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No Pinkie thread on board?
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No Pinkie thread on board?
What a shame
Let's have a new one.
Last thread: >>24939342
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Good thread tbh
Holy shit, i missed two threads already? Better catch up!
>You are Pinkie Pie
>And it's been forever since that trip with your beautiful Anon.
>Well, it's not forever because it was three days ago and Anon it's not yours yet, but still...
>You just want to spend more time with him
>But this time you don't have any excuse to go!
>This is just AAAWWWFUUUULLL...
>You throw your face over the counter.

>"What's wrong, Pinkie?"
"Nothing, Scootaloo. Enjoying your pie?"
>"Yes, it's delicious."
>Normally, you would beam a smile and tell her about how you took special care of making the filling.
>But not today. You keep your head over the counter and let time go by.
>A new costumer arrives
>"Oh, Pinkie Pie. What are you doing in such a mopey position?"
>"Hi, Pinkie Pi- OH hi Scootaloo!"
>"Hi Sweetie Belle"
"Hello, Rarity and Sweetie Belle"
>"My, you sound... How shall i put it... So not you? Busy day at work, perhaps?"
>You raise your head to look at the sisters.
"... Sorta"
>"Well, i can understand. I have... Oh, right. Sweetie! What do you want?"
>"I want the Strawberry Cake, please"
>"Ask for the Apple Pie, Sweetie Belle! It's delicious"
>"Oh, thanks Scootaloo... Well, i'll have the pie instead"
>You get yourself off the counter and dully take a slice of pie and serve it.
"Here. Enjoy it."
>"Thanks, Pinkie pie!"
>She goes to talk with Scootaloo while Rarity looks concerned at your plain mood.

>"Oh, dear. You certainly ARE tired!"
>You look at Rarity
>How nice of her to care about you
>But you really don't want to talk about your problem with Anon
>Specially to her, the "lady of romance", she claims to be
"I'll get better with some rest"
>"Oh yes, of course. Nothing like a good sleep to help regain your energies. It has helped me a lot with this work i'm doing for Anonymous"
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>You perk your ears
"... Anonymous?"
>"Yes, dear. You see, he showed up a while ago with a shirt and some pants. He is very prudish about his body, it seems."
>Your eyes begin to focus on her
>"And he asked me to make some suits for him, like the one he used to wear"
"I see..."
>"Would you believe me that when i asked him how he lost his suit he told me it was destroyed?"
"Oh... He said that?"
>"Yes, but he didn't go into details. Let me tell you darling, it's been a real challenge to make clothes for a non-pony, specially this completely foreign creature. I spent a whole day thinking about the assembly..."
"Did he tell you something else?"
>She is now looking curiously at you.
"I mean... About..."
>"My, you seem very interested in Anonymous. Is there somethi--"
"I was curious, that's all. This day has been so busy and boring because i haven't gone out in days and your story is so interesting so please tell me more please?"
>Rarity is now confused
>At least "confused" is better than "intriguing"
>"Well... I... I remember him telling me that he was sad because his experiments weren't working"
"U huh..."
>"He began to say all this weird words that only Twilight understand. But he was tired and frustrated, i could see that"
"How sad"
>"Indeed, dear. But he was determined. He wanted to try again"
"I wonder how that go"
"Well, he hasn't come to my store since. So i suppose he is still busy."
"U huh..."

>Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo bring their empty plates.
>"Thanks for the pie!"
"Well, i'm very glad you like it"
>You smile at them
>"Oh, look. Pinkie is not bored anymore!"
>"Rarity, you fixed Pinkie Pie!"
>"What?? Oh, no no... But i have an idea of who might fix her for good..."
>She glares at you with a mischievous smile
>Oh, no. She noticed!
"Yes, Sweetie. I feed on stories. Rarity has told me a story and i feel better. Do you have a story for me?"
>Everyone is looking at you in confusion.
>You just grin
>"Well... We..."
>"Oh, i know! How about that day we tried to be veterinarians and--"
>"Sorry to cut your story short Sweetie, but we have to go now"
>"Really? Whyy?"
>"Don't worry, Sweetie Belle. I'll tell her the story"
>"Thanks, Scootaloo"
>"Okey, here are the bits of the pie. Goodbye, Pinkie"
>"Goodbye, Pinkie"
"See you next time!"
>Rarity and Sweetie Belle leave through the door, but Rarity turns around, sticks in her head and winks.
>"And don't you think that i'll leave this unexplained!"
Sorry to keep it short this time, but at least i'm not dead!

More tomorrow. Any feedback is welcome as always.


Hey, OP! You linked the wrong one

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Shoot Indeedy!
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Is this too Lewd?
Those dubs are lewd
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Thread replies: 16
Thread images: 10
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