed. And even if she does who know what she'll do to get them back"
>The high scratchy of Snips seems to be getting through to slow witted Snails as he finally sets his bag around and unzips it
>Seems the half pint calls the shots between them
>Snails:"Well okay, you make a good point"
>Pulling the torn green skirt from his bag, you can't help but think to yourself
>All too easy
Post more tomorrow, gotta work. sorry its taken so long to get this far.
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I'm gonna go ahead and guess that Flash followed Anon, overheard what's happening, and is going to misunderstand the situation.
Can't wait.
Hamlet: o fuck.
(Exit stage)
If that does happen, I hope Anon punches him straight in the face.
>Implying Anon wants more trouble
I said "I hope", I like punching people in the face.
Especially Flash.
dammit ponko
So is he gonna beat the snot outta them or something?
I think I remember that was the plan
Wasnt the plan to give panties, recieve skirt, and then snatch panties back with minimal confrontation as possible?
Day Watch Squad(tm)
>inb4 Anon fucks up and is unable to retrieve Rarity's panties afterwards
He could then make sure Alex knew and he would probably go get them from SnS, then Anon can just slap Alexs shit again and take them that way.
Not before losing Rarity's trust. Maybe causing a bigger shitstorm than the Fluttershy incident.
Page 8 bump
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Can't let this beautiful thread die
File: 1440216732182.jpg (40 KB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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this is one night watchmen turning in my shift boys keep the fire alive
Bumpity bump bump
Tatarlight bump.
>be anon
Truly the pinnacle of writing.
We demand a book series, now
awwwwwww shit
also yay, welcome back Guy!
>Snails is taking his time approaching
>It's like he can tell what your intent is, each shuffling step he takes is cautious
"Hurry it up will ya? Do you want them or not?"
>Extending his arm with the torn skirt, you can finally see what had happened to it
>It looks like it has been roughly shredded around the hem and stretched and torn on one side. But the waist still remains somewhat in contact
>"I knew you had some weird motives but this is ridiculous"
>Mere inches away from making the exchange the arrogant voice causes you to snap your gaze behind you
>Flash now encroaches on you
>Shit. He's not supposed to be here! This wasn't supposed to happen!
>Flash: "You really are a piece of work Anon."
>Snails:"F-Flash Sentry?!"
>Cowering the slowpoke takes a few steps, backing off and away from you
>Snips:"No, no ,NO! We were so close!" Snips stamps his foot in frustration. He's more upset than you are
"Hold the fuck up Snails!"
>Barking at the frightened Snails causes him to jerk freeze in place
>Whipping your head back round to Flash, a black look on your face, your voice is a cold snap of anger
"This doesn't concern you Sentry"
>Sharing the same look on your face Flash, stops his advance. A blue fire burning in his eyes
>Flash:"That's where you're wrong Anon. I knew you were up to something when you barged past me. You're clearly some kind of jerk who gets off stealing girls' underwear. And once I take them back and return them to their rightful owners, I'll make sure Principal Celestia gets you expelled and sent off so far away you can never hurt the girls here again!
"You have no idea what you're talking about Sentry. I'll explain everything after, right now though? I need you to back off and stop spouting nonsense."
>With your peripherals you see Flash's hands close into fists
>Flash:" I've heard enough I think. There is no web of lies you can spin that I will believe after seeing this"
>A west wind blows across your face, soft and cold, attempting to cool your ire in vain
>Everything is still, only the sound of a crow cawing above you on a roof top of the school echoes through the football pitch
>A staring match between you and Flash fills the air around you with a tension that if it was physical, it would crush anything small enough to get in the way
>Neither one of you are faltering, blinking. You can feel the surges of adrenaline around your body like dipping yourself into a hot pool.
>It's making your hands shake. Out of fear, or excitement. It's hard to tell at this point
>Nothing would please you more than to make this delusional white knight have a taste of your irony blood knuckles
>Fighting here, at school. After that warning from Mrs Harshwhinny. And now knowing the teachers here will biased side against you
>Whether you fight or don't. You'll lose either way
>A burst loud laughter from your lips causes the crow cawing above to be silenced
"Snails give me that skirt, now" You command with a tone that warrants no arguing
>Snails, as obedient like a well trained puppy, goes to give you the skirt
>Snips:"Give us the panties, first!"
>Calling from behind in his own demanding scratchy high voice, Snails retracts his motion
"Don't be an idiot all your life Snails, give. Me. The skirt"
>A more dark tone taking over your voice
>Flash:" All of you, drop them. Do the right thing, and maybe you two can get off with a light warning instead of expulsion"
"Flash, I don't want to hurt you, but I fucking will if you don't shut that annoying noise coming from your mouth"
>Flash:"Well that makes one of us, Anon. How about you come over here an make me?"
>Turning to a cowering Snails you reach out an open hand and ask
"Snails. Last. Chance. Give me the skirt."
>With a shaking hand, he once again extends his arm, fear apparent on his face.
>His head swivels to suddenly look past you
>Doing the same you see Flash jumping
>A knee aimed at you
>Discarding the panties behind you
>You raise both arms
>Blocking the hard impact with your hands
>Driven back, you shake your hands of the heavy aching pain, sucking air through your teeth with a 'tssssss'
>You can't fight back, no matter how much you want to
>If Flash can escape this with the least amount of bruises you can say you defended yourself, for what good that will do
>Catching Snails grabbing the panties and running off with them and the skirt, you lunge to grab at his collar
>Snails has finally found his feet it seems
>Not letting up Flash sweeping kicks at your ankle
>As you see the blue sky you twist yourself to land on your side
>Hitting the green soft blades beneath you with a soft thud
>A reminding jolt of pain from your kicked ribs from yesterday jog your memory
>You're in no shape to fight
>Flash bounds over you
>In pursuit of Snails
>Flash:"You're not getting away!"
>Scurrying to your feet you follow
>Thoughts of how ludicrous this entire thing is pop into your head as you chase them down the side of the building
>Four boys, scuffling over underwear and a ripped skirt
>Returning the favour to Mr white knight, you hop and kick out at his thigh and hit the back of his knee instead
>Collapsing him to the other with a grunt you grab at his blue quiff and yank down as you run past, a few strands of blue hair caught in your fingers
"Snails! you little shit!"
>Seizing the skirt flailing in his hand as he runs and pulling jerks Snails back with a yelp
>Snips:" Leave him alone!"
>Jumping into the fray Snips cries out and grabs hold of Snails's arm and pulls him away from you
>A game of tug-of-war ensues with Snails as the rope
>Its unfathomable that the tiniest one of the two has got some strength keeping you from taking back the lingerie
File: Flash Sentry.gif (2 MB, 480x269) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Flash Sentry.gif
2 MB, 480x269
Fucking called it.
White Knight Sentry is White Knight.
>Hearing the lift off of Flash jumping into the air again, you whirl yourself along Snails arm, shifting him in front of you
>As expected a flying knee slams into Snails with a hollow sound coming from in his chest as the air is pushed from the lungs of your meat shield
>Wide eyed and in grimacing Snails releases both the skirt and the panties
>Flash:"You touched my hair!?"
>Throwing Snails aside you ready yourself for whatever Flash throws
>Two stubby arms clasp around your throat from behind and cause you to reel and lose your footing
>You see the fist coming but you're too busy trying not to be strangled by the midget who has leaped behind you
>As Flash buries his balled up fist into your stomach
>A glop of saliva ejects from your mouth as the knuckles push in and up to your stomach, a well of heat rising with it as you feel the muscles in your belly contract.
>Trying to halt the force behind it from hitting your spine
>Breath from your lungs instantly leaves you as you double over and your knees buckle to the floor clutching you pained stomach
>As you fall you glimpse Flash catch the panties and the skirt before they hit the ground with the same accuracy he used in the classroom to catch the paper message you threw
>Snips uses your back as a launch pad and leaps onto Flash screaming in that scratchy voice of his
>Snips:" Bring it!"
>Flash:" This has been a long time coming!"
>You can hear the scuffle and grunts of them both as you try to re-catch your stolen air
>Holding both your throat and stomach you try to quell any vomit that might want to make an appearance as your bobbing head looks over to Snails
>The poor bastard looks out cold
"Thanks... for taking...that...knee"
>Sentry has defiantly got some form of 'Flashy' martial arts under his belt
>That punch knew exactly where to strike and lift to wind you enough to take you out
>But this is far from over
>Rising to one knee, still clutching at your stomach you watch Flash and Snips go at it
>The half pints unbridled stubbornness seems to keep him going and his low centre of gravity is making it harder for Flash to hit him whilst he holds the sought after items
>He favours using his knees, a lot
>Standing to your feet bent over, you breath in some life giving oxygen
>A dull pain now ebbing in your stomach, it's going to take a moment or two for you to get back in there for round 2
>It would be better if he came to you
>Snips comes tumbling towards sweat dripping from his round dirtied face
>Flash: " You're one tenacious dude Anon. Why don't you lay down with the rest of the trash before you get hurt again"
>Standing on the side lines of the football field his chest rises and falls from his panted breathing
>Looks like he's not used to fighting and running at the same time
"I might consider it, if you were any good at intimidation 'Fag Sentry' "
>That fire ignites in his eyes again and you can see him tense up
>Flash:"The fuck did you just call me?"
>He looks so riled up you sense a weakness, laughing you continue to provoke him
"I called you a faggot. What? You can't hear so well with that stupid quiff breaking the wind? Or did I touch a nerve, and you are in fact, a /massive/ faggot?"
>Triggering Flash he speedily runs at you with both the skirt and panties held tight in his fists
>You're a bent over figure and look to be on your last legs
>What Sentry doesn't know
>Is you fight dirty
>As expected when he gets close enough he rises in the air a third time
>Launching his right knee towards you
>Breaking out of your bent over form you sidle to one side catching him momentarily and using his momentum to throw him face first into the school building wall
>The slap of skin on brick is loud and painful to hear
File: 1439925897257.jpg (82 KB, 555x526) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
82 KB, 555x526
>The slap of skin on brick is loud and painful to hear
Anon's reputation is definitely taking a fall now.
Will continue later, and tomorrow working all day and a very late night so won't be any tomorrow.
I will see if I can be conscious enough to do some the day after.
Thanks for all your patients and bumping
See ya soon Anons'
File: 1435862118016.jpg (53 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>The slap of skin on brick is loud and painful to hear
That's much better than the punch to the face I wanted, that was downright brutal.
Currently better than Homecoming Anon. Keep it up, writefriend.
Bumping for the slow as fuck write faggot
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