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Flutterrape -- 27/10/15
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>What is Flutterrape?
Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies trying to have sex with Anon, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her hoofsteps and attempt their own versions of >rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are lighthearted stories about the ponies failing in their comical attempts to get into Anon’s pants. Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (Pie, AiE, etc) about story content before posting.

Author List: http://pastebin.com/eG8iY7Wy
Request Bin: http://pastebin.com/rZU1Hbqy
Add for Skype: flutter.priest

Old thread: >>25051671

Thread Archive: https://desustorage.org/mlp/search/subject/Flutterrape/


>How do I start writing?
Writing these stories is very easy. Write in the second person and preface your lines with ‘>’. This is what turns normal text into greentext.

Writing Guides:
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Man, I want a drunk Fluttershy to come onto me. I could sleep with her and then sneak off in the middle of the night so she wouldn't remember and would go back to trying to rape me because she doesn't know I like it.
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Let's say for the sake of argument your favorite pony and or waifu attempted actual nonconsentual rape on you in a drunken stupor or in a frenzy of dick thirst while in heat.
Would you indulge?
Just let this pony use you for her own selfish pleasure, not knowing whether or not she has actual feelings towards you or just sees you as a walking dick.
It's hard to say /mlp/ I honestly have no idea how I'd handle such a situation.
Girls like to be dominated. Even though most say they don't, they do. If a pony would try to nonconsentually rape you, you're gonna turn around and start pounding her. She'll be thanful for it and feel more attached to you.
No. I'm not a fucking living dildo. If she wants to have sex with ME and not just "have sex", then she'll wait until she's in the right state of mind.
>You are Ponymous.
>It's hard to live knowing that you'll never go back to Equestria.
>Every fucking human here either wants to fuck you in the ass, or fuck you in the ass.
>Staying close to everything you got, you wake up.
>Remembering that you're so alone you made a pony tulpa of your once-loved marefriend.
>You hear a knock at the door.
>Trotting down the steps, you think about your life.
>You open the door after fiddling around with the 19 locks on your door.
>"Your package, stallion."
"Umm, Thanks."
>You close your door.
>Opening the package is the long-waited for, some bleach.
>Taking a chug, you say goodbye to your tulpa.
>"Hehe, silly Anon, I'll be with you forever, we are in the same mind... right?"


Hey guys, i'm a new writer, fun, I suppose.
Also, sorry if this green made you depressed.

I enjoyed this. Stick around friendo.
Also, last thread I posted the finale to Adopting Fluttershy, it was toward the end, but here's the whole story:

Adopting Fluttershy - Drama - FR - In Progress - Prose: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/195770/adopting-fluttershy
--- Anon Adopts a little filly. What could possibly go wrong?
1&2: http://pastebin.com/WXEwbHdm
3: http://pastebin.com/cfnja6MV
4: http://pastebin.com/GVCMn4c0
5: http://pastebin.com/m6P04x4X
6: http://pastebin.com/CuHsJ6YK
7: http://pastebin.com/8dMQTn3k
E: http://pastebin.com/gzxyXnkV

Sorry not sorry on the double post.

Also, Annie is the best character in the game.
I tried Flutterpriest.

But Anon just out of the blue wanting to adopt Fluttershy without any context or background threw me off.

And when I heard Fluttershy moaning in her sleep, I thought, "shit, this is going to turn out to be /ll/."

Am I wrong? Is it feelsy?
K, here's an idea.
> The Pie Family is all about tradition.
>When they come of age they make a trip to the Paring Stone like their parents and their parents before them, ect.
>The sisters put off going until Marble was old enough, but the time has come.
>They all have the same vision.
>Marble is sad it's not Mac, Limestone is pissed that it's not a tough looking earth pone, Ponk is shocked, Maud is nonplussed.
>It's Ponyvilles resident Ape, Anon.
>Pinkie promised Fluttershy she wouldn't get any ideas, but the Stone has NEVER been wrong.
>The sisters must now catch their unwilling husband, while Fluttershy and a Jealous Mac run counter rape.
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Actually, yes. It is feelsy. The rape comes from another character. Filly Fluttershy never makes a move on Anon and Anon never moves on Fluttershy. He tries to give her the talk. He tries to be a good father. It's actually a deconstruction of filly clop and the way people view filly clop.

Sooo, yeah. No actual sexual for Flutterfilly

I know, right? I didn't see it coming either.
Hey, quick question, who have you pitched that to first? I first saw it in RGRE, then in AIE, now in FR, I'm wondering if you pitched it in Submission is Mandatory.
Welcome to the thread, Stickki.

Not sure why the green would make anyone depressed, as this is the same thread that Slasher Science once inhabited.

But anyway, hope you have fun writing for us. I'll be keeping an eye out for you.

Seems like a funky idea for a story.
You should try and write it.
You might have fun.
I only pitched it it AiE, but that place is not great. I guess someone else liked it and wanted to take it elsewhere.
>You're fucking tired from work, and you realized your favorite thread has gotten a new edition.
>With your excitement you realize people aren't the same...
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Yeeeah, work that grill baby.
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No, really, what?
Did you mean 'Cadence a shit'?
>You wake up just as the sun is peeking out from behind the curtain, and you keep your eyes glued to the ceiling, closing them will bring you back to sleep, so it’s imperative that you always focus on something as you wait and listen
>Paralyzed in the bed, if you move too much she may awake, so you make it an effort to keep as still as possible, though it’s only the upper half of your body jostling the bed that you really have to worry about
>The birds begin their call and response as the world around you yawns and stretches, always looking away from the blinding sun and towards the dimly lit morning
>Then you hear a loud snorting noise come from the mare next to you and she mumbles something and turns in her sleep
>And you cheerfully get up and out of bed, grab some clothes, and tip toe out of the room and into the familiar dark
>Without looking back – if you saw her peacefully sleeping in bed you’d feel a strong desire to crawl back in – you close the door behind you, and only indulge in one quick peek back in, just to see if the sheets have stirred
>They haven’t, and you ease the door closed
>You descend the stairs, it is nearly impossible for you to move quietly since your weight always seems to make everything creak, but you still make sure to avoid the noisiest steps
>Along the wall are a couple pictures, they are dark, and the glass is giving off a glare as the morning sun bleeds through the living room shades in concentrated beams, but you know them by head and heart
>That one was from when you two went on your first date, you got ice cream and walked in the park as the sun bleed into the sky and died for the day
>To tell the truth you were nervous as hell, and picked a walk in the park so you could think about what the two of you should do, hoping last minute panic would lead to salvation
>Instead, you and her walked and talked until the lamps along the trail turned on and the illuminated dirt path was all you could see
>When you brought her home you kissed her goodnight, and there was still a sweet taste on her lips from earlier, and as you were walking home in the dark she went inside and turned her porch light on
>The picture that’s hanging barely does that night justice, in fact only your backs are visible, as if you weren’t aware it had been taken at all
>Neither of you were
>In another frame is a homemade certificate of authenticity for work as a masseuse that you and her had authorized – you painted her hoof and she your hand – by slapping the paper with your childhood signatures, it seemed an appropriate thing to do considering it was an arts and crafts fair
>Then there’s a picture of her at the Nightmare Night ball, which you aren’t in since you didn’t stay long enough to be in that one
>Lastly, there are two that were taken on the same day, one being the two of you standing in front of your house, her with her bags
>And the other has the two of you turning around and catching Fluttershy exiting out your front door with a bag of “souvenirs” as she called them
>The quiet morning is disturbed by a flame igniting and an egg shell cracking, sizzling on the pan as the bread slides down the chamber and cooks into toast, and you shake the carton to hear the juice swish
>She never stays asleep long without you, so you quickly open the door and switch on the lights to see that lovely bedhead drape around her shoulders, sticking out every which where in tired strands, as she rubs her eyes and smiles
>”Ah, my favorite breakfast, yes?”
>You kiss her on the forehead and set the tray down before her as she straightens up against the headboard
>As you turn to leave she calls out to you and you stop and she looks up at you
>”You are always pampering me like this and then rushing off to get ready for work, but not today.” She presses her hoof onto your thigh and rubs you softly, and then not so softly when it trails towards your crotch
>You know you don’t have time for this right now, but there are a couple things she can do that you just can’t resist
>You may have her beat in the stamina department, but if there’s one area where she can really dominate you it’s in her blowjobs, a selective gag reflex – for when they eat something disagreeable – and a long tongue make sure of that
>”Today is your day off, and I think you have time to get a little messy, no?” She blows you a kiss, “Or I can make sure there is no mess if you’d like.”
>There really isn’t any time for this; she’s going to be here any minute after all
>But your erection doesn’t seem to agree with you, and you can feel Lotus tapping your head as she leans towards the button of your pants
>”I need to work up an appetite anyways, yes?”
>You feel her grab your button with her teeth, and within seconds you’re undone and she pulls down your zipper
>Record time considering how long she took the first time she tried to take your pants off herself to try and be sexy for you
>”I’ll have to make you finish really quickly, so my breakfast doesn’t get cold, no?”
>You know you’ve made the right choice when you see her look up at you and lick her lips
>Then you hear a knock at your front door and you rush off with your pants around your ankles just as Lotus was leaning into you to remove your boxers
I’ll get it, eat your breakfast while it’s hot
>You see her pout from the corner of your eye, and hear her grumble something about “not the only thing that’s hot” as she takes a deep breath and readjusts her seat
>Fixing your garments you open the door downstairs and come face to face with – hang on a second, who the hell is this?
>The young Pegasus mare, with her light violet coat and blue eyes, looks at you with wonderment before snapping out of it and asking if a colt named Anonymous was home, in a raspy and commanding tone
Yeah that’s me
>You give the mare a smile, but she raises an eyebrow and looks you up and down, as if to say “you don’t look like any colt I ever seen”
Where’s Derpy anyway? Didn’t she tell you about me?
>The mare’s eyes widen, “You know, Miss Hooves?”
>Laugh and nod your head
Can I get my mail now officer? I kind of need it before a certain someone I know finishes breakfast
>”Oh yeah,” the mare scrunches her nose and scrambles through her bag, “I’m really sorry. I just assumed that a colt lived here is all.”
Well I am a male. I know it’s kind of hard to tell, but –
>”Gosh I’m so embarrassed. Why didn’t Derpy tell me that you weren’t a colt,” she stuttered, “Or that you weren’t a pony? Sorry.”
I’m not surprised really; she can be a bit careless when she isn’t focused. I’ve gotten my neighbors mail more than once
>”Well these,” she gives you a couple letters, “are all yours. I assure you.”
“Yep,” you say as you scan through them, “Certainly looks that way. What about, Lotus?”
>The mare stares dumbly for a while, before her eyes snap open and she conks herself on the head and groans
Don’t worry
>You say as you grab the rest of the mail from her sweaty hoof
This is the usual for me when it comes to meeting new ponies
>She laughs uneasily
I’m Anon by the way
>You raise your hand like Spock
Kind of the local alien around here
>Before you can ask for her name she gasps and points at you
>”I remember you now.”
Do you? I was kind of all the rage a couple years ago
>You laugh and try to get through the usual questions as quickly, but politely, as you can
>Twilight did make you a pamphlet that you could give ponies that answered most of the usual questions, but you didn’t have the heart to tell her that you were joking when you suggested she make one
>It was really hard to look enthused about that gift when you got it last year for your birthday
So, are you going to be the new mail mare now, or what?
>”Oh no, miss Hooves just has the pony pox right now, so I’m taking her route for her until she gets better.”
>Remark that that’s nice of her and ask her if she’s new to town, because you’ve never seen her before
And you’ve obviously never seen me until today
>”Yeah I am. I just moved here with my special somepony so he could find a better job.”
That’s kind of similar to what I did, but only kind of
>There was a brief pause in conversation and the mare grew fidgety and rushed a goodbye
Wait, don’t you have something else for me?
>She looked over her shoulder and raised an eyebrow
You knocked on my door. So, you got a package or something, right?
>She groaned and conked herself on the head again
There’s no need to hurt yourself
>You said with a chuckle
Everyone makes mistakes
>”Yeah,” she said a bit annoyed, “But it’s not everyday someone in the mail business gets to deliver this.”
>And she showed you a large envelope with a golden tint to the paper, and a sun seal on the back
Oh good, I’ve been waiting for this
>The mare produced a pad and paper that required your signature, a customary safeguard to insure that royal mail indeed got to its intended location, and she watched your fingers move with wonder
They’re kind of freaky, huh?
>She pretended not to know what you were saying
My fingers
>You chuckle and wiggle them around
Minotaurs have got ‘em too, but other than that I’m the only one
>The mare looks down, “I didn’t mean to stare, sorry.”
You want to know somethin’ about these fingers?
>You grin and give her a spa voucher from the candy dish of misc. items near the door
They give killer massages
>”This is for the spa in town.”
Yep, I kind of know the owner
>The mare beams, “Oh, I loved the spa so much back home, but we really had to tighten our belt with this move, and I didn’t think I was going to get to go again for a long time.”
>It almost looks like she was going to hug you, but she just thanked you
No problem. Come see me sometime
>Then silence fell again, but neither of you said bye, and she rubbed her forearm and looked at the ground
>”You know, you’re really nice.”
>Just shrug and say that you guess so
>”No.” she says adamantly. “You really are, and I wasn’t when I met you today, and I’m sorry.”
Uh, it’s fine, really, don’t worry about it
>She looked briefly relieved, but it faded
>”Promise you won’t be mad if I tell you something?”
>You slowly said okay
>”When I first heard about you, all those years ago, I kind of thought you were,” she paused and put a hoof to her chin
A monster, right?
>Her ears went down and you smiled
I kind of wish they had posted pictures or something when the press first caught word of me
>The press was allowed to write about you, but photography was prohibited
>You flex your arm
I may be tall, but I ain’t that strong or scary, you know?
>The mare smiled, but then remembered her confessions
>”When I heard you were going to live here in Equestria I was kind of upset, but now that I’ve met you I can’t really think of why. Because you aren’t a monster at all, you’re actually really nice.”
>You thank her and wave a hand
Aw, don’t feel bad or anything, I was kind of the same way for a while, so I know how you feel
>She sighed relieved, and you noticed that she was kind of a cute little thing, the way her sporty mane covered one of her eyes, and that little tuft of extra fur she has on her chest
>But you shouldn’t be thinking about that, and to distract yourself you looked up and noticed that the moon was still in the sky even though the sun had come up
>You know, you still don’t know why that happens sometimes
It’s kind of weird I guess, but when logic goes out the window all you have left to try and understand something is imagination, kind of like a child, or fantasy, something like that anyway; filling in the blanks
>You saw the mare giving you a funny look and you blushed
Aw geez, what the heck am I even saying?
>She shook her head and giggled, “I don’t know, but I was definitely wrong about you. I mean, you’re really nice, and unique, and funny, and you even got a letter from the princess.
>”You’re not a monster at all. I bet you’re actually really important, aren’t you?”
>Bashfully grin and shake your head
No, I’m nothing special

>You sat at the small two pony table, and pondered over everything Celestia wrote to you as you watched the morning sun faintly light up the kitchen through the drawn curtains
>There wasn’t a sound to be heard until you heard the door upstairs shut
>Lotus came downstairs with her mane all done, pushed back behind her headband, and her collar on, and her faint white eye shadow applied just enough to be noticeable against her blue coat
>Just like on the day you fell in love
>Only this time she looked annoyed at you
>You pretend not to notice and look at the newspaper
Looks like there’s going to be storms tonight
>You say, trying to start some small talk
>But you get nothing in return, and decide to just bite the bullet
Something wrong?
>She sighed, “Like you wouldn’t know.”
>You hold up the newspaper so she doesn’t see your smirk
This isn’t about this morning, is it?
>The chair scraped across the floor as she sat across from you
>”You were in quite the hurry to get away from me, Nonymous.”
Oh come on now
>You say playfully as you get up and approach her from behind
That’s not true and you know it
>You try to get your hands behind her neck for a massage but she keeps fidgeting and telling you to stop
>”I wouldn’t want to get too into this, only to have it interrupted if somepony comes to the door.”
>You resign and say that she can have it her way if she wants, and you sit back down and go back to reading the paper, only to hear her sigh after a while and say your name
>”I am sorry. You’re right, I’m not being fair.”
>You say its fine, but peer over your newspaper and see her staring into her cup of tea forlornly
This isn’t about something else, is it?
>She almost says no, but you both know it would be a lie, so she instead says that she doesn’t want to talk about it
>Though after some work you get her down to a much more reasonable, “I don’t want to talk about it right now”
You know you can tell me anything
>She nods, “I know.”
>After a brief silence you tell her that you aren’t going to have any fun on your day off today
>When she asks you why not, you grin and say that it’s because she won’t be around to enjoy it with you
>And you both laugh at the sappiness, with her jokingly telling you to shut up, and you bring your newspaper back up to hide your embarrassment
>But you watch her from the reflection on the window, and you see her faintly smiling and looking in her cup
>Mission accomplished
I don’t know how you put up with me
>She speaks dryly, ”I only manage because I’m crazy,” but she loses composure with you, “yes?”
>A squirrel then climbs onto your window sill from outside and looks at the two of you through the glass
“He’s back.” You say fondly between chuckles
>Lotus sees it and coos, and she opens the window, and grabs an acorn out of the little bowl full of them that you keep on the table
>She gives it to him, and he quickly scurries away with it and brings it to a group of squirrels that live in an oak tree by your house
>Then you hear a knocking at the door not long after
>”Do you want me to get it today?”
>Fold up the newspaper and put it away
No, I can do it today. Enjoy your drink while you still can
>You walk to the front door and grab a little green amulet from the misc. candy dish, which you wave in front of the door briefly to see if it lights up and detects magic
>It doesn’t and you sigh in relief
>Open the door and greet Fluttershy warmly, before you see her, just to make sure it’s genuine
>She smiles sheepishly at you, but it doesn’t look like her guess will be anything too crazy today
>You’re pretty sure she’s running out of ideas
What’s up?
>She reveals a couple of bright balls that she was hiding behind her back and she throws them up in the air
>”Is juggling your –“ but they both fall on her head and she tries again, this time making sure to grab them both at least once
It isn’t my fetish. I mean, I guess if I was a clown it could be, but –
>”Um, please just wait a second.” She says as she keeps failing to juggle
>Every time she catches a ball she has to pause to make sure she catches the next one, “Let me do it right.”
>When she tries to speed it up the balls fall again, hitting her in the face
>After numerous failed attempts she sighs and tosses the balls into a bag
Right then
>You reach over and grab a notebook and a pen that you keep near the door
“Juggling,” you say as add it to the list of failed attempts
>”Pinkie made it look so easy too.”
So, that’s not your whole day, is it?
>”Oh no,” she brightens up, “Rarity is taking me for a spa trip today, to get me ready for…”
>Shy brushes her hoof against the ground
Your trip to that rare creature place?
>She meekly nods, “She’s going to give me all sorts of tips to…”
>You put the notebook back
>”Well, you know.”
>You sigh and question the hypocritical undertaking you’re about to do
Fluttershy, do you really think that you’re going to meet a stallion if you start pulling all of Rarity’s seductress hoodoo?
>”I don’t know, Anon.” She meant it
I really wish you’d just be yourself, especially if you’re going somewhere like that, with a bunch of other peo – ponies that you share a common interest with
>She repeats what she said earlier
Didn’t you make a friend last time you went there? That tree girl, or whatever her name is. You didn’t do anything other than be yourself when that happened, did you?
>”This is different, Anon.”
No, it isn’t
>And you meant it
>You noticed Fluttershy swallow nervously as she imagined something, “It feels different though.”
>With that all of your thoughts halted
I know
>And you couldn’t think of anything more to say
>The two of you avoided each other’s eyes for a while, and your toes were wiggling in your slippers
>You stole a glance at Fluttershy when you saw her look off somewhere, and you noticed she was digging her hooves in the ground
Aw, what do I know?
>You said with a smirk
Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a stallion in the corner of the room doing the same thing you’re doing
>She giggled, but then imagined it and blushed at the thought
>She glanced up at you, blushing blood in her cheeks still present from her earlier fantasy
You know, I’ve still never met anyone like you, and I’m the human for crying out loud
>Shuffle your feet to not think of your timidity
Someone is going to think of you like I do one day, and be your special one
>Seriously, are you going to say something dumb to everyone you talk to today?!
>But you see Fluttershy biting her lip and smiling, and you feel a bit happily embarrassed yourself
Kind of a weird way to wish you luck, but not a lot comes easily with me
>And with the utmost affection she said, “Thank you, Anon.”
>You stuff your hands into your pockets and feel a folded piece of paper inside them
Hey, as long as you’re going to the spa
>You grab another voucher from the candy dish
I can hook you –
>”Nonymous are you giving those out like candy on Nightmare Night again?”
>You swiftly put the voucher back
The wife’s here
>You say jokingly as Lotus huffs and ignores you and greets Fluttershy
>Lotus hugs her and Fluttershy shoots you a questioning look over her shoulder, as if to ask you “did you finally do it?”
>Solemnly shake your head
>”So did you guess his fetish today?”
>You and Fluttershy both say “no” in unison
>”Well, maybe next time, no?”
>Lotus hugs your leg and you rub her neck before she leaves, and you listen to the two girls talk from behind the door after they exchange pleasantries
>”I hear that miss Rarity is going to make sure your trip is a romantic one, yes?”
>”Uh huh, that’s why we’re going to the spa today. Though, to be honest I don’t really see the use in it. I’m going to get dirty very quickly working with all those wonderful little creatures.”
>”Then it will be extra important that you practice your anti-anxiety techniques, no? Have they been helping?”
>”Oh yes I have. I think one of the most important things that everypony taught me was that I needed to love myself, before I worried about…”
>And you couldn’t hear anymore, so you shut the door and watched them from the window as they walked into the sunset; silhouetted, you saw a flower and a butterfly, and the lovely dance they did for nectar
>You open up Celestia’s letter and look over the words again
>’My loyal subject Anonymous,

>’I can’t tell you how happy I am to hear from you after all the time we’ve been silent. It seems so long since I first saw you sitting at the table in the dining hall, and I was beginning to get worried that the hopeful and kind citizen I saw on that day had, yet again, been beaten down by life’s difficulties.
>’However, the kind words that you’ve written down in your letter have eased these worries, and the stories contained within certainly warm my heart, and I’m very happy that you finally feel comfortable with life here in Equestria. I hope maybe now you will see why I love this kingdom, and all of my subjects, so very much.

>’Unfortunately, it was this love that drove me to judge you so swiftly and harshly when you first arrived. I had no idea what kind of creature you were, where you had come from, what kind of diseases you may have brought with you, whether you were dangerous or not.

>’But thankfully Fluttershy knew better than I, and was able to help alleviate any fears that I, and many other citizens, may have had. It is ponies like her that make me very proud to be princess of such a wonderful kingdom.

>’Still though, I did task my dear student Twilight Sparkle to help you adjust to life here in Equestria after your official welcome, and… well judging from the stories you’ve told me, it seems that maybe both her, and Fluttershy, took a little too much of an interest in your love life. Though, it seems that you were able to work it out without causing any serious harm to your friendships, and again, it makes me very proud.

>’On a brighter note, I can’t tell you how happy I am that you have found a pony that you can love. This Lotus Blossom sounds like a wonderful mare, and I’m very happy for you. I don’t think you have met Princess Cadance yet, but I mentioned you briefly in a letter and now she is very interested in a meeting. She may be in Ponyville someday soon, and I think it would be in your interest to see her. She is the princess of love, and will be able to answer your questions better than I.

>’Thank you so much for writing to me, again, I enjoyed hearing from you very much. Should you indeed choose to get married, I’ll see you at the wedding (consider this my R.S.V.P.).
>’Princess Celestia'
>Well that settles it then
>Guess you’re going to go see this Cadance pony after all

>Twilight already told you all about Cadance’s visit way before this letter came, and you knew that the princess of love would be at the castle today
>You put the letter away in a secret spot where no one would find it (under the couch) along with the other letters you’ve intercepted that talk about the wedding
>It all started when one day Lotus showed you her family photo album, and you saw a picture of her deceased parents
>Her mother had a very nice wedding necklace on, with a big stone in the center that matched her coat
>You commented on it and learned that their mother eventually sold the necklace to help buy the spa that Lotus owns today
>Then one day as you walked through the Ponyville market you saw a necklace that looked exactly like that one their mother owned in a store window, only this stone was not the color of her mother’s coat
>It was a pink color, closer to that of her sister’s
>A crazy instinct overtook you at that moment, and you bought the necklace, eventually paying it off fully after months of secrecy
>And just when it was fully paid off a latch on the necklace got stuck, and in trying to open it by force you broke the little hook that connects the necklace together
>The jewelry pony was out of town, and because you were in a panic, and not thinking straight, you brought it to Rarity and told her the whole story
>And now, almost everyone in town, and even some that you know out of town, are all expecting a wedding to happen any day now
>In fact, there’s only one pony who has no idea
>You’re still trying to work up the courage to tell her about it too
>But, you aren’t really sure if you’re ready
>You pocket the necklace and head over to the castle
>It occurs to you along the way that, for once, Lotus would not have the answers you seek if you talked to her about this
And so Rarity put on her glasses, muttered a while, and did some tricks with her magic, and it was fixed by the end of the week
>Princess Cadance studied the necklace all over, holding it outstretched with her magic and slowly going from one end and up to the other, her eyes squinted and as close as they can be, smiling
>”Oh yeah.” Said Cadance. “You got this wedding in the bag right now. Let me know when it is as soon as possible so I can make the time to show up.”
I will
>It’s not like you’ve got a ton of ponies you’d invite anyway
>But all this damn wedding talk, and you haven’t even proposed yet
But, I also understand how busy a princess can be, so if you don’t show up I’ll totally understand
>”Nope.” Says Cadance smugly. “You can’t get rid of me that easily, Anon. I don’t care if it’s tomorrow, I rarely miss a wedding, and this is definitely no exception.”
“You’re absolutely sure you can make the time?” You say uneasily
>Cadance smirks, “Time management is pretty much the number one resource a princess has to master in order to get anything done. I mean, how do you think our good friend Twilight here got to be a princess so quickly?”
>Twilight huffs, but soon the two alicorns share a giggle and Cadance goes back to admiring the necklace, and all the dread starts again
>”Seems to me like you just found that once in a lifetime gift that you know for sure is spontaneous, sentimental, and sweet.” She smirked at you, “You hit the jackpot, Anon.”
>You didn’t say anything, or rather, you were unsure of what to say
>The baby blue shimmer of Cadance’s magic leaves your necklace, replaced by Twilight’s purple
>Cadance is right
>Twilight looks at the necklace like Cadance did, methodically, for a while anyway, until she begins twisting it and swiftly studying it and taking notes
>She’s right, but…
>”Is something wrong?”
>You realize you were staring into space, directly at the necklace
>Cadance warns Twilight to be careful with it, and Twilight apologizes
>”I’ll be more careful, but it’s just so fascinating. I’ve got history in the making right in my hooves.”
>Twilight’s comment makes your insides swish around, and you meet Cadance’s gaze
>She smiles reassuring, “This really is a wonderful gift, Anon. Lotus is a very lucky girl to have someone like you.”
“Well,” you humor her, “I think the same exact thing, just inverted.”
>Cadance laughs and you feel hollow, “Twilight never mentioned how funny you were.”
>Then she raises an eyebrow, “Though, it’s a bit early for observational humor, isn’t it?”
>The necklace stops it’s clinking as Twilight ceases studying it to look at the princess
What do you mean, princess?
>”Anonymous you don’t have to be so formal with me. You don’t call Twilight, or my aunt, princess, do you?”
>You shake your head no, and so does Twilight
>”Anon, I think you came here today to ask me some questions. I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, but you don’t really care too much about our title, do you? I’ve never seen you at the Summer Sun Celebration, you haven’t written my aunt until recently, and she even told me that you almost refused to shake her hoof after she threw a dinner in your honor.”
>There’s a silence, which you foolishly interrupt with your unintelligible stunned stutter
Um, if this is about leading you on earlier, I’m sorry
>Cadance just giggles at this, “I’m not mad, Anon. Far from it actually.” She blushed, “Maybe I was a bit extreme back there.
>”I’m just saying, that you don’t seem to be the type who would come see me out of curiosity alone. I figured that you must have some questions that you wanted to ask me. I mean, you did bring your engagement necklace after all, and, don’t take offense to this, but this necklace would not look good on you, so I don’t think you brought it to show it off.”
>Twilight is taking notes again, and you clear your throat
Wow, you saw right through me then
>”I’m not the smartest mare, but when it comes to love I definitely rival Rarity as the pony who knows the most about it.” She takes the necklace in her magic again, “And some ponies need a little more coaxing than others to open up.”
>She smiles, “Specifically, you need to be cornered, don’t you?”
>More unintelligible stutters
>”I’m all ears by the way.” Cadance says with interest and support in her tone. “Ask me anything.”
>You laugh at yourself
First of all, I should’ve known better than to try and hide my true feelings about this whole love thing, from the pony that has a freaking heart for a cutie mark
>”I’m glad we’re on the same page.” Cadance smiles and rolls her eyes as Twilight turns to a blank page in her notes, pencil at the ready
>She gives you your necklace back and you stare at it in your hands, “Take some time to gather your thoughts, I’ll wait.”
“It might take a while.” You rub the back of your head sheepishly. “I didn’t really rehearse or anything, and I’m not really easy to talk to.”
>”Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re probably going to ask some questions about love, right?” said Cadance. And you nodded
>”Then, you need to just tell me what you feel, and how you feel.”
Are you sure? I don’t really think I understand how I feel to be honest
>”I don’t think we’re supposed to understand our feelings, Anon. We’re supposed to feel them and hope they lead us to where we want be. Is that what they’ve done for you so far in your relationship?”
>The memories come then, almost at random
>That first time you made her laugh with that pants comment on that confusing day
>How she hates it when you leave candy wrappers in your underwear drawer
>When you she told you that you had a good heart at a time when so many thought you were callous
>You remember that dumb comment you made about vacuums when she shared her life’s passion with you, and how juvenile you felt
>The same when she befriended Fluttershy instead of banning her, or taking pity on the confused mare, when you thought for sure that she would be horrified like Rarity was
>You remember when you surprised her on her birthday, and you found her crying in the dark, because it wasn’t just hers
>Then you stayed with her, holding her in the dark as the two of you lied on the bed, and eventually made love once it became too dark to see anything
>And there was your smile in the jewel of the necklace
Is it weird if I say that I’m not worried about her answer?
>Cadance shook her head slowly
Because I’m not. For some reason, I know for sure that she’d say yes if I asked. I mean…
>You chuckle with nostalgia
It feels like forever ago, but when all this started all my worries were all focused on ‘what if she says no?’ like it was everything. But when she did say yes, it wasn’t just one worry anymore, you know?
>Cadance smiled understandingly; Twilight’s pencil stopped briefly before continuing
Now it’s tons of little worries, with a couple of big ones that linger on and keep appearing. It’s a relationship
>Lotus leans her head against your shoulder in the sauna
We got along with them though
>You see her smiling in her cup on the reflection in the morning window
Laughed about them
>You look to Cadance, and she nods understandingly, briefly reminding you of Celestia so long ago
I guess what I’m trying to say is, marriage is going to be just like starting over, with all those worries coming back, and I just don’t really think we need that. We’re getting along great as we are
>Twilight looked at you questioningly
>Your palm stings and you realize you were letting the necklace dig into your skin as you squeezed anxiously
I don’t even know why I bought this stupid necklace. I barely even thought about it when I did it
>Turn it and study it in your hand
>Everyone wants you to do it
It felt right for some reason, but it doesn’t feel that way anymore
>But you just can’t
>”Anon I’m sorry.” Says Twilight. “I had no idea that this was something that was bothering you so much. I really thought your mind was made up about this.”
>You see sympathetic eyes, “In fact, I don’t think anypony does.” She’s wrong
>”Anon, why did you let the whole town in on this if you weren’t sure about it yourself?”
I didn’t tell the whole town Twilight, just, Rarity
>”That’s practically the same thing! Don’t you know better?”
I guess not
>Twilight rubs her face, “This is a disaster. How in Equestria are we going to fix this?”
>Oh great, she’s treating this like another one of her “friendship problems” she’s always fixing
I didn’t mean for all this to happen, it just sort of spiraled out of control
>Twilight begins muttering some plans to herself, breathing deeply and doing some weird salute with her arm
It’s just, I panicked when that latch broke, and then I couldn’t just bring a piece of jewelry like that to Rarity without an explanation behind it
And she started asking me all these questions I hadn’t even considered yet once I told her, so I got nervous, and I began asking questions
>”Sheesh,” you hear Spike say from the hallway next to you. “What is she your wedding planner? Why didn’t you just rent a book or something?”
>Funnily enough, she is now
>Twilight chastises Spike for eavesdropping, but not without repeating his sentiments, and emphasizing the part about books
I don’t know. I had to talk to someone, and Lotus was out of the question, and it would’ve been awkward if I talked to…
>Man, you don’t want to bring her up right now
>An uneasy silence fills the room and Twilight sighs
>”Anon I know that I messed up when I helped Fluttershy so often back then, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me if you’ve got a problem.”
>She smiles at you, and you try to give her your best “what the fuck are you even on about” face
>”We are friends after all, aren’t we?”
>She begins to look worried, and you nod slowly
>A big grin plasters her face, and before you can give her a courtesy smile back, she hugs your leg
>”Good, I’m glad. And don’t ever forget that I’m always here for my friends, Anon. You can talk to me anytime you want.”
>Oh no, she thought you were talking about her
“And I promise it won’t be awkward, okay?”
>Awkwardly pat her neck and agree, wishing this would end with all your heart as you do
>Twilight parts and you both see Cadance stifling a giggle fit as she watches
>”Anon,” she says sweetly, “You can ask me your question anytime, you know?”
>Nod and clear your throat, and tell her that your question, was, well… she was listening, right?
>She says that she was, and you shrug
“Well, what do you think of,” wave your hand towards the past, “All of that.”
>Twilight gets her notes ready again as Cadance hums
>”I think you’re doing just fine, Anon.”
“Yea – No!” She nods. “What? You can’t be serious.”
>”Anon do you really think it’s a bad thing that you’re worried about how these changes will affect your relationship?”
Kind of. I mean, shouldn’t I be sure?
>”I don’t’ know, should you?”
You don’t know?
>She raises her eyebrows, but doesn’t answer
Be sure? Well, I guess it’s kind of like what I said earlier about all those initial problems and worries coming back again, like the doubt
>Cadance nods with a smile
But we got through it the first time, didn’t we?
>”I don’t know, did you?”
Yeah, we did. We did and we will again
>You laugh triumphantly and take a look down at the necklace, remembering what Cadance said about it being the perfect gift
>”Anon,” Cadance says, “Being nervous about how this marriage will work out is not something to be ashamed of. If anything, I’m more worried about couples who aren’t worried, who let naivety or apathy cloud their judgement, and rush along without thinking about how serious the changes will be.”
“Um, okay.” You shrug. “So, am I doing it right? Or…”
>”That’s for you and your partner to decide. It isn’t my place.”
You’re the princess of love though
>”Yes I am, and I know more about it than anypony else does, which is exactly why I can’t tell you what’s best for your relationship.”
>A silence followed as you pondered over her words, with disappointment and frustration obvious on your face
>”Marriage,” Twilight says as she sticks her nose in a dictionary, “The legally recognized or formally recognized union between a stallion and a mare as partners in a relationship.”
>She looks up to Cadance with hopeful eyes, “Right?”
>Cadance nods, “Well, yes, but –“
>Twilight turns to you, ”And Anon, you’d like to be formally recognized as Lotus’ partner in a relationship, right?”
That… sounds right?
>”Good.” The bulky dictionary slams shut. “I’m glad we could help you. And remember, you can come to me anytime you have a problem.”
>Or you could just rent the dictionary
>Twilight grins proudly, and you and Cadance share a befuddled look
>Cadance clears her throat, “Well, you’re both right in a way.” She touches Twilight’s shoulder reassuringly, “But Twilight, I think maybe the technical approach isn’t what Anon needs right now. He’s more confused than anything, and I don’t think such rigidity will be too helpful.”
>Twilight hums, and then gets her notepad and pencil, while saying something about needing to take more notes
>”Like I said, you’re definitely right about one thing, Anon.” Cadance says. “Marriage is like starting over, and it does change things.”
>She smiles, “But marriage, real marriage, the way I see it, with only love involved, is the bond that two partners make when they realize that they just can’t be apart without being happy. It is complete love and devotion
>”In its purest, simplest form, marriage is really a beautiful thing to me. When a couple is so sure of their love that they want to make a commitment to only be with each other for as long as they can…”
>Cadance said no more, but she looked off somewhere below her, as if she was peering over a balcony that overlooked a vast crowd of ponies, and she, as a princess, was devoted to all of them
>Except she wasn’t alone, and hanging from directly above her on a tree root you could barely make out a wedding scene, of her and a white unicorn colt embracing
I think I understand
>Cadance snaps out of her trance and says that she’s glad, “But you have another question, don’t you?”
I do
>You mostly just want to ask someone why? Why all of this uncertainty had to cloud you? Why you never realized sooner that Lotus loved you?
>But you know she can’t answer those questions
I want to know what love is
>”Oh, is that all?” Cadance says. “That’s easy. I get this one all the time.”
>”I have no idea, Anon.”
>Cadance is the worst princess of love ever
You don’t know?
>”I might need a refresher.” And she looks to Twilight, who catches on and grabs the dictionary as you try not to groan
>”Love,” begins Twilight, “Is a variety of different feelings, states, and attitudes that ranges from interpersonal affection to pleasure.”
>Cadance nods, “Yep, that’s it.”
But that’s just the dictionary definition
>She nods again and the silence challenges you
You don’t have anything more insightful?
>Cadance sighed, “Like I said earlier, I get this question all the time, and the one thing I’ve found about it is that everypony has their own idea of what love is.
>”Don’t you?”
>At least you don’t think so
>It’s hard to explain
>You just know it’s something that came out of the blue one day when you discovered that you needed it
>But that’s the thing
>It was always there
>You just…
What about you?
>Cadance almost looks a little surprised
You said that everyone has their own idea of what love is. Well, what’s yours?
>She sighed again, “I get this one all the time too.”
Don’t tell me you have no idea either
>”No it’s not like that.” She looked off somewhere. “It’s just that, love to me is so many things, a lot of little ideas that mean everything.”
>Twilight flipped to a fresh page
>Cadance did it all as she spoke of various topics of what she considered love
>She paced back and forth, “To start of simple I guess I’d say love is really about devotion. Like when Shining brags about my wonderful cooking, that, let’s face it, isn’t all that wonderful. But his bragging will certainly make anypony think I’m a five star chef without a doubt.”
>She squeezed her eyes shut, “There’s a difference between attraction and love, obviously, but they’re both important to making a relationship work.”
>Her reflection in the crystal floor stared at her, “I stress the relationship part, because I think love is something that exists between two, and I think devotion between those two is essential to any healthy love.”
>You noticed Twilight was frantically scribbling something on a chalkboard
>When the words were lost she conked herself on the head, “I know that love isn’t just about being happy. There’s certainly pain involved when it isn’t returned, or shared, or even when it’s just taken and never given.”
What about when it just happens? Like, it’s there when it wasn’t before
>”Again, devotion. Love can certainly grow between two ponies if they’re devoted enough to each other.”
>Twilight looked at her notes, comparing her chalk scribbles to them and nodding
So, is love devotion?
>She put a hoof to her chin, “No, it’s not. Devotion to somepony who never returns it just becomes pain, for both of them.”
Alright, so love has to be given, and it has to accepted, and returned, right?
>Twilight began muttering something to herself
>Cadance nodded, “But remember that eveypony has their own idea of what love is, which makes the acceptance part perhaps the most important.”
>Twilight pulled a couple books out and began studying them
Okay, acceptance is most important. So –
>”No, I didn’t mean that.” Cadance groaned. “It’s not a formula or anything like that. It’s more like a pot full of ingredients. “
What do you mean?
>Twilight gasped, “Hey guys.” But it fell on deaf ears
>”Well,” said Cadance, “You’ve got feelings, pleasures, actions, balance, boundaries, and probably some I’m forgetting, and it all has to go together somehow.”
When you put it like that it kind of sounds like a mess
>She reiterates that she isn’t a great cook, “But it’s a wonderful mess, isn’t it?”
>Twilight called again
A wonderful mess? Is that what you think love is?
>”I already told you that I have no idea what it is?”
>”Hey guys!”
>Twilight’s outburst caught your attention, and she grimaced at the two of you as she pointed at the chalkboard
>”What about that?”
>There, written in a big circle, was written ‘Love = Reciprocation’
>Cadance pondered it a moment
So, love is reciprocal?
>”Well that’s what I picked up on from all the notes I took during this little discussion you two had.”
>”Yes.” Said Cadance with a grin. “I think that’s right.”
>Twilight smiled bashfully, “I mean, it’s not Shakesmare, and it can’t go on a greeting card, but I think it makes perfect sense.”
>Cadance kept agreeing, and you wondered if she’d agree with anything Twilight said right now
>Love is reciprocal
>”I think I’m going to use that from now on.” Said Cadance
>Is that really it?
>”Really?” Twilight began prancing around and shouting “yes” repeatedly
>Cadance turned to you and gave you a reassuring smile
>”Something wrong?”
I don’t know
>”Not the answer you were looking for, huh?”
I’m not sure. It makes sense to me, I suppose
>”Then what’s the problem?”
It just seems so obvious now that it’s right there
>”Well, we did have the ingredients.”
Exactly. I thought it was going to be something really complicated, but it’s not really
>”What do you mean?”
With a bit of disappointment, “I’m just saying that I didn’t think it was going to be so easy to understand.”
>With fondness she said, ”Anon, nothing about it is easy to understand.”

Let me tell you, she really does look like the princess of love
>Lotus hums briefly, it’s almost a grunt, but gives no indication that she heard you otherwise
She’s really, really pink. I almost want to say it’s a cliché, you know?
>”Lots of ponies have pink coats, Nonymous.” She says bluntly, turned away from you
You know, I can’t really think of too many. The only one who comes to mind is Pinkie
>No answer
And your sister
>She just chews, uninterested in everything
>Something is wrong with Lotus
>Her collar from work is still on, even though she’s taken her headband off so her mane could drape free
>She loves daisy sandwiches, but hasn’t touched her plate more than a couple times
>And every answer so far has been a short one
>The sun was dipping into the background and you needed to go soon
>But you couldn’t leave her like this
>Then, without a word, she brings her plate to the counter and leaves the kitchen
>You make sure to give her some time to herself, make sure she’s cooled down, and then you find her in the living room on the sofa
>The seat next to her is open, but the side of her body facing you is turned slightly, doing all it can to dissuade you from taking it
>Her face is stern, except for her eyes, pried open by will and skimmed with tears
Can I sit down?
>She shakes her head
Are you sure?
>She looks off somewhere and you sigh
I really want to
>”Okay.” She says quietly. “But don’t touch me.”
>You ease yourself down and just sit beside the silence next to her
Is this about this morning?
>You see the back of her head
>”A new customer came in today.”
>Lotus’ tone had not changed from dinner
>”A really pretty young mare. I think she’s new to town, no?”
You mean the mail mare?
>”So, you do know her?”
No, not really. I talked to her this morning though
>”I know that. You gave her a voucher, yes?”
>Uneasily you confirmed
>”Do you know what she said to me today?” Lotus looked at you
>”She said that she wanted to see you. She said that she wanted to find out what human fingers can do.
>”She told me that that’s what you said to her.”
Yeah, she got kind of nervous around me this morning. Sorry about that, I was just trying to make her feel better
>Lotus sighed, “Is that all you were trying to do, Nonymous? Is that all you were trying to feel?”
“What the fuck?” You turn towards her. “I really hope you’re not going where I think you’re going.”
>Lotus simply repeats that the mare was very pretty
Yeah, and she’s also married
>”That didn’t stop her from talking awfully high about you as I rubbed her down today. She did not know we were together, Nonymous.”
What does that have to do with anything?
>”Well you seem to know a lot about her, and yet she knows very little about us. I’m just saying that if you wanted to start something you certainly have a good chance at it right now.”
But we’re together
>Lotus began to sniffle, “That’s not stopping her.”
Stop saying things like that. I’m not cheating on you
>”I know.” She winced, “Not with her.”
>You grab her hoof, squeezing it tight, and bring it up to your chest
>With all the conviction you have
Not with anyone
>But she just looks offended. “Liar!” And she jerks herself away
I’m not lying
>She sobs and pushes you away when you try to touch her
>”If you’re not lying to me right now, then tell me why you check the mail every morning.”
>”Why do you always rush to get it and go through it before I do?”
>She takes a couple quick breaths
>”Why do all the mares in town act funny whenever I talk about you with them?”
>A hurt glare frightens you
>”And what about all those bits you spend that you think I don’t know about? Why won’t you tell me where that money goes?”
>What do you tell her?
>Silence fills the air
>Lotus loses her strength and pride
>”Damn you, Nonymous.” She whimpers and turns her head. “You’re hiding something from me.”
>In that moment, in your mind you saw her getting up and leaving you, with only the sound of her hoofs hitting the floor, the couch springs extending, and the opening and shutting of a door accompanying the silence
>You almost screamed no, but instead…
>She looks at you, surprised, with tear blinded eyes
I am hiding something from you, but it isn’t a bad thing, and I’m sorry
>You reach out to her, but she looks at your hand skeptically
>Your eyes meet; she’s wiping her tears away
You need to look at me, and believe me, when I say that I’ll never, ever, cheat on you
>Her eyes start to wander
I love you, and I respect and admire you too much to do something that awful
>She mumbles something as she looks off and you ask her to speak up
>”You would leave me.” She says it to herself
>These fantasies make you uneasy to talk about
If I ever met another girl, I’d leave you. I wouldn’t cheat on you
>The necklace, still in your pocket, is digging into your thigh
>”I’m sorry.” She says as she regains composure. “I should not have accused you of –“
“It’s alright.” You grab her hoof. “You don’t have to say anymore.”
>You motioned for her to come close and the she went into those big strong arms she had always loved, and she pushed you down onto your back
>The two of you lied there, with her head on your chest, as you looked at the ceiling
>”Nonymous, what are you hiding from me?”
>Just as you were getting relaxed too…
Um, it’s nothing bad –
>”I know.” She interrupts. “I believe you. You aren’t ready to share it, yes?”
>You run your hands through her mane, feeling the thousands of soft strands that make it up
>The millions of grains of hot sand hurt your feet as you race towards the tide
>You take a deep breath and you plunge headfirst into the illustrious ocean of her, with trepidation in your mind and excitement in your heart
I’ll tell you tonight, when I come back. Can you wait ‘till then?
>With a smile on her face, she looked up at you with those brilliant blue eyes, and tears that mixed with mascara had trickled onto her cheeks and created slightly gray looking trails
>She hummed and rubbed the side of her face on you, getting cozy, closing her eyes, and saying that she supposed it was alright
Really? You aren’t going to get mad at me about something again, right?
>”Don’t make me bite you.”
>You laugh and let yourself sink down even further
>She does the same
>The clock ticks away, reminding you of the little time you have before you got to go
>You’re gonna let it

>”This morning in bed it occurred to me, when you rushed off…”
>You let her confer with the silence a while and you tell her you’re listening
>”Nonymous, do you ever look at other mares?”
I’m not cheating on you. Am I going to have to start tellin’ you that every day until you stop asking?
>”That’s not what I asked you, you monkey.”
Okay, alright, what were you asking?
>She sighed, “Do you ever look at other mares?”
>Your hand stops running through her mane
Why do you ask that?
>Her hoof trailed up and down your body
>”I was the first pony you were with, and I’ve been the only pony that you’ve rutted since then. I get worried that one day you’ll be bored of me.”
If I had the time I’d fuck all that doubt out of you right now
>”Oh please, I’m being serious.”
Later then
>She cooed, “I’ll hold you to that. Now answer my question.”
Well, what about you? Do you ever look at other stallions?
>”I do, but only when I’m feeling like I was earlier.”
>”You’re really asking for that bite now. And no, not horny.” She hit you in the ribs and you smirked
>”It’s when I’m mad at you, when I’m doubting myself, and my looks, that’s when I look at other stallions.”
All you do is look though
>”Yes –“ She looks up and sees you grinning, “Wait, what are you implying?”
You don’t give them hot cock massages, do you?
>”Shut the fuck up, Nonymous.”
>You laugh like you always do when she uses one of your swears
>Then you scratch the spot she loves and she huffs and says that’s better
You know how devoted I am to you, right?
>With her eyes closed, “It’s cause I’m the only pony crazy enough to put up with you.”
>You used to joke that you could always go back to Fluttershy
>It was a bad joke though
That’s true
>”Now answer my question.”
Other mares?
>She nods and you think over everything that’s happened
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Yeah, I look at other mares sometimes, but I know none of them would be as good as you
>Lotus sighs, “How do you know that?”
Well, it’s kind of like what I said earlier, about how I’d have to leave you if I wanted to be with someone else
>You looked down at her, your cheeks turning red
And I don’t want to leave you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me here. You were so beautiful, and so kind, that you got me to embrace love here in Equestria
>You ran your hand through her mane again
So, I don’t know, it’s kind of like, if I left you I’d be leaving behind everything that ever made me happy. And that’s stupid to me. Why would I want to choose to be unhappy?
>”You don’t feel obligated to love me, do you?”
No, dammit. It’s more like, I know I’m never going to love a girl more than I love you. So in that way, if I ever left you, it’d be the single dumbest thing I’ve ever done in my life
>Lotus smiled, her eyes half-lidded at you
Is that right?
>She got up and sauntered over to you, closed her eyes, puckered her lips, and kissed you
>”Get up. You were supposed to have left over five minutes ago.”
>You do so and stretch and head towards the door
I’ll be back
>She sits where you just were, “I’ll be here.”
>You close the door and stand on the porch for a while, feeling the necklace in your pocket, thinking of devotion, and pondering to yourself the exact words you’d use when you proposed to her tonight
>Then the porch light got turned on, and you waved at her when you saw her in the window, and you left
>Lotus hung her collar up with care, admiring the pink dot in the middle

>”Anonymous, there you are.”
>On your way you see Rarity at a café, flagging you down
>You approach her and tell her – politely – that you kind of don’t have the time right now to chat
>“Not a problem.” She clears her throat, barely audible, but without pause a waiter appears and Rarity asks for her bill
>”Keep the change please.” She says as she pays and exits with you, and nearly everyone working there bids her a friendly goodbye
>”It’s getting awfully chilly; it’ll be autumn before we know it.” Rarity says as she adjusts her scarf and joins you
“Yeah.” You say, knowing full well where this is going. “I’ll probably need some new winter clothes.”
>”Oh, yes. I shall get started on those right away then.”
Thanks ma’am. How did it go with Fluttershy by the way? I forgot to ask Lotus earlier
>”The last time I saw her she looked absolutely stunning. I’ll tell you this; nopony is going to pay any attention to those rare creatures once they get a look at her.”
>You walked in silence for a bit before Rarity cleared her throat and made her sudden interest in joining you in the street known
>The clouds were covering the sky with their grey bodies now, and a faint wind was blowing the free section of Rarity’s scarf
>”Anonymous, Twilight told me about your meeting with Cadance.”
>Holy fucking shit!
>Can’t you tell anyone anything in this town without it being public knowledge by the end of the day?
>”I had no idea that you weren’t sure about the wedding. Why didn’t you say something to me, or at least tell me to keep it a secret?” She scrunches her nose when she says that
>”I really am sorry about letting that slip.”
Rarity –
>”But it’s just that dreadful Fleur Dis Lee showed up at my tea social wearing that outfit she knew I wanted to wear.”
Rarit –
>”And she just kept showing me up the rest of the evening, at my tea social too. Can you believe that, Anonymous?”
Ra –
>”So I told everypony that I had the juiciest gossip in all of Equestria. And I looked that little show pony right in the eye and told everypony that I had just fixed up the engagement necklace for Ponyville’s own –“
Rarity! You’re doing it again
>She gives you a stern look before realization paints her face and she puts her ears down
>”Sorry, again. Do say what you have to say, and I’ll make sure to have all of this wedding mess sorted out by the morning. I’ve already mailed some letters informing some ponies of the news.”
>You’d facepalm if it wasn’t such a cliché
>This is almost exactly what happened last time
Rarity I’m asking her tonight
>She blinks a couple times
>”What was that darling?”
I want to marry her as soon as possible
>Rarity’s eye twitches
I’m going to ask Lotus to marry me tonight
>Rarity grinds her teeth and trembles, trying hard not to snap at you
Is everything alright?
>She takes a deep breath and then forces a smile with big sparkling eyes
>”Everything is fine. Absolutely fine.” She says in a sing song voice that was horribly fake. “I’m so happy for you and your special somepony.”
>Rarity fidgets in place, “So, the wedding?”
It’s happening
>”Right.” She laughs nervously and leans away. “I need to go write some letters. Is it alright if I cut our conversation short?”
Well –
>”I’ll see you tomorrow then.” She says as she runs off
>But she stops herself just short of a full gallop and turns to ask you about that one little detail you hadn’t touched on earlier regarding the wedding plans
>Funny how she asks that like they were ever your plans to begin with
>You told her that you were going to take care of that tonight
>”Okay good.” She runs off again and tells you not to forget to propose to Lotus in all the excitement

>The living room is nicely lit, warm and inviting, with all the little critters eating their meals in respective corners
>You duck down under the frame and enter after knocking on the door
The front door was open
>No response
Okay, I’m just going to have a seat
>You do just that, feeling stupid all the while for talking to yourself like that
>The sound of running water coming from the kitchen tells you where Fluttershy is
Hey I’m here
>You hear a squeal followed by a shouted – but still somehow muffled – hello
>Even when she’s expecting you she can be scared
>”I’ll be right there, Anon. Make yourself comfortable.”
>Hell if you aren’t trying, this damn couch is the only thing you can fit in here
>With a few shimmies and squeezes you get comfy, until you feel something hitting your ankle
>Looking down you see Angel kicking you and glaring
>Fluttershy’s animals are pretty smart, so you ask him what’s up
>He points at you and then raises his arms rapidly
>Too bad you aren’t smart enough to know what they’re saying
>He just rolls his eyes and goes back to kicking you
>”Oh, you’re in Angel’s spot.”
I am no – oh shit!
>Fluttershy – at least you think it’s Fluttershy – gasps and rushes towards you
>”What’s wrong? Are you alright?”
>So, Fluttershy definitely got a spa treatment today
>Unfortunately, now that she’s so clean the dirt she naturally accumulates from working with her animals is so much more noticeable now. She kind of looks like a spotted cow
>There are also twigs and some leaves in her mane, and it looks like some eyeliner was once applied, but it was now all over her cheeks, if you had to guess she probably cried about something to cause that
>Say this delicately now
Fluttershy did you get sucked into a tornado?
>She sighs, “Is it really that bad?”
>”Oh no.” She begins to sniffle
Don’t do that. You’re just going to make the eyeliner run even more
>”But Rarity treated me, and I ruined it already.”
It’s not ruined
>You lie
I can probably fix it. I just need to think
>Alright, how do –
>A particularly hard kick from Angel derails your thoughts and you ask Shy what his problem is
>”You’re in his favorite spot.”
>Since when the fuck is this his favorite spot?
>”Here,” she gives you a carrot, “Give him this.”
>You do so, and he sniffs it apprehensively before accepting it
>”It’s past his bedtime, so he’s a little grumpy.”
Come upstairs with me. I think I know how to fix that
>You gesture to all of her and she meekly agrees

>You don’t know what kind of crazy shit Rarity had Lotus put in Fluttershy’s mane, but those twigs were really jammed in there
>Needless to say, the water you two used to rinse her with was really, really hot
>You brush her mane after blow drying it and tell her to look in the mirror
I think it’s fixed
>”You’re not going to do anything else?”
Don’t have to
>You point at the mirror again and Shy looks in it and sighs
>”It’s all gone.”
>”Anon, we washed it all away.”
>Sure did. You don’t look like you just fell in a ditch anymore
>Shy whimpers, “I just look like I normally do.”
>She looks at you questioningly
I think you look a million times better
>She perks up, but it of course fades quickly
>”What about, Rarity?”
“Yeah,” you snicker, “I don’t think Rarity will notice. Just trust me when I say she’s going to be very busy tonight, and might not get a lot of sleep.”
>She doesn’t look convinced
>”I don’t want to let anypony down.” She looks at herself in the mirror from the corner of her eye. “Rarity said that I’d definitely come home with a stallion if I went looking like I did.”
Do you want to know what would’ve happened if you went to that rare creature place like that?
>You pointed at the bath, and as if to strengthen your argument, the drain croaks
And besides, that seductress stuff isn’t for you anyway
>”I know, but –“
Yeah, you don’t want to let anyone down. You already said that. Look Fluttershy, this is about you, not anyone else
The only one who should be feeling let down if you don’t meet someone is you. Don’t worry about, Rarity. To be honest I think she just got a bit carried away with this whole make over thing
>”She said I’d stand out.”
Why would you want to stand out by being someone who isn’t yourself?
>”To be honest with you,” Fluttershy giggled, “I was really nervous when she said that.”
>You smile, and she gives one back
One more thing, don’t worry about not coming home with a stallion. No one is expecting you to completely transform during the course of this trip
>”So, baby steps?”
Exactly. It’s just going to take time, Fluttershy
>She sees herself smiling in the mirror, and her eyes widen in surprise
>You leave and tell her to meet you downstairs when she’s done
>You really hope that she’s shocked right now
>It’s not everyday someone like that looks in the mirror and sees someone beautiful looking back
>You head downstairs and see Angel curled up on the couch
>Stupid bunny
>Looks like you’re standing
>But when he sees you he waves at you and jumps off and onto the floor, and he points to the spot where he was
>He nods and you take a seat, but not without him. The bunny jumps onto your lap and nuzzles you before yawning and falling asleep with his head resting on your arm
>Well shit, maybe he might like you after all
>Then again, it’s probably best if you keep as still as possible
>Fluttershy coos and you try your best to make little of the situation, even if it is cute as fuck
>She takes a seat across from you and asks you why you wanted her to meet you down here
>And you brace yourself, telling her that it’s something very important
>You know what you’ll tell her right now could definitely make her cry
Fluttershy you know all about the wedding, right?
>She nods, “I don’t know how you can stand it, Anon. I’d be so nervous if I was getting married. There’s so much pressure, and planning involved, and –“
>You cut her off by thanking her for her input
Well, the wedding is on, Fluttershy. I’m going to ask her to marry me tonight
>”Oh.” Fluttershy can’t hide the disappointment in her tone. “That’s wonderful.”
I’ve never really talked to you too much about the wedding, for obvious reasons
>She meekly acknowledges this fact
We agreed to be friends again, and nothing more, no matter how hard it may get
>She nodded, even though there was never really a formal agreement made of that nature
>It was just something the two of you seemed to have an understanding of ever since that fateful spa day so long ago
Now, I don’t really have a lot of friends, and I don’t have any family here, and most of Lotus’ family lives very far away, so I haven’t really gotten to know them too well
>She breaks into that sweetly nervous smile of hers
>”Yet, Anon. You don’t have any family here yet, but you will soon.”
>How about that
I suppose that’s true, isn’t it?
>”I don’t like it when you say things like that.” She taps her hooves together. “I want you to be happy here in Equestria.”
Don’t worry about that
>You can’t help but awkwardly smile
I am
>Even after all this time she’s still worried about you settling here
Fluttershy you’ve given me a lot from the very first day since I got here, and I don’t think I have to remind you about it all again. You’re definitely the most important friend I’ve ever had
>You briefly see storm clouds gathering outside from the corner of your eye
>Alright speed it up
I want you to be best mare at my wedding
>She gasps, “You do?”
I can’t think of any other pony I’d want
>”Oh gosh.” She begins to sweat. “That’s so much pressure. Oh I don’t know if I can do it.”
>”I want to do it, but it’s just –“
Fluttershy I’m not going to force you to do this. If you’re too nervous then that’s fine
>She exhales in relief, “Thank goodness. Um, don’t worry Anon; I can help you find a replacement.”
>You shake your head at her
No, that won’t be necessary
>”What? But you can’t have a wedding without a best mare.”
You’re the only one I want
>All of the nervous tension in her body leaves when you say that, and she stares in thought
There’s no one else who could be by my side on that day, playing that role, who actually means something to me, other than you
>She searches the floor and fails to come up with a retort
I’ll let you think it over for a while, Fluttershy
>With closed eyes she breathes deeply
You won’t do it?
>”No.” She gives you a determined smile. “I’ll do it for you. Normally I wouldn’t, but if it’s for you…”
>She doesn’t say anymore, but she nods and you thank her
>”Oh my.” She says as she looks outside and sees the clouds. “We should head up so you don’t get caught in that storm.”
Actually there’s one more thing we need to talk about
>You couldn’t hide the anxiousness in your tone
>”Alright.” She says uneasily
>Her smile wavers and eventually her face becomes neutral as the seconds start to feel like hours
>This is not going to be pretty
Fluttershy we’ve talked a lot about that day at the spa, haven’t we? And, there’s one thing in particular we said we’d do that never really did get come into play
>She swallowed nervously
>”What do you mean?”
>Talking about that day almost always makes her anxious
>A caveat of keeping a secret
>Man, you just know she’s going to cry or try and fight you if you spring it on her right away
>Got to try and ease her into it
First I need to tell you about what happened to me today. It all started when I met Cadance and talked to her about some of the worries I had about getting married. She had a lot of interesting things to say, but the thing that stuck out most to me was her point on devotion in marriage
>Fluttershy nodded, but it didn’t really reassure you
>After all, she did used to have a very unhealthy definition of devotion
Basically, what I got from it was, that you need to make sure that you and your partner know, without a doubt, that you love each other, and nothing is going to come between you
>Shy mentally winced and you pretended not to notice
>You had to power through this, even if it did hurt her feelings
That means a lot of things, but one of the most important ones is never flirting with other girls
>You start picking at your nails, but you don’t want Shy to see that you’re nervous, so you stuff your hand in your pocket
>It happened to be the one with the necklace in it
If I’m going to marry Lotus, then I have to be completely devoted to her. I can’t ever let her think that I’d be the kind of guy who’d cheat on her…
>You almost say again
>You still feel guilty for letting that paranoia eat away at her for so long
>You should’ve proven that you were devoted to her sooner
>And now she’s waiting for you
Fluttershy I don’t want you to come over every morning to guess my fetish anymore
>The Pegasus looks shocked at first, before she puts her head down, so all you can see is her mane
>You have to stand firm on this
>She trembles in her seat, and you hear her sniffle a couple times
>No lightening up, even if she cries all night
>But then she holds her head up high and wipes away her tears
>”Yeah.” She raises an eyebrow at you. “Isn’t that what you wanted?”
>Her eyes are still red and puffy even though she looks at you questioningly
>You really didn’t think this was going to be so easy
I thought you were going to take it a bit harder than that
>She shakes her head knowingly, “No, Anon. To tell the truth I always knew this day would come eventually, once it became obvious to everypony just how much you and Lotus loved each other.”
>You thought about the pathetic attempt at a guess she had done this morning
Can you tell me why you were still doing it then? Why you were still guessing my fetish everyday with ridiculous choices like loopty-hooping and pie eating?
>Not that the previous attempts weren’t ridiculous, but at least they were somewhat sexual
>These new ones weren’t even attempts really
>All you knew is that Lotus encouraged Fluttershy to keep guessing, and never told you why
>You didn’t think much of it, since it had become as routine as bathing, but now you wanted to know
>”It’s because… I get very nervous, Anon.”
>What a shock
>”And one thing that really makes me nervous is change. But, after that day, at the spa, I knew I had to do it, and I was glad to have friends who would help me.
>”Still though, sometimes I would doubt myself, tell myself that I couldn’t do it, that I was a horrible pony who couldn’t change and make things right.
>”I’m not a very strong pony, Anon. I need my friends around to reassure me almost every time I try to change something about myself, and even then I have to want to change myself in order to achieve any progress
>”Often I find that it’s my friends who are able to find things about myself that I don’t like very much, and I’m so glad for that, because it only makes me a better pony when I do work up the courage, and put in the effort, to change.
>”But, I also need to remind myself sometimes why I’m changing, because how will I know if that change is better or not unless I can compare it to the pony I was before? So, I kept guessing your fetish every day for that reason, Anon.
>”It was a reminder. It was my own way of helping me make that change. Because I realized that I didn’t like that Fluttershy I once was very much. She often pushed for her way, and ended up humiliating herself a lot to somepony she really cared about.
>”That Fluttershy almost ruined her life.”
>She looked at you sternly, before softening and blushing when she saw your stunned face
>”Oh, was that too much?”
>You shook yourself out of it
I think I should get you to write my vows
>”Oh stop. You’re making me blush.”
So, you’re fine with it? I mean, I didn’t know the fetish guesses were so important to this change of yours
>”Anon, I know you might not believe this, but this all started because I wanted to make you happy. It turned into something else as it went on, but the initial reason was because I loved you, and I thought I could get you to love me.
>”But you have a pony now who loves you, and who makes you happy, and I can’t get in the way of that. Even if I do wish it was me.”
>She looked at you, but quickly looked away and flattened her ears and blushed; then she nodded
Fluttershy is it alright if I ask you when this all started? What caused such a strong and devoted infatuation?
>She stuttered, “I suppose, but it’s kind of embarrassing now.”
Was it at the dinner party?
>”It was.”
>You cringed, remembering how you said you wanted to ‘spend the rest of your life with her’
>”I remember seeing something when you said all those nice things to me.”
>She looked off somewhere, remembering it fondly
>”I had some kind of vision, or fantasy, I’m not sure which, but it was of the two of us sitting together at breakfast. That’s all we were doing. Just sitting there and enjoying each other’s company, with my critter friends playing outside, and the sun shining through the window.
>”And when you had to leave for work you kissed me and told me you loved me, and I said that I loved you too.”
>She looked at you forlornly, “But I guess that was just silly of me, huh?”
>You smiled and shook your head
I don’t think so, Fluttershy
>And you meant it
I don’t think so at all
>There was some comfortable silence then as the two of you shared each other’s warmth and it was almost as if her fantasy had come true for a brief moment
What do you think love is, Fluttershy?
>She timidly retreated from your gaze
>”Oh, I wouldn’t know anything about that.”
You know I won’t laugh
>Her lips remain shut
Cadance told me that everypony has their own idea of what love is, and I just want to know what yours is
>Fluttershy considered it a brief moment, and after many false starts she said
>”I think love is something that makes two ponies happy.”

>She took Angel upstairs to put him to bed and you were looking out the window by her front door
>The storm clouds covered the sky now with their massive grey billows
>You looked out at the dirt trail going over the tiny canal and leading into Ponyville, and you wondered how many times Fluttershy got up early in the morning to come by your house and try to win your love
>How many times she had walked to your house over the years
>And how many times she must’ve came back the same way, the way that you walked today
>How many times her friends might’ve seen her with her head hung down and her heavy steps
>You remember the first time you looked out this window and saw the town as a mystery, as a place where you would never fit in, and so you told yourself to get used to this view because it’s the only one you’d ever see
>And now it was getting dark, and the town of Ponyville was barely visible to your eye
>It changes every day, and every time
>Even if you take the same path it changes every single day, and every single time
>You looked out the window and thought again of Fluttershy’s daily journeys
>How much time had passed
>And then she called you upstairs
>Usually you’d hear the critters stirring, but it was nighttime now, quiet, and every board of the cottage creaked when you stepped on it
>You opened the door and saw Fluttershy in her bed, snuggled under the covers, and a chair on the floor next to her
>Her critters got so spooked last time she wasn’t here during a storm, and she felt so bad about it, that she vowed to never leave them alone during one again
>Even if she was scared
>You sat in the chair and played dad for a while
You got your warm milk?
>She cutely nods with the covers up to her muzzle
And your nightlight is plugged in?
>You both check and see it’s on
>You gently caress her cheek and stare into her eyes
Everything is okay, Fluttershy
>She’s sinking into the pillow, her eyes closed
You aren’t alone, and tomorrow will come to us
>Withdraw your hand and whisper
So go to sleep so I can see you tomorrow
>”Anon.” She whispers back
>She’s usually out after you do that
>”Do you…”
>Her cheeks begin burning, and she lowers her eyes and timidly asks
>”Do you think I could have one kiss from you?”
>You go to say no
>Like you should
>”I’ve always wondered about what it would be like for you to kiss me, and after tonight I know we’ll never get to do it.”
>Why can’t you just say no to her already?
>”It doesn’t have to mean anything, and I’ll never tell anypony.”
>She finally looks up to you with big hopeful eyes
>”Just one kiss.”
>The truth, unfortunately, was that you did want to kiss her
>You realized, that now, just like way back when, you saw Fluttershy as a beautiful and strong girl
>And in some ways you did consider yourself attracted to her
>She had very pretty, gentle eyes
>A lovely voice that could soothe anyone
>She was very kind, very gentle, and very caring
>But there was another girl
>Lotus had your heart and that was where you belonged
>You couldn’t throw something as beautiful as that away
>She is too valuable to lose, and you respect her too much
>And you want to be home with her right now so you can take all this love and give it to her
>In some ways, you also respect Fluttershy too much to do something like this to her
>She was right, everything would change after tonight
>Tonight would be the last memory of an incredibly strange, but meaningful relationship, and the start of a new and reinvigorated friendship
>You couldn’t throw that all away either
>Not when she’s worked so hard to change herself
>So you tell her that you will not kiss her, and she says okay
>The two of you share a knowing smile
>And just like that it’s all over
>Now what?!
>”Do you think you could sing to me then?”
>Oh man
I don’t know
>”I really like it when you sing.”
>One time you did that, and she’s never forgotten
I’m not great at it though
>”I don’t care. I think you’re great. Can you sing me that one song that you remember from back on Earth?”
>She manages to pull of this puppy dog eye thing and you groan and relent
>It’s just “These Dreams of You” by Van Morrison with slightly altered lyrics
>You don’t know why she likes it so much
>Shy gets snug under the covers, and you clear your throat and ignore your inhibitions
~I dreamed we paid our dues in Canterlot, and now we had, to come through
~We headed for there right away, but we didn’t know, what to do
~I dreamed we played cards in the dark, and we fought, and we lied
~It wasn’t very hard to do, but it hurt us deep, down inside
~These dreams of you, so real and so true
~These dreams of you, so real and so true
~But hushabye don’t ever think about it, go to sleep don’t ever say one word
~Close your eyes you are an angel, sent here from above
~And hushabye, hushabye, don’t ever think about it
~Go to sleep don’t ever say one word
~Close your eyes you are an angel
~Sent here from above

>She’s asleep now
>Her breaths are timid and small like a child’s
>Thunder rumbles somewhere in the distance
>She flinches in her sleep and moans with worry
>You see her wince and tremble
Have sweet dreams, Fluttershy
>And you feel your heartbeat as you give her a tiny kiss on her forehead
>You slowly get up, everything creaking as you make your way towards the door and shut off the light
>From behind the door you see her face, illuminated by the night light so it’s visible from the surrounding dark
>She’s smiling in her sleep
>Maybe she’s dreaming of her first love, now that it was gone
>Experiencing all those feelings all over again, and reliving those happy times as vividly as dreams can do
>Maybe she’s thinking about her first love
>And how crazy, wonderful, confusing, painful, exciting, beautiful, unfair, rewarding, terrifying, and clear it was that she would never, ever, be the same again


thank you very much

Who the fuck posts this.
I love it.
Glorious. I wanted to see how this story would play out, and you did it very well. Nicely done Anon, nicely done.
>Day fuckin' cold in Equestria
>Hanging out in your house, you notice that Fluttershy is going to be late for her daily knock & fetish combo.
>You grab a blanket, it's getting colder and it's not helping.
"Fucking shit, it's cold!"
>You're practically going to become an ice cube at this rate.
>Beginning to become bored, you remember that you were behind on your work for your job.
>Grabbing your computer, you notice another hidden camera inside your desk.
>That thing better not have sound.
>You grab a hammer and bust it up like you normally do.
>You boot up your computer, You still have windows XP.
>Knock Knock.
>Opening the door, you see a giant crowd of bunnies wearing coats cuddling with Fluttershy, she's like a fortress.
>"Hey anon, is fetishes your fetish?"
"Huh? What type of question is that?"
>She pulls you outside, you have no jacket and immediately you regret living.
>"Well, just check it out!"
>You look around the snow-dusted area.
>In the snow there is everything from butt plugs to anal beads.
>You look at the signs plastered behind you.
>The signs showcase pretty much everything from feet to butt.
>"I've got everything."
"You don't have bloodplay."
>She pulls a string.
>Under you, a hatch swings open and you fall into a abyss.

>You wake up, and you're strapped down to a table.

I seriously have no idea where I was going with this one.
had a giggle
s'cool, just let that river flow

Thanks, at least this train of thought is glorified on 4chan...

Being a sociopath is cool, I guess. Nah, not at fucking all.

Page 9, really?
>You do the sss thing
>fart in the shower
>go down stairs to see yellow faggot
>"Hello Anon, Do you want a bad time?"
>"What was I talking about again?"
>cant fool me bitch
File: 1445817460268.gif (522 KB, 500x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
522 KB, 500x327
I'm blown away by this masterful piece of writing.
I think I need to retire now, I'll never compare.
Damn. Not much to say, I liked it.
Swear you guys all disappear when actual content gets posted.
It's because they're scared. You see, Content is like a beautiful woman, and like a beautiful woman, it scares faggots
File: ...okay.png (103 KB, 610x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 610x343
>"Hey everyone I posted a story!"
>Pic=everyone else.
File: 1439450138105.png (171 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171 KB, 700x700
You came out of nowhere and won my heart, great story with an really unexpected end.

You gave Lotus really likable personality and made Fluttershy more then just a fetish guessing plot device.

Truly, 10/10
>The story is actually a very large and thick human dick
Fear the dick... Fear it
oh damn
File: 1444584375066.png (566 KB, 777x1887) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
566 KB, 777x1887
>"I'd fuck a horse though..."
>You rest your head on the table, ears flat and heart sunk.
>Anon stares off into space for a while.
>You keep scrutinising a stain on the wall.
>Suddenly, an idea occurs.
>Raise your head and nudge Anon.
"So... a horse?"
>"What? Oh, yeah, a horse would be great."
>You wet your lips and think carefully about what you're about to do.
>The human stares at you.
>Lean back slightly and look at his pants.
>A large bulge has formed.
>Grin at him.
>He puts an arm around you.
>"For the rest of the night, don't say a word, and let me call you Shadowfax."
>You blow through your nose happily and nuzzle him.
>Men are easy.
File: not bad.jpg (96 KB, 508x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
not bad.jpg
96 KB, 508x720
File: yugiyamiv4stare.jpg (10 KB, 125x125) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
10 KB, 125x125

I'll show you rape.
>Anon has been dealing with Fluttershy's rape attempts for years with the usual no one believing him.
>Until one day Anon casually uses one of the terms that Flutters says in her rape attempts of him in a conversation about Fluttershy.
"Struggle snuggle"
>This finally gets pony's attention.
>Anon discovers that the reason she lives so far away from town is that Flutters is a registered struggle snuggler and can't be 1000 hooves steps around a stallion. (As explained by book horse)
>Anon isn't a stallion so this explains why she is trying to get with the "hideous alien"
>Anon is actually shocked at how far pony's are taking this since Fluttershy's attempts are so normal for him and now shit is getting real.
>Pony's are making her possible punishment sound severe. (Though it's probably spanking)
>Will Anon retract his acusation for fear of what the "Most horrible thing" of a punishment his rapist will receive?
>Will Anon learn what the word rape means to ponys?

Random idea. Back to lurking and hiding my power level.
File: 1439511110042.png (749 KB, 1440x1935) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
749 KB, 1440x1935
Damn. Good story idea.
File: 1003894.png (374 KB, 1280x1136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
374 KB, 1280x1136
10/10 fucking glorious
Did you make this story? If so i'd like to read any others you've possible made. This was really good.
File: smug as fuck.png (426 KB, 666x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
smug as fuck.png
426 KB, 666x666
>"Are rare pepes your fetish, Anon?"
"Fluttershy, that's Spike."
>"Um, frogs can't act smug. I really tried though."
"He's not even in a suit. Look at him."
>Spike puts on a smugger grin than before.
>It aggravates you.
>You runt punt the both of them out of the house.
>Fucking not-so-rare Fluttershys
File: 1410037744744.png (268 KB, 499x499) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
268 KB, 499x499
File: 1403328822849.jpg (7 KB, 225x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
7 KB, 225x225
>Twilight mashes her butt against your face.
>"I need this!"
>You grab it in your hands and start squeezing.
"I knead this."

Ponez r lewd
>Day knives in Equestria
>There's a new blacksmith in Equestria, it's all over the news, because there is nothing interesting going on in Equestria.
>Turns out he "invented" blacksmithing, yeah fucking right.
>You head towards his shop, which just happens to be a few blocks away from your house.
>Inside, there is a single zebra and three ponies looking at his merchandise.
>On the left wall there's a rack of small knives and survival gear.
>On the right there's more "last man on earth" type weapons.
>You ask the storekeeper what else he has.
>He looks at you.
>"Hmm, so you're the one everyone said was going to go here, I made some special items for you."
>Well, you DID bring some cash.
"Alright, whatcha got for me?"
>He waves his hoof behind you, it looks like a signal.
"Umm, yeah i'll follow you."
>"No, behind you."
>You look behind you to see Fluttershy with a rag and a bottle.
>"Oh, hello, You wanna have some fun?"
>"Oh, well I had a plan and everything."
>The storekeeper starts shouting.
>Fluttershy squees.
>"Oh boy!"
>You struggle to get out of your chair, but the damn thing is fucking stuck to your pants.
>This shit was a set up.
>You stop struggling with the chair to find a rag in your face.


>You wake up, there's a blindfold on you.
"Where the fuck am I?"
>"I couldn't bring you to my house, so I brang you into Twilight's castle!"
>You hear a soft voice.
>It sounds like the whore princess you knew so fucking much.
>"Hey, Anon, it's her birthday, be submissive for once."
"Fuck off."
>That bitch.
>You struggle in your seat for a while, figuring out your surroundings.
"Yo, Fluttershy."
>"Yeah? I'm getting ready."
"That rag didn't really smell like chloroform, it smelled like cookies!"
>"Really? Let me smell!"
>You hear her pass out onto the ground.
"Hey Spike, Get me out of this chair and i'll hook you up with Rarity."
>Stupid Fluttershy

>"Um, Anon. Get out of my home, normie. reeee."
"What is this, Fluttershy."
>"I'm a rare pepe, Anon."
"Yeah, I know what you're supposed to be. This isn't my fetish. I told you yesterday."
>"But, Twilight saw them on your computer. They have to be important for something."
"Alright then. Do the pepe dance then."
"You know, the pepe dance. All those who know and love rare pepes can do the pepe dance."
>You try to hold back a laugh at her expense.
>There is no pepe dance.
>But Fluttershy starts hopping around and making frog sounds.
"That's it. You did it Fluttershy! That's the very beginning of the pepe dance."
>"Uh, ribbit."
>"Keep going. You're doing fine, Fluttershy. I'm just gonna have a smoke with Treehugger. Keep on doing the pepe dance until I get back."
"Yes, Anon. I'll do this pepe dance for you."
>"All right then. It'll take a while though. When I come back, I'd better see some frogs."
>You wave to Treehugger in the distance to let her know you're coming.
>As if you'd ever check on fucking tryhard Fluttershy.
File: 1357496984637.gif (1 MB, 500x364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 500x364
>Fluttershy squees.
>"Oh boy!"
had a giggle, good job
thanks, pastebin is updated now, whole story is there
i'll probably go through it and edit it some more, but for the most part I consider the story complete
I have two others, one has Tree Hugger trying to wrangle Fluttershy and Anon into a threesome
and the other is a really short slice of life thing I wrote where Fluttershy tries to help Anon solve a problem
Awesome, thanks!
And a page 10 bump before bed.
Stop dying while I sleep, damn it!
But Death a cute
Unlike Cadence
Who's a shit.
Risking losing my job at work to agree with this.
Cadance is indeed a shit and only dumb nerds like her.
Those dubs had better save your job, i swear on me mum!
They didn't. Now I have to sit at home all day and shitpost on /mlp/.

Living the dream.
File: medium.gif (3 MB, 455x282) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 455x282

Guys why
Daily reminder that you're all faggots..
Daily? Finally some dedicated support! You all could learn a lesson or two from this here Anon, he knows commitment!
File: 1390523338804.png (523 KB, 800x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
523 KB, 800x650
Face it, Priest.


That's the sign of a bad character.

Name me one canon flaw, and I'll change my statement.

love you tho
She has a clear flaw...
She's Cadence
I'll name two.

She's already married
She's having a kid with said husband

why do you think I've been considering dropping her as a waifu?
She was married from the very beginning, why'd you even make her your waifu in the first place?
>Dropping a waifu.
Does anyone have the /a/ chart for waifuism? I think Priest needs to read it.
Psh. Are you telling me you haven't ever wanted something you can never have?

If anything, I probably waifu her teen years more than the adult Cadance.

Meh. I'll probably move to Lemon Zest.
File: 1435541503574.png (213 KB, 729x943) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
213 KB, 729x943
claim your waifus before their gone!

You can always go to Chrysalis.
Same thing, different taste
File: 1446087506311.png (450 KB, 808x2200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
450 KB, 808x2200
Is there a green based on this comic?
File: 1419487671752.jpg (1 MB, 1859x3161) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1859x3161
Doubt it, most of the old green would have Anon flat out refuse her in some fashion.

It's possible someone made something similar back in the day, but nothing comes to mind unfortunately.
>why do you think I've been considering dropping her as a waifu?
Consider this coming from a guy who still considers Twilight best pony, even post S3:
>Just because someone changes, it doesn't mean that it has to be for the worst. Not everything has to be ruined by corporate meddling if you don't focus on it.

There are ways around it. There is hope. Hope in dubs, for instance.

If this is just one elaborate inside joke, I swear to god I will claim all your waifus. And I'm not a waifu kind of guy. It's unhealthy.

Also, check 'em.

I already showed it to him once before, but here you go.
Though it would be a funny twist.
File: 087908.png (29 KB, 271x247) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 271x247

What Anon does not know is that once he reaches Fluttershy's place of stay he will be chained to the wall like a female prisoner of war and forced to breed for Fluttershy's cruel experiments to make a sick and twisted love child as other ponies pay to ride is dong until his hips are bruised, dick blistered and foreskin stretched and cut from teeth from rough blow jobs.
File: 10%.png (214 KB, 400x395) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214 KB, 400x395

Twilight grew wings, has her own kingdom to rule and will have a possible prince by the end of season 5 or 6.

Shining Armor as claimed to be the Alpha and has made Candence preggers.

Face up and Face it every waifu material pony is going to get ruined in some way shape or form, that's a fucking fact.

Just look at Fluttershy now.


And the worst part? He knows that you know he's fucking her. He doesn't it purely out of spite too, he gives two shit's about anyone in equestria and will gladly take the chance to fuck anyone over if it meets his pleasure.

And now I can't help but think everyone now and then as I lay awake in bed about that son of a bitch. Sometimes I go outside and punch a tree till my knuckles bleed my mind will focus on the pain instead of her's and whatever dicks she's taking OR FUCKING MULTIPLE, CAUSE YA KNOW, HE CAN CLONE HIMSELF SO NOW FLUTTERSHY IS PROBABLY TAKING 2 IN THE PINK AND 4 IN THE STINK AND POSSIBLY 3 IN THE PIE HOLE.

You guys think you've got it rough?

Consider that a mere cigarette burn compared to the ass branding from a hot iron that is having Fluttershy for a waifu.

It's a whole nother nightmare.
File: 1372533126771.jpg (93 KB, 600x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
93 KB, 600x500
See this is why ya'll never understood the true power of having applehorse as your waifu, every one of you underestimated her potential, but now you know. She can't be ruined because she doesn't get any screen time.

My investments are paying off bitches!
File: 1432115507557.jpg (46 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 1000x1000

Applejacks family is a bunch of inbred hicks.
File: ApjukFreckles.png (73 KB, 800x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 800x600
Fuck yeah, Applewaifu.

>Hips that literally can't lie
>Hard working
>Likely is into anal

Name me a better waifu.
Protip: You can do whatever you want man, I'm not your boss or anything, do what you feel like doing just go with the flow, you know? Talk about feelings or something.

So happy to see you around.
File: image.jpg (84 KB, 627x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
84 KB, 627x700
No touchy the waifuy
File: 1413812008526.jpg (160 KB, 1153x1177) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160 KB, 1153x1177
>claim your waifus before their gone!
Wings or not, she never stopped being the best for me.
Cute picture, but the color of her eyes looks like she's suffering from liver failure.
File: 569005.png (981 KB, 1075x1425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
981 KB, 1075x1425
Oh like the art has anything to do with it, but fine.
File: 1443997701707.png (820 KB, 1737x5316) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
820 KB, 1737x5316
>Waifuing this rocker QT

You will a make good choice.

You ain't touching my Bon Bon, Priest.
File: 848996.png (1 MB, 1280x1810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1280x1810
Oh and, even though it's mostly headcanon based, I'm making this one my backup waifu. I don't know why her, but god damn it I can't help it.
Fuck cog why you have to open up old wounds.......MAN FUCK DISCORD LONG PUSSY WILLOW EYEBROW HAVIN FUCK THIS RIGHT HERE
I wonder how many times he went with echidna penis
File: VLlCG.png (302 KB, 812x459) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
302 KB, 812x459

I was seriously thinking of going back to Fluttershy, (you know. Have a REASON for being called Flutterpriest) but I think Cog just fucked that in one post.

Jesus. I-I... I need to lie down.

Thank you, FreeBeer. Also, good to see you tripped again. I've got a lot to think about.
Friendly reminder that Fluttershy treats Discord more like a pet than anything else. And not the "come lick the peanut butter, sweetie" kind of pet. The "did you tinkle on the carpet?! Outside! Out!" Kind of pet. Discord is on Spike levels of unrequited love.
Yeah I know
Priest could you do some green base on this with anon discord and fluttershy.>>25267045
>listening to a guy that should have died ages ago
Follow your heart. Also, AJ isn't even safe. We all know what's happening behind those barn doors.
She's forcing Applebloom to eat her snatch?
File: rarara-angryface.png (204 KB, 761x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
204 KB, 761x1024
>seriously thinking of going back to Fluttershy
OH now you're thinking seriously about her. Wow! I cant believe this shit. After you've all but dumped her ass off and telling her that she'll never be the princess cadence is, you're now openly admitting to thinking about her again. How about you not do that. And instead seriously think how you have made her feel bucko!
Quads confirms.

Cute angry Rarara speaks the truth.
and Granny Smith. Hey, why not toss in the rest of the family?
Makes sense why that barn comes apart so easily. They're fucking so hard it causes bolts to loosen.
File: 1396099443782.jpg (16 KB, 500x343) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 500x343
>Seeing FR this live.

Guys, I'm scared.
File: 759453.png (1 MB, 1920x1440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1920x1440
File: 1364771555965.gif (2 MB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 480x270
File: PTFS.jpg (62 KB, 722x238) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 722x238
Ponka, you had just one job. And you fucked it up and called all of us fags. I really need to clean up my images.

Here's a more appropriate one.
Spike is our Pepe nao.
File: many smug pepe.jpg (200 KB, 800x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
many smug pepe.jpg
200 KB, 800x800
File: 1410037134474.jpg (129 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 900x900

>Be me.
>Get invited to go to the spa with Rarity and Fluttershy for massages and shit.
>Not like I had much else to do.
>P0nyville is boring as fuck and infested with perverted mares.
>Finally arrive at the spa.
>See that spa twins smiling at me.
>On of them waves hello.
>Turn to Rarity.
"Fuck this place."
>She's darting her eyes around like she doesn't know what's going on.
>Likely story, she must think I'm fucking retard on some shit.
>Go back home.
>Never leave the house again.

Jesus fucking christ, can't these mares learn to keep in their pants? Fucking ponies always trying to get a human dick.

File: 1440424673089.jpg (127 KB, 800x1107) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
127 KB, 800x1107
I'm too tired to analyze it, but I don't want to just give you mindless praise. littleguy is the one to ask if you want a full analysis. You'll find him on the writefag guild threads.

But I really liked your prose, and when you made a few possible missteps like when you casually mentioned the death of Aloe, only to follow up on it to add depth to Lotus.

You add this human element that I don't see in a lot of green. And it makes me feel. You put in the work, the extra phrases to make a world more real.

I envy you.

It's pretty hard to get my attention, so pat yourself on the back.
File: 1442890012585.jpg (29 KB, 500x461) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 500x461
>But I really liked your prose, and when you turned a few possible missteps into brilliant moments. Like when you casually mentioned the death of Aloe, only to follow up on it to add depth to Lotus.
Dubs confirm Quads. Priest, you get the fuck out of her house before she makes you get out.
Scared... Or excited?
>Duck out of the way of a ballistic carrot.
>Return fire by hurling mashed potatos across the table.
>The retaliation to this results with you being covered in hummus.
>"Stop it!"
>Angel Bunny sneers and chucks another bit of broccoli at your head.
>Grit your teeth and toss a glass of water at him.
>The now soaked rabbit hops onto the table and angrily begins launching various vegetables and sweets at you.
>You respond by reaching over and flicking his nose as hard as you can.
>The pair of you freeze and turn to look at the head of the table.
>Fluttershy glares at the pair of you.
>The rabbit gives her a look as if to say "What did I do?".
>A forceful glare from his owner sees him beat a hasty retreat from the battlefield that is the now utterly ruined kitchen table.
>You smirk as he goes.
"Thanks Shy, he--"
"Man, this is bullshit! He started i--"
>Grumble and rise from your comically undersized chair.
>Stuff your hands in your pockets and stroll outside into the night.
>A crisp nocturnal breeze envelops you as you walk across the grass of Fluttershy's garden to a small grassy hump.
>Sit on it, sighing.
>Turn to the draconequus next to you.
>He looks back, a bored expression on his face.
>"Oh. Hello. You too?"
>"I really hate that rabbit."
Mr.Nebulus , I must inform you that you have gathered another giggle from me with the mere image this short paints.

I must ask of you, if you may. Dearest Flutterpriest has become a bit of a dirty cheating slut lately. If it is possible, would you mind making a short about "Anon" graveling back to poor Fluttershy. Begging forgiveness for ignoring her just to try and shamelessly fornicate with another princess pony.
Huh, not very FR'y. I mean, how is she going to guess Anon's fetish now? Especially after yelling at him.
That sounds more like Big Mac as of late. Plus, could be played fir gardcore keks, like in fanon canon
Ugh. Fine.
>"You know, Anon..."
>Cock an eyebrow at Discord.
>He leans back and rests on his paws/claws, musing to himself.
>"I've always wanted to fuck you."
"Woah, what."
>"It's true, it's true. I wish for nothing more than to stuff my double dragon cocks into your tight virginal boypussy."
"That's vulgar as fuck, Disc-- hey! I'm not a virgin!"
>"Haha, sure you're not, Anon, but seriously, I'm going to do lewd things to you."
"What if I say no?"
>"Wouldn't be in the spirit of the thread if you said otherwise."
>"Nevermind, just try not to squeal too loud."
>He thinks for a second.
>"Actually, be as loud as you like, it'll help me cum."
"This is such an uncomfortable and unwanted turn of events!"
>"It is, notice how my dual-cocks are already engorged?"
"I do indeed notice. It's horrifying."
>"It is."
"How are they even like that? Are they joined together or...?"
>"Oh they're actually just one big split member."
>"It is. And now it's going up your butt."
"How inappropriate."
>"Well, that's how things go around here."
"What an awful evening."

Then you got shafted by Discord's Double Dragon Dong.
The Double Dragon Dong then went on a street-brawling quest to save its girlfriend that had been kidnapped by gangsters.

>Drag yourself through the door half-naked and leaking copious amounts of cum from your thoroughly excavated mine shaft.
>She gasps and rushes to meet you.
>"Anon! What happened? Where are your pants? Why are you covered in PVA glue?!"
"I... I need to tell you that I regret everything!"
"I've treated you so badly!"
"Yes! I need to make ammends!"
"Knock it off, fagmaster."
>"Sorry. And no."
>"No, I don't forgive you. You're awful."
"Well that was short lived."
"Please stop licking that, it really isn't glue."


That's no where near as sinister as I would have written it.
So how much of a cuckold is Priest that he waifus a married mare (day one of her wedding, and she was already engaged well before that), then considers going to Fluttershy while also suggesting a fucking EQG background character?

Top it off with his blogging and recent #horsefamous attitude on fimfic and you've got a grade A spergy cunt.

What happened to you, my friend? What happened to one of the most graceful authors here? Constantly cucked and shamed by other cartoons that live in the universes of his lovers, and not even attempting to waifu a different version of them but rather gives up for a god damn no hooves?

Fucking really?
File: 1443324356433.png (125 KB, 280x325) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
125 KB, 280x325

Oi, ease up on Flutterpriest, he might be a cuckold, but he ain't a cunt. Personally, I just like giving him shit. He's fun.

So what if he wants to change is waifu, can't blame him. Cadence a shit. Hell, I wouldn't be mad if he went full blown Haremfag.



File: 1401571581822.jpg (12 KB, 208x147) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
12 KB, 208x147

>mfw I know what Anon is trying to start.

I'm sure he's lurking, any minute now.

Priest might be a cuck, but that was might have been too far Anon.
File: Doomguy.png (89 KB, 283x244) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89 KB, 283x244

Rip and tear!

Read his fimfic blog (blogs many multiples more than he fucking writes!) and then get back to me on that, Anon. And I mean that seriously.
You know what they say, "never meet your heroes".
Not that Anon, but I'll bite. Gimme a link.
Shut up, Cog :3

Also you're right. Cadence is a shit.
>"Oh. Hello. You too?"
>"I really hate that rabbit."

>"Actually, be as loud as you like, it'll help me cum."

>"Please stop licking that, it really isn't glue."
L rated for lewd

: 3

A swing and a miss, I'm not Cog.

Fucking Savage

That ain't me brah.

Go to town. Fair judgement. Also, not the extreme "abloohohohohooo" personal life drama blogs heavily littered throughout.

And him posting his face.

And him advertising his YouTube reading left and right. And his presence at cons. And his #horsefamous tagine adoption.

...aand fucking sending out feelers for patreon to top the whole thing off. There's more too.
Hey Nebby.

Never shill out or cop like a bitch like Flutterpriest, you hear me? Never.
File: Pour it all.jpg (1 KB, 142x80) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Pour it all.jpg
1 KB, 142x80

Here we go, this is how we burn a good thread.
Not him, but how? Is fimfiction.net bad or something?
Fug off, mang. Posers are bad for the brand.
>aand fucking sending out feelers for patreon to top the whole thing off

What are you talking about, this is the first of me hearing of this.
File: Michaelpop.gif (506 KB, 200x136) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
506 KB, 200x136
>mfw this fucking thread so far.
File: 5468426985484.jpg (21 KB, 425x412) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21 KB, 425x412
I don't understand, why are we giving Priest such a hard time now?
>But there is one more thing. One last little thought that I can't get out of my head. And I risk looking ridiculous in the process. So, here it is. Ripping off the bandaid hard.


>I want to know what everyone's experience has been With this service. Especially relating to FimFiction.

Did you even read his stuff? He downplays it a lot because he knows that it is one of the final steps of turning towards 100% faggotry. But he whispered here and there, while dj-ing and posting pictures of him as a drummer, full face, that he'd be interested.

Why priest? Why shill for dummy accounts that are probably weeks if not months with no log ins, when you could be writing you for you? Why change adopting Flutterrape to another title and delete the entire arc where she's interested in sex in a pervy way because some kiddies thought it was bad and it hurt their "fweelings"? Why kneel to all this shit?

It's just you've fallen so far from rhe path man, you've gone so far into the woods, it's like you've completely lost your way as to what being a writer is all about. And it hurts, it hurts because some of us have been Gans since day one and been made to witness your slow fall into the pit of pure shit "horsefamous" nonsense that many an idiot sperg usually jumps into head first.

What fucking happened?
He brings it upon himself lately. This isn't the first or even second time thus stuff has come up here, to be honest.
Why does Flutterpriest talk about AiE stories having a hard time? I always thought they were pretty popular.
I'm lost, can you tell the same different way?

I get the feeling Priest won't be a happy camper when he see's all this.
They are, but have you checked the catalog lately? Plenty of AiE material that could be posted in that thread, the board is flooded with all these writing prompts and CYOAs.
I'll leave you to your deductions as to how that happened.
File: 1438846077176.gif (477 KB, 500x358) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
477 KB, 500x358

So wait you're telling me you're upset that he's gaining high amounts of popularity with his writings and BECAUSE he chooses to share his growing popularity this is making you all think he's some sort of conceded show-off?

Ya'll need ta stop sippin that Haterade.
Why is this board filled with prompts and cyoas? I'm honestly not able to deduce it. Call me a newfag I guess.
>high amounts of popularity

Are you kidding me? 700 followers, mostly dummy accounts? Wow, he's gonna shut down the website. Better buy more servers for all the traffic Priest is gonna bring, huh?
I figure he can just ignore it? Some of it seems passionate while other parts seem overly emotional. Maybe some readers just have a large investment in "classic" Flutterpriest and this is like then Cokeacola changed their formula? It reads a bit like that to me
You seem a bit butt blasted, fam.
Thank you Cog.
Priest is one of our own, and its isn't easy watching us turn on him like that for what he's doing.
Joke all you want about his waifu crisis with Cadence the Shit. But who else blew up like this while having Flutterrape as his origins? I'm damn proud of him for taking on bigger projects. Good for him. If he's really considering Patreon, I can't say I approve of that route, but I'm not gonna give him shit for it.

AiE has been known to be the asshole of writing threads. It's tiring to point such a thing out by now, but apparently they put off a lot of writers and as a response, writers just throw up their hands and say "Fuck it, I'll make my own thread."

Now, don't get me wrong, AiE has some decent content, and I don't think that all of them are assholes, but it's known to be toxic. Like the time when Nebby wrote a story for them, and when he finished it, the thread imploded with accusations of samefagging because of all the praise Luna's Anonymous got. It was brutal, toxic and really uncalled for.

Now, what new writefriend would want to put up with a place that's known to have those kinds of shit storms? And if they decided to write stories there anyway, they're often ignored, but to be fair stories being ignored doesn't happen only in AiE.

Then writing prompts came along, and writers both old and new take the bait.
CYOAs have been popular on this board since "Aw shit nigga you in Equestria"

That's my two cents.
Dear Flutterpriest:

Thanks for keeping Flutterrape alive for so long. Looks like there is a bit of controversy around you as of late, hmm? For all we know it could be just a bit of trolling, but maybe there are some extra-autistic fans that have some beef with how you present yourself?

Either way, what you do is what you do, so own it no matter how you decide to respond (if at all). I'm sure you'll come out having learned something, if nothing else. Hope you find solstice in your work.

I sincerely hope that you can keep writing in the future as well. Here's to more fun adventures in the land of talking horses, and having you with us for the whole ride and longer!


A long time Flutterrape reader, writer, and friend.


Hope you stick with a horse waifu. Equines are the best.
File: 1436768630593.jpg (43 KB, 500x375) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
43 KB, 500x375
Hi Slasher.
I think writing prompts are a good thing for the board. I also think that AiE is practically a hate-troll thread at this point.
Don't you mean Special Agent Sweetie Drops
No doubt, writing prompts and CYOAs are fine. However this board is marinated in it.

/tg/ + /lit/ + Ponies= /mlp/

That's literally what we're consisted of right now.
File: downloadfile.jpg (243 KB, 1370x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
243 KB, 1370x1200
Guess again.
What else can one do on an image board?

For the record, we do have a draw thread regularly as well.
I don't know what the hell this circle jerk is about, nor do I care.
All I know is, it looks like I can rest easy for the night knowing the thread is plenty bumped, even if it's with nothing worth reading in the morning.
They may be popular here, but the majority of fimfic hates them. A lot of those little fuckers down vote a human tag on sight.
Draw threads would be lovely to see.

>What else can one do on an image board?
Play black jack and fuck hookers?
I'll get the whisky.
Oh, shit Smudgey, my bad fam.
>"So Stephen, as you know, Flutterpriest has been in quite a few heated debate in light of recent events. Think this will shake him up in an yway?"
"Well, Skip, its has- it has been something that I would have to be delicate with words to make sure what I'm conveying, doesn't come off Hyper- hyperbolically."
>"Yeah, yeah?"
"And- And- And Skip, we've seen what this kid can do with words, yeah he's had a few seasons where he's dropped the ball a few times, and his this waifu scandal isn't putting him in good light to a lot out there."
"So, I'll say this, Skip. He's on- He's on a path that not a lot of writefags from Flutterrape have been able to hold a candle to. He's going to cons, working on this... ASMR project, there's talk of Patreon, not to mention, he's a drummer. He's finished a few stories that I'll admit have touched me, yeah, he provides some good reads, I'll give him that, but most of all, what he's doing, is coming from underground. Surfacing, Skip. And hitting the ground RUNNING!"
>"Hahaha wow."
"I mean, some of his people, in his home thread haven't been to approving of what's he doing, some are calling him a sell out, a faggot, lots of things, Skip, but he just shrugs it off and keeps on with his boss stride and do what he's got to do and look where it's taking him. THIS DUDE IS BIG TIME! Mark my words, he'll be publishing a book in year."

I know most of you won't get it, but I'm bored.
Good job, anon. Just one thing:
>"Mark my words, he'll be publishing a book in year."
Why, WHY every good horse writer gets a soda shot straight in his brain and tries to write a book. Is it somekind of a 'club27' activity? Is it a desire of many? Or maybe someone a fag, and I don't want call a fag anyone who has waifu problems, or have waifu for REAL, because anyone who doesn't meme that is a fucking autist, and autist aren't fags. They are the cancer, no matter how good they write.
>Why, WHY every good horse writer gets a soda shot straight in his brain and tries to write a book.

I doubt they'll write a book about horse pussy, but I'd imagine writing fan fiction is merely a stepping stone for any writefag who decides to take writing super seriously.
Not me either mate, honestly I wanted to keep quiet and avoid this drama.
Fuck I suck at guessing.
I think I get why you were scared
File: vf0uM5l.jpg (99 KB, 1024x768) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 1024x768
I'm not going to comment on every post that's addressing me in here, but I'll say two things.

1. I've said on my more recent blogs and other sites that I'm never getting a Patreon. In fact, the comments from the last thread caught the eyes of the podcast I was on and made it a discussion point. I defended the point the comments made, and said "I don't want to get one, because this is fun for me."

2. I'm not going to apologize for posting my face before going to one of the largest pony conventions in the US, where I went to make friends. I met a lot of people and made quite a few friends because of it.

If someone is going to be mad at me for the way I changed Adopting Fluttershy, fine. People get mad at stories. It's a fact. I can't please all of the people all the time and I know that. However, none of this is some "Goal" to become horse famous or whatever. I did the narrations and dumb youtube videos cause they were -fun-. I got the equipment, Might as well.

As far as I'm concerned, this thread has gotten crazy with the comments about me. I don't mind seeing the thread get filled with shitposting, but this is beginning to get a little out of hand. If you want to express your concerns directly to me, my skype name is -literally- in the thread OP.

I'm sorry that I've failed you in your eyes, but I'm not going to apologize for my real work taking up more of my time than horse writing. I'm not going to apologize for having fun doing what I'm doing, even if it's not all writing. And I'm not going to apologize for trying to make friends with those who read my stories and create content in the fandom.
File: 18btw.png (174 KB, 386x331) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
174 KB, 386x331
Priest, you literally did nothing wrong, people just want something to hate on. You haven't failed in my eyes.
But get your waifu shit together.
Get it all together and put it in a backpack—all that waifu shit, so it's together.
And if you gotta take it somewhere, take it somewhere, you know?
Take it to the shit store and sell it, or put it in a shit museum. I don't care what you do! You just gotta to get it together!
Get that shit together.
This fam is right.

I'm a big fan of you and I've been a one since last year summer, however...

>People get mad at stories.
That is a positive thing. People get mad at authors, and that's the case we have here, I guess.

And... having a waifu? Really, fo real? Welp, I guess that's ok. But having an another waifu and feeling bad because you changed one-just like the first one would be abandoned by you in a lone end alley? It's like making her real. I don't think that having a waifu is a problem, but feeling sad because you change your waifu is something in a shape of mental disorder, and I don't want to lose you for any asylum.

The only problem I have with you is that you leave us for your other friends and that hurts to bones.
thank you, you're very nice the first parts of these stories were really written with Driver and old green style in mind, same way I write comedies, but as it got more layered my prose had to change
and yeah, the death was a big issue considering it was a throwaway joke at first, I'm glad my attempt at making it more meaningful worked out for you

i'm actually looking for the guild thread, do you know if it'll be coming back soon? I'd love it if littleguy could take a look at it, if he has time of course, I'm a beginning writer and areas I lack in I think need to be brought to attention by now
I think it's just one guy whose upset with how Priest "has been acting".
Flutterpriest is a bump kinda guy.
File: Thread Bump.png (82 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Thread Bump.png
82 KB, 450x450
Well that wasn't me, I've been at work all day.

Then I come home and the thread has apparently decided to start hurling shit at Priest because he wanted to have a social life.

Let's be honest here, Anon, if Priest decided to go full Jew and set up a patreon, start advertising himself everywhere, going to cons, and fully embracing horse fame, how would any of that affect you, or any of us in Flutterrape?

I'd like to clear something up regarding the Luna's Anonymous saga.

The attention I recieved for that story from AiE was overwhelmingly positive. Of the some 20+ replies I got when I posted the final part, only about 3 were negative.

AiE isn't a bad thread. It's just got a vocal minority that stir shit up for the sake of it, or because they just want to shout out their opinions, much like the rest of 4chan does.

Even after all the negative attention I got, I saw that AiE isn't nearly as bad as people make it out to be. They just don't tolerate attention whores or arrogance. They like people that drop in, post a story, then leave.

If Flutterrape keeps attacking its own writers though, maybe we'll become the new AiE. There's something to think about.

Don't start lambasting writefags, FR.

Neb a smart.
Neb a butt who can talk, write, and have philosophical thoughts. Yeah, he's pretty smart.
Sure is faggoty in this thread.
You'll fit right in!
Damn, he's right.

Well... any of you guys wanna have sex?

But only to be in keeping with the theme of the thread.
Sorry, I'm married.
Oh, hi there. Come around here often?

Oh come now Priest, why would someone already married go for you? We all know that you'll run out on a girl the moment she gets knocked up, after all.
Priest confirmed for nigger?
Hey, lots of people defended you in the thread too. Or at least let you to your own and said it wasn't a big deal.

How about them?
>Not even green
Well, you're easy to please
File: Impregnating ass.png (109 KB, 850x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Impregnating ass.png
109 KB, 850x510
Priest, just waifu Chrysalis. She can turn into Lovebutt and not be married!

And pregnancy may not be much of an issue... because it's YOUR ass that'll get impregnated.
And also with Chrissy, he can have her turn into Fluttershy, and as Fluttershy she can punish him for being a huge butt slut in ways that the real Fluttershy never could.
Everyone knows that.
So's yer mum.
File: 928482.png (284 KB, 1280x1174) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
284 KB, 1280x1174
I hate unclean drawings they look so unprofessional and retarded that the artist couldn't take and extra five minutes to remove reference lines.
File: 977520.png (357 KB, 2427x1904) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
357 KB, 2427x1904
Nigga, we don't doot here. Just bumps, bamps, bimps, boops, rumps, humps and working grills, baby.

On a different note, seriously, who posts that "Yeeeah, work that grill baby." thing with the dolphin?
File: 1sKw8aM.jpg (48 KB, 576x576) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 576x576
I'll 'Doot' however much I damn well please, motherfucker!
But that's cheating.
Fucking afterbirth, man.

I hate all these bumps, but I hate not playing this game even more.

File: inflatable dick.webm (2 MB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
inflatable dick.webm
2 MB, 1280x720
Hi there everypony. My name is Twilight Sparkle and I just got this letter from my good human friend, Anonymous. I thought I would share with you guys his fantastic news! I'm so happy for him. Here, read his letter for yourselves!

>Dear Twilight,

>How have you been?
>It's Hard to bElieve it's been three months since I left Ponyville!
>I haven't gotten a single letter from you, so I figured, "Hey this works both ways!"
>I'm sorry that I left so abruptLy, and only by leaving a note, but I had a train to catch.
>Also, I've probably had a bit too much to drink tonight.
>So, sorry if I get a little too personal.
>As I'm sure you and the others have read by now, I left town to go finally meet my long time Penpal, who simply went by the name of Crystal.
>Well, as I'M sure you've figured out by now, I love it here and have decidEd to stay.
>Crystal is just so beautiful, Twilight. And It turns out she's born from Royalty too!
>She didn't want to give away her identity in her letters, so out of respect, I won't either.
>But I knew instantly when I arrived that this place would be My new home.
>The halls in her home are so vast and long that it's very, very easy to get lost in them.
>HeCk, I don't really even remember where the front doors are sometimes.
>However, since sHe's from Royalty, she has tons of guards and servants that roam the halls and theY will happily escort me to my room.
>I have to admit that it's a lot quieter over here than in Ponyville.
>Nopony wants to talk or play. In fact, most of the time they aSk me to stay in my room.
>But, I mean, it could be much worse.
>My room hAs everything I need.
>A nice bed, that could probabLy be a little larger, but I've always been a bIt too tall.
>A little toilet.
>No window, but they have a new type of modern architecture they use, where a whole wall iS tranSparent, including the door.
>Which makes sense, since most ponies don't wear any clothes, but it still makes me a little nervous to use the bathroom.
>Oh well.
>The food is pretty good here, but I swear, I think everyPony is on a diet.
>I seem to only get one meal a day.
>It's been fantastic for my figuRe though!
>I've lost so much weight!
>And the good thing about diets is that you begin to forget how hungry you are after a while.
>Despite Crystal being a very, very busy mare, she still manages to find time for us to spend some private time together.
>I know Rarity wIll want all the juicy details, so I'll try to provide as much as I can.
>Usually every other night, I get a message from one of guards that I'm being Summoned to her quarters.
>So then, two of her servants help guide me up to her roOm.
>You know, so I don't get lost.
>And once I get iNside, her and I finally have some time to be alone.
>That's usually when her and I get to have dinnEr.
>It must surely be a sign of the society, because she always seems to be full, but I leave with an empty feeling.
>But at night, we have all soRts of passion.
>I'm really not Into it every night, but she wants it, so I end up going along with it.
>I mean, as long as she's happy, right?
>Oh! I already found a new Job here, too.
>It turns out that they have a lot of need for blUe-collar work.
>Since I got so used to it in Ponyville, it was a perfect fit for me.
>Right now they have me working in construction, which iSn't so bad.
>Our deadlines are very, very strict and the foreman can be a major jerk sometimes.
>But I spend a lot of time carrying materials from one side of the castle to another, or helping make the basement bigger, or breaking down some of the dirT and rock we excavate from the basement.
>It's very, very tiring work, and most nights I end up just feeling spent.
>The nights that I get to spend with Crystal, I suppose I only get... maybe 4 hours of sleep?
>So, sometimes I almost don't Want to go up to spend the night with her.
>I alwAys end up feeling sluggish and weaker the next day.
>You'd think that all of the hard work would strengtheN my muscles, but I'm beginning to think there's too little protein in the food.
>I'm certainly lean, but I don't seem to be getting stronger.
>It's a shame, I'd love to have some sweet muscles to show off.
>Otherwise, Things aren't too much different from Ponyville over here.
>I spend some of my free time daydreaming about what iT was like back in Ponyville, hanging out with you and the rest of the girls.
>I really wish I cOuld come out and visit, but there always seems to be some big project that forbids me from coming back.
>It's really a Disappointment.
>I would love to get outside, smell the fresh Ponyville aIr and to feel the sun on my skin again.
>Hopefully sometimE very soon, I'll be able to come back.
>So, I suppose I should get to the oTher reason I'm writing you this letter.
>See, the main reason why I'm not coming back is that Crystal and I are to be wed.
>THey want it to be a very low key and quiet wedding, so I think you and the girls might be the only people who will get to find out.
>I asked if I could invite all of you gIrls over, but they really wanted everything to remain private.
>It's really a Shame.
>If I could have, I would have made you best mare!
>But, you know the thIng about weddingS.
>That Means it'll be just a matter of time before I become a father!
>I'm really nervous Twilight.
>I suppose their familY really, really loves kids.
>They tend to have eight or more children per royal daughter!
>Isn't that crazy?
>I get to be a Father.
>Sometimes I can barely remember to make my bed every morning, and I always get IN trouble from the maids.
>I have no idea how I'm going to be Able to take care of all of them, but CrystaL doesn't seem to worried.
>She says my body has a lot of room for love.
>I'm just Trying to hold onto that thought as tightly as I can.
>Anyway, since I got a lot of work over here pReparing for the wedding, I have a big favor to ask of you.
>Would you help me and sell off all my things in PonYville?
>I know it's a lot to ask, but since I won't be coming back, I might as well have the bits.
>Just hold onto them for now, I'll send another letter for when I'm ready For you to send them.
>Thank you sO much, Twilight.
>And, I know you might not appRove of all of this happening so fast, but I'm happy.
>Truly Happy, for the first time since I arrived in Equestria.
>I'm not sure how you'll sell evErything but.
>You're the smartest pony I know. Please figure it out.
>Anyway, I hope this Letter can get through the mail service pretty quickly.
>I had to pull a few strings to get this letter to you on express delivery.
>It seems they lose mail quite often here.
>Oh well, I can't wait for your rePly.


Do you guys have any idea for what I should send him for a wedding gift? I hope he sends pictures!


Happy Halloween
Capital letters...


Excluding the beginning of sentences...


Excluding the word "I" (and related contractions)...


Excluding proper nouns (first letters only)...


>Help me, I'rm Chrysalis's prisoner. I just want to die. This is my final try for help.


Nice try, Anon, but if you were really serious, you wouldn't have capitalized that first "Royalty".
Have fun with your wedding.
>Happy Halloween
yeah, not for anon. interesting story by the way, I liked it
File: 2 spoopy.png (2 MB, 1491x1009) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 spoopy.png
2 MB, 1491x1009
Pretty spooky.

But on the Halloween fright tier list, it's about 2spoopy. If you want to reach the lower dan levels of spooky, going pro's your only option.
Spooky Bump.
File: 1428111057750.png (333 KB, 559x373) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
333 KB, 559x373
>It was Nightmare Night's eve, and you heard a quiet tapping at your door.
>You opened the door.
>"Pet or treat," said Fluttershy, dressed in a white bunny costume.
>No stitches betrayed her craft.
>She smiled as you slid a candy down in the paper bag she held in her mouth. It made an empty thud on the bottom.
>This would be her only stop.
"Thank you. Come again."
>"Nice Abu costume, Anon."
"It's just a shame you can't watch the Treehouse of Horror with me, shy."
>She put on a weak smile, likely remembering Nightmareweens past.
>"It's ok."
>She slowly walked back to her cottage home.
>It was a ritual the two of you had as a consolation from Fluttershy abstaining the holidays tomorrow.
>You were about to shut the door, but found that it wouldn't even budge.
>A familiar pit went down your stomach.
"Come out, Twilight. What's the guess this time?"
>She hops out of the shrubbery wearing an upper-class Hoplite costume.
>You knew because the Greeks were fascinating.
>Apparently your body knew this too.
>"Hey, Anon. Is your boner part of the costume too, or is it just me?"
"Just get in the damn house, Twilight."
>20 minutes ago
Is that it? ... If you're writing as you go, I swear to almighty baby Christ, I will smack the shit out of you so hard, your momma's gonna have to take a dump.
Yeah, that's it. Chill.

I just didn't want it to end with
>Fucking Pony
File: Sleepe.png (99 KB, 319x426) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
99 KB, 319x426
Page 10 Bump, everyone doing halloweeny stuff I'm guessing.
File: 783006.jpg (439 KB, 1280x1655) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
439 KB, 1280x1655
Well, Halloween is over.
Next up...
Well now...
Thanksgiving for Americans
Then it's Hanukkah
Then it's Christmas
What about thanksgiving?
Ya know what, if there's people here that celebrate Hanukka and want to write about it, I'm keen to see it.
Oh that hardly counts. How many non-Americans do that?
Canadian's already had their thanksgiving.
>This all started as a bad joke
>But here you were
>The cue card hits the floor and lands in a pile
>The next one reads ‘pet play’
>Sigh as Fluttershy’s hopeful look remains and she grabs another card from the pile after tossing that one
>You’ve spent your whole fucking day here so far doing this shit
>You wanted to be done with her stupid shenanigans, like tapping on your window at night, or following you all over town
>She wants to find your fetish (that you don’t have)
>So you had the bright idea to go through every fetish imaginable, in sort of a ‘fetish extravaganza’
>Every guess ever
>Never another guess after today
>The next card reads ‘secretaries’
No, and you aren’t even a secretary
>She hides behind the card, “I could always pretend.”
Dammit, Fluttershy we’ve been over this. That goes under roleplaying. It doesn’t get its own card
>”But what if –“
I don’t want to hear it
>You say as you rub your temples
Just keep going
>She meekly agrees and grabs another card
>You’ve been here since this morning and not even half the stack is depleted yet
>It’s already noon too. Shit, this is taking forever
>You and your stomach both hope that by dinner time you’ll be done
>The current card reads ‘teachers’
>You feel your heavy eyes as you tell her no
>You look through the window out of the corner of your eye and see the sun going down
>The sun is supposed to go down at noon, right?
Fluttershy what time is it?
>”Why? Is time your –“
Is that on one of the cards?
>”Well –“
We had an agreement, stick to it
>She apologizes and says that it’s almost five
>Oh, so that’s why the sun is going down
>Because you’ve been here nearly all day
>Saying no to fetish guesses
>You aren’t crazy after all
>You see the innumerable number of cards you still have to go through
>Fluttershy blushes and holds up a card that reads ‘for the sole purpose of procreation’
>You wish you were crazy
>As the pile gets closer to the bottom Fluttershy begins to get more and more desperate
>She frequently tries to grab a card from the discarded pile when she thinks you aren’t looking
>Questions get asked after your rejections
>You even caught her trying to spill the pile over so it’d mix into the discarded cards and you’d have to start over
>Your eyes burn, and you’re watching her like a hawk
>The windows behind her are dark as she sweats and forces a smile with every card
>’Female domination’
We wouldn’t even be here right now
>’Fetish guesses’
>You shake your head and pinch the bridge of your nose
>Even though you only took your eyes of her for a second you see her hoof reaching for the floor
>Glare at her as hard as you can and she freezes
>Before she can say that she was just stretching again you hold up your hand
Just hurry up with the next guess
>Fluttershy looks at the cards on the floor with anxiousness, much like a child who just broke some glass and realized the trouble they were in
>You followed her eyes to the card that hadn’t been asked yet
>Card?! Fuck yeah! Last one baby
>With her voice shaky she reaffirms this
“Yep.” You say sternly
>Her breaths are heavy and you hear her speak in incomplete thoughts
>”But… but what about… did we… there’s always tomorrow… we can’t…”
Just grab the card
>She looks at the solitary chance she has; heavy bags under her eyes are visible and she breaths with her mouth open
>”I don’t think I…”
>This is fucking ridiculous
>You grab the card yourself and see it says ‘being spooked’
Being spooked is not it
>Flick the card on the floor and she watches it slide along the others
>Get up and tell her that you’re going home now
And I shall not expect you to show up tomorrow, right?
>You don’t wait for an answer as you head towards the door
>The chilly wind whistling outside the door reminds you it’s autumn as you open it
>”Wait, Anon.”
Nope, we had a deal
>You’re halfway out when, ”But how do we know it isn’t your fetish if we haven’t tried it?!”
>Look at her with hatred as she nods to herself and trots towards you, trampling the cards as she does
>”We can’t possibly know if any of these guesses are your fetish if we haven’t actually tried them. That makes sense.”
>No fucking way!
>Point at her
Now you listen to me
>She simply smiles at you as if the venom in your voice was somehow inauthentic
I don’t ever want to see you come by my house and guess my fetish again. We had a fucking deal damn you, and if you better stick to it
>”Oh, but don’t you see, Anon?” You can hear the delusion in her voice. “These won’t be fetish guesses at all, they’ll be fetish experiences.”
>You can feel your anger building up in your chest
That’s bullshit and you know it!
>Every nerve in your face stings
If I see you at my house tomorrow you’re going to regret it!
>She coos, “But I won’t.”
>That tears it for you, and you grab her mane and pull on it
>Just to see that awful smile go away
>And it does
>You’re nearly hyperventilating as you whisper in her ear
Do you know how easily I could hurt you?
>You pull a bit harder on her mane and for a brief moment her front hooves raise off the floor
>”A-anon –“
Shut up! Do you think I’m some kind of joke? Do you think I’m joking whenever I tell you that I don’t want you around?
>You let go of her but push her down to the floor
>She holds a hoof over her face as you loom over her, nearly two times bigger than her
I don’t want to hurt you, but I definitely will if I see you again
>She scoots along the floor with fear in her eyes, trying desperately to get away from you without getting up
>You’d knock her back down if she got up
Now, I want to hear you say that you won’t be around tomorrow
>She clenches her teeth and shuts her eyes, perhaps afraid of what she’s created
Speak damn you!
>”I won’t.” She shakes violently on the floor. “I’m sorry.”
You won’t what?
>”I…” she begins to cry
>In impatience you stomp your foot on the floor and the boom makes her whimper
>”You won’t see me tomorrow.”
>You could almost spit on her
>You head out the door
>Shut it behind you and walk into the dark
>Nightmare Night will be here soon, and the dark clouds are already forming jagged swirling horrors of shapes you can’t identify

>The sun shines through the window of the kitchen, and you can feel what little heat there is as you anxiously wait for a knock on your door
>You pour some cereal and cut some grapefruit with a big ass butcher knife
>You don’t have a lot of utensils
>All night – and even right now – you have horrible day dreams about what will happen if Fluttershy does show up anyway
>What would you do?
>You don’t really want to hurt her
>In fact, last night really left you feeling scummy
>Did you really pick her up by her mane and throw her on the floor?
>What are you an abusive husband?
>You grunt in frustration as you jam your cereal spoon into your mouth
>Why does she have to do this all the damn time?
>This is totally her fault and she deserves to be treated that way…
>No she doesn’t
>No one does
>But she’s pushing you so far with all the constant guessing, and the general lack of empathy for how you feel
>Of course you’d snap
>Nobody comes to the door all day
>You stay home, wandering around in silence with the lights off and looking out the window
>Thoughts of how you could make it up to her if she keeps her word occupy your time as well; quite consistently throughout the day in fact
>You read two chapters of a book and eat five meals
>But you never leave the house

>In the morning you’ve decided what you’re going to do
>You pour your cereal and figure that Fluttershy must’ve stayed home all day just like you did
>Figured one of her friends would’ve came by and yelled at you by now for what you did if she did leave
>She’s always telling her friends about your rejections and they don’t really like you because of it
>Well, Pinkie likes you, but she likes everyone
>Twilight and Applejack tolerate you
>Rarity – and especially Rainbow Dash – both think you’re just the worst
>Maybe things will be different now that it seems like Fluttershy will be keeping her word
>You’ve decided that if she keeps her word you’ll adopt one of her animals
>You could use the company anyway, and show everyone that you can actually be pretty nice
>And Fluttershy has even brought up the idea before, so you figure this’ll make her a little happy
>You can already imagine some of the cute little critters scampering around in your backyard
>Fluffy bunnies, chirping birds, that flamingo rocking a pair of shades
>There’s a knock at your door
>All the critters die just like that
>Your spoon clanks loud against the bowl as you drop it and head towards the door
>Of course she’d come today instead of yesterday
>You should’ve made her say that she was never allowed to come back
>Just what the hell are you going to tell Fluttershy?
>Son of a bitch!
>You open the door and… Twilight is there with a frown on her face as she greets you
Uh, hi there, Twilight. What are you doing here?
>”Anon,” her voice is on edge, “have you seen Fluttershy at all lately?”
>Oh crap. Looks like Fluttershy told her about you after all
>Twilight is obviously trying to lead you into a confession
No I haven’t
>Which was kind of the truth
>”You haven’t.” She leans forward, but she still looks worried
>Why does she look worried?
>”She didn’t come by here yesterday?”
>Shake your head
>The oddity hits you just then
She didn’t
>The clouds are in little dots in the sky like a breadcrumb trail
>They lead in the direction of her cottage
>”Okay everypony,” Twilight addresses the crowd in front of town hall, “Listen up.”
>You can feel the angry, distrusting eyes of everyone on your back
>It was the morning of the next day
>They all know you saw her last
>”Nopony has seen Fluttershy since last Saturday evening when she went into town. That means she’s officially been missing for three days, and we’ve been searching for only one of those days. This means that she could be severely dehydrated by now if she is not able to drink clean water from wherever she is.”
>What Twilight actually meant was that she could be dead
>”That’s why I think it’s imperative that we take two bottle of water with us on our search today. One will be for yourself, and the other for Fluttershy if sompeony finds her.”
>Yesterday she said “when sompeony finds her”
>The teams from yesterday were used again and yours was searching the northern section of Ponyville
>Nobody worked today or yesterday, as the entire community of Ponyville got together to search for their missing citizen
>The orchards of Sweet Apple Acres went in the double digits when it came to acres, and young members of the apple family often got lost in them, and sometimes could not be found for hours
>These were the kind of hopes everyone was reduced to
>You walked the acres where the grass was slightly taller and purposefully created distance between yourself and the party you were with
>They were watching you
>Scrutinizing every move you made and looking for signs of your guilt
>You couldn’t focus on finding Fluttershy with them doing that
>The rows of trees are disorienting there’s so many of them
>You try and focus on finding anything that isn’t straight and narrow
>The first thing they found at her cottage was the cue cards lying on the floor
>You walk faster and become more alert
>Sunshine blinds you when you look down one row
>Shade your eyes with your hand and look down the row, but you only see trees with golden foliage and skimpy branches
>This row is wider than the rest for some reason, and it feels like you’re in the hallway of an abandoned castle, the echoes being the shaking of the branches with the breeze
>You turn the other way and begin walking as the sun hits your back and makes you sweat
>Why is it so hot in fall?
>The wind picks up and a few brown leaves roll around in the air at eye level
>You realized your eyes were down and you brought them up
>A leaf tumbled past you and you saw Fluttershy far away at the end of the hall
>She was stationary like a life sized doll
>A leaf hit your face and you brushed it off only to see no sign of her at the end anymore
>You ran anyway
>Why didn’t you apologize to her sooner?!
>You heard a voice in the distance that sounded like her
>Your feet were hitting the ground hard and your vision bounced up and down with thuds and gasps
Fluttershy where are you!
>She was gone and you were going to be blamed for it
>Your lungs were tired and your throat was hoarse and salty
>You leaned on the old, under maintained picket fence you eventually reached, and then slumped down to the ground
>The sky was grey – she never flew by – and you drank nearly all your water you were so thirsty
>You sat up after catching your breath and you looked to your left and then to your right
>There was nothing here and nobody ever came here
>Some dull trotting could be heard and Applejack appeared out from the trees
>”What are you doin’ sittin’ on your rump, Anon?”
Sorry, I got tired
>”Thought you told us once that humans were tough, partner?”
>You take some deep breaths and get up and stretch
>Applejack was breathing heavily too and staring at you expectantly
“We heard you yellin’ something, Anon. Did you find something?”
>You didn’t say anything and you looked down the hall one last time
>Fluttershy did not appear this time
>”Anon, did y’all drink both of your bottles of water?”
>You look down and see two empty bottles at your feet

>There’s a pony no one has ever met before on your team
>He was a volunteer who apparently lives somewhere between Appleloosa and here
>Quite a bit of ponies volunteered to come down and help look, but there’s something off about this guy
>His coat is grey, and his eyes are yellow like he’s got jaundice
>He has a long scraggly goat beard and he talks like he thinks about every word he says, and he frequently pauses before saying her name
>”No I didn’t see… Fluttershy, at all as I searched today.”
>He was apparently camping out in the wilderness near the Everfree forest on the night before Fluttershy disappeared
>There’s a tattered and dusty jacket he wears that is so big it reaches his flank and covers his cutie mark
>You catch him smiling sometimes when he thinks no one is looking, and it’s an evil smile, like the kind you see when you close your eyes
>Twilight told you that you were now officially a suspect in Fluttershy’s disappearance
>You rub your thighs and shake your head as Twilight looks forlornly at you
No, that can’t be. I had nothing to do with it. I told you what I knew. I’ve been helping with the search effort
>Twilight levitates a case file to the table
>”You were the last to see her, Anon. There’s evidence of a struggle inside the cottage, but no sign of forced entry. And the two of you didn’t exactly have a healthy relationship.”
For the love of god…
>”Everypony seems to agree that your behavior since this all happened has been somewhat erratic.”
Twilight please don’t talk to me like that
>She looks at you and shakes her head, “I’m sorry.”
>A moment of awkward silence passes
>”You’re going to be called in for further questioning, maybe memory spells, you’ll probably be watched.”
Don’t tell me
>You turn away from her and she sighs and takes her leave
>”We have to find her somehow, Anon.”

>Now that you’re a suspect they don’t want you to help search anymore
>You have to stay home and watch the sky
>And hope that they don’t find a body
>You feel sick in your stomach today
>Barely got any sleep last night, and you’re barely conscious as you lean your head on the window pane
>Pinkie is looking after you and her mane has been flat and straight since this happened
>She’s as down as you are, but still somehow her voice is squeaky and high
>She doesn’t believe you did it
>”You couldn’t have done it, Nonny. You’d never do something like that.” She begins to sniffle, “Maybe this was all just an accident.”
An accident?
>”Yeah, nopony would ever hurt Fluttershy, she’s too sweet and kind for something like that to happen to her. She was probably just…”
>Pinkie’s voice was weak and unsure
>”Maybe she went out in the forest for some reason and… something happened to her…”
>You poured Pinkie some cereal earlier – and even put a lot of sugar in it like she likes – but it was soggy and warm by now
>”Do you think she’s okay, Nonny?”
>For the first time you feel tears beginning to well up, but it’s not strong enough to make you cry, and you look at her with a blank mind
Well I hope so. Why do you ask that, Pinkie?
>”Because,” she wipes her eyes, “Nightmare Night is coming soon, and I don’t want her to be out during Nightmare Night.”
>You felt sick again and leaned your head against the pane, closing your eyes
>”She doesn’t like being out during Nightmare Night, Nonny. She’s afraid of it.”
I know
>Pinkie sighed, and she continued to talk if only so she wouldn’t be alone with her thoughts
>”I can’t believe nopony knows where she is. I asked everypony I know if they’ve seen her and nopony has.” She whimpered like a scared dog, “I don’t get it.”
>Her world was crumbling before her, and you wondered how – Wait a minute!
Pinkie you know everyone, right?
>She agrees but is uninterested
And I mean everyone, not just in Ponyville, right?
>”Well, I wouldn’t say that, but I know almost everypony wherever I’ve gone, like Our Town, Appleloosa, I almost finished with Manehattan, but I –“
>You get up from the chair by the window and sit next to her at the table
Do you know anything about that weird guy who showed up here on Saturday?
>She hummed, “The pony with the candy corn eyes?”
>Not how you would’ve put it, but you nod yes
>”Well, no not really. I tried to talk to him, but he was even crankier than Cranky Doodle Donkey, and I never thought I’d meet anypony crankier than –“
Pinkie that’s the guy who did it, I’m almost sure of it
>She gasped, “No way. How do you know?”
Come on Pinkie, Fluttershy goes missing just when that guy shows up, that can’t be a coincidence
>”But maybe –“
Pinkie please
>You look into her eyes and plead
They’re going to try and pin this on me, I just know it. You know I didn’t do it
>”But what do we do, Nonny?”
>You tap your finger on the table
He’ll be out searching with the others, and everyone is just going further and further from Ponyville every day. What I need to do is go search his tent for clues while he’s gone; he’s still here after what he did so he can’t be smart enough to have gotten rid of all the evidence
>You knew you were grasping at straws, but at least it was something
>”But Nonny you’re not supposed to leave your house.”
I don’t care. That guy did something to Fluttershy and everyone is still hoping she’ll be somewhere in the apple trees like a bunch of idiots
>You get up, but Pinkie puts her hoof on you hand and looks up at you
>”I’m supposed to make sure you don’t leave.”
>Take a deep breath
Pinkie you’re supposed to make sure I don’t do anything that might disrupt the search, and if I go by myself how are you supposed to make sure of that?
>She was clearly uncomfortable, but she could see you needed her help
>”Okay, Nonny.” She got up. Her steps were weak and her head was down. “For, Fluttershy.”

>Ponyville seemed as sinister as an empty house
>Besides some shops being operated, and the school, everyone was out searching
>There were a million angles you could be spotted from and your eyes darted back and forth constantly
>You walked quickly with your head squat between your shoulders
>Pinkie walked ahead of you and made sure that no one would run into the two of you
>You reach the plains just outside town, open fields and rolling hills
>The tree line is followed and scrutinized
>You’ve seen him walk this way before twice after the searches
>His tent has to be somewhere over here
>If it isn’t then you have nothing
>You look over your shoulder constantly, sure that each time you’ll see a pony looking directly at you from afar
>Nah, that’s not how it would happen
>It would be a surprise
>Pinkie points at a blue tent, nestled in the woods just enough to be out of sight
>Unless you were searching for it of course
Pinkie you stay here and tell me if you see anyone coming
>She nods and turns around, her rump hits the ground hard, and she doesn’t care
>You walk through the woods slowly, aware of every crunch and snap your feet make as the dead twigs and leaves break
>Soon the tent is right in front of you, only chest high to you
>You open the flap cautiously as if he was inside
>There’s nothing inside the tent but a rolled up sleeping bag and some other dirty cloths, in tatters
>You open up the sleeping bag and find a book inside, an open journal
>He writes about how he’s embarrassed of himself and his life
>How he has to amuse himself because no one else will
>His life seems pretty hard from the things he has mentioned here
>Early writing shows an excitement about traveling, but he hasn’t written about it since
>You’re starting to think he may only be doing this because food is being distributed to volunteers
>There was nothing here
>You didn’t even bother to put things back the way they were as you left

>Pinkie left in the same state as she had come, but she told you that you had nothing to worry about
>The only reassuring words you’d heard since this ordeal
>She’s gone, but you know you’re still being watched somehow
>Then that presence makes itself known
>There’s a tapping at your window, and you see a Pegasus flying in the moonlight
>The tapping happens again
>Only she ever did that
>You get up and open the window
>The Pegasus comes in and shuts it behind her
>You turn on the light just in time to see a blue hoof almost hit you in the face
>You nearly fall over as you jump back
>Flying in the middle of your room is Rainbow Dash, full of silent anger
>”Where’s my friend, Anon?”
>She’s speaking so calmly, so seriously
>”Don’t ask stupid questions.”
>You could say the same thing
I don’t know where Fluttershy is
>”That’s not true. You and I know that you never liked her.”
So, what you think I killed her?
>”I never said that!”
>Dash flew at you and head-butted your chest so hard that you couldn’t help but double over and wheeze as your sternum throbbed in pain
>”Just cause everypony is starting to think that now, doesn’t make it true!”
>She growls, “I feel like I’m the only pony with any sense anymore.”
>You turned your eyes up and saw Dash looking off somewhere, angry and ranting
>Her eyes had heavy bags under them and were full of some kind of blind, exuberant determination, and her coat was matted in some spots and her feathers had dirt in them
>You suspected that she hadn’t slept at all since Fluttershy disappeared, and she even looked at night when everyone else stared into the dark with worry
>”Look Anon, I may hate your guts for what you did, but I don’t like wasting my time. So here’s the deal, you bring me to wherever you’re keeping Fluttershy tonight, and we free her, and you’re off the hook.”
>She spoke like someone does when they’re joking, but you think she had no idea this was her current tone
I don’t know where she is
>”I give you a fair deal and this is how you repay me?!” She kicked you once in the face with her front hoof, making your nose and eye sting
>You got up quickly and grabbed her when she leapt at you
>She struggled as hard as she could in your grasp, but you had her back against you and her limbs were merely flailing in the air
Stop it, Dash. You can’t beat me up and you know it
>”I’ll get all of Ponyville after you!” She shouted various threats like these. “We’ll see how tough you are when it isn’t just one pony you have to take care of!”
I don’t want that, Dash. I want to find her too, but you jerks think I’m a suspect
>Dash quieted down and stopped thrashing, ”Tell me where she is.”
>Her head was drooping and you suspected she was finally feeling tired
I don’t know
>You let go of her and she had her back turned to you as she looked out the window
>”But you have to know. I’ve looked absolutely everywhere over fifty times.”
>You rubbed the sore spots where she hit you as the silence lingered
>With her last option gone Rainbow Dash quickly went to the window and opened it
>”We’ll know for sure tomorrow.”
>And she left flying into the nighttime sky

>The castle’s crystal walls had become chilly mirrors with these autumn mornings
>You took an empty seat in the gathering room
>The empty seat was Fluttershy’s, and everyone else understandably gave you dirty looks
>”Before we start,” said Twilight, “I’d like to bring up the matter of our one piece of substantial evidence we found.”
>There was evidence!
What evidence?
>Twilight levitated a pair of gloves to you, and then gave you a baggie which contained a butcher knife that had dried blood on it, and some dirt
>”We found this close to Fluttershy’s cottage, buried under some freshly overturned dirt near the forest. D.N.A. tests prove that the blood belongs to her.”
>You feel sick looking at the splotches of red on the blade
>But then you feel panicked
>This is the same kind of knife that you use
>”However, a magic screening showed us that some kind of magic was used on this knife.”
>”Yes. Specifically there on the handle. Open up the bag, Anon.”
>Twilight looked at you sternly, and though you didn’t want to, you opened the bag and the metallic smell made your throat clench up
>”Take it out and look at the handle.”
>You pinch it between your thumb and forefinger and lift the knife out
>The handle has some dirt caked on it, but nothing sticks out to you
What am I seeing?
>”Look closer. Doesn’t the fact that there’s no bite marks on it surprise you?”
>You look again and confirm Twilight’s suspicions
>But then something else sticks out to you
>There in the dirt, is a fingerprint
>And when you turn the knife towards the light you see more fingerprints, and not just on the handle, on the blade too, where they’d definitely be noticeable
>But that’s impossible
>Not one member of the main six has sympathetic eyes directed at you
>”Don’t worry, Anon.” Twilight sighs. “We know they aren’t yours.”
You do?
>”Yep, in my studies of you that we did when you first arrived you told me about fingerprints, and how no one fingerprint is exactly the same as another. Well, we found this on the floor in Fluttershy’s cottage.”
>She levitates over a cue card that reads ‘being spooked’
>”And found that the fingerprints were very close to being identical, but not exactly. That, and the lack of prints found from your shoes at the scene, lead us to believe that somepony planted this evidence to try and frame you.”
>There are mouths in the room that want to open so badly, but do everything in their power to stay silent out of respect for Twilight
Well, it’s good that you know this wasn’t my doing
>”No. It’s not good. If somepony is planting evidence then that means there’s somepony out there who wants to see you punished, but doesn’t care about Fluttershy enough to find out what really happened. I need some of your hair, Anon.”
You do?
>She levitates over a scissors and takes a healthy snippet of your hair, before putting it in a locket and casting some kind of spell
>”Here, wear this necklace.” You put it on and question her
>”It’s enchanted. Everything you ever touched, besides your body, and everywhere you ever went, will now be connected to this magic. Meaning that, basically, it will glow.”
>You hear some mutters and you look and see that the path you walked to the chair is now glowing slightly, little purple footprints
You can do that?
>”Well,” she ruffles her wings, “I can now.”
>The knife did not glow
>Twilight also said that the enchantment would have some magic repelling properties
>”If somepony really is out to get you, then that should help keep them away.”
>And now it was time for the big event
>Twilight asked you some questions and you stated your innocence
>Then, she nodded and told you that she would be performing the memory scan spell on you, and you had to agree to it, and you did
>”I’ll be honest Anon, I have no idea how this will affect you. It’s a very complicated and delicate spell to perform.”
Just do it
>You close your eyes
I have nothing to hide
>Twilight performed the spell and the top of your head felt separated from your body for a while
>The memories were projected above you in sort of a phantasm screen
>At first they were interested, but soon as the first hour of reading cue cards passed almost everyone except Twilight was bored
>Then interest peaked again once the cue cards ran out
>They heard you yell at Fluttershy
>She shook scared in your vision, but you yelled at her regardless
>Then they saw all that happened next
>Twilight stopped the spell and wrote some things down, stealing the occasional judgmental look while doing so
>Dash was fuming in her seat, and itching to jump at you
>Applejack had her hat off and was looking up at one of the memories hanging from the roots on the ceiling
>Rarity’s mascara was running down her cheeks, and she was glaring at you
>Pinkie just looked confused and frightened, and she looked away when your eyes met
>”Alright.” Twilight said quietly. “We need to watch the rest.”

>You take the solitary trail towards your house
>There were things to think about after all
>The memory spell indeed proved your innocence, though now you had assault and battery charges to stand trial for
>Was this all your fault somehow?
>You didn’t think so
>Behind your back Ponyville is beginning to accept that they will never see Fluttershy again
>The lights in the bedroom windows are turning off and you wonder what the mothers are telling their children
>You learned that this was the first disappearance of a pony here in Ponyville since the town was founded
>And an Element of Harmony at that
>Just then you felt the ground give way under your feet and you screamed in surprise and fell
>You hit the ground hard on your left side and the light from the hole suddenly disappears as you see the top get covered
>You just fell in a hole and someone covered you up
>What if it’s that pony Twilight warned you about?
>What if you die here?
>You get up and run into a dirt wall in the dark
>It reaches way higher than you can climb
Help me!
>”Oh shut up.”
Who said that?
>”Nopony can hear you. Princess Twilight thinks she so smart, giving you that cute little trinket. She didn’t even consider that I might just affect what’s around you instead.”
>The voice is smarmy yet wise, playful yet dangerous; it’s like a snake charmer
Who the hell are you?
>You hear a match strike and a small flame illuminates a face in front of you
>He looks a bit like a goat with his scraggly beard, and sinister with that long tooth jutting out of his mouth
>”I don’t believe we’ve met, have we?”
Are you the pony out to get me?
>”Hardly. I’m not a pony after all. My name is, Discord.”
>Fluttershy’s talked about him before
>He’s supposed to be like some chaos monster, but she referred to him as a “big sweetie”
Well, what do you want?
>”Oh,” he speaks in Fluttershy’s soft voice, “I don’t know.”
What are you doing? How are you doing that?
>”What am I doing?” After this his voice went back to normal. “I’m trying to ruin your life of course. As for how I’m doing it, well I have certain powers.”
Ruin my life?
>”Well, yes. I feel it’s only fair since that’s what you did to me. Well, you and her.”
>He didn’t seem angry or giddy, just plain, and the light from the flame danced on his long face
I didn’t do anything to you
>”What makes you say that?”
I don’t even know you
>”I can say the same thing about you.”
>He blew out the tiny flame
What do you want?
>”I want to know where Fluttershy is, boy.”
I don’t know where she is!
>”And neither do I. That’s why I want to know.”
Then go look for her
>”Believe me, I did. She’s gone.”
>Neither of you said anything
>You waited and waited for him to strike you or do something
>But he didn’t
>You leaned against the wall and slumped down
She’s really gone, isn’t she?
>He spoke slowly, ”It appears that way.”
>You rubbed your sore arm
What now?
>”What now?” He spoke solemnly. “I used to relish in that question. The joy of not knowing.”
>He sighed, “But it’s all too clear to me. I think maybe I’ll go see Celestia, and see if she can convince me to still be a, eh, good guy. If not, then I’ll go back to my old ways. It’s not like the Elements can stop me if I do.”
Who are you again?
>”Discord, the lord and master of all things chaos.”
Right, I’ve heard of you before. You’re supposed to be really powerful, right? Like, you can do anything, right?
>”That’s what some ponies believe. I really don’t know how powerful I actually am.”
If you can make nearly anything happen, then why can’t you find out what happened to, Fluttershy?
>”Boy, you don’t seem to understand that chaos is far beyond my control. Chaotic things happen without my hand behind it all the time. I call myself the lord and master of chaos, but it isn’t really a formal title, and it never could be.
>”I suppose I could create some sort of life for myself, go to another dimension where Fluttershy was found and everypony lived happily ever after, but that would be a lie. And this whole hullabaloo has proven something else to me that I’ve been worried about for a long time.”
>You can’t believe how casual his voice is when he says this
>”Fluttershy did something to me. She made me embrace friendship, and with that comes difficulties. Being in stone for a thousand years is nothing compared to losing somepony you care about. I thought I’d be ready when it happened, but the chaos has brought me back.
>”I expected to live with Fluttershy for the rest of her life, but it turns out that was going to be even shorter than I thought. You see, with you mortals, you consider chaos to be general disorder and confusion. You gave it a definition and I’ve never forgiven any of you for it, because chaos is anything that we don’t understand.
>”Tell me boy, what did you feel when I put Fluttershy’s form in your mind at Sweet Apple Acres? What about when the knife was presented?” He answered for you
>”That very small, very helpless feeling of the unknown. I feel it too. I thought it could go away if I got you punished, if I somehow brought some understanding to it all, but there is no understanding. It’s almost a cruel joke that I have any sort of magical control over it at all.”
>He smiled in the darkness
>”I’m lost again, and there’s no way for me to know how to get back.”
>Whatever was covering the hole disappeared, and he lit a candle and placed it at the bottom of the pit for you
>”Enjoy what little understanding you have left now that Fluttershy is gone.”
>And he left you down there to shiver and look up at the night sky, vast and dark, as the candle burned down to the wick overtime

>”Here, Anon.”
>You blew your nose as Twilight gave you another tissue
>You’ve had a cold ever since you spent the night outside in that hole
>Thank her and blow your nose
>The trial couldn’t wait for you to get better
>You don’t really blame them
>Everyone pretty much hates you now, or looks at you differently
>You get in the carriage and try your best to get comfortable in the tiny pony sized seat
>The town is being decorated for Nightmare Night now, and all sorts of ponies are walking around in the daylight in costume
>The chariot moves and you watch the crowd through the window as you pass them by
>Even today you’re looking for Fluttershy
>All these ponies are dressed up, and you feel like any one of them could take off their mask and you’d see that shy little pony winking at you, asking you if being spooked was your fetish
>Your nose starts running again and you turn the tissue over and blow again
>You saw the stage by town hall where you made a speech when you first arrived here in Equestria and decided to live in Ponyville
>Though the amulet is gone, you see your footsteps glowing on the steps leading up to the stage, and then at the podium
>You tell them that you don’t understand how you got here, and that it’s okay, because you are ready to step up to the challenge, and ignore any differences so you can be a hardworking, upstanding citizen, just like all of them
>Suddenly your nose acts up again and you feel a sneeze coming on
>You cover your mouth with your arm and snot gets stuck on your skin and sleeve
Fucking dammit. Twilight could you…
>You see the back of her head
>She’s looking out the window, lost in thought
>She perks up and you see her rub her eyes
>”What is it, Anon?”
>She was obviously crying, but she sees your predicament and grimaces
>”Ew. Here, use this.”
>You clean yourself with the fresh tissue, and after waiting a bit, you ask her if she’s okay
>”Yes, I’m just…” She sighs. “No. I’m not. I just really, really miss my friend.”
>The carriage stops and you see that there’s a bunch of bunnies blocking the road in front of you
>The animals have been roaming pretty much everywhere since Fluttershy disappeared
>No one is really sure what to do about it
>The carriage eventually begins moving again
You know, I really miss her too
>Twilight just hums
>Nobody ever believes you when you say that
I mean it
>”I know.”
>Twilight goes back to looking out the window
>Both of you are sniffling
Twilight I feel bad that I’ve never cried about it
>You rest your head on the window and watch the sky roll by
I didn’t really know her very well, like you or your friends did. I never really liked her either, because of the weird fetish guessing side of her I always saw
>You saw her trembling on the floor as you shouted at her
That’s the only side I ever saw of her though, and it makes me sad
>And then you see her blushing and smiling behind the cue cards
I can only try to be a better person from now on
>Twilight looked at you with tear blinded eyes
I can’t go back and change everything and make this all better
>Twilight began sobbing now and you timidly offered her your hand
>She put her hoof in it and you tried as best as you could to reassure her that things would be okay
>It seemed to help, even if the future is a scary and unknown thing during times like these
>And during your speech on the stage you saw a shy Pegasus towards the back looking at you a bit differently than the others
>Everyone was either slack-jawed, or excited, but she wore only a small smile, the kind that almost looks like it’s embarrassed to be happy
>You looked away for a brief moment
>When you turned back she was backing away out of the crowd, and soon she was out of sight
>If only she had left a breadcrumb trail on that day
>Then maybe you could’ve found her

happy Halloween
>That sad ending

Fuck you, anon. :(
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m night shyamalamadingdong ending
Sure is niggerfaggot in this thread.
File: i just wanna feel.gif (937 KB, 214x255) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
i just wanna feel.gif
937 KB, 214x255
Thanks anon. Your theme of helplessness (I assume) was portrayed adequately. The pacing was sped up a bit at times, but I enjoyed that story.

It's rare when a feelsy story is given adequate time to simmer and sink in. Going over the consequences and ignoring what really happened did that.

I think I'll need a bit of time for myself.
File: JINXED.png (976 KB, 1040x1045) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
976 KB, 1040x1045



File: 1414296582470.jpg (44 KB, 510x467) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Jesus Christ that pic scared the fuck outta me. Fuck. Man, I'm sitting here reading creepy pastas at 5 in the morning.
Nigga don't do this to me again.
Fuck nigga.
File: JinxSquare.png (14 KB, 120x120) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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B-but Anon, it's just Jinx, she's purest waifu.
File: Screenshot.jpg (30 KB, 538x678) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okay now that's Jinx pic is a cute. Thank you.
>Not best Yordle
Trist is a sexy shortstack, aye. But nothing rocks my Jinx.
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>Reading creepypasta at 5 in the morning.
>5 in the morning.

Anon, are you a fan of making poor choices?
hey, I know we're a little worn out and slow, but we're far from a dump!
U-unless you mean you're dumping us...
You wouldn't do that, would you anon?
You can't leave us, we haven't guessed your fetish yet. When we do, you'll never want to leave~
I was talking about Cadence, obviously.
I would never leave you.
I used to lurk Flutterrape threads a long time ago. They were fun. I found this old oneshot that I posted back in 2013. I tweaked it a bit, but here you go.
File: The_Swedish_Chef.jpg (48 KB, 290x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 290x363
>DayJimHensonin Equestria.
>You are in bed.
>You suddenly wake up to the sounds of crashing and banging coming from your kitchen.
>It's 4:30 AM.
>It's still dark out.
>Yes, you're pissed.
>You climb out of bed and go downstairs to find that your kitchen has been redone to look very tacky.
>There are wooden spoons are hanging on the wall, and cooking instruments are displayed everywhere.
>Behind the counter in the middle of the room, you see Fluttershy turn around to face you.
>She's holding two measuring cups, she's wearing a fake mustache and a chef's hat.
>Bouncy foreign music starts playing out of nowhere.
>"Yorn desh born, der ritt de gitt der gue, Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn bork! bork! bork!"
>She throws the two measuring cups at the wall behind her, knocking a plate off the shelf.
>The studio audience laughs hysterically.
>She starts talking to herself in aa very forced Swedish accent as she places miscellaneous ingredients into a pot in front of her.
>She gives it a taste and says something that sounds like "It's missing that special something".
>She eyes your crotch and licks her lips.
"Fluttershy, please go home. It's way too early for this..."
>"It's never too early for hot monkey sex!'
>She climbs over the counter and grabs at your crotch as she struggles to get your dick out.
>Thinking quickly, you reach under the table and produce your handy, dandy 'Pönê bæsböl bät' you got from Ikea.
>With a swing, you send her flying across the room over to your front door.
>You walk over to her and pick her up.
>The Swedish Chef is not your fetish.
>You open the door and throw her outside.
>You shut the door and storm back upstairs. No way you're getting any more sleep tonight.
"Fucking Fluttershy..."
>Statler and Waldorf call from the balcony above.
>"This will really be helpful for Anon. It will teach real people to leave him alone."
>"I thought real people already did leave Anon alone!"
>You're not done yet
It's time to wake up, Mr. Anon
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that was the best thing I've read today, well done
Well, Something You'd Regret is up next for AiE. I gotta write around 30k words for that and it will be done.

Then Office Love will be next.If I do it right, and the way I want to, it'll need 40k words.

Then, for the first time, in ever, I'll have no pending multiparts.

Who knows? Maybe I'll finally finish "Just Another Bump" OR write that Sequel to Parents or to Rarity's Regret.

Or I'll do none of the above. I dunno.
Or, and just hear me out now, OR Neb can finally finish sour candy. Just sayin'.
File: 1445143428667.jpg (256 KB, 1400x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Such a dirty mare~
>"But why not?"
"I already said, Applejack, you're not..."
>The mare cocks her head and peers up at you with questioning eyes.
>She flicks her mane out of her face with a hoof, her expression studying you closely, hanging on your every word.
"You're just, well, naive."
>"Nai-- Anon! I ain't naive! I'm a full grown mare for pete's sake!"
"I know! But you're still so -innocent-!"
>"Waddya mean by that?"
"Ugh, I like girls that are... you know, dirty!"
>"B-but I'm plenty dirty!"
"Not like that, AJ, I mean--"
>"I can be dirtier! Watch!"
>With that, Applejack slams her face in the dirt and starts running around, her head acting like a plow.
>You watch in awkward silence as she rolls around like a dog, drags herself through the dust and grime of the farmyard, and rubs old apple cores on her coat before gleefully prancing back to you.
>"See! Dirty!"
"Not what I meant at all."
>Applejack hangs her head in shame.
>"S-shoulda known it wouldn't work... I'm just a filthy mud pony..."
"Technically, yeah? Now go have a bath and please, accept my rejection like a normal pony."
>"F-filthy... I'm so filthy..."
"This is gonna become one of those things where you become obsessed and start doing crazy shit because you can't handle the current state of affairs, isn't it."

>Applejack seems unfazed by the torrential rain drenching her.
>Instead, she keeps scooping up bits of your flower garden and eating/rubbing it onto herself.

>Where did your life go so wrong.
File: Thats_that.png (214 KB, 797x656) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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God dammit neb
Stay awesome
File: GAWSH.png (211 KB, 821x458) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
211 KB, 821x458
Applejack taking things too far is both hilarious and in character. She needs more love. One sided love that is.

I'm not sure if you did one of your blurbs about writing FR for Applejack, though. Wish I had a pastebin for those.
File: He did it.png (169 KB, 761x1050) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
He did it.png
169 KB, 761x1050

Not to put words in his mouth, but last I remember Neb hasn't written an Applejack analysis because he's got waifu blocks. He has trouble picturing her in a negative light or something to that effect.
Has anyone written a fic about an anon-obsessed fluttershy deciding that another pony is perfect for him, so she constantly tries to put the two into sexually compromising and fetishistic scenarios? Like another pony who's blatantly like her, like marble out something.

And now the power supply to my computer fucked itself this morning, so my ability to bump is hindered unless I remember to look at my phone.
A kek story then?
Yes. Many keks, maybe even four tens worth.
File: mfw.jpg (143 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 400x400
Reminder, we're all a bunch of faggots
Who the fuck even are some of these people?
Some of them don't use names in the thread, they just stay Anon
File: 1444012142150.jpg (15 KB, 255x138) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
15 KB, 255x138
"Violet is trying to make Swift go to bed by using her vagina EMP powers" -Pickle
I wonder how the >rapely married couple are doing nowadays.
This third panel
File: 13462442225.png (57 KB, 556x637) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 556x637

>"I'm getting real tired of your shit, Anon."
>You lower the newspaper you're ready to make eye contact with her across the kitchen table.
"Princesses don't swear, this is exactly why you're a shit, Cadence."
>She groans then turns toward her husband.
>"Shining, are you going to let him talk to me, your wife, like that?!"
>"Cadence, you're overreacting."
"Princesses are supposed to be well behaved, like Twilight over here for example."
>You gesture a hand toward Twilight who sits to your left, eating her food quietly.
>She sticks her tongue at Cadence, then goes back to eating her pizza.
>"Twilight, aren't you lactose intolerant?"
>"Shut up Cadence and eat your loser shitty pizza," Twilight replies.
>You and Shining share a look, grinning while the two of you contain your chuckles.
>Cadence eats her pizza quietly, barely nibbling on it.
"Ah, all is right in the world."
>Feels good putting bitches in their place.
This is a shitpost
Y-you too.

It's true. I can't do it. I might outsource it to Smudgey again, since he's better at the englishes than I am.
Also he's probably not as lazy.
File: 1436728058333.gif (2 MB, 418x216) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 418x216
>waifu blocks
I see.
I've read the Rainbow Dash one twice, and I remember both times that I was unsatisfied because he ignores or downplays some key points for whatever my opinion is worth.

>willing to outright reject her Wonderbolts status because at the time she felt it would compromise her ideals in the episode Wonderbolt Academy
>she doesn't brag about what she knows she cannot do well, like the Wonderbolts written exam, and feels insecure about it (which doesn't always translate into top cunt territory)
>she automatically assumes that everyone wants to be like her, and her viewpoint and interests are limited, which could annoy some Anons
>Rainbow Dash love for challenge. If she feels like a physical task is too easy, she'll loaf around and do it at the last second like in the very first episode.

But translating that into a guide for rape stories would take a while. Some of the stuff I mentioned might not even be applicable for it.

Rainbow Dash needs even more love than Applejack desu senpai rama lama ding dong Nebaroni-senpai.
You did a real good job on the others though.
>not wanting sum tomboy fuk

Applejack does have some negative points when she goes too far to please someone, is unimaginative, stubborn, and practical to a point. I can see her trying to assume what Anon needs and her going overboard with it and not admitting to herself that she's taking things the wrong way.

But she's mature, low key, family focused and has a quiet confidence around her. She has to be. Applejack's also athletic and a good baker to make all them Apple pies at the gala. She's strong and true. Honest, but not necessarily blunt. Just straightforward.

That should be a good starting point for Smudgey or whoever. Yes, I am that lazy. And busy. But mostly lazy.