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Revival Edition
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Revival Edition

>Be driving home from work
>See this
>You know the next bus won't be for another 90 minutes
>The temperature is steadily dropping
>It will be nightfall in less than an hour
>It's not a well lit road
>What do?

Strayanon Pastebin:
should we move to another general?

I really don't think you have much choice.
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Eh, might be a good idea. I'll keep writing the story regardless.
Any suggestions?
Page 10 bamperooni
I would appreciate more child sexual adventures.
What he said.
Rather fondle Sleeping Belle.
>most of the people here are labeled on the sign in the top left
>le funny green arrow mee mee

Don't you worry, fellow Anons
There will be more to come

"You're pretty awesome Dash, we should catch up more often"
> She shoots you a grin "If it goes like this? I completely agree!"
> You wave over to the kid behind the bar for a couple more drinks, and he nods, heading to the tap and sending a waitress your way
"So who all else is in your little group of friends?"
> Rainbow thinks for a moment "Well, There's me and Applejack, who you know, Rarity, you met her when she picked up Sweetie Belle"
"The prissy white one yeah?"
> She tries to hide a giggle "Yeah, that's the one, she runs a fashion line and can't stand being anywhere with less than 4 different clothing stores"
> You both share a laugh at that. Seems your first impression was right
> "Then there's Fluttershy, really runs an animal shelter and is studying to become a vet. Really quiet and jumpy"
> Your drinks arrive and you tip the waitress with a fiver
> "Twilight's a librarian in the next town over, kinda awkward and a serious egghead" Rainbow continues, starting on her next drink
> "And Pinkie owns a party supplies store, but she's been there less and less on 'confidential business' lately, it's weird"
> You too start your drink, putting the picture together in your head
"I've seen most of them come and go, don't think I've seen Fluttershy at the farm though"
> Rainbow snickers "Probably just didn't see her, she's like a field mouse"
> You enjoy eachother's company for a while, drinking late into the night before you realise the time

Also paste for this part because I'm a derp
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I'm drunk enuff that i don't care what I'm tyoping, but keep it up, nigger. don't let the masses dictate urs tory. wirte what you feels good.
Thank YOU random anonymous poster!


> RD yawns, stretching her arms back and above her head
> You take the chance the world hands you, and take a quick look at her chest as she pushes it forward, hoping she doesn't catch you
> It's nothing super impressive, but as athletic and fit as she is, a smaller chest suits her even more
> You feel a stirring from below, and try to ignore it, finding something else interesting to look at
"Want me to drive you back home?"
> Rainbow blinks a couple of times, then smiles "That'd be great Anon, thanks"
> You both stand and head for your car, and you're silently glad you haven't been drinking too much
> It's really starting to cool down, so you make the trip quick and flick the heater on immediately once you're inside
> She sticks her hands up to the vents in your car, and you take off down the road, heading toward the bright lights from the stadium
> Rainbow gives you directions as you drive, and it doesn't take long until you pull up outside a small house on the street corner
> It's pretty plain, not too big, though large enough to have too floors, and the plain brick exterior fits the surroundings
> A brush of purple hair pokes up by the window, then the door opens and Scootaloo runs out
> "Rainbow, you're ba-- ANON?!"
> She stands there in shock, before running up and giving you a hug one after the other
> "What're you doing here?" she asks, looking you and Rainbow over "Have you guys been drinking?"
"Yes it's me, I'm dropping off Rainbow Dash, and yes we have been drinking"
> You give a summary answer before smiling at her
"Why're you still up Scoots? Shouldn't you be in bed by now?"
> She sighs, and Rainbow steps in and answers for her "She was probably waiting for me to get back. Doesn't like to sleep without someone else in the house"
> You decide not to ask about that, instead just ruffling Scootaloo's hair
"Alright, well you guys take care, give me a call if you need anything, Dash, you've got my number"
> You go to step back toward your car when Rainbow calls out to you
> "Wait up Anon, weren't you gonna let me copy your music collection?"
> Oh right, that's a thing
> You head off toward the house, following after RD and Scoot, who shuts the door behind you
> "I'm gonna go get changed, Scoot, try to be in bed at a reasonable time alright? Anon, just make yourself comfortable or something, I'll be about 20 minutes then we can see about grabbing that music"
> Rainbow's couch actually is pretty comfortable, though the place is a bit of a mess
> There's pizza boxes spread over the table and you can see a few crushed beer cans that missed the bin scattered across the floor
> You go to lean further into the couch when you see Scootaloo pop up next to you
"What's up Scoot?"
> She looks pretty nervous, which isn't surprising. This is the second time you've met, and you've already...
> You don't even finish the thought
> "So... Are you and Rainbow... Y'know..."
> You snort loudly, that's what this is about?
"Hahaha, no Scoots, definitely not. We just had a few drinks at the pub after collecting AJ"
> Scootaloo visibly brightens, jumping up beside you on the couch and snuggling up to you
> It's not unwelcome, that's for sure, so you wrap your arm around her
> She sighs happily, laying there against your side
Glad to see you continue, really enjoy your story
Good story
Oh fuck yes I finally found you StrayAnon!
Let the glory continue!
ayy lmao its STRAYA CUNT
> A few minutes later she pulls herself up again, grabbing your hand
> You wonder why she's so fidgety, but before you can ask, she says "Hey, come check this out"
> She pulls again, and you're forced to leave your comfy spot on the couch to go upstairs with her
"What is it?"
> "Just come on" she insists, pulling you along the hall and finally into a room at the end
> From the fact the door says 'Scootaloo' on it, you're guessing it's her room
> You step inside and are immediately hit by the huge contrast between her personality and her belongings
> Everything is neat and tidy, bed made, shelves clean and sorted
> Christ, there isn't a single thing out of place in here
> "This is my room!" she says proudly, puffing out her chest
> You smile and take a seat, looking it over
"Pretty cool Scoot. What do you usually do for fun here?"
> She looks really excited to show you all the shit in her room, so you indulge her
> "Well, I spend a bunch of time on my computer, or reading, or playing music, or dancing, or singing, or..."
> Holy shit the stream of words flowing from her mouth seems to never end
> You zone out for a second, then come to as she jumps up right in front of you
> "Soooo, what do you think?" she asks, smiling at you
> Gods you can't say no to that face, it's too damn cute
"It's really cool Scoot, looks like you've got everything sorted out"
> You start to wonder if she's ever had anyone else in her room. Ever.
> She beams from ear to ear, "Oh! Gimme your phone!" She leans forward and grabs it out of your hand before you can respond
"Hey, what are you--"
> "Shush a moment" she snaps, typing furiously
> She hands it back, and you look to see what she's done
> New contact: Scootaloo <3
> Huh, alright then. Scootaloo has a blush across her face and sits there twiddling her thumbs
> You jam your phone back in your pocket and stand up, stretching
> A door opens at the end of the hall, and you hear Rainbow calling down "Hey Anon, you can come up!"
> You step out of Scootaloo's room, and she follows you close behind
"Hey RD, Scoots got bored, so she showed me around her room"
> Rainbow's changed into a tank top and a pair of really, REALLY short shorts
> You gulp and try not to stare, which is made all the more difficult each time she moves and pulls the clothing tight against her
> She looks at you and Scootaloo quizzically before shrugging and opening her bedroom door for you
> "Fair enough, come on in, I've got the computer booted up for you"
> You step inside and see that her room is in about as clean a state as the loungeroom is
> Plates are scattered across the desk and another pizza box is laying open on her bed
> There's a distinct smell in the room, familiar, but you can't really place it
> Clothes and linen of all kinds lay in heaped piles here and there, and you pick your way across the room, trying not to stand on anything
> "Sorry about the mess, I don't usually have anyone over... ever... hehe..." she scratches the back of her head and smiles
> Well you can pretty clearly see why
> Scootaloo looks a little embarrassed, but doesn't say anything
Bumping this thread
Rainbow and her dirty bachelor room
> Copying the files doesn't take long
> Rainbow kicks back on her bed as you work at moving them across, playing some soft music in the background and flipping through a sports magazine
> Scootaloo's propped herself up on your lap and is just chilling out to the music
> You hear a flick behind you, and see Rainbow lighting up
> Ah, that's what the smell is
> Well, her house her rules. You say nothing as the smell of burning pot fills the room with it's gentle haze
> "Tonight was really awesome, Anon" she says, rolling over to look at you
> You turn your head, eyeing her as she lays on the bed, the joint slowly burning in her fingers
> "Wanna join me?" asks Rainbow, offering it to you
> You consider it for a second, before moving Scoot off your lap and taking it out of Rainbow's hand
> Hadn't seen any drug vans around for months, you figure you'll be safe on the way home
> You take a deep pull on the joint, exhaling slowly as the smoke fills your lungs
> Fuck, you haven't had any grass in ages, but even you could tell this was good shit
> You pass the joint back and continue copying your music across onto Dash's computer
> As the last file copies over, you unplug your phone and spin the chair
> Dash waves you over, moving out of the way and making space for you on the bed
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Mary Jane Pone.png
540 KB, 1280x768
I NEVER get a chance to use this pic
Sorry about the delay, I actually rewrote this just now because I wasn't satisfied with what I had

> You walk across and flop down, taking the joint again and sucking in more of the sweet smoke
> Scootaloo coughs lightly, then excuses herself, leaving and closing the door behind her
> "Scoot doesn't like the smell, don't really blame the kid either" says Dash as you pass the joint back and forth
"I didn't until I started smoking myself, now I really don't mind"
> You both lay there, the quiet music and smoke filling the room as you stare at the ceiling"
> "Scoot really likes you Anon" she murmurs "like, I don't think she's liked anyone this much since she used to idolise me in middle school"
> You think on it for a moment, then shrug
"Dunno why, I'm not that interesting, 'sides, nobody really likes me all that much"
> Rainbow punches your arm, "You kiddin' me? We've only hung out once, and I like you plenty. Hell, I'm sharing my weed aren't I?"
> Point taken, Joint taken, you both lay there in silence for a while, enjoying the company and the high
> Minutes pass, you finish the joint between the two of you and relax
"I should probably get going soon"
> At least, you'd like to, but you don't think you're in any state to drive at this point
> "You drive now, you'll run into a fuckin' tree. Just stay here"
> You concede the point, looking around before eventually just laying back
> "Fuck it, I don't smoke with other people often" she reaches down beside the bed and pulls out another, lighting it up
> "Let's enjoy this, eh?"
> You lay quietly, resting against eachother as you slowly get stoned
> It doesn't take long with stuff like this
> Rainbow rolls over and looks at you, resting on a hand
> "So, you like it? It doesn't cost me much because the guy I buy from backs our team"
> You nod slowly, watching her body move each time she does
> It's damn near hypnotic, and you snap out of it when you realise you've spent the past few minutes just staring at her chest
> Thankfully by this point Dash barely notices, flopping onto her back again
> At this point you notice she's definitely not wearing a bra, and even as small as her chest is, it's still noticeable
> Pass the joint around, it's really starting to get to your head now, and you try to stifle a giggle, which comes out as a snort behind your hand
> Dash grins at you, taking the joint from your fingers and giggling herself
> Now she sees you staring, and pokes her tongue out "Why don't you take a picture, it'll last longer"
> You share her grin "Maybe I will!"
> Or at least you would, if you could move your arms without feeling like there's a full second delay between moving them and your body actually moving
> The feeling is so strange you laugh loudly, coughing on some of the smoke as you unintentionally inhale it
> You and Rainbow lay there laughing to yourselves for a while before finally calming down
> This feels awesome, you think, and you try to grab the joint again, missing and flailing a little before giving up
> Dash snorts and puts it out, sitting up
> "Well, if you can't, then I will!"
> Maybe it's just the fact that everything is a haze, with the music slowly pumping in the background and a pleasant feeling washing over you, but you don't remember the rest of the evening very well
Eww, just noticed formatting errors. Will fix for the pastbin, which I'm updating now
Fun story. Small disconnect with the line about watching her hypnoticly since I was still under the impression she was just passing a joint. Otherwise nothing glaring. keep going
I am reading many new stories of new authors these days, and I must say that only yours is interesting so far, is nicely written, it's not too slow or too pushed, and characters aren't flat.

It's a very good plot with porn.
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rainbro dash

Same here. I don't usually post here, but your story is really, really nice to read. It's one of the good ones coming from here, and I really hope you keep writing a lot more of it!
>page 10
> You wake up in the morning and rub your eyes as the small shaft of sunlight that spills past the curtains falls directly onto them
> There's ash piled up on a tray next to the bed
> Fuck, how much did you and Dash smoke last night?
> Speaking of Dash, she's rolled over in her sleep and is laying across your chest, a line of drool running from her open mouth to your shirt, which now has a small wet patch on it
> Great, you think to yourself, That'll look and smell wonderful today.
> You gently roll Dash off you, and she mumbles something before grabbing a pillow, staying fast asleep
> You hop up and turn off the stereo, which has apparently been playing all night, and strip off your damp shirt, hanging it on a chair
> There's noise coming from downstairs, so you open the door and head down, poking your head around the corner
> "Oh, mornin' Anon!" Scoot says, smiling
> She's standing by the stove, adding pancakes to a large stack
> You restrain yourself from salivating
> "Want some breakfast? Figured you two might be hungry since you didn't come down last night"
> She doesn't comment on your lack of shirt, but does stare for a moment before snapping to
> You nod dumbly and walk over, and she drops three pancakes onto a plate for you
> The table's too far, so you sit down at the kitchen counter and dig in, pouring syrup over them and biting down
> So god damn fluffy, it's like biting a cloud. A warm, delicious, syrupy cloud.
"Scootaloo I could kiss you these are fucking amazing"
> You manage to say between bites as you shovel them down
> Where the hell did she learn to make pancakes like this?
Bump for plowin' Rainbow while Scoots secretly watches!
>Not plowing Rainbow and Scoots at the same time
Come on man, use your imagination.
oh no
its happening

theyre slowly transforming into housewives
Shit, where's the sports emergency stash?
Bumping for this
> It's only after you finish the last one that you notice her standing right up next to you
> "Well?" she asks, a wicked smirk on her face
> Oh that's unfair!
> Still, you're a gentleman, and would never keep a lady waiting
> You lean over a give her a quick kiss, grinning like an idiot
> "Want more?" she asks, winking, and you sit and stare for a moment
> "Pancakes you dolt" Scootaloo laughs, rapping the top of your head gently with a fist
"Oh. Right. Yes. Please."
> She shakes her head and sighs, dropping another two onto your plate and flipping the one in the pan
> You start eating when you hear a loud thud from the top of the stairs, followed by a slow, moaning "ooooooooooww..."
> Rainbow comes down the stairs, looking bedraggled and exhausted, plopping into a chair beside you
> One of the straps on her top has fallen down and her hair has exploded outward like it's the 80's
> "Mornin' Anon, Mornin' Scoot. What's on the menu today?" she asks drowsily
> "Pancakes!"
> Seems that Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash are polar opposites in the morning
> Rainbow grabs a plate and starts eating slowly, pausing for a moment to look you over
> "What happened to your shirt man?" she asks after a while, and you try not to sigh
"You drool in your sleep"
> "Oh" she says blankly, before returning to her pancakes "Sorry"
> Scootaloo looks questioningly at you, but you just wave an I'll-tell-you-later to her and she shrugs, grabbing her own food and wolfing it down
> You finish off your plate and lean back, belly full of delicious pancake
"Careful Dash, if Scoot can cook like this every day, I might just steal her from you"
> You intend it as a joke, but both Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash look at you with what looks like surprise
> Rainbow looks back over to Scoot, swallows her mouthful, then says "Well kid, looks like you got the invitation you wanted"
> What?
> Scootaloo grins, "I ashked Rainbow if I could come shtay with you shometime" she says through a mouthful
> She finishes it off before continuing, looking a little ashamed "But she said it wasn't nice to invite myself over to other peoples' houses"
> Oh.
"Well like I said, I'm happy to keep an eye on you whenever. Don't want you out in the snow like the other day, huh?"
> You and Dash share a look, and Scootaloo looks away, blushing
> "I don't know how you do it man, but she's never this close with ANYONE. Even I can't convince her to cook willingly"
> She gives you a stare, which is uncomfortable to say the least "Hey, Anon, can I talk to you for a moment?"
> You nod, and Scoots hops up, dumping her plate in the sink and heading off upstairs to her room
> Dash sighs loudly, "Okay, you can't be that dense. Scoot has a crush on you doesn't she?"
> There's a touch of frustration in her voice, but you try to play it cool
"I don't know why, I really haven't done that much for her"
> She continues to stare
> "You're a terrible liar, but I won't pry. That kid does what she wants, and I won't judge her, I mean, look at me, I'm a slob who spends her free time getting stoned"
> That last part sounds almost bitter, and you try to think of something to say to calm her down
> "Ah forget it. Just don't break the kid, alright? If you're into that stuff, I don't care, but if she gets hurt... well, then I care. A lot."
> The cracking of knuckles under the counter is loud through the quiet room
> You can't help but wonder what kind of upbringing she had to say these kind of things to you, but you just nod dumbly in response
so dash knows and/or accepts?
gotta admit, my boner is kinda disappointed
> Just don't break the kid...
Seriously!? She's actually cool with this? Damn!
> Better to keep the peace, right? Besides, you have a feeling she wouldn't be nearly as comfortable with it as she lets on if she knew what actually happened
> "Of course, I don't think you'll actually do anything, that'd be a bit weird honestly, especially since..." she trails off, pausing for a moment and looking grim
> It's only for a second though, then her face softens and she grins broadly at you "Besides, if she wants you she'll just go for it. I should know, I practically raised her"
> She reaches forward and flicks your abs. You hate to brag, but plenty of farm work has left you with a pretty well toned body
> "Not that I would be interested, of course. Definitely not. At all. Ever."
> You would believe her if she could tear her eyes away from your torso for more than half a second, as it stands her attempt at hiding it was just making her go red
> Permitting yourself a smirk, you excuse yourself and head back up to Rainbow's room to grab your shirt
> It's pretty much dry, so you pull it on and grab your stuff, heading down stairs
> Scootaloo has rejoined you, and she and Rainbow are actually getting some cleaning done
"Alright, I better head off. Thanks for letting me crash here Rainbow"
> "No problem dude, thanks for bein' awesome" she responds, grinning
> Scootaloo runs over and wraps her arms around your waist "Seeya Anon! Come over again sometime, yeah?"
> You ruffle her hair and step out the door
"We'll see, kid"

> Captcha is Pancakes
>"Of course, I don't think you'll actually do anything, that'd be a bit weird honestly, especially since..." she trails off, pausing for a moment and looking grim

and boner is excited again
I just forgot that it's a sequel with older sister to be pleased. Jesus. I love your characterisations.

This. Dubs of truth.

I wish more new writefags would be able to write like you. *tips Stetson*
Bed time bump
>thanks for bein' awesome
Rainbro Dosh is best bro.
Now, fuck!
He gotta get her outta the house and outta her slump.
> It's around midday when you get home, and you're pretty tired
> After stepping inside and throwing your keys and wallet on the counter, you immediately head to the shower to clean up
> No good smelling like pot all day, and you don't really want to stink up your house
> You blast the hot water and step underneath the shower head, soaking up the steam
> Rainbro is actually pretty cool, and she seems pretty chill about letting Scootaloo do what she wants
> You still wouldn't dare tell her what happened
> That shit stays private
> You're just starting to step out of the shower when your phone buzzes at you
> Something something no rest for the wicked
> Pick it up, new text from an unknown number
> UNKNNOWN: 'Is this Anon?'
> Who the...?
> You text back 'Yes? Who's this?' then get dried off and dressed, taking a look in the mirror
> The phone buzzes again, and you glare at it in frustration before softening at the response
> UNKNOWN: 'It's Applebloom, I got your note :)'
> Right, that makes sense. You're silently glad that Big Mac or Applejack didn't find it first
> You add her to your contacts, then shoot back 'Awesome, What's up kid?'
> AB: 'Not much, Applejack's out for the afternoon and Granny's asleep, so I'm bored'
> There's a picture attatched of Applebloom sprawled out across her bed
> Her hair's a mess and it looks like she's just woken up, mostly due to the fact she's still wearing pyjamas
> 'Well, what are you gonna do then?' You text back, saving the photo somewhere on your phone. You'll move it elsewhere later
> Wait, what was that?
> You open your gallery to the camera roll, and try not to freak out
> Seems sometime while you were getting blazed out of your mind, Rainbro took some photos for you
> She's kneeling on the bed, shirt off and winking at the camera
> You have to admit, Dash is actually really fucking hot
> The picture is taken really well too, putting shadows in all the right places
> Boner chooses this moment to deploy, and who are you to deny?
> You decide that this photo is best kept somewhere that isn't your phone, so you wander down the hall to your room and jam it into your computer
> Navigating to where you put the three girls' photos the other day, you add Dash to the collection
> Some people might call it creepy that you have all these nudes of girls you know, but you don't care, it's fucking hot
> Boner continues assaulting your pants, and you have to try and calm yourself
> Phone buzzes, it's Applebloom again
> AB: 'Dunno, maybe I'll go visit Sweetie'
> It takes you a minute to remember what you were talking about, but you get it eventually
> 'Cool. I'm gonna go take a shower. Again. Talk soon.'
> You figure that should stop her for a while
> Stretching, you stand and head back down to the kitchen
> Sundays are great, you don't have to worry about shit
> You grab a drink and sit at the counter, whiling away the hours and watching TV

> It's about 8 or 9 when you wake up. Must've dozed off at the kitchen bench watching something
> The unmistakeable sound of your phone vibrating violently against your desk echoes down the hall
> You grumble and stand, wandering down the hall to pick it up
> You get there just before it stops ringing and hit the answer button, not even checking who's calling before clicking it onto speaker
> You mumble loudly, still slightly groggy from your nap
> "Uh, Hi Anon" an accent calls down the phone
"Hi Applejack, what's up?"
> Feels like grains of sand are in your eyes, and you rub them, plopping down into your desk chair
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712 KB, 320x240
Now is DEFINITELY the time to panic.
No need to panic. NO NEED.
File: 130856000524.gif (27 KB, 225x219) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>writefag is kill
>no need to panic
File: 1446186268476.gif (127 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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shh. I'm busy not panicking
File: 1404557485978.png (772 KB, 700x810) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>> Seems sometime while you were getting blazed out of your mind, Rainbro took some photos for you
>> She's kneeling on the bed, shirt off and winking at the camera
Don't worry dudes, not kill, just rebuilding my backlog
I jumped ahead a bit to post for you so I want to get to my 100 lines ahead again
File: 1445259055089.png (266 KB, 829x964) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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writefag isn't kill!
File: 619660.png (224 KB, 1073x947) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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God speed Strayanon
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kept you waiting.gif
674 KB, 500x208
> "So ah just wanted to apologise for yesterday evenin'. Ah know ah shouldn't've been that wasted and ah really hope ya don't think badly of me for it"
> You barely manage to separate each word from the next as she blasts them out one after the other
"Really AJ, it's fine. You would've done the same had it been me. You alright though? You sound nervous as hell"
> It's pretty obvious she's worked up over something, AJ couldn't hide an emotion if it was painted brown and taped inside her hat
> She lets out an audible sigh down the phone line
> "Ah was just worried what you might think o' me after seein' me like that" AJ says slowly, clearly relieved
"Pshh, nothing to fret over. What time do you need me at work tomorrow?"
> Applejack cheers up quickly at the mention of work, taking her mind off her drunken behaviour
> "7 O'clock sharp! Ah need some new barrels made, and the last batch you made worked a treat"
> You frown at this, that doesn't make sense
"If they worked fine, why do you need more? Just prep the old ones for the next batch"
> "We've got more apples through this season, so Granny wants us to double up our Cider before Cider season starts"
> Ah, that makes sense, but it would mean a ton of work on your part
"Alright, I'll see you tomorrow AJ"
> You go to hang up, but stop when AJ yells "Wait a sec Anon!"
> You can practically hear the red on her cheeks through the phone line
> "Uh, that is, ah heard you went out with Rainbow after droppin' me off" she slowly says, pausing every now and then
"Yeah, we had a few drinks and I crashed at her place"
> "That is, uh, y'all didn't... yanno..." Applejack just sounds flustered at this point, clearly uncomfortable with the conversation she started
"What? Hahaha, No!"
> You laugh and Applejack lets out a nervous chuckle
> "Hehe, yeah, 'course, sorry ah just worry about that girl sometimes. Nearly never hangs out with guys her own age"
> Interesting, but you figure there's a reason for everything
> "Anyway, ah gotta get goin', seeya tomorrow Anon!" she says, and hangs up before you can say anything else
> Oh Applejack, you get freaked out over the smallest things
> You wake up refreshed the next morning, having finally managed a good night's sleep
> Jamming yourself into the shower, you have a quick rinse before stepping out and getting dressed for work
> Your bowl of cereal for breakfast makes you miss Scoots' pancakes, and you down it with a mug of coffee before running out the door
> You don't think you've been this cheerful in the morning in years
> It's weird, you don't like it
> You pull into the farm at a quarter to 7, hopping out of the ute and stretching
> "Mornin'"
> You nearly shit yourself as Mac greets you, having wandered up behind you while you were stretching
> He may be huge, but he's like a giant ninja. A giant red ninja that could crush your larynx if he was so inclined
> You remember that fact and put on your cool face, turning to greet him
> Mac's muscles ripple under his shirt and he glares at you a moment, before trudging off to the orchard
> It was only a moment, but you understand exactly what was intended by that glare
> 'You touch her, you die'
> You're very glad Big Mac tends not to be viole--
> There's a loud crunch, and you see him tearing the branches off a dead tree with his bare hands
> Well then. You take back what you were about to say, and wander off toward the shed you normally work in.
>> 'You touch her, you die'
Does this mean that I can touch you?
> Applejack is waiting for you as you approach, leaning against the doorframe smirking at you
> "Y'all right Anon? Mac didn't scare ya again did he?" she asks, and her smirk grows into a small grin
"Yeah, Ha ha. Let's get to work, before he breaks my arms and I can't"
> She snorts and steps inside, motioning for you to follow
> There's a stack of already made staves laying in one corner and a pallet of sheet metal in the other
"Alright, so how big do you need the hoops?"
> "Same as the last batch, 50 ought to do it for today" AJ says, tossing you some gloves
> You step over and fire up the furnace, opening the large windows that dominate the side walls of the shed
> Pretty grateful for them, it'd be a million degrees in here if they weren't there
"Fair enough. I'll get to work, see you at lunchtime, yeah?"
> She smiles and nods, walking back out the door "I'll make somethin' nice for ya"
> You watch her hips as she heads off toward the house
> God damn you know exactly how Rainbro feels
> You shake your head and get to work, the hoops aren't gonna make themselves after all

> It's about 1 O'clock, and the heat in the room has long since built up past the point the windows can clear it out
> Doesn't help that it's boiling outside
> You stop to see how you're doing, and are pretty happy with what you see
> Only a few more hoops to go
> To be fair, hammer welding and circularising a hoop takes a lot less time than beating out a horseshoe
> You go to grab another piece of metal when you hear a cough from the door
> Applejack's leaning against it again, watching as you work
"How long have you been staring, exactly?"
> You figure it's a reasonable question, you haven't been slacking off, but you haven't even noticed her up until this point
> You've been too absorbed in your work to notice much else
> "Long enough. Y'all were pretty absorbed in your work, ah couldn't bear to stop ya" she says, eyeing you up
> You chuckle and walk over, grabbing a towel from the wall and wiping off the thin sheen of sweat that's built up on your body
"Lunch time?"
> She heads off toward the main house "Sure is, come on stud"
> Did she just call you...?
> Probably meant nothing by it, you ignore the remark and follow her toward the house, pulling your shirt back over your head
> You spot Applebloom waving at the pair of you from the window, and you give a wave and a smile back
> Applejack steps inside, and you follow her in, letting their dog run inside before shutting the door
> "Hiyya Anon! Ah've been helpin' make lunch!" Applebloom says proudly, bouncing over to you and grinning
> You drop a hand onto her head to ruffle her hair and smile back
"Awesome, what'd you make kid?"
> "Pie!" she says, and hops up to the table, offering you a seat next to her
> Applejack raises an eyebrow, but says nothing, pulling up her own seat on the other side of you
> "So Anon, what've ya been doin' today?" Applebloom asks, leaning back to let a plate be put in front of her
> Granny walks around the table serving everyone
> She likes you so you get an extra piece of pie, and a wink
"Not much kid, just making barrel hoops. Metal don't hammer itself after all"
> She beams at you "Can ah come watch? Ah'll stay outta yer way an everythin'!"
> You glance over at AJ, and she shakes her head
> Applebloom hadn't been allowed in that shed since she almost burned it down with her friends a few months back
"Sorry AB, you know the rules"
> She looks crestfallen, but nods "Awww, alright, ah'll find somethin' else to do"
> To be fair, you're kinda glad she isn't going to be in there watching you
> You have a feeling it wouldn't end well if she was
> "Well, ah finished my work out in the orchard for the day, so ah'll be in there with ya sortin' out gettin' the first few barrels goin'"
> Applejack smiles at you
> She's always had a thing for being able to alongside you on whatever it is you're doing around the farm
> At least there's some security in that, knowing you probably won't lose your job if she was so keen to work with you
"Sure, it'll be nice to have some company in there anyway"
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gonna get juicy. keep up God's work, writefriend
> Be School Nurse Anon, on the way home after a long day of wiping runny noses busting students trying to feign illness
> Long hours of listening to their heart beats, close enough to smell them, touching their skin
> God I love winter
> See Scoot, AB, and SB on the sidewalk in the middle of a blizzard
> My heart skips a beat at the chance of a lifetime
> I run my tongue over the layer of grime upon my upper teeth, adjust my combover, wipe the beads of sweat from my brow, as I slowly pull up to them
“You girls need a ride?”
> I say it as friendly as I can, but I can see in their eyes the immediate fear and revulsion at the very thought of interacting with creepy old Mr Anon
> My groin quivers with their disdain
> Its obvious, they don’t want to get in the van but they know they don’t have a choice if they want to get home, they smile faintly as they submit
> AB and Scootaloo quickly seize what little space in the back isn’t packed with my possessions, forcing Sweetie Belle up front with me
> “My favorite!” I think as she reluctantly straps herself into the seat
> I start down the snowy road, unable to keep from licking my lips
> Shortly after starting off Sweetie Belle very meekly says, “Thank you for driving us home Mr Anon.”
> A sudden rush of blood engorged my flaccid rod to a painful level of stiffness
“It’s no problem at all Sweetie,” I grinned happily, “I’m just glad I got to you before some sicko.”
> They all laughed awkwardly, “Y-yeah.”
> Things were uncomfortably silent for several minutes
> I could smell their breath slowly filling the van, here their bodies writhing uncomfortably under their damp clothes
> I had to say something before I lost control of myself and blurted out thew first thing that came to mind
“So I hear you girls have been trying to get your periods.”
> Almost at once I heard their breathing grind to a halt, the air seemed to chill slightly
> None of them responded, each diligently avoiding my gaze
> The van was utterly silent, their palpable disdain pushing me over the edge
> If things didn’t get back to a normal level my pants would soon fill with liquid joy
“You girls shouldn’t try n grow up too fast now,”
> My eyes glazed over as my thoughts became a haze of panties, bloomers, and swimsuits
“You’re perfect just the way you are.”
> I could feel a warm damp ooze slowly soaking into the front of pants, forming a visible wet spot
> I looked down hazily at the stain on my pants, and then over to Sweetie Belle
> I caught her staring in horror at the very same stain, she looked up at me and our eyes locked for a moment, her expression seemed to swell with terror, and I crude smile cracked across my face
> Almost immediately her head snapped the other direction, fixing her gaze beyond the window, but it was too late
> She had “Seen” me, and in that moment I knew, she was the one
> I sped the car up a little and began to chew on my bottom lip in anticipation
> We reached Applebloom’s house first, she gave a half-hearted “Thanks,” before bounding off into the snow
> Scootaloo didn’t even pretend to be greatful, only saying goodbye to Sweetie Belle before running home
> At last Sweetie Belle and I were alone, beads of sweat began to run down my face
> Every few seconds I found myself looking at her out of the corner of my eye
> Finally I broke the silence
“Hey, Sweetie, that was really nice of you not to embarrass me in front of your friends.”
> “Uh,” She said uncomfortably, “D-don’t mention it?”
“You’re a very kind person Sweetie Belle.”
> “No really,” She insisted scooting as far away as her chair would allow, “I’d prefer if we didn’t talk about it, at all, please.”
> I panted heavily, beads of sweat rolling endlessly down my neck
“Such kindness, needs to be rewarded.”
> I began to reach across, slowly penetrating her space with my meaty arm
> She recoiled in terror as I sputtered breathlessly
“I have a special treat for girls like you to suck on!”
> “No!” She cried out as I opened the glovebox exposing my hidden stash of lollipops, warheads, and taffy.
“You can help yourself, as much as you’d like, within reason.”
> She looked from the candy to me with confusion and asked, “R-really?”
“Yeah, I have a sphincter disorder that causes random seminal discharge in stuffy environments, all the people packed in the car triggered an incident. It’s really embarassing so I’m grateful that you pretended not to notice.”
> Sweetie Belle perked up happily, “Oh, okay then, and it’s no trouble at all.”
> I dropped her off at Rarity’s house, watching happily as she bounded across the snow, I stepped out into the snow to see her off and waved to her one last time as she went inside
> Then I threw a grenade at her house and masturbated on the ashes
Shakespeare would be jealous.
What have you done with my sides, Anon?
>applejack wants anon
>keep chuckling at the fact that applebloom got fucked by him before applejack
>beat by the younger sister
Inb4 Anon calls out Applebloom's name by mistake while he's fucking Applejack.
page 9 bump
Did Granny Smith wink at him?
>“Yeah, I have a sphincter disorder that causes random seminal discharge in stuffy environments, all the people packed in the car triggered an incident. It’s really embarrassing so I’m grateful that you pretended not to notice.”
Sure. Let's go with that.
Granny just wants loadsa grandkids, anon.

She don't give a shit about who gives them to her.
Holy shit, you fucks are still live? I never finished reading the first thread. Guess I may as well go back and catch up.
Worth the read. highly recomend
> You turn your focus to the food in front of you, and munch away, eating quickly so you can get back out and back to work ASAP
> The conversation rolls around you, and you go as far as answering when someone talks to you directly, but no further
> About 20 minutes later, lunch ends, and you stand and head toward the door
"Thanks Applebloom, that pie was awesome. You comin' AJ?"
> She nods, smiling "Sure thing Anon, ah'll be out in a second"
> You leave it at that and wander out toward the shed once more, ready to finish off the last of your work
> The wave of heat that hits you as you walk back inside has you stripping your shirt off once more
> You knuckle down and get back into it, pushing another strip of metal into the fire
> 10 minutes later the door swings open again and Applejack enters
> "Hey Sugarcube, just let me know if ahm in yer way, alright?" she says, waving
> You just nod, and she walks over to start pulling staves from the pallet
> "So Anon, ah just wanted to say thanks again for the other night" Applejack says quietly
"Really AJ, it's fine. I really don't mind"
> Why was she still going on about it? You don't think she's ever been this hung up on getting drunk before
> "Ah just feel like ah owe you an apology for it 'sall"
> You take a breather for a moment, then walk over toward her, sitting yourself down on a pallet and motioning for her to join you
> When she sits down, you take a deep breath and ask
"What's on your mind AJ? You've been really caught up in this whole thing and it's had you worked up all day today. You okay?"
> She shakes her head, smiling "Ah can't hide nothin' from ya, can I Anon?"
"Well you're a terrible liar, so no, not really"
> Smiling, she leans against you "Ah just don't want y'all to have a bad impression of me is all"
"Really? That it?"
> The smile turns to a frown "Well, uh, maybe. Look, why don't we talk about this when we're done for the day? Ah'll let ya into the brewing shed and we can chat"
> You nod. If she's got stuff on her mind, you want to be able to help
> AJ's been a good friend to you ever since you moved here
> You get up and help her to her feet, but before you can go to start working again, she pulls you into a hug
> "Thanks though, Anon. Ah appreciate you lookin' out fer me"
> You're taken by surprise by the sudden gesture, but accept it none the less
"No problem dude. Come on, let's get these barrels done"

> It takes you the rest of the afternoon to finish work, but you get it done, and set about cleaning up your tools
> Applejack yells that she's going to clean up as she heads out
> The room finally starts reaching a reasonable temperature, and you dry yourself off, walking out to your ute
> It's good you expected the heat, because you brought a spare shirt
> You pull it over your head and feel miles better, stretching
> Another day's work complete
> Applejack comes back out and waves, having gotten changed herself
> "So uh, did you wanna... yanno... head out?" she asks, rubbing the back of her head nervously
"Look, if it's gonna be a bother for you, you don't have to talk to me, I'm just concerned about you man"
> Her eyes widen "No! Uh, ah mean, no, ah wanna chat. Ah'm just nervous is all"
"I noticed, come on, I'll drive"
> You put on a smile and pop the passenger door for her, climbing in the other side
> "Alright, let's do this"
> You start the car and turn around, heading out the gate and off down the road
> You spot Big Mac in the orchard as you leave, and he definitely spots you
> Let's hope he doesn't get the wrong idea
> For your sake
> You drive in silence the whole way
> Applejack finds something interesting to look at out the window every time you look over
> It's really fucking uncomfortable, but before long you're staring at the old barn
> "Ah'll go open 'er up, you wanna park under the shelter in case it rains?"
> You nod, and she hops out, leaving you to pull up around the corner
> The small door is open when you come back around, and you step inside the cool shed
"Yo AJ, you got the lights dude? Can't see a damn thing"
> There's a grunt from above you "Just a second, the damn switch's jammed"
> In the gloom you manage to spot a ladder, and Applejack on a ledge above the door fliddling with a power box
"Be careful, aaight? Don't want you hurting yourself"
> "Honestly Anon ah'll be fine, how many times d'ya think ah've done this?"
> There's a sound like scraping metal, and the lights lining the shed spring to life, illuminating the stacks of barrels on either side with a dusty glow
> "See? Piece a cake!" AJ calls, jumping down
> It's not a long drop by any means, but you still flinch forward a little as she jumps
> "C'mon, let's get comfortable" she says, walking over and pulling up a bench near the middle of the room
> The further in you go, the stronger the smell of brewing cider is, and you can't help but feel comfortable in the dusty room smelling like apple booze
> You flop down onto the bench next to her, and she passes you a bottle
"Drinks? At this hour?"
> She hesitates, and looks at you with a puzzled expression
"I'm not complaining, I'm impressed"
> You chuckle loudly and take the bottle, cracking it open
"Cheers man"
> "Cheers"
> You and Applejack get started on the drinks, and you lean back, enjoying the relaxing atmosphere
>inb4 they both get hammered
>inb4 applejack says I like you you can come over and fuck my sister
>inb4 anon says he already did
File: Hartman.jpg (230 KB, 788x591) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Holy shit why did I not fucking think of this
I love you
"So, tell me what's going on man, you've been driving yourself nuts"
> No point beating around the bush, you need to get this girl to talk
> She stays silent, instead chugging on the bottle until it's empty
> That can't be healthy, this shit's pure Apple jack
> After finishing the bottle, she turns to face you, a frustrated expression on her face
> "Anon, whatever ah tell ya here, ah don't want you tellin' NOBODY, ya hear me? Not a single one"
> What the hell's been bugging her so badly that she's that desperate to keep it a secret?
"You know me man, I won't tell a soul if you tell me not to"
> You take a swig from your own bottle, the strong, bitter spirit burning your throat
> She sighs, tossing her own aside and leaning on her elbows
> "Well, you know how protective Big Mac is, yeah?"
> You nod, having witnessed it first hand today
> "Ah feel like ah can't get close to nobody because they're all too dang scared of him"
> Oh, that's what this is about?
"Have you tried talking to him about it?"
> She nods sadly "Ah have. He says it's for mah own good, but even if ah told him ah wanted to see someone, he'd never have it!"
> You frown at that, even for her brother, that seems more than just a little overprotective
"Yeah, he's been giving me death glares all day today"
> Applejack's head snaps up "What? Did he say anythin'?!"
"No, no, just glaring and general I'll-break-your-spine stuff"
> She relaxes again, leaning up against you
"So is that what's been eating you up? Your brother being super overbearing?"
> You mean it jokingly, but she shoots you a look that says it was taken all but
> "That's not... everything..." she says, trailing off "But ah'm not sure ah wanna talk about that just yet. Let's just relax a while"
> Fair enough, you won't object
> You sit on the bench, the cool, dusty shed atmosphere making you drowsy as you drink
> A light rain starts outside. Just a drizzle, but the sound of it on the roof only adds to the comfy environment
> "So how're ya feelin' about work at the moment?" Applejack asks, turning an ear to listen to the rain
"It's not bad, keeps me in shape at least"
> You chuckle and Applejack makes a show of looking you up and down "Ah'll say!"
> Both of you have a laugh, and you put your own bottle down
"Well if you say so. You're in pretty good shape yourself"
> She blushes "Uh... buh... yeah ah guess"
> It's fucking adorable that she's so flustered, and you can't help but want to push her buttons a bit more
"And what a fine shape it is! Do you work out after work? Or do you just look like that naturally?"
> Her jaw hits the floor and she goes a perfect cherry red
> You've managed to render her completely speechless
> A second later she clears her throat and looks away "Now Anon, ya can't go sayin' stuff like that, you'll give a girl ideas"
"Oh? What kind of ideas?"
> She shifts uncomfortably "Well, uh... Ah'm gonna go get another drink!"
"Hold on a sec!"
> You put a hand on her arm as she goes to stand, but having had most of a bottle of almost pure apple spirit, you're not exactly seeing straight forward
> She twists under your arm, and starts to tumble back, pulling you down with her
> "What the- Oh shit!" she yells, flailing and hitting the ground with a loud 'oof!'
> You're wrenched forward out of the seat and fall on your face, catching her knee in your gut
> Winded and disoriented, you roll onto your side, trying not to puke in your mouth
> Applejack scrabbles to her feet "Oh shit sugarcube you okay? Anon?!"
> She's freaking out as you groan on the floor
"Ooooow fuck"
> You manage to wheeze out before finally managing to catch your breath, swallowing a small amount of bile that had made it's way to your mouth
> AJ kneels down and rolls you onto your back, pulling up your shirt
"I'm alright, I'm okay, I'm... okay I'm not alright"
> You try to put on a strong face, but that knee to your gut really fucking hurt
> You open your eyes at last, looking up at Applejack
> "Lemme take a look at you hun" she says, checking over where she hit you
> Her hands run gently over your torso, and you can already feel warmth spreading where you're sure there's gonna be a bruise
"Really, AJ, I'll be alright in a bit, just let me rest a moment. You have a really solid knee"
> She sighs, "Well, if ya can make cracks like that, I'm sure you'll be alright, but you're gonna stay layin' there until ah say, got it?"
> You mock salute her, which is really awkward from your position on the floor
"Yes sir!"
> Applejack just smiles "That's ma'am to you hun"
> She packs up the crate of drinks, then walks back over and checks on you again
"Care to join me? The floor's nice and cool, and I'm not going anywhere"
> She smirks and raises an eyebrow "With an invitation like that, how could ah resist?", she then slides down beside you, getting comfortable
> The sun's starting to become orange outside, and the sound of the light rain keeps a steady beat on the roof
> It's really comfortable, and right now you feel relaxed, despite the soreness
> Hell, you barely even notice it now
has spoken

> A light rain starts outside. Just a drizzle, but the sound of it on the roof only adds to the comfy environment
It's just his realm, his turn-on thing.

>All this time Anon calls her man/sir/mang/dude
>She says to call her ma'am
We all know how will it end, and we all eagerly await.
Gimme the Aj pussy b0ss.
Very good
No! No AJ pussy! No! Bad!
Let's have something unexpected, instead. Like Rainbro Dosh fucking Applejack, Yeah. Howabout that? AJ confesses to Anon that she's gay for RD. Then, Anon gets them together and they, RD and AJ, that is, go out on a date, then fuck, with Anon, maybe watching, maybe joining.
Isn't it?
Rainbro and Applejack are scissoring while Anon's dick is between them.
But not after some massive drama first.
Personally though, I prefer seeing some CMC/Anon tag-teaming action going on. But, you know, whatever writefriend choses. I am sure, he's got something awesome in store for us soon enough.
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[Metal Noise].png
35 KB, 1077x803
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File: 1441921245482.jpg (46 KB, 381x561) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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fucking this please
File: 1446172551946.jpg (157 KB, 900x692) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please do this. Or at least make a non canon side story.
>implying it won't be a Haram of the mane six and the cmc by the time it's finished
Okay. Let's go with that.
more please
we can only hope
how2ruin a story

noncanon side chapter
Just a thought.
>page 10
Actually sitting here thinking of where I can jam that "Come over to my house and fuck my sister!" line into the story.
But I have to now, no choice, it's too perfect.
Private Joker.
I like you.
please come back
Oh God. How could that possibly end well?
You're welcome it was my pleasure
Jesus Christ how horrifying
Maybe Big Mac says it.
Strayanon senpai notice me,
Bring green.
And then you end up fucking applebloom, Mac find you two doing it then, with a blank face, says "ah meant th' other one, dipshit"
> Something drips against your head, waking you rudely from your slumber
> You look around, and realise you're still in the barn with AJ
> Must've dozed off at some point, you guess
> Seems you were woken by a stray droplet from a hole in the ceiling
> The pain in your stomach has subsided, and you can only assume there's a nice bruise to show for it. If not, you're secretly Superman, and that's awesome
> There's a thin blanket pulled over you, and you recognise it as the one you usually keep in your car
> Did Applejack go and grab it?
> Speaking of, you start to wonder where she is before you notice the warmth against your side, and pull away the blanket enough to see what it is
> Applejack is fast asleep, pressed up against your side with a hand up on your chest
> She's wrapped herself around one of your arms, with her head resting just below your shoulder
> She actually looks really cute like this, and you smile to yourself as you lay back
> Applejack stirs the moment you move, but doesn't wake up
> "Nnnnn... Anon..." she mumbles, squeezing your arm with her legs
> Is she dreaming about you? Seriously?
> You opt for the not waking her up option and instead decide to see if she says anything else
> Her face is flushed, but she doesn't really say anything for the next few minutes, until you hear "j's jam 't in... mnnn"
> Okay, what is she dreaming about? You gently shake her awake, and her eyes slowly open, locking onto yours
> "Huh? Anon? Where are... oh" she says, looking about
> Did she fall asleep accidentally too?
> "Ah was just dreamin' about you" she says, a smile coming to her face
"Really? What kind of dream? Hope it was a good one."
> You gulp, this could go one of two ways, and right now you're not sure which is better
> Applejack's smile turns to a smirk "Well... Ah'll tell you soon. Probably"
> No fair!
"Aww, come on, what's the harm in telling me?"
> In an instant, her face is millimeters from your own, and you feel her warm breath tickling your lips as she stares into your eyes
> You stay like that for a moment, just staring at eachother
"Uh... A-AJ?"
> "It was a dream, aaight? No need to get... worked up" she breathes, just loud enough for you to hear
> Another gulp, you can feel her pressed right against you, and her proximity to you is starting to really have an effect
"Well, uh, I... uh..."
> You can't even words
> This kind of situation isn't meant to happen in real life! It's meant to be exclusively in video games and movies and greentext and shit!
> "Oh screw it" she says, and presses herself down, kissing you
> Well okay then. This isn't exactly what you had in mind when you left, but you can roll with it!

Got a party to go to, will dump sometime tomorrow
<3 all, keep thread alive plz
File: 1445397600047.jpg (86 KB, 500x551) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
86 KB, 500x551
>> Her face is flushed, but she doesn't really say anything for the next few minutes, until you hear "j's jam 't in... mnnn"
>you want me to jam it in? ok
Im ready for some AJ lovin
No anon
AJ needs a good dicking
Time to plow that field!
File: wA8kLMR.jpg (166 KB, 600x982) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Dick demands moar
> "Oh screw it" she says, and presses herself down, kissing you

Those exact words are how I got a girlfriend.
Leave them out there like the stupid shits they are. Who the fuck wears a miniskirt in the middle of winter. Bitch you gonna learn today.

>Picture unrelated
Inb4 Applejack's pussy smells like lemons.
Captcha = Bananas
how I got an std
File: BritPone.png (281 KB, 957x834) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
281 KB, 957x834
Oh my. Rotten luck ol' chap. Better luck next time eh?
>British pony
>literally a fucking half caste
Are you trying to start shit?
If it keeps the thread alive till the Writer returns, then yes.
I don't know what half caste means, but that shit's fuckin' funny!
An insult for someone who's parents are of different races.
We Don talk like that ya fukkin cock garglin bumbder.
Clearly you don't. Allow me to translate and offer a rebuttal

Translation: Lol

Rebuttal: Oi mate, chill would'ja? Fuckin' 'ell.
Page 10 bump
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>Hi, Anon
>Wanna come sit with us?
No thanks, I can already hear the accusations.
>retarded robot inquiring as to the macrocephalic conditions of the subjects.png
>those stockings
Ayy mate I was jus jinglin yer bells there sun. I'm pukka. No worries
File: 1444288677179.jpg (82 KB, 853x445) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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how about you come sit on me.
File: 1395532608416.png (496 KB, 522x479) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 1446346078084.gif (180 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you know you want my hot monkey dick, my little fillies.
death nears
Strayanon said he was going to a party.
He must have had one Hell of a hangover.
File: Hungover.png (1 MB, 936x936) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 936x936
I was playing Rock Band and Crabs Adjust Humidity until 3 AM.

I drank most of a bottle of rum, and at least half a bottle of bourbon

I will post in an hour or so, just want to die for a bit

> Pic Related
Holy shit dude!
> You lean into the kiss, and after a few seconds, she breaks off, pulling back
> She stares at you, a deep blush on her cheeks, and you look back at her, smiling
"Well that was unexpected"
> You casually say, and her eyes widen sharply
> "Oh god Anon ah'm so sorry ah don't know what came over me ah just, you were there and ah was thinkin' about it and then ah was"
> You swing a hand up and press a finger over her lips
"Shhh. Now, just nod yes or no, okay? Is that what's been on your mind?"
> She looks confused for a second, then nods
"Alright, and you've been worried about it?"
> Nod
"Because you didn't know how I'd react?"
> She goes to say something, but quickly shuts her mouth again, nodding
> You give a smile, and sit upright before kicking yourself to your feet
> "Anon ah swear if ah upset you ah didn't mean to at all!" She blurts out, looking absolutely panicked
"Applejack, calm down alright? Seriously, do I look like that made me upset?"
> She slows down for a second, taking a deep breath "So..."
"So I'm not saying no, I was just surprised is all"
> You wander over to the door, looking out
> There's a rustling sound behind you, and you feel Applejack press herself up against you
> She's warm against the cool breeze blowing inside
> "Ah just didn't know how to say it, y'all a been nothin' but nice to me, even tolerated Big Mac's crap to keep me smilin' at work"
> Her arms wrap around your waist and you turn around to face her
> Applejack's cheecks are still red, and she looks away when you catch her eyes "Guess I went and grew feelin's for ya"
> You smile sadly, not sure exactly how to respond. Applejack's awesome, cute and sexy, but at the same time, she's your boss, and you really don't want to fuck things up at work
> Thankfully, her next line makes things easier "Look, ah know you can't return 'em, hell that's why it was so hard to say. We're a good team at work, yer my best friend, but ah'm still yer boss, and that's a major C.O.I"
> She looks sad, but doesn't move away "Still, bein' held like this... Ah just feel alright"
> The mood went quickly from 10 to 1, but the fact remains you're still holding onto AJ, and she isn't pulling away
"So what do you want to do then?"
> Applejack pauses and considers this, then smiles wickedly
> "Well, y'all never said no, did ya?"
> She looks up at you, inches from your face as you hold each other tightly "C'mere sug"
> Her lips meet yours again, and her arms wrap tighter around you, pulling you right in close
> The stepladder by the door makes a perfect seat, and you move down onto it, pulling her waist in to straddle you
> You only break the kiss for a brief moment to catch your breath before diving back in
> Applejack's arms finally find purchase around your shoulders, and she leans back a little "Anon... ah don't know if... ah... never mind!"
> She calls out the last part loudly as you move your mouth to her collarbone, which peeks through the loose fitting shirt she's wearing
> Gentle moans slip from her lips as you kiss along her neck, biting her gently
> Her hands move toward her shirt buttons, undoing the top few under your chin
> She holds onto you with her legs while she does this, and you can feel her pressed right against your now throbbing crotch
> You run your hands up her back, under her shirt, her soft skin warm to the touch
> Applejack puts her hands back around behind your head, not letting you pull back and keeping your mouth pressed firmly to her body
> Unable to pull away, you instead opt to move down, sliding your lips across her collar and down to the top of her chest, feeling her shake gently when you do
> Her skin has an almost perfect tan right over, and in the dusty shed light it practically glows
> She starts to rock back and forth, pushing herself up against you and panting lightly
> Your cock presses hard against your jeans, and Applejack lets out quiet moans as she feels it push against her
"AJ... You sure this is a good idea?"
> Christ even saying that was hard, this girl's body is amazing
> "N... Not at all" she replies, undoing the last of her shirt buttons
> She's wearing a pale orange bra with a striped pattern on it, which is barely enough to hold her flawless breasts in
> Applejack leans back slightly, then pulls you right up against her
> "We should... *pant* we should stop sug" she says, but doesn't stop grinding against your crotch
> It's hard for you too, and you honestly don't want to stop
> There's a whimpering sound from Applejack, and you feel a dampness against your crotch as she shudders in your arms
> She stares into your eyes for a moment, then pulls your head back into her chest, having stopped grinding
> "Sorry, ah just... nnh... ah never done that before" she breathes
> It's pretty clear what happened, though you're not sure exactly how
> Did she really just finish through her jeans?
> You just smile, trying to collect your thoughts as to how exactly this wound up happening
> Applejack lifts your chin, then plants a soft kiss on your lips
> "Ah'm sorry ah came onto you like that, ah just couldn't hold back" she says, blushing and turning away
> She climbs off you and turns around, but as you start to stand up and join her
> "Jus' wait a sec Sugarcube, ah wanna make it up to ya. After all, 's not fair if it's just me"
> She quickly turns back around and pushes you back into your seat on the stepladder
"AJ, really, you don't need to-"
> "Shush Anon, ah'm already blushin' ya don't need ta make it worse"
> Well alright then, you decide to just roll with it, and give a cheeky grin
"Sir yes sir"
> She smirks, undoing your fly and reaching in to grab your still rock-hard dick
> "That's Ma'am to you"
> Your senses are sent into overload as she pushes it up between her tits and brings the tip up into her mouth
> Her flawless chest rubs against your cock, still held in place by her bra
> You moan softly as Applejack's tongue starts to snake it's way across the tip of your shaft
> Your hands instinctively grab for her head, and she starts rubbing harder, using her hands to make the pleasure that much more intense
> Each time you moan, she just ups her game, squeezing with her boobs and pushing hard down on your shaft
> Just as you think you can't take it any more, she grins and lifts herself up, pulling your dick out from between her boobs
> She wraps a hand firmly around your shaft and starts rubbing quickly, then leans forward and puts the end back in her mouth, sucking gently
> "Ffffffuuuuck Applejack!" you moan, wrapping your fingers in her hair
> She stares straight at you, never dropping eye contact as she sucks down on your dick, pulling the whole thing into her mouth
> You can see her clenching a fist hard, and realise your dick is right at the back of her throat
> The fingers of her other hand run down into her pants, undoing the button and running to her crotch
> She starts fingering herself vigorously as she pushes down on you
> Applejack's tongue runs up and down your shaft, and you bite your lip trying not to cum early
> It doesn't work
> You blow your load, filling her mouth, and she swallows the whole lot
> Applejack rubs a few more times, squeezing out every last drop you have
> It's possibly the sexiest thing you've ever seen
> When it's clear there's no more to be had, she lets go, falling back and laying down with a satisfied look on her face
> You lean back on the ladder, completely spent
> Both of you stay there catching your breath, you especially
> Again, you're forced to accept that Applejack has one of the sexiest bodies you've seen
> You look down at her sprawled out on the ground, her chest hanging out of her unbuttoned shirt
> Her pants are half way down her hips, revealing matching underwear, complete with damp streaks
> She looks up and sees you staring, wiping her mouth and smiling at you "So what now, lover boy?"
> You're too exhausted to even reply, so you just shake your head, returning the smile
> Somehow you think you just recieved the best blowjob of your life
"Shit man, I don't even fucking know"
> You both laugh, and she rolls over onto her stomach, reaching into a pocket and pulling out her phone
> Oh man, this is too good an opportunity to miss
> You quickly pull out your own, snapping a photo before thrusting it unceremoniously back in your pocket
> Photo of DAT ASS acquired
> Rainbro would be so damn jealous
> "Oh shit! Anon it's like 8 O'clock!" Applejack yells, pulling herself to her feet as fast as possible
all dat green
all so quickly
> You're just about to ask why that's not a good thing when you hear something outside
> Sounds like a car
> Fuck
> You quickly step up the ladder and flick the switch to shut off the lights
> Applejack starts fixing her clothes, and you pull your pants up as fast as you can manage
> The door swings in, and a loud voice calls into the room "Applejack, you okay? We were st-"
> Mac's eyes meet Applejack's, then yours, and he steps inside
> "Now hold on Mac, ah can explain!" Applejack tries to interject, but with you and her in the state of dress you're in, there's no point
> He strides forward, right up in front of you, and you feel a sense of absolute dread
> Mac cracks his knuckles, pushing Applejack aside
> "Nope."
> The last thing you remember of that evening is Mac's fist rushing at full pelt toward your face

I wanted to give you guys something to make up for my getting wasted and not posting last night, so there's my post buffer, which I'll have to write up to again tonight ;)
Words cannot accurately express my rage.
I had a similar experience once with an absolutely amazing girl whose ENTIRE FAMILY, not just brother, were over protective.
She was fucking TERRIFIED, like panic attack terrified, of them finding out about me. Inevitably they did and her brother and I got into a really nasty fight. After that she just refused to be around me to "protect me". I wouldn't let it go and they all ended up moving away "for our own good".
This was years ago but it still sets me on fire. I wonder sometimes, if they ever relented or if she is still completely alone.

Overprotective family are twats.
File: DO NOT TOUCH.png (246 KB, 821x465) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
246 KB, 821x465
> You only break the kiss for a brief moment to catch your breath before diving back in

Fucking mouth breathers!
Wait. I just realized that Applejack is tecnically a virgin, because no penetrations, and she told she never did that before.

Applejack lost her virginity before Applejack. This is my new headcanon.

Hard mode: Big Mac is also a virgin.
You s-stopped :(
File: 1444533113846.gif (31 KB, 600x374) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
31 KB, 600x374
>Applejack lost her virginity before Applejack. This is my new headcanon.

god damn time traveling Applejack
losing her virginity before she lost her virginity
oh yeah she got fucking alright
NO! FUCK! I meant Apple Bloom! Fuck. Thanks for pointing it out.
I was wondering when he would show up.
stray you never have to apologize for getting shitfaced.

Where are you WriteFriend? :(
writefag is DED

Mac's a right shithead. Good way to lose your sisters respect right there.
What the

Weren't there more posts? Were posts deleted?
Damn son. I haven't read a horse greentext story in a while. Come to think of it...I haven't wrote one in a long while either. I actually like this one too. I think you've inspired me.
Tell y'all what. Instead of posting here and having dualing stories on the same thread, I can post my pastebin here and I'll start posting it there while giving you updates. It has some old clop fics I wrote a while ago too that you can check out. You know...if you want to.
I don't think it would be "dueling stories"
more green is ALWAYS welcome

...pastebin link please

I actually had a lot of fun with the sexi flexi story in there. It had a few issues here and there but it was a first time story after all.
File: 1396371298092.png (343 KB, 454x463) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You wrote for Blossomforth. That's rare enough that I'm willing to forgive a lot.
File: 1443416629146.png (244 KB, 667x1100) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
244 KB, 667x1100

here's a pic
Dolan got remove
Is sad day
More green soon
Once I finish writing this bit of shit
> Fuck, everything hurts
> Your head is killing you, and for whatever reason some fucknugget is shining a torch in your eyes
> You try to yell out to turn that shit off, but can't seem to make your lips work
> Just easier to fall asleep

Tonight's special includes a healthy serving of green, and I'm told our chef seasons it well
sir im doubting how australian you are, i have not seen the sentence "do a skid" or the word "uleh" yet

But in all seriousness, 'Straya, cunt.

> "Gotta say Applejack, whatever happened, this kid looks like he's been hit by a fucking bus"
> The nurse drops her cigarette butt into the ashtray, blowing another cloud of smoke into the room
> "Will he be alright?!" AJ practically pleads
> Mac had slogged him right in the face with his right arm
> Anon flew back a full 10 feet before cracking his head into the case of drinks they'd been sharing earlier
> There'd been blood all over his face, it was awful
> Mac had literally just left them there, and she'd had to take Anon's car and drive him to the hospital
> She had Twilight on the line the whole time, trying to calm down and get advice
> Probably would have been pulled over if there'd been any cops out
> When she arrived at the hospital, Anon had been rushed to emergency, and she hadn't seen him since
> "He took a beating, but he should be alright. But you're an adult, I have to be straight with you."
> The nurse lights up another cigarette, frowning sternly at her
> "He was knocked out cold, then rammed into the ground. Brain damage is fully possible."
> Applejack lets out a whimper, and sits back down in the chair
> "'s all mah fault..." she says, practically sobbing
> The nurse rolls her eyes "Hey, save it for when he wakes up, kid. We've got doctors, and they're busy fixing him up. They know what they're doing, hell, they used to patch up our footy team, so they're used to this shit"
File: Lil' Redheart.png (12 KB, 566x775) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lil' Redheart.png
12 KB, 566x775
this nurse
Pic related
> An older man wearing a white coat leans through the door "Redheart, we need some more hands, had a car accident come in, and all the other Surgicals are busy"
> She swears under her breath "Fine, I'll be there in a minute, not like I was doing anything anyway"
> Redheart turns and grabs Applejack's head, looking her dead on
> "Kid, I've seen people come in with miles worse than your boy and make a full recovery. Believe in that."
> She leaves, and Applejack heads back down to the patient waiting area
> There's a flurry of movement as she steps in, and Rainbow is the first to reach her
> "What'd they say? Is he gonna be alright? When are you gonna tell us what the HELL happened?!"
> Applejack just sits down and motions them all around
> "So, what DID happen? We know he was with you, but you didn't tell us how he wound up in surgery" Twilight says matter of factly, cocking her head
> "And Sweetie was so very worried about him, I said I'd come on her behalf given the hour, but she really does deserve to know"
> Rarity's passive aggressive way of saying she didn't actually want to come was pretty obvious
> "Alright, y'all better get round fer a story then"
> Applejack resigns herself to the fact that they won't be satisfied until they know, and prepares to tell them everything
> "So ah was at work with 'im, and we finished up..."

> The others sat in wrapt awe, shock on some faces, horror on others, surprise on Dash's
> "...so ah drove here as fast as ah could, an' Twilight called y'all over to take carea me, which was mighty sweet Twilight"
> Twilight smiles "Any time... but I have to ask... is that really true?"
> A frown splits AJ's brow "Ah wouldn't a said it if it weren't"
aww yea
> "So you guys really just had a few too many drinks? And Mac got the wrong idea? I mean, not that I don't think he would do that, but it just seems a little out there"
> Dash is right into the questions, but AJ isn't hearing any of it
> "Ah told you what happened! Now if ya don't mind, ah'm gonna go see if ah can't get more information outta onea them nurses by the ER"
> AJ gets up and storms off down the hall
> "Ooooh I think you made her mad Dashie, :C " says Pinkie, poking her head around to frown at her
> "Shut up! I'm just worried, alright? He's my friend too!" Rainbow snaps
> "We know, and if if he's your friend, and Applejack's friend, and he's friends with Scootaloo, Applebloom and Sweetie Belle, then he's practically ours by default, so we have to be a little concerned, right?" Fluttershy interjects, trying to calm the situation
> "And I don't have anything bad to say, he seems a proper gentleman from what I've seen" Rarity adds
> "Okay! Well, let's all sit around and wait for Anonymous to get out of hospital then! Then we can give him a present or something!" Pinkie says, rubbing her hands together with a villainous glee
> "Pinkie, whatever you're thinking, try to think it... less." Twilight finally says, shaking her head. It was looking to be a long wait.

> The light shining on your face hurts
> Actually scratch that, all of your senses hurt
> There's a blinding pain behind your eyes and you feel like someone just rolled over you with a backhoe
> You slowly open your eyes, adjusting to the painfully bright light coming through the window
> Wait, this isn't your place
> You look around, trying to figure out where the fuck you are
> Last you remember you were with AJ, then Big Mac came and... oh.
> You're in hospital
> As your eyes finally accept that it's no longer night time, you groggily lift your head, trying to take in the room
> Moving just makes the pain worse, but you can't stay laying do-- oh god yes you can
> You struggle not to vomit as your head spins, flaring a new pain up
> Okay, bad move
> You mutter in frustration as you roll your head around, trying to see the room
> It's no good, they've got you wrapped in so tight that without sitting up, you can barely move
> Alright, time to give it another go
> Your vision slowly clears up as you struggle upward in bed, biting back against the pain in your skull
> You eventually manage by leaning up against the wall and bedframe, taking in the small hospital room
> Various machinery keeps track of your vitals, and the windows are half open, letting in a cool breeze
> Around the room, you spot a bunch of people, all fast asleep in chairs, lounged across couches, and two leaning right across your bed
> So that's what the other pressure on your legs is, you think to yourself as you look them all over
> You recognise Dash, AJ and Rarity, the others though...
> Twilight, you're pretty sure you can recognise her based purely off description
> The other two you're guessing are Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie
> Gee, I wonder who's who?
> A nurse wanders past the window, peering in and spotting you
> "Sweet fucking christ, what do you think you're doing? You lay right the fuck back down in that bed before I sedate you!" she practically yells into the room
> Why does she look so familiar?
> The shouting wakes Dash immediately, who jumps up shouting "YES SIR SORRY SIR IT WON'T HAPPEN AGAIN SIR" before realising where she is and blushing
> This stirs the others awake, and they all groggily make their way to their feet
> All this shouting is making your head pound, so you do as the nurse suggests and slide back into bed, pulling an arm out of the covers to rub your eyes
> "Anon! Yer up! Oh thank god ah thought... well that doesn't matter, but you're okay! Fuck ahm so sorry... ah... nnnnn"
> Applejack runs up to the head of the bed, throwing her arms around you and trying to say something between tears
> You wrap an arm around her, trying to calm her down
> "Dude, whatever the hell happened, I'm glad you're alive" Rainbow says, sitting on the edge of the bed
> "I think we all are, after all, you seem to have made quite the impression on my friends" Twilight adds, walking over and stretching
> "I'm Twilight Sparkle, I don't think we've met" she says, motioning for the others to introduce themselves
> "I'm Pinkie Pie! And I'm super duper glad you're okay! Or going to be okay! Or WHATEVER!" Jesus fuck she's exciteable
> "And I'm Fluttershy... Hi..." Flutters quietly says, softly enough you have to strain to hear it, which just hurts more
"Well, thanks for all coming in. I appreciate it, even if the circumstances of me being here aren't favourable"
> You manage a wry smile, and the girls all look at you uncomfortably
> It's really quiet, and Twilight coughs "So um, there's something you should know..."
> Blank Stare
"I'm not going to like this, am I?"
> Applejack finally manages to calm down some and starts to explain
> "Granny heard what happened, and what landed ya here. There's a reason Mac ain't kin to hurtin' folks, and, well, she didn't exactly have very nice things ta say 'bout what he did"
> You can guess where this is going, and it doesn't leave a good taste in your mouth
> "Ah may have said a few words too, 'n Applebloom went right off at 'im. Hell ah don't think ah've seen that girl yell at anyone, let alone her brother"
> The uncomfortable silence grows heavier around you, and there's a knock on the door
> "So uh... well..."
You forgot Rarity.

Actually, the whole introduction sequence thing felt pretty out of place. I'm guessing you had some trouble writing this.
Well, he's met Rarity (Back at the end of the first part). I basically assumed she was in the room, but didn't really care enough to re-introduce herself.
That said, I've been a bit down lately, so my writing's slowed down and I've been more liberal taking breaks.
I'll try to keep the quality at least decent
gooby pls

Being fair, the first few posts had Anon speaking real fucking... whatever your accent is called. I like that it's not that way anymore, but I guess the joke is lost on anyone that wasn't there for the first thread.
Yeah, I started out the story as a bit of shit to have fun with, but eventually I decided to take it more seriously

> The door opens, pushed in by a large red arm, followed promptly by the rest of Big Mac
"What the fuck AJ?! He fucking hospitalised me and you brought him here for what, to gloat?!"
> Engage hella fucking pissed mode
> Your head pounds as you shout, and she recoils visibly from the flurry of words you shoot her way
> "Anon! Calm down!" Rainbow tries to butt in, but you turn on her too
> "Did you know she was bringing him? After he fucking smashed me in the goddamn face without a word?!"
> "ANON!" Comes a ringing shout through the room "SHUT. UP. FOR ONE. SECOND!"
> Everyone sits in shock, staring at the -until now- quiet girl in the corner
> Fluttershy has her fists balled and is practically shaking
> "Just hear him out before you say something you'll regret later!"
> You're stunned. So is everyone else. Even Mac seems a little taken aback
> It's only now that you're calming down that you notice how he looks
> Holy shit he looks worse than you do
> Like he hasn't slept in days
> Mac steps forward, and moves up next to the bed, clearing his throat
> "Anon" he rumbles, sitting down in the chair previously occupied by his sister
Ugh, more formatting errors

> "Ah know ah can't say nothin' to make what ah did any better. Just wanted to tell you ah'm sorry, for everythin'. I should've let y'all explain before overreactin' like that, an' even if ya had been like I thought, well, 's not mah place to interfere"
> Wait, is he crying?
> This guy, built like a house, is sitting by your hospital bed, crying and apologising. Where the hell is this coming from?
> "Ah don't expect y'all to forgive me, hell ah know ah wouldn't. But ah don't want y'all to hate me neither, so ah'm here, facin' what ah've done, and hopin' y' might be willin' to come chat when ya get better. If not fer me, for AJ's sake."
> Mac finishes what he's saying, and looks relieved to have gotten it off his chest
> Everyone sits in silence, still shocked
> You have a feeling that's more words than Big Mac has ever said outside of a classroom
> And that kinda tugs at you, that he actually freaked out that much over what happened
> You sigh, thinking about how all this came about, then turn to face the girls who were standing around the end of the bed
"Guys, could you give us a moment? I wanna talk to Big Mac alone."
> Twilight and Applejack nod, ushering the others out of the room
> Fluttershy looks worried as hell, but reluctantly leaves, closing the door behind her
> A minute or two passes, the silence in the room growing heavier by the second
>Big Mac walks into the room
>He simply stands there breathing, his face completely stoic
>You look him in the eyes and wait
>A simple two words
>"Ah'm sorry."
>Fits him well
>After a few moments of deafening silence, you start to chuckle
>A low chuckle at first
>But it gets louder
>The others, including the nurses, start to look worried
>Even Mac breaks his stoic facade to look confused
>Every movement of your diaphragm hurts like Hell, but you don't care
>Finally, you inhale sharply, and look Mac dead in the eye
"You goin' to jaaaail, mo' fuckeeeerrrr. Haha, you goin' to JAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIL!"
>AJ's eyes go wide, and she leaps at you, grabbing your shoulders
>"No, Anon PLEASE NO! PLE-"
>You stop her by putting a finger to her mouth
"Shhhhhh. Listen AJ, there are many things I can look past."
>You look over at Mac, and cackle a bit
>You don't know why, but you do
>You then look back to AJ and ate serious again
"I can forgive a punch, I can forgive being put in the hospital over a misunderstanding, but that's not what this is about."
>You point to Mac, and let out a loud 'HA!'
"This guy here, he doesn't care about you. Not as a person anyway."
>As soon as you say this, Mac's face becomes one of shock
>As he processes it, his eyes light up in anger
"Because if he did, he'd want you to be happy. He'd want you to do what you want and be free. But you're not his sister, you're his slave."
>You can see that Mac is now pouring all his concentration and willpower into not jumping you
"You're an object to him, something to be guarded, like a family heirloom, or a pile of gold. He didn't hit me because he thought he was protecting a person."

Note: this isn't meant to infringe or anything, just how I imagine Anon would react. Keep the blow to the back of his head in mind.
>Applejack looks confused and sad, but you need her to know this
"He hit me, because he was protecting his property."
>You start the low chuckle again, and look to Mac
"Go ahead, big guy, tell me I'm wrong. Tell me you want AJ to be happy. Tell me you care about what she wants for herself. Oh, but you can't, because you know that if you did, you wouldn't be so overbearing. You wouldn't do what you do. You'd treat her like a person, wouldn't you?"
>You feel yourself cackling again
>You're not sure why
>You're not sure why you did or said any of that
>But it felt good
>As the corners of your vision turn black, you hear weeping
>A sole voice, crying deeply
>A male voice, by the sound of it
>A deep, male voice
>And then

Now to read the canon version
One, cool dubs.
Two, my sides! Someone help me get back my sides!
I'm actually rewriting that part for the pastebin, mostly because I don't like how it came out in the end
But you guys'll get the unabridged version here

> You break the ice though, giving a wry smile
"You know, I don't blame you for being protective of AJ. She's an awesome girl, but jesus dude... I'll admit I was pissed as hell that you came here after that stunt. But I can tell you're sincere. If nothing else, I can respect that you want to own up for laying me out like that, and it takes balls to do it in person"
> Mac looks down, clearly ashamed
"You've got a hell of a right hook, Mac. Fucking cleaned me up right on the spot. Broke my nose too"
> He now looks absolutely miserable "Ah'm sorry Anon, ah thought ah was protectin' muh family. But ah just hurt 'em bad. You too"
> You laugh, causing him to look up at you, confused as hell
"Seriously, don't sweat it. You came here, in person to say that, and I'll be honest, you look like shit. Drinks are on you when I get out of here though, you fucking owe me one"
> Mac nods firmly, finally losing the depressed stare he'd held up until this point
> "Ah organised with Granny to get you paid for the days ya been here. 's comin' outta my packet, but ah would'a given it to ya anyway"
> He sits up and wipes a hand across his face, putting on his usual stern look again
"I'm not gonna press charges or anything. It's not worth it, besides, I don't think AJ'd talk to me if I got you stuck in prison"
> He nods "Yup."
> You look out the window, watching the cars drive past, and people wander in and out of the building
"So how long was I actually out? I know I was kept sedated for a while, but I feel like I haven't eaten in days"
> He nods, rubbing the back of his head "'bout two days, give or take a few hours"
> The same nurse from before busts in the door as he finishes
pissy redheart is great
> Ah, now you recognise her.
> "Alright, out, out. Anon, what the fuck did you do, and why am I not going to be surprised?"
> She ushers Mac out the door, and he nods to you as he goes, looking a whole lot better
"Hi to you too Redheart. You taking double shifts again? You look fucking awful"
> She grimaces "Do I need to put you under again?"
"No ma'am, as for what happened, I may or may not have been too close to Mac's sister"
> A loud laugh floods the room "Holy shit, are you for real right now? God damn, you got a death wish?"
> You smile as she walks around checking various equipment before moving over to you
"Guess I must, you've spent enough time checking up on me"
> "I was surprised to see you here though, last time I saw you you were still fuckin' about at Canterlot U. Hold still"
> She checks your eyes, and double checks the dressings on your head
"Yeah, as you can see, it obviously went really well"
> Redheart laughs "Well, good news is, you probably don't have severe brain damage. Bad news is, that means you remember me"
"Oh, but why would I ever want to forget you?"
> "Careful, or I'll break your nose again" she says, miming a swing at your face

So much fun to write, too
So are we going to learn how he knows Redheart or what.
> To be honest, it scares you because you know full well she might do it
> Redheart used to be a doctor near Canterlot U, but couldn't deal with the hours
> So she became a Nurse and moved out, mostly because she was actually being paid more to be here than she ever would at the old clinic
> High demand, low supply, everyone wants to be a hero doctor some day, not the nurse on the side
> You'd been in and out of her office while you were studying more times than you cared to remember
> She was a good friend, and you were glad to see her
> "Well, you should be out of my hair by tomorrow, but not until the afternoon. I wanna make sure you don't have a fuckin aneurysm or something before I let you out of here"
> You nod, smiling at her as she busys herself about the room, fixing up the chairs where they'd been dragged about
"It's good to see you, Red."
> Redheart pauses for a moment, smiling before heading to the door "You too kid, you too"
> She leaves, and the room is left quiet once more, the only sound to bother you being the ticking clock on the wall
Literally 15 seconds before I posted the next part

> There's a knock on the door about an hour later, and you put down the trashy magazine you've been flipping through
"Yeah, come on in"
> Three very memorable faces peek through the door, before Sweetie, Scootaloo and Applebloom bounce into the room, running up and climbing onto your bed
> "Anon! We were so worried when we found out what happened!" Scootaloo yells, throwing her arms around you
> The other two nod and join her, turning you into an improptu snuggle pillow
> "Are y'alright? Ah had a go at Mac over it, ah still can't believe he'd do that!" Applebloom says, holding you tightly
> Rainbow walks in and takes a seat, smiling at you "They demanded to come see you, I had no choice!"
> You just wave 'It's alright' to her, and she grins "Oh yeah, figured you might want this"
> Rainbow tosses your phone to you, and you manage to grab it around the girls who had, thus far, refused to move
"Cheers Rainbro"
> She stares blankly at the nickname "Really? Rainbro?... You know what? Yeah, I like it" Dash grins, kicking back
> The girls finally let go, sitting along the edge of your bed
> "So we all chipped in and got you this. It's not much, but it's a present! Which you don't seem to have many of"
> Sweetie reaches behind her and pulls out a tiny box
> It's a little variety sample pack of chocolate, couldn't be worth more than a few dollars
> But it's the thought that counts, right?
"Thanks girls, I really appreciate it"
> They beam at you, then are quickly ushered from the room by Rainbow "C'mon girls, I wanna have a chat with Anon for a bit"
Redheart and Anon fucked in the past. Drunk, messy, casual, fully consensual, fun sex. And Redheart had a strapon.
i like it
Oh, cool trips, by the way.
>"It's good to see you, Red."
Funny thing is, that's an actual part of the story I didn't wind up writing in. Might add it later when it becomes relevant again

> The three of them wave at you, quickly departing, and Dash shuts the door
> "Soooo, I saw your phone." she says, sitting on the chair and leaning against your bed
> Oh god panic mode
> Just play it cool, deny everything
> She grins at you "You didn't delete my photo"
> Wait that's what this is about? OH THANK GOD.
"What can I say? It's a good photo"
> Her grin widens and she punches your shoulder "You're an ass, and you're lucky I like you, but at least you're an ass with good taste"
> "But really, you should probably take it off your phone, before someone else finds it. After all, if Applejack went on there and saw the picture..."
> She's dancing around the subject, but you can tell what she's talking about
"Yeah, you're right, I should probably save my gallery somewhere else. Do you think you could hold onto a picture or two for me?"
> Dash winks at you, glad you caught her meaning "I'm sure I can save a photo or two, just text them to me and I'll be sure to keep them safe for ya"
> You grab your phone and send datass.jpg to her, winking back
> "So, I really have to ask what actually happened. The others might've bought that you just got really drunk, but with that photo? Not on your life"
> You sigh, of course it wasn't gonna be that easy
> "Can we talk about it when I get out of here? I'm fucking tired dude, and it's a long story"
> Well, it's not a long story at all, but you are actually really damn tired
> Dash pouts "Fiiine, but in exchange you're gonna give me ALL the details!"
> Fistbump
"Sure thing Rainbro, I'll give you a call when I'm out"
> She waves on the way to the door "Stay safe you lucky bastard"
> Door shuts, quiet again.
> Time for some well earned rest.

And that's all I've got for the moment, stay tuned for more soon!
Didn't think it would end up being a sidesbuster, but OK, whatever works, I'm just glad someone enjoyed it.
And double dubs before a cool triple? Shit's just fucking with us. RULE 34~
why do you people always gotta ruin it at the end

every fucking time i swear
> "And I don't have anything bad to say, he seems a proper gentleman from what I've seen" Rarity adds
PFFFFFFFF, HA hahahahahahaaaaa!
i know anon i know i feel the same way but what can we do.
Was going to go watch the martian tonight
Due to money issues, can't do that any more, so I guess I'm writing more of this shit.

Stay tuned folks.
File: 1446420328372.png (206 KB, 561x1425) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206 KB, 561x1425
this is gold. don't sell yourself short.
My pants tighten with anticipation!

Really though, anon. This is a good fic.
Kinda wondering if someone will sneak anon a bj in the hospital bed when Redheart is busy.

>Redheart notices
>"Anon! I told you not to get worked up! I'm gonna have to sedate you now."
>Doesn't stop the bj -- only watches, and Anon gets dazed as fuck.
Don't inflate his head. It's electrum at best.
BRB renaming story to Four in the Bed 2: Electrum Boogaloo
>Due to money issues, can't do that any more
Wait, what? Why not?
Which glorious damsel shall be Anon's next conquest?
Unfortunately I lost my job a while back, so I'm almost flat broke
Fucking shitty position to be in, but hey, at least I can enjoy writing for you guys
Make a writefag patreon or something.
Will write porn for food

Nah, I'll be alright. I'll watch it when I get some cash, or when I can find a rip online
File: 1435631664575.gif (947 KB, 285x235) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
947 KB, 285x235
>My pants tighten with anticipation!
>Doesn't stop the bj -- only watches, and Anon gets dazed as fuck.

Would rather see Redheart sedate anon, and do the bj herself (or more?). It's not rape if he is too dazed to say no.
File: image.jpg (100 KB, 970x1454) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: 15dNV1o.gif (183 KB, 296x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Okay, let's see how this little idea goes over...

> Lilly finishes setting out the last of the merchandise on the shelves.
> Daisy makes some final adjustments to the outfits on the mannequins in the window.
> L: “Well, I think that’s everything. Just another hour and we’ll be ready for the grand opening.”
> Daisy is less enthusiastic.
> D: “Are you sure about this? This doesn‘t seem like the best way to start a new business.”
> Lilly walks over to her with a reassuring smile.
> L: “Relax. It might be a little awkward at first, but everyone here is really kind and accepting. They’ll warm up to it all eventually.”
> D: “I’m more concerned about what they’re going to think about us, not just the store.”
> L: “Oh you worry too much. Everything will be just fine.”
> Lilly pulls back the curtain just enough to peek out the window.
> L: “Perfect. Rose is back.”
You aren't writing a script. Quit it.
> Lilly unlocks the door letting Rose inside, then quickly locks it behind her.
> D: “So how did it go?”
> Rose walks over to the front counter.
> R: “Great! The posters are generating all kinds of buzz all over town! We’re gonna have quite an audience for the big unveiling.”
> D: “Seriously guys, I’m really worried about this. Are you sure we shouldn’t rethink things?”
> Rose reaches into her satchel putting a bottle and three glasses on the counter.
> R: “I figured you might be getting nervous. And since we have another hour before we open, I swung by Berry’s place on the way back. Now we can celebrate our new business venture properly.”
> Rose pours just a little into each glass, and Lilly wastes no time grabbing hers with a great big smile.
> L: “Oh, you read my mind!”
> Rose grabs the other 2 glasses and holds one out for Daisy.
> Daisy joins them, still looking nervous.
> Rose raises her glass.
> R: “A toast! To a glorious new enterprise that’s sure to be the talk of the town!”
> Lilly giggles as they all tap their glasses.
> L: “Now there’s an understatement.”
> Lilly and Rose quickly gulp down theirs, and wait for Daisy to take hers.
> Daisy stares nervously at her drink.
> D: “Yeah, no kidding.”
> Suddenly Daisy furrows her brow, takes quick glances at Rose and Lilly, then swiftly gulps down her drink as well.
> D: “Yeah! We’ve come this far, so let’s give it everything we’ve got!”
> Rose and Lilly follow with rousing cheers, then Rose refills everyone’s glasses.
Too late. The damage is done. I'll burn in Hell for it later.
> An hour later as the fading light of the evening sun paints the sky, a large crowd has gathered outside for the grand unveiling of the new store.
> A large tarp covers the entire front of the store, and ponies can only guess what awaits them inside.
> The middle of the tarp unzips, and Rose, Lilly, and Daisy emerge one after another.
> Rose waves to the crowd saying “Thank you all for coming to the grand opening of our brand new store!”
> Lilly walks over to the left side of the store saying “We know you’re all wondering what surprises are in store for you. And we guarantee it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before!” as she grabs hold of a long rope behind the edge of the tarp.
> Daisy, still looking a little flush, walks over to the right side of the store saying “So without further ado, we would like to welcome all of you to...” as she too grabs a rope behind the edge of the tarp.
> Together Lilly and Daisy pull down the ropes, and the tarp falls from the front of the store as a bright multicolored neon sign lights up the crowd.
> Suddenly in a luminous wave of green magic, the three of them raise their front hooves and in unison call out the name of the store written in bright neon letters; “A SEX SHOP IN PONYVILLE!!" as they simultaneously reveal their true forms as Changelings!
so basically this?
File: Disappoint.png (816 KB, 4148x4979) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
816 KB, 4148x4979
tfw idea is not original after all.
He didn't say stop.
Oh, well, that's all I got so far. Just seeing if the idea piqued any interest.
But I suppose, maybe...
File: Terrified celestia.png (405 KB, 410x433) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Terrified celestia.png
405 KB, 410x433
> "Soooo, I saw your phone." she says, sitting on the chair and leaning against your bed
[pic related]

> She waves on the way to the door "Stay safe you lucky bastard"
Y-you too.

It happens, brother.

Please, reconsider your idea.

>Will write porn for food
That's kinda funny.
Please do not.
Negro write some more
I wanna see where it goes
File: Writing.png (131 KB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
131 KB, 500x281
Working on it!
> The crowd of ponies are frozen, aghast with their mouths hanging open and their eyes wide as saucers.
> The three Changelings still hold their hooves up toward the shop, but at first no pony is looking at them.
> Every pony's eyes are looking in the windows at the scant clothes adorning the mannequins, and the various toys and implements on display.
> Ponies start to blush and cringe as they begin to imagine how one might use such things.
> They start looking at one another to gauge each others reactions, waiting for some pony, any pony, to say something.
> The Changeling formerly disguised as Daisy starts feeling nervous again, despite still being slightly buzzed from the wine.
> But the one who’d been posing as Rose finally breaks the silence, “It’s alright folks, you’ve nothing to fear from us. We’re not here to invade your town or hurt anyone.”
> Before she can continue, an orange curly-haired Pony speaks up from the crowd “If that’s true, then what have you done with Lily, Daisy, and Roseluck!?”
> As the crowd starts to turn, the former Rose tells them “Why nothing at all, I assure you. The three of them left Ponyville several days ago on a vacation to the Crystal Empire. We simply took their places so we could prepare this lovely surprise for all of you. Rest assured your friends will return safe and sound as soon as their vacation is over.”
> She then motions to her fellow Changelings as she makes her introductions, “I am Melyrid. To your left is my sister Thespid. And to your right is our brother Agraul”
Ponies need to embrace the sex shop
Go on Amazon and write smut. If you're cool with filling odd ball niches, you can make some pretty easy cash. You don't need to go through a publisher and Amazon doesn't dock all that much. Something to consider. Profs I know have made decent play around money (not a livable wage). Seems like fun to me.
> The crowds brief glares of anger turned to confusion, as Thespid and Agraul made friendly waves to the crowd.
> “’Lovely surprise’?” somepony shouts out. “You call... THAT... lovely!?”
> “Why yes.” Melyrid answers back, “You Ponies are well known among our kind for the great power of your love for each other. What we offer here are ways for you to... enhance that love.”
> The look of the crowd continues to make Agraul nervous.
> If Melyrid couldn’t quell their anger, the three of them might have to fight their way out.
> The same unseen Pony speaks from the crowd again, “So you three can feed off of our love like the leeches you are? Well I, for one, don’t need my love... ‘enhanced’. Thank you very much!”
> Other Ponies start to mumble and nod in agreement.
> Melyrid remains undeterred, and tells them all “That’s fine. We’re not suggesting any pony NEEDS what we have to offer. We simply offer an option that any pony who’s curious will now have the freedom to explore.”
> The crowd continues to mumble and whisper among each other, many of them taking long looks at the strange merchandise in the windows.
> Melyrid can tell many of them are curious, but uncomfortable.
> She decides to make one last effort to assuage their fears, “And just so all of you will have time to consider your options, our grand opening sale will continue for an entire week! So there’s no rush for any pony who might be curious.”
> No pony shouts back any rebuttal this time, and the crowds mood subsides into awkward unease.
> Gradually the ponies start to disperse.
> First just one or two here and there, then soon they all start walking away.
> Agraul breathes a sigh of relief.
> They may not have gotten any customers for their big grand opening, but at least they weren’t chased out of town by an angry stampeding mob.
> "Alright, let's head inside." Melyrid tells the others.
> As they return to the shop, Thespid grumbles with a frown "Well that was a major let down."
> "I'm just glad they didn't break out the torches and pitchforks." Agraul says back to her.
> Melyrid turns around still holding the same unbroken confident smile she's had all night, "Relax you two. This is something completely new to them. It's going to take time for them to warm up to the idea."
> Agraul raises an eyebrow (or he would if he had any), "And by 'warming up' do you mean 'burn the place down'?".
> Thespid rolls her eyes, "Oh for cryin' out loud, would you relax already!?".
> "No pony's going to chase us out of town, and no pony's going to set the store on fire" Melyrid says as she walks over and pats Agraul on the head.
> She goes on to explain "We haven't hurt anyone. We haven't done anything wrong. And we certainly haven't given them any reason to resort to violence. If anything we've piqued their curiosity. They barely know anything about us, which means they're going to have questions. And the only way they're going to get answers is to come here and ask us."
> Then Melyrid motions her hoof to the rest of the store, "And once they're in here, they'll undoubtedly have even more questions about what we're selling." she says as her smile get wider.
> Thespid starts to smile too, "Yeah. These Ponies and their quaint little town are so cutsie-wootsie and well behaved, I bet most of them would secretly jump at the chance to get down and dirty!"
> Thespid raises a hoof to Melyrid, who quickly gives her a high hoof.
There'll be more from me later
I'm rewriting around 100 lines because I feel like it's crap.
In the meantime, make it interesting WriteTwat!
> Agraul quietly nods, agreeing that things have already gone far better than he thought they would.
> "So what now?" he asks, "Is it really worth keeping the store open tonight now that everyone's gone?"
> Melyrid shrugs still smiling, "Maybe. I doubt we'll get any customers tonight, but we'll keep the place open for a few hours at least. Just in case any pony changes their minds."
> Then Melyrid opens her wings and flutters over behind the front counter, and pulls out the wine bottle and glasses again.
> Thespid gets a wide grin, and even Agraul manages to crack a smile, as Melyrid holds up the bottle and asks them "So! Who feels like celebrating some more?".

> After several hours without a single customer, Melyrid decides to close up shop for the night.
> The three Changelings go upstairs for a good nights sleep, and Agraul is rather tipsy after doing more than his fair share to finish off that bottle.

> The next morning the three of them are awakened by some pony knocking on the front door of the shop.
> This knocking resumes every several seconds, gradually getting louder each time.
> Agraul moans in pain as the noise makes his head throb, "What time is it? Can't they tell we're closed?".
> Melyrid and Thespid make up with far less trouble, and Melyrid tells them "I'll see who it is. Thespid, give Agraul a hand, then you two come and join me when you're ready.".
> Melyrid goes downstairs and calls out "Coming!" to put an end to the pestering knocking.
> After unlocking the front door, she opens it just a crack to peek out and see who's there.
This can only end either in dreadful violence, or wonderful, high impact sexual violence. I am hoping for the later. Especially if the pony knocking on the door is there to buy toys for some fun-times with their special somepony.

Captcha: pizza,
> "Oh, good morning Princess Twilight." Melyrid pleasantly says, as Twilight scowls back at her.
> Standing several steps behind are the rest of her friends, most of whom are also scowling.
> With the exceptions of Pinkie Pie who has a warm welcoming smile, and Fluttershy who's hiding behind the rest and blushing beet red.
>Despite the fact that the sign and windows have all been completely covered since they closed.
> And on closer inspection, Rainbowdash's scowl actually looks more like the smirk of anticipation.
> "I'm sorry but we're closed right now. We won't be open again until after sunset." Melyrid informs them.
> "We're not here to shop." Twilight says with a stern tone, "We're here to put a stop to whatever you three are planning!"
> Melyrid can't help but chuckle and tries to cover her mouth.
> Twilight sneers back at her, and most of the others follow suit.
> Realizing how serious they're being, despite how ridiculous it is, Melyrid tries to allay their fears.
Twilight, quit being a bitch
> "The only thing we're planning is opening this shop again after sunset, and serving any customers who show up." Melyrid explains, still smiling confidently all the while.
> "Yeah right!" Rainbowdash calls out, immediately followed by "Oh please." from Applejack.
> "You're Changelings." Twilight bluntly states, "Changelings feed off of love, draining ponies' energy to make yourselves stronger. And we're not going to stand by while you do that!"
> Melyrid can't help but blurt out a loud laugh, and tells Twilight "Well I certainly appreciate the vote of confidence, but we have no intention of sucking the town dry if that's what you think." while rolling her eyes.
> Looking over the rest of Twilight's friends, Melyrid can now see that all of them have taken up a more aggressive stance. Even Fluttershy, despite her continued blushing.
> "Alright, listen." Melyrid begins as she walks out the door, and calmly explains to them "We're all well aware that your last experience with Changelings was far from pleasant."
> "You tried to conquer Canterlot!" Applejack says as she raises an eyebrow. "An' 'far from pleasant' is a pretty big doozy of an understatement."
> Melyrid looks at Appljack and shakes her head, "Actually, none of us were part of that invasion. We simply heard about it after the fact, as did many others of our kind."
> "Aaaaaa likely story." Pinkie Pie says as she glares with squinty-eyed suspicion and strokes her mustache.
> *Wait, where did that mustache come from?* Melyrid thinks to herself.
> She abruptly shakes her head to get her train of thought back on track.
And then they fucked
The only question I have regarding this is how does it relate to the prompt?

Not saying I don't like it. Just confused.
> Melyrid goes on to tell them "We've already been here in Ponyville for almost an entire week. And in all that time we haven't hurt, kidnapped, or 'drained the energy' from any pony. As a matter of fact, we don't even need to. You ponies here are so full of love for each other, that the very air itself is practically teeming with it! Why just by being here in Ponyville is enough to satiate even the most intense hunger pangs. That's why we decided to open up shop here in the first place."
> The six ponies look back and forth at one another, not entirely sure if they should believe her or not.
> Melyrid takes their collective silence as a sign that she's starting to make some headway, and decides to make them an offer.
> "Obviously in order for any new business to build a customer base, one needs to establish trust first." Melyrid explains as she walks back to the door.
> "So if any of you have any doubts about our intensions, I'm willing to make an exception of our usual hours, and let all of you thoroughly examine our shop to your hearts content."
> Now they're looking nervous.
It does not.
Just an idea I had to fill the void until Stray get back.
I think that's it for tonight.
Keep running it, then. While not related to the prompt, the story at least, has us interested.
Will post a few after I finish watching V for Vendetta like the edgy bastard I am
Remember, remember
The 5th of november
For gunpowder, ponut and plot
Damn that's a good movie. Anyway, green in a minute, gonna run over it and make sure I still think it's passably not godawful
> You stretch your back and step out into the sunshine, cracking your neck to the side and setting off toward the carpark
> You were discharged this morning, much to Redheart's chagrin
> You heard the tail end of her chewing out the doctor that let you go, and you're glad you weren't around for the start
> Something about ramming a clipboard through his urethra or something
> She caught you just as you were leaving and gave you her number, telling you "Call me so we can catch up sometime, fucknuts. You still owe me a case of beer"
> She'll never let that go, huh?
> You stroll casually down the path and spot RD parked by the side of the road, waving to you
> Rainbow'd offered to pick you up when you told her you'd been let out, and you were glad to see her, as you didn't really fancy driving
"Hey man, what's up?"
> "Just got here a minute ago. Wanna hit the road? I'm free most of today, so let's hang out for a while"
> She's leaning against a done up old mustang, bright red and shiny. It looks fucking amazing
> You don't usually into cars, but this car is just fucking beautiful
> You nod alright, and climb into the car, slamming the door shut behind you
> Rainbow climbs in and cranks up the music
> She still has fucking great taste, and you rock out to some G&R while she drives off
"So, who'd you steal the ride from?"
> Dash laughs "Naw man, this is mine. I bought it a few years back and I've been getting it done up since. She's only been out on the road a few times 'cause she eats fuel like nothing else!"
> You're suitably impressed
"Alright then, your place or mine? I've got booze at my place"
> "I've got pot in this car, we can't smoke it all though, I've got a party later. Oh! Speaking of, you're invited"
> You share a look, and a decision is made
> Your place it is!
> "Do you mind if I invite Pinkie? She gets pissy if I smoke with someone and don't at least invite her" Dash asks, and you nod "You should've seen the fit she threw when she heard about you smoking with me at my place"
"Sure, go for it, just tell her to bring snacks or something, I'm gonna be damn hungry, also, what's this about a party?"
> Dash pulls out onto the long road leading down to your house
> "Eh, you'll find out later" she says, and you leave it at that
> Being out of the way is a good thing, because it means the roads are mostly empty
> When Rainbow realises this, she laughs maniacally
> "Wanna see what she can do? Who am I kidding, OF COURSE YOU DO!"
> She rides the stick up, practically flooring the pedal as she shoots through fourth into fifth
> You feel your eyes retreat into your skull, and your stomach greets your spine with a warm hug
> You don't think you've ever been in a car going this fast
"Holy fuck Dash what did you PUT in this thing?"
> She's glued to the wheel, eyes fixed on the road ahead in case she has to stop suddenly
> "Most of the shit under the hood is aftermarket now, and I haven't actually taken it as fast as it can go before!"
> You can barely make out her yelling over the music and the roar of the engine
> Dust billows out behind the car as it flies forward
> You're glad the road's partially sealed, or you have a feeling you'd be half way through a tree before you even saw it
"Dash, dude, slow down holy shit!"
> There's a shallow bend coming up ahead, and you're starting to worry
> She's seen it though, and glides into the corner like, practially sliding around the whole thing
> She's laughing like a madman as she speeds ahead, and you're honestly worried she's lost it
> "Not a chance in hell!" she shouts, forcing even more speed out of the car than you would have thought possible
> You're pretty sure the force keeping you jammed back into your seat is slowly deforming your ribcage
"Dash come on we're almost there! Bring it down!"
> She finally relents, slowing down a few kilometers before your house, and you lean up against the door, breathing heavily
> She slows down almost as quickly as she takes off, and it's taking everything you have to keep your breakfast in
"Jesus christ... How much did you spend on this?!"
> Dash cocks her head "Quite a bit, why? Trying to figure out how much I make?" she says with a sly grin
"No, I fucking want one"
> You share a laugh and pull into your driveway, parking out the front
> Hopping out, your legs are like jelly, and walking to your front door proves a challenge
> "I'll be in in a sec dude, gotta give Pinkie a call" Rainbro yells out, and you shrug, stepping inside
> You dump your jacket on the table, walking down to your room and tossing your phone on the charger
> You have a missed call from Applejack, huh, when did that happen?
> You push the speed dial for message bank and listen, taking the opportunity to calm yourself of the adrenaline flooding your system

"... Uh hey Anon. Ah just wanted ta thank you for not doin' anything to Big Mac. Ah know y'all woulda been completely in the right to, but still... Thanks. As his sister and your... friend, ah'm grateful. Ah'll make it up to ya soon, promise. Take care sugarcube... ah miss ya-CLICK-"

> That last sentance was whispered so quietly you could barely hear it, but you could tell she meant it
> It brings a smile to your face at least, so you stroll down the hall, grabbing a few beers and jamming them in the fridge to cool
> Dash comes in, pocketing her phone and looking visibly drained "Pinkie is definitely coming. She was talking so fast I barely got it, but she's on her way"
"Well, the more the merrier~"
> You plop down on the couch, offering Dash a beer and turning it on
> "So, before she gets here, YOU owe me an explaination!" she says cheerfully, perking up and grabbing the beer from your hand
> She joins you on the couch, kicking back and leaning up against you "Cheers"
> You both start drinking, and you sigh contentedly
"Alright, where do you want me to begin?"
> Rainbow scratches her head "Well, Applejack started when you guys left work, so why don't you start from there too?"
> You nod, it makes sense, and you start from then
"So, I don't know if she mentioned, but Mac had already been glaring at me for most of the day..."
File: 1446684757034.gif (1 MB, 1000x896) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 1000x896
aww yea
>fourth into fifth
>into fifth
>old mustang

my autism just exploded
Nice story mane. On an unrelated note, how bad did you cringe when you heard Chinese Democracy?
>most of the shit under the hood is aftermarket now
One of my mates has one that's pretty much what I'm describing. He fucked off the old gear box for a six speed because it was just easier for what he wanted to do, that and something about 'muh ratios'

Fucking fuck =_=
I pretend it never happened
>putting an aftermarket gearbox into a classic mustang that has more than 4 gears

i want to slap that technicolour plebeian
then fuck her in the car after carefully removing and replacing that blasphemous gearbox
I don't fancy it either, but hey, it's not my car

"... And that's the last thing I remember, having my face inverted by Mac"
> You and Dash have both polished off your beers, and she's sitting there in awe
> "So you guys didn't..."
"No! No, that was a misunderstanding, but she did blow me"
> Rainbow just grins "Well, at least you got a photo out of the deal. You'd be getting a good collection going by now, huh?"
"Yeah, could do with some more though, after all, AJ's got a damn good body, and you're just cute as fuck"
> She goes to laugh, but freezes up when you say the last part, going bright red "Hey! I'm not cute, I'm awesome! There's a difference!"
"Not from where I'm standing"
> You chuckle and dodge a playful punch from Dash, laying back on the couch
> "Jerk" she says, poking out her tongue
> There's a knock on the door, and you get up to go answer it
> You swing the door back, and immediately have your arms full of pink floof
> "Nonny! You're okay! Oh! Right! I figured out a nickname for you, because your name is Anon, you're Nonny! Anyway, I BROUGHT CHOCOLATE!"
> Pinkie's hair fills your vision, and you swear some of it is in your mouth
"Hi Pinkie, come inside, but let me close the door, it's freezing out here"
> Pinkie lets go, bouncing past with a bag in one hand
> It's got a change of clothes and what looks to be a bulk pack of streamers mixed in with about 5 bags of M&M's
> You're glad to see they're the proper peanut kind, none of that plain shit
> You shut the door and head back to the couch
> "Dashieeeee~! I'm glad you invited me!" Pinkie has tackled Dash onto the couch and is hugging her mercilessly
> "Alright Pinkie, Hi! Can you hop off please? You're crushing me!" Dash says, fighting to shift her
> You can see why. Of all her friends, Pinkie has probably the most ample chest of them all, at least, of the ones you've paid attention to
> They're as big as Dash's head, which is currently sandwiched between them
"You drink Pinkie?"
> You call out, hoping to distract her. It works, and Pinkie's head swings around, letting Dash catch her breath
> "Sure do! I'll drink pretty much anything!" she giggles
> Looks like she's already started without you guys though, with how she's behaving
> You crack a few more beers, passing them around and slouching back onto the couch
> "So! What've you guys been talking about?" Pinkie asks, chugging down on her bottle
> "Not much, just grabbed Anon's side of the story, then you showed up" Dash replies, looking around "That said, your house is pretty sweet Anon"
> Pinkie starts to wind down as the booze settles in, thank fucking god. She looks over at you
> "Oh, okie~ I came as quickly as I could, 'cause Dashie almost never parties with me any more and any extra party time is a good time!"
> You look at Rainbow and she shrugs, obviously as lost as you are
I blame axl desu

It's surpsising that this story is still as good as was. Jesus.
greatest thing: the pastebin is updated with corrections in it
makes it far easier to save it
as someone who only started reading this story in this thread, I can say that this is some quality green. ima go read the paste in now

Do it, fag. Your balls will be not blue anymore.
Very good
Cheers guys, glad you enjoy it

> "So what now? You wanna play a game?" Rainbro asks, poking you
"Eh, sure. I've got some consoles over there if you--"
> You don't even get to finish, she practically leaps over to your TV, sifting through your pile of games
> "Oh man! Let's play some smash!" she calls out, throwing controllers back
"Hey dude, be careful with those, proper 64 controllers aren't cheap"
> "Sorry Anon, I'm just kinda excited. Haven't played in ages. Oh, here!" She throws something else and you catch it
> It's a small bag with a lighter, pipe, grinder and a small bag of weed in it
> You dump it on the table, and grab a controller
> It's on bitches!
> RD and Pinkie join you up on the couch, each grabbing a controller and getting their game faces on
> Well, kinda
> Dash just looks excited as hell, and Pinkie is... basically just fucking the controller with her hands
> You'll be honest, you're not even sure if she plays
> Oh well! Should be interesting regardless
> You get it set up, and the game begins
> The first match is going well, Pinkie managed to throw herself off the edge the moment the round started, so she's been down a life the whole time
> To be completely fair, she's also four beers ahead of the two of you
> Dash is actually challenging competition, though she's refused to play anything but counter characters so it doesn't really count
> For a while, she manages to hold up against you
> But your pro MLG Dark Pit Side+B Murder is too stronk
> And her position laying across the couch doesn't do wonders for perspective
> The match lasts for a few more minutes before you get the upper hand and beat both of them off the edge for the win
"Awwwww yeah~!"
> You fist pump the air, doing a little victory dance in your seat
> "Awww, Dashie, we lost!"
> Dash doesn't look too pleased, and headbutts your thigh "Ah well, we'll win the ne-- PINKIE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!"
>64 controllers
>Dark Pit
You don't play with a 64 controller and an adapter? What are you some kind of pleb?

> You turn to face the pair who have spread out across the couch with you
> Apparently you were so caught up in your victory dance, you didn't notice Pinkie stripping off her shirt
> "Well, I lost, didn't I? STRIP SMASH!" Pinkie shouts, her enormous boobs bouncing as she throws her arms up into the air
> She's wearing a lacy black bra that just barely covers her boobs, and it's hard to resist the temptation of your boner
> Rainbow sighs, "I should've known" she looks up from her position using your leg as a pillow "Sorry Anon, she gets really into it when she's drinking"
> You think for a moment before grinning
"Don't apologise, it's just incentive to do better, isn't it?"
> Dash glares at you "You're gonna regret this" she says, pulling her jacket off and tossing it on top of pinkie's shirt "So very, very much"
"Sure sure, pass me the lighter will you?"
> She does so, and you light up the pipe, taking a deep breath and letting the smoke fill your lungs
> You blow it over Dash's face, and she pokes her tongue out "Pass it when you're done, I wanna get started"
> You pass the pipe after finishing your cone, then get ready for the next round
> "Heeyyy Noooonnyyyy~" Pinkie calls from the other end of the couch
"Yeah? What's up?"
> "Can you get me another drink? I'd really appreciate it~" She says, winking at you
> You consider it for a moment, glancing back and forth between Pinkie's huge chest and your fridge
"You've been putting them away at like, a bottle a minute this whole time. Wait a bit, aaight?"
> She pouts and picks up the pipe, filling it and lighting up
> Honestly for someone you just met the other day, you get along pretty well, though that tends to happen when you get stoned
> "Wooo, Dashie, you don't skimp for quality, huh?" Pinkie says, sucking in as much as she can
> "You should know, I buy from the same dude you do"
> You get ready to start up the next round, and the sense of rivalry with Dash revs up to maximum
> Not gonna lose this one either, you think to yourself
> Dash sits up from your leg, getting ready too
> "Alright, let's do this!"

> You're four rounds in, and you've lost one so far
> Pinkie has been shamelessly stripping clothes off herself, and is laying there on your couch in nothing but her underwear
> You've lost your shirt, the removal of which elicited a gasp and an "Oooh!" from Pinkie and a grin from Rainbow
> As for Dash, her shirt went, then her shorts, then her belt
> She's struggling and fighting against you with everything she's got, because she knows full well that next it's either her bra or her skirt
> You've all had a fair bit to smoke, so your movements are sluggish, but Dash is gaining the upper hand
> Pinkie's just watching the game and cheering, having already lost
> She's pretty weird, and pretty... pretty. But seriosuly, you've known her for what, two days? And she's sitting almost naked in your house
> Either she's extremely confident, or just a massive slut
> Though you're leaning toward the latter
my sides.

but in all seriousness i prefer Chevrolet anyway.
can talk cars a little bit yep he must be australian
to answer both of you if you have an old car and you enjoy driving it with the 4.10 gears the engine will scream at highway speed and eat up gas and put more stress on the engine because you'll be around 3,200rpm. I rebuild old cars for fun and trust me these days those extra gears are a life saver on long trips like the hotrod power tour.
ex: http://imgur.com/gL9HPbs
that was my first and the hurst 4 speed is death when on the highway.
oh god this guy. i need him on my sub list.
Mr Regular to /o/ is like what Anthony Fantano is to /mu/. He's fantastic and also a massive sperg outside of his videos.
Check out his Crown Vic interceptor or S2000 review. Being an owner of both at one point, it's sad how right he is
.....um /o/ fucking hates him with the passion of 10,000 burning suns.
Oh my god. I actually managed to catch up. I've finished the three threads, finally. Bit disappointed that my favourite story here isn't about young girl fucking any more, though. Maybe I can make progress on the "age difference" thread.

All according to plan. Fuck, does anyone have that picture by OhOhOkapi of the CMC in "Housewife in training" aprons?
File: 1437842304897.png (200 KB, 500x588) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200 KB, 500x588
>> Though you're leaning toward the latter
thats what i figure ponko would be
Never fear Anon, I can promise you there will be more by the end of this story ;)
Is there going to be more Pinkie Pie?
page 8 bump
> You're four rounds in, and you've lost one so far
> Pinkie has been shamelessly stripping clothes off herself, and is laying there on your couch in nothing but her underwear
> You've lost your shirt, the removal of which elicited a gasp and an "Oooh!" from Pinkie and a grin from Rainbow
> As for Dash, her shirt went, then her shorts, then her belt
> She's struggling and fighting against you with everything she's got, because she knows full well that next it's either her bra or her skirt
> You've all had a fair bit to smoke, so your movements are sluggish, but Dash is gaining the upper hand
> Pinkie's just watching the game and cheering, having already lost
> She's pretty weird, and pretty... pretty. But seriosuly, you've known her for what, two days? And she's sitting almost naked in your house
> Either she's extremely confident, or just a massive slut
> Though you're leaning toward the latter
> You're both pretty much one good hit from losing, and now it's just a game of dodging
> Then, just as you spy your opporunity, Pinkie shouts in surprise and you Dash instinct pauses
> "Oh shit! I've gotta get going guys! I was supposed to be helping set up the party like half an hour ago! TWILIGHT'S GONNA KILL MEEEE!!"
> Pinkie grabs her clothes, hurredly attempting to jam herself into them and sprinting out the door
> Her boobs bounce as she runs, failing to button her shirt back up
> She only just manages to get her pants back on before getting in her car
> And with that, she's gone
> You can't say you're not a little disappointed, after all, you're fairly sure you could've gotten her naked pretty easily
> But alas, that will have to stew in your mind for a while
> You watch as she skids down the road, swerving like a maniac
> Probably shouldn't have let her go after so many drinks...
> At least she left the M&M's, right?
Sorry they DID like him for a while. Haven't kept up with /o/ in a while. Why do they hate him now?
when he took money for a car from people donating despite the crash being his own fault. Also man knows almost nothing about cars, by that i mean the meat and potatoes of them really working on a car.
"Okay, I'm going to ask, what the fuck just happened?"
> "Pinkie. That's what." Dash says, pressing her head into her hands "The party's in about an hour, and her thing is kinda parties and drugs"
> You make a note to ask Pinkie later about getting some acid
> You start to get up to go turn off the console, but are stopped by a hand on your arm
> Rainbow's staring at you, a smirk on her face
> "Who said we were done?"
> She has to know you're about to win
> There's no way she doesn't know
> So why... Oh who cares anymore
> You sit down next to her, and she resumes her previous position, laying down across your couch with her head resting comfortably in your lap
> She reaches forward, and unpauses the game
> The moment she does, your attack connects, and she's sent flying
> "Oh damn" she says, looking up at you with a smile "Looks like I lose"
>looking up at you with a smile
o shit what she be plannin? do we get smut now?
Looks like we are having some sweet Rainbow ass tonight gentlemen.
>mfw sexy times.
>> "Oh damn" she says, looking up at you with a smile "Looks like I lose"
It's happening! Homo Rainbro/Anon! Wooo!
You mean Rainbro.
"Dash? You know yo-"
> "Shush, now come over here already" she says, grabbing you by the arm
> You dumbly do as she says, letting her pull herself up
> "Anon... I need..." she starts breathing heavily, her chest rising and falling visibly with each breath
> "I need some water if I'm gonna drive, could you grab me some?" she says loudly, right in your face
> You blink
"Huh? Oh you bitch!"
> "Oh man! The look on your fucking face dude" she laughs
> "But seriously, you've already seen my tits, and they're not that great, why so keen to see them again?"
> You chuckle back, getting up and heading to grab some water
"I guess you just look really fucking good naked"
> There's silence behind you as you fill the glasses, and when you turn around, Rainbow is sitting bolt upright
> "Y-you really think so??" she says, visibly flustered
> Is she really this insecure about her appearance?
"Of course, I wouldn't have kept the picture if I didn't think it was fucking hot, would I?"
> "N-no! of course not! Hahaha" she tries to make a straight face, failing miserably "Gimme that!"
> Dash snatches a glass of water from your hand and chugs the whole thing
> She's really damn cute like this
> Second note of the day: Embarrass Rainbro on a regular basis
> You hear her mutter something under her breath about 'Tonight' but you can't make it out clearly

Come now guys, you didn't think it would be that easy did you?
plz don't hurt me :c
Either way she has a delicious ass.
File: 1425353524382.jpg (120 KB, 813x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
120 KB, 813x1024
She's adorable. Insecure about her tits? But tiny, perky titties are the best titties.
God damnit I hate you
But I still love you, never leave
Small perky tits are the cutest tits.
President of the itty bitty titty committee
File: 1446616271850.gif (289 KB, 165x200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
289 KB, 165x200
you... you know how to play with a man's dick
File: CMC_Luvs_U.jpg (25 KB, 267x189) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Page 9 bump, writefriend where have you gone? ;-;
File: 1339774901987.gif (2 MB, 270x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 270x270
>about to tell them how flattered you are
>quickly stop yourself and realize they're giving it to the guy next to you
I was about to save this and everything
you can always just change it to some shit like TheyWantYourDick.jpg
Nigger, the image is ants. I don't care about the filename.
4chan wouldn't let me upload the big version, fucking 4mb file size limit, IT'S ONLY .9 MB BIGGER FFS
Maybe it's the resolution?
There sauce to please peeps
Yes. Also, shame you almost a dubs on trips moment.
Finally, check em.
Page 9
Page 8.
Is Strayanon still here?
Yeah, I'm still alive
Just writing the next bit now, I've been pretty busy today
Yes, you have.
Aaand bump
>thread about anon getting some CMC ass
>turns out to be a harem where he gets everyone

no one told you to stop
But yeah, we do wanna see some more CMC lovin.
> Oh well
"I'm gonna go get changed, you gonna be okay for a bit?"
> She just nods, then quickly asks "Actually, where's your bathroom? I gotta fix myself up too"
> Huh, you never thought of her as the type to give a shit about her appearance
"Upstairs, second door on the left"
> You wander off down the hall, and Dash walks upstairs out of sight
> Now the decision is what to wear
> Judging by the clothes Pinkie had on her, you're guessing something casual
> Throw on some fresh jeans and a black shirt, then mess your hair around until it sits mostly flat
> Looks good!
> You check your phone, which has charged almost fully by now
> Another missed call?
> No voicemail this time, but you do have a text
> It's Applejack again
> AJ: 'You're not planning on ditching the party tonight, are you?'
> You smile, and respond with a quick 'Nah, I'm coming with Rainbow'
> It was only 10 minutes ago, so you should be fine
> Speaking of fine...
> You flick on your monitor and transfer the photo of AJ over, stashing it with the others
> At least nobody will lose their shit if they find your phone now
> You grab your phone, keys and wallet, and head back out to the loungeroom, getting comfy while you wait for Rainbow

Patience dear anon, it will come, and so will you
> You don't have to wait long, as she strolls down the stairs, you can see she's pulled her hair back into a messy pony tail
> Other than that, there's not much different, but she seems to have washed up a little
"You look good Dash"
> "Wha- Huh?! I didn't ask you!" she exclaims, grabbing her bag, then mumbling "But... thanks, I guess."
> Yep. Still fucking cute.
"C'mon, before I get more worried texts from AJ"
> You wave your phone so she gets your meaning and head to the door
> Snacks, drinks and weed, sounds like it's gonna be a good party!
> You head out the door and climb back into the passenger seat of RD's car
> Hopefully she takes it a bit easier this time
> As she climbs in, you can see that she's trying to hide her blushing face
> She turns the key and you take off back toward town
> She doesn't go nuts on the speed this time, and you're secretly grateful for that
> If she did, you're not sure you'd be able to hold down the couple of beers you shared earlier
"So whereabouts is this party happening?"
> "Eh, it's at Twilight's place. Careful when you get there, it's a damn maze"
> You honestly wonder what she means by that, but don't bother asking. You'll find out soon enough
> Dash flicks on the stereo, and you just relax to the music while she drives
> It's starting to rain
> For whatever reason, you seem to be having really good luck with the rain lately
> The past week or so have been some of the best you've ever had
> You just hope to hell your luck holds up
> You flick on your monitor and transfer the photo of AJ over, stashing it with the others
> At least nobody will lose their shit if they find your phone now

Okay. THAT potential death sentence has been averted!
> Dash makes her way downtown, and finally stops outside what looks to be a small apartment building
> "Alrighty, we're here, let's hope they haven't started without us" Rainbow says, laughing to herself
> You both hop out and quickly make your way to the door, trying to avoid the rain as best you can
"So whereabouts in here is Twilight's place?"
> You look around once you're inside, and Rainbow wanders over to an elevator, jamming her finger on the button
> "Top floor. She likes the view or something, I don't know"
> There's a ding, and one of those small carriage elevators that look like they're just a converted dumbwaiter opens up before you
"Uh, are you sure we're both gonna fit in there?"
> Dash looks at you blankly "Dude, I'm like, 5'2 and weigh fuck all. Get in." then points a thumb toward the elevator
> You climb in, Rainbow following behind you, and the door shuts
> She pushes the button for the top floor, and it starts rumbling slowly upward
> It's obvious this thing was only made for one
> You're pressed right up against Rainbow, the elevator slowly crawling upward at what feels like a snail's pace
> "So..." Dash says, smirking "It's pretty cramped in here, huh?"
"O-oh really? I hadn't noticed!"
> You try and laugh, but RD's smirk just widens "Bullshit, I can feel your boner from here. Calm down will you? Anyone'd think you had the hots for me"
> You awkwardly try and kill your boner, but it's not working
> It's too hard to get rid of with Rainbow's ass pressed firmly against your crotch
> You swallow, and try to think of something else entirely
> But unfortunately, nothing's coming to mind
> Just calm down, deep breaths, aaaand okay.
> Now just think of something disgusting, like horse cocks or something
> It's a suprisingly effective method, and your boner finally calms down
> Rainbow makes a disappointed pouting face, but doesn't say anything, and the elevator dings, alerting you that you've reached your destination
Would you rather I blast a fucking cum stain all over your damn backside?
Make up your fucking mind you God damn cock tease!
>Dash is only 5'2
How adorable.
> The door rolls open, and rather than another corridor, you find yourself in what looks like a living room?
> Then it clicks that Dash hadn't meant her place was on the top floor, her place IS the top floor
> It's really fucking dark though, you can barely make anything out that isn't silhouetted against the windows
> You feel Rainbow slip past behind you, and lose sight of her in the dark
"Dash? Where'd you go? Are you sure we're at the right place?"
> You step forward, feeling around for a light switch, but you can't find one
> As you move through the room, something bugs you, and you turn back around
"Dash? Serio-"
> Whatever you're about to say is drowned out in a sudden explosion as what sounds like several hundred party poppers go off at once, flooding the room with confetti
> You shout loudly, falling backward as the lights are turned on, blinding you
> "SURPRISE NONNY!" shouts Pinkie, with similar sentiments being shared around the room
> As your eyes finally adjust to the light, you can see there's a banner hanging on one wall
> It says "Congratulations on not dying in hospital party!"
"That was a terrible surprise!"
> You try to catch your breath, pretty sure your heart's gonna give out any second from the overtime it's working
> The other five in the room gather around, grinning, and Rainbow Dash comes back in from the other room
> "Well, it was her idea" she says, pointing at Pinkie Pie
> Jesus christ you don't know whether to be angry, happy, terrified or all three
"You trying to send me back to hospital?"
> You still haven't got off the floor, and the others are all laughing
> As you finally calm down, the ridiculousness of the situation finally makes it to you
> You join in on the laughter, taking a hand offered by AJ and pulling yourself up
> Twilight sheepishly speaks up "Applejack wanted to do something to celebrate you getting out, and Pinkie wanted to throw a party, so..."
> Fair enough, you can see they put a lot of effort into it, and it kinda makes you happy
> "I personally suggested we just take you out for some drinks, but Pinkie wouldn't hear it" Rarity says, tossing her hair
"Well, I do really appreciate it"
> You take in the smiles around you and brush yourself off where you'd fallen
> Now you got a good look at the room, you can see what Rainbow had meant when she called it a maze
> There were stacks of books and boxes all over the place, arranged into haphazard piles here and there around the furniture
> Some of them had been covered in sheets and turned INTO the furniture
> "Well then! LET'S PARTY GUYS!!" Pinkie shouts, jamming her finger down on the remote and starting music
> You wonder what's going to inevitably go wrong tonight
All the things go wrong.
File: moth.gif (532 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
532 KB, 480x360
orgy bump
Strip Smash tournament bump!
question. is it scitwi or horse twi?
Judging from the fact that she has a permanent home here I'm guessing it's scilight

>Peanut M&M's

File: 1446688355817.gif (1 MB, 386x201) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 386x201
Interrogate for information on KGB
Keeping her alive until my internet agrees to work again.
Alright I have a couple ideas. One actually stays true to the prompt that has been given, but it would probably not be much different from Strayanon's story, nor all that good/fun to read. But I have another idea that kinda sticks to the prompt, but then takes a massive left fucking turn and turns into something very different from what you're expecting. So I guess I will leave it up to you to tell me which you would be more interested in reading. Straight clop, or a huge story with clop still involved at some points here and there.
Make it as long as a black giant's dick
>Be Anon
>You are out on the road again
>You live on the road now
>It's the only way to live out here
>The only way...
>You are driving down a long strip of road without a destination in mind
>You just have to keep going
>You need to get away no matter the cost
>Away from this world
>Away from the things you've witnessed
>You've been through here before but it's still barren
>You remember that flipped car to your left
>A few more miles out and you will hit that intersection
>Maybe find another way to go
>You could have all made it, dammit
>You notice something different
>Out in front about a mile away there are...people
>You slow your car to a dead stop on the side of the road
>There isn't a whole lot of trees around, they had to have spotted you
>You were distracted again, and the last time you were distracted, people got hurt
>You grip the wheel tighter
>You check in every direction, in the mirrors, scan the dense grass around you...
>You are still clear
>You focus in on the movements in front of you
>There looks to be 3 of them about 20 feet from a fence, a dirt road going through it towards some run down looking building out in the distance
>They don't seem to be paying much attention
>And their clothing seems awfully bright
>It looks as if they are arguing
>What the fuck? Don't they know sound attracts them?
>It's too late
>Behind the three figures comes a fourth from the underbrush
>It hasn't been spotted by the first three yet
>What the hell are they still doing? Don't they notice it? They are gonna fucking die if they don't move...
>Forget it
>They clearly only made it this long because of luck
>Sooner or later...luck runs out
>There is another one coming from behind the same bush the first did
>Where do they even come from? How the hell did you miss them?
>How the hell did those three still not notice?
>There is more now from the other side
>Those ones finally get their attention
>They all scream
>Leave it alone Anon...
Anon in an apoc world? I think I may like this...
I haven't read any zombie greens. This'd better be good.
>This isn't your problem
>It'll be over soon, you can swing by them and see if they even had anything worthwhile on them, and bail
>They huddle together holding themselves
>Don't bother
>People aren't the same as they used to be
>If you help them, they'll either slow you down, kill you, or just end up getting killed themselves
>They could easily make a break for it and be fine but they refuse to move
>You know by their screaming they are female, all young
>You grip the wheel tighter
>Even more are coming because of the screams
>You scream in frustration
>There is about 15 of them now
>They are getting closer
>You start hitting the steering wheel screaming in anger
>Fuck it
>You hit the gas
>The tires spin out underneath you and you shoot forward
>You might not even get there fast enough
>They notice you now
>You reach down and grip your M9
>This is a fucking terrible idea
>...they don't shoot
>They don't even have any weapons?
>No, they do
>There on the ground lie a bat, what looks to be a pipe, and a...fucking teddy bear?
>You are closing in fast now
>10 more seconds and you'll be on them
>There are even more than you thought
>These screaming little shits have really called in a big group now
>About 30 of them
>One is close enough to lunge at them now
>As the body lurches forward, you thump into it launching it and several others that were surrounding it a few yards away, their decaying bodies mangling on the asphalt
>Well, now there's only about 25 of them...
>You fling the door open knocking over two more and swing your pistol out

Aaaaand fucking hell I need to get to work for a bit. Tell me if this is getting any interest so far. I've been watching a fuck ton of Walking Dead lately, and this idea just kinda came around.
It's sparked my interest, keep going, I want to see more when you get back from work
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Okay! My turn again!
> "Sounds lahk a pretty obvious trap to me." Applejack responds.
> Twilight looks hard into Melyrid's smiling face, trying to decide if it's a trap to lure them in, or a bluff to scare them off.
> Fluttershy starts to get worried about what Twilight's about to decide, and tells her "Well, if it is a trap, maybe some of us should stay out here, just in case." as a nervous smile takes over her face.
> Rarity steps forward to interject, "I for one have absolutely no interest in stepping one hoof into that vile den of depravity.".
> Melyrid's confident smile is momentarily broken by Rarity's words.
> She recognizes that voice.
> But her smile quickly returns when she remembers exactly where from.
> "Alright!" Twilight answers before anyone else can offer their opinion, "I’ll go in. Alone!".
> "WHAT!?" her friends cry out in unison.
> "Darling, you can’t serious." Rarity pleads out of concern.
> Twilight turns back to her friends, trying to keep her voice down as she tells them "I’ll go in and see if I can find anything suspicious. If I don't come back out in a couple minutes, then you can come in after me. Besides, I think I can handle a few Changelings on my own."
> "But what if there’s more of them in there?" Rainbowdash asks.
> "Then I can just teleport right back out here any time I want." Twilight reassures them, "Besides, I think she’s just trying to scare us off. This might be our only chance to catch them unprepared."
> The others look back and forth at each other with concern.
> "Awlright suger cube, but you be careful in there." Applejack says with cautious optimism.
> Twilight turns back and follows Melyrid into the shop.
> Suddenly Pinkie Pie calls out to her, "OOH! See if they’ve got any giant wax lips in there!"
> Eye rolls and face hooves all around.
> Melyrid closed the door behind Twilight, who kept a close eye on her the entire time.
> "Oh relax." she told Twilight, "I would think you’d appreciate our discretion, given the nature of our merchandise."

> At that point Twilight finally takes her eyes off of Melyrid and actually starts looking at the store itself.
> She was expecting to see dark magic crystals, giant cocoons with helpless ponies trapped inside, but this...
> This was almost more disturbing.
> The mannequins were all wearing erotic underwear, some with holes in the worst places, and almost all of them placed in degrading positions.
> On the shelves she saw rubber bondage masks, whips, metal body piercings, fuzzy hoof cuffs, drinking straws shaped like colt genitalia.

> The sights made Twilight cringe in disgust, but then as she approached the back of the store, she couldn’t help but blush as her eyes widened.
> The entire back wall was covered with sex toys!
> Dildos, vibrators, all in a baffling variety of shapes and sizes.
> Along with a slew of other sexual aids that were entirely beyond her comprehension.

> As Twilight's eyes were transfixed on the wall, Melyrid walked up from behind and asked her "So... see anything you like?" as she lifted Twilight’s jaw and closed her gaping mouth for her.
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> At that time Thespid and Agraul finally came downstairs, joining Melyrid as she was showing Twilight around the shop.
> "Well, well. A little early for our first customer." Thespid said as a sly sinister grin slid across her face.

> Twilight’s attention was finally pulled away from the massive wall of sex toys, and she struggled to regain her composure.
> "I’m not a customer!" Twilight said back, as her voice nervously cracked.
> "I’m here to find out what your evil plan is and put a stop to it, right here and now!"

> That time she managed to sound serious, which only made it harder for Thespid not to laugh.
> Melyrid could see how flustered Twilight was becoming, and was none too pleased with her little sister.
> "That’s enough Thespid." Melyrid said with stern command, "I don’t think our customers will appreciate you laughing at them."
> "Oh come on, you gotta admit that was kinda funny." she answered back.
> Melyrid turned up her nose and sneered at Thespid’s childish retort, "We want our customers to feel welcome and comfortable."

> "I told you, I am NOT a CUSTOMER!" Twilight shouted.
> The store briefly fell silent, and Agraul covered an ear and recoiled his head in pain, still not fully recovered from last night’s celebrations.

> "Indeed." Melyrid replied, "Think of this as a preliminary inspection. To help establish trust with our new customers."
> Twilight began to get the impression that she wasn’t being taken seriously at all.
> Melyrid continued trying to put Twilight’s mind at ease, "First of all, we’re well aware this business isn’t ‘family appropriate’. Which is just one reason why we don’t open until after dark. And we keep everything covered during the day, so the little ones won’t have any reason to ask questions the grown-ups don’t want to answer."
> Agraul decided to chime in and help the conversation, "Plus our late hours make it easier to protect ponies privacy."
> "Yes." Melyrid agreed with a nod, "Discretion is also important to help our customers feel comfortable. After all, it’s not easy to open up to total strangers about such a delicate subject."

> Twilight takes another quick glance around the store, "I can’t believe you just used the word ‘delicate’ to describe this place.".
> Just before looking back at the Changelings, one item in particular on the back wall caught Twilight's attention for barely a second.

> "So are you three the only Changelings here in Ponyville, or are their more of you here?" Twilight asks, desperate to change the subject, and still blushing.
> "Of course." Melyrid answers.
> "Well, at least as far as any of us are aware." she continues with a casual shrug, "We are shape shifters after all. And it’s not as if all Changelings keep each other apprised on their disguises."
> Agraul gets another nervous look on his face and scratches the back of his head, as he tells Twilight "But if there were any other Changelings here, I imagine they would have already had some unpleasant words with us by now.".
> Twilight gets a confused look on her face, and Thespid goes on to say "Yeah. Most of us value our secrecy, given that we spend so much of our lives in hiding.".
> That only confused Twilight even more, compelling her to ask them "So then why do all of this? Why reveal yourselves to every pony, when you knew how they’d react to a group of Changelings living among them?"
> Melyrid steps forward reminding Twilight "As I said, It’s important to earn the trust of our customers. How can we expect ponies to share their deepest most intimate secrets with us, if we’re not willing to be equally open and honest with them?"
> Hearing a Changeling talk so sincerely about trust and honesty was almost impossible for Twilight to believe.
> But Melyrid certainly sounded genuine.

> Twilight recomposed herself again.
> "Alright." she began, "Let’s say for just a second that I actually believe all of you. That there really is no secret evil scheme going on here, and that the only reason you opened this shop was to sell... these... uh..."
> Twilight couldn’t even bring herself to say it out loud, as she blushed even more.

> But Thespid certainly could!

> "Sex toys?" she asked with a devious and almost flirtatious smirk.
> "Yes." Twilight answered, finally able to exhale.
Sorry. Forgot the name.
> Finishing her thought, Twilight asked "Do you really think any of the ponies in this town are going to be even remotely interested in your little... shop of horrors!?" as she gestured mostly to the back wall.
> And as she did so, that same particular item again caught her eye.

> Agraul got an awkward uncomfortable look on his face, and told Twilight "Um... this isn’t THAT kind of shop. We don’t have sex with the customers.".
> All three of the girls looked Agraul dead in the eyes, appalled at what he’d just said.
> Although his sisters were largely confused, Twilight was now blushing an even deeper shade of red than Fluttershy had been.

> Melyrid’s face grew cold with disappointment, rolling her eyes and shaking her head as she told Agraul "She said ‘horrOR’, not... nevermind.".
> Now it was Agraul’s turn to blush, "Oh! S-sorry."
> Thespid hung her head in shame.

> Melyrid turned back to Twilight, and could practically see the mental images forming in her head as she still stood there, frozen in place by Agraul’s remark.
> Melyrid coughed to help Twilight snap out of her catatonic daydreaming, and answered "Yes. I believe that given enough time, the ponies of Ponyville will see that they can trust us. And eventually be comfortable enough to come see all that we have to offer them."
> Twilight thought the notion of ANY pony she knew being interested in this place was absurd.
> But as far as she could tell, there wasn’t any hint of an ulterior motive to be found.
> Twilight gazed around the store once again.

> At least not yet there wasn‘t.

> Again, that strange item caught her eye.
> "Fine." Twilight declared, having given up on uncovering their evil scheme for the time being.
> "If what you say is--" Twilight cut herself off, unable to resist any more, "What in the name of Celestia is THAT thing even for!?" she suddenly blurted out, pointing to it on the shelf.

> Thespid walked in for a closer look, "You mean this?" she asked, pointing.
> "Yes! That!" Twilight asked, desperate for answers.
> "Why is something that harmless and ordinary on the same shelf as all these other freaky... things!?” Twilight asked, practically yelling.

> Thespid’s sinister smile returned, more toothy than ever before.
> "Mm-HHM!" Thespid coughed, clearing her throat.
> "That..." she began with a brief dramatic pause, "...is a cock ring."
Fuck, I keep rewriting sections of the story
I need to stop writing at 4 in the morning when I'm absolutely exhausted
Story time from Straya soon, I wanna write a little more of the next scene before I start dumping.
Updating the pastebin tonight too
>> "That..." she began with a brief dramatic pause, "...is a cock ring."
Some funny shit, right here.
> Twilight was only more confused as Thespid went on, "And not just any cock ring. But a... vibrating... cock ring."
> Melyrid just closed her eyes and shook her head.
> Thespid really enjoyed her dramatic pauses, and saying ‘cock’, way more than she should have.

> Meanwhile Twilight was growing more confused by the second, and asked Thespid "Why does it vibrate? And don’t you think it’s a little big for a rooster’s claw?"

> Agraul quickly tried to cover his mouth, as the air in his lungs suddenly sputtered through his lips all at once.
> Melyrid shot him a flare-eyed disdainful glare with the speed of a lightning bolt!
> "I’m sorry!" Agraul mumbled through his hoof, as he summoned every fiber of his being to hold the intense laughter at bay.
> He ran through the back door and up the stairs, hoping to reach his bedroom and smother his face in a pillow before he exploded.

> Melyrid was amazed that Thespid hadn’t already joined in Agraul's laughter
> She looked back to see, to her absolute amazement, that Thespid was actually keeping it together pretty well.

> Thespid took a long, deep breath.
> Cleared her throat yet again, and told Twilight "You misunderstand. ‘Cock’... is another word for..."
> This time the pause wasn’t for dramatic effect, but rather for Thespid to decide just how basic she had to get with the terminology for Twilight to actually understand what she meant.
> Thespid finally decided on "...penis.".
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> Twilight looked back at the vibrating cock ring, trying to imagine why any colt would want to wear a vibrating ring on their genitals.
> Thespid could see the confusion in Twilight’s face, and decided she needed more details.

> "You see..." Thespid began as she walked over and took one of the strap-ons down off it’s hanger, "...a colt puts this on, around the base of his shaft, like this."
> Twilight watched completely mesmerized as Thespid squeezed the ring on over the end, and slid it down the length of the smooth black rubber strap-on dildo.
> "This puts pressure around the base of his dick." Thespid continued, "Causing the rest of the shaft and the head to swell up even bigger than usual."
> Meanwhile Twilight’s eyes continued to swell up bigger than usual.

> "Then if you press this little button here..." Thespid said as she turned it on, "...it sends intense vibrations throughout his hard... bulging... cock.".
> Twilight just stared at the long black shaft, watching it vibrate and listening to the hum.
> Thespid was really getting into her vividly detailed story, "And when he pushes his dick... deep... deep down inside the mare's..."
> Thespid waited an extra long pause for Twilight to look up into her eyes before she went on.
> "...pussy..."
> Twilight felt sweat rolling down her face as she looked back at the vibrating dildo, and nervously gulped.
> "...the vibrations pass through her entire body as well." Thespid finally went on.
> "Causing incredibly intense... stimulation... for both of them. Resulting in a much, MUCH more powerful... intense... mind blowing..."
> Melyrid was really starting to get annoyed at this point, thinking *Oh for goodness sakes, would you just wrap it up already!?*.
> "...orgasm!" Thespid finally finished, with an extra deep tone in her voice.
> Thespid left the ring vibrating for a while, watching Twilight’s transfixed pupils dilate, as she gulped down another mouthful of saliva before she started to drool.

>You aim at the skull of the closest dead and pull the trigger
>You drop 4 more before deciding you have a large enough space
>Pistol still in one hand, you pull your knife, a 12 inch black K-Bar, and drop your heel into the skull of one of the bodies you had knocked down with the door
>You sink your blade into the other one and come around the front of the car
>The three girls, as you had guessed, stand there shocked and scared watching you
"Get in the car! MOVE!"
>They don't budge at the screaming of this strange person they haven't even fully seen
>Another one lunges from behind them and the one with the pink and purple hair shrieks and dives to the side
>You aim at it and fire just above them, covering them in the blood of the re-killed foe
>This gets their asses in gear
"Come on!"
>You scream again, going back around to the other side and firing a couple more shots
>They all grab their collective weapons, including the bear the first girl actually dove for
>The other two take down 3 more on their own and move towards the car back to back
>You climb back into the drivers seat and boot another one away before slamming the door shut
>You hear the back door fly open and the three girls climb in
> You hit the accelerator before they even have a chance to close the door and you hit several more
"Ah told y'all we needed tah git out a there!"
>One of them yells in a very southern accent
"Where were we supposed to go?! We don't know where we are! We don't even know where the others-!"
>The other screams in a raspy voice before you cut her off
>They freeze and look at you with big eyes
>You have the gun pointed at them with one hand, the other on the wheel
>You glare back at them through the mirror
"All of you, get your hands up where I can see them. NOW!"
>You accent the last point by thrusting your gun back at them further causing you to swerve a bit

I'm back now
Okay! Your turn!
Bye for now.
>>You have the gun pointed at them with one hand, the other on the wheel
>>You glare back at them through the mirror
>"All of you, get your hands up where I can see them. NOW!"
Feels good having a smart protagonist.
Take no chances.

> It's been about an hour now
> People started to rock up about half an hour after the party got started
> Despite more people arriving, it was still pretty empty given the size of the place
> Either that or they were being systematically murdered and hidden behind stacks of books
> Seriously why the fuck were there so many books here?
> You spent the first portion of the party just chatting with people, then Fluttershy and Rarity went off somewhere together with a few beers and a bag, and everyone else went to chat to the various people who'd just arrived
> The music and lights, combined with a large amount of booze, has started giving you a hell of a migrane
> It becomes too much, and you decide to head elsewhere in the house to see if you can find anything
> You've managed to get a ways away from the main area of attraction, and are honestly surprised by the sheer size of the place
> Eventually, you give up looking around and just flop down in a chair
> You'd swear this place used to be a library
> "Hi Anon! What're you doing back here? I thought you'd want to be at the party?"
> Twilight pops up behind you out of fucking nowhere
"Jesus Twilight! You scared the shit out of me!"
> "Ehe, sorry, I forget people aren't as used to this place as I am" she says, looking away in embarrassment
> She walks around the chair so you can see her "Mind if I join you?"
"Uh yeah, sure, but I don't think we'll both fit on this one"
> You frown a little, and she just smiles
> "Don't worry about that, I'm sure I'll manage" She says, leaning back and sitting on your lap
"Woah what? Twilight what are you doing?"
> She blinks "Sorry? I thought you wouldn't mind" You want to say you do, but she looks genuinely confused, and it's a little cute
>They all put their hands up except for the pink and purple haired one who only hugs her bear tighter and begins crying harder than she already was
>You readjust the mirror on them better with your driving hand like the idiot you are, but still keep the car going driving with a knee
"Don't. Say. Anything. Don't even move. I will not hesitate to pull this trigger"
>You say as bluntly as you can, enunciating every word.
>You drive for another 5 minutes, your arm becoming tired from holding up the gun
>The teddy bear girl has been sniffling and sobbing this entire way while the other two try to glare angrily at you but can't hide their fear
>Teddy bear girl hasn't looked up at all, only curled down into her teddy bear and closed her eyes while sobbing and rocking
"If you're gonna kill us, just do it"
>The darker purple haired one says
>You slam on the breaks causing them all to lurch forward, teddy bear girl just sobs a bit louder
>You throw the car in park and whip around to look at them all
"I could have just let you die back there..."
>You threaten
"Then why didn't ya'll?"
>The one with the red hair and a bow fires back
>You remain quiet for a moment and stare into the eyes of all three
>Even teddy bear girl looks up at you for a moment, pure terror in her eyes
"...get out."
>You say flatly
"How? You said to keep our hands up"
>Purple hair says
>Fucking smart ass
>You open your door keeping your gun and eyes trained on them.
>You move back to the back door on the drivers side and lean forward to quickly unlatch the door before taking a few steps back
>You say, bringing your free hand up to steady the gun
>Bow haired girl is the first one, though she just glares at you for a moment before taking a step out, her hands still up
>Next is the smart ass who just glares down at the console while scooting over and out next to bow girl
>Finally is teddy bear girl who refuses to budge
"You too. Out"
>You say flatly keeping your weapon trained on the other two
Thanks that's kinda the angle I wanted Anon to take. [spoilers] Even the angle I would take personally.[/spoilers]
Oh god duelling greentext
Apologies, didn't know if you were gone or not
I'll wait for ya
Holy shit. Did I pick the perfect time to stop, or what!?
Okay, SOMEBODY keep writing!
>She doesn't budge
>You take a threatening step forward breathing a heavy breath
>This one obviously isn't the real threat, but you are taking zero chances here
"Sweetie Belle, just do what he says!"
>Purple says
>Sweetie Belle cringes away for a moment before slowly scooting towards the exit being careful not to touch the blood covering the weapons left forgotten on the car floor
>She comes out closing the door behind her gently, and stands by the other two still shaking and hiccuping every once in a while through her tears
"You. Walk forward"
>You point towards the first one with the bow in her hair
>She takes a single hesitant step forward
>You wave your gun towards you beckoning her closer
>She takes a few more steps
"Turn around"
>You say bluntly
>She slowly turns to face her companions
>You begin patting her down grabbing anything hard or out of place and putting it on the ground
>When you are satisfied, you have her return to where she was before
>She hardly has anything on her
>Some locket in her pocket that you don't bother opening, a half eaten candy bar, a few 5.56 rounds
>You continue the cycle, but it is more of the same with the other two
>Sweetie Belle doesn't move from gripping her teddy bear tightly as you pat her down
>She hardly has anything on her at all
>You stand there after you are finished, trying to figure out what to do next
>What the hell were you planning on doing with these girls in the first place?
>You aren't a fucking rapist, even after the world had all but fucked itself, you weren't about to completely separate yourself from your own humanity
>You saved their lives and now you don't know what the fuck to do with them
>Were you distracted again?
>Were you just completely losing your shit?
>No, you are still laser focused and sharp, every rustling leaf known to your ears, every shift in the wind felt in your hair
"So what now?"
>The smart ass challenges
>You stay quiet