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Reversed Gender roles Equestria
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well hello new thread
If you don't want to rape all of the cute horse butts you're faggot.
Don't touch my waifu's butt you filthy casual.
What are you gonna do about it, nerd?
She's my waifu now! They are all my waifus!
You can't have all those waifus. And if you rape her I will counter rape you.
>You can't have all those waifus.
Fucking watch me. I'm gonna get all of those fat plots begging for my cock; but don't worry, i'll let you be my waifu too.
I need more of frostybox's "Just'a Good Ol' Girls"
I /need/ it.
I'm not gonna watch you cuck me. I'm gonna... wait Soarin?
C-can I be your waifu too?
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Soarin gonna be my waifu too.
Everyone is gonna be my waifu.

That looks like a fun doujin. Is it?
Never mind I thought you were someone else.
Just a fag.
We ded for real.

Everyone should just write at least a one-shot green to keep us alive, no matter how bad it is.
Did Barbarian Celestia and White Mage Anon ever finish?

>"Hey there handsome what brings you tonight?"
"The booze."
>She does this every Friday night. You get paid, you got to the pub to relax, maybe have a one-nighter, but not with her.
>Not again.
>Any female that comes your way is instantly blown off by your 'savior'.
>...Except for that one gryphon who beat the shit out of her for trying that.
>Damn that was some hot rough sex. Wish she came to this bar more often.
>"So, what is a lovely stallion like yourself doing all alone tonight, without a special somepony no less?"
"Drinking, what else?"
>"Oh really? Then you wouldn't mind if I joined you for a drink tonight."
>She plops down by the stool next to you and waves over the bartender.
>"Hey barkeep! One cider and one more for what ever Anon is having."
>"One Apple Cider and another glass of Everfree Clear."
>"Wait... You got Everclear?"
"Cause I can."
>"Yo, Anon!"
>You look over and spot Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Rarity.
"Oh, hey Rainbow. Trip went well?"
>"You know it! Nothing is impossible when you have me on your side. Hey... why is Stardust sitting next to you?"
>"My name is LIGHTING DUST! And for your information I happen to be in a relationship with Anon."
>"Pfft yeah right... Right Anon?"
"Hmm? I wasn't paying attention. What where you talking about?"
>"Is she your special somepony?"
"...No, I'm not even a pony.
>"But we had sex!"
"So did the barkeep and rowdy table number 5, but you don't see me claiming them as my special somepony."
>"Never get tired of that brutal honesty of yours... Everfree?" chimed in Applejack.
"You know it."
>"That stuff will kill your liver Anon."
"For you, this is like watered down beer from back home."
>"Yeah, yeah, human liver blah blah blah! Are we going to play pong tonight or what? You promised last Saturday we would after our trip."
"Sure. Let me just finsh this and I'll head on over and drink you and Applejack under the table."
>"Big words for just a colt."
"I am a man. Applehat"
I don't know.


>"Wait! You can't just leave me I bought you a drink."
"And? I didn't tell you to buy me that drink."
>"But...But you owe me!"
"...Okay how does a handy after I play pong with them sound?"
>" Yes. What! N-No it's not that...I mean-"
"What. You thought this was more than that?
>You can't help, but to shake your head.
"Wrong setting. Wrong time."
>"But I was nice!"
"Funny, in my world I would of said the same."
>"Anon! You coming or not?"
"Hold your horses..! So about that handy. Do you still want one?"

No, I'm still working on it. I just dont want to screw up the ending like I did with Woodworking Anon.
>You turn away from the noise and try to cover your head with your pillow, except that's not actually a pillow
>It's Shining
>Shining fucking Armor
>You throw him at his wife and try once more to bury yourself in bedding
>Goddamn horses getting up too fucking early
>You're too tired for this shit
>You be Anoms
>"Make me sammich, Anoms."
>U do
>Sammich knocks her sexy socks off
>Bitches can't cook in this world, either
>Dear Princess Celestia,
>Twilight is attempting to spy on me on a regular basis. She often does this while Luna is over for pizza and movies. I'm not sure if you put her up to this or if she is doing it on her own volition, but it is getting annoying. Mostly because I can hear her mutter, "Hurry up and start mating." and "Get to the action." Luna and I do not have this kind of relationship.


>p.s. You have a blanket invitation to join us on movie night. Justify it as cultural exchange if your advisers have an issue with it.
>Dear Anonymous,
>Twilight is...excitable when it comes to new fields of study, often to her determinate.
>Remind me to tell you of the time she nearly caused a riot in Ponyville.
>Also I would think that with the amount of times that you two have often gone alone to your house for 'movie' night, that Twilight would be on to something.
>Luna becomes rather flustered whenever I ask for details about the night.

>Princess Celestia

>P.S I would love to watch some of your movies, it's fascinating to see other's cultures.
>P.S.S Also I would expect that Luna treat with the utmost courtesy that a stallion of your bearing would deserve of course.
>P.S.S.S If Luna 'accidentally' does something improper please know that the Crown will cover for expenses. Heaven's knows that Blueblood has enough of those under his belt.
Hey, I enjoyed it. Just because it didn't have a harem ending doesn't mean it's bad.

>Take the stairs two at a time because they were made for tiny quadrupeds
>Books and pillows are strewn about and there’s some shattered glass and puddled cider on the floor
>Not a bad time, you guess
>In the kitchen, you see a pink filly with a little tiara on her head with a bowl of cereal
>Shit, this must be the kid
>They probably heard all of it, whatever
“What uh- whatcha eating there?”
>You were always shit at talking to kids and you think that extends to foals too
>”Celestia Crunch…”
>Never heard of it
“How is it?”
>”It’s pretty good.”
“Mind if I have some?”
>You’re kind of hungry from banging her mom and it’ll help the hangover headache that’s coming around on you
>You pour a bowl and pour some milk
>There’s a picture of a horse on the carton and you don’t think about it too much
>So, there you are eating cereal with your matron’s filly acting like you both don’t know why you were here
>The cereal is pretty good
“I really like the marshmallow bits.”
>”Yeah, it’s the coolest. All the kids are gonna be so jealous.”
>You snort, it’s such a kid answer and you can tell that she’s probably a jerk to her little friends
“Maybe, you could share and then everyone would owe you something.”
>”I never thought of that…” Her mouth hangs open at the idea of sharing.
“That one’s on the house.”
>You gesture with your spoon before you spoon the last mouthful
>Drink the milk that changes colors from the probably magic cereal
>You open the bit bag and take another handful for yourself
>Draw the bag closed and put it back on the table
“I’ll give you two bits if you don’t tell your dad.”
>Her eyes get big, despite having all this money; she’s probably never had many chances to earn it
>She nods excitedly and you place them on the table
>You gather up and put on your clothes
>A plain black suit with a white shirt
>You are Anon and you are a call stallion to Ponyville’s well-to-do mares
I thought that last line said mare-do-wells.
This anon is such a dirtbag.
>be gaynon
>you're a total raging homo, and everypony knows it
>actually, you just starred in several pornos, including 'My First Colt Cuddler Experience 2', 'Naughty Stallions of the Griffon SS', and 'Cocksuckers!'
>yet somehow, mares keep hitting on you
>do they just not understand the core concept?
You know, there hasn't been a single green about a pregnant mare in RGRE. Do they have maternity leave? Are the stallions expected to wait on her until the foal is born? Or do they go about their lives until the moment the foal is about to be born? Maybe we can have a RGRE/Satyr crossover green.
I'd skip the satyr aspect and just make it a non-AiE story. would be interesting.
maybe tomorrow, too late for brain function right now.
That's why herding happens.
Mares coordinate their pregnancies so they can all support each other an their colt when one of them is bedridden with child. Magic of Friendship and all that.
What's your favorite type of horse, RGRE?
I like the purple, nerdy ones the best.

But don't tell the other horses I said that. I don't want to hurt their tiny equine feelings.
>>"Big words for just a colt."
>"I am a man. Applehat"
FINALLY someone said it!
Anon just normally doesn't want to offend their culture.
It's why people don't get offended by an Aussie calling em Mate, even though that implies they breed with you.
>Implying there isn't a clear difference between a m8 and a mate.
uh... that term long predates l337speak and the internet there m8.
I was wondering, how do you guys think female Griffons would treat their males? Would they act more like birds and be attracted to the more colorful ones and they'll make a nest together? Or would they act like cats and rub their bodies over the one they like while trying to act aloof?
The bloody hell you flapping about, mate? It's fair dinkum grouse lingo, ya galah

>Aus Anon in 'Questra
>Completely indecipherable manner of speaking
>Mares pretend to understand in an attempt to enter a relationship
>They know he's open to one
>Why else would every other word by 'mate'?
>Meanwhile Anon is having a bonzer time yabbering with ankle biter brumbies. Just like having a lark acting the dill with seppos and poms back home
>He's fully aware they want a root, but he's no root rat bogan.
>Also that's close to sheep shagging, can't be stepping on the kiwis toes by stealing their national pastime
>Also that's close to sheep shagging, can't be stepping on the kiwis toes by stealing their national pastime
Kek, shots fired
It's not about l337speak, it's about the accent and pronunciation, as well as context.
colt is young stallion

anon is neither young nor a horse

speaking of which... have we had green of anon asserting his manliness on other ponies?
>Decent 3D pone model
After all the source filmmaker shit I thought it impossible.
my sides
File: Twalot_3D.png (505 KB, 740x657) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What do you mean? I think they look fine.
File: images-19.jpg (14 KB, 246x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Head home on your walk of shame
>Arrive at the shitty house you rent with your roommates
>Attempt to open the door, it’s dead bolted
>Knock on door
>”Who is it~?” She calls through the door.
“You know damn well who it is.”
>”Oh? I think I hear a deadbeat.”
>You’re only like a week late for rent
>This time
“I have your bits right here, Bon Bon.”
>”I want to see them before I let you back in.”
“Fine. I don’t give a shit.”
>You reach into your pockets and fish out your wages from the night
>The door cracks open and Bon Bon sticks her head out
>After about a minute, she nods and swings the door wide
>Fucking Hell
>You close the door behind you before dumping the bits onto the counter
>Bon Bon sat next to her marefriend, Lyra, on the couch
>”So, you were out with your marefriend?”
“Yeah, something like that.”
>Most of the town knows what line of work you’re in, except for these two
>So, you just look like a jobless slacker
>”That’s good, don’t mooch off her for bits though. That’s really sleazy.” Lyra chimes in.
>You don’t know the half of it, Harpo
”I wouldn’t do that. Just called in some favors.”
>”Ah. You should probably get a job, you know, so we don’t have to shake you down every so often.”
“I tried working at Sugarcube Corner, I can’t bake and that’s half of the work around here.”
>Thank Celestia those kids weren’t yours.
>Dance inside your head like you’re on Maury
>”Well, maybe you could work for Rarity or something.” Lyra adds.
“Why are we even worrying about this?”
>”Anon… we don’t want to just rent a house for the rest of our lives. Eventually, we want to settle down, bring in some stallions, and have a family of our own. We like you, but if you can’t provide for yourself, what good is that for any pony.” Says Bon Bon
>You’re being lectured by miniature horses, time to leave
>You stand up and walk out the door without a word as your roommates protest
Anyone know what happened to the story where anon was digging a hole for plumbing, and everyone was trying to stop him because "colt doing hard labor"?

it turned into a holy war

shit got crazy
It's finished. It was written by LoveAndPowerLifting; you can find the story in the GoogleDoc thing.

>Be Lyra
>Anon just walked out when you and Sweetie brought up your plans for the future
>Neither of you expected him to get this mad
>You figured he might get angry but he’d understand that you and Sweetie weren’t kicking him out
>The two of you just wanted to make sure that he could support himself
>It was hard for stallions to support themselves without help from their families or siblings
>He had neither, that was probably why he left
>”I swear, I’ll never understand stallions.” Bon Bon whispered.
>You shake your head wistfully

>Be Anon
>You’ve cooled down since leaving the house
>It’s not their fault, peo- ponies mature and their going to eventually want to settle down
>That just wasn’t within your plans
>No matter how many you fuck, dating just seems weird to you
>You just barely made rent this month, so you need another gig, quick
>You arrive at Rarity’s shop and enter
>The bell above the door goes off and you hear her in the back room
>”Just a minute~”
“It’s just me, Rara.”
>You start heading back towards her work area
>Rarity has been kind of like your pimp in a lot of ways
>She helped hook you up with the rich and lonely type that you’ve become accustomed to and is always listening for interest
>You’ve never had anyone stiff you or try to pull something, so mostly she just has a finder’s fee and then leaves it
>It works for the both of you
“Whatcha up to?”
>”I am trying to hem this skirt, but this pleat will NOT cooperate.”
“Can I help?”
>”No, let me have my pride, Anonymous.”
“Alright. Anyways, have you got any new work for me? I’m already running low.”
>”Already? Do you have a salt habit, dear?”
“No, my roommates are just being pushy and I need money to, you know, eat.”
>”Okay, well, I heard Mayor Mare was looking for a bit of fun.”
“I really need bits in my hand, Rara. Don’t you have anything that I can do in an afternoon?”
>She puts a hoof to her chin in thought
>”I swear, I’ll never understand stallions.” Bon Bon whispered.


>You are Anon, and you are visiting the minotaur homeland, Minotia.
>The little horses back in poneland tried to stop you, saying that the minotaur homelands are too dangerous for a delicate colt like you and yelling that you might decide to move there.
>They even went as far as trying to kidnap you and stash you away in Applejack's barn.
>Fucking overprotective ponies.
>This place is actually pretty sweet, it feels good not having to look down all the time when you talk to someone and the locals are just as nice as the ponies back in Equestria.
>You smile as you recline in your chair at a nice little cafe, thinking of all the good times you had in your three days here.
>Looking out the window onto the patio, you notice a minotaur girl wearing what looks to be a low v-neck shirt sitting at a table just to your left, looking at you and giving you what looks to be her best "I'm interested in you" look.
>Not the best, but it's certainly in your top 10, so you give her a big smile for her troubles.
>Noticing that you aren't quite dashing from your chair yet, she changes tactics, leaning forward a bit, resting her sizable chest onto the table, giving you a very clear view of her cleavage.
>You lean forward to better appreciate the beautiful valley that appeared in front of you.
>Seeing that you are very interested, she ups the ante and pinches the front of your shirt and pulls down while puffing her chest out, squishing her breasts and making them strain against the fabric, begging to spring out to freedom.
>At this point, you are half out of your chair, ready to go outside and meet this brave, brave girl. Not quite leaving, for you wanted to see if it would go furthe-
>Oh. Oh my.
>Tugging a bit more on her shirt, the minotaur girl just released a small amount of fluff that peaked her cleavage, pulling lower and revealing more when she saw your eyes widen.

Limit, I'm going to post the last bit next post.
>Finally getting up out of your chair in a daze, you start making your way outside to the minotaur.
>Moving here doesn't seem bad at all.

And done!
I wanted to get something out after not being able to work some more on my other minotaur story.
big breasted babe is best
You are wise beyond your years, anon.
And thanks to my aussie ex, I understood every word. Thanks darling, I'll never forget you
I found thing
I like the exchange with DT. was funny. looking forward to more of this story.
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Depends on your fetishes. If I remember correctly, it's mostly futa/sister on male/brother incest.
oh my
>Anon is innaquestria
>Is younganon
>Adopted by twilight's mom
>Lives with twilight
>Twilight thinks he's a hermathrodite because misunderstandings
>"Just like in my mangos!"
>Secret sibling lust
>Anon ends up fucking Twilight's dad
Pony comics confirmed for being mango pits.
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that's... not a bad theory actually.
This is how Reverse Gender Roles threads started for me and what I miss - silly stories about male Anon experiencing comedic encounters with pony parodies of jocks, good guys and sexist except gender flipped and well, adorable ponies.

How did you guys start ? With one of those elaborate revenge stories or the ones where Anon "fixes" Equestria ?
File: 1430662497362.jpg (540 KB, 924x905) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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That and it gives the foals a more stable household to grow up in, with lots of other foals to socialize and play with.
Was fun read
The lips always look weird to me.
File: l64KOPj.png (521 KB, 844x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is the brother cute?
File: 1401157155529.jpg (420 KB, 2321x1483) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you will never go to bed at night, several mares on either side of you cozied up for warmth
>your collective foals curled up on your chest with their heads tucked into the crook of your neck or cuddled up next to their mothers,
File: image.jpg (101 KB, 618x697) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
101 KB, 618x697
>silly stories about male Anon experiencing comedic encounters with ponies

That's how it started. Not much has changed. In the beginng things where slightly more serious and there was a lot more focus on ponies noticing how strange anon was acting and bringing it up and less of the two way obliviousness you see in most of the stories now.
No need for bed-sheets to stay warm at night.
Just get all of your mares to cuddle around you and cover up any holes in your cuddle-pile with your foals.
File: 1405729496249.png (102 KB, 700x699) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Thank God for that! Can you imagine having to share a bed with, like, 6 other people? I can barely stand one as it is.
>not wanting to sleep in a pile with all your mares and foals
>Can you imagine having to share a bed with, like, 6 other people?
Silly Anon, ponies aren't people.
>Can you imagine having to share a bed with, like, 6 other people?
No, I can't.
In the unlikely event I ever got married, we'd have separate beds cause I can't sleep with anyone or anything in bed with me.
I have never had a pet dog that I could let into my home, but I once had to take care of a friend's puppy while he was out. Little thing was scared straight of everything at first but soon wouldn't get separated from me to the point where it would beg me to let it sleep with me on the bed.

Best sleep I've had in a long while, the tiny thing cuddling against me for warmth and protection, and I bet cuddling with ponies would be similar but even better.
I can only imagine what it would be to cuddle with a dozen ponies being all cute and shit.
This is actually rather good. You should write more one shots.

Isn't mate short for matey? They have pirates in Equestria right? Or at least the concept of pirates based on Pip Squeaks costume. Surely mate has a duel meaning there too. That or they think anon is a pirate of somesort.

It got really crazy built up to a climatic battle of epic proportions and more excitement and raw awesome I've seen in a greentext to this date.Then it ended on a pretty lame and low key note. The ride is worth it though.

Ya know I found pony fluff really cute and big juicy Minotaur boobs sexy, however something about a roughly female human figure having hair on her chest around her boobs makes me want to vomit.

The only thing I have to object is that Anon's attitude seems to be uh unrealistically cynical. Unless you were going tor a total unreasonable asshole, but something tells me you were going for a somewhat relateable anon.

Either way I like this thing. Make more of it.
The use of mate depends on your culture. In some places it means your spouse, and in others it means a friend. Or if you're British or Australian, it refers to literally anyone.
I believe mate is short for inmate as Australia was essentially a giant prison
Are you saying Mad Max isn't based on a true story?
That ponk will always be amazing.
>around her boobs
I was going for covering her boobs, I'll try and do some short and sweet descriptions that don't mess with the flow of the story next minotits short I do.

Just realized I don't have any suitable and appropriate pictures of female minotaurs. Time to hang around /tg/ for a bit.
File: 1424204581421.png (324 KB, 562x676) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I know your feels.
File: 1331062021665.png (119 KB, 660x445) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
119 KB, 660x445
I've always been of the opinion humanity would best get along with the minotaurs and griffons.
Getting close to an update on tabletop Anon, before this weekend hopefully (as its turkey day weekend and that means almost no writing time.)
File: 917780.png (1 MB, 1065x1501) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1065x1501
Welp, I got and idea for the next short now. Don't know how I'm going to tackle it, but damn me if I don't try.
Thanks anon!
>Mino is interested in Anon, but he says he doesn't date 'furries' so she shaves everything off.
Did I got that right?
File: cutefs.gif (811 KB, 518x528) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
811 KB, 518x528
>He's hairless, maybe if I'm hairless he would notice me senipai

Top kek m80
And another possible idea if someone that's lightyears more funny than I am doesn't do it first!

It was more like another cute one like the last one, with Anon busting in tired as shit and moving to shave with a straight razor and the minotaur chick freaking out.

Time to outline!
Sounds cute. Cute is good.
This shouldn't expand dong, but it does.
page ten no
you go
go now page ten
Shhh only dreams now.
>You are Anon, sleeping human in Equestria
>You're dreaming about cheese
>An entire city made of cheese, empty of life save for you and the swimming cheese-horse
>You sit down on an armchair made of cheese and watch as it splashes around like some sort of dog or something
>Somehow the burbling noises it makes along with the splashing brings you a sense of serene joy

>You are Princess Luna, Princess in Equestria
>You are out amongst the dreams of your subjects
>You hear a strange taste behind you, sort of a greenish pink
>When you turn to investigate you see a dream flowing towards you, the contents unknown despite your skills at dreamery
>You try to dodge it but it slams into you and you seep into it as it moves on as if you never existed
>And you can't breathe anymore!
>You're underwater! It's thick and dark but you have to get to the surface
>You don't want to drown!
>As you push your head out into the air you see that the water is a creamy yelow colour
>And it tastes of cheese
>It's taking all your strength just to stay afloat
>You don't want to be fondue
You hear a strange taste
i did that once, i'll never do it again
>You tap the heels of your shoes to the floor to settle your feet into them
>”Anon? Was that you?”
>You open your front door and look over your shoulder to see Caramel walking into the living room
>His eyes widen as he looks past you to the open door, “You’re going out?!”
“Yeah, I wanna get some cider”
“I intend on drinking it tonight, so yeah, that’s why I’ve got my shoes on and was about to leave”
“That was the idea or I would’ve asked you if-“
>”No! Nonono, I’m coming with you just give me a minute!” he shouts as he runs off to his room
>You have been leaning in the doorway for about ten minutes now
“Oh my god, are you ready yet?!”
>”Just one minute!” he calls back
“You said that ten minutes ago!”
>He comes out of his room looking exactly the same save for a little whistle looking necklace thing, “Okay, lets go”
>You let him go past you before shutting the door and locking it behind you
“What took you so long?”
>”Well I wasn’t expecting to go out on such short notice Anonymous. And some of us happen to care about our appearances”
>That might be because you didn’t ask him to-
“Wait, what did you mean by that?”
>He almost jumps at your question, “Nothing! J-just… maybe I can give you some pointers on how to dress tomorrow?”
>You look yourself over
>Worn shorts and a stained shirt
>The hell is he talking about? This is good enough for a quick run to get booze
>Caramel nudges the side of your leg
>You look down to see that he’s scanning around as you both walk the lamppost lit streets
>He breathes a small sigh of relief when you both reach the liquor store
>You walk the aisles lazily, looking to see if anything new, and possibly stronger, has come in
>Caramell huffs, “What are you doing? Just get the one you always get”
“Hold on bro, I’m just browsing”
>”I just don’t see the fascination here”
“Yeah well neither do I when we go to the pillow store”
>”A single throw pillow can off set the entire feeling of a room Anonymou-“
“Alright! I’m getting the booze”
>Caramel hums happily to himself
>He knows you hate being informed about the importance of a damn throw pillow
>You set the package of ciders down on the counter
>”Uhh, you boys sure you wanna buy this? It’s little heavy.”
>Nigga you wha-
>Oh, it’s not Hops whose running it tonight, some new mare
>You drop the bits onto the counter
“I’m way heavier than that. Trust me”
>You take the package in your left hand and head out of the store with Caramel close on your right
>”Oh Anon, you don’t need to feel ashamed of yourself. All bodies are handsome” he responds as you both exit the store
>Well, you meant that in a literal sense but still that was pretty nice of him to say
>You both walk in silence for a little until you decide that tonight is the perfect drink and a walk weather
>You pocket the bottlecap to throw away later and take your first sip of cool cider
>Caramel rolls his eyes as you breath a sigh of refreshment, “I don’t know how you can drink those”
“They’re the best thing I can find here in Ponyville"
>You offer the bottle to him but he shakes his head, “I have appletinis at home” he responds
“I don’t how you can drink /those/, they’re almost like an apple soda”
>You finish off your first bottle and drop it back into the package
>You were about to reach for a second before you feel Caramel tense up against your leg
>You look down to see him flicking his ears around
>Focusing on your own hearing, you can hear some other hoofsteps nearby
>”Hey colts!”
>You look around to see a couple of mares just rounding a corner nearby
>”Anon, let’s get to the other side of the street” Caramel whispers
>You don’t really see the reason but he’s already nudging you in that direction
>The mares watch you both cross over to the other side
>Your eyes squint a little under the brightness of the lampposts now that you’re both so close to them
>The mares start trotting over towards you both, “Hey! I bet you colts like to party with some cider like that! Me and my friend here are heading to a party right now, wanna come with?”
>Caramel trembles slightly as they get closer
“No thanks, this is my casual cider, not my partying cider”
>They close in but keep a short distance behind you, “Come on! There’ll be dancing, with thighs like those I bet you colts love dancing”
>The other mare just snickers beside her friend
>You can feel Caramel’s unease
“Thanks again but no thanks. We’re just gonna take these casual ciders home, and have a casual night. Y’know, at home.”
>The two mares trot up to walk beside you and Caramel, who’s really pressing on your leg now
>”Alright, that’s cool. Some casual stallions, I can dig casual… so where’s home for you handsome fellas?”
“Oh y’know. Down a few streets through a door and stuff”
>Both of the mares laugh, “Funny, you’re funny. I like that” the talkative mare responds, as she flicks her tail against he back of your leg
>You stop walking and Caramel is fumbling with his necklace
“Alright. So I tried being nice about it but I’m pretty much done with that. Go away, both of you.”
>The mares look dumbfounded for a moment, then glance over at each other and start laughing again
>”Come on colt, don’t be like that. We’re all just having fun now aren’t we?” the mare says as she walks closer to you
>With one swoop of your hand you hoist the mare up by her scruff and put her face to face with you, “H-hey! Put me down!” she shouts as she wiggles her limbs around
“You listen to me, we are not ‘having fun’ you are bothering me and my friend and so you two need to leave. If you don’t then when I’m through with you, everyone else will know why humans name mighty storms after themselves” you growl
>You set her beck down roughly, “Y-yeah!” Caramel shouts from behind you somewhere
>The mare and her friend glare at you, “Psh whatever…” she hisses as she turns away
>You walk backwards a few steps to make sure they don’t get the stupid idea of jumping you from behind before turning completely
>”Lets leave those fucking homos to their CASUAL NIGHT!” the mare shouts as she and her friend continue walking, “Fuckin’ teases mare” the friend adds
>Caramel is sniffling as you both turn the last corner to get home, “I can’t believe what just happened...”
“Yeah, fucking cunts.”
>Caramel hugs your leg and begins crying, “And you wanted to go out alone, just imagine what could’ve happened!” he whimpers
>You might have taken them up on their initial offer for one thing, or do a repeat of what just happened
>”I’m so glad we’re both okay”
>You gently pet his head and he nuzzles your leg harder
>Still though, it’s nice to know he cares
>You both head back inside and down your respective drinks together while reenacting the scene as though you were the mares in a very exaggerated and mocking fashion
>Tonight was a good night after all
>Twilight is dumbfounded when she learns that Celestia and Luna sneak into Anon's house at night.
>Investigating, she's shocked to find them--
>playing mariokart without her !
>watching the hoofball game and drinking beers.
>comparing butts.
>turns out Anon's is the biggest... and hairiest...
>In a later time, the house is torn apart from what seems a fight
>Twilight later find the two in a smashed bed after a session of hot angry sex.
>Having an orgy along with Cadence and Shining Armour
I like this little slice-of-life thing. It's good. It's nice having something that isn't purely "anon is awesome and mares are dumb" green.
What were they expecting? He's taller and wider than them, and he's been slacking on his diet.
I agree. Writefag, are we to expect more, or is this a one-shot kinda thing?
That's true.
>male anon with badonkadonk
U-unf. I'm confused.
No wonder the mares lust for him.
Keep going, all of you
the stalions too.

fuck someone get on that.

anon with enough ass to rival the sun and moon sisters.
File: dat moon.png (125 KB, 1024x977) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dat moon.png
125 KB, 1024x977
>Dat Anon
>>You stop walking and Caramel is fumbling with his necklace
wait a minute

is he wearing a fucking rape whistle
I just realized that too. And he spent 10 minutes choosing which one to wear. The pink or the green? Or the one with the butterfly keychain attached?
Nah, he's prepared in case he has to referee an impromptu soccer game.
Nice quads satan.
Quads confirm
The sound of a non train whistle is a sign of a colt being raped or who fears he will be raped.
Being able to whistle is considered to be a sign of having been sexually harrassed a lot.
Anon doesn't know why all the ponies freak out whenever he starts whistling as he walks.
fund it
I can already imagine the ponies being really creeped out as he whistles this tune
This thread needs more minotaurs.
Would a human even be attractive to a minotaur? Anon might be too 'uncanny valley' for them.
The depends on how far his standards have dropped, but I personally would like to see more Minotaur's.
>no horns
Maybe if anon is ripped
>Anon ends up in Equestria.
>Everyon- pony wants his hot monkey dick.
>He ends up fucking anything and everything.
>The end.
File: I_f17f7e_1339799.jpg (30 KB, 679x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 679x482
Thanks fam.
>Be spa horse #1
>You are at the lake, swimming
>The human is there
>He's still wearing clothes, even in the water
>so lewd
>Horse pussy struggles
>Hot monkey dick knows no fear
>Sunrise is delayed
File: 1417395858227.png (73 KB, 625x311) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 625x311

File: 1436891660163.jpg (48 KB, 973x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 973x550

How would pony mares react to Anon "taming" a dragoness?
Scared for his safety, perhaps, but on the other hoof, ain't no fool gonna mess with a dragoness's stallion.
File: XU3mT.png (745 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
745 KB, 1280x720
>"Imagine what he can do for a mare if he can handle a dragoness."
Or this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_xFuWmdhLk

I'm just imagining people running in fear as Andy and his son walk to the fishing hole.
Have we had Single DILF Anon in RGR Equestria yet?
I think the Anon-Sitting-Scootaloo is kind of like that.
of age cmc and DT SS all trying to get into dad anons pants his wife finds out and is secretly into it que orgy to end all orgys

But think about it.

>Anon as the RGRE equivalent of Button's Mom
>"Stop this Cadence: you're a married mare. A happily-married mare!"
>You peak over the hedges and catch an eyeful of Anon putting a band-aid on a sniffling Sweetie Belle's foreleg.
>Your traitorous heart skips a beat.
"Happily married, unhappily married, happily married..."
Someone did one of those. I think Frostybox, maybe? It was a one shot, but it was both hot and hilarious.
File: Unknown-6.jpg (7 KB, 289x174) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 289x174

>Be Anon
>”What about party’s?” Rarity says.
“Isn’t that more Pinkie’s territory?”
>”No, no, no. Stallions…” She says exasperatedly. “You could be the… entertainment.”
“Why didn’t I start with that before rutting every old maid from here to Canterlot?”
>”Please, such coarse language. Well, to be frank, there really wasn’t a demand.”
“Okay. So, now there’s a demand. Can I quit the home visits?”
>”Depends on how much you make, dear.”
“What? I shake my moneymaker to some music and get in an hour. No big deal.”
>”I’m sorry, what?”
“You know, stripping? Take my clothes off and give a lap dance to the lucky mare or something?”
>”Oh, uh, that should be enough.”
“Alright, sounds great. Let me know when I have my first gig lined up.”
>Turn on your heel and march out of the store

>Go out to the bar
>Be chatting with two stallions
>They say they’re with the Wonderbolts
>Pretty cool guys
>You’re all enjoying the free drinks
“Then, I say ‘cider? I hardly know her!’”
>Throw back another cider like it’s nothing
>Mares are starting to approach you three
>”Hey, aren’t you with the Wonderbolts?”
>”We are.”
>”Are you as quick on your back as you are in a race?”
>”O-M-G, Cherry Berry. You did not just say that! I am so sorry for my friend.”
>”Uh-It’s okay.” One of the stallions says. You can’t tell them apart right now.
>”She just got out of a long relationship. Maybe one of you little colts could help her out?”
>”I think we were just about to leave, right, Anon?”
“Yeah, sure, whatever.” You mumble.
>”Oh, come on. We just got you colts some drinks.”
“One for the road can’t hurt.”
>You reach for two of the drinks and slam them back.
“Ready to go, fellas?”
>They nod and head out with you
>That is really starting to hit you, huh?
>You slip and catch yourself on a building wall
>You manage to gasp out before falling over
Ah fuck, first line shouldn't have been >green.
Yay more green
File: scaredny.png (258 KB, 421x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
258 KB, 421x500
Keep going pls
Yup, it was Frosty: http://pastebin.com/d36diuUy
File: fist-fight1.jpg (19 KB, 300x247) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 300x247
>Anon and his best friend Mous in Equestria.
>They get into an argument in town that slowly escalates.
>Nearby mares eagerly try to get them fought up faster in hopes of a coltfight.
>Stallions try not to look interested.
>Everyone expects ripped clothes, hair pulling, and slaps.
>They never expect Anon and Mous to brutally beat the shit out of each other until one can't keep going.
>Then the unthinkable happens. They both laugh, the winner picks up the loser, and they go home to make up over drinks.
>Realization finally hits home in Ponyville.
>They are dealing with aliens. Aliens with a culture unlike their own.
>Not exotic looking stallions.
>Not funny foreigners.
The green where Twilight knows the gender roles are reversed for Anon and has him abusing it to his enjoyment has Anon be challenged in the middle of Ponyville by a group of stallions into a 'show-off'. To say the least, Anon thinks he's about to get into a 3 vs 1 fight with some pastel horses and proceeds to grab an apple from Applehorse stand and launch it with his amazing-human-arms-evolved-to-throw-shit-at-other-shit so fast that he breaks a colt's nose, who starts crying inconsolably.
I want to read this now. Was the 'show-off' actually something girly?
It's was supposed to be like those shows males of some species of animals put on to attract mares. Like a 'pretend fight'; showing off your fluffy coat, your shiny plumage, your strength, nothing actually violent. And then Anon just straight sends a colt to the Weenie Hut General with his mean fastball.

Not that I remember better, it was actually from the Daring Douche story, since the colts where ex-boyfriends from Daring looking to make Anon cry for stealing their girl, like the slut he is.
File: suffer not.jpg (145 KB, 700x875) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
suffer not.jpg
145 KB, 700x875

This idea has been posted and I like it, but most of RGR is either feelsy or humorous.
looks more

Darlings ex's were going for a full on dance battle, which kinda eventually happened... Was glorious

What you described, though, was when Daring Doo and the M6 were ambushed by a mob if background pone, who also wanted the HMD. To protect Anon, DD and Friends fought them off in the deadliest if combat.
Meanwhile Anon glances over in the middle of shopping to see Pegasi sky ballet, Earth pony line dancing and the unicorns generating a laser light show. Thinks its cute, walks off with groceries
A+ Choice in audio log.
Does this mean that canterlot is filled with raves during pony mating season?
>Darlings ex's were going for a full on dance battle, which kinda eventually happened... Was glorious
you forgot the best part of it, when anon started singing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8tyehOb5dE
Does anyone have a link to the pastebin or a cap of the dance battle green?
Apple beaning intensifies.
File: tovictory.jpg (598 KB, 1532x2460) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
598 KB, 1532x2460
Thanks Anon
Well, I mcFucked up there. Accidently posted tabletop Anon 8n AiE.
Well, time to post again.

>Time ticks by in agonizing slowness, as you watch the clock in your room slowly count towards ten.
>You're already wearing the sneak suit like he asked, your mind racing with thoughts of the lewd acts he will commit with you in this.
>Maybe even fully clothed snuggling
>The minute hand moves one tick closer, and you just can't restrain your excitement.
>Reality warps around you, and you teleport to Anon's door with a pop.
>Silently trotting in place, you look at the wooden portal seperating you and Anon.
>A hoof reaches out tentatively, only to be retracted.
>Mom never said your first time would be this nerve racking...
>You just have to thrust forward, just like he will.
"We're here, Anon," you say, knocking on the door.
>The door knob spins and the wooden wall opens, revealing Anon, fully dressed in black.
>"Come on in, Luna," he says, motioning you in.
>Entering his domain, you find yourself looking around, absorbing the details of a stallion's room.
>Well, what little things there are.
>It seems he doesn't have much of anything, the room is much akin to the other spare bedrooms around the castle.
>The only distinguishing feature is a desk loaded with paints, brushes and other Hyperspace Hyperwars tools.
>Dissapointing, honestly, but you'll be sure to help him add to it, after some fun, of course.
"So, um, what is it you wish to do with me?" you ask, holding back any expresions that might betray your lust.
>Lust for hot human lovings.
>"Well, I want your help in sneaking into the Canterlot HH tournament so I can watch it."

>Hearing your request, Luna seems to stop for a moment, thinking.
"I know it's not exactly what you expected, but I promise, I'll make it worth your while in the end," you say, bowing your head a bit.
>"How do you know it is not what we expected?"
"Blueblood explained it to me, and I appologize for making it sound like I was coming on to you."
>"No, I suppose I should waited to see what you wanted before becoming excited."
>Reaching an arm around her shoulder, you give a gentle hug that she leans into.
"Anyways, if we want to sneak in before the games start, we'll have to head out soon."
>"Do not worry, we can teleport us there."
"Really," you exclaim, "What's it like?"
>"Tis true it can be disorienting, but tis also the swiftest form of travel."
"Lets do it then," you say with a smile.
>Luna's breathing slows and steadies before saying, "you must hold tight to me, Anon, or we may not arrive in the same place."
>Wrapping your arms around her chest, you calm yourself as well while magic builds up around you.
>"Close thy eyes and hold thy breath," Luna warns, and you do so.
>The world around you suddenly lurches, and the moment your feet touch the ground again, you stumble, tipping Luna over onto you.
>Wiggling under moon horse, who seems to be having a few balance issues of her own, you open your eyes to find the world spinning slightly.
>Muffled voices appear in the distance, and Luna looks around quickly.
>"Nay, this isn't right..." she mutters, before pushing you back as she backs up.
>You see the toilet before you hit it, and push yourself up so you're seated on it, Luna squeezing against you before closing the stall door.
>Normally, it seems this stall would hardly fit her anyways, and with you squeezed in as well, you're mashed right up against her flank.
Daring douch?

>In a very personal way.
>If not for her sneak suit, you'd almost be making out with her lower lips.
>And you're quite sure she can tell that too.
>The door to what you can only assume is the bathroom opens, and Luna nervously takes half a step back.
>This, of course, leaves you in full facial contact with her rear end.
>She bites back a moan, and you try to regulate your breathing, limiting motion of your face.
>Even through the latex of the suit, you can smell her, feel nearly every detail.
>The two of you stay there motionless, and it's not long before there's the sounds of the other ponies leaving.
>She hold this position a moment longer, straining to hear sounds, before letting out her held breath and opening the stall door.
>With room to move again, you straighten out and stand, working out the pains from that awkward position.
>Awkward in more ways than one.
>Luna's barely able to look at you, her cheeks a vivid red.
>"It seems the, er..., we do not see any other ponies in the vicinity. We need to press onward."
"Lead the way. I'm assuming you know at least the basic layout of here?"
>"We have been here before, as it often holds important events that are not suited to the castle."
>Motioning you forward, she silently moves down the hall, peeking around the next corner.
>"If our spell was correct, this should be the second story lavatory, and as such, we need to go down before entering the main hall."
>Silently trotting down the hall, she keeps her ears swiveling, searching for sounds.
>You follow close behind, remaining as quiet as you can.
>At a split in the hall, she glances left and right, before motioning you to follow her down the right path.
>After all, taking the wrong one would be bad.

>Laughing internally at your joke, you almost miss her ears shooting forward.
>"A guard approaches. We must hide immediately."
>Testing a knob right behind you, you find it unlocked and rush inside, tugging Luna with you.
>Anon's hand guides you into a room, the door being closed right behind you.
>As it does, darkness sets in, save a small sliver of light from under the door.
>The sound of hoofsteps and shifting armour gets closer, and the two of you move to the side of the door.
>Pauses in the sounds indicate stops in the patrol, and just outside of your door, it stops too.
>Clicks sound as the knob turns, your pulse rising in your chest, and the door opens slightly.
>It doesn't stay open long, as the guard outside is satisfied, and you hear the sounds of the lock being engaged.
>Oh buck...
>Locked in a room with Anon.
>In the dark..
>All alone...
>Perhaps this isn't as bad as it seems.
>Leaning to rest on Anon, you stumble as it turns out he's not there.
>You hear the knob gently tested, before Anon sighs.
>"Damn. Unless you have some sort of unlocking magic, it looks like we need to find another way out."
"None that wouldn't trigger countless alarms here. Perhaps we can use the vents?"
>Lighting up your horn, a blue glow fills the room.
>Searching around, you look for a maintenance grate.
>"Found one!" Anon says, head down flank up under a table.
>Kneeling down next to him, you look at the vent and there's an immediate problem.
>There's no way you'll fit in there.

>Even Anon would have to squeeze quite tightly.
>Getting stuck...
>His lower half free to be used...
>Nay, not is not the time for such thoughts.
>That can come later.
>"Hmn... Maybe you can just teleport us to the other side of the door?"
"Indeed we can, but it doesn't feel appropriate..."
>"Well, it seems like it's that, or we use your horn or something to try and pick the lock."
"We can teleport us," you reply quickly, shuddering at the thought of sticking your horn in that lock.
>With a surge of magic and a close hug from Anon, you teleport to the other side, looking around quickly.
>No ponies are in sight, but the two of you have to move.
>Re-orienting, you tug Anon along with magic, leading him to a way down.
>Descending quickly down the stairs, you near the main hall.
>Excited chatter slowly rises in the background, and coming to a door, you peek through to see the main hall, seats and stands packed to the brim.
>There's no security at this door, more than likely they have all the entrances guarded, as well as patrols like the one earlier.
>Silenty opening the door, you duck inside with Anon, pulling him under the bleachers with you.
>The view isn't ideal, but the main hologram is still mostly visible, and you aren't likely to be spotted.
>And like this, well, the two of you could get into... things without being caught.
>Anon sits down, shuffling a bit to find a good spot.
>Seating yourself next to him, you extend a wing out, tentativel stretching around Anon's back.
>He shifts, and your wing snaps back silently.
>Stay calm, Luna, thy time will arrive.

>Matches start, and you find your attention drawn away from Anon somewhat.
>Several tables are cycled through on the hologram, lingering on more interesting parts.
>Of course, this is just the beginning of eliminations, so some matches are quite one sided.
>At one table, Slugnoids mow down Celestial Dawn, rather fast and hard.
>The pony controling them seems familiar, until you hear Anon say, "Ah, that's the pony from the game store."
"Indeed she is. It seems she is quite skilled, to be playing in this tournament"
>"AND WE HAVE OUR FIRST VICTORY!" The Voicemare announces, the hologram showing the last of the Celestial Dawn getting taken out by the Slugnoids.
>"And to our defeated, don't worry, there is still the defeated bracket with a chance to come back as a wild card in the main standings."
>A sudden touch draws your attention far from the happenings, though, as you feel something wrap around you.
>Anon's arm is around you.
>But it's supposed to be your wing around him.
>After some deliberation, you decide it can be both, and reach a wing around him as well, leaning into him slightly.
>His attention is held by the matches, when you see his jaw suddenly drop.
>Following his eyes, you see what surprised him, and you find yourself equeally shocked.
>Sitting there, on a private seat, is your sister, calmly watching the games.
>Stamping your hooves in applause, you smile at both the victor and the defeated.
>To think you almost forgot about this tournament, as well as your ticket for you and a plus one.
>Of course, Luna has hers as well, though it seems she forgot entirely.
>Still, at least she's enjoying herself.
>Glancing over, you smile at the fluctuating mass that is her mane, visible under the stands.
>And beside her, her colt crush, Anon.
>Well, you can let her little... escapades slip for now.
>Looking back to the fields of play, you can see another game coming in to a close.

>Quietly cheering with Luna, you watch skilled armies duke it out across numerous battlefields.
>While you wish you had snacks, it's still quite enjoyable.
>The mare from the game shop is doing well, breezing through to the finals.
>Her opponent is a very strong Lunar Knights player, much like the pony resting on your side.
>Something suddenly nudges your leg, and you look down to see a pair of drinks and some popcorn with a note.
>The note is a simple pony face winking, and you look over just in time to see Celestia wink at you.
>Well, this solves the snack problem.
>Holding the second drink up for Luna, she looks at you questioningly, and you wiggle the fingers on your free hand.
"A little human magic," you say as she takes it with her magic, "I even have popcorn."
>"Thank you, this is much appreciated."
>She gives you a smile, which you return in earnest, turning your attention to this final match.
>If these two are some of the best, it will be well worth the experience watching it.
>And it is.
>Their formations move excelently, Troops skirmishing with minimal loss.
>Every unit plays it's role, and every dice roll changes the course of the battle.
>Game Shop Girl hits hard with her Zilla's, but Lunar Knights Lass holds strong.
>Troops fall on either side, but the fate of this game is to be decided by a single roll.

>A last Muster Courage, rolled at max power gives the Lunar Knights enough strength to sweep the last of the Slugnoids.
>The entire room erupts into stomping applause, the VoiceMare announcing the winner.
"What do you say we head out before things get busy?" you say to Luna, your voice more than adeqeuately covered by the ambient sounds.
>"A sound idea," she replies, pushing in against you before charging magic.
>Grabbing hold of her, the two of you teleport back to the castle with a lurch.
>Once your stomach and vision settle, you find yourself outside a room you don't recognize.
>"That was quite enjoyable, although if we were to be caught, it would have been bad."
"I know, and sorry, but also, thanks," you say with a smile.
>As she smiles back, you lean down, her eyes going wider as you get closer.
>You move forward suddenly, kissing her right on the nose, before standing and going to the door.
"Thanks again, Luna."
>A bright red cheeked nod is all you get back, before the door is closed and you're on your way.
>Giving up trying to form a coherent thought, you simply let fillyish instinct take over, and squeal in joy.
>Prancing around the room, you run the scene in your head over and over, absorbing every detail of that wonderful moment.
>Wait, this means he likes you.
>Perhaps even more so.
>He knows you like him, as he understood your prior excitement, and perhaps he simply wishes to take his time with courtship.
>But he is a more modern colt, at the same time, so perhaps that kiss was even permission to act close to him in public...
>Letting out another squeal, you strip out of your hot and now quite sticky and slick suit.
>It will need some intense cleaning, but for now, some equally intence mare time is required.

And done. Pastebin is still here : http://pastebin.com/c2DCbdBc
You should crosspost more often
Probably been asked before, but what would pones think if you showed them something like this, or a similar clip from a movie or documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bt3quhLmK4

It sounds like in a lot of these stories Anon may tell them that men are the primary breadwinners in his world, and are the dominant of the two genders, but it seems like in these stories the ponies can't seem to understand how that can ever be possible. Mostly played for laughs though.
>Anon is at a bar
>Sees an attractive mare (Rarara or some shit for example)
>He wolf-whistles
>Starts flirting with her
>Oblivious to the confused internal freakouts around him nor the rumors born from them
File: 1424041909570.jpg (37 KB, 286x323) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 286x323

Mein sides
Does that charlie happen to be Charlie Horse?
That asshole keeps digging tunnels and scaring everyone when he pops out with a water gun.
so l-lewd
File: 1335117877191.jpg (135 KB, 1050x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
135 KB, 1050x1200
They'll schlick to hot human amazons, clearly.
That leg pose...
File: hmm___yeah.gif (1024 KB, 242x198) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1024 KB, 242x198
I didn't even consider that, Anon.
Any human female is an amazon compared to a regular pony mare.
I think he meant that a powerful human male would be an Amazon to pony mares.
Wait what about amarezon stallions?
luna is a Q T
even at their most hard core, amarezon stallons are still prone to balking at the levels of violence anon and humans in general are capable of

The royal guard are descended from a tribe of such stallions and maintain the same training and even then still buckle like wet tissue paper
>Royal Guard are Amarezonian.
I'm liking this idea
The really tough guards can take a boo boo without blubbering into hysterics
and they know which way to point the spear
and how to thrust
learning how to thrust was the most uncomfortable experience for them since their trainer was a very sexist mare who kept throwing out innuendo
>"Hey Anon, are those hay chips you're eating?"
"Nah, I can't stomach hay unless it's hot and greasy. These are potato chips."
>"Haha! Good one, Anon, but I know you wouldn't kill yourself!"
"Who said anything about killing myself? I dug up some wild potatoes, chopped them up, and baked them into chips."
>"Nonny... Are those really potatoes?"
"Yeah, what's wrong? Pinkie?"
>"Nonny, please spit it out! I love you!"
"What the fuck is going on?"
>"We were going to have such a life together, and now you're killing yourself!"
"They're healthier than storebought ones-"
>Guard Mares angry that stallions can get in under different physical requirements then mares.

>Pegasai stallions only have to do 10 wing-ups, and not even full reps like guard mares have to do their 75.

>Unicorn stallions only have to be able to lift a large watermellon using magic unlike unicorn mares who have to lift 2 large statues of Celestia (Pre-Diet Era ones).

>Earth stallions only have to buck 5 trees in a row, and they only need to drop one apple each, and even that part is sometimes waived, vs the earth mares who need to buck 50 trees in a row and drop at least 10 apples with each buck.

>Mares complain that with these lowered standards for stallions, they may not be able to react adaquetly to any dangers that Equestria would face, and as such may endanger the lives they are exactly trying to help.

We humans would never do anything like that, right guys? Especially not in fields like fire fighting, the military, and police?
>We humans would never do anything like that, right guys? Especially not in fields like fire fighting, the military, and police?
many keks were had.
>"They're healthier than storebought ones-"
I laughed
>We humans would never do anything like that
Oh god I just realised. There's a quote where someone said "Women have to do twice as well as men to be considered half as good". It isn't that way at all now, is it? Now you have to do twice as well as women to be considered half as note-worthy or you know something clever and political.
Mares would probably see it as human matriarchy keeping the good gentleman down or something. Someone should write about that. If only I could write.
I want Anon who has a small garden where he grows vegetables.
The twist is that many, if not all of the vegetables we consume are poisonous to tiny horses

Misunderstandings are fun, but wouldn't they realize that Anon eats different things due to not being a pony?
That's the joke.
>According to a study at Cornell University, "the under-representation of women in firefighting is an alarming inequity that needs to be immediately addressed,” said Francine Moccio, director of the institute and co-author of the report, “A National Report Card on Women in Firefighting,” which was presented at the International Association of Women in Fire and Emergency Services meeting, April 24, in Phoenix, Arizona. “Women are not getting recruited and hired because of an occupational culture that is exclusionary and unequal employment practices in recruiting, hiring, assigning and promoting women generally – and women of color in particular – in fire service,” Moccio added.

There are people who think this. Oh my fucking god. Anyways, I'll step away from talking about the real world problems before I get too heated about it, talking about it in pony land is fine though.

Is there a pony stallion equivelant of pic related?
What >>25000848 said.

Still, a good adventure fic finding how to manipulate the world by exploiting these oddities is something that attracts me. I think it started with the 'equestrian alcohol is really weak' premise so long ago.
I love the RGRE threads but it sucks when people treat it like a soapbox. I come here for goofy horse antics, not an angry lecture about patriarchy or misandry or whatever.
I'd love to see a green where Anon finds and falls in love with a super girly mare. To him, she'd be like a girl from Earth, but to Equestrians, their relationship would look like a super gay guy dating a butch lesbian.
dry your tears friend
File: 1440182038020.png (3 MB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1920x1080
Apparently I don't have the summoning writefag poster, so here's the best reaction pic I can find for you.

Bonus points if the mare is actually gay, but she's just in denial about it.
There was a Bonbon fic around based on this. Gentlesir + very fragile delicate BonBon
Ya got a link to this fam?
I agree, i wanna read the crap out of that
Yes hello I also want thing.
File: 1400709039327.jpg (51 KB, 448x488) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
51 KB, 448x488
Not that anon but I think this is the one
File: 1443438281607.jpg (190 KB, 535x551) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 535x551
File: tall.png (739 KB, 627x4096) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
739 KB, 627x4096
I just can't read BonBon anymore. LaP has so perfectly nailed BonBon in his Fucking BonBon series that if I read her in any other way it'll just disappoint.
LaP? got a link?

Love and Powerlifting, a based writefag. He started the series here, but a couple of turboautists screamed about how it wasn't RGRE enough so he moved it over to AiE.
And we over at AiE thank you for him. I get hyped every time I see him post.
Yeah, I usually avoid AiE like the plague, have for over a year now, but once I heard LaP was posting over there after Turbo 'n Crew ran him outta here I threw it back up on the thread watcher.

But yeah, LaP is fun as hell to read. His stuff on FiMFiction is soild as well.
Fuck that pissed me off.
File: 1383166813760.png (498 KB, 1000x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
498 KB, 1000x800
I can't speak for everyone who was disapointed by the ending, but I disliked the way it ended cause the way it was presented and set up especially with the Twilight POV's suggested that their would be a lot more shenanigans with Twilight trying to worm her way into Anon's heart using princess powers and whatnot. That and Shukanigger promised he would elaborate more one the business laws in he briefly went into at the beginning and show how they would make sense in a protective sexism way and not the "Prevent the Jews from taking our money" Nazi way it was initially presented as initially. He didn't do either and ended it quckly presumably because he lost interest, which peeved me and few other people (me especially so since I had 0 interest in barbarian Celestia)

Luna is top adorable and innocent. This needs more forward aggressive anon lewd.... oh and tabletop games I guess, but Luna lewd is more important

Will ZedjaBlack ever return (I can't even remember if that was the name he posted with)?

Maybe we should use that pastebin email thingy


Uh If I recall correctly a bunch of people over in AiE spammed him to cross post over here and then about 5 people here said it didn't fit the general. The Bon-Bon stuff started in AiE like he said he would switch over to after hole anon.
>Uh If I recall correctly. . .
I don't think you're remembering that right.

He started his story, Love and Powerlifting, here. He did some other stuff for other threads, small one shots, but he was a regular here. He tried a different thing, got bitched at for not being RGRE, then he did the Bonbon thing, got bitched at again, and that's when he went to AiE full time.

RGRE fucked that one up. Not everyone, but the autists made enough noise to get him to change his main thread to AiE.

I want more of this Anon acting like a man and not being a passive fuck and just obseving things happening to him with no action. Please write more based writefriends.
I wanted to say a thing I realised and the other guy says right in his post that he'll stop. And both of us ended it with trying to change the topic back to pone.
Umm no Anon I was there when he started his BonBon adventures anon story in AIE. Yes he started his stories here but after He finished the one with Anon digging a holes story he sad he was going to go post over in AiE. Hell when he finished posting the first part of the BonBon stuff over there he explained why he didn't post it in RGR roles because he didn't think it was RGR enough here

And he withheld from doing so until someone (probably drunk) people bugged him to cross post which is what he said happen here https://desustorage.org/mlp/thread/24448321/#24521708

And then a few people said it didn't belong here cause it wasn't RGR. So he didn't cross post anymore.

Don't you try to rewrite autistic history m8. Don't you know I'm the autism king?
It doesn't matter where he started his Fucking BonBon story. What matters is autists always ruin things for everyone around them. They're also why so many people have a negative and often false perception of AiE threads.
It sort of does matter. I said something someone said I was wrong so I proved that I was right. I'm petty like that.

And how exactly was anything ruined? LaP wanted to write something that wasn't RGR so he went over to AiE and started writing. People who want to read his work regardless of what he's writing can still do that and people who don't aren't bothered by it. No one drove him to AiE he went there himself and presumably if he started writing RGR green again he'd post it here. Literally nothing was lost. The nigger really didn't want to cross post over here anyway and only did so cause he thought people would get mad at him if he didn't, which turned out to be wrong.

And AiE got its reputation from how it treated new writers the entirety of 2014 and beginning of 2015. It isn't that way now and people who portray it that way haven't been there in a while (I myself was guilty of that 2 months ago), but to claim that the reputation for being toxic was all fabrication by autist is just lying because m8 it was and was for quite sometime.
File: Ponk is best horse.jpg (142 KB, 762x1114) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ponk is best horse.jpg
142 KB, 762x1114
Moonbutt is for flustered lewd. I demand more good sir.

Kind of wanted anon to actually take place in the tournament, but I suppose there is next year (also implying 40k is 80% RNG anyway competitive game my ass)

>Earth stallions only have to buck 5 trees in a row, and they only need to drop one apple each, and even that part is sometimes waived, vs the earth mares who need to buck 50 trees in a row and drop at least 10 apples with each buck.

There are still people RIGHT NOW who think knocking apples off a tree is any sort of great effort.

You do realize that when apples ripen the connecting stem weakens to a point where a strong enough wind can knock them down? Because it would make sense for the tree to easily spread its seeds around after they finish developing?

Seriously go find a wild crab (if you live on apple orchard you can try it there, but if you do I reckon you already know this) apple tree towards the end of the season when the branches are heavy with apples and just hit the trunk with a stick (not hard enough to knock off bard though) or lightly shake it in a hug. See what happens wear a helmet.

Sorry about the rant, but y'all need to learn to apple.

There hasn't been any Pinkie RGR have there? That needs to be fixed.

I remember him. Whatever happen to him anyway he just disappeared? I mean at least we know what happened to gardening anon as he comes back occasionally along with Amoeba, but he just vanished without a warning like oblivious.

>complaining about autist
>while on a little horsey fan fiction thread on /mlp/

wew lads
You're one of them AiE Autists shills aren't you?
Actually I was an anti-shill up until uhh July I think, but no that particular post is the first time I've typed "AiE" in this thread ever. Don't know about >>25006672 and >>25005918 though.
>Rainbow crashes at Twilights, complaining about how it is Anon's time of the month.
>About how he's so easily riled up and unsanitary getting blood everywhere.
>Twilight also finds this to be gross and helps Dash by confronting him.
>"Anon you have got to stop this. Your making a mess dripping blood everywhere and tits gross."
>Anon looks down at his blood covered shirt, >Then the butcher knife in his hand
>Then the dead boar behind him.

"I swear to Jackie Chan, if you jewpony me from this bacon on the one day a month I eat meat, I will set fire to Fluttershys chicken coop and celebrate thanksgiving early."
>how it is Anon's time of the month
Horses don't get periods in general.

Also how would that even work for RGR stallions anyway? ....Actually no don't tell me how it would work I don't want to think about.
They meant the day of the month he eats meat.
>how would that even work for RGR stallions anyway?
I like the idea of it but I don't think anything biological would compel them to be bitchy. Maybe some sort of anniversary for stallions trying to make a point, like the anniversary of a leap in rights or something.
How about you read past the first sentence
I know what it actually is but the line

"About how he's so easily riled up"
And the fact that Twilight doesn't freak out about blood being everywhere implies she understands whats going on as common

>monthly anniversaries along with holidays and parents visiting

Christ it would suck to be a mare
>And the fact that Twilight doesn't freak out about blood being everywhere
Presumably she's seen this before and this event must have happened often enough that she and Dash know it as his "time of the month (for meat)".
Every month a stallion's dick explodes only to grow back over the course of a week. This puts them in a pissy no sex mood and gets blood everywhere. Anon's current marefriend is elated at the revelation that his dick doesn't explode monthly.
Did you know that at the end of each mating season, a duck's penis falls off and regrows when it's time for the next one? AND it gets bigger depending on how many rivals it has! It's also barbed and explodes outwards in a sort of corkscrew motion when it's time for sex.
I'd bump this thread
that is seriously adorable.

also, why board so fast this morning?
>you will never have an explosive corkscrew penis
>it will never fall of and grow bigger and stronger
>you will never torture women by making them bleed with your barbed barbarian, thrusting slowly and painfully

Why live ?
Adorable Butt-pictures Gang finally got their magical ass-tattoos, which means they are now legal in 23 of 30 Equestrian provinces.
Jesus, hell guys the guy asked for a one shot. Not a ones shot and multiple novels.
>Stopping at one shot

What are you my mother? I can handle as many as I goddamn want.
Keep it alive while people sperg out over new episode.
Not much we can do..
It was pretty great, though
Ok so. I've been slammed for time, and pretty drunk at horrible parts of the week. Like Wednesday. But, I should have green for you tomorrow! So yeah.
You better.
I'll find you.
Is that burrito behind her?
No, she's just happy to see you.

>Be Anon
>Wake up in an apartment that isn’t yours
>Not unusual
>Your clothes are still on
>That is unusual
>A blue stallion is standing over you
>”Oh thank Celestia, we were just about call a doctor. It was those damn mares, ugh, disgusting what some ponies will do for…”
>You cut him off
“So, I got roofied? How long was I out?”
>”About an hour. Seriously, can’t they just take ‘no’ for answer. Their delicate marehood can’t take that.”
>You’re kind of mad, if they wanted some dick they could have just paid up.
“Thanks for the help, I think I’ll just head out.”
>”Wa-wait, you just woke up. You should stay here until we know you’re okay. I would feel awful if I saw you in the news tomorrow.”
>He’s one of those prissy types…
“I can’t put you through that. I have my own place, I’d feel like I was taking advantage.”
>”At least stay a while longer. I’m all worked up because of this.”
>He puts his hoof on your thigh.
“I really should go.”
>”I understand. At least, have a glass of water before you go.”
>You mouth is really dry.
“Okay. Don’t put anything in it though. I’m watching you.”
>You laugh to yourself, no keks from the stallion.
>He heads to the kitchen.
>Fuck him, you’re hilarious.
>The colt was the one who put the mickey in your drink.
>Anon only woke up because he miscalculated the size of the dose for Anon's size.
>He gets cuddled by a RGR colt-cuddling stallion.
OP image reminds me of this.
I-its n-not I like your green or anything.

I don't even need a writefag.

Especially not you.


Top hype

Just so we're clear this anon is supposed to be an abrasive idiot right? Also keep going I need to see the white knight before I make any judgements here.
File: 1441417460250.png (380 KB, 1278x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
380 KB, 1278x720
>choosing cider over mares
this makes drunk pone very happy

>The stallion comes back with the water
>You take it from him
>Drink it down and stand up
>The blood rushes to your head and you almost fall over
>You catch your self on the bed
>Wait, bed?
>Why wouldn’t he put you on a couch?
>”Sweetie?” You hear a feminine voice, it sounds familiar. “I got the supplies.”
>”Up here, Cherry. You didn’t put enough in his drink.”
>You hear someone coming up stairs.
>Your head is starting to spin again.
“What did y-you do ta me?”
>A heavy sigh.
>”See, that’s why I should have done it.”
>”Oh, well, excuse me. How long is he gonna stay up?”
>”Can’t be more than a few minutes, dear.”
>Fucking rapist pone is correct.
>The edges of your vision are darkening.
>”Alright, as soon as he’s down, I want you down on him. I want to see some Stallion on Stallion action.”
>”It is your birthday tomorrow. You know that I could have just asked Soarin or somepony else.”
>”But, this was so much more fun and we can do whatever we want with him… All night long…”
>You hear the sound of wet pony kisses as you lose the last ounce of consciousness you still had.
I roll for bump
Bump before bed.
shit, it was a saturday?
pg 10 noooooooooooo
>Be Anon, male human in ponyville
>You have run out of underwear again
>So today you're going to visit the town seamstress, Rarity
>"Here for more underwear again, darling?"
"Yep, this is the last pair I have"
>"I'm afraid I've only made a few pairs so far, they normally last longer"
"You ponies have been much more 'active' lately"
>"Well you know how it is, `tis the season and all that"
"I just know that you little theives had better not let me run out"
>"Now now, dear. There's no need for such baseless acusations."
>"Besides, it's never been proven where your undergarments keep disappearing to."
"Only because the evidence I tried to collect all suspiciously vanished shortly after I showed it to any of you ponies."
>The marshmallow bandit passes a basket full of newly made underwear, all neatly folded.
>"There you go, Anonymous. I'll be sure to put your next order at the top of my queue."
>You walk out of the clothes shop and head home
>It's a damn good thing those little shits don't try to make you pay for new clothes
>You don't think you could keep yourself from throttling the little kleptomaniacs otherwise
>Day y'alls in Equestria
>Be smallest yellow howdy horse
>Mr Anonymous offers to help you get a cutiemark
>You accept his offer
>You're going to be the best alibi ever!
>Anon tells you to hide out at his place and keep the other ponies out
>You also have to make sure that nopony knows he's not there
>He leaves and you play with his human things for a bit
>You decide to stop after the thing with the lumpy bit of wood and the metal pipe goes bang and hurts your ears
>Not much else of not happens for a few hours, since this is a hastily-written thread bumper
>Eventually Anon comes back
>He thanks you by drawing the words "Good pony" on your flank
>The gals will be sooo jealous when they see this
What is bump!
Baby don't hurt me!
Don't hurt me
No more!
No more.
Damn, beat me to it...

>"Hehehehe... S-Sorry for freaking out like that, Anon. I didn't know that potatoes weren't poisonous to humans like they are to ponies." Pinkie sheepishly apologizes.
>You sigh.
"It's fine, Pinkie. To be honest, this explains why ponies always look at my garden strangely."
>You suddenly remember something, and a sinking feeling erupts in the pit of your stomach.
"Wait a minute... Pinkie, c-can ponies eat radishes?"
>She looks worried at that question, "No... why do you ask?"
>You jumped out of your seat, and put your shoes on as fast as possible.
>"Because I think I just accidentally poisoned Cheerilee's class when I decided to try baking some radish muffins and gave it to them!"
>Pinkie's eyes widened, "OH MY GOSH! WE HAVE TO HURRY!"
>The two of you run out of your house and towards the school as fast as you can.
It is very important that Anon and Luna bang.
How important?
Don't hurt me!
File: don't hurt me.gif (283 KB, 422x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
don't hurt me.gif
283 KB, 422x300
File: bang+the+bullet1.jpg (189 KB, 497x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189 KB, 497x500
File: watercooler.jpg (30 KB, 233x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 233x350
>Do you know what’s bullshit?
>Being told that due to the lack of a cutie mark and laws restricting where you could work you got stuck with a damn desk job.
>Back on earth you enjoyed your previous job, you were one hell of a mechanic.
>One of your regrets is that you never finished restoring that 1964 Panhead.
>She was a beauty too, and the fact that you got it for next to nothing only solidified that she was meant to be yours.
>But now?
>You are stuck in an office with a bunch of stallions who want to do nothing more that gossip.
>You were sure that the vein on the side of your head was dangerously close to popping, but what could you do?
>Bills needed to get paid and food wasn’t cheap in Canterlot.
>So here you are at your desk sorting random files.
>This was your job, putting papers in their correct order.
>A brief thought of the chances of dying if you jumped out the window flashed through your head.
>Not likely, this whole world was magic. If anything you’d probably be saved by a new princess or something.
>Grabbing your water bottle you tried to chug some water, unfortunately the lack of cold refreshing aqua did not meet your tongue.
File: ron.jpg (44 KB, 603x315) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44 KB, 603x315
>Getting up you made your way to the cooler.
>Upon arriving you undid the top and pressed the lever to start filling up.
>”Hey there cutie.”
>Oh great its one of the supervisors from accounting, one of the few mares in the place.
>”So you never did answer me before, you want to get a bite to eat after work?”
>Can’t this thing go any faster.
>Come on, don’t give me the silent treatment. I’m sure I can show you a good time.”
>As soon as she finished, you felt it.
>She smacked your butt with one of her hooves.
>Turning you faced the grinning mare.
>Remember kids actions have consequences.

An hour later
>”Hey Anon, did you hear about the Accounting Supervisor?”
“Not really?”
>One of the stallions who sat at the desk next yours stood in front of you.
>”Apparently she got herself stuck inside a water jug. Nobody can figure out how it’s even possible.”
>Anything is possible in magic horseland.
You have my attention, please continue.
File: booth.jpg (421 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
421 KB, 800x600
>Why the fuck did you agree to this?
>Anon you should come out with tonight, they said. It’ll be fun they said.
>The can eat minotaur dick.
>Now you’re stuck in a cramped booth with three drunk stallions and four mares who keep eyeing you up and licking their lips.
>Your no idiot, you know exactly what they want.
>But momma didn’t raise a horsefucker.
>But a few more months in this world and you may do another vote on the matter.
>Chugging down the remainder of the pisswater they like to call beer here you stood up and headed to the bathroom.
>A short walk later you were just about to close the door when a hoof wedge itself in the crack.
>Pushing it open and closing the door behind her a yellow mare with bright orange hair gave you a sultry smile.
>”I saw the way you were looking at me back at the table Anon, I know exactly what you want.”
>The mare slowly advanced on you as she talked.
>These mares man.
“You know what I think?”
>”Whats that hot stuff?”
“I think you need to cool off.”
>In a split second you picked up the mare and carried her to the parceling throne.
>”Anon don’t you dare!”
>And unceremoniously deposited her into it, a quick flush later she was spinning inside, her tail already sucked down and keeping her stuck.
>Time to head home, you’d use the bathroom there.
>After you have another beer, yup beer sounds good right about now.
>Year 3 in Equestria
>Be Anon
>Be working in a hospital.
>"And I told you I don't want no stallion doctor! You're likely to mess it up or somethin'!" your current patient, a crotchety old mare replied.
>You rolled your eyes
>It hadn't taken you long to figure out gender roles were reversed here.
>Ponies had been VERY surprised when you had told them that you were a doctor back on Earth, rather than 'just' a nurse.
>It had been an uphill battle to reclaim your old profession. Thankfully, Equestrian medicine was nowhere near as complicated
"Ma'am, I assure that I very competent at what I do."
>She scoffs.
>"So you say. Back in my day, stallions knew their place!" she spits out.
>You resist the urge to facepalm.
"Ma'am, I would not have this job if I wasn't good at what I do. Now do you want me to remove your splinter or not?"
>Another weird thing about Equestria. Hardly anyone got injured seriously. A broken bone was considered a serious injury here.
>The mare grumbled in affirmation as she finally allowed you to do your job.
>It took five minutes, some disinfectant, and a pair of tweezers but you got it out.
>"Thank you, Doctor. And sorry about my grandma. She's REALLY old-fashioned." your patient's granddaughter apologized as she left with the elderly mare.
>"Girl, I don't need you apologizin' fer me!"
>"Well you were being rude!"
>You sigh in relief.
>That was your last patient for today.
>Now you can finally go home...

Should I continue? This will be short.

>parceling throne
It is indeed a throne of many gifts, those wrapped in pure white paper
this thirsty ass nigger
Fucking spell check! that's what I get for not proofreading.
Unless people bitch about it, just dump.

Heli, it's been a while since I read a story of yours. cont pless

.... Shit I forgot where I was going with this.
no reason not to
>Be Anon, the community dad
>None of these ponies are related to you, but everypony calls you "Dad" or "Daddy."
>It all started when Scootaloo accidentally called you Dad
>You laughed and ruffled her hair, not thinking much of it
>Then her two friends started calling you Dad
>Then the rest of the foals
>Then the whole town followed
>Even ponies older than you called you Dad
>Basically, you are the go-to person for all Dad related needs
>Somepony scrapped their knee and need a kiss for their booboos? They come crying to you
>Need an argument settled? They trust your judgement better than the actual judge
>You even give the occational Dad joke
>You don't have a job, since you are a full time Dad, but everypony gives you what you need when you go shopping, along with a hug
>You are sitting on your porch, stitching up Big Mac's doll after Winona used it as a chew toy
>"Er... Hey there."
>You look up and see Rainbow Dash, looking a bit nervous for some reason
"How's it going, Rainbow?"
>"Okay... Still awesome, you know?"
"Heh heh, you sure are. Anything you need?"
>"Well, no. I just... Wanted to show you something is all."
>She comes closer and hands you a hoof drawn picture of both you and her.
>You were holding her hoof and the words "Dady iz Awesum" were written above the two of you
>You look back up at her and she was blushing like mad
>"I was bored, you know? And I thought it would be a good thank you since you got that spider out of my mane yesterday."
"Thanks Rainbow, this is really good! I think this deserves a place on the fridge."
"Yup! You're a very talented mare."
>She flies into your lap and gives you a hug
>"Thanks, Daddy" You hear her whisper
>She quickly pecks your cheek and goes flying off
>You go into your kitchen where your fridge is buried in other drawings made by your other children.
>Just another day being a Dad
Oh. Oh be still my beating heart.
That is adorable.
got any more?
This kinda reminds me about a silly idea I once had for an anon that was sorta this immortal babysitter.
Basically, he was the nanny of EVERYONE at some point or other, even Discord.

This is good stuff. Would like to see more.

Anon the dad. Master of sodies.
Fund it.

Bonus points if he's like Mary Poppins or Nanny McPhee
I might be doing a follow up where Anon is lonely, so his "children" try to find a new "mommy." It'll be later though.
Superpowered nigh omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent supernanny.
I want it.
I want it in series of green that focus on all the characters.
Generic ending: Celestia
Surprise ending: Anyone not a princess
Not so surprise ending: Twilot
>The entirety of Ponyville trying to hook up their "Dad" with a good hard working mare who respects her stallions and doesn't mistreat him.
Why did I laugh at this.
None of the ponies want to give up their daddy, so they bring in outside help.
Anon now has thousands of loveseeking new children and a dick seeking wife.
But maybe the ponies don't like their new mommy...
>All those ponies who took their dad to the prom
>It's just Anon dancing with a room full of ponies
Best ending Chysalis
She's already experienced in having hordes of children, after all
File: 1386805541299.png (51 KB, 609x694) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my heart
The feels in this post
Reminds me of this pic from /co/
>All the pony dads get jealous
>Go to confront Anon
>End up taking notes and signing up for his Advanced Dadding class
File: 1393250845848.gif (476 KB, 438x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
476 KB, 438x325
Disgruntled doctor in Babby Equestria? Its a fun setting. Go on expand on it might be good, but I need to see more.

>Implying anon wouldn't be their dad too
>Implying they wouldn't tearfully come to him for help when they get overwhelmed with dad/life issues
Man, that hits the spot.
Only thing better than one adorable pony daughteru is an entire town of them.
>No Dad jokes.
>Be Dadanon
>Wake up to frantic knocks on your door one morning
>It's Celestia and Luna
"Daddy! Luna won't put her moon away again!
File: 1343415391077.jpg (56 KB, 366x652) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 366x652
>anon is daddy to all the ponies, even celestia and luna
>and when he's everyone's daddy, he's nobody's special somepony
>Fausticorn descends from Elysium.
>Sees ponies practically eating out of Anon's hand.
>"Oh my, how responsible. This man is now extraordinary attractive."
>They bang.
The child can't be born on mortal plane. So it ascends to a new dimension as soon as it's conceived.
Ha. Miscarriage jokes
Had to make cuts because post limit.

>Be Night Light, father of the newest princess
>Better known to your family as Twily
>You and your wife, Velvet, decided that it was high time that we should take a moment to visit your little filly
>You two had just gotten off the train and your daughter was talking your ear off about all her adventures since we saw her at her coronation two years ago
>She was in the middle of a story about fruit bats when a blue pegasus with a rainbow mane interrupts
>"Twilight, you got to come to the town square, now!"
>>"What!? What's going on?"
>"Dad's giving piggy back rides! We gotta go before a line starts!"
>>"*gasp!* We have no time to lose, then! I'll teleport us!"
>Then in a flash, they were gone
>You turn your head and saw your wife was just as confused as you are
>With nothing else to do, the two of you walk towards the market to find your daughter.
is this going to make me feel

>Implying DadAnon wouldn't turn Chrysalis into the perfect Mommy for his children.
>Oh Shit intensifies
File: 11180688_ori.jpg (26 KB, 180x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
26 KB, 180x270
The person you need is Nonny McPhee.
>he was the nanny of EVERYONE at some point or other
>Everyone calls Anon 'Dad' for plot reasons.
>Anon was actually a father back on Earth.
>He will never see his real children or his waifu ever again.
>Earth has diplomatic relations with several alternate dimensions, including Equestria
>Anon immigrated with his family
>They aren't trapped in another world, they can visit Earth whenever they want
>But ever since the nuclear war, there's been less reason to go back
Doctor Anon has to cure Celestia of her hyposexomania, despite his protests that it isn't a real disease. Celestia was very persuasive.
>You're Anon and your back hurts
>You were helping a foal get her kite unstuck from a tree by lifting her up on your shoulders
>Next thing you know, half the town showed up whining for a turn
>Which brings you to the present, you carrying around the Princess of Friendship on your shoulders while you run around
>"Whee!! It's like I'm flying!"
"Twilight, you know you can fly for real, right?"
>"Less talking, more running! Come on, Daddy, I want to go faster!"
>Holy crap these ponies are going to kill you
>You're already exhausted and you've only carried four, including little miss princess
>Please, someone stop the ride...
>>"Hey! Stop right now, you big monkey!"
>Oh thank you-wait, was that an insult?
>You look over and see an angry blue stallion with an amused while mare that looked like a palate swap of the pony on your shoulders
>>"Well!? Are you going to put my filly down or does my wife have to blast you to do it?"
"Your filly?"
>>"Yeah! That's my daughter you're holding!"
>You grab the pony and hold her so that she was facing you
>Of course, she was looking at everywhere except you, looking exactly like a child who got caught
"Twilight, look at me"
>Her ears flattened as her eyes focused on you
"Twilight, you told me your dad died in a train wreck."
>>"She what!?!"
>You actually figured that she still had a dad
>Especially since that was everyone's reason why they wanted you to be their dad

I'll continue at some other time
Wearing nothing but a tshirt and khaki shorts, Dadanon will take over the world!.........until he finishes that porch he said he'll get to the next day........for 2 years.
>"Twilight, you told me your dad died in a train wreck."
>>>"She what!?!"
Wow, Twilight.

That's cold.
>>Especially since that was everyone's reason why they wanted you to be their dad
Wow, Everyone.
That's cold.
Every pone calling Anon dad? Yes moar!

Also reminds me of a less drunk, less cursing Forsen.
So is this like a psychological thing for the ponies? Calling Anon 'Dad' or 'Daddy'? Is it actually a fetish thing? Is it for Anon?
Not everything has to be sexual
File: gdo1_400.gif (2 MB, 360x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 360x270
...It doesn't?
>Not much else of not happens
A typo?!? Durnk, I am disappoint. You are not maintaining acceptable standards.
PS, why is "howdy horse" so fucking funny to me?
Don't forget his fanny pack of Dad supplies and socks with sandals of agility!
>not a hawaiian floral print shirt
>hawaiian floral print shirt
>Not a flame print shirt.
Would RGR version of dad jokes just be done by mare mothers?
>Dad anon meets Mom mare and they unite to torture all the pones with their unstoppable comedy that only they find funny.
File: guyfieri.jpg (35 KB, 650x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 650x400
>Anon moves to FLAVORTOWN
>>not a hawaiian floral print shirt
>hawaiian floral print shirt
Oh shit, nigga. Is Anon Old Man Henderson? That would explain why everyone wants him to be their dad; no one is cooler than Old Man Henderson.
Yes it does.
Because you have at least a modicum of literary taste.
This must be continued.
>He perscribes for her to wear a shock collar
>She eventually develops an electricity fetish
>Anons face when she just gets hornier when he presses the go away button
>Anon discovers each pony has a different flavor
>He tries to taste them all
>They are very concerned for his wellbeing as a result
Old Man Henderson in RGR Equestria when?
Freedom get dictates that Anon dad is Old Man Henderson in his afterlife retirement.

Nanny-Anon here.

Have to confess I've only seen parts of Mary Poppins and have no idea what Nanny McPhee is.
I'm guessing magical Nannies?
Also, I'm not sure if I could make it fit the RGRE-thread.
I could give it a try sooner or later if I get some ideas, probably in the form of a series of short greens.
Didn't think Magical Immortal Nanny Anon would catch this much interest.
>You are Wizard Anon the Wizard
>You fucked up a spell and accidentally banished yourself to a world of ponies
>Ponies that live in houses for some reason
>Most of them are too small to ride so you mostly just leave them alone, so long as they keep out of your tower
>Lately they've gotten into the habit of following you around whenever you go out
>You suppose they like how you feed them sometimes?
>Anyway, you were going to gather magic beans from the local spooky woods when you came across some of the ponies fighting each other
>A blue one and a purple one were zapping each other with their horn-lazers, surrounded by a crowd of the other ponies
>You go and seperate them, you can't let one of the poor things get hurt
>Purple and Blue both look sorry at you
>You continue on with your day, keeping an eye out for any of those wood-wolves to capture
>Those things are fabulous for making wands out of
there is sort of a Nanny anon in fimfic

it's exactly as the previous anons stated, he's multi chronological that takes cares of ponies in their youth

but in stead he's more the one that washes them

the fic is called bath time for ponies
I know the one, it's actually the one that inspired my idea, just never did anything with it.
you wrote some, pastebin pls?

Changeling mom? Human dad?

Substitute Demon.fimfiction?
What would Starlight do if she meets DadAnon?
Everypony would be equal.
That's a pretty good one.
Sorry, haven't written anything yet, it was just an idea.
Will post if I can think of something to write.
"Everyone is equal."
>"What about Dad?!"
"...But some are more equal than others."
But would she still try to control everything?
Probably just looking for the approval of her father, and tries doing it the best way she knows how.
"If everyone is equal, than daddy will love everyone equally!"
"And he'll love me the most for making it happen!"
That is stupid, but cute. Very very cute.
How would dadanon handle the whole Sombra and Crystal Empire debacle?
the belt
Sombra gets an intervention and ends up in rehab
DadAnon with the villians, Trixie, Starlight, Sunset and the Dazzlings.
This needs to happen along with other characters

>Be Anonymous
>Or Nonny McPhee as you liked to be called
>But most ponies called you Dad or some variation thereof.
>Be Equestria's immortal human babysitter.
>The mare in front of you cringed, as did al of the ponies watching.
>They all know what happens when I break out The Look I perfected over hundreds of years.
"Why would you do something like this? Stealing ponies' cutie marks so they're all 'equal'. I taught you better than that."
>Her ears flattened against the side of her head.
>Good. That means she knows what she did was wrong.
>"But Daddy! I just wanted to make every pony equal!" she replies weakly.
>You raise an eyebrow at her.
"Every pony except for you? I don't recall your cutie mark being among those in that vault."
>Starlight cringes again, lowering her head in shame.
>"I just wanted to be special to you...."
>You sigh, getting down on one knee so you were eye to eye with her.
"Starlight, you ARE special."
>"But you say that about every pony! How can every pony be special?!"
>You hum.
>"It's simple, really. No two ponies are exactly alike, even identical twins. Trust me, when you're as old as I am you remember those types of things. But you want to know what makes it obvious to me?"
>She nods.
>You point to her flank.
"Your cutie mark. No two cutie marks are the same. Where I come from, we don't have those. It's living proof that every pony is special in their own way."
>Starlight sniffles, "I-I'm sorry."
>You pull her into a hug.
"It's okay. Now I won't lie and say I'm not disappointed, but I still love you no matter what."
>"W-Will you visit me in prison?" she asks.
>You pull away and give her a warm smile.
"Of course, Starlight."
>She smiles weakly at you.
>You sigh and stand up, allowing the Royal Guard to take her away.
>It always broke your heart to see one of your little ponies go to prison, but such is life.
>They make mistakes, and then they learn from them.
It's okay you only enslaved the ponies who saw you as a sister for your own personal gain. At least nobody died right?

It's not like she's getting off scot-free. She's going to jail for a while.

>Be Cadance
>Be cringing as Dad has put King Sombra over his knee and started beating him with a belt.
>This sucks...
>YOU were supposed to be the one to stop him.
>But no! Shining had to get all worried and call Dad for help.
>What kind of mare are you if you can't stop one evil stallion?!
>You cringed in sympathy.
>You remembered the few times Dad had to use his belt on you. Shit hurt like Tartarus...
>It took a few more swats, but Sombra was reduced to a crying, apologetic mess by the power of Dad's belt.
>"Now what do you have to say for yourself?" Dad asked, still holding his belt for emphasis.
>Sombra cringed, "Sorry, Dad."
>Dad's glare intensified, "Not just to me, but to Cadance and all of the ponies you enslaved. Understand? I DON'T want to have to come back here."
>Sombra nodded rapidly with a terrified expression on his face.
>Dad smiled and patted the stallion on his head.
>"Good boy." he got up and turned towards you with a smile on his face.
>Oh shit.
>"It was wonderful seeing you again, Cadance. I'm sure you'll make a great ruler."
>He walks over and OH WAIT NO!
>You blush in embarassment as you hear Twilight and her friends laughing at you. You could even see Shining trying to restrain a laugh.
"DAD! Not in front of my future subjects!"
>He grinned, "I'm your father. It's my job to embarass you. It's not like I don't have dirt on everypony else here."
>That got them to shut up quickly.
Anon eventually has a child, the world mourns. Library researches for "Forbidden Love" skyrocket.
Technically, since Anon is everyone's dad already, all love is forbidden love. Everyone is incesting everyone else.
See that's why it's the real deal, it's not "forbidden love ". It's "FORBIDDEN LOVE" also a noticeable rise in /ss/
>>He grinned, "I'm your father. It's my job to embarass you. It's not like I don't have dirt on everypony else here."
>>That got them to shut up quickly.
File: 1421914027741.jpg (436 KB, 900x1272) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
436 KB, 900x1272
So is anon the father of all changelings, too?

Does... does that mean he laid Chrysalis?
He laid her on her bed and tucked her in before reading her a story and giving her a goodnight kiss.

They are hers, so someone must have given her them.
File: 1434224355575.png (201 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw you will never lay a changeling queen and have her bear you a thousand children
Unless they reproduce through parthenogenisis
She was always a bit of a troublemaker. Still is.

More dad stories?
>Be purplehorse. Be loudly shouting at Celestia.
"But Princess! The elements are on a vacation throughout the world, discord is with them, I only stayed for a week longer to finish the research... What can we do? We can't just summon them back! It will take too long!"
>"Tis true. The griffon army will be here tomorrow. There is no way we can manage to bring the elements back in time"
>Celestia has a stern look on her face.
>"There is another way."
>You look at your mentor expectedly, waiting for her to proceed.
>She lovers her voice and says one word.
>Luna gasps shockingly
>"The Dad?"
>Is the situation this severe?
>"Yes. We have to call upon The Dad."
>Looks like it is... Since even Celestia decided to go for truly extreme measures.
>Are you sure it's wise, Princess?
>"We've been over this, Twilight. Just Celestia. And yes, i feel like the situation is most dire."
>Luna sighs loudly and stands next to Celestia.
>"Sister, with a heavy heart I agree. Even though we might get into trouble as a result."
>This is obviously a very hard decision for both of them.
>Tempering with such powers is always troubling, especially for Celestia - being a figure of authority having to resort to this.
"Say no more! I will handle this!"
>You are the best researcher out there. You are sure you can figure a way to summon The D...
>You gulp audibly, the word stuck in your mouth.
>Determined, you then run away , not listening to the sisters any more.
>It's one of the most important things you had to do in a while. Even though it doesn't sit right with you. It has to be done.

>Some time later
>You stride into the palace, bloodied and battered. But victorious. It was a long day but the griffons are defeated.
>After an urgent study session through a series of time loops you were finally able to reliably cast the spell.
>Wait a minute, what are these two doing?
>Celestia is shaking in her throne, nibbling her hoof.
>Luna is franticly sweeping the already spotless floor with her tail, loudly murmuring "He's coming, he's coming!"
>Are they still afraid of the griffon king? Well it's time to bring the good knews!
"Celestia! Luna! I have dealt with the problem! The operation was a success and even though we still have to clean half of the city..."
>"What operation? Twilight he is coming! And you say you have already dealt... Wait what did you DO Twilight?"
>"A good question"
>A booming voice pronounces right behind you.
>You quickly turn around to see a bipedal creature almost fill the entire throne room with his Presence.
>You haven't felt so tiny and vulnerable in a long time.
>"I come to visit my beautiful daughters and teach a lesson to some griffons and what do I see? Half of the canterlot is filled with undead hordes breaking into homes and trying to eat ponies. I must say I am inclined to become extremely disappointed right now."
>Wait, daughters?
>Celestia is visually shaking right now.
>"Listen, dad..."
>Oh... Call upon... So they did not plan to use necromancy after all...
"Um. Whoops?"

Yes, this whole story was a long and elaborate dad joke.

It doesn't have to be forbidden. Anon would just have to find another immortal the same age as him. Which is hard because he's older than most of the other immortals in Equestria.
>anon is the royal sister's dad
i dont know why
but ive always liked this idea
Wonder if Discord calls him Mom.
no problem, just move to the horse-pun equivalent of Alabama, where your sire can be your mate too.

That was great. First time I've seen the idea of a neigh story where anon continued to treat them as animals. I wouldn't have thought it could work.
No, Discord acts like a misunderstood teenager going through his "phase"
>"Dad, you just don't understand"
"Discord, I'll accept and love you however you are, but you can't keep ditching classes like this"
>"It's an expression. I'm sending a message"

>Chrysalis with a raging Elektra complex.

That sounds hilarious.
File: 1357098337547.png (73 KB, 750x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 750x600
It really does.

It sounds fucking great.
>mane six fighting Chrysalis to keep her out of their 'dad's' pants
So Luna is emo-hipster, Discord is a punk, Celestia is an asocial fatass interested only in food (probably otherkin), Cadence is a party-slut.
Sombra is addicted to meth, Tirek is a metalhead, Chrysalis is a goth. Then who is Smooze?
The basement dweller 4chinner that counters Celestia

>Chrysalis isn't actually evil. She just gets off on DadAnon punishing her.
bump to the top
In the beginning Anon raised Celly, Luna, and Discord. Not knowing how to raise girls he raised them like boys, and was super kind to Discord since none of the ponies liked him. After an argument Celestia and Luna banish father, and Discord was never the same.
Mares emulate the tomboy princess and Stallions became fairer.
But Daddy is back and very disappointed.
What's up with all the Chrysalis obsession today?
She's almost as dumb a villain as Sombra
The backstory to RGR and Dadanon eh?
Cadance, what have I told you about making fun of your brothers and sister?

>"Hi Dad!" a familiar orange pegasus filly greets as you walk into Ponyville.
"Hey Scootaloo!"
>You grin as you pull her into a quick hug.
"So what's up, sport?"
>"I was wondering... You're everypony in Equestria's Dad, right?"
>You chuckle.
"Well not everypony. I certainly wasn't fathering anyone back when I first came to this world."
>She rolls her eyes, "So I was wondering... what were the Princesses like when they were my age?"
>Your eyes light up with glee.
>You absolutely LOVED this part of the job.
>You reach into your traveling bag, pulling out a dusty old photo album.
"Oh Scootaloo, do I have TONS of stories and pictures for you."
>Her eyes light up in excitement.

DadAnon embarassing his oldest children by telling other ponies about how stupid they were as teenagers? YES!
File: 1400890452416.gif (2 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 400x225
Such a wonderful way to start a thread...
Wasn't there a ponies on earth story where a teenage Celestia was raised by Anon and then tried to seduce him?
>Long ago in a distant land, Dadnon, the cheek pinch master of dankness, unleashed an unspeakable pun. Then a foalish stallion warrior, stepped forth to oppose him.

>Sunset and the Dazzlings

What if DadAnon's EqG universe counterpart is the old yet much beloved guidance counselor at Canterlot High? Sunset lives with him since she has nowhere else to go. When the Dazzlings lose their powers, he offers them a place to stay.
>Eggs, sunny, toast, no butter, jam - Table 3
>Eggs, scrambled, peppers - green and hot, biscuit - Table 4
>You tap your pencil as Helga studies the menu
>Or tries to. I mean, she's been here every day for a few years - by now, she can recite it as good as you can
>But you had to suggest she surprise you
>And now... 5 minutes later...
"We were at eggs"
>"I-I have eggs."
>. . .
>You pause for a few moments for what she said to hit her
"I'll give you a few more minutes"
>An almost-silent scream escapes her lips as her face turns bright red, and you go to check on the rest of your tables
>Just... get the happy cow breakfast
>Who is she trying to kid?!
>Hell, we're almost thinking of renaming it the Happy Helga-
>"Oi, Anon"
>You glare at Diamond as you make your way to Table 2
>He gives you the biggest shit-eating grin, and you're bout to retort
>But the door chimes
>And it's prime time when there's door chimes
"Welcome to the Diamond Diner, where our food sticks to your oh fuck..."
>"That sounds surprisingly kinky~! I'll take it!"
>"Oh! Greta! Over here!"
>Helga waves enthusiastically at your new customer
>You don't just force a smile on your face
>You hold it at knifepoint against the wall
"Oh... great... y-your tour of duty is already over...?"
>The brown tauress smiles, smoothing down her fur. "Why, yes! How the seasons fly by~! But thinking of you during those cold nights patrolling the badlands-"
>You swat away her hand as she reaches for you, and she just laughs
>"Still feisty! So that means I don't have to fight any other girls offa you?"
>"Nope! I kept tabs on him just like I promised!" Helga helpfully chimes in
>...from across the fucking diner
"Just... just sit down."
>"So you kept yourself pure for me~!? OH ANO-"
>"Or you'll what, sweethea-"
>"Or I'll come out there with a hot griddle an' we'll see how well you fry!" a deep voice booms from the kitchen
>Table 7 now has 2 customers
Aww yiss, Minotits makes a return.
>"Aww, but you don't even know what I was go-"
"Look, unless you order food in the next 20 seconds, I'm going to put you both down for the Happy Cow and move on."
>"But Anooooooonnn~"
>You start to scribble on your notepad
>A hand on your forearm stops you
>"Anon, ok, we got off on the wrong hoof-"
>You quirk your eyebrow as Greta continues. "But - but seriously, I'm happy to be back. I know Helga and I give you a hard time-"
>"Hey! I do not-"
>There's a sharp bang under the table, and Helga grimaces, her forehead slowly lowering to meet her coffee saucer
>"B-but we uh... I mean....I really did, uh-"
>You tilt your head slightly
>"And we - I mean, through letters, mind you, but - w-well, I know you're not a local, but- you're a local NOW, and-"
>Is... is she confessing her undying love to you?
>....fuck come on it's not even lunch and she's not drunk
>You let out a soft sigh as she continues to ramble - but soon you feel her grip tighten
>wait what
>There's a silence as you stare at her
>She swallows, looking up at you
>. . .
>and she lets you go
>"N-nothing. Nevermind. J-just the usual would be fine. Sorry."
>You write down their orders
>Helga's been silent - well, mostly silent - throughout this whole exchange... and that means something's wrong
>Ugh. Fucking cow customs
"I'll...be back to check on-"
>Well then
>You turn on your heels and make your way into the kitchen
>And almost run into your boss
>"What was that out there?!" Diamond yell-whispers at you
"Ok, first - how the hell did you get back here -"
>"Jumped through the order window"
>You look at the small 1ft x 4ft window carved into the wall
"...that just raises more questions than it answers-"
>"That's not important! WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE?!"
>The whisperyelling is real
"What?! I don't - I don't even-"
>"The poor girl's out for months keeping us safe, on patrol-"
"Diamond, come on-"
Reminds me of a story from 8th-sin: http://pastebin.com/NftaLg5B

Also, check out his Moony stories with an Anondad.
>Turns out Anon has an old recording of the time the two filly princesses borrowed his camera and kid-danced to his old Nsync CD.
>"No YOU come on! Look at her! Look at them!"
>He motions out the porthole windows, and you stare at the... two saddest cows you've ever seen
>Helga is staring at the wall instead of the doors, and Greta doesn't even... really seem to be looking at anything
>Just staring at the table - through it, really
>"See that? Look at those faces-"
"Diamond, com