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Marital Problems Thread #25.1
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I leave for a couple hours and look what happens edition.

Previous thread: >>24943683

The premise of this thread can cover a multitude of issues. Maybe you and your wife are fighting over something insignificant. Maybe the spark just isn't there anymore. Either side is welcome to have issues with the other.

If cuckoldry is your thing, this isn't your thread.

New content is welcome, and discussion encouraged.

Pastebin of previous threads and current stories thus far: http://pastebin.com/ARKY1Kny

Featured Stories:
Fife's Two Sides of the Same Coin - http://pastebin.com/1hJfr9Qs
Without_Aname's Twilight's Secret Pt. 2 - http://pastebin.com/qdN0mAxX
Loki's Prince Anon & Young Celestia - http://pastebin.com/ML51EaaS
ActuallyMarriedPone's Redheart x Doctor Anon - http://pastebin.com/8p820zkE
ChocolateBiscuit's green - http://pastebin.com/3kupSxsx
BrandNewWritegag's short - http://pastebin.com/yGm6vA7n
Sorry if I missed anyone's pastebin

Pastebin for aspiring writers (general concepts and techniques):
kay mate we'll keep it alive till the writefags return
We keep it alive thru a fucking week of nothing, then we get 3 big updates in short order and it all goes to hell.
Y'all are as pathetic as a cuck.
pg 9 bump

I ain't takin' no chances nigga.
Dayum, it died? Right when I started updating frequently?

Sad times.
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>Dubs confirm this are sad times.
>Just when I just ended watching 24 and and look when the next Season is going to be.
>"Jack Bauer will not be on the series anymore"
Sad times indeed.
Anyway, Loki, we need you m8.
It's already page 10!
> Sad times confirmed.
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Come back, we need you!
I watched the entirety of season 4 and 5 and the thread is archived.
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waiting for updates
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Ok, so last time I tried to write for this thread I never finished my story and I have been having a want to write a new one but I have no ideas. anyone have any ideas?
Something about other problems in a couple than cheating would be good.
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Here's a few I've thought of over the course of the life of this thread.

>Sunset Shimmer, she wants to go home to Equestria but can't take Anonymous along.

>Starlight Glimmer, Anonymous has become unhappy being treated equally with all the other ponies and feels that he ought to be treated better than she treats others as her spouse.

>Luna, abusive spouse, stuck in Ye Olde Fashioned school of marriage. Anonymous too embarrassed to admit it.

>Pinkie, substance abuse, tearing apart their marriage in numerous respects.

>Fluttershy, spark has fizzled out. Everything Anon used to find adorable about her has become grating.

>Applejack, financial difficulties; risks selling the farm. Anonymous contemplates crime and/or suicide for life insurance to keep it afloat.

>Rarity, often far apart due to very demanding jobs between the business and fashion sectors, almost never see one another, tears at the marriage.

>Rainbow Dash, accidental pregnancy and forced marriage. Neither loves the other, but they stick together for the sake of the kid.

>Spitfire, reputation issues because she married a non-Pegasus. Anonymous is universally despised by her friends and coworkers because he can't fly, tears at the marriage.

>Daring Do, both are mutually in high-danger, life-risking lines of work. One gets cripplingly injured, and the other isn't sure if they love them without that aspect of danger to them. (I envisioned Anonymous as a privateer in my original sketch of it, but that's discretionary of course).

>Chrysalis, she replaces Anonymous' genuine wife and feeds off of him, though eventually falls in love with him, and tries to live a false life as his actual wife, stumbling over issues.

>Nurse Redheart, dying for foals but can't have them with Anonymous. Regrets marrying him when she figures this out, having not expected it given there are so many hybrids in Equestria.

I've had a few others, too.
>>Starlight Glimmer, Anonymous has become unhappy being treated equally with all the other ponies and feels that he ought to be treated better than she treats others as her spouse.

Me like
>>Daring Do, both are mutually in high-danger, life-risking lines of work. One gets cripplingly injured, and the other isn't sure if they love them without that aspect of danger to them. (I envisioned Anonymous as a privateer in my original sketch of it, but that's discretionary of course).
You can add/change this to not knowing if they love them enough to leave their thrill seeking life behind to take care of them.
>cuck the general
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Those are all pretty good.
That's my job,m8.
Stay alive, faggots.Good nights, I love you all, full homo.
p.8 bump
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To other anons following in these stories and fics in general, how do you deal with the troubling fact that reality is so dismal in comparison? Does it not effect your motivation?
Care to share the rest of the ideas
alright I think I got a new idea for a story
>It has been a long time since you, Anonymous have seen your wife.
>A long time of depression, drinking, and almost resorting to suicide to end the sorrow.
>But, you have remained faithful to her in her absence.
>Mares and even one stallion tried to court you over the years, and each one you declined.

"It has been almost one thousand years," you say looking up at the night sky.
>You stare at the shadow on the bright face of the newly raised moon.
"Almost one thousand years being married to a myth."
>Suddenly a voice from behind you makes itself known.
>"But, you and I know she isn't just a myth<" says the voice, "and one day she will return to us."
>You turn your head around to see the voice's owner.
>The tall, white, and regal form of Princess Celestia enters your vision, but you can see her eyes are puffy and red.
"Have you been crying Celestia," you ask as you turn around.
>She just nods and lowers her hed.
"And here I thought you," you say making your way over to her, "kept the hope up."
>Pulling her into a comforting hug, you feel your once dry eyes start to tear up.
>As the time passes you hear her start to sniffle as she pulls back.
>She clears her throat before she speaks.
>"Anon," she says quietly, "I want to ask you something."
>She as asked for your forgiveness around this time every year.
You shush her with a finger as you speak, "Celestia, you already know I forgave you. So please, you can only get better if you forgive yourself!"
>She smiles for a second before she shakes her head.
>"That isn't what I came to ask," she says at the questioning look you give her.
>"I came to ask if you wouldn't mind going out to Ponyville in two days with Twilight and Spike. She is going out there to oversee the Summer Sun Celebration is set up
accordingly, and I wanted you to go as well."
>You can feel she has another reason behind asking you, and she could see it on your face.
>But she smiles and begins the hug anew as you slowly begin to nod your head.
"But," you say with caution entering your voice, "you are going to tell me the real reason why you sent me there when I get back. And it better not be another damn chase
to get me out of Canterlot for the weekend!"
>She shakes her head as she breaks the hug and starts to walk towards the door.
>"Don't you worry Anon," she says looking back at you, "don't you worry."
That is all I got for tonight
and shall I contu=inue?
I would continue with it, the premise seems good
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Celestia cheated? ;~; S-sent anon away while...

Or am I reading this wrong?
Anon is married to Luna, Celestia sent him with Twilight cause she knows Nightmare Moon/Luna is returning.
How Anon is alive after 1000 years is my question.

For some reason, I kinda want to see that Luna is effectively dead, and all that remains is Nightmare Moon even after getting hit with the EoH.
He coeld have used the bond thing from Loki.
That or Anon is god.
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>tfw you come home an your bae give you this look
Has the green where Twilight and Anon go to humanland to be with Anon updated any in the past two months? A link would be appreciated because I forgot the name of it.

>Chrysalis, she replaces Anonymous' genuine wife and feeds off of him, though eventually falls in love with him, and tries to live a false life as his actual wife, stumbling over issues.

I really like this one.
Everything shall all become clear soon

and do you mean Fife's story?
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I hope WA will make update today.
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>Octavia, her and Anonymous are in different, competing orchestras. Competition is fierce, and their fellow orchestra members try to divide them to weaken the other side.

>Nightmare Moon, the EoH fail to reform her and instead badly wound her. Later, Anonymous and her are on the run from agents of Equestria, trying to get by together wherever they go but unable to effectively hide her identity.

>Twilight Velvet, after Night Light dies Anonymous marries her. Twilight and Shining don't accept him as a replacement father-figure, and try to break them up. (I envisage this as an alt-history type deal, where they're still foals.)

>Ms. Harshwhinny, Anonymous is substantially younger. Tons of public pressure on each of them as Anon is perceived as eye-candy for an older mare.

>Diamond Tiara, married Prince Anon for more status., is generally a manipulative bitch who none of his friends like but he's really attached to her.

And a few silly ones.

>Apple Bloom and Anonymous accidentally marry in Las Pegasus after a crazy drunk night. Trying to annul the marriage is difficult.

>Muffins, she keeps getting lost and Anonymous needs to go save her from all sorts of shenanigans, like out of volcanoes and from Dragon nests.

>Mayor Mare, in the midst of a mid-life crisis, Anonymous tries to dissuade her from that motorcycle she wants to buy among other things.

>Celestia, a silly little issue (i.e. toilet seat) starts escalating into a country-shaking catastrophe as they continuously one-up one another in revenge.

>Twilight Sparkle, while experimenting she accidentally turns Anonymous incredibly gay. Flaming metrosexual Anonymous produces marital hijinks (i.e. trying to hook Twilight up with Rainbow, despite them being married) while she tries to find a spell to turn him back.

>Maud, Anonymous isn't sure if she loves him, or Boulder more.

>Bloomberg, their love is forbidden by Applejack, but they marry behind her back.
>Maud, Anonymous isn't sure if she loves him, or Boulder more
I'd read it
You're going to choke on that despair Anon.
Me too.
Is it okay if I write about my self insert OC, Devin Brighton?
Go back to Fingerbang, Disco.
Don't forget to me write me in, together, we can make Canada great again!
Justin, pls.

>You're just not ready.
You have my attention.
Probably. Anon has a daughter he's taking care of as well in the story.
The next day---
>Walking around the castle you try to find Twilight and Spike, but all morning you are not having any luck.
>Until you remember that Twilight is the biggest book worm you had ever met, well next to Starswirl she isn't.
"Well," you mumble to no one inparticular, "looks like I have to walk all the way to the library now. I hope she is actually there and not leaving early."
>Picking up your pace, you begin a power walk to the other side of the castle to find the purple unicorn.
>As you walk you hear ponies wispering about their suprise you have broken your nocturnal sleep cycle, you ignore them and continue on your "mission"
>After ten minutes of walking and ignoring the staff you finally reach the library.
>As you enter you see Spike just falling off of a ladder as the book in his hands is yanked away by a purple aura.
>You instantly break into a run and dive to catch the small dragon before he hits the ground, but you came up a foot short.
"Spike!" you say rather loud for in a library, "Are you alright, is anything broken?"
>He slowly opens his eyes and you can see he is dazed.
>"Huh, wh-" he starts then he realizes who is talking to him, "Prince Anonymous, when did you get here?"
>"And more importantly," asks a female voce to your right, "why are you awake at this hour? You are usually asleep all day."
>You turn to the voice to meet Twilight Sparkle, standing a few feet away giving you a puzzled look.
"And why are you Twilight Sparkle, pulling young dragons from high places?"
>She looks at the dragon in question as he gets to his feet.
>"It is alright your highness," he says dusting himself off, "my scales keep me safe, so it is all good!"
>You look at him as he gives you a thumbs up and a smile.
>You shake your head, and noted you will have to read up on how dragons are able to resist falling off ladders.
>Twilight goes back to reading the book Spike had pulled off the shelf as you pull over a chair next to a table.
"Hey Spike," you call, motioning him over, "can you do me a favor?"
>Yes, your Highness>"
"Just call me Anon, I don't want formalities between friends."
>He smiles and nods as you wait for Twilight to finish her book.
>After time passed you fell asleep.
>"Anon wake up" Spike says loudly as he shakes you, "Twilight wants to talk to you!"
>You quickly open your eyes as you raise your head off the table to see Twilight looking at you.
>"Well," she states holding up a letter, "I see you are coming with us to Ponyville. I still don't know why the Princess is having us go!
She is completely brushing off the urgency of the situation!"
>She began a rant that was directed at the not present Sun Princess.
>"She is the one who can stop her from returning, and she is just ignoring the si-"
"Twilight!" you say firmly, "what are you talking about? What is going on, and who is returning?"
>She gives you a look of 'how do you not know' and she quickly blurts out what you were hoping she would.
>"Nightmare Moon is returning tomorrow Anon," she shouts flailing her forehooves in the air.
>Your eyes widen at the realization of what she just said.
'Luna is coming back!' you shout in your mind 'My wife is coming home at long last!'
I am going to go back to lurking and writing for tonight. tomorrow should yield another update
I want to hear Twilight's reaction to what Anon just said.
he didn't say it out loud
S-she can read minds. Shhhhhh.
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>Sunset Shimmer, she wants to go home to Equestria but can't take Anonymous along.
File: 1432324449622.jpg (70 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sounds gud mate. I'll keep this green on watch.
File: Cancernata.png (1 MB, 662x7301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 662x7301
Keep it alive guys, stay based.
The Fluttershy one was already written of sorts by Darf on Fimfiction. Was a great short.
File: Flutterbat.gif (743 KB, 960x540) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
743 KB, 960x540
I had completely forgotten about that filthy fic and it's adorable predecessor, I do remember them from ages ago. I suppose I must have been remembering it subconsciously, or something.

>Sadness that Darf now only writes by exorbitantly expensive commission.
File: 1439453772957.gif (166 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166 KB, 600x600
>Sadness that Darf now only writes by exorbitantly expensive commission.
I hate when people do that kind of shit.
Yes Definitely continue
Can't wait for more
bada boom
Update because I cant sleep

>You politely excuse yourself from the group saying you will see them tomorrow and make your way to your and Luna's room.
>The whole way there you could barely contain your smile.
>Once the door closed, you let out a cheer andjumped in the air.
>After a few more seconds of celebrating you hear a knock on the door.
>Anon," comes Spike's voice, "is everything ok? I saw you tense up when Twilight mentioned Nightmare Moon, is something wrong?"
>You open the door and look down at the little purple dragon.
"Everything is fine," you say as a tear falls from your eye.
>He looks confused and you tell him to go get Twilight, you are going to tell them something only Celestia and you knew.
>While he went to get her, you went and got Celestia and filled her in on your plan.
>"Anonymous," Celestia says after you finish speaking, "if you tell Twilight how you have been around for this long she will want to know how."
"I planned on telling her the truth," you shoot off defensively, "I have known her and Spike for most of their lives. I trust her enough that she won't
look for the scroll."
>"I want you to promise me she won't go looking."
"I pormise she won't."
>As you make your way back up to your room you see Twilight and Spike waiting for you at the door.
>Twilight gives you a puzzled look, while Spike looked anxious.
>"Anon," Twilight said confusion evident in her voice, "what do you want to talk about?"
>When you approach them, you push open the door and motion for them to enter.
>As you look out the window you see the sun is starting to sink below the horizon.
"This seems fitting," you say as you chuckled, "pull up a chair you two, I have a secret to tell you. But before I do, I want you to promise you won't tell
anypony this."
>They look at one another and nodded.
>"We promise not to tell," they say in unison.
>You nod and pull up a chair from the old desk Luna used to sit in and plan the stars for the night sky.
"Do you two know how Equestria had two Princesses?"
>"You are talking about Princess Luna right," asks Twilight, "She turned into Mightmare Moon, if the ledgend is believed."
"Yes I am," you continue, "and one thousand years ago she was banished by the Elements of Harmony. But there is something the books don't tell you about before."
>They both look at you with confusion plastered on their faces.
>You see Twilight's righ eye twitch, the finding out that there is information she doesn't know is getting to her.
"Now," you interrupt, "I want you to know that this is the truth and if you want to confirm it you can ask Celestia."
>They nod again.
"Five years before that," you begin as tears form in your eyes, "a strange creature appeared in Equestria. And the Lunar Princess took a liking to it, over the months
after they deemed it not a threat."
>"But the only th-" Twilight began to say but you cut her off.
"But the liking tunred into somthing stronger, it tuned into a relationship that none could get between. And two and a half years after I arrived in Equestria Luna and I
were married." Twilight and Spike's expressions changed from confused to disbelief, "It was only a small celebration that only a few attended. We had close friends there, like
Starswirl the Bearded and one of your ancestors was there too."
>You could see Twilight had a question ready to ask, and you motioned for her to ask.
>"How could you be there," she asked quickly, "you told us that your kind live for only feventy to eighty years if they take care of themselves so you can't be over one thoousand
years old!"
"The way around that," you say smugly, "is to know a bery powerful unicorn who, will help keep love between a lonely human and an immortal Princess stay happy together for all of time.
To this day I never regret asking him to cast that spell on me."
so that is it for it being 2 am, but I am going to finish the first part of the next update. Then it will be time to pass out so keep the thread alive!
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I revel in it, and have always preferred tragic, hopeless endings over happy ending.
File: Muscle Wizard.jpg (49 KB, 404x599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Muscle Wizard.jpg
49 KB, 404x599
>Mightmare Moon
tired at 2 am I don't mean to have spelling errors. Thanks for pointing it out I will try to catch it next time.
If Queen Nightmare Moon cheats on Anon with an astronaut, i will be pissed owf.
Pls be to telling more green
>off by one
Any pastebin?
>>25073879 #

> Twilight flies upward behind the partially formed specter.
> With a grunt he turns his attention to the exhausted yet determined young Alicorn.
> 'Haven't you done enough already?!' He snarls stomping a heavy, forming hoof to the floor.
> The thick curling smoke swirls where his hoof lands.
> Twilight's eyes glance from the abomination, to Anonymous, then to you quickly.
> Anon!
> Now is your chance to try to get him.
> "It'll be enough when Anon is free!" She rears her front legs while she struggles to stay airborne.
> Her horn flickers a radiant lavender.
> She seems like she is giving her all with her eyes shut tightly and teeth grit, but even you can tell she is weak.
> She must be trying to buy you the time to get Anonymous out.
> Turning your attention to him, you notice the advance of the smokey entanglement has stopped.
> He seemed to be coming down from some sort of daze.
> You continue to back towards him while facing the iminant conflict infront of you.
> Twilight leans her forehead towards the shadowy body, as the aura on her horn shrinks to a small sphere before projecting in a narrow beam at her grinning enemy.
> With a light tap of his hoof, unflinching, a wall of jagged onyx crystals raise from the shadowy floor.
> The beam from Twilight's horn is haltedalmost effortlessly.
> 'You've done more harm to Anonymous than anypony could have ever done young Princess... I have seen it myself.. I am the strength he needs now. You will just have to accept that. Accept that you have broken him... Driven him away..' He speaks with an almost emotionless expression.
> Twilight seems to pause at his words as they seem to hurt her more than any counter attack he could have done.

> Your flank bumps into Anon as you watch intently, causing you to jump and almost squeal.
> You raise a foreleg in defense as you turn, momentarily forgetting he's behind you.
> Yet you begin to relax as you see his expression.
> Defeat.
> Misery.
> Exhaustion.
> It's as if you forget what's going on around you for the moment as you recall everything that's happened to this poor Prince.
> Utter betrayal, lies, deceit.
> Your heart truly aches for him.
> But now is not the time for pity. "Anonymous. It's time to go. It's not safe here." You glance back to the squall between Twilight and the ghoul.
> Concentrated auras of lavender and Onyx crystals summoned by red auras hue the darkness.
> "...It's not safe anywhere..." he barely whispers as his eyes stare into nothing.
> You withhold your impatience from that reply .
"Sweetie.. Even if that is true, it's definitely not safe right here right now. We need to get you out of here. Come on." Your voice is as gentle as your desperation will allow placing your hoof to his icy feeling body.
> "It's just going to happen again and again.. If it's not today, it's tomorrow... if it's not a fire, it's Flash.." he turns to you, eyes watery red as if he's just finished crying.
> "They're right you know.."
> Your eyes soften at the sight.
"Who's right? About what?.."
> "All of them. I'm a monster.. a Beast.." he motions towards the occupied Sombra.
> You glance back toward Twilight who's knocked out of the air by a quickly rising crystal.
> Her inexperienced flying was very apparent as she's unable to recover from the strike.
> Biting your lip, you turn back to Anon. "You are not a monster Anonymous. You are a terrific, noble Stallion." You try to reassure him.
> "..Man.." he quietly corrects you.

"Man!.. But right now we need to think about more than ourselves. That's how life is. You need to focus on those you still love, because I promise they're thinking about you still. Right now I'm thinking about how I want to see Shining, to let him know I'm alright ..I know what happened with Twilight. I've seen it. And i don't support it." You glance quickly back again to see Twilight struggling back to her hooves.
"I'm sure you want to, at the very least, go see the Apples. Big Mac, Apple Jack, Granny Smith, Apple Bloom. Your family Anon. Think of them. They still need you. Spike still needs you too." You manage to rouse a reaction from him as his stare turns to the floor.
> With a small inhale he quietly and simply responds, "Yeah..."
> "Luna is probably worried too.." you over hear as he speaks to himself.
> You involuntarily flinch at the statement, also sensing his feelings for her surface.
> You are Spike.
> Frantically running down the hallway pumping your tiny arms, you approach the room your two escorting guards were left at.
"GUYS! Hey guys!" You yell between breaths.
> Approaching the door you slam it open, or at least try to, with the momentum of your run.
> They both wake from their beds with with a loud snort and clear confusion.
> "Wha-What?! Master Spike are you alright?" The brilliant bodied crystal ponies fall clumsily from their beds.
"Anon and Cadence are in trouble we need help!" They both seize as you mentioned Cadence being in trouble while you rub your shoulder you used to ram the door.
> Geez those things were solid..
> The Crystal Shield intended as a gift catches your eye as it glistens.
"Hmm... You! Grab that and let's go!"
> "Y-yes sir!" One of the guards awkwardly tosses the shield on his back, as you jump on the back of the other.
"C'mon!" You impatiently cry ignoring their clear confusion, yet determination to help their Princess.

> The Crystal Pony your ride almost knocks you from his back from the initial lurch of his dash.
> You squeeze his neck tightly trying to hold on.
> The sprint that only takes a few moments feels like an eternity as they gallop down the hall.
> What have Twilight and Anon gotten them selves into now?
> You begin to approach the door.
" That one!" you point your clawed finger.
> They say nothing continuing their sprint, huffing and snorting.
"Uh.. guys.." you let out timidly as they do not slow, approaching the door.
" Guys!.. Woah!" You raise your hands to cover your face as the door is slammed into by the other Crystal Pony, causing it to splinter slightly and violently fly open.
> The shield flies from his back, along with you from the others back.
> With a clank and scratchy screech, it hits the floor under you.
> Landing on top of it on your bottom, you slide across the floor on it coming to a slow halt infront of an eyebrow raised, unamused Princess Luna.
> You sit wide eyed in shock for a momemt before the guards cry out seeing the condition of their Princess.
> "P-Princess Cadence!" They sprint to the side of Shining, who still cradles his love with care.
> You look from them to Princess Luna who still stares at you inquisitively.
"I uh.. I brought this!" You pat the shield you sit on, uncomfortably smiling.
> "We see that... Noble spike..." she seems hardly impressed.
> This mare still scares the scales off of you...
> "Spike... now isn't the time to fool around..." a dismayed Celestia chimes in.
> You hop off of the shield.
"I'm not! Princess Luna's plan doesn't seem to be working, so what's the harm in trying something else!" You say as you begin to drag it to Twilight and Anon.
> "And what do you intend to do young Spike? Shield them from something?" Luna replies seeming annoyed by your interruption.
> Your shoulders drop feeling somewhat embarrassed.
> But you have to try something.
> Anon would..

"Well uh... not exactly..." you hop up on the bed they were laying across and reach down to the floor to drag it up with you.
> Your short arms have difficulty reaching though.
> "Then what?" Luna seems confused.
> You feel a blush form in your cheeks thinking your idea sounds worse out loud than it did in your head.
> "Spike?.." Celestia chimes in as well.
"I thought.. maybe.. I could use the shield to.. pry..Them a~... " you speak low fading to a mumble.
> "Excuse us?..." Luna blankly stares.
> You give up reaching for the shield and sit up with a quiet frustrated sigh.
"I thought... MAYBE.. we could use the shield to separate them.." you bluntly lay your idea out feeling foolish.
> Celestia's face seems to sadden at your words of desperation while Luna seems more impatient.
> Celestia picks up on the shortening patience of her sister.
> She quietly walks beside her and whispers, "He's just trying to help Luna.. He loves them both, don't lose sight of that.."
> Luna brings a hoof to her face to hide her shortening temper, "We are well aware dearest sister... But now isn't a time for coddling. We need to save Anonymous..." she speaks through gritted teeth in her last sentence.
> Celestia narrows her eyes slightly before replying with a quiet dominance, "Correct...And Cadence... And Twilight.."
> Luna matches her sisters gaze.
> Before she has a chance to respond a Crystal Pony chimes in.
> "Master Spike, that's a wonderful idea! The shield was specifically crafted for Prince Anonymous. It's supposed to nullify magic, just like Prince Anonymous naturally does! If in fact a magic bond is what holds them perhaps the shield can sever it!"
> Both sisters glance from one another to the Crystal Pony,then to you.
> You can't help but look surprised yourself, not really knowing that in the first place.
"R... Right! O-Of course! Thats what i was trying to say!" You proudly placed your hands on your hips.
> Sell it Spike, sell it!

> "It wont hurt to try Luna..." Celestia steps toward Spike while illuminating her horn with brilliant gold.
> "Here Spike.." her aura encases the shield in attempts to lift it, yet only manages to rock it slightly on the floor.
> "Erm.. P-Princess... it nullifies Magic..." the Crystal Pony nervously reminds her.
> Celestia does her best to conceal a blush, "Indeed it does.."
> Luna approaches it picking it up with a foreleg, "We will help you Spike."
> Her determined expression is a welcome change from her doubtful one.
"Thanks Luna!"

Dat short post end post. Also dassit.

> off by one is off by one.

I didnt get to reply to the comments on my last update. But thanks for the re-welcome/ kind words. I'll keep working on it when I can. Hopefully we stay alive. Hope it's enjoyed.
> lurking ninja mode active.
File: 1419367888922.gif (199 KB, 770x770) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 770x770
>off by one again
>>25139144 check'd
I really enjoyed this update, although another cliffhanger is too much for muh heart dude. Can't wait to see more from you.
write faster faggot
here you go hope this helps and my next update should be out in the next two days

Thanks friend. I'll try to write faster.

Also the bin is updated, and I threw those shitty little one shots up there too.
...also bump.
I wonder What everyone reaction will be when they learn Sormbra is living inside of anon.
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File: 1438804275004.gif (523 KB, 500x312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1438235861778.png (789 KB, 1000x1027) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Come on, cucks. Don't leave me here alone.
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>Dat regular updates
p.8 bump
Good night, people. Stay safe. Keep it alive
Problems abound
Problems are what wes looking for
Waiting for glorious writefag to return I need more of your Luna
W-where is muh Fife?
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Please, anon, delete your bumps.
For the record, these two were mine:
I hope that Chinese Moot takes out the limit of deletions.
shit man some of those are heavy. but i guess that is hardly surprising coming from you :|
I never come into these threads, but I laugh every time I see this picture, so thanks for that. Free bump for y'all.
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Well, thanks a lot, anon.
I always find this picture equal to pic related.
Good night people, stay based.
Save bump
>You could tell they both still didn't believe you.
>But you had planned for this, and you had an answer already prepaired.
"Now I know both of you still don't believe me," you say looking at the floor, "but there is a way to convince you."
>Getting up, you make your way over to the walk in closet next to your and Luna's bed.
>Swinging the door open and activating the crystal lamp, you see the proof you were looking for.
>A painting of you clad in a suit of dark blue armor emblazened with Luna's cutie mark standing next to the Princess of the night.
>The more important thing about the painting was the artists signature on the back.
"This is the proof that I have to show you," you say as you re enter the main room again.
>Twilight gasps as she sees the beautiful painting of you.
>You turn the painting around so the pair could see the writing on the back
>It read:
>A gift to the newly wed Prince Anonymous and Princess Luna, I hope you two live happy long lives together. If you both need somepony to talk to,
my door is always open for you. -Silver Streak
>"B-b-but h-h-" Twilight starts to stutter as Spike just stares in shock.
"That isn't the only thing I have from all of those years ago," you say as you can finally see they are starting to believe you, "I also still have the
same armor set from in that painting. It is sitting in that chest at the foot of the bed!"
>You gesture for them to open the chest you spoke of.
>They both get up slowly and make their way over to it.
>When they finish oipening up the lid, they both instantly turn around to look at you.
>"Anon," shouts Spike as he holds up the dragon scale under layer, "why is this made up of dragon scales?!"
"Spike," you say as he stares at you, "I don't want you to go about thinking I killed a dragon for that."
>He gives you a 'don't lie to me' look.
"I was given that by a friend many years ago, right from the scales on her back to be correct. And in fact she should still be in that cave in the Everfree forest.
I will have to take you to meet her one day."
>His face goes from horror to amazed in a matter of seconds.
>Then they both ask the same question in unison, "You knerw a dragon?"
"But that," you tell them as you take the armor and return it to its place, "is a story for another day. And I think you two are finally starting to believe me!"
>Spike looks at Twilight and nods his head.
>Twilight on the other hand, glares at you with a question on her mind.
>"If all of this is true," she asks doubt entering her voive, "then were is the spell that was cast on you? It obviously has to still be around so it can be removed."
>Prepared for her asking this question, you had a response pre-loaded.
"Well Twilight," you say lowering your gaze to the floor, "I know you are probably going to hate me for what I am about to tell you."
>"What do you mean?"
"About nine hundred and eighty five years ago," you say making eye contact, "Starswirl asked me to do destroy that spell and all notes involving it."
>As she gasps at the knowledge you destroyed something she could learn, you continue.
"He asked me to so it would not be the last thing he would be remembered by. And if you don't believe that, Celestia can confirm that I completed my task all of those
years ago."
>Twilight sat there half angry and half shocked that Starswirl would ask anyone to do that, but the truth is the truth no matter how much it hurts.
>Spike has fully closed the chest and has made his way back to his sitting position next to Twlight.
>"If I can ask," he almost whispers and you nod, "what kept you from leaving over the years?"
>You laugh, and motion to the moon with your thumb.
"Because I know she will come back," you state proudly, "and when she does everything will go back to normal. Now, we have a long day ahead of us tomorrow so off to bed with you two!"
>They let out an unsatisfied 'aw' instantly following your sentence, but get up to go.
>You put the cushions they used as chairs back on the bed, but as you put Luna's chair back you stop and open the top drawer of the desk.
>Inside, you see the scrolls you promised to burn all those years ago.
"I'm sorry I failed you old friend," you say as you close the drawer and look down in shame.
>With your happy mood killed from the drawers contents, you make your way back to the queen size bed and fall quickly to sleep.
and on dubs I am back to lurk mode.

And you! You are killing all of us with the cliffhangers!
So the scrolls were just for immortality?

If he is already immortal why would keep the scrolls.
a suggestion: anon is sounding pretty Gary Stu. i wouldn't write anon so perfect and planned. tho if he did plan everything out cause, you know, 1000 years old and all, shouldn't sound quite so desperate to show of his clever plan.
I like it.
I got the feeling even if gary stu, he coming Nightmare wont be pretty
Still waiting.
Why wouldn't he?
Risk, that very spell could be his undoing. If its able to be reversed then someone could use it against him.
And if he disposed of it someone else could use it.
How would they use a spell that doesn't exist?
wow I got some explaining to do now
Well I supposed you were going to explain that anyway
checked, and yes yes i was
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Good night, keep it alive, people.
File: Check 'Em.jpg (47 KB, 626x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Check 'Em.jpg
47 KB, 626x461
Good nighs, Anon.
Also, nice dubs.
yeah, his dubs go all the way up to 11
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Must save filed marriages
celestia pls
File: image.png (1 MB, 900x2700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Celestia gave a sick burn there
>last post 3 hours ago
Where my bamppers at
Sorry I got sleep, and now I go back to that again
My dick is still hard, it's waiting for Loki's next post.
>If you have an erection that lasts more than four hours, seek medical attention.
At this point, you might as well hit up the Guinness Book of World Records.
File: 1440698561463.png (256 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And here I am, Still waiting for Without to update
File: 1441136500409.jpg (794 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
794 KB, 1920x1080
bump for litiriy any content.
I waiting for a nexus update as well
File: 1439746992141.png (407 KB, 1100x1300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
407 KB, 1100x1300
idk why but this picture always pisses me off. Its weird cause Celestia is my waifu too.
File: 1439699333378.jpg (238 KB, 600x946) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
238 KB, 600x946
File: 1439756885200.gif (919 KB, 264x320) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
919 KB, 264x320
calm down!
G'night y'all. Stay based, keep it alive
Welp, going to sleep, for realzies this time.
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Without, Fifen, pls.

I need more evil Twiggles suffering.
Come back guys, we need your green
>evil Twiggles
>Twiggles suffering
I wish we had a new adulterous Twilight story, maybe some crazy combination of Fife's and Without's stories.
Where Anon would be less "muh soldier" and doesn't start new relationships even before divorce.
Where Twilight actually loves Anon but her lust, carelessness from her new royal status and curiosity pushes her to cheating with Flash without any feelings for last one. Where there's more of her POV where she trying to fix the damage.
Where Flash maybe wants to be prince and trying to seduce Twi and kill Anon.
Where Luna/Dash slowly helps Anon and only then starts to make relationships with him.
Where pones treat Anon like a person and not some kind of monster.
Have you read Loki's adulterous Twi story? It seems to fit your criterion for a story, apart from Flash wanting to be prince or being from Twi's POV.
Nah, I don't like all this politics.
All these problems, no greentext
File: Regal.jpg (284 KB, 755x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
284 KB, 755x1024
Apologies, friendo. It's the week before mid-terms and my first Moot, so I've had very little time with all the work preparing for all this stuff.
I'm having a hard time differentiating your wants from the 2 stories you described. they both cover pretty much all that already.
File: Cucks.png (266 KB, 556x341) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
266 KB, 556x341
>My first Moot
Make sure he doesn't cuck you, Loki.
Sorry guys, I was merely pretending to be retarded this will not happen again.
File: 5432743573245.png (433 KB, 799x870) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
433 KB, 799x870
What type of moot is it?, Is it just an extra curricula comp or is it assessment?
Good night, people. Stay based.
I will bump it for you
But both their writefags don't know what to do with their stories, and because of that they are (almost?) kill. Also it would be really amazing to see this in one story, plus with fixing of writing problems of Fife and Without.
That makes me happy in Without's story point of view
File: 5465756735765.png (99 KB, 424x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 424x640
What writing problems?

Based on the criterion you've outlined you want:
>An Anon with no character;
>A Twilight which is identical to the Twilight in both of the stories (I honestly don't see a difference, Twilight seems to 'actually love Anon' in both cases but have been lusty and careless, and is trying to fix the damage);
>Flash to want to be Prince, and try to kill Anon. (Happens in both stories.);
>Luna/Dash slowly help Anon and only then starts to make a relationship with him. (Luna and Anon was a little quick, which is intrinsic to their character arcs, but Dash and Anonymous are not in a relationship.);
>Pones treat Anon like a person (Don't they do that in both stories, apart from Flash and his allies whichever ones those happen to be? Why would Flash's allies treat Anon like anything but garbage?)

I don't really get how what you want is any different, apart from you don't like Anon having any character, or for the characters to have any flaws. You want a cast of bland, featureless mary sues to fill both stories. 'Muh soldier' is sort of intrinsic to his identity in Fife's, and one of his greatest strengths and weaknesses at the same time, and for Without's his rushing into situations without thinking things through seems to be core to the character, and a key part of what he's trying to overcome.
>What writing problems?
For example Fife's story. He made a lot of plotlines which was pointless because he killed Anon after all(and tried to do this several times(!)).

>>An Anon with no character;
If a character has only one feature and nothing else - it's not a good character.
>I honestly don't see a difference
In Without's story she's in love with Flash tho.
>Flash to want to be Prince, and try to kill Anon. (Happens in both stories.);
It's optional.
>Luna and Anon was a little quick
>little quick
It's like they started dating several days after Anon found out Twi's secret.
>Pones treat Anon like a person
In Without's story almost everyone thinks Anon is a monster. In Fife's Celly and Shining didn't like Anon because he's an alien and "too dangerous".

>I don't really get how what you want is any different, apart from you don't like Anon having any character, or for the characters to have any flaws. You want a cast of bland, featureless mary sues to fill both stories.
Yep, you truly didn't really get it.

Also, bump.
Bumping from the cinema.
File: large.png (619 KB, 1280x803) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
619 KB, 1280x803
>For example Fife's story.
Fair enough, it was a little odd. I'm holding out hope that those plot-points may come up again in some way in his earth-life, assuming he returns from the grave, but we'll see.

>If a character has only one feature and nothing else - it's not a good character.
Those character features touch a number of their other portions of their identity, but they are the central flaw underpinning the plot; they're not the entirety of their character, but they're the most important part for the sake of the story.

>In Without's story she's in love with Flash tho.
She was, emphasis on the past tense, in love with Flash, unless I've missed something that seems quite definitely over at this point as she's made a choice, just she made that choice too late.

>It's like they started dating several days after Anon found out Twi's secret.
I recognize that it's morally wrong that Anonymous jumped into a new relationship so quickly, essentially 'rebounding' as it were. But why is this bad for the plot? It seems like something a lot of people do in real life when they feel hurt and betrayed in that way, and is the root for more problems.

>In Without's story almost everyone thinks Anon is a monster. In Fife's Celly and Shining didn't like Anon because he's an alien and "too dangerous".
The Apple Clan certainly doesn't think Anon's a monster in Without's, and in fact if I recall correctly all of the Mane 6 turned on Twi to side with Anon on what happened. In Fife's, yes, Celestia and Shining disliked Anonymous; peoples' in-laws (A qualifier which roughly fits Cel) quite often dislike them, nor do their partner's exes. But the regular city-folk seemed by and large indifferent.

>Yep, you truly didn't really get it.
I sorta agree here. I wasn't like prepared to wait out months for a trickle of a storyline. At first i was strangely obsessed with withoutaname's story, but now i couldn't really care less. Its gone on for so long and I realized it just isn't my thing. The entire story seems so drawn out over so long that I can't follow it anymore. My prediction is that flash dies and twilight commits seppuku and then anon regrets it and fucks luna cause she's now best pony and blah blah blah I'm bored of this shit 3 months after starting it. Its not a song of ice and fire. I'm not going to wait a year to hear a story this short be finished. I'm surprised this general is still around as it is. It'd be easier to name it "cuck general", at least you'd have a bigger base of people.
He killed Anon after making plotlines to prove a point that some writers don't do. You can create branching arcs that will never have answers, because of premature death.
save bump
Drunk waiting on food to be done in the oven bump
>210 posts
>only 17 of them are green
File: How it works.jpg (98 KB, 397x524) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
How it works.jpg
98 KB, 397x524
It's extracurricular, but as I'm planning to work for the Crown once I'm practicing it's pretty important that I have good oral advocacy credentials which are typically evidenced by engaging in mooting activities.

Gotta build up that CV, The Ministry is apparently pretty exclusive about hiring. And I'd hate to not get to wear that bitchin' robe Crowns get to wear all the time.
You can always leave anon.
File: Alpha Protocol.webm (2 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Alpha Protocol.webm
2 MB, 1280x720
File: Nice robes.jpg (33 KB, 545x365) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nice robes.jpg
33 KB, 545x365
Those robes look pretty good.
>. At first i was strangely obsessed with withoutaname's story, but now i couldn't really care less. Its gone on for so long and I realized it just isn't my thing. The entire story seems so drawn out over so long that I can't follow it anymore.
> I'm bored of this shit 3 months after starting it. Its not a song of ice and fire. I'm not going to wait a year to hear a story this short be finished.
This. That's why we need a new writefag.
Wow Anon, you just put into writing exactly the way I'm feeling right now.

I think I'll do an archive search in a year, maybe the story will be finished by then...
Joking aside, yes, we need another writefag.
Also, can someone find BNW, he said he had something for us in the previous thread.
Man, people on Gamefaqs are so fucking retarded.

>It's extracurricular, but as I'm planning to work for the Crown

You are a braver man than I am, Crown law is brutal still If you ever become a judge I will relish looking back on your delicious greens as you churn out dry judgments.
I think Anon can be 'muh soldier' only if it pushes the story forward. In Fife's it worked. Not perfectly but it worked.

Twilight cheating for anything but manic curiousity is already out of character. Lust isn't her thing. She's already OOC in that regard in the first place; I still love her going off the deep end for the sake of the 'relationship'

Flash is obvious villain and is obvious. What if Flash were on Anon's side? Be a guard, and get pulled into this fling because your earth-self flirted with her while she was desperate in a new environment? Get reassigned by Prince armor or somepony else who orders you to fuck twilight; you disobey, sister fucks you anyways.

Anon's a FUCKING ALIEN. Can't expect much better.

Most importantly, not in these stories, but in most, Anon is too forgiving. In Without's it's better, but isn't it reeeeealy Gary Stu to have attempted to forgive/live with/ be around cheating wife in the first place? I mean, what if he got violently defensive if ever around her when the trust is broken?

What if Pinkie Pie detected his wife's lust for another and told him before he even caught her?
File: 1438619893171.jpg (738 KB, 800x1131) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
738 KB, 800x1131

> You are Twilight Sparkle.
> Your head hurts..
> Your back hurts..
> Your wings hurt..
> By Celestia, everything hurts..
> But you'll keep going to buy Cadence time to free Anonymous.
> Pushing your hooves to the floor, your achy body rises as you continue to take in deep breaths of air.
> 'He doesn't love you anymore, you know that right?.. He avoids the very thought of you..' the bass in his voice grips your heart as your head rises.
> You stare straight ahead, where he stood only moments ago, now peering into nothingness.
> 'I think you do.. But you can't accept it.'
His voice comes from just beside you echoing slightly.
> 'Because if you had to accept it.. It would mean that you failed. Not only as a wife, but as a Princess as well. What would the ponies think?... Your friends?
.. Celestia?.. All the nonsense you represent, everything that everypony believes you to be, gone..' it feels as if a rusty knife twists in your heart.
"That's enough!" You turn to the direction of the voice while your horn illuminates, shooting off a weak beam in it's direction.
> You hit nothing as it fades into darkness.
> Your horn dims as frustration grows in you.
> 'And your parents?.. What would they say?.. How ashamed they must be to have raised such a selfish little~' the voice that came from behind you is cut off by your about face and scream.
" I said that's enough! " You rise with a few flaps of your wings firing another weakly charged shot in the direction of the voice, once more hitting nothing.
> Your breathing becomes more erratic as you scan the area frantically and wide eyed.

> 'You were so accustomed to having such absolute control over everything and everypony. Always with a plan. Always with your little friends to follow your orders.. Everything to go your way all the time. And then you made your mistakes.. your choices with Flash... Now you're not in control anymore... Now you're the bad one in all of this. And it's driving you mad. This has little to do with Anonymous, and more to do with you saving face.. Saving your grip on control.. It's clear as day..' The voice explained with slow intentional pacing.
> You continue to look around trying to locate a source as it speaks.
> His words were maddening as you searched.
> They weren't true.
> They couldn't be...
"You're wrong!" Is all you're able to muster.
> 'Heh.. of course. That's why you are here fighting with me. To give your poor Anonymous a chance to escape with Princess Cadence. Like a good little filly trying to make things right.' It responds sounding humored.
> You lower down to your hooves trying to mask your look of shock while the chilling realization settled.
> He knew what you were trying to do..
> You turn your head to Cadence and Anonymous some distance away.
> 'Oh? You really think I didn't know?.. How adorably naive!' He chuckles lightly.
> 'Would you like to know what they're talking about? ' He begins to take a vague smokey form beside you facing them as well.
> You don't answer as your eyes remained fixed on Anonymous.
> 'Well I'll let you know anyway... He just told Cadence that Luna must be worried sick about him..' His smile remains as he watches you fight your devastation.
> Your lungs forget how to take breath for a moment as your eyes begin to sting and well.
> 'That's right Twilight.. Luna..'
"B-But..." Your mouth moves, wanting to speak.
> Wanting to say anything at all.
> But the weight behind the crushing statement robbed you of the ability to.
> You were here risking your life fighting with... A ghost? A demon?..

> And he was worried about Luna?..
> 'So who's protecting who, young Alicorn. Are you protecting him from me?... Hmm I wonder..' the sharp tooth grin crosses it's faint features.
> A feeling of isolation, of complete solitude begins to invade you as your desperate stare remains on Anonymous.
> A chill takes you at the thought of not being able to change his mind.
> A cold slap of reality, that you truly may have lost him.
> You are Anon.
> Your brow furrows as faint familiar voices enter your ears.
> "We will help you Spike.."
> "Thanks Luna!" The unmistakable voices of Spike and Luna clearly rings.
> Spike!
> He must be trying to help Luna get you guys out too.
> Your heart aches knowing what's awaits you when you wake.
> More pain..
> More disappointment..
> "Anon?" Cadence's concerned voice snaps you out of your thoughts.
"Huh?.. Oh.." You notice she glances back once more.
> She has to have noticed by now.
> There's no way she didn't..
> She probably thinks you're some type of monster too..
> Saying what needs to be said to escape.
> Your hand rubs your sore chest uncomfortably.
"Listen, Cadence.. I've been having some real trouble understanding this. With what's happening to me and all.. It's not my doing." Her attention fixes back on you as you clumsily trip over your words trying to find some kind of explanation.
"I guess what I'm trying to say is... I guess.. Try to have some understanding.. Some ~" A nauseating pull from your core halts your words.
> You stagger slightly trying to keep your balance as you feel the world around you spin.
> "Anon?!" Cadence offers a hoof to balance you.
> 'It seems our time here is being rudely interrupted. Before they try to get in your head.. Before they turn on you.. Remember our words. They will hurt you. They will hurt us.. They will fear what they don't understand. And understand us, they will not.' He speaks with a sence of finality, a sence of pleading.

> No smugness, or humor that usually accompanied his tone.
> For some reason, it made you believe him to a point..
> In your clouded mind, you still knew he was right.
> You are Luna.
> You have not a clue what the tiny dragon is doing, but if the efforts are to help your dear Anonymous, you'll help.
> "I uh... I guess.. let's get the thing between them?. Ya let's do that!" His obvious doubt makes your expression involuntarily drop.
"Are you quite sure that is how this works?.." You do your best not to sound too doubtful.
> "Doesn't hurt to try!" His motivation picks up as he tries to wedge the crystal shield between your love and the brat.
> You can't help but to glance back to Celestia and Shining in disbelief of this plan.
> Shining watches curiously as his two Crystal Empire Guards watch with a determination and belief in their own home town hero.
> Celestia simply nods to you calmly.
> With a quiet sigh and stare to the floor, you raise your foreleg to help Spike wedge the shield between them.
> With a few wiggles and repositioning, it begins to slide between them.
"What are we supposed to be looking~"
> Your words become caught in your throat as the shield flashes light blue and maintains its own aura.
> "Woah!" Spike falls back.
> By the stars is it working?!
> A slight groan comes from Anonymous as his brow furrows.
> It has to be working!
"Anonymous!" You accidentally yell desperately and wide eyed, scanning him for further response.
> "Cadence! Hun?!" The sound of Shining's emotional outburst turns your head in their direction.
> You notice she turns her head into his chest a little as well with a grimace.
> When you turn back you notice Celestia took to Spikes side scanning Twilight with worried eyes.
> "Twi? C'mon! Wake up!" Spike pleads.
> You notice a tear or two spill from her closed eyes, adding to her already unkempt appearance.

> You start to become impatient, expecting them to wake up, or at least give some sort of indication sooner.
> Drawing a long inhale you make up your own mind.
"We are going to try something. The spell should have weakened enough!" You speak loudly and sternly to be heard over the humming tone of the shield that still produced it's own aura.
> "Sister! Do not rush into what you do not understand!" Celestia tries to warn you.
"We understand that he needs help! That is all we need to know!" Your expression says you're determined to do it anyway.
> Celestia turns back to Twilight with a sence of defeat, knowing she will proceed regardless of her opinion.
"Ok Anonymous, come back to us.." Your horn illuminates a deep midnight hue as you focus on him once more.
> Finding what you focused on to teleport him from the burning barn, and to your room, you try once more enveloping him in your aura
> You use the spell gritting your teeth slightly as the aura pulses slightly.
> "Unng.." is heard from him as his back arced away from Twilight a little.
> Though he failed to teleport, he did move!
> An excited exhale leaves you noticing this.
> Oh stars! It's working!
> You try once more.
> Another grunt leaves him as a space opens between them.
> "You can do it Luna!" The unexpected cheer from the small dragon encourages you.
> Emboldened by his cheer you give it one final effort.
> Your jaw muscles clench your teeth tightly as you concentrate.
> The aura around him contracts tightly around him before~
> A few gasps from the room enter your ears.
A-another cliffhanger? Muh heart cannot take it anymore, mighty writefag

> Followed by a loud clank of a crystal shield falling from the bed.
> It had nothing to hold it up as Anonymous was no longer there to support it.
> He now laid on the floor at the foot of the bed, face down.
> You couldn't hear or see anything else besides for him, even though a commotion was occurring on both sides of you.
> Scampering like a filly to his side you drop to the floor next to him.
"Anonymous? Dear?.." you say with a sence of both excitement and fear, placing a foreleg around him attempting to turn him in your direction gently.
> It already felt better that you were able to touch him now, though you were having trouble moving his deadweight.
> He was still very out of it.
> A small pat from little green feet jumping from the bed distracts your efforts.
> Spike stands at the corner of the bed holding a pillow from it.
> "Why are you calling him dear?" He approaches you with the pillow.
"Well.. uh.. um." You're not ready for this.
> "Here, let me help!" He puts the pillow under Anon's head with care.
> "I have a little experience with this." He grunts as he begins to roll him from his stomach to his side.
> "Yup!.. It's called guys night out, heh." He seems to be holding a nostalgic smile, forcing the weight of the severity of the situation away.
> "Every now and then. He tries to keep up with Big Mac. Well, tries to anyway." He fixes his pillow keeping Anonymous on his side facing you.
> Spike stands beside you facing Anonymous with a small smile.
> Placing a small clawed hand atop his head he speaks to you while facing him.
> "I knew you could do it Luna! I don't know what me and Twi would have done if we lost him" he turns to you with a warm genuine smile.
> It feels like it's breaking your heart.
> As much as you didn't care for Twilight, you could clearly see how much Anonymous meant to Spike.
> As bold of a front this dragon put on, he truly was an innocent creature.
Nao dassit. Sorry I'm losing people/people aren't enjoying it. I know my update rate sucks. I'm doing what I can when I can.
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Good update, Without, as always. Keep it up, fagget
File: 1425586434602.jpg (16 KB, 500x289) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 500x289
Thanks brotato.
Gotta say though, you've got a bad habit of just showing up, dropping green, and disappearing without a word.

Speaking of niggas MIA, where the fuck is Fife and AMP?

Thanks friend. I'll keep trying.

I don't mean to. If I had more time to post it would be with updates. I try to pop on with a quick lurk daily. I'll try to let that be known more if you want. Weekends are tough for me because significant other is always around.
Nah, you ain't gotta do all that. I'm just saying it's just a bit disorienting, you know? Like when a friend you haven't seen in a couple months shows up unannounced on a weekend off with several two-foot hoagies and two cases of your favorite beer, you both binge on Top Gear and Parts Unknown for the weekend, and he leaves for an unspecified amount of time with a simple "later, bro".

I gotta stop doing that shit to my friends.
Uh, oh.
Woohoo having a rough day and jump on to see Without posted.
Not that bad a day afterall.
So we finally moving out of the dream part and into the scenes where we see Spikes world shatter cause of Twi and execute Flash for treason?
Honestly, at this point I'd rather the thread just die and pop up once a month or so for large dumps, cause these short sporadic updates are pretty much killing my interest in the stories.
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Coup De Retard.jpg
1 MB, 2560x1920
In the words of the retard beside this kekless wonder,
File: 1437515355873.png (3 MB, 2560x1600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2560x1600
>I'm losing people/people aren't enjoying it
Trust me, we still enjoy your green, Without. It's always good to see your work after shitty day.
Good update, still cant wait to see everyone's reaction to sombra
Good night, people, stay based.
uh... then most people would never find it tho. i know i would miss them.
I actually like that show though.
A few of the seasons were a bit shit because they were trying to go for a lighthearted tone but that came off as cringy as fuck. I'm glad they got more serious.
Didn't the ghost hunter people get in a shootout in Arizona or something?
Ghost Adventures did go to Tombstone, Arizona and reenact a shootout as part of the shot for tourists.
I live 2 hours from Tombstone and they do cool stuff like that on a daily basis.
>as part of a shot
I hate touchscreen keyboards.
>> A cold slap of reality, that you truly may have lost him.
Jealous Twi is best Twi.
File: 1439792160288.png (149 KB, 274x318) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 274x318
> A cold slap of reality, that you truly may have lost him.
She took this fucking long to realize that.
File: 1437460440547.gif (395 KB, 200x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
395 KB, 200x150
I hope she won't be just like: Oh welp, I've lost Anon. It's time to find new bf.
File: 1444438215849.webm (3 MB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 640x360
Why not? Anon did
wellyou keep udating atleast. but you should update once a mounthwith a huge one rather than small (well done but could use a bit more work) a week or so
broken keyboard and on another note i got the feeling twi is becoming something "discorded" Pic related
File: Yes I do.jpg (73 KB, 614x572) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Yes I do.jpg
73 KB, 614x572
If Twi's getting discorded, then where's Chrysalis in all this?

I just hope that NMM and Sombra aren't a coordinated effort. That would be SO corny. Coincidental villains who see each other as threats and wouldn't touch each other- accidentally helping each other is kinda cool.
>"Oh Flaaaaaash..."
Good night, my lovely faggets. Stay based.
>Anon did
And I goddamn hate it.
Bump b4 bed. 4 real this time.
You see the problem was that the comfort from luna was alright. but when it dived into romance territory, it got me all kinds of awkward.
so this thread is still alive
Undead, just in time for Halloween!
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Why am I so addicted to heartache? I've read maybe 3-4 twi stories back to back now.
>in the midst of flash pounding her now-single ass, twilight made a follow-up realization
>she can fuck Flash all she wants now
>there's nothing wrong with it
>nothing taboo
>she promptly teleports him outside without even waiting for him to pull out
>leaning out the window
"don't come here anymore"
>without the excitement of cheating, it just wasn't interesting to her
>twilight pondered what she could do to get her off now?
>cucking her husband was her go-to thing
"i know!"
"spiiiiike, get your underage butt over here"

why did i do this?
>why did i do this?
I don't know m8, but that was fun.
twi as wanton deviant

>spike wouldn't have any of it
"damnit, what will I do now?"
>goin out every evening to find a new one night stand doesn't work. pones are too sexually liberated for that to be taboo
>twi tries to seduce a few of the married stallions in town but finding one that will cheat is almost unheard of
>getting desperate to get off, she spends every day looking for a new husband she can cuck
>but word got around, and no stallions will have her
>despite her royal standing and promises of wealth, exciting and easy living and alicorn poon
>finds "The Big Book Of Fetishes" in the library, but nothing written in it is taboo either
>well, almost anything
>only taboo fetish in the book is scat
>but no-one in ponyville is that fucked
>has to go to germaneigh, home of the poop fetish, to find a stallion to partake
>finally cums
>but she quickly finds out they're all perverts there so it isn't taboo either
>comes home smelling funny and working on another case of blueclit
I could get used to this funny shorts.
well i'm happy to hear that, cause i thought the second one kinda lost the plot no pun intended

>a few weeks later, salvation literally showed up on her doorstep
>long before she met anon, before she was a princess, she had secret slam buddy
>a member of Equestria's greatest enemy
>a changeling
>no-one even knew about changelings yet since they hadn't attacked canterlot
>but purplesmart figured it out
>oddly it wasn't the idea of having a sexual partner who could look like anyone
>no, she wanted to fuck the changeling as himself
>not only harbouring the enemy but giving it a shag
>oh treason got her off even more than simple taboo
>but then they attacked, and were blown away
>twilight spend a hellish few months desperate for release
>it was in this time that she met anon
>fucking an unknown creature from another world wasn't quite as hot as an enemy of the state, but it was good enough
>his proposal came just in time
>pones had gotten used to anon and learned to like him
>they were no longer weirded out by him
>so the attraction was fast disappearing
>she actually started to turn down the proposal
>the idea of cheating on him came just in time
>she could still backpedal out of it
>cheating, even with just a coltfriend, was an abhorrent idea to virtually all pones
"yes, this will do nicely" she thought

>but those days were long past now
>her post-anon salvation came in the form of her old changeling pet stumbling back into ponyville
>things were actually pretty good for several months
>she'd get her rocks off once a week, then her secret fucktoy would slink back into the everfree
>but alas, once again her bean was living on borrowed time
>because this wasn't the only changeling that had come back
>turns out canterlot saw a number return, openly, to ask for forgiveness and help
>pones being terribly nice creatures, agreed
>granted they're skittish creatures too, so it took a while
The Misadventures of Taboo Twilight
>when twilight saw an open changeling at the Donkey's wedding she had a moment of panic
>thought her stupid little love slave had developed feelings for her, and followed her to canterlot
>and in his love-starved she only just managed to keep him alive by concentrating on how she loved how he made her feel, she didn't actually love him stupor forgot a disguise
>how was she supposed to know it wasn't hers? they all look the same
>once things were cleared up, and she heard they were now accepted, she deflated immediately
>that wasn't gonna get her off no more

sorry, that turned more sad and mean than funny :|
Her suffering is funny.
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Depression Quest.png
22 KB, 236x236
Good nights, thread, stay alive.
>being one of the most gifted pones ever to live, twilight decided to study her own behaviour, find out what was causing this destructive need, and address it
>except she is also a fucking moron, so instead she took the most obvious route of looking to replicate the conditions of her last bean party
>thankfully for her, relations with the diamond dogs were still strained
>they weren't nearly as evil an enemy as the changelings had been, but still enough that she figured taking some doggy D may be good for a maregasm
>unfortunately for her, the pack that had been near ponyville had worked that mine dry and moved on
>even more unfortunately, the long walk back from their new home was especially hard with a sore rear end
>turns out diamond dogs have pretty rough sex
>and that knot fucking hurt
>she wondered if Rarity had lied or was just a massive, stretched out sub
>to add insult to injury, she now had an extra bad case of bluebean
>she had been SO close to cuming when that knot got pounded in and put a prompt end to that idea
>all those stories she had read that talked about "pain and pleasure" were written by inexperienced basement dwellers, she decided
>she would remove all of those from the library as soon as she got back to her castle
>she considered writing her own, accurate, clopfic based on her experience
>but last time she distributed one of her works to other libraries, several of them were burned down in the ensuing cleanse
>a couple weeks later she couldn't take it anymore
>made another attempt with her backup plan, the griffins
>political tensions were running high with the griffins threatening to annex some land along the border
>she really had to work hard to actually get a griffin interested though
>they just weren't randy like dogs
>when she finally got one going, she was relieved to find no knot
"all this pent up hormones must be affecting my cognitive norm, i should have researched pone/-nonpone penile compatibility before I left" she thought
>actually finds catbird cock kinda small, but that's fine with her
>still kinda sore from the dog anyway
>everything going good, getting a good (if noise) pounding from this almost-enemy
>yeah, this is good. almost there!
>griffin cums... and the claws come out
>horsepussy ok this time, but her back not so much
>6 nice long scratches starting to ooze blood
"oh dear"
>purple smart may be ok with just about any weird fetish the equestria and beyond
>but she don't do so well with blood
>has to stay in griffonia for a week while the scratches heal enough that they aren't visible through her thin fur anymore
>she may love fucking the enemy but doesn't want to trigger a war
>and she can't admit how it happened because she's already on the edge of being ostracised in equestria due to her cuckoldry
>thinks when she's done dealing up she'll give it another try, just making sure her partner has his talons wrapped first
>but 2 days in she gets word that her friends and the princesses are worried about where she's disappeared to
>has to send a message to cover her ass
>says she went to griffonia to attempt diplomatic relations
>Celestia is relieved and proud of Twilight for taking on this princessy role
"ugh, if she only knew"
>unintentionally, this spurs on new talks between the capitols and relations quickly improve
>so much so that by the time she's healed, the griffins have been taken off the enemy list
Twilight, uniting the world through her taboo fetish.
These are fun, m8.
Gas twilight, sparkle war now
Bad joke, tbh
>twilight was running short on ideas
>she had taken a second trip through the book o fetishes and tried a few of the more extreme ones
>none really worked.
>diapers... nah, she'd already tried shit once, and some things were just too gross to be sexy
>vore... only creature that could pull that off were the dragons, but they weren't about to eat an alicorn
>they may be the biggest, most fearsome creatures there are, but they knew not to risk the wrath of the sun and moon goddesses
>she tried pleading, but none were willing to take the risk
>besides which, was it really all that sexy if the creature eating her wasn't into it?
>there was one item twilight thought had promise: rape
>not to rape somepone, that would be horrible... but to be raped
>this was an odd one among pone kind
>at once about the most terrifying idea for a prey species, and yet, if a particular pone's mind were bent just the right way, incredibly alluring
>problem was... how do you get raped in equestria?
>no-one would do such a thing
>she tried anyway
>but given how recognizable she was, nopone would even send bedroom eyes her way
>she tried a disguise, but frankly nopone was buying it
>other species though... she new pones all looked the same to some creatures
>a hairdo that covered her horn and a casual saddle that covered her wings would work
>she thought better of trying diamond dogs again
>griffins could work though
Why isn't this in the OP yet?
It's reallly fun and sad toread this. Keep going, m8.
>Muh waifu
It's a bad joke bacause of the play of words. And purpleshit isn't my waifu.
Stop being Tsundere about your waifu
File: 1438482060922.jpg (76 KB, 495x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
76 KB, 495x600
File: 1413691579115.gif (415 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
415 KB, 500x500
I am a horsefucker, lad.
File: 1439490997177.png (317 KB, 600x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
317 KB, 600x337
Good nights, faggots. Stay alive.
>their aggressive culture ought to mean rape wasn't out of the question, and she knew from her last excursion that they were down to have sex with a pone
>she'd just have to make sure her saddle had good coverage on her back
>and not to use one of the saddles from Rarity since she'd have to explain where it disappeared to
>confidant she wouldn't be gone for a week this time, twilight was able to just sneak off one evening for a quick flight to the border unannounced
>arriving in the large griffin city as the sun went down, she looked for the seediest area of town
"this is perfect!"
>a few bars and other entertainment venues lined the street
>a couple places boarded up, and several stores closed for the night
>and lots of dark, dead end alleyways
>twilight began walking, as daintily as she could, up and down the street
>she got one cat call from a rather intoxicated catbird on a patio but he didn't follow through
>after a half hour, finally a griffin approached her, threw a couple lines her way
>twilight may not have been a trained actress but she thought she played the part of timid, not-out-looking-for-D mare #1 well
>but once her character had indicated she wasn't accepting his advances, he wished her a good night and moved on
"...what just happened?"
>hours later, the last patron had been kicked out of the bar and stumbled off the block
>she was alone, and unraped
>a few others had approached her, including one ladybird (not her thing but she would take what she could get at this point) but the pattern was always the same
>sitting alone on the street going over the night's events in her head twilight finally realized the awful truth:
>when she triggered the recent peace with equestria, the magic of friendship had come with it
>griffins had, almost overnight, become a far kinder species
>not so much that rape was gonna disappear from their ranks, but nogrif was gonna risk the newfound, and so far profitable, peace by victimizing a pone
>foiled again
>she was alone, and unraped
running out of ideas here
loki, wan, ...fife? we need all three of ya. cause if this thread dies i suspect the chance of your stories continuing just in PB or AiE is slim. death of a thread almost always means death of the story.
File: Maximum tired.gif (164 KB, 421x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Maximum tired.gif
164 KB, 421x412
I just finished midterm week, so I can start writing again. I have a citation test on Monday, but that's a bit different to Crim, Torts & Constitutional law.

I'll see if I can't squeak out the lewds today.
Oh, you fag.
File: hypethrusters.gif (2 MB, 420x264) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 420x264
good, cause u my fav writefag though i really like the others too. sorry but our relationship cannot be exclusive. i hope you are ok with that. signed, your readslut
Awkward adorables are best adorables.
> internal squee intensifies

>no u

Trying to get something done. It might be an 'elsewhere/meanwhile ' update. Overtime is killing me.

I know I suck, sorry. And as far as the negative feedbacks. I don't mind it, I'd appreciate constructive criticism rather than the omg ur updatez r so laet.
The rush to Luna thing was kind of meant to be there. It's not a moral ideal situation. It's a story. I'll try to check in more. But if I lost that many on it I'll wrap it up. It's getting there anyway. I really am trying. Thanks to those that stick with it.
>if I lost that many
i seriously doubt it.
File: Lewd.png (376 KB, 1280x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
376 KB, 1280x960
Evidently writing out such a scene requires more time than I had realized. I've finished off the foreplay, but it seems wrong to just post the foreplay and not the act, and I am in dire need of recovery sleeps.

I'll get 'er up tomorrow, as early as possible. It'll be a long 'un.

Sorry friendiddles.
File: 1431570580060.jpg (190 KB, 500x735) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 500x735
'ey Loki. I don't know if anybody's asked you this yet, but is 'irrespective' your favourite word or summat? I've just noticed it pops up with a surprising consistency in your collective works.
<serious answer>cause it was written before this thread</serious answer>
<even more serious answer>but holy shit it really should be. that is easily in the running for most heartbreaking marital problems story here. i think i may need several drinks after reading that. ouch. in some ways very well written too. really immersive. there are problems with the writing, particularly timelines frequently not matching up, and by the end i hate damn near every character involved, cause they all fucking suck in their own ways. but man, the feels...</even more serious answer>
File: 1439690710708.gif (210 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
210 KB, 450x450
That's an irrespective question, tbh.
Good night, people. Stay based.
File: Cool.png (104 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well, I've used it 21 times in the 200000 words in this story, and 19 times in the 92000 words of Advisor Anon. 21/200000 and 19/92000 do not seem like terribly high frequencies?

I'm usually pretty open to critiques of my over-use of words, but this one doesn't strike me as one I've particularly abused.
Write. Story. Fagget.
File: 1422593095625.jpg (40 KB, 400x502) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 400x502


only here, not your story :)
I... don't understand your message...
I bet it's going to be cute as fuck.
Is there a way to make this place less spoopy?
File: 16.gif (35 KB, 58x139) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 58x139
I'm spooked
File: FluffyLestia.jpg (109 KB, 1280x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
109 KB, 1280x1024
Finding pictures and editing was far too annoying. I'll give 'er the once over for the bin later, but for now...
Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/ML51EaaS
> The second you walked out of the bathroom, you were rather struck by the absolute darkness of your room.
> The only light casting out into the room being from the balcony, and from the flickering candlelight of the bathroom.
> “The sun’s down? So quickly?”
> Looking over your shoulder, you could barely make out the details of your fuzzball of a wife with the dim light.
> She’s looking rather surprised.
“Does it need to be slow? You seem to move it pretty quickly every now and again.”
> She bites her lip, but shakes her head.
> “It should be fine… I try to avoid being so sudden. Plus, that means I’m going to have to start pretending I can use my magic again.”
> That sounded unsure. But you have much more important things to be focusing on right now.
> … Important things you weren’t quite sure how to tackle.
> You’re drawing a blank on your whole playbook right now as you stare back at Celestia, who’s making a concentrated effort to look anywhere but at you.
> She’s cute when she’s awkward.
> Looking back to the darkened room, you decide to take it one step at a time.
> Couldn’t bang in the absolute darkness like this, right?
“So, candles?”
> After all, you’d hate to gore yourself on her horn in the middle of the act because you didn’t notice it.
> She gives a little affirmative noise, and gestures over towards a cabinet.
> “Candles.”
> The candlelight makes it feel a little more romantic.
> There was a fascinating little torch-like object in the drawer, which when brought up to the candles around the room ignited them for you.
> You’d intentionally not hit the full scope of the candles, it gave a better ambiance.
> Not enough light to really make the room bright, but just enough to make it comfortable.
> It’s a little odd, really, to consider that they even needed to be ignited. Every other time you’d come here they were already lit.
> But then, the servant-types couldn’t have known the sun would abruptly disappear today.
> “This feels nice.”
> Looking over, you see Celestia still rigidly still watching you move around with only the towel around your waist.
> Fuck, she looks cute all fluffy like that in this light.
“That it does. We should probably close that balcony door, though. There’s a bit of a chill.”
> She nods, still seemingly trying to think out her plan of attack.
> You assume that’s what she’s thinking through, anyway.
> It’s what you’re desperately trying to think, and drawing a complete blank on.
> Door closed. Blinds drawn.
> “So…”
> You take a deep breath, steadying your nerves.
> 1
> You place a bit of mirth in your tone, looking over your shoulder at her with a smile.
> She tries to force a smile back to you, but you can tell she’s uncomfortable not knowing how to move things forward.
> How to get what she wants.
> …
> You should probably just relax, and maybe she’ll do the same.
> Probably best to not play this like a game, like you did that first time.
> Just to let it flow.
“What do you want to do?”
File: If you want to....png (1 MB, 1024x1369) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
If you want to....png
1 MB, 1024x1369
> The statement seems to surprise her, and finally gets her to look at you.
> Moving forward, you walk over to the bed and sit on the side of it, leaning back onto your arms and staring at her.
> She stutters for a moment, falling all over her words.
“Relax, Cel. It’s not a trick question.”
> For a moment, that almost seems to make things worse as she shakes a little bit.
> But with a deep breath, and a sigh, she seems to steady her nerves for a moment.
> “I… if you wanted to stop at what we did in the shower, I won’t complain.”
> … that almost sounds like she’s turning you down.
> But you’re pretty sure that-
> “Not that I want to stop there or anything, just that if you wanted to then I would be alright, and I don’t want you to feel pressured or anything.”
> That was quick.
> Apparently she does start talking fast when she’s nervous.
> When she’s nervous and not drunk, at least.
“I see. Here I was worried you suddenly weren’t interested.”
> She lets out a little shocked gasp.
> “No! Never! I mean, I… I’m still interested.”
> The little squeak she lets off after the beginning of that sentence makes your heart flutter.
> It’s hard keeping a smirk off your face at this.
> It’s hilarious in the context of her sexual advances up until this point.
“How exactly would you have handled the situation if I took that riding crop earlier?”
> She makes a little squeak sound as her wings ruffle by her sides.
> “I… I don’t, I mean, I would have…”
> She bites her tongue suddenly, and her eyes finally manage to pull themselves away from you to look over to a desk.
> And suddenly, she loses whatever nerve she has.
> “We should probably do this another time…”
> Wait, what?
> You almost feel dumbfounded as you watch her walk over towards her desk, and almost mechanically pull out a quill in her teeth.
> “I mean, I had a lot of paperwork to get done anyway, with the city falling apart and everything… we probably shouldn’t be wasting time.”
> She immediately presses forward a hoof to the paper, pulling it out onto the table.
> Wasting time…
> You’re quite talented at that.
> Perhaps you ought to remind her.
> Stealthily, you creep off the bed, and move towards her with all of the skill you had utilized getting into the shower without her attention.
> And you manage to sneak up right behind Cel, whose focus is so absolutely consumed by the nonsense she’s writing on the paper she has no idea how to react.
> “I don’t want to pressure- Eeep!”
> The most adorable little squeak escaped her as you quite carefully lifted her off the ground from behind, your arms linked under her legs.
> Very carefully planned to avoid agitating her wound any further.
> But fuck if it isn’t hard, she’s heavy as hell.
> She flails uselessly in your grasp as you carry her over towards the bed, stumbling over words of complaint without managing to form a coherent sentence.
> And you quite gently lay her down on the bed, where her mumbling stops and she just stares up at you wide-eyed.
> Like someone with a bow and arrow pointed at them.
“I can tell you still want to do things. I can smell it.”
File: Eep!.jpg (645 KB, 2340x3674) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
645 KB, 2340x3674
> It was true.
> Even out here, the scent was mixing with the vanilla wafting through the room.
> “You can!?”
> Seems when she’s in the mood and embarrassed her voice goes up a few octaves and gets a hell of a lot more squeaky.
> And that’s certainly a new shade of red she’s just turned.
“I can. I was able to smell it in the shower too.”
> She ‘eeps’ once more, her wings splaying out by her sides.
> “I thought you couldn’t smell stuff like that. You’re supposed to have a weak sense of smell…”
> She pauses for a moment, before continuing with further embarrassment.
> “And I thought the water would disguise the other… bit.”
> You stifle a chuckle.
> She’s certainly getting quite good at using euphemisms for everything. ‘Stuff,’ ‘bit.’
> You wonder if when she’s a bit more experienced she’ll be more comfortable using proper language, or if this was going to be the way you talked about sex from here-on out.
> But nevertheless, you make a little circle motion with your hand.
“So I know you want to do this, and I’m in the mood too. But it’ll require some preparation.”
> Her eyes look down at the towel wrapped around your waist, that small little barrier between her and you.
> She’s shaking again, as she keeps her eyes locked on her hooves.
> You wonder if it’s nerves or excitement.
> Probably a little bit of both, based on what you know of her desires.
“So turn around, missus, and let me take care-”
> “No!”
> She says it loudly, and suddenly looks up at you with a defiant look.
> You’re taken aback by her sudden confidence.
> She seems just as surprised by it for a moment, before she swallows and manages to get control of her tone.
> “I mean, I… I’d like to do things for you. First.”
> You allow confusion to etch itself into your features.
“You mean…?”
> She traces her hoof in little circles on the bed, still trying to keep her eyes locked with the floor.
> “I mean… you should let me do stuff to you. Before we do… that.”
> She does this rolling gesture with her hooves when she says ‘stuff,’ as though it’s somehow more specific than just ‘things.’
> And the rolling gesture concludes with pointing quite obviously to your cock.
> After which she promptly falls flat on the bed with her hooves over her eyes as she finally manages to force out the last word.
> It’s adorable how she struggles to get out the words.
> And so… you push for a little more of that.
“I’m afraid I have no idea what you mean by ‘stuff.’”
> You try to say it as deadpan as possible, but you’re sure a little smug intonation snuck through.
> A single eye peeks up with a glare from behind her hoof-wall.
> “You know what I mean by stuff.”
> The accusatory tone she takes brings a smile to your face.
> Gently, you turn around and sit beside her on the bed, running your hand along her back.
> Carefully avoiding her now stiff wings.
“I’m afraid you’ll need to use some more specific terminology.”
> That pout.
> She almost starts a sentence, before cringing and letting out a little whine.
> She can't say it.
> “You’re a jerk.”
> She’s right, but you probably should not be a jerk for her first time with any of this stuff.
> If she really wants to do that…
> Who are you to stop her?
> Abruptly, you fall back into the plush cushioned bed, folding your arms behind your head and staring up at the ceiling.
> Fuck, you’re actually doing this.
“Fine, feel free to ‘explore’ then.”
> Pulling over a pillow, you place it under your head to prop yourself up as you stare down at her.
> That powerful scent is even stronger back here, closer to her flank.
> For a moment, your eyes are drawn off to the side, and you notice her tail hitched over to the side.
> Apparently the anticipation has been enough to get her in the mood.
> But then, you suppose the first time you were about to have sex you were ready to fire long before any actual touching happened.
> Her eyes locked with the towel, and your package resting beneath it.
> Slowly, carefully, she leans over her head towards it, her eyes periodically snapping over towards you as though checking for approval before returning to the task at hand.
> Until she eventually manages to get there, and her teeth gently bite the lip of the towel.
> One last moment of hesitation, as she looks up towards you, and you give her a little nod.
> She gently pulls it up, unfolding the towel and exposing your semi-erect member to the open air of the room once again.
> And almost immediately, she shuffles around on the bed so that she’s properly facing you, rather than this awkward parallel position you were in.
> Excitement seems to be coursing through her as she does it.
> Like she’s got some new toy.
> And immediately, you feel her hooves wrap around either side of your cock.
> Her hooves feel somewhat harder than the one did in the shower, firmer in some way.
> Not by much, but definitely noticeable.
> Yet it still feels quite good as her gentle touch starts moving along your semi-erect member.
> Someday, you’ll figure out how exactly those things work.
> “Does it still feel nice?”
> Looking up from her hooves to her face, you see her staring straight at it, her cheeks still flushed.
> You smile softly.
“It feels wonderful.”
> She gives a nod, seemingly trying to reassure herself that she’s doing alright.
> You suppose if she’s read a lot of fiction on the subject, then she’d know at least a little bit of what to do.
> “Sorry. I just… I have no idea if hooves feel nice on that stuff.”
> You raise an eyebrow at that, as she starts slowly moving them up and down your pride.
> So… they weren’t mentioned in the books?
“Well, I would think you’d have some idea if you’ve ever given yourself release.”
> She swallows, and looks shyly up towards you.
> “Well… I’ve only done that like twice.”
> Finding a comfortable position, she rests her head on your thigh, staring up at your cock as she slowly runs her hooves up and down it.
> Her fluffier fur feels nice down there.
“Really? That’s surprising… Explains why you went off on a hair trigger the first night we did stuff, and why you seem so pent up.”
> You can feel chew the inside of her cheek from her position, and her hot breath against your length.
> “Maybe.”
> The simple response makes you laugh a little bit, despite yourself.
> Not a good time to be laughing at her inexperience, you suppose.
“Why not?”
> She seems entirely distracted by your hard-on right before her eyes.
> She’s slowly inching closer to it with her face, hesitance clear in every motion.
> “Well… it always sort of feels wrong to do things to myself. We were always taught it was wrong.”
> Yet another cultural similarity, then.
> One you never really understood, but then again most girls you knew hadn’t tried much of that before they were already sexually active.
> Given Cel’s inexperience…
“So you don’t even know how to get yourself going?”
> She shakes her head slightly, giving a little negative sound as one of her hooves shifts lower down to gently run over your testicles.
> “Not really. Which is why I’m worried I’m going to mess this up too.”
> Looking back towards her flank, you feel a yearning to be able to help her come to an orgasm right now as well.
> Before getting into the act proper.
> But all your conversational thoughts go out the window when you suddenly feel a very different sensation, and let out a small little groan.
> When you look back down, you see Celestia, her lips curled up in a little smile around her outstretched tongue which is lazily drawing up the side of your cock.
> Her eyes are locked with yours as she does, slowly drawing her tongue up along the side towards the top, before stopping there a second.
> And then pulling away, a small strand of saliva still connecting her mouth to you.
> Fuck, that’s a nice visual.
> Slightly ruined the second later when she brings over a hoof to wipe away the saliva with a ‘yuck,’ as the saliva rubs off on her fur…
> But still pretty incredible.
> Especially when after rubbing away the saliva she looks back to you for approval.
> “Was that good?”
“Fucking fantastic.”
> She giggles slightly, and gets that excited flare in her eyes once again, as she immediately drops her head again, and brings another solid lick up along the side.
> This time, when she finishes, she just runs her tongue along her lips to clear the saliva, rather than rubbing her hoof to remove it.
> “It tastes nice. A little soapy right now, though…”
> Well, good to know you’re not grossing her out at least.
> You suppress a little chuckle at that as she goes back down, this time running it along the bottom in a sort of flicking motion, rather than using one drawn-out lick.
> That broad, coarser tongue is just amazing.
> You wouldn’t have even thought about the different biology factor here…
> And that desperate, searching-for-approval look behind that tongue as she bends her neck to give all angles equal attention just makes it better.
> When she abruptly stops, and the warm air of the room feels cold against the wetness on your length.
> “I… I’m not really sure what to do. Should I just keep doing this?”
“That feels amazing, but you wanted to be in charge here, missus. I’ll tell you if anything doesn’t feel good.”
> You weren’t sure if she would prefer learning by doing or by instruction, but seeing her eyes light up with your approval as she dives back down with her tongue is…
> Fuck.
> Now her eyes aren’t searching for your approval, but are focused entirely on the task before her as she eagerly lathers your cock in saliva.
> It’s obviously unpracticed tonguework, sloppily moving around your member in random patterns.
> But it’s clear she’s ambitious to please.
> And she’s got some biological advantages over the women of your species in her arsenal.
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Was that weird.png
90 KB, 1000x1000
> As she reached the top of your cock once more, after a particularly slow and torturous lick, she decides to kiss the tip.
> She then looks slightly troubled, like she’s not sure-
> “Was that weird?”
> Adorable.
> You almost burst out laughing at the curious way she says it, as though she suspects you’re going to just stop right now because she’s a freak for kissing your dick.
> But laughing at her genuine efforts to please you would probably be the number one way to crush her budding sexual confidence.
“Everything you do to me with your mouth is sexy, Cel. Not weird.”
> She blushes, and leans back down, laying down another kiss upon the tip, but this time suckling lightly at it with her lips for a moment before pulling back.
> You can’t suppress the slight buck of your hips towards her as she draws back, desperate to get down to business properly as lust begins to cloud your judgement in earnest.
> Once again, a little string of saliva remains.
> “Sorry. I’ve just sort of fantasized about getting to do stuff like this for a long time… I don’t want to mess it up.”
> Fantasizing about giving oral to your partner...
> You should have taken her up on sex a long time ago.
> It almost strikes you as weird how repulsed you were by her such a short period of time ago.
> And when she once again rests her lips on your cock, softly suckling on it, can’t help but press up one more time.
> But this time, she doesn’t pull back to speak, and instead simply lightly parts her lips as you slide easily into her mouth.
> And she pushes it into her mouth in concert with your motion.
> The sudden change from the slightly cold air in the room to her warm mouth is striking.
> Fuck, that feels fantastic.
> Her teeth entirely avoid your cock, her wider mouth accommodating you perfectly as her tongue continues to dance around the head of your pride.
> You can’t resist letting your left hand wander down into her hair as she does.
> After all, she said she cut it specifically for this, right?
> You take up a bundle of her hair as she continues her attention, the warmth of her mouth and her tongue feeling like a damn furnace.
> And as you lightly ball her hair in a fist, she moans around your length, sending shivers through you.
“Try swallowing.”
> The word seems crude, and she seems appropriately confused, gently pushing back against your hand.
> And you capitulate immediately, letting her up, but she stops only inches from the tip.
> “Wha?”
> She says it briefly, and then immediately takes you back into her mouth.
> You probably shouldn’t have said that, but your conscious thoughts were getting difficult to control as she continued her assault.
> But she seemed to get it without instruction, as she suddenly sucks in her cheeks, creating a lot more tension in her mouth.
“Like that!”
> Your words are shuddering, and you can feel her hum in approval through you as you close your eyes and lean back, focusing on the feelings.
> Fuck, you need to distract yourself, or you’re going to blow ridiculously easily at this.
> While her technique is amateurish and poor, knowing it’s Celestia somehow just makes it feel so much better than it felt from even the best you’d been with before.
> For someone who has no fucking clue what she’s doing, she certainly seems to have some degree of natural talent for this.
> All those girls who had some experience and were terrible at it could learn something.
> Though her inexperience still comes through as she tries to take it into her throat.
> You immediately feel her seize, and suddenly pull back with a loud cough as she hits her chest with her good hoof.
> You lean up, immediately concerned for her welfare, but she pushes against your chest to keep you down.
> She coughs again loudly, and rubs her hoof at her mouth with a strained ‘blech’ at the ridiculous mess she made trying to take it deep.
> “S-sorry! I wasn’t expect-”
> Another cough, and a shake of her head as she tries to get control of herself again.
> Quickly, one of her hooves moves to your wet member to continue stimulating you while she recovers.
> And once she finally catches her breath, she shoots you a mournful smile before speaking.
> “Expecting that.”
> She’s still breathing pretty heavily though. Must’ve been quite the unexpected experience.
> Rookie mistake.
> Somehow, though, it’s given you the perfect opportunity to get yourself back in control of the situation.
“You don’t need to try to take it like that. We can save that for when you’re a bit more experienced…”
> You give her a little amused wink, and she scoffs, looking indignant at your implication.
> But she nevertheless returns to her prize, still maintaining her glare at you, and briefly running her tongue around it once more before taking a deep breath and pressing you back into her mouth.
> And as she does, she closes her eyes.
> For your part, you decide to disobey her direct order to let her please you, and slip your free hand up and around her flank, to run your fingers gently along her sex.
> You half expected her to stop and object, but she just continues her work.
> Seems she doesn’t object when the two of you can pleasure one another at least.
“Cel… stop.”
> It was rather sudden when you felt your orgasm creeping up on you.
> She doesn’t seem to be able to hear you at first, in fact she picks up the pace a bit.
> You gently ball your hand into a fist, her hair collecting in your hand as you try to gently pull her away from you.
“Cel, I’m going to finish if you keep going.”
> She gives a little ‘Mmm-mm,” of affirmation around your dick, the vibrations of which send tingles up your spine.
> And she gently rests a hoof on your stomach, seemingly intent on trying to prevent you from running away.
> Fuck.
> That’s not fucking good, there’s no way you’re going to be able to go again if you finish right now.
> Slightly more insistently, you pull at her hair, but she’s insistent.
> And so with great trepidation, you shift your whole body back, abruptly managing to withdraw yourself from her eager assault on you.
> An action which seems to absolutely stun her as she stares at your erection, seemingly confused as to what just happened.
> As though she’s not clear on why you’re not still in her mouth, her mind still plainly hazed with arousal.
> Your stating her name suddenly draws her attention away from your pride, and up to your eyes, and she gives a shy smile.
> “Oh. Sorry, I just… got excited.”
> She got excited about the prospect of getting you to finish in her mouth.
> There’s something about the way she says it, accompanied by a hoarse chuckle from clearing having overworked herself.
> This was not at all how you had envisaged things playing out, but…
“So… how do you want to do this?”
File: On my stomach!.jpg (108 KB, 1024x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
On my stomach!.jpg
108 KB, 1024x550
> She seems surprised by your statement, but gives a somewhat hesitant nod as you slide back on the bed into a bit of a sitting position.
> You’re glad for the hesitation, because you suspect you might have not lasted terribly long after her performance.
> “I… me on my stomach, and you over top of me?”
> She was hesitant for about a quarter of a second, before abruptly seeming to know exactly how she wanted this done.
> You give her an amused, quizzical look as she blushes after the outburst.
“Seems you had this planned out.”
> She nods her head, and then gestures for you to move, insistent on getting to it from the looks of things.
> “I’ve had a long time to think about how I wanted this to happen.”
> A long time…
> You sort of wish you’d waited, on that note.
> But then this would probably end up being a terrible experience for her if you had elected to do that.
> Your first time sure as hell was.
“You sure you don’t want to be facing me?”
> A simple suggestion, you knew women tended to like that sort of thing. You even sort of did, with some types.
> You think you’d like it with Cel.
> But her eyes widen at that, as though you had just asked her for something ridiculously kinky or fetishistic.
> Reminds you of that old joke about having sex while being able to see one another.
> But she quite quickly shakes her head ‘no,’ and as you shifted back to make room on the bed, she shifted to lay flat on her stomach, resting her head on the pillows.
> Well, if that’s what she wanted…
> You quickly shifted your way around to behind her, staring down at her flank.
> While her tail had itself hitched up and away from covering her genitals, they’re still fairly well hidden by her rear-end.
> Letting your eyes wander up to the back of her head, you can see that she’s barely managing to contain her excitement, breathing slowly and with her eyes closed up on the pillow.
> It’s a little weird that she’d want it like this for her first time, but you suppose it’s an Equestrian thing.
> Can’t imagine it would be comfortable to do it that way.
> Gently, you lean down and place your hands on either side of her flanks, eliciting a little ‘eep’ from her as you gently pull them apart to get a look at her.
> She’s clearly already ready, but it couldn’t hurt to put in a bit of work yourself…
> Gently, you lean forward, pushing out your tongue to run along her lips gently, which seems to cause her to freeze up almost immediately.
> “Anon…”
> You give a little questioning noise, but don’t do much else as you continue your efforts on her.
> You can feel her button flash out as your tongue runs by, and she lets out a full body shudder and a loud whine from the top of the bed.
> “I’m already ready, you don’t have to…”
> You don’t relent, but you pause for only a moment to speak up.
“But I want to.”
> As though you would deny a lady proper treatment just because she was already wet.
> Yet when you feel her rear-hooves press at your shoulders, you’re a little surprised.
> And even more surprised when she speaks again…
> “Just put it in me!”
> It was a loud cry, accompanied by frustrated kicks of her hooves.
> Pulling back, you look up at her, and notice that now she’s shaking quite badly.
> And she’s got her eyes open now, staring back at you desperately, breathing heavily.
> You suddenly become very aware of the intense frustration and agitation she’s feeling, between the immense sexual tension already built up.
> Seems it got a lot worse suddenly when she didn’t have a task to distract herself with.
> “Please? I feel like I’ve waited forever for this.”
> Well now.
> You suppose it has been a long time coming.
> Besides, you could hardly say no to a request like that.
“If that’s what you want, I’m happy to oblige.”
> She eagerly nods, letting her head fall loosely back onto the bed.
> It feels a little irresponsible to just move to that without doing anything for her when she did so much for you, but if that’s what she wants…
> Keeping your hands in place keeping her parted, you pull back and rise up onto your knees.
> You carefully shifted so as to align yourself with her sex, and the moment there’s even the slightest brush of contact she moans softly into the pillow.
> And then you slowly draw it up and down along her wetness, getting yourself re-lubricated as best you could in preparation.
> And then, you gently rest it up against her entrance.
> This is it…
> The thing you should’ve done two weeks ago on your wedding night.
> Staring down at her, gently parted folds, you swallow.
> Well, here it goes.
> Gently, slowly, you start to press yourself into her, and you can feel her tense the moment you slide in.
> Her warm muscles gently tug around you as your head presses in.
> You can suddenly feel something… weird.
> Through the bond, you can feel this sort of immense relief, as though Celestia’s anxieties were suddenly relaxing at that very moment.
> Fuck, she was worried up until now that you would back out.
> You were a little worried about it yourself.
> She’s murmuring little nothings as you slowly but surely begin to push deeper into her inviting depths, and you slide your body forward a little bit to get a better vantage.
> A thought suddenly strikes you as you make your slow entrance; if Celestia’s a virgin, would she have a hymen?
> Do Equestrians even have those?
> Better to ask, you guess…
“Cel… you probably know better than me whether this is going to hurt a bit.”
> She gives a little affirmative sound, but she doesn’t seem to be able to form words right now, instead focusing on the presence of you as you slide into her.
> Well… hopefully there’s nothing like that to deal with.
> And eventually, you do run into precisely that problem.
> You don’t even notice as you press through that thin barrier, yet you could immediately tell when Celestia tightened up around you, and a she sucked in air through her teeth.
> And you attempted to hold there, but abruptly she pressed back against you, pushing you fully inside of her.
> It forced a groan of contentment out of you as she did, and a sharp gasp of pain from her.
> Guess she wanted the bandage route of resolving that particular issue.
> You stay rested there for a moment, fully inside her, and you lean forward over her, resting a hand against the bed to stabilize yourself.
> She’s breathing heavily, just sitting there, seemingly intensely concentrated as she lays there.
> You can feel her muscles shifting around inside, trying to accommodate you and find a comfortable resting place.
> She has a look of intense concentration on her face.
> Yet she doesn’t seem terribly pained by it, just… uncomfortable.
“Are you alright?”
> “I’m fine… You can do what you want to me…”
> Fuck, in any other context you would abuse the hell out of a mandate like that.
> But right now, you’re intent on making sure this is as good an experience for her as possible, and so you continue to rest there, gently stroking along her side until you feel her muscles relax.
> The immense tension of pain gently relaxing, and her breathing evening out.
> “That feels really weird.”
> You stifle a laugh at the deadpan way she says it, as she opens up her eyes and looks back towards you.
“Does it still hurt?”
> She chews on her lip slightly, before shaking her head.
> “Not very much. You’re fine to move…”
> Well, you suppose you’ll have to take her word for that.
> And so gently, you adjust your positioning to make it easier to withdraw, and begin your slow journey back out from her depths.
> You can feel her momentarily tense as you do, but she relaxes quickly afterward.
> Carefully, you withdrew from her, until only the tip remained inside, before slowly sliding back in once again.
> And once more, when you fully hilted inside her, it elicited a loud gasp.
> Though this time it wasn’t quite so clearly one of pain.
> And this time it accompanied her moaning your name quietly.
> “That feels really, really weird.”
> She repeats her claim with a bit of a desperate sigh
> You smile as you gently begin to pull out once more, and you can feel her shudder around you as you do.
“Good weird, or bad weird still?”
> She lets out a little groan, and shifts slightly to accommodate your measured thrusts.
> But nevertheless, she starts gently rocking back against you.
> “I don’t know. But don’t stop.”
> That’s… surprisingly easier than you had expected.
> You suppose when she’s built up that much already by the time the two of you reached this point, that she might not need much more careful preparation.
> Nevertheless, you continue to take it slow.
> Let her be in control as much as you can, try not to push forward to hard or fast unless the asks.
> Keep it comfortable.
> You’re not doing this just to get off.
> You’re doing this for her.
> Well, and maybe a little bit for you too. It certainly feels relieving to finally be doing this.
> Like you’ve managed to get past some sort of hurdle.
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Is it good.jpg
79 KB, 465x344
> Gently, once you can muster up the mental fortitude to make other actions, you move your one free hand which isn’t stabilizing you with her flank up to the base of one of her wings.
> You begin to press deeply into the tendons, at the joint, trying to mimic the actions you recall her enjoying when you had preened her wings.
> It seems to make a shudder flow through her entire body.
> “You could go a little faster, if you want.”
> You smile, and do exactly as she requests, gently picking up the pace of your slow thrusts to a more steady rhythm.
> It elicits a plethora more gentle sounds from her as you do, little whines and groans.
> Her muscles clench tightly around you in a snug embrace.
> It feels unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.
> Despite your best efforts to maintain control, you can feel that haze swallowing your mind once again, as you start inadvertently picking up the pace.
> It just felt natural, like everything was right.
> “Does it-”
> Her breath suddenly leaves her with one of your thrusts, and she swallows to try and catch her breath.
> “Does it feel good for you too?”
> She can’t keep control of her tone as she says it, randomly shifting between a higher and a lower pitch.
> She’s still worried you’re not enjoying yourself.
> On the plus side, apparently it started feeling ‘good weird’ somewhere along the way.
“It feels fucking amazing, Cel.”
> You could barely force out the words through your own laboured breath, and even just hearing your voice seems to send shocks through her.
> At some point in the course of it, you had shifted your position, so that you were now hanging over her, both hands on the bed as you took her.
> Careful to avoid placing undue pressure on her wings, but in a good position to commit this act properly with your differing bodies.
> But at least one thing seemed consistent, you could tell when she was about to finish.
> You felt that change in her breathing, the way she moved against you more urgently and rapidly as though trying to reach a peak.
> And it wasn’t long before her whole body froze up under your ministrations, and her breath hitched, and she let out a loud cry.
> “Anon!”
> She squeaks out your name at the highest pitch yet, and she turns and shoots her head up to kiss you on the lips as you feel her tunnel tighten around you.
> Immediately, both of you close your eyes, pushing forcefully against one another and focusing on the sensations rocking each of you.
> Her whole body shakes as her orgasm racks her body, turning her into a shivering pile of Princess around your pride.
> You lean into the kiss as much as you can, holding still in deep her while she rides out her orgasm.
> Reveling in the wonderful tightness as she shakes and shudders beneath you.
> Bringing up one hand, you entangle it in her hair and push her tighter against your face, roughly kissing as the high of her orgasm begins to fade.
> But even when her shudders slow, you still keep still for a moment, tightly pulled together.
> It just feels right.
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I love you..jpg
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> Eventually, and you have no idea how long the two of you spent in your little kiss there, the two of you withdrew for breath.
> As she parts from your mouth, her eyes gently open, and she almost looks like she’s going to cry.
> But she’s got the biggest, dorkiest smile on her face you’ve ever seen as she sniffles.
> “I love you.”
> The words come automatically.
“I love you too.”
> Your mind isn’t even going to the other issues the two of you need to resolve right now, as she dives back for another kiss.
> And you once again begin your pace, eliciting a deep moan from Celestia as the two of you kiss.
> She might be a giant dork, and have all sorts of problems of her own.
> Things might be rocky right now in other respects.
> But she’s your messed up giant dork.
> The sort of silly girl that cries during sex but can shut up a room full of political rivals with a slam of her hoof.
> Can’t ask for what she wants from you, but can demand it from anyone else.
> Raises and sets the Sun, but can’t manage to get her jewelry off without her magic.
> And as you let those thoughts rattle off in rapid fire staring into her wide-eyes throughout this kiss, you start moving one more, prompting another moan into the kiss.
> And this time, when she parts, she slides her face back down to rest on the pillow, returning to making her little adorable noises with each thrust.
> It’s not long before you can feel your own orgasm starting to find its way beyond your control, but you keep thrusting into her inviting depths.
> There’s little concern about going slow now, she seems to have managed to adjust fully to you.
“I’m going to cum soon, Cel…”
> She nods in approval, and continues pushing herself up against you, seemingly trying to coax you to your finish aggressively.
> Much like when she was trying to get you to finish earlier.
> And this time, you let it work, as you don’t even try to stop it from overwhelming you, instead relentlessly pressing against her until you reached your peak.
> As you did, you pushed tightly up against her, letting out a harsh groan as you felt your cock pulse, releasing the first shot of potent seed into her.
> A long moan comes from her as you reach your climax and her sex presses down around you, trying to draw out as much of your issue as she can.
> As you empty yourself into her, you groan loudly, pressed taut up against her flanks and as deep as you could possibly be.
> There’s this aspect of danger to it that sends tingles through you beyond what you usually feel.
> About finishing inside, even if the rational side of you knows that there’s no danger of anything like pregnancy.
> And even if there were… you’re married now.
> You don’t have to worry about anything like that.
> And as you finish riding out your orgasm, there’s an overwhelming sense of satisfaction flowing through you.
> Not just sexual satisfaction, but a sort of weird elusive sense of freedom associated with it.
> And for a moment, you just stay there, leaving yourself buried in her as the two of you slowly recovered from your intense lovemaking.
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Cuddle me.png
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> Eventually, when the afterglow seemed to have largely settled into the room, you slowly withdrew from her depths.
> Shifting slightly to the side, you collapse down onto the bed beside her, staring up at the ceiling and focusing on your breathing.
> Celestia lets out a little hum of contentment, and a wing finds it way over your chest.
> And the two of you just lay there for a minute, enjoying the comfortable atmosphere.
> You suddenly notice the smell of vanilla again, accompanying that intense scent of your intimacy in the air, and it only further serves to soothe you.
> You feel almost like you should say something.
> But then, you feel like saying anything would absolutely ruin this atmosphere-
> “That was amazing.”
> Her breathless words somehow manage to keep the feeling in the air, rather than ruining it.
> Shifting onto your side, you stare over at her, and she cracks open a weary eye to look back at you.
> She’s not crying now, at least.
> But she’s still got a giant stupid smile on her face.
“You’re such a dork.”
> Apparently you’re not quite so good at keeping that warm and cuddly feeling in the air.
> But nevertheless, she sighs rolls onto her side, pressing her back up against you, carefully folding her still semi-stiff wings by her sides.
> “Shut up and cuddle me.”
> Well now.
> She really needs to decide whether she’s an assertive mare or a submissive one.
“Happy to.”
> And gently, you place one arm over her side, pulling tightly at her stomach and pulling her close against your stomach.
> This is perfect.
> Nothing could ruin this.
> Not even when you, without thinking, snap your fingers and the candles go out.
End-capped, friendos. I have no idea if it's any good, but it was pretty fun to write at any rate.

Not sure if I tipped too far on the explicit side or what, and no doubt there's errors in there somewhere. I'll get around to fixing them eventually.