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TS: I can't really believe your story Anon, buildings with over a 100 levels? Flying boats bigger than Ponyville? And yet there's no magic in your world? Please.
>Growing tired of Twilight's berating, you go out into the world to prove her wrong.

Thread Story List.

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Alright, lets do this!
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Also. Thanks to that anon who put all the stories into a single place for me. I wasn't around as much as usual and couldn't keep up with all the new Writers. And thanks to the other anon that made the second thread after the crash.
but they are powered with magic dude, i don't think magic is another word for electricity.
Or IS IT!!!
dubs confirmed....something is up here >.>

Let's Go!!!!!

You really thought would go to a secret meeting without support? I have friends inside and outside of Equestria Twiligth!
Zecora for example, maybe you did not notice but she has been watching the place before my arrival, detecting Torquemada and his minions, it was thanks to her that my forces could reach the forest circumventing security and enter the castle without being views.
> You tricked me!
I guess that I learned from the best, of course, Zecora not only notice to my people ...
> Anon !!
>Shouts a farm pony with apples for cutiemark, while kicks him coz an Inquisitor sized stallion) >You'rigth partner ??
Now I'm Cowgirl!
>And don't forget me! (Shouts a strong blue pegasus who with a rapid movement knocks to an inquisitor who was ready to attack Anonymous to treason )
>Whoa Anon! These Electric hooves also are cool! Can I keep it?
If we get out of this I'll give you one rocket Dash!
>Rainbow Dash?
i invite all, had planned to visit ponyville after the meeting, but the feast was passed to the castle.
>Twilight! How could you do this to Anon? He is our friend!
>Question Applejack
> Y-you do not understand, I just try to help ...
>Working to this freak of Tostada?
-Responds Dash by pasting its nose to the abode of the purple Alicorn-
>you know what he said about the Pegasus? He sees us as if we were their slaves!

>And you can believe what you think of the mares unicorns??? The only thing we have to do is stay at home and have foals! (Shouts Rarity moving with grace, skirting the inquisitors them while launching kicks) is that is not the attitude that you must have a lady, but this guy gives bad reputation to the unicorns!
Welcome Rarity, and the other?
>Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are helping to Zecora bring the Princesses in a safe place, whatever it is that they put in their drink was stronger than the concoction that thou hast taken Anon!

It was obvious that Torquemada could never be satisfied with only making them sleep, I'm sure he planned to leave them incapacitated to govern until he had succeeded in destroying Eureka, perhaps even proclaimed Lord Protector or Furhër of Equestria!

>This pony must have bats in your barn!
>Applejack responds with its natural countryside accent

Is a very common practice in my world, taking away the political power of the royal family and keep it as a decorative object, a symbol to keep the obedience of the masses using his devotion to the crown.

And would have been successful with your help Twiligth Sparkle!
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>Twiligth moves back to see how Anonymous and their friends the face by their decisions, their eyes get incriminating frighten her.
>D-didn't want this to happen ... i just wanted to avoid a war!
>That disappointment Twiligth, i expected it to be more loyal!
>said Rainbowdash
>You do not understand! The situation is more complicated than they seem! If Anonymous had not begun with your journey perhaps now would be in your world!
> If you had been honest with Anon since the beginning none of this would have happened >Applejack replied upset with his emphasis
>Thou wast your who expelled him from the castle darling, thou hast done deeds unto me be more generous and less with the stubborn! >Speaking at the end Rarity with sadness
>Not girls ... not ... not ....
>At the end Twiligth left speechless and drops its flanks, while the tears cover the floor
>I just wanted to help ...

The way to the Tartarus is made of good intentions.

Is over Twiligth!

> Suddenly a powerful light shakes the foundations of the castle
File: michael_j_fox.png (222 KB, 478x342) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw it's gonna be The Future in less than an hour.
>mfw technology.
File: rtg.png (116 KB, 900x711) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Cowards who are waiting ???
>Shouts Torquemada launched spell after spell kept the soldiers of Eureka
>This is the test that fate has not imposed to prove our worth !!! Ending up with the infidels! Kill the monkey! We will bring our crusade to the ends of her cursed people and we shall burn to all in the flames of purification!

>emboldened by the furious sermons of their leader, the rest of the Inquisitors retrieves the composure and returns to the attack, but the soldiers of Eureka are not simple fearful farmers, but survivors, tanned by 10 years of struggle against the dangers of the valley of the abundance and experts in the handling of the weapons provided by science, non-lethal weapons, created to contain, no kill, such weapons even kept it in the dungeon of my mind.

> Seeing that control events are beyond their hooves, Torquemada takes shelter behind his guards, backing up to the throne room, there, protected only by a handful of inquisitors and overcome 20-1, lifts a and opening chest black ivory, draws its content, a strange medallion black with blood-red gem, with a peculiar style.

> At first hesitantly, placed on his neck the strange object, and then a sudden explosion of magic makes it blow up both to Inquisitors as soldiers of Eureka, shattering the scarce glass that were still standing from the dilapidated castle.

>To dissipate the smoke, a figure emerges from the shadows, a unicorn gray covered with a light black and red, with eyes lit up as torches.

>Oh shit.

Torquemada is using the Amulet Alicorn

> This power ..

>Torquemada speaks with a voice that is not yours

also feels to be a God

>With a spell destroys the weapons of the warriors of Eureka, with another imprisons other in chains.

>Now I understand it, the power should not be in hearts and weak ideas ....

>Harmony? Equality? Love?

>POWER! FORCE! DOMAIN! As well as forged an EMPIRE!

>I was wrong! My faith in Celestia blind my mind, but now I open my eyes to the truth! The power is everything! And there is no greater power than MINE!

>Intoxicated by the power of the amulet, Torquemada discarded the last glimmer of sanity and let it govern by the power of the amulet, poisoning his mind to sink in endless corruption, the castle walls collapse, while a fierce wind keeps bay enemies.

image cortesy of metalkitty
No Anon. It's the past that's coming.

You know something, I think it's time to stop that maniac!

>But we don't have to Fluttershy and Pinkie! >Responds Applejack while holding his hat >without them we cannot use the power of the elements!
>You call me?
>One wild Pinkie Pie appears
>Pinkie coming out of the ground, Fluttershy appears behind her, with an expression of panic usual
But they weren't with Zecora?? Where they came???
>Only is Pinkie Pie being Pinkie Pie

> Twilight, you okay?
>Question Fluttershy concerned to see that Twilight's this sitting on the floor
>You mean that if well after having betrayed the Princess Celestia to ally with Torquemada to capture Anon to submit it to the dimension of the other side of the mirror because he believed so could prevent a war and also allow time to feel guilty for bringing Equestria first or you mean that if this so well is about to happen to Anon at the end of this story?


>I guess
>ah .... yes ... (Fluttershy responds with a volume so low that few listen)


Equinoxx! It brings to others in the castle! I will try to help the prisoners While the elements are in charge of the madpony!

>sorts Anon to his lieutenant, while taking one of the few weapons that are still functioning, this obeys and brings your team, escaping while Torquemada doting in his hunger for power.

Rainbow Time Bitch
> The mane 6 are combined and together conjure a flying magical rainbow that if I had not seen before me seemed quite gay, but great is my surprise when Torquemada resists the power of ponies tied STAYING.
> Suddenly the rainbow loses its color and strength of all wanes, amazed, as I see Twiligth which begins to tarnish and become dull and gray.
> "This is the legendary power of the elements of Harmony ??"
>You can do the power of 6 dirty crossbred against a pure blood Unicorn as me?
> Finally Torquemada makes the impossible, disrupts the formation of the mane 6 and get demolish these, to lose control of its elements return to their original state, lying on the ground, exhausted and surrendered.
>As is possible??! This has never happened!!
> It's my fault ...- Twiligth confesses with a view off without hope- my betrayal has made me unworthy of the power of the tree of harmony!
>Your ever thou wast worthy
>proclaims Torquemada with his own version of the Real Voice of Canterlot, only more grim and full of contempt
>Torquemada makes it levitate with its horn leaving it float as a puppet without wires, due to the effort to use the elements Twiligth is unable to resist, the other trying to get up but Torquemada puts on them the weight of a spell of immobilisation, leaving them tied to the ground.
he has to go, i dont want this to happen,but he is too far gone, he has to be stopped somehow
> Today's fate has finally vindicated me, under my command would Equestria an empire of order and force! My Inquisitors march like a Tsunami that purify this world of all these lower creatures infesting our lands, we will expand our territory beyond seas and conquer other kingdoms, the flag of Equestria reaching up over the mountains of corpses of our enemies !!

> A powerful, fearsome and pure Equestria! It was the true path of Magic !!!!!

> N-no ...
>Twiligth say is drawing strength from despair will not let you ...
>then Twiligth neck begins to form a red ring of fire
>'ve Waited to do this for a long time
>The smile of Torquemada illustrates his face like a deranged, seeing how the Alicorn is writhing in agony, their thoughts are focused on Twiligth, its hate and revenge only look at the unfortunate element of the magic
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It's now or NEVER!

> Anonymous gets hold onto a broken column and use it as an awkward stair, carrying one of the bags in the interior oozes gooey green slime, is the strength of your conviction or a tremendous luck get enough momentum to fall on the back of Torquemada, too focused on their sadistic entertainment and the power he stole her sanity.

> But what the hell!?..


Here`s Jonnhy !!!!!!!!!!

>Anon screams while breaking the container on the horn of Torquemada completely covering repellent slime.

>In the confusion Torquemada loses her concentration and dropped to twiligth, a moment after him lose the use of its horn and both the mane as the Eureka captured soldiers are released from their oppression, their aura will be turned off and the returns to be an elder ponie at the mercy of a angry human.

>In my world(Punch) to the horses as your (Punch) we send them out to the glue factory!!!! (Punch X3 )

File: torquemada.gif (695 KB, 480x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
695 KB, 480x263

>Anon falls to the ground while the aura of power wraps around the body of Torquemada returning its terrible aspect, with horror as you contemplate all the mud that covered incinerated to become ashes and rises in pain by black wings of fire.

What t...

>Disgusting Monkey! You thought this filth would work with me?? I AM TORQUEMADA! The CHOSEN-ONE! THE OVERLORD!!! THE LORD OF THE MAGIC!!!

> Anon !!!! run!!!!
>scream yours friends, watching as the last hope has been lost

> And you ... you are ....

> Anon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> NOTHING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry every...
File: getimg.cgi.jpg (140 KB, 842x1599) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>The horn of Torquemada lights up like a candle flame and black so dark as the night wraps its body engulfing in a holocaust of midnight, a whirlwind of fire rises on Everfree Forest until the distant sky, while the moon is wrapped in a pale reddish glow.


> Ponies and others watch as Anon is devoured by the flames of madness Torquemada, one after the other their hearts sink into sorrow, and suddenly that despite the brightness of the magic starts to resurface.

>And a Rainbow lights up the night as the clearest of days, as long as 6 brave ponies with tears in his eyes raise their gifts to the divinity itself.

Rainbow Power 2.0
sorry, time out, keep this thread alive
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I'm here for LP Please, I need you in my life
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> not possible! Nobody is more powerful than me!!!!!!!!!!!

>Shouts Torquemada between astonishment and despair while the Harmony power destroys the aura which has sheltered his ambition, the flames are smothered in a multicolored glow of magic and glory, the Amulet alicorn explodes into a thousand pieces, snatching his master and slave of his delirious dreams of conquest and power.
>The light dissipated and the ponies descend on the shattered floor, seeing before them in a old , delirious and defeat Unicorn, holding in its hooves also pieces of the amulet that will make the dust less contact.

>Cannot be this to me! Cannot whip my destiny!

> Oh, shut up !!!

>Rainbow responds with scat, knocking down Torquemada leaving unconscious
File: 9g2zBhM.jpg (106 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Rainbow Dash..
>Rarity lashing out, only to see how Dash is returns the gaze with tears in their eyes

>Oh Anon ....
>Sighs Fluttershy before shedding heavy tears, all of them are impounded by weeping, Rarity is immersed in frightening groans, Applejack is removed his hat and with the tries to cover his face and his tears.

>it is not possible ....

>Said one of the soldiers of Eureka with the face marked by the sorrow

> not ... this did not have to end that way ...

>All there, ponies, donkeys, Griphons come together in a collective sorrow, tears, and the lamentations wrap around the place that before was a field of battle, sinking their hearts

>This is all my fault -speak Twiligth Sparkle-

>All eyes are on Twilight Sparkle, whose expression shows the face of a guilty, not a few change their feelings of mourning for the burning retribution.

> IS TRUE!!!!!
>Shouts a reddish plumage Griphon)

>Everything's your own damn fault princess !!! Claims taking the curved claws as sharp as scimitars
>None of this would have happened if not for you !!

> Stop there patner!
>Applejack stands protecting Twiligth
>She never wanted this to happen !!!

> But still his fault
>Answers a Pegasus pony amber eyes crystallized by pain and anger

>Because you had to save your and Anon had to die???
>Claims a donkey

> Equestria is full of princesses, but only had a Anon!

>Twiligth is unable to respond, unable to defend itself, incapable of doing anything, just lay motionless, no tears or sorrow, just ... nothing ...

>The other mane around Twiligth while the soldiers of Eureka is approaching it with wishes of revenge, the much-feared crisis that Twiligth were overwhelmed in her nightmares is to become a reality before his eyes.

> Anon is dead, and is you fault.

> Enough !!

>A voice cries out in the sky, all raise their eyes and behold the living Sun descend next to the silver Moon, the princesses they reappear in all its splendour and glory excelsis, such a vision get lighten the fury of the soldiers of Eureka, but not their hearts torn

> Princess Celestia! Princess Luna!
>responds to the other ponies doing a reverence, the monarchs, accompanied by his own soldiers created a safety circle around the mane 6 stopping the momentum of the Eureka's

> Lower your arms citizens of Eureka! -Said Celestia quiet but firm- a lot of pain has been experienced this night not nourish more rancor among us..
>The blame lies not just with Twiligth, i also have my share of responsibility in this tragedy to not stop the actions of Torquemada when i could, was my lack of vision the true responsible for all this.

> Celestia then looks at Twilight who dare not look up, grief and disappointment adorns the expression of the Sun Princess.

> Many will have to pay for their actions this day, but will not permit acts of revenge among you, whether to hate someone is me!

>The Eureka's still angry decide to mitigate their anger and they lower their weapons, retreating while are grouped under the orders of its captain, soon, the Inquisitors of Torquemada are captured as well as its leader, who does not show the lowest response.

>Celestia is approaching Twiligth, which even with the support of (almost) all of her friends is incapable of reacting, Celestia is put in front of her, causing his student lifts her eyes.

> Princess Celestia I ..

>"I am disappointed it Princess Twiligth ... very disappointed"

>Celestia responds with a severe expression

>Twiligth knew what would be the price of their betrayal, but no matter what happens now with these simple words she confirms its greatest fear, ah lost the confidence of your teacher ... forever

>Before these words would be a major blow to her, now, are only a nail into the coffin of errors, Twiligth simply surrendered any chance of redemption, because there are things that neither friendship can overcome.

Anon is dead and nothing will change that.
>You are Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship and Bearer of the Element of Magic, student of Princess Celestia, Librarian of Ponyville Library, formerly Golden Oaks Library (RIP)
>And your alien friend Anonymous has been telling him about his world
>You've only been listening to half of what he says, since he's a cutie
>You want his dick
>You want him to stick it into you
>But you don't know how to ask him to do that
>So you do the next best thing and keep him near you so maybe it'll just happen anyway
>So far you haven't got any hot alien dickings, but you'll persevere, because what else can you do?
>"Blah blah blah electricity blah blah i'm so sexy blah blah"
"How could that be possible though?"
>"Well blah blah magnets blah blah"
>His voice is so nice
"How could you possibly do all that without magic?"
>Yusss, keep speaking your sexy alien sciences, you sexy alien spacehunk
>You think you're on to something with this doubting him stuff
>He won't be able to resist staying to prove himself right

Hi Anon!

Hi Pinkie


Eh ..... we won???

> Everyone turned toward the direction where Torquemada incinerated Anon, there in front of their eyes covered with ashes and rubble emerges the human without the slightest scratch.

Because they look at me as well? Nor that he was a ghost.

>The ancestral fear of the humans wakes up in the animal instincts of Anon to see as a wave of ponies, mules and Griphons pouncing on the as an avalanche of colors and shapes.

>And Anon ends crushed between dozens of cries of joy and exhilaration.

OK OK!!!! I love you all and all those things !!! Now let me breathe one second !!!!

>Shouts Anonymous among the many hugs, kisses and shaking, the mourning becomes retired, and the spite a celerabracion to life.

>But how is it possible that you're alive! -Exclaims Fluttershy more expressive than normal, really your recurrence removed for a moment his introverted nature- well... If you want to say ... Maybe not. >_<


> I swear these ponies are weapons of mass destruction !!! One look at this green eyes Pegasus would kill a regiment of G.I.Joes !!!

If you see that I don't know, only i remember black flames engulfed and then woke up to the side of Pinkie Pie and you attacked me as a herd of hungry wolves!

>By a certain Anon, we won! -Pinkie answered with a smile, giving more jumps to a money workers in the hands of speculators-

>Sir Anonymous -interrupts Celestia accompanied by her sister Luna, returning a little seriousness to the situation-
>Anon is lifted and clean the dust off his costume.
It is a relief that you're still with us, -Said Princess Luna with a smile-

Is good return
doi cxointinue

my boner typed that
File: 1442589133214.png (100 KB, 296x334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>headset mike
File: índicenh.jpg (8 KB, 300x168) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Is Good return

>Replies Anon returning the smile, then retrieve the gesture of a serious leader.

Princesses, in the wake of the events it seems to me that here we have a lot to do.

>I Agree -responds Celestia-

As to repatriate all our citizens being held illegally in his country

>Hail the Eureka's to one voice.

The restoration of our trade agreements
> OK
> Eureka soldiers shout in unison

A new immigration law
> The Eureka`s match, like 5 of the mane 6

And the most important:

We start the separation of our city's to Equestria. And recognition to Eureka as an free and sovereign Nation !!

>The people of Eureka raises his voice proclaiming the will of Anon, the mane May celebrate too

> Hey Anon! You know what time it is? -question Pinkie-

Adventure Time?

> No dummy! IS PARTY TIME !!!! (Shout Pinkie Pie throwing streamers and balloons who knows where the laws of physics were not made thinking on this pink pony)

That will have to wait Pinkie

>Say Anonymous with a more serious expression than the previous one, while his eyes were alight in the silent Unicorn dwelling that has not removed the gaze of Anon since its miraculous return.
>Tears is the only thing that she can express at this time, tears of relief at seeing you with life, tears of joy in knowing that is not a victim of his betrayal, tears of resignation to the does not care and whatever your destination now. >Anon is alive.
>And the Tartarus is a small price by return to see his face.

> Anon .... -sighs Twilight to finally have the strength to smile-

> Anonymous responds with anger in his eyes and his hands coining a murderous rage ...
File: bd.jpg (396 KB, 786x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
396 KB, 786x363




In a final act of rebellion, Torquemada, taking advantage of the carelessness of the guards by the return of Anon, get rid of the restriction, and with the force of the revenge rise on spear with his horn throwing it straight Twiligth Sparkle

CARE TWILIGTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anon in Equestria: Science is Magic

Thanks for your time, good nigth
Was waiting ya to finish your green to post mine, but considering its the end will wait some more for the comments...finally got the idea to go on with it and cant wait to drop it for the thread

Also gee even with your grammar and having to read many phrases twice ya still kept me on my toes, great green

Other than those spelling mistakes the thing isnt that hard to read.
That s Z13 ™ way of writing, all his posts use that way of spelling
Continued from https://desustorage.org/mlp/thread/25011275/#q25045096

Present day

>Since you didn’t had a list of things planned if it talked you decided to improvise
>And pony wasn’t that productive, not scientifically mind you but after talking with it you noticed the human wasn’t dangerous at all
>Well maybe a bit weird looking, but still harmless
“…well look, I ll let you out of the pod with two conditions”
“What? No! I m not going to shoot you anything…not right away at least”
>”No, its just a expression, go on, tell me, etc.”
>”Wait what was that last…”
“GREAT! First is that you cant eat anypony no matter what, we ll find some kind of meat if you really reeally need, but I hope you like apples meanwhile”
>”That s fine, can I choose the kind of meatt at least?”
“Nope, secondly you cant leave the castle until I m done with my research on you”
>The human pouts after that answer, but seems calm enough even after being denied to eat meat freely
>That s a good sign, maybe you can make so he never eats meat ever again, that surely would be good for pony kind since there d be one less predator around
>”Did you say castle? Nice, can I walk around inside of it at least?”
“Sure, as long you behave its alright, now that s settled let me free you”
>With a little spell you discharge the lock so the pod door could open
>No that the door moved the human was already in your neck
“…that s not funny” – you say with a scrunchie
>”Cmon you re all serious and everything, lighten up will ya”
>”After all if I m the one being experimented on not you….oh, by the way…”
>”When can I go back?”
>…. That never crossed your mind
>You don’t think summon spells have a direct way to reverse engineer either
>Well you could find where the summoned creature came from, but teleporting it away with cirurgical precision is another history
“I-I will see what I can do”
>Its been over half a year
>You made little to no progress in the spell to send Anon, the human back
>On other hand you made a lot of progress on his species
>That surely wasnt enough for you though, the guilt of getting him here kept growing on you as days went on
>To be honest you couldn’t ve gotten this far if not for his help and assurance
>He even endured the most painfull tests just for you, your friendship and how hard you were trying to send him home
>That didn’t help the feeling that you, the princess of friendship, wasnt being a good enough friend for him
>You tried to make up for him to letting him eat more meat as time went on
>It wasn’t as grotesque as you thought it would be, but the smell was still awfull
>First you let him eat some dead fish once a month
>Now it has been almost once a week
>His face on ‘meat day’s is so happy you even feel fuzzy inside
>You start wondering what kind of meat he miss more from his world and get an idea
“Hey Anon, today I m feeling awfully nice so I gonna let you choose what kind of meat you want to eat”
“Just don’t ask for something too hard alright?”
>”I always wondered how pony meat would taste”
“WHAT? You promised you wouldn…”
>”Calm down im just kidding, honestly I could go for some eggs and bacon to be honest”
“*sigh* Well I know where to get eggs, but what is a bacon?”
>”You get that from pigs, it’s the best food in existence! You should try it sometime”
“I d rather not eat meat, it just………..”
>”Right, you ponies don’t eat meat, sorry”
“Anyway, anything else I could get ya?”
>”Maybe my exosk…”
“NO! I already told ya I m keeping it until you tell me the truth on how the machine you were using charges magic
>”I already told ya countless times how there s no magic in my world, I m not going to lie to you just so you can feel better!”
“Well too bad, I m not buying that. You will have your exoskeleton…thing when you tell the truth”
>With that you leave the palace, when Anon wanted he sure had a way to ruin your otherwise perfect day…
>Almost a entire year went by
>And you ve made no development on the spell supposed to send Anon home
>You even asked Celestia for help but she wasn’t able to
>Not that she didn’t wanted, she really had no idea how to as well
>On top of that Anon just kept stretching his lies more and more about his world
>You two were sitting on the castle entrance stairs, taking in some morning sunlight
>But instead of appreciating the day he s been talking how much he misses the nonexistent tech on his world
>He have done that a fair lot this week, maybe its better to confront him now before he goes too far
>”…and then we have those huge boats that we fly through the air, I always wanted to fly on one of those but they re quite expensive you see heh heh”
“Anon, stop”
“You know I already consider you a big friend of mine I even gave you full liberty to leave whenever you feel like…”
“Just…why do you keep lying to me about your world? There s no need to hide it from me if it brings bad memories, I will always be on your side to help”
”But I can only help if you tell me the truth you know…”
>You try to be as reassuring as you can, but he seems quite offended
>”Twilight we ve been over this many times…I am NOT LYING!”
>You try to keep yourself calm and put a hoof on his lap for reassurance
“Anon, I don't want to be the kind of pony who turns a blind eye towards suffering, but I can't really believe your story. Buildings with over a 100 levels? Flying boats bigger than Ponyville? And yet there's absolutely no magic in your world? Please, don’t lie to me”
>He s visibly pissed now, you never got him to be this annoyed as far as he lived here
>”Urrggh, what do I need to do so you believe me? Heck there s the exoskeleton in the basement that you haven’t found a single trace of magic and you still cant believe me?”
“I know there s some kind of magic on that device somewhere…”
“As for your first question why don’t you show me a city? Maybe I ll believe you then”
>You couldn’t help but put a smug tone on that last sentence since he was probly joking
>”You know what? Maybe I ll do that”
“Anon please, I wasn’t serious, this is no joking matter”
>”Do I look like I m joking?”
>Okay you never seen Anon being this serious before
“Well I for one am sure you cant pull tall off so it can only be a joke”
>He then only stands up and go inside the castle
>You decide to let him be and talk to him later
>Sweet Celestia, he was serious
>As you go inside the castle he has all his belongings patched and ready for a trip
“Anon what are you doing? – you ask rethorically
>”Why, you want me to build a city to show you? Then I ll fucking build one!”
“Where are you going though there are few places in equestria that aren’t populated”
>”Wherever I find a spot of land I ll start, doesn’t matter”
>Pissed is a understatement on how he s looking right now
“Anon I know you wont go back on your word, so let at least show you some options where you can go at least, I don’t want to lose your friendship”
>”Too bad sparkles, we re done here”
>And with that he goes off to the unknown
>You feel good that he used your nickname at least, so you may have a chance of rekindling your friendship
>You hope you can at least
>At least he didn’t seem to remember to get his exoskeleton…


Aand im done for now, i really wish the letter limit was bigger. Anyway pastebin updated: http://pastebin.com/0BggPiN9

Hoping i dont take 2 threads to come up with enough stuff to update again next time
Durnk, this isn't the RGRE thread, you silly alcoholic.
This was a pleasant surprise. Good to see you're still writing
I wonder what would happen if they were two anons who will end up in Equestria?
File: 2 Anons.png (7 KB, 337x263) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 Anons.png
7 KB, 337x263
I made it just for you
File: th-138.jpg (9 KB, 300x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: mlfw1876_small[1].jpg (15 KB, 320x180) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It's late, not sure if I'll finish the green tonight. If not, will post tomorrow.
Fuck you, I write where I want.

>You are that other Twilight
>Just summoned Anon, he's in the bathroom
>You're watching him with magic
>He's taking his skin off?!
>You continue silently watching him as he poops
>When he comes out of the bathroom you decide to ask him about that
"Why are you so shiny and metal?"
>He'll never know you peeped
>"It's my exoskeleton. It's like clothes but better"
>An exoskeleton?
>Like a changeling?
>You make a mental note to keep an eye on him
>You don't want another weird bug monster fucking your brother without inviting you
Realistically, nopony would be much interested in Anon's non-magical inventions outside of considering them interesting trinkets since everything he could recreate can already be done using magic-propelled inventions which can be easily obtained from pony department stores.

It would be interesting to see a story set in another setting, maybe before the unification of the pony tribes, or a story where Anon first arrives among another species.

It would also be interesting Anon introducing developments in other scientific areas other than engineering, like >>25167606 is doing.
T-800 in equestrian when
I think the idea is more about the concept of advanced devices relying on unicorns to either run or supply power to them.
Anon, not every pony has a forehead dick. They also still use spears and quills.

Hell, all you'd need to do is invent a ballpoint pen and they'd probably be all over your dick.
>not every pony has a forehead dick
Not every device requires you to be an engineer to use it.

Just because something runs on magic doesn't mean that it requires the direct application of magic by a unicorn. Magic-powered tools could have their own power-sources, just ñike the Elements of Harmony seem to have inherent magical properties.

I get the idea, but many technological stuff shown in the show is many times shown not being directly powered by unicorns or require any sort of spell to function. Many of these are shown being used by Earth ponies, in fact, while Unicorns prefer to use their horns to do stuff directly using spells and pegasi using their wings for their own stuff.
>invent a ballpoint pen and they'd be all over your dick
/r/ exactly this
When you write it you lazy cunt
I disagree, there would be significant interest at least from academics.
Also because knowing about different solutions to problems can help you optimise the solutions you're using.
You can build a computer without even knowing what electricity is, but you can make them faster, smaller, more reliable, and more importantly, cheaper with electrical signalling.
You can move goods in bulk overseas and over land, but using standardised sturdy metal containers along with the simpilified cranes for handling them makes loading and unloading goods orders of magnitude faster
>You are the seventh Anon Twilight Sparkle has torn away from home
>She kept demanding you tell her about Earth, getting more and more agitated as she went on
>Promising better treatment if you would only "Tell her the truth"
>You tried that for weeks
>She kept asking her questions differently, jumping on any hint of incosistency
>You did exactly what she asked
>You told her the truth
>No matter how much or often you told her, she didn't believe you
>After what you have been told is the fifth week a white pony called Celestia came and freed you from her student, a look of fury on her tear-filled eyes
>Since then you have been living in her castle in Canterlot
>You have been promised that her best experts would be working on finding a way to return you home
>They took you to a portal to a world with strangely deformed humans, thinking it might be yours
>It wasn't
>You miss your family
File: 340.png (168 KB, 340x235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
168 KB, 340x235
Too many orifices?
Is that not your thing?

That isn't the point of the prompt though.

The prompt goes under the assumption that the version of Equestria that Anon is dropped into is technologically inferior to that of his home planet, disregarding all those funny little nicknack inserted into the environment of the show. If we were to force this fact into the prompt, then of course it would fall apart rather quickly. Thus why those elements from the show are deliberately not accounted for in this prompt.

For gods sakes, this is one of the better ones I have seen in a long while. Try not to spoil it, please?
>there would be significant interest at least from academics.
That could be true, but I believe Time Turner says in Slice of Life that, although sicenece and technology can explain many things about he universe we don't know, most ponies aren't very interested in it since magic already can fix most of their problems. 'Don't fix it if it isn't broke', if you will.
>Also because knowing about different solutions to problems can help you optimise the solutions you're using.
The ponies not necesarily see it that way, though.

>You can build a computer without even knowing what electricity is, but you can make them faster, smaller, more reliable, and more importantly, cheaper with electrical signalling.
Yeah, I know that computers are just a set of doors and all that, but you're assuming that computers reliant on magic are inferior to those that run on electricity.

I get your idea that many inventions Anon could create could be used to make life and professions more efficient for ponies, but I get the feeling that neither of us is very important to Ponyville or Canterlot ponies, the first one who basically live in a small, rural town and the latter ones who are more aristocratic and artistic than they seem scientific.

His inventions would probably be more appreciated in places where efficiency is more important to it's inhabitants like Manehattan, Dodge Junction, or in griffon lands.
>The prompt goes under the assumption that the version of Equestria that Anon is dropped into is technologically inferior to that of his home planet
Not really. It only explicitly says that Twilight doesn't believe Anon since she can't conceive a way for the inventions Anon describes could ever work without magic. Their entire climate has to be pushed around by pegasi, it wouldn't be surprising if all of those 'funny little nicknacks' in the show also run on magic.

>Try not to spoil it
I'm not, I just suggested that Anon could bring to Equestria other types of advances other than engineering ones, like medicine, mathematics, astronomy, etc.
>Anon goes to Griffon Lands
>invents the banking system
>The griffin, griffon, or gryphon (Greek: γρύφων, grýphōn, or γρύπων, grýpōn, early form γρύψ, grýps; Latin: gryphus) is a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle's talons as its front feet.
>Because the lion was traditionally considered the king of the beasts and the eagle the king of birds, the griffin was thought to be an especially powerful and majestic creature.
>The griffin was also thought of as king of all creatures.
>Griffins are known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions.
>Anon well versed in modern economic theory goes to equestria
>Gets employed by some ancient bank backed by the crown
>Starts abusing inefficiencies with the gold standard and insider knowledge of loans to gain massive reservoirs of funds
>Covertly buys small businesses
>Uses CEOs as fronts for hedgefunds designed to both progress equestria in a direction Anon deems necessary and consolidate the power of the corporations
>Anon created Illuminati
>technology in Equestria
Why not Equestria in technology

>Just because something runs on magic doesn't mean that it requires the direct application of magic by a unicorn.
>Magic-powered tools could have their own power-sources, just like the Elements of Harmony seem to have inherent magical properties.

>Technological stuff shown in the show is many times shown not being directly powered by unicorns or require any sort of spell to function.
>Many of these are shown being used by Earth ponies, in fact, while Unicorns prefer to use their horns to do stuff directly using spells and pegasi using their wings for their own stuff.

Valid points, but aren't earth ponies magic in and of themselves because muh earf? Doesn't that mean that they do have magic in them that could be used to run the devices we see them operate? Sure, they can't cast spells like a unicorn, but surely a well designed piece of machinery can make do with mudpony hoof magic.

This raises another concern. With magic around, being able to pull bullshit out of the air negates a huge amount of groundwork and basic engineering, meaning that a pre-industrial society can in fact have a polygraph machine, but using it means magic, and it behaves weirdly, kicking about, visible arcing, putting out puffs of smoke and other shit. On earth, any machine that did that would be subject to immediate fixing.

That's why anon's devices are so groundbreaking, because they work, even on their own, with no magic at all, something these ponies have only seen in simple devices. It'd be like something of ours running without electricity or fuel. It's so abjectly abnormal.
>muh earf
>Equestria relies on ancient mythology and stuff
>mudshits are muh earf
>pegasi are muh ayer
>unicorns are muh fayur
I don't like the 'muh earth' either, but having everything running on magic is a valid possibility. Twilight wasn't searching for a scientific explanation to the Pinkie Sense, she was looking for a magical one. In Equestria, magic=science. Sure, maybe magic is explainable using science, May be its actually nanotechnology, but that doesn't mean ponies understand this. From what we've seen, that is, only ponies using magic, I think it's safe to say they don't fully understand magic itself, but use it to explain everything. Like humans don't know WHY gravity is here, but it certainly helps explain why stuff falls.

It is perfectly plausible for everything in Equestria to operate on magic. We know nature does (considering the Everfree is 'unnatural')
the writters need rest too, please keep this thread live
the science take time, too the histories, patiente readers!
dubs confirms, R&D sure do take a while unless you re sponsored by the princess themselves
there is actually a green about this kinda thing, go ask AiE for Anon the Con in Equestria
I always liked the idea that ponies (and everything else in equestria) were made of just the flash objects used to animate them. To them everything has at most a few hundred individual parts and the idea that you might be able to divide an apple until it isn't an apple anymore would be completely foreign to them.
Then along comes some eldritch monster that seems to be constantly twitching and writhing in ways no normal creature can.
Its surface is composed of colour upon colour that ends up resembling light brown.
It somehow releases swarms of tiny flecks of itself nearly too small to be seen
You are Anon and you're dying. Vacuum is a bitch.
glad to see this place has been revived, I was losing hope, especially glad to see some progress from LP since it's been a while.
this general won't die we won't let it....unless i fall asleep or something. this is the 10th thread in a row.
the anons die, but the science is eternal
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Bumpity bump bumpity bump. With this spell I summon writefags to the thread
how do you revive something that isnt dead? besides from late night to early evening that is...
All the fags are dead.
Holy crap, that ending D:
That's not really the ending, right?
File: thumb[1].png (37 KB, 242x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37 KB, 242x250

Greetings anon, not really, the conclusion of this history is in the process but for the moment I can't finish it, I will give him as soon as the time permits me.

thanks for you commentary and keep live this thread
can't wait

your story cant end without a epilogue
Still alive, still working on tesis, please wait for me, be back at sunday morning.
If you can do it with science, you can do it with magic.
And sometimes even if you can't do it with science you can still do it with magic.
this is magic or science?
it's pinkmancery
this thread die in 500 replies not less
Give her the dick
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But anon pone is not for sexual
At least there is no history where Lyra kidnaps Anon and examines it to compare the differences between the human anatomy and the ponie

for the science of course
File: 1443841948711.png (133 KB, 579x788) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 579x788
But anonpone is for sexual
>Only the indigo remains on your retinas from a flash of light just before it.
>You blink a few times to try and make it go away, but without any additional stimulant you had no such luck.
>Blackout, fucking great.
>What are the guys in maintenance doing?
>At least the backup power is always assured to be up within 10 seconds.
>So you reach out for your chair and sit down.
>Science is not done in darkness.
>And anger won't unruin any currently running experiments.
>t+10 seconds...
>You make a displeased sound and reach for your PDA in your pockets.
>You were easily able to read of the illuminated display.
>So you didn't just spontaneously turn blind.
>You add a "Blackout" timer before putting your phone back away.
>About half a minute passes before you hear a creaking sound and your chair starts rolling.
>The room is tilting?
>No, the structure of the building is sound.
>It was more likely someone's gravity experiment is going awry without power.
>Did someones Black hole get too big and started to expand?
>This would be bad, but then again, nothing you could solve so you choose not to worry about it.
>One way or another you decide to stand up and let the chair roll away, before heading toward the door out of your lab opposite of the gravitational pull.
>You reach out for the wall to guide you.
>The room settles at about 15 Degrees before you reach the door to open it.
>Looking at the scenery answers you a few questions, yet brings a new one.
>Before forming it properly in your head you decide to hop down onto the grass and walk around your lab.
>The entire room was ripped out from it's original position and transported into some field.
>The cut was clean, and the piece which was transported was perfectly spherical. (at least as far as you could observe)
>You need to find the center point from where on out the entrance Einstein-Rosen bridge was created.
>Then you need to find out why there had been an exit ERB in this field.
>The only living creature around was a small purple horse with an horn on her forehead.
>It was staring at you, but you were in thought and ignore her while you observe the part of the detatched building.
>More than just your lab has been taken away.
>The center seems to be a test involving the portal gun.
>the Aperture Science Handheld dual portal device makes flat portals with clear event horizon, and it functions two-way.
>Your displacement has been most likely been caused by a one-way ERB.
>You climb up onto the testing track when you hear a voice.
>"Uh... Excuse me?"
>You turn around to the only being you know of to be present. The purple horse.
>You may sound annoyed, but then you have the right to be so.
>Being ripped out of your place of work and thrown into a place with a talking horse means you're far from home.
>"W-Where did you come from?"
"Pretty obvious. From the other side of the Einstein-Rosen Bridge which opened up here."
So I'm trying to go with an Rick-type eccentric Aperture Science employee.
Let's see how that goes
i say its interesting
Alright seems fun.

File: 2eH4GxY.jpg (236 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
236 KB, 1920x1080
oh boy. id read the shit out of that. Bump'd
Sadly Im a yuropfag and that intro was it for the night
Only wanted to share
will continue
Better version.
Aperture Science in Equestria.

Go for it.
more green naow
Number confirm, i should be saving that right away
sorry for the wait, this is one short advance:



>Beloved Princess Celestia

> It has been eight months since I gave my title as Princess of Equestria.

> Since I resign my position as a member of the Elements of Harmony.

Since I lost my magic.

The tree of the Harmony judge unworthy me and take my powers and I became an ordinary Pony, a lifetime using magic as Unicorn and now I feel as if unable to do anything, the effort I have to do for the smallest task it is exhausting.

Now I understand what Anonymous felt unable to rely on magic to live.

>During 3 months, i was locked in the dungeons of the castle, listening to the insults of my jailers and the contempt of the ponies in the streets, so I understood the despair that lived Anon when I kept retained in my lab the first week of your arrival, analyzing as if it were an object, not a conscious being.

> The following five months I was guarded and sent from city to city throughout Equestria, fixing the evils I did, apologizing, the eyes of all the ponies remind me how difficult it is my penance.

> If it had not had the support of my family and my friends now I'm sure this shattered by the pressure of having everypony against me.

>Now I understand the despair of anonymous for being the only one in its class, the terrible torment of feeling lonely without which no one will help you

> Betray your trust and disappointed, I fail to myself to not be able to see beyond my point of view, betray everything that represents the title of Princess from Friendship

And most importantly, it fails to Anonymous.
File: 1445095745857s.jpg (3 KB, 125x123) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 KB, 125x123

>This is my punishment and i know you deserve.

>And yet the destination offers me a second chance.

>Twiligth Sparkle

> With the capture of Torquemada and his followers "The true path" collapsed soon after the old plans from Archmage had for the future of the kingdom were discovered.

> Segregation laws, prohibition of Non-Unicorns in public charges, militarization of law enforcement, selective Unions of members of pure blood, centers of concentration for ponies "undesirable", a program of extermination of Changelings and diamond dogs, grabbing weapons and spells and aggressive territorial expansion against neighboring nations.

> It is not surprising that Torquemada was sentenced to life imprisonment in Tartarus.

> Members of their group as well as their supporters and sympathizers, many of whom were members of the oldest and most powerful houses of the nobility of Canterlot they were captured.

> Despite his ardent opposition to foreign ideas from Eureka huge amounts of equipment and inventions stored in safe house owned by many supporters of Torquemada were discovered, apparently the requisition order was nothing more than an excuse to grab Eureka products for personal use.

>was why the princess Celestia decided to abolish the privileges of the nobility throughout Equestria, dissolve the parliament and announce to popular elections.

>The reorganization of the government has been hard but effective, the edict of revocation put an end to centuries of hedonistic nobles who lived on the money of the Crown and the taxes of the ponies, now that many of them are ruined, without titles or properties shall begin to earn a living in the same way that the common ponies they so despised.

>Now that the new parliament has been formed i am glad to know that among its members are Earth Ponies, Pegasus, and donkeys, citizens who in the past did not have voice and vote in the decisions of the country

> Still a lot to do, but this is a good start.

>Even when things have returned to normal Equestria has not yet completely healed

>The release of the citizens of Eureka that suffer captivity by the policies of Torquemada was only the first step.

>Not only Celestia publicly apologized for the events under its mandate but it compensated generously to the ponies that were victims of that era of terror.

>When it became official recognition of Eureka as an independent nation and the establishment of a new immigration policy was the day that Equestria changed forever.

>The mass exodus of ponies in the cities of the kingdom, looking for a new begin in the Valley of the abundance forced the territorial growth of the young nation, now apart from the Capital City have been founded 3 cities more and now there are plans to expand its borders, toward the sea of Celestia in the east and the borders of Saddle Arabia Reign and the Zebra Nation in the south.

>The relationships between Equestria and the sovereign Republic of Eureka have positively enhanced, the diplomatic efforts of the officials of both nations have done everything possible to correct the mistakes of the past and put an end to the quarrels that still flourish in some ponies, the promise of peace and harmony could be achieved only by the tireless work of the elements of harmony.

>Twiligth Sparkle was not among them.

>The trial of the Princess of the Friendship was one of the most important events in the history of Equestria.

>even when the princess Luna transform in Nightmare Moon she had to answer for their past crimes.

>I guess than a thousand years of exile in the Moon were enough punishment.

>The accused appeared before the grand jury of Equestria, chosen from among all the ponies of the kingdom at random, a trial that needed to stand out for their impartiality.

>With pain The princess Celestia refused to be part of the trial, was the decision of the ponies the fate of Twiligth and its intervention would call into question the veracity of the trial.

> Twilight was not alone, all the time had the support of her friends, the Elements of Harmony, also known by many different parts of Equestria well as his family, his parents, his older brother and his wife Princess Candence and finally his younger brother, Spike.

>But the real victim, Anonymous the human, founder and leader of the Nation of Eureka was not present.

> One by one the statements of the acts of Twilight was released, sedition, collaboration with extremists, the providing amulet alicorn which was under his care, kidnapping of human as well as participation in the requisition of technology Eureka along Equestria and finally betray the Crown.

>both friends and his lawyer claimed his innocence, the countless acts of service provided by the princess along with her friends to protect Equestria and its citizens from terrible threats, reminding the ponies all the good she has done in the past for the welfare of the kingdom.

> The charges were read, the evidence was strong, the confession of the accused was conclusive.

> The jury's decision was unanimous:
Guilty. The sentence?
Sexual slavery in service of the victim for all eternity.

Guilty on all charges

>be sent to Tartarus?

>The banished to the moon?

>The ejected the artics badlands or send him another dimension as many claim that Starwhirl the Bearded made for centuries ago with the terrible sirens that ravaged Equestria?

> It was the sudden intervention of Lyra Stringheart, high delegate of the Republic of Eureka and goodwill ambassador what surprised everyone with a proposal that nobody expected:

Thirteen years of service in Eureka!!! 1 per year since Anon came to our world!!


Twiligth accept
is all for today, thanks for your time, i am sorry for the spelling errors, I will try to extend this to its conclusion in the future

keep this thread live

good nigth
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Por favor no uses emoticones en mi tablon de imagenes para equinos de caricatura.

you ruin the final Discord!!
Oh, and yeah, that was pretty good. Thanks Anon.
no veo cual es el problema, son elementos que apoyan a la narrativa mientras sean usados con mesura.

thanks anon for read my terrible historie, now good nigth everbody here and keep this thread live for others writters!
los emoticones no son muy aceptados, y por muy aceptados, me refiero a que casi todos, si no todos, los odian de forma extrema, es mejor que nunca los uses
File: Lyra 'HEARTSTRINGS'.jpg (911 KB, 1132x1254) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
911 KB, 1132x1254
>"It was the sudden intervention of Lyra Stringheart"
>"sudden intervention of Lyra Stringheart"
>"Lyra Stringheart"
File: 2ce.png (147 KB, 807x492) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
147 KB, 807x492
Los emoticones son vistos como algo infantiles en 4Chan por su relacion con /s4s/ y /b/. Son practicamente solamente usados ironicamente o para hacer enojar a Anon, al igual que el uso excesivo de signos.

Please forgive the paisano for his necessary use of Google Translate.

ok, first my apologies for by erroneously misspell the name of Lyra Heartstring by Lyra Stringheart , that was a mistake on my part and now that I know I promise that it will not be repeated, please don`t killed me Lyra

second, thanks for the help>>25194902, de acuerdo, no sabia esa suceptibilidad por los emoticones pero ya lo he usado en el pasado en el relato y nadie me habia informado sobre ello, tratare de ser mas descriptivo sobre el parecer de los personas en futuras historias

now really good nigth
>usados con mesura.

> O_O
> >_<
> -_-

Casi puedo contar 7 o 10 emoticones en tu texto.
Las historias escritas definitivamente NO necesitan de emoticones, a no ser que seas un niño de 14 años leyendo libros de literatura clasica con 'emojis'.
>Pic related.

No se si sos un menor de edad, o una chica; o ambas, por tu uso y abuso innecesario de emoticones.

En segundo lugar... dejame explicar:
>Why you use too many questions marks???????????? Why???????????
>Sure I'm letting the reader know I'm shouting, by the abusive amount of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Los errores gramaticales en ingles se perdonan, todo hispano-hablante sabe que tan dificil es escribir un greentext en ingles; pero tranquilamente te puedo linchar por la forma de escribir tan infantil que tenes.

Por favor, se un poco MAS profesional a la hora de escribir textos, creeme que es una habilidad invaluable en la vida de uno, el tener facilidad con las palabras, y saber expresarse con ellas, pero NO DE ESA MANERA:

Si sos menor de edad, por favor; tomate tu tiempo para aprender la cultura (y las neurosis) de este Board, sin postear, mientras vas recopilando todas las cosas que deberias y no deberias hacer en 4chan y /mlp/.
Y te sugiero que nunca dijas si sos menor de edad en 4chan, te puede venir un ban que puede durar hasta que tengas 18 años.

Forgot pic related
> bump
Sorry I haven't been posting lately, many things going on.

Well ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Translation issues aside, I thank you for your green. I look forward to any future additions :)
Let me tell you two useful pieces of information
One: This is a bump
Two: This is the only bump I'll give the thread tonight
Such bullshit. Twilight and Torquemada got off easy, there is no justice in Equestria.

Enjoyable story anyway ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

you keep the thread alive!
You call life imprisonement in Tartarus "easy"?
"Then again, you're a horse speaking english."
"I can assume that language hasn't developed the same on another planet in our universe."
"Means this ERB has gone alter-dimensional, not inter-stellar or inter-galactic."
>You sigh.
"An Einstein-Rosen bridge is, per definition, a connection between two points in space.
"From your blank expression- I'm sorry, I assume it's a blank expression."
"I don't know your species and anatomy well enough."
"Anyway... My assumption lies with you having no idea what I am talking about."
>You look around.
"There's no one else around. Did you open this side of the portal?"
>As she had seemed overwhelmed by you you decided to give her a yes and no question.
>Hopefully this won't be outside of her mind's capacity.
>"Ah- Yes. I- I did."
"Well, I'm gonna go ahead and tell you some life advise as your parents seem to have missed it."
"Don't talk to strangers, or open your door to anything in the universe that is out there."
"You want ancient ones? Because that's how you get ancient ones."
>Her expression went back to blank.
"But now that I am here, the smart thing to do is to make the best of it."
"I go out on a limb here and say that my dimension is not just gonna just open a random receiver ERB."
"It will take some time to come up with a functional alternate reality drive and do find the coordinates I have to aim for..."
>You go on rambling with the horse watching you.
"I'll be needing a lab assistant who can do my dirty work. This involves communicating with the natives of this dimension."
"You are one of them, I assume you know where I can get raw materials, so consider yourself hired on account of it being your fault I'm here."

thanks for read anon, wait for futures updates


Blamed Celestia and its policy the smoothness of the punishment, in addition who knows what kind of condemnation will suffer Torquemada in the Tartarus, perhaps upload a heavy rock by a steep hill only to fall to the base when it is about to arrive and repeat the work or be stuck on the floor, hungry and thirsty while a tree is above the outside of its scope or a pure river of water running underneath the drying off in the attempt to drink.

The punishment of Twiligth also will have its hardness, it is for him to see if it is lightweight or not
>You lean back against the building and let her digest your proposal.
>This whole thing is freaking you out less than it should.
>What really bothers you is that you are unable to further science.
>You had defined your goal, yet you don't know how to get there.
>Even if you figure out how to force yourself access to an alternate dimension, there was no telling how you'd be able to find yours.
>You never had access to... ugh... Black Mesa's research on Xen, but you could assume you're not in or on Xen right now.
>You're not even sure if that particular portal was an alternate dimension or actually the result of an ERB.
>There are a lot of unanswered questions, and their answers could help you dramatically right now.
>"I'll help you. But I'll not be your employee!"
"Well, duh. I'm not gonna pay you. It's an unpaid internship."
"Look at it from this side: you'll get lot's of experience."
"And who else in your universe can claim to have had been able to get to work for an alter-dimensional being?"
>"Look here, Mister!"
>For some reason she seems to be angry.
>"Maybe I have made a mistake, but you cannot simply claim my time to-"
"-to clean up the mess you made? Like it or not but I'm one of the friendliest things which could have come through."
"Your world could as well be on it's way of being taken over by some evil overlord by now."
"You think you wouldn't be occupied then?"
>She wants to say something but you interrupt her.
"Of course I need you to keep your day job. Keeping me in your home, and as a secret. Raw materials, food -"
"Your society does have a currency system and lives in houses, right?"
"What's your level of technology?"
>She takes a step back.
"I should focus on my immediate survival first. Sorry I got carried away."
"What can you do to assure my survival?"

slow writing day, have to watch semifinals
Cave Johnson in Equestria/10
Burn the library home down with lemons
wait, that base has been covered
>Burn the library home down with lemons
you all know what this means, right?
unicorn twilight

can we play guess the writefag?
from page 4?
File: mlfw9611_medium.jpg (65 KB, 640x548) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65 KB, 640x548
no dead
How about we burn it down with water?

This can be done. I'll let you lot figure out how
Turn it into a living Hindenburg?
No, just dust Cesium inside then spray a garden hose
update in process, one please...
That would work, but it's too complicated.

This guy has the right idea. The pure forms of anything in Group I on the period table (except Hydrogen) will catch fire or explode on contact with water. A few of the elements in Group II will also catch fire on contact with water.

For proof of concept, drop a block of pure sodium in a bucket of hot water and stand the fuck back.
>get to Equestria
>notice sailing ships
>have unicorns isolate sodium
>powder and mix into oil to prevent moisture from activating it
>spray it out of ships in naval battles
And that's how the Geneighva Convention started

>New Aztlan is the second city founded in what was formerly known as the Valley of Abundance, bordered by the southern border of Equestria and is surrounded by an ocean of grassland where before living wild herds of Jackalopes, the natural resources are abundant, 2 rivers meander north to die in the ocean of Luna in the west and vast deposits of gold and diamonds in the mountains of the Shadow, in this place, both ponies and donkeys, diamond dogs and recently Minotaurs
They are working busily erecting prominent buildings and houses over two floors with all services, water and electric light,
the streets at the beginning of ground and rocks are being paved and the place is being urbanized with a sleek design,High walls of concrete with watch towers patrolled by armed Griphons and Pegasus protect the colonist from unexpected attacks of Harpies and Chupacabras, less frequent but no less dangerous.

>In the southern end of New Aztlan are a small airport, big enough to park airships loaded with goods from the other kingdoms, as well as a detachment of volunteers who serve as the first army of Eureka.

>In that place a chariot pulled by Pegasus with the emblem of Equestria drops after receiving authorization of the responsible of the airport, it move down two ponies Unicorn, one Menthol and other lavender .

>Twiligth raises his eyes to what is the achievement of so many beings that do not have magic, a growing city that soon will rival those of Equestria, the variety of individuals in it, and the complexity of its work the amaze, but what the leaves more surprised is how they can make their work with the help of apparatus and instruments i'd never seen before.
File: thumb.jpg (12 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 250x250

> Both are escorted by a group of ponies and Griffons to the airport exit, the eyes of those who watch them are similar to those of the ponies in Equestria, voices and whispers are repeated like a chorus:

> "There's the traitor!"

> "Because of him we almost go to war!"

"I heard that he lost his magic, he deserves it for what he did to Anon! "

>Twiligth long time ago that he learned to endure the insults of others, walks with its head high and showing imperturbable, but inside she feels every word as a blow, suddenly a griffon drops before Lyra carrying a message, in their eyes shown concern, thing that alert to Lyra

>What happens?

>Citizen Lyra, an urgent message from the capital! -Answers the Griffon, delivering a letter, when she read your content the dismay of Lyra is evident

> What is Lyra ?? something has gone wrong ?? -asks uneasy Twiligth-
>Implying you'll have timw to get the fuck out of the way

I've dropped pure sodium in water before, the reacton is instantaneous and quite energetic.

>Follow Me! -Shouts Lyra running up to where a group of ponies the expect guarding a strange carriage, climb to the two Lyra is directed to the ponie that is in front of them with urgent need.

> A Eureka !!! Lyra 'orders with concern in his eyes in a

>Hurry !!!

>The ponie obeys the order and with your hooves take on a button and carriage begins to tremble, with one swift movement she pulls a lever to its side and the vehicle begins to move by itself, without the need assistance in a matter of seconds the carriage accelerates to a surprising speed through the streets while people go out of their way to the sound of a horn that is the side of the vehicle.

What is that thing? Twilight asks clinging to his seat, while the transport out of town on a long paved road that goes to the south

>"Lyra! What's up??? Is there any problem???"

> Faster !!! faster!!! Lyra shouts the driver, with a certain desperation in his voice

>i can't go faster citizen! Could burst the engine before we reach!!! - answer the ponie before the pressure-

>Curses! if not the season of Harpies we could arrive in a air transport! Don't delay! Every minute counts!



> "Please tell me what the hay is happening!!! ??? There has been an accident??? there is anything I can help?"

>Questions Twiligth, genuinely concerned

>"Nothing! Just shut up and don't say anything! Is Already bad enough that you have to bring with me to thatn't mess it up with questions!"

>"Twilight Listen to me !!! whatever happens, you see what you see you dare not interfere! not even talk! everypony us all a favor and stay outside !!!"

>"> But .."
File: naboo2004.jpg (83 KB, 700x301) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 700x301

>The chariot is close to what on the horizon looks like big city, with tall buildings such as towers of steel and glass, the sunlight reflecting on them as glass and gold chandeliers, Twiligth once again is astonished, the capital of the nation rises victorious
where before there was only desolation and savagery, when approaching the city gates open automatically, without magic unicorns or activate a spell to move people to see them, mules, diamond dogs and even five Changeling roam and working in it as if it is not finished, when you see them retire ceding to car, which finally stopped in front of a huge building

> Immediately Lyra floor of the carriage and frantic runs into the large building, followed by Twiligth who not being informed can only think of a urgency of enormous proportions,the enter looks around, dozens, hundreds of ponies, mules, and other races carrying in its claws or his loins huge volumes of sheets, plans, reports, books, blackboards full of equations, formulas, scribbled ideas and unintelligible notions, seeing everybody stops, and the eyes of all look to her, with astonishment and contempt, the pressure felt before once again, but 10 times stronger.

> "Where is ????" Interrupted Lyra concerned about doing that all fix your attention on it, the slumbering is possible only briefly on the Unicorn lavender giving a respite

>"Where is he I SAID ??"

>" in his study citizen Lyra"

>answers a Pegasus holding a stack of planes

>"He has not left there"

> "For how long?"

> A week
If you use cold water and leave the sodium to oxidise a bit beforehand, you have about 20 seconds to get away.

>The expression of Lyra bends of fear

>"a week? A-and when was the last time you took a break?"

>"ehr ... good.."


> "Him has not stopped since you left Lyra"

> Answer a mule tired, carrying a sack coffee and a medical kit on his back

>"Nequam!" -Shouts Lyra- "as you couldn t allow you to do that? Barely a month ago he ended his recovery and should be resting!"

>"Lyra! You know very well that when he has an idea there is nothing in this world that can stop it, he has been like this since it came out of her coma!"

>"Princess Twiligth" -salutes the donkey to Twiligth with severity-

>"I am no longer princess"-responds her "what is happening here? That is all this madness?
Don't tell me that.."

> Nequam look at Lyra, and then Twiligth

>" Miss Sparkle, come with me, maybe you can do something " Nequam says pointing to a double wooden doors of which continuously come and go ponies and other loading all kinds of papers

>"No way! she does not have to watch it now !!" He opposes it Lyra

>"Before starting ordered us to bring the Miss Sparkle as soon arrive, perhaps that is what is required for the decide stop"

>"Good! but do not dare to do anything weird!"

> "Never would!" Sparkle says "I cannot hurt more ..."

>"Come .."
File: writing-equations.jpg (33 KB, 700x466) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 700x466

>Nequam leads to twiligth until the two doors, To enter, she contemplates a study of enormous dimensions full of books, dozens and dozens of ponies, griffons and other creatures roam from top to bottom taking notes, doing translations, visibly busy copying reports, in the background of the study at a large table metal and wood pillars and filled with books and notebooks a strange bipedal creature remains seated with both hands writing whatever comes to mind in large notebooks, The which being filled with are quickly taken by the assistants and replaced by new notebooks that the creature becomes saturated with insatiable greed, your appearance and odor could not be worse, it is as if not noticing the rest of the world as it rises and begins to write in one of 5 blackboards all sorts of equations and draw models of machines, systems and different devices, only to then take a plane and begin to perform in all kinds of fresh ideas.

> The view of the creature disturbs Twilight, never in their most avid investigations had seen such an obsession with knowledge,
It is like a devouring monster of insatiable know, the expression on the face of it is devastating.

>It is even older than she remembers months ago.

File: 1445639442484.png (201 KB, 537x302) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 537x302

To hear its name the creature stops, turning toward the direction of the mare, everyone holds their breath in astonishment, as it is the first time the pauses in his work.

The smiles creature between tremors, while scratching the butt with his left hand

Oh ... you got! How long since I have been working Pascal?

"Ehr .... one week Master" Responds a changeling carrying a inkwell

would swear that it was only yesterday ...

the creature approaches the unicorn, stumbles twice before reaching 5 steps from it

Twiligth runs to assist him, but it stops, in their eyes there is regret when this raises his right hand to halt their advance, showing a steel claw where before there was a hand of flesh and bone.

Welcome to Eureka Twiligth Sparkle.

Say the creature before falling on her startling everyone, only to then hear a loud snore.
is all for today, thanks for your time and sorry for the translation, keep live the thread

Good Night
others writters?
>only to then hear a loud snore
Aw, I wanted a hug scene.
At this point I'm apprehensive to try to start reading Z's >green. I may as well start FoE or Homestuck from the beginning.
Anon makes a device that aborbs magic to make him smarter. Ends up being addicted to knowledge.
>Brainiac in equestria
ehr... no
Sorry for the delay.

Green incoming soon(tm).
Valve Time(TM)

Well I was writting, had about 6 ~1900 character posts to submit, and there was a power outage which fucked everything right as I was saving.

Autosave saved a lot of it but I don't want to leave off at the interval it captured, so I'll post tomorrow.

Sorry to be a tease.
I ate them.
What'd LP taste like?
p.8 bump
Writing now, expect more >green tonight.
Never mind, it's not ready.
You hurt my soul you bastard
>Turns out all the conflicts of these tech threads are caused by Twilight trying to seduce Anon.
>Innovation was born from Twilight's winking clit.
Why can't it be both? It would be a nice change. Instead of Twilight being a huge fucking cunt, she just wants the MD and is too socially awkward to properly flirt with Anon.

"I don't know, Anon, that sounds impossible without magic."
>That's real good, mare, give him a chance to explain. Act interested.
>"Twilight, it's bluh blah glard"
>Did you fucking ask for his life story.
"Well, Anon, I guess you'll just have to..."
>You walk up to Anon, making sure you swing your hips a bit.
>Colts LOVE foal-bearing hips.
>You get your face right up in his business so that he can feel your hot breath
>Shit did you brush your teeth this morning
>Fuck it
>Time to seduce the SHIT out of this alien monkey.
>Sexy voice GO
"~prove it~"
>You make sure to moan a little when you say this.
>"Fine, maybe I will."
>Nailed it. Now to throw the colt on his back and ride him into the sunset.
>"I'll be back later. I'm going to go get some supplies."
>He walks out the door.
File: 1445782063459.jpg (2 MB, 5000x3410) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 5000x3410
I assume things will go like pic related.
Nice repost, but I don't know how is that socially awkward in any way.
this is all I'm gonna say to the topic until it comes up
>Anon has mathematical models that make accurate predictions of the behavior of the universe
>These models hold true in Equestria
>Even though the Princesses actually do control the movement of the sun and moon
>Even though Equestria is geocentric with the sun and moon both orbiting Equestria
>Even though Anon has been to space, seen proof, and acknowledged this fact as true
>Even though Twilight repeatedly tried to interfere with the Princesses schedules to show Anon their powers to move the sun and moon
>Events somehow always seem to work out so that the models fit any observations they are compared against
>It is universally acknowledged as being really weird and a bit spooky
>Anon is promply given funding to recreate human technologies, on the condition that he does it far away because his modeling kinda freaks the ponies out a little
fuck i replied to the wrong post
i probably meant to point at this one
yeah, I fucked up on the green. I sort of skipped to the bottom of this page, half-way through. Was my green really a repost?

First draft was socially awkward, then I made it different and forgot to remove it from the description.
Artemis Fowl in Equestria
Oh fudge.

Oh, I got an idea.
Average Joenon, Ricknon, and Artenon Fowl all get unceremoniously dumped in Equestria. Rick and Artemis try to have a dick waving contest to see who is the better genius. They scare or offend ponies, have a hard time getting raw materials, and generally have Dexter/Mandark level sissyfights because of it. Joenon makes friends and is able to construct some simple things, like plumbing and things that help them out, and becomes a hero figure of sorts. Twilight believes in Joenon, while the antics of the other two piss her off. Unlike Joenon, they can't prove their magicless technology, and are assholes. Both of which go against Twilight's ideals of Magic and/is Friendship.
Ricknon would just end up building a mech out of sticks and start killing the ponies in a typical Rick fashion
I have to disagree with trips
Rick is not one for useless violence.
If the ponies do not work against him he wouldn't even care about them, only as tools to get alcohol and raw materials
Artemis: Twilight! Have you been murdered?
Twilight layed on the ground while being dead. If Twilight wasnt dead and could hear Artemis’s question she would nod her head expressing the sad fact that she was dead.
>Was my green really a repost?
Pretty sure I have read something identical or eerily similar before, but I can't find it on DesuStorage.

Whay are you asking me, though? You should know if it's a repost or not.
>Again you plan to give her some time, but she answers quite quickly.
>"Okay, I accept some responsibility for bringing you here, but you do not get to freeload-"
"Freeload? I already said you can learn from me."
>"We're entering you into society and make you a respectable member of it so you can pay for your-"
>You chuckle.
"Me? A respectable member of society? I wasn't even a member of society where I came from."
>"You- you weren't? Did you not have any friends?"
"Friends distract from science."
>She looks like you had slapped her in the face.
>Before you can give her time to wallow in any feelings you continue.
"But do I understand right that your society would have no problem with an alter-terrestrial alien walking around?"
>"Well... If I could convince them you are not a threat to them."
"Do you hold a position of power which allows that?"
>You doubt it.
>"I- I kinda do..."
"Kinda is not really. Do you or do you not?"
"You made an experiment to displace something from another dimension here, you're a scientist! Be precise."
>"I- This is not so easy to say."
"Are you hierarchical placed above a majority of the settlement you call your home."
"Or do you have the respect of such a person who will vouch on your word?"
>"You're being quite aggressive."
>You tilt your head and try to place the emotion she portrays.
"You're irritated... why?"
>"I'm not- I- You..."
>She takes a breath.
>"I don't even know IF you are friendly!"
"I'm not."
>You state it as a fact.
>You weren't friendly, and you had no intention of being so.
>The mare's eyes dart around, and you can see her trying to make sense of what you just said.
"I'm not friendly, but we only talked about me not being a threat. And harming anyone would work against my current goals.
"Which, as I can remind you, are to stay alive and get back home."

slow, slow work
I can't seem to focus, so have a single post again

still searching for a fitting trip
what do you guys think of: #;3yx6uKo
just do a trip with something only you know
its basically a password rolled into an account name
I know what a trip is
yet I barely have loyalty to it
I'm you
oh no, there is a flaw in my perfect pla- I don't care, it's fun
what tripcode finder do you run? I've lost my shit and need to find a program again
Anon torments Twilight with a Laser pointer
do you think Laserpointers work on ponies?
they work on real ones so why not?
>I ate them.

That day the Writterkind have one grim reminder....
has LP been eaten as well?
yes, he tasted like human
File: tyiuyik.jpg (413 KB, 1467x806) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
413 KB, 1467x806
return my dreams!!!!!!!!!!
A mid flavor if I do say so myself, but really it's how you handle the product that gives it its flavor.
patiente please, historie incoming...in someone hours
Bippity Boppity bump
File: 1445474000647.gif (377 KB, 500x381) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
377 KB, 500x381

When I was asleep?

>"Three days" answers Nequam "You stink, have a shower!"

Uh hum ... also i am hungry ... Twiligth already arrived or what I saw was a hallucination?

>"Miss Sparkle is already with us, I will make them prepare breakfast"

Don't forget the eggs with bacon! I love bacon chupacabras with fire lizard eggs!

>"You humans and their food tastes unpleasant, as soon you're done go to see the newly arrival to give you a tour of the city"

ah ... who came up with the big idea? I'm going to lose valuable work time!

>" It was your idea"

That explains why it is so bad.

Uhgrrr .......

>"Anon !!!"

O-ok, already happened ....

>said Anonymous touching the temple

By the way, where is Twilight?

> "uhm ..."

Nequam where this Twilight?

> Lyra put to work ....


>"In the quarry"

By the prominent Solar Butt of Celestia! because you did not tell me before !!!

>Work faster ponie! -Claims a diamond dog to a unicorn mare that pulls a cart loaded with heavy stones, The straps are marked in its fur as each step is increasingly tiring, she is exhausted, has been doing the same work of lead from three days ago that he came here, only interrupted by a short break, a tasteless food and few hours of sleep, fatigue is visible on your face, their legs are trembling on the verge of collapse before the eyes of the workers employed there, all accustomed to the rigors of the journey and hard as rocks,
but ruthless with the newcomer, which accepts silence his penance.

>The pony goes one step further before succumbing to the fatigue, trying to take your breath away, only to receive insults and jokes.

> "that happens, your majesty? Very heavy for the princess, who defeated Nigthmare Moon? " said a earth pony

> "Why don't you use your magic to lift the stones? " -he mocks a Griffon - "oh, is true, you already don't have magic! "

> "I bet now you wanted to use one of the inventions of Anon for not having to work more, imagine what it was for my brother when the Inquisitors wrenched his things and put him in a dungeon! " -claims a Pegasus -

>Twiligth falls to the ground surrendered by the fatigue, immediately a unicorn mint green appears in front of it by showing a profound disdain.

"Get up Sparkle!!, you are delaying the work of all! " lashing out Lyra with angry

>"Please let me rest! I'm exhausted!" begs the unicorn without more forces, trembling with exhaustion

>but ruthless with the newcomer, which accepts silence his penance.

>"Get up Sparkle!!, you are delaying the work of all! " lashing out Lyra with angry
File: Crazy_Lyra.png (216 KB, 783x1019) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
216 KB, 783x1019

> "I do not care !, this is your punishment for betraying Anonymous !!!"

> Again, a reminder of his crime overshadows his words

> "Because of you He was about to die !! and... and ..If it weren't still would have protected he have their arm... their pretty arm..." regrets Lyra

> "I know !!!" Twilight shouts in frustration "if I could take his place !, but I cannot! "

>The confession of twiligth maintains in silence to the workers, only Lyra dares to speak

>"I do not care what you say, or Anon ask clemency for your crime! You're a bad pony Twiligth Sparkle! And see you pay for your misdeeds even last thing I do! "Scream Lyra Heartstring menacingly beginning to illuminate your horn.


>All they paralyzed before his order while the biped down to where Twiligth Sparkle lie lying, runs to his direction and remove the straps
the tie, looking flushed marks in as little angry mare until her blood to burn, your eyes are on Lyra who shudders overwhelmed by fear.

>But choose to ignore it, turns its attention in Twiligth which is the point of losing the senses.

Twiligh! Twiligth!

>Called the human to the pony while a thread of blood comes out of your nose
File: t6yhtghy.jpg (10 KB, 285x177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 285x177

> "All the wounds of Twiligth have been treated and is resting in you room Citizen Anon"

Well, how long do you think she will need?

> "She was under tremendous physical effort which was not used, at least two days"

(Crap, that is 2 days I cannot lose!)

>"And Lyra? "

She and the others trying so graciously to our guest will entail stones in the quarries by a week

> "Don't you think that was a very hard punishment? "

So will think twice the next time you want to play the judge, jury and executioner.

If anyone should decide the punishment of Twiligth, that should be me

>pic related
File: rhjyujku.jpg (309 KB, 825x1182) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309 KB, 825x1182


"Anon, what are we going to do on the bed?"

"Anon Wait! I do not feel mentally ready for this ..."

"Oh, Anon ...........(gigle)"

"Miss Sparkle?"
File: iron-hand.jpg (226 KB, 600x429) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
226 KB, 600x429

Twilight Sparkle wakes up after a day of rest, the doctor tells you to take one more day to recover from his wounds

Anon, now clean and well fed awaits, ready to punish

Twiligth passes saliva and is close to Anon, by looking at it you can see how much has changed.

is at least 10 years old, his once disheveled aspect is covered by the mantle of the maturity and the temperance of the evidence that has happened in your stay in this world.

Your hair, which before was black and thick is now collected and groomed, with silver threads covering as garlands of silver in a crown of autumn.

The face looks worn, some wrinkles the travel as well as minor marks of scars, memories of the early years taming the dangers of the valley.

The right hand looks a prosthesis, a black iron claw that simulates well what was once a human hand, see it deeply hurts his heart.

The only thing that hasn't changed are their eyes, the same light and fierceness that had the day you brought by accident, the indomitable spirit of someone who is not satisfied with what all other accepted with the truth

"Greetings Twiligth, I see you're already better"
File: 2PRN.gif (230 KB, 300x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230 KB, 300x276

> "Sir Anonymous" .. Answers the Unicorn bowing "I express my deep gratitude for the opportunity given me to amend my terrible
fouls, even though it was difficult at first'm ready to return to the mine and continue my work "


> "I'll do whatever it takes to win your forgiveness, no matter how difficult the test!"


> She is silent for the impresion, the human touches your face, takes a deep breath and continued:

First, no "Sir" Twiligth, in Eureka everyone's leave the titles in the past with our old lives, just call me Citizen Anonymous or only Anonymous, Ok?

>"O-ok S... Citizen Anonymous"

Second, I never order you put in chains and hauling stones (While I recognize that you had what you deserved), Lyra overstepped his authority but he is paying for his nepotism.

>"I guess I deserved it ..."

And third, regarding your punishment ....

>Given the perverse look of Anonymous Twiligth look back, the man approaches her, cornering her in a corner, no more where sneak, she close your eyes expecting the worst.

"Please be gentle ..."
There is no gentle
Only dry

Twiligth never expected that Anonymous will give you a work overalls and make that will accompany you through all the areas in construction of the city, while walk Anon explains in detail both buildings as its function, treatment plants wastewater , center of collection for solar energy, machines that carry large volumes of materials, ponies working together with griffons, mules and Diamond Dogs forming teams under the command of his foreman, all toiling under the grueling heat of summer, but all fatigue is dissipated with the help of Pegasus bring clouds that provide shade the more exhausted, and numerous mares bringing food and water to recuperate, to get to see all Anonymous stop and greet him with a smile, the approaches to them and listen to their views and experiences, smiling and sharing their food, offering suggestions and listening carefully to their ideas, but their looks they harden to look Twiligth, but quickly Anon stops imposing its authority.

Twilight listening so one by one the stories that Anon tells about the lives of those who collaborate with him in the training of their nation; Of the Pegasus that he wanted to see a world where all those who did not have wings could fly, from one Diamond dog who escaped a life of captivity to the abuse of the Alpha Dog that just wanted to amass gems at the expense of the freedom of the entire herd, of on Griffon assaulting the convoys in Dogde City because she was born and raised away from the flock and not knew other way to survive, from the mules that lived as second-class citizens in Equestria, discriminated against and segregated by the ponies of the nobility and relegated to miserable jobs where they could not demonstrate their talent and potential, that of a small group of Changelings that after the defeat of the Queen Crhysalis were banished to the badlands, where they were abandoned by the swarm to the queen could retain what little power he had left only for itself, until they were discovered by Anon and explorers and they discovered that they could survive not only stealing the love of others, but away from the control of their Queen they were able to feed themselves, both normal food as their own emotions, being able to think for themselves and make their own decisions, with the help of Anon they managed to become something more than just nameless soldiers and workers who served a greedy tyrant who only loved herself now had names own elected by themselves and find a new life.

>Twiligth gasped by the anecdotes told by Anon, achievements and difficulties that spent the early years, the doubts that raided the minds of thethe doubts that assailed the minds of the pioners when danger and fear were higher, the losses suffered and the pain that this led to his heart, all the experiences while she stubbornly refused to accept the words and deeds of Anon, while your others mare friends accepted them with joy she saw him with a growing resentment, and again and again as each attempt to return to his human world through the magic failed, hardening his heart, opening to treason.

>Twiligth stops, and bows its head ashamed, everything that she lost these thirteen years because she was unable to see a world that did not understand, because downplayed the vision of Anon as well as the achievements of its people to the point of mockery, because its insistence on the paths of magic ruined a friendship and brought terrible consequences for Equestria, to Eureka, for Anon, for herself.

> Anon observes, could almost be said to know what she thinks, then he kneels with one hand and raises his chin:
File: 450_Almasty_6.jpg (25 KB, 640x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 640x430

Twilight, I ever tell you the story of my species?

> The unicorn shakes his head

"We, the Homo Sapiens are descended from forms of life that one day decided to step down from the trees to dare to go further than did their predecessors, with the passage of time we lost our fur in order to regulate our body temperature and adapt the soles of the feet in order to be able to fly long distances without the needs of the 4 limbs, and eventually venture into a world that we know nothing"

"For thousands of generations we were victims of the weather, other animals and disease simply because we were not the strongest,
the fastest or the most cruel creatures"

"But in our lack of claws and fangs we had something that the other species had not been able to develop; Intelligence"

"While we were victims of the world my ancestors developed the ability to complex thoughts, learned through a long and painful experience how things worked when night fell, when the animals migrate, where predators to attack were hiding when it was time to hunt."

"This was how they developed the language, an effective method to transmit knowledge that would help the survival of the group, to control the fire which was once seen as a spirit, to create weapons and tools with which no longer would be defenseless, To domesticate animals instead of eat it raised them as if it were a part of the group and they contributed with their skin, flesh and bones to improve the survival of the group and finally to cultivate, and in the moment in which a man was able to eat without having to follow the animals in that moment the man began to expand their options."

At that moment the man began to create.

And for almost 10,000 years men repeat the same ideas over and over again, creating wonders and atrocities in the name of anything
why do worthwhile, for honor, glory, power, immortality, for welfare, for progress, for the future.

But for every warrior, hero, King and Tyrant, there were at least a thinker.

Someone who is not happy with what others took for the truth, someone I look at different world like everyone else did,
someone who made the most important question of history:

File: Why.jpg (387 KB, 3000x2000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
387 KB, 3000x2000

"Because the sky is blue?"

"Because the water wet?"

"Because the fire burning?"

"By that people die?"

"Why am I here?"

"And in many whys was as the man began to discover the nature of all things, beyond concepts, such as the magic, the will of the gods or the fate"

Everything has a why and a explanation, and when know how something works also know how to use it.

And that is the science Twiligt:

The search for the truth beyond all doubt.
File: animatrix.gif (758 KB, 370x190) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
758 KB, 370x190

And that process can only be achieved by means of experimentation, observation and reasoning.

It was science that enabled man to leave the Dark Ages, science was what allowed him to understand and cure diseases, It was science that allowed him to light up the night, creating machines that allowed him to get anywhere fast, Science was what enabled man to fly And know the intricate web of interconnections that bind them all in this system of continuing interactions call existence, and it was science that allowed us to see above the need for our own idea of the truth, which reminds us that there is always to find the answer to every thing until all the questions are all gone!

That's why I cannot forgive you Twilight, because the fun of what he has done humanity in a world without magic, your you made fun of each of the people who decided to see the world more than it was accepted as normal, of all those who dedicated their lives to finding the truth! your you made fun of what makes us who we are !!!
File: ijm.jpg (6 KB, 316x160) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> The expression of Anonymous is flying the face of anger and discontent finally had said that for so long had kept in his chest for the offenses committed by the former princess of friendship, by the condescending treatment he received from the Unicorn every time he said the achievements of humanity, the way he was treated for her to be unable to understand or will not understand the possibility of a reality beyond their understanding

>"You don't think I TRIED? You don't think I haven't looked all around Equestria, in every single book I could find, just to send you back home?"

>"I exhausted all the resources of magic I had to find a solution, and nothing appeared! And whenever you talked about the things in your world, and how they could do better things than us without magic, I despaired even more! It was as if your reproaches for each failed attempt helped you!"

>Anon's focus on everything he knew, was his comfort zone, his anchor to a fractured reality would never return, his stubbornness,
his pride and contempt for each rule that Twilight imposed, rebuking him as if he were a colt, minimizing his situation, every look of repudiation and fear that the ponies that saw him showed...

>What else was there to keep your sanity than the last glimpse of your world?

>The science.

>"You, without wings or magic, have made what no pony would have ever imagined before. Y-you've done more in 10 years than we have achieved in a thousand..."

>"You were right all along... science IS mightier than magic..."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Anon!"

Anon Victory Dance TIME! https://www.youtube.comwatch?v=GEA2lz5gI-M

File: e39.png (62 KB, 283x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 283x389

Anon can no longer bear, removes the stone mask of her face and strongly embraces the sad unicorn, twiligth reacts to be urrounded by the arms of the human, ceases to have the crying a moment in order to view it

sob! ...A-Anon?

As I missed .... this, -answers Anon without releasing it - feel the softness of you fur ... your warmth ... listen to your heartbeat is comforting ...

I never wanted to admit it, but I was always addicted to hugs, there is something in you the ponies that makes them so cuddly ...
It is almost instinctive ... I would say maternal

Twiligth corresponds to embrace putting their hooves also around his neck, recharging his head on the shoulder of the human, remain together for a moment, neither too long nor too short only the necessary to heal a broken friendship
let us give them a moment
>Dark Ages
there's that misnomer again
>there's that misnomer again

To Anon, the term refers to the moment when the man left on one side live in ignorance and superstition of the past and start looking for real answers by scientific thought, not the period since the fall of Western Roman Empire until the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire

time out
>prominent Solar Butt of Celestia!
>let us give them a moment
[pic related]
>let us give them a moment

Fuck! back to the plot !!

Twiligth ... i would never consider science to be superior to the Magic.

It would be ridiculous the just thinking about it, I say, we live in a world where magic is practically the air we breathe! If something has taught me science is to have an open mind, the number of scientists who have been adopted to science as the supreme truth is comparable to the amount of fools who insist that the world is like the old believed the thousands of years ago.

Those who believe they have the reason are almost always wrong, and when the truth is something that they cannot understand simply do not accept the science also has that defect.

In Eureka we learned to depend on ourselves to survive and thrive, but only because we use more science and technology does not mean that we accept those who wield the magic.

In our first year were doctors unicorns which saved us from flu cherry that almost kills us, apart from the fact that their curative spells saved more than one in the attacks of Jackalopes and Chupacabras.

I see the science and to the magic as two different languages that say the same message, we can use both to live but for that we must learn to speak the same language.

Otherwise the message will be lost and we too.
Please guys can we trade this greenfag for another one?
File: 87.jpg (9 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 225x225

Anonymous kneels down and wraps Twilight in his arms.
>She's surprised at first, then curls up on his shoulder, shedding heavy tears and remaining so for a while,
maybe a moment, perhaps a life, as time is irrelevant to these things.

"Okay, okay Twilight..."

>He feels the rhythm of the beating of Twilight's heart, like a drum playing lightning to subside in an ocean of calm.

>Not much more time was spent much time together until the hug dissolved.
>Anon cleans the dry tears from his face and smiles.

"...You want to hear a secret?"

>Twilight slowly nods.

"When I came to your world, when I came to this magical land of pastel little horses lacking Newtonian laws..."

>Twilight listens intently.

"I absolutely freaked out..."


"But anyway, in the end, my mind made me realize that if I wanted to survive, I was to adapt to the nature of this world, mold myself to their culture and civilization and finally... learn."

"Why I asked you teach me everything you know about magic, was to cross check my notions and determine what was best, and then I understood."

"Science and magic are just two sides of the same coin, two different languages for the same message."


"With that in mind, I calculated what I could do with my human notions combined with Equestrian magic, so I could suddenly understand how to invent, based on the needs of each pony.

If I were one to guess, I'd say I'd have my Cutie Mark by now."

>He looks your butt

"Nope, still don't have it."

>Twilight giggles.

I discovered that due to the long years of exposure to all these attempts to get me back home, all that magic flowing of you and of all things around me my body became a type of immunity ... a natural aversion to the magic.

> Is that possible?

I also ask the same to Lyra, to Zecora, and even Trixxie, the only explanation I can think of is that by not being in this world I'm not subject to the same forces that the natives of Equestria

>That's why the mirror was broken when barely what you touched it, your body produces interference..

And the fire of Torquemada made me not ashes

>That's why any attempt ton't return home fault! If you know because I am not what you said before?

I was gonna say that after peace talks ended, but you know who stopped me.

> Twiligth down your fae with embarrassed

but that's not all, Twiligth
The use of my intellect also has a price
File: tm.gif (133 KB, 553x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
133 KB, 553x364
Twilight .... I am dying

What ??? !!!

When they treated my wounds Nequam discovered a small lump the size of a bean housed in an inaccessible part of my brain. Eventually the ball will grow more and more, making me more and more difficult to think, talk or walk, when you have grown enough pus not breathe and finally ..

No !!!! must be something I can help you !!! with all the things you've invented'm sure there will be something that can be cured !!!

As you know my body has become immune to magic, and with the current level of technology remove a tumor is almost impossible,even if there only have a 15% chance of survival

Magic can not save and science can not help me, as we say in my world: "I am Fucking Lost"

Anon smile
File: e.jpg (507 KB, 3072x2048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
507 KB, 3072x2048

> It's not fair! sob! because when we can finally be friends have to spend it? why?

Take easy Twili, sooner or later all we're going, at least recover to a friend before the end -answers Anonymous with a smile-

> But I do not want to miss !!! Sparkle Twiligth says when he notices something,the hand of Anon trembles excitedly

>Anon .... these trembling.. - Said the unicorn while puts her hand to her face.

> Anon .... these trembling .. says the unicorn as she puts her hand on her face.

..............I'm scared.................

.............. Don't want to die ........

.............. Don't want to die ........

.............. Don't want to die ........

.............. I DO NOT WANT DIE!!!!!...............

> Now is the turn of Twiligth to hug, while human crumbles between their hooves, now is not a leader or an inventor

Only a frightened creature by his untimely appointment with the inevitable

> This could be you

> While 13 years elapse Twilight in Eureka, the mane six others continue with their lives:

> No one would have imagined Maud, the older sister of Pinkie Pie and our minister of Geology, Mineralogy and Soil Mechanics would contract nuptials with Chesse Sandwich, the best parties organizer of all Equestria.

>Fluttershy despite his shyness never lacked suitors, it is a shame that shortly after she have the courage to accept an appointment all mysteriously disappear, luckily Discord always near the pegasus to comfort her.

>Rainbow Dash that is now the captain of the WonderBolts and insists on only would date with that pony you can beat in a race of speed, i guess that your expectations are too high.

>The biggest surprise was the compromise between Applejack and the ex-prince BlueBlood, who would have imagined that such snooty aristocrat pony to be stripped of his title and good for nothing would end up becoming one of the most capable workers and farmers that somepony has seen? And all thanks to Applejack, with honesty and patience she converted to this frog in a true prince.

> His older brother Big Mac now runs the farm of rocks of Pie family, next to his wife, the very very very very very very very distant cousin, the sweet Marble Pie.

>Sorry Cherilee, you still have your students.

>Unfortunately Rarity had the worst luck in the world to choose partner, its first promised, the captain Braveheart of Canterlot only used by its position as an element of the Harmony to ascend ranges and becoming a general of the army of Equestria, in addition to being very violent, rarity had to flee after the beat.

>Its second suitor, the Duke Apartheid of Vanhoover was a former supporter of Torquemada, and tried to use it as an exchange for that release the Inquisitor of his imprisonment.

> The third was no better, Lord Heathcliff, a wealthy landowner of Hollow Shades was a stallion dominant and possessive personality that just wanted to keep her locked in his castle as if it were an object, forbidden to leave his property and kept watch all time, his obsession almost cost him the reason for poor Unicorn.

> Poor Rarity, the element of generosity is who most need it.

> Although Twiligth listen hear that Spike came back from his trip to the land of dragons, and now all adult dragon.

> Pinkie Pinkie still has too much happiness for everybody to be limited to one uncanny pony, moreover, with the twins cake and all his nephews she does not have time to be interested in love.

> A year after the funeral of Anonymous are held.

> All Eureka gathers to mourn his absence.
> The Princess of Equestria travel to join in their grief, like the mane six.
> Twiligth receives a letter Anonymous offers full pardon to the unicorn, freeing his sentence, leaving to go home, also a recommendation
for princesses, magic and asking them to return to the old princess titles harmony.

> This news lightens the pain, Celestia could not forget his former student despite their faults and get the news with hope.

> Twiligth refuses to leave.

> "This is my place now"

Concluded the funerals, Twiligth is saying goodbye to their teacher and her friends, once they have been gone she is directed to a building in a particular well guarded, as she came through a series of floors to reach the ground floor, a huge lit with lights, are a dozen ponies, Griffons,Mules, Diamond Dogs, Minotaurs and Changelings await your arrival, she greets them and goes to the bottom of the huge complex is located in what appearsan unholy combination of every conceived notion

Cooling pipes connected with energy systems that at the same time join what looks like a cross between a camera and a cryogenic organic sheath of Changeling, in its interior fleet naked a monkey without hair totally unconscious surrounded by a green liquid that fills your whole body

The funeral is false, there is no body in the crypt

Anon lies within a cocoon of Changeling combining biology, human technology, diamond dog, and Pegasus, zebra potions, each old magical theory that Twiligth read in his life, a piece of the tree of harmony and a bit of a strange substance christened flux, managed to retain Anon similar to suspended animation state, slowing tumor growth, controlling your heart rate and other vital functions

Twiligth now is science minister and one of the most respected authorities in the world in technology, alongside her Nequam, Lyra, Gulbert, Pascal and many others conduct a secret project, the most ambitious ever conceived, keeping alive the brain Anon, his consciousness at least, that have combined for the impossible, science and magic with one goal:

Bring back Anonymous

Is all for today, other day the FINAL
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>like a drum playing lightning to subside in an ocean of calm
Now this is getting intense
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>all write fags but one are kill
Don't finish, with your walls of text you are scaring other writefags away
Sorry for being dead lately, green tomorrow or the day after.
>>"Blah blah blah electricity blah blah i'm so sexy blah blah"
>"How could that be possible though?"
>>"Well blah blah magnets blah blah"

damn, laughed way too hard at this
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Blessed is the writefag who keeps the thread. We pray for thee who have lost their way
Don't worry, they'll be back soon enough. They're just finding out who killed their dads
Bumping, on the edge of the horse board
Like the writefags once said
and the green text, are all gone now
No more lewds, and the waifus are dead
Threads in the air, tell the tale, of the anons gone
Desolation, devastation
What a mess we made when it all went wrong

Bumping from the edge of the thread
for the story to begin
Writefags draw their keyboards
From their desks for our entertainment

I'm a horsefucker
I'm vile
I'm cumming up inside
A pone with a rainbow mane
Deep inside the abandoned pink toy aisle

Bumping on the edge of this thread
Looking as I reminisce
When I was hoping for some miracle
To breakout and escape from all this
Whispers in the threads
Tell the tale of a fandom that's gone
Desolation, devastation
What a mess we made, when it all went wrong

I'm a horsefucker
I'm vile
I'm cumming up inside
A pone with a rainbow mane
Deep inside the abandoned pink toy aisle

I'm a horsefucker
I'm vile
I'm cumming up inside
A pone with a rainbow mane
Deep inside the abandoned pink toy aisle
My feelings

conclusion in process, please wait.... 2 or 3 hours more

Final in process, meanwhile Twiligth and others figth for save the life of Anon in our world:

> The C.E.O. US Corporate and King of Canada, Cuba and Puerto Rico Donald Trump declares war to Belize

> Prime Minister of France declares that it is "Completely Haram" and declares war on America

>China declare the war to Liechtenstein ally of the Neo Russian Empire, The Czar Vladimir Putin I declare the war

> Third World War beging

> Atomic Bombs! Atomic Bombs for everybody

>The terrorist group "La Bamba" detonates a nuclear warhead in the Yellostone park causing a chain of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis that tear the surface of the planet

> Humanity comes to an end
>Trump starts bantering with the apocalypse
>apocalypse cant handle it
>cries and runs off to CNN
>Putin hunts it down and kills it with his bare hands
>Trump and Putin show up for a final duel
>both exchange blows of words and punches
>Putin goes for the kill and uppercuts Trump
>Trump's jaw locks closed, causing banter to build up
>ruptures spacetime and creates a hole in the universe
>the entire Milky Way is pulled through into the void and slams into another universe
>the disruption sets off a chain of events that bring the multiverse crashing together
>suddenly Anon finds himself as a tentacle monster cumming inside every hole in Equestria
File: tree.jpg (505 KB, 1280x1593) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
505 KB, 1280x1593

"We can not postpone more time, cell damage can no longer be stopped and its vital functions are unstable"

"The camera to beginning to degrade, even with improvements in the cooling system tissue damage will be massive if we try to change it to another chrysalis!"

"The body is starting to show rejection to enzymes, the protein in the serum can no longer maintain stable its heart"

"the tree of the knowledge has matured to the final stage and has accepted the grafts of the tree of the harmony and the circuits of power thanks to the magic formula of Zecora, but it is difficult to know if there is enough energy to carry out the transition"

"Minister twiligth, if we will postpone the procedure a year more there are no guarantees that your brain doesn't present a greater damage, we simply cannot wait for more"

Twiligth is now a of mature unicorn, his mane shows visible gray lines and its color has faded, a face adult, and serious and tired eyes but certain reviews for the umpteenth time made by Appleblom equations and half a dozen technicians and workers,

then turns his eyes to the tree of
knowledge, carved in the shape of a merged tree to the wall of white marble, covered with lights, gems, crystals and piping structure, its branches are empty as if in winter sleep, then the unicorn looks to the camera next to the tree, the human inside looks increasingly fragile while floats in the green liquid, numerous monitors check their vital signs but these are not encouraging, in the eyes of all the ghost is visible of concern, a work of 13 years of effort and huge challenges in danger of failing, look them waiting for their response.

> "It's now or never"

> "Today is the day"
File: Chain_Rammer_Patent.jpg (333 KB, 1548x1008) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
333 KB, 1548x1008

>13 years have past since Twiligth Sparkle came to the sovereign Republic of Eureka.

>Many things have happened.

>Now the nation had grown and now had 5 more cities, the last has a port to the sea of Luna, the villagers are surprised to have known to the Mermares, distant cousins of the ponies that live low waves in the deep blue mantle of coral

>Now Equestria in addition to a kingdom of magic was also one of technology, each town had electricity, drinking water and all the services, and everyone had a chance to go to visit the great nation of science thanks to the first high-speed train that crossed the entire country until reaching the valley of the abundance.

> Ponies and other creatures would Eureka to learn from the achievements of science, and in turn, these contributed their ideas to create more and better ways to make everyone's life more secure and happy.

> Even though it was a state secret, the survival of Anonymous gave hope to the people of the young nation.

>a secret that everyone knows it is no longer a secret

>Year after year more and more people entered the Phoenix project, as he was known among the people of Eureka, Applebloom that had gone to learn became teacher, their ideas and contributions helped to improve the treatment of Anon.

> Year after year Eureka lights go out, the city remains in darkness and silence.

> Year after year rise all small candles on the anniversary of the death of its founder, their leader, their friend.

> Year after year all sing a song, the song of the traveler, illuminating his way back from the distant place where he is.

> Today, in the thirteenth year of his departure, all the lights go out in Equestria, Crystal Empire, Griffonstone, The Horde Minotaur and eep.

> Small lights come on in the cities of Eureka, Equestria, many kingdoms and countries.

> And those who hold recall the favorite phrase of a hairless ape:

>"I was just the spark, you will light to illuminate this world"

You can spark a be enough?

"And when the spark is multiplied in a million? 10 Million?, more? "

"Through Eureka, through Equestria and beyond"

"That occurs when all these sparks are joined in a single thought, one prayer? "


"Is when something happens that not all the magic and all science can achieve"

"It is the time that you create a miracle"

>At that time the cutiemark of Twiligth shines, the lights wrapped in the warmth and joy that ever sense.

>Its horn comes on once more

>Your body are illuminated in the millions of drops of light, and she knows what to do.

>Sends the lights at the tree and the body of Anon

>And a light shines
File: ca.jpg (48 KB, 640x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 640x550

>Of the protective sheath a unarmed body vanishes

>From the Tree of Knowledge is born a fruit.

>The fruit touches the ground, while the tree withers and dies.

>And its fruit opens, leaving a earth pony fully formed.

> Gray Steel is its fur, his hair dark and blue

> A cutiemark with two gears together with the symbol of a Star and the image of a lightbulb, Magic and Science together in Harmony.

> This throws a loud noise similar to the cry of a newborn baby

I-I am alive ......

> "Anonymous !!!!!"
File: thededrtr.jpg (30 KB, 447x280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
30 KB, 447x280

>Now that Twiligth has regained its magic once again becomes a Alicorn, retrieves the young aspect that I had to lose their powers, has decided to stay and live in Eureka and propagate the gifts of science and magic to the whole world in the name of friendship

>The most important thing, Anon is at your side.



"Only call me Tesla"

"sorry Anon"

"Because Twiligth?"

"For not having been able to fulfill my promise, by not having been able to bring back home"

>Tesla look, and steals a kiss

>Twiligth corresponds to kiss up to the fall of the sunset on the towers of Eureka

My name was anonymous, and once I was a human being

Now my name is Tesla and I'm a pony in the coolest city in the world, i have at my side the Unicorn that unintentionally you gave meaning to my existence.

And this is just the beginning of our history

Once time i forget the course and i missed

No more

I'm at home

Gracias a todos aquellos que se atrevieron a leer mi historia, gracias por su tiempo y por su paciencia al traducirla, saludos y bienestar si los buscan, buen viaje a todos
I'm sorry, writefag, but empty lines and spoiler everytime?
can you not?
Listen to this wise anon
Does any other writefag than the ZZZfag write?
Aperture anon still here, but I got barely into my story...
Need some portion of sparetime
>Tfw this general is dying as well.
We need more writefags.
So LP quit? (been too busy on this drinking bender to pay attention to the thread)
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I was loving his story, just anoth disappointment i, my lifw
Welp Overwatch happened, expecting writefags to be deder than usual
>Gracias a todos aquellos que se atrevieron a leer mi historia, gracias por su tiempo y por su paciencia al traducirla, saludos y bienestar si los buscan, buen viaje a todos
P-pas problem ;-;7
I feel like i'm reading Poland ball comics when I read this.
You assume any writefags actually got into the beta.

It's like 90% streamers and youtube personalities.
Page 8 bump before bed.
Calling nightwatch
>In a brokens englishs languages everythings ends withs s
page 9 bump
p.9 bump
Let us chant of the other writefriends in hopes that they here our calls.
>LP, set us free
>Give us superior technology
>Grant to us your grassy font,
>So we can call Sparkle a cunt
>Do not leave us, do not hide
>I may just straight up suicide.
>We your readers, we your flock
>We require your written stock.
as sad as it is, we should probably let this die and revisit in a couple weeks.
When will we know it is time? If we do not all regroup at the same time, this will die permanently. Imagine all the unfinished green.

Ecanon promised us green today, so I'll bump until tomorrow.

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Time to reward good faith, green incoming.

Continued from pastebin : http://pastebin.com/stjFr73k

>You awake the next day much later than usual.
>Understandable, given yesterday’s events and how exhausted you were at the end of it.
>Today you had one task, and one task only; get information and get more ponies to feed you information in the future.
>Several candidates stood out in your mind for potential…informants.
>Evidently you were popular, or at least tolerated, amongst the maids because you went the extra mile and practiced basic grooming and hygiene, rather than being waited on all the time like many of the nobles.
>To think, when you first arrived at the castle almost a week ago you made your bed because you wanted to avoid being judged or to prevent leaving a bad first impression; back in your old coffee house hovel you rarely bothered.
>Looks like crippling paranoia and insecurity worked in your favor, congratulations Anon!
>Getting out of bed, adorning your white robes, and getting ready was the same tedious routine as ever.
>However rather than being lost in your own little world with all of its machanations you take careful note of your surroundings.
>The drawers where cleaning products and towels are stored.
>The sounds of the various maids and servants in the adjacent rooms.
>You need to have a practical excuse to come back to your room and at the same time run into one of them.
>You leave an empty journal right next to the drawer of towels, and you are on your way.
>As you leave and head for the mess hall for lunch, since you slept through breakfast, you notice a few dutiful workers head back into your room.
>You decide to wait to head back; hopefully you can catch one alone.
>Subterfuge falls apart in large groups while rhetoric falls apart in small groups, knowing when to balance them out can do wonders.
>Furthermore you are playing an exceptionally dangerous game here.

>Unlike the other games you have played, which can be dismissed or easily explained even if you were caught “red handed” and your most ignoble intentions obvious, this could be constituted as treason.
>The other things you have done, while perhaps against the spirit of the law or the crown, were not legally opposed to either, so you could sail in a murky grey area.
>Well might as well get some practice early.
>Oh well, all the more reason to be subtle.
>You have another lunch with your clique of your most trusted officers.
>Various important, but mostly unsurprising issues are brought up.
>Your working lunch lasts almost two hours as you and your officers go over a multitude of things.
>The most important issue was also the only issue that surprised you.
>Rainbow Dash, prospective wonderbolt and professional braggart , has decided to join the New Model Army.
>This could be very useful to you.
>You and Rainbow Dash, while never spending much time together due to totally diverging interests, did agree on the necessity of action.
>Her action just usually involved copious amounts of violence while yours was more intellectual and knowledge oriented.
>Knowledge is half the battle after all…
>Although the other half does involve lots of violence…
“Steel Scales. Rainbow Dash as a member of the Elements of Harmony is an indispensable Equestrian resource. We have two choices. We can either hold her back and keep her out of harm’s way, an approach which given her personality is liable to blow up in our face, or we can train her to be useful and keep her close. I was thinking that we could make her one of the Chrome Cloaks, and from there possibly a Silver Shield or even one of my Sworn Shields. What do you guys think?”
>Steel Scales seems receptive to the idea and the others indifferent.
Since ecanon will be posting right away will save mine for tommorrow morning, just finished another part but too late here to spell check and change phrasing, 'night everyone

Dang i had in mind to use that as a theme song for when ___________________spoilers are evil, dont read them___________________ with Anon and Twi, dem wizards

>”Celestia might object to Rainbow Dash being selected for your Silver Shields, and especially your Sworn Swords. You would essentially have one of the components of Equestria’s super-weapon under your direct command.”
>That’s the whole point.
“That is true, so I will talk to Celestia about this. Rainbow Dash is brash and embodies her element of loyalty to a fault. If she felt Equestria was in danger she would undoubtedly charge off into a horde of dragons and probably be killed. I think this will be a productive use of her talents. Furthermore if she is trained as a bodyguard it will help the Elements of Harmony be more self-sufficient.”
>They seem convinced.
>Or they know what you are playing at and don't object.
>Either way, you will make sure to talk to Celestia about this soon, after you get a few informants around the castle.
>This also reminds you that you need to try to “win over” the other Elements of Harmony as soon as possible.
"Speaking of Rainbow Dash, that reminds me of the rest of the Elements. I think that it is wise if we involve the elements in the war effort if at all possible. Their contribution will be a propaganda coup and if we make them feel useful, they are less likely to act out and do something stupid. I want all of the elements summoned to Canterlot as soon as possible."
>You still had no idea what you were going to do with Fluttershy, but you might not have to do anything...
>The summoning envoys were sent out to Ponyville within a few minutes, leaving you with one more task.
"Also there is one more task, a personal task relating to me. I want to be given adequate personal training. I don't need to be a champion or a warrior, but it would be detrimental for morale if I was hiding behind my Sworn Shields all the time."
>Gleaming is quick to speak up.
>"Of course Lord Protector, whenever you feel you have time in your busy schedule stop by and I will see to it you are given the best lessons."

>With that the business part of the working lunch was concluded, so you finished quickly and decided to get to work rather than indulging in bad jokes and personal stories.
>After lunch you returned to your room in search of one of several maids or servants.
>You are in luck as you spot one of the maids you recognized, Clean Sweep, entering your room pushing a small trolley.
>Hopefully she was alone.
>As you entered you saw her “fine tuning” your handy-work.
>Adjusting your bed sheets slightly, refolding a few towels, re-hanging a few pieces of clothes, etc…
>She doesn’t notice you enter the generous suite as she heads towards the bathroom and opens the cabinet to fetch some supplies.
>The same cabinet where you left a useless book you needed to retrieve.
>Furthermore she was alone, time to act.
>You walked forward, taking care to be silent as possible, and appear above her right as she turns around.
>She lets out a small yelp.
>Time for the show to begin.
>”Oh Celestia I’m so so sorry Lord Protector, I did not hear you enter.”
“Oh no…”
>You make a show of snapping your fingers and look like you are trying to remember something.
>Don’t want to appear to know too much right off the bat.
“…Clean Sweep, I should be the one apologizing for sneaking up on you and frightening you.”
>You give a slight bow and make sure your voice is as plain and straight forward as possible.
>She gives you a nice smile.
>”You needn’t apologize… my lord, but uh…how do you know my name?”
>The fact that her entire sentence is nice and bubbly aside from the residual traces of fear and resentment when she said “my lord” thoroughly annoys you.
“Well I figure I should at least remember the name of the people who have the terrible burden of cleaning up after me, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy.”

>She laughs.
>”My Lord, of all the nobles and dignitaries I can think of you are by far the most tidy.”
>”But…where did you first learn my name?”
>Well shit, you kind of hoped she would overlook that detail and be grateful.
>Telling her you were eavesdropping sounds creepy.
>Quick think…
“Before I accepted the position as Lord Protector and I was in the castle I was given a tour by one of your superiors, I don’t remember her name though so she must not have been as charming, and you were pointed out by her. Don’t you remember?”
>”Oh right, I think I remember now, sorry I forgot my lord.”
>Individuals are eager to fit in, either socially or in a memory, so you use that to your advantage.
>Sometimes individuals will go along with a constructed scanerio thinking it was legitimate, and truly believe what they were told.
>”Well I’m sorry to be keeping you my lord, you must have many important things to do.”
“I do... but I was wondering if you could help me with one?”
>She looks at you quizzically.
>”I don’t see how I can help. I’m not trained, I don’t have an education, I’m not noble, I’m not a professional of some field, and I’m not some rare philosophical genius like you.”
"The only thing I have that you do not is education and experience. What separates the highest form the lowest isn't some arbitrary amount of something in their blood. If you took two foals and swapped them at birth the noble reduced to poverty and the commoner elevated you wouldn't be able to tell the difference."
>Her look is even more quizzical.
>She either doesn't believe or understand you.
>Flattery won't work anymore, time to switch tactics.

"I want to know your, and all of your peer's, opinions on a few things."
"I don't trust the soft headed nobility to tell me the truth, or even be able to find it, so I need individuals to feed me information."
>She laughs again.
>"My Lord, I mean why do you care what I, or my "peers", think?"
>Wow, underneath the pleasant demeanor and voice is a real cynic.
>A mare after your very soul.
"How ponies react usually tell me how good or bad of a law is. I want to know what the common ponies think of certain laws, certain rumors, certain ponies, of everything..."
>The mare looks at you mischievously.
>She then bats her eyelashes.
>"I'm afraid I'm not very sociable my lord. If I were given some bits to perhaps throw some social events I would be better able to get you more information."
>Clean Sweep is now sporting a knowing grin.
>Well time to take the bait.
"Well if you are going to be throwing parties certainly you could get more information if you have all that time to socialize? You could get me information on just about anything going on around the castle couldn't you?"
>"If that would please you My Lord."
>You reach into your inside pocket and grab a bag of bits and throw it at her.
"Please remember to keep your parties small. Large parties leave terrible messes and I can't imagine you like to clean in your free time."
>"Of course My Lord. Also it is a pleasure to be able to help you with your policies. You aren't like those other nobles who didn't even bother to learn my name, or care what we thought of them."
"Don't thank me, I'm just doing my job. It is a sad state of affairs if you think that makes me exceptional. Don't praise me, condemn them."
>Clean Sweep was only one individual, but she was sharp.
>But you were buying her input, questionably.
>You must stay alert and question your intelligence sources, yet at the same time good leaders rely on them.
>Ahhh the paradox of spycraft.

>As you enter the Day Court and pass the long line of petitioners you can't help but be thankful that you don't have to wait.
>Most of the glances from the various petitioners are positive or indifferent.
>You hope the annoyed glances you get are from those who are angry you get to cut in line.
>As you enter the throne room you don't find Celestia there, but rather Luna instead.
>It is rather late in the afternoon, but Night Court still isn't for a few hours.
>Luna is a relatively unknown entity at this point.
>On one hand she seems more set in her ways than Celestia in regards to the nobility and societal structures.
>On the other hand she is definitely more socially...libertine, and more...calculating.
>You have already cut everyone in line and showed yourself to the guards, going back and saying "you were looking for Celestia", is a bridge you can't afford to burn right now.
>Not to mention Luna might even like you.
"Princess Luna, I bring sensitive information which requires those seeking redress to be withdrawn."
>Luna waves her hoof and the solar guards on duty begin pushing the line of petitioners backwards.
>Wow you would be really pissed off if you were in that line.
>Not only had it slowed to a halt, but it actually went backwards.
>"What is it you need to speak of Anonymous."
>You just realized how Luna might not react too well to talking about this subject matter, but it is too late.
"The elements of Harmony."
>She scowls, but doesn't pause.
>"For what purpose do you need to discuss them Anonymous?"
>You reach into your robe and hand her a scroll containing Rainbow Dash's enrollment information into the New Model Army.
>She reads it, then simply looks at you expectantly.

"Rainbow Dash's enrollment into the New Model Army presents several problems and opportunities at once that need to be addressed, so I have taken the liberty to summon the Elements of Harmony here to Canterlot to discuss this immediately with them, but I wanted to talk with you and Celestia first."
>"That was quite the liberty taken, but you are here now talking with me, so do not dally Anonymous."
>It is very obvious that you would much rather deal with Celestia...
"Princess Luna, how well do you know each of the elements personally?"
>"Personal attachments aren't a sufficient basis for the creation of state policy. Anecdotes are not evidence. What are you playing at Anonymous."
>Well that's a "no".
>But she isn't wrong about anecdotes...
"You are correct, but in this case state policy is about an individual."
>She is unamused.
"Rainbow Dash is the perfect embodiment of the element of loyalty. She embodies it so well that she would endanger herself to fulfill it. This leaves us with two choices."
>She looks less...annoyed at you now.
>Maybe she likes the direct nature of your approach?
"We either keep her back, in which case I guarantee you her sense of loyalty will propel her into battle with no guidance..."
"Or we make use of her and all of the elements of harmony. I propose Rainbow Dash's great physical attributes be molded by the Chrome Cloaks and then trained as my personal bodyguard."
>"And why would you propose that Anonymous?"
>She doesn't look convinced.
"Simply put we can use Rainbow Dash to accomplish several things at once. Firstly training her to be a bodyguard gives her a sense of purpose and something to be loyal towards without running off into battle and dying. Secondly her activities combined with the rest of the Elements will be a propaganda coup for us, inspirations for the entire populace."
>She looks more convinced now, but still not too happy.

>"What would the other elements do?"
"Rarity, element of generosity, can work on officer uniforms or garnish or other such things. Pinkie Pie, element of laughter and professional baker, can work on raising morale by helping with the food situation. AppleJack and her farm can be intimately involved in food production via the various new programs setup. Twilight is already my personal adjutant and organizing technical training for military engineers across Equestria. As for Fluttershy I have no idea yet, do you have any input?"
>"I'm afraid I do not."
>The room is silent for a minute as she is thinking.
>"I grant this motion and request of yours for Rainbow Dash with great unease. The other parts of your plan involving the other elements I have no objection to. This consent is provisional and at any time, just like always, I or my sister can and will revoke consent if it is in Equestria's interests."
>She really emphasized that "just like always" part...
"Why do you have reservations about Rainbow Dash."
>She probably has reservations about you, and you know this.
>You want to see what she will say, how she will go about this.
>"I want to keep the elements out of all danger, and being a bodyguard for an important individual is dangerous, though your plan is probably sufficient. Now, leave. I must finish Day Court and then begin Night Court."
>She isn't willing to confront you yet.
>Fine by you.
>She obviously recognizes the danger of having an Element so close to you at all times.
>She probably thinks you would kidnap her or something.
>No, never...
>You catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
>You need to become the center of Rainbow Dash's loyalty.
>But first, dinner.

That's all for now.
Pastebin updated.
Thanks bruh.
>until next week
>no courteous bow and "thank you. you're're are highness"
Luna on murderwatch
good update
I'm getting vibes from that stupid "black hand" thread in this story.

Any relation? They are very similar in more ways than one.
I think I just had an aneurysm.

Not intentionally. They are two stories about a power hungry Anon though mine can't see the future and is more ideological than manos. Hopefully the stories will diverge more with time.
There were more stuff that needed fixing than i expected, anyway have some green

Continuing from >>25170361

>Its been 2 days since anon decided to leave your castle
>As much you re worried for his well being you still have research to do
>You re developinging something that has a potential to change the current magical lock used in events
>The one that is used right now is very intrusive and unpleasant since you can still feel the magic in you, but you cant use none
>Almost feels like you may explode at any time while under it
>The new spell would simply get rid of all that magic instead of locking it, not only usefull for unicorns but also all the other races
>You decided to name it ‘MDP’, aka ‘Magic Dampening Pulse’
>It needed a lot of magic to use so probably only alicorns and machines that rely on ambient magic would be able to perform it
>It definetively will be the ultimate security device
>Of course you cant lie that you also have hopes to use it to analise anon’s exo’ once and for all
>That thing has given you headache since day one for not being able to get through it
>On the two days that went by you were pretty much only in your lab
>Heh, just like the days you were researching Anon
>You gotta find something to get him out of your head, somehow your thoughts always find a way to drift to him after a while
>As you re trying to focus on the research at hand there s a knock on the door
>You didn’t really wanted to stop and go answer, but Spike was helping Rarity on the boutique
“Im coming!” – you shout
>It better be something goo-
>”This is your singing telegram, I hope it finds you well…”
>Not this again
>”…You're invited to a party, ‘cause we think you're really swell…”
>”…Anon’s leaving the city, so help us say good bye…”
“Wait what? Anon is only leaving the city now?’
>You need to dig for info, so better wait her to finish before asking the questions
>On another thought maybe its better to not ask her anything about the subject and use the opportunity to ask him directly

One song later

>”…And come, and be our guest!”
“Soo when will it be?”
>”This afternoon, and there will be cakes and singing and dancing and ice cream and lots of fun with our bestest friends!”
“Uhh you mean this afternoon this afternoon?”
>”Yup indeedy, weird, Anon said the same thing”
>”You aren’t planning on leaving me alone like on the last time I gave you all this invitation are you?”
>Pinkie is giving you a glare like you haven’t seen in a long time
>Well since the last time she last gave you an invitation like this that is…
“Uhh of course not pinkie, count me in”
>”Great, I still need to invite the other girls so I will be going now, see you there!”
>And with that she disappeared in a puff of a pink smoke
>You should make a test run on her with the MDP someday, maybe that would help explain Pinkie better as well
>Anyway you better get ready, you got a party to attend soon
>You arrived early at the party and as Pinkie opened the door for you you already could see Anon face frown behind her
>”Pinkie didn’t I ask you to invite anyone you wanted BUT Twilight?”
>He didn’t even try to hide from you, wow…
>”Well Nonny it is your goodbye party, so I couldn’t just let you leave ponyville withouth saying goodbye to all your friends silly”
>Pinkie’s logic still confuses you to the core, but Anon doesn’t say anything and just keep staring at you with a face you cant quite read
>”You re going to stand on the door or you re coming in Twi?”
“Oh, right, I just didn’t knew if I should come in since Anon didn’t wanted…”
>”Don’t worry, all you two need is a simple little talk and everything will be just fine, you ll see!”
>With that Pinkie pushes you to Anon’s side and goes away inside the kitchen
>No other pony arrived yet so you two are alone
>So much for preparing everything before the party started or Anon arrived…
>Well at least you got a list ready for if you had to improvise
>You just need to be the first to talk no matter what or else-
>”What are you doing here?”
>Welp, there goes that list again…
>Do all humans hate lists? Cause you swear out of all the list you made no list could ever prepare you for Anon’s behavior
>Focus Twilight, you need to answer Anon before he thinks you don’t care
“Umm, I wanted to say sorry..for making you mad that day”
>”Really? So you finally decided to believe me? Bet you made a bunch of math and stuff before finally admitting…”
“Anon…lets not talk about this, not right now…”
>”Why so?”
“I still don’t believe you okay, and I don’t want to crash the party before it even starts”
>”Well then, I guess I still gotta to make everything I said ‘real’ before you accept what I said to be true don’t i?”
“That would help, yes, but…”
>”HEY don’t you want to play some games? Here come with me!”
>Pinkie had jumped out of nowhere and started pushing you two to another room
>She was sweating…a lot
“What s wrong with her? What did you ask her to do for you?” – You whisper to Anon
>”What? I thought you two were the ones planning this”
>With that pinkie pushes you two to another room which had lots of party games and stuff
>And then she locked it from the outside
>You can still teleport out but you decide its better to stay with anon and use the chance to try and convince him to stay
>After all you may not be trapped, but Anon sure is
“Welp earth pony strength never stops to amaze me…”
>”You tell me…” – Anon said, clearly hurt after falling to the floor
“Look Anon, I m truly sorry about my behavior the other day, but its not really easy to understand all the stuff you talk about”
“Well I can ‘understand’…but just…not…”
>After a slight nod Anon looks direct on your eye with a understanding smile
>”I will be honest, after I left your castle I just wanted to get back to my world already”
>”But since I couldn’t I found my way to Ponyville’s park and sat on a bench to watch other ponies, you never allowed me to leave the castle before afterall so I though It d be good to sit down in a open space that wasn’t the castle stairs for once…”
“…and?” – you say after his long pause
>“Well, I can safely say it was one of the worst decisions of my life”
>”Some ponies wanted to torch me down, others passed out like I was the scariest thing they ever saw and there was even a mint unicorn who kept trying to lure me into her home for some reason”
“You mean Lyra?”
>”I never got her name, but I had to hide for a while because she started trying to knock me down with a Iron bar”
“Welcome to ponyville, hehe”
>”Har har, anyway that s when I found Pinkie, I recognized her from one of your encounters with those 5 other ponies and though she was trustworthy enough to accept shelter from…”
>”…but looks like I m wrong”
“Don’t worry Anonymous, I bet she only means well, I also bet she came with this party just to get us to talk down what happened too…wouldn’t surprise me if she s on the door listening right now”
>”No I m not!” – came from the door
“See?” – you say with a giggle
>”Well anyway I m still going away from Ponyville today, just so you know”
>That took you by surprise, the way he was saying everything seemed that he only wanted to go back to his world
>Leaving Ponyville would mean not letting you search for his way back
“Why Anon? You can go back and live with me if you want…there s also an…unfinished research, if you don’t mind that is”
>You were talking about his species research but hoped he d understand as the interdimensional teleport spell
>”Sorry sparkles but I already decided, after all I want to be usefull somehow and not just mop around while being a research subject”
“If that s how its going to be, then at least go talk to Celestia in Canterlot before you go away”
>”Celestia? You mean THE Celestia? Everyone was talking about her like she was a god?”
“What do you mean?”
>”You know, when I was on the park ponies kept saying ‘sweet Celestia”’, ‘oh my Celestia!’ etc etc”
“Oh that, well she does raise the sun everyday and is over a thousand years old, so its fair to ponies think she s some sort of a god”
>”Now you re the one lying to me”
“Am I now? Ask anypony if that s not the truth or…”
“Come to my castle and lets talk this out”
>”Pff nice try but I m not going back there, I will take your offer on meeting her for whatever reason thou”
>”How can you even ask her to meet me btw?”
“Well I never told you but I m her student you see”
>”That answers why I never found any other pony with a wing and a horn in here…since I m going to meet the ruler of the world can I ask for some resources for the trip too?”
“As a good friend, consider it done…with one condition”
“As soon you make any new discovery, you re sending the first one of these tech stuff you produce to me”
>”W-what? No way, after the way you treated me and how you never cared about the tech from my world there s no way I m agreeing with that, why do you care all of a sudden?”
>The rest of the night went better than you could ever expect from any of the lists you ve made
>After a lot of arguing he agreed to share the end product, but not the blueprints, you would need to reverse engineer them yourself
>And you finally talked a bit about this world to him, something you probably should have done a long time ago
>Just like you, he didn’t believe 90% of the histories
>It was a start at least
>Pinkie Pie even joined you two after a while with a tray full of cupcakes to celebrate the bounding
>You two also convinced him to stay and sleep here for at least this last night and take the train to canterlot instead of going by hooves
>Err foot...
>As it started to get dark you decided it d better to leave, you had to send a letter to Celestia before going to sleep just to be sure
>But then each of the other mane six mares started arriving, one by one
“Uhh…Pinkie?” – you say hoping for a explanation
>”What? I told you it was going to be a farewell party! You didn’t think it was just you and Anon did you?”
“Well actually…nevermind, thanks for everything Pinkie”
>”No worries, here have a cupcake” – she said, picking a cupcake from thin air and shoving in your month – “ITS PARTY TIME!”
>…only Pinkie Pie…


Pastaben updated: http://pastebin.com/0BggPiN9
Can't wait to see Twilight's reaction when she does the MDP and still can't figure out of it works.
>Anon Cons Equestria will never be finished
He conned Equestria so hard it stopped existing
I'm afraid it's been...
9 years

>There’s no way
>There’s simply no way
>IF Anonymous’ transport machine really does work on its own without magic, then what else could be true about his world?
>Memories of all the things you’d said to him came flooding back
~”Listen Anonymous. I’m sick and tired of hearing these blatant lies. Since you’re so against being a good friend and telling the truth, then I just can’t be friends with you at all.”~
>To say that you feel horrible about telling him those things is an understatement
>You accused him of being a bad friend, but you were the one who refused to even consider the idea that he would be telling the truth
>And now you might have lost him forever
>As you sulk around Ponyville, you see Anon’s mail carrier gathering up letters to take back to his “mother base” as he calls it
>Wait, that’s it!
“Wait, I have one more letter!”
>The mailpony glances at the clock, and smiles at you
>”Alright, guess I can stick around long enough to grab it.”
“Great! Uh, just a sec.”
>You magic a quill, ink bottle, and parchment out of your bag, and a plank from nearby to write on
>In about 15 seconds, you have a hastily scribbled letter to Anonymous
>Suddenly, you realize what’s missing
“Eheh, I… don’t happen to have an envelope. Or stamp.”
>The Pegasus mare puts her hoof up to you and smiles
>”No need, Princess, I’ll put this in a special pouch and hoof deliver it to Boss myself.”
“Thank you so much.”
>”Yeah, that’s what we all call him. He’s the de facto leader, after all. I hear it all started with those royal guard ponies that were with him at first.”
“Oh really? The guards started calling him ‘Boss’, huh? Kinda strange since he didn’t have command of them.”
>”Yeah, apparently they called him ‘Boss’ ‘cause they were gonna follow his orders, but he’s not actually a member of the Guard so he didn’t have a rank.”
>Whoa, the guards decided to follow him? What?
“They, I- y’know what? I’ll just ask Anon himself, if he decides to meet me.”
>You cast your eyes downward and begin to turn away
“Though I wouldn’t blame him if he doesn’t.”
>As you start to walk away, the pony calls your name
>”Princess Twilight, when I first met the Boss, I asked him why he was doing what he was doing. He said he wanted to show the ponies of this world a life free of the constraints of magic.”
“And it looks like he’ll succeed.”
>”But he also mentioned you.”
>You stop in your tracks and look back at the mail carrier, who’s now smiling at you warmly, like a family member retelling old memories of holidays spent together
“What… what did he say?”
>”He said he was heartbroken that he couldn’t get through to you. He wanted to be your friend again someday, but he knew that giving up and lying to appease you wasn’t the right way. He wants to prove you wrong, so that you’ll accept him again.”
>”Some ponies say he’s being selfish, but I think he’s not. I think he’s just afraid of being lonely, and wants to have his old friend back.”
>A smile begins to creep onto your face
>Anon really does want to be friends with you?
>After all you’ve said and done?
>It seems too good to be true
You're pretty good.
I want more of this.
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See you again in a month when you fart out another post.
This isn't Stanley Parable General, stop pressing 8.
That thread belongs on /vg/ anyway.
Now we need a Twilight Parable
And so Stanley decided he'd step out of his of-
Wait a minute, you're not Stanley! You're a purple unicorn! With wings too for some reason. Hello? Do you speak English? I'm looking for Stanley; he works in the room you're in. No? So you speak English? Are you even sentient? Ah, blast, let me check the script, maybe this is some new "alternative" ending."
Doo doo doo, doo doo doo, hmmm, mmm... nope! Nothing here! No matter, the game must continue and you will be the new Stanley. Oh, what's the weird ~sparkles~ on your rear? A strange tramp stamp for a horse. Well I suppose I'll be calling you Glitter now; such a fitting name! Alright Glitter, its time to begin the *dramatic voice* STANLEY- no wait, sorry- GLITTER PARABLE.
I wrote stuff out of chronological order for it, stuff i wanted to write
So expect more than a single post update soon-ish
So is lp kill now?
Okay thread is very slow so magic headcannon time
Usually i prefeer posting as anon, but this is a concept i ll probly use on my history so may as well put the name for easier understanding later on

Magic works just like magnets, with 2 surfaces instead of sides like flat objects, therefore its more like a two sided ball, with the outside surface being positive and the inside negative
The space between those two lines is where the unicorn controls the spell, that is in simplier more direct cases like levitation, and that s why in that space is where the magic color is defined as light goes through and where one can find the magic residue of a certain unicorn, this same effect happens in horn magic itself,
Since the unicorn is controlling that space the + and - parts dont attract each other, which they do as soon the unicorn breaks its concentration or if the horn gets hit or has some kind of blockade, and when they do it simply dissipates, equalizing itself

Now the unicorn horn is the center of control of any kind of magic and as the unicorn uses magic it also envelops the horn with a thickness relative of the difficulty of the spell, the bigger the thickness the easier it will be to break the spell
Clockwise horns and anti-clockwise ones also have the magic factors reversed, if the clockwise one is 'inside(-)/outside(+)' anti-clockwise would be 'inside(+)/outside(-)', having the need for said caster to also learn everything in reverse, could be compared with 'right handed' and 'left handed'
Any foreing object touching the horn also makes the casting more difficult as its not part of the horn

On a side note:
Other more complex spells like teleporting would require the user to put the + and - of the magic in different places, going from the teleport example it d be made as putting the inside of the magic on itself and the outside where the user wants to go and that s why the only visible color would be on the horn and during the teleport itself
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I didn't ask for these feels
Magic on itself -> magic on whats being teleported
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now what happens if you cross a clockwise and counterclockwise spell stream
>Been playing Ghostbusters: The Videogame
>Can't get out of my head Ghostbuster Anon trying to convince Twilight that ghosts are real and that you can capturethem with your fancy backpack vacuum cleaner.
holla holla get bit
This thread is so fucking dead. How about kill and just make new one when writefags return?
what makes you say the writers will return if the thread dies
Hopeful bumpb
>”Sir, I have a very important letter for you.”
>You look up from your stack of papers at Gale Gust, who has a piece of parchment in her mouth
“Who’s it from? I’m kinda busy now.”
>She lays it down on your desk, looks at you, and says
>”It’s from Princess Twilight, Boss.”
>Snatching the letter off the desk, you open it up and begin to read it
>”Dear Anonymous, I’m so sorry. I hope you can forgive me. I’d like to meet face to face and talk, and apologize.”
>”Sincerely, Twilight Sparkle.”
>You look up at Gale, with the urgency of a thousand ICBMs closing it, and ask
“Are you sure this was from Princess Twilight? One hundred percent sure?”
>She simply smiles and nods
>”Two hundred point zero percent certain. I watched her scribble it down myself.”
>You leap up from your chair and begin to hastily scribble a response on your own paper
~”Twilight, I’d love to meet up. Meet me at Mother Base at 15:00 sharp tomorrow.”~
>You slip Gale’s mail bag off her and replace it with a sleek, one-pocket coat, zipping the letter inside
“Get this to Princess Twilight as fast as your wings will take you, knock on her castle window until she lets you in. ASAP, Gale, ASAP!”
>A quick salute and she’s out the door
>Looking out less than three seconds later, you see a speck way out in the distance
>A speck carrying your most important correspondence yet
Ded thred.
Ded general.
Now let it die.
>"Anon what you are saying is simply impossible.
"Well it clearly isn't if my people did it."
>"Anon there is no way your people built buildings with over a hundred floors without any magic."
"Pretty sure they did over 80 years ago."
>"No they didn't. The thickness of the walls to reach that height would be massive, not to mention the amount of force the wind would exert at those height is massive."
>Wait does Twilight think the structural integrity come from the thickness of the wall?
>I'm pretty sure I saw them build a place here in Ponyville with a steel frame
"Twilight we don't just use shear walls we can build steel frames."
>"Without magic to transmute Iron and Carbon in the right amounts there is no way your people could mass produce that much steel to build that many structures."
>Of course they use magic to make steel
"We have been mass producing steel for over 150 years."
>I think we make well over a million tonne of the stuff every year
>But if she can't believe in non magic sky scrappers then there's no way she'll believe that much steel being made without magic.
>"It's not just the steel Anon it's also about infrastructure and tools. If you don't have magic to power your construction vehicles how are you able to move steel beams from the foundry to the construction site and up 100 storeys like you claim?"
>Huh so even those cranes were powered by magic.
>Still it looks like she won't give this up
"Our Vehicles run on refined oil called gasoline."
>She'll probably write this off as mere crazy talk
"By burning gas vapor in a series of cylinders attached to pistons that are used to crank a shaft."
>Why do you bother?
"That rotation is used to power the movement of the vehicles and other things"
>"And now your saying your vehicles run on explosions!"
>Yeah of cousre she would right that off as crazy.
>"Anon we're friends you don't have to lie to me"
>Aren't friends supposed to trust each other?
>I mean honesty is one of the elements
"Twilight I am telling you the truth why don't you trust"
>"Because what you are saying doesn't make sense. So please just be honest with like a true friend would."
>A real friend would trust what their friends says.
>Honestly it seems like nothing you could do would convince her.
>Short of building a sky scrapper without magic.
>But you couldn't do that all by yourself
>You would need the help of some many people.
>Like an entire city of people.
>And even if you convinced a city to help you if they used magic to shortcut any of the steps Twilight would take it as proof about how magic was essential.
>You would have to start from scratch.
>Build your own city
>Teach them how to live without magic.
>But could you do it?
>You honestly don't think you can.
>But will that stop you?
>You will prove that to her, to the rest of the world you don't need magic to be great.
"Twilight do you want the truth?"
>"YES! Anon thank you for finally being honest with me."
"The truth is you wouldn't accept the truth unless it was written in a book."
"So I'm going to make them write it."
"I'll build a city dedicated to proving you wrong about how essential magic is."
>You begin to rise from your chair.
"I'll build a city to rival Cantorlot"
"A city of glass and steel"
"A city of SCIENCE!"
>With that final proclamtion you make your way to her castle entrance.
>You hear her shout out to you but, you don't pay attention.
>You've got work to do.
Well that was my first attempt at writting something. How did I do?
> You've got plenty of work to do.
Both of you hurry up with more.

>Be Anon in Questria of the E variety.
>Twilight is being a sperg again
>"But Anon, how could you possibly get that much oil, let alone transport and refine it?"
"Beh meneh, meh meh mehh mehna meh meh"
"I'll tell you how we do it, Twilight."
"The power of American Exceptionalism, the philosophical backbone of our great nation."
>A bald-eagle-head-tipped cane is suddenly in your hands
>You throw it aside as canes are only for pleb britbongs
"In the old days, before King Napoleon led the founding fathers of humanity to settle the god-given land where america now stands, they did things differently."
"More like you ponies, with kings and queens and excessive tea drinking"
"But those visionary few knew this was not the true way, so they killed King napoleon in the french revolution and left for the promised land where Jesus himself was said to be waiting"
>Twilight is making notes
"And so they landed at founder's landing in Utah, where they met the natives who lived in america before civilised people came"
"These noble savages were called the Mormons, and too sought to be reuinted with Jesus, because Jesus always brings the snacks."
And so they worked together to build a great nation with a great army"
"And with that great army they could do as they pleased, because they had all the nukes"
"And that's how we get our oil"
>"I don't believe one word of that horseshit, Anon."
"Fuck you too Twilight, I'll go do it again just so I can see the look on your face when I make you eat those words, deep fried and with a side of fries"
>You storm out of the town library and set out for glory and freedom
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Previosly on: http://pastebin.com/HuM8TczH

>You finish eating your ice cream and go on your way, Moondancer following you behind, carrying the enormous sack of gemstones Laika gave you.
>Your citizens will be happy at the things you'll buy for them.
>They could use some clothes in the first place.
>Especially Laika, those old rags she calls a jacket aren't appropiate for a rough girl like her.
>...and maybe you can buy some lingerie for Moondancer.
>"Where should we go first Anon?"
"Oh uh...I'm interested to buy some heavy tools like jackhammers-"
>"You do know that they run on magic right?"
"Yeah, but that doesn't mean we can't reverse-engineer them right?"
>"True...and what else?"
>I know there are companies in Canterlot that sell industrial equipment, maybe we can make something useful about them, or maybe even sell our designs to them."
>"Uh huh...do you know how the equipment works?"
"You told me something about it many months ago remember? According to you the ponies' machines have reactors inside the machines that work by converting pure magic into work or heat."
>She nods.
>"I seriously can't fathom how your species were able to go to the moon without magic."
>You chuckle.
"You really want to go to the moon right?"
>"N-no! I just...think that it's pretty cool your species managed to land there without being banished by Princess Celestia and the power of the Elements of Harmony."
"Yeah, mind telling me how that happened again? I'm sure Princess Luna did nothing wrong..."

>Unknown to you, you were being watched from the top of Celestia's castle.
>"He certainly looks happy with that mare..."
>"He's clearly hiding something from us..."
>"I bet he can cast spells but keeps the non-magic charade to hide his true power from Princess Twilight."
>"Princess Celestia may trust him, but I have my doubts."
>"How can we gain access to his mind?"
>The eldest wise pony lets out a sigh.
>"...With his dreams...and Princess Luna!"
Continue pls been waiting a while

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he is back
The based LP has returned!
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I swear to God, if you disappear for another month again...

I am very disappointed that no one checked these trips.

lub, [s4s]

P.S. I like your dubs, >>25314266