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>you will never help your pone mom cook dinner
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>you will never help your pone mom cook dinner
>she will never awkwardly tell you that you are adopted despite how obvious it is
>she will never cradle you close at night while you rest in bed
;_; Mah feels
cowboy henk in equestria
Imagine if Horse Wife became your Horse Mom.
A horse mom blog like horse wife would be fucking adorable. A single pony mother trying to raise a human child.

>single mother

absolute degeneracy
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Go home /pol/ your drunk
/pol/ has a point, there's no need for her to be single.
Okay /po/
I am from /p/ get it right.
But anon, if your horse mother isn't single then how will you fuck her without cucking your father?
I was thinking more along the lines of a mare who is barren and can't have kids and no stallion wants her. She ends up adopting a human and they journey through life together.
Horse mom is not for sexual.
Horse mom is gor reading good night stories and kisses on your forehead.
All ponies are for sexual, as are all mothers. Denying this natural fact is as pointless as denying the curvature of the earth or the reality of the magnetosphere. Good hell, anon. Do you even science?
The earth is concave you sheeple.

>bug mom will never take you to a raid on bring your child to work day

Why even live
This is nice and all but wheres the lewd? I got Oedipus on the other line here
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>Pone mom will never comfort you after a mare rejects you for being "different"
>Pone mom will never help you with your urges when you keep waking up with your morning wood poking her in the side
>Pone mom will never think it is strange that you sleep with her every night even at 13
>Lets you fuck her/ sucks your dick
>Thinks it is strange that you sleep in the same bed with her

Horses got some strange standards is all I'm saying.

Is this some weird tradition akin to the pony pastime of having to defeat your father and claim your mother to prove you are a stallion?
I was just going for a weird fucked up relationship angle. Nothing that deep. Just pseudo incest.
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That pic says cancer.
It is just a cute image of tails the fox, Anon.
I want a big pone mom.
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Back off she is mine.
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Don't remind me.
Jesus, not that big.
>not setting up wifi inside your mom's uterus and living there
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>big pones
Absolutely haram.
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mom bmp
>Not fucking horse mom AND horse dad
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>mfw I watched bugmom 404 without a single reply
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What horse would be best mom and who would be worst mom?
My last bump.

I leave you with all I have left of cute.
I lied I have more. Have a retarded Anon.
Does anyone know if Dandelions are harmful for humans?
>But mom I want a chicken stew!
You eat what your mother provides or you get a spanking.
And don't be fags you people. Remember to hug your mother.
I may be after high school only but I know that we humans usually don't eat dandelions.
Whay the fuck I am doing in a mom thread.
They're quite healthy for you actually.
Turns out OP's not such a faggot.

I have made a terrible mistake.
Got a shovel handy?
That's harsh, dude.
When I was kid I heard the stems were poison, but that just might be dumb shit kids say. I know people make wine out of dandelions, so maybe not. I'm too lazy to google it and pretend like I'm smart.
I will trade you one dead mother for a sexually abusive one.
Time for comfy feels
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I want to cuddle mom and kiss her on the cheek.
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You should be ok with that, Sanic.
Best mom coming through!
Well you made it to Equestria! But you are an adult stuck in the body of little tiny babby Anon. Derpy is the only one with room and time to take you in and you can't talk nor do you have good motor skills yet. How fucked are you with Derp pone?
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oh boy.jpg
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Why do the autistic like sanic?
>asking about autism on /mlp/

Nice dubs
Nice old meme
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Why so many people here have mom issues?
What happened Anons?

>Changing your mom.
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My mother is the only woman who'll ever give half a shit about me.
My mother sexually abused me for years.
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>sanic fan detected
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schindlers lels.gif
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>weird ass sock
>"Tavi, listen to my little mixmaster, he's already got mad skills for days!"
>'It's a shame you're squandering his musical talents this way, Vinyl.'
>"Ooh don't listen to Mommy Tavi, Anon, you could be the next DJ Premier OR Batch!"
>'..It's 'Bach', Vinyl.'
>"Hey Nonny! I got a birthday surprise for you! Bend over and spread em!"
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>"Anonymous, I do NOT keep making you new pairs of pants so that you may wear them hanging from your flanks, young man."
>"..Not that mommy doesn't mind the sight of that tush now and then."
>"Get your scrawny ass over here, Anon. I had a hard day at work and now I need you help.
>"Rub my fflanks. Come on are you deaf?"
>"Mmmmm...That's it. Now go a bit lower and don't mind any heat you might feel."
>"I love you so much my little Angel."
>"How'd your studying with Twilight go?"
>'Ehh, it was more of an interview than studying, mom.'
>"Yeah that sounds about right, I bet she was all 'I-it's not lewd, it's for science' and 'I had a human boyfriend once..'"
>'Hahaha, spot on, mom.'
I would love to do more but I have to passout candy to little shitheads. I love you for this.

Great filename
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2 bestest moms
>"Well gosh golly, are you gonna ride shotgun with mommy, my little deputy?"
would you be his mommy?
Is it retarded? It looks like special needs.
pls dont ask me quesions im Waysted
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mustang obomber.png
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>Making a homonculus
What? Now I feel retarded. Is this how it happens? Do I turn into that abomination next?
whu? im a pretty big wasted right now
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Was getting wasted part of your plan?
Of courshe
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HI ANON!.png
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>'*sigh*..Hi, mom.'
>'Why not.'
This would be the weirdest one.
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>"Y-your great and powerful mother performs till she is tired, and THIS is how you treat her?"
>'Mom, please, I nev-'
>"NO! Mommy cannot bear anymore of your scathing rebukes, Anonymous!"
>'Oh for the love of-..HERE, gosh..'
>Trixie siezes on your handful of peanut butter ritz bits
>"Mmpph..yesh..delishes..m-mommy knew you loved her~."
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Great mother trixie mmhmm oh yes give me the saggy ground dragging crotch titties
I would love to have those two as mothers
also green text when?
maple mom is best mom
sure I'll raise the little shit and call it Junior or Mini Me
But can you be a mommy?
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fleur de lis.png
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>"You were such a good boy during mommy's photo shoot."
>'Miss Photo Finish said I have 'ze natural eye for magicks'.'
>"That certainly is high praise, Anonymous, she's among the most sought after photographers in Equestria."
>'Yeah she even gave me this card and said for me to come back when I'm legal, whatever that means.'
>"Oh? Legal? Let me have a look at that card."
>"...One budoir photo session. Oh my.."
>'What's a b-budjwor?'
Do Eris!
>"Don't laugh..don't laugh, dooon't laugh.."
>'Mom! M-mom, watch this!'
>"It's important you stay a strict but fair disciplinarian, how else will he grow into a respectable youn-"
>'Mom watch!'
>"A-Anony-..honey, you r-reall..should-...PFFFT!! HAHAHAHA!!!"
underrated thread
I want to cum inside mom
oedipus much?
bump before bed
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>"Hey Anon this is what I think of your shitty mother."
>Lyra will never tuck you in
>She'll never lull you to sleep with her lyre

Why even live, gents?
File: brush.png (128 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>you will never wake up with both hands somehow inserted in her pony fun hole.

Why live indeed

>Your mother will never inspect everyone of your teeth and gently rub your Canines while a slight scent of her musk fills the air.
Dentist pone would probably find the human mouth incredibly intriguing.
File: 132636082664.png (59 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Twilight will never force you to study every night. She will never relieve you of study stress with under the desk blow jobs.
>that spoiler
why did you remind me, anon?
>no redheaert
My thoughts exactly.
Need more pone mom.
/r/equesting green of
bonus for combonation
Yeah I need more of this. How did Vinyl and Octavia find him? That would be interesting.
File: 1434218311920.png (91 KB, 446x389) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Anon's face when Twiggle hitting on his son
Pone mom pls
File: 1440032817306.jpg (225 KB, 415x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
225 KB, 415x640
What is pone mom making? I can't tell.
Pretty sure that's spaghetti. Anon'll have no trouble making tons of it.
The massive size of the pone and noodles threw me off.
>oedipus gen will never be a thing again
Storytime motherfucker!
It is a horrible feel.
Luna would be worst mother.
Oh god she would be an amazing mother.
We all do
bed time bump
b-baka desu senpai
indeed she would
Cool, not exactly pone mom general revival, but it works for what I want to post. I have a good little green with Vinyl and Octavia mums I want to continue, I just want to know if ya'll would like me to repost the whole story here before continuing it or just add link to previous? Which would you think would be more convenient for ya'll?
Post the whole thing
K, so I'm gonna post what I've got so far and continue off it from there.

>Be Anonymous Scratch, Non by your friends, Nonners by your mom.
>Vinyl Scratch, your mom, found you crying in the ally behind a club she had done a gig for.
>Mistaking you for a wild animal cub she took you in, thinking you'd make an awesome pet.
>It rocked her world when your first word was "Mommy".
>The idea that you were sentient didn't scare her as much as the idea of actually being your mother did.
>But she knew that if she gave you to an orphanage your life would be an absolute hell.
>Plus something about the way you called her mommy made her feel warm.
>Ten years later and you were as happy as a little ape thing raised by a unicorn DJ could be.
>It was getting close to valentines day and you were making a plan to get you mom hooked up.
>You and you mother lived in Canterlot, which actually gave you mom a lot of business.
>Lots of clubs for those higher crust ponies to come to and cut loose for awhile.
>Another reason was a certain gray cello playing pony you knew your mom liked.

>Her name was Octavia Melody and you were going to get her to be your mom's special somepony.
>She would never tell you herself and she never complained about it even when you weren't around, but you knew from the times you had eavesdropped on her doing bills and turning down deals that she had given up a lot to take care of you.
>And this was how you were going to make it up to her.
>She always talked about Octavia.
>"I don't know Nonners, she just has this weird thing about her. I think the words um...elegance!Yeah that's it."
>"Then why don't you ask her to be your special somepony?"
>"I-I can't just ask her! I mean, she wouldn't go for a pony like me..."
>"No way! She'd be crazy not to want to be with you mom. Your one of of the best DJ's ever and have done some gigs for almost every well known club in Canterlot!"
>"Heh, I am pretty awesome huh? But that's just the problem. A proper and prim cello playing pony like her just wouldn't go for a >tomcolt DJ."
>It made you really sad to see mom like this of course.
>You had been working on this plan for the last week, a whole collection of crayon drawings depicting different parts of you plan all kept together in a folder.
>It was labeled "The super mega cool plan to get mom together with Octavia plan."
>The first part of the plan you were working on now.
>You had grabbed yourself an actual pencil and was working on a letter to send to Octavia.

Dear Octavia,

Hi! My names Anonymous, but you can call me Non. I'm writing to you to tell you that me and my mom are going to be at your next show. I was hoping that we could talk with you after the show. You see my mom really likes you, but she thinks that you won't like her because your a high crust pony and shes a tomcolt. But if my mom likes you than you can't be all snobby like those other ponies, so I know you'll really like her if you talk with her. When your looking for us we'll be the green monkey thing and the blue and white unicorn.



I almost forgot to tell you what my moms name is! That is if you don't already know it, she is the best DJ ever. Anyway it's Vinyl Scratch. Can't wait to meet you!

>Checking it over a bunch of times while cross referencing a dictionary to make sure you spelled all the words right you're finally satisfied with what you've written.
>Folding and sealing it in an envelope you quickly run out, stopping to tell your mom you were going to play outside for awhile.
>You race down to your local post office and turn in your letter, paying for it to be expressed mailed.
>That brings up what has been the hardest part of your plan, not spending all of your bits.
>In order to make this plan work you needed a lot of bits.
>Though getting the bits them self wasn't that hard, you are a famous ponies kid after all.
>Bits to buy the tickets to Octavia's show WITH backstage passes.
>Bits for reservations at the restaurant you going to send them to after mom asked Octavia out.
>Bits for the arcade while their at the restaurant so your not sitting at home doing nothing.
>Just forgetting everything else and going on a rampage at the arcade was the truest test of your will.
>But you every time you felt weak, you just remember that it's for your mom and it brings you the strength to not go buy the arcade for a whole week.
>Plus if mom and Octavia got married you'd get more presents for Hearths Warming, which helps to keep it together.

>The letter was sent and now you just had to give mom the tickets.
>Walking back to your house you stop in front of your door and pull the tickets from your pocket then walk in.
>Hiding the tickets behind your back you start searching the house for mom.
>It isn't hard as you just follow the low tones of music to a familiar door marked "Studio".
>As always when you need to talk to mom whiles shes mixing you just walk in, the music intensifying as you walk in.
>Mom was seated behind a simpler version of her usual stage set up, eyes closed has she messed with some nobs and switches.
>Stepping around the various wires and and stacks of discarded iced coffee you walk behind mom, tapping her shoulder.
>Blinking like she had just come out of a trance she turned and smiled at you.
>"Yo Nonners! I thought you were playing outside."
>"I'm done, plus there something I wanted to give you."
>"Something to give me? Not that I don't like getting stuff, especially form my little monkey-"
>She ruffles your hair and does a quick, terrible monkey impression.
>"-but whats the sudden gift for?"
>You straighten your hair back out.
>"Well mom, I know you've been working a lot lately. What with trying to finish that new album and all."
>"And I also know that you've been really wanting to go see one of Octavia's shows...for some reason."
>Mom blushed.
>"He-hey! Just because I don't like most classical music doesn't mean I don't like ALL of it."
>She looks away to the side.
>"...It's another reason I like her. Her music actually sounds like it's saying something, unlike all that other stuff that's trying to sound like it's actually trying to say something."
>This makes you grin has you pull the tickets from behind your back and present them to her.
>"That's why I went out and got these."
>Looking at the tickets quizzically she took one in her magic and examined it.
>As she did her eyes widened.
>She just looked at it before she rushed you with a hug squealing like a school filly.

>It's been three hours, and mom is STILL getting ready for the showcase.
>When she had calmed down enough you had pulled out the backstage passes, and honest to Celestia she fainted
>The next two days were a whirl wind of dresses, make up, and hair stylists.
>You were kinda forcefully reminded that despite being a huge tomcolt that mom was still a girl, or as she was trying to pretend to be tonight a lady.
>She had also gone out of her way to get you a little suit...somehow.
>While it really wouldn't have hurt her money wise and there a few designers you know to get cloths custom made from, you have no idea where she managed to get a black suit with matching pants, white undershirt, black dress shoes, and red tie tailor made for you.
>You suspect you'd never get an answer as your mom tried on her fifteenth dress.
"What about this one Non? I think the red really nicely contrast my mane and coat, but it also really too much of and eye catcher, I don't want her to think I'm trying to hard. Maybe I-"
>Groaning again you let it dribble in one ear and out the other.
>You had already found out that any input you could give would be ignored as she filtered though the now insane amount of dresses she has.
("To think that it was just yesterday that her closet was nearly empty.")
>As it were it now was overflowing with clothing.
>Your pretty sure you can see cloths that she didn't even mean to buy, but had gotten swept up in her mad rush to get as many possible options for tonight as possible.
>It was funny too how she was going crazy trying to get ready now when the show was another seven hours away.

"I...I think this is what I'll go with."
>Looking up you had to do a double take.
>You don't who could have made the dress, but it seems they had your mom in mind when they did.
"It's perfect! Where did you find that?"
>Mom blushed, rubbing a leg with a hoof.
"Well, when I was younger my mom made me a dress for events and junk. And since it was a gift from mom I kept it out of respect...And it does look kind of nice."
>Hopping off mom's bed you ran over to her and gave her a hug.
"It's a good thing you did! It's the best thing you've tried on...which means you've wasted your money on all these other one."
>Mom cringed looking at all the fallen dress around her.
"I guess I did. Maybe I can return a few of them..."
>Letting her go you gave mom a quizzical look.
"Why didn't you just try this one on first?"
"Wellll~ I didn't think it was "High Class" enough."
>She said this while making air quotes.
"Mom, your not high class. Your awesome. I mean sure ponies like Fancy Pants can be both awesome AND high class, but that's a really hard thing to do. So when we go to the showcase tonight, just be freaking awesome!"
>Laughing mom grabbed you in a hug and nuzzled you.
"Just be freaking awesome huh? Well fine, if that's all I have to do then tonight's going to be easy!"

>"Come on Anon, let's just go home. My hair isn't right, this dress was a bad choice, I-"
"MOM, I did not spend all my saved bits on this just for you to chicken out!"
>You were holding you mom back as she tried to escape from the carriage.
>The carriage was being pulled by some ponies you had hired from a company.
>"BUT ANON, this is never going to work! I mean I can get dressed up for a night, but I can't be the pony Octavia would want me to be all the time!"
>"Then she doesn't deserve to be with you!"
>This stunned her in to silence, allowing you to press on.
"If she only liked you because you acted like somepony else then there's no point in being with her mom."
>Mom eyes were huge, disbelieve clear on her face.
>"Wow, where did you learn that from Nonners?"
>Vinyl was confused. What you just said sounded way to wise for a ten year old, and even more so for the dub-stepping party pony.
"It's the kind of thing you'd always tell me when somepony told me I was weird or strange."
>You looked away as you repeated the words mom had ounce told you.
"Never let somepony tell you how to be yourself, your always going to be cool if your just being you, remember?"
>Mom had a hoof to her mouth, looking at you with that really proud look that makes you feel all bubbly.
"I really said that huh? I guess I did learn something myself after all."
>Picking you up in her magic mom brought you over for a hug.
>"Your right Nonners, your absolutely right."
>Letting you go she let out a sigh.
>"It's just that I really...REALLY like Octavia and I want her to like me."
>Turning her head backwards mom gave herself a ounce over.
>"You know I don't care what ponies think of me normally, but this is different..."
"I know mom, but just remember your own advice okay? I know it might hurt if she doesn't like you, but that's still a lot better than her liking a fake you."
>Tapping a finger against your chin you had a interesting thought.

"It really wouldn't be that different from being with a changeling. Your pretending not to be really you so you can get her love."
>Playfully you narrow your eyes at her.
"Your not a changeling right?"
>Catching on mom puts on a grin as she slowly, menacingly approaches you.
>"Now what would ever give you that idea?"
>She says this with an over the top flutter of the eyes.
>Your impromptu play session was cut short by one of the carriage ponies.
>"Miss, Sir, we have arrived at the theater."

>Mom had calmed down, but nervousness still stuck to her like gum.
>As you two were escorted to the box seats you had booked, she kept fidgeting, looking this way and that.
>When you finely reached your box you were both floored.
>You knew you had booked some really fancy seats, but your personal room with mini-fridge, snack bar, long couch set up in front of a view straight down on to the stage.
"Holy granoly, so this is why it was so expensive."
>Running over to the window you look down, seeing you as high as you could possibly go before the stage was to hard to see.
>"Anon, just how many bits did you spend on this?"
"Oh, just a few hundred. I've been saving it up."
>"You saved a few hundred bits in two weeks?!"
"Well it's not like my allowance is exactly all that small. You give me like a fifty bits for good behavior, or if I ask using the puppy eyes."
>"Yeah, well...um...how are you not a complete spoiled brat?"
"I had a good mom."
>Mom lightly jabbed you in the shoulder.
>"Enough with the brown nosing already, you've got good boy points saved up 'til doomsday."
>You just grin as the first act starts down on stage.
>This being a showcase there were a lot of performers coming on tonight, but Octavia was the main act, she would be playing around half way through the show.
>You both get comfortable and watch as a pegasus pony in a tuxedo plays a piano.
>Naturally you quietly criticize every act.
>Mom listens to hundreds of different pieces of music looking for that right sample to use in her own, and so by proxy you had listened to enough different types of music to tell which acts were good or sub par.
>But there was one thing you could agree was the same with every single one, they were BORING.
>Just because you could understand how something works doesn't mean you like it.
>If you weren't picking apart each act and have access to all sorts of delectable treats you might have already fallen asleep by the time Octavia came on.

>At last Octavia graced the stage.
>Mom leaned in closer now, watching intently even when all Octavia was doing was setting up.
>Honestly it made you smile to see all this work starting to pay off a little.
>Octavia had her cello case on her back as she walked into the middle of the stage.
>At the middle she grabbed her case, put it on the ground, opened it up, and took out her cello.
>She stood up and propped her self on it, holding one hoof high up on the neck of the cello while the other held the bow string.
>You heard mom pull in and hold a breath when Octavia but the bow to the cello.
>And with a small smile to the crowd she began to play.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6xc_FcdgNo - mandatory for max experience.

>You couldn't take your eyes off mom who couldn't take her eyes off Octavia.
>She was completely entranced, hoof to her chest as she watched.
>It almost made your smile split your whole face in half.
>After a moment longer watching mom you decided to actually listen to your mom's possible feature marefriend play.
>At first you just did what you had done with every other act you tried picking apart the notes and melodies, but when found no issues with them you just listened instead.
>And you must say it was the most unbelievable thing you've ever felt.
>It was like how mom's music could make you feel alive and want to get moving, but instead this made you feel...every other emotion you could think of.
>You felt happy, sad, even kinda mad at some points.
("So this is why mom likes her so much...")
>This put some things in perspective for you.
>You had just been thinking of this how thing as mom and Octavia, and not as mom, Octavia and yourself.
>It never really crossed your mind just what you personally thought off this mare, or how she could change your life if she started dating mom.
>Thankfully now that you were you already knew the answers: You wouldn't mind.
>You still had to meet her and get to know her of course, but no other music had ever made you feel genuine emotions aside from mom's, and for Octvia to play with your emotional spectrum like it was her cello you knew there was something special about her.

>You don't know how long she played, but when she was done you had to blink your eyes a few times.
>Octavia gave a big smile, bowed, put up her cello, and with a confident stride walked off stage to the sounds of thunderous applause.
>You're pretty sure mom was the loudest, she was whooping and hollering.
>"That was amazing! That high cord at verse five-teen was just genius and-"
"And let's go meet her."
>"Yeah, lets go mee-WAIT WHAT?! You mean has in right now?!"
"Yes right now, if we wait any longer she'l have already left."
>You get up from your seat and pull out your back stage pass.
"She doesn't need to stick around for the rest of the show, so now's the best time to catch her."
>Mom got up and began following you as you stepped through the door.
>"B-b-but she must be tired, I don't want to bother her."
>Your walking down the stairs you two had taken to get to your box seat.
"Unless I could have gotten servant ponies to wait on us the entire time we pretty much got a lesser version of the kinda treatment shes getting back there."
>You turn a corner and are now walking down a hallway towards the back stage, mom close on your heels.
>"I don't Anon..."
>She, and so you, stops a few feet away from the guard pony in front of the "Staff Only" door.
>"Honestly Anon, I'm still nervous...even scared."
>She had her head down, a deep blush across her face.
>"I've never asked somepony out. Even when I realized I swung the other way I just couldn't do it. And there's also.."
>She looked up at you, her eyes all big and sad.
>"Anon, you're one of a very select few that's ever gonna hear this...I'm scared of being rejected by others."
>Now you were confused.
>It was weird that mom was so worried about asking Octavia out, but just chopped it up to it being that same kinda feeling you get when you saw this one pretty filly that just sapped all the confidence out of you.
>Hearing mom say she feared rejection though...

"Mom, what you talking about? You're Vinyl Scratch, DJ Pone3, the most confident and independent pony I know!"
>Letting her eyes wonder away mom spoke with a deep sadness.
>"That's just what I want ponies to think."
>"I grew up always feeling different, being a dub-stepper in Canterlot's not easy."
>"Being a lesbian didn't help with that."
>She then walked over and brought you into a hug.
>"I hid it pretty well, learning to hide your feelings is a big thing here."
>"I just did if differently."
>"That's another lesson we could both learn, being able to hide a problem isn't the same as fixing it."
>You had to take a second to think and hugged her back while you did it.
"We can fix this problem tonight then!"
>You felt a proud as the thought came to you.
"You don't have to hide this one anymore, but if we don't hurry up you won't get the chance."
>You jab a thumb at the door.
>Letting you go mom looked at the door, biting her lip in contemplation.
>After a moment she looked at you with a wayward smile.
>"Only if your with me."
>You come to attention and salute, making mom laugh.
>"Alright little soldier, let's get this thing started."
>Mom pulled out her own back stage pass and put it on, took a deep breath, poofed out her chest, and walked over to the guard.

>You and mom had been walking around back stage for awhile, but you finely found out that Octavia was in the dressing room.
>Mom had lost her bravado as you two walked, but held strong enough to keep going without complaint.
>Finding the dressing room soon you look up at mom.
"You think you're ready to go in?"
>Mom took a shaky breath and nodded her head in consent.
>Nodding back you knock on the door quickly.
>"One moment please."
>You hear a bit of shuffling before the door opens.
>And there stood Octavia, pink bow and all.
>"Oh my, this is quite the surprise.
>"Who might you be?"
>You saw mom had a hoof raised up in front of her and a painfully askew smile, stuttering like a crazy pony as she tried to greet her crush.
>Picking up the slack you raise hand to the cellist.
"Hey, it's me Non and my mom!. She's...been really looking forward to meeting you."
>With a bit of a quizzical look Octavia put a hoof in your hand and gave it a good few shakes.
>Suddenly a look of understanding came over her.
>"OH! I remember you now."
>"Your that delightful young colt that had actually sent me a letter earlier this week."
>Snapping back to reality mom gave you a look.
>"You did what now?"
>You just shrug before talking again.
>"Yeah, I'm glad you got it in time. Even with express mail I thought two days might be too close."
>Octavia smiled an ever elegant smile and steps back into the room.
>"Please do come in, I'm very interested in talking with you two."
>With a nod you saunter in, pleased as peas that everything was going so good.
>A bit dumbly mom followed, stunned to silence, giving Octavia a small "Thank you" as she walked pass.
>Once you'er both in Octavia gently closes the door.

>Be Vinyl Scratch.
("What in all the celestial beings names are you DOING ANONYMOUS?!")
>All through out the night you had been letting your son drag you along with his little plan.
>This night has been an honest blast so far, getting to ride in a fancy carriage, box seats to see your crush, and MEETING your crush with backstage passes.
>Truly you had made the best decision ever in adopting Nonners, but just WHY HAD HE SENT OCTAVIA A LETTER TELLING HER THAT YOU WANTED TO DATE HER?!
>Not that it wasn't true, but you didn't want her to know that...yet.
>Octavia had invited you and Anon to sit at this little table that had a tea set ready.
>She had gotten you both a cup and offered you both some cookies.
>You took one while Anon took three.
>For the last few minuets Anon and Octavia had been talking like they were old friends, Anon telling stories and Octavia adding small bits of commentary.
>You had used this time to try and keep your heart from jumping out your chest.
>"-And then I told him "If you wanted to play Villain Fighter two, you should have put a quarter down"!"
>*Hehe* "You are the most amusing thing Anonymous."
>Octavia looks over at you.
>"You're certainly one lucky mare Miss Scratch, a son like Anonymous here is quite the rare thing."
>Her eyes widen all the sudden.
>"I'm terribly sorry, I didn't mean it like that at all."
>She was now waving a hoof in a wild gesture as she tried to save herself from her self perceived social faux pas.
>"Not that he isn't unique mind you, just not in a way that might, as you should know, um, I mean to say..."
>Quickly regaining her composer she put her head and hoof down, blushing madly.
>"I am deeply sorry."
>Anon is trying to hold in his laughter while you take this as your chance to talk.
"Um..It's alright, we know what you meant."
>You give a weak smile.
"The little guys a tough one like his mom, even if that was what you meant he'd take it like the champ I taught him to be."

>Octavia looked up, a small smile across her muzzle.
("That's good! Don't mess it up now.")
"But yeah, I'm interested in hearing just exactly my little monkey wrote in this letter of his."
>Anon obviously didn't think he had done anything wrong, but he could tell you weren't exactly pleased.
>He sat up a little straighter and glanced at you.
>"Oh yes, it was the most adorable thing I have ever had the pleasure of reading."
>"I really don't like to brag, it's rather embarrassing and even scary at times, but I have received love letters before."
>"This on the other hoof was by far the most earnest and straight forward letter I've received of the romantic variety."
>"While I doubted you would actually show up I did have my small hope."
>Your heart must have exploded because you couldn't feel it anymore after she gives you this mischievous grin and a sly wink.
>"So Miss Scratch, just where were you thinking of taking me for our first date?"
>Be Anouymous.
>After Octavia had asked mom where they were going to have their first date you were ready to spring your last surprise for the night when you saw mom tilt over and hit the ground.
>Getting on the ground quickly you find that shes just passed out.
>Breathing a sigh of relive you hear a pair of hooves clip clop behind you.
>"Oh dear, I've seemed to have taken my little joke a little too far."
>Standing up you just shake your head.
"How are you two going to get to The Crystal Corner if she's out like this?"
>Looking at Octavia you see that she is standing on her hind hooves so that she could have both her fore hooves to her mouth.
>"Are you saying you have reservations for THE Crystal Corner?"
>You feel pride and smugness welling up in your chest.
"That's right, I managed to get a reservation for two at a window seat!"
>Octavia looked ready to faint herself, but something seemed to deflate her a little bit.
>"Reservation for just two? Will you not be joining us?"

"Naw, it's your twos date, no need for me to be around."
"Besides, now that I've gotten a chance top talk with you I know your on the chill."
>You level as scary a face as you could muster at Octavia.
"But if I find out you hurt mom, I'll make sure your not happy!"
>You point a finger at her menacingly.
>She giggles.
>"I promise to be nothing less than the perfect date."
>"Do you mind me asking where you'll be while your mother is with me?"
>Relaxing you just shrug.
"I'm gonna head to the arcade and spend what few bits I have left then head home to wait for mom to get back."
>Octavia smiles and heads over to her dresser and grabs something off the top.
>When she comes back you see shes holding considerable bag of bits in her mouth.
>She drops it to the ground, opens it up, pulls out ten bits, and hold them out to you.
>"Here's a little extra to play with."
>"Consider it a thank you for paying for dinner."
>You look at the bits in her hoof and her face for a moment stunned, then take the bits.
"Um...well yeah your welcome, but I'm really doing this for mom."
"You don't have to give these to me."
>"Do not worry about it, I just got paid for the show I preformed."
>"Ten bits won't hurt me."
>Pocketing the bits you give her a huge grin.
"I guess I'll leave you two to it then, just have mom take to the carriage that we took here and ask them to take you to the Crystal Corner, I've already paid them for the whole night."
>You get on your knees and give your sleeping mom a hug.
"Have fun on your date, love you mom."
>You get up, smile at Octavia one more time, and leave.
>Be Octavia Melody.
>You were certainly having an interesting night, and it only seemed to be starting.

HOOO K, that's it, everything I've got on this one story so far. Sorry for such a big dump, just hope you like it so far. I'll get to writing more soon, see ya peeps around 'till then.
I love this. I can't wait to see more.
Wooooo story.
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Wooooo story.
I like that show
this is great keep it up
Shit was so cache.
>tfw you haven't spoken to your Mother in years because she kept mothering you

10 out of fucking 10, Trippy. Made me feel fuzzy inside.
Not perfect, but certainly entertaining. I'm looking forward to more!
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trixie 1.jpg
40 KB, 600x762
>'It's a human trick, mom. Which really isn't magic at all, it just LOOKS lik-'
>"Oh come now, sweetheart, w-what are secrets between professionals like us? How'd you really do it?"
>'Mom there is literally no magic involved when I 'remove' my thumb.'
>"Boo..well, will you atleast show me that other trick again? With the 3 cards?"
>'..Y-you uh..you still owe me 10 bits for that last game, mom.'
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Touch the pony mom butt. Do it now.
We need more please
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abstract feel.jpg
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tfw you will never hug that muscular pone neck of your mom pone, and will also never rest your head in her soft pectoral

the only reason i am still living is that i have a hope that this one day will be real.
>tfw dandelions are actually edible to horses as well
>tfw that scene from s1 where twilight eats flowers is actually legit
bumping out of interest for more.
Bed time bump
Nigger come back
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Sponge Mom pls go.
Plz continue

KK, I am working on more. Fact writing it now as I also write this. I just want ta remind ya'll that what I posted before was already written from previous threads. I am now writing from scratch again and will take time between post. So please understand, new parts will take some time.

I forgot to add that I'm also split writefagging between this and another thread. I'm working on it so don't die and I promise you will see the next part soon.
Thanks for reminding me all those good keks.

Not canon with rest of story, just something to fill in the time for now.

>You and mom were sat in the front middle row, mom practically jumping out of her seat.
>You just put on a brave face and hope this doesn't get too boring.
>("It's for mom.") You keep chanting in your head.
>The show starts and the main attraction walks on stage.
.Octavia looks as regale as ever, as she prompts herself on to her hind legs against her cello.
>Then she got the biggest shit eating grin on her face, picked up her cello and smashed into the ground.
>The chorus of gasps from the crowd only made her grin bigger.
>From out of seemingly no where she pulls out a harp.
>With that proclamation she starts wildly racking her hooves across the poor harps strings, producing a noise that surprisingly has a rhythm, but the notes were all over the place.
>What percent of ponies that hadn't already left did then.
>In only a few minuets all but two were gone.
>You and mom were glued to your seats.
>After just starring at the oblivious pony continue to go at it for a while you finally said something.
"Mom, are you alright? You've been just starring at her with you mouth open for the last ten minuets."
"I...I don't know if I love her less-"
>Mom's cheeks went awash with red.
"-or more."

>It's been three years since then, and you've come to regret ever getting those two together.
>It was cool at first, Octama was pretty chill and knew how to help you keep off-
>and never bother you about stuff like keeping your room clean or other junk like that.
>Even kept Vinyma too busy with-
>to enforce any kind of piratical parenting.
>Which is why you all lived in a trailer just outside of the Everfree Forest.
>Octama and Vinymom are always so busy with "LOVIN" that they couldn't hold their normal jobs of musicians, instead they now sold these weird tapes marked "Strings and Bass: XXX".
>-is what Octama keeps saying.
>Doesn't make you feel any better as you sit in you tiny closet sized room playing with sticks and rocks, listing to you moms "Play" in the room right next to yours.
>As you sit there you can only think of one thing to say that fits appropriately enough.
"Fakkin britbong mum."
>vinyl scratch
stopped there
britbong tavi a best
You do nice work.
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Holy fuck you're alive, I guess I should have expected at least SOMEONE to show up in a pony mum thread. How you been Trippy?

People from those old days need to stop coming back to life, I've overused my trip lately as it is
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I be good matey, and I've been around. Honestly I'm surprised you remember me. I got into the mum pon gen threads literally has they died. How you been?
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Worse than when that old general was alive, but now things are looking up finally. I'm trying my hand at writing again over in Dadonequus, but for now I'm trying to rest while I got two days off work. This new job is working me hard.
I've seen those around and been thinking about giving it a looksy. And I know how it can be with work man. Pro tip, NEVER be a pizza hut employee Halloween night.
I won't do that then, I work at Meijers anyway. Don't know if you have one of those where you live, but think Walmart. I work the produce section, it's a lot of walking, but it's a nice job.

I'm okay with pizza hut, good people. Anyway I'm glad to hear your doing ok. I'm gonna be working this thread 'till it's dead, then I'll probably drop in on /dad/ and see whats on the up and up.
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Guess I'll see you then, I'll probably be here for a while. I bookmarked the thread pretty early on after all.

I should get to writing soon, Erf is probably at work anywho. Also he's in Dadonequus too, kind of the main writer actually.
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>You and Miss Scratch were now seated at a table for two with a window view at The Crystal Corner.
>It had been a delightfully amusing ride you must say.
>The poor dear had been flustered the entire time, having trouble speaking without stuttering.
>While you did indulge in her brand of music as a fellow musician you had in fact heard of her beforehoof from time to time.
>You knew, if you remembered correctly, that she was a rather brass but earnest mare that had no trouble asserting herself.
>This only added to just how adorable she was blushing and trying to keep eye contact to only to look to the side embarrassed.
>When at last you two had reached the restaurant she had made the attempt to hold the door open for you only to have her dress snag in the door frame and feel forward on to her face.
>After suppressing the urge to giggle you offered her a hoof and smiled at her muttered thank you.
>It had been fifteen minuets since you had been seated and not one word had been spoken after the waiter took your orders.
>You felt it was time to fix this little dilemma.
"So Miss Scratch, I was-"
>"Um...Just Vinyl is fine, never saw the point in being so formal...no offense."
>You just gave her a reassuring smile.
"None taken Vinyl, I'm not really one for formalities myself."
>You flick your eyes over some of the other diners in the restaurant before looking at Vinyl again.
"I'm just very adjusted to working and living with those who would be put off just by the mere thought that one would not address without the proper formal speak."
>You were delighted to finally get an admittedly small but genuine smile from your date.
>"I can understand that, living in Canterlot taught me that real fast."
>Her smile transforms into a grin.
>"Like this one time I was working this small corner club that had just open up down on Marcy Mane Ave."
>"Everything's going fine, another gig another dollar."

>"Then this stallion barges in still wearing his pajamas, which bright neon pink by the by, comes in and starts making a scene!"
>She squares up her shoulders and put on a slightly irradiated neutral look on her face.
>"EXCUSE me, I would very much appreciate it if you turn this drivel that you call music off."
>She turned her nose up and put a hoof to her chest.
>"Some ponies are actually trying to sleep at a REASONABLE time of night."
"Really now? I must say that most "nobles"-"
>You air quote nobles with your hooves.
"-I know wouldn't take the time to deal with "the commoners", not wanting to dirty their own hooves."
>You just couldn't stop the small grin on your face at the huge one Vinyl gave you.
>"Then I really feel sorry for the guy after what we did to him."
"You didn't torture the poor dear did you?"
>"Naw, nothing illegal, but boy did we have fun with him."
>And so she launched the most jovial story of how the poor pony was mercilessly bombarded with man a alcoholic drink and rave music.
>While rather funny you were more delighted to see Vinyl actually being confident and smiling.
>You rather liked it.

Small update, enjoy if you feel inclined to. I'm gonna play TF2 now, bu bye for now.
I'd say that Fluttershy would be best (due to extreme kindness) and Rarity would be worst (career before family)
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>best mom
>Another long day at the sweet shop you run.
>But it's what you have to do to support your son and starving artist wife.
>Honestly, you appreciate all the care and affection she gives Anon, but it would be nice to see her pick up her harp more often.
>Maybe play some gigs at the local bars.
>Would mean you don't have to work so long.
>Could spend more time with your growing boy.
>He towers over you at fifteen.
>You sigh, accepting that this is your life, and that it's not so bad.
>You enter your home and call out to your alien son.
"Anon? Are you home sweetie?"
>Some thumps come from the living room.
>You open the door to the living room to find your son scrambling to put his pants on.
>"M-mom?! I was... uh..."
>Your gaze turns to see a giant green box behind your son.
>On top of the box reads 'Enter Dick Win A Prize'.
>He's standing there looking at you nervously.
>"I-it was here when I got back from school..."
>Your eyes shift to a hard glare.
>"I know I know, I shouldn't just... but it's been here all day! It was taunting me! Nothing I did make it open up so I figured..."
>Your hoof plants itself on your face.
"Just go to your room son."
>Anon walks out of the living room, green head hung in shame.
>You trot over to the box.
>It has a hole just smaller than your hoof.
>Peering into the hole only reveals darkness within.
>"Lyra, get out of the box."
>The box shifts slightly.
>"Th-there's no Lyra here! Just the mystery of the box and its 'forthcoming' prize!"
>Your hoof punches into the hole and you pull out your minty green unicorn wife through it.
>"Oh.. hey Bon Bon! Th-this isn't my shower, h-how did I get in here?"
"Just start dinner, SWEETIE, if you would?"
>She winces at the venom you put in your words.
>"R-right! Dinner... on the way!"
>This is your life...
"And don't you dare serve Anon mint doughnuts and demand he lick the frosting off first!"
Forty Keks for you.
>"Thanks for the doughnuts mom, they tasted great like always."
>Oh Celestia damnit.
>You trot towards the kitchen.
>Lyra is on the kitchen table swaying over to Anon.
>"You really like them Nonny? Well I've got something I bet you'll lo-"
>You bite your wife's tail and drag her out of the kitchen.
>Her hooves fail to gain purchase on the wooden floor despite her best clawing attempts.
>"Alright well I have to go on my camping trip with the crusaders moms, We're going to try and catch bighoof!"
>Anon hoists his pack onto his back and walks over to you both.
>"Love you moms..."
>He leans down to kiss your cheek and you nuzzle him gently.
>Lyra's eyes go wide, her hooves go up and she puckers her lips.
"Anon, did you forget your flashlight?"
>He stops and turn to look at you.
>Your wife goes tumbling forward since her eyes were shut in her attempt to make out with your son.
>"Nope, I made triple sure to pack it and a few extra batteries" he says with a proud smile.
>He turns around and picks up Lyra.
>He kisses the top of her dazed head.
"Good boy" you say with a smug smile.
>Anon laughs, "Believe me, Bloom would have my head if I forgot my flashlight. Okay, Bye moms!"
>He shuts the door behind him as he goes off on his adventure.
>Lyra shakes her head to collect herself.
"Well... it seems like we have the night alone together..."
>"Yeah... about that, remember how you said you wanted me to get gigs?"
"I do."
>"Well, I got one! Oh, and I need to be there soon!"
>A large harp case floats over by the door.
>"Don't wait up for me Bon Bon!"
>You can see a brown furry hoof dangling out of the bottom of the shut case.
>She freezes under the weight of your tone.
"Where are you going to play at? Maybe I could come with you? Support my wife."
>"N-noooo no! Y-you don't need to do that, I know you support me all the way from here."
"There's a bighoof suit in the case isn't there?"
>"There might be a folklore-ically accurate representation in the form of an outfit, but I assure you it's purely for educati-"
"You're not going to hunt Anon in the woods wearing a bighoof costume Lyra."
>"But he's a young stallion! Going with three young mares! In the woods! ALONE!"
"... get the night vision goggles."
"But you're only going to use the suit to scare them from getting too close."
That was adorable and funny.
>How interesting, if this pony's research is anything to go on, then perhaps you've been having the entire wrong approach to cockatrices.
>You flip back and forth between the diagrams outlined on the pages, trying to draw your own conclusions from this pony's findings.
>Anon's little grunt catches your attention.
"Oh goodness, I wasn't being too noisy was I Anon?"
>The small boy looks up at you, his face shifts from a neutral expression to a gentle smile ,"No Fluttershy. I just ran out of pink."
>You look down at the drawing he was working on, snuggled up under your wing.
>It's you and him and a little white Angel-like blob, only one of your three butterflies is colored in.
"Oh I'm so sorry Anon, I'm afraid it's far too late to go buy anymore crayons."
>Anon lets out a small sigh, "I know, the sun's all the way down. It's too dangerous to go out now."
>You feel a small touch of pride, hearing him repeat your warning to him.
>In such a short time, this strange little creature has come mean so much to you.
>You will forever be grateful to Princess Celestia for putting him under your care, like she had with Discord.
"Well, why don't we try mixing the colors?"
>His eyes relay a sense of confusion to you, his drawings are still rather abstract but it seems like he separates the colors fairly well.
"Why don't I show you, may I borrow your red and white crayons please?"
>He slides them over while you slide his drawing up under your chin.
>You take one crayon in your mouth and and try to draw a small butterfly on your flank.
>Oh goodness, this is harder than it seems, your butterfly looks as much like a butterfly is his does.
>"You're so good at drawing Fluttershy!" Anon exclaims, gripping your wither gently.
>You can't help but feel a warmth in your chest from his praise.
"Well I don't know about that... but thank you Anon."
>You take the other crayon now and go over your 'masterwork'.
>Little by little the colors begin to blend, forming a pink that's almost indistiguishable from the first butterfly.
>You watch Anon's eyes widen with amazement and can't help but giggle at how adorable he is.
"You see, you can make a lot of different colors if you mix the ones you already have. Why don't you try making some new colors of yo-"
>Anon's sniffling catches the sentence in your throat.
>"Fluttershy, you're not like a real mom right?"
>You tense under his question.
"Wh-wha- why would you ask something like that Anon?"
>"You don't really act like one."
>Your heart sinks down into your stomach.
>Worry begins to wrack your mind with questions.
>Have you been too harsh with him?
>Where you not friendly enough?
>What have you not done?
>"You're so kind, to me and to all the animals."
>His response gives you pause, how is that not mother-
>"And you're soft and- and you're always here if I need y-you..."
>His voice is shaky, and you can feel his small trembles under your wing.
>Why is he so upset?
>Everything he's said about you has been nothing but positive, could his mother have been even greater?
>"And- and- and you... you never yell at m-m-me..."
>His small hands grip your arm firmly as he sobs into the crook of your wing.
>You shift your weight and pull him close to your chest, giving him the tightest embrace you can muster.
>HIs mother was...
>You let Anonymous sob until he is reduced to quiet sniffles.
>He mumbles weakly, having spent all his energy on his emotions "I don't want a mom, I don't like the way they are... I just want you Fluttershy."
>She was someone who never deserved that title.
>You would tell him that he will never have to want for you again, that you will always be there for him.
>You would tell him that you love him, that you have for a long time now.
>You would tell him a great many things, so that he might never have a reason to frown again.
>But he's sleeping now, and you wouldn't want to wake him
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Welp. I teared up a bit.
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I love you fucks.
Pastebin please
Damn the feels.
Call your mom, asshole.

Here ya go me mate.
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Pls no more
I do have ONE of the pastebins from that...

The Binding Of Anon
Hey, I have a story I'm working on right now that involves Anon being taken care of by a mare. It's somewhat CYOA, but it doesn't immediately start off with Anon because plot. Would you like me to share?
Anon and his mother lived together in a wing of the Castle of the Two Sisters.
Anon kept to himself, drawing pictures and playing with his toys as his mother toiled away to make the best nights for her ponies.
Life was simple, and they were both happy.
That was until the day Anon’s mother heard a voice from above…

>Some more blue should look good on your drawi-
>Mom’s head swivels to look up through the giant windows, she looks like she’s thinking hard.
>”We shalt do everything to salvage his soul our night.”
>Who is she talking to?
>She rises from her seat and rushes over to your room.
“Mother? Thou lookest unwell, art thou alright?”
>”We are cleansing thee of sun young prince.”
>She begins blasting all of the stuff you got from Aunt Celestia, then blasting everything else.
>”Mother! Why dost thou act in such a manner?”
>She turns to you, a rabid look in her eyes.
>Her horn glows blue and you’re enveloped in a bright blue light.
>The castle feels much colder, a glance reveals that your clothing has been turned to dust.
>”There, now thou art free from the disgusting taint of the sun.”
>You try to make do with your situation.
>Mother must be doing her best for you after all.
>Sleeping on the cold stone floor certainly isn’t easy though.

>”We will follow thine instructions our moon, we have faith in thee.”
>The hair on the back of your neck stands on end.
>She’s speaking in that weird way again.
>You try walking out to see what she’s going to do now only to run into a blue field by your door.
File: 480-1.png (162 KB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Be Twilight Sparkle

>You hunch further over your desk as you flip the page.
>The latest(and unfortunately last)issue of Daring Do is getting closer and closer to its climax, and Celestia, it's nerve-racking.
>You're so deep into the story that you practically jump out of your seat when Rarity slams open the front door.
>Your face twists into a grimace briefly, then you see how distressed she is.
>Her usually smooth, silky mane is frizzy and misshapened.
>Her running mascara stains her normally pristine coat.
>She struggles to catch her breath as you scurry to her side.
>Spike is just catching up, just as winded.
>You quickly guide them both in.
"Rarity, what's wrong? Why are you crying?"
>She catches a glimpse of herself in the cryistalized floor and gasps.
>You watch in disbelief as she genuinely takes the time to fix her appearance.
>Meanwhile, Spike collapses out of sheer exaustion.
>She grins at her reflection as she finishes up, turns to you and goes into hysterics.
"Slow down! I can't understand you!"
>She takes in a shaky breath.
>"I-I found...a...body..."
>The cold ground meets your bottom and when you look up to the open doorway, there stands your mother. Looking wild as before.
>The door glows blue and slams shut before you.
>You try pulling on the door, only to find it a waste of effort.
>Times passes, you know not how much.
>”Yes, our glorious night, anything!”
>You can hear her shouting in the room beyond.
>You peek through the keyhole of your door and see mother standing in the moonlight coming through the window.
>”Yes our dearest night, we hold thee above all else, unlike the others… unlike our so called devoted prince!” she barks the words out to the open window.
>She steps toward your door, entering the shadows, the malice in her eyes pierces through the dark.
>She seems to be darker, much darker than she should be in the shadows.
>Her wicked gaze never breaks, and her horn charges with a black magic you’ve never seen before.
>The blood in your veins turns to ice, your breathing becomes rapid and you scramble around your room looking for somewhere to hide.
>In an act that can only be described as a gift from the faiths, you spy a latch in the far corner of your wall.
>It’s under where your bed was, the thick layers of dust had hidden the trapdoor from your sight until now.
>You fling open the door, just as your room’s door is blasted apart.
>The terrible sight of the being before you, combined with the shock from the explosion sends you tumbling into the depths below…

>“It is good to have you back sister.”
>”Indeed, we are relieved to have returned. We are… so sorry for our transgressions.”
>Celestia gives you a comforting smile.
>The question you have aches your chest, it burns at your throat.
>But you must ask it.
”Where is our son buried at sister?”
>Celestia tenses up at your question.
>Her face reads that of uncertainty.
>Her face reads that of uncertainty.
“We understand how long it has been, even should it feel like only moments in through our eyes. Surely our dear prince never lived for one thousand years…”
>Your eyes water up, and you sniffles cut through the tense silence between you two.
>”Luna… I… there’s something you have to understand, but know first and foremost that we looked everywhere we could…”

>The chill wind of the night air pierces through your fur.
>”I swear to you Luna, that we searched tirelessly though the castle."
>It bites at your flesh.
>”Your assault seemingly began within your wing of the old castle."
>Takes strength from your muscles.
>”We all thought Anonymous may have been yo- Nightmare Moon’s first…"
>And leaves ache in it’s place.
>”I know it’s difficult to hear sister, my heart breaks everytime I think of it."
>But you keep flying.
>”There was no trace of my dear nephew."
>You will not stop.
>”Luna? Where are you going?!”
>Not until you find your son here.
>In the Castle of the Two Sisters.
>To walk through this place is painful.
>Everything in your recent memory has this castle filled with life, with love.

>These ruins you walk through only breathe despair and neglect.
>Only in the comfort of night do let yourself go completely.
>The anger at yourself for being so foolish.
>The despair of not finding your son.
>The pain of losing him at all.
>This and more you let out trough loud sobs and tears.
>Celestia would be concerned for your well-being should you have broken down like this before her.
>Your wings are too numb for flying, and so you hobble towards your wing of the castle, on weak legs.
>Quiet sniffles are your only company through your journey.
>The become less quiet as you see memories of the life you foolishly threw away.
>”Look Mother, I am taller than I was before!”
>Your muzzle touches the faint engraving you made all those years ago.
>”Mother, t’was a noise I heard out through my window… m-may I stay here with thou?”
>Your eyes turn away from your decrepit study, away from the imaginary mother and son snuggled under candle light.
>”I love you mother.”
>Your tears fall feel once again.
>There’s nowhere you can look that you don’t hear his sweet voice.
>He reminded you all the time.
“My prince… thou always let us know how loved we were. Why then… WHY WAS IT NOT ENOUGH FOR US!?”
>A screech sounds off in your son’s room.
>Your horn already charges with a concussion spell.
>The blue glow illuminates the familiar room.
>In it you can see mixtures of ash and dust littering the ground.
>You blink away your tears and slowly approach the prince’s room.
>Inside you see a very large and old bat.
>It’s stands on some wooden crate, looking confused with either age or being awoken.

>Its left ear has a small split in it.
>The black and white fur has a very familiar pattern on it.
“Guppy? Forsooth, ’tis it thou?”
>The tired bat’s ears twitch in your direction when you call it’s name.
>It gives a weak screech in your direction.
>You walk closer to the aged bat.
>Its defensive stance lowers to a more relaxed one.
>It is Guppy!
>Anon’s dear pet stands here before you.
>How could it have survived for this long?
“Guppy, how is it thou stands here before us?”
>It gives a weak sound from somewhere in its throat and it looks down to one of its feet.
>You can see a scroll rolled up in its foot.
>”May we inspect this scroll?”
>Guppy hisses in your direction.
“Guppy, please, we know what hath transpired… to say t’was all Nightmare Moon would be a fallacy… we art just as guilty.”
>Your vision blurs again.
“Please Guppy, we only wish to make this right.”
>The bat doesn’t say anything more, but you can hear the soft crinkle of parchment.
>Its claw has loosened on the scroll.
>You pull it up to you with magic.
>You swallow hard and unroll it.
[Dear Diary
[Today I died.
>There’s some simple depiction of your son with exes for eyes with the word “me” being linked to it by an arrow.
[I was killed by this thing ->
[In some dark place.
>Beside that is some misshapen monstrosity, the word “ugly” is linked to it with another arrow.
[I leave all that I own to my bat Guppy.
>Accompanying next to that phrase is a small bat face with a split in the left ear.
>There are a series of small drawings, some that don’t make sense, and others that seem to be items that can be found about the castle.
[Farewell Cruel World.
[XOXO Anonymous
>Your breath catches, but you have no more tears to give.
>You look up once more tot he tired old bat.
“This is why thou remains living? Thou guards Anonymous’s belongings?”
>The bat gives one slow nod.
>”We see… thou were’t truly a stalwart companion. We are not cruel enough, nor deserving to ask that thou abandon thine post.”
>Guppy gives you a purring sound in response.
>”Verily? Thou would’st allow us entry?”
>The bat gives one more slow nod.
>You extend your wing and it walks slowly along it to perch itself on your shoulder as it always did with Anonymous.
>Your horn illuminates, as does the crate until you see that it is actually a chest of sorts.
>Very worn by time, but a chest nonetheless.
>You raise the lid of the chest and see many trinkets and baubles within.
>Many of which you recognize from Anonymous’… letter.
>One that stands out to you though is what looks like a small black doll.
>It has a shape that greatly resembles your son, which is unique in and of itself, but more so…
>It seems to be darker than the color black can be.
>Almost like a shadow molded into his form.
File: 480-2.png (107 KB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 480x270

>Be Rarity, 20 minutes ago

>You sift through the wagon of previously collected gems, preselecting ones you wanted to use on your upcoming dress.
>You're faintly aware of the sound of claws against stone.
>Thank heaven for Spike.
>He made gem hunting so much easier, and you weren't too keen on staying in this cavern any longer than you needed to.
>Suddenly, a loud clang echoes through the cavern.
>"Ow! ...uh...Rarity?"
>You drop the ruby you'd been inspecting and jog in his direction.
>You're greeted by Spike, cradling an apparently injured claw.
>You rush over to observe the damage.
"What happened, Darling?"
>"Ah...I was digging...and I hit something really hard. I-I think it's only sprained."
>His wrist was a little red, but he'd live.
"Spike...I thought you were more careful than that."
>You gently rub the area.
"We should get some ice on this before it swells too much."
>He winces, probably not due to the physical pain.
>"I was! Whatever I hit was harder than most of the stuff I come across down here."
>He gestures towards the hole in the wall he'd been working on.
>You glance at the the hole and are immediately aware of one thing.
"Spike, you curved a little too far to the right again."
>You point at one of the many X's you've drawn around the area.
"When you dig, you need to dig straight in. The X is precise. "
>He hangs his head.
>"Oh. I'm sorry."
"Now, now. Don't you worry your little head over it. We all make mistakes."
>You caress his head and glance at the hole again.
>How odd.
>The inside of the hole was partially red instead of the usual grey.
>You squint, and a small glimmer catches your eye.
>Your heart rate spikes.
>Could it be?
>You're suddenly giddy.
"Spike, could you--"
>You glance at his claw.
"Oh. No mind, I've come prepared!"
>Your horn begins to glow and a shovel floats to your side.
"Stand back, Spike!"
>Pone mom walks into anon's room
>"get up sweetie or you'll be late for school"
>anon groggy ask for five more minutes
>Pone mom grabs anon's sheets and throws them off him
>"Get up anon or your foo...."
>pone mom goes silent for a few seconds then speaks again
>"anon when I told you to get up this isn't what I meant" she giggles
>Anon sits up and noticed he has morning wood
>he tries to cover up while shouting at her
Mom! Get out!
>"Anon I know you are a growing boy but I didn't think you'd grow down there so soon" she snickers
>she runs out the room laughing as you throw your pillow after her
>Any attempts to lift it with your magic yields nothing, it’s as though it does not exist.
>You reach into the chest with your hoof.
>The moment your hoof makes contact with the doll a sound rings out.
>But it doesn’t feel like is battering your ears, it feels like the sound exists in your mind.
>The doll wobbles and shakes, and suddenly it fires up into the air.
>Guppy does not react in fear as you’d expect of an old bat, in fact it reacts the opposite, you can hear him purr.
>The doll expands little by little, gaining more definition by the second.
>Until it has expanded to a form you recognize.
>The shadowy figure of your little prince floats above you.
>Its eyelids part to reveal blood red eyes.
>You cannot react.
>Part of you desires to charge up an assault spell, but the other wishes to hold this strange sight before you.
>Slowly the shadow lowers itself down to stand before you.
>It walks up closer and stares at you curiously.
>Rows of sharp teeth reveal themselves to you in a wide menacing smile.
>Instinctively you jump backwards and your horn glows blue.
>The shadow’s face quickly shifts to one of fear and it runs behind the chest nearby.
>You can see it’s whispy form looking far more whispy, as though it were trembling should it be solid.
>The form jumps slightly but doesn’t move again.
“Tis thou is it not?”
>The shadow’s head peeks slightly above the chest, the blood red glints of his eyes are focused on you.
“Anonymous… we are sorry. T’was thine new… appearance. We knew not it was thee our prince.”
>You extend one hoof out to him.
“Please dearest son, come to us.”
>The shadow walks over slowly.
>It stands just out of hoofs reach.
>You assume that it’s inspecting you by the curious look in its eyes, and the hesitation to come closer.
>It’s hand reaches out to hold your hoof.
>The moment it touches your hoof you can hear a voice, “Mother?”
>You retract your hoof in shock.
>It was his voice!
>That was Anonymous!
>This is your son, and should it be some cruel illusion you will gladly fall for it if it means just a moment longer with him.
>He’s hugging his hand, fear once again on his face.
“No no! Anonymous, we were merely startled… please do not be afraid of us. We understand now.”
>You extend your hoof again.
>Anonymous stares at it for a moment longer before extending his hand out.
>The shadow feels like a cold air, there is no solid form to hold, but it envelops your hoof.
>”Mother? Art thou truly before me?”
>Your mind is reeling.
>This castle has gained magic of it’s own over the years you and Celestia have spent within it, but what sort of magic had Anonymous come into contact with to wind up like this?
>”Mother? Can thou hear me? I’m tired of being alone…”
“Y-yes! Anonymous, our sweet prince… we hear thee!”
>Tears you didn’t think you had spring forth from your eyes.
“We see thee… our darling little moonbeam, thou shan’t be alone again. We swear it Anonymous!”
>The red of his eyes shimmer, his sharp teeth again reveal themselves.
>You flinch slightly and his smile vanishes for a moment, only to return as a small sliver so only a hint of white can be seen.

>”Do not cry mother, I finally have you back. Guppy said you would come back, but I got tired of waiting so I went to sleep for a time. Now you’re here, and it’s really you and not… that monster.”
>What atrocities had he seen when you were consumed by petty jealousy?
>His hand reaches out to touch your cheek.
>The tears become a cold frost on your face.
>And yet, the contact is comforting in some ways.
>”So please do not cry anymore mother, I hate seeing you cry.”
“We will try our little colt, but do not despair. These are but tears of joy Anonymous… we are just as joyous as thou to see thee again.”
>You envelope him in a wing.
>The cold air that surrounds your neck informs you that he has wrapped his arms around your withers as he always had.
>Guppy purrs and nuzzles your head.
>Through some act of the fates themselves you were given something you did not deserve.
>Something you intend to cherish and treasure for as long as you may.

A little repost since there was a relevant post.

Sorry to butt in like I did m8, I'm done now so feel free to dump your green
>A few moments of digging and you're almost completely sure it isn't a diamond.
>The red stuff (recently identified as rust), is almost four feet across the wall and 7 feet tall.
>The rust is harder to chip away at--even with the shovel--so Spike insists on helping out with his good claw.
>He cuts through it quickly despite not being able to use both claws.
>To your dismay, it defiantly isn't diamonds.
>You tap the dull silver.
"Is...is this steel?"
>"What would steel be doing down here?"
"I don't know, Spike."
>"Maybe it's a door?"
"A door? Made of steel?"
>"There's a pace where a handle should be"
>He points a broken rod jutting from the door.
> You use your magic to pull at the entrance, to no avail.
>You try again; this time Spike tries to help.
>The door was awfully heavy and you can't help but to get more and more curious about the contents.
>Was it there to keep ponies out? Or in? Maybe it was a safe?
>A few more yanks and pulls at the door and it creaks open.
>A vomit inducing scent wafts from within.
>It takes everything to keep your lunch down, but Spike isn't as lucky.
You're good.
>He empties his stomach a few feet a way.
>You cover your nose with your hoof and make a mental note to scrub your coat a few times just in case the smell sticks.
>Pushing your body weight against the door, you push the door wide open and peek in.
>You can make out a staircase, otherwise it's too dark.
>Your eyes begin to water as your horn lights the way.
>"You're not going down there, are you?"
'Heavens no!'
>You almost say that outloud, but decide against it for fear of getting that smell stuck in your mouth.I
>You can almost make out something at the foot of the stairs.
>Your hoof drops.
>Is that--
>You let out an ear piercing scream and turn tail.
>Those were bones.
>Pony bones.
>Be Twilight Sparkle

>You arrive at the scene with a distraught Rarity.
>Despite the lemon scented face mask, the sickening smell forced itself into your sinuses.
>Your horn paints the staircase in a magenta hue as you decend.
>Rarity sits at the entrance with her own mask; she'd made it clear she wasn't going in before hand, not that you blamed her.
>It doesn't take you long to catch sight of the bones, and even the dried up puddle of what was probably the body.
>They've defiantly been here a long time.
>However, upon closer inspection, they didn't belong to a pony.
>The limbs are too long, it has finger bones and the skull doesn't even have a snout.
>In fact, there is only one creature with these features, and they'd been extinct for centuries.
>The bones didn't LOOK fake...
>The neck is broken. Shattered even. Why would someone put that amount of detail into a fake?
>You look at how the bones are laid out.
>It must have fallen down the stairs and broken its neck.
>You gaze up.
>You look around and discover an old, broken down table with a few chairs, what looks like a radio, a few boxes, and a couple of shelves stacked with cans of...something, the labels are intelligible.
>You poke one of the wooden chairs and it collapses.
>If it wasn't for all the disturbed dust invading your lungs, you'd smile.
>You've hit an historical gold mine
>Hours later, you've been able to clear most of the horrid smell and dust out.
>You've managed to find a book or two on the broken creature.
>Homosaipens is the technical name for them you suppose.
>The books aren't very thick; nopony knew a lot about them and it was hard to find evidence they existed in the first place.
>They somehow wiped themselves out...but how?
>You've taken down as many notes as you could, pointing out facts and fiction within your books.
>You've opened the boxes and found what appears to be sleeping and health supplies.
>You've been able to decipher some of the various labels.
>You have an incredible amount of information on this ancient creature, more than anypony has ever gotten...
>But that still isn't enough.
>So many questions unanswered.
>You stand and stretch.
>Various bones click and pop.
>How long have you been here again?
>You step over scattered notes and shuffle to the bones.
"If only I could talk to you...ask questions...get answers...."
>A sudden smile spreads across your face.
"I think I just figured out how."

Hey, I'm gonna take a pause for the cause, my eyes are getting blurry. What do you guys think so far?
I like it.
You have my interest, keep going.
this is pretty good so far
Enjoying it so far.
Is English your first language? I ask because there are lots of small mistakes, the kind that are hard to spot if it's not your main language.
You stole most of that dialogue from an undertale fan comic.

He added enough new stuff and made some good changes to fit in Fluttershy better. I'd say it works as it's own thing.
It wasn't bad, but you shouldn't try to pass it off as original just because it's unlikely that people will have seen the source and call you out on it.

He never did, just wrote it and left it there.
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>Anon had to kick the shit out of Luna at least 3 times and fight a boss rush to unlock that rebirth item

At least hes not a casual.
I would bash its brains out. fucking mistake.
Lovely to see this thread still going. I love it.

So let me ask, do you think this thread has sparked enough interest to bring back mom pone general threads? I mean it seems like there's a decent amount of people with content to contribute.
It SOUNDS like a good idea, but the reality is without consistent writefags it'll become a bump general like /mom/ has been.

Yeah, but that's what I mean. I've seen this thread be fairly active. The same with /mom/ recently too in fact. I'm not saying they needs to be one all the time like the fat threads, just maybe every other month or something.
I did most of those one shots on /mom/ before it was shitposted to death.
Also, hahah 'one shots in mom'..priceless.
If this idea get's enough traction, then yeah, going on a monthly schedule should keep it from going stale hopefully.
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Not gonna force it beyond this if doesn't get much attention, just thought I'd throw it out there, but it would be nice.

And sans would be proud.
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More like this damn you.
>”We know the snacks to be upon these lower cupboards…”
>You’re not checking out her butt.
>You’re definitely not feeling hot and tingly about this at all...
>”Moonbeam have thou seen the su-… oh my, it would seem that we have found something delicious after all.”
>Your mom is looking at the tent in your pants hungrily.
>You jump while still laying down, so the result is more of a flop.
>You’re all sweaty and breathing heavy.
>You’re also sporting a very har-
>”Anonymous? Art though unharmed?” your mom asks as she bolts into your room
>Quickly you through the covers around yo in an effort to hide your whyboner.
“Mom! D-don’t just come barging in like that!”
>”We were worried that thou were’t ill.”
“I’m not the ill one, you are. I thought Auntie said you have to stay in your chambers for a week.”
>”How could we possible restrain ourselves from our darling boy in his time of need?”
>Your face feels really hot now.
“N-need?! I j-just had a bad dream is all… I’m fine really!”
>”Oh? We art fully aware that thine dream was… bad…" she coos
>Shit! Of course she is!
“Uhm…. uh…”
>Come on Anon, think of something!
>”Anonymous, tis nothing to be embarrassed about our child. We are the Princess of Night! The sensuous one of the celestial sisters!”
>You plug your ears.
“Oh stars MOM STOP! I- I don’t need to hear about th-that!”
>Your mom trots closer to you.
>Really close.
>Like her head is hovering over your bed close.
>You can see her shimmering mane is dull and that sweat has matted her forehead.
>She also reeks.
>But it’s in a weird… earthy flowery kind of way…
>It’s really…
>”Anonymous, cease thine cries. We hath assured thee, we are not insulted by thine interest.”
>You can’t even speak you’re so embarrassed right now.
>Your mother gives you a warm smile.
>”This day was to come eventually my son, thou art growing into a fine prince. Thine desires are growing as well, passing beyond tickets and baubles. We art a very proud mother.”
>You are beyond confused now.
>Is she congratulating you on getting hard to her.
>”Tell us moonbeam, art thou familiar with the term Jus Primae Noctis?”
“I… I think I saw it in some history books” you say weakly.
>Your mother’s smile shifts from warm to something more… different.
>”In order to preserve the noble bloodlines during a time when life was not as assured as it is now, t’was our royal duty to instruct the young stallions in the proper ways such that their bloodline had greater chances to succeed.”
>Instruct… she can’t possibly mean.
>”Never has it dawned upon us that we would have a darling boy of our own… and now we have the blessed opportunity to instruct you Anonymous.”
“W-wait! Y-you don’t mean…”
>Your mom raises herself onto your bed.
>You try scrambling to move away, but she has you pinned onto your back in her magic.
>”Anonymous, do not be alarmed dearest son. Greatly pleased are we to have this opportunity…”
>She looks behind her at her raised tail.


>”Surely the timing was a gift from the fates themselves.”
>She looms over you now.
>They earthy flowery smell is much stronger now and you can hear something that sounds like rhythmic squishing.
>”And now we begin with the first lesson Anon, thou shalt woo every mare by kiss alone when we art done with thee.”
>The smell, the sight, the sound, your dream, the throbbing in your bottoms.
>You don’t think you can fight this anymore.
>She leans down and closes her eyes slowly…

Implied wincest end
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>implied incest
what is this shit
>implied incest
U wot nigger.
Yes plz.
>Implied wincest end
Come on anon I can work as an icebreaker in the arctic with how hard I am right now
>I M P I L I E D
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Then there is this faggot.
>Implying you don't want to fuck pony mom.
It's not weird if it's not blood related.
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>implying I wouldn't pound that sweet mommy ponut
I was commenting about his implied ending you chucklefuck.
Ah my mistake m8,
Bumping for hot Luna cest.
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Can't tell if the posts following my short are mostly for or against lewd, but I'm going to go ahead and post more lewd anyway.

>Yeah… almost….
>Almost there…
>”Anon sweetie, are you in there?” mom asks.
“Uh… Nnnn- no! D-don’t co-“
>Your bedroom door opens as mom comes floating in.
>”There you are A-“
>Your desperate scramble to cover yourself quickly failed when you were too panicked to realize that sitting on your covers and trying to pull them is a doomed action.
>Mom’s sea green eyes widen in realization of what she’s just walked in to.
>Her face shifts to one you’ve never seen before.
>In a yellow blur she leaves your room and slams the door shut behind her.
>Probably disgust or something...
>”Oh Nonny I’m so sorry!”
>The embarrassment and guilt that’s flooding your body is leaving you hotter than when you were masturbating.
>”Ponyfeathers Fluttershy… you know better than this” she mumbles to herself through your door.
“Mom… can you please just go away?” you ask solemnly.
>You can hear mom shuffle around outside your door, probably realizing that you’re still inside your room.
>The door creaks open slowly.
>You do actually manage to yank some of your covers and throw them over your lap before mom enters the room.
“Mom! G-get out!”
>She looks fearful of your outburst for a moment before closing her eyes and letting out a fast breath.
>Mom’s eyes now have a more caring and understanding look to them.
>Like usual actually, though you’ve never really given it much thought until now.
>Having seen her look at you with shock and disgust like she did a minute ago makes this contrast pretty clear.
>”No, I’m not leaving” she says in her soothing voice.
>She walks over to you slowly.
>You want to think that it’s because she’s disgusted by you, but something about her face, her movement, it doesn’t feel like she moving cautiously for herself but rather for you.
>She floats up to see you eye to eye.
>The cool breeze of her wings tickles against your sweaty bare chest.
>You avoid looking at her eyes and focus on her wings instead, how can you possibly look at her after this?
>”Oh dear… this is exactly what I didn’t want” she whispers to herself, but you hear clearly given her proximity.
>Her small yellow hooves press into each of your cheeks and she lifts your head up to look at her.
>You keep trying to avoid her eyes by looking away, but with each quick peek you take at them all you can see is a look of understanding.
>Finally you cave and look her in the eyes.
>Your assessment wasn’t wrong, mom isn’t looking at you with disgust or anger, but rather understanding and kindness.
>”Nonny… I’m so very sorry my little colt.”
>You look away from her again, the embarrassment is burning up on your face.
>”I should have knocked sweetie, I just… I didn’t realize that you were growing up so quickly…”
>She sniffles softly, prompting you to look back into her eyes, now shimmery with tears that haven’t fallen yet.
>Mom blinks away her tears and looks at you with a more serious face, “Listen to me Anon, what you were doing is okay. It’s a perfectly natural thing, healthy even… f-for a young stallion oh, uhm man. For a young man like you to do.”
>You pull more of your covers over yourself.
>”No Anon” mom scolds while brushing your hands away with her tail, “You shouldn’t be ashamed! That was my fault for how I reacted to you… and I’m really sorry!
>"From now on I’ll remember to knock before I enter your room okay?”
>You can see no trace of anything other than honest kindness in her face.
>It does seem to put you much more at ease… mom was always good about doing that.
“Okay mom…” you mumble out.
>She smiles when she notices you relaxing in her hooves.
>”There we go sweetie, I’ll always love seeing your smile Anon…”
>She floats closer and pecks you on the forehead.
>Her hooves slide back to stroke the back of your head while she hugs you into her chest.
>The warm tuft in her chest is always so soothing, especially when coupled with the flowery scent she has in the mornings, before a day taking care of animals wears it away.
>Her tail brushes away your covers and you tense up for a moment.
>”It’s okay! That’s alright Nonny” mom coos over your head.
>She floats down slowly, tracing her hooves down the sides of your neck and the from of your chest.
>Her hooves come to a stop on your thighs as her head hovers over your exposed member.
>”I’m sure it must have been very painful to stop so suddenly huh sweetie?”
>You can only stare at the sight before you.
>Mom is speaking so sweetly, like she’s just genuinely concerned about your pain rather than the situation.
>”Well don’t worry young st- man, momma knows just the thing to help make everything better.”
>She opens her mouth wide, her long wide tongue extends out of her mouth.
>Small drops of hot saliva drip along your thighs as she nears your manhood.
>Her hot breath sends tingles up your spine.
>She takes all of you into her mouth.
>The tingle intensifies and you shiver in your seated spot on the bed.
>Her tongue traces lazily along your balls while she sucks gently on your flaccid cock.
>The pleasure is as amazing as the warmth coming from her mouth.
>You let out a gasp you didn’t realize you were holding in.
>Mom hums contentedly as she bobs up and down your lengthening shaft.
>The vibration causes you to clench your sheets tightly in your hands.
>The head of your cock bumps against a firm surface.
>Mom gags slightly and you realize that it’s the back of your throat you were hitting.
>She slides off of your dick with a lewd pop.
>Soft coughs escape her mouth, the strands of alive that connect your tip to her lips jiggle as she does this.
>”Oh my… you really have grown haven't you sweetie?”
>You didn’t think it was possible to blush harder than you already are, but the heat on your face seems increase.
>She wipes the saliva form her face, breaking the strands, with a foreleg and smile up at you.
>She floats back up and kisses your forehead once more.
>Her hooves stroke the back of your head gently and she presses you into her chest once more.
>”Go on my big boy, you’re nice and erect now… I think, a-and you should have plenty of lubrication” she coos.
>Your breathing is heavy, the air is filled with the smell of your arousal.
>It’s masked by the comforting scent of flowers somewhat, but the sex in the air is much heavier than the first time she hugged you.
>You put your fingers around your throbbing shaft.
>It feels bigger than ever.
>You shiver as a shock of pleasure travels up your spine.
>It’s never been this sensitive before, you’ve only grabbed your shaft.
>Mom’s heartbeat is rapid, her breathing is a little ragged.
>You stroke the length of your shaft, mom’s slick saliva makes the whole experience much more pleasurable.
>Her hooves keep petting the back of your head as the sounds of your masturbation are the only ones in the room.
>”You’re doing so well sweetie” she whispers.
>Your cock throbs harder in your hand.
>Mom continues whispering encouragement and compliments like, “You’re going to make a mare VERY happy with this Anon…”
>There’s a constant tickle along your forearm as you get closer to climax.
>You can hear a wet fleshy sound that doesn’t synch up with your stroking.
>A musty smell thats not your own assaults your nose.
>Small drops of warm liquid hit your thighs drawing you slightly from the task at hand.
>Through the small gap looking down from mom’s chest you can just barely see her pink tail swaying gently, brushing along your arm.
>The smell is much stronger now.
>It must be her pussy.
>Mom’s clit is winking loudly while she’s holding you.
>The thought alone sends you right to the edge.
“M-mom… I-“
>She tenses up and puts her weight down on her rearlegs.
>Slowly she lowers herself down in front of you.
>Mom’s eyes line up with yours and you can see a heavy crimson on her muscle.
>”It’s alright Nonny, relieve yourself… Momma will take care of everything for you.”
>You shut your eyes tight as the orgasm takes you over.
>You can feel a very intense heat right at the tip of your cock.
>Something like small kissing can be felt around your head.
>You moan as your balls clench and you release the hardest orgasm you’ve ever had.
>Mom yelps and her grip on your shoulders gets a little stronger.
>A warm fluid splashes your belly.
>You open your eyes thinking that you came on yourself like you sometimes do when you can’t reach a tissue fast enough.
>Mom’s eyes are rolled into the back of her head and her pussy is positioned just above where your cock was standing tall at.
>Her nethers are coated in a thick white fluid… your thick white fluid.
>Inspecting yourself reveals a yellowish-clear fluid coating your waist.
>Mom’s head comes to rest on your chest and you fall back with the addition of her weight and the exhaustion in your body.
Goddam nice
>Her breathing is heavy as she nuzzles into the crook of your neck.
>”Nothing to be ashamed of… love you Non-” she mumbles before going completely limp on top of you.
>You hold mom in your arms and let your eyelids fall heavy as well.

>Mom moans loudly as you begin thrusting faster.
>”Oh yes! Mmm! Nonny~”
>Your belly smacks against her yellow rump with a muffled wet slap.
>Mom’s hoof is pressing up on your shaft hard.
>Her lips quiver hungrily as your manhood slides along them.
>Mom’s clit winks rapidly kissing your cockhead with each pass.
>Your hands are gripping her barrel tightly so you can support her as she’s only on three legs when you “relieve yourself” like this.
>You love the way mom’s ass juggles as your body slams against her.
>She’s about to hit her fourth orgasm.
>Better stop holding back then, you won’t be able to hold her up through one more.
>The marecum leaking from mom’s pussy is traveling down your cock and thighs to pool around your knees as you grind against her pussy rapidly.
>Your room is musky with the stench of both your arousal and hers.
>You can feel her legs shaking like leaves in a hurricane signaling that she’s about to go over.
>Thankfully you’ve caught up now.
>Mom tenses up completely as her maregasm racks her body.
>Her thighs squeeze your cock tight.
>Mom’s clit winks rapidly against your cockhead planting lewd kisses all over it.
>Her hoof presses you so closely that you can feel the suction of her pussy along your throbbing shaft.
>One more thrust sends you over and you fire off rope after rope of thick cum from your tip.
>You fall back to sit on your feet while mom falls to the side.
>She rolls over onto her back and reveals long white streaks of cum running from her soaked pussy all the way up to her face.
>Mom’s cum coated hoof runs from her nethers up to her chest, scooping up as much of your cum as she can.
>Her wide tongue laps up the thick pile she collected and retracts it into her mouth.
>She scrunches her muzzle.
>”A-Anon… this diet… is making you give out just as much as a stallion now… but you need to eat more pineapple… m-mister…” she says between heavy breaths.
>Her playful scowl turns to a weak smile and you find yourself smiling back.
>Mom is so kind.
>She’s gone to so many lengths to make sure you can adapt as much as a human can in a world of ponies.
“I love you mom.”
>”I love you too sweetie” she coos.

Non implied wincest end this time
I love you.
I actually have two stories with Mama Celestia and antics with Auntie Luna and Uncle Discord. I'll post in a moment.
"Up Past Bedtime"


>"Anonymous!" called Celestia.
>She wandered up and down the corridors of the large Canterlot castle.
>"Can we assist you, princess?"
>Celetsia turned to see a pair of royal guards walking up to her.
>"Yes, please. Could you help me look for Anonymous? It's almost his bedtime."
>"I believe I last saw the prince playing with Princess Luna, your highness."
>"Ah. Thank you, gentlecolts."
>"Yes, my Princess," they say with a bow.
>Celestia nods and walks past them.
>Luna knows that Anonymous isn't allowed to stay up past 8.
>Why she keeps undermining you, you'll never know.
>But it's teaching Anonymous some bad habits.
>And you won't have your adopted son running around like a ruffian.
>Celestia turns down another corridor towards Luna's bedroom.
>Her private quarters are usually where she resides unless there's work to do.
>And if Celestia can recall, there's nothing of importance to be done tonight.
>Celestia knocks on the bedroom door and stands by.
>The door swings open, Luna eyeing her sister questionably.
>"Yes?" she asks.
>"Where is he?" demands Celestia.
>Luna rolls her eyes.
>"He's probably in the garden toying with the patrols. Why? Did he turn your throne into cheese again?"
>Celestia's annoyed expression went quizzical as she tried to understand what was just said.
>Then she shakes her head.
>"Not Discord. Anonymous! It's past his bed time."
>"I haven't seen him all evening," replied Luna. "Check with Discord. They might be playing some perverted game of chess with the statues outside."
>Discord is the last person Celestia would want teaching Anonymous about anything.
>He could be corrupting him for all she knows.
>"I'll go check. Thank you."
>Celestia walked away, leaving Luna at the door.
>"Good night to you too," she said to herself as she closed the door.
>Walking back over to the bed, Luna dropped down to the floor and peered underneath.
>"She's gone," Luna said with a smile.
>A little boy crawled out from under the bed now that the coast was clear.
"You sure fooled her, huh Auntie!" you said with a laugh.
>"I sure did," responded Luna. "Although your mother is going to flip when she realizes you're not with Uncle Discord."
>Your face turns down to the floor at the thought of your future punishment.
>"Hey," said Luna, lifting your chin up with a wing. "Ever have ice cream after bed time?"
>You shake your head.
>"Did you want to?"
>You nod.
>"That's what I thought."
>She walked over to her balcony and opened the large glass double door to the outside.
>"Just get your shoes on and we can go."
>You get your shoes out from under her bed and slip them on.
>"Do you remember how to tie them?"
"I can do it."
>You sit on the floor and start fiddling with the first shoe.
>It's harder than you thought it was.
"Like this," says Luna, tieing your other shoe. "Cross, bunny ear, around, and through."
>You slowly emulate you auntie's action and repeat the words to yourself.
>"Good job, Anonymous," she says when you finish. "Now hop on and hold tight."
>She crouches down to allow you little legs to climb up and swing over.
>"You ready?"
>You bury your face in her mane and shake your head.
>"You'll be alright," she says as she walks to the balcony.
>Luna spreads her wings and leaps into the night sky.
>The cool summer wind blew by as your auntie rose above the city.
>You clutched her mane tight aand kept your face hidden in the back of her neck.
>"You okay back there?" called Luna
>Shaking your head, you refrain from moving much in any way.
>Luna has a laugh at your expense.
>It's smooth sailing for the most part.
>Luna looks up and sees a single cloud silhouetted by the moon.
>A devious look comes over her face as she rises up to meet it.
>"Anonymous, look."
>You finally lift your face away from her in time to be enveloped by the cloud.
>As it turns out, Luna had flown just low enough for her to go under the cloud and you to be enveloped in the cloud when you lifted your head.
>Out the other side, Luna looked back and laughed as your head and upper body were soaked.
"That's not funny, Auntie Luna!" you shout.
>The wind was suddenly much colder and goosebumps popped up on your skin immediately after contact with the cool air.
>You hugged yourself closer to our auntie's warm fuzzy body, much to her chagrin.
>"Aww... Anonymous! You're wet!"
"It's cold, auntie."
>You shivered hard and Luna started to feel bad.
>"We'll get you warmed up," she said. "How does some hot cocoa sound?"
>You nod your head while pressed into her.
>"Do you still want some ice cream?"
>You nod again.
>A soft giggle escaped her.
>"I kind of figured."
>Luna had circled around and landed in the streets in front of an ice cream parlor.
>"Ooh"s and "Ahh"s came from some passing ponies.
>"You're safe now," you auntie said to you.
>You peek out from her main and tried to climb down, your legs too short to reach the ground.
>Luna sat down to allow you to slide off of her back.
>You fell onto your butt but picked yourself up without issue.
>You shiver a bit and makke for the ice cream parlor.
>The door is just a little heavy for you so Luna has to help you open it.
>Holding the door open for your auntie and Princess of the Night earns you a thank you and the compliment of being a fine gentlecolt.
>Having nice things said to you makes you happy.
>Your mommy told you that doing nice things for others will make nice things happen to you.
>You believe it.
>The closing door rings the bell that you didn't notice before, causing you to look at it.
>"Good evening, princess," said the handlebar mustachioed stallion behind counter.
>He leaned over when he spotted you walking over from the door.
>"And hello to you too, Prince Anonymous," he greeted with a smile.
"Hi," you mutter as you hide behind your auntie's leg.
>The ice cream pony was nice but you are still kind of shy around him.
>Maybe it's the way he smiles.
>You're not sure why.
>"Glad to see you're open tonight," said Luna.
>"I'm actually surprised to see the little tyke there out this late. Isn't it past his bedtime?"
>"We're feeling a bit adventerous tonight," replied Luna with a smile.
>"And what of his mother?"
>"That's part of the adventure."
"Adventure!" you piped up with a smile.
>"And just what kind of adventure are you looking for in my ice cream shop tonight?" he asked you.
>You stayed quiet and moved back behind your auntie.
>"He got a little wet on the way over here," said Luna.
>You scowl at her but she didn't see.
>"How about a little cocoa for each of us?" she asks.
>"Right away, princess," said the shop owner as he started to prepare your drinks.
>You moved up to the counter to watch in fascination as he got the milk, cocoa, vanilla all mixed and frothy, add a couple marshmellows, and then put up some whipped cream on top before sprinkling on some cocoa powder.
>"Here you are, your highness."
>"Thank you very much, kind sir," said Luna as she dropped five bits onto the counter, one for tip. "What do you say to the nice gentlecolt, Anonymous?"
"Thank you."
>"You're quite welcome, little one. You two enjoy."
>"We will, thank you."
>You grabbed your cup and went to sit at a table, followed by your auntie.
>When you first got here, Celestia had taken you in as another protegie after her last student had surpassed all of her teachings and then some.
>You were to be just another student.
>It seems Celestia had taken a liking to the strange creature under her care.
>You were an absolute blank slate and Celestia had decided to take you under her wing, both figuratively and literally.
>An almost motherly bond had somehow formed between her and you.
>Most ponies just viewed you as the prince because of your status of being so close to the princesses and even Discord himself.
>Celestia had practically taken you in as the son she never had.
>Luna and Discord were there to fill the Auntie and Uncle roles when Celestia wasn't around to watch you due to important royal matters.
>Some could argue that Luna was more of a mother to you than Celestia, but Luna doesn't have that nurturing aspect a mother requires.
>She is still very young and naive herself.
>Discord enjoyed watching you cause mischief, but he still means well.
>To him, you are a true embodiment of chaos.
>Neither good nor bad and able to flip a switch to become either.
>You can do anything you want if you put your mind to it.
>Compared to ponies with their seemingly pre-determined destinies, this was true chaos.
>You finish gulping down your hot cocoa, not even taking the time to lick up all the whipped cream.
>A large splotch of cream stayed on your nose and around your mouth.
>Luna gave you that look that you know you were doing something wrong.
>A nearby napkin cleaned it up and made it all better.
>"Did you even taste it?" asked Luna in reference to how fast you drank it down.
>You nod your head and smile.
"The best."
>"I'm partial to agree with you," replied Luna as she took another sip of her cocoa.
>A large bowl suddenly falls between the two of you.
"Whoa!" you comment.
>The ice cream pony was standing there beaming a large smile at you.
>"How's about a sundae for the little guy? On the house."
>"Are you sure?" asked Luna. "We have no qualms about paying."
>"Nonsense," said the pony. "It's a night of adventure, is it not?" he asked looking at you.
>You nod excitedly.
>"And you'll probably get an earful when you get back anyways so why not enjoy it while you can?"
>Luna pulled out a couple more bits.
>"I just wouldn't feel right. If you won't take payment, then take this tip."
>She placed them on the table to which the pony swiped them up.
>"Thank you, your highness. And you enjoy, little fella," he said, rustling the hair on your head.
>You are still admiring the large sundae before you when you look up from the ice cream, silently asking your auntie's permission with begging eyes.
>She simply nods.
>You're going to need two spoons for this.
>Taking one in each hand, you dig in.


>Celestia entered the gardens to find nothing amiss.
>Searching around for a minute, she found Discord napping on a hammock made of a giant banana peel.
>She stomped up to him, ground shaking.
>"Where is he!" she demanded.
>Discord cracked an eye and sighed.
>"Well if you must know," he said as he sat up.
>He put his hand to his chin to think.
>"Lets see... The last place I saw him was..."
>A scream and the shattering of falling dishes was heard from the garden.
>"In the kitchen," finished Discord.
>Celestia looked up towards where the noise had come from and saw a figure swoop down.
>It landed at her hooves and hissed.
>A flying squirrel... that had been twisted and given bat wings and a draconic appearance...
>The little creature hopped up onto Discord's belly and curled up to lie down.
>Discord reached his lion paw over and scratched under it's chin, eliciting a purr or growl or something from it.
>Celestia just stood dumbfounded.
>She shook her head to clear her sense.
>"I meant Anonymous!"
>"Now, dear Celly. What makes you think I would know anything about his whereabouts?"
>She gave him her best blank stare.
>"Fair enough," said Discord. "I, however, haven't a clue where our young Anon may be. Have you tried asking your sister?"
>"She said she doesn't know either."
>"Well it looks like you find yourself in quite the predicament, eh?"
>Celestia was not in the mood to fool around.
>She flipped Discord's banana hammock and dropped him to the ground.
>"I don't have time for this!" she shouted. "Do you not know what time it is!"
>Discord checked his watch.
>Except he didn't have a watch.
>Snapping his fingers, he now has a watch.
>"Eight-twenty," he said in a less-than-joyful tone.
>"That's twenty, count 'em, twenty minutes past Anon's bedtime!"
>"Calm down, Miss Murder," said Discord. "I think you're becoming a little less teacher and more overly-defensive mother."
>The comment caused Celestia to hesitate.
>"Besides, I'm sure he's not out in the city doing anything delinquent. I hear some folks enjoy their houses being painted on. I wouldn't even doubt his ability to pull off a heist on the Equestrian National Bank and-"
>Discord hadn't even realized that Celestia had taken off in a panic long before he noticed.
>"This should be funny," he said to himself as he lied back down on his banana hammock.
>Celestia flew high over Canterlot, scanning for her child.
>She even gave herself and optical enchantment to help find Anonymous specifically.
>For all she knows, he could be hurt or commit some kind of horrible crime!
>A guard patrol in the palace gardens had spotted Celestia take off without an escort in such a hurry.
>When questioned, Discord had told them that Celestia had rushed off in response to a threat of the imminent invasion of Canterlot.
>The pegasi were scrambled.
>Sentries were doubled.
>Tripled in some places.
>The entire guard force was in a state of panic.
>Discord was in hysterics.
>In her haste, Celestia had totally overlooked her sister and son leaving the ice cream parlor.


>Luna holds the door for you as you come waddling out.
>Chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and ice cream cover your face.
>Your hands clutch your stomach.
"Auntie Luna, I don't feel so good," you groan.
>"Well what did you think was gonna happen from eating so much ice cream?" she asked.
"That it tasted good so i would feel good."
>A flashback of her sister clutching and bucket of ice cream and sobbing over the most miniscule things brought a quick laugh to Luna.
>"Well I'll give you a quick lesson," she started. "Too much of anything, even good things, is bad."
>You simply nod your head.
>Luna thanks the ice cream pony one last time before she closes the door.
>"Lets see... What else would you like to do?"
>You shrug your shoulders.
>"Would you like to go to the park?"
>You nod your head.
"Yeah, lets go to the park."
>Luna crouched down to allow you the ability to climb on.
>When she lurched upward, you groaned again and clutched your stomach.
>"Anonymous, if you throw up on me, I swear I will not be a happy camper," said your auntie as she flew.
>The short ride to the park went without incident, much to Luna's relief.
>Smooth sailing.
>Luna follows you over to the slide and watches you go down a couple times.
"Slide with me, Auntie!" you call from the top of the slide.
>"I'm a little big for that, Anonymous," she says back.
"Pleeease," you beg with large pleading eyes.
>Luna rolls her eyes.
>"Alright, but just this once."
>Instead of climbing the slide, Luna simply leapt up to the top.
>She sits behind you with her hind legs on ether side of you and her forelegs wrapped around your tummy.
"Go!" you cheer, trying to scoot the both of you until you start sliding.
>Luna nudges you along with a flap of her wings.
>You slide down with yiur Auntie clutching you tight to her body.
>The ride lasted all of two seconds.
>At the bottom, Luna had caught herself by planting her hind legs into the ground and landing on her front legs.
>You landed on your feet originally, but with Luna leaning forward and standing on all fours, her momentum forced you forward and caused you to fall and plant your face into the grass.
>"Oh my gosh! Anonymous, are you okay?" asked your Auntie as she picked you up by the shirt with magic and set you back on your feet.
>Your silly grin was enough to calm her down.
"Again!" you shout as you start back for the top of the slide.
>"Anonymous, don't you want to go on something else?" asked your Auntie.
>You continue climbing the slide.
>The slide is only about twice Luna's height, but the ladder for you was like climbing a mountain.
"Auntie Luna, can I go down on your back?" you ask from the top.
>"Do what?" asked Luna, not sure if she heard the right.
>Luna looked up to the top of the slide and followed in down with her eyes.
>Looking straight out in front was the merry-go-round.
>A devious but playful idea came into her mind.
>"Okay," agreed Luna. "Just get back on the ladder real fast."
>You step back as your Auntie leaps up and crouches at the top of the slide.
>You hop on her back as if she was going to start flying.
>"Hold on tight," she warns.
>Luna's wings unfold all the way, standing out like the silhouette of a black angel against the dimly-lit park sky.
>With a hard flap, she pushes herself forward and down the slide.
>But instead of one flap, she flaps as hard and fast as she can.
>Upon reach the bottom of the slide, Luna takes off fast and low above the ground.
>Her nephew cheers and hollers in laughter with the wind in his face.
>Luna makes like an arrow and bolts straight to the merry-go-round.
>She banks left and hooks her left foreleg to the safety bar.
>Flapping hard and fast, she hangs on to the bar as it goes round and round.
>You hang on for dear life to you auntie while simultaneously having the time of your life.
>The outward force on you from the spinning is countered by Luna banking in towards the turn to help keep you from flying off.
>You laugh and holler for your auntie to go faster.
>Your laughing comes to a screeching halt when you feel yourself slipping off.
"Auntie, he-!"
>You can't even ask for help in time before you lose your grip and sail through the air.
>Luna realizes the sudden change of weight on her back and looks back to see you no longer there.
>Eyes going wide, she drops to the ground with her hooves skidding through the dirt and grass.
>Coming to a stop, Luna scans the area but can't find you.
>A moment later, her eyesight starts tilting and skipping like a broken record.
"Auntie!" she hears you call.
>At least you're alive.
>You call again, allowing Luna to get a general direction of where you are.
>"I'm coming, Anon!" she calls.
>Luna tries to step forward but ends up walking sideways instead.
>"Go straight, legs!"
>She beats her wings to get balance but to no avail.
>Luna tips in the direction she's stumbling in, eventually falling over herself and hitting the ground.
>"Ow..." groans Luna.
>She is virtually paralyzed by being so insanely dizzy.
>Stars and planets circle her head and her eyes roll like a slot machine.
>After a minute of lying in the grass, Luna feels that she has recuperated.
>Jumping to her feet, she starts walking towards where you were.
>Her vision suddenly goes black, eyes roll up into her head, and she becomes dizzy once more before collapsing to the ground once more.
>"Ah-ha-how..." Luna groans again.
>Stupid blood.
>When she is steady again, she slowly rises back up to her hooves again.
>For the third time, Luna will now attempt to locate you again.
"Auntie," you call again.
>Luna walks beneath a tree and looks up.
>She finds you up in the higher branches of the tree.
"Auntie, look! I'm a woodpecker!"
>You take your finger and repeatedly poke the trunk of the tree really fast.
"I flew up here, Auntie," you tell her very proudly.
>"You look more like a monkey to me," replied Luna with a grin.
"Auntie, that's mean," you say at her joke.
>"You're right, I'm sorry," apologized Luna, her grin not disappearing from her face. "Now how about you make like a woodpecker and fly down here?"
>You look up, down, and around the spot on the branch you were sitting.
>No reason except to stall.
>Maybe she will come get you instead.
>When that doesn't happen right away, you admit your secret.
"I don't know how..."
>"That's okay. I got you. Just hold still."
>Your auntie's magic aura envelopes your body and slowly lifts you from the tree.
>The sparkles and magic feeling tickles.
>You giggle and kick as your auntie lowers you onto her back for safety.
>"So what else would you like to do tonight?" Auntie Luna asked you.
>You responded with a long, loud yawn.
>"I think it mighy be time to put you to bed. It must be almost nine o'clock."
"Okay," you reply while sleepily rubbing an eye.
>"Hold on," says Luna before she takes to the skies.
>Coming up on the castle caused Luna to raise an eyebrow at the commotion she was seeing.
>Guards were running everywhere, trying to coerce Luna to get inside.
>Luna let you off her back and she told you to walk close to her side.
>Luna found Discord on the castle's front step sitting in a lawn chair and munching on popcorn.
>"Enjoying the show?" he asked as Luna approached.
>"What did you do?" demanded Luna.
>"Hey, don't blame me," defended Discord. "It was your sister that caused them to freak out like this."
>Uncle Discord offered you some popcorn to which you took and munched on a handful.
>"My sister?" asked Luna.
>"Yeah you know. Tall, white, controls the sun, sent you to the-"
>"I know who Celestia is," interupted Luna. "I want to know what she did."
>"Well after she flew off in a panic at not knowing where little Anonymous here was, the guard force assumed something tragic has or was about to happen. I had nothing to do with it," Discord explained.
>He leaned back in his chair and sipped some cola out of a large cup through a crazy straw.
>"Somehow I doubt that," replied Luna.
>"If you say so," said Discord with a shrug. "Want a sip?" he asked you, holding the cup to you.
>You reach a hand out before Luna stops you.
>"Not before bedtime," she says.
"Aww..." you pout.
>"Yeah Luna. 'Aww...'," mimicked Discord. "And wasn't his bedtime like, an hour ago? Technically, it's 'after' his bedtime."
>Luna gave it a moment to think about.
>It's Discord logic, but it does make sense.
>Especially since she's the one who's kept you out of bed.
>Luna shrugged.
>"Sure. Why not?"
>You happily take the cola and take a long sip, enjoying watching it swirl through the crazy straw.
>"So where is my sister now?" asked Luna.
>Discord looked at Luna, then leaned over a bit to look past her.
>"Why don't you ask her yourself?" he said, pointing behind her.
>Luna turned around in time to see a very pissed-off Princess of the Sun land behind her.
>"Where is-!" started Celestia before her gaze met yours. "Anonymous!" she finished.
>Your mom picked you up with her magic and pulled you to her, the cup of cola slipping from your grasp as she does.
>"Anonymous! I missed you so much!" she tells you, almost in tears.
>Celestia's magic hold plus her snuggling her face into your tickled a lot, eliciting a laugh from you.
>"Where were you?" she asked.
>Discord answered for you by pointing a claw at Luna, getting a silent look of 'You traitor' from Luna.
>"And who gave you soda this late?" asked you mom.
>Luna pointed a hoof at Discord, getting a glare from him as well.
>"Well we're going to have a talk, you two. Anonymous, you go brush your teeth."
"Aww..." you groan.
>"You monster!" commented Discord at Celestia.
>Celestia gave him a glare of death.
>"Er... I mean, you blessed angel," corrected Discord.
>Celestia retorted with a snort before calling over a contingent of guards.
>"Please see to it that Prince Anonymous brushes his teeth and puts on his jammies. I will be in shortly to tuck him in," she orders them.
>"Yes, princess," respond the guards. "Come along, prince," says one as he extends his wing.
>Your mom puts you on the ground and you grab hold of the guard's wing as he leads you inside.
"Good night, Auntie. Good night, Uncle."
>Luna and Discord wave goodnight until you disappear from view
>They then turn back to Celestia and give her a sheepish grin.
>Celestia says in a calm, but obviously angry voice, "Anyone care to explain why my little Anonymous is up so late and drinking soda before bed?"
>"Luna hid him and stole away for a night out on the town!" blurted Discord.
>"He lies!" defended Luna.
>They press their faces together and growl at each other.
>"Well that's half of it," said Celestia.
>"That's like ninety-five percent of it!" said Discord.
>"And the soda?" asked Celestia.
>"He gave Anon soda and popcorn!" shouted Luna.
>"That's-! Actually that's about the whole of it." said Discord with a shrug.
>"Well while I would love to threaten you each with the moon and becoming a lawn ornament again, I need to tuck my son in for bed. If you will excuse me."
>Discord and Luna stepped aside to allow Celestia ample room to walk past.
>"No fun allowed," commented Discord when Celestia was gone. "So what did you do with Anonymous anyways?"
>"He got sick on ice cream and got thrown off the merry-go-round at a hundred miles an hour," said Luna with a chuckle.
>"And you didn't even ask me to come along," pouted Discord with a disapproving shake of his head. "I like ice cream and merry-go-rounds too."
>He poofed some sunglasses over his eyes and went back to the garden to his banana hammock with a sun tanning reflector.
>"You're a child," muttered Luna as she went back inside to her own room.


>When Celestia made it back to your room, two guards were standing outside the door.
>They pop to attention when Celestia approaches.
>"Good evening, princess;" greets one. "The prince has brushed his teeth and is dressed for bed."
>"Thank you. You two are relieved."
>The guards salute the princess and march off down the hall.
>When Celestia openes your bedroom door, she found the other two guards crouched below the foot of your bed and holding up a pair of your stuffed animals.
>"Rawr!" growled one while holding a dragon plush.
>The second guard had a wooden pony doll and smacked the dragon.
>"Nooo!" said the dragon as it fell over.
>"And that's how our champion Anonymous defeated the greatest, most powerful dragon, rescued the princesses, and saved Equestria!" narrated the guard holding the pony doll.
>You were sitting at the head of your bed laughing and clapping, snug in your footy pajamas.
>"Thank you," said the guards as they stood up and bowed.
>"Good show," commented Celestia from the door.
>"Princess!" said the startled guards as they spun around to face her.
>Thank you for watching Anonymous for me," said Celestia. "You two may go now."
>"Yes, princess. Sleep well, Anon," they said as they left.
>"So what was that story about?" asked your mom as she walked over to your side.
"They said I would grow up and save you from a big dragon!" you exclaim.
>"Really? Wow, that sounds exciting!" said your mom as she layed the blankets over you and tucked you in snug.
>"My hero~" she said as she smooched your cheek. "You're going to be big and strong one day."
>Suddenly you sit up on bed and look around.
"Wait! I can't find Sir Bearington!"
>Your mom takes a peek under your bed and around the room.
>"There he is," she says as she levitates the teddy bear down from the chandelier. "Was he a spacebear today?" she asked.
"Yes," you say as your mom hands him over.
>You hug Sir Bearington tight before laying him on the pillow beside you.
>Celestia tucks you in one last time and gives you a kiss on the forehead.
>"Goodnight, Anonymous."
>Then she kisses the teddy bear on the head.
>"Goodnight, Sir Bearington."
"I love you, mommy," you say as you close your eyes with a yawn.
>"I love you too, Anonymous."
>As Celestia goes to walk out the door, you call for her once more.
"You're my hero, mommy."
>Celestia smiles silently as her son rolls over and hugs his teddy bear.
>A soft snoring is heard not one minute later.
>"Sweet dreams, my prince," whispered Celestia as she quietly back out of the room and shut the door.
>Celestia only now realizes that she's going to miss this.
>These days are going to go by so fast so she better get to cherishing the little moments like this.
>Right after she knocks together the heads of Anon's auntie and uncle...


The end. I'll post the other one tomorrow night if this thread is still up if y'all want it.
These things are a year old too. I really should go through and edit them to correct grammar and whatnot.
I like this a lot.
Single dad soarin taking care of anon
Could be fun but apart from him having a love for pie that borders on the erotic and being a Wonderbolt, I have no idea what he's like. What episodes is he in?
Big Mac would be easier I think.
Freud would have a field day with this thread
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Your mom's going to have a field day with this dick.
>How did everything fail?!
>You tried everything you could think of…
>Your pale pink mane drapes over your eyes, the heavy curls that was in them have all withered away.
>Just like your ability to bring smiles to the one you care about the most.
>And it’s all because you’re a bad mommy.

“Iiiit’s moooorning~! Rise and shine my Nonny Pie!”
>The sheets on his bed rocket into the ceiling, only to explode and rain down multicolored confetti.
>Your most treasured thing ever has been revealed and you dive onto his bed to give him his morning hug.
>Only to bounce off of the empty bed and plant yourself into the wall.
>Nonners’ closet opens and he comes stumbling out of it wearing his Gummy onsie, rubbing his eyes free of sleep.
>”Mom? Is breakfast ready?” he mumbles sleepily.
>You peel yourself off the wall and hop over to your little monkey boy.
“Nooooope, first I have to get the special ingredient to make it” you chirp and pucker your lips for him.
>Anon kisses his hand and puts his palm against your lips, “There… I have to pee.”
“Wha- but that’s not how it wor-“
>The bathroom door closes right in your face, which you promptly peel off as you muse to yourself.
“Hmmm… Nonny’s being a little grumpy gus this morning… Oh! I have to remember to give Grumpy Gus his day-a-week-a-month-a-year-a-versary gift today! But that can wait…”
>You tippy-hoof into Anon’s bedroom and scan around the bathroom tub to try and find any clues as to why he’s so down.
"Wait... tub?"
>”Mom, get out of my bathroom.”
>Whoopsies, wrong room.
>Anon pushes down on the toilet lever and you can feel your body being swirled around and down the bathtub’s drain.
>The world goes all dark and dizzy for a little while before you come tumbling out of the oven downstairs in the bakery.
>”AH! Jeez’m Pinkie! You startled me!” Mr. Cake shouts clutching a hoof to his chest
“I’m sorry Mr. Cake… I took a wrong turn upstairs.”
>”It’s fine... just try not to do it so early in the morning.”
>You’ve got no clues as to why Nonny’s grumpy still…
>But maybe he’ll go back to the happy smiling boy you know if you make him his favorite breakfast!
>Anon’s dull eyes stare at the towering stack of pancakes on his plate, “You made surprisecakes?” he asks lifelessly.
“Yuparoo! D-do you not like them?”
>Anon nods once, ”No I like them, thank you mom.”
>He takes his fork and pokes all the surprisecakes out of the stack.
>Gummy pops out of one and lands on Nonny’s head.
>Balloons, fireworks, streamers, balloon animals, confetti, and balloon animals blowing up balloons all fly out from the other surprisecakes.
>Anon didn’t even smile once!
>He munches along slowly through the bottom of the stack while Gummy swallows down the top half until it’s all gone.
>”I have to go to school now, bye mom.”
>He sets gummy down on your head and walks towards the door with his backpack.
“Have a fun-arrific day at school Nonny Pie.”
>He looks blankly at you, “I will mom. Bye.”
>That’s it
>No, “Bye Momma Pie”
>No super duper “I’ll miss you forever hugs.”
>Just… “Bye."
“Something’s not right with him Gummy. My Nonny hasn’t smiled once… and I need to put a stop to it!” you growl at the alligator in your hooves.
>Gummy gives you his lazy uncoordinated blinks of approval.
“Oh Gummy, I know you believe in me. It’s a good thing too, cause I’m going to need you help…” you coo while stroking his head.

“Go! Get it to him!” you whisper shout to your gator pal.
>”Hey is that Pinkie’s Alligator?”
>Clever boy…
>Using the other fillies and colts as cover so he can get that radio into Nonny’s backpack without him noticing.
>”Hey Anon, We found your mom’s alligator.”
>You make a gasp so huge that you need to pause and catch your breath for a moment before continuing it.
“Abort abort! Snake-in-the-Mane your cover has been blown!"
>”Oh, hi Gummy” you hear Anon say through the radio.
“Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAA-“
>”Mom, do you need something? … Over?”
>You poke your head out of the bush and see Anon looking over to you curiously, but there’s still no hint of a smile on his face.
“No…” you mumble into the radio and drop it on the ground, after a moment you remember how important it is to follow protocol, “Over.”
>Time to do the gorilla smilefare tactics!
>All of his lunch is actually made of cake, except the cake which is made of bubble gum was a bust.
>Bribing Twilight into dubbing him Prince of Smiles was a bust.
>Madame Pinkie’s prediction that "great fortunes are in store for smiling boys" was not only a bust, but also got you kicked out of Cheerilee’s classroom for "being a disturbance".
>This is your last shot, your full song and dance extravaganza complete with fire jugglers, bear dancers that you “borrowed” from Fluttershy, and fireworks so bright that Princess Celestia banned them for confusing ponies into thinking it was the sun.
>This has to work for sure!
>You did everything you could think of…
>Anon’s only response was, “that was fun.”
>But he didn’t smile.
>Not even a lip quiver!
>It wasn’t fun.
>It wasn’t fun at all!
>And if IT wasn’t fun, and you were the one who planned IT, then that means…
>That means YOU’RE not fun!
>And if YOU’RE not fun then you’re a terrible mommy!
>You fall weakly onto your bed, letting your long straight mane drape all over you.
>Three small knocks sound at your door.
“Come in…” you sigh.
>You turn your head so you can make out the expressionless face of your son through curtains of pale pink mane.
>Mom he calls you, such an insult you are to the word.
>”I need you to sign this permission slip so I can go visit the Tirek battle site tomorrow” Anon says holding out a sheet of paper and a quill.
>At least you’re useful somehow to him...
>You take the quill in your mouth and position it over the paper Anon is holding out for you.
>You scan the page for a moment, looking for the spot where you have to sign it, but there isn’t one.
>Instead it’s just a blank sheet with small text written on it, you squint so the text comes into view.
>It’s just one word, “Gotcha.”
>”YES! I GOT YOU MOMMA!” Anon shouts while jumping up and down.
>Your mouth tastes like sour lemons and your tail is on fire.
>”You said I could never prank you but I did! I finally got you mom!”
>He’s whooping and hollering loudly with a huge grin on his face.
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>Mom, do you need something?...Over?
>You shake the smoke and dust off of yourself, which also puts out the fire.
>Wait a second…
>Your head practically explodes seeing your boy jump around your bedroom.
>No wait, it actually exploded.
>Just a little bit though.
>Your mane is back to normal at least.
>You yank him onto your bed and give him the biggest hug you can possibly muster.
>His body squeaks loudly before you put him down.
>Never did manage to get that rubber ducky out after he swallowed it as a baby.
>”Were you really surprised Mom?! I had to work really hard to be just like Auntie Maud all day… it was really hard…”
“I was very surprised my little Nonners! Buuuut lets try to let Maud be the only pony like Maud huh?”
>”Okay Pinkamena” Anon says without emotion.
>You look down at him blankly, “I’m glad you understand Anonymous” you respond back in a similar manner.
>You both crack at the same time and roll all over your bed in a huge giglesnort fest.
“Yes Nonny?”
>”Do I get to still be Prince of Smiles? Colgate said she had plans that I could help her with.”
“Mmmm, I think that could be arranged…” you respond as you run the hayburger recipe over in your mind.
“Yeah Non?”
>”I love you.”
“Olive juice? What in the hay do you plan to make with that?” you chirp
>Anon’s laughter makes your heart flutter, ”Oh! That reminds me...I couldn’t give you a real kiss this morning for the yumarrific breakfast” Anon says as he leans in to your face.
>You giggle and pucker your lips for him.
>You both look at each other with soot covered faces and try your hardest to not be the first one to start laughing again.
I want to clap like an obnoxious American.
>turns out Big Mac's a hardass and not the chill dude you would imagine
Who'd a thunk?
Aw man. Was reading this on lunch at work and was laughing hysterically. You nail cartoon shenanigans down pat. Well done.
Why is this now a meme?
American stereotype of always clapping. It's always been around.
Yeah, I live in America and all we do is clap, but why do I hear about it so damn much lately?
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hehe i am boni.jpg
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Well, this is just a guess, but it DOES have 'obnoxious' in there.
Would like to read more like this
Thanks. If you want the other one I can post it.
I'll do it anyways to keep the thread afloat for a bit.


>"I believe I last saw him playing in the foyer, Your Highness."
>"Thank you, guard," said Celestia.
>She left the pegasus at his post and wandered the halls of the castle.
>"Anon~!" she called.
>The sun princess missed you when you weren't in bed after sunrise.
>'Where could he have gone?' she wondered.
>Finally coming into the foyer the guard had directed her to, she come upon a surprising sight.
>You were sound asleep in the middle of the floor.
>Your mother's own pet phoenix, ever on the alert, was perched on your chest.
>There was a small contingent of guards encircling you to try and get at you.
>Everytime one would try to get close, Philomena would caw loudly and flare her wings; releasing a small nova of flame.
>"Well his mother's looking for him!" one argued. "Just distract the bird so we can grab him."
>"Why don't we just go find Princess Celestia and tell her where Anon is?" asked another.
>"Because that would make too much sense," muttered a third.
>"Quiet, you!" ordered the first.
>The first guard tried to approach once again, but stumbled back when Philomena threatened him.
>The warmth cast by your mother's pet phoenix made you feel all cozy as you slept.
>Unconsciously, you reach up and snatched the bird up in your arms, snuggling her close.
>"Quick, while she's incapacitated!" ordered the guard.
>"As you were," said Celestia as she walked onto the scene.
>"Princess!" exclaimed the three guards as they hit the floor to bow.
>"We found your son," started the leader. "But Philomena won't let anyone approach him."
>Celestia smirked.
>"We'll see about that."
>She walked over to your sleeping form and softly rocked your shoulder with a hoof.
>Philomena didn't make a peep.
>"Anon," whispered your mom. "It's too early for nap time."
>You groan as your mom nudges you.
>Sitting up, you release your hold on the fire hawk and rub your eyes.
>Philomena flies once around the room before perching herself on Celestia's back.
>After letting out one big yawn, you look at your mother with groggy eyes.
"Hi, mommy," you greet.
>Celestia tilts her neck down and nuzzles your cheek.
>"Good morning, sweetie. Why weren't you in bed this morning?" she asked.
"Philomena wanted to go outside."
>"Oh?" wondered Celestia.
>She looked up at the phoenix on her back who was too busy preening her own wings to care.
>Your mom leaned in close and whispered, "Well between you and me, she's been a bit of a rebel child lately."
>You snickers bought the attention of Philomena who cocked her head in your direction.
>"Come now, Anonymous," said your mom.
>She pushes on your back with a wing to help you to your feet.
>"We have a luncheon to attend."
>You hold her by the wingtip as you walk next to her.
>"Carry on, gentlecolts," she tells the guards.
>"Good day, princess," they reply.
>Celestia leads you down the tall, long corridors of the castle.
"Where are we going?" you ask.
>"The dining hall for a summit with some foreign royals," she explains.
>You simply stare at her and blink twice.
>She doesn't need to look to see what you're thinking since your silence says it all.
>"We are going to have lunch with some ponies from very far away," she repeats to your understanding.
"Oooh," you say in realization. "The other ponies look funny."
>"That's not nice, Anon," scolded your mother.
>"And you might want to mind your manners. I hear they may have a present for you."
>Your face lights up with a big smile at the reveal.
>Upon arrival to the dining hall, two of the Royal Guard are there to greet you.
>They open the doors to allow you passage.
>The foreign diplomats had already arrived and were seated at the long dining table.
>Auntie Luna was there as well.
>As Celestia entered, they immediately stood up to walk over and greet.
>"Anonymous," said mom. "Allow me to introduce you to the prince and princess of Saddle Arabia."
>You hid behind your mother's leg as they approached.
>"So this is the little one we've been hearing about," said the princess as she bowed her head to be eye-level with you.
>Feeling a bit uncomfortable, you clutch your mother's leg even tighter.
>"Correct. This is Anonymous," replied Celestia.
>"'The would-be prince of Equestria'," said the Arabian prince.
>"He may as well already be," piped up Luna as she walked up.
>"Well then we have a pleasant surprise for the young prince," said the Arabian princess.
>She nodded back to a servant who brought up a paper-wrapped box.
>Taking the box, she sets it at your feet.
>"There is no better chocolate in the world than Saddle Arabian chocolate," she says.
>You gasp at the word 'chocolate' before tearing off the paper and opening the box.
>A bunch of assorted chocolates sat neatly placed on a paper lining.
>Before you can reach for one, Auntie Luna speaks again.
>"Ask your mother first, Anonymous."
>You can feel your heart crush, but you turn around and look up at your mom who had taken a step back.
"Please, mommy?" you beg.
>Celestia looks from you, to her guests, then back.
>"As long as you don't spoil your appetite," she finally says.
>You smile and laugh as you pick the box up and start to run off.
>Stopping in your tracks, you turn around to see your mother glaring at you.
>You realized your mistake when you made it.
"Thank you," you say.
>"You're quite welcome, little one," said the princess.
>As a token of your gratitude, you slowly walked back over and held up the opened box, offering up a piece of chocolate.
>The princess covered her mouth with a hoof as she giggled.
>"No thank you, child," she said.
>You lowered the box as your smile faded for moment before grinning again and nodding your head.
>Offering some up to your mom and auntie, they also turn it down.
>"Go sit at your table, Anon," said Celestia. "Auntie Luna and I will take care of business here."
"Okay, mommy."
>You take your spoils and go sit at your own little table next to the main dining table.
>Some might call this the 'Kiddy Table'.
>Although you would need to sit on several books if you wanted to sit at the grown up table, you sit here so that your mom and auntie can conduct business.
>You would be bored of them talking about grown up matters, anyways.
>This chocolate smells like heaven.
>You pop a piece in your mouth.
>Tossing it around with your tongue, you slowly suck on it and savor the milk chocolatey goodness.
>You throw one after another into the back of your throat, stopping only to chew a mouthful enough that you can swallow.
>As you snack, a single red balloon floats your way.
>It catches your attention and you watch it set down in the chair across form you.
>The balloon sits for a moment before popping extravagantly.
>Uncle Discord now sits in place of the balloon.
>"Hello, Anonymous," he greets. "My, my! What have you here?"
"Candy," you reply with a mouth full of chocolate.
>The draconequus picks the box up in a claw.
>"Mind if I have a few?" he asks.
>You nod in reply, mouth too full to talk.
>He tips his head back and empties the box into his mouth.
>With a burp and a pat of his belly, he drops the box back onto the table.
>"Delicious," he comments.
>Checking the box, there is only one chocolate left.
>"Discord!" shouted Celestia from the table.
>Discord only now takes notice of the royals sitting at the table not ten feet away.
>They're all staring at him.
>"Yes?" he asks nonchalantly.
>Celestia looks just beside Discord to see you looking into your candy box with tears welling up into your eyes.
>She saw him steal your candy.
>An intense fire like that of a thousand burning suns builds in her chest.
>A single eye twitches violently.
>"If you value your freedom," she utters, trying so hard to hold herself back. "You will leave this room at once."
>She said 'freedom' only because 'life' might scare her guests too much.
>Discord, sensing the imminent danger to his well-being, decides to bug out.
>He scoops you up in his arms, you holding the box with your last chocolate.
>"I'll just go take Anon, here, and go find more. Simple fix," he said.
>Opening a door in the middle of the air, he walks through and closes it; the door vanishing behind him.
>Celestia facehooves as she tries to collect herself.
>"My apologies. Now where were we?" she asks.

>Appearing out in Canterlot town square, Discord sets you down.
>You're still sniveling over the loss of your precious chocolates.
>"I'm sorry, Anonymous. I just don't know what came over me," said Discord, feigning apathy with the back of his hand on his forehead.
>When you don't respond, he gets a bit annoyed.
>"Aha!" he exclaimed with a snap of his fingers.
>Appearing in his hand was your teddy bear, Sir Bearington.
>Reaching down, he holds it out before you.
>"Look who came to cheer you up," he said.
>Upon seeing your teddy, you quickly snatch him up and hug him tight.
>"There, there," calmed Uncle Discord. "All better?"
>You nod your head while still hugging Sir Bearington.
>"Excellent!" exclaimed your uncle as he picked you up and tossed you in the air.
>The first toss was a surprise and a half.
>By the third toss, you were laughing and giggling.
>He never fails to cheer you up quickly.
The age gets higher every time I see it.
>"Now then," he starts, setting you feet first on the ground. "If I don't want your mom to take my head,"
>He comically pulls his head off and puts it under his arm.
>"We're going to need to find you some more candy," he finishes.
"Really!" you exclaim, jumping up and down.
>"Or we can make her happy in return," he says as he puts his head back onto his shoulders.
"Does mommy want some candy?" you ask.
>"Actually I'm certain she would rather an entire three-layer cake to herself," said Discord, thinking out loud. "But I was thinking something a little more... Sentimental."
"Huh?" you ask.
>"Something from you that she might enjoy," he clarifies. "Because after all..."
>He takes a step back and bows his head eye-level with you.
>"Did you know that tomorrow is Mother's Day?"
"Mommy likes cakes," you tell him.
>"Do you know how to make a cake?" asks your uncle.
"No..." you admit.
>"Lets keep it somewhere in the ballpark of your abilities then, shall we?" he asks.
>You decide to play in the fountain.
>Thinking it over for a minute, Discord gets an idea.
>"I got something. How long has your mommy's hair been the same swirly mess?" he asked.
>You think about it before giving him a shrug.
"I dunno."
>"I'll help you out. It's been forever."
>"And what do girls like more than anything?"
"I dunno," you say with another shrug.
>Uncle Discord sighs and pinches the bridge of his nose.
>"They like to get their hair done," he tells you.
"Oh yeah. Like the spa and stuff."
>"Precisely! And being the princess of Equestria, she is sooo busy that she can't ever take the time off to go enjoy herself."
>You stop splashing your hand in the water and face your uncle.
"But Auntie Luna can just do it while she's away?"
>"No, child. It doesn't work like that. However~,"
>Discord snakes his serpentine body on the ground around you.
>"You could surprise her with a makeover. She's obviously needing one and it would be by her very own son, too."
>He scoops you up onto his shoulders and stands tall.
>"The perfect gift!"


>As the two of you wander back into the castle main gates, Discord conjures up a giant lollipop and gives it to you.
>"If anyone asks, we went to the chocolate factory," he whispered.
>You weren't even listening as you enjoyed your candy.
>Celestia is there to meet you at the large double doors to the main hall of the castle.
>"And where have you two been?" she inquired.
>Discord placed you onto his shoulders.
>"We were just having some good old bonding time! You know, uncle and nephew. I apologized for eating his chocolates and took him to the chocolate factory."
>"Is that so?" asked Celestia.
>"Indeed it is, my good princess," replied the draconequus.
>"Then why does he have a taffy lollipop?" interrogated your mother.
>Discord did a double take on the lollipop you were currently licking.
>"So how were the Saddle Arabians?" he asked, trying to deflect the conversation. "As charming as I've been told?"
>"They left some time ago. Your little intrusion on our luncheon didn't help sway their opinions positively for you."
>"Well, not everyone can appreciate the dazzling beauty that is I," replied Discord as a frilly dress and lipstick appeared on him.
>Celestia rolled her eyes.
>"That still doesn't answer my-"
>"Okay, Anonymous!" shouted Discord. "I'll see you later, okay?"
>He set you down on the ground in front of him.
"Thank you, Uncle Discord," you say, giving his leg a hug.
>"Yup. Tatty-bye!"
>And with that he disappeared into a cloud of smoke.
>Mama Celestia just raised an eyebrow at Discord's antics.
>Then she shook it out of her mind.
>"Anonymous, sweetie," she called.
>You walk over to her as she levitates you onto her back.
"Have some lollipop, Sir Bearington," you tell your teddy, letting him nom on your candy.
>"So do you forgive your uncle for eating all of your chocolates?" asked mom.
"I still got one," you tell her, tapping on the box in your lap.
>"I take that as a yes?" said your mother as she walked to your bedroom. "Are you hungry, Anonymous?" she asked.
>"I didn't think so. Did I not tell you to not spoil your appetite?"
>Speaking of which, you stomach starts grumbling painfully.
"Ughhh," you groan and lean your head into the back of your mom's neck.
>Celestia chuckled.
>"Too much chocolate?" she asked.
"Uhuh..." you mumble with a nod.
>"Was it good?"
"Uhuh..." you nod again.
>"You'll learn one of these days," she replied.
>Upon entering the bedroom, Celestia walks over and places you on your bed.
"But it's too early for bed!" you whine.
>She pulled the covers up over you.
>"I know, but we gotta be up early for a big day tomorrow," explained your mom.
"Okay..." you sigh.
>When mommy tucked you into bed, she made sure to get Sir Bearington in there nice and snug too.
>Celestia leaned in and gave you a kiss on the cheek.
>"Good night, my little prince," she says.
"Good night, mommy," you reply.
>She hits the lights and shuts the door behind her.

>When you're sure she's gone, you push the covers off of you and climb off the bed.
>It's a bit tall, so you have to reach with one foot to try and find the floor.
>You almost had it until the blankets slid off and you fell on your rump onto the floor.
>Picking yourself up, you stumble around in the dark until you find the door.
>Reaching up tall, you manage to flip the light switch.
>It was a bit early for bedtime, but since you weren't eating dinner, mom just put you to sleep.
>Going through your toy chest, you find some paper, glue, scissors, and a jar of macaroni.
>You also find some crayons.
>Sitting on the floor, you begin the arduous task of making your mom a present for Mother's Day.
>After some time, you noticed that the sun had gone down outside.
>That means it's mommy's bedtime.
>Auntie Luna will be walking around, but she might spoil the surprise if she finds you..
>You open your bedroom door and poke your head out.
>All clear.
>With your gift and safety scissors in hand, you walk down the halls to your mother's bedroom.
>Her door was much taller than your own bedroom door.
>You reach up for the lever, having to stand on your tippy toes to do so.
>Pulling it down, you release it as it springs back up and vibrates loudly.
>Covering your ears, you fear you are caught.
>Slowly opening the door, the dim light of the hallway illuminates your mother's face.
>She was out like a rock.
>Celestia's the heavy sleeper of the two sisters.
>You baby crawl over to your mother's bedside to remain out of sight.
>She snores loudly, causing you a small fit of chuckles.
>Her long, sparkly, flowing mane goes dull and still when she's asleep.
>With scissors in hand, you slowly reach over, looking away as you make the first snip.
>One of her gorgeous locks fall to the sheets.
>You quickly swipe it up and drop it on the floor.
>Snip one, complete.
>You proceed to cut up her mane in a style you think would look pretty.
>As you finish, you collect your gift and place it on her night stand.
>Before you leave, you crawl onto the bed and give her a kiss goodnight.
"I love you, mommy," you tell her as you slide off the bed.
>Celestia smiled and muttered "I love you, too" in response.
>You hastily exit the room.


>Come morning, Celestia rises out of bed with a loud yawn.
>Smacking her lips a couple times, she rolls over and spots an odd sight at her bedside.
>A slip of paper with a crude macaroni pasting of the words, 'HAPPY MOTHERS DAY' on it sat on her night stand.
>In crayon, there was a childish stick drawing of her and her son.
>And resting on said paper was a single piece of chocolate.
>You gave your mom your last piece of Saddle Arabian chocolate.
>Celestia's heart was touched by the generosity of her son.
>She taught you well.
>Wait a minute...
>It's not Mother's Day...
>Celestia had just happened to notice something on the floor as she read your note to her.
>She recognized those sunny locks of hair anywhere.
>Flying out of bed and to the nearest mirror, your mother's eye twitched at the scene of her butchered mane.
>Her feelings of love were quickly replaced with shock, terror, and soon after, anger.
>"ANONYMOUS!" she shouted, her voice resounded throughout the entire castle.
>You were sitting in your bedroom with Philomena, drawing a portrait of her as she posed on the back of a small chair.
>Your mother kicked the door of the hinges and it flew across the room and exploded on the far wall.
"Hi, mommy!" you greet, oblivious to her ill temper.
>Philomena was absolutely terrified and fled the scene immediately.
"Philomena! Wait!" you call.
>Celestia calmed down as she picked you up with magic and set you on the side of the bed.
>"Anonymous..." she said in the most controlled voice she could manage. "Did you give mommy a haircut in her sleep?"
"Yup!" you gleam. "Uncle Discord said you wanted one but couldn't go get one, so I did it for you!"
>"Well you see, you can't just- Did you just say 'Uncle Discord'?" she asked.
>You hug your mother's chest.
"You look pretty, mommy," you compliment her.
>Celestia smiled and wrapped a hoof around her son.
>"Thank you, sweetums," she said.
>She was happy for your enthusiasm, but not so much for your gift itself.
>More so now that she knew it wasn't your idea.
>Now her anger can be directed somewhere more appropriate.
>"Do you know where Uncle Discord is right now?" she asked.
"Hm..." you thought before you shook your head 'No'.
>"Well then how about we go find him on our way to breakfast, hm?"
>Your mom levitated you up and placed you upon her back.
>"Have I ever told you the story of how Uncle Discord is able to turn into a garden decoration?" she started as she walked out of the room.


The end.
You do lovely work.
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Ah. Thank you. I have... I want to say one more but it's not like these two.

Kid Anon crusading with the CMC to get their cutie marks. Lyra as the fun mom and Bon Bon as the hardass aunt. It has less to do with his parents though and more about Anon going "camping" with Applebloom without telling his parents so they freak out.

And I got one last one that's even less relevant than that one that I decided wasn't finished.
Anon is adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Cake (pre-twins) with Auntie Pinkie giving him friend advice as he starts school. He falls for Diamond Tiara who's a hyper cunt as usual.
I need to redo it because the pacing is all fucked up and the story doesn't exactly make sense. It's also not a mom-centered story so I don't think it'd be relevant here since this is "Pony Mom" and not "Kid Anon" general.
You do nice things
HA, dumb bitch, no elements means no spell.
I think this thread might be done for, yo.
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What about Anon having gotten use to dating hyper cunt Diamond and now having to figure out his weird feelings after her redemption?
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Don't die please, I want to read more from Furostyboxu-kun

>Implying I read
>Tfw 2lazy4reads
At least I read some of what was posted back when it was FIRST posted.
I'm trying to remember since this was well over a year ago. Maybe even two.
I'm pretty sure the end game was just getting her to admit feelings for him. Then maybe a little after. I fucked up the pacing though so it reads like shit.
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>mfw I want this so bad but will never have it
My father physically beat me and tormented me for years. I still don't know if it's acceptable to slap your kid in the back of the head or spank in general, but considering he was a 6 foot 2 black man, it hurt a lot. I do know it's not okay to grab them by the coller and throw them to the ground, drag them by their legs down a couple stairs, punch them in the stomach, throw them into a wall, or tell them they're the reason why their family is so fucked up. My mother was the only person who gave a shit about me because i treated my sister like ass because my dad basically taught me to treat those weaker than you like shit, which is why i have trouble hanging out with friends because i find the weakest person and tend to pick on them. I thought i was a tranny for a year because i started hanging around gay trannies, and that was what prompted my father to tell me that I was ruining my family.
>And so your sun is risen to another glorious morning.
>You can see Luna off in her tower.
>Her mane is dull and she lets out a big yawn as sunlight begins streaming throughout Equestria.
>Seems she’s not quite up to speed just yet, or she had a busy night.
>You send her a friendly wave and she sends you a tired one in response.
>Poor little sister, probably going straight to bed.
>You yourself are headed to bed as well.
>But not to your own no.
>That of…
”Anonymous? Are you awake sunshine?”
>Anon lets out a low groan under the bundle of blankets he’s pulled himself into.
>Strange… usually he’s up in a flash when you call for him.
>You lift the blankets away with your magic.
“Goodness Anon! You’re sick!”
>There lies your son, face red with fever, nose runny, eyes crusty, letting out small coughs.
>He looks startled between coughs.
“Worry not my little sunbeam, I’ll have one of the nurses come and help you today, and I’ll be around as much as I can-”
>”N-no! I-I’m not sick mommy! I can-“ he stops to force down a fit of coughing, “-I can still come with you today!” he says in a pleading tone.
>You raise an eyebrow at him.
>He looks away from your gaze and sniffles quietly.
”Is that so Anon?”
>”Y-ye-ye-ye…” he sneezes, “Yeah mom, I’m okay really!