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Anonymous Werewolf in Canterlot: Awaiting...
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Alright, since Stoker didn't start a new thread yet, I take the liberty of starting a new one.

No pastebin for mine one yet, sorry!

Welcome back to An Anonymous Werewolf in Canterlot 2. For a year now our heroes have been protecting their home town from the supernatural and the spooky, but a new threat is on the rise and is already making bold moves against them; one of their own is already dead. Who are they? What is their ultimate plan? And can they be stopped?

We'll be continuing right up to the 31st of this month, on which the dramatic conclusion will be posted, just like last year.

Anon Werewolf 1 Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/jdTX2ftv

Current Story Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/H8Pi5qKw

Story Theme Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUQiUFZ5RDw [Open]

Previous Threads: https://desustorage.org/mlp/search/subject/an%20anonymous%20werewolf%20in%20canterlot/
(Note: The threads from last year may be lost forever due to the loss of the archive)
Delivery today. For sure. Keep thread alive in meantime.
Are there any spoopy magic rituals we can do to summon our other writefag?
I sure do hope this was enough of a lure for the almighty Stoker.
Bump mode active until then.
I was rather dismayed that the last thread died prematurely, but I've got some more written. I was going to make another thread near Halloween, but since you've done so, I'll continue to post in this so long as it stays alive.

I guess the board just isn't as interested this year as last, the story isn't being as discussed as much as I'd hoped.

Anyway, more coming now.
>You make the jog back home and open the door to your apartment to find Fluttershy curled up on the couch, hugging her knees to her chest, her eyes puffy from tears.
>Her cheeks are slightly stained from runny eyeshadow.
>You go and sit next to her as Rainbow looks on, concerned for one of her oldest friends.
“Hey,” you softly say as you sit down, gently putting a hand on her shoulder.
>She hides her face as she shies away from you, not wanting to be seen in this state.
>Rainbow floats around behind her and tells you to comfort her. ”Come on, man! Lay on the hugs and stuff!”
>You shoot her a cocked eyebrow but turn your attention back to the sad girl next to you.
“I’m here to listen,” you say, unsure of what else to do. “I know you loved your animals, but—”
>”A-Angel…” she whimpers. “My poor little baby bunnicula…”
“Hey, it’ll be okay,” you try to calm her with soothing words. “Maybe they didn’t even get him. Maybe he made it off into the forest.”
>”Y… You think so?” she asks through sniffles.
“I mean, maybe…” you say, not wanting to make promises about things you cannot know for certain. “Well, he’s a smart rabbit, right? Maybe he got away!”
>She turns a bit and hugs you, wrapping her dainty arms around you as she buries her head in your chest and lets the tears flow freely.
>”This is nice,” Rainbow says with a smile. “I mean, it’s sad and all but it’s kind of sweet, you know?”
>As she pours out the sadness from losing her friend and her animals, especially her treasured rabbit, she hugs you tighter and tighter.
>”I just miss them so much, all of them already, they all had names and I would feed them and take care of them and I loved them all so much,” she says through sobs.
>”Which reminds me, you need to drop by my house later and feed Tank,” Dash reminds you.
>You give the ghost a “I’m a little bit busy at the moment” look as you gently rock the crying girl back and forth.

>This goes on for some time, to the point where the mushiness is starting to rub Rainbow the wrong way.
>”Okay, come on now Anon, we’ve got a job to do already,” she says, rolling her bloodshot eyes.
>As you try to disengage, Fluttershy only holds you tighter, all but refusing to let go.
>”I don’t want to lose anyone else…” she says as she calms down a bit.
“Yeah, I know Shy,” you say reassuringly. “But we should probably get going. The others are—”
>”Just a bit longer,” she pleads. “Please…”
>You oblige her as Rainbow folds her arms and looks displeased.
>You’re suddenly aware of a slightly different sensation emanating from your overly-embracive friend.
>She’s starting to feel very cold, and her skin feels a bit clammy.
>”Anon… You’re so warm…” she whispers as she starts lifting her head.
>You turn to look into her eyes and find them to be a stark red.
>At that, you suddenly start feeling a little uneasy.
“Uh, Shy, your eyes, they’re—”
>She interrupts you. “I’m so cold…” she says, grabbing the back of your neck. “And you’re… so… warm…”
>Uh oh.
>Rainbow cocks an eyebrow. “The hell is she doing?”
>You’ve seen this behavior before, when she starts to lose her grip on her humanity and slides into the hungry embrace of her inner vampire.
>You put a bit more effort into disentangling yourself from her, but she doesn’t let go.
>In fact, her hand tightens on your neck and it starts to hurt.
“Shy, you’re hurting my neck,” you tell her, trying not to panic but also trying to get out of her grip.

>”I’m hurting too,” she whispers, leaning up to kiss your neck.
>”What the heck?! Fluttershy, get off him! Stop it!” Rainbow shouts ineffectually at her.
“Shy, I know what you’re thinking, and I’d really, really appreciate it if you stopped thinking it and we just talked about it,” you say as sweat runs down your forehead.
>”Shhhh,” she shushes you as she drags her tongue across the skin of your neck. “I just need a little… It’ll make me warm…”
“Rainbow is here, you know,” you tell her. “Her spirit is right there! Don’t, uh, act like this in front of her!”
>She shakes her head. “I don’t care,” she says. “She can watch.”
>You stop trying to be polite and actively attempt to break out of her grasp.
>She keeps her hold on you and she falls back with you onto the ground, grinding her body against yours as she gets on top, pinning you to the floor.
>”Break out! Come on, get out!” Rainbow urges. “Wolf-out or something, man!”
>You know you can’t do such during the day without your moonstone, so all you can do is continually try to appeal to her.
“Fluttershy, stop! Stop this now! Please, I’m your friend, come on!”
>”Struggle more,” she says with a wicked smile, writhing her hips against yours. “Fight me, Anon, fight me like an animal…”
“Get off!” you shout.
>She lewdly licks her lips. “I’m trying to.”
>”Punch her! Knock some sense into her!” Rainbow advises.
>You try bringing up an arm but her great strength holds you down.
>”I only need a small drink,” she coos. “Just a few drops…”
“I’m not a damned bloodbank, Fluttershy! I’m your FRIEND!”

>At that, she seems to falter a bit.
>But then she opens her mouth wide, her fangs fully emerged and ready to pierce some flesh.
“What would Angel think of this?! Or Rainbow! FLUTTERSHY! STOP!”
>Again she hesitates, just above your neck.
>You can feel her cold breath on your skin, making your hair stand up.
>She blinks a few times, her eyes turning from red to blue.
>”A… Anon? What am I…”
“Fluttershy, stop! Get off me!”
>She suddenly realizes everything she’s done and she leaps off of you and onto your ceiling, sticking to it like a spider.
>She clasps her hands over her fanged mouth as she immediately begins to regret everything.
>”Oh Dracula, no, no, no, not again, not again,” she whimpers.
>You look up at her as fresh tears begin to form.
“Hey, hey now, it’s, it’s okay,” you say with a shaky voice. “I know what it’s like to lose control, I do.”
>She vigorously shakes her head as she falls to the floor, landing on her feet.
>She doesn’t stop to say anything more; she runs straight to the window, grabbing her shoes as she does.
“Fluttershy, WAIT!” you call after her to no avail.
>She opens the window and leaps out, landing on the grass below and taking off.
>”Go after her!” Dash encourages as she floats through the wall in the vampire’s direction.
>You waste no time in getting to a standing position and you run to the window, diving out headfirst.
>As you reach the ground, you curl into a ball and roll forwards, an acrobatic skill granted by your lycanthropy.
>You take off after her as she leaps over a chain-link fence that surrounds the apartment complex.
>Upon reaching the fence, you scale it as well, quickly and efficiently.
File: 1444020486395.png (763 KB, 2000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
763 KB, 2000x1500

>Overhead, Rainbow Dash soars in the sky, calling out Fluttershy’s position to you as you chase her through town, down alleys and across streets.
>Although you do not tire easily, she is able to outpace you thanks to her own supernatural abilities.
>As you reach the public park, you look all around for her but find no trace of her.
>As Rainbow looks around, your enhanced hearing picks something up.
>”Fluttershy? Is that you? What’s wrong?”
>Male voice, familiar…
>Flash Sentry.
>”I need your help,” you hear her say.
>You turn around to face the direction of the sound and spy them beneath a large oak tree.
>He moves in close to put a hand on her shoulder.
>Ever the ladies man, but in this instance it’s likely to get him killed.
“STOP!” you shout, running up to them both.
>Fluttershy turns away from you, and Flash looks at her teary face and back to you.
>”Did you hurt her?” he asks accusingly, narrowing his gaze as he takes in your panting form.
>You almost repeat what he said incredulously, but you need to keep her secret at all costs while trying to protect him, despite your rocky history with the guitar-playing jock.
“Flash, listen to me man, you really need to get out of here,” you try to warn him.
>”I don’t know what’s going on, but I think you need to go,” he says, pointing further up the park. “Take a hike, Anon.”
“No, Flash, you really don’t know what’s going on, and you really don’t want to do this!” you say.

>Rainbow floats up behind you. “I don’t think he’s getting the picture,” she says. “Knock his lights out!”
>Fluttershy looks at Flash from behind, her eyes glowing red again.
>He stands his ground. “How about you make me, chump? I saw you chasing Fluttershy. What, are you beating her up? Is that how you get your kicks?”
>Your eyes widen as you look at her open her mouth and bare her fangs.
>But he doesn’t, thinking you are playing some kind of trick.
>She lunges onto him from behind and bites his neck, sinking her fangs into his muscle and instantly drawing blood.
>He shouts and tries to get her off of him, but she pins him to the ground.
>You run forward and tackle the vampire off of him before she can drink anything more.
>Flash puts his hand on his neck and screams as he gets up and runs away.
>The vampire smiles and licks her fangs, relishing the taste, as you get on top of her.
“Fluttershy! FLUTTERSHY! Snap out of it! SNAP OUT OF IT!”
>She blinks and her eyes turn blue again and the weight of her actions quickly comes crashing down on her.
>”No… NO!” she struggles against you.
>You let her sit up, but still hold onto her wrist.
“Fluttershy, please, calm down,” you urge.
>”Not again,” she cries. “Not again, not again, no…”
“It’s okay,” you say, holding her close. “Nobody was hurt… Nobody was hurt, right? Is Flash going to turn, you know, into a vampire?”
>She shakes her head. “I didn’t drink enough,” she tells you. “He’ll be a little woozy, but okay.”
>You hold her close for a bit as Dash circles around.
>”I’m a monster…” she says between sobs.

“No more than I am,” you tell her, making her look at you. “I know what it’s like to lose control. I’ve seen you do it before, and I’ve done it more than a few times.”
>Looking around the park, you are stricken with memory of your very first transformation.
“The very first time I ever turned was in this park. Roseluck was there…” you whisper softly.
>Rainbow looks on, listening closely.
“Ever since, I’ve always known that there’s this beast inside that wants out, and up until recently I was able to do so, but now I can’t. So I know what it’s like, I do, but we can’t lose ourselves to it.”
>She lets out a sniffle as she nods. “I’ve been so good about it, not hurting anyone or turning into that… thing… I turn into. She’s horrible; she’s just awful… so seductive and evil.”
“We both have something inside that wants to come out,” you say as you tighten the hug. “But it’s not us. We aren’t monsters, and we can’t think we are. Otherwise, they’ll win.”
>She nods a bit and is silent, giving you a chance to continue.
“I think almost everyone has monsters inside of them… In our case, it’s a bit more literal,” you joke, getting a chuckle out of her.
>”It’s hard sometimes,” she whispers.
“I know. But as long as we stick together, we can make it through this, Shy. I know we can.”
>”Thank you for understanding, Anon… I don’t know if there’s anyone else who could.”
“You and I are pretty unique out of our group,” you smile. “We’re fighting more than just monsters on the outside… We’ve got them inside, too.”
>Rainbow too manages a smile and is about to say something to you when your phone rings.
>You take it out and check it; it’s Applejack.

>After answering it, you tell her that you and Fluttershy are both in the park.
>She’s on her way to pick you up.
>”Isn’t it still school hours?” she asks.
>Now that you have her calmed down a bit, you explain to her the situation with school, Celestia and Luna.
>This time making sure to emphasize that you did not tell her secret to anyone, so that she doesn’t react too harshly to the news.
>She’s a bit easier than the others when it comes to chewing you out, but she’s more glad to know that they too can see and hear Dash’s spirit.
>”At least it means you aren’t crazy from guilt or anything,” she says.
“Yeah. Hey,” you snap, causing her to giggle.
>You look at her chin, seeing some of Flash’s blood still there.
“You’ve got a little bit of, uh,” you lick your finger and rub her chin.
>She blushes, something she could not due while in her vampiric form.
>The color to her skin and eyes has returned and she’s thankfully normal again.
>She smiles and thanks you as you wipe the blood away.
>At that moment, Applejack pulls up in her truck; the others are inside or in the back, with all of their gear.
>”We interruptin’ you two?” the monster hunter asks.
>You look at her and she at you; you can tell from her expression that she wants to keep what happened with Flash a secret.
>He might be a little freaked out, but with any luck he won’t think that she’s a vampire, just a bit of a biter.
>You understand her and climb into the back of the truck alongside her, sitting next to Twilight and Pinkie Pie.
>”Next stop, Everfree National Forest,” Applejack says over the roar of her truck’s engine.

That's all for now.

More coming soon.

Please feel free to discuss the story and approach me with any questions or comments.
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>she wants to keep what happened with Flash a secret.
>a secret.

Why do I feel like he's going to tell everyone about this?

Well, he's definitely not going to keep quiet for long, but in that moment, Fluttershy didn't want the others in the group to know about her outbreak.
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File: evil_dead_cabin.jpg (30 KB, 561x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You’re mostly silent during the trip into the forest.
>You look around and see the others making their preparations, such as Twilight, who is adjusting a pair of tech-goggles.
>AJ drives out of the town limits and across the many fields towards the national forest.
>The thick canopy of trees masks the sun, but it’s already a very cloudy day, giving the sky a bit of a grey overtone.
>AJ decides to head towards Sunset’s cabin first, to see if there is any sign of her.
>When you pull up, it isn’t pretty.
>The front door is wide open and the windows are broken; the wood is covered in scratch marks.
>The remembrance of wolf claws…
>”Looks like we’re not the only ones who’ve been here,” AJ says, stepping out of her truck, shotgun at the ready.
>”It’s just like my house… Well, not as bad, honestly,” Fluttershy says. “But it’s definitely similar.”
“Maybe Sunset fought them here?” You hop out of the back and look around.
>”I don’t think so,” Twilight says. “There would be more evidence of a battle, surely. I mean, there’s no sign of the scorching or blasting that typically accompanies Sunset’s offensive magic. And no bodies.”
>”Unless they were dragged off,” Applejack says, kneeling and inspecting the dirt and leaves. “One thing’s for sure, there were a lot of them here. Tracks all over the ground, and they scattered in all directions.”
File: 1443821852682.png (625 KB, 1500x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
625 KB, 1500x2000

“Maybe Sunset wasn’t here,” you say as you boldly approach the cabin, “but rather, they were searching for something.”
>You walk in and the others follow.
>Pinkie Pie immediately calls out her name, but there isn’t any response.
>You head directly towards the trapdoor that leads to the cellar.
>Sliding down the wooden ladder, you turn towards a nearby table and find the usually-lit candles upon it are out.
>And the Necronomicon Ex Mortis is gone.
“Damn. Either she has it, or they do,” you whisper to yourself.
>Pinkie sticks her head down the trapdoor. “Nonny? Is Sunset down there?”
“No, and neither is the book.”
>At that moment, Rainbow Dash flies up to you through the cellar wall.
>”Finally! Do you know how hard it is to keep up with a damn truck? If I still breathed I’d be winded!”
>You point at the table and draw her eyes to the missing spellbook.
>She doesn’t have as much an understanding of the significance of it as you do, but she understands well enough that it could mean trouble.
>You can hear the footsteps of the others above, tromping around and looking for evidence on Sunset’s current whereabouts.
>A dedicated sniff of the air tells you that she isn’t here anymore, though.
>As you climb back up, the others are piecing together the torn-up furnishings that you’ve all worked on over the last year.
>Applejack shakes her head. “The group couch is all but ruined.”
>Rarity picks up a broken frame. “The pictures on the walls are smashed and trampled on, the ruffians.”
>Fluttershy walks out from the kitchen. ”They even ate all the food in the fridge.”
“Those bastards,” you nearly snarl. “I had a sandwich in there I was saving.”
File: 1443908805563.png (659 KB, 1500x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
659 KB, 1500x2000

>”Forget the sandwich, Anon! We need to worry about Sunset!” Dash reminds you. “She’s the only one who can fuse my soul back into my body!”
>At that moment, Twilight comes in from having search outside with her new goggles, the headset of which wraps around her head and covers her ears.
>”Well, there’s no trace of ectoplasmic residue, so we can rule out ghosts.” She changes the topic. “Anon, could you point out Rainbow’s location please?”
“She’s right next to me,” you say, looking at the ghost.
>Twilight’s brow furrows as she adjusts her goggles, looking for the right frequency that would allow her to see and hear her dead friend.
>”Strange, she’s not registering on any of the usual wavelengths of negative energy that spirits tend to manifest in,” she says. “Perhaps I need to make further adjustments…”
>AJ puts her shotgun over one shoulder. ”This is good an’ all, but if we’re gonna find Sunset, we need to split up.”
>You shoot her an incredulous look.
”AJ, you have seen horror movies, right?”
>”I tend to agree darling, splitting up is simply far too dangerous,” Rarity nods.
>”I don’t like it either, but we need to cover more ground. I say we head to Big Mac’s ranger station and coordinate a grid-by-grid search of the area, with radio communication. Not cell phones. Damn things can’t hardly get a signal out here amongst these trees.”
“Well, I mean you made it sound like a good idea, but all those witches would have to do is get one of us alone and use their magic to incapacitate us.”
>AJ scratches her chin, then her green eyes light up with a mischievous glare.
File: 1443842250793.png (694 KB, 2000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
694 KB, 2000x1500

>”I got an idea…” she says, looking directly at you.
>Something tells you that you aren’t going to like it very much.
>”Twilight, you brought most of your gear, right?”
>”Yes, everything I could grab,” she nods.
>”Good. Remember that one ghost in the water processing plant that we couldn’t find because it kept runnin’ around the tunnels?”
>”Yes, we used my tracking device after we tagged it with—Ohhh… I see where you’re going with this, Applejack.”
>The monster hunter looks at you with a slick grin. “We can find those witches… we just need bait.”
You immediately throw up your hands. “Woah, woah! Let’s talk about this now!”
>”I vote for it!” Pinkie says. “After all, he WAS mind controlled.”
“I was NOT mind controlled and I do NOT want to be bait!” you say.
>”Come on! You’re the most attractive one outta the bunch of us,” AJ says. The rest of the girls all look at her. “I meant to the witches. The witches.”
>She coughs into her hand. “What I meant was that they probably want Anon. We send him off into the woods with the tracer somewhere on him and wait for them to take him to their lair.”
“We don’t know that will work,” you say.
>”If we can’t split up without the risk of getting caught, then selecting which of us is caught and following them would be the better solution,” Twilight agrees with AJ.
>”I’m in!” Pinkie says. “It’ll be like fishing, but for witches! With Anon on the end of the hook!”
“Rarity! Fluttershy! Back me up here!” you plead.
>”I can’t say that I like the idea of hanging one of our own teammates out to dry like this,” Rarity says.
>”I’m not all for it either…” Fluttershy says as she twiddles her fingers. “I mean, Anon didn’t mean to kill Rainbow…”
File: 1444253637978.png (613 KB, 2000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
613 KB, 2000x1500

“There, see? Fifty-fifty. It’s a tie, which means we don’t send me off to get captured by the witches.”
>”Hey!” the ghost says. “I’m here too! I should get a say in this.”
“You don’t get a say,” you reply, irritated at the idea of being bait.
>”What? Fuck you! I totally get a say!”
“Well, nobody else can see or hear you!” you snap back at her.
>Twilight goes back to adjusting her goggles.
>”Well, maybe I think you should be bait!” Rainbow says. “Then we spring a trap on those catty bitches and make them reverse the curse!”
“We don’t even know if we can do that!” you argue back.
>”I say you go, that means the majority is for you being the one to play the patsy.”
“What, you don’t think they’d find that the least bit suspicious? They’re witches! For all we know, they could be listening in on this conversation right now with some kind of crystal ball!”
>Rainbow scoffs. “Man, Anon, I thought you had balls.”
“Oh, do not go there right now.”
>”Oh, I’m going there right now! Why don’t you stick your head between your legs and sniff them out like a good dog, or is your tail going to get in your way? What with you being frightened and it curled up between them. You’re a dog, by the way.”
“Riveting retort, Rainbow.”
>The ghost uses her one hand to flip you off.
“Oh, why don’t you use the other hand too while you’re at it?”
>”You know damn well why! You ate it, you moron!”
“I know! I’m starting to regret not chomping down on the other set!”
File: 1444236990630.png (731 KB, 2000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
731 KB, 2000x1500

>The others in the room, able to only glimpse your side of this argument, watch you like one watches a crazy person.
>But at that moment, Twilight shouts, “EUREKA! I got it!”
>Everyone turns to look at her as she minutely adjusts the lens of her goggles.
>”Rainbow… I can see you! Very faintly… try saying something!”
>”Hello? Twilight? Can you hear me?”
>”My headset can’t quite make out your words yet, but I can see the physical outline of your body!”
>”Awesome!” Rainbow says, throwing her arms up.
>Applejack steps forward. “Rainbow, do you think Anon should be bait?”
>She energetically nods while you pleadingly shake your head.
>Twilight smiles. “She does!”
>Pinkie Pie bounces over and swipes the goggles off of Twilight’s head. “Lemme see! Lemme see!”
>She takes them, slams them over her mane of poofy pink hair and starts fiddling with them.
>”No! My adjustments!” Twilight cries.
>But Pinkie has already turned the lens to a new configuration.
>”Pinkie! I had her in sight!” Twilight says, annoyed at her friend’s antics.
>”Well I can see her just fine!” Pinkie says with a bright, white smile. “Boy, Dashie, you have seen better days…”
>The ghost rolls her eyes. ”Ugh. Tell me about it. I have to be stuck with this lug head.”
>”I can hear you too!” Pinkie exclaims with glee. She runs up to Dash and puts her hand through her stomach. “Woah, that’s spooky.”
>Twilight can’t believe her ears; she grabs the headset off of Pinkie and examines them again.
>”By Einstein’s ghost, I can’t believe it! Rainbow! I can see you!”
>”Great!” she says. “Now all you need to do is make it so I’m not dead!”
>”Well… we’re trying,” Twilight replies.
>The other girls move in to get a look through the goggles as Pinkie smiles at her work.
>She dusts off her hands. “Happy to help, Twilight,” she says with a wink. “All in a day’s work.”

More coming soon.
Lovely! Sorry for destroying your plans.

Could someone get a pastebin for me up and running? I hardly have time to write.

You want someone else to go through the last few threads and make a pastebin for you?

Don't you have this stuff saved on your own computer?

Just go to Pastebin and make an account. Stories submitted without an account or anonymously cannot be updated; a new paste has to be created each time you'd make an update. Just make an account and go into the previous threads, copy and paste the work into a pastebin entry and save it to your account so everyone can see it whenever.
when in doubt, think pink
Glad that you're not dead, Stoker.

Will do my best to try and keep this thread alive.
Bumping for stoker
I use my phone, and my textfiles gottent corrupted yesterday.

Once i'll have time i'll try to mess with pastebin, but i do most of my things over my phone, and i have no idea how pastebin interacts on mobiles.
I'll also deliver really soon, i just had a ton of doing on today, along with having to rewrite two hours of worktime.

There, pastebin done, and very frustrating. Although, pretty worth it, newest stuff already in, posting here really soon.
>Apparently it gets cold at night, in the woods. Especially in the fall. Who would've knew.
>Fluttershy and Dash managed to squeeze you through the door to the cottage. You decided to lay down in the living room, next to the crackling fireplace.
>Dash sits down in an armchair next to the crackling fire, and continues to explain.
"As I left off, the Vatican gives us targets. Some have higher priority than others. Since you're new to the party, we'll take the easier ones. Of course, the reward won't be as great. But it'll keep you going through the month, since you'll have to give up your hospital work."
>Wait what?! You say, and a bunch of incoherent barks come out instead.
>God damn it.
>The hospital was what kept you from falling over, into a streak of sadness and worry.
>Especially after your parent's demise.
>The constant contact with the sick and suffering gave you an insight on how good level of being you are.
>And with that gone, with the constant reminder...
"Don't worry." Rainbow dash says, almost seeing as if she understood you.
>Well, that bark /did/ seemed concerned, so maybe you could express emotions that way.
"Your pay will be enough to make meets end. I promise you that."
>You nod.
>Her promise is one of the very few things you're sure of right now.
>Which is reassuring.
>You will get to keep your parent's household.
>The only thing that left after them.
>Dash nor Fluttershy know.
>Well, except Rainbow Dash.
>She seems to know more that is comfortable with you.
>But what about Fluttershy?
>What such kind and sweet looking tender girl could take such part in these things?
>Monster hunting.
>Slaughter of the demonic, but still a slaughter nonetheless.
>It just doesn't fit her, what is her role? What is she hiding from everyone else?
>You have too many questions.
>And you will ask them when you can.
>And right now, you really feel like you hadn't slept well for the past week.
>Not far from the truth. aren't you?
>You yawn, and not soon after, you fall asleep next to the crackling fireplace.
>In the morning you wake up, with Fluttershy nuzzled up to your side.
>What the fuck happened last night.
>Everything is in a mist, just like the memories of your graduation party.
>From what you remember, last night must've been a blast.
>You're lying on the ground in your torn pants.
>Miracle they manged to hold up.
>Convenient pants are convenient.
>You try to stretch yourself, to be painfully reminded of what you did last night.
>Half of your muscles hurt, and the other half wants to over scream the first one.
>You need acetylsalicylic acid, known to the average mortal as a pain killer, and fever destroyer.
>And you need both effects of this miracle cure.
>You always carry some bandages and the acid in your jacket.
>Just to find where you left it. Right.
>You gently get away from the pink haired girl, and you make way towards your jacket.
>Left it on the armchair.
>You pull out the tube with the fizzy tablets, get yourself a cup of tea, and drop one into the tea.
>You see Fluttershy stretching and waking up.
>Dash meanwhile is still lying passed out on the couch.
>It'll be a good idea to ask Fluttershy now.
>"Mind if I ask something?" You say, and lean back into your chair, whilst holding the cold tea.
"W-well, that depends on what you ask." She says, and sheepishly smiles at you.
>"What's your involvement in this mess? What kind of a mythical creature are you? And more importantly, why you held time me like a wasp on a candy?"
"I'm a Dryad. A nature witch, in its own essence. And you're basically a nature creature. A big wolf." She says, and looks down, blushing. "And your fur coat is just so fluffy and snuggly." She says, and continues to study her shoes.
> You aren't sure of what to say. "I see. Well, I need to get home, coffee, sleep, take it all in, you know. This is...far too much even for me. Tell Dash to call me later." You leave the cabin in the forest, managing to pull a swift run in the crisp morning air, all the way to the city's edge.
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This probably should have been posted there to begin with, it fits perfectly and there was frequent talk of the original story before this one started up. I understand why you'd want a separate thread but as it stands the majority of people who are interested in it are probably already in the monster thread.

I'd personally say that when this thread dies we move over to the vampire/monster thread, it'd save us having a bumpfest of a thread.

Well, to be fair, I get where Stoker's coming from, the monster thread didn't exist last year and is a rather recent thing, but it does fit nicely within it now.
So I'm kinda hoping Big Mac ends up becoming a werewolf or involved with the cult cause he was beaten last time and now his jealousy causes him to turn to the dark side
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What his man said.
Exactly my point. If the monster thread didn't exist I'd bet that this thread would be getting a lot more attention.
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I swear if my son was ever caught looking at this sissy shit, i would drag him outside and dominate his mother in front of him. i will dress him up as his favorite fantasy horse and mount his mother, also dressed as a fantasy horse. I would make him a man i would.
Morning bump, with a couple of questions:

Is Cadance or Shining Armor going to appear in this story?
What will happen to Flash Sentry once he inevitably spills the beans?
Will Big Mac have a bigger role in this thing? Or Celestia and/or Luna?
Writing now.


>Is Cadance or Shining Armor going to appear in this story?

I've considered it, but haven't included them or references to them. If the cast are in High School, then they are either in college or already off on thier own.

>What will happen to Flash Sentry once he inevitably spills the beans?

We'll just have to see.

>Will Big Mac have a bigger role in this thing? Or Celestia and/or Luna?

I'm planning on it for all three, yes. We just need to catch back up to Sunset first.
Currently working on a big delivery. Expect something the size of the five post monster from the last thread.
Alright, thanks for the info.

>After making peace with your new role as bait, and apologizing to Rainbow for arguing with her (you do have to keep dealing with her, after all) you prepare yourself for what comes next.
>Twilight affixes you with a tracking device, which she can use coupled with a GPS to track your exact location.
>AJ parts with some of her gear to give you some support.
>After this, the rest of the group parts from the cabin, driving away in AJ’s truck towards Big Mac’s ranger station to coordinate the search from there.
>They wish you luck before they depart, but it is of little comfort.
>”Maybe it won’t be that bad,” Rainbow offers as she floats alongside you.
“You haven’t dealt with these witches yet,” you reply. “I have, and I’m not too keen on doing so again.”
>”You got those earplugs from AJ, right?”
>You dig them out of your pocket.
“Yeah, I still have them.”
>”And the mini-crossbow, right?”
>You open your jacket, revealing the handheld crossbow.
>It’s loaded up with paralyzing tranquilizer darts; if you’re lucky, maybe you could knock one of the witches out with it.
>”And the radio?”

>You pat your leg pocket, full with the green radio.
>”And the holy hand grenade?”
“In my other pocket, yeah, I’ve got it all,” you reply. “It still doesn’t make me feel any safer. They have magic, and all we have are trinkets.
>As you make your way deeper into the forest, you grow increasingly nervous.
>Every shadow beneath every tree seems to cause you to shift your eyes, as though they’re going to jump out at any moment.
>”You’re on edge like crazy,” Rainbow observes. “Are you alright?”
“This was a stupid plan,” you mutter.
>You duck under a broken tree and cross a stream when your radio buzzes to life.
>”Anon?” It’s AJ. “We’re at the ranger station, over.”
>You fish out the radio and depress the transceiver button.
“Copy that. I’m still out in the woods, over.”
>”Keep us updated and stay safe! Out.”
>You put the radio away and can’t help but think it ironic that AJ told you to be safe.
>Ever since this incident started, she’s been the most abrasive and cold towards you.
>Well, actually, it’s been somewhat like that ever since she found out you were a werewolf and that you had lied to her a year ago.
>She’s softened up considerably since then, but members of the Apple family tend to hold long grudges.
>Especially Big Mac, who can hardly stand you being in the same room as him.
>You didn’t like lying to her, but she was a monster hunter and you were a monster.
>It didn’t help that she was getting so close to you, either.
>The few kisses and passionate moments you had shared with her only made the betrayal of her trust even worse for the both of you.
>It’s partially the reason why you never pursued anything with Sunset, even though you could have.
>Hell, you could have probably gone with anyone in the group, if you’re being honest with yourself.

>If you can’t regain control over the beast inside, then it would be irresponsible to start a relationship.
>You find yourself looking over at Rainbow some more, but this draws her attention.
>”Uh, Anon? You look like you’ve seen a ghost,” she jokes.
“I don’t know how you’re keeping in good humor about all of this.”
>”Well, I’m just confident that things will work out. I mean, our team is awesome and there’s nothing we can’t do, right?”
“Right, I guess so. Still, I’m sorry we had that fight back there.”
>”Ah, don’t sweat it, you big baby. You can make it up to me when I get back into my body.”
>She throws in a wink that would be cute were it not for her ghastly face.
“About that, though… I was just thinking…”
>She stops moving and looks at you. “What? Don’t tell me you’re flaking out on me, Anon.”
“No, no, it’s just… I’m worried about not being able to control myself.”
>”What, like with chicks? You want an open relationship?”
“What?! No!”
>”I mean, I’d be open to the idea, I’m not entirely against it. I’d have to approve the other girl, though.” She giggles a bit, but she still seems rather serious.
“I’m talking about the thing inside me! The Wolf!”
>”Ohhh… Well, we’ll just get the moonstone back from the witches, right?”
“But what if it isn’t that simple?” you ask. “What if I can’t control anything about my transformations ever again?”
>Rainbow doesn’t seem to concerned. “Well, it’s a magic moonstone, right? Maybe we could just make another one and bam, you’re back in control.”
You sigh. “I really hope it ends up being that simple, Dash, I really do. Because something tells me that it’s only going to get worse.”

>The ghost crosses her arms. “Maybe… But maybe not, right? Let’s just keep going with the plan.”
>She hesitates for a moment, but then asks you another question.
>”You were having second thoughts about ‘us’ though?”
“Not exactly. But I’m wary of getting into a ‘thing’ with anyone while there’s a risk of me ripping their head off on a full moon.”
>”I get where you’re coming from, especially with my current circumstances, trust me on that. But I mean, we can make it work, you know? I just really want to try.”
“You want to try that much?”
>”Well… yeah. I like you.”
>You stand there for a moment as she blushes and looks away.
>”S-stop staring at me like that, dork.”
>You chuckle and avert your eyes.
“Sorry, it’s just, I always assumed it was just a, I don’t know, a simple crush.”
>”Well, it could be more, you don’t know,” she says, looking back at you. “You should find out.”
>Before you can say anything else, you hear a noise.
>A soft humming, almost like a bird’s, but from very far away.
“You hear that?” you ask her.
>”Hear what?”
>The humming slowly but consistently grows in strength, becoming more audible and clear.
>”Okay, yeah, I definitely hear that,” she says.
>There’s a rhythm to their humming, a light-hearted and jovial nature to it that almost puts you at ease.

>You’re not falling for this again.
>Immediately you take out the wax earplugs and shove them in.
>The humming can still be heard, but whatever intoxicating effects that are carried with it are nullified.
>You and Rainbow both scan around for any sign of the witches, but they are as invisible as they are insidious.
>”I can’t figure out where the sound is coming from,” the ghost says.
>Just then, words start to join in the humming.
>They’re singing a nursery rhyme.
>”Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?
>”Big bad wolf?
>”Big bad wolf?
>”Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?
>The three of them are singing all together, and as they close in, the nursery rhyme grows louder.
>”Are you afraid of the big bad wolf?
>”Big bad wolf?
>”Big bad wolf?
>”Are you afraid of the big bad wolf?
“Show yourselves!” you shout, curling your hands into fists.
>”I can’t see them anywhere!” Rainbow says over the song.
File: 1422610394873.jpg (2 MB, 2222x2222) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2222x2222

>The wind picks up, kicking up leaves and blowing them in a small circle.
>From the corner of your eye, you see another circle of leaves begin to appear, and then a third.
>All three of them equidistant from you and Dash, surrounding you.
>Their voices grow as they reach the final verse.
>”I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf!
>”Big bad wolf!
>”Big bad wolf!
>”I’m not afraid of the big bad wolf!
>On the final line, accompanying their mocking laughter, the three small cyclones of leaves blow apart and in their place stand the three witches in human form.
>In fact, they’re dressed like somewhat punky girls, each with a distinct style of their own.
>One of them has blue hair, pulled into a ponytail, with purple clothing.
>The second has purple hair with green streaks, wearing a slightly torn-up top and jacket with tightly-fitting pants.
>The final one has bright orange hair, wide and poofier than even Pinkie Pie, with belt studded with metal spikes.
>The poofy one gives you a sinister smile. “Well, well, well… if it isn’t the big bad wolf.”

That's all for now.

More coming soon.

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aw yiss
Shit's gonna get real
If/when this thread dies I'd say make the jump then but at the end of the day it is your choice.

I love it when bad guys sing nursery rhymes.
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These clouds look like an anus

Thank you, pinkie.
Page 9
When you finally arrive home, it's well past lunchtime.
>Or you are think so, considering how loudly your stomach demands food.
>You walk into your kitchen, and begin to make your lunch.
>Not soon after, you resort to cereal.
>You walk over to the dining room table with the bowl of cereal in hand.
>Before taking a seat, you turn on the radio.
"And now for some news." The announced says, and reads out the news. Among a bunch of traffic jam reports, there is one report that catches your ear. "Police's attempts at resolving the brutal murder near the lung sanatorium are set back even more by the loss of all the evidence. Police Captain, Captain Shining Armor, shone some information at us." A recording from the police news conference plays. "We still are not sure what caused the brutal murder at the sanatorium, but we will keep on looking, now matter how hard it'll be."
>You continue to munch on your lunch.
>When you put the empty bowl into the dishwasher, your phone rings.
>Unknown Number?
> You pick up the phone.
>A familiar voice with a strong Texan accent pushes it's way through the speaker of your device.
>It's Applejack, the girl you met yesterday.
"Howdy, Partner! Could 'ah come over and discus some things in person?" She says.
>Nothing hit you ever in the face so much like her accent.
> "I don't see an issue. In thirty minutes?"
"A'h be there!"
>You sigh. So much for hoping to have some calm to think on what else to do.
>Around half an hour later, your doorbell rings.
>You open the door, to see Applejack.
>She steps inside.
"Anonymous? Could 'ah ask you something?"
>She asks, just as you close the door.
>"Depends on what you ask."
"Fo' how long are you a lycantrophe?"
>You freeze dead on the spot.
>" What are you talking about?" You ask, and the cowgirl frowns.
"A'h know that the man near the sanatorium was your work." She says, and points her finger at you.
>How did she find out? Does everyone around here have a sixth sense on how to sniff out the supernatural?
"Don't worry, a'h won't spill your secret, Anonymous." She says, and fixes her hat. "Though a'm not happy to have another dog on our soil"
> "E-explain." You blunder out.
"The Apple Family is an old werewolf clan. We own the territory from Ponyville, to Canterlot." She says, and leans against the wall. "So how 'bout you spill what you know?"
>You sigh. Since she knows what your issue is, you may as well fell her what you know.
>You tell Applejack what you know. But you keep the part about Dash and Fluttershy to yourself.
Applejack nods. "And what 'bout these bonding chains you wear?"
> "They're one of the things that were in the room downstairs." You say, knowingly lying.
"Could 'ah see it?" Your guest enthusiastically asks.
> "The chain, or the room?" You ask, and Applejack thinks for a second.
"Could 'ah see both?" She asks.
>You take off your shirt, revealing the big chain spun around your back and chest.
"Wow! This is amazing! Anonymous, you're quite lucky!" She exclaims, and smiles.
>What is with everyone nowadays?
>You don't find your alignment so nice.
>You lead the Cowgirl to the basement.
>Once downstairs, you pull out your phone, and turn the flashlight on.
>Applejack looks around the numerous shelves, drawers, and boxes littered around the space of the room.
" 'Am pretty sure this is quite a sizeable monster hunting setup. Something Vatican operatives would sell their soul fo'"
>You chuckle. This was way funnier than it should be, considering the circumstances.
"A'd be very happy if I could stay for the night here, and check out the place. Ya know, get to know the local resources."
>You nod. That'd be really useful.
"Thanks Annon! A'h won't let you down." The girl smiles.
>"Right. Want a snack, or a drink, or something?" You ask, and smile at her.
"Nah a'm fine, thanks Annon." She says.
> "I need to sleep. Would you mind if I go upstairs?" You ask and smile at her.
"Nope. Catch all the sleep you can, puppy." She says and smiles.
>You chuckle, and head straight for your bedroom.
>A proper sleep awaits you.
>And you're gonna get it.
Pastebin updated, link here for your convenience. http://pastebin.com/44CYRs7z
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Anyone here?
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I'm here, Annon.
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Morning bump
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A very long and annoying work day, but I'll attempt to get an update out before the end of my night.

Stand by.
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>The other two giggle as they slowly begin walking in a circle around you.
>”What’s this? You came unarmed?” one asks.
>”Maybe he wants to talk,” the ponytailed one says, smiling wide.
>”Well, he didn’t come alone, so he’s not lonely at least,” the second says, pointing at Dash’s spirit.
>”Or maybe he just appreciates fine art,” the first adds with a cocky grin.
“I came here looking for you, alright, but it wasn’t to talk or look at you.”
>There is a low chuckling from all three of them.
>You notice that around each of their necks is a glowing red gem, worn on a choker.
>Three matching red stones, three insidious voices worming their way into your head.
>Thankfully the earplugs are keeping them at bay.
>”He may be unarmed, but not unprepared,” the poofy one says, looking at your ears. ”Turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks.”
>At that, the other two laugh.
>Rainbow flies over to the poofy one, apparently their leader, and shouts, “Enough being coy! You’re going to fix this, or else!”
>The witch regards her with some amusement.
>”Or else what? You’ll wave your arms at me? Or, rather, through me?”
>Rainbow fumes as you look them in the eyes.
“I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced,” you change the subject. “I like to know the people who I’m going to end up fighting.”
>”I’m Sonata,” the one with blue hair says, wiggling her fingers at you with a cute, disarming smile.
>”Aria,” the second one says with a sinister grin.
>”And I am Adagio,” the first one introduces herself. “But you can go ahead and call me Mistress, since I hold your leash.”
File: 1421632447159.png (1 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x720

>You let out an amused snort.
“I wasn’t aware that cats told dogs what to do.”
>Adagio places her hands on her hips and cocks them to one side. ”All good dogs know when to heel, but then again, perhaps you’ve never been properly trained.”
>”I wonder if he’s even housebroken,” Aria sneers.
>”You’re a dog!” Sonata laughs.
>The other two roll their eyes.
>”Enough of this bullshit,” Rainbow says, staring Adagio in the face. “If you don’t break the curse on me right now, then you’re going to be in a lot of trouble.”
>Adagio seems to take great pleasure in the ghost’s frustration.
>”I think she’s getting a bit upset,” Aria says.
>Sonata giggles. ”Careful! She might look at you meanly.”
>Adagio steps through Rainbow, ignoring her, and heads towards you.
>”I don’t care about Miss No-Body. I’m far more interested in you… Anon.”
“So, you do know my name. But we’ve never met before. Which means that you knew about me before that night.”
>”Goodness, you’re a bright one,” she says as she rolls her eyes. “Of course I knew about you, Anon. You and your little freakshow team. You’ve been making some noise.”
>Aria nods. ”Rubbing some folks the wrong way.”
>Sonata pops up in the corner of your vision. “And somebody wants you out of the picture!”
“The curator,” you mutter under your breath. “But what do you get out of this?”
>”Well, it’s amusing, for one,” Adagio waves her hand. “And it brings me a measure of joy to see the self-righteous taken down a few pegs.”
>Aria speaks up. “Plus, it’s not good to let someone like you running around unchecked. It’s bad for business all around. I mean, sooner or later you and your team were going to expand beyond this stupid little town, and we can’t have that, no, no, no.”
>”So we made you lose control and eat your friend!” Sonata pipes in.
>Adagio and Aria both groan a bit.
File: 1421499727017.jpg (192 KB, 900x732) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
192 KB, 900x732

>Clearly, she’s the one of the three with the least going on upstairs.
>”So why the curse, then?” Rainbow demands.
>”I see your witch friend already detected the hex,” Adagio says, apparently unaware of Celestia and Luna.
>Good, they don’t need to know that.
You step towards her. “That’s right, and it’s only a matter of time before she breaks it.”
>Aria laughs. “I don’t think she’s in much of a condition to break any hex.”
>”She’s caught in our trap!” Sonata proudly exclaims.
>”Shut up already!” Aria snaps at her. “We’re trying to be coy and aloof, you featherbrain!”
>So, they either have Sunset in captivity, or they’re bluffing.
>And they're not commenting on the curse itself.
>Best to not show weakness and instead try to foster some discontent between them.
“Good to know you girls are such friends,” you chuckle.
>Adagio holds up a hand and they both go silent. “Friendship doesn’t factor into it,” she says. “We share a common interest.”
“That would explain why you got me alone and ambushed me. Can’t stand up to my friends.”
>Adagio laughs at that. “Oh, you’re one to talk. Every ghost you’ve ever taken on has been against overwhelming odds. Seven against one? You’ve got no room to talk about us doing the same to you.”
“Maybe, but I never hurt anyone intentionally. We help people. You’re clearly in it for yourself.”
>”You’re breaking my heart,” she yawns. “Oh, you hero-types are always so boring…”
>”Kinda cute, though,” Sonata says, waving her fingers at you.
>Aria nudges her in the ribs.
>Rainbow circles back around behind you as Adagio continues to speak.
>”You don’t know how much of an impact you made when you defeated Archsepsis,” she tells you. “His name was spoken of in whispers across shadowy circles, and though he was no figure of great power or renown, a threat to one of us is a threat to all of us.”
File: 1421659823786.png (311 KB, 555x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
311 KB, 555x500

“Me and my team wouldn’t be a threat to you unless you made us one,” you counter.
>”There really isn’t a choice in the matter. In the end, we were always going to be enemies, sooner or later. We just decided on dealing with you sooner.”
“And what about the giant black dog? What’s his deal?”
>She shakes her head and turns her shoulder to you. “You think I’m just going to tell you everything? I’m the one holding your leash, remember.”
“You keep saying that, but I think it’s bullshit. You can’t control me with your music.”
>Adagio smiles and you see the other two slink closer to you.
“Back off,” you warn, reaching into your jacket.
>”Oh, do you have a toy?” Sonata asks. “Are we going to play a game?”
>”I have a game,” Aria says, reaching out with her hand.
>Your jacket flies open and the mini-crossbow soars out to her hand.
>”What’s that?” Sonata asks. “Were you going to use that on us?”
>”Truly, a grand plan,” Adagio laughs at you. “But it seems like your options have run out.”
>You turn to face her and prepare to lash out with your fists when she takes something out of her pocket and holds it up.
>Your moonstone, dangling on its chain.
>The sight of it causes you to pause.
>”Oh, yes, that’s right,” Adagio says with a smile, slowly swinging it back and forth like a pendulum. “I just found your leash.”
File: 1421532273199.gif (455 KB, 315x356) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
455 KB, 315x356

>The other two laugh as Aria throws the mini-crossbow over her shoulder.
>”Give that back to him right now!” Rainbow orders her.
>”Tell you what: if you can grab it out of my hands, it’s yours.”
>She holds it right out in front of you, tantalizingly close and within reach.
>”Go on. Take it.”
>You try to move your arm, but cannot.
>You want nothing more than to grab it and teach them a lesson… but you simply cannot.
>There is a sudden strain as your muscles fail, leaving your limbs useless.
>”What’s the matter, little doggy? Can’t you grab it? It’s right in front of you,” she taunts.
>The other two laugh at you.
>”Anon? What’s wrong? Grab it!”
“I… Can’t… Move…” you say through gritted teeth.
>”Good,” Adagio says. “Now, heel.”
>Your legs buckle and you fall down onto your knees, muddying your jeans.
>”How about we play fetch?” she suggests, before throwing the moonstone away.
>Suddenly, as she loses contact with the stone, the spell on you breaks.
>Your eyes follow the glowing blue stone as it lands nearby, between two trees.
>Immediately you scramble after it, brushing aside leaves as you crawl towards it.
>They all watch, amused, before Adagio uses her magic to summon it.
>It slips through your fingers as you attempt to grab it and flies back to her open palm, and once inside, she shouts, “HEEL!”
>You fall down again, this time on all fours.
>Rainbow watches in despair as you are forced down and all three witches laugh again, mocking your misfortune.
>”You see, you and this moonstone are connected from how much you used it,” Adagio says. “And in my hands… it’s your leash.”
File: 1421534380158.png (4 MB, 2905x3135) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 2905x3135

>She walks over and places her purple spiked boot right in your face.
>”Now be a good boy and kiss my boot.”
>Your head is forced up and you feel the strain on your face as it is forced against the leather of her boot, your lips mashing up against it.
>Aria kneels down next you. “You like that, don’t you? You like being told what to do.”
“Fuck… you…”
>Adagio twirls your moonstone around her finger. “You wish.”
>Rainbow has had enough. “Stop it! Stop it right now, you freaks! I swear, if I had my own body right now, I would kick the ever-loving shit out of you and stomp your stupid, smug faces into a goddamned tree!”
>They all look at her, surprised and amused by her outburst.
>”It’s funny how she thinks she’s in any position to demand anything from us,” Adagio says.
>”You’re just a lost spirit with a loud mouth,” Aria adds.
>”And you’re ugly!” Sonata sticks out her tongue.
>Rainbow looks about ready to explode when Adagio suddenly releases control of you.
>You collapse into the dirt and manage to pick yourself up as the witches walk away.
>”You’re not the only one on our leash, you know,” she says. “You’re just our newest toy. You’re not broken in quite enough yet.”
>”So we’re going to let you play with another pet of ours,” Aria says with a wicked grin. “And he’s been very, very eager to have a new playmate.”

>”I think you mean hungry,” Sonata says to her, causing Aria to groan.
>Adagio holds up a hand and again silences them both.
>Suddenly, there’s a ‘caw’ sound from above and your eyes are drawn up to the branch of a nearby tree.
>A crow sits there, staring at you.
>The same crow from before, perhaps?
>But what does it mean?
>Just then, from the trees around you, there is a creeping fog.
>You feel a bit of a haze come over you and a foul smell reaches your sensitive nostrils.
“God… What is that smell?”
>The fog begins to grow thicker, and along with it, the air takes on an unnatural chill.
>You slowly shake your head and try to focus your eyes as a shape begins to take form in the mist.
>It is tall and thin, with long limbs and a hunched over appearance.
>Each step it takes is slow and stiff, almost like it is forcing its legs to move.
>It reaches out and grabs hold of a nearby tree, allowing you to see its fingers—each maybe a foot long, boney and stained with blood and bits of flesh, tapered with sharp claws.
>Clumps of flesh cling onto its frame, skin stretched thin across a twisted skeleton that reeks of rotten flesh.
>Bones jut out in odd places and what appear to be bits of hair—or fur—grow on odd misshapen growths around its body.
>Strange totems and other fetishes hang around its neck and waistline, including a collection of human skulls.
>But its head is by far the strangest.
>You aren’t certain of it is wearing a skull or if that is its skull, but it resembles that of a deer, complete with antlers.
>There are no eyes in its hollow sockets, and what little skin and fur stretched across the skull doesn’t extend to its mouth—it has no lips.
>You can see its teeth, yellow and sharp.
>Its breath is fog, deathly cold.
File: Wendigo1.jpg (55 KB, 500x665) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
55 KB, 500x665

>”I want you to meet our other pet,” Adagio says to you as the monster looms over you, standing at least eight feet tall. “He’s one of our favorites… the wendigo.”
>It opens its mouth and lets out an inhuman howl, a screech that rattles you to the bone and causes you to fall back in fear.
>It advances as you crawl backwards, and you bump into a tree.
>”If I were you… I would run,” the lead witch says.
>The wendigo brings up a clawed hand and gets ready to swipe; you dodge to the right just in time, causing the monster to rake into the bark and leave a deep gash.
>You get up and take off at full speed as the monster—now fully awoken—takes up pursuit, running just as fast as you, if not faster.
>As you run through the forest, the shadows of the trees seem to get darker, the sky more bleak, and the fog becomes more pervasive.
>You can hear the mocking laughter of the witches as their wendigo pet chases you, eager to feast on your flesh.
>Wendigos… Wendigos… Why did you never read up on wendigos?
>Well, you never expected to run into one, for starters.
>Nor did you ever count on being chased by one without your moonstone.
>As the beast chases you, Rainbow flies alongside you and shouts, “Any ideas?”
File: Mansion_front.jpg (181 KB, 799x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181 KB, 799x600

>But all you can think about is running, so you don’t reply to her.
>Perhaps you are being forced to flee by Adagio for her amusement.
>This becomes somewhat more apparent, because you realize that you are being led somewhere.
>As your body is taken out of your control, you leap between a pair of trees and onto an old dirt road.
>It leads to a large, dark house, old and covered with boarded-up windows and vines.
>You remember it from the map in the ranger station—the Spencer Estate.
>Its front doors are closed, but with the wendigo on your heels, you run up to them and all but burst through, slamming them shut behind you.
>Outside, the monster reaches the doors and pounds on them, but you put all of your weight onto the door and keep them from opening.
>You see an old brass lock on the door and quickly slide it shut.
>After a few minutes, the pounding ceases and the cold in the air goes away.
>The wendigo slinks off, taking its horrible smell with it.
>Leaving you and Dash alone in this mansion.

That's all for now.

More coming soon.
File: Lonely Writer.jpg (5 KB, 222x227) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lonely Writer.jpg
5 KB, 222x227
I hope everyone's enjoying the story.

I'm just not feeling the love like last year.
Don't worry, Stoker, I'm sure people do enjoy it just as much as last year's story.
Maybe it's just the monster thread where everyone's gathered to discuss things like this. But I'm not saying that you should move there, no. It's far easier for me to follow your story when you post it in a separate thread.

>>25173920 This is me, by the way. I was there when you wrote the first story last year, got hooked into it right at the beginning. Since then I've been anxiously waiting for a sequel. I'm glad you still have the energy to keep on writing, even when there's not much discussion going on.

Greetings from Finland, Stoker. You're doing God's work, man. I've been here when the first story began, and I'll be here until the end.

By the way, do you have any plans on writing a sequel to this story next year? Or maybe an entirely new story?
I'm loving it. I just wonder what's up with sunset.

And this story feels like it'll be going on much longer than October.
Crap, now we'er most likely in their base and cornored.
WE need some options here and fast else Anon's going to eat it fast.

Anyone else thinking that the reason why Anon is having such a furry little problem isfrom being out of balance? I mean the moonstone works as a good anchor for Anon to fight the Wolf, but the Wolf I think is still Anon, more primal and angry version of him, but its still him. Maybe if we got some kind of druidic magic or something he could fix that?
File: 1442095424153.png (671 KB, 497x732) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
671 KB, 497x732
Just to continue from here, I know how you're feeling. I've been there myself.
I write short stories with my friend, short things that are then tied together into a bigger picture. Sometimes I copy things from elsewhere, like from movies or videogames instead of trying something new, because I'm afraid it doesn't spark the reaction I wanted. I'm deeply afraid of failure, and I know it's the biggest thing that holds me back.

I know this sounds like a blog post, but I just want you to know that you're not alone in here. You put a lot of work into the making of this story, and I appreciate it greatly.

Thank you for having the patience to keep on writing even if there's not much discussion going on in these threads.
It was very unlikely that you'd get the same cult-ish reaction as last year, especially since people have often grown more ignorant towards new generals and stuff, what with them having become so common lately.

Don't take it harshly, you're still rocking it with the story, and you're still holding to why I call you my favourite bloody writefag in this hellhole. Can't wait to see what happens next as per usual.
I've said it before and I'll say it again, you'd probably get a lot more response in the monster thread, as it stands there are double the posters in that thread compared to this one.

Anyway it's up to you if you move or not but just consider how it looks when you're "bitching that people aren't paying attention to you" when you have a thread that is perfect for what you're writing. FYI I I don't think you're "bitching that people aren't paying attention to you" but it might not be a view shared by others.
Vicar Amelia? Is that you?
File: image.jpg (11 KB, 347x346) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Stoker, you're the only reason why I have come back to this board after a year. You're doing an amazing job writefriend. You're one to go down in the history books of /mlp/.
I love how you always manage to put a creepy spin on things from MLP.
You do know wendigos are actual mythological creatures right and not just something from mlp

It's not so much that there is a lack of attention, what gets me more is the constancy of bumping and the lack of discussion. I appreciate bumps, but I really love conversation about the work. It helps me get a feel for how people really feel and sometimes gives me new ideas. I've always appreciated when people take the time to write about the story.
Yeah, I guess I wasn't very clear. I meant that I love how he spins things that look tame in MLP and make them more "real"
Came home to a new installment today, thanks based Stoker; I'm really loving the story so far, it's pretty rad.
C'mon Stoker, this is like my only reason to be here. I'm not that good at conversation
File: Yes, Mate.gif (428 KB, 200x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Yes, Mate.gif
428 KB, 200x200
You are literally making my Halloween a lot better with this story, just like last year.
As hard as it is to believe, you have quite a number of fans that love your work (myself included), and you should keep going.

So far I'm loving every last bit of this story, and things have gotten a whole lot more interesting now. Keep going, We're proud of you.
This tbh fam, keep up the work ya fag. I need my spoopy classical horrors
Well what about this, since we are still involved in Egyption shit are we going to be seeing more book of the dead shenagins? If so I want to see if there is a book of the living, just like from the Mummy series before it went to China and jumped the shark hard.

Seriously Chinese mummies? That doesn't work at all...fucking directors...

At anyrate the whole book of the living is supposed to be a gold plated book that had rituals that could take life away from even the gods themselves supposedly. There were also mentions of using the life force for extending the life spans of the pharohs or whoever is the recipiant of the ritual, I'm not too sure about the rest of it though.
Quick bump
I'm kinda expecting a wacky combination of magic and science to bring back Rainbow.

I feel like mummy book would leave it's mark on the recipient
Damnit, I always quote people when I don't mean to and forget to quote people when I do mean to

Meant >>25195918
for >>25195357
In the movie it actually doesn't really do much aside from reanimate the body and brings it back to peak condition, really amazing to be honest, Anceint Egyptions knew their dead yo.

Matter of fact one of the characters in the Mummy, Evie gets stright up shanked by the bad guys gf resulting in her son using the book to bring her back. Literally got pulled out of heaven as well funnily enough and she remembers bits and pieces of it.
I don't know why, it just seems like a "keep your eyes on her, she might slowly start gravitating towards Egyptian stuff until she's full-on extolling the glory of the eternal rule of the pharaohs and trying to end the world" kind of thing

And besides what are the odds a thousand-year-old, ancient artifact just happens to show up in Canterlot?
Pfft, its more likely that Dash would wind up adopting the Egyption motiff and trying to make it awesome by ruling the world instead of trying to ruin it.

Sides they saw what happened when you pissed off the Gods they stright up bitch slap you. Though I am curoiuse as to the werecat thing with sirens being witches as well means that they might be priests of the egyption curator guy since cats where supposedly a sacred symbol in Egyption mythos. I am just waiting for some Greek influences to come down the river and stomp shit in. Hah that reminds me of the story where the Gods of Olympus fled from their home to hide from this giant or something by wearing animal heads in the Egyption lands leading to the natives there to think they belonged to them instead of proper greeks.
Oh right, I forgot about the whole catgirl thing. You might be on to something; I dono why Stoker would just be like "let's see, witches...let's make them half cats too for the hell of it"
Never know really, I mean once you open that can of worms you get the furrys in the house and it just devolves from there yanno? I mean hell you ever hear of a wererhino?
Person who seriously considers getting work done on their nose when bathed in the light of African savanna?
I saw Anon drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic's
File: 1421730069990.png (424 KB, 671x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
424 KB, 671x600

I saw Applejack and Rarity at the bar.

And I was too much of a beta to talk to one of them.
His hair was perfect
Hey Spacewolfe, are you still here?
At the moment your story is the only reason I check /mlp/, Your doing great mate.
Page 9 bump
Funny, hadn't thought of it that way, were giarrafs would be in a pickle though wouldn't they? Actually what would be a qualifier for a creature to be considered a were?

You fuuuucking faaaaaaaaaaaggot! Should of at least talked with them, best thing to do when talking with a girl is make them laugh, even if its them laughing at your dumbness. Can start a conversation then at least.
File: Mainhall12.jpg (206 KB, 862x630) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 862x630

>But all you can think about is running, so you don’t reply to her.
>Perhaps you are being forced to flee by Adagio for her amusement.
>This becomes somewhat more apparent, because you realize that you are being led somewhere.
>As your body is taken out of your control, you leap between a pair of trees and onto an old dirt road.
>It leads to a large, dark house, old and covered with boarded-up windows and vines.
>You remember it from the map in the ranger station—the Spencer Estate.
>Its front doors are closed, but with the wendigo on your heels, you run up to them and all but burst through, slamming them shut behind you.
>Outside, the monster reaches the doors and pounds on them, but you put all of your weight onto the door and keep them from opening.
>You see an old brass lock on the door and quickly slide it shut.
>After a few minutes, the pounding ceases and the cold in the air goes away.
>The wendigo slinks off, taking its horrible smell with it.
>Leaving you and Dash alone in this mansion.
>As your breathing returns to normal, you look around the massive entry hall.
>A large staircase dominates the center, leading up to the second level.
>There is a grand painting at the top, faded and torn in some places, but it still clearly depicts a man in a suit with a cane, though his face is mostly obscured and scratched out.
>The carpet that lines the floor is old, and the parts of it that it does not cover are white marble, dusty and occasionally cracked.
>This place definitely hasn’t been in use for a long time now, and it’s a relic of decades past.
>”Why’d you run in here?” Rainbow asks, floating around the large room.
“I don’t know. I think they made me do it,” you breathe. “Damn. To think that they could just control me like that… Like a damn puppet! All because they hold the moonstone.”
File: 012.jpg (60 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
60 KB, 1024x768

>”We definitely need to get that out of their hands,” Rainbow agrees. “Maybe this is the place they’ve been hiding, yeah? We should call the others!”
>You take the radio out of your pocket, silently thanking whatever deity might be paying attention that it did not fall out during the chase.
>Fearing the wendigo again suddenly, you look back to the door, but it is gone.
>Likely not far; perhaps even searching for another way into the mansion.
>You turn the radio on and depress the button.
“AJ? AJ, do you read me? This is Anon, over.”
>After a moment, the radio buzzes back and you can make out the monster hunter’s voice through the static.
>”Anon? What happened? Where are you?”
“I’m in that old mansion, the Spencer Estate. The witches chased me in here with a wendigo.”
>”A damned wendigo?” A moment of silence. “Alright. I don’t know how to deal with one of those, but we’re on our way to you. Do you still have the tracking device?”
>You check the inside of your jacket where Rarity sewed it in.
“Yeah, I’ve got it. You should be able to hone in on my position with it.”
>”Rodger that. We’re on our way, don’t worry. Out.”
>You put the radio back into your pocket and look up at Dash, who is inspecting the massive iron chandelier.
>”This thing is nuts,” she says, trying to touch it. “I can’t go through it.”
“Can you push it?”
>She tries doing so, but cannot manage to even budge it.
>”No, this iron stuff, it’s like I can touch it but I can’t move it at all, you know?”
File: mansion2.jpg (667 KB, 1280x846) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
667 KB, 1280x846

>You dust yourself off a bit and look around, wondering why the witches brought you here.
>Their plan still eludes you… what’s their end game in all of this?
>As you approach the back of the large hall, you can’t help but think that Sunset must be in this place.
>You don’t know why, but there’s an indescribable feeling in the back of your mind that she must be.
>You sniff the air, picking up only the scent of moldy walls and dusty carpet.
>A large pair of doors is nearby, which upon opening, lead to a large dining room.
>A massive wooden table stretches from one end to the other, covered in ancient silverware, and large windows on one side of the room dominate the wall.
>You peak outside of them between two large wooden boards and find the entire grounds obscured in fog.
“That’s going to make it hard for the others to find us,” you whisper to yourself, though Dash can hear you.
>”Twilight should be able to track you down, right?”
“If the witches don’t have some kind of way to stop them, yeah.”
>Suddenly, a loud noise from behind startles both of you; you whip around and find the old grandfather clock has started to tick again, rather loudly.
>It echoes throughout the dining room, eerily masking your footsteps as you make your way to the other end.
>”Maybe we should wait for the others,” Rainbow suggests.
“I think Sunset may be here,” you tell her.
>”How do you know?”
“I… I don’t, but I do. Somehow. I just know.”
>She gives you a questioning look, but doesn’t press you further on the subject.
>You spy an old fireplace full of ashes, with a family crest over it.

>The crest is of a black dog, whose mouth is open and full of sharp teeth.
>What connection might it have to the massive hound your encountered on the night of the blood moon?
>As you run your fingers over it, you hear a noise through the wall, like someone slumping down or falling to the floor.
>A nearby door is all that stands between you and the source of the noise.
>Reaching for a fire poker, you hold it in front of you like a spear.
>Giving a wary look to Rainbow, you slowly approach it and push it open, finding a dark hallway beyond.
>The western end of the hall has a window, and you hear a noise coming from that direction.
>You near the corner and peak around it, discovering nothing outside of an empty seating area with old lounge seats and cushions.
>Rainbow peaks over your shoulder. “Huh. I could’ve sworn there was a—”
>Your nostrils pick up the scent of decrepit flesh too late as a corpse attacks you from behind, turning you around and forcing you to stare into its skeletal face.
>With your poker, you stab it in the chest, causing its ribs to collapse as you plant it into the wall.
>The grasping fingers let go and you fall back onto the floor as the corpse opens its mouth as if to scream, but its vocal cords withered away long, long ago.
>You watch as it slowly begins to pull itself free.
>Before it can, you reach up and grab the poker and wrench it from the monster’s chest.
>The skeleton falls upon you, fingers scraping and teeth gnashing.

>You manage to roll the surprisingly light body over and get on top, positioning the poker right at the bottom of its mouth.
>With a bit of force, you thrust the spear-like end into the skull, piercing it all the way through, with the tip breaking through the skull’s dome.
>The body goes limp and you stand up, dusting yourself off once more and shivering a bit.
“Fucking hate skeletons…” you mutter.
>”Is it a zombie?” she asks.
“Hardly any flesh on it,” you say, bringing up your foot and stomping down on the skull, shattering it.
>This lets you pick up the poker again.
>The body is completely skeletal, with only the faintest hints of flesh, skin and hair in small bits around its bones.
>Moldy clothing hangs in tattered rags around it; if you didn’t know better, you’d say he was dressed like an old-time butler with a black suit and matching shoes.
>As you turn around to leave, Rainbow continues to look at the body.
>She suddenly shouts a warning as it reaches out and grabs your ankle, causing you to trip.
>You turn around as the headless skeleton crawls up your body, reaching for your neck with the intent to strangle.
>With the poker in hand, you swipe its arm away with a single bash before battering away at the body, breaking the bones and beating it until the body stops moving again.
>Rainbow cheers you on as you smash the body off into the corner before getting up and steadying your breathing.
“So… There’re reanimated corpses in this house,” you say between deep breaths. “That’s going to complicate things.”
>”We should probably warn the girls,” Rainbow says.
>At that moment, somewhere further in the house, you hear a crashing noise as a window is broken.
>The howl of the wendigo can be heard as it makes its way inside, echoing down the halls.
“That’s also going to complicate things,” you say very quietly.
OH FUCK, I know that mansion its from resident evil!
File: 1353234851068.jpg (35 KB, 325x332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 325x332
O shit
We Resident Evil now

Well, I did mention its name (The Spencer Estate) very early on as a hint to what it's based on.

I have a deep fondness for the Spencer mansion from Resident Evil 1/REmake.
Happy new episode, everyone.
i was almost expecting Grout's mansion from VtM:B
no es kill
No kill! Also thoughts on what would be a wendigos weakness?

Most critters of the void tend to have one or another as a result of humanity trying to drown them in bodies.
To be honest, I think a healthy dose of fire is adequate for the wendigo issue.
Btw, really like this spin, Stoker.
Yeah, but its not like we have tons of red barrels by the Big Boom Incorporated laying around the estate
To be honest, I thought the word 'were' was derived from the word for 'Man' so technically everyone here is a were
Unless you're a girl

Googled search result says: "It's icy heart has led many to believe that burning the Wendigo could kill it. Others, claim that an appropriate use of silver (which is often used to kill other paranormal entities) will vanquish the beast. An old Objiwa story, however, depicts a hunter killing a Wendigo with a normal knife by repeatedly stabbing it in the head."
To be fair, stabbing most things in the head multiple times really ruins a things day you know?

Silver is often shown to be useful for killing supernatural things, I wonder why that is?

That was a silver knife that was on fire.

It's hard to say which was responsible for killing the wendigo. Best to stick with what works.
I don't remember where I heard the reason but I think I remember it being somewhat along the lines of what they wrote here http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SilverHasMysticPowers

So basically, why choose one method when you can have all three? I like it kid, ya got moxie
Ah ah ah ah stayin aliiiiiiiiii-iiiiiiiiiii-eauiiiiiiiiiiiiii-iiiiiiiiiive!
I very interested in your story, I just don't have much to say in the thread ;_;
File: Persuader.jpg (41 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 800x600
>As you make your way through the mansion, traversing its dark halls and old corridors, you keep on the lookout for more undead—or the wendigo.
>You find a staircase and slowly climb it, each step creaking loudly, worrying you that they may draw the attention of unwanted undead.
>Now on the second story, you look down the hall and see a few doors.
>Some of them are boarded up or similarly barred, making entry impossible without making too much noise.
>One of them, however, a large ornate oak door, draws your attention.
>You slink along the wall and duck near it and look back towards Dash, who has been silently shadowing your every move.
“Can you look inside and see what’s on the other side?” you ask her.
>She nods and peaks her head into the wall.
>A moment later, she takes it out.
>”There’s three zombies in there, but there’s also a shotgun on the wall.”
“That could be useful,” you say, mostly to yourself. “Alright. I’m going to go for it.”
>”Think you can take them?”
>You hold up the poker and nod.
>Moving to stand in front of the door, you take a deep breath and ready yourself.
>Alright, fast and lethal.
>Make as little noise as possible.

>You open the door and burst through, raising your weapon high.
>The room is dark, but a single light from an old oil lamp is enough for you to see your foes by.
>The first undead turns to you, its missing cheeks allowing its mouth to open to an impossibly wide gap as it reaches out for you.
>You bring the poker down on its head, smashing it with the heavy iron and knocking him to the floor.
>From here, you see the second one approaching, its arms outstretched and its fingers groping at the air.
>You swing the poker upwards, swatting its hands away before you bring up your foot and plant it on the zombie’s chest with a firm kick, pushing it back against the wall.
>You bring the poker up like a baseball bat and swing it at the corpse’s head, causing it to fly cleanly off and land in a nearby corner.
>The third zombie lumbers towards you, shifting its weight with each step in an almost exaggerated fashion.
>The first tries to grab your ankle; you bring your leg up and slam it down on its neck, separating the head from the body.
>Though the first and second zombies are now bereft of their heads, you learned downstairs that these corpses are fueled more by magic than by science, and as such they are not stopped by losing them.
>Backing off to gain some distance, you raise the poker and jab it forwards like a spear, impaling both the second and third through their chests.
>You run them through to the wall and drop them both to the ground; they struggle to get up, pushing and pulling against each other.
>This gives you an opportunity to grab the shotgun hanging on the wall.
>”Nice one!” Rainbow says, giving you a thumbs-up.
>You smile, but your smile runs away as you hear a noise from above, like stone grinding on stone.
>A click behind you is also audible as the hooks the shotgun once hung on are retracted into the wall.
>A mechanic connected to the ceiling causes it to start lowering!
File: maxresdefault.jpg (84 KB, 1440x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 1440x900

>Dust falls from the stone above as it begins its descent, a deadly weight meaning to trap and crush those who would think to steal the weapon you just took.
>”Dude, run!” Rainbow shouts.
>You dive for the open doorway and crawl towards it when one of the undead grabs your leg and pulls.
>You desperately turn around the kick at it; the headless body continues to grab your ankle and pull, meaning you take you down with it.
>Raising the shotgun, you point it at the headless torso and fire, blasting it to pieces.
>It lets go as the ceiling grows dangerously close.
>You pull your feet out just as it comes down, shattering the wooden door and crushing the zombies.
>One skeletal hand sticks out from beneath the stone, twitching slightly before going still.
>You pant as you examine your feet—yup, both still there.
>Rainbow looks on as you get back up. “Man, I thought you were done for there.”
“Me too. Glad that this thing is loaded.”
>Somewhere in the mansion, you hear the roar of the beast, it having heard your discharge.
>”I think we should go now,” she suggests.
>You waste no time and take off in the opposite direction of the sound, hoping to distance yourself from the stalking beast.
>So, this mansion is trapped, too…
>Well, that’s just the cherry on the shit sundae, isn’t it?
>You hope the others get here soon.
Back from the weekend. May move myself to the monster thread, since I won't be around until 2nd November, and then the thread won't be around.
Jesus, Stoker! I have to read a lot today! ;)
This is shaping up very well. I'm gonna be so upset when you inevitably kill off the dazzlings though :P
I'm being driven up the wall by finals, but your story is one of the things that keeps me sane. Keep up the great work.
>TFW this story will be done by next week
ink ribbons when stoker?

>Dreams should be the peaceful counterpart to the painful hectic life.
>If it only were so simple.
>You're strolling through a forest.
>Beside your parents.
>You keep on walking.
>The sunset illuminates the forest.
>You keep on walking.
>The last few rays of the dying sunlight burn through the leaves.
>You're just walking.
>In the shrubbery in front of you, something rattles the leaves.
>A giant hairy monster rushes out of the bushes.
>Your father pushes your aside.
"Run, Anonymous! Run!" You hear him shouting.
>You run.
>You run so fast.
>The edge of the forest approaches even faster.
>You don't dare to turn around the slightest bit.
>The forest edge is so close.
>You're about to make it.
>But you know that'll never happen.
>You scream in pain, as a set of sharp claws tears through your back.
>Suddenly, you wake up.
>You're sweating, your heart is beating fast.
>You're panting.
>It was just a dream. A stupid dream. Nothing else.
>But god, it felt so real.
>You rub your eyes to chase the sorrow away.
>You slide your hands down your cheeks to wipe the sadness and fear from your body.
>You sigh.
>Six months. Long six months.
>Some wounds will never heal.
>More so, the death of your dearest did bring up some odd questions.
>Why is there a monster hunter base under the house they built?
>Is there a way to get rid of your curse? To be normal, human, once more?
>Asking the questions won't answer them. You will need to go and seek the answers.
>You decide to check in on Applejack, to see if she made any progress.
>You put on your clothes, and make say from your upstair bedroom, to the secret basement.
>When you enter, you find the room spic and span, and the cowgirl sitting behind a table.
"Hey, there Shugarcube. You look like you've seen a ghost." She says, and smiles, leaning back in one of the antique chairs.
> You sigh. "Just a nightmare. Nothing else. Did you find something useful, or attention worthy?"
"A'm sure there's at least enough weaponry in 'ere to kill the legions of hell twice. From swords, to automatic shotguns. A'm pretty sure whoever stockpiled all of these things, must've been pretty big in the business. Who lived before 'ere anyways?" She asks, and looks around. "A' have a pretty basic knowledge about this, but most of the things are labeled. I sorted them, and cleaned the place up a bit."
>"I can see that, Thank you a lot." You say, and look around. The entire place looks clean, sorted. A very high contrast to the god forgotten mess it was before. "My parents built this house. Although, I'm pretty sure this doesn't fit them. Just not their style. Dad was a policeman, and mom was doctor in medicine and worked in the hospital. They weren't monster hunters, or protectors of the mankind."

"You never know. Where are they now?" Applejack asks, and smiles at you.
> You swallow, and sigh. "They were killed. Six months ago, by some kind of a big wolf monster." You say and look at the cowgirl. Her smile is wiped off by your words.
"A'm sorry to hear that, Anonymous."
> "Yeah. I'm pretty sure you have a nice big close family since you're in a clan." You say and sigh, looking through a few books.
"Well, A' don't have anyone else than my brother, sister and granny. Both my parents were killed by Vatican's hunters. I was a little girl when it happened."
>Fuck. You unintentionally made yourself sound like a dick.
>"Sad to hear that. I guess you're holding a grudge against them, then?" You ask, and pull out a book that particularly caught your eye.
"You don't hold a grudge against the werewolf that killed your parents?" Applejack counters with a question.
>You never thought a werewolf would be responsible for the death of your closest family.
>But it'd make sense.
>Too much sense. honestly.
> You open the book.
>"You think it could've been a werewolf?"
"Well, It can be a possibility, a'm pretty sure, from your description. It'd make sense for your curse too. Although, a'h have no idea why it manifested half a year later." She says and frowns.
> "Well, some people are late bloomers!" You say and laugh at your own joke. Applejack laughs too.
"A'm pretty sure it will be something else. But good try, Annon." She says and smiles.
>Her phone starts to ring. She pulls it out, and looks at the display.
"Sorry. Got to pick this one up. Give me a minute." She says, and picks the call up, going to the next room, labeled 'Ammo Storage'.
>You open the book. Supposedly, your mother's diary.
>You skip the first couple hundred pages, until one catches your eye.
>You begin reading.
"I've managed to heal myself of the lycantrophy I gained from the bite. It won't bother me at all, though I'm worried about the baby I'm expecting. I doubt it's a good idea to continue chasing monsters with a child on the way."
>This is odd. Your mother was cursed, and healed herself. But from what you can see, she was worried about you being cursed.
>You skip a couple more pages.
"I'm closing down the lab. I'll keep everything down there, just in case. I've enchanted the door to hide it from everyone's eyes. Only Anonymous would be able to find it. And I'd have to be dead for it to happen. The spell may wear down over time."
>So your mother was not only a monster hunter, and a cured lycantrophe, but she also preserved and hid this place from everyone else.
>You'll look over the diary more later, when you'll have time.
>And from what you expect, there will be a lot of it. Hopefully you can get some useful information from this.
>Applejack comes back.
"Anonymous, you need to come with me. Granny Smith wants to see you." She says, and fixes her hat.
> "What for?" You ask, not even trying to hide your worry. You put the diary into your pocket.
"A'm not sure. She was pretty gosh darn enigmatic." Applejack says.
>"Alright. I'll come with you. But I want to be back by nightfall." You say, and follow Applejack out of the house, locking the door behind you.

>You get into her pickup, sitting next to the driver's seat.
"A'm pretty sure you can control when you want to transform with a bit o' practice." She says. as she drives off the road, going towards the city outskirts."
> "You sure? Because these chains make matters hurt a good bit more. I'd welcome anything to lessen the soul grinding pain."
"A'm pretty sure Granny Smith knows a good bit more about your problem than I. I deal with practical problems. She's the brains."
>You continue riding onwards, to the south edge of the city.
>The only thing that way is Sweet apple acres.
>Is she taking you there?
>Most probably.
"What did you find?" She asks, and continues to watch the road.
> "My mother's old diary. I had only a brief chance to look at it, but she seemed to have been a monster hunter. And a cured lycantrophe. So I have a hope after all! " You say. Finally some truly great news.
"So you don't plan on staying one of us?" Applejack sounds a little bit disappointed.
>"Most probably. The curse had already claimed a victim. I don't want to hurt anyone else." You say and watch the buildings swish by, the interval between each building getting bigger and bigger, until there's only trees lining the road.
"Well, once you learn a bit of discipline, you can control yourself without the chains." She says, and turns the pickup on a side road, going towards the apple farm. "A'm pretty sure Granny will be happy to help you with it."
>The orange leaved maples and spruce trees are quickly swapped out by lines of apple trees.
>Some are adorned with ripe red apples, others without their frill.
>Applejack parks the car near one of the few barns.
>You step out, and breath in the fresh air.
>Your greeting party consists of a little girl with a red bow in her hair, and a tall muscly individual.
> Applejack steps out, and the little girl runs forward, hugging Applejack around her leg.
"Hey big sis! You're back! And just in time for supper!" She says, and Applejack smiles at her.
"Heck yeah, I am, Applebloom. I couldn't miss dinner. And a'h have brought a guest too. This is Anonymous." She says, and points her hand at you.
>You awkwardly smile.
"Come on, Mister Anonymous! You don't want to miss out on Granny's amazing cooking!" The little girl says, and almost drags Applejack by the hand to one of the buildings around on the farm.
>You follow behind, around the same pace like the muscular being you assume to be Applejack's brother.
> "So you're Applejack's brother?" You ask.
>"You're a werewolf too?"
"Eyup." He says again.
>"And you work out here?"
"Eyup." Wow. So much for hoping for a meaningful conversation.
>You follow Applejack and her close family to the house.
And that all for today. Pastebin updated, link here for convenience.( http://pastebin.com/44CYRs7z ) Further deliveries will come onto the monster thread general, since my inability to finish the story sooner prevents me from using these lovely threads.
Glad to see you're back, Wolfe.
Glad to be back. Sadly, I'll be dropping off again, because shenanigans, I should be back around 2nd November, and further deliveries shall be dropped off at the monster thread. Although, I'll try to deliver here too, and Pastebin will be updated regularly, so don't worry.

Don't you let go. REACH!
Wendigo, wendigo, where oh where did wendigo?
File: Fenrir-2.jpg (26 KB, 300x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Shotgun in hand, you make your way to what appears to be some kind of art gallery.
>The décor in the mansion is sparse, and most of it is covered in sheets, but this gallery is rather immaculate.
>Large paintings depicting ancient noble-looking people and battles between knights across gothic landscapes can be seen as you walk by.
>One of them in particular catches your eye.
>It is of a large wolf, much larger than a man, covered in chains.
>The beast is bound by them, but is snarling towards the heavens, where dark figures look on.
>You approach the painting and dust off the bottom of it, revealing the name.
>”Fenrir in Chains”
>You remember once reading about a wolf named Fenrir, what was it?
>Norse mythology, if you remember correctly.
>You look up at the painting again and stare at it, unsure of what it speaks to you.
>Rainbow is preoccupied with some of the other paintings in the room, so she doesn’t see you reaching up towards the wolf.
>You place your hand upon it and hear a voice in your head.
>”Why fight it?”
>”Why try to keep me in chains?”
>”Soon, I will be free again…”
>You open your eyes and take your hand off the painting after hearing the voice of the creature inside of you speaking once more.
>Shaking your head, you turn away and walk back towards the entrance of the gallery when you hear a noise from the other side of the door.
>Something is outside in the hallway.

>Immediately, you point your shotgun at the door as you hear the footsteps grow louder and louder.
>Your nostrils pick up the rotting scent of the wendigo.
>You look around the gallery, but there aren’t any places to hide.
>The brass handle on the door grows cold as the creature walks past it, dragging its feet and claws along the wooden floor.
>Each small noise causes your heart to jump a bit as you try to control your breathing.
>You’re sweating profusely and your hands are shaking.
>Can you fight this monster in your state?
>Unsure of what the beast is going to do, you wait for it to make its move.
>It seems to linger outside the door for a moment, perhaps detecting you through whatever means it uses to track its prey—scent, perhaps—but then it begins to move on.
>You can hear its footsteps as it leaves, moving further down the outside hallway, taking its cold air with it.
>Rainbow is silent as she floats towards the door, looking back at you before sticking her head through the wall.
>She reemerges after a few seconds. “It’s gone,” she whispers, though it likely cannot hear her.
>You nod and lower the shotgun, breathing easier.
>As you bring up a hand to wipe the sweat from your brow, the clawed arm of the wendigo bursts through the wall, breaking through wood and bricks.
>Shouting in surprise, you dive to your right, narrowly dodging the swipe.

>The wendigo lets out a howl as it forces its way into the room, breaking through the wall.
>You turn and look up as it towers over you, its inhuman jaw opening wide as its foggy breath emerges from its scream.
>As it lunges, you raise the shotgun and fire, blasting a hole in its chest and knocking it back.
>The monster is stunned, but not killed, as it falls back against the wall and roars.
>You try to pull the trigger again, but you’re out of ammo—only two shots.
>From here, you get up and run to the gallery doors, bursting out of them and running down the hall.
>Rainbow pursues you, and behind her is the monster, howling and clawing up the hallway.
>”Anon!” Rainbow shouts as you round a corner. “The grenade! The grenade!”
>That’s right!
>The holy hand grenade!
>You reach into your pocket and try to pull it out, but in doing so, part of the fabric of your jeans catches on the cross-shaped pin and pulls it out, activating the grenade.
>You realize this just in time and drop the bomb right at your feet.
>Up ahead is another set of doors.
>You run up to them and shoulder your way through, breaking the latch.
>You’re all the way back in the entrance hall, though now you are on the second level, where the massive staircase leads.
>Behind you, the holy hand grenade explodes in a ball of white fire, covering the monster in flames as he runs over it.
>You turn back and see the creature screaming in pain as the fire spreads across its body.
>Driven to a rampaging fury, it claws at the walls and leaps towards a window.
>It smashes through the glass and falls one story below, out of sight and onto the mansion grounds.
>You approach a nearby window and watch through it as the creature takes off into the foggy night; you can make out its burning form for some distance, but eventually even the fog obscures it.
>”Nice!” Rainbow says. “I’d totally high-five you right now if I could.”
“I hope that’s the last we see of that thing."
Fenrir, huh...

>“I hope that’s the last we see of that thing."

I doubt it!
Page 9

You got it wrong.

Getting dine major vibes of some redemption for the old long tooth in side off us
mite b cool
Hullabaloo and howdy do!

Seven minutes.
Musty prawns and Timbuktu
Yeltsiby and hibbetypoo
Fear the Old Blood...
Given the choice which would you rather be, a vampire or a wear wolf?

I'd say vampire myself
Werewolf darn spell check
Almost Halloween bump
Werewolf with a moonstone would probably trump a standard vampire, because of additional control.

I wanna be Blade.
Definitely werewolf.
Any of this - but out of that I would prefer to be an undead.
Seven minutes is all I can spare to play with you.
No update at the moment, folks. Things are very busy over here.

More coming tomorrow, and of course, we're only a few days off from Halloween.
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check it nou.png
321 KB, 1280x1166
Roger that.
I'm getting a nemesis vibe from the wendigo nice.
Also isn't it a bad thing to kill a wendigos body? Since it pretty much possess the thing that killed it and a wendigo werewolf hybrid would technically be invincible since the two demons counter each others weaknesses.
Your pretty much immortal,invicible and strong has fuck.
Half the reason I checked out this story a year or so ago was because I like the werewolf archetype so werewolf
Kick 'em in the dishpan, hoo hoo hoo
Throw the ball to the stick
Swing and miss and a catcher's mitt, strike 2
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>Your radio suddenly buzzes and you take it out of your pocket.
>”Anon! Anon, come in!”
“What is it, AJ?”
>”We were approaching the mansion when we got separated—something out in the fog attacked us. Couldn’t see what it was. It kept… changing.”
>You put the radio down and mutter a brief obscenity.
You bring it back up and say, “Can you still make it to the house?”
>”I think we all did, but we’re all scattered.”
“Where are you?”
>”I’m in some kind of hedge maze behind the mansion. It’s massive.”
“Of course this place has a hedge maze,” you say to yourself before speaking back into the radio. “Alright, I’m going to look for the others. Stay safe.”
>You put away the radio and look around the main hall.
>Well, doesn’t look like anyone made it to the front door.
>As you walk towards a nearby door, however, there is a pounding on it, desperate.
>You run down the stairs and Dash floats through the wall to see who it is; it’s Rarity!
>Undoing the latch you set upon it earlier, you let her in.

>She practically bursts through the front doors, her clothing somewhat torn and her usually-pristine hair disheveled.
>Her skin is also somewhat cut and shows a few bruises here and there.
>”Well, I never!” she says in a huff, brushing herself off. “Those trees were absolute ruffians!”
“Are you alright?” you ask.
>”Apples! They pelted me with apples! And not even good ones; smelly crabapples!”
“The… trees?”
>”Yes! They came to life and just started pelting me, whipping their branches around and trying to snatch me up in their roots.”
“Well, did they get anyone else?”
>”No. We were all separated and I found myself in the nearby tree grove when… Well, you know the rest.” She examines her clothing and pouts. “Oh, this is just awful. I should’ve brought my jumpsuit…”
“Well, you did know we were going into battle,” you say, pointing out the obvious.
>”Yes, well, we were in such a rush! I didn’t want to waste any time.”
>She looks around, finally taking in her surroundings.
>”Goodness… This mansion is rather drab, isn’t it? Hardly what one would expect from the outside. It seems like nobody’s cared for it in ages.”
“Well, I met the butler earlier I think, and some of the other staff likely.”
>”Oh! Were they courteous?”
“In that they tried to take my head off, yeah. They were skeletons.”
>She shivers. “Dear.”
“We need to find the others. Let’s go.”
>She nods and follows along behind you, and her behind is Rainbow Dash.
>As you explore the mansion further, getting a hang of its layout, you eventually discover a large library.
>As if she possesses some kind of strange sixth sense for books, you also find Twilight in here.
File: HatiSkoll3-s.jpg (22 KB, 450x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
22 KB, 450x300

>She nearly jumps as you enter, pointing her proton pack’s wand in your direction.
You hold up your arms. “Woah, woah! No ghosts here.”
>”Ahem,” Rainbow clears her throat.
“Well… No unfriendly ghosts here.”
>The scientist takes a breath of relief and lowers her positron collider and lifts up her goggles.
>”Anon, Rarity, I’m glad you’re both okay. Come here! I was just reading something interesting.”
>You look at the fashionista and shrug, walking up behind Twilight.
>The book is old and set upon an aged pedestal, with thick bindings and leathery paper.
“What is it?” you ask.
>”It’s a book on Norse mythology. Specifically, it was opened to the passages of some of its wolves.”
>Your eyes narrow slightly as you look at her.
>Just like the painting in the gallery earlier.
“Well, what does it say?”
>”It speaks of the great wolf Fenrir, chained to keep him locked away from doing harm, who is prophesized to eat the god Odin during the events of Ragnarök.”
“That’s the end of the world, isn’t it?”
>”Primarily yes, but it’s also a recreation myth. The end times are foretold to bring about a great battle and natural disasters; the world will flood and be repopulated by two human survivors.”
>Rarity adds, “Oh, like Adam and Eve?”
File: Odin_and_Fenrir.jpg (3 MB, 1879x2699) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1879x2699

>”Very similarly, yes. But going on, Fenrir is the father of two great wolves, or wargs, named Sköll and Hati. Sköll chases the sun across the sky, and Hati chases the moon. It is prophesized that when the two finally catch their prey and swallow them whole, Ragnarök will be upon us.”
“I found a painting of Fenrir earlier in a gallery. What does this all mean?”
>Twilight scratches her chin. “Well, either the family who owned this mansion had a passing interest in Norse mythology, or…”
>”Or, this may all be connected in a way we don’t yet understand. The open passages concerning the wolves, the painting, the fact that we’re dealing with a group of werewolves in the first place…”
“You don’t think this has anything to do with Ragnarök, do you?”
>”Well… We learned first-hand last year that ancient gods are not dead, only asleep. It may very well be possible that all of the legends could be true, and the cataclysmic events of Ragnarök simply have yet to happen… or be triggered.”
>Rarity folds her arms. “But what possible reason would they have for destroying the world in battle and flood?”
>”I don’t know,” Twilight says. “Remember Archsepsis? His plan was to drain Anubis of his power. Perhaps… Perhaps something similar may be going on and we don’t even know it. Some kind of plan to reawaken an ancient mythological figure and absorb its power?”
“Or let him loose,” you whisper to yourself.
>”What?” Twilight gives you a curious look.
“What if their plan is to unleash Fenrir from his chains? Or have his son succeed in catching the moon? Maybe they somehow stand to benefit from the power of these mythical wolves.”
>”It’s difficult to say what they may be planning,” Twilight says. “But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. We should probably find the others and tell them what we know.”

>Rainbow Dash suddenly gets your attention.
>”Hey, Anon! What’s this?”
>You walk around a large bookshelf and see that she is staring at a painting on the wall.
>It depicts a group of armored angelic women, wielding swords and shields, descending from the heavens upon a battlefield.
“Those are valkyries,” you tell her, able to exposit on a particular facet of Norse lore that you happen to know.
>”They look badass,” Rainbow says. “Like warrior angels or something.”
>Twilight walks up, having put her tech-goggles back on to pick up Dash’s voice and appearance.
>”It’s said that they only carry the worthy who fell in battle,” she adds. “They carry the honored dead to the halls of Valhalla where they feast and drink and prepare for, well, Ragnarök.”
>Rainbow looks upon the angelic warrior women, and you can’t quite tell what she is thinking.
>As Twilight and Rarity make for the exit to the library, you follow them, urging Rainbow to come along as well.
>After a moment, she does so.
>You take out your radio and contact Applejack; she has found Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, and the three of them are still outside the mansion.
>Picking up the pace a bit, you head through the mansion towards its back end, thankfully not encountering any more resistance as you do so.
>The last thing you need right now is more zombies.
>As you walk, you explain to them your encounter with the witches and what happened.
>You weren’t able to learn too much, but the fact that they can control you with the moonstone is very troubling, to say the least.
Oh yes, the plot thickens. I thought that those trees were about to go Evil Dead on Rarity, but turning it into an unexpected Wizard of Oz situation made me chuckle. I don't know how much of what you include comes from anons commenting or speculating on the story, but I'm liking the references to concepts - like the mystical properties of iron and Norse mythology - that were discussed in earlier threads. I can't wait to see the next part.

Yeah, I thought about having the rapist trees too for the Evil Dead reference, but I figured that there's enough Evil Dead in the story already.

>As you talk with them, you eventually come to a balcony that overlooks the mansion’s backyard.
>The thick fog persists, making it almost impossible to see beyond a few yards.
>Rarity cups her hands to her mouth. “Applejack! Fluttershy! Pinkie Pie! Can you hear us?”
>After a moment, Pinkie echoes back, “We’re here! Somewhere! We’re just lost!”
“Follow the sounds of our voices!” you shout.
>After a few moments, you hear the sound of someone getting upset, followed by the sounds of chopping foliage.
>Applejack appears to be cutting her way through the hedge maze.
>”But it’s cheating!” Pinkie chastises her.
>”I don’t give a damn! I wana outta this damn maze!” she retorts.
>Suddenly AJ lets out a surprised cry as she steps into the wrong section of the maze as she emerges from one of the hedges, stepping right over a large pit.
>Pinkie and Fluttershy both dive for her hand, managing to catch her before she can fall in.
>”Dangit! Pull me up! Pull me up!”
>As the three of you watch from the balcony, you suddenly hear a loud ‘caw’ from right behind you.
>You turn around and look up; it’s a crow.
>Could it be the same crow as the one you’ve been seeing up until now?
>You look to your right and see a small potted plant; you pick it up and throw it at the bird.
>The black bird caws again and takes off before it is hit, landing on a nearby branch.
>As you turn your attention back to the others in the hedge maze, you begin looking for a way down in order to help them get out.
>Suddenly, a fully-grown wolf leaps out of the tree the crow was just sitting in, lunging at you!
>You see the flying mass of grey fur coming at you, but are not fast enough to move out of the way.
>The wolf tackles you and knocks you through the old, rotten wood of the balcony’s railing.
File: fox2.jpg (14 KB, 252x221) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 252x221

>You both fall to the first floor and into the courtyard below, where you land with the wolf atop you, breaking an old table as you do.
>Your head hits the stone floor and your vision flashes white for a moment.
>The wolf snaps its jaws down at you, but you manage to hold it at bay.
>The claws on its feet tear at your clothing and cut you slightly, and its yellow eyes stare deeply into your own as its mouth continues to bark and bite at you.
>With a grunt, you throw the wolf off and into a nearby old fountain, where it splashes and tries to right itself.
>You shake your dizzy head and try to get back up, but have trouble standing; the back of your head is bleeding.
>You hope you don’t have a concussion.
>Suddenly, the thrashing in the water stops as a smaller animal leaps out; a fox.
>What the hell?
>Are you seeing things, or…
>No, it’s a fox alright.
>The red-furred animal snarls at you before running at your leg and leaping onto it.
“Shit! Fuck!”
>You try to grab it as it runs around you, biting and nipping at your exposed areas like your neck and chest.
>The animal continues to scurry around you.
>Up above, Twilight has her goggles on and she’s trying to aim her proton pack, but trying to blast such a small target would only result in you being fried.
File: skinwalker2.jpg (54 KB, 600x952) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
54 KB, 600x952

>You shout as it clamps onto your neck; you reach up and grab hold of the fox and fling it aside.
>The fox hits a wall and slides down.
>As you rub your neck and recover, what rises next is not a crow, nor a wolf, nor a fox, but a man.
>He is covered head-to-toe in animal skins of various species, and his skin is slightly dark.
>But his eyes are pure white.
>Around his neck are necklaces of animal teeth and upon his belt are totems in the shapes of animals.
>You blink a few times as you look at him, thinking that he looks strikingly Native American in appearance.
>The man holds up his hands as he stares at you.
>”So, you are the one…”
“The one what? The one who’s pissed off? Yeah, that’s a start. The hell are you?”
>”I have no name that men now speak… I am he who goes on all fours, he who flies and he who sees. I am the yee naaldlooshii; skin-walker. And I have seen you, at the bidding of my masters.”
>You give him a strange look as he slowly approaches.
>”I have seen the creature within you… It is strong and fierce, a thing of twisted nature. My masters seek to control you, just as they control me.”
“What do you mean? Who are your masters, the witches?”
>”They control me, and they seem in control of themselves, but this is an illusion,” he says cryptically. “You have been brought here as a trap. As a distraction. The true master who holds their strings, just as they hold mine and soon yours, has returned to your home. He seeks something there. He will find it.”
“Wait… Are you telling me that the werewolves are in Canterlot right now? That they wanted us to come here, to this mansion?”
>”They set the bait when they captured your friend. She lies below… in a death trap.”
>Suddenly the man convulses slightly, then straightens.
>”I have broken their control… but it shall not last. Take this!”
>He produces a key that he throws at your feet.
File: Image-0.jpg (43 KB, 355x451) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 355x451

>”Your friend lies in the dungeon within the depths of the mansion. When next we meet, we will not be allies… I cannot break free again.”
“Wait! What is their plan? What must I do?”
>As he falls to his knees, he looks up and says, “You… can… control…”
>Before your eyes he begins to change, not unlike how you transform into your werewolf form.
>His mass grows as his body undergoes a rapid change; thick brown hair sprouts up all around his body and his snot elongates.
>His hands turn into claws and he roars as his transformation completes; he is now a fully-grown brown bear.
>The skin-walker turns its eyes upon you and growls, once more under the control of the witches.
>As the large creature prepares to charge, Applejack suddenly bursts from the hedge maze, wielding a machete.
>She jumps between you and the bear and takes out a small firebomb from her bandolier, throwing it onto the ground in front of her.
>Flames leap up from the spot and the bear rears up on its hind legs, pawing at the air as it roars.
>The monster hunter shouts a challenge at the skin-walker, waving the machete back and forth.
>As the fire burns, keeping the bear at bay, she takes out her whip in her other hand and cracks it in his direction.
>She whips the beast again and again, eventually driving him to the edge of the grounds and into the woods.
Your doing good stoker, Interesting to see the witches have amassed quite a menagerie.
File: 1443423309150.gif (544 KB, 415x235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
544 KB, 415x235
I like the mix of norse and native American myths/legends it really goes well with the werewolf mythos of this story.
>and his snot elongates.

Probably meant snout.
Now, time for the Dazzlings to flip the mansion upside-down.
I'm really stoked for the next update.
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Spooky bump
File: 1444464964320.jpg (135 KB, 736x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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More coming in just a bit. I just need to finish up this part.

>She turns around and gives you a slightly cocky smile.
>”What’s the matter? Afraid of bears?” she jokes.
“That was no bear,” you say as you lean down to pick up the key. “Some kind of Native American shapeshifter…”
>”So then he’s the one who attacked us and separated us,” AJ deduces. “Kept changin’ up on us, we couldn’t see him in the fog…”
>Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy emerge from the hedge maze behind her as Rarity and Twilight look on from the upper balcony.
“We might not have much time,” you say. “If what the skin-walker just told me is true, then the werewolves are in Canterlot right now. We were lured here.”
>”And Sunset?” Fluttershy asks.
“She’s the bait, and somewhere underneath the mansion. We need to find her, and fast.”
>Rainbow floats down and says, “I’ll scout around and see what I can find!”
>She dives underground to search for the dungeon.
>As the four of you head into the mansion to link back up with Twilight and Rarity, you discuss what you have learned with them.
>Applejack scratches her head.
>”Seems like it don’t all add up,” she says. “Skin-walkers are Native American, and wendigos are Algonquian in origin, so they’re part Native American too. What’s all this got to do with Norse mythology?”
“I don’t know. Somehow it’s all connected. But I think the witches might just be pawns in all of this, if what that skin-walker said is true.”
>”You mean they’re the ones being mind controlled?” Pinkie asks.
>”But you said they can control you too, right?” AJ asks, suspicious of you once more.

“Only so long as they hold the moonstone,” you reply. “We get that out of their hands, and I won’t be any problem.”
>”Let’s hope so,” the monster hunter says.
>As you make your way back to the entrance hall and reunite with your friends, Rainbow pops out of the ground.
>”I found her! And the entrance to the dungeon!”
>She leads you over to the columns near the back of the main stairwell and takes you behind them, behind the stairs itself.
>There is a large door here, made out of solid metal, with a keyhole in the center.
>You look at the others and they all ready themselves.
>Inserting the key and twisting causes a number of sounds, like gears turning, as the door splits in half and retracts into the walls around it.
>This reveals a dark passageway leading down, with old stones that seem to predate the mansion itself.
>In fact, the mansion’s location seems to be based around this dungeon, rather than the dungeon being built underneath it.
>Up ahead, you can see a light from torches, and the passage ends in a large room.
>The room is mostly circular, with its walls obscured in shadow, for all the light in the room is focused upon its center, where there is a large pit.
>Hanging down within the pit, there is the head of an axe, the size and weight of which could cleave a man in half.

>Its handle is metal and it extends to the top of the room, where large gears and cogs lay dormant and covered in dust.
>The axe itself is not unlike a crescent moon; the significance of the comparison is not lost on you.
>Hanging from the ceiling by chains are four large coffins made out of iron and upon each of them is engraved a man holding a crest.
>These four crests are distinct from each other by color and design, but not by shape, as they are all in the shape of shields.
>And as you approach the edge of the pit in which the axe lays, you all look down and see Sunset bound upon a stone slab by metal bands, unconscious and unresponsive to shouting.
>As your group looks down upon her and debates the next course of action to take, a small sound begins to reach your ears.
>That of singing.
“The witches,” you mutter in a low voice, “they’re here.”
>The song of the sirens grows louder and AJ is fast to hand out spare earplugs.
>You still have your pair and you are about to put them in when you are stopped.
>”Anon?” AJ asks, looking at you curiously. “You alright?”
>You close your eyes and try to put the earplugs in, but cannot.
>Your arms are stiff and will not answer your commands.
>Suddenly you are forced to back up a few feet, your muscles not obeying you.
>You want to shout out that you are being controlled, but the witches will not let you.
>Still, AJ seems to get the idea and moves to stop you.
>As the others take up pursuit behind her, you make your way over to a nearby lever, which is large and heavy.
>You grab hold of it and roughly force your weight down upon it, pushing it until it is switched.
>With your task complete, the witches have no need to control you further and they command you to let go and jump back into Applejack’s arms, knocking you both down.
File: 14-Image23.jpg (108 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108 KB, 640x480

>All throughout the room, the sound of metal scraping against metal can be heard as gears in the ceiling begin to move.
>Dust falls as they turn and slowly but surely the axe at the heart of the chamber begins to move.
>Back and forth, back and forth, rocking only slightly at first, but soon reaching from one end to the other.
>And with each swing of the pendulum, the axe is lowered ever-so-slightly, until it will reach Sunset and inevitably cleave her in half.
>The cackling laughter of the witches echoes throughout the chamber.
>”Now you have sealed her doom by your own hand!” one cries from the darkness.
“I did no such thing! It was you! It was you!”
>You receive only laughter in return.
>”Can you save her? Can you return the shields to their true owners?”
>At that cryptic hint, you look around the room as four great braziers light up, and behind each one is a suit of armor.
>Each carries a weapon in one hand, but their other hand is barren and open, as though it should be holding something.
>But why would they give you a hint about how to save her, unless it was also a trap?
>AJ doesn’t seem to care, and immediately takes out her whip and snaps it around one of the chains holding a coffin aloft.
>She crawls up the whip like a rope and grabs onto the red shield.

>Gritting her teeth from how firmly in place the crest is and how much she has to pull on it, she shouts as she puts all of her strength into pulling before finally dislodging it.
>She falls back but catches herself with her whip.
>”Catch!” she cries as she throws it in your direction.
>You reach out for it and catch the rather heavy crest and take it over to one of the knights.
>You place it in his hand and the arm falls down a bit, almost like activating a lever.
>Down below, one of the metal bands holding Sunset in place releases itself, retracting into the stone altar.
>And behind the knight that you just put the shield into the hand of, a gate rises.
>And behind the gate is a group of the mansion’s former servants, all undead and moaning.
>So, that’s their game: each shield that brings Sunset closer to freedom also unleashes a new threat.
>Now freed, they shamble forwards, reaching out to you with skeletal hands.
>You retreat as Twilight runs up with her proton pack, ready to discharge a blast of energy upon the undead horde.
>”Ah-ah-ah! No cheating with your technology!” one of the witches’ voices reaches your ears.
>Suddenly a series of sparks go off in the proton pack, causing a portion of it to explode.
>Twilight drops the wand and hastens to take the now-burning pack off.
>Meanwhile, the zombies advance dangerously closer.
>AJ kicks her feet out and lands on the edge of the pit, taking out her machete.
>”I got ‘em! Don’t worry!” she says as she charges headlong into the crowd of zombies with nearly reckless abandon.
>She shouts what could be described as a war cry as she hacks away at the undead, slicing through limbs and necks.
>”The crests! The crests!” she orders the rest of you.
>Fluttershy, with her vampiric strength, works with Pinkie Pie to get the blue crest.
File: The_Wendigo.jpg (189 KB, 900x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
189 KB, 900x700

>She picks up the pink-haired party girl and tosses her onto one of the hanging coffins.
>Pinkie works fast, using her body weight to yank off the crest before tossing it to Fluttershy.
>The vampire catches it and runs to the nearby suit of armor and places it in his empty hand.
>Like before, one of the bands on Sunset retracts and a gate behind the knight opens.
>This time, however, it is not an undead horde, but a creeping chill that rolls in.
>You turn back and see it, recognizing the deathly cold that accompanies the wendigo.
>The creature emerges from the shadows, its body badly burnt, but it continues to live its tortured existence, fueled by hunger.
>And now it sets its hollow eyes upon Fluttershy, opening its long jaws to let out a long and high-pitched howl.
>The vampire stands her ground, however, ready to face off against the monster.
>”You think I’m afraid of you?” she says as the wendigo towers over her. “You monsters took my Angel… Now it’s time for some payback!”
>She lunges at the monster’s chest, tackling him backwards and into the darkness where you hear the two of them battling.
>The pendulum swings ever closer to Sunset with each passing second.
>You and Rarity both run towards one of the hanging coffins.
>”Give me a boost!” she says, and you lean down onto one knee.
>She steps into your palms and you push her up to the coffin, where she grabs onto one of the chains.
>From here, she maneuvers herself and climbs onto the coffin in order to grab at the green crest.
>Suddenly, you feel a thin hand on your shoulder as a zombie tries to bite you.

>You grab the hand and pull it over, taking the corpse over your shoulder and slamming it onto the ground; from here, you kick it over the edge of the pit.
>It falls down and hits the stone floor, shattering into pieces.
>Rarity manages to dislodge the crest and toss it to you.
>You run back to the knight and drop it into his hand, whereupon the gate behind him opens.
>This time, it is the skin-walker who emerges as the third challenge.
>Like before, he stares at you with his milky eyes, but unlike before, now he cannot speak.
>He begins to transform into a wolf, but you’re not keen on fighting him.
>Part of you thinks that he may yet somehow become an ally, so instead, you grab the edge of the brazier nearby and turn it over, spilling its burning contents onto the floor.
>This creates a barrier of fire between you and him, just like AJ used when he transformed into a bear.
>The wolf growls as he backs away from the flames, giving you enough time to run towards the final coffin.
>All of the others are busy either getting themselves down or fighting off the monsters, leaving this one all up to you.
>You look down at the unconscious Sunset and see the axe swinging barely two feet above her stomach.
>Immediately you look back up at the coffin, and without a second thought, leap towards it.
>You grab onto the sides of it and hold on for dear life as the axe swings below.
>Pulling yourself up onto the coffin, you grab the final crest, a yellow one, and pull with all of your might.
>But it will not budge.
>You wedge your foot onto the side of the coffin and yank and yank, but it simply will not yield.
>Suddenly, one of the chains holding the coffin breaks, causing the weight of the suspended object to shift.
>You nearly fall down as you tumble over the side, holding onto the crest and dangling over the pit.
>Nearby, Fluttershy battles the wendigo; they grapple each other as they slash and bite, pushing each other into the stone walls surrounding the chamber.

>Twilight is desperately trying to work on her proton pack as AJ fends off the undead nearby.
>The skin-walker stalks along the edge of the room; Pinkie Pie and Rarity keep him at bay with torches they took from the walls.
>And down below, Sunset lies, moments away from death.
>Rainbow floats up alongside you.
>”Come on, Anon! Come on!”
“I’m trying!” you say as you yank on the crest, even as you barely manage to get a new foothold on the coffin. “It’s stuck!”
>”Punch it!” she shouts. “Do something!”
>Curling your hand into a fist, you punch the crest.
>It hurts like a motherfucker, but you do it again, and again, and again, until your knuckles are bloody.
>Like slamming the lid on a stubborn bottle, you strike the edges of the crest, attempting to loosen it.
>On the fifth punch, just as you are about to give up, you shout as you punch it one more time.
>The crest suddenly gives and wobbles slightly; you close your eyes and wrench it out of the coffin’s grasp.
>Looking nearby at the broken chain, you reach out and grab hold of it and let go of the coffin, swinging back to the pit’s edge.
>You run to the final suit of armor and place the yellow crest in its hand, activating the final release mechanism.
File: 1421562745199.jpg (93 KB, 824x969) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 824x969

>The last band holding Sunset in place is lifted and you ignore the rising gate; your priority now is freeing your friend from certain doom.
>But as you are about to scale down the wall of the pit and help her, you are suddenly frozen in place.
>The song of the sirens reaches your ears again as the witches emerge from the final gate, surrounded by a thick fog.
>Adagio, the lead witch, holds your moonstone in hand and forces you to turn around.
>”You want to save your friend?” she asks with a cruel smile.
“Let… me go!”
>Aria and Sonata sing as Adagio walks near you.
>”How helpless you must feel… A puppet on the end of my strings. Turn around, little puppet.”
>Your legs move or her accord and you are forced to look down into the pit.
>There, the axe is mere inches above Sunset.
>”Watch as your friend dies.”

More coming soon.
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Thank you, based Stoker.
page 9 bump
Stoker you tease, great work.
Gah you dick leaving us on a cliffhanger like that, hammering F5 never seemed so appropriate I can't wait to see the Dazzlings get what should be coming to them.

Also 2 more days.
Page 10?
Oh hell no!
Holy shit, that's fucking evil. I love your labyrinthian setups for this one Stoker. It's a bit of a shift from the original, but not a bad one. And just as exciting.
Now would be a good time for a new ally to burst in and save everyone.
File: Full-Moon.jpg (169 KB, 1084x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169 KB, 1084x1050

>The last band holding Sunset in place is lifted and you ignore the rising gate; your priority now is freeing your friend from certain doom.
>But as you are about to scale down the wall of the pit and help her, you are suddenly frozen in place.
>The song of the sirens reaches your ears again as the witches emerge from the final gate, surrounded by a thick fog.
>Adagio, the lead witch, holds your moonstone in hand and forces you to turn around.
>”You want to save your friend?” she asks with a cruel smile.
“Let… me go!”
>Aria and Sonata sing as Adagio walks near you.
>”How helpless you must feel… A puppet on the end of my strings. Turn around, little puppet.”
>Your legs move or her accord and you are forced to look down into the pit.
>There, the axe is mere inches above Sunset.
>”Watch as your friend dies.”
>Rainbow looks desperately at you. “Come on, Anon! Fight it! Fight it off! Overcome it!”
>Her faith in you is admirable, but it’s no use.
>You try as hard as you can, but you cannot move.
>Your legs are stone; your arms are limp and useless.
>The pendulum swings ever lower, slowly nearing its target.
>You close your eyes, not bearing to watch.
>Your friend desperately pleas with you.
>”Come on! Don’t give up! DON’T GIVE UP!”

>You’ve had enough—you will NOT be controlled!
>No more!
>Not by these witches, not by your fear, not by the Wolf, NO ONE!
>You feel your fists clench as your arms twitch.
>Within you burns determination unlike any you’ve ever felt before!
>You will NOT let her die!
>Not like Rainbow, not like Roseluck.
>The moonstone’s power is great, but it is only a tool.
>And you will not be held captive by its power, cowering in the darkness.
>You will fight!
>The witches watch, stunned, as you lift your leg and step forwards, into the pit.
>”YEAH!” Rainbow gives a happy cry as you manage to move.
>You fall and hit the stone ground, hard, but you manage to pick yourself up and crawl towards the altar.
>Overhead, the axe swings, slicing through the air, just above your friend.
>”Grab her! Grab her!” the ghost chants.
>The witches run to the edge of the pit and look down.
>Adagio holds the moonstone aloft.
>”Stop! STOP! I order you to stop! OBEY ME!”
>Every muscle movement is forced and difficult, like you’re weighed down with hundreds of pounds.
>But you move, because you have to.
>Because you won’t let them win, you won’t let them hurt another one of your friends.

>You reach up and take hold of Sunset by her jacket and pull as hard as you can, pulling her right off of the altar.
>The axe swings down and slices into the stone where she just was laying and embeds itself with a small shower of sparks and a thundering noise.
>Sunset is safe.
>Up above, Adagio screams in frustration.
>”You… You weren’t supposed to save her! She was supposed to die!”
>You ignore the furious witch and gently shake Sunset, trying to wake her.
>Rainbow cheers you on from the sides, pointing up at the witches and shouting, “SUCK IT!”
>Their leader stamps her foot. ”I won’t stand for this… I won’t!”
>Adagio holds the glowing moonstone in front of her and places her other hand just underneath it.
>”When you last used this moonstone, it was on the night of a full moon! It has plenty of reserve power within… More than enough to fuel a transformation… or many!”
>The three red gems around their necks glow as Adagio casts a spell, muttering words of power as the blue energy within the moonstone seeps out, swirling through the air.
>It turns red as it connects to their gems, and one strand strays towards you.
>As it connects with your back, the energy of the full moon pouring into your body, you feel a stirring within you as the Wolf begins to awaken.
>You shake your head and begin to sweat as you feel the power collect within, fueling the monster.
>The Wolf begins to snarl in your head, growling words into your mind.
>”Let me out… I will feast again!”
>”You cannot stop me… YOU CANNOT STOP ME!”
>Your shut your eyes and take a steadying breath.
“Yes… Yes, I can.”

>With every last ounce of your willpower, you attempt to reject the Wolf, to subdue him and put him back in his cage.
>Your body convulses as he attempts to take control, howling in defiance.
>”You cannot! I am stronger! I am the one who will run free!”
>A splitting pain throughout your arm is felt as it changes, the palm elongating and your fingers growing large claws.
>You slam your fist onto the ground, cracking one of the stones.
“You’re just a dog… Nothing but a mad hound… I am the one who holds your leash!”
>He howls in your brain as your body continues to twist and contort, but you keep fighting him off, resisting the change.
>This is your body, not his.
>Your mind is stronger than his; he is bestial instinct and primal rage, but you have the willpower of a man with everything to lose and nothing more to give.
>You will not let him be the one in control.
>Not anymore.
>Up above, the sirens use the remaining power of the moonstone to fuel their own transformations.
>Their bodies grow thick fur and their limbs become longer and thinner, and narrow tails sprout from their lower backs.
>Their faces change into feline forms, with large eyes, whiskers and fanged mouths, and their feet and hands grow claws as their werecat forms are revealed.

>They hiss and pounce upon your friends up top, clawing and biting at them.
>You’d like to help, but you’re bit preoccupied keeping the Wolf at bay.
>Rainbow watches as you struggle against the transformation and cheers you on.
>”Fight him, Anon! Fight that fucking mutt off! Show him who’s boss! Give him one for me, right in his wolf-nards!”
>She punches the air as she encourages you.
>But the Wolf is not so easily deterred.
>You can feel him gnawing at your mind, wearing it down, shredding it with his teeth.
>He howls as he relentlessly bites into your heart, sapping you of strength and determination.
>But you refuse to buckle and give in; you stand your ground and keep pushing back, even as your legs transform into their wolf-like form.
>You shout and it echoes throughout the chamber; your mouth opens wide and your teeth begin to sharpen.
>”LET ME OUT!” he cries in your head. “I WILL NOT BE CAGED!”
>Far up above, the battle continues on.
>Your friends are outnumbered and outclassed; the wendigo is keeping Fluttershy at bay, but the agile werecats are overwhelming Rarity and Pinkie Pie.
>Applejack, having nearly finished off the undead horde, turns around only to get a claw to the face from one of them.
>Twilight looks up as Adagio stands before her, holding the moonstone in one hand and preparing to swipe at her with the other.
>However, she’s managed to repair part of her proton pack and aims the wand up at the werecat, blasting her backwards with a single burst of protonic energy.
>The orange-colored feline hisses and lands near the edge of the pit.
>Twilight runs at her and jumps atop her, trying to get the moonstone out of her grasp.

>Adagio scratches at her, tearing her jumpsuit and scraping her skin, but Twilight manages to grasp the blue gem and pulls on it.
>As they both struggle for control of the gem, Applejack curses at the new scar on her cheek and she reaches for her pistol.
>With the speed and accuracy of a true gunslinger, she draws the weapon and aims it at Aria’s neck and fires.
>The silver bullet flies straight at the red gem and shatters it to pieces, causing a cascade of magical energy contained within it to release and the siren to wail in pain.
>The bullet and the shards of red crystal fall to the ground, along with the witch, unconscious.
>Nearby, Rarity and Pinkie Pie both tackle Sonata to the ground.
>Pinkie reaches for a nearby rock and gets ahold of it, bringing it up high and smashing it down on the necklace.
>This, too, causes a small explosion of red light as the gem breaks.
>The wendigo bites down on Fluttershy’s arm and she lets out a cry, but grabs onto him and rolls backwards towards the edge of the pit.
>Using his momentum and the weight of his bulk, she throws him over the edge.
>The wendigo howls as it falls towards the altar below before landing right on one half of the embedded axe’s crescent moon blade.
>It twitches and screams as the sharp metal is impaled right through its torso, causing great pain and, in mere moments, death.

>Unseen by all, the skin-walker takes advantage of all of their distracted states and slips out of the dungeon, into the shadows, where he becomes a crow and flies away.
>As Twilight and Adagio struggle against each other, Applejack walks up and takes out a silver stake, stabbing it into the werecat’s shoulder.
>She reacts violently, tearing the moonstone out of the scientist’s hands, but in her pain, drops it.
>All eyes follow the descent of the glowing blue stone.
>Adagio and Twilight both reach for it, but it is far out of their reach by the time they can react.
>Time seems to slow down as you watch it fall, and you know that you need to catch it.
>But the Wolf also knows what will happen if you get it back.
>You stand and lunge towards it with an upturned palm, ready to catch it, but in that moment he becomes more desperate and fierce than ever before in his attempts to take control.
>He causes your arm to twist and change, closing your hand around thin air—as the moonstone slips between your fingers.
>It hits the ground and it shatters into countless pieces, the fine chain that once wrapped around it now empty and barren.
>The moonstone is irreversibly destroyed.
>With the magic of the moonstone no longer contained in a single vessel, it expands out in a bright display of blue and white lunar energy—and then is gone.
>You land on the ground amidst the broken shards, and your hope of controlling the Wolf breaks as well.
>But, with the moonstone no longer sustaining the transformation, he cannot take control of you and is forced, kicking and howling, back down into the cage within the dark recesses of your mind.
>The witches, too, are forced to return to their human forms, as they follow the same rules as lycanthropes—no full moon, no transformation, and with no moonstone to access lunar magic, they are human once more.

That's all for now.

More coming soon.
Augh! What happens next!?
Damn, always remember to refresh a thread before you beg for more kids
I was expecting a 'Lord of the Rings perfect neck catch'
But I guess this is less campy/more realistic
>You land on the ground amidst the broken shards, and your hope of controlling the Wolf breaks as well.

This story is driving me nuts and I love it.
Sleep bump
Nah, it was a crutch - now that he's shown he can fight on mostly even terms with his wolf without it, giving it back would serve little purpose.

Besides, now it can't be used as a sympathetic link by other casters.
Almost here...
Yes, break the chains that bind you, use them to strangle your enemies!
Happy Halloween from Australia! If Stoker plans to post after midnight, Korea-time, that means the next update should be in about two hours.

It's gonna be a bit later than that, but rest assured, the remainder of the story is coming soon.
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Hey Stocker are we going to get epilogues like last time? I know you said you were going to do the final one from the last story this year but are we going to get any from this years story?
Killing a wendigo is usually bad right?
And since anon hate human flesh could it end up possessing him?
I would assume that since he is already sort of possessed by the spirit of the wolf there isnt really a chance for the wendigo spirit to take him.
What if they both take him over? It would make him incredibly powerful and basically invincible but his hunger for human flesh would be harder to supress which would benefit both demons.

>As you change back to human form, your legs painfully shift out of their inhuman shape.
>Your pants and your shoes aren’t in very good condition, but at least the beast has gone back to sleep and the pain is going away.
>Up above, at the top of the stairs leading to the pit, Adagio is going through a transformation of her own.
>She groans in pain and turns over, giving Applejack a chance to reach down onto her neck and tear off the choker with the red gem.
>Severed from the mind controlling stone, her eyes change color slightly to a more dull hue.
>The hair around her body retracts and her mouth changes back to normal as the whiskers vanish.
>Twilight looks down at you, her eyes wide and mouth agape, not believing that the moonstone is truly gone.
>”Anon… is it… is it?” she asks.
>You slowly nod as you reach out and touch the fragments, scooping them up into your hand.
>They’re nothing more than worthless rocks now, not even glinting in the light.
>As the girls go about gathering up the witches and binding them with ropes, you look over at Rainbow, who is floating over Sunset.
>”What about the Wolf? Is he gone too?”
“For now,” you reply. “He wasn’t bound to the stone, it was just how I controlled him. But now…”
>Sunset stirs, her mouth opening slightly as she gasps.
>You crawl over towards her and gently shake her, whispering her name.
>She opens her eyes, and as she regains consciousness, you are the first thing she sees.
>She smiles and says your name.
File: justin_varg-3.jpg (1 MB, 1594x1027) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1594x1027

“Are you alright?”
>As memory returns, her smile runs away as her serene expression is replaced by one of panic.
>She jolts upwards and grabs your collar. “Is it too late? Did we stop them?”
“We dealt with the witches,” you nod.
>”No! Not them! They’re just pawns, puppets in the scheme of it all! The wolves, Anon! The wolves!”
>She desperately grabs at your collar and you take hold of her wrists, trying to calm her down.
“Sunset! Sunset! What did you learn? What do you know?”
>She looks at you with a serious expression and says, “They’re coming to Canterlot tonight… and they have a terrible plan. They mean to open a portal between worlds.”
>Your eyes narrow as you ask, “It wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with the wolf Fenrir, would it?”
>She nods. “They mean to free him. They mean to free him so he can attack the god Odin and kill him… putting Ragnarök into motion. Anon… they want to destroy the world!”
>The scope of their plan is now clear, and the notion is terrifying.
>To destroy the world in earthquakes and floods…
>But why?
>Why send the world into turmoil and destroy everything—including themselves?
“Do you know what they plan on gaining from this?”
>”That’s just it, I don’t think they mean to. They want to take the world with them, to sweep everything away and wipe the slate clean. I don’t know if they’re nihilists or not, but they don’t care about anything but destroying everything.”
>She then steadies herself as she says, “There’s more. The curator is with them. He’s their leader, and he owns this mansion. His name is Oswald Spencer.”
>You look up as some of the others stand at the edge of the pit, having heard everything.
“I think we should wake up the witches and get some answers out of them.”
File: 1413243027054.jpg (388 KB, 668x725) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
388 KB, 668x725

>At the top of the pit, Sunset explains everything that happened to her when she left to see the alchemist in the forest.
>She was successful in getting the potions and reagents she needed, but as she came back through the woods, she was attacked by the witches.
>Overpowered, she was brought to the mansion, where she was to wait.
>There, she was reunited with the curator of the museum her father had been held in one year prior, the man who had escaped.
>”He was inspired, he said, by you,” she says, looking in your direction. “How you had managed to defeat my fath—Archsepsis. He became enamored with the power of the werewolf, and rediscovered his family’s love of Norse mythology. He said he believed it was fate, all of it.”
>Applejack, nearby, taps Adagio’s cheek.
>”Wakey wakey,” she says.
>The lead witch mumbles something, but doesn’t wake up yet.
>All three of them are tied up, with their backs to a pillar.
>Sunset continues, “He told me that I was going to be bait. All of you were meant to come here.”
>”To kill us?” Twilight asks.
>She shakes her head. “Just to distract us. To keep us away from the town. Whatever they’re planning, they’re doing it soon. So we need to hurry up,” she says as she looks towards AJ.
>The monster hunter nods as she taps Adagio again.
>This time, however, the lead witch opens her eyes.
>”Time to talk,” AJ says to her.
File: 1421628262692.gif (2 MB, 766x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 766x430

>Adagio looks up at you all, her mouth shut tightly in defiance.
>”Where is Spencer?” AJ asks. “Where is his cult?”
>She looks away, subtly struggling against her bonds.
>AJ grabs her by the chin and forces her to stare into her green eyes.
>”You know their plan. They mean to drown the whole damn world. Is that what you want?”
>Adagio grows still.
>”No…” she says. “No, I never wanted to be part of their plot. None of us did, when they first approached us. Then they gave us these necklaces in exchange for us helping to just lure you out, nothing more. But they did more than what they told us; they controlled us.”
>You kneel down and speak next.
“If you don’t want to die with the rest of us, then you’ll tell us where they are and what they need to do to finish their plan.”
>”It’s a ritual,” she explains after a moment of silence. “I don’t know how they’re going to do it, but they’re going to free the big wolf… Fenrir, I think.”
“We know that,” you say. “But what else? Come on! Time is short, we need details!”
>”They’re going to bring Odin down to Earth somehow. Something about… the Wild Hunt.”
“Wild Hunt…”
>Sunset walks up. “The Wild Hunt is an ancient folk myth about a group of hunters travelling across the land, engaging in the sport of hunting. It varies from place to place, but in one region of the world, it is said that Odin leads the hunt.”
>You look back at her as you stand.
“So, they free Fenrir, and summon the Wild Hunt, led by Odin…”
>As Applejack reloads her revolver, she says, “And this jumpstarts the end of the world.”
>”But there’s more to Ragnarök than just Odin dying,” Twilight says. “There’s supposed to be a great battle… the sun and the moon swallowed. The world serpent rising from the oceans.”
File: 1421532539045.png (313 KB, 454x627) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
313 KB, 454x627

>”But maybe they can set it all in motion with Odin’s death,” Fluttershy says. “Maybe it all starts with this, like it’s the catalyst for all of what’s to come…”
>Sunset chews on a fingernail and looks around. “They might already be finishing their ritual. We need to leave!”
“Wait,” you say, holding up a hand.
>You look down at Adagio, who stares up at you with uncertainty.
“You have two choices,” you say. “Either we keep you tied up and leave you here, where we can come collect you later—”
>”If you’re still alive,” she interrupts you.
You continue unabated. “Or, we untie you right now and you help us.”
>”You can’t be serious,” AJ says. “Anon, they’re the ones who took your moonstone! Who made you kill—You know what they did!”
“And now I know that they were forced to, if what she’s saying is true.”
>”It is,” Adagio swears. “We never wanted to be part of that psycho’s revenge or his ‘fuck the world’ scheme. All that bullshit about you being a threat to us, that was him talking. We never knew you or cared about you until Spencer showed up and made us his slaves.”
“So help us stop him,” you say. “Help us save the world.”
>She scoffs. “Like it’s that easy.”
“We’ve done it at least once before,” you say with a somewhat cocky smile.
>”Anon, we don’t know if we can trust them,” AJ points out. “They’re witches and werecats and they might be lying.
“We already have one on our team. Think of what we could do with three more.”
File: 1421611774847.png (450 KB, 990x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
450 KB, 990x1000

“We already have one on our team. Think of what we could do with three more.”
>Adagio remains silent, but the other two stir and slowly wake up.
>”We need a decision and we need it soon,” Sunset urges. “If we’re going to stop them, then we need to move!”
>The radio on AJ’s belt sudden buzzes with static.
>She takes it out and listens, but cannot get a signal down in this dungeon.
>”We should head up to the surface,” she suggests.
“Wait!” you reply. “Adagio, Aria, Sonata—I’m asking you, please. After this is over, we go our separate ways. But tonight, we need your help.”
>Sonata blinks a few times. “Wait, what’s happening?”
>”Why should we help you?” Aria says with a distasteful expression.
>”We don’t have time to argue!” Sunset says as she stomps over to the witches. “Listen up and listen good. If we don’t stop Spencer and his cult, the world might end. Now even if you don’t give a damn about anyone else, you’re on this world too. So let’s all just cut the bullshit. Are you with us or not?”
>Sonata looks at the other two and raises her eyebrows. “I kinda wanna get that jerk for mind-controlling us.”
>Pinkie nods in agreement. “Mind control is so messed up.”
>Aria rolls her eyes. “Not my fight.”
>”Shut up, both of you!” Adagio commands them. “I’m trying to think.”
>”Well think harder! We can’t just sit around all day debatin’ while that cult runs loose!” Applejack says.
>”Alright, alright, alright!” Adagio says as she sits up and straightens. She clears her throat and tries to maintain her dignity as she says, “Fine. We’ll help.”
>”But—” Aria begins.
>Her leader cuts her off. ”No buts! That creep Spencer put us through all this trouble; we might as well repay him the same ‘kindness’ that he did to us.”
File: 1423900418438.jpg (376 KB, 1000x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
376 KB, 1000x800

>Sonata eagerly nods. “So we’ll put him under our mind control and make him do our bidding, right?”
>Adagio sighs. “No, you idiot. We’ll just kill him.”
>”Oh! Well, that works too.”
>The witches look up at you all. “Well?” Adagio says with a raised brow. “What are you waiting for? Cut us free! I said we’ll help you and we will!”
>You look at AJ, who still seems unconvinced.
>”Maybe we should give them a chance,” Fluttershy says to the suspicious monster hunter. “I mean, a chance to redeem themselves, you know?”
“I think this is the right thing to do,” you agree.
>After a moment, AJ takes out her machete.
>She leans down and slides it under Adagio’s ropes, then swiftly slices through them.
>The lead witch brings her arms in front of her and rubs her wrists.
>AJ does the same to her companions, until all three are freed and standing alongside each other.
>Now your group stands together, facing them down.
>The three witches look at each other, no doubt considering their next move, but Adagio keeps her word.
>”Wherever they are, it’ll be somewhere in town. Their plan involves Canterlot.”
>”What about Canterlot is so important to that man?” Rarity asks.
>”He hates the town almost as much as he hates you,” Adagio says. “Since it’s under your protection, the fact that he’s going to make it happen in the town is kind of his version of a ‘fuck you’.”
“The man’s hungry for revenge… I say we go and find the dinner table."
File: 1415829130173.jpg (14 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
14 KB, 500x500

More coming in a bit. I've been updating sporadically all day, because I'm actually writing all this in a movie theater that's showing monster movies and other horror flicks here on post. But it's difficult writing in a theater, so I'll be putting my computer away to enjoy the last few films (Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Tecas Chainsaw Massacre).

I'll be writing and posting the last 20-ish pages all at once when I finish writing and editing them.

Expect it soon.
>His name is Oswald Spencer
Awww sheeeeet we in trouble now yo.

Now in all seriousness I have to say I think this is one of my favourite stories I've read here. I love horror film/stories and this has helped rekindle my love for them even more. The RE elements in this one has also got me playing the games again which I forgot how much I enjoyed as well. I didn't read the first one 'live' like I have with this one; I saw the link in the vampire/monster thread and decided to check it out then ended up finishing it in half a day.

Also I think I might have a few theories as to why this one hasn't seemed as popular as the first one.
File: 1443751132255.png (553 KB, 1500x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
553 KB, 1500x2000
>Also I think I might have a few theories as to why this one hasn't seemed as popular as the first one.

Well, it's a year later, the board tends to change in that time. But I've been enjoying what discussion this story has generated this year, and if the monster thread that wasn't around last year is around next year, I'll probably be posting it there instead.
I think the monster thread is the main reason though it isn't a bad thread by any means though I'd also say because this story feels a bit slower than the first one, in my opinion. The first one you were developing the world and characters so there was usually always something going on, this one is more steady with slice of life type parts to it. I personally have no issues with this but I can understand if people prefer more of a "Michael Bay/Cawwadooty" type action in a story.

Still, keep up the good work.
File: 1444173809906.png (517 KB, 2000x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
517 KB, 2000x1500

Well, when I set out about writing this one, I decided early on I wanted it to be a bit more about character growth for Anon and some of the girls. In particular, I was interested in writing new interractions between Anon and Rainbow, given the extraordinary events surrounding their relationship in this story. While there will be plenty of action in this upcoming final arc, that's what I initially intended for the story.
If that was your goal, then you fulfilled it.

>interactions between Anon and Rainbow
Among all elements, this was the coziest and warmest.

As some anons told before; Also I've never seen a story like this at /mlp/, and the fact that this story is underrated shows that the biggest part of anons have no taste, or they don't like fantasy.
>not liking fantasy
>still liking pone
Is that even possible?
File: spoopy.png (167 KB, 1254x544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Goodness, what a theme!
Super-spooky bump
File: 1421903983043.jpg (134 KB, 676x908) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Upon leaving the dungeon, Applejack’s radio becomes much clearer.
>Big Mac responds that a thunderstorm is on approach to Canterlot, and it isn’t natural in any sense of the word.
>It’s moving fast and against the wind.
>Furthermore, disturbances are being reported all over town.
>Strange folk moving in groups, setting fires or smashing windows and scattering afterwards without a trace.
>The town’s police are scrambling around and disorganized because nobody knows where they’ll pop up next.
>”We need to get back into town immediately,” Twilight says. “Sunset, can you teleport us all there at once?”
>”I’ve never done more than two people at a time,” she says.
“What about with the Necronomicon? It wasn’t at the cabin.”
>”I had it with me when I was subdued,” she says in a grim tone.
“Well, shit,” you say as you run a hand through your hair. “Now they have that, too.”
>”I’m sorry,” she says softly, regretful that she can’t conjure up enough power to bring all of you into town.
>Upon looking at your new allies, however, she gets an idea.
>”But maybe I actually can, with a little help…”
>”Teleporting isn’t really our thing,” Adagio says.
>”We mostly walk,” Sonata admits. “Sometimes we hitch rides!”
>”What good are ya, then?!” AJ groans.
“Is your truck nearby?” you ask her.
>”Now hold it!” Adagio interrupts. “I didn’t say we couldn’t give her some of our power. If we do, she might be able to bring us all into town.”
File: 1426971159807.png (1 MB, 1429x1667) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1429x1667

>Rainbow floats through two other members of the group and gets your attention.
>”What about me? I can’t teleport with the rest of you.”
“Damn… Alright, I’ll run into town.” You blink a few times. “Hey, hold on, wait a minute! You three! Take that curse off of me and Dash before we do anything else!”
>They exchange somewhat nervous glances.
>Adagio scratches her poofy hair. ”Well… That’s the thing… We never actually cursed you. We just helped Spencer do it.”
“So HE’S the one?” you sigh.
>”It was always him, man,” Aria replies. “Dude seriously hates your guts. Like, it’s half of what he talked about. How you ‘denied him his ascension’ or something.”
“He was the servant of a sorcerer. I guess he planned on getting power out of it.”
>Sunset waves the notion away. ”It doesn’t matter. We’ll deal with Spencer when we catch up to him.” She looks at the other three witches and tells them to hold hands, and then she holds two of theirs.
>Everyone except you crowds in the middle of the entrance hall inside of their circle.
>”We’ll meet you in town,” Twilight says.
“Right, I won’t be long.”
>”Anon, be safe,” Fluttershy wishes you.
>You nod as Sunset begins an incantation, and Adagio and her companions all raise their heads back and close their eyes, allowing her to siphon some of their latent power.
>Deciding not to stick around and instead get a head start, you run up to the front door and burst out of it, smashing the wood and immediately taking off into a dead run.

>As you do, Rainbow floats alongside you.
>Far up above, the moon continues to shine.
>It’s not full anymore, so you don’t transform, but it still affects you on a deeper level.
>One of its more subtle qualities is that it recharges you and lets you keep going.
>”This is all so nuts!” she says. “I mean, all of this is just… Do you really think they can end the whole world?”
“I don’t think we should give them the chance,” you say between breaths, pausing to hop over a log.
>You grit your teeth and take pacing breaths as you charge through the forest with more determined haste than you’ve ever ran with before.
>Over rivers, between trees, through bushes and around rocks, you sprint through the woods almost as fast as you could if you were in wolf form.
>In the distance, you hear the crack of thunder, followed by another shortly afterwards.
>”What do you think that storm is? Is it them?” she asks.
“It might be that Wild Hunt on its way,” you reply. “Maybe they’re summoning it first… and freeing Fenrir when they arrive.”
>”How the hell are they going to free that wolf anyway? And how do they know their plan will work?”
“They wouldn’t do it if they didn’t think they could. And that means, no matter what, we have to stop them from freeing him.”
>Rainbow’s brow furrows. “Damnit, damnit, damn this fucking curse! If I had my own body, I’d be of some use!”
“You still are,” you say to her, managing a smile despite you running. “Down there, in that pit, when I was transforming and keeping the Wolf at bay… you were there, helping me. Keeping me focused.”
>”Could you stop him? I mean, were you able to?”
>You don’t immediately reply, but when you do, you are honest.

“No… No, I couldn’t stop him. But I could delay him, hold him off for a bit… I gave the others a chance to get the moonstone out of Adagio’s hands. And that made all the difference.”
>”What are you going to do now? I mean, with the moonstone gone…”
“I don’t know, Dash. I honestly don’t know. But right now, we’ve got bigger things to worry about.”
>But even as you put her question aside and keep on running, it still stays in your mind.
>What are you going to do without it?
>Cure yourself?
>Live with that murderous beast within you?
>Could you even conceive of such a thing—living in doubt and fear for the rest of your life, knowing that you might one day make a mistake and let him out to kill again?
>Rainbow’s voice suddenly jostles you out of your distracted state.
>”Anon! Up ahead—there’s a light!”
>You pause, digging your feet into the ground and panting heavily.
>There is indeed a light up ahead, a rather bright one, with a strange, ethereal quality to it.
>You hold a hand up to your eyes to shield yourself from the bright rays as whatever it is turns to look at you.
>There’s curious warmth to it, almost a welcoming aura of peace…
>It feels familiar somehow, too.
>As the spirit takes form, you realize who it is.
>Your grandfather, Heronymous.
>”Anon. It’s good to see you again.”
>He smiles and holds out his arms as he approaches.

>”You’ve done so well, Anon, and I can’t keep you for long—dark forces conspire to bring ruin and damnation to all. But I knew I had to come to your aid.”
“What do you mean?”
>Rainbow looks on as you approach the glowing spectral figure.
>”Anon, you may not believe me, but you can control him. The beast that lurks inside. You can stop him from taking over.”
“But… But how? The moonstone, it’s gone…”
>”Nothing more than a tool. A useful one, I admit—but not necessary. The magic that fuels it, the power that it grants, it can be found inside as well.”
>Though you’d like to believe his words, you still doubt.
“I couldn’t control him down in that pit. I could stall him, but he was winning. He’s stronger than me.”
>Heronymous continues to smile and places a warm hand on your shoulder.
>”He isn’t stronger. He is feral, primal and powerful, yes, but he isn’t stronger than you, Anon. He isn’t the one who gave himself to be judged in place of his friends by a god. He isn’t the one who selflessly protected his home for a year against things that would harm the innocent.”
>He gives Rainbow a look as well, one that seems to silently thank her for all she has also done in protecting Canterlot.
“That’s all well and good and all, Grandpa, but it doesn’t change anything. I can’t stop him.”
>”You can.”
>His hand slips from your shoulder and he begins walking back towards the trees.
“But how?” you ask him to his back. “How can I? I don’t know how!”
>Heronymous gives you one final look over the shoulder, along with one last knowing smile.
>”You will learn.”
File: brunkerville.jpg (218 KB, 2000x1312) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 2000x1312

>With that, he continues walking into the forest until his light fades completely as he returns to the ethereal plane from which he briefly left to visit.
>You are left with more questions than answers, but as you stand there with an outstretched hand, you hear another clap of thunder in the distance.
>Time is short.
>You take off running again and don’t stop until Canterlot is in sight, and Rainbow stays with you all the while.
>The spot you emerge from the forest is atop a large hill overlooking most of the town.
>You narrow your eyes and scan across the town, looking for disturbances.
>The light of some police vehicles are visible; that might be a good place to start looking.
>As you run down the hill towards the edge of town, your cell phone rings.
>It’s Twilight.
>You come to a stop and answer it, but you can’t quite make out what she is saying.
>”Anon, they took it! They took it all, they took it all!”
“What? What did they take?”
>”The house is ransacked. My parents, Spike, the containment unit for the entities, and Rainbow’s body—it’s all gone!”
>Your blood runs cold.
>What could they possibly need with those?
>There are dozens of spirits trapped in that containment unit that Twilight devised…
>Such otherworldly power, in the wrong hands, could be very dangerous.
>And Spike and her parents… Rainbow’s body…
File: full.png (141 KB, 843x465) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 843x465

“Alright, listen to me. Grab whatever gear you can. Arm everyone. I just got into town; I’ll head over. I get the idea that this will be get very ugly very soon.”
>Though terribly shaken, she understands and hangs up.
“This is going to hell real fast,” you say as you look at Rainbow.
>”What do those sick freaks want with my body?”
“I have no idea.”
>As she fumes, Rainbow looks over past your shoulder.
>”Hey… isn’t that the rec center? What’s going on over there?”
>You follow her gaze and see a lot of cars pulling up to the recreation center, with quite a few people, sometimes whole families, getting out of their cars and heading inside.
“I don’t know, but something tells me I should find out.”
>You run up to it and stand outside the parking lot, watching as people stream inside.
>Just as you are about to ask a passerby what’s going on, someone grabs your arm and tightly yanks on it.
>It’s Flash, and he looks crazed.
>”Anon! Anon, you have to help me, man! They’re after me—they’re after all of us!”
“Woah, woah!” you disentangle yourself from his tight grip. “What’s going on? What is all this?”
>”There’s people in the town,” Flash explains, scratching his chin nervously. “Starting fires, stealing stuff, raiding houses—nobody knows who they are or why, but I know! I know!”
>He grabs your arms and looks at you with wide eyes.
>”It’s the vampires, right? Isn’t it?! You were there, you saw her like I did!”
“What? Oh… Right.”
>You remember your encounter with him and Fluttershy in the park earlier.
>”I’m telling you, I saw it! I saw what she turned into! And now all these people are appearing and disappearing.”

“Flash, calm down. It’s not vampires.”
>You almost consider telling him that it’s actually werewolves, but you hold your tongue.
>”I saw them,” he says. “I saw them open the back of a truck and dump bodies out into the river.”
“What?” Bodies into the river… what are they planning?
>He vigorously nods and insists, “I saw them! They were dropping them out and I don’t know why! They drank them dry, I bet!”
“Flash, get ahold of yourself, man! Why are all of these people going into the rec center?”
>”Cops said it would be safe,” he says. “They’re ordering people inside until they can catch them. But I know better. I know better! I’m not going in there!”
>You watch a woman enter the building with two small children.
“No… It’s a deathtrap. A slaughterhouse. We need to get them all out of there.”
>”So you know? You believe me, right?”
>He smiles, desperately waiting on your acknowledgement.
“Yeah, yeah, sure. Listen, I need your help. Go inside and pull the fire alarm.”
>”Good idea! That’ll get people running!”
>As he takes off towards the rec center, Rainbow looks over at you.
>”So, what’s your plan exactly?”
“I don’t know. I just think it’s a bad idea to have everyone bunched up in one place. Anything could go wrong when they’re all—”
>Suddenly, screams from inside the rec center draw your attention.
>People outside are confused, but you run and push your way through the crowd to get inside.
File: lookit the bones.gif (426 KB, 500x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
lookit the bones.gif
426 KB, 500x276

>Once you’re in, you look around the large gym that people have been gathering in and find a group of people crowded around something, and some of them are screaming.
>You run up and most past the circle of people to get a look and see a person lying on the ground, convulsing.
>At her neck is a white rabbit with patches of black fur and bright red eyes, sticking a pair of fangs into her bleeding neck.
>It’s Angel!
>Suddenly, the rabbit leaps into the air, flying like a bullet straight for someone else’s neck.
>The crowd scatters and people scream as the new victim goes down, bleeding from two deep puncture wounds in the neck.
>You dive for the bunny but he leaps again, cutting several feet in a different direction and straight for someone else’s neck.
>The chaos in the room as people push and trip over each other only helps serve the rabbit-vampire’s cause as he leaps again and takes down another victim.
>When you said that this was a slaughterhouse, you didn’t quite picture this!
>As the rabbit takes down its seventh person, the fire alarm rings, sending people running out of the room.
>Flash runs in and look around, when suddenly the bloodthirsty rabbit flies straight for him!
>You jump in the air and intercept the rabid and adorable monster, hitting the ground and holding him above you.
>He screams as blood drips from his fangs and mouth, pawing at your hands with tiny little claws.
>You grunt and try holding him at bay, but he is surprisingly strong for so small a creature, continually trying to fly out of your grasp.
>Flash, though stunned at the furry assailant, reaches for a nearby shovel that someone dropped and picks it up.
>”Anon, throw it at me!”
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>You oblige and let go, allowing the vampire to soar towards the ready jock.
>With a swing and a loud THUD, Flash whacks the vampire out of the air and he hits a nearby wall, slowly sliding down.
>You look around and see that someone brought a doggy cage; inside is a small poodle.
>In their haste, they left the animal behind.
>You run up and open the cage and let the dog run away; all you need is its housing.
>Before Angel can get up and split more necks open, you scoop him up into the kennel and close the metal cage door.
>With that done, you breathe a little bit easier and try to relax.
>You think about taking out your phone and calling Fluttershy to let her know that you found her pet.
>But why was he killing people?
>Was he set loose by Spencer and his cultists, and if so, for what purpose?
>Perhaps just as another distraction.
>Flash walks up with the shovel.
>”You got it in there?” he asks.
You nod and hold up the cage. “The littlest vampire you ever saw, huh?”
>”We should burn it—or something.”
>At that, you disagree with him, but don’t want to fight him.
“I’ll take care of it, trust me. Flash, you should go home. Go home, make sure your family is safe. Tonight, bad things are happening.”

>He seems to understand. “But what about you? Can’t I help?”
“I don’t think you’d be much good,” you say. “You’re a little whacked out from earlier.”
>”That’s… I’m just scared, man. I don’t know what’s going on.”
“Good. And if we’re all lucky, I can stop it.”
>As you get up and head towards the door, he moves to catch up.
>”Wait, wait! I can help, really I can! Do you know what’s happening? Do you think you can stop it?”
You turn and look him in the eyes. “Flash, if you really want to help, go get everyone you can and tell them to go into their homes and not come out. People like you, they’ll trust you. Can you do that for me?”
>”O… Okay. I’ll do it.”
“I’m serious, Flash. Help people get home.”
>He nods and runs out of the gym, leaving you with several corpses of Angel’s latest victims.
>You hold up the kennel and he hisses at you.
“You are a bad rabbit, you know that? A very, very bad rabbit.”

I hate to do it when I'll be cutting the time so close, but I need to get my sleep. I spent all day at that movie marathon so I didn't get as much done as I'd have liked, but I won't abandon the promise I made.

I'll be posting the rest of the story when I wake up and finish it; we've set the stage for the battle for Canterlot but we've still got more to go. I might miss my mark in some spots in the world; it's already technically after mindnit over here, so Halloween is over in Korea, but I'll try to get it done by midnight in America.

More coming soon.
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Get some rest, stoker. You've earned it
Alright, thanks for the info.
A good story like this doesn't need to be rush take your time and relaxes. If its going to be finish after Halloween then its going to be finish after Halloween.
Sneaky skeleton bump
Good to see that they won't have to break out the Hexenhammer to deal with the Dazzlings, and I have no doubt that the Apple family will be adding it to their arsenal after this.
>>25283799 Good stuff so far.
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>The man’s hungry for revenge