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Homecoming Anon VI
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Previous threads:
FulLR3tarD pastebin:
>Applejack starts hitting on Anon one day
>Rainbow gets jelly and mouth rapes Anon in the school closet then blackmails him
>Anon goes on a date with AJ and gets a haymaker in the face after Rainbow texts her
>Principal Celestia overhears Anon yelling at the M6 about it, but keeps things quiet
>Anon and Shimmie are together-ish now, maybe friends with benefits, maybe more
>But now a grueling homecoming game versus Crystal Prep is coming up
>And afterwards a dance that Anon isn't planning on going to, because he and Sunset are gonna do things instead
>But if he does, he promised Trixie two dances, and Applejack still wants his dick, as might Fluttershy... and Nurse Redheart's chaperoning, so we gotta dance with her too
>And bang Sugarcoat under the bleachers after the game too while we're at it
>Derpy have a huge ass
Since Last Thread

>The game has come and gone, celebrations around, but we're not done yet. The homecoming dance lies ahead, and Anon may face his biggest threat yet: Himself?!
We must investigate it further
And go deeper
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Sometime I forget why we're supposed to hate Equestria Untamed.
I've seen a couple recent ones that are actually passable compared to the drab they churned out for years.
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the paste bin is private
posting some best pony
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what now fapman.png
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>gets godlike trips

>And remember, I don't actually balls.

>FulLR3tarD, you're a god amongst writefags

How FulLR3tarD is not the President of the Earth already.

What now, Fapman
Also where is my pastebin :c


Getting that updated and posting some green in a minute
Pastebin here

"Well that's unfortunate."
>Is this your new home?
>A small cottage in the middle of fucking nowhere
>You can't work with this

>You try opening the front foor with the key you found
>The lock is all rusty, not falling apart just by will of Celestia
>You hear a click
>Aw yiss

>You step in on a cozy little carpet
>Get the keys out, close the door
>And raise your hands in the air, yelling
"Praise Celestia!"
>You hear gentle clicking from the living room
"Oh fuck me in a swimming suit."
>unzips pants
"Well, if you insist."
Just trying to help. I guessed you decided not to write about his mental state on purpose, which is why I thought to voice my opinion about it. Like I think I said, it's to be expected that Anon acts a little OoC considering all that's happened, but a little more insight into why would have made it feel more natural. Even if you said something like "For some reason, you feel like you can't let this go. You can barely control your rising rage," before having Anon acting out, that'd have been enough.
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>Anon gets fucked by a cat

"Alright Anon-nek, we'll have to rethink the situation."
>You're sitting in the living room with a black cat on your lap
>It quietly purrs as you pet it

"We have a pink psycopath who's got the hots for our big green cock,"

>Anon-nek shivers slightly

"A rainbow-colored tsundere cunt,"

>You can tell it's horrified

"And we still haven't met our waifu."

"What the fuck do we do?"

>You turn Anon-nek's face to you

Forgot to namefag
File: image.jpg (93 KB, 806x990) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>implying you don't want a barbed cat's penis inside you
File: rara.png (91 KB, 400x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>implying you don't want to stick it in a virgin's candy vag
Here's the actual pastebin, updated for the last thread. http://pastebin.com/wnBmVqHw
Well played writerfriend

>Aite, you gotta admit
>This Anon is a fucking baller
>He's got at least two girls stalking him
>AND a beast of a PC
>Like seriously, what the fuck, TWO 4K monitors?

>Familiar quiet humming of the fans calm you down
>PC boots up

>MLP desktop.
"Fucking faggot."

"What else?"
>You browse the file system for something interesting
>A couple of folders full of porn

"Aha, found it!"
>A 2TB folder named 'KappaPride'
>Computer takes a while to open it


>Full of MLP porn
>Anthro, futa, folders with ponies' names labeled on them


>You continue to just breeze through countless porn pictures

>Until you find the biggest folder on the PC


"I didn't ask for this."

>Its name is...

>You look around
>You open it

>inb4 they're all vacation photos in historic Crown Point, Indiana
>or Crystal Prep, realistically
It's full of CMCs 'secret pictures' if you know what I mean
Oooh, I see, it's their Crusader Plans. Top secret stuff.
Yeah, their Coldplay S-rated-fanfics.
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>be Ponka Peh

>Spazzing out beside your window looking at the road to your home
>It's 22:59

"I just can't wait for Anon to come!"

>You grab your pet alligator
"Can you, Gummy?"
>Look into its staring eyes
>Gazing upon the Universe, the beautiful work of Eternity, its watchful protector
>Hello darkness, my old friend

"I've come to talk with you again!"

"Because a vision!"

>Softly creeping
>Left it's note while I was sleeping

>And the vision
"That was planted in my brain..."

>Still remains
>Within the sound of silence

>In restless dreams you walked alone
>Narrow streets of Canterlot

>Anon left you a note


>"Anun-kun was here
Luv you <3"

>You turned it over
>"But seriously, you fell asleep hugging poor Gummy. That scene was too adorable to wake you up."
Page 9 bumpster
Page 7 бaмп
>as the car tires roll on the road, you realize that your headache is getting worse
>to take your mind off of the pain, you roll down the window and look outside
>the sky is dark; nearly black with no clouds in sight
>the stars shine bright as some twinkle in the distance
>the car's headlights shining upon the road spill over to reveal lush grass that is soon to wither once winter sets in
>when the car slowed at a stop sign, you could hear the crickets sing their nighttime songs
>the cool breeze blows past your head as it starts to numb your face
>this almost makes the headache less awful

>but the chill goes beyond your neck and gets onto your shirt, which soaks with sweat
>and you knew that could cause chills worse than being shirtless

>as you strip the soaking shirt off, Sunset looks at you with a smirk
>"Getting comfy over there?"
"This shirt will make me colder than the breeze alone."

>then you remember something
"Hey, you're a girl.."
>she looks at you with a 'really?' face
>"Well I'm glad you noticed."

"You didn't let me finish. I was going to say that every girl always keep spare clothes in the car. You wouldn't have a shirt I could borrow, would you?"
>"Really? Every girl...?"
"Please, Sunny, you know I'm right."
>"Just because you're right doesn't mean it would fit you..."

>she reaches back at the next stop and gets you a shirt from the backseat
>"If it fits, go ahead."

>you put the T-shirt through your head and stick your arms out
>it was a little tight, but it would do

>you look over to her
"I just remembered that you're still wearing my jersey..."
>she looks down at your jersey and smiles
>"I'd offer to trade shirts but you already got that one all sweaty."

"Yeah, I wouldn't want that off of you anyways."
>she giggles a little
>"I really look that hot in a jersey that is 5 sizes too big for me?"
"It's more of the symbolism..."

>though it's dark in the car, you're almost positive her cheeks gained a little color
Qt π

>you gaze back towards the outside and lose yourself in the view
>listening to nothing but the soundtrack of the night

>"So.. homecoming king? Did you ever imagine that happening?"
>the question brings a sour feeling in your mouth
"No, not at all."

>"Why not?"
"Meh, I don't know, it's kinda stupid..."

>she tried an impression of you and said "Lay it on me."
>you tried to not laugh, but it failed

>you look out and think
"It's not that big of a deal to me either way, but I never would have imagined that happening to me. Like, if you asked the middle school Anon if he thought he would be homecoming king one day, he probably would have cussed you out and walked off."

>Sunset tries to picture of a younger you and laughs
>"Aww, little Anon was an angry kid?"

"Yeah, I just didn't have that many friends back then."

>Sunset's joking mannerisms quickly faded
>"I, uh, I know what you mean."

"That sounds a lot worse than what it was, to be honest."
>"How is that?"

"I mean sure, there were times where I wished I could have hung out with more people, but I also saw how stupid some of the more "popular" kids could be about their social status. And to be honest, it's part of the reason why I never cared much for school functions -- because the air heads practically lived for them. In a way, I'm really glad I wasn't popular when I was younger because I might have become one of those idiots."

>Sunset brightened up a little
>"Huh, I guess you have a point."

>the mood in the car lightened a bit to a joking air
"Of course I'm right. I'm always right."
>she looks at you, smug
>"Except on your algebra quizzes."
"Wow, shots fired. Tell me why I need to know algebra in real life, Sunny."

>she looks back at the road, thinking
>"You know just because I can't think of a reason doesn't mean that there isn't one!"

>you give a fake evil guffaw in victory
>then your head hurts again
>probably shouldn't do that again for a while
I'm liking this road trip :>
I'm at 6075 line in the pastebin wnBmVqHw
I must say that Applejack's poem was great.
Good night.
> 10
Could anyone tell me what supposedly happened in this one?

>it has been days since you an Sunset became friends
>and yet, your mind still just can't wrap around how it all happened
>it turns out that you two have a bit more in common than you had originally thought
>to make it more unbelievable,
>she liked you... more than a friend

>you look over to her
>she lowered her window and the winds blew her hair back, like she was in some action movie
>as if she was the captain of a sea vessel
>but instead of an epic sea vessel, there was a used car

>the point is: she looked pretty
>hot as always, but especially pretty right now

>the passing street lights lighted up half of her face as the car went by, and put a majestic shadow on the other half

>except this wasn't a movie
>this was real fucking life
>and though you were on your way to the hospital, being with her somehow made that fun

>you reach over and put your hand on her hair
>as your fingers play with her red and blonde locks
>she looks at you, enjoying what you're doing
"Hey it's only weird if you make it weird..."

>her hair was soft and thick like woven silk
>but there was no hair product in it whatsoever
>which was good because sticky fingers wasn't something you wanted from hair

>"It's not weird at all."
>she playfully scoffs a little
>"You know what's funny?"

>"You said that exact same thing on Wednesday night when you were playing with my hair?"
"Oh yeah? What else did I say?"
>"Not too much. You were too busy shoving the light end of that liquor bottle down your throat."

>she puts on a look of faux concern
>"Speaking of which, are you sure you like girls? That bottle went pretty deep."

>oh hell no
>she just went there
>if it's a roast she wants...

>you put on a smile of your own
"Well I like you right now, so probably not."

>"I don't know, maybe I'm a lesbian... we might not work out then..."

"Well if you are..."
>she snickers
>"No, I'm not a lesbian, Anon."

"...because that would have been kinda ho.."
>"Don't even say it, Anon."
How I feel checking on this thread every 5 minutes

>the ride to the hospital was... comfortable
>it wasn't weird when neither of you were talking and it wasn't weird with silence
>it was like how it was in the locker room before a game started
>there was just an understanding

>you liked talking to her
>but you didn't have to in order to be comfortable

>"You had me pretty scared when you were knocked out."
>you looked over expecting to find some playful nonsense type of expression on her
>but she wasn't joking

"Aww c'mon Sunny. Look at me, I'm fine."
>"I guess so. Hopefully the doctor will agree. What will you do if they don't let you play for a while?"
"That would suck pretty hard, but I guess it could be worse. I'll find something else to do until I can play again."


>"I don't know if you would even remember this, but when you woke up, you were kinda... freaking out. Were you dreaming something before you came-to?"

>you immediately think back to one of your dreams while you were knocked out
>whether it was a good idea to talk about it was one thing, but since she asked...
>you needed to get something off of your chest

>telling her about the demon one or the last one would be more than weird
>but maybe the second one actually happened after whatever she didn't want to talk about

"I did have this one dream when I was passed out.."
>"What happened?"

>now you were a little nervous
>what if this weirds her out?
>does it say something about you if you're having dreams of her?
>then again, it wasn't like a wet dream

"It was about you."

>she looks over for a moment with concern
>"Really? About me?"

>you look out of the window again, wanted to avoid eye contact
"Yeah, it was... kind of sad, actually."

>"What happened?"

>you think for a second before answering
>a minute ago everything was fun and joking
>and this would be a huge buzzkill
>maybe you shouldn't tell her

"Sunny, it's kind of a mood killer. Like I said, it was sad."
>"Anon, please tell me what it was?"

>you're not sure why
>but she really wanted to hear this dream

"I don't know if I can remember all of it. It was a weekday; mid-morning, I think. I was in the school next to the front entrance. Everyone was having a good time. Then you appeared and the mood changed. Everyone was pissed off and angry, looking in a different direction from you to avoid your eye contact. No one said anything to you. You were... upset about this, but I don't know what caused it all. That's basically it."

>as you finish, the car approaches a red light
>Sunset comes to a full stop and looks dead at you in disbelief

>"You... you dreamed that?"
"Yeah, it was really... weird."

>what was a comfortable atmosphere in the car, quickly went away
>you had a feeling that you just stirred the emotional pot

>there's a silence between you two, longer than you found to be even remotely comfortable
>you want to break the silence, but it would be forced
>you had to wait for her to say something

>she sighs
>"That's because it actually happened... for months on end," she meekly responds
page 9?

>so that dream DID happen...

>they REALLY didn't like her

>usually you didn't know what to say in these situations, especially if a joke wasn't a suitable response
>maybe that was because you weren't very good with difficult emotions yourself,

>but as you felt your mouth open, you made a quick and silent prayer to whatever god you didn't believe in, in hopes that wouldn't say anything too stupid
>maybe because the last thing you wanted was Sunset to feel bad
>and maybe
>maybe that said something about you as well

>"Anon, I.."
"Wait, before you say anything..."



>here it goes

"Do you remember what you told me on Wednesday? I remember what you said on Wednesday, about people not trusting you because of... whatever you did in the past. I just wanted to tell you that what you did before doesn't matter to me. I don't know what it was that you did and I don't care. If what happened in the dream was your life for a while, then you've paid your dues..."

>you wipe your forehead

"By voting you queen, I think that symbolizes everyone else moving on from their old opinion of you. I kinda hope you can see that. And I'm really hoping you can move on from how you see yourself, too. You don't seem like some evil person.. to me. "

>fuck, that was corny

>you keep your eyes towards the outside, unsure if you said the right thing or not
>you take a peek at Sunset, and you can't tell if she's getting emotional
>think of something to say

"Also, just a daily reminder that we're a couple of losers.."
>she quietly laughs and wipes her eyes, coming to another stop

>"Don't make me kiss you while I'm driving, Anon."

>crisis averted

"As hot and tempting as that sounds, I'd prefer to not die in a car crash tonight."
>the car comes to a full stop once again

>she puts the car in park, reaches over and pulls you into another kiss

>as she lets go she says
>"You're getting one anyways."

>you try not to pop a boner
really fast anon at really icredibly fast speed dies
i still want trixie and anon fucking
[/spoiler] or rape

>in the doctor's office
>"Well Mr. Anonymous, I've got good news and bad news. Which do you want first?"
>you look at the doctor whilst sitting on the patient's table


"Gimme the bad."
>"You won't be playing or practicing for about a month."

"A month!? C'mon Doc, there's no way it's that bad! I feel alright! Bump it to 2 weeks?"

>"It could be much worse. If your skull or brain was to receive any amount of punishment between then, the damage could be permanent, if not fatal. The good news is, it's ONLY a month and there shouldn't be any long term negative effects unless this happens again."

>the dream wasn't exactly crushed, but it sucked shit that you would have to wait an entire month to play again
>hell that 3rd string kid might end up being good and taking your starting position permanently

>yeah right...

"I almost don't want to ask, but I'm supposed to go to a dance tomorrow. Can I still go to that?"
>he rubs his chin

>he continues with the chin rubbing

>"Well, I'd hate to say no. The less blood flow your brain gets, the less severe the headache will be. But... if you promise to take it easy, then you can go."

>"You're chart indicates that you're 17 so it goes without saying: no alcohol. On top of you being too young to drink, mixing it with the pain pills you'll be taking is very dangerous."

>"You shouldn't need prescription painkillers for this, so take 4 or 5 of these three times per day after you eat something. If you need more, it's OTC at the store."
"Got it."

>as he begins to write something down he asks, "So who did you guys play tonight?"
"Crystal Prep."
>he gives a hearty laugh, "Oh boy, that's awful. Crystal Prep for a homecoming game? How bad did you lose?"
"We didn't. It's about time those snotty rich kids lost."

>he stops what he's writing to look at you with disdain
>"My kids go to Crystal Prep."

>he hands you your chart and opens the door for you

>"You can go now."

>he walks you out to the waiting room
>you hold in a grin
>because no matter what you say, you already have the medicine

>Sunset and Redheart get up
>you go straight next to Sunset

>SS: "How bad is it?"
"Not too bad. Shit part is, I'll be out of football for a month. But the doc is right, it could be worse."

>behind you two, the Doc and Redheart meet eyes
>"... Red-Hot..?"

>as you hear this
>you immediately stop and turn around to see whatever fucking miracle is about to happen
>because now you have blackmail against Redheart
>not like you'd ever use it for something bad towards your favorite nurse

>but maybe you could get some favors from her

>what favors would you want? You haven't the faintest idea
>but you would have time to think about it

>this though put a nice shit-rating grin on you

>but even if you never remind her of this ever again, it was worth its weight in gold to just see it happen

>Sunset witnesses this and whispers to you, "Am I crazy or did he just call her Red-Hot?"
>you do your absolute best to hold in the insanely hard laughter that is begging to escape your body

>"Wow... it's been a while. You still look great."
>RH: "Yeah... college was pretty fun."

>Redheart clearly doesn't want to talk to this guy

>"How are you doing these days?"
>RH: "Pretty good. Listen, I gotta take these kids home..."

>or be seen in public near him

>"Oh oh, of course! Look,"
>he pulls out a business card
>"When you get a chance, gimme a call, okay?"

>RH: "Sure, yeah!"
>she takes the card

>and proceeds to shoo you and Sunset towards the door
>as the three of you get outside, Redheart gets close to you
>RH: "Never speak of this."

>there is a trash can outside of the door, in which she throws away the business card
"Aww, Red-Hot, not even one call?"

>RH: "He was a loser."
love your greentext !
keep it on!
pasta everywhere
>RH: "He was a loser."

like all of us
What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo. :^)
Wait wait...Anon need to take 4 or 5 pills THREE times per day?
That's like 15 pills per day!!!
It's a madness!!
In muh country with 6 pills per day you can kill yourself!

>Blackmail Red-Hot
nigga haves no chill
i have a mp3 of fluttershy saying this
pretty much every where

>be Sunset
>driving Anon home

>all the excitement from the day made you tired
>but the exhaustion really hit when you stepped outside of the hospital
>as the cool breeze hit you, it temporarily woke you up again

>but you wouldn't trade anything for today
>the only bad part was Anon getting hurt,
>but he was okay now

>everything else was perfect

>you think of how nervous you were last night thinking about telling Anon how you felt
>lying in bed, hoping you wouldn't say anything stupid
>but it all went great

>better than you could have dreamed
>and... you briefly saw Anon without a shirt

>you were already so excited for tomorrow

>"Hey Sunny, thanks for the lift again."
"Don't worry about it, Anon. I'm just glad that you're okay."

>"Yeah, me too. You got a snack in here somewhere?"
>you giggle a little bit
"You just get out of the hospital and the first thing you want is food?"
>"Well, yes. But also I'm supposed to eat before I take my painkillers."

>well that made sense
"No, I don't keep food in here."

>he shrugs
>"Oh well," and throws the pills down his throat

>of course he would do that

>you shake your head
"I'm just not going to even comment, Anon."
>"Well since I already did it, that would be a waste of words anyways."
"Yeah, whatever."

>even in his stupidity, it was hard to actually be irritated at him
Kek. Can you post it?

>Inb4 heart attack

>"Hey, you know what you should do?"
"What's that?"
>"Sing a song."
>you scoff
"I don't feel like singing."

>he throws his hands in the air
>"Of course you don't! You should though; I'm an injured man."

>you play along with his shenanigans

"First of all, injured? You just said you were fine! Also, you're not even 18 yet, kiddo."
>"Oh okay, I forgot the part where concussions felt good. Also, kiddo... hell no. I'm older than you are!"

"You totally don't even know that!"

>"I can feel it, Sunset. I can feel it in my loins; I am older than you. By how much? Doesn't matter."

>you give him a weird look
"Feel it in your loins??"

>he gives a snort-laugh
"Yeah, someone said that to me this week. Looking back, that's hysterical. Also you should sing."

>you give him the 'talk to the hand'
"Keep talking. I'm not singing. Why do you want me to sing so badly anyways?"

>he leans in towards you does an awful British accent
>"Can the king not enjoy the queen's voice just once?"

>mercy, that was cheesy

>..and it worked

>you roll your eyes
"Fine, but I choose the song. If the radio doesn't play anything I like, you'll have to wait."

>you start up the radio

>he leans back
>"Fair enough."

>this song plays

"Oh, I know this one!"
>"Let's hear it."

>and though southern rock wasn't your favorite type of rock, you did like this song
>. The less blood flow your brain gets
>>he stops what he's writing to look at you with disdain
>>"My kids go to Crystal Prep."
fugggg, watch it be one of the assholes who did this to him

>>Inb4 heart attack
nah they usually say take food beforehand to prevent nausea and stuff.
Also calling your trip-dubs
sure give me a moment

>you turn the volume down a bit
>as you softly sing the lyrics of the song, you become more comfortable singing the song

>you have to keep your eyes on the road when you sing and drive, else you become too distracted

>Anon hasn't made some sarcastic comment about your voice yet
>which means it's either really good
>or it's horrid and he's too nice to say it

>but you're pretty sure it's not horrid

>the song nears the end, and Anon still has not said a word
>you look over and he's sleeping
>mouth wide open, but not snoring

>if you were tired, he must have been dead-tired after the game
>plus getting the crack on his head


>Tuesday while tutoring Anon
"Crystal Prep?? ... Good luck getting knocked out."
>"When I get knocked out there on that field... will you hold my hand and sing me a lullaby?"

>real time

>you grin pretty big looking at Anon
>looks like he got that lullaby after all
>you reach over and hold his hand to finish off the deal

>you'd hold onto the homecoming tickets for him until tomorrow

>and maybe his jersey until he asked for it back

>it was a good couple of minutes before you got to his place

>as you pull into his driveway, you gently shake his arm
"Anon? Anon, we're here."
here it is . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRGm2XS211I&feature=youtu.be
she comites some error at the end i didint remembered but it still.
There's a huge chunk of this story I have to finish before I can post anymore. Just like to remind all of the awesome anons that are keeping up with this almost 70,000 word story (so far)... there is a happy ending for our Anon.
GN bois.
good night anon
sleep tight faggot
good night retard
love you long time
Thanks m8

Sleep tight FR
Can I /r/ Anon sleep talking? That would be funny:
>Anon starts speakinglewd things of the different gurls he spoke to: >Trixie,Derpy,Sonata,etc
>oh trixie, make my cock dispensary in your pussy
File: silly anon.jpg (11 KB, 250x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
silly anon.jpg
11 KB, 250x250
>implying Trixie is a girl
>"Oh Adagio, I didn't know you don't actually balls..."
I need bump for this

Alright this is getting ridiculous.
I'll wrap the story up somehow and update only on the pastebin, so if anyone's interested in the ending, go check that out in a couple of hours. I'll have to lurk from now on.


GL&HF, Bumpfag
Silly Anon, you should know that Trixie doesn't actually balls
That moment when not only you don't actually balls.
You CAN'T actually balls.
femanons on suicide watch.
Oficially ded?
Our writelord shall surely provide.
One can only hope.

>be Anon

>Photo used the wrong lens for the pictures
>you have to do them again
>you squat down to let Sonata and Derpy back onto your shoulders
>they get on, but this time instead of facing outward and having their asses towards your head
>they straddle your shoulder pads, asses facing outward

>SD: "Looks like you'll have to hold onto your asses this time, Anon. That's not a problem, is it?"
"N-no, not at all."
>you place a hand on each... firm ass

>Sonata uses her feet to slightly push against your body
>SD: "Uh oh, Anon. I think I'm slipping off. You might have to..."
>she bends her torso over to lightly bite your ear
>Derpy finishes the sentence, "...hold us tighter."

"Y-yeah, sure. No problem."

>you practically squeeze their asses to keep them on you
>the camera flashes start

>PF: "Ladies, turn up the heat. These magazines don't sell themselves! Adagio, you want in on this? Start stripping him down."

>be Sunset
>Anon isn't waking up
>but he's mumbling something

>you turn the radio off to try and hear what he's saying
>as you do this, he giggles like a little girl
>"hehe, she doesn't even balls."

>what is he dreaming about??

>a few seconds go by and he starts to grin in his sleep
>a few more seconds and he squirms a little

>shake him again

>he lets out a moan


>be Anon
>your eyes shoot open
>you wake up in Sunset's car

>man, hell of a dream

>"Anon, we're at your house," you hear Sunset say

>you look around and get your bearings
>the painkillers must have kicked in during your nap, because your head feels better
>"Did you even hear me sing at all?"

>you think back to the southern rock song
"Yeah, it sounded nice."

>you wouldn't mind being with her a little longer
>maybe catch another performance
>but you're out of it and you need to shower and go to bed

>you get out and grab your stuff from the trunk
>and start towards your house
>"No goodnight hug?"

>you turn around

>give a sarcastic look

>she gets out of the car
>"Shut up."
>you lay your gear down on the lawn as she approaches
>"I don't know why I put up with you sometimes.."
"Trust me, I don't either."

>arms wide, you pick her up
"Thanks Sunny."

>you put her back down and she starts back toward her car
>"Good night Anon, see you tomorrow."
"Good night Sunset."

>pick your gear back up and head towards the front door
File: 1445728541659.jpg (20 KB, 297x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 297x275
>"hehe, she doesn't even balls."
you sly dog

>be Sunset
>you arrive back at your place
>as you put the key into the front door lock, you stop
"... she doesn't even balls??"

>after thinking of what that could mean, you shrug and enter the house

>after a shower, you walk to your room; towel wrapped around you
>put on a pair of panties and look for some pajamas
>none are clean; you forgot to do laundry last night

>look around for something else to wear to bed
>you see the 85 jersey hanging on your door and smile

>as you lay in bed, you check your phone
>text from Twilight

>[Hey is Anon okay?]
[Yeah we went to the doctor. He's not going to be able to play for a while but he's okay.]
>[That's great; about him being okay.]

>[I'm guessing you like Anon?]

>you think before typing
>a little worried

[Is it that obvious?]
>[Haha, pretty much. The make-out session after he won wasn't exactly subtle.]
[Yeah... it was kind of an 'in the moment' thing.]

>[Hey I'm not judging at all. I thought it was cute. Didn't look like he minded too much, either ;) ]
[No, I guess he didn't :) ]

>a few minutes go by

>[I don't want to sound nosy so you don't have to answer if you don't want to. Are you guys like.. going out?]
[I.. actually don't know.]
>[Are you wanting to?]
[... maybe.]

>be Anon
>laying in bed after a hot shower

>get your phone
>text from Flash

>[Hey man, how ya feeling?]
[Better. Doc gave me some painkillers.]
>[How long are you out?]
[... a month.]
>[Damn that sucks.]

[Ay Flash, I gotta tell you about the dreams I had when I was passed out.]
>[Okay. Hit me.]
[No, I mean I'll tell you tomorrow.]

>[You can't tell me now?]
[Nah man, it's too long.]
>[Alright bro. By the way, don't be late to the dance, I got a surprise.]

[What is it, are you asking Rainbow to be your lawfully wedded rapist?]
>[Screw you. I can't say what it is, but you'll want to be here for it.]
[Got it, bud. I'll see you there.]
File: RD.png (218 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
218 KB, 1280x720
>[What is it, are you asking Rainbow to be your lawfully wedded rapist?]

He's gonna live the dream.
File: Mah Nigga.png (289 KB, 676x616) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Mah Nigga.png
289 KB, 676x616
File: 1380753758453.jpg (5 KB, 126x126) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>she doesn't even balls

>be Rainbow

>after school was over on Wednesday, you thought the hardest part of the situation would be over with
>after Celestia's final ruling and your apologies to your friends plus Anon, you thought the worst was over with
>to your surprise, you couldn't have been more wrong

>getting in trouble at school was small beans

>you were told that you got your energy from your dad
>he was energetic, athletic, and dedicated to what he cared about
>and in turn, he got a little excitable sometimes when he was angry
>especially when you got in big trouble

>so you expected to get yelled at

>when you got home on Wednesday, you told him that you needed to talk to him about something
>he sat down at the table and listened to what you had to tell him

>he didn't flip out when you told him you got suspended

>but when you told him what you did...

>at the time, you just didn't want him to yell at you

>but now
>now you wished he would have

>because he didn't say anything; at all
>his face turned pale as a look of horror faced you

>then, within seconds, he closed his hanging lower jaw, regaining control of himself
>his face fell expressionless

>after you finished explaining he just got up out of his chair... and walked away
>he went into the other room to turn on the TV, sat down, and said absolutely nothing to you

>you couldn't believe what just happened
>you knew that you deserved to be punished at home for what you did
>you'd probably get grounded for months

>you didn't know how to react
>he had never done this before

>you go to your room and think about what that means
>it was unnerving to watch him act so out of character
>but something about him not saying anything at all hurt more than any time he ever yelled at you

>maybe he was trying to teach you a lesson by being silent to you
>if this was the case, you definitely learned the lesson
>you felt awful

>in an hour, there is a knock at your door and an out of character monotone, "Dinner."
>you open your door, hoping he wants to talk now

>maybe he just needed time to think of what to say
>maybe now he's ready to punish you

>but as you look out of your door,
>he had already left your sight

>you walk over to the table again
>pull out your regular seat and sit down
>and for the first time in your life, you hoped he would yell at you now

>your dad brings over a plate of spaghetti and puts it in front of you

>during dinner is when he always asked about your day
>about your friends
>about sports
>about your life

>he always loved hearing you talk

>that Wednesday night during dinner, he didn't ask a single question
>when he wasn't eating his food, he just stared at his plate
File: 1445503791779.jpg (113 KB, 623x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 623x700
Damn Rainbow, you fucked up.

>you felt like you had a hole in your heart
>you didn't care about what he might say
>you just wanted him to speak to you

>you would take any punishment over this

>he says nothing
>he doesn't look at you
"Am.. am I not grounded or something?"

>still watching the plate, he drones
>"I guess not."

>your emotion shows through your voice cracking

>he shrugs his shoulders lightly as if in a trance
>his face shows sadness, but he doesn't look away from his food
>"Do what you want, Rainbow."

>as he says this, the air in the room feels like it's getting thick
>it becomes harder to breathe
>your eyes start to feel hot
>but you know there isn't anything wrong with the air

>you tried to eat, but the pain of seeing your energetic dad like this hurt too much to consume any reasonable amount of food
>he didn't finish his food either
>after a few minutes of neither of you moving, he calmly gets up and takes your plate
>he throws the food away, again, something he normally didn't do

>he mumbles something about overcooked noodles
>you look at him with pleading eyes
>but he isn't looking
"No, dad, th-they were.."

>but before you can finish that sentence
>he grabs his keys and goes towards the door
>"I'll... I'll be back later tonight."
>but before he goes out the door, he looks at you with the same pleading eyes you gave him

>door shuts behind him

>you don't know where he's going

>but as you hear his car leave the driveway, you are left sitting at the table


>you knew that 'later' meant really late
>as in after you go to bed

>and he didn't say goodnight

>as the sound of the car fades into the distance, your breathing turns into sharp, shallow inhales through the nose with staggered exhales
>your bottom lip quivers as you try to hold it back
>your throat feels like it's being choked

>you never meant for anything like this to ever happen
>but as you realize what you have truly done, it felt like your heart sank to your feet
>it hurt bad enough to know that you had wronged your friends and especially Anon
>but this was unbearable

>your dad wasn't trying to teach you a lesson
>he wasn't playing mind games
>he wasn't even mad

>he was hurt
>you hurt him

>when you finally understood this, you couldn't hold it in anymore
>your throat became frozen as you broke down into a sob
>you bury your face into your hands as the tears start to pour

>still alone

The sound of silence.mp3
File: 1442046200723.png (199 KB, 1200x1332) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199 KB, 1200x1332
M - muh heart
Y must u bring these feels?
8 again
Is a burnin' thing...
Start bumping faggots
>you get up from the table
> hands still buried on your face
>trying to hold back as many tears as you can, you rush to your room to cry like you never done before
>as you get up and start to sprint, you feel something slippery on your foot
>suddenly you start falling backwards
>the world seems to slow down enough to remember all your life
>then it comes to you
>the realization of what you did
>the greatest mistake in your whole life
> everyone attends your funeral
>your dad steps closer to the coffin and says those words...
>they will haunt you forever...
"You made me overcook my spaghetti..."
"Nobody messes with my pasta"
It's a shame it could never compare to mom's spaghetti
How did you think she died?
>as the coffin closed, only one sound can be heard int the graveyard
File: 1444335715462.jpg (43 KB, 400x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 400x600
Inb4 Dash's dad goes drinking, then dies in a drunken wreck on the way home.
File: kek.jpg (47 KB, 550x550) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 550x550
Inb4 she goes and cries to Anon, and he pity-fucks her in the bathroom at the dance
Inb4 Anon leaves her a cum stained sobbing mess on the floor to spend the rest of the night happy with Sunset
Let's not forget, this is a flashback to Wednesday night.
Ok someone better explain this right now.

"I don't actually balls, you idiot."

What does that mean? Is it a reference to something?
It's referencing the story.
It is a reference to a typo made by FulLR3tarD.
Anon was having a friendly banter with Adagio. Anon says Adagio knows a thing or two about balls, guy carrying Adagio on his shoulders jokingly or not jokingly moves his head to avoid Adagio's "balls". Adagio says, "I don't actually (have) balls, you idiot."
Bump. Can't wait for the end.
Damn anon
fuckin metal
Things that go bump in the night
page 9 savin' bump
Page 8 bumparooni.
c-come back Retard!

We miss you

>after several minutes of letting it out
>you drag yourself to your room again and lay on your bed
>your phone has several unread messages from your friends, but you didn't feel like reading them
>hours later, you feel your body needing sleep
>but you can't fall asleep

>the concept of time seemed to slip away as you stare at the spinning ceiling fan

>you can only think about your dad
>and everything that he's done for you

>you lie in bed, sheet and covers flailed about

>the hours go by as you think of some of the cool times you had with him
>he used to tell you stories about his escapades in high school and college
>listen to you talk and complain
>poke fun at you when you needed it

>you two were close

>and he worked his ass off making sure you had everything you needed
>you were old enough to understand... appreciate this
>he wasn't perfect
>but he loved you
>and he always took care of you

>your mind goes back to last year, when you both saved up some money and took a trip to the beach
>the laughs you shared
>the adventures you went on

>it was amazing
>and after that, you could never understand why other kids didn't want to go on vacations with their parents
>because that week at the beach was one of the best weeks of your life

>then you hear something in the house that takes you away from your thoughts
>it was the front door

>you look over to your clock
>3:12 am
>you had fallen asleep

>as footsteps near your door, you close your eyes and pretend that you weren't awake
>you know it's your dad

>the slow click of your bedroom doorknob
>the quiet creek of the door opening

>your dad peeks in your room, looking at you
>he waits there a second

>when you don't move, he quietly and slowly tip toes past the door
>he stands next to your bed

>his palm slowly extends towards your head, then stops
>he hesitates for a moment

>but his palm eventually connects with your hair
>he gently and softly pets your hair

>every once in a while, you hear a quiet sniffle
>but he makes not other noise

>a tear falls onto your cheek
>he wipes his eyes to prevent it from happening again

>after about a minute, he removes his hand from your head
>at the doorway, he turns to look at you once more

>and quietly leaves your room, shutting the door behind him

>as the door shuts, you open your eyes again
>the shadow of his feet are still outside of your door
>he's not moving

>but eventually they do, and you hear his door shut not longer after

>you knew your dad would never physically hurt you in any way
>so when you heard you door open, there was no worry in your mind

>maybe he didn't say anything
>but him taking the time to show that he didn't hate you; even if it was just petting your hair
>meant the world to you
>now you could finally sleep

>when you open your eyes again, light peers into your room from the window
>you look at the clock
>9:45 am

>the faint smell of cooked eggs hits your nose
>dad is making you breakfast

>you fly out of your sheets and swing your door open
>but when you look into the kitchen, he isn't there



>you knock on his door

>did he leave again??


>you mind goes to dark places thinking of the possibilities
>you nervously walk around the kitchen
>was he trying to say good bye to you last night?

>were your actions the final straw for him?
>...did you make him leave?

>did he leave for good this morning?

>as you start to get emotional again, your eyes see something on the fridge door
>it's a note
Why do you make me feel this?

>you rip it off of the magnet and begin to read
>[Breakfast is in the fridge.]

>as you put the note down, you remember something
>he's at work

>he works the long shift on Thursday's
>he would be back around dinner time

>as your mind relaxes, you feel your stomach rumbling
>you open the fridge door and see a plate of eggs and bacon

>everything seemed a little more okay then

>as you ate, you decided to check your phone
>most of your friends had texted you last night, asking if you were okay

>but the last message from AJ said
>[Anon's tellin' people that you're sick. No one is going to know what happened. I hope you're okay, sug.]

>and though your reputation wasn't nearly as important as your dad
>Anon's decision took enough weight off of your shoulders to allow you to survive until your dad got home

>the day seemed to crawl along at a pace slower than you wanted
>you just wanted him to be home

>you didn't know what to say to him
>but anything would be better than nothing

>after working out, going for a run, eating twice and watching TV,
>the clock hit 5pm

>he would be home in about an hour
>>he would be home in about an hour
NOW it really is one hour later (and a bit)

>as the clock neared 6pm, suddenly, you weren't sure if you were ready

>you paced around the house, thinking of what to say
>your mind was going 1000 miles per minute

>but 6pm finally came around
>and at about 6:10, the front door opened

>your dad found you in the kitchen, still pacing
>you stopped and looked at him, waiting to see what he would do
>you two looked at each other for a few seconds
>then he put his things down on the table, and looked back at you
>"Rainbow, go sit on the couch. We're going to talk."
>he sounded stern, but not furious

>he began walking towards the next room
>you followed him

>you sat down on the small couch facing the TV
>he sat on the chair facing the window

>there was silence again as he looked at his shoes
>then he looked back at you

>his face looked different than it did the night before
>he didn't look like he had seen a ghost anymore
>instead, he looked exhausted

>"I needed some time to think about this. I wasn't ready for what you told me."
>you look away for a moment, again feeling guilty
>then you meet eyes again
>"I called your principal today during my break at work."

"Y-you did?"
>"I did."
>he paused for a moment, like it was difficult to speak
>"Rainbow, I never thought I would have this kind of conversation with you. There's no way you can possibly understand how hard and uncomfortable it is to have to talk to you about this."

"O--okay. I'm sorry."

>"You did something wrong to this boy, and you hurt your friend's feelings doing so. And even if you thought that this 'Anon' guy would think that..."

>he looked like he might be sick, but he took a second and continued

>"... that what you did would be... hot, it still wouldn't have been okay. I think you know that."

>you nod your head 'yes' trying to keep it together

>"Principal Celestia told me that Anon has the power to tell the school of what you did. You know that I hope he doesn't do that, but Rainbow, look at me when I say this..."

>you look back at him

>"I also know that he has every right to do that. Do you understand why?"
"Yes... but Applejack texted me today and told me that he's not going to."

>your dad sits back for a second, trying not to show his relief
>then he leaned forward again

>"Celestia told me that Anon could have had you arrested, but he denied the option. Now you tell me that he's covering for you? Does he like you or something?"
>you shake your head

"No. No he doesn't. I think he might have liked Applejack, but I'm not sure. Dad, he didn't even tell on me; he was just going to tell my friends the truth... because I lied to them about what happened. That's when Celestia heard us."

>"Why is he practically letting you off of the hook like this?"
"He just kept saying that he wanted it to be over with."

>your dad thinks on this for what seemed like hours to you

>"Are you ever going to do something like this again?"
"No... I swear. I-I didn't know it would be like this. I thought... he would like it."
>you meant that too

>the thought of you giving oral make your dad want to vomit
>but he put that behind him so you wouldn't feel worse

>"Rainbow, you're at the age where sex is very common. I've always told you to be wise about this subject. Sex is one thing, but you made a mistake. A huge mistake. I know you already feel bad about it, I can tell. But I also know that what happened isn't okay, and feeling remorse isn't enough to make this right. I don't know what drove you to do something like that, but you can't do that again."

"I won't. Ever."
>Be Rainbow Dash
>"Rainbow, I'm taking you to Fluttershy to get fixed."
"But dad, that's for animals! Not to mention ARE YOU EVEN LISTENING TO YOURSELF?!"
>"I'm sorry, but...you are an animal now."
>You see him sniffling, obviously as hurt by what he said as you are
>"Either way, I've already paid your friend, and she's waiting for us at her cottage after she gets out of school."

>"It sounds like this Anon guy is taking some hits for you, and I don't know why. But if he's as nice as Principal Celestia makes him out to be, then that makes what you did even worse. You ARE going to be grounded for a very, very long time. I don't know how long exactly, but I'll tell you when you're not grounded anymore. While you're grounded you'll be doing all of the house chores as well. I haven't decided if I'm going to let you play sports during this time, but we'll talk more on that later."


>"But the first thing you're going to do is find out how you can make this right for Anon. I'm not going to let you just take his mercy like it's free food; you're going to earn it. You can't undo what you did, but you can do right by at least trying to make it up to him."

"I will, I promise. I honestly want to do that anyways. I know what I did was wrong, and I swear that I never meant to hurt anyone, especially you. I swear, I've learned my lesson."

>"Good. One more thing. I don't hate you, even if what you did was very wrong. I'm always rooting for you, and I'll always be there for you. We'll get through this together, Rainbow; like we always have. No matter what, you are my daughter and no matter how badly you mess up, I love you."

>you needed to hear that so badly
>your legs seem to operate on their own as they fly the rest of your body towards your dad
>he gets up out of his chair with a smile and his arms open
>you wrap your arms around his grimy work uniform as you cry for the last time that night
>he hugs you back tightly

"I l-love you too, Dad."

>As you drive back home, you think about how your week has been
>Dad would let you go to the game and the dance since you already bought your ticket
>grounding started on Sunday

>you were nervous about coming to the game at first, but as soon as your friends invited you to sit with them, everything started to feel better
>you cheered on the Wondercolts until your voice got hoarse
>and while you didn't say anything, you really hoped 85 would have a good game

>and your hopes became reality when he scored the winning touchdown

>as you and the girls were getting ready to leave, you saw Anon get hit on the head with a helmet
>you had to stay, even if everyone else left
>because aside from the fact that you honestly wanted to make sure he was okay
>you needed to start going out of your way to be nice to him

>because your dad was right
>Anon could have crushed your entire life
>and yet he chose not to

>as he finally got up
>you told him that he did great during the game
>he responded with "Thanks. Glad you're back, Rainbow."

>and what lifted the weights from your shoulders was the fact that he looked like he meant it

>he and Sunset went off to the hospital
>you went home
>and while driving home, an idea popped into your head

>you step into the door of your house and see your dad watching TV
"Dad, I have an idea."
That's all for tonight. The next post starts the big day for our boi Anon.
>"Getting blown isn't that rare from a teen. But anal? I'm sure he'll like *that*"
Page 10 bump!
Awww yeah I expect moar Derpywaifu
Aww yus. I'll be right here, eating my popcorn.
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page 10 bump

Don't you die on me post!
Bump for his!!!
Please God more!
>"Good. One more thing. I don't hate you, I really hate you. You messed up big time. I hope you see the look of disgust on my face every time I look at you."
>"Whenever I see you it makes me reflect on my choices in life. I just wanted you too know
>You sat there disbelieving of what your dad just said.
>He got up and put on his sunglasses
>"I'm going to black out in a strip club, see you later"
Bumpy for Derpy!
Page 8 bempo
8 again
File: 1445690219200.png (3 MB, 1305x1244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1305x1244
>He then did a sick backflip and moonwalked out of the front door, and came back in the morning with his birth certificate
>He changed his name to...to...
"This way you will always remember what you did"
>His name now was: "Rainbow sucks for free"
Don't leave us Retard!
strage /fit/ards seen in mlp
/fit/Anon is the best Anon.
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1445234384205 (1).png
840 KB, 750x1125
I'd give my life not for honor, but for you.

File: Snakeeater.png (247 KB, 517x958) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Snake Eater~

Fuck I love that song
File: 1443052594476.gif (177 KB, 500x1048) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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FR. Why must you do this to us.
Say it ain't so guys! Writefriend is kill
For a second I was hoping this was a Naoh thread.
Holy shit I can't believe it's writebabby's first green. One of the comfiest stories I've read for sure.

For some reason I especially liked the scene with anon and SS getting wasted. tfw drinking alone and Sunny won't be knocking at my door, hit close to home I guess
And well worth the wait to be sure.
File: 1445548553000.jpg (57 KB, 540x497) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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What are sides again?
File: a37.jpg (367 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okay, story posts incoming soon. There's going to be a metric ton of music in the final 'chapter' here, and the songs will really set the mood for what the story conveys. I would recommend reading on a platform where you can listen and read at the same time.

Also note: from here on out, the songs may or may not necessarily reflect my actual musical tastes. (Especially during the dance parts) If it's there, it's there to complement what is happening in the story.

See you soon, bois.
you magnificent bastard!

>slowly your eyes open
>instinctively reach your hand over to the alarm clock
>but you realize it's not going off

>oh right... it's Saturday
>the first thing you feel is your head hurting
>your stomach got a little queasy when you didn't eat before taking the medicine last night
>so you needed to make some breakfast before you took your pills
>because today was not the day to be in any shape other than 100% feel-good mode

>but before you do that, you lay exactly where you are, not moving
>almost every other day you had to whip yourself out of bed to not be late for something
>but today you didn't have to move a muscle until you damn well wanted to
>not even a headache will rush you out of bed

>the warmth and comfort of your bed was amazing when you had time to truly enjoy it
>so you didn't move a muscle
>except maybe some facial muscles to allow a grin

>the air felt lighter and easier to breathe in
>your room didn't smell like garbage or sweaty socks
>the sun outside wasn't too bright
>but it did allow warm colors to seep through the window

>tonight was the dance
>and you finally had some time to thoroughly ponder everything that happened during the week
>and what a crazy-ass week it was

>you realize that this wasn't the first time you thought that, but the weekdays were over with now
>and for the most part, you ended up on top
>unbeaten by the fates

>you felt like the captain of a ship that had gone through the swell of a storm at sea
>and the ship only lost a layer of paint
This is from the view of Anon. I forgot to mention that.

>you walked into school on Monday with a few friends and a backup spot on the football team
>and you came home last night with a starting position on the team, some new friends, a pretty girl interested in you
>would you go through the week again if you had the chance?
>probably not; what, with the stress of the drama bullshit around you
>the anger of being lied about in different ways
>and the physical pain of not only being clocked on the jaw, but almost having your head crushed...

>but were you glad it happened?
>were you glad it worked out like this?
>hell yes

>and speaking of pretty girls...
>you reach over to grab your phone
>for shits and giggles, you made an account on facebook like 4 years ago
>now you only check it about once a month or something
>maybe because people posted the dumbest shit on there
>maybe because social media in general really wasn't your thing

>but you decide to check it
>'31 new friends requests'

>you go down the line and basically add everyone
>there's girls and guys you do know, and some you don't
>some didn't even go to your school
>but you add them
>you never get on anyways, so it didn't matter either way

>but the last request is from Sunset Shimmer
>you look at her profile to see a picture of her with her friends

>and for the first time since Monday, it truly dawns on you how out of your league she is
>you're an alright looking guy, and in shape too; but Sunset is well beyond 'alright'
>pretty hair
>awesome body
>great tits
>fun to be around
>minimal bullshit
>just to name a few

>and she likes you

"Fuck, man..."

>and she's going to the dance with you
>as your date

>this elicits a soft chuckle out of you

>it was one thing to doubt yourself
>it was a completely different notion to be realistic
>and if you were honest, she could soon come to her senses to realize that she's dipping a bit on the food chain to date you

>not that there's anything horribly wrong with you
>but she could date anyone she wanted to without the aid of false rumors

>and eventually your popularity would dwindle down again
>you'd keep your new friends, but there wouldn't be any hype or school buzz about you

>that day would come soon enough, and you would welcome it
>but right now, Sunset liked you
>and after hanging out with her, you admitted that felt the same

>no matter what happened in the future, you still had an opportunity tonight to not royally fuck things up with Sunset
>maybe if you can just pull that off, she might want to go on a another date
>or maybe she would just want to be friends afterwards

>and even if she just wanted to be friends, you could be okay with that too
>even if you'd rather it stay romantic between you two

>if she invited you in after the dance, you wouldn't puss out on making a move
>if she declined your advances, you would take your losses and walk home knowing that you didn't bitch out on trying

>and if the night ended with you on the outside of her door,
>you'd say
"Good night; I've had a very lovely evening."
>walk away from the door, go home,
>jerk off
>and go to sleep

>this is your plan
>a simple one; to the point
>ready for success; ready for failure
>just your style

>you get out of bed and immediately go to the kitchen
>you get out some pancake mix and make yourself some pancakes
>one of the few things you actually could cook

>Mom always said that a good breakfast started a good day
>and while that wasn't necessarily true, it didn't hurt your chances either
>while making breakfast, you remembered something
"Aren't people supposed to go to dinner before the dance?"

>a momentary wave of panic goes over your body
>what if you are, and you can't get reservations in time?
>what if you screwed up before the 'date' even started?

>whip out your phone and text Flash

[Ay Flash, don't people go to dinner together before the dance?]
>[No, Anon, we all fly to the moon and back.]
[Fuck yourself. I haven't been to one of these before, remember?]
>[Hahaha, yeah bro. Try to get some nice reservations.]

>the pancakes made, you eat your breakfast at the table while you look up some decent restaurants in town
>you make a list of places to call in Canterlot, then begin calling for reservations

[Yeah, is this the Omni?]
>[Yes sir, how may I help you?]
[I'd like a reservation for 2, tonight at 7.]
>[I'm sorry sir, but we're all booked for tonight. It's Canterlot's homecoming night.]

[Yes, I'm aware. Thank you.]
>hang up
>bite of pancake

>dial another number

>[Hello, thank you for calling Chateau Marmont. Would you like to make a reservation?]
[Yes I would. 2 for tonight at 7.]
>[Oh, I'm sorry sir, we're all booked for tonight.]
[Okay, thanks.]

>you called two other decent places and got the same answer for both

>you might as well cancel on Sunset if the only option is fast food
>no way you're getting laid from buying her a cheeseburger

>today is already cockblocking you and you haven't even seen Sunset yet
>your mind pictures her disappointment and her shoulders drooping as you tell her that you forgot to find a place for dinner

>as nice as she is, she probably wouldn't even complain about it
>which would make you feel even worse
>you can't let that happen
>fuck, again

"Gotta think of something, Anon."

>you brainstorm as you shove some more pancake into your mouth
>there's got to be a way around this

>after a few too many uncomfortable minutes
>an idea hits your head
>your expression brightens
>you find the number and dial it in

>someone finally picks up
[Hey... hey Johnny, is that you?]
>[Who is this?]
[It's Anon!]
>[Anon?? Hey man, how ya doing!? How's Canterlot treating you?]
[Pretty good across the board, brother. Listen, I was wondering if you could pull some strings for me...]
Waking up and seeing a wall of green...
It's a good day, man. A good day.

>be Sunset

>you wake up in a weird position feeling groggy
>sheets all about your bed
>you are laying belly down and you can feel your phone underneath you
>must have fallen asleep while still using it

>you pull it out from underneath you to check the time
<SAT - 10:32 am>

>a smile creeps onto your face when you read Saturday from your phone
>today was the day that made that somewhat awkward moment during school yesterday all worth it
>as you remember it, you can still feel the nerves you felt yesterday when you told him about your feelings
>but you also feel the happiness from when he agreed to go out with you
>and as if it couldn't get better
>you remember the elation you felt when you two were crowned king and queen

>you imagined what the dance would be like tonight
>walking in together, dancing with him, talking... maybe even leaving together

>the thought made you giddy, but you needed to save your energy for the dance so that you weren't totally wiped out when the dance started
>but another thought entered your mind as well

>he would, of course, dance with other girls, and that alone didn't make you jealous
>but the thought of him going home with another girl quickly removed the smile you had
>and he could very well do that, too
>your ears worked fine when you heard girls talk about him during the week at school
>and though you didn't want to think about it,

>you might have some competition tonight
>and it wasn't something you wanted to compete for

>it's not like he was chained to you
>because you two weren't in a relationship
>he just agreed to try going out with you

>your mind pictured you two having a blast at the dance, calling it quits, and you two laughing together on the way home

>then your mind pictured you driving your car home after the dance, and no one in the passenger seat
>and as much as you didn't want to think about that
>you needed to prepare yourself in case that happened

>but you wouldn't let that thought ruin your day
>or night

>and you can't obsess over what might go wrong, either
>so far, he's put in effort to be with you,
>at first he dropped hanging out with Big Mac to hang out with you
>and then going one step further beyond his comfort zone to go to this dance with you

>you put this into perspective and start feeling better

>you hop in the shower and let the anxiety wash off of your body
>as you get out, you feel your stomach rumble

>get some breakfast and watch TV
>then your mind thinks of something as you're eating

>what are you doing for dinner tonight?
>Anon probably forgot, and even if he didn't it was probably too late to get reservations
>and what time should you be at his house to pick him up?

>after eating you call Anon
>all this green
Week keeps getting better and better
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Wake up
Dis Green
> Awwwwwwwww yiss!!

>be Anon

>15 minutes after your last call ended
>phone rings again

>[Anon, it's Sunset.]
[What's up, Sunny?]
>[Listen, I just wanted you to know that you don't have to try to get reservations for dinner. We can just have something at my place.]

>you hold in a prideful laugh
[No need. I got us something.]

>she is silent for a second
>[Wha... really? How? Where did you get a reservation this late?]

>ever proud of yourself, you try not to be smug

[It's a surprise.]

>on Sunset's end, she has a coy smile
>[I like surprises, Anon.]
[I think you'll like this surprise.]
>[Okay, what time do you want me to be over?]
[No, I'll go to your place. I'll be there around 6. That okay with you?]
>[Yeah, that's perfect.]
[Sweet, I'll see you then.]

>you hang up

>if she had called 30 minutes earlier, you might have been super embarrassed, shamefully thinking of an excuse as to why she would have to cook dinner tonight

>but thankfully, you knocked that one out of the park just in time

>you reward yourself by moving your plate to the couch, putting your feet up on the coffee table and enjoying the rest of your pancakes with the company of some cartoons

>you might get a little nervous as the time got closer to leave, but for now,
>you were going to chill for a while, soaking up the sweet feeling of victory after you blew away the day's first obstacle

>you got out a few painkillers and took them down with some milk
>soon, your non-headache would make you ready for the day
You sir, are not a faggot.

You take that back right-fucking-now.


>be Sunset

>as Anon hung up the phone, you put yours down
>the smile you had earlier reappeared
>he thought ahead and found somewhere to have dinner with you

>maybe you were a little paranoid when you got up this morning
>there is no reason to freak out
>you're going on a dinner date with him before the dance
>and then you would show up to the dance together
>and you would have the king/queen dance together, if not more dances afterwards

>no, tonight would be amazing

>he would be wearing a suit
>you realize you had never seen him in a suit, or even 'cleaned up'

>your mind imagined what that would look like
>as the picture was made in your mind, you cross your legs and feel some heat on your cheeks

>but the feelings quickly goes away when you realize you don't know what dress you're wearing tonight..

>you finish your breakfast and immediately go to your closet
>as you look at the dresses you own, you start going through them one by one
>and for some reason, none so far are appealing
"No, no, definitely not, no way, no..."
>you see the last one and an evil grin shows itself

"... oh yesssss."

>and just like that, you weren't worried about anything at all
Stupid sexy Sunset.
Dear God, the anticipation is building like a fucking tsunami!
>“This is the legal hotline, how may I help you?”
>“Hello, yes, I'd like to know if there's a legal way to kick a minor out of my house? Oh, and I need to make some changes to my will.”

>the folly of cartoons end and pancakes in your belly
>you turn off the TV
>chill time was temporarily over
>you needed to get some chores done before the fun happened tonight
>dishes, laundry, get your (only) suit ready, work out, shower, etc

>you figure you'd start with the laundry, and do some push ups in between washing and drying
>two birds with one stone, or whatever
>after you get your clothes in the washer, you decide that you would do a few more reps than normal, but not max reps

>because fuck being sore showing up to your first dance
>a few droplets of sweat with a few breaks later, the washing cycle is done
>you put the clothes into the dryer, set to high

>you could stop working out completely and just watch more TV
>or you can work out a bit more
>you decide to do both

>...mostly TV, though
>you're mostly worried about being too tired to dance later in the night

>however, after thinking, it's not like you're going to be good at dancing or anything...
>you've never been to a dance in your life
>but still, you save your energy

>after an hour, the dryer finishes and you begin to fold the clothes while putting them up
>as this process finishes, you grant yourself some time before you wash the dishes

>as soon as you sit down, you hear a knock at your door
>who the hell is at your house right now?

>neither Mom nor Dad would be home this weekend
>unless something happened...?
>no, they would call if they were coming home early...

>the knocking was loud and irritating; seemingly relentless
>repeating before even five seconds go by

>you swear if it's the evangelists again...

>you open the door
"Look I told you guys..."

>you look to see who it is

>but it isn't the preacher again...

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Check 'em.jpg
4 KB, 113x125
>inb4 Can I come inside?

btw nice dubs.
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Great Plan.jpg
118 KB, 650x422
God damn it Rainbow...
Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool,
gettin' ready for dinner and the dance down at the school.
When a rainbow colored bitch came knockin' at my door,
and I asked "What the fuck do you want you cock-sucking whore!?".
Fucking hell, Anon. You just won the game.
Fucking Kek

>instead of her being predatory after what happened during the week..
>she looks a little nervous,


"Um, what are you doing here?"

>"I, uh..."
>she's looking all around except towards your eyes

>"You can drive stick, right!?" she practically shouts, causing you to take a step back

>you take a second to think of why she would ask such an off the wall question
"Quit fucking shouting! Yes, I can. Why would you ask that?"

>"Sorry, I, uh, didn't meant to yell. Like, what did you drive?"
"My uncle owns an old manual and he taught me how to drive it when I was 13."

>Rainbow draws a circle on the ground with her shoe
>it looks like she's thinking of something...
>like she might be making a decision on the spot...

"Rainbow if you think that I want anothe.."
>before you finish, she cuts you off


>she hands you a set of keys
>you slowly take them into your own hand

>you look at this; still no idea of what's going on

"A set of keys?"


"The hell is going on??"

>finally, she makes eye contact

>"Look, I messed up this week. I messed up real damn bad, okay? I know I've said sorry a ton, but I didn't know how badly I screwed up until I got home on Wednesday. I know this isn't good enough to say that we're even... but... it's a start."

>you look at the keys again
"Uh, okay... but what are these even for?"

>she smiles at you
>"I thought you could use some wheels for tonight."
I'm gonna guess motorbike.

>Cause, y'know, motorcycles are known for commonly using a stick.
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who are you quoting? :^)

But yeah, I guess Dash just lent/gave her car to anon. captcha: select all images with cars
Lurk more faggot, maybe you'll learn how to green.
File: CARLOS!!!!.jpg (6 KB, 276x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Would that make anon a greenhorn?

"Thanks Dash, but you really don't have to do this. Sunset already has a car..."

>she waves a hand
>"I know. But after what happened and how you... handled it... I want you to have this for tonight. Don't crash it though, because I'd have to pay for the damages."

"Wait, really?? Are you sure you want to do this, then??"
>she smiles again

>you take a gander at the keys once more
>Rainbow really was sorry, wasn't she?

"Dash, I really don't know what to.."
>"There's another reason why I'm doing this, too."

>oh boy
>here we go
>here is the catch
>she wants something in return

>"I probably shouldn't say anything... but a blind man could see that Sunset likes you, and she's my friend. I was really... um, not loyal.. to some my friends this week. I can't do a lot about that to those friends except earn that trust back in time. But if you picking up Sunset in a cool car makes homecoming better for you and her, then..."


>"... then maybe I can do something right this week after all."

>you're totally surprised
>from your experience, Dash was about as dense as a brick
>and totally a cunt
>but apparently... she can actually be really nice and thoughtful
>you're in disbelief

"Dash... this is really nice of you."
>you chuckle
"Maybe you're not a cunt after all."

>she quietly laughs back
>"I'm working on it. One more thing; there are two CD's in the car. First one is for you; second is for when Sunset is in the car with you."
"Um, okay..."

"I need it back tomorrow, by the way. I'll see you tonight, Anon. Have fun!"

>she leaves your doorway and walks off
>you stand there in awe

>if this is how Dash really was, then she was definitely not a cunt
>maybe she could be your friend after all
>you stood motionless at behind the doorway for at least a minute; pondering and thinking about what had just occurred

>then you realize that you don't even know what type of car it is
>as you take a step outside, you look towards your driveway...
Gn bois. More tomorrow.
>Render; verb. cause to be or become; make.

I'll spare calling you a retard this time.

>>as the picture was made in your mind, you cross your legs and feel some heat on your cheeks
>Stupid sexy Sunset

See you tomorrow!
Before I go to bed, I must say that I'm surprised no one has pointed out the Pulp Fiction reference.
>implying any of these twelve year old retards have seen pulp fiction
Ha! You're wrong faggot!
I'm actually eleven, and my mommy made me watch a bunch of old movies like that
Not twelve, just a sad person who hasn't watched it out of sheer coincidence.:^(
That's alright, I've seen it yet I can't spot the reference. Admittedly I don't remember much about movies and Pulp is an overrated flick, fite me fgts
Original poster here, i haven't actually seen pulp fiction
File: image_4.jpg (27 KB, 400x283) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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underrated post
Oh it was in one of the earlier posts of tonight... ~53 minutes into the film I wouldn't expect anyone to catch that, at least outside of /tv/

thanks m80 :^)
I was making a pun based on rendering fat.
>as you take a step outside, you look towards your driveway...
Alright let me scroll down
>Gn bois. More tomorrow.
How you gonn' do me like this
>inb4 muscle car

You better pick the right one

You sir, are not a faggot.
Bumping before I go to sleep. It's like 6am what am I doing with my life
Reading some green?
Page 10 Bump

>as soon as your eyes made contact with the vehicle, your knees buckled
>you grab the porch railing stop yourself from falling


>it was an old muscle car; a Camaro
>you weren't even a car guy, but looked so amazing

>you're not 100% positive, but you might have just came in your pants
>but it didn't matter
>for one night, you had the sickest ride

>you stand upright, letting go of the railing and try to walk over to the beast
>it takes longer than you wanted, due to your newborn giraffe legs
>you unlock the driver door and flop yourself in
>all black leather seats, black interior, after-market 5 speed manual transmission, and two CD's sitting on the passenger seat
>one said 'you' while the other said 'her'

>and on top of the dashboard, there is a pair of silver-lens reflective Aviators

>you close your eyes as you try not to ejaculate
>because this is miles cooler than any other car you've ever been in
>let alone any car you got to drive

>to soak in the feeling, you just sit in the seat for a while, doing nothing
>you needed to make sure you remember this
>because if amazing could be measured out of 1-10, today just got turned up to 11
>but soon you feel as though your body is ready
>you have to drive this thing

>put the shades on you

>your hand shakes as you put the key in the ignition
>as you turn the key, the monster roars alive
>the engine lets out an arrhythmic chug as it idles
>you involuntarily let out a contained moan of pleasure

>put it in reverse and let the car roll out of the driveway
>you get onto the quiet neighborhood rood
>shifting to 1st, you accidentally stall the car...

>ditch girls
>romance the car
Do it.
/o/ pls
File: f51.png (319 KB, 680x931) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
319 KB, 680x931
No. Anon deserves a carfu after all this shit.

>you look behind you; no cars
>start the car again
"I got this. I can do this."
>in neutral, you rev the engine to high RPM
>it feels like Thor himself granted power to this beast

>shift into 1st again, and start slowly rolling
>going slow, you practice shifting gears with this car, and it shifts so smoothly
>you remember listening to your uncle as he taught you how to drive manual, all those years ago
>when this was all over, you'd give him a call and thank him for that

>after a few spins around the neighborhood, you feel ready to hit some real road
>you look down at the CD's and put the one labelled 'you' into the player
>you're pretty sure this didn't originally come with a CD player, but whatever


>song plays
>turn up the volume loud, for effect

>you get to the stop sign at the end of your neighborhood and a big fucking smile appears on your face
>all this time of not having a car
>all the miles you walked
>if that was the price for this car to be used for one day,

>totally worth it

>how did Rainbow know the perfect fucking song for this??

>it's time to really drive this thing
>as you get onto the road, you spin the tires a little to get going
>you get to the speed limit, and continue to speed up
>nothing too fast, but enough to show off

>the sun is shining, breezes of wind fly by your face as you roll down the windows
>the cool autumn air acts as your air conditioning
>people walking about on the sidewalks occasionally smile, some of they guys shout compliments about your ride

>couple of girls from school see you in the ride, grinning from ear to ear
>you see Derpy as she waves "Hi Anon!"
>you wave back

>you see Rainbow jogging on the sidewalk up ahead past the next stop sign,
>as your turn to go comes around, you spin the tires again and fly by her
>sticking your head out of the window you scream

>you don't see it, but she smiles, happy that you're having fun
File: Nospeedlimit.jpg (115 KB, 500x334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
115 KB, 500x334

>it's a beautiful day, and you feel like driving by the beach
>but first...

>you make a right at the next red light, heading towards the road you really want to use
>the infamous Canterlot Express
>you use the ramp to get onto the expressway, and finally see the sign you've wanted to see since you saw this car

>as the next song plays, something happens
>you can feel a connection with the song, yourself, and the car
>you're in control
>and it's time to test this sweet car out

>as soon as you see the sign, you shift down to accelerate
>you look at the speedometer
"Let's see what you can do, motherfucker."

>half of your dreams as a kid were about to be fulfilled in the next few minutes
>get into the fast lane and floor the pedal
>as you pass 60 mph, the car hits a sweet spot and you shift to 4th gear
>you're passing cars left and right, most not on the road for the same purpose you are
>you hit 80 mph and the handling becomes a little more touchy
>you've never gone this fast in your life
>you ease your foot off of the acceleration, fearful of going too much faster before you get used to this speed
>about this time, you see a Corvette behind you
>he pulls into the lane beside you

>it's an older guy, probably around 35 or so
>he gives you a thumbs up out of his window and then a head nod
>you know what he wants; he wants to race
>you shakily swivel your head to say no

>he gives you a weird look
>then flips you off; proceeding to speed away

>in about .5 seconds, you think to yourself
>you could die if you chase him
>you had driven manual before and gone fast as well in another car
>but racing a sports car was insane, right?
Merci Twingo
>Not racing the fucker to https://youtu.be/yK0P1Bk8Cx4
>Inb4 Anon is Paul Walker
File: latest-4.jpg (40 KB, 350x262) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 350x262
>not Dagumi
Well I fucked that spoiler up didn't I.
Ya' done did good, kid.

>passing 60MPH
>3rd gear

In my experience there's no way it can hit that at 3rd gear unless it's modified and super up to the max. He should be thankful the engine didn't blow.

I'll stop with my autism fit now. Feel free to make fun
Low level car guy checking in. My buddy in high school had a 99 V8 mustang and I was in the car when he was going 55 in third. He had that thing tuned so I doubt he could have done that without the tuning but assuming the picture R3tard gave us of the Camaro, it looks like it's had some work done to it. I doubt most cars could hit 60 in third but it's also a /MLP/ green so I wouldn't worry too much about it. No fun making, just a thought.
Yeah, like you said. It's a green so something that minor shouldn't have been anything to look over. But like I said my autism alarm went off over it and I apologize for that.
File: 1418077705144.gif (461 KB, 500x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
461 KB, 500x282
Holy shit, what a story to come back to after 2 months of being away from /mlp/, PLEASE keep it up writefag I'm super invested right now
Don't do it you fucking faggot. You're gonna get in a wreck.
dam this is hella good
Today is the day this whole fucked up week has been building up to, and this story would be terribly ruined if Anon wound up killing himself in a race.
So I'm gonna say that for this one day, Anon's got himself some heavy duty plot armor.
I tend to go 80 all the time on I-80/94 in my Envoy. It doesn't even feel fast after the third or so time.
Seeing as how it has an aftermarket 5-speed it's probably tuned like crazy.
>Doesn't kill himself
>Just crashes, falls into a comma, and eventually wakes up without legs
>falls in a comma
>At Homecoming dance
>Sunset: We can't dance if you want to.
>You left your legs behind.
>Anon falls into a coma but he wakes up and with the help of Ishmael goes to the dance.
Green when?

>time slows for you

>your mind only goes through your chances of dying
>at the speeds your going, it wouldn't be pretty
>and since you don't drive everyday, the chances are high
>but you feel something happening to you
>as the last song starts to end,
>you feel the car, asking; begging you to go faster
>to push it on what might be it's top speed
>you think of when you were little watching those car races
>wishing you were one of those drivers
>feeling the road beneath you as your car flew past the other racers

>and now you had your chance to make that real
>and what bigger adrenaline rush is there than an illegal road race?

>your mind interrupts
>asking you very relevant questions

>like, what if you died before seeing Sunset tonight?
>what if your concussion caused you to black out in the middle of this race?
>even if you didn't die...

>what if you crashed the car and had to pay back Rainbow for years on end?
>what if you got seriously injured and couldn't play football, or even worse, couldn't walk again?
>your mind plays a scenario where the girls who thought you were hot suddenly weren't interested in you anymore because you're in a wheelchair

>but then...
>a different sector of your mind answers back with 'then fuck them'
>you start to feel different
>as if every part of your mind that is concerned with safety suddenly is quiet
>it begs the question to you

>how badly do you want this?

>you feel the car at a lower RPM, the sound alone almost begging you to go faster
>as if it needs it
>it needs you to do this

>your body quits reacting to your mind for a second
>and suddenly you feel as though if it really came down to you dying from racing this asshole
>you would at least die with your balls
>and if you had to go, dying in flames with huge fucking balls was the way to go


>the next song starts, and as if something else other than your logical mind controls you
>you hear the the line

Son, your ego is writing checks your body can't cash

>and that's all you need to hear
>you scream out


>you feel so out of character
>and it feels so good

>the music once again fuels your testosterone
>you slam on the acceleration
>the engine roars like a monster in a cave, thankful that you let it loose

>the force alone puts your head back on the seat
>there's one car ahead of you in your lane
>you switch lanes to pass him

>still in 4th, you gain speed and look for the 'vette
>turns out he didn't go far
>you bob and weave through traffic, not slowing down, but rather continually speeding up

>as you near the car, you look over, momentarily pulling up your shades off of your nose
>as he sees you, you blow a kiss towards him, and flip him off afterwards
>pull your shades back onto your nose
>then once again slam on the gas

>you're in the zone and one with the speed machine
>as you don't let off of the pedal, your speed gets close to hitting past 85
>it doesn't hit you how huge these gears are until you realize you're still in 4th
>you look in the rear-view and see the Corvette close behind you
>it seems to have no problem keeping up
>you shift into 5th
>the G-force for the high speed keeps your back firmly onto the seat
>and the car starts to feel lighter on the ground

>as you see the 'vette driver looking pissed off, something else happens

>you feel something taking over your mind
>pure instincts tell you to fuck off with your 'chances' bullshit
>your eyes focus on the road
>your heart rate jumps
>you feel droplets of sweat comes down your head
>as well as your hands and feet got sweaty

(mom's spaghetti)

>you look up to see a sign
>'Beachfront BLVD - 10 miles'
>you got 10 miles before you have to exit the express

>your opponent pulls up behind you, obviously possesing the power to keep up
>your option is to go faster
>up ahead there's some cars in all lanes

>you pull into another lane where one car is going faster than the rest
>the other guy sees what you're doing and gets behing you
>the other cars aren't going nearly as fast as you are, so you slow down and shift back to 4th
>as the Vette is trapped from going any faster, you let off of the gas and pump the brakes, making him slow down a bit

>as you have enough clearance to pass the cars, you do so
>the beast roars as you gas it up again, putting vibrations into your seat
>the chase continues and you feel as if your heart is sweating

>this is easily the craziest thing you've ever done in your life

>you floor the gas again with no traffic ahead of you, soon shifting back to 5th
>the music keeps your foot from letting off of the acceleration

>there is a primal feeling of achievement from doing this
>like there was no other way to achieve this

>the other guy finally gets past the traffic and slowly catches up to you
>you see a sign that says 'Beachfront BLVD - 5 miles'
>your time is limited, but you want to leave this guy in the dust

>the chase continues, but there is more traffic up ahead in the distance
>but since you two are practically flying, it approaches faster than you thought it would
>you switch lanes again to the far left, closest to the grass off of the road
>the Corvette gets next to you, and the guy looks even more pissed
>in fact, he looks insane

>then you see what he's trying to do
>he slowly starts to merge into your lane, with you still in it

>he's trying to shove you off of the road
>the slower cars ahead of you are almost right in front of you now

>then he quickly swerves towards your lane
>you see this happening, and your heart starts to sweat
>this guy has lost his fucking mind

>instincts still controlling you, you hit the brakes and grip the wheel as if your life depends on it
>his excessive force to get you off of the road mixed with not actually hitting you, causes him to fishtail in order to not fly off of the road
>you gain some speed back and switch to the farthest other lane, staying away from him

>this wasn't a fucking joke anymore
>he had road rage that could fucking end your life

>you bit off a little more than you could chew this time
>your lane is open to pass the other traffic as you put some distance between yourself and the goddamn maniac

>you see a sign on the road 'Beachfront BLVD - 1 mile'

>you pass the cars and get into the far lane again, ready to exit
>up ahead in the far distance, you see the exit
>you slam the gas again, wanting out of the expressway
>all you wanted to do was race a little

>but this crazy bastard is trying to kill you now; and you want no part of that
>it's not a race anymore, you're driving for your life now

>you see the other guy coming up again
>he's really flooring it
>but an idea hits your head

>if you make it known that you're about to exit, he'll follow
>but if you exit at the last minute, he'll be going too fast to continue the chase outside of the express

>he gets in the lane beside you and is gaining speed still
>the exit lane starts, but you don't move into it yet
>as you see the end of the exit lane coming up, you ready yourself to get onto it in the last second

>the Corvette start merging towards you lane again
>the guy looks like he's ready to murder you
>you feel your heart beating out of your chest
>your hands are so sweaty that the stick momentarily slips from your hands' grip
>your eyes wide with fear

>he's actually trying to do this shit

>you only have a few seconds before it's too late to exit, but you have to make sure he can't follow you

>the seconds feel like hours as the end of the exit ramp flies towards you
>you just want to live...

>inches away from him touching the car, you swerve into the exit lane and start getting off of the expressway

>realizing it's over,
>you scream at the top of your lungs out of the window


>and proceed to flip him off again

>as he sees you do this, the concrete barrier begins again and it's too late for him to follow you
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Fuck Yeah.jpg
58 KB, 300x370

>as you're on the ramp off of the expressway, you see a grocery store and pull into the parking lot
>your heart is still beating out of your chest
>hands are shaking now
>drops of sweat pour from your body
>the adrenaline is just now starting to wear off

>new song plays

>you park in the back of the parking lot and turn the car off
>the music still continues

"Holy... fucking... shit."

>you almost died back there
>and you had no interest in ever racing
>ever again

>seriously, fuck that guy
>what kind of asshole tries to kill someone in a road race??

>even racing video games seemed like a bad idea now

>you catch your breath and try to control your thought process

>but the cute little chiptune song somehow lightens the mood
>you can't help but bob your head a little to the tune

>even though that was scary as shit
>you're still perfectly fine
>the car was untouched
>and you had the rest of the day to look forward to

>you thought about just going home
>but after a few minutes of rest, you remember that you were already close to the beach

>might as well show off the ride to some more strangers
>hopefully some hot bikini-clad girls in the mix

>but the first thing you do before you move is pull out your phone..

>be Sunset

>you have a laptop in your room that you usually do homework on
>you rarely use the portable computer for anything other than school and facebook

>but today your browser is on YouTube, looking up dance tutorials
>your knowledge of dancing is limited, and as a girl, that's generally unacceptable

>guys usually get more slack when it comes to these matters
>but girls are supposed to be graceful and majestic with their dancing
>and if your movements are awkward, Anon might be more inclined to find another dance partner more often than not

>you think about if he will be a good dancer
>and with your limited knowledge of his past, you have no idea
>but he seems to be full of surprises
>and it wouldn't surprise you at all if he's liquid on the dance floor

>and that would make you look even worse if you're awful at some of these new dances

>so in front of your laptop, you look at the video trying to copy what the dance instructor is doing
>as you make a misstep, you curse out loud

>your cursing was minimal in life, with the exception of when you were really peeved
>and currently, these dance moves were making you peeved

>you pause the video and take a break
>as you get some water to drink, you think of what Anon might be doing right now

>your soft laugh escapes your throat as you imagine him sitting on his couch watching TV
"He's probably chilling out right now, not a care in the world..."

>after your drink, you unpause the video, back to learning this new... extremely difficult... dance

>be Anon

>put the phone to your ear

[Flash? You wouldn't believe what just happened!]
>[What happened?]
[Look, I can't tell you right now. Where are you at?]
>[My house? The hell happened man? Are you okay?]
[No, I'm fine. Look, stay at your place. I'll be there in about 45 minutes, alright? I'll tell you all about it when I get there.]

>[Uhh, okay, but I have to leave kind of early for the dance so I can't hang for too long.]

>the hell is he doing leaving for the dance... early?
>aren't you supposed to show up a little late for these things?

[No problem. See you soon.]

>hang up the phone

>start the car up again and head towards the beach
next thing you know, that guy in the vette is someone that Anon knows.
It was actually John Cena
all of the yes

>as you approach the stop sign on the small road, you burn out, sliding onto the road connected to the strip of the beach
>as you finish the turn, you start looking at the shitty cheap shops on the left and right of the streets
>you turn the music back on and the next song plays

>as you hear the new song, you recognize what the cover is
>not only did the game kick ass
>but this cover kicked ass too

>the song itself made you feel like this entire experience... the whole week was a fantasy
>but after pinching the shit out of your arm, you were sure that this was in fact.. real life
>and after all the shit going down during the week, you felt like you had earned this

>slowing down to obey the speed limit, you see some people walking on the sidewalks again
>again, people see your ride and immediately give you positive feedback

>one chick even flashed you

>maybe it was the car the elicited the girls' responses
>maybe it was the shades that somewhat hid your age
>either way, shit felt good

>soon you would get to the motels, then the hotels, less shitty shops, then resorts
>and then the process would reverse all the way back to more shitty shops

>but it felt nice
>you had been here many times, even staying at the hotels with your parents during a few of the family vacations you took when you didn't live in Canterlot
>some might say you knew the area pretty well

>you would agree with these people
>as more people were on the sidewalks, you shifted to neutral to rev the engine again, waiting for the cheers of the drunken college students

>the wind through the windows
>the sunlight hitting your shades
>palm trees near the beach
>and tan babes walking around with scarce clothes on

>yeah, this place was alright

>back at the main part of Canterlot, you drive towards Flash's place
>you had been there a few times to hang out
>and been to the house party he had when his parents were out of town

>too bad the 'party' sucked, but still...
>you park the car on the street and walk up to the door
>before you knock, you hear some rock music being played inside the house

>knock on the door
>ring the doorbell

>in a few seconds, he opens the door
>"Hey Anon, what's up?"
"A good bit actually. You ready?"

>he looks at you funny
>"Ready for what?"
>you motion for him to come out of the house

"Come on, we're taking a ride."
>"To where, and with what? You don't have a car..."

>your cheesy grin reappears
"I do today."

>he closes the door and walks outside
>you get back to the Camaro

>he sees this
>"C'mon, man. Quit playing around; that's not your car."

>then you pull out the key and open the door
>again, he sees this happen

>you share his excitement

>he grabs his own hair in excitement

"Rainbow let me borrow it; I think it's her dad's or something. I got it until tomorrow."
>you get in and unlock the passenger door
>Flash flies in the car, giddy from excitement

>as you both get in and put on the seatbelts, Flash looks at you like he's desperate for something

>"Please... please start the engine."
>you do so, and rev the engine a little while still in neutral

>Flash looks like he's having an orgasm
>and you can't even blame him

>"oh my god, that's so good..."

"Where should we go??"
>he thinks for a minute
>then you can almost see the lightbulb go off on top of his head
>he sports an evil grin

>"Canterlot University."
GN bois.
Aw yiss let's get some pusseh!

Sleep good handsome~
Not an expert on old american cars but I thought most of these 70s muscles were 4 speed.

Not that it really matters.
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Bump again.
FR stated that it had an aftermarket 5 speed in it.
So he was trying to bury the competition.
Looks like I missed that.
page 10
I'm really craving some orange text right now.
man i have to go
the skellingtons have hacked my computer
Kek I like the new theme
Also, do you saw the screamer?
now im sacred i might find it
god damit 2spooky4me

"...and I barely got off of the expressway before he could keep following me! That crazy bastard almost killed me, twice!"
>"Shit, man. That's insane. Glad you're alright now though; plus at least you didn't damage this beauty of a car!"

"You're telling me."
>there's a pause between you two
>Flash seems to be on a mission

>you're more or less just glad to be alive after the ordeal, as reality has completely sunk in how badly that 'race' could have ended
>and in comparison, everything else just seems less important
>apparently everything gets put into perspective when you see your life flash before your eyes
>you felt chill as an ice cube, just cruising around with your friend, trying to aid him in his fantasy of picking up a college girl

>which for both you and Flash, it was exactly that
>a fantasy
>in your mind, neither of you had enough game to pull something like that
>but you would have fun seeing him try

"Hey what's the secret you were going to tell me about?"
>he looks over, a little nervous on the subject
>"Oh, I can't tell you. You'll find out at the dance."

"Really dude? You still can't tell me what it is?"
>he shakes his head
>"Nope. It would ruin the surprise.."

>you look at him, thinking he's playing this secret up to be more than what it is
"Does it have to do with Rainbow?"
>he hears what you say and mulls it over
>"No, not really. I mean, she's involved, but she's not the secret.."

>as you try to process what that could mean, you decide to drop it
>you'll find out tonight what this means and it probably won't be a big deal anyways

>you start seeing signs of Canterlot University on the sides of the road
Page 9 not fine
Bumping for carfu

>you see an entrance to the campus and pull in
>Flash looks at you
>"Bro, gotta get some tunes going!"
>he's a bit too eager for this, but you play the CD anyways

>as the song plays, you immediately note a change from the rock and metal the disc has played thus far
>not exactly your flow, but the beat is pretty good
>Flash still looks a bit more excited about this than you think is necessary
>but that's just Flash
>he turns up the song, to the point where the car vibrates

>you have to practically yell at Flash to talk to him with the music so loud

>you shake your head

>he could be an idiot, but at least he wasn't a boring..

>as you pull past some of the main buildings, you can't help but notice a few things
>lots of girls who achieve a 7 or above
>lots of guys who look like Flash-level try-hards concerning said girls

>maybe you should look into college after all...

>there's a pack of girls on Flash's side of the sidewalk
>you do so

>he pulls a pair of shades... actually, you have no idea where he pulled those from
>but he puts them on, then sticks his head out of the window
>you have a hearty laugh watching Flash trying to be 'smooth'

>they hear him and roll their eyes
>they apparently heard what he screamed at you, and laughed; probably at him


>you slowly continue the car forward
I don't have waifu in CU desu so i don't have a special /r/
FR, pls.
10 time
"They do, but you don't actually have the balls to make a move."
>Not having a waifu in CU
Mah nigga
Flash is great in this.
>still using my recap
>still using my fuckup of which pastebin to link
Not radical.

I got bored and wandered off in the trippy dream sequence after the Crystal Prep seniors nabbed Anon. Are things back to normal now?
Silly Anonymous, that's not how you spell best waifu
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Goodnight bump
It's good to have a reminder there are still some other Spanish-speakers over here.
Motherfucker, I almost spit coffee all over my screen. Spoiler that shit.
Flash/Brad, to me, was one of the characters that had so much potential even outside of the FlashLight ship. It pained me to see that go to waste in basically all of the movies, which is a shame because I think he could have been a likable character instead of a 'waifu-stealer' prop. Thank you for the kind words.
>Not liking Brad sentry the waifu stealer

>you continue driving around the campus for a while while Flash continually tries to hit on random girls
>the most he's getting are friendly waves

>you must have driven around the campus roads 10 times before it started to get old
>after a while you park the car in one of the back parking lots
>you turn to Flash
"Why don't we walk around for a little bit?"

>you two walk around campus on foot, but Flash doesn't look nearly as pumped and excited as he was in the beginning

>if nothing else, you got a good feel of the campus while walking around
>there's a bench outside of one of the large buildings, of which you quickly put to use

>FS: "Shit man, that didn't work as well as I had thought."
>you don't think cat calling is the best way to pick up women, but you hold that opinion in

"Better luck next time, I guess man. At least we still got the dance tonight.."
>Flash sits down as well

>FS: "Yeah, you're right."
>you look at Flash
>and he doesn't exactly look like he's on cloud 9
>you walked into this content if you didn't even meet a single college chick
>it would have been nice, but you have options at your own school

>but it dawns on you how badly Flash wanted to meet some older girls
>and even though he could be an idiot about this kind of stuff
>he was still a good friend..

"Hey Flash, I got an idea."
"What if we walked around a little more, but this time I'll be your wingman?"
>he looks up with hope
"Hell yeah man, let's do this."
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As far as I'm concerned, the EQG Flash character is completely ruined. I'd be more interested in seeing the pony version of Flash fleshed out into a decent, non high school ass-clown, character. Like as a supporting character in a Celestia episode.
I'm talking about the actual show and movies of course. But the way FR's written him for this story is such a good comedic foil for Anon. Sometimes he's such a complete ass, I can't help but wonder how the two of them ever became friends.
bump from pg 10
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Whatchu Say.jpg
110 KB, 540x960

>not too far off is the library
>there's got to be some cute girls trying to study in there
>you find the library and walk in
>there's a sign at the front that indicates that any floor about the first is a 'quiet zone' where no conversation should be held

"Okay so first floor only, I guess."
>FS: "Uhh Anon, I don't think we can check out books if we don't go here..."

[pic] = your face

"Are... are you being serious right now??"
>FS: "Yeah dude, then everyone would just waltz in and check out books!"

>you bury your hands into your face
"Christ, Flash. We're not here to check out books..."
>he gives you a weird look
>FS: "What, do you want to sit down and read them?"

>the entire library erupts in a "sshhhhhhhhh!!"
>and you lower your voice again
"We're hear to find you a girl... who is reading."

>FS: "What, like a tutor? Anon, I don't need a girl to help my reading skills."
>you are seconds away from strangling him to death, in front of the entire library
>before a lightbulb goes off over his head

>he whispers as well
>FS: "OH OH OH, okay, I get what you're saying! Yeah, that sounds way more fun..."

>you two scout around for girls, trying to give the best impression that you know what you're doing
>sadly, any girls that aren't already talking to guys are 5's or below
>no dice

>exit the library
>the lack of girls' phone numbers doesn't help Flash's morale
>FS: "Man, maybe we should just go home.."

>the rage he caused in the library has fully dissipated

"Aww c'mon man! Look, we came all this way and we're already here. Let's try a few more buildings."
>you do so, but it seems as if all of the pretty girls have disappeared into thin air

>you get to a directory of the campus
>there is a cafe on campus

>FS: "Bingo what?"
"Girls love cafes and over priced coffee. Bound to be a few worth talking to in there."
>you find the place and walk towards it
File: 1446068059319.png (492 KB, 1268x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
492 KB, 1268x1024

>as you enter, your eyes scan for applicants to the 'Give Flash Sentry Your Number' foundation
>you almost give up hope after seeing nothing

>then you spot two girls at the counter, sitting on bar stools
>and damn son, they look cute
>and they're by themselves

>you lightly elbow Flash
"Hey cowboy, 11 o'clock. They look like twins."
>he looks to where you direct

>FS: "Oh shit, man. I see them."
"You want the one with or the one without the bow in her hair?"
>FS: "Umm, with the bow."
"Got it."

>you're relieved you can at least have an opportunity to help Flash

>FS: "So how are we doing this?"

>you think about this for a second

"Okay. They're looking at the TV in front of them, so they probably didn't see us walking in yet. Go up to them and talk to the one you want. I'll wait outside for a few minutes, then I'll come in like we aren't here together, but I'll say hey to you when I come in. Then I talk to the other girl, giving you some isolation to pick up hairbow girl."

>his smile let's you know that he approves

>FS: "I like it. Okay, let's do this."
>he walks towards the barstools and you walk out of the store

>while you're outside, you check your phone

>as you put the phone back into your pocket, you take a look at the campus again
>from what you've seen, this place really isn't that bad
>if you go to college, this would be on the list of possibilities
File: 1393896545762.png (287 KB, 896x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
287 KB, 896x1024
>>FS: "Umm, with the bow."
Good taste. Good fucking taste.
But the real question is
Does she actually balls?
I have some bad news, anon. I've look at her chart and she actually balls.
I thought you said you had news

>time to wing
>you casually walk into the store, and purposefully not look towards Flash for a few seconds
>then you see him

"Hey, Flash!"
>he looks towards you, pausing the conversation with Hairbow
>seemingly keeping it cool

>FS: "Yo, Anon! What are you doing here?"
"Needing some coffee, bro."

>you two fistbump, then you shift over to the bar stool next to the other girl
>you look at her
"This seat taken?"
>she looks over
>"Oh, no. Go ahead."

>the way she said that produced some neutral vibes from her, but that's better than a nasty attitude towards you
>you look at the guy behind the counter
"Medium coffee, black."
>as the guy is getting your coffee, you think to yourself

>all you have to do is talk to this girl long enough for Flash to get a number from the other girl
>then you two can leave in style like you have something to do
>but in order for your conversation to last that long, you needed to be at least a little bit interesting

>hopefully Flash wouldn't take 2 years to achieve numerical victory

>you look over at the girl
"What are you drinking?"

>she holds her cup up and casually looks at you
>"Iced mocha with extra whipped cream."
>you quietly laugh

"You want some coffee with that sugar and milk?"
F5... dammit! F5... dammit! F5... dammit! F5... dammit! F5... dammit!
Gotta go to work. F5... DAMMIT!! One last try. F5... GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!!

>she turns to you with a small, contained, interested smile


>"Hey, not everyone likes disgusting black coffee. Some of us have a functioning palate."
>you join in the friendly banter

"Hey, I'm a simple guy. I sold my palate when I found out that it's an extra $4 to add milk and whipped cream to my coffee."

>she gets playfully snarky
>"Want to diss anymore of my decisions while you're at it?"

Brain: Remember, interesting. Act interesting. You're doing this to distract this girl so she doesn't interfere with Flash getting a number. Keep this girl interested so that she's too busy to tell Flash to buzz off. You'll probably never see her again, so don't worry too much about it.

>you get into the mindset
>then you make sure she sees you looking up and down her
"I'm trying to find something, but everything else looks good."

>"What if I told you more about myself? I'm sure you can find something not to your pleasing."

"Fair enough. Let's start with a name."
>"Cloudchaser. Yours?"

>she holds out her hand for a handshake, and you return the gesture

>you maintain a casual smile, but the more she speaks, the easier it is to do so

"So far? It's nice to meet you."
Does she actually balls too
Adagio is the only one who doesn't actually balls
This is troubling
Does that mean that the only female in the world is Adagio? Anon is so fucking gay
But that's the secret
Anon doesn't actually balls

>you and Cloudchaser discuss small talk for a few solid minutes
>talking on subjects like music, interests, talents and such
>trying to stay away from subjects like age, schooling and anything that might give away the fact that you not only don't go to CU, but you aren't even old enough to be in college
>she's being very warm and flirty, but you get the feeling that she's not really in anything beyond that
>but then again, you've never flirted with a college girl, so you really have no idea what she's feeling

>she also occasionally looks at the TV, as if waiting for something
>while this is all going on, you try to hear how Flash is doing
>so far the other girl sounds receptive, but you can't be sure

>so in short, everything is going great
>Flash just needs to hurry up and make the damn move

"So how cheesy would it be if I asked you 'how often do you come here?'"
>CC: "Pretty cheddar, but I'll answer anyways. I actually come here a lot since I live on campus. What about you? I don't remember seeing you here before."

Brain: Don't tell her you go to high school

"Yeah I'm just visiting, taking a look at the campus."

>she's still smiling but she kinda squints at you
>CC: "Alright, here's a question for you. Did you sit next to me because I have a twin? You trying to score double or something?"

Brain: Don't flip out. Everything has been gravy so far; no need to get scared from a little grilling

>it's hard to listen to your brain when your heart rate rises
>that's not even something you were going for and you're getting a little nervous
>still, gotta play it cool

"I think if that was the case, I would have asked for her name as well."

>she nods her head and takes a sip of her drink
>CC: "I guess that's fair."

>crisis avoided

>you let a pause go by before you think of a brilliant idea
>you're cheesin' hard, with a smile that can hardly be contained
"By the way, what's your twin's name?"
Did we unintentionally out-steal the waifu stealer?

>she laughs, almost choking on her drink
>as she recovers, she looks back at you, still giving off a playful and happy mood
>CC: "You'll pay for making me choke on my coffee."
"It's not coffee, remember?"

>CC: "Whatever you say. And her name is Flitter."
>Flitter is apparently too busy talking to Flash to turn around when her name is mentioned
>that's a good sign

"Nice name, both of you. Also, do guys normally come up to you two... wanting both? How often does that happen?"
>she sighs in disgust

>CC: "Too damn much,"

>another pause
>you're honestly not sure what to say to that

>though if you were a couple of years older...

>CC: "Here's another one for you. If it wasn't because I'm a twin, why did you sit next to me?"
>the direct nature of the question almost catches you off guard

Brain: Don't tell her that you're winging for Flash. She's being direct; you be the same. Remember, act like you're in college

"You know, I was about to say because you have pretty hair, which is true by the way. But actually it was because you looked good from behind."

>she's still smiling
>crisis avoided

>even though you'd probably not get her number, you had to admit that Cloudchaser was cool
>suddenly being the wingman sounded like something fun to do on the weekends

>CC: "What about the front?"
>you almost panic, but,

>you're positive that now she's teasing you for sure


"I'd probably need a closer look before I cast judgment."
>she laughs

>CC: "Oh, you're good. I'm sure you say that to all of the chicks."

>deny that you're a player
>because you're actually not one at all..

"You're implying that I even pick up any chicks at all."

>she waves a hand of disbelief at you
>CC: "Yeah, yeah, whatever you say."

>you think of how to continue the conversation
>Flash sure is taking his sweet time

"So what.."
>suddenly she interrupts you

>CC: "Wait a second, the sports news is coming on!"
>you look to the TV

"You're into sports? What's so important on the sports news?"
>CC: "Didn't you hear? CHS beat Crystal Prep last night! They're going to show footage of it!"

>time fucking stops

Brain: If they show footage, say your name, or show your face... you're fucked.

>you feel your heart sweat
>suddenly this is no longer fun
>you look at your coffee, thinking of a way out of this
>because if she realizes that you're in high school, she might tell Flitter that Flash probably is too
>killing his chances

>and she might get pisses that you're acting like you are her age... and make a scene...

>you look at Flash with panic, but he's already giving you the same face
DEFCON level: You fucked, nigga
File: 1391642327798.gif (2 MB, 303x252) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Implying they won't be impressed that he's the guy who scored the last point, and drown him in pussy.
File: 1370459070246.png (71 KB, 235x357) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>inb4 anon steals Flash's thunder and gets both of them all over him
Where o where did my writefriend go where o where could he be
She's already interested to see Crystal Prep get beat, how would she not LOVE to meet the guy who single handedly won the fucking game?
I have to go to work bump
sunset shimmer is not for pony
They are going to love him.
Anon's plot armor is too strong today!
Page 9 bump.
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>time resumes
>you had forgotten that someone from the school films every game for the team to review later during film sessions
>but you didn't think this would make the news...

>the sports anchorman goes over some college and pro games that happened, skimming over the highlights
>the cafe starts to quiet down as more people are watching
>as the last of the college games are talked about, he states that he's going to cover "What all of Canterlot is buzzing about."

>a few of the guys in the cafe yell out that everyone should shut up
>Cloudchaser looks at the guy behind the counter
>CC: "Turn up the TV!"
>he does so

>you glace behind you, looking at the rest of the people looking at the TV
>practically the entire population is glued to what is about to be covered


AnchorMan = AM

>AM: "But now for what everyone has been waiting to see - The football game of Canterlot High School versus Crystal Prep!"
>there is a small cheer in the cafe
>apparently most people here are CHS alumni
this is gonna be fucking great

>AM: "If you know anything about local high school football, then you know that Crystal Prep is the team to beat. No team knows this better than Canterlot High School, who hasn't beat Crystal Prep in years. It was a tough battle the entire night. Crystal's constant past victories loomed over CHS like a black cloud. Still, a great crowd of CHS fans came to watch the game. Both teams played very well during the first half, but Crystal Prep was on top; scoring 21 points, while CHS only had 14. The Canterlot defense was doing a great job, while the home team offense was starting to have some difficulty."

>as he speaks, there is footage of random plays shown in the corner of the screen that correspond with what he's mentioning

>you look around again, trying to be discreet
>a good bunch of people seem like they are on the edge of their seat watching the TV

>you facepalm
>the one time you really don't want people to know shit about you..
>you're on the news

>this was going to be a disaster for Flash
>and yeah, maybe lying wasn't the best way to pick up chicks
>but he was so excited about trying this out


>but if it was going to be a disaster, you were at least going to enjoy your 15 seconds of TV time
>you take a nice gulp of your coffee and just accept whatever might happen
>then you look back onto the screen, and let yourself enjoy the narrative before the inevitable shitshow started afterwards

>AM: "But as the teams got back on the field for the second half, Canterlot's nightmare started to seem inevitable. The home team offense scored a lucky touchdown, to which Crystal Prep responded by kicking a field goal. After this happened, the CHS offense seemed like they were falling apart. Crystal Prep was dominating."

>after this was said, a few in the cafe let out a loud "BOOOO"

skip to 1:54 time

>as the anchorman continues the story, you hear a song quietly fading in to the audio

>AM: "And with 30 seconds left in the game, the Crystal Prep offense had started to push the home team back towards the endzone. Another defeat loomed in the air for Canterlot. It was at this time that the CHS coach made what seemed to be a very impractical and odd call. With an injured Defensive End walking off of the field, a substitution was necessary. But instead of putting in another Defensive End, the coach put in the starting offensive Tight End, number 85, into the game. It would be.. the best call he made all night."

>the film of the game in the corner of the screen shows you running onto the field
>a few people must already know how the game ended, because some of the guys were lightly cheering

>AM: "A few plays go by; Canterlot holding the line as best they can. With only 6 seconds left in the game, Crystal Prep only needed to traverse the ball 5 yards to score another touchdown, securing their victory."

>he takes a moment to look at a closer camera

>AM: "But a certain Wondercolts 85 had different plans for how this game would end. I could tell you what happened, but I think it's better if you just see it for yourself."

>louder cheer is heard from the cafe at the last words said
>goosebumps formed all over your body

>as he says this, the footage is enlarged to envelope the entire screen
>and you see the third person perspective of what happened
>it's the last play

>the narrative of the anchorman is replaced with the song being played full volume over the footage

>one of the guys in the room says out loud, "Check this fuckin' guy out."

>as soon as the ball is hiked, you see Big Mac plow through the line and sack the QB
>the ball flies out into the air and onto the ground
>but apparently, you didn't hesitate to get the ball like you thought you did
>because you immediately pick up the ball and start running, but not before flinging the other guy off of you

>the crowd roar can be heard on the footage

>it all happens like you remember, except faster
>you hurdle over the attacker, who then accidentally trips one of your chasers behind you
>you run right towards 58 and truck him
>he is knocked back and you run on top of him

>the guys in the cafe all yell out "OOHHHHHH!!!"

>you sprint towards the endzone, and you see the last guy brush your cleat as he falls to the ground
>you walk the last yard to score

"Fuck, that looked good on film.."

>the cafe cheers at the score, as the anchorman is shown again with the footage back into the corner

>AM: "Folks, that was number 85. His name is Anonymous, a junior, and this is his first semester at CHS."

>as he says this, there is close-up footage of you taking your helmet off in the endzone, then it transitions to your football picture; Sonata and Derpy on your pads

>one of the older guys in the cafe says out loud, "Hell yeah, kid."

>AM: "And he's apparently taken the school by storm, because we've been told that he is also the school's new Homecoming King!"

>a few guys yell out "Fuck yeah!"

>so far, no one has looked your way
>but you're positive Cloudchaser has put the pieces together

>before you can even react, Flitter looks over at you and asks a little too loudly, "Hey, isn't that you??"

>as soon as she asks, you feel stares swarming to your back like someone just put meat in a pool of piranha

>it's too late to try and deny it; the whole cafe already knows by what Flitter said, assuming they didn't see you walk in
>you turn around in your bar stool and try to casually wave to the people in the cafe

"Um... hey guys.."
I listened to this instead.

File: 1444987231944.png (343 KB, 605x686) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Time to oil up, baby.
A fucking junior and he's already getting himself a college rep. Damn son!

>the cafe patrons see you on TV
>then they see your face in front of them, and once again cheer
>some of the people come over to congratulate you; and some even thank you for beating Crystal Prep

>you didn't think the college students would still be so invested in their high school's sports,
>but then again, maybe it was just a local thing

>"No way! Man, that was fucking unreal!" was the general consensus

"Guys, I just got lucky. I promise I'm not actually that good."
>"Bullshit, man. That was insane. We normally don't like high schoolers here, but you stay as long as you want, man."

>it felt like the seniors all over again
>a couple of people wanted high fives
>a couple girls just wanted to say hey

>but eventually everyone sat back down and returned to their conversations

>you humbly turn to Cloudchaser
"So... I might actually still be in high school."
>>it felt like the seniors all over again
It's gonna follow him into college too.

>as you say this, you peer over towards Flash
>he's not upset at all
>in fact, he's still talking to Flitter
>but it might be best to assume that he's being let down easy right now, and he's just dealing with it really well
>time to think of a plan B

>someone is goddamn donating to the 'Give Flash Sentry Your Number' foundation today

>back to Cloudchaser
>to your surprise she doesn't seem angry...
>CC: "That was pretty impressive Anon. I won't lie, you just got a lot cooler."

>holy crap
>she's not even pissed at all...

>you're listening to Cloudchaser, but behind you there is a girl talking to someone
>it sounds like she's trying to whisper but she's being a little too loud and you can hear what is said

>she says, "I tell ya, if he ever wanted me to do something for him..."
>you discretely turn your head to see which girl said that, and as you listen to the conversation behind you, you spot who said it

>you quickly grab a napkin from the counter and begin scribbling something on it
Anon what are you doing
>Anon's brain:
Oh my God! That pony made it through the portal without being transformed!
She contorted her EQG body into the form of her pony counterpart.
He's getting a number for flash, stupid

>then look back at Cloudchaser

"So... what does that mean?"
>then look at what you're writing again
>CC: "Well, it means that I think you're cute, and I'd like to see you more."

>you stop what you're doing to look back at Cloudchaser
"Wait... really?"

>did that work?
>did seeing you on TV actually do some good for you?
>does she not care that she's (probably) 4 years older than you?

>CC: "Yep!"

Brain: So this is what it's like to find gold...

>CC: "But it also means that you're not legal yet. What are you, 16?"

>CC: "So close.. I'm serious, you're cute, but I don't date guys under 18. It's a shame too; I was about to show you what the inside of a dorm looks like.."

>you were... about to score??

Brain: ...fool's gold, maybe

>you feel the disappointment
>and man, that shit is heavy

"And... there's no way that..."
>she is still giving you a kind smile

>CC: "No, sorry. But since I like you, I'll meet you halfway on this."

>she gets her own napkin and starts writing on it
>as she does this, you finish what you were writing on yours
Im aware

And hes going about it wrong

Half way huh? Does that mean bewbs?
Her number for when he's 18 maybe?
Please have Anon's birthday tomorrow.
Getting CC and Flitter porn ready for when this is over
But he already has Sunset.
Anon is one lucky bastard.

"Hey, I'll be right back."

>you get up and head to the restroom
>take a piss; wash your hands

>as you come out, you make sure Cloudchaser isn't looking at you
>then you make sure Flash doesn't see you
>you slip the napkin in front of the girl who was talking behind you

>as she and her friends see this, she looks up to you
>you give a nod and a wink, then head to your stool again

>when you get there, you turn around to look at the girl
>she's reading what you wrote
>then she looks at you and winks back with a smile

>she gets up and sits on the bar stool, other side of Flash
>as you hear her talk to Flash, you feel another napkin on your open hand

>you look at the napkin, and it has a phone number on it
>CC: "Here's my number.."

>you look at the number with confusion
"I thought you just said..."

>she puts on a seductive smile
>CC: "Call me when you turn 18."


>all in all,
>not the worst outcome possible

>you fold up the napkin and put it in your pocket

"Thanks, I'll do that."
>as you say that, you see the girl hop off the stool next to Flash and go back to her friends
>it's time to leave

>look over to Flash
"Yo Flash, time to bounce."

>FS: "Got it, bro."

>you get up and look at Cloudchaser

"Nice meeting you, Cloudchaser."
>she is still giving you a warm smile

>CC: "You too, football star. Have a good night."

>as she says this, you remember Sunset and what you're doing tonight
>out of her line of sight, a smug smile appears on you

"Oh, I will."
It's more of a FWB relationship.
I fuckin called it :) horray. Now to fap over what could have been a twin three some
Or Anon tells them that he turns 18 next week.

>Flash says his goodbye to Flitter and you two start towards the door
>he looks as giddy as a kid on the first day of summer break

>before you get to the door, you whisper to Flash
"Hey, did Flitter turn you down?"
>he replicates your volume
>FS: "Nah, man! I got her number, then some girl named Blossomforth just came up and gave me her number too! What about you? Did you get the other girl's number?"

"Yeah, bro."
>you're surprised he's being so chill about this

>right before you two reach the door, there is a wordless fistbump shared

>you two exit the cafe
>as both of you are outside again and the door closes behind you, you walk a few steps
"Flash, you're awful quiet about what just happened.."

>he lifts his fists to the air and tilts his head up

>you heartily laugh, glad that your friend got his wish

>and then you silently celebrate to yourself
>if Sunset didn't work out
>or if there were into sharing...
>you had some college poon waiting for you on your birthday

>ego decently inflated, you continue walking

>you and Flash decided to check out the last building you hadn't been in yet
>just in case there was more game to catch
>you enter, but it seems rather empty

>as you traverse the halls,
>you hear some guitar playing and feel inclined to walk towards it, in order to find who is playing

"Flash, you hear that guitar playing?"

>FS: "Yeah, sounds like it might be in one of the performance halls."

>the two of you try to track down where the music is coming from
>on the way, you notice that whoever is playing keeps making mistakes in the song and restarts the piece

>finally you spot some double doors and open them
>inside, there is one person playing guitar on stage
>the stage is lighted, but the crowd lights are off
>no one else is in the auditorium

>as you get a closer look, you think you recognize who it is
>the guitarist lifts up her head to see the doors opened
>"Is someone there?"

>OM: "Hello? Who is that?"

>you and Flash walk down the aisle to get to the stage
>as you step on the lighted stage, she can see you

>OM: "Oh, Anon. Pleasant surprise! How is your head feeling?"
"Better with meds, thanks for asking."

>then she sees Flash on stage
>OM: "Flash.."

>she greeted Flash with a bit of a cold shoulder
>must not be a fan of his
>Flash gives a casual wave and a "Hey Octavia,"

>not wanting to ask why she doesn't like him, you move on

"Why are you at CU?"

>OM: "Oh, didn't you hear? I'm participating in duel-enrollment now."
"Isn't that only an option for seniors?"

>she puts her guitar down for a moment
>OM: "Mostly, yes. However, I tested out of AP Music Theory, so they allowed me to dual-enroll. I am only taking university level music classes here. I still take the rest of my classes at CHS."

"Wow, that's pretty cool. So what are you doing right now?"
>she looks at her guitar with angst
>OM: "Currently regretting a horrid decision."
"and... that would be..?"

>OM: "I have to learn a classical piece with a different instrument, other than my main instrument."

"Yeah, I thought you played the cello. Why did you choose the guitar for your second instrument?"

>OM: "The two instruments have many similarities. In theory, the more they have in common, the lower the learning curve. However, classical guitar is much more difficult than expected..."

>you shrug your shoulder
"I mean, I wish I could help but I've never played an instrument in my life."

>OM: "I appreciate the thought,"

>Flash chimes in
>FS: "What piece are you trying to learn?"

>Octavia sighs, clearly not wanting to deal with Flash, for whatever reason
>OM: "Estudio 5 in B minor."

>FS: "Could you play it for us?"
>Flash definitely seems interested in this, and you don't know why
>she picks the guitar back up
>OM: "I suppose so.."

>she begins trying, but it is clear that she needs a lot more time to practice
>after making several mistakes, she becomes agitated and puts the guitar back down
>OM: "Infuriating, really. I can play almost anything on the cello, but these dreaded six strings are whipping me into an early grave. I have been practicing this for almost a week now."

>Flash steps forward
>FS: "Oh, that's probably because your finger placement on the chords are all wrong."
>you look at him shocked

"Hey Flash, I think Octavia knows a thing or two about music. More than we do anyways..."
>you're trying to signal that he shouldn't do whatever he's thinking of doing

>but he doesn't see the warning on your face
>he points to her guitar
>FS: "Mind if I try?"

>she looks at him, expecting the same that you are
>which is him about to make a fool of himself

>a little snarky, she responds
>OM: "Go ahead."
>and hands him the guitar

>the anchor has already been thrown, so you stand next to Octavia and prepare for the embarrassment

>Flash throws the guitar strap over his shoulder and gets a feel for the guitar
Inb4 Flash gives her some pointers which later leads him to chocking on her tongue.
Wait, Anon is Flash's bro and doesn't know he's a baller at guitar?
Sounds right up his alley.
Bass guitar would probably be a lot easier transition. You could even tune the bass guitar to Cello Standard Tuning.
>AM: "A few plays go by; Canterlot holding the line as best they can. With only 6 seconds left in the game, Crystal Prep only needed to traverse the ball 5 yards to score another touchdown, securing their victory."

Don't mean to nitpick here, but why the hell did they even run a play, much less a pass? If they had a lead with seconds left in the game and possession, any team would just take a knee...
I'm assuming that since ITT the Crystal Prep team is portrayed as a collection of arrogant jocks, they foolishly decided to try for another touchdown to further humiliate CHS.
This. You better have an explanation ready, R3tarD. I'm craking down on you.

I expect some Ozzy Osbourne shit
Humpity bumpity!

>though you had never seen him play
>Flash had mentioned that he could play the guitar,
>but there was no way he was good enough to play a classical piece that Octavia couldn't even play

>he looks back up at you two
>FS: "Let's see if I can remember this one."

>...what did that mean?
"You know the song she's learning?"

>FS: "Yeah, but it's been a while.."

>he picks a few notes at first, but they sound awful
>Octavia grins

>he stops

>he takes a deep breath in, then blows it out
>and begins playing once more


>you prepare yourself to cringe
>but that wouldn't happen

>as the notes resonate from the guitar, you immediately realize that Flash has been severely underestimated
>but as he continues playing, you are blown away by what he's doing
>most of the time, his eyes are closed
>his head moves around like he can feel the music
>it looks... spiritual
>all the while not making a single mistake

>it feels like someone else with musical talent has taken over his body to play this piece

>and the music... what is happening in front of you is nothing short of... amazing
>your eyes widen as you realize how good Flash actually is
>but when you turn to Octavia, she's in pure shock

>but you can't look at her too long before you look back to Flash
>the music is nothing short of beautiful; emotional, even
>but maybe the most awe-inspiring part of it is that Flash is the one making the music happen
>because out of the entire school, Flash was literally the last person you thought of as any type of 'artistic'

>but here he is
>it doesn't even sound like a song
>it sounds like some kind of... audible journey
>like you're being forced to feel something new with each change of chord

>seriously, when did he learn to do this??
Have him do an encore performance of "Paint it Black"
nah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W2vXEih5vPg&list=PL23A635021128F21F&index=47
I bet you could drown a toddler in Octavia's panties right now.
suddenly break out into Thin Lizzy


>Thin Lizzy
My nigga
File: Pat & Bat.jpg (103 KB, 1200x675) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pat & Bat.jpg
103 KB, 1200x675

>almost as soon as he begins, he throws the strap off of the guitar and hands it back to Octavia
>FS: "Man, I'm rusty. Haven't played that one in forever!"

>your shock has taken the physical form of your jaw dropping
>Octavia looks at you with the same shock on her face
>then she looks back at him

>OM: "R-rusty?"

"Holy shit, Flash. Where the hell has that been??"
>FS: "Ah, I like to play every once in a while. It's not big deal."

>OM: "Flash... I don't know what to say. That was.. perfect. I have.. underestimated you."

>he shrugs
>FS: "Eh, I don't know about perfect..."

>there is a silence in the hall so quiet that you could hear a pin drop
>OM: "I... Could you teach me how to play that maybe sometime in the near future?"
>FS: "Sure! It's not that hard once you get the chords down."

>he pulls his phone out to look at something
>FS: "Crap, Anon. I need to get back to my place."
"Alright man."

>Flash starts towards the hall doors after saying bye

>you follow, still surprised that whatever just happened... just happened

>she calls at you two
>OM: "Will you both be at the dance tonight?"
>you both answer "Yes"

>then Flash adds
>FS: "Hey, and be on time if you can. There's a surprise at the beginning of the dance that I think you'll like."

>you get to the car and drive off of the college campus, music blaring, both of you being happy from a successful college visit

FulLR3tarD is going to play "Dancing in the Moonlight" at the homecoming dance, I'm calling it.
>Dancing in the moonlight
Fuckin tune mate
Nah, He's gonna play that one song by Asia.
So I try not to post this kind of stuff, but I think it's fair you guys know this. One of my good friends is in the ICU right now from a motorcycle accident and has been there for a while now. The docs are now allowing visitors so I'm going to visit him today, but I'm pretty much rekt about it. It doesn't look good for him. If you thought that the writing quality has been down recently (I'm positive it has), that's pretty much why. I promise I'm finishing the story and it won't be shit, but I might need a day or two before I write again. If you guys feel like bumping, and making a new thread when the time comes, I promise you'll see the ending of the story. I'm not going to leave an interested crowd blue balled. If you've lost interest and don't feel like bumping, I completely understand.

All in all, you guys have been fucking awesome. I would have never imagined trying my hand at my first green would turn into what it has become. Hopefully, I'll see you guys soon.
How bad an accident? Not fucked up for life is he?
Half of his body was completely crushed. He's been in a coma since the accident. I'd rather not give any more details than that, but trust me; it's bad.
Fuck me dude, take all the time you want.
We'll keep the thread alive
I'm sorry, man. Anyone who's friends with you is cool in my book, I wish him the best of luck. Take all the time you need, many would have discontinued their greens already.
Friends > Greentext, m80
nice, but can we proceed to the dance? i just cant wait anymore...
>who gives a fuck about ur friend u fgt ur suppose to write green thats ur job now get too it bitch!

im hurt that you think we are this
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bump and be sure there will be a thread up and about if you come back soon enough
your green is awesome if anythig else fails be sure i will also read it if you just post it in the pastebin
>i hope your friend makes it and that he will have a swift recovery
Well, we are 4chan after all.