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Changeling thread
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Bugpone needs more love
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>you will never be bros will male bugpone
why live /mlp/?
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Changelings are just so misunderstood. Pretty damn cute too
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Go for it, bro. Be the changeling bro.
drawfag here taking bugpone requests
Female changeling and spike kissing, deep kiss if you dont mind
Pinkie hugging lonely bugpone
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Oh hey. bugpone thread is early.
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you're pretty good.gif
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that's fucking cute, mate
oh my god

oh my god that's incredible
We could just let this die so that a proper one can be made tomorrow.
That guy is about to overdose on love.
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angry moonbutt.png
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>"Anon, if you try slapping my ass like a bongo drum one more time, I'm banishing you to Uranus."
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Fuck that's cute.
Thanks mang.
You draw really cute
Finally, /bug/ is back online. I await green.
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why live?
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Fucking saved, this is awesome
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OR we could just ignore the cancerous General and all it entails, and just have a good thread actually about changelings instead.
I'm here. But unfortunately I haven't had much time to write.
I have a little bit written so far but I really want to make it to the end.
Definition of a standstill
changelings where
A sorta bad writefag here.

I can try and write something Changeling related but I don't know what the story should be about?

Any requests?
A changeling just moved out to ponyville and the mane 6 welcome him/her. Involving social and cultural discussions. how about that
Essentially we will eat anything up as long as it has the Queen/Changelings in it.

All our writers thankfully have different plotlines in their stories so you're free to do anything.
write a story about anon having sex with a pony but then he found out that it was a changeling, a male one[\spoiler]
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I second this
Shining armor and a company of guards go on a mission to eradicate the changelings, but through lots of shenanigans with the bug queen, they end up signing a peace treaty and changelings get to open brothels in equestria.
Your request sounds quite good.
Once I have some free time tomorrow, I'll start writing.

Keep the thread alive for me.
anyone still around? it is time.
I'm here...I guess
I'll always be here
when we last left our heroes they had just made love in a bath tub together with luna watching from the window.

now continuing Bug Bite: http://pastebin.com/VDeQCPv6

>When the time seems appropriate, you decide to nudge him with your foot.
>As much as you'd have liked to, you guys couldn't just stay in the tub forever.
>It would start to get weird, and cold, and you're not sure what kind of effects prolonged exposure to water has on bug chitin.
>Do they get pruny like skin does?
>He didn't feel any different with what your foot could tell you.
>You nudge him a few more times until he stirs.
>Eventually, his eyes lazily drift open and her turns his head slightly to look over at you.
>You nudge him once more, but he doesn't respond.
"I think we're done."
>He still doesn't move.
>"You know I can't hear you."
>Oh well.
>You pull the plug and the water level begins lowering rapidly.
>He should get the hint.
>He continues watching you lazily
>With a deep sigh, you stand up and stare at the ceiling as you stretch a bit.
>That was a fantastic soak.
>One that you've needed for a while now but never seemed to care enough to do.
>Shit you knew you needed to do always seemed to somehow end up at the end of your list of things you actually did.
>After your stretch you let your arms flop down and you look down to climb out.
>Kalakcha catches the corner of your eye.
>He's still staring at you.
>Far less lazily now.
>He seems fixated.
>Almost in a trance.
>You laugh internally as you already know what he's staring at, and this is far from the first time this exact scenario has occurred.
>Well, not exact, but close enough.
>Equestrians are all comfortable with nudity.
>An idea that was as foreign as you were when you arrived.
>Over time though, you eventually got used to the idea.
>However, every now and then, someone gets a little more curious than usual.
>You are an alien to their world, after all.
>All new.
>After they sate their curiousity it's all business as usual.
>You'd be lying if you said you hadn't tried to sneak a peak at Kalakcha a few times.
>Not that you wanted that, it was just instinctual curiosity.
>Your eyes just wander on their own sometimes.
>So you can't blame him.
>You turn your head and smile down at him.
"Like what you see?"
>His trance all but explodes and lets out a tiny embarassed groan before allowing himself to roll from the step into the pool that remained in the center of the tub.
>He sinks to the bottom and doesn't try to resurface or move.
>Bubbles of air find their way to the surface before silently popping.
>You laugh to yourself and climb out.
>After you're all dried off and at least partially dressed in your leisure clothes, you look back into the tub.
>The water has drained, and the bug remains in the same position on the bottom.
>You grab a folded towel and whip it open as you walk back down into the tub.
>The soft fabric finds its way over his entire body as you lower it and then wrap your arms around both of them, effectively turning him into a bug burrito.
"C'mon, let's get you dried off."
>You hoist him up out of the tub and carry him out into your living room.
>The two of you end up on the couch once more.
>He's still held firmly in your arms wrapped inside the large towel.

gotta go for an hour, family stuff
Well, I haven't finished Where Eyes Deceive yet. I just haven't had the time. But I did write a little something and I was wondering how you might feel about it.

>The air is crisp and cold on this breezy day.
>Bright sunlight warms where it touches but does little more than remind you of the days of summer that you had missed.
>In many ways it is like the day that you had returned to your kingdom.
>But now that the celebrations have ended, and the tears of joy have dried, there duties to be fulfilled.
>Promises to be kept.
>Far from the busy streets of the Crystal Empire, you climb the stout hill where a single tree stands.
>Two changelings, one female and one male, wait for you there.
>They're unlike the others in both hue and temperament.
>But they have done well to fit in with the others in this world that is not their own.
>They already have the hole dug.
>It's small and shallow but it will do fine.
>Kneeling before the hole you look to one then the other of your adopted children.
“It's a nice spot. Do you think she would have liked it?”
>Your daughter struggles to contain her sadness as your son does his best to comfort her.
>”I think she would love it. It's… peaceful.” he answers.
>You take a deep breath and reach into your coat.
>She has served you well over the months.
>She had saved the three of you more times than you could count.
>But now it is time for her to find rest.
>You look down at the jagged dagger in your hand.
>The handle fashioned expertly from heavy oak and the horn of a changeling queen as the blade.
“I'm sorry that I couldn't do more. If I had been there sooner…”
>”You've done more than anyone else could.” the changeling girl says softly.
>”More than we could have asked.”

Sovereign Claim 2
I love you. No homo
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>best bro
Looking at the thumbnail, I thought it said "butt bro".
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>implying it wouldn't be good at that too
>You sigh to yourself.
>There goes all that work to get him relaxed.
>Maybe you should try comforting him a bit?
>What can you say to make this less weird?
>A few moments pass and nothing is coming to mind.
>You can feel the little bug burrito slowly expand and retract with his breathing.
>He hasn't acknowledged anything has happened this whole time.
>Other than the slow breathing from both of you, it's been deathly quiet.
>"I have an idea!"
>The sudden burst of sound makes you jump.
"Holy shit."
>"You know what changelings feel like. All we have to do is get into a position where you can test each potential pony until you find him."
>"You work for Celestia, which means you are considered high class by pony standards, which means you have access to the nobles, which means you can get close to the ones we marked and attempt to find my rogue lieutenant!"
>How the hell did he get from being too embarassed to talk to you to coming up with a solution to the missing bug problem?
"What happened? You acted like you died in the tub and now you're all hyped about finding this lieutenant again."
>"I don't know what you're talking about. I've been thinking this whole time."
"So you're going to try to convince me you didn't sneak a peak at my ramrod and then groan as you died inside?"
>You hear him scoff.
>"Don't be perverse. That's not what happened. I was thinking."
"Oh, I'm sure you were thinking."
>You weren't going to just drop this forever, but for now there were more important matters to deal with than his potential fantasies involving you and whatever it is bugs fantasize about.
"Whatever. What was this plan?"
>when we last left our heroes they had just made love in a bath tub together with luna watching from the window.
Wait, what? I missed both of these things.
Of course
File: 1402638757285.png (95 KB, 1000x999) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95 KB, 1000x999
Anything anyone wanna see that the other writefags aren't already doing?
im glad i wasnt the only one who saw that.

>He continues speaking from the warm embrace of your arms and the towel burrito.
>"As I said, simply touch each noble he might be until you find him. You'll know when you find him since you know how we feel."
>You bite your lip and look to the side as you consider this.
"Uh, I can't exactly walk around feeling up all the nobles. They all know I'm a bit weird, but I'm not that weird, not to mention Sunbutt would get flooded with complaints that she has to lecture me on."
>"It wouldn't have to be all of them. I'm sure he's still somewhere near his initial target. He would have to be here still in order to tell the guards where to find me."
>He chuckles lightly.
>"I can show you everyone we were supposed to follow. He has to be around them."
>You can feel him shift slightly.
>"Or, uh, one of them."
"One of them?"
>He coughs once in response.
>"He might have... Taken their place? He was only supposed to observe, but he's off the grid at this point. Anything is possible."
>You cringe a bit.
"It's gonna be really hard to justify helping you guys escape if some nobles ended up dead."
>"What? Oh, no, we don't kill ponies. At least, we haven't in a very long time."
>He shifts around once more.
>"He would simply, uh, make his target his mind slave and keep him hidden while he takes his place. That's all."
>His nervous laughter makes you wonder how often that happens.
"Guess it's okay if that's all."
>"It's not death."
>You hug him tighter.
"Please shut up. Let's focus on how I can actually find him rather than reasons I shouldn't be helping you at all."
>"We already went over that."
"No, I can't just go around touching everyone."
>"You can, you just need a good reason to."
File: 1404317378603.png (163 KB, 908x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You could try to continue Wolf's story, he's officially kill forever.
>You hear Kalakcha release an exaggerated sigh.
>"I'm not asking you to be weird about it. A simple hoofshake would be enough for you to tell if something is wrong."
>You roll your eyes despite his inability to see you do it from where he is.
"I have no reason to do that, though, and I can't exactly start reintroducing myself to everyone and shake their hooves. I mean, I didn't even do that the first time I met them."
>There's a long pause before you hear him speak up again.
>You can hear the grin behind his voice.
>"That's perfect. Maybe it's time they met the new you."
>You don't like the sound of that.
>The hell does that even mean?
"You're not going to try to mind control me again, are you?"
>"No, you fool. You do not respect noble status. You do not even respect royal status. I'm saying now you've changed, and you do respect it, and you would like to start over by reintroducing yourself."
>You look off to the side.
"That's really retarded and doesn't sound like me at all."
>"It doesn't need to be you, it just needs to give you a reason to shake their hooves."
>That's not the point.
>No one is going to believe you suddenly changed for no reason.
>Not even the stupid nobles.
"That plan won't work. We'd need to-"
>Oh yes.
>You grin as the idea sprouts in your mind.
"You know who else would know what a changeling feels like?"
"Another changeling."
>There's another short pause as you sit their silently smiling at your own brilliance.
"Oh, yes. We're going to introduce you to the ponies you saved from the terrifying changelings with your selfless acts of bravery and valor."
"And of course they'd be more than happy to shake the hoof of someone that would sacrifice themself for such a noble cause."
"Yes, dammit. It makes way more sense than me doing a complete one-eighty with my attitude."
That'd be kind of weird especially if he came back.
>You feel him shift in your arms.
>"That's not the point. They'll know my hoof feels wrong. I'll get caught. We'll get caught."
"Nah. It'll be fine. Just, uh, try to keep a safe distance as you get close to everyone."
>"Do you realize how stupid that sounds?"
"No more stupid than your plan. What if you wore some armor so they could only touch your hooves?"
>He shakes his head around until the towel falls from around it.
>Turning it far enough to see you out of the corner of his eye, he speaks once more.
>"Do you think an injured guard would wear heavy armor to a social gathering?"
>You shrug.
>He blinks a few times.
>"What is duh? Is that yes?"
>You turn him a bit in your arms so he can look at you more easily.
"Yes, you idiot. Guards wear armor everywhere they go, and your injuries should be healed enough for you to do that tomorrow."
>He snorts.
>"Easy enough for one to say who isn't injured and won't be wearing the armor. Where will you be getting this armor? As a royal gaurd, I should already have my own."
>You think for a moment.
"Couldn't you just wear your bug armor and-"
>"No. They will likely feel my armor. It must be real."
>You roll your eyes.
"And where am I supposed to get royal armor? They don't just leave that stuff laying around, y'know."
>He squints at you.
>"You are very clever. I'm sure you can figure it out."
>You have no idea where to begin procuring a set of royal armor.
>Suddenly he grins wide at you.
>"You were right. Relaxing really helped clear my mind. Look at all this progress we're making."
>You hold up a hand and point at him.
>Before he realizes what's happening, you press your finger onto his nose.
"Sure, if you want to call this progress. You're ignoring that there's not any kind of social event happening anytime soon, and there's not just spare guard armor everywhere, and Sunbutt will be stopping by tomorrow."
>He frowns at you.
>"Why would you do that?"
>You boop him once more.
"Cuz it's funny."
Havent been around for a while. Things around here have changed.
What happened to wednesday changeling thread?
Which stories are still going on and which writefags are still with us?
Any happenings?
>His arms are still wrapped up too tight to bat your hand away, so he turns his head as best he can.
>"No, why would you attempt to undermine our progress like that?"
>You shrug.
"Not to mention there's no proof he's even still around here. He might have ditched this place as soon as he got you caught."
>He continues frowning at you in an attempt to communicate his contempt.
>"Doing nothing solves nothing. Even if we fail to find him we will succeed in making progress."
>He pulls one of his hooves out from the towel with no small measure of effort and prods you in the chest.
>"Every pony we eliminate as a suspect is one less pony he could be. The list will narrow until we find him."
>You sigh.
"That's a perfect plan for someone who has an eternity to find his target. We're on a time limit."
>You tilt your head back slightly.
"Rephrase that. We're on an unknown time limit, which is the worst kind. Our time could be up at any time."
>He tilts his head at you.
>"One's time could be up at any time at all times."
>This time you prod his chest with a few fingers.
"Don't get all philisophical with me. You know what I mean. We need a plan that works quick."
>"That may not be an option. We have a plan that has a chance of working."
>You groan.
>"It's worth the attempt."
"I was really hoping the plan we came up with was going to be better than gee, I sure hope everything goes alright."
>Kalakcha closes his eyes and recites a phrase, as if he's said it thousands of times.
>"A plan only has as much chance for success as those carrying it out allow."
>You roll your eyes in response.
"What's that supposed to mean?"
>His eyes open once more.
>"It means everything should work just fine if you're not a fool."
>You sigh once more, but don't say anything.
>After a moment, he offers you a slight smile.
>"You should relax."
>Despite everything, you smile back.
>You're sure you'll figure something out.
>It's what you do.
Wednesday threads have ceased. Too little activity to keep it regular.

Now the threads are just spontaneous.
>Shortly after your conversation ended, Kalakcha discovered he was being held in a towel wrapped in your arms and did his best to escape in the most nonchalant way he could manage.
>By nonchalant you mean he asked why you were still holding him.
>Surely he was dry by now.
>He attempted to pretend he wanted you to let him go, and you pretended you didn't care either way.
>After both of you ruse masters finished tricking each other flawlessly, he asked what you usually do around your house.
"You mean like in my free time or something?"
>He nods.
>"You don't seem to enjoy books enough for that to be all you do, and you clearly don't spend the rest of the time around town or at the castle."
>You smile a bit.
"Hm, would you like to see?"
>He tilts his head to the side in response.
>"I would not have asked if I did not wish to know."
>You shrug and turn around, beginning your short journey to your study.
>By study, you meant the spare room you had that you stored all your crap in.
"Sometimes people ask questions they don't really want to know the answer to."
>He follows behind you.
>"Why would anyone do that?"
"That's an excellent question. You should ask everyone who freaked out after asking me what I was doing in my locked room."
>His voice quickly trails off and he stops talking.
>You grin.
"Look how smart you are."
>You walk into your study and hold out your arm, welcoming him in.
"Of course, sometimes I lie. It's very rare, but it happens."
>He walks past you and looks around at the cluttered room.
>There's a pile of boxes near one wall, and a desk nearby that's completely covered in papers.
>Your wall is literally wallpapered in various parchments from earlier projects.
>It helps you keep track of what you've already done and what needs to be done.
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229 KB, 700x700
Why are changelings so adorable?
Thats too bad, the wednesday threads used to be very good.
What if next week we went back to wednesday threads? We have 3-4 writefags now and at least 1 drawfag. Plus there is a chrysalis thread running simultaneously right now.
I know, I know, generals are cancer, blah blah, but the more regular thread appearance makes it easier for content to be ready by that time rather than the bits and pieces whenever it opos up.
Generals aren't, and have never been, cancer. They're content aggregator, for ease of use.
A general can BECOME cancerous, and it often will become so over time as it grows stagnant, unending and circklejerky.
And ours wouldn't even be permanent, it would be tied to a day.

We've handled Wednesday Threads before, and they live just fine as long as there's demand. I don't see any reason why we shouldn't try next week. If it dies, then so be it. We'll wait for later.
There is nothing to be lost by trying.
>Kalakcha looks up and down your walls before turning back to you.
>"What is all of this?"
>You hold one hand palm up and question him.
"Shouldn't you know? You searched my whole house, didn't you?"
>He shakes his head as he continues looking around.
>"No. I did a quick check to see if anyone else was here. When I was satisfied, I made my way to your entry room and began my more in-depth studying. You arrived shortly after."
"Well, whatever."
>You motion to all of your crap scattered around.
"This is the infiltrator gold mine. I'm sure soon enough you'll be absolutely convulsing with orgasms."
>He doesn't look over at you, but rather continues studying the walls.
>"I'll be what?"
"Nothing. So you heard my friends and I mention I'm not from around here, right?"
>He nods silently.
"You know, like from a whole different world."
"A whole different universe, probably."
>You walk up next to him and begin pointing to the pages pinned all over your walls.
"Well, these are devices and machines we used in my world."
>His eyes slowly widen as he glances from page to page.
"I'm no engineer, so I don't actually know exactly how each one worked, but I drew what I could remember and what it was supposed to do. The least I could do was draw what it looked like and describe what it did, if nothing else."
>He begins pressing his hooves into the wall.
>"Wait, these are actual functining devices?"
>You nod.
"A lot of it is more advanced than anything in this world, but this place obviously relies on magic, so they didn't have the need to make most of this stuff driving them."
>Soon enough he can hardly contain his excitement as he shifts from spot to spot.
>He doesn't even finish looking over anything before moving on.
"So, ya, this is sort of how I spend all my spare time. It's kind of one of my only hobbies. That, and learning how to cook something new or exploring as far as I can now and then."
Another morning bump

>As you finish your explanation, you take a seat and watch him shuffle around with a grin on your face.
>A few ponies you know used to get this excited, but the interest died down over time when they realized a lot of your devices had no practical use in their world.
>Every now and then something will pique their interest, but mostly it's just getting your legacy on paper.
>You are, and probably will always be, the last of your species after all.
>If no one else makes some records, no one will, and you can't let everything die with you.
>You sigh as you continue thinking to yourself, ignoring the lively sound of paper being moved all around.
>Soon enough, you're interupted by Kalakcha shoving a hooffull into your arms.
>He then points to each page as he asks about them.
>"What is this?"
>You look over the page and frown.
"Meh, just a lighter. You press this to release gas and then this circle of steel rubs against this tiny flint and makes a spark to light it, creating fire."
>You frown.
"Turns out unicorns can just create fire from magic, though."
>He tilts his head to the side.
>"Not everyone is a unicorn."
"Ya, well, I live in the unicorn capital. Besides, how would a pony use this with hooves?"
>"If it was made to work for your species, it can be remade to work for others."
>He pushes the paper off to the side to get at the one behidn it.
>"What about this one?"
>It only takes a glance for you to chuckle.
"Oh, this was just me practicing with a quill and ink. That shit was hard to learn even though it looks so simple."
>He looks disappointed.
>"Oh, I thought it was a complex device."
>You shrug.
"Well, it did lead to me drawing this first device."
>You flip through a few of the pages he brought to you until you find it.
"Here, see? It's called a ball-point pen, and as the name suggests the end is a ball."
>He looks up at you.
>"How would one write with a ball?"
"Well, the ball is super tiny, like almost a speck of dust, and it rolls ink from inside this storage chamber onto your paper as you drag it across."
>He pulls his head away from the page in awe.
>"Interesting. And these devices actually worked?"
>You grin at his reactions.
"Not only that, they were sold everywhere for super cheap. These were super common."
>This led into him questioning how anyone could create compact devices like these with such tiny parts and you having to explain what machines were.
>You both talked for the rest of the day in that room.
>Neither of you remembered, or even cared about having dinner.
>A yawn escapes your maw as you idly turn to look at your window.
>You suddenly became aware of the surrounding world for the first time since you showed him your study.
"Shit, it's getting really late."
>His own trance broke with yours as he looked towards your window.
>"Is it? Oh, is that a problem?"
>You stand up and stretch a bit.
"Hmm, not if you can just sleep in all day. Sunbutt is coming in the morning, remember?"
>He nods.
>"Yes, I remember."
>He looks around sadly at all the papers he didn't get to ask about yet.
>You sarcastically pat his head.
"There there young padiwan, we can pick this up some other time."
>He goes to brush your hand away, but you began walking before he reacted.
>"What is padiwan?"
>You wave your hand dismissively.
"Don't worry about it."
>As you walk through your house turning off the lights, Kalakcha seems to stay on your heels.
>He's not saying anything, though.
>Once you reach the end of your journey in your room, you turn to look down at the awkward bug.
>Seems he can't being himself to speak.
>He just looks from one side to the other at nothing in particular.
"So, uh, you gonna go to sleep tonight, or are you going to sneak back into my study and stay up all night?"
>He looks up at you.
>"Hm? Oh, I'll sleep, I suppose."
>You nod your approval.
"Alright, good."
>You begin your practiced ritual of throwing all your clothes to the floor so you may sleep unhindered in naught but your loose boxers.
>So liberating.
>You also can't help but notice Kalakcha is still standing in your doorway looking around awkwardly in silence.
>You look down at him with an unsure expression.
"Were you going to sleep on the couch, then?"
>He looks back up at you again.
>"That's where I slept last time, so it is likely. Sleep well, then."
>As he stands to turn to leave, you shrug and grin slightly.
"My bed is a lot more comfortable than that couch is, you know, if you wanted to share or something. It's a pretty big bed."
>He pauses for a moment before turning around.
>You can tell he's trying not to smile.
>"I can give it a try, to see how comfortable you claim it is."
>You roll your eyes and pull your covers back to slide inside as he gently hops up.
>He soon follows your example and climbs under your covers from the top and turns around under the covers before poking his head out and colapsing.
"How is it?"
>He moves around a bit to get comfortable before speaking.
>"It is nice. Thank you."
>You lean over and blow out the candle on your night stand before getting comfortable yourself.
>His back is pressing into yours as you drift off.
"Good to hear. Have a good night."
>He doesn't reply, and soon enough you're completely out.
File: dont go to bed.png (145 KB, 780x463) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
dont go to bed.png
145 KB, 780x463
thats it for tonight.
File: 1434224355575.png (201 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
201 KB, 600x600
damn cuddly lovebugs

>tfw no changelingbro
I know this style... Mr Mech?
This is damn good.

That Pinkie smile is beautiful.
Honestly, I don't know. I'm still trying to figure that out myself/
"I'd rather go to your anus."
>"Yes, that's what I--oh, for the love of--guards!"
Is this going to turn sexual? Because I really don't need gay changeling sex in my life.
File: 1390857337237.png (164 KB, 1023x987) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
164 KB, 1023x987

I really hope he just stays as a changeling bro.
ill never tell.
I'm probably gonna drop it if it gets gay.
I won't.
how gay?
>No interuptions.
>It would seem your bug friend decided not to wake you up over and over this time.
>You struggle to get your eyes open.
>With a little more effort, you manage to lazily open one of your crusty eyes.
>The light is low, but there.
>Must still be somewhat early.
>Your thoughts turn to your dreams.
>They're already mostly faded, but you can recall a few odd details.
>Better write them down after your coffee.
>Moonbutt always insists on you writing everything you can remember since apparently she can't go look personally.
>Much to her disappointment, she realized she can't get through your natural magical defense.
>You're not sure why she's so fascinated in dreams anyway.
>It's not like they mean an-
>Your thoughts are cut off as you notice your pillow move slightly.
>You look down and squeeze your arms a little tighter.
>That's not right.
>Your mind catches up all at once and you go completely still, unsure how to react.
>Sometime during the night, Kalakcha became your hugging pillow, and now he was currently wrapped in your arms.
>Still asleep, as far as you could tell.
>Thank God.
>"Are you awake now?"
>You cringe a bit.
>Guess he's not.
"I, uh, guess."
>You continue laying there as you are.
>For some reason, you think if you don't move he won't notice he's being cuddled by you.
>Surely the problem will just solve itself.
File: 1439484973285.gif (1 MB, 299x199) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 299x199
>>25252376 here. Text coming soon.
>"Will you create more nectar of the gods?"
>So much for that plan.
>You really suck at thinking when you wake up.
"Of course. I'm useless without it, heh."
>You offer a small, single laugh as you continue not moving.
>A few moments pass of you still not moving before he finally speaks up.
>"Will you release me? I can't move."
>You open your arms.
"Oh, was I holding you? I didn't notice. I thought it was a pillow, cuz you know, it'd be a little weird if I knew. So I didn't."
>After you release your prisoner, he climbs out from under the covers and stretches a bit.
>"You told me hugs weren't weird?"
>You quickly roll over to face away.
"And it's not weird, but I didn't know it was you. I thought it was a pillow, as I said."
>You quickly stand up and rub your face.
"I just need some co- er, uh, nectar of the gods. Then I'll be fine."
>He doesn't look up at you, but you wouldn't have noticed even if he did.
>You yank your leisure clothes on as quick as you can.
>"I'll meet you out there shortly. It is important to stretch your muscles after your body has been idle for so long in case swift action is needed."
"Sounds fine, see you out there in a bit."
>You attempt to look perfectly calm as you walk out of your room rubbing the back of your neck.
>Why do you care so much?
>Usually this kind of shit just makes you laugh.
>Must just be too early.
>You're sure you'll get over it soon enough.
>Just need that coffee.
>As you round the corner and catch sight of your glorious brewer, you feel something slam into your back.
>It's not enough to really hurt, but it sure didn't feel good.
i cant fucking even into my name right now
>It causes you to lurch forward slightly as you catch your balance.
"What the f-"
>Another hit, this time to your side.
>You spin around in time to see a black blur heading towards you.
>Oh no you fucking don't.
>It slams into your stomach and you latch on with both hands as you fall to the ground.
>It's a damn changeling!
"What are-"
>Before you can finish, you see a green light right next to you that grabs your attention.
>There's another one.
>It looks like it's trying to use some sort of spell on you, but it's not working.
>You wriggle the changeling in your hands around so you can grip it with one arm so you can use your free arm to grab this other changeling.
>With a bit of manuevering, and surprise now on your side, you manage to get them both under control.
>One for each arm.
"Stop, dammit!"
>As you protest, yet another one begins attempting to kick you with his forelegs.
>You use your own legs to spin yourself around a bit and latch onto it with a scissor grip.
>It continues hitting you wherever it can land a blow, but is now trapped.
>That seems to be all of them.
"Kalakcha get your ass out here, I swear to God!"
>After that, all you can manage are gutteral, primal growls as your adrenaline builds up and your grips tighten.
>Small, hard hooves continue showering you in blows.
>After what feels like forever, you hear a familiar voice.
>"Swarm, cease function!"
>Instantaneously, they all stop moving.
>You keep your grip on them all, just in case.
"What the fuck? Who are these faggots?"
>He trots towards you and looks them over.
>"It is my swarm. Release them, they will not attack you again."
>They shouldn't have attacked you the first time.
>You tighten your grip a little more and they cry out a bit.
"Fuckers attack me in my own house!"
>One of them speaks up, a hint of pain behind his voice.
>Kalakcha says nothing.
>He simply observes you.
>With one final grunt, you release them all and stand up.
>One of them colapses onto his side, but the other two catch their balance and remain standing.
>With that, Kalakcha speaks up once more.
>"Why are you hear? I ordered you to remain in position until I came for you."
>The one that spoke up earlier speaks up once more.
>"Commander, you did not randevue with us last night as you said you would. We came to investigate to be sure you were not in danger."
>This seems to catch him off-guard, if the way he backs up slightly as he responds is any indication.
>"I was, busy. There was no need for-"
>"Commander, when you last made contact you informed us of potential danger and ordered us not to take risks concerning-"
>Kalakcha holds up a hoof.
>"Enough. I understand."
>You fold your arms and look at each changeling in turn.
"So I guess you told your little group to come rescue you from me if things went wrong."
>He turns and looks up at you with a nervous expression.
>"This was before I knew anything about you other than what a threat you were."
>He flinches at his own choice of words.
>"I mean, what threat you might pose to us- the hive, the hive as a whole."
>The other changelings look very confused as their leader stammers on his words.
>It just makes you smile.
>You turn around to continue your previous task before you were ambushed by Swarm Eleven.
"I guess all your mates will want some nectar of the gods, too?"
>No response.
>You can make out a muffled conversation between them, but don't care enough to listen in.
>He's probably explaining everything.
>Saves you the trouble.
>You rub your sore back a bit as you wait for the coffee to brew.
>Extra large batch today.
>You turn to look at them talking to one another.
>They seem to be making a lot of subtle and odd gestures as they speak.
"Don't suppose they have names either, hm?"
>Kalakcha looks up at you from his group.
>"What? Oh, no, they do not. Not any names like you are used to."
>He hesitates as he turns to speak to them again.
>With an unamused expression, he elects to look back your way again.
>"You're going to give them all names, aren't you?"
>You shrug at his question.
"If I have to."
>You give them a good once over from where you're standing.
>You didn't want to sound racist, but as far as you could tell they were all perfectly identical.
>How the hell are you supposed to give them all names when you can't even tell them apart?
>Maybe you'll figure something out.
>Maybe it won't even matter and they'll just leave soon.
"Are they planning on staying long? We're trying to keep a low profile, remember?"
>Kalakcha nods towards you.
>"Correct, I was updating them on our situation. They'll be leaving shortly."
>You sigh.
"How shortly?"
>There's the door.
>Fuck fuck fuck-
"Do they have any disguises?"
>You try your best to whisper quietly despite your panic.
>Kalakcha looks just as panicked as you, though the rest don't seem to fully understand what that knock means.
>They're looking to their commander for some orders.
>He shifts into his guard form.
>It's visually less injured than yesterday.
>You'd find this interesting if you weren't about to scream like a girl.
>His companions follow suit and copy his disguise.
>Goddamit no.
"You can't just fucking copy him, you need to look different."
>You raise your voice so the pony at the door can hear.
"Ya, I just got up. Hold on dammit."
>They look around at each other before looking back up at you with a confused look.
>For fucks sake.
>Kalakcha responds to you.
>"They don't have individual guard disguises. They never needed one."
>You wave your arms frantically as you walk towards the door.
"Well make them use whatever they got, then. Now."
>You walk past your bug bud as he passes commands to his swarm.
>The room fills with dim flashes of green light.
>After you see the third flash you open your door as nonchalantly as you can manage.
>Before you stands Sunbutt in all her radiant morning glory.
>Fucking morning people, man.
"Sup Sunbutt."
>You speak through a false smile and invite her in.
>She nods at you.
>"Good morning, Anon. I know it's kind of early for you, but I have many stops to make today and wanted to make sure our friend is alright."
"Of course you do."
>You turn and motion to the group standing in your dining room, all standing in a row like soldiers.
>An injured guard, some earth pony you don't recognize, and two clearly noble unicorns.
>For fucks sake.
>Celestia steps inside and looks them over.
>"Oh, greetings. Anon didn't tell me he had so many guests."
>Just like an instant replay with Kalakcha, they all adopt expressions of fear.
>All except the commander, of course.
>He expected her visit this time.
>Pity his group did not.
>They do not speak, nor do they bow.
>They're not sure what to do anymore.
>Kalakcha steps forward slightly before bowing his head low.
>"Greetings, my princess."
>Upon seeing him bow, his swarm follows suit.
>She waves her hoof towards him just like last time.
>"There's no need for that, as I said before. How are you feeling? You appear to be fairing much better than just yesterday."
>He raises his head and nods.
>"Yes, princess, I feel much better. Thank you."
>She smiles.
>"I'm glad to hear that. It must be because Anon cares for you a great deal."
>Sunbutt almost seems like she's implying something.
>You and Kalakcha exchange glances.
>You probably just took it the wrong way.
"Well, I'm pretty good at relaxing. With my training he's done an amazing job at taking it easy. I dare say I've found an apprentice."
>She looks at you with a sly expression.
>"Oh, we don't need more than one of you, Anon."
>Her attention then turns to the others in the room.
>She tilts her head slightly.
>"So what brings the Bright couple to your home this early?"
>The who?
>She's staring directly at the unicorn nobles that have done and said nothing since her arrival.
>"You've hardly said a word. Have you been well since our last get together?"
>You stand a very short distance behind Sunbutt as she awaits a response, and you're desperately trying to give them the hand signals for say something you fucking retarded assholes.
>By some miracle, they seem to grasp the concept and each start acting more like nobles than scared imposters.
>One of them kneels slightly.
>"Indeed, Princess, we have faired quite well, and it is great to see you once more. It was merely an unexpected visit."
>The other steps in as well as if on queue.
>"We were just discussing the finer details of this attack with Anon, here. It would seem he's one of the only, er, ones with knowledge of the situation and we didn't want pony's imaginations to run wild with no answers."
>You stand there with a shocked expression.
>They actually managed to pull an explenation out of their asses.
>Celestia nods.
>"I understand perfectly. I had wanted to keep as much of this from reaching the public as possible for just such a reason. I would not like my subjects to begin panicking unnecessarily."
>The first one speaks up again.
>"We understand, and will do our best to keep such information to ourselves."
>Celestia scratches her chin lightly with her hoof.
>"Where exactly did you hear about it to begin with?"
>Only the guards should have known anything, and they don't make this shit public.
>Not even a little.
>They both stammer slightly, caught off-guard.
>"Er, well..."
>You raise your hand.
"That was my fault. I let it slip when they asked about the injured guard I was walking around with."
>She turns her head back to you and frowns.
>"Anon, you know better than that."
>You shrug.
"It slipped."
>She doesn't look very pleased with you, but you expected as much.
>Loose lips sink ships and all that.
>It's one of her favorite lessons that she pounds into everyone in her service.
>"See that it doesn't happen again."
>You nod.
"I'll just try not to slip anymore."
>Last is the regular earth pony, who had no reason you could fathom to be there.
>Who the fuck even was that?
>She looks him up and down.
>"I'm sorry, I don't recognize you. Are you not a local resident?"
>The last bug scratches the back of his neck.
>"Uh... I..."
>You were drawing a perfect blank, and from what you could gather from everyone else, so were they.
>Suddenly, Kalakcha slaps him in the shoulder with the back of one of his hooves.
>"This kind pony is the reason I healed up so quick. He sells herbal remedies and tonics."
>He grins and continues.
>"They really work!"
>The nervous earth pony gives a light chuckle.
>"Heh, yes, as I said they would. Natural healing."
>Celestia smiles at them.
>"Fascinating. You shall have to give me some samples when you can."
>He smiles back.
>"Oh, of course, p-princess."
>You're fairly impressed with the way he grabbed that last minute explenation.
>Guess that covers everything.
>You breath a sigh of relief.
>Sunbutt speaks up once more after looking around the room.
>"I see I interupted your morning breakfast once again."
You typed 'explenation' instead of 'explanation' twice now.
I felt my heart melt while watching this.
this warms my heart.
>You give her an unamused look.
"What do you expect when you come barging in when the sun comes up?"
>She turns around and gives you a playful poke in the chest.
>"Actually, I expect you to get annoyed and call me by that disrespectful title."
>You grin at her and rub your chest.
"Guess you're pretty smart, then."
>She winks at you.
>"I'm far more intelligent than you think, Anon."
>She continues on towards your door.
>"I guess I'll be going, then. You have much to discuss, correct?"
>You place your hands into your pockets and shrug your shoulders.
"Not really. I thought the point was to keep it all a secret?"
>She turns her head back and nods.
>With that, her horn lights up that brilliant golden color and the door gently swings open.
>"Farewell, friends. It was good seeing you once more."
>Everyone says their individual goodbyes as she steps out your door.
>You turn back and look over everyone as they sigh and relax a bit.
>Once again, you have all somehow dodged a bullet.
>As you relax as well, you notice all their faces tense up once more and their gaze focus behind you.
>You turn around and see Celestia walk back into your home.
>She closes the door behind her with her magic and sighs.
>"You call me smart, but you must truly think me a fool."
>She looks very disappointed as she continues.
>"I have sent my chariot away, they won't bother us. I'll admit, I did have a bit of fun, but I'm sorry you think so little of me."
Game over man, GAME OVER
oh shit
>You turn and look at your little group.
>They're not moving.
>They're not speaking.
>Even the commander now looks afraid.
>You turn back to her and sigh and offer a defeated grin.
"But it all sounded believable, right?"
>Her face stays solemn.
>"Anon... I was in the room."
>Your heart drops.
>Does she mean...?
>"The day you released that changeling. I was in the room for the entire process. What kind of cruel leader gives the command to inflict pain upon another if they won't even witness the consequences of their orders?"
>What kind of leader gives that kind of order to begin with?
>You frown.
>She closes her eyes as she continues.
>"I know what you're thinking, and the answer is far more simple than I would like. I was afraid and desperate for my subjects; that they would be attacked once more and I would not be able to stop it. The changelings, when prepared, are extremely efficient in what they do. However, it was also their efficiency that forced my hooves. What if through the suffering of one, multitudes could be spared?"
>Her eyes open once more.
>"But you were right. We are in a situation that neither side can win unless the game is changed. I wish for my subjects to be safe, but not at the expense of others."
>Her face goes stern as she finishes.
>"If they push me, I am prepared to push back. However, if there is even a small chance you can succeed in finding a different path, I am willing to cling to this hope. It is why I have merely observed your actions thus far."
>She stands there expressionless as she waits for you to respond.
>The changelings must have realized fleeing would be useless as well, since they haven't budged.
>You fold your arms and look down as you think.
"Why'd you come back and admit all this now?"
>She lowers her head.
>"I couldn't keep lying to you. Not if I truly wanted you to succeed."
>She tilts her head up to meet your eyes with a smirk.
>"Besides, I couldn't keep up the ruse of being fooled by you anymore."
>You poke your tongue out.
"You never let me have any fun."
>She stands up normally once more and looks over the changelings standing behind you.
>"The injured guard is a pony that hasn't worked in my castle for at least two years now. Do you really think I do not know every detail about every single guard in my own castle?"
>Kalakcha's eyes dart back and forth.
>She tilts her nose up slightly.
>"The Brights are currently away on business, and the last time we met it wasn't pleasant. They were complaining about the dull color of cobble used in the streets."
>The two fake unicorns looks at each other.
>Celestia tilts her head at the remaining changeling.
>"Honestly, I've never seen this pony in Equestria before. Where did you encounter him?"
>All eyes turn to him.
>He looks around and takes a few steps back.
>"Why are you all looking at me? It's just a pony I ran into on one of my first assignments. I wasn't even in Equestria."
>You shake your head.
"You used a disguise from some pony who isn't even from this continent?"
>He looks away and frowns.
>"I was told to use any disguise, and I like this one."
"You're an idiot."
>Kalakcha gives you a solemn look and sighs.
>"I suppose there's no reason to keep these disguises on, is there?"
>His horn lights up with a green glow for a moment, and in a flash of green light he's back to his regular self.
>You nod towards him and he bows his head slightly.
>"I can't promise any other changeling will trust either of you, but if Anon trusts you, then that will be enough for me. For now."
>Celestia winces.
>"I did not give the order lightly, you und-"
>"Please, princess. Leave it alone."
>He looks off to the side.
>Her head lowers slightly.
>"Very well."

thats it for now
not a whole lotta people in here. perhaps its because we have a changeling and chrysi thread going at the same time.

Could also be because there's literally zero show content to go off of since Slice of Life. Of course the fans of the fandom will always be around, but there's not even a single show related topic to discuss ITT.
Changelings are fun though
File: 1442629018588.jpg (2 MB, 2400x3492) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2400x3492
could discuss the odds of them visiting them changeling homeland. maybe not this season, but the next one
The fact that changelings haven't appeared lately doesn't make them unrelated to the show.

They've been on the edge already, in Three's a Crowd.

I guess it *might* happen, but they still haven't done an actual episode focusing on the Everfree, which is literally next door to Ponyville. Using the badlands as a setting... I don't know. It just doesn't seem very feasible to me.

So what topic do you wish to discuss? Relating to changelings as well as the show.
how does matilda know kevin?

I don't know. Who's Kevin?
The changling that appears in slice of life during the wedding.

how do you know it's name?
lurkin for NotScribble's soon to be gay clop
you have a lot of faith, my young disciple.
>scribble is back
File: 1438835499529.jpg (102 KB, 875x1166) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 875x1166
Everything turned out better than expected.

And damn, Kalakcha giving it to Celestia. Brave bug.
Wolf, don't be so mean to yourself
I missed some chapters, why ar they not in the pastebin
Im not wolf?
Chrissy Dead.?
pastebin should be up to date up to the current thread, and then i paste everything at once from the thread when it archives
celestia and anon are pretty good friends. he was only undermining her out of necessity.
I just realised:
>No apparent artifacts
Changeling mare pretending to be male pone to win gay stallion's dick heart when?
>"Gosh William, you sure are the most feminine pony I've ever met."
>"Oho, you, do go on."
>"Really, how do you do it?"
>"Well, maybe I'm born with it."
>"Maybe it's Neighbelline."
i want to see some homo changeling on human action
u cheeky cunt
Fags pls return to containment general pls
late night bump. maybe the chrysi thread will die and they can meet up with us here.
you fucking liar

got me to read the green though. God damn you and your sex appeal
>find chrysalis thread
>kind of late, decide to read it tomorrow
>post small story
>thread dies while i sleep
morning bump

its been an ongoing joke since i started writing this. each continuation starts with outrageous events that never happened. mostly.


Like a day late, but still.
ah, i knew i was forgetting something. i was actually going to look into that word before i posted since i knew it was wrong. notepad doesnt have spell check. thanks.
No worries. You might try pronouncing non-standard words phonetically to help remember the spelling. It certainly helps me, at least before spell-check.
ccg died years ago you dumbass
hey, I know that meme
what are you doing here?
watch your manners !
your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elder berrys i fart in your genral direction go away before i taunt you a second time
>thread dying because theres no love
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Drawfag again. Any requests?
we need "the beatles" singing something.
>when we last left our heroes they had just made love in a bath tub together with luna watching from the window.

Wait, Luna? Since when? I didn't see it in the pastebin.
So, would a changeling fucking a mare be receiving love, or dispensing it?

Can a changeling only eat love when it's 'given' to them?
bump live!
I think >>25279223 is right.
The changeling may be producing love, but the mare is also producing love for the changeling to feed on. Unless >rape, but that kinda defeats the purpose. Unless >rape fetish.
Any bug/human relations anyone wanna see writefagged?
Hey, the more green the better!
Wouldn't a changeling know immediately if the mare has a rape fetish?
I have no idea. Cadence definitely would however.
File: 1437834885314.png (1 MB, 1985x2400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hug the bug
Touch buggy tail
taste the bug
Fug the bug
File: 1446302435523.gif (685 KB, 500x276) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
685 KB, 500x276
>You will never spend Halloween watching scary movies with your qt changling waifu
>You will never get spooked together
>You will never un-spook it with gentle cuddles and comfy feels
>changeling gets spook
>reflex turns camouflaged
I need this in my life
File: 1400521222127.png (4 MB, 1449x1814) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: NoAss.png (452 KB, 960x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Daily Reminder that Bugbutt has no Butt

Daily reminder that you're a nigger

>inb4 MUH DICK
tiny butts excite me so.

Some people roll totally opposite of Sir Mix-a-lot. And that's OK.
What she's got she knows how to use
Bug hugs
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Want to write green. Changeling green. Drunk, and not sure about specifics.

I'd pick that bug up and cuddle the shit out of her.
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Here, this is what I've come up with:

the common changeling (Hymenoptera fraudulenti versipellis versipellis) is a social insect; like ants or bees. They are arthropods, with a thick chitin plating. This is why they have holes in their legs; chitin is very heavy at large sizes. Like other members of the order Hymenoptera, they have a queen, however unlike Hymenoptera, drones have two genders and can make situational choices.

The Changeling Queens only hatch through a genetic 'defect'. When one hatches, the current Queen throws the new one out of the hive before it can develop its hivemind. When born, a Queen has 100 eggs already formed within her, and becomes fertile after two weeks. In order to fertilize her eggs, the young queen only needs to seduce something: snake, bear, pony and fuck its brains out.

Depending on the species the queen >raped, her changelings will inherit certain aspects from it. Such as tactical thinking from ponies, strength from bears, stealth from snakes and so on.

To start a hive, the queen first must mature to a size large enough to lay eggs. Usually this can take anywhere from six to eight weeks.

A Queen's reproductive tract is hermaphroditic. She not only has both male and female genitalia, but an oviposition tract as well. This is used to lay eggs and the insulating mucus that is commonly associated with changelings.

i was more thinking of a prompt to work from. I'd probably use some of the ideas from ponyfinder changelings for how stuff works.
Happy late Spookday, /bug/.
>stealth from snakes
I would have gone with thermal vision.
Didn't think of that, thanks for the idea.

I still think stealth is a good one as they do that whole sneaking thing to take down everything from mice to alligators

I'll add it to my 'dissertation' and a venom too.
>you are Anon
>and you have one hell of a splitting headache
>you try to get out of bed, only to find you can't move
>this isn't good
>"well well well, I was wonderjbg when the venom would wear off"
>buzzing voice
>condescending tone
>looks like you've been ensnared by Queen Bugface herself
>I fucking hate Mondays

have fun
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216 KB, 1600x1200

Aw, fuck, my god damn head...
>a chuckle fills the air
>"THAT, my strange friend, is not entirely my fault..."
>you groan
>"Mixing booze with the venom can have less than desirable effects, but, now, you have fallen into my web."
>"What, my little human? Don't you remember last night at all?"
>you look around the room you are in... Your room.
>This is your bedroom... You feel restrained on your bed by something that feels awfully...
Barhghlke... What did I do last night... Why do I feel sticky?
>Bugbutt cackles
>"You must have drank more than I thought if you can't remember last night."
>with a little bit of concentration, you think back to what ever the fuck you did last night to end up in this predicament.
i bet we drank and went home with whoever gave us the time of day.

>To begin with, you remember going from your meager cabin on the far outskirts of ponyville, to the seedier corner of town's pub.
>The pub where everypony knows your name, probably because you are the only human in this world. Also, you drink there a lot.
>Days spent doing odd jobs for folks around town, stuff you are uniquely suited for doing more easily than any of them.
>Nights spent being a lonely outsider.
>All of them are nice enough, but you can tell you make them uncomfortable with your stature.
>The pony at the bar nods when you enter the establishment
>"The regular, Mr. Anon?"
Yeah, yeah, a buck beer, put it on my tab.
>You sit down at your regular spot at the bar, looking comically large, almost like an adult riding on a child's bicycle.
>After an hour or so of occasional chit chat with some of the other regulars who have become used to your presence and seem to enjoy your tales from your own world, you are approached by a pony you had never seen before.
>A blue mare, unicorn, with a green mane.
>she sits down next to you at the bar, as you order another drink.
>"So, I suppose you are the Mr. Anon that is the subject of all kinds of gossip around Equestria"
>you turn to look at her.
I suppose so. Only one of my kind, and I stick out like a basketball player at a jockey's convention around here.
>"A what player at a whoosit convention?"
Nevermind, stuff from home. What can I do you for? I don't think I've seen you around town, and definitely not here at the pub.
>A subtle smile flashes across her face
>"Yes, I am from out of town. I do... research on happenings around the world, and you seem like an interesting case."
>you shrug
>"I'd like to spend some time talking to you, recording stuff about you."

Meh, that Twilight Sparkle has talked to me a little bit, but I think she's gotten distracted more recently.
>"Yes, I'm sure her royal duties keep her busy from things like, oh, looking into alien creatures appearing out of no where and moving into the same town she lives in"
>you nod
Yeah, I guess once they figured out I wasn't a threat to national security, I've mostly been left to myself.
>you grab your fresh beverage from the barkeep, and take a nice deep swig.
>"Well, if you want to share some of your story, I could help quash some of the various rumours flying about the nation."
>with a thoughtful rubbing of your chin, you think for a moment.
>More of the ponies knowing about you might make you less of a pariah. Though you know this world has its tabloids too..
Who exactly are you?
>Upon closer inspection, her ass mark is a piece of paper and pen... definitely some kind of journalism or writer for sure
>"Me? Why, I am Sunny Scribbles. I do investigative journalism."
>with a look to the barkeep, you ask...
Hey, you ever heard of her before?
>The barkeep shrugs
>"Not really, though I don't do much reading of that kind of stuff... Rots your brain."
>Sunny Scribbles frowns
>"*I* am NOT one of those kinds of writers. I am offended... though I should imagine a small town like this is lacking in culture"

>The barkeep shrugs once more
>"Whatever lady. You gonna buy a drink?"
>The unicorn ignores the barkeep, and speaks to you again
>"I can assure you, I will only share the truth! So, are you willing to speak to me about your experiences?"
>you nod
"Why not. Though..."
>you shake your drink at her and smile
>she rolls her eyes, pulls out a small coin purse from her saddle bag.
>"Rest of Mr. Anon's drinks this evening are on me, barkeep"
>Fuckin score, free booze! And all I gotta do is tell some bullshit to this lady.
>You remember recounting various tales of home, about technology, culture, and the stuff you did.
>The hours rolled on, and the unicorn looked to be taking some detailed notes about what you had been saying.
>you look bewilderdly at the barkeep
Whoa, already? Time is flying tonight... One more beer before I hit the road though.
>Sunny scribbles grabs your attention once more
>"So, about what you said earlier... What is this basketball, and why would a person who plays it stick out amongst these 'Jockeys' you speak of?"
Well, basketball involves a bunch of really tall dudes throwing a ball around, to eventually get it thrown into a basket on top of a tall stick and Jockeys... They are short dudes who ride on...
>hmm... Thats kinda awkward
They are just short dudes, yeah...

Thats all for now, need to clean up apartment.

>You continue your discorse with Sunny Scribbles for a short while longer before the next call from the barkeep
>"Closing time! Closing time! You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!"
>you stand up, and look at the unicorn you have been talking to.
It's been a pleasure to meet someone who is willing to listen to me ramble on for hours AND pay for my drinks. I suppose I'll see you around?
>She smiles
>"I'd still like to keep talking, if you dont mind."
>you shrug casually
Eh, whatever. Its probably a 15 minute walk back to my place if you wish to follow me, though its a little ways out of town. We can talk during that trip if you want, but I need to get to sleep once I get back. Got a lot of stuff to take care of there tommorow.
>Sunny scribbles gives a pleasant smile
>"That is perfectly fine... You are quite the interesting creature."
>You remember walking home, pulling out your key to your door, waving a farewell to Sunny scribbles, then...
>That bitch!

>be Chryssalis
>You watch as the strange creature before you seems to go into deep thought for a few moments
>This target was too easy... The lonely bastard was so starved for attention and booze, your offer to talk to him for a while made it easy to get out to his abode, which is the perfect place to figure out more about him.
>He could very well be a powerful weapon in infiltrating the ponies.
>He could also be a fucking useless waste of biomass, but that is to be determined.
"So, little Hugh-mann. You have fallen into my clever trap! I wish to know a great many things about you. Cooperate, and I will be graciouis. Do not, and face my wrath!"

>Be Anon
>God damn, your head fucking hurts
>Note to self, drink less Buck Beer in the future
Ugh... Lemme guess, you are that changeling queen who invaded the pony captail back before I showed up on this planet. Made a big mess of stuff for yourself when your clever ploy was figured out.
>The large, bug like pony above you scowls
>"Hmph. You are more versed in this land than I thought, little mon-keigh. Yes, 'tis I, Queen Chryssalis."

There's another snippit. Gotta still clean a bunch of shit up around my apartment.
Bugbutt is an Eldar?

Found another fa/tg/uy.

Also, watching thread while removing everything from my cabinets.
File: r1r3k1m.png (196 KB, 440x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Hymenoptera fraudulenti versipellis versipellis
I'm impressed you actually came up with that.
Page 9 bampu.

>From what little you remembered reading at the local library, and from listening to the locals talk about this, Chryssalis is a changeling, a pony-like creature who can shapeshift, and that it feeds off emotions.
>Wierd shit, all over this damn planet you've found yourself on.
So, what the hell do you want with me?
>"I wasn't lying entirely when I was talking to you at the bar. I want to know about you. You are an anomaly, a unique specimen to this planet, so far as I can tell, and I have eyes and ears everywhere."
So, why this sticky cocoon bullshit?
>"Because I don't need you trying to do something dumb like trying to start a physical altercation with me."
>you move your head around slightly, as much as you can.
>"And, even more lucky for me, you are practically a hermit, and no one ever comes out to visit you. I have all the time I need to glean what I need from you."
>Fuck. She's right. Damn this cheap, rural property.
>"So, first, lets test some magic, now that we aren't in a pub full of ponies, and you are awake to make it easier to observe the effects."
>The large bug-like pony's horn glows green, and a bit of that energy flies towards you, making your vision go green for a moment.
Huh, that tickled a little bit. What the fuck was that supposed to do?
>Chryssalis' face now has a particularly large frown across it.
>"N-Nothing. Just a simple test"

>Be Crhyssalis
>Thats incredibly odd... the mind controling spell doesn't seem to effect this ape at all.
>That suddenly makes him much less useful for your purposes
>And much more dangerous to have around, now that you have shown yourself
Yes, just a smiple test.
>Now what?
>Perhaps you could use your natural feminine wiles to talk him into working with you
Anyway, little hugh-mann, you never DID tell me how you got to this world.
File: image.gif (2 MB, 450x234) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 450x234
thanks bro, Its awesome that you get it

>Be Anon
>Bugbutt seemed awfully worried when that spell didn't really do much to you
>"Anyway, little hugh-mann, you never DID tell me how you got to this world."
>You roll your eyes
I was working in my lab, late one night, when my eyes beheld a sudden flash of light. I then found myself standing front of some purple pony, who looked rather confused to see me.
>Fucking twilight.
I shouted a few obscenities, the pony screamed, and I discovered some kinda bullshit magic pulled me here, and no one knows how to get my ass home.
>Chryssalis suddenly looks much happier at that news
>"Oh really? I don't suppose that purple pony is the one and only Twilight Sparkle?"
Yes. She brought me here with her magic, and doesn't have the time to figure out some way to fix this shit and get me home. At this point, I've just become resigned to the fact im stuck here.
>"So, she isn't much on your good side then, eh?"
Meh. Horrible lab accidents happen in my world, and what she pulled off is apperantly this worlds equivalent. She atleast arranged for this cheap property and gave me my first odd job hookups
>Bugpone's smile grows weaker
>"Shame... She is definitely someone I am not a fan of."
Oh yeah, isn't she specifically the one who saw through your plan in Canterlot? Yeah, I could see you being pissed. But, I gotta float on, and deal with this world as I can.
>Twilight might be the reason you are here, but despite general inatentiveness from her, you are set off reasonably well.
>House, basic work to keep yourself sane, AND last time you spoke, you talked about even setting up a proper science lab in this magical world.
>"Well, I might be able to offer you more than some silly princess of equestria. I am a queen, and I have my fingers in every nation of this world. I have more power than you could imagine!"

Anyone got any commentary so far?
I comment that you need to keep going pls
I'm reading it.
It's enjoyable.

Well, you might very well have such power, but you sure are an ass compared to these ponies. Worst they did once I got here was stick me in a jail cell for a few hours. Much less sticky, much more ability for me to stretch.
>"You will suffer for your insubordination!"
>Green magic crackles forth from the horn of the now upset queen, and strikes you in the face.
>For a moment, nothing.
Again, what the fuck was that?
>Again, a frown on Chryssalis' face
>Then, your nose.
>It starts to itch like a motherfucker.
>And your hands, are held against your body, unable to rectify the situation.
An itchy nose? Really?
>She raises an eyebrow
>"That was not the intended effect, little beastie, but I imagine, it is quite... anoying given your current predicament."
>She then lets out an unpleasant chuckle.
>Oh shit... this is gonna get really annoying, really fucking fast.
I wouldn't be able to help calling her adorable.

>an undeterminate amount of time later
God damn it, just let me itch my nose, and I'll atleast seriously consider the shit you want me to do
>This shit should be a war crime.
>"Yes, my puppet, respect my authority! Mwahahahaha!"
Shit, you practically have me eating out of your hand. Tell me what you want so I can consider this shit.
>Her smile grows particularly large
>"Well, Anon, at the moment your despair is quite delicious. I might have to stretch this out a little longer, and enjoy this wonderful flavor"
>Fucking sadists.
>"So, all my chit chat with you has let me learn a number of things."
>ugh... monologueing
>"First, you aren't terribly happy here. You drink heavily to drown your sorrows."
Keen observation, einstein.
>"Einwhat? Anway, Secondly, I believe you could be an agent for me. A damn good agent."
After this shit you are doing to me, why would I want to work for you?
>fucking itchy nose, now the back of my head and bottom of my feet are itchy and there is nothing I can do inside this damnable cocoon.
>"Because... I have power, and connections. You want home, I want someone who can simply watch that damnable princess of friendship. You have a better in than any of my minions to get close to such an important pony.
I thought you and your people could take the form of just about any creature native to this planet?
>"Yes, well, important ponies are more careful as to who they talk to and spend time with. Replacing another pony temporarily is tricky. You already have the in, and I won't have to have one of my own replace somepony else, or try to build a new relationship."
>You think as well as you can with all this mental fuckery coming from all these damn itchy parts of your body

You know what. Let me out of this damn cocoon, and fucking sure. I'll keep an eye on purplesmart, and you hook me up with stuff.
>Bugbutt claps her front hoofs together joyfully
>"Yes! I knew you would come ot see my point of view!"
Uhh... cocoon please?
>she stops clapping, and looks to you
>"Oh yeah... Can fix that for you."
>Her horn once more flashes with green crackling energy, that shoots forth and hits the cocoon holding you in place.
>the cocoon disintegrates freeing you from your sticky, gooey, prison.
Oh god, sweet relief.
>you proceed to vigorously itch all the places that are in dire need of it.
>after a few minutes, you are back to feeling ok. Still slightly sticky, but ok.
Ok, so, what exaclty do you want me to keep an eye on?
>"I want you to follow her comings and goings, who she spends time with, and if you can, spend time actually interacting with her. Provide me with the information I request, and I can send agents to get you the things you want. Information, goods, whatever you need."
>you shrug
Sounds easy enough. She owes me, and had shown some interest in the idea of my lab. Assuming the world doesn't go all to hell, she should be spending a lot of her time here in down, from what I've heard from locals who have been around longer than myself.
>you think for a moment
What exactly are you planning to use the information I give you for?

>"Revenge, of course. The Canterlot affair was terribly embarassing. I need food for my people, and ponies are ideal targets. Sucessfully infiltrating and taking control of Equestria will throw that feeling of embarassment back to the princesses, AND, feed my people!"
>Vengeful bitch, isn't she?
Aight. Just keep me out of dodge when that shit goes down.
>She smiles slyly
>"Of course! I do good things to those who support me and my causes. Remain loyal, and prosper. Cross me, and well... It wont likely end well for you if you do."
Aight. How do you want me to pass this information to you?
>"Ah, yes, how silly of me to forget the most important part. I will send one of my minions to contact you on a regular basis. I think I will have them take the form of that unicorn I was using last night. Pass the information to them, and it will get to me."
>you nod
Fine. I'll keep you informed.
>the bug-pony turns to leave your simple abode.
>as she reaches the front door, she turns and says one last thing to you.
>"Remember, cross me, and you will not live long to regret that decision."
>She assumes the form of a pegasus, opens the door, and flies away.
>What a fine situation you've gotten yourself into, Anon.
>Fucking mondays.

And, I think that's all I can do for this story for now.
>Your hooves passed over the worn out ivory keys that have been used so many times before; struggling to keep time with the sheet music before you
>Looming pipes above pipes burst with vociferous and resonating sound; your efforts coming into fruition by their magical voices singing with fervor
>Ponies behind you listened carefully, and Changelings in disguise knowingly glared at you
>You winced as a sharpened fang dug into your chin as your jaw clenched with unwanted worry
>Fighting throughout the castle stopped as all ears turned to see the Changeling playing the horribly old and monstrous instrument built for Princess Celestia
>Ancient and carefully crafted steam engines whirred with renewed vigor; not having been activated in thousands of years; smiling as your nervousness began to fade away, you returned to playing with less struggle and more passion
>The buzzing of countless wings died down as the insect built musical machination played its' woeful song, you being the bug to carry out the sequence
>Why had you decided to play the song on the gift that your ancestors had given to the goddesses of the celestial bodies, you will never know
>But you did know that this was your purpose here and now, to end the conflict that was enrapturing both the Ponies and the Changelings, it was your purpose to end the second invasion of Canterlot
>All the death and bloodshed was pointless; unneeded and unwanted by both parties
>It wasn't even your destiny at this point to end the war, it was your duty
>Your duty to bring peace to the two aggressive races
>Through enrapturous music and determination would you make the Changeling queen and the Pony Princess bring peace to your two peoples
>With anger coursing through your veins, and passion searing through your mind, you ended the melody, the final notes leaving actual and Chrysalis-damned cracks on the multicolored panels that depicted the history of the Ponies
>Silence echoed throughout the hall
>Was it all worth it...?
I might spend some time now coming up with something my own rather than working from a prompt.
Bump in anticipation.
of what?
Of >>25301095
well thank you for running with my prompt anyway, and the story sounds interesting. I do hope you continue it

Thanks for it. Got my creative juices flowing a little bit.
Here is the opening to what I am working on now. I have a little more, but I will probably post some of it tommorow.

>The following is the story of Ik'thik, changeling drone, forward operating scout of the swarm.
>He works alone, infiltrating places no other changeling has infiltrated before, paving the way for others to find a place to feed.
>His missions tend to be long, risky, and involve large amounts of time transformed.
>Among the most elite members of the swarm, he specializes in infiltrating rural communities.
>These communities require a different touch than, say a neighborhood in a big city like Fillydelphia.
>we come upon Ik'thik as he is preparing to move into the small mountain town of Cloudcrop, located in the west of Equestria.

Also, my previous story in a pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Yw5g1SEW
Any interest in changeling waifu greens?
Do you even have to ask?
File: Unknown-23.jpg (6 KB, 224x224) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll write some more tomorrow and I'll some stuff then.
Thank ye.
Reminder that bugs are for hugs
And for fugs.
File: implying.gif (41 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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and for tugs.
File: Bug mug.jpg (21 KB, 646x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bug mug.jpg
21 KB, 646x400
Into mugs. Covered in more bugs.
hugs are for bugs

bugs are autonomous beings you shitlord
Autonomous beings who are perfect for hugging.
File: 1442982979583.jpg (25 KB, 800x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I return to continue a little bit. Now, with tripcode!

Be Ik'thik the drone.
>You are preparing to move into a new town, on assignment from the Queen herself.
>You have chosen a cover identity, a unicorn stallion.
>Forest service green coat, dirty blonde mane, and moss green eyes. Cutie mark of a stand of pine trees.
>You think you are going to go by the name Pine Fresh.
>Mission; find employement in town, settle down, and determine best targets for rest of the swarm to move upon in the future.
>Since the town is known for its lumber production, you figure thats a great place to try to fit into with your disguise.
>The town itself is located high in the mountains high above the Palomino desert, where the weather is cool and wet enough to be comfortable to live.
>Plus, trees grow beautifully, so the ponies need for lumber made it a perfect place for a settlement.
>Information collected from Equestrian Gazeteer in Canterlot lets you know the place has a permanent population of around 200 ponies, with the population rising in the summer with extra laborers coming in to work the lumber mills and other forestry operations.
>The particuarly cold winters of the high elevation scare away many ponies that might live there year round otherwise.
>The population is primarily earth ponies, with the high elevations attracting a reasonable population of pegasi, and unicorns being the least populus, but are still around.
>You are currently riding on the train up the mountain on a beautiful spring day.
File: 1440815947112.jpg (51 KB, 359x414) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Lab bump, so the thread is alive when i get home from working.
Shapeshifter. Battle form or not, she can look different if she wants to.
File: 1439437085941.png (114 KB, 1024x724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1418501455741 (1).png (529 KB, 1200x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1418501455741 (1).png
529 KB, 1200x700

>Everypony on the train is bursting with a jubilant mood, giving you a nice boost to your own energy... Delicious emotions!
>Looking out the window, you can see the crest of the steep hill you are riding up, and indications that the town sits right at the crest.
>You think to yourself...
This town looks like the views alone will generate lots of pleasant feelings upon which to feed.
I'm suprised its taken so long to pick this place out for scouting.
>Another pony notices you happily looking out the window, up the hill.
>"Hey there, fella. I ain't never seen you up in Cloudcrop before. You new?"
>You are slightly startled by the interruption
Oh, uh, yeah! First time coming up. Heard there were good jobs. Also heard the town was nice, too.
>"Ah, good to hear. This'll be my 4th season working up here. Summer is nice... The winter up here just isn't my speed, though."
Yeah, I've heard a bit about that, but the cold doesn't bother me much. Not sure if I'll stay up here, though. Just a trial run for me this season.
>the other pony nods
>"You have a job lined up yet?"
>you grimace slightly
I... Have not quite worked that out yet. I figured if I got up to town early in the season, I could probalby snag something.

>"No house either?"
Nope. I figure ther'll be places to rent
>"Lots for rent, not all of it is all that nice... If ya can afford it definitely look at the townhomes on the north side o' town. Otherwise, there are plenty of cheap bunk houses you can stay at."
>You think for a moment.
>Bunk houses would have you close to other ponies, perfect for subtle feeding, but you would have an inverse level of privacy.
>The townhomes would have less close contact, but the privacy could be nice if you find some gullible pony to bring home from time to time.
>Your thoughts are interupted by the blowing of the whistle on the train
>"Whelp, looks like we got up to the station right on schedule. Ill see you around... I don't believe I caught yer name. I go by Sawin' Steve around here."
>You look to the earth pony stallion you have been speaking with, light beige coat, dark green mane, and a cutie mark of a saw blade.
Nice to meet you, Sawin' Steve. I am Pine Fresh. I suppose I'll see you around town.
>You step off the train, onto a simple wooden platform.
>As you suspected, the view from the town is quite stunning, even from the ground.
>The rest of the town looks like your average earth pony frontier town. Saloons, various shops, a few assorted restaurants, and suprisingly, a nice upscale hotel, likely for tourists looking to enjoy the weather.
File: 1440255398043.png (317 KB, 524x795) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"Oooh, Anooooon~"
>You hear the disgustingly accurate voice of your waifu, none other than Windpine Cocksucker herself, singing alluring notes of honey at you.
>What a fucking bitch
>"Anon, why don't you put your silly magic rock away and come talk to me for a while?"
"Why don't you go kill yourself?"
>Your waifu guised roomy makes a big show of looking upset.
>"A-Anon, it's not very nice to say that sort of thing!"
>You ignore her and go back to reading greens on 4pony
>The 'mare' huffs next to you
>"You know, Anon, that's certainly no way to treat a lady, I really hope you change your attitude, or...or I'll never talk to you again!"
>You snort at her
"fuck off."
>"You know, Anon, when your nice, funny, and sexy friend, Antenette told me you were a nice guy, she was dead wrong about you."
"For the love of god, can't you suck someone else's blood for a while? Fucking harpies, I swear."
>"Well! If that's how you want to be."
>She starts walking toward the door.
>"Good day, Anon."
>She makes a curt nod before opening the door.
>You roll your eyes.
"Make sure to get some milk when you're out, ok? We're running low on..."
>The mare hadn't gone through yet, but the bug bitch was already on the other side. Talking to Windpine Cocksucker.
>"Oh, hey windpine! You have a good time with Anon?"
>"Pheh, I wonder how you put up with him sometimes, dear."
>"That bad?"
>The two statted chatting a bit, mostly talking about what a faggot you were.
>Now Windpine Cocksucker will never suck your cock
>and Antenette is still the only female who talks to you on a regular basis
>You start tying your noose as the door closed and the bug explains how she drank the milk on the way home.
Continue pls
ok but I don't know what I'm doing

"Come on, that's the third girl you scared off this month!"
>"Technically you scared her off."
>You give her the stink eye.
"I thought she was you."
>She gives you the familiar hoof on chest, fained shock expression.
>"Why, however could you think that of me, Anon?"
>She put on Windpine's voice again, but all you notice was the wicked grin forming on her lips.
"Remind me why I let you stay here anymore?"
>She steps forward, getting between your legs, spread out from where you sat on the couch.
>"Because you love me~"
>You just frown at her.
>"What? You don't like having someone to suck your dick?"
"I'd enjoy it a lot more if you didn't leave me full of fang holes and, oh I don't know, leave me hanging from the ceiling half dead when I'm asleep."
>"That was only one time!"
"Well, one is more than enough for me, thanks."
>She gives you a look of annoyance.
>"Sheesh, what a wet blanket."
>You've had enough of this.
>You push against her nose with a finger until she squeaks and falls back before getting up to go anywhere else.
>What a fucking bitch. You let her crash for a couple days, now you can't get rid of her.
>Tried locking her out, but she somehow gets back in anyway.
>She's been here so long, you've almost gotten used to seeing her leave the bathroom a sticky mess in the morning
>or the usual attacks from behind under the guise of some cute mare you've been talking to recently.
>At least she hasn't killed anyone.
>You think.
kill her johnny

and hide the body

>Be anon
>Kill the only thing that would suck your dick, even if it did leave bite marks all over it
>Be lonely neet in pony world forever
>At least nopony even cared when you dragged her across town and tossed her off of Canterlot
>Turns out everyone hates changelings after all
>tfw no guards come to kill you so you can pretend you're not killing yourself
>tfw still no changeling gf

>Be Anon
>Wake up well before the crack of dawn
>Listen as the wind blows through the trees and the birds ready themselves to sing the praises of sunbutt
>You can hear the small farm house creak as it settles just a bit more
>You turn to your wife, Ida
>She’s still sleeping like a log right besides you
>She’s so beautiful, even like this, drooling with none of her “make-up” on
>Green chitin shines as the dawn’s light hits it
>It’s fine if she sleeps in, she mainly keeps the house clean, reads, and sees her friends on days like this
>You roll out of bed and put on some working clothes and a pair of work boots
>As you reach for the door, you hear a quiet mewling
>”Hmm? Nonny, why are you up so early?” her voice is hushed from sleep.
“The bucking season starts tomorrow, Applejack wanted me down there early so I could gauge the new hooves she hired on”
>You worked your own land most of the year. Working for the Apples was a good way to make it through the year on the mortgage payments.
>”Oh, let me make you some breakfast.”
>You really had to be going
>But, you don’t see the harm in some hash browns and coffee
>You and Ida head down the stairs to the kitchen where you sit at the kitchen table
>Ida flies to the stove, switches it on, places a cast iron pan and a kettle on the range, and takes a seat, waiting for it to heat up
>”When do you think you’ll be home?”
“Probably be back for lunch and then done for the day around 6.”
>”So, we can have lunch together. I’ll make sure to have something tasty ready for you, can’t let my love muffin go hungry.”
>”Hashbrowns and coffee, okay?”
“Some eggs too, if we have some.”
>”I’m sure we do. I picked some up from the grocers three days ago.”
>She chops the potatoes, placing them in the pan with some oil, cracks an egg over them after they have started to brown
>The kettle starts to whistle, you see it catch her by surprise and you chuckle a bit
File: images-29.jpg (9 KB, 275x183) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
9 KB, 275x183

>She sets a cup of dark black coffee and a plate of fried eggs and potatos in front of you
>You can tell exactly what the next words she says are
>”Do you mind if I have a little bit of breakfast too?”
>You know that you’re probably already pushing it on time, but her deep blue eyes… you don’t want to say ‘no’ to them
>She shudders with glee before she saunters over
>She unbuttons you fly with her hoof and pulls your zipper with her teeth
>Her nose nuzzles you dick through your boxers as you stiffen gradually
>”You’re always so big in the morning, aren’t you?”
“Only for you, honey.”
>”That’s what I like to hear.”
>She pulls your dick through the flap, and she begins to slather it with her tongue
>Her tongue explores every inch of the surface
>She then takes it in her mouth, looking up at you so innocently
>Though she does this to you every morning, it’s her ritual
>Her tongue wraps around you as she bobs her head
>Perfectly rehearsed to bring you to climax as soon as you would like
>Sadly, you have to go earlier today, but there is always lunch
>She understands and continues to be forceful, taking you in as far as she can, then releasing you momentarily before taking you in again, even deeper than before
>You know she wants you to come in her mouth, you grip the back of her head and press yourself deep into her throat
>You feel her gag slightly just before you finish
>You pull out a bit as she swallows you loads before taking care to clean you off
>Sucking every last drop from you
“Did you get enough, Ida?”
>”For now.” She smiles coyly. “But maybe, you can go again?”
“I really need to get to the Apples’, honey.”
>She sighs
>”I understand. What do you want me to get for lunch?”
“Do you want me to make it?”
>”No, you’ll be too tired for all that. I want you ready for another round with lunch.”
“Sounds great.”
> You zip yourself up after she finishes licking you off.
File: images-30.jpg (6 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
6 KB, 225x225

>You take your dishes to the sink and wash them lightly before you turn to leave
>There’s a flash of green as your wife transforms into her persona
>An earth pony with kind eyes and sweet smile nuzzles into you as you both head for the door
>It’s what is on the inside that counts, right?
“So, I’ll be back around lunch, okay?”
>”Uh-huh, now give your wife before you leave.”
“Yes, honey.”
>You kneel down and kiss her, she responds with tongue
>She is making it so difficult to leave
>Pull yourself away from the changeling minx that wants every drop of your love
>Wave as you begin to walk to the Apples’ farm

>Be Ida, the changeling housewife
>Ache with longing as you watch your husband walk away
>His love is so delicious and hearty
>You’re surprised you stay so thin
>You close the door and the blinds, maintaining your morph can give you such bad headaches these days
>Change back
>With apple season on the way, it was getting cold
>You toss a log into the fireplace and light it
>You get comfy on the couch and watch the fire
>You always dislike apple season
>Anon always comes back smelling like her
>It’s unrequited, but her love smells and makes it hard to maintain an appetite
>Anon and her used to have something, probably less than she thought she did
>A lot less
>You won fair and square and it had been easy
>Bump into Anon at a bar and give him a wink and a bit of a muscle relaxant and he was all yours

>tfw you will never have jealous changeling wife
I bet Anon is cheating on this sweet heart, she's too good for him.
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>Sure, there had been the whole “I think you’re more beautiful like this” thing and the gentle protests from yourself
>It was all part of your plan
>Really, you didn’t actually cry
>It was all an act to make him more sympathetic to you, a changeling without a hive
>And it worked too, he let you stay with him from that day on
>Came up with a clever cover story where you were his new girlfriend
>Your cheeks blushed at the thought
>After a few years together, you had to get married
>It was what was expected and as expected you had looked lovely in that dress and Anon had looked so handsome in his tuxedo
>Not that you requested it or anything
>You made love together for the whole of your honeymoon in Canterlot, taking breaks when Anon desperately needed food or water
>You fed off of that for weeks
>Good job, now you’re gonna be on this couch anxiously waiting for the next five hours and forty-three minutes for your husband to come home and give you the hot dick…

>Be Anon
>Have a boner for some reason
>Go back to looking over the applicants
>You asked them to try bucking some old barren trees to see if they could handle the work
>You get to gauge their work ethic and its help pull up the older trees
>Two birds, one stone
>You lose your balance as something solid bumps into your thigh
>”Hey there, sugarcube! How’re these boys workin’ for ya?”
>You catch yourself with a step and turn to the mare
“Not too bad, Applejack. Some of them might be able to keep up with you through the season.”
>”Oh, I wouldn’t go that far, Nonny. I still have some pep in my step.”
>She watches the stallions and mares she brought in for the day buck ineffectually and her head shakes more than the trees.
>”See what we’re working with? Amateurs.”
>She nudges one of the other ponies away and lines herself up with a wiggle of her flank before giving a mighty buck. The tree comes fully out of the ground, falling with a loud crunch.
>She’s still got it.
Ugh. Real life decided to shit on me removing time for creative writing. Technical writing takes precedence sadly. Getting slowly through the introductory world building stuff. Then hopefully fun slice of life and such.
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Well that escalated quickly. Went from 0 to 60, cozy to lewd at the snap of a finger.
File: images-32.jpg (7 KB, 261x193) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>You sent the applicants home after a quick run through of what they were going to be doing for the next month or so.
>One team would buck, another would take the barrels to a cart, the cart would be pulled once full to the barn, where another team would sort the apples.
>You would probably have to go over it a few more times over the next week, but that was what cheap labor was for.
>Applejack gave them some bits for their trouble.
>You were both drinking some coffee before you went to work on the apple silos.
>That would probably be the rest of your day before you headed back.
>”So, what’re you thinking, Nonny?”
“Thinking about the apple silos. We just need to get it patched up tight and give it a coat of paint, right?”
>”Pretty much, checkin’ the barrels and the wagon won’t take any time at all.”
“Good, Ida wants me home as soon as possible.”
>”You can’t have one cider with an old buddy before you head back to the ball and chain?”
“I might have one, but only if we finish early.”
>”Alrighty, then let’s get to fixin’ them silos.”

>Only 2 minutes left to go!
>You are about ready to pounce anything or anypony that comes through that door.
>But you know that out here in the country, the only stud cumming through that door is gonna be Anonymous.
>Chrysalis! What are you gonna do to him first? Blow him? Or straight into penetration?
>Something like ‘oh, I knew you were hungry, but control yourself, Nonny’.
>Nah, you’ve been on that couch just gushing while thinking about the greatest times you’ve boned.
>You really do not have the patience for playing right now.
>You want some hot monkey dick, right now!
>You hear him opening the lock.
>He’s coming through the door…
>And… Fuck! Why is she here!?
>You quickly change to your usual pony disguise.
>You have never been this angry...

I'm going to sleep, hopefully I can get some more written tomorrow. Hopefully I don't get discouraged.
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What a jealous, nymphomanic changeling wife, goodness.
I love her already
File: 986497c.png (360 KB, 1280x1280) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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its kuno
File: 1393667416339.png (116 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I want to be the qt changeling.
gn bump
Cream cheese frosting
more like mayo
Is it bad that I don't get it? Or does that just make me uncultured swine?

It probably means you aren't a Biologist. As a rockologist myself, i only vaguely get some of it.

Also, lab bump.
>You will never be captured and then raped by the entire hive
File: 1418422138842.png (288 KB, 800x620) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i think id outlast them.
Kinda looks like you're giving me the finger.
>changeling morphs their hoof into a hand
>flips you off
changelings would be the best

Continuing with some more content.

>You see something that looks like an office for a lumber company right in the middle of the high street. "Cloud Lumber Company" a big sign proudly sits over the entry of the building.
>Looks legit.
>You stroll past it, wanting to get a better feel of the town before finding cover employment
>You see the nice townhomes north of the quaint downtown the Steve pony spoke of.
>Looks comfy
>You also see a number of regular pony houses spread on cute little side streets.
>South, you see, and hear, numerous operating lumbermills.
>On the outer edges of town, closer to the trees, you see simple buildings you assume are the bunk houses.
>All about you, the colorful ponies socialize, and happily go about their pony business.
>This place is going to be perfect.

>You return to the Cloud Lumber Company office, and enter.
>A fine looking mare sits before you at a desk, shuffling through paperwork.
>She looks up as you approach.
>"Can I help you?"
Why, yes, I think you can. I am looking for employ in the lumber industry this season, and this looked like the establishment to find it.
>She nods.
>"We are the premeir lumber and forestry company in town. What kind of experience to you have?
>You motion to your taken form's cutie mark
I have mostly worked with regrowing trees before, but I can do whatever.
>She pushes a paper to you, and points you in the direction of a bench to one side of the office.
>"We are good on our forest management, we difinitely need more lumberjacks, and a unicorn like yourself should be very useful. Fill out this form, and we should be able to get you working by this afternoon... I don't believe I caught your name?"
Pine Fresh, at your service.
>you bow slightly, while grabbing the document, and taking it over to the table with your magic.
Same, desu.

>Fucking ponies and their fucking paperwork.
>You manage to fill out the inane form, and return it to the mare working the front desk.
>"Done finally? You have any questions?"
You got any places that rent for cheap to your workers?
>"We have 2 of the townhomes ready to rent out... furnished already of course. Those are a bit pricey, with your wages, will leave you little in the way of extra for luxries, like booze and anything more than basic food."
>"If you are wanting to live on the cheap, we got bunkhouses a plenty. Much cheaper, no privacy, but hey, most ponies in your position like to throw their money away at the saloon, and compromise on sleeping arrangements."
>You think
>You will be able to get some extra bits from the swarm if you must, and the privacy afforded by the townhome will definitely be worthwhile.
I'd like the townhome... I enjoy my privacy.
>"Meh, whatever works for you, buddy. We'll take the rent out of your paycheck."
Fine by me.
>"Welcome to the company, newbie. You best go report to the logging camp after dropping your stuff off at your new place. You get number 11. After that, follow out hay street to...."

>Your town home is indeed, pretty sweet.
>plenty of curtains to keep closed so you can rest in your true form.
>nice living room for sweet talking ponies you bring back for sustainance.
>cozy, dark, comfortable bedroom.
>The entire place has delicious positive vibes about it.
>You drop your saddle bag at the foot of the bed, and drop the disguise.
>You bring out your coded emergency instructions and slip them under the mattress of the bed.
Mmmm... Feels good to relax a little bit. Should have a few minutes to unwind before I go out to the woods. This entire assignment should be a piece of cake.

Last bump for now. Hopefully mostly through world building shit. The fun stuff should come soon.

like >rape
Huh, the word filter actually augmented my shit posting.

>Be Gusty Leaves, mare in charge of the Cloud Lumber Company camp #4
>It is a nice, pleasant spring afternoon, and the aroma of freshly cut pines fills the air.
>So far, this has been a good season. Good weather, good equipment, good workers... Just good all around.
>You see an unfamiliar pony approaching the camp, from the direction of town.
>A green unicorn.
>You take flight upon your wings, and fly up to greet the newcomer

>Be Ik'thik, changeling drone.
>Be disguised as Pine Fresh, uncorn pony, starting a new cover job in the city you have been assigned to scout for the swarm.
>You approach the location the mare in the company office assigned you to go work at, a short distance outside of town, up a side canyon.
>You see several ponies wandering around, performing various lumberjacking duties.
>One of them appears to notice you, a mint cream pegasus mare, with a fern colored mane, and aquamarine eyes.
>She takes flight, and flies toward you at high speed.
>"Hey fella! Welcome to Cloud Lumber Company camp #4! What brings ya out here?"
>You hold forward a scroll, given to you by the pony in the office
I am Pine Fresh, I just got hired, and was told to come out here and work today.
bump for bugtales

>a broad smile grows across the pegasus' face.
>"Welcome aboard then! I am Gust Leaves, pony in charge of making sure everything here works out right!"
>She looks around a little bit.
>"It's good you got here. We have been slightly short hoofed so far this season, and..."
>She takes a closer look at you
>"You look like you have a special talent involving trees! Excellent!"
>you shrug.
I have worked before growing trees, but am a bit new to the harvesting side of things.
>"Aww, thats fine. At each camp, we normally have a total of 7 ponies working. You fill up all our spots! Everyone else is around here, somewhere."
>"First, I am in charge of making sure everything flows smoothly, pick the right trees to cut, make sure ponies are doing what they oughta."
>"Next, we have two teams of two ponies bringing the trees down. One pony cuts, the other works to make sure it falls where we want it. You are going to do the latter. Good use of your magic."
>"Lastly, we have the rought cutting and loading team. The rough cutter cuts off extra small branches, and the loading pony uses the heavy lifter to load the wagons with the logs."
>Gusty Leaves nods happily
>"With you here, and our rough cutter also arriving today, we have a full team to make sure we can work hard, and get paid better!"

>Be Anon
>Applejack kind for invited herself over for lunch
>Not a huge deal
>There was no stopping the farming horse from plowing into your living room
>”Oh, this is a really nice place y’all have here.”
>Applejack says as she looks around
>”Lil’ small though.”
>”Well, it’s enough for us. I do my best to keep it looking tidy.”
>She turns to you.
>”Dear, I didn’t know that we were expecting company. To what do I owe the pleasure?”
>She must be really angry, her cheeks are bright red and her nostrils are flaring.
“Well, Applejack wanted to come by and see our home. She’s never been by and we had the time, so I thought ‘why not?’”

>Be Ida, the angriest you’ve ever been
>Why not?
>Why not!?
>Maybe because he promised his wife
>Maybe because you still want to tear off his clothes right now and mount him in front of the interluder
>Maybe because he knew that you disliked this pony and her disgusting scent
>And now it was all over your house, Sweet Chyralis! She’s touching shit now!
“Could you please not touch that, Apple? Thanks. Anon, I was really not expecting company. I don’t know if… I can be a proper host.”
>He’s looking at you like he knows he did you wrong, which is important.
>But, you aren’t gonna let that hussy have the satisfaction of leaving you frazzled.
“I’ll get something quick prepared for you two. Do you want something to drink in the mean time?”
>”I’ll have a cider.”
>Of course, she will. It’s only noon after all.
>”Water’s fine with me. Thanks, Ida.”
>He leans in to give you a kiss
>A little taste of love sounds delicious, so you crane your neck to receive it.
>”Oh, come on, Nonny. Have a drink with your ole buddy.”
>He pulls away to answer the annoyance, leaving you hanging.
>”Okay, fine. I’ll have one. Is that okay, dear?”
>You open you eyes and grit your teeth.
“Fine. Dear.”
>You turn to the kitchen. You hate Apple Season.
File: 1439271498672.png (515 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
515 KB, 750x750

Good to hear. So what exactly do I do? Use magic to nudge falling trees to the right spot?
>"Pretty much. You are going to be working directly with Lavender August. She is experienced, so you should have an easy time figuring out exaclty what you should do."
Uhh... Where should I go to find her?
>"She should be over that way"
>The mint cream pegasus points to the one side of the camp with one of her wings.
>"Lets go find her, and maybe meet some of the other ponies around!"
>"Oh, and go grab your helmet, googles, and orange vest from the supply wagon. You need that."
>Man, this little mare is just bursting with positive vibes. Sweet, sweet positive vibes.
>And your special scout training lets you feed of these kinds of vibes quite effectively compared to other changelings.
>As you get closer to camp, you recognize one of the other ponies present at the camp.
>The stallion you spoke with on the train ride up, Sawin' Steve.
>As you approach him, working to saw branches off some tree, he looks up, and recognizes you.
>The ash grey earth pony sets his power saw down, lifts his helmet and goggles off his face, revealing his bright blue mane, and he waves at your approach.
>He shouts "Hey, Pine Fresh! Didn't expect to see you out here, buddy."
>"Hmm? You two know each other?" questions Gusty
Indeed. We spoke a little bit on the train ride up the mountain into town.
>"Good to see ya again, Pine. Gotta get back to work cuttin these trees down to a managable size."
>Steve dons his hat and goggles, and continues his work.
>"Well, isn't that just nice. Off to go find Lavender!"

Last post for the night.
>Fucking apple normies
File: 1432813626657.png (78 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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[angry buzzing noises]
I'm hard-pressed to believe you're not what you claim to be. It's "geologist", you know-nothing.
>Hymenoptera fraudulenti versipellis versipellis
>Plug into Google Translate
>Quack Quack fraudulent Hymenoptera
time for sleep
>believing Google Translate

It is supposed to translate as
Hymenoptera ---> membrane+wing (an order of insects)
Fraudulenti ---> fraudulent (at least it got that one)
Versipellis ---> Changing Apperance

I may post to 4chan regularly, but I ain't fucking dumb
technically, there can be Petrologists and Lithologists. Both are under the geology flag but focus on different things.
File: 1439377918670.jpg (27 KB, 300x299) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm just dropping by to remind you that I'm not dead and I have been writing when and where I can.

I was more trying to make a stupid joke about shit said about maud . Apperantly upon further research it was Rocktorate in rock science.


Lithologist isn't really a term thats used. Petrologist is definitely the more used term in the field. Lithology is more used, for describing the rocks themselves, rather than studier of them. That being, a petrologist who focuses on the lithology of specific types of rocks.
File: 1445390311959.png (303 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1445882065970.jpg (133 KB, 871x571) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you got this.

>Walking for a few minutes behind the pegasus, you come upon a pony you assume must be the Lavender August.
>She is an earth pony, with a lavendar coat and a very pale grey mane. Her cutie mark is hidden by a bright orange safety vest.
>As you approach, she is going to town with a chain saw on a reasonably sized pine tree.
>Gusty lets out a suprisingly loud whistle, which gives the lavender pony a slight start that stops her from continuing her work.
>She turns to you, removes her hard hat and goggles, revealing violet eyes.
>"Whats up boss? Finally found me an assistant?"
>Gusty nods
>"Yeah, got us a newbie. Meet Pine Fresh."
>You sense a sudden flow of distaste from Lavender
>"A newbie, eh? Hopefully he's competent.
>She looks you over, much like a changeling commander would look over a squad of hatchlings.
I assure you, I can do whatever is needed to ensure optimum work flow, Miss Lavender.
>"Hmph. Atleast he's polite. Fine, use your unicorn magic to make sure this tree falls over there"
>She points with a hoof, a direction thats open, and away from ponies.

Sounds easy enough. Lets finish up this one you were working on.
>You don your helmet, goggles, and hideously orange vest.
>Lavender picks up her chain saw, and begins to cut further.
>"Alright, newbie get ready with your fancy magic, cause its about to... wait for it..."
>with a mighty crack, the tree begins to fall vaguely in the right direction.
>You power up your magic, and subtly nudge it to an ideal spot.
>You feel a rush of happy feelings from Lavender
>"Not bad, newbie."
It was nothing. Just direct where you want it to go, and I'll make sure it happens.
>Gusty Leaves nods.
>"Well, Pine, I think you have a good future here if you can keep up precision like that."
>Lavender motions to a nearby tree, marked with a splotch of yellow paint
>"Ok, Pine Fresh, was it? Lets get this one.
>Gusty moves to head back to the main part of the camp, and you step up behind Lavender
Gotcha, Lavender. Is that spot right over there OK?
>You use some of your magical talent to cause a bit of the ground to glow slightly
>the only reply you got from Lavender
>You watched her professionally, and quickly cut through the tree.
>As she was nearly through, you heard her give a great shout.
>"Here it comes, Pine!"
>A second or so later, the tree begins to creak, and fall.
>Not quite where she wanted.
>You rectify the issue.
>Again, you feel the positive vibes coming from the mare before you.
>"If you can keep that up, I think we can be good friends. No one out here likes someone who is bad at their job."
>you give a slight smile.
>You are so good at your job, you can pretend to do other jobs like a master.
>Not that any of the ponies here need to know that.
>The rest of your afternoon carries on much in the same manner.
>Trees fall down, right where they need to, and a pony driving a large tractor with a grabbing arm comes by, and carries them back to the main camp.

As the sun gets low in the sky, you and your work partner return to the main camp, and put your safety equipment onto the storage wagon.
>Sawin' Steve sees you approaching, and comes to speak with you, and Lavender August.
>"So, Lavender, how'd our new buddy do? Does his newness to workin' up here show?"
>She responds.
>"His work is quite adequate, especially for a new person."
>She eyes you an amused look
>"Impressivly so, for a newbie in fact.. What are you, some kinda secret agent?"
>you feel your heart skip a beat
Uhh... Of course not? Why would a secret agent come do heavy physical labor in Cloudcrop?
>You feel some nice positive vibes coming from both the stallion and mare standing near you.
>"Ah, don't sweat it, Pine Fresh. Just giving you a hard time. It's the hazing we ALL went through."
>Sawin' Steve responds.
>"Yeah. We got a pretty good amount of work done. Our pay should be pretty good. You guys want to go hang out at The Bear Track?"
>"Oh, hell yeah. Need a good chance to relax."
>You look at your two pony compatriots
Why would we want to hang around at a bear track?
>Lavender starts laughing, and Steve gives an explanation while chuckling.
>"Oh Piney, you really are something. THe Bear Track is one of the saloons in town. Great place to relax after a day of work."
>Oh. I suppose that makes sense.
>Silly ponies, and their silly naming conventions.
>However, a place like that sounds like a good place to get some delicious emotions.
gn bumps
I don't latin.

>You soon find yourself in a subdued, dark, comfortable establishment just off the main road in town.
>All your co-workers seem to be quite friendly.
>Gotta love that small town charm... Generally friendly, and guillible.
>You slowly absorb a smattering of emotions the ponies in the room are giving off.
>At the very least, you should be able to subsist for the duration of your assignment from hanging around in a place like this.
>Your personal thoughts are interrupted by Lavender.
>"So, Pine, what did you do before you decided to come up to little ol' Cloudcrop?"
>You are caught slightly off guard.
Well, as you might be able to tell lookin at my flank, I do have some talents with trees.
Before, I've just worked on growing them in gardens and near ponies houses.
>You pause thoughtfully.
Though, the pay up here is a hell of a lot better than working as a glorified gardener.
>You give out a chuckle.
>The other ponies sitting around you nod in agreement.
>"Yeah, the pay up here is pretty good, I'd say."
>Good. Nosey ponies asking too many questions makes your mission that much more challenging.
>You spin small talk with the ponies from work, plus a few others who have joined your table.
>Ponies for every taste here, and all so willing to be close.
>After several hours, you bid the ponies goodbye, and head back to your abode.
>Upon going inside, you drop your disguise, and reach into the bags you brought with you, and pen a note to your contact with the swam.
>Just a simple, generic letter between two friends, should somepony intercept it and read it.
>However, upon finishing up with a regular pen, you use a clear fluid you secrete, and write a few notes about what you have observed today.
>The town is generally quite happy, and the locals are very friendly.
>It is shaping up to be an amazing place, and by next season, you expect a new nest to be established in the area, ready to feast upon the ponies of this town.

End of Ch. 1, I suppose. Any commentary?
File: 1432459976815.jpg (110 KB, 1000x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
110 KB, 1000x800
its good all the pieces are in place and this could go in any direction thou i hope this doesn't end in in changlings feasting on everybody

I tend to take my more "monstrous" races in a more friendly manner than that usually. I followed Kobold Kamp stuff quite a bit back in the day on /tg/.

Ch. 2 has some stuff done, and Ill probably post a pile of it in the US morning to wake the thread up.

>The two of them are happily munching on your expertly made sandwiches as you watch them from a chair
>Applejack took your seat on the couch
>You smile politely as they eat
>”Don’t want any, Ida?” She asks through bites of sandwich.
“Oh, I’m fine. I’m a very light eater.”
>Anon snorts back a laugh, you glare at him.
“I’ll probably eat something later.”
>”Alright, sugar cube, suit yerself.” She shrugs and taking another bite. “It’s really good.”
>”Yes, thank you, dear.”
>After a few more wedges of sandwich, they’re full up and ready to leave
>”Thank you, very much, for having me, Ida.”
“You’re welcome, Applejack.”
>”Yeah, sorry about the suddenness of it though, dear.”
“It’s fine, we all made the best of it.”
>”’Bout time we moseyed on back to the farm.” Applejack took the empty plate in her mouth and took it to the sink.
>You nuzzle into Anon, trying to soak up a bit of love and make him.
>Applejack comes back into the living room and you have to stop your marking habit.
>You walk them to the door.
>”Love you, Honey. I’ll be back around sundown, alright?”
“Actually, Anon could you help fix the bathroom sink? I think the handle thingie is loose.”
>”We really need to get to work. I’m sure it can wait.” Applejack interjects.
>You really are glad she’s leaving.
“It shouldn’t take more than ten, twenty minutes, tops. You can head back and Anon will be right behind you.”
>You look up to Anon.
“Ain’t that right?”
>”I-it does sound like a bit of an issue and it’d be a shame if something got busted when I could have fixed it now.”
>He took your meaning, he could be rather aware if he tried.
>The apple horse sighs.
>”Alright, not a big deal. I’ll head back and get things started for us. Anon, make sure to be ready when you get there.”
>She turns and walks down the walkway to the main road.
>You could not slam the door harder.
“So, about my meal…”
File: mush-faggot-mush.jpg (41 KB, 460x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 KB, 460x297

>The both of you are up the stairs to the bedroom just as you’ve shed your disguise and Anon has done away with most of his clothes.
>You throw your self on to the bed with a bounce and lay on your back.
>You spread your legs wide.
“Come to me, Anon.”
>”Yes, ma’am!” Anon says as he approaches the bed.
>You feel and taste his lust as it flows out into the room, bombarding the last of that hopeless apple horse’s scent from your senses.
>That arousal from only a short hour ago was back with a vengeance.
>That need for contact and love, mixed with a predatory hunger, demanded to be satisfied and then exhausted.
>You are already shaking with excitement and he lowers his head to your pussy, he presses his lips to it and you orgasm instantaneously.
>”You are so wet, Ida…”
“I was thinking about you all day…”
>He stuck a finger into you.
“I didn’t even leave for the market!“
>A second finger.
“I just sat there and masturbated, waiting for you to come home!”
>He begins to thrust with the fingers that you have learned to love so much.
>”Did you do it like this?”
“N-no, I-I don’t have those amazing- amazing fucking hands! Faster, please. I need my fill!”
>”Oh? But what about making me feel good, Ida?”
>He stops fingering you for a moment as you reposition to blow him.
“I’ll make you feel…”
>You lick your hoof, leaving behind a natural viscous lubricant, making sure to coat the perforations fully.
>You insert Anon’s dick through one of the holes near the sole of your forelegs and begin to blow him, adding small pumps and a bit of your magic to better fit around his girth. Almost like a hand, you muse.
>His moans fuel you, telling you that you’re doing a great job.
>He lifts your tail and massages your ass, inserting fingers into your orifices.
>You moan into his dick as you near another orgasm, but you gather your self and deep throat his dick once more.
o-oh my

>Be Anon
>Your wife is deep throating you as you fingering her thoroughly. Her hoof helps to apply pressure.
>Her tongue is wrapping around you and gripping as well as she pushes her limits.
>You are getting so close, but you can’t finish yet.
>You know that Ida likes it best when you cum inside her pussy.
>As she comes up for air, her eyes glazed over, push her onto her back again and then take her into an embrace.
>You enter her forcefully, which earns a yip of surprised pleasure, and begin to pound furiously.
>Her small body convulses in your grasp and you give her everything that she can handle.
>”Ki-kiss me…” She murmurs from your grasp.
>You look down and press your lips to hers as she moans into your mouth with each thrust.
>You’re close.
>”I lo-love you, Anon!”
>You cum buckets.
>You both lay in bed, panting, basking in the afterglow.
>The door bell rings.

>Be Applejack
>Realize that you forgot your hat at Anon’s house about a half way to the farm.
>You gallop on back, well, maybe Anon is almost done fixin’ that faucet and you can walk back together.
>It would have been lonesome working all by yerself.
>It doesn’t take any time at all on the way back.
>You come up on the door and ring the doorbell.
“Strange, no answer…”
>You ring it again and again.
“Anon? Ida? What in tarnation?”
>You begin to knock on the door.
>Anon opens the door
>”Sorry, the faucet was taking a while. Looked like a missing washer.”
“Oh, really. I forgot my hat, you mind if I grab it?
>”Uh, don’t we have to get going?”
“I can’t let myself get too much sun. It’ll just be a second. It’s probably right on the couch.”
>”I’ll grab it.” Anon offers as he slips back inside.
>There’s some hushed yelling on the other side of the door that you can’t make out.
>Probably just anon looking for that hat.
>Anon appears again, with your hat!
>”Let’s head out then.”
>fixing a leaky faucet

i just got it now
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Oh I get it! Damn, I'm slow today
You have no idea how many months I've been waiting for a continuation. Tell me there's going to be more soon. And not Soon™

Ch. 2
>Several weeks later, you have come to a pretty good rhythym of working, and finding all the little details about town that would be most useful for the swarm.
>You've also gotten on the good side of a few of the local mares... You might be able to bring one home for a huge meal.
>At work, the camp #4 ponies and yourself have gotten a pretty damn good rhythym going on.
>You are the top earning camp so far this season.
>This morning, Gusty Leaves has called a team meeting before the work day starts.
>You arrive just a little bit early, and it appears everyone but Sawin' Steve is there already.
>Beyone Gusty Leaves, your supervisor at this job, and Lavender August, your team partner, and Steve, there are 3 other ponies at camp #4.
>Burnt Oak, the earth pony stallion in charge of driving the heavy equipment that moves the logs.
>Evergreen, pegasus mare, who does the same thing as you; guiding trees down to the right spot.
>A hell of a lot more dangerous for her, but as far as you can tell, she does a damn good job of not getting hurt, and getting the trees in the right spot.
>And finally, Oakey Doke, an earth pony mare. She, much like Lavender, handles the chain saw and cutting of trees.
>There's a little bit of small talk as ponies wait for the last member to arrive.
>Luckily, you don't have to wait long, and Sawin' Steve arrives.
>"Sorry im a little late guys... Got held up a little bit this morning."
>You can feel... Taste...
>That ol' dog.
>He had a quickie this morning with the mare he took home last night from the saloon.
>And the emotions he's putting off are delicious.
>Gusty speaks up.
>"Good, now that everyone is here, we can have our quick meeting before getting started on working today."
>You can feel a little bit of unease from her.

keep on goin'!

Working in my lab at the moment. Will probably post more when i get home at around 3 central us.
can only promise soon™. has it really been that long?
Pretty sure it has. Use the archive and search the name or pastebin link (if it was posted at the end of a dump)

>"Since we are kind of out in the middle of no where, somtimes the weather out here can get a little wild, uncontrolled by my fellow pegasi."
>"We've heard there might be some wild storms floating around today. So becareful out there."
>She nods, and everyone moves to grab equipment, and move out to start their day.
>"Ready for a good, well paying day, Pine Fresh?"
>Your sawing partner wraps her leg around you.
>She has definitely taken a liking to you.
>An efficient worker, not an asshole like so many stallions that end up in jobs like this.
>You can tell, she secretly wants you, though she wouldn't admit it.
Oh, of course, Lavender. Gonna try to get a camp #4 record of trees cut today?
>She smiles.
>"Ya damn right, we are gonna try for that."
>You don your helmet, goggles, and ugly bright orange vest.
>You aren't entirely sure what Gust Leaves was talking about.
>They sky was quite clear, and the temperature most pleasant.
>Perfect day for setting a record, and getting in even better with Lavender.
>Oh what a hearty meal that will be when you get her home and work your magic on her.
File: 1442852205633.jpg (275 KB, 1024x1426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
275 KB, 1024x1426

>You both reach your assigned area.
>"Record breaking day, here we come."
>Lavender revs up her chainsaw, and goes to town on the marked trees.
>At this point, nudging the trees into the perfect spot is second nature.
>You spend the morning bringing up an impressive number of trees down
>Definitely on the road to a record
>You can feel the confidence within her growing.
>And a few wisps of desire, directed to you.
>Little does she know your true nature, and the sustainance this gives you.
>Around noon, a sharp whistle comes from the heavy machinery.
>Pony lunch time.
>While you do not need to consume regular food like the ponies, not doing so as an undercover scout would make you stick out like a sore thumb.
>So, hay sandwiches with your co-workers it is.

That's all I've written so far, but Im gonna keep up some writing this afternoon.
NotScribble, where are you?
eating beef, cheese and crackers, watching the flash.
aww shit sounds like my kinda party
Bump without enough content to post.

Hopefully Ill get another bit posted before I get to bed.
I don't want to get hopes up or anything but with any luck I might have enough to post tomorrow night. Wish me luck.
good luck with that boner, and that story.

>After some pleasant lunch discussion, and the positive emotions that come with it, you prepare to return to working.
>You see a few big, puffy white clouds coming over the forest.
>Trailing behind Lavender, you think to yourself.
>She is quite the pleasant pony to be around. No nonesense.
>And you can tell she appreciates your own no nonsense method to work.
>Upon reaching where you left off before lunch, you don your goggles and helmet, and position yourself to control tree drops.
>"Alright Piney, you ready to kick this afternoon off? We keep up our pace from this morning, we set a record, AND get our pay increase!"
>You nod.
Kick it off
>The sound of a revving chainsaw fills the forest, and Lavender goes to town upon the marked trees.
>After an hour, you and Lavender have managed to outpace yourselves from the morning.
We got this, Lavender.
>she lets out a loud laugh as she finishes pushing her chainsaw through a tree, and you skillfully guide it to an ideal spot.
>"Ya damn right, we got this, Piney."
>You smile.
>There are more clouds in the sky now than there were before.
>A few are looking a little dark, like there might be rain on its way.
>Maybe there was somthing to what Gusty Leaves said earlier.
We best watch out for some rain, Lavender, the clouds are staring to darken.
>She doesn't bother to look up
>"Well, then we best get cuttin' while the cuttin's good, Piney."
>You shrug.
>There is logic to her words.

>The sun is lowering, but its hard to tell quite how low.
>The sky has become quite overcast as the afternoon has worn on.
>You and Lavender have done a hell of a job cutting down trees. You are only 3 away from the daily record.
Keep it up, Lavender. We got this.
>She laughs maniacially as she takes the chainsaw to a tree
>"Pay increase, here we come!"
>The vigor, the joy coming from her... Its quite satisfying.
>2 from the daily record.
>Lavender jumps up to the next tree.
>Suddenly, the wind begins to pick up, like nothing you have ever seen before.
>The trees around you begin to bend, uncomfortably so.
>A particularly tall tree a few dozen yards off snaps, and comes crashing down to the ground, uncontrolled.
>Lavender had just barely started chainsawing a tree, but jumps back at the tree that came down under the force of the wind.
>You shout
I think we should run back to camp! This doesn't look good!
>She nods and shouts back, and starts moving towards you
>"I agree, damn weather!"
>she cuts the power to her chainsaw, as a terribly strong gust of wind comes out of nowhere.
>Several trees behind her snap, and begin falling.
>Directly at her.

>In the split second you notice this, you focus your entire will into your magic.
>Move the trees away from Lavender.
>With a bright green flash, you see the trees falling at her match the green surrounding yourself.
>They slow down to nearly a stop.
>She turns around at the sound of the cracking trees, and the sight of your magic, and falls stunned upon seeing the trees floating above her.
>You close your eyes, and through sheer force of will, attempt to push the trees off to the side.
>You hear the hurricane force winds whipping around you as you try to focus on the task at hand.
>Several seconds later, you hear the horrified scream of Lavender, and feel a sudden flash of fear coming from the mare you have been working with.
>The wind has died, and you now feel a few sparse rain drops hitting you.
>You open your eyes, and look in Lavender's direction.

>She is alive, perfectly unharmed, and the trees lie strewn to her side.
>Her stare is focused directly on you.
You OK, Lavender?
>You can feel the fear within her growing.
What's wrong?
>You realize your voice sounds different than you have gotten used to hearing recently.
>You look down at your legs, and they are not the green, furry legs you have been sporting most of the time for the last few weeks.
>You see black, chitinous legs, with a few holes here and there.
>In your magical push, your disguise must have been a casualty.
>You quickly think back to your scout training.
>What did they say about getting your cover blown.
>"Where's Pine Fresh!? Did you do something to him?!"
>Gotta think fast.
Wait, wait, this is just some terrible misunderstanding!
>You managed to pull your Pine Fresh voice back on.
>A good bit of confusion mixes in with the sheer terror eminating from Lavender August.
I can totally explain whats going on!
>You sense an odd emotion coming from the pony.
>An unfamiliar one.
>She gets a strange look in her eyes.
Uhh... You alright?

Last bump for tonight, I think.
thanks RM
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My changeling folder was lacking. Thanks op.
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allright ill bite Bump?
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Early afternoon pg. 9 bump. Be home to post more soon.
not sure when ill post more story, but odds are it wont be for a couple weeks. ill try not to make anyone whose still reading wait months this time.

>Lavender proceeds to fall down, passed out.
>Oh. Thats what that was. Not every day you feel a faint coming on.
>The stream of emotions from her during this little... episode has given you enough power to reform your disguise atleast.
>And from what you can feel, she should be out for a pretty reasonable amount of time.
>You lift her over your back, and carry her back to the main camp.

>As you approach the main camp, you can see stuff looks a little messed up.
>The wind must have gotten pretty bad here.
>Equipment is strewn all over the place, and the other camp ponies are going around trying to salvage what they can.
>Gusty Leaves observes you approaching, and sees Lavender on your back.
>You can feel her worry from here.
>She takes flight and approaches you.
>"OHMIGOSH, what happened?"

>You shrug. Lavender breathes lightly while laying on your back.
She passed out. A tree nearly fell on her, but I was able to keep it from hitting her. I couldn't get her chainsaw, so its sitting back where we were working.
>You see, and feel, the worry leaving Gusty Leaves.
>"That's a relief!"
Oh, and I think with the trees knocked down by the wind... I think we broke the daily record.
>"Thats amazing!"
>You can feel quite a bit of good vibes coming from the mare standing before you.
>"I think our whole team did great day, even with the bad weather! Though, you should take Lavender back to town."
>You pause for a moment.
Yeah, I was going to carry her back to my place, and keep an eye on her till she wakes up.
>"Alright, thats fine! I'll send Steve to get her chainsaw, and any other stuff that might be lying around where you were working."
>"Make sure she is OK, though."
>She smiles, almost knowingly.
>"And please, do be a gentlestallion about the whole thing."
>She gives you a wink.
>Wow. That was way easier than you had thought it would be.
No you!
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tfw nearing 3 months
File: 1413660677194.jpg (20 KB, 338x430) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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could be worse. my "confined" story for the /moon/ is over a year old now and still marked WiP
I've got 3 stories that were a year old no updates. I just updated one of them finally. Felt good. It's never too late to go back and there are always new readers.

>You loaded Lavender onto a spare wagon at the camp, covered her in a blanket, and carry her home through a rain that has turned into a fine mist.
>You drop the wagon off behind townhouse #11, and carry her inside through your back door.
>You set her on the couch, and replace the damp blanket from the wagon with a fresh one.
>You then proceed to lock your front and back doors, and set chairs in front of them, making it difficult for any pony to enter, and add some slight delay for any pony trying to leave.
>Just in case.
>You retrieve some parchment and a writing utensil, and sit down at the table in your townhouse's small kitchen, facing the couch, watching Lavender rest.
>You pen yet another generic letter in regular ink to your swarm contact.
>After completing it, you subtly ink a secret message about the events of the day.
>You are prepared to bug out depending on how the waking of Lavender August goes down.
>Speaking of that, you feel some emotions flowing from the pony on the couch, and shortly after, you hear her stirring.
>You see her open her eyes, not looking at you, and you feel a sudden jolt of fear from the pony.
I see you have woken up after passing out, Lavender.
>The fear subsides slightly, and she looks over at you.
>You, disguised as a green unicorn pony.
Are you alright?
>You can feel her fear fade slightly.
>"I... what happened?"
The weather went bad. The wind picked up, knocked down some trees that nearly fell on you.
You passed out as I was forcing them away from you with my magic.
>She thinks for a moment, and you sense some confusion.
>"I remember the wind picking up, and the trees behind me snapping and falling, and seeing the aura of your magic completely surround them, and push them away."
>She pauses for a moment to think.
>"Then, when I looked at where you were standing, you weren't there at all! There was some horrible monster!"
>You subtly wince at those words.
i plan to. im a bit partial to it, just havent been in the right state of mind to continue it.

also still need to finish the bramble one. im not sure how many people still want that, but we'll see.

>"Then... nothing. I don't remember anything past that, before waking up here in your home."
>You nod at her words.
I don't know what this nonsense about a monster is... You must have had some kind of hallucination.
>"But... It seemed so real."
>She stands up off the couch, comes over to you, and gives you a hug, and begins to sob on your shoulder.
>You reciprocate...
>And remove the chair from in front of the front door using your magic.
>It appears that for now, your cover remains.
>And you are getting a wonderful meal from Lavender.
Its OK, Lavender. Everything will be alright.
>"What I saw, it was so terrifying! It almost looked like... a changeling!"
>You manage to hold your composure at that statement.
Shhh... Its Fine. Everypony knows the changelings were banished from Equestria after the Canterlot incident.
>Not at all true, but hey, thats propaganda for you.
Oh, and by the way, Lavender... With the trees the wind knocked down, I think we broke the record today.
>She perks up at those words.
>"R-really? That's wonderful! Thats a pay increase!"
And I think camp #4 got more than before as a total as well. So double whamey raise.
>She hugs you, tighter.
>"Oh Piney... Thank you for saving me."
>The feelings you are feeling from her are changing in their taste.
>"You are so wonderful."
>Oh, yes.

It might be a bit longer before I post more.

So, have a page 8 bump.
File: 15151598715-971515.jpg (107 KB, 1024x616) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 1024x616

>Afterwards, she decided to stay at your place.
>Double jackpot.
>Through the night, you get a stream of sweet emotions from Lavender, despite her being quite tired from a rough day at work, and a full on feeding.
>In the morning you get out of bed, well before Lavender.
>You go into the kitchen and prepare some standard pony breakfast food.
>As you are finishing up cooking, Lavender comes out of your bedroom, yawning.
>"Good morning, Piney."
Sleep well, Lavender?
>"Ugh, I'm still a bit tired."
Well, we got work today. So best get perky.
>You pour some coffee and serve the pancakes you prepared.
Best eat a proper lumberjacks breafkast.
>She groggily walks to the table and takes a seat, and digs in.
>You also eat some, despite it not being at all necessary.
>However, you do have a soft spot for pancakes.
>You both finish your food, and put dishes into the sink, and prepare for work.
>You grab the wagon from behind your townhouse, and pull it back to camp to start the day.
>Upon reaching the camp, you are greeted by Gusty Leaves.
>"Congratulations! You two set a record yesterday, even with the bad weather!"
>"And with your record, we also set a total camp record! We got raises for everyone! And a party hosted by the company this weekend!"
>A party.
>Great place to feed upon subtle emotions.
>And scout out and pick up a proper meal.
>Lavender lets out a gleeful yelp.
>"Ya hear that, Piney!? A party!"
Indeed. Gotta love parties.
>You grab your equipment, and move up to your assigned tree cutting location.
>Your day is going on swimmingly, and your assignment is still undiscovered.

I'm working on the party scene.

Anyone have any comments on what ive written so far?
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good read so far also will there be hats?

There's hard hats already.. Maybe there could be other kinds of hats.
Where Eyes Deceive
Continuing from pastebin.
>Daylight melts away sleep’s hold on your mind.
>The dream you had been having quickly devolves to a faint memory of vague feelings and ideas.
>Whatever it was is of no consequence.
>And whatever emotions it had inspired are now replaced by reality.
>Something heavy and warm shifts against you.
>You look down to a foreleg wrapped draped over you and follow it to a Nightsong’s smiling face.
>Undisturbed by the light she still sleeps soundly nestled against you.
>In the gentle grip of your magic, you pull the blankets up to keep her warm.
>The sight of your magical aura still fills you with curious wonder.
>Of course it works just the same as it had before but somewhat recently it has taken on a new color.
>A light blue shade that seems very similar to the color of Nightsong's love.

>Smiling, you let out a sigh of contentment.
>It has been almost a year now.
>The snow came and went.
>Those cold months gave the two of you plenty of time to become comfortable with your new relationship.
>It wasn't always easy but through the rough patches you were able to grow closer.
>And when the snow was gone she helped you to become accustomed to being a member of her hometown.
>Even now as the days begin to grow shorter and the night become colder, there are still the occasional stares and uncomfortable encounters.
>But with Nightsong at your side, you know where you belong.
>And no amount of displeased eyes and harsh intentions will ever shake that foundation.
>A knock at the front door echos up the stairs.
>Nightsong shifts and opens her eyes.
>You stroke a hoof gently over her forehead brushing her mane out of her face.
“Someone is at the door. They're probably here to pull us apart.”
>She tightens her hold on you and gives a playful response.
>”They can try.”
>You smile and attempt to scoot toward the edge of the bed with her holding on.
“It'll be easier if we just surrender. It'll only be for a few hours anyway.”
>Nightsong gives an exaggerated sigh and lets you go.
>”Fine. But after tonight I get you all to myself.”
>You laugh making your way to the door.
“After tonight, the kingdoms won't even be able to separate us.”
>The morning sun shines brightly through the clean windows downstairs.
>The house is very different from the first time you had been there.
>There's a warmth here now that had been hidden under dust and neglect.
>In a way you had at first felt selfish in your enjoyment of each newly cleaned room.
>But through other senses, Nightsong could too revel in the transformation of her once stagnant house into a home once more.
>The knocking comes again with an impatience as you near.
>Through the frosted glass you see a dark figure standing on the other side.
>Opening the door you see Amethyst standing with a look of discomfort on her face.
>”Finally. Did you two over sleep?”
“What's wrong? You weren't waiting that long, were you?”
>Amethyst glance back over her shoulder then let's out a sigh.
>”I guess I'm still not comfortable being in my natural form in public.”
>You step back and let her in but she only steps just into the doorway.
>”Anyway, we have a long day ahead…”
>She nods back to two other changelings waiting at the bottom of the porch steps.
>”They're here to help get you ready. Daisy should be along any minute. Her and I will take care of Nightsong.”
>Amethyst maneuvers her way around to give you a push out the door.
>”No more stalling. There's so much left to do.”
>Before you can respond she shoves you out the door and shuts it behind you.
>One of your brothers smirks while the other lets out a slight chuckle.
“So… What's first on the list?”
>You walk along with your brothers admiring the decorations strung across the town center.
>Reds and golds splashed across every street and building to match the majestic colors of the autumn leaves.
>Equestria's best party planner was said to be responsible for the festive atmosphere.
>You hadn't even met this pony but already you're impressed by how quickly this normally drab little town had been transformed.
>Your revery is broken when the grey of buildings returns.
>Somehow your brothers had come to be behind you and before you stretches a shaded alleyway between two buildings.
“Huh? What are we doing here?”
>”I asked them to bring you here, Anon.”
>The familiar voice sends a chill down your spine.
>He steps into view from opposite end of the short alley but stays back not actually entering the confined space with you.
>You haven't seen him since the day he tried to kill Nightsong.
>Though according to Amethyst, he had been keeping much to himself since that day when Chrysalis stripped him of his authority.
>”Your mare isn't with you? That's a shame. I was hoping to see the both of you again.”
>Your wings twitch anxiously, ready to escape.
“What do you want?”
>Kalumnia doesn't flinch at your harsh tone but rather looks past you to the two changelings who had lead you there.
>”May we have a moment?”
>They look at him suspiciously; almost as if they don't quite trust him.
>Hesitantly, one turns and moves off and then the other follows.
>”I don't have much sway over them anymore but I can still ask for a favor now and then. I knew you wouldn't agree to see me willingly and so they agreed to bring you here under the condition that I didn't try to harm you. I suppose it would have been easier if I had told them why I wanted to meet with you but…”
>Kalumnia looks back beyond the wall and nods his head.
>Slowly and calmly, he steps toward you while a deep olive green pegasus stallion with a white mane joins him.
>You watch cautiously as they come closer stopping a comfortable distance from you.
>The pegasus smiles and turns his head to give Kalumnia a gentle nuzzle on the cheek.
>”This is Bright Skies. We were keeping our relationship a secret until Chrysalis gave us her blessing.”
>Kalumnia smiles in return and tilts his head to kiss the stallion on the lips.
>”She did so last night and I wanted you to be the first to know.”
>You blink to break your own disbelieving stare.
>This is Kalumnia?
>In an apparent relationship with a pony?
>Words fail to follow.
>”You don't need to say anything, Anon. I know that more than anyone I do not deserve to find this happiness. I… I am sorry for what I did to you.”
>The tension lifts as the realization sets in and you can't help but smile.
>Letting whatever ill feelings you might have had dissipate, you step closer and put a foreleg around him in a hug.
>Amber light of the evening sun stings your eyes while your own nervous energy twists your stomach.
>You look around to all the new faces among those of your family and friends.
>Hundreds of onlookers it seems.
>And that isn't even including the numerous ponies clad in polished gold armor.
>The air is still and quiet for a moment and only the rustling of the few remaining leaves can be heard.
>In your nervousness you look back to see an imposing figure of white towering over you.
>In another time she had been powerful foe.
>A goddess that might not think twice of vaporizing you with a mere gaze.
>She looks down to catch your gaze and smiles warmly.
>Shyly you look to her left where Chrysalis stands maintaining a calm and authoritative appearance.
>She glances down to you then back down the aisle as something takes her attention.
>You look to follow Chrysalis’ gaze.
>The day had been so long and stressful but in the moment you lay eyes upon her, you can't deny that it had been entirely worth it.
>The band strikes up the traditional melody as Nightsong, in a stunning white flowing dress is lead down the aisle by a visibly nervous Amethyst.
>You give Amethyst a reassuring smile as they reach the steps of the elevated platform and bring a foreleg around Nightsong's.
>Amethyst offers a weak smile in return and takes her position to the side while you turn to face Chrysalis and Celestia.
>The two of them seeming perfectly at ease stand with regal majesty as Celestia begins.
>”Mares, Stallions, family, and friends, we are gathered here today to witness the union not only of this blessed couple, but of our two kingdoms as well. Through the love that these two share we find common ground. A place for us to begin together in a new age of peace.”
>Celestia looks to Chrysalis to be acknowledged with a stoic nod.
>With a renewed smile she looks down to you and Nightsong.
>”Do you, Anon, promise to cherish and protect this mare as your wife for so long as you both shall live?”
>You turn to look at your bride, in the diminishing light of the setting sun.
>Your heart swells at the sight of her forcing an uncontrollable smile of joy across your face.
“I do.”
>Chrysalis gives a modest smile of her own with a look of pride hidden in her eyes before speaking.
>”Do you, Nightsong, promise to love and nourish this changeling for as long as you both shall live?”
>Nightsong seems to blush faintly beneath her dark coat.
>She reaches out to feel your face and you respond by meeting her foreleg.
>Upon feeling your expression for herself she smiles and says softly “I do.”
>Celestia and Chrysalis look to each other then back to you.
>”I, Celestia, Princess of Equestria…”
>”And I, Chrysalis, Queen of the changelings…
>Each of them offers in turn before they continue in unison…
>”Offer our blessings on th