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Age Difference Thread
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"Just this once" Edition

Come in here, all you /ss/, loli, MILF, and cougar lovers! Talk about or write about relationships between characters with a big age difference here.


Previous thread:>>25159161
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Is the anon who was gonna write the spike x Upper and Spoiled here?
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Posting related/semi-related pics
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...fuck you
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I want a story where whenever Anon gets caught with a filly it's the other way around and the filly goes to jail.
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Fucking this
Babies. Senior citizens have their place in age difference.
I would totally fuck pony Granny Smith.
Mah nigga.
Anybody got greens?
No, if that was pony Smith she'd get it, but that EQG/ humanized one is too much.
Post pony smith then.
These are nice.
not green but here you go
any writefags out there willing to write some granny green?
There's some decent pics in the search too.
I'd love to, but I don't have any decent ideas.
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Posting the best ones i found in search

also pic related
forgot this one
what would you rather write. an AnonXGranny story or a known-ponyXGranny story?
what do the rest of you think?
Pony or Anon?
I'm fine with either one.
ima say anon because for the love of Christ i can't think of any know pony to use

maybe anon gets drunk at a apple family reunion and wakes up with GS?
oh god that's complete shit.
maybe...maybe Anon's dating apple jack or some bullshit like that and has to wait with GS and she goes off, telling stories when she was young and wild.
like really wild and hot stories and in gets stuck in anons head till he eventual asks if she still gots it.

idk, what you think?
That last one's not bad.
How about a griffon or dragon or something boning her instead? Or multiple individuals?
as part of her story or the main character?
if going story then yeah, the crazyer the better
if main character... i think i got a pony angle. how about snails.
here me out
snails is a dim, awkward, loser with no game with fillies
after a day spent working on the apple farm he listens to one after another of GS story's about when she was young
they get to talking about him and school and one thing leads to another and BAM
asking granny for help with fillies hes desperate at this point
she takes he request to mean another thing entirely
Developmentally disabled colts is not my fetish.
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I thought it was good
any lurkers out there that got any ideas?

back to anon then. got anything yet? any ideas sticking or a direction to go in?
i got a question for Viral if he comes back, or if anyone here knows

does he have a pastebin for the Aloe/Lotus story he is writing, or somewhere with more of it, i been reading it but i seemed to have skipped a few sections...

bumping my question with a pic
cant remeber if nsfw so spoiler
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I'll be your Mirror.png
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here you go my good man
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Thank You!!

something adorable for your troubles (not too related to thread but its what i got right now)
not the pic i meant to upload......... still adorable tho....

this is the pic i meant
Granny Smith is very hot by [non-pony/human race] standards.
Somehow this leads to a cross-species competition to bone the old mare.
And of course, seeing as how young Smith was drop dead sexy, she's no stranger to having a whole bunch of suitors at once, and knows exactly how to get what she wants from all of them...
Shit if the new episode is anything to go by, she down to fuck at the drop of a hat.
I gotta see this episode.
>I now want a story of Jail-bait Tiara
Bumping for green

Why, do you want more?
So, Spoiled and Upper make Spike sit on the male guests' laps.

Spike can feel their erections.
guess im going to read some SubmissiveSpike fics... thanks for the boner, lol

The males whisper in Spike's ear that if he weren't a boy, they'd fuck his little brains out.
Some of them still try

Spike moans as they rub his erection through his pants.
Of course Crust puts a stop to it before anyone gets TO excited.
>"we wouldn't want to make a mess now would we, those pants are expensive"
spike walks around serving drinks with a painfully hard erection

Those nice pants that Crust and Spoiled bought for him.

Spike gets teased by the men AND women.
Hey Viral where did you go?
Why, I'm writing lewd things, of course!
Here, have a taste.

>Her reaction encourages you to keep up, rubbing against the little button with your finger a little faster. Lotus’ hips start quivering and slightly bucking while she bites down on her hoof, muffling a long whine.
>Aloe reaches out and places her hoof over your hand, gently stopping your assault. You give her a questioning look, a little worried you did something wrong, and she smiles back at you.
>”Easy there, sweetie; that part is very sensitive on a mare.”
>You nod your head, but now you kinda hesitate over how you should proceed, eyeing the glistening, slit in front of you. Aloe’s hoof leaves your hand and trails up the side of her sister’s lip before pulling it aside.
>Once more, you are treated to a view of her insides, and at this angle you can see her tight canal of pink flesh, admiring the slick inner walls of her lips, dripping with her juices. You lick your lips at the sight.
>”Why don’t you explore a little inside? You fingers look just perfect for it.”
>Aloe’s voice is low and slightly husky, but there is still some of the tender bashfulness still noticeable in it. In the corner of your vision, you notice how her other hoof is trailing down her own body.
>The tips of your fingers brush against Lotus’ inner walls, caressing the moist flesh. Her insides feel so hot. Falling into a slow rhythm, you start massaging her with your fingers, rubbing her up and down. She lets out a cooing sound and closes her eyes with a look of bliss on her face.
>At her positive response, you try switching motions as you keep exploring her, pushing your fingers flat across her slit and making rapid, circular movements, back to caressing her with your fingertips, and even giving her tiny nub a little flick a few times when it peeks out.

>She groans and moans, even giving out a tiny cry at times, and you feel a strange feeling of enjoyment at seeing her squirm at your touch, grinding her soppy nethers against your hand, and pride over making her feel good, your now soaked hand a testament to that.
>Aloe has started to moan softly, and a quick glance down her body shows she is rubbing her hoof in between her legs, the appendage getting soaked in her own juices, as she watches you servicing her sister.
>Their noises and combined, sweet scent is starting to make your mouth water, and you notice that your penis has already become hard once more.
>”Try… Try sticking a finger all the way inside of her.”
>Aloe pants at your side. You realize you’re doing the same thing, breathing heavily through your open mouth at this point. Staring longingly at the wet canal, you gingerly align a finger at the tight entrance.
>Pushing against her, your slick finger easily slides in between her walls with a tiny squelching sound. You keep going, feeling along the texture of her wet tunnel, making her suck in a long breath through her teeth, until you’re buried inside of her up to your knuckle.
>Her insides are so warm and slick with moisture, the tightness hugging against your finger.
>Being a little unsure over how to proceed, you bend your finger slightly to press the tip against her wall, rubbing along the sides as your twist your hand around, feeling along the texture. Lotus hums lovingly, her chest rising and falling in rapid breaths.
>”M-move your finger… In and out… Please!”
>Lotus forces the words out in between her panting, her hips still bucking with every quiver of her body. Despite her practically being at your mercy, you still feel compelled to do as she says.
The men and women tell Spike how cute and dashing he looks in the nice clothes, with some of the women giving him kisses on the cheek.

>Pulling your finger slowly from her marehood, you almost feel like her walls are gripping around your digit, protesting against the sudden emptiness inside her. Once your tip is at the edge of her hole, you push back in. Her moaning rises in pitch.
>You repeat the motion, slowly rubbing along her insides, in and out, in and out. The sight of her squirming and moaning is mesmerizing to you. A small cry escapes her, and you can’t help but giggle a little at the fact that it was because of you, relishing in how the tables have turned.
>”F-faster… Faster!”
>Her pleas are like a jolt through your mind, the thought of bringing pleasure to her spurring you on.
>Increasing your tempo, you jab your finger down her moist tunnel, her throaty groans accompanied by the wet slicking sounds of you exiting and entering between her lower lips. You hungrily breathe the scent of her marehood, while absentmindedly reaching down with your other hand to grasp around your shaft, stroking it slowly to emulate how they had sucked on it earlier.
>Your hand was a poor substitute, but it would do.
>Aloe leans into your side, her body grinding into you as she quivers, hoof still rubbing along her nethers. You feel her hot breath of the side of your neck, right before she plants a kiss there.
>Slowing down your pumping of your finger into her sister, you turn your head to look at her. She meets your eyes, plants a shy, quick kiss on the lips, then gives you a playful little smile.
>”You can also use your mouth on her,” she half-whispers to you. You give her a nervous look, not quite sure how you would go about doing this, afraid that your inexperience would be a hindrance to your efforts.
>Perhaps sensing your trepidation, Aloe chuckles softly and nuzzles against your face. There was just something about the action that so easily calmed your fears whenever one of them did that, that little sign of affection that made you all fuzzy inside.
>”Here, let me help you.”
>Crawling up the table, she leans her head in between her sister’s legs, making sure she doesn’t block your view of her nethers. You slow down further, to make sure your don’t accidentally hit her with your hand as your work your finger in and out of Lotus.
>Her tongue lolls out of her mouth, and immediately starts trailing circles around the edges of her sister’s lips with the tip, lapping at her collected juices. Lotus’ groans grow more strained and high-pitched, while her sister’s tongue inches closer towards the uppermost part of her marehood.
>As if called on, Lotus’ little pink pearl peeks out to greet her, Aloe’s tongue flicking across it, making her sister’s breath hitch, before it retreats back in. She goes back to licking at her folds, teasingly caressing her before dragging her tongue flatly against her.
>When her nub peaks out again, Aloe wraps her lips around it, drawing a half-choked cry that dissolves into a long groan out of her sister she provides suction on it. The slurping sounds hints you in on the fact that she is probably still stroking her tongue against it while trapped inside her mouth.
>Lotus’ quivering almost turns into thrashing as her hips jerk wildly. Aloe wasn’t kidding when she said that thing was very sensitive… Whatever it’s called...
>As it goes back to hide between her folds again, escaping Aloe’s lips with a tiny, wet pop, she lifts her head up from between her sister’s legs, licking along her own lips to clean off the sticky juices slathered around her mouth while giving a pleased hum. She then turns to you and smiles with half-lidded eyes.
>”Now you try~”
>The sight had made your heart beat a little bit faster, and you stare at Lotus’ tantalizing hole, the mare staring back at you with a dreamy, longing gaze. You don’t hesitate for a second longer, and lean further down, relishing how strong her scent was now as you closed in on her, tongue already peeking out of your mouth.
Pastebin now also up to date!
Also, somehow forgot to link to previous part >>25221536
Any more ideas for Spike with the guests at Upper/Spoiled's?
viral you expand dong
That's the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me.
>feels good man
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we love you viral, you've written quite a piece here

no homo

okay maybe a little homo...
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Y-you too... B-baka...
This is a concept I fully support.
Good night bump
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first things first
>pic related

2: Finally! Site is no longer kill!
are there any good Cheerilee stories out there?
I know a good Cheerilee x kid Anon story but I don't remember the title and its pastebin.
I feel your pain Spike ;-;
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Anyone have or know of a collection of weaver comics? Doesn't seem to be easy to find a lot of them.
Except scrambled around derpibooru
And Spoiled Rich teaches Spike how to kiss.

It ends with the two of them on her bed making out in just their underwear.
Then Upper Crust comes in.

"Spoiled, what do you think you're doing?!"

"...Why did you start without me?" She walks over and kisses Spike.
I thought that was a Dalek at first
Whose kisses should Spike like better?
Anyone got any not-plebtier stories?
Don't know, how would you grade a story as being pleb or non-pleb?

What would Spike like about her?
Maybe he heard how she gave birth to a diamond?

What else?

Spike imagines being dominated by Spoiled, calling him a disgusting animal.
Jeez, what is going on with /mlp/?
It's seems I just bump, and after turning my back for a little while, we're suddenly back at page 9 again.
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this always expands my dong
any one know how far the first version of this got

also if anyone has it
File: 1.png (276 KB, 817x888) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 4.png (237 KB, 744x870) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 5.png (278 KB, 750x1025) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
278 KB, 750x1025
File: 6.png (275 KB, 800x953) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 7.png (221 KB, 800x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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God I wish Weaver did more of this.
>tfw weaver never finished this
and of course dragons can get pones pregnant
it's right here in 80% of the fan fics
So did Weaver finally commit to his depression or is he still fighting the good fight?
hes been doing lots of different shit all over the place
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Dragon genes are compatible with almost every species. AJ will get pregos from Spike semen.
File: Mink Dragon Half.gif (190 KB, 542x748) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mink Dragon Half.gif
190 KB, 542x748
best example of dragon hybrids confirmed
I wait to see that pregnant apple
Does Spike like classy older women?
do the birds fly?
Dragons can pretty much impregnate anything, I mean, half-dragons have to come from somewhere.

Would he like Aunt Orange and Upper Crust?
>page 10 bump
Can they really?
>looking for spike /ss/ stories
>look for sticky
>breddy good
>it's actually humanized
I've still managed to read them but I would still prefer dragon on pone action. Any stories / links?
According to more lore, yes they can.

Of course, Spike prefers older women.
>Spike knocks up Femanon who's visiting Equestria
>1X years later Spike meets a half Dragon at pony high school
>they fug
There's probably a bunch of them over at fimfiction, if you haven't already read them.
I'm surprised nopony has said I want to cum inside Rainbow dash or >rape what the fuck happened to /mlp/
/Mlp is dead
File: 1445821068346.jpg (44 KB, 329x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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yeah, we'll now be known as /bug/ and proclaim the love for bugs instead, /mlp/ is just too boring for that

it's just a slow day and we're all bored i guess
>Disappears for a while
>Comes back, sees the thread once again talking about natures demons
>My reaction
it just happens, not much of any other subject to talk about in passing right now
Know what bug creeps me out? The Jerusalem Cricket AKA the Potato Bug. Little fuckers give me the jibblies
don't worry, you'll get over the PTSD soon, and then you can write again
sexy twins greatly expand dong
twins + twins =
Not a writefag, but here's an idea I've been thinking about.

>anon goes to an abandoned shack on the outskirts of ponyville.
>a knock on door is answered by a small mare
"Get in"
>anon entered and is surrounded by two fillies laying on two beds pressed together with some ragged sheet
>better than what you sleep with
>the mare locks the door and turns to you
>"got the bits?"
"Yeah, 25 right?"
"What?! You said 25! Don't think you can trick me bug, your bullshit mind juju doesn't work on me."
>she just laughs at you, dropping her disguise. The changeling circles around you with a lustful smirk on her snout
>"first time fee. I'm sure you'll find that fair, human. After all, you won't service like this anywhere else~"
>her creepy changeling voice doesn't convince you
"Still a low blow to change the deal last minute."
>"why would you think so? You get what you want in the end after all. I've seen you eyeing the school prey. Here you can have any foal you desire. Perhaps you wish to punish those who insults you each day."
>you hear the fillies transform and turn to see diamond tiara and silver spoon take their place
>dt: "Ha! You think that ugly monkey stick is going anywhere near me? In your dreams!
>ss: yeah, he's better off with the pigs. I bet he plays with the stupid animals in the forest.
>"or maybe somepony innocent?" The fillies change again, adopting curious looks on their faces.
>sweetie: anon, what's that? It's that your tail?
>twist: "it lookth tho cool! Can I touch it!
>you start to sweat as fantasies flood your mind. You been trying to get some pone, but nothing satisfied you. You needed something more and this cunt is drawing you in.
>"or how about the colts?" two colts camr next. Button mash and featherweight perk their snouts to your crotch.
>button: oh, is this a new game? Is it like those mature games that mom won't get me?
>Feather: hey anon, wanna take pics with me?
>the changeling gets danger close to your face

>she shows off her fangs in a wicked smile
>"or how about ones with experience?"
>the foals giggles before turning their backs to you. They turn their heads towards, giving you half-lid eyes before transforming.
>berry pinch sticks her tongues out at you while spreading her winking vulva. "You're taller then the guys mom brings home for playtime"
>rumble spreads his cheeks, showing off his twitching ponut, almost as if it's trying to wink. He giggles at your nervous reaction.
>"you might not be as big like bro is, but we're gonna have lots of fun~"
>the mare trots around you once more. "Any objec-
>you interrupt her by lunging you bag of bits at her.
"Fine, just take it! How long does it last?
>she chuckles as she stashes the bits in her saddle bags. "You get the whole night. If you feed them well, you get half off next time."
>her words barely registered in your head. You're too focused at the foals as you join them on the bed.

Now I'm not good enough to write a full well written story. Anyone else is free to try.
File: too hot.jpg (223 KB, 789x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
too hot.jpg
223 KB, 789x768
that wasn't bad
File: 1440916068842.gif (2 MB, 424x238) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 424x238
File: yucking it up.gif (245 KB, 400x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
yucking it up.gif
245 KB, 400x200
That's pretty good
Bretty gud
I have the feeling that when Spike reaches maturity sex is going to become just another chore for him on a regular basis to help relieve the pressures of being a princess for Twilight.

Going so far as to take all enjoyment out of it now, what started as thrilling soon turned to tedious to the point Twilight started bringing her work with her to do while Spike savages her backside.
File: 1413623652780.jpg (27 KB, 343x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27 KB, 343x399
i like your idea that you threw down there

i think i'll take up my own version when it isn't so goddamn early, i need my coffee

Thanks man

Can't wait man. I voted for rumble, but it looks like people wants daddy issues to be punished
I freaking love anything with Silver Spoon so I voted accordingly. She is hottest pony.
>tfw im the only one that voted Snips
looks like dt and ss are gonna be our two foals for the short green im gonna write, give it about two hours when i've got some time today and i'll be pumping it out for you all
My body is ready
Oh, I believe we'll be doing the pumping.
first of the updates, there'll be more today in a few hours
>Day shady anon time
>Be rather late at night, so late that ponies are a rarity to see
>You are very paranoid that you'll find a pony guard who will
>undoubtablequestion you and You won't be able to stop the
>spaghetts from flying.
>You've taken to looking at the fillies a little too much lately,
>it was only a matter of time before someone noticed...
>You had recieved a note that morning from an unknown pony, it read:
>"If you want to get your rocks off without getting trouble, take 25 bits
>to the lone pony down the alley four blocks from the school yard."
>Your curiosity (and lust) got the best of you, danger be damned you
>hadn't gotten your rocks off in almost six months.
>So you are here walking into an alley off the cobblestone road,
>you look around and spot a big can of trash, behind which you spot legs
>poking out of.
>You start to consider leaving and just going back home but something
>wills you forward. You feel like you're out of your own body,
>watching yourself act instead of acting yourself. You stand in front of a
>pony that looks quite homeless, you pull out your bag as the pony nods.
>You look to the lone cup sitting to the left of the pony and take a deep
>breath to control your breathing, you empty the coins in one fell swoop
>and the pony gets up, looks into the cup, then nods and steps out of the way.
>You see that he was sitting on a kind of trap door, a simple knob for pulling
>it open.
>You look down the hatch and back to the pony who motioned towards the ladder
>leading down, looking a little buggered that you hadn't done it yet.
>you gulped nervously, anticipation brewing as you started down the hatch.
>above you the pony shut the hatch, leaving you with the illumination below
>as your only visible source of light. You continued onward like a machine
>until you reached the bottom, turning around you see it looks almost like
>a reception area.
>Behind the one counter in the sparse reception area was a changeling mare,
>she had few notable differences to every other changeling you had encountered,
>leaving you somewhat disappointed in the lack of differentiation.
>"Welcome to the Garden of Love, my name is Nightsong, please tell me what it is
>you desire," she said in a lustful voice, though the last two words had much more
"Uhhh," you started to choke at that, at a loss for words, "I was told t-to show up
f-for f-fillies?" You managed out.
>the mix of nerves and anticipation were driving you mad, you didn't know how to feel
>even as you were so close to having some poontang.
>"Ah!" She said in understanding, she moved to the single door leading to a back area,
>"follow me please," she said as she opened the door and walked through.
>You only took a few seconds to register what she said before lightly jogging to catch
>up to her.

sorry it's so slow, I'm unexpectedly busy today, wont stop me from getting this written today though
final one for right now, this will be finished today, hope i'm doing okay, it's been awhile since i've written last

>Through the door you found yourself flanked on both sides by endless doors in a long
>hallway, you quietly followed behind Nightsong as you looked towards each of the doors.
>They were all steel, looking reinforced, you didn't know why but it seemed to unnerve
>you. You found yourself bumping into Nightsong as you realized you stopped and you
>looked down at her apologetically as you took a step back.
>She didn't appear angry as she pushed the door open. She moved aside to allow you in,
>and as you stepped inside you spotted two Changeling fillies sitting at attention.
>"They'll be at your beck and call all night, if you provide them with enough love,
>then we'll consider giving you a discount next time," Nightsong said behind you as
>the door shut, leaving you with the two filly changelings who wait for you to order
>them to do as you please.
bumpity bump, waiting for vial

I'm now imagining Spike saying in a completely monotone voice, "Yeah, take it, you slut", while half-heartedly thrusting into Twilight.
I would recommend not cutting out your sentences, it makes it look weird.
whoops, didn't realize i did that, i'll fix that with the final ones and when i toss it all in a pastebin
Looks great so far. Can't wait for the rest when I leave work.
pg 9 bump
Bump or some shit I don't know.
let's see how this goes
page 10 bump
Rumble x Rainbow Dash. Thunderlane wants Rumble to grow up into a great flyer like him, so he asks Rainbow Dash to go through an intensive week of one-on-one training with his little brother. Rainbow agrees and keeps him under his wing, but Rumble starts developing feelings for her.
I feel like there's already a clopfic for that
Hey, sorry for being so quiet lately.
I've been trying to write, but I've felt like crap lately, hardly even got out of bed yesterday.
Hopefully I'm not about to get sick and it's just my deplorable eating habits lately that's caught up with me.

Will keep trying to write out more KidAnon-on-SpaTwins-action today so I will have enough to post later.
yes please
I said the same thing to This Guy in the wardrobe malfunction thread.
If you aren't feeling well then take it easy, you don't owe us anything. If there isn't a thread when you come back I'm sure nobody would really mind if you just made a new one.
Basically Summer On Fire except the MC is a bit younger
Links to some /ss/?
Bed bump
what website is this?
>I want to see it go in

File: 1436911482311.png (157 KB, 600x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157 KB, 600x500
>tfw it will never go in
I don't know why, but I laughed so fucking hard at this pic.

>AJ will forever be in heat
>AJ becomes alicorn
>1,000 years of unrelenting heat
If only Weaver finished this.
Changeling filly bump
File: manly-tears-1.png (194 KB, 331x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
194 KB, 331x327
B-but... The dongs... They are calling to me...
I must extend them!
don't worry viral i'm already fully extended
File: 1444252581223.jpg (193 KB, 1200x1009) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193 KB, 1200x1009
Fillies are for sexual.
then let Viral extend it more
no homo
fuck you, all of the homo
File: 1442192022657.jpg (56 KB, 950x671) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56 KB, 950x671
You are a great man.
No changeling filly update?
>There will never be a filly changeling update.

Fuck everyone.
>You will never pull AJ's hair, just a little bit

Fuck everyone
>captcha filli bandiera
Hey fam!
Feeling a lot better today, so I'm back to writing and you should expect some more green from me today.
I told you rest would help.
Glad to see you are back, can't wait for the story to continue!
I don't like any of these stories.
Muh dic
>tfw he will never come back
File: hey kid wanna ss.jpg (421 KB, 711x897) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
hey kid wanna ss.jpg
421 KB, 711x897
plz no
Original ?
File: 08238927e.jpg (12 KB, 251x162) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 251x162
i haz sad noa
Thx Mate
File: 1443356246430.png (341 KB, 1592x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
341 KB, 1592x1440
Kid Anon and Bon Bon?
Anyone have the screencap of aj and kid anon greentext? It was in the second last thread and I forgot to save it
Any of you guys into Cougar x Filly? Willing to do a story if anyone's interested.
Color me interested.
I like me some scootadash and some sweetiecest sure. good times.
I'm thinking of doing Harshwhinny x Scootaloo, just because I love weird crack-ships so much.
I'd rather have Tree Hugger x Apple Bloom but it's all good
That's... a really good, actually. Might end up being my next drawing.
woot, you're doing god's work

i wish i could find more quality scootadash. i particularly want shit where RD is teaching her not to be ashamed of her natural functions, and/or teaching her to be slutty in public and walk around with her tail up whilst in heat. shit's just cute in a fun mentor-y way.
She's not interested and he's too shy
color me interested in more of those spa twins
more green is nice, but others needs to be finished as well
Going to agree here, would love to see that bad boy finished.

>As you come in contact with her folds, her musky sweetness flows over your tongue as it carefully plays across her lips.
>The more you tasted it, the more you wanted it.
>Her cooing and moaning once more feeds that pride inside of you; you wanted to make her feel good, you need make her feel good!
>As you feel Lotus’ pearl poking against your upper lip, and remembering what Aloe did, you immediately latch onto it, enveloping it with your mouth. Her little cry in response sends tingles through you.
>Prodding it with your tongue, you are a bit surprised at the lack of taste, aside from flesh, but the taste of her juices still in your mouth is enough for you to not care.
>You try to mimic Aloe, sucking down on the tiny nub, but all too quickly it slips out from between your lips to hide in her folds.
>Undeterred, you prod around the upper parts of her folds with the tip of your tongue, trying to coax out her pleasure-button. When it finally peeks out again, you trap it once more in your mouth, and determined to keep it there, you suck down on it harder this time.
>A long, shuddering groan escapes Lotus, her hips bucking and trembling in response. You glance up at her face, to make sure you weren’t being to rough. The look of elation on her face, her tongue hanging out of her panting mouth, tells you all you need to know.
>You make sure to give her a few licks before letting her go once more. You like seeing her reactions, every little buck and quiver sending another twitch in your own loins, as you keep stroking yourself.
>Your lips are covered in her juices and you try to get as much of it with your tongue as her heat wafts across your face.
>A curious thought hits you; you have really come to enjoy her taste, and you recall how you had explored her moist tunnel with your finger, how tight and warm it had been, how she had enjoyed your touch, and how completely drenched her insides had been.
>What if…

>Deciding to not hesitate for once and instead dive right in, you do just that, pressing your lips against hers you plunge your tongue into her slippery canal. Lotus gives a startled gasp and stares at you in surprise.
>You meet her blue eyes, your tongue already stroking along her inner walls, lapping up her nectar straight from the source. Aloe gives a tiny giggle, dragging herself upwards to lie down next to her sister as she takes in the sight of you between her legs.
>”Oh my, such an appetite we’ve given him~”
>Lotus just limply nods her head, maintaining eye contact with you, the corners of her open mouth curving into a wide smile as you eagerly lap up any moistness with your tongue, sometimes feeling her little button kissing the tip of your nose whenever it peaks out.
>”That is -hng- a good look for you, cutie, right bet- -hah- between my legs.”
>Her words bring with them a mix of embarrassment and pride, and you slurp lewdly as you move your head back for your tongue to graze along her entrance before plunging back in.
>Her taste is so powerful now, and being smushed up against her marehood, your getting a little lightheaded from the lack of oxygen.
>In the corner of your vision, you see Aloe lining herself up against her sister, lying down on her back and spread her legs wide apart. Letting you eyes wander, you are met with the sight of her sopping marehood, just as drenched as Lotus, her own pearl giving you a shy little wink from between her lips.
>The hunger inside you grows, that now familiar throbbing returning to your nethers and you find yourself lightly humping into your own hand.
>Trailing your eyes upward, Aloe meets them with the look of a puppy begging for a treat, face flushed crimson and bashfully lifting her hooves to her chin. She is just so cute!
>"I... I want you to taste me too..."
That's sadly all I've got at the moment.
Was hoping to get more done, but was invited out to dinner at a restaurant to celebrate my big brother's birthday.
And I also had to help my little brother pull together a Rorschach-costume for some party tomorrow, kinda last minute. (Looked really sick once it was finished though.)
And THEN my OTHER big brother comes stumbling into the apartment, at 2 am, completely drunk off his gourd, carrying two dishes of kebab (for some reason) which he then invites me to share with him and then gets me to sing duets with him for and hour or so.
Brothers be whack, yo.

Will have to post the rest once it's finished.
lucky brits and your delicious middle and far eastern food
Not a brit, and to be honest, I'm not all that fond of kebab.
It's okay, but it's a little too dry for my taste, even with sauce.
well there's your problem. you want good kebabs, you go to the UK
but noplace i know in the states has em.. man.. lots of gyros though.
Hmm, I don't know. Everyone else in my entire country seem to just adore kebab with almost religious fervor.
I'm the only one who doesn't, though I can still stomach it.
What happened to Spike's ass
Kid Anon and Lyra would work a lot better, she'd be all over him
I'm interested in this too, didn't see it before
But Bon Bon is so delightfully tsundere!
She would be strict and demanding of him while secretly blushing at any show of affection from him.
She would admonish him for not eating enough healthy food, but would give him free candy because he loves her confections.
("Your candies are the best, miss Bon Bon!)
She would grump about as she's forced to babysit him, but still take any chance to be close to him.
And when he gets caught looking at her flank with a tent in his pants, she decides to show him how to properly treat a mare.
Just this once... B-baka!
File: Writefag Signal.jpg (30 KB, 576x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Writefag Signal.jpg
30 KB, 576x432
my dong is expanding just from that, we need a writefag on this
File: 946653.png (1 MB, 4034x1857) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 4034x1857
Special Agent Sweetie Drops. Her mission: to capture and control Equestria most dangerous magical creatures. But now the line has blurred, and she finds herself strangely attracted to the most dangerous creature of all: kidAnon.
Can't you guys write anything good? Or at least remotely interesting?
File: 1435714843284.png (241 KB, 1250x938) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
241 KB, 1250x938
Tiny dick goes in big hole, big dick goes in tiny hole. Never the Twain shall meet.

How about I write my nuts in your mouth?
File: 1444153795510.png (398 KB, 960x683) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
398 KB, 960x683
Dammit, I hate this dark theme. How the heck do you get rid of the skeletons?
How about a little less complaining and a little more helpful suggestions over how to make clop more interesting, mr faggot?
Either that or write it yourself to show how it's done.
Cheerilee shoving a big rubber horsecock into Pip.
embrace the spook
remember to take your headphones off after every post
you can't trust these skeletons
File: 1444349479978.jpg (77 KB, 1024x588) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 1024x588
"But Anon, there's a skeleton inside you right now!"
yes, but my skeleton doesn't dance without a body doing the work!
RIP changeling filly green, you will be missed
File: 1444477264910.jpg (299 KB, 992x668) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
299 KB, 992x668
It would have been an awesome twist if the changeling had just told him the fillies were changelings too, but left it hanging whether they were or not.
But the fillies were changelings, that was the point.
File: deardiaryjackpot.jpg (161 KB, 1909x1071) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
161 KB, 1909x1071
>dun dun duuuunn
File: 7876763.jpg (304 KB, 750x709) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
304 KB, 750x709
Jeez, don't tell me I'm the only fag still trying to type green in this thread.
I can't handle that kind of responsibility alone!
I would, but I'm worried that it'll come out so shitty it triggers the Armageddon.
Dude, I highly doubt that. But in case you do, then let's bask in the end of the world together.
Alright then, but I'm gonna need some time to figure out where to go with this.
I'm going for the Scotaloo/Scotablue/Rainbow Blitz threesome idea from the previous thread, but I'm open to suggestions.
Buried under milfy goodness. What a way to go.
File: 1399833556186.jpg (314 KB, 956x739) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
314 KB, 956x739
Alright people, get ready for my first attempt at writing porn ever.
Seriously, if you have an apocalypse shelter, it'll be a good idea to get in it now.

> You are Rainbow Blitz, THE fastest thing that Equestria ever seen.
> Well, so far, at least, but who or whatever tries to take that title from you isn't going to have it easy.
> You are adored by all the mares, stallions, and foals everywhere.
> Well, not all the foals, but hey, their loss.
> But your biggest fan, bar none, is Scootaloo.
> No, seriosuly, kid made a fan club dedicated exclusively about how awesome you are.
> You gotta give her credit, she put a lot of effort on it.
>"Blitz! hey Blitz, down here!"
> And speaking of the devil...
> Usually, you would just land like a regular pony would.
> But then again, you are no regular pony.
> You pick up and speed and grab a cloud next to you.
> Just as you're about to smack into the floor like you usually do, you open your wings to slow your descent.
> The cloud hits you in the back and evaporates into tiny dropplets, which creates a rainbow between your extended wings.
>"Wow, that was awesome!"
"Oh, I know kid, you don't have to tell me."
>Scootaloo is practically beaming at your display
"So, what did you need?"
>"What, you forgot already?"
> Oh crap, forgot about what?
> Quick, think of a cover up.
"Pfft, me? of course I didn't, we were going to do the... thing with the... stuff..."
> You don't think she's buying it
"Okay, yeah, I did."
>"You said you were going to let me practice with you!"
> Oh right, you did say that.
> Problem is, with this weather and the obstacle course you set up, she's gonna get destroyed.
> Then again, it could be good exercise.
"Alright kid, but I got to wark you, this is an extermely technical course, full of dangerous curves and unforgiving obstacles that--"
>"Isn't it the same one you did last week?"
> Goddammit kid, don't interrupt my monologue.
"Well, no, you see... um... that cloud is new."
> You point at where the cloud ou brought down to make your entrance was, without realising.
"You know what, let's just go before I embarrass myself anymore"
> You gotta admit, the kid certainly learns fast.
> Once she figured out that she needed to flap her wings harder, and not faster, she was flying in no time.
> Of course, she's still a kid, so two laps into it you can see her panting already.
"Alright kid, let's stop for a moment."
> You point out to a large park below you.
> Not many ponies use it nowadays, but there's still enough of a crowd for you to show off.
> Once you land, you go through your bag and grab two bottles of water, tossing one to Scootaloo.
> As she catches it, you turn around to let the wind hit you in the face as you pour water in your head.
> As you turn around, you see Scootaloo dropped her water bottle as is starring at you.
> She's also redder than Applejack's brother right about now.
"Hey, squirt, you alright?"
> She looks up to you for a split second, then glances downwards again.
"Dude, come on, you're freaking me out, did you overheat or somet--"
> Then a gust of wind makes you realize what's up.
> It seems that in all the excitment, Little Rainbow decided he wanted to say hi.
> And by that, you mean your dick is flopping out.
> You look around frantically trying to find anything to cover yourself with, but given that you're in the middle of a park, it's not exactly easy.
> In your haste, you fail to notice Scootaloo walking towards you, until she drags her tongue across the head of your cock.
> You jump back in surprise.
> Right on your ass, with your half-mast in full display.
"By Celestia's sake, kid, what the hell are you doing?!"
>"What does it look like?"
"That's exactly the problem, what it looks like would get us both into a shitload of trouble!"
>"Blitz, I'm not stupid, I know how it works, I won't tell anyone."
"Well that's bullshit, because if you did know how it worked you wouldn't have done that!"
>"But I do!"
"And I could forgive all that if we weren't in the middle of a damned public park."
>"Oh. Yeah, now that you mention it..."
Scootaloo thinks for a second, then puts her front hooves on your stomach to get face-to-face with you.
>"You know, I know of a clear not too far away from here, nobody ever goes there."
> Huh, she smells like blueberries, wonder if she tast--
> No, no, bad pony, stop that.
"Kid, I told you already, we can't do this, if anyone finds out, my ass is gonna get thrown to jail."
> Scootaloo doesn't budge from her position.
> You'll be proud of how determined she is being if it weren't for the face that she's trying to get in your theoretical pants.
"And besides, you're like twelve, and I'm twice you're size, you're gonna get destroyed."
>"I'm thirteen! ...and what if I want to get destroyed?"
> Mental note, do a recount of your fetishes once you get home.
>"Plus, I already have my cutie mark, so technically--"
"That's not how it works."
> It takes a lot of strenght to omit the "you little shit" you wanted to add at the end of that sentence.
"And when the hell did you start wanting to have sex anyways? Couple of months ago you punched Featherweight in the face for asking you out."
>"I-it's a long story..."
"We're not going anywhere until this goes down, so we have plenty of time."
"I'm listening"
> Forget Big Mac, she could put him to shame with shade of red.
>"Ever since Twilight's brother's wedding when you did that Sonic Rainboom..."
> What.
>"I-I mean, you broke the sound barrier without even trying, and that was so cool, a-and.. you looked so hot while you were flying through the air..."
> So, the Sonic Rainboom gives fillies cutie marks, or turns on their libido.
> You don't even want to think what Twilight's magic explosion did, then.
"Then why did you punch Featherweight then?"
>"Because one, he looks like a twig, and second, I... I wanted you to take on my first date."
"And how does trying to blow me in the middle of the park comes t-- You asked Twilight for dating advice, didn't you."
>"Wha-- how did you knew?"
> That girl needs to lay off the hentais.
"Look, Twilight's like the last person you want to ask how to pick up ponies to, she'll just tell you to--"
> Before you can even finish that sentence, Scootaloo lunges forward and kisses you in the lips.
> Well, it was more of a peck, but still.
> The last pony you saw that nervous about something was Twilight when she couldn't find anything to write to Celestia about.
> You need to think of something to say before she explodes twice.
"Huh, you do taste like blueberries."
> Smooth as sandpaper.
"Sure, let's do it."
>"I knew you wouldn't accept, I even got my h-- What."
"I said 'Let's do it'."
>"A-are you--"
"Look, you're an alright kid, I can't just leave anyone, specially you, hanging like that, even if, you know, what they're asking isn't the most sensible of things."
>Scootaloo jumps at you and hugs you.
>"Oh, thank you, Blitz, you're not gonna regret it!"
"Yeah, I sure hope so."
>Scootaloo breaks off the hug and looks at you.
"So, shall we begin?"
> You motion at the old bench near you.
"Let me clean that up, and then lay on your back in it."
> You use your wings to clean as much dust and moss as you can.
> Once you're done with that, Scootaloo lays down with her legs crossed.
"Spread your legs, kid, I got no space to work here."
>"O-oh, s-sorry, l-let me just..."
> She open her legs, with them shaking all the way down.
"Hey, come on, don't tell you're gonna chicken out after convincing me!"
>"No! It's just that, you know, first time and all that..."
> And to think that twenty minutes ago she was two seconds away from pinning you down and fucking you on the spot.
"Then I hope you're ready for this!"
> As soon as you plant your tongue on Scootaloo clit, she jerks upwards and almost breaks your nose in the same motion.
>"Oh crap, are you alright?"
"Yeah, I just- I guess I got over eager, let me try something else."
> Let's just go with tongue for now before she breaks something.
> You lick her labia with the tip of your tongue, very carefully.
> Scootaloo let's out a short moan and jerks a little, but not with enough force to break bones.
> Taking that as your cue to continue, you start parting her folds with your tongue.
> That seems to do the trick, as she lets out a tiny scream before biting down on her hoof to supress it.
Shit, I skipped a part, it's this one, then the last one.

> So, you have two options now, you either walk away and leave a love-struck teenager alone in the middle of a public park two hours away from civilization,
> Or you bang said teenager in the middle of a public park.
>"S-so what do y--"
> You cover Scootaloo's mouth with your hoof.
"Listen kid, we'll do it this way: We'll go the clearing, and think about it there. IF there's no one around AND you promise to keep your mouth shut, I'll consider it. Are we clear?"
> Scootaloo shakes her head up and down like crazy, before mumbling something into your hoof.
"Uh, can you repeat that?"
>"I solemnly swear to never speak a word of this to anyone! Cross my heart, hope to fly, stick a cup--"
"Yeah, yeah, I get it, let's go"
> Swear to Celestia, this clearing seems to be in Gryphon territory.
> You been flying for ten minutes with Scootaloo in front of you, just thinking what you're gonna do.
> Thinking if you should have sex with her, how to refuse without breaking her heart, that well toned ass of h--
> Ugh, this is gonna be harder than you thought.
> In both senses.
> Finally, you arrive at the clearing.
> There's even a mossy stone bench and a small waterfall in here, it looks more like an abandoned part of the park than anything.
> Alright, moment of truth, are you gonna do this, or not, she's right there in front of you, you can do this.
> But... can you actually do this?
> She's been around you for a while, and if she admires you even half as you admire the Wonderbolts...
> You can't just leave her hanging like that.
> Alright Blitz, time for the moment of truth.
> Puff your chest, swallow your pride, and tell this girl what she wants to hear...
>"C-come on, Blitz, g-get in there a-already..."
> You look up to her without stopping, mumbling something into her.
> She lets out a long moan and tilts her head back, you take this as your cue.
"I'm sorry, did you say something?"
>"I-I said, s-stop teasing me..."
> You put on a completative face to try and sell the act.
> It's not very convinving and she's not even looking at you, but hey, you may as well have fun with it.
"Well, since you asked so nicely..."
> You plunge your tongue into her, making her entire body jerk up and her wings dart open.
> Jeez, she's more sensitive than Fluttershy when it comes to this.
> She's once again biting into her hoof to try and silence herself.
> And it's not working on the slightest.
> At this rate the entire population of Canterlot is going to hear her, you need to finish fast.
> And when it comes to fast, you're the prefect pony to talk to.
> You take your tongue out of her and go directly to her clit again.
> ...with the same results as last time.
> Same jerking, same bruised nose, except this time she apparently reacted much better to it.
> And by that, you mean half of your face is covered by her juices.
"Well, guess they don't call you 'Squirt' for nothing."
> Okay, yeah, that was too stupid, even for you.
> You clean what you can off your face with your leg before licking off as much as you can.
> You walk up to Scootaloo, who's panting with the biggest, doofiest smile you ever seen in your life.
>"I, uh... wow"
> Eloquence, thy name is Scootaloo
"You still up for round two?"
> Scootaloo manages to lift her head to look up to you.
>"What kind of question is that, of course I am!"
> And half an hour ago, she was panting from doing two laps around a track.
"Alright then, let me just get ready."
> Well, not like you need to, your dick could give Maud a run for her money in a rock breaking contest at this point.
> You go back to the back of the bench and line up with her entrance.
> Swear to Celestia, if she ends up kicking you in the face...
>"Wait, wait!"
> Scootaloo perks up, taking you by surprise.
"What, what is it?"
> She manages to sit up, user her forelegs as support.
>"I wanna watch it go in."
> Well, who are you to deny a request like that?
> Once again, you line up and get ready to go in.
"You ready, kid?"
> Scootaloo nods in response, before biting her hoof again.
"Alright, then, here we go."
> Surprisingly, you went in pretty easily.
> And Scootaloo is taking it pretty well.
> Well, if you count almost headbutting you while trying to grab onto you well.
"Kid, you alright?"
> Scootaloo is breathing heavily and squeezing your left wing.
> It'll hurt a lot more more if you weren't worried so much for her right now.
"Hey, you oka--"
> Scootaloo sighs and lets go of your wing -Thank Celestia- before reclining down into the bench, once again using her forelegs as support.
>"Y-yeah, it's just... that was a much stronger sensation than I thought it'll be."
"You alright though?"
>"Y-yeah, I'll be fine."
"Do you want me to start moving?"
>"I'm not stopping you."
> You pull back as much as you can, before plunging back into her as slowly as you can, which for you, that takes a lot of effort.
> Scootaloo moans and throws her head back, before grabbing into your shoulder with her right hoof.
> After a few seconds of this, she looks at you again.
>"C-could you speed up a bit?"
> Don't have to tell me twice.
> You speed to to a moderate pace, while doing shallower thrusts.
> Scootaloo, on the other hand, is squeezing the hell out of your shoulder.
> She lets out a little squeak every time you thrust into her, so at least she's enjoying herself.
> You, on the other hand, are putting as much effort as to not thrust as fast as far as you can manage.
> Suddenly, Scootallo grabs onto both your shoulders and sits up.
>"A-alright, you can go faster now."
"You sure you can take it?"
>"You do remember what I said at the park, right?"
>You chuckle to yourself, gotta admire how determined she is.
"Well then, now's where the fun begins."
> You pull back as far as you can without pulling out, and go as deep as you possibly can.
> Scootaloo lets out a loud moan, once again biting her hoof to try and keep quiet.
> Before she can do anything though, you do the same thing again.
> The sound of your thighs slapping against her is almost drowned out by her moaning.
> Although at this point you don't care anymore, if Canterlot is going to watch, you may as well give them an spectacle.
> You reach down between her legs and start massaging her clit.
> Scootaloo lets out a yelp before she squeezes down on your shoulder again.
> Except this time she uses it to get you into a hug, with her head rested where her hoof was.
> Between how tight she is, her moaning in your ear and how she's moving her hips to the same rythim as you, you don't see yourself lasting too long.
> As a matter of fact, you don't.
"H-hey kid, I'm about to finish here, h-how are you doing?"
> Other than a drowned out hum of confirmation, you don't get much more of an answer.
"I'll take that as a yes."
> With your final thrusts, you hilt yourself as deep as you can go.
> Scootaloo once again squeezes your wing as she orgasms, with you following suit a couple seconds later.
> The orgasm part, that is, her wings are too small to get a decent grip.
> Both of you spend a couple seconds still hugging, trying to catch your breath.
>"T-that was... that was amazing... thanks, Blitz."
"Y-yeah, don't mention it."
> Even Jack and Rose weren't as romantic as you two.
"Alright, lay back for a bit, I'm gonna pull out."
> Scootaloo nods and does so, as you pull out with a sound that resembles a champagne bottle.
> You sit next to Scootaloo, who's looking down at her vagina
>"Oh wow, you came a lot."
"Yeah, in within practice, and the Wonderbolt Academy I hadn't had time to, um, relieve myself these days."
>"I bet you're glad I was around then."
"Yeah right, between your attitude and trying to get in my pants I'm gonna have to retire in my 40s."
"Wha- hey!"
> Scootaloo pouts and looks at the ground.
> ...aaand now you feel bad.
"Ah, c'mon, I'm just messing with you, I'm glad to have you arou--"
> Oh hell.
> Oooooooh shit.
> Please let that rustling in the bushes be an animal.
> Or someone from the other side that brushed against it.
> Hell, you'll take Pinkie at this point.
> But alas, the universe apparently hates you more than you thought it did.
> Another foal, who looks eerrily similar to Scootaloo.
> Except she's blue and doesn't have half a liter of cum in her.
> Okay Blitz, think fast.
> Wrestling? No, she's too old for that.
> "This isn't what it looks like?" Yeah, like that's gonna work."
> Your prestigious speaking skills fail you, and the blue filly turns around and runs into the forest.
> Scootaloo looks at you, horrified.
>"Oh crap, what do we do?"
"We need to get her, if she tells anyone my ass is gonna end up as Tirek's cellmate."
> Scootaloo jumps up from the bench and runs in front of you.
>"Come on, we gotta move before we lose her!"
> By Luna's tits, how is this girl so full of energy?
> You manage to wobble off the seat and start flying behind her.
> Sadly, looking for something small in this forest is next to fucking impossible.
> While you were thinking what to are you doing with your life, Scootaloo perks up.
>"Hey do you smell that?"
"Yeah, I know, I should had pulled out, sor--"
>"No, you idiot, not that, it smells like wet fur."
> Now that she mentions it, yeah, it does.
> It's not exactly much to go on, but it's better than to have the guy who's 1000 something years plan you foiled as a cellmate.
"Come on, we gotta find her!"
And that's it, I've going at this for four hours as it is, so I'll finish it tomorrow.
I'll read it tomorrow then
Bed bump
File: Darken ch3p3.jpg (152 KB, 710x1056) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Darken ch3p3.jpg
152 KB, 710x1056
Not the half-dragon I think of when I hear the name Mink.
Ever played D&D? You can apply the Half-Dragon template to any living, corporeal creature. Humans, horses, ponies, wolverines, carp, flumphs, elves... the sky's the limit.
>natures demons
I inherited a whole book on parasitic hunting wasps from a great-uncle when I was maybe 8. Those little fuckers are awesome.
Those aren't, but they make a really satisfying crunch when you kill them. Stubborn bastards can and will grab onto she squishing thing with jaws&claws, so I just use a steel pipe and laugh.
File: image.jpg (97 KB, 480x672) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
97 KB, 480x672
pic related
>Anon knows Darken
You have instantly gained +8 cool points. Happen to know Komi and CG?
Seriously we need a kid Anon and Bon Bon story.
File: komisketch.png (212 KB, 437x622) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
212 KB, 437x622
Pic related
>what is pegging
File: Pipsqueak_ID_S4E15.png (187 KB, 293x394) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
187 KB, 293x394
>what is pegging
What is love?
File: image.gif (283 KB, 422x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
283 KB, 422x300
>"now 'ow am I supposed to fit this in me bum?"
Twilight should have sex with ALL the kids
>you are Twilight Sparkle, foal molester
>after being molested by your foal sitter turned sister in law, you now can't get enough small horse genitals
>through a series of events, you find yourself the princess of friendship, with an entourage of tiny innocent horses visiting your castle
>sexing ensues
The same way you fit an elephant, one bite at a time.
File: 1443712732798.png (948 KB, 1054x864) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
948 KB, 1054x864
This really needs more love.
File: image_2 (2).jpg (207 KB, 1150x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
image_2 (2).jpg
207 KB, 1150x600

I like this. You could make a whole clop series based off this.

>Chapt 1-2 - Twi molesting fillies
>Chapt 3 - Twi molests Silver Spoon who enjoys it and is convinced to join Twi
>Chapt 4 - Twi and Rarity molest Sweetie Belle
>Chapt 5 - Silver molests Reformed Diamond Tiara, Twi masturbates while watching but Silver takes it too far Twi starts feeling regret and guilt
Chapt 6 - Cadence becomes a mother and offers tearful apology for molesting Twi and other feels.
Prologue - Cadence molests filly Twilight
Epilogue - Unknown conclusion? Help Anon.

He said it'll be finished today. I'll give it a read after it's done
File: boner.gif (309 KB, 286x222) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309 KB, 286x222
How about a story with Stormy Flare?
Yeah, we haven't had any stories focusing on the other spectrum of ages in this thread.
Lots of shota and some loli, but no milfs.
Where did you go, Viral?
I'm still here, writing has just been going slow.
I'm sorry, senpai.
Dammit, it still turns f-am into senpai?
File: 1445083449946.png (12 KB, 597x668) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 597x668
>this expands the dong

What if she met Spoiled Rich?
>Epilogue - Twilight molests Cadence's new foal. Poetic justice.
>Cadence is forced to watch a magically marionetted unconcious Shining plow foal while Twilight anal rapes her with horse dildo in ass

> Following Scootaloo's nose, you manage to find a rather shallow stream.
> Great, you knew this would lead to nowhere, may as well get used to the idea of--
> Before you can even finish that thought, Scootaloo pulls you down with her inside a bush.
"Ow, what did you do that f--"
> Scootaloo covers your mouth with her hoof and points towards something.
> Wait, that's the blue filly.
> And she's...
> Oh wow.
> She definitely masturbating.
> And rather harshly, you may add, massaging her nipples while playing with her clit.
> Before you can even react, you see Scootaloo walking towards her in your peripheral vision.
> You wonder if the stream is deep enough to drown yourself in it.
>"You know..."
> Scootaloo says as she walks to the filly, swaying her hips with every step.
> And now you have an erection.
>"...We may be able to help you with that."
> And now you don't.
> You pop your head and one of your legs from the bush so you grab Scootaloo like a football.
> You look at the filly who's expression has changed from surprise to sheer confusion.
"Excuse us for a sec, would ya?"
> You go back into the bush, taking Scootaloo with you.
"What in Celestia's solar powered ass was that?"
>"I... was offering her to have sex with us? What, did I do something wrong?"
> You would facehoof, but your arms are occupied right now.
"Okay, look, I can do public sex with a minor, but this is taking it too far."
>"But you didn't have any problem doing it with me!"
"Yeah, that's because it's you. And besides, do you really think she's going to accept the offer of a complete stranger to have a th--"
> Before you can finish that sentence, the blue filly brushes against the bush.
> You and Scootaloo pop up so you can hear what she wants to say.
> She's looking away from you and her ears are down.
> Gotta admit, that's actually kinda cute.
>"I, um, wanted to see if your offer was.. still valid?"
> Scootaloo looks at you, apparently even she didn't believe she would accept.

> You look at Scootaloo, back at the filly, then down at your recently expanded dong.
> You lower your head in defeat and sigh.
> Well, if you're going to hell, you may as well aim for the ninth circle.
"I dunno, is the offer still up, kid?
> Scootaloo hesitates for a second, seemingly not being able to understand if you're being sarcastic or not.
> You tilt you head and nod, trying to clarify your intention.
>"Um, yeah, if you're up to it, that is."
> The blue filly perks up when she hears this.
>"Really? I-- okay, what should I do? Do you need me to lay down or wh--"
"First things first, what's your name? At the very least I'll like to know that."
> The blue filly buffs her chest and raises one of her hoofs to it.
"My name is Archer, three times winner of the Equestrian sub-16 bow shooting competition!"
> With forelegs like those, you should had guessed.
> And the bow and arrow cutie mark kinda gave it away.
"Name's Blitz, and this is Scootaloo."
> Scootaloo puff her chest and spreads her wings, all while smiling, as if showing off that you knew her name.
>"Wait, I know about you!"
"Well, of course you do, after all--"
>"You're friends with the student of Princess Celestia, Twilight Sparkle, right?"
> Thanks for the ego boost, kid.
>"S-so, what do you want me to do?"
> And there are the droopy ears again.
> Scootaloo jumps out from the bush and circles her.
>"Well, how about we start by helping my friend warm up?"

> You give a small chuckle as you walk out the bush.
"Always looking out for me, aren't you?"
>"What can I say, I try."
> You sit down and spread your legs, giving them both plenty of space to work with.
> Archer seems to be slightly shocked.
>"Oh wow, I've never had one this close."
> She pokes your dick, making it flop back and forth.
> Scootaloo, on the other hand, is already doing her best effort to add as much liquid as the stream behind you as she can.
>"And we haven't even gotten to the best part"
> Scootaloo opens her mouth and takes as much of your dick as she's able before choking.
> Which given her size, it isn't much.
> Still, you not complaining.
> Archer, on the other hand, is just sitting there, unsure of what to do.
> Scootaloo lets your dick go and turns around to face her.
>"Hey, you're gonna help here or what?"
> Archer perks up and walks towards it, stopping centimeters away from you.
>"I-- do I lick it or..?"
> Scootaloo thinks for a second, before nodding and getting back to work.
> Archer, meanwhile, starts licking your shaft.
> Despite how small they are, they're doing a damn good job on stimulating you.
> Scootaloo rythmically bobs up and down, stopping every once on a while to try and deepthroat, and Archer licks your entire lenght while stopping to nuzzle your balls when Scoots stops for breath.
> By Luna, they're good at this.
> Too good.
"H-hey kid, s-stop for a second."
> Archer pretty much jumps from your dick, but Scootaloo takes the time to get half your dick in to her throat before stopping.
> It takes all of your strength to not just unload right then and there.

>"So... what's up?" Scootaloo says between breaths.
"I don't know to cum before we even begin, go easy on me."
> Scootaloo just giggles, before looking at you.
>"So, what do you say, you warmed up already?"
> You look at Archer, who seems to be doing her best not to look nervous.
"Yeah, I'll say I am. You ready, blue?"
> Archer tries her best to look desinterested.
>"Me, oh please, I was ready since before you arrived."
"Yeah, I can see that."
> You point at the moist patch she made in the rocks she's sitting.
>"I-- um..."
> Wait, hold up.
> Where is she going to lay down?
"Wait, hold up, I just realized something, you can't lay down on the rocks."
> These things are sharp as all hell, your ass is hurting just from sitting on them
>"Huh, you're right" says Scootaloo.
>"Maybe you can carry me, or maybe I could ride you?" asks Archer.
"No, I'm too big for you, she could barely take me and you're smaller than her."
> Archer thinks for a second, before blushing.
"I-in that case, maybe you could... put in my butt?"
>"W-well, my butt is deeper than my vagina, so maybe you could better in there?"
> As tempting as that sounds in theory, that's a very bad idea.
>"I don't think you're going to enjoy that." says Scootaloo.
"Yeah, she's right, you're going to stretch too much if I do that, it's gonna hurt like hell."
> Archer stammers a bit, before taking a deep breath.
>"I-I already had things in there that we're more or less your size, I can take it!"
> Well, that's not exactly something you expected to hear today.
> Then again, this whole day's been really fucking weird.

> Scootaloo is just standing next to you, blinking in confusion.
"Alright, if you think you're up to it."
> Archer fist bumps, which makes Scootaloo look at you with a extremely confused look in her face.
> You just shrug.
> At this point it's not even the weirdest thing you did today.
"But before I do anything, I'm going to need to use something as lubricant."
>"I can help with that." says Scootaloo.
> She grabs your dick and starts dragging her tongue across it, doing her best to cover it in her spit.
> Once she's done with that, she puts in her mouth and takes most of the lenght into her.
> Fucking hell, you're going to have to ask where she learnt that.
> Scootaloo let's go of your dick and coughs a bit.
> She motions to you that she's okay, before taking a deep breath.
> Guess she's not as good as you thought.
>"I'm fine, don't worry."
> Archer, in the other hand, has started playing with herself.
> You turn your head to face her and motion her towards you.
"Okay, come here, blue."
> She stands up, and walks, or rather wobbles, towards you.
> You pick her up from her waist and place yourself against a tree to use as support.
"You ready?"
>"Y-yeah, let's do it."
> You press yourself against her hole.
> Moment of truth, everybody.

> Oh crap, that went in faster that you thought it will.
"Hey, blue, you okay?"
>"O-oh sweet salty Luna..."
> Well that answers your question.
> You try to start moving, but she's too tight, you're worried you'll break something.
> Freaking earth pony strenght, man.
"You're gonna need to relax a little, I can't move."
>"O-oh, sorry."
> She unclenches a bit, letting you move.
"That's better."
> You jerk your hips, managing to get halfway in her before she clenches again.
> Better take it easy then.
> You make short, shallow thrusts so she can get used to the sensation.
> This seems to do the trick, as her eyes are slightly rolled back and she's barely hanging onto you anymore.
> You turn towards Scootaloo, who's rubbing herself against a big, smooth rock.
"Hey, kid, you want to help here?"
> Scootaloo looks up to you, and smiles before making her way to the both of you.
> She gets under you helps Archer spread her butt.
> This, on the other hand, seems to do wonders for her, as she lets out a very loud moan.
>"B-blitz, p-please go deeper."
"Are you sure, you're barely holding up as it i--"
> Archer manages to gather enough strenght to bounce and bury herself balls deep.
> You let out a groan, while Archer screams in a mix of pleasure and surprise.
> Once again, you have to gather the power of a thousand suns not to fill her ass in that very moment.
> These fillies are going to be the end of you.
> Scootaloo, on the other hand, doesn't know what to do.
>"Are you guys okay?" she asks.
"Y-yeah, I'm fine, s-she just took me by suprise...
> You direct your attention to Archer.
"How are you holding up?"
> Archer lets out a moan, and starts playing with her clit.
>"Yeah, I think she's fine." Scootaloo sarcastically adds.
> You look down at the orange filly, an idea forming up in your head.
"Well, since she's already nestled in there, how about you help me out instead?"
>"Well, since you asked so nicely..."
> Scootaloo walks up and nudges your balls with her muzzle, before she starts sucking on one of them.
"Thanks, kid."
> You pull back to about half lenght of your cock and thrust forward.
> Archer lets out a moan and arches heh forwards.
> You keep doing the same motion, faster every time, while Scootaloo plays with your balls.
> Once again, the air is filled with the sounds of slapping, moaning, and now also slurping.
> Archer loses her grip on you, but is catched by Scootaloo.
> You stop pumping to see what she's going to do.
>"Hey, how are you holding up?" says Scootaloo.
>"I-I'm almost t-there" Archer manages to stammer.
> Scootaloo chuckles a little then looks up to you.
>"What do you say, you wanna finish this now?"
> You look at Archer, grabbing her by the small of her back.
"What do you say, blue, do you want me to finish?"
>"Y-yes, please." says Archer "J-just don't do it inside me."
> Well that's dissapointing, but you're not going to ignore her request.
>"Hey, more for me" Says Scootaloo.
> Scootaloo takes Archer's hoof from her clit and places hers on it, making Archer blush and let out a small moan, she then looks up to you.
>"You ready?" asks Scootaloo.
"Whenever you are."
> Scootaloo starts massaging Archer's clit while you resume your pace.
> After a few seconds of this, the blue filly cries out and orgasms, clamping down on your dick, making you do the same.
> Scootaloo, thinking fast, lifts Archer, making your dick flop from her, making you cum in her face.
> She puts your dick in her mouth, trying to catch as much of your cum as she can.
> You having already cummed once already, makes it easier for her.
> You shakily lay down Archer on her back, who's trying to catch her breath.
> You look up to Scootaloo, who's licking the cum from her face.
>"Huh, tastes like Skittles."
> Scootaloo chuckles to herself, while you roll your eyes.
"Yeah, yeah, I heard that one before."

> You're walking through the forest towards your bag to get something to drink.
> Well, you and Scootaloo are walking, Archer is laying on your back.
> You doubt she'll be able to walk properly for a while.
>"So..." says Archer.
> You stop and turn your head towards her, getting a good look at her gaping butt.
"Yeah, what is it?"
>"Do you want to do this again some other time?"
>"Hey, I saw him first!" Scootaloo protests
>"Yeah, but you didn't have sex with him, did you?" asks Archer, booping Scootaloo in the nose.
"Actually, she did."
>"Yeah, way before we even saw you to begin with." adds Scootaloo.
> She had like a liter of cum coming out of her, it wasn't that hard to figure out.
>"Well, um... how about we all do this again?" asks Archer.
>"Dibs on getting to be his girlfriend!" says Scootaloo.
>"What-- you can't call dibs on that!" protests Archer.
>"I can, and I did!" says Scootaloo, sticking her tongue out.
>"Oh, you're de--"
"Hey! keep that shit up and the only thing you're getting dibs on is walking home by yourselves."
> Scootaloo and Archer look at you, then look at the ground.
> Again with the fucking pouting and floppy ears.
"Fine, you both can call yourself whatever you like..."
> They both chime up to you saying this.
> Which in turn gets you an stereo of "Really?" and cheering.
> The two fillies stop celebrating and look at you.
"Not in public."
> Scootaloo lets out a dissapointed groan and Archer lets out a high-pitched "Aww..."
> These are going to be some long 5 years...
And that's all folks, it took way more time than I intended it too because my computer refuses to use both Steam and Firefox at the same time.
Futa mature mares:

Spoiled Rich
Aunt Orange
Upper Crust
Cherry Jubilee
Mayor Mare

Whose cock do you suck first? And what sizes would they be, from biggest to smallest?
It's cool, take your time
id share secrets with mayor mare first
File: toohotformlp.gif (579 KB, 834x1054) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
579 KB, 834x1054
Well done Anon.

Yup, its cool yo.
File: 1418785779281.png (1 MB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1600x1200
Silver Spoon is sexiest filly.
This desu senpai
Are you crazy?
I fucking love that gif
My nigga
Don't tell anyone, but I would totally hold hooves with her while scratching her ear.
File: 1445807636001.gif (96 KB, 634x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
96 KB, 634x354
from biggest to smallest
1.spoiled rich dick implants
2.cherry jubilee
3.mayor mare i choose her first
4.aunt orange
5. upper crust
File: 900706.png (85 KB, 1126x569) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
85 KB, 1126x569
Posting some links

>Warning Anthro
I need some Fucking green on that last pic NOW
Here's some more excerpts from my story:

Spike blushed a little. “Um, if it’s OK with you ladies, I’d rather have to do whatever you say.” He admitted sheepishly.

The two women just smiled at him. “How could we say no to a cute boy like you?” Crust said.

“I suggest you go to bed early tonight. You have a long day of servitude ahead of you.” Spoiled told Spike.

Spike changed into his purple pajamas, and crawled into the king-sized bed, wrapping the satin sheets over him.

Spike woke up early the next morning. He pulled the covers off, and discovered a small, sticky, wet spot on his pajama pants. Not surprising, considering the dream he had last night. He decided he could change later. Right now, he was going to make breakfast in bed for the two women.

Spoiled Rich giggled. “I think you’re a very cute boy,” she whispered, as she gave Spike another kiss on the lips.

“Feel free to touch me, dear,” Spoiled said. Spike proceeded to place his hands on the woman’s large breasts, and nicely shaped bottom.
And so, after eating breakfast, Spike’s servitude began. The two women made him carry their items when they went shopping. That wasn’t too bad. He had carried Rarity’s stuff for her plenty of times when she went shopping.
my god that was hot
please based writefriend
Cheerilee getting prego from kidanon when?
File: 155041.png (141 KB, 1608x1812) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
141 KB, 1608x1812
This one's, uh, kinda hot.
File: SS.jpg (179 KB, 1811x1067) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179 KB, 1811x1067
I bet Silver Spoon's chest fluff is sooo soft. I just want to rub my cheek against and listen to her purr and mew while I [Spoiler]twirl her ponytail.[/spoiler]
What ever happened to DungeonCrawler?
Why is there only one pastebin in the OP?
Because no one has made another master one for the OP.
Perhaps next OP could copy all of the pastebins into a new one.

I didn't even realize how many spelling errors this thing had.
Write more.
Goddamn, never seen that sketch before. Muh fetish.
The Star Trek AU stuff is hilarious though.
Thanks. CG doesn't ring any particular bells; there are too many meanings for those initials.
Hmm. I concur, but regrettably I have too many things I've promised and not delivered to go promising this yet. I'll add it to my idea list in case there's an age difference thread up when I finish my current projects.
I haven't even read the thread, I just dropped in to comment on half-dragons. I could repost my shota Crusaders story here once it's done if anyone wants.
It was a mini commission she did for me a few years ago. I kept swearing Komi was a girl, and asked her to draw it.
File: 1445528716394.jpg (112 KB, 1600x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
112 KB, 1600x900
Oh wow.
>Berry Punch getting railed by 2 colts, 1 analing the other in a train
This does things for me.
Looks more like futas with those eyelashes.
There's no vagoo though.
>There was supposed to be an earth shattering vagoo
>Berry fucking Snails
>alcohol enema
She'd be dead. I don't even care if she's an alcoholic horse, she'd be fucking dead.
File: 1443868086685.jpg (196 KB, 1280x955) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
196 KB, 1280x955
Don't even care as long as big horse seduces small horse.
Futas do not require a vagoo.
I heard that in Marvin's voice and I can't unhear it now.
If there's only dick and balls its not really a futa though. It's just a girly shota. There needs to be some girly bits.
Someone needs to tell that to the majority of futa artists then.
File: maxresdefaseetult.jpg (117 KB, 1920x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
117 KB, 1920x1080
Still reading, but this is kinda hot.

>Spike rape
Scootaloo gets some human cock.
>can't unhear Marvin voice
You will share my pain.
So, new to the board question. Given that this is a blue board, where does one go to get pony porn? Human, anthro, or otherwise.
Tiarawhy. And links people post here. I can't get derpiburo to search tags right.
Yo viral, you still with us?
the Mayans did it when they started throwing up from drinking to much, and they did pretty well for awhile
Yeah, still here, got some crap in my eye and trying to write with one squinting eye is harder than it sounds.
Damp rag in cold water applied to afflicted eye for 20-45 seconds. Do not attempt to force foreign particles out by hand alone.
Take care of your eye and hold off on writing, get a small eyewash/cup kit at the local pharmacy if you have to, ask the pharmacist where it is. Don't fuck with your vision
Only vinny stays true to his duty. Little miffed that I never got to see the greentext of the changeling filly take off. Here's hoping more greenies will come.
I know this isn't completely related, but I need help, and I don't know where to turn.

I want to do an Applebloom/Pipsqueak story, humanized of course. I'm just having trouble with setting up a scenario. Originally, I had it that Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were bullying Pip by taking off his clothes just to look at his dick, when Applebloom intervenes. The trouble I'm having is getting to the part where Applebloom and Pip have sex. I'm starting to think I should try something new for the scenario. Any suggestions?
>filly Gleaming Shield
Now this is something i can back
You want to keep it applebloom and pip?
If I can. He's about the only boy I can see with her. If it helps, in my own little verse, Pip is Time Turner's son, with Derpy and Dinky as his stepmom and stepsister respectively.

I was thinking something happening with one of the Doctor's contraptions that ends up with AB and Pip getting stripped. Or maybe Dinky tries magic on Pip and it warps him to Applebloom's house without his clothes. I really don't know, the floor is open.

>pip, dinky, and friends are all invited to Diamond Tiaras pool party.
>the cmc are also there but on edge because it's diamond tiara
>Diamond only invited them to humiliate them in front of everyone
>the plan is to steal the bottoms of one of there swim suits while in the pool and force them to leave and have everyone laugh at them
>Silver Spoon takes appleblooms bottoms when her friends are distracted
>pip finds applebloom alone and freaking out in one of the corners of the pool, her friends nowhere near
>pip understands what happened and gives applebloom his shorts
>tells her to meet him in the changing rooms
>gets out of pool. gets laughed at
>applebloom meets him in the changing room.
>she proceeds to thank him
Hey Viral, I'm gonna wait for yuo to finish your story before I read it, so I can have one relaxing reading session, will you be putting in any anal scenes, like the Twins showning kidanon how to treat a lady's bottom right?
Dat pic
God, I need more of this in my life.
Awesome, I need a Pastebin of this one!
Nvm, got it!
>anatomically human body
>misplaced nipples

What the fuck, artist?
Not in this green, but I've been thinking of making a follow-up green that will focus on anal (maybe even a little pegging if there is interest in that).

Also, my eye is okay now. Using a damp rag, and then going to sleep for a few hours helped.
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>He took my advice
Senpai noticed me!
Oh god, I wasted a quad on a bump!
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Wow. Nice.
Yeah, and it doesn't look right when they're on a semihuman or anthro body.
The hell are you on about, anon? It looks like neither.
Ponies are quadrupedal and have a round, barrel-shaped chest and stomach. So what does it look like, then?
Artistic style?
Considering how the rest of her looks pretty pony-like, I don't think not being able to draw a proper pony-belly is enough to make it anthro.
He does give her a human-style vagina though.
Pegging is just awesome.
She also has human shoulders and no neck. She's off-model and not really equine either. You can call it a style, but that doesn't change what people who know a bit about character design, hell, people who have eyes in general, see. None of this really matters. The point I'm trying to make is that to me crotchtits placed on a crotch that isn't supposed to have crotchtits on it, because it's a human crotch, just look ridiculous. If you think this is fine, then so be it, but don't try to convince this is what a horse crotch looks like.
Fair enough. Don't see it, but I concede that you have a point.
Viral? Thou art a smith of words. Please carry your tale forward.
Of course I did, mah nigga. Even with only one eye, I am always watching this thread.
>pic related

That's one point in favor!

I will, I won't abandon you.
Can has green pl0x?
Ponies havent been anatomically correct since season 1 ended. They stopped nuzzles in favor of hugs, and Lyra sitting. The pic is no way anthro.

Woot! Shota pegging is so hot, I guess just the "wait wut goes where?" gender role swap aspect of it. Really wish I could find a girl to try it with.
Damn nigga, you didn't let this shit spiral totally out of control like pretty much all 'serious' arguments on 4chan do. You have my respect.
That depends on what you mean by anthro. It's definitely not full anthro, the notorious furry kind of anthro. Personally I use it as an abbreviation of anthropomorphic, even though it often means something else in this and other communities. There's no doubt the pic in question is substantially more anthropomorphic than the ponies in the show, though.
I kind of agree with you, but I hope you realize FIM's storyboard artists and animators still keep their bodies round and their proportions within certain limits despite the human poses and movements. Also, the stock sequences still show them running like horses, standing like horses, looking kind of like horses. But jarring contortions do pop up occasionally, more often now than in S1.
Y-you left me Viral.
>A small tear forms
You la- . .. you lied!

Does it have to be sexual, or are cutes allowed too?
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1 MB, 1024x3999
A cute is fine too.
Ehhh, I'm not really a fan of pegging, it seems like every straight shota story has it and I'm sure plenty of people will be begging for it, like they did with Summer on Fire, if you're in for the long haul maybe have pegging in another chapter of the story AFTER some anal shenigans. But it's going to be up to you and your crowd
File: I have arrived.gif (888 KB, 268x150) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I have arrived.gif
888 KB, 268x150
That's another point for pegging.
Aw, no... Nooo... I could never leave you. I love you!
Don't cry, senpai.
I have been summoned!
Haven't actually seen much shota pegging myself. I kinda want it as part of the anal chapter since there will be some light femdom from Lotus.
Yes, you can! I finally have a new batch of green to give!

May your dongs forever be expanded.
The "I have been summoned" part was supposed to be for >>25322401

>Her sweet, quiet voice meekly begs you and your tongue lashing slows down to a halt. You meet her eyes for a moment, before shifting your attention to Lotus. She gives you a nod, which is all the approval you need.
>Slowly drawing your tongue out of her, you lift your head away from her marehood, a few strands of her sticky juices slathered around your mouth still connecting you to her before breaking off.
>You trail your tongue across your lips, greedily slurping up her nectar as you move over to the side, until you are bearing down on her sister’s equally enticing, pink folds. You peer up at her, meeting her eyes as she meets yours in anticipation, still partially hiding her blushing face behind her hooves.
>Placing one hand against the inside of her thigh, you wait until her button pokes out from her lips, then latch onto it, enveloping the tiny nub of flesh with you lips, and just like with Lotus, you suck on it.
>A whimper-like groan escapes through her clenched teeth as she shuts her eyes tight. Her hips shudder and buck lightly against your face.
>Despite everything, there was a certain innocence about Aloe in comparison to her sister, and no matter how the sounds she makes as your tongue flicks across her pearl in your mouth sends a pleasurable shiver through your mind, you can’t bare to make her squirm too much.
>Letting go of her pleasure button, you waste no time in giving in to her request, burying your face between her legs and slipping your tongue out of your mouth, easily parting her glistening lips to taste her innermost depths, as deeply as you can reach.
>You are rewarded with the sound of her gasping breath as you stroke along her inner walls, much more vigorously this time. Just like her sister, her insides are warm and soaking wet, and you breathe in her sweet scent through your nose.

>You give an appreciative hum, and the vibration through her folds draws another groan out of her, as well as making her leg kick meekly. Interesting…
>Not wanting Lotus to be left out, you release your grip around your hardened member place your hand over her lower lips, trailing across the slippery folds before slipping a finger in between to plunge into her once more.
>”Hmm, good boy~”
>She coos at you in that honey-like tone. You respond with another hum, earning you more shivers and weak kicks from Aloe, as well as an adorable little squeak. A chuckle escapes you, getting muffled in her folds, sending even more vibrations through her nethers. She almost cries out from this, her tongue lolling out of her mouth and her eyes going a little glassy.
>”Ah… A- Anon!”
>Wiggling your tongue around, you feel along her texture, trying to see if you can compare the differences between her and her sister’s. They feel pretty much the same to you. Maybe you’re just too inexperienced? Or it may be because they’re twin? Does it work like that?
>You push the thoughts away from your mind to focus on what you’re doing. Settling in on a rhythm, you pump your fingers in and out of Lotus like you did before, while at the same time exploring Aloe’s canal, sometimes pulling out of her to give attention to her lips as you lap up her moistness.
>The multitasking is sometimes a little hard to keep track of, you sometimes catch yourself slowing down in one of your motions as you focus too much on another, quickly redoubling your efforts to make up for the lack of attention, fearing one of them would feel neglected.
>The sounds of their combined moaning is constantly egging you on, rewarding your efforts even as it also feels like it’s driving you insane; your heart is pounding and your breathing is becoming more ragged and quick. You don’t know what’s come over you, but...
>You want to hear more!

>Their cries becomes muffled, and glancing up at their flushed faces, you see their lips locked against each other, kissing each other deeply as they peer into each other's eyes.
>You feel your bravado drop a little, the thought of not holding their full attention frightening you on some level. You can’t explain this strange need for validation, but you want them to feel good, craving the praise of their cries as you service them so you know you’re doing good.
>Dragging your tongue and finger from their sopping tunnels, you turn your attention to their sensitive buttons, alternating between lapping at Aloe’s like a puppy or kissing it as you take it completely in your mouth, and rubbing your fingers across the tip of Lotus’ folds and her nub every time it peeks out.
>Instantly, their bodies start to quiver, their moans accompanied by high-pitched groans and their breathing becoming more labored. Drops of that clear fluid drips from the tip of your shaft as your excitement reaches a new level; rational thought burned away by the fire inside your loins to be replaced with an animal hunger.
>Remembering your little trick, the next time you trap Aloe’s nub in your lips, you give a long, low hum.
>Her body stiffens under you, and she gives a cry as she starts to tremble in synch with the vibrations of your humming, her cry breaking down into a strained groan, her breath caught in her throat and her mouth wide open in the shape of an “o”.
>A chuckle makes its way from between Lotus’ moans, before she speaks up.
>”H-Hold up, cutie. -Hah- S-stop!”

>Her voice breaks through the needy haze of your mind, making you break contact with their nethers. Looking over them, their coats lightly soaked in sweat, you see Lotus peering at you, panting hard but smiling with a half-lidded gaze. Aloe looks a little out of it, her eyes so glassy that she almost seems to be looking through you rather than at you, mouth still wide open, tongue hanging out limply as she swallows ragged gasps of air.
>Your sticky face heats up as your mind slowly regains control and you realize how carried away you’d become, a feeling of shame mixing with the excitement as you take in the state you had left Aloe in. A giggle from Lotus catches your attention, her smile growing more impish.
>”You surprised us there, little boy. Who knew you had such an appetite?”
>Your face becomes even hotter at her teasing tone and you turn your eyes down to stare at the padded surface of the massage table, leaning back to sit in a kneeling position.
>You can’t recall ever experiencing anything like that, the complete loss of control. Even now, as you steal glances at their glistening privates, still proudly displayed to you, and you lick some of Aloe’s moistness from your lips, savoring its sweet and musky taste one final time, you can still feel that barely contained hunger inside you, making your penis throb and quiver.
>”N-now… Please... I want it now.”
>Aloe pants out the words, her voice filled with a similar hunger and a deep, wanting need. You lift your eyes and meet hers, the pink fur on her face still sporting a deep red color across her cheeks, but her gaze is more clear again. Lotus is also looking down at her, before turning her attention to you, the same impish smile on her lips.
>Lifting herself up from the table, she drags her body slowly over to you, eyes looked on your face as she practically slithers up next to you, leaning in close to you. You can feel her hot breath brushing against your face.

>”Are you ready, little boy?”
>You feel her tongue press against the side of your face, slowly dragging along the edge of your mouth, lapping up her sister's’ juices.
>Before you have the chance to make any kind of response, you feel her hoof gently pressing against the sensitive tip of your shaft, trailing a circle along the head, coating it in its own seeping liquids. You clench your jaw at the motion against your tender manhood, angling your head back and hissing through your clenched teeth.
>She had already shown herself quite capable of finding and taking advantage of your weaknesses, and this might be her way of getting back at you for how you had manhandled her own sensitive spots. The only thing for certain was that it made your head spin.
>Her tongue moves to play across your chin, making its way under it and down the side of your neck, where she plants a small, but quite strong kiss before nibbling lightly at your skin.
“W-what… happens now… m-miss Lotus?”
>It takes quite a bit of will to force those words out, her hoof still trailing along the tip of your penis. She doesn’t answer immediately, content for the moment to see you squirm at her touch.
>A small chuckle makes her breath tickle your neck, her hoof finally breaking contact with your member to trail up your chest, past the other side of your neck, before cupping your cheek and turning your head to look her in the eye.
>There is a ravenous glint in those blue orbs, and she takes one final moment to let her tongue caress the other side of your mouth, cleaning your face of any remains of her sister, before her smile grows even wider, giving you a sultry look.
>”Now, my dear, sweet little boy, we will make you into a real stallion.”