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Equestrian Invasion: "Live dammit"...
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After almost 2 years of waiting, the time has come to finish BiscuitAnons fic "Equestrian Invasion"!

Biscuit is/was a writefag that started a fic called "Equestrian Invasion" in the late summer of 2013, but due to a few "complications" he stopped writing.
He was successfully summoned after a years hiatus, but soon disappeared once again, leaving the readers devistated. So we've taken it upon ourselves to finish this.

>you come to class after a night without sleeping
>you sit next to your desk tired as fuck
>the bell rings as you yawn
>after a few minutes the teacher comes in and behind her a new student
>the first thing you notice about the student is her rainbow-colored hair
>"class, i'd like you to meet our new student, Rainbow Dash"
>"Would you like to say a few words Rainbow?"
>"I don't really like talking to egg-heads"
>The teacher looks at her and whisper to herself" Great, another one"
>"There's a free table next to Anon, You will be sitting there from now on"
>By the time she sits next to you the teacher is already writing something on the board
>Then suddenly you hear
>"Hey, Pssst. Anon, You're not a Egg-Head right?

Previous writers:



Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/HorseFellow


BiscuitAnons pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/BiscuitAnon

If there are any more writers/artists out there who are up for a challenge, get in here!
Most, but not all of these stories start on day 4 (http://pastebin.com/jhAkSe84- line 605)

>Equestrian Invasion is a fic about Anon, who one day meets no other than Rainbow Dash in his classroom. As the days go, the rest of the mane 6 shows up in his school, and it becomes Anons task to help them get home.
>Will he succeed? will he get to cum inside Rainbow Dash? Find out after the break!
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132 KB, 1024x1448

Another week, another Eq.I thread. You better not let this one die as well. Or ima' have to put a black dot on all your records

It's been a busy as fuck week. Searchin' jobs and shit. And for you who didn't see it last week (which would be all of you suckas'), i'm kicking this semi-general into shape again. Which means it will keep the scheduele from now on (every Friday).

On top of that, i aint got shit to add. Besides some new green.
And when i wake up, i expect to see nothing but happy smiley faces in here, ladies. Some carols would be nice too.
Old stuff:

>After a couple of minutes you reach the car.
>It's going to be a god damn sauna in there, considering it's probably 25+ in the shadow.
>As you open the trunk, you're hit with that steaming hot odor of leather and oil.
>You get the can of gas and fills your car up.
>That ought to do it.
>Now, back to town and find somewhere to get some well deserved rest.
>But first you've got to pick up Joanie and Chachi
>You stop at same the wood glade as earlier, and an exited Lyra comes galloping, folowed by Spike, whom look just like a troubled teenager.
>Lyra takes the backseat, and Spike was just about to get in the front, when lyra ojected;
>L: "Spike, arn't you going to sit with me?"
>You just look at him, and he back at you.
>S: "Uh, y-yeah, Of course"
>Once he's in the back, you can see Lyra starting to fool around with him in the rearview mirror.
>If only the nigga had the same effect on Rarity a day ago.
>Would have been a win-Win for everybody.
>Anyway, the ride back is fairly quiet.
>Wonder what kind of shit the girls will throw at you this time.
>You enter the town again, and soon find the diner.
>You pull over besides the sidewalk, lock the door and enters the diner.
>Lyra and Spike hides in the trunk.
>The girls should be right over.. there.
>When you find them, you're going to go fucknig Joseph Fritzl on their asses.
>You walk over to the chubby cashier.
"Did you see a bunch of girls at that table leaving?"
>She looks at you over her glasses
>???: "Yeah, they left about 50 minutes ago"
"Fuck! You don't happn to have any ide where they might have gone?"
>???: "No, Sorry sweetheart. Though it looked like they had a lively discussion"
"Shit, alright thanks"
>You exit the diner and try to spot the pastel pastel colored devils outside.
>Nothing in sight.

>They better not have been kidnapped by some fat trucker
>This is defenetly the last time you let them alone. Obviously they can't handle it.
>I mean even Twilight? She's suposed to be responsible and shit.
>You sigh before you start walking down the street.
>Were could they be heading?
>You were going to find a place to stay when you got back, so maybe they decided to 'help' you find a place to stay?
>Could be. It's the best you've got for the moment. plus, you have to find a place to sleep either way.
>You stop a ranodom dude on the street.
"Ay, you don't happen to know if there are any motels around town?"
>???: "Uh yeah, just follow the street down 2 blocks, then there's one at your left, just besides the Burlesque club."
>A burlesq-? No, nevermind
"Okay, thanks"
>The clock is closing in on 17:00
>You continue down the street, and as the stranger said; there lies a motel, not exactly as fancy as the last place you stayed at, but it looks bearable.
>Shit, speaking of the last place; You never paid for anythiing. Even though you actually had a ton of cash.
>Well it'll have to wait. You've got bigger problems on your hands right now.
>Still no familiar girls in sight. You're staring to get worried. What if they've actually been abducted?
>They're all so god damn gullible.
>You can feel a big knot emerging in your stomach just thinkking of it.
>So, where is the hell are they?
>Maybe they went inside the motel?
New stuff:

>You approach the Motel building, and slowly that familiar somewhat squealy voice grows louder.
>RD: "What do you mean you're closed for renovations?! Where are we-!"
>???: "I-i'm sorry miss. Please clam down"
>RD: "But-!"
>You swing the door open, and the little bell in the roof notifies your precence.
>The girls look at you in awe.
>AJ: "Shot, this is awkward.."
>TS: "Hey Anon, we uhm.."
"No, let me guess. You wanted to help?"
>TS: "*Gulp* uh-hum.."
>RD: "A-and we did! But the cashier won't let us stay!"
>AJ: "Calm down Rainbow"
>RD: "But-!"
>???: "I already told you! The rooms are in no order for visitors!"
>You can clearly see Rainbow's loading her next grenade shell, but you interrupt before can deploy.
"Miss, wouldn't it be possible for us to just stay one night? we wouldn't mind a little mess"
>???: "Perhaps not, but i do think that you'd mind cockroach poison"
"Oh, well i guess you're right about that. You wouldn't know if there's any other motels in town?"
>???: "I'm afraid not. But we'll be back in business in a few days. You're more than welcome to check back in then. Well, as long as you keep the Rainbow haired one from scaring the other guests.."
>You look over you shoulder and you can see that Dashie's about to boil over.
>Before she can unleash her rage over the cashier, you grab her hand and make your way out from the motel. The girls follow.
>RD: "Can you believe her?! How hard can it be to have a few girls over for just a while?!"
"Yeah, i'm was just wondering the same thing.."
>RD: "Right?!"

>TS: "Rainbow, he means us"
>RD: "But we haven't-! oh, that.."
>TS: "We're sorry Anon. we figured you'd be gone for a while, and that we might as well make ourselves usefull in the meantime.."
>You sigh
"It's nice that you want to do that, but please promise me one thing; no more unannounced run-aways, okay? You should know as well as i do by now, that this world isn't like Equestria. You could

have gotten hurt."
>AJ: "Ah promise Anon"
>FS: "Me too"
>PP: "Yeah, me three"
>Faintly, you smiled.
"That's good enough for me. now come on, we've still got to find a place to sleep"
>TS: "but the cashier said that there was no other motel in this town"
>The girls think for a second, untill Appeljack disrupts
>AJ: "I think i've got an idea.."
>Everyone turn their attention to her.
>R: "Yes? Out with it already!"
>She looks at Rarity and a faint smile grows on her lips
>AJ: "Remember when we were passing the outskirts of this town?"
>R: "Yes?"
>AJ: "Do you remember what was there?"
>R: "Why yes, an old dirty barn, i believe"
>Appeljack still wears that cocky smile, and then Rarity suddenly gets it.
>R: "Oh no! I'm not sleeping in some dirty old barn! No way! Sleeping in a run down Motel is bad enough!"
>AJ: "Well i don't know if you see any other options, because i sure don't"
>TS: "I.. guess it could be worse"
>RD: "Fine by me"
>The others seemed to agree as well
>All but Rarity, that is of course.
>R: "But how can you-! ugh, i give up.. But my hair better not get messed up! I absolutely refuse to show myself outdoors with a birds nest on my head"
"It's setteled then. Let's go get the car with Lyra and Spike first"
>TS: "Okay. Should we do anything else while we're still in town?"
"I can't think of anything. Do you girls need anything?"

>R: "Oh where should i start! First i-"
>AJ: "Rarity!"
>R: "What? A lady has her fashionable needs. I'm sure a gentleman like Anon wouldn't mind us shoping a little bit, now would he?"
>She poses her delicious body your way.
>Rainbow instinctively squeezes your arm to defend her territory against the rivaling female lion. Such is the way in the savanna.
>AJ: "And with who's money do you intend to shop with, If i may?"
>She freezes on the spot for a second, befroe she again turns her attention to you yet again, the bearer of green.
>You silently sigh.
"I guess we could use a few supplies if we're going to sleep out"
>R: "That's the spirit! See Appeljack? Anon knows how to treat a lady. Besides, we'll have all the time in the world to make it up to him when we're all back in Equestria"
>Twilight modestly intervenes
>TS: "Rarity.."
>R: "Hm? Yes darling?"
>Rainbow instanly gets what Twilight was edging at, and it's not hard to tell she's rapidly loosing her temper.
>With a painfully obviously ticked off tone, she states;
>RD: "Exactly twilight. Well have our whole lives to make up for it in Equestria."
>Even though she's always been the brainy one, she can't come up with the right words to gently imply that it's in fact up to you if you'll follow them to Equestria. And that the others are just

taking it for granted.
>Before the conversation become even more unpleasant, Rainbow grabs your hand, Hard, and starts walking towards the exit.
>While not meeting any of their gazes, she says;
>RD: "I thought we were going shopping."
>After a short moment, rarity concurs.
>R: "Why yes, thank Celestia! Now come along, girls!"
>The somewhat unpleasant aura lingers in the air, but even though Rarity can be a huge cunt, she also has her way of ressurecting a more cheeful atmoshpere. Probably one of her better traits. It sure as hell beats her 'generosity', wanyway.
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Im here now, so where is everybody?
File: 356469.jpg (54 KB, 530x805) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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we got up less than 15 minutes ago. I'm sure they'll be here. I'm sure it won't be like my 7th birthday party.
File: 1436224285967.jpg (38 KB, 500x544) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No of course it won't be like that. I mean I'm here, that's got to count for something.
File: Correct.gif (1 MB, 320x196) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Hey, I'm here. I'll bump for a little while, and try to not pass out. Meanwhile, enjoy this gif
Good shite to lead to some spoopy. Halloween's tomorrow got any ideas for to scare them silly?
hey canada hows it going?
Alright, getting a bit cold now, but generally I'm doing well
Its cold as fuck down here too. And I'm waiting on my air ducts to be cleaned out before I can turn on the heater
Good luck with that. I'm heading to bed shortly, so my last bump for the night/early morning
That image is hot as hell.
File: 1438920309971.png (241 KB, 652x489) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Working on it. Still a bit rusty, but it's great to write again.

Long time no fucking see, Canada.
How's the weather over there in niceland? Here we're closing in on 0 C outside, though the auntumn still lingers.
Keeping the indoors temperature within 10-15 C helps you to get used to the chillier weather.
What about you dapper? What's the weather report in Trumpland?

You may save it if you like.
File: spooky.jpg (56 KB, 400x400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Halloween layout
Check 'em
Spooky Bump
Weather's real fucking nice compared to you. We averaging 50s in the heartland with an expected high of 70 tomorrow, before we do back down into the upper forties for the coming month, back to you Canada.
Nigger I haven't seen this thread in several weeks.
But let me inform all you ladies what's up.

>Classes are hell. Can't find the proper time to do anything anymore.

>Started writing a second fic for god knows what reason.

>Still work about 20 hours a week.

>Still hovering around 80°F on some days

>Made very little progress on EI

>Addicted to an online game
It's been going between single digits and the low tens recently (Celsius), and we had our first snow fall a couple weeks ago (but it quickly melted and hasn't returned yet)
Hey faggot, I hate the fact that you still have warm weather. Still

>Made very little progress on EI

>Addicted to an online game

Same as me, except that candle job was supposed to be temp, but the keep calling me back. I try to unwind and write but then the phone rings. How many candles are needed for the Christmas season? I'll tell you, a SHITLOAD. 12 hour shifts wouldn't be so bad if they weren't paying me just 8 bucks an hour, still i need a job.
What have are you addicted to? I've been on a tf2 bender recently.
File: 20151018_093059.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
Good to have you back, son.
Shits been Fucked, that's why we've been down for so long.

Man, i installed TF2 the other Day, but my can is not what it used to be. Shit lagged like crazy. I used to play a lot back in the Day.
Glad this is back.
I am legit jelly of that view.

Pic related, my captcha
File: 20151017_120834.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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There b more Where that came from
File: 20151016_110326.jpg (2 MB, 3264x2448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 3264x2448
Some real life skyrim shit
If i were to go outside, and remove myself just a tad from the city, all i would have to show is green flatland.
That looks really cool. I'll be going innawoods tomorrow when it's a bit warmer.
That's awesome, bro.

Me too

Since June, I've kind of been addicted to a game I found on Google play called Galaxy Legend.
File: 1443271101075.gif (633 KB, 1100x650) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
633 KB, 1100x650
I've got to puck up my drunken asshole cousin downtown in about 3 hours, but i'll write in the meanwhile.
Hopefully i've gathered a decent dump by then.
I will also try to write some tonight
Hopefully the thread will still be up by then.
I'm short on sleep, so I will be heading to bed shortly, & hopefully the thread will still be up when I wake up. I will share some pics of a project I am working on in the morning.
hang on i guess i should write too. damn life getting in the way and such.
I wanted to be at the part with the serial killer by now, oh yeah im planning to write a serial killer character and some spoops into my story.
Mother fucker

I'll be up a while
My hands are so cold im having trouble typing.
Damn environment needing protection.
Hey language young man!
Who are you, my mother?
File: 1441874924746.jpg (844 KB, 4500x4334) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
844 KB, 4500x4334
Holy shit this general is even more pathetic than the other board-wrecking cancer we have.
>no content
>filled with more complaining about no time than actual writing
>authors are all neck beards
Just let it die this is sad
Gib 'dem pics

Does he wear a trench coat and wield a katana?

I hear a lot of bitching your way, even though you probably live in the hottest part of the world among the writers.

It's too late for that. it was always too late.
File: 1313106843405.jpg (48 KB, 456x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48 KB, 456x480
there you are, i missed you
thanks for the bump

better than daily, but we haven't had one in over a month so...
>no content
that's why we didn't post it
>filled with more complaining about no time than actual writing
sorry we're not all neets
>authors are all neck beards
the implications of this one are too many to list

on the plus side every thread needs a hater, that's why we have you
File: kansas weather.png (177 KB, 644x361) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
kansas weather.png
177 KB, 644x361
temperatures fluctuate too easily here, 20 degree drops aren't uncommon

and no he was going to be a regular dude with some screws loose, based on a true life creepy pasta i read on /x/
RIP Captain Sweden
>The swordman of Trollhättan, slayer of sandniggers
Absolutely based.
For you who haven't heard: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PX2f-XJqFU
That ending was absolutely magnificent.
And the narrator was perfect.
I thought you just pulled pic of some nut job on the street
Okay i wrote this much, i have to go to bed soon.

Oh i should mention im retconning all of Day 8 and replacing it with this new version. Probably should've mentioned that earlier

>"Hey you! You want to eat this?"
>Gilda presented you with a black greasy mess in a pan
>Gilda scoffed and tossed it into the trash
>"It's there if you want it."
"I won't."
>Its good to see she learned a new insult
>You were actually cooking breakfast before she barged in
>"Don't say i haven't done anything." Was what she had said
>And by the looks of it she didn't do much either, besides burn a hole in through metal
>Gilda turned her back to you and tossed the pan onto the stove
>Before you could scold her for mistreating your cookware, Twilight stepped out of the bathroom
>"Hmm, morning all."
>"Outta my way."
>Gilda shoves Twilight aside and slams the door behind her
>"Geez, what's her problem?"
"Uh. When you gotta go, you gotta go?"
>Sitting at the table with an empty plate gives Twilight the impression you need to be fed
>"Ooh, don't get up Anon. I'll cook breakfast!"
"You sure? Remember what happened last time."
>"It's fine...hehe. I just needed to get used to your kitchen is all. Who do you think cooked dinner last night?"
"You guys had dinner?"
>She gives you a cute smile
"Oh, good then. Cook away, i guess."
>You hear some muttering coming from the bathroom followed by a bang
>Twilight looks at you
>Shrugging you turn your attention to the TV

>The whole time Gilda was uh, 'cooking', you were trying to decide whether or not to flick it on and get an update on the flood
>Those fat retards had it coming though
>Why were you feeling bad?
>Your guilty conscious finally gets the best of you
>"This is Channel 8 news. With Angelina Jolie, Mark Hamill, and sports with Bruce Wayne."
>"Welcome back, our coverage continues on the flood waters now slowly retreating from our area."
>"That's right Angelina, and at the top of our list is the bizarre turn of events that led to several obese young men having to be rescued from the bridge outside..."
>"Here you are anon!"
>Twilight drops a perfectly poached egg with a side of toast and some bacon in front of you
"But, how...?"
>"It was easy. All i did was follow the recipe and keep the flame low, to keep from burning it of course."
>Several two syllable words followed some repetitive bangs from the bathroom
>"I wonder what that's about."
>You pay her no mind as you chow down
>"...with the report. Rick?"
>"Yes Angelina, i interviewed several of the young men yesterday, some of the young men that managed to escape the deluge rather, and got some pretty mixed answers as to what conspired."
>You turn your attention back to the TV that now showed previously recorded footage of the flood followed by a voice over
>"It started as a perfect day, maybe a few clouds but nothing to worry about..."
>The scene switched from a picnic to an overflowing river bank
>"...until late afternoon that is."
>The shot changed to one of the spergs
>The Goddamn idiot was wearing a muddy fedora
>The interview began with him tipping his hat and thanking Rick for being interviewed
>"Simply put we were on the trail of a fugitive when the dastardly villain outfoxed us."
>"Uh, i'm sorry. Who tricked you?"
>"I'm afraid i cannot divulge that information to you, or the police for that matter.."
>This faggot actually thought he was being smart about it
>But then, they did figure out where you live
>"...all i can say is "Bravo sir" you got us with the old cell phone switcharoo."
>You frown
>"The what? Uh, nevermind. Can you tell us what your friends were doing on the bridge? Why didn't they get away while they could?"
>He chuckled
>Like haughtily
>"I wouldn't expect your simple plebeian mind to understand our motivation or intentions. Safe to say my comrades were intent on staying down there as long as they needed to, in order to find the source of that signal."
>Rick, who was off camera, was audibly frustrated
>Again he chuckled
>"Why do bees fetch nectar? Why do trolls hurt feelings on 4chan? Why do bears (beep) in the woods? A higher sense of purpose drives our instincts so as to expand our euphoria into the stars and beyond to the other multiverses and become more than simple monkey men. Our satyr children would carry on the vast knowledge of humanity with the superior genetics of pony kind."
>The camera shook a bit and you swore you heard the camera man laughing softly
>"...okay thanks."
>The faggot tipped his hat again and thanked him for the chance to be on television before another shorter four eyed sperg stepped in to take his place
>Behind him a neat and orderly line appeared to have formed
File: megyn-kelly.jpg (16 KB, 480x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
16 KB, 480x360
>The camera cut back to Rick shaking his head
>"From what i could gather after talking with police was that they were searching for a cell phone they said they had been tracking all the way from Anonsville. Somehow, and we still don't know how, that cell phone managed to find its way under the bridge and all the...people, following it stopped to search for it. Now police aren't sure whether they should press charges or not, that would depend on the owner of the cell phone, for stalking or perhaps other premeditated actions. What we do know is that right before the flood waters hit the majority of them managed to climb up the embankment to avoid being washed away. A few though have gone missing and dispatchers are already looking downriver for any signs of survivors."
>Rick didn't want to look at the camera when he said that, but he did perk up after reading his transcript
>"Now because of the scale of this flood they said they aren't holding out much hope for survivors and said it might just be a recovery mission at this point. Live from the scene, this is Rick Astley reporting."
>The shot went back to the studio where Angelina seemed to be suppressing her laughter
>Mark took over
>"Rick while we still have you? I couldn't help but notice there were a few others, um, in line i suppose? What did they have to say?
>Rick was shown grudgingly putting his earpiece back in
>"After a while all i could understand anymore was that they were looking for their Y-foos."
>"Anything else interesting?"
>Rick shook his head
>"That's about it. They just kept repeating how plebeian i was for asking so many questions."
>Mark now seemed to be restraining himself
>"Well...thank you Rick. We appreciate all your hard work, and the many many hours of field work you put in and I'll be sure to talk to the station manager about giving you a promotion and a raise for your all your hard work."
>Rick scowled slightly and nodded his head repeatedly
>Mark covered his mouth for an instant before quipping
>"We'll be back after this."

well i couldn't figure out how to split that last part up. this is it for tonight. i'll try again tomorrow
You know, guys, if I had to retcon an entire day, I'd probably just be done. Fuck it.
File: 1430919875459.jpg (950 KB, 2480x3507) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
950 KB, 2480x3507
Will read tomorrow/today. After i've had 15 hours of sleep, that is.

Initiating dump.

>The walk back to the car is swift. Lyra is raping Spike, as by now is expected.
>Without fighting, everyone gets in the car and straps on.
>It doesn't take many minutes before you drive passt something that could be described as a tiny mall.
>whatever shit the horsegirls want, it should be avalible somewhere.
>As long as it's not along the lines with kingsized dragon dildos.
>They'd have to wait untill they got back to Equestria to get that.
>You arm yourself with some of your well earned cash. Raritys eyes' glowing bright as she sees the fat wad you load your wallet with.
>Generosity my ass.
>Everyone leaves the car, and observes the mediocre galleria.
"So, what do you gals want?"
>R: "ooh! First i'll need a new curling iron, oh, and some-!"
>AJ silences her with a firm hand to the mouth.
>AJ: "FIRST ah think we should get the most essential things, things we actually NEED. Like flashlights, and something to start a camp fire with"
>R: "Poh! But I CAN'T live without a curling iron! Aaaanon~, tell her!"
>Everyone turns their attention to you
"Shiet, why you looking at me like that for?"
>AJ: "You're in charge of the money. You decide what's best"
>R: "Yeah, tell her a lady do have her fashionable needs!"
"Uh, well i guess we do need something to see our own feet at night. And i seriously doubt that there's any electricity out there to begin with"
>R: "B-but-"
>AJ: "You heard'im, sis"
>TS: "He's right, Rarity. You'll have to manage without some luxuries for a while"
>PP: "I don't suppose we.."
>The face she made could melt steal beams.
"Geez, sure, we can get some sweets too".
>TS: "That sounds nice and all, but i think we should aim at getting some actual food first"
"yeah, i was thinking the same thing. What do you girls want?"
File: 352735.jpg (74 KB, 700x588) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74 KB, 700x588

>they think for a few seconds, but slowly rainbow starts to mumble something.
>RD: "We could uhm.. y'know, get some potato salad and y'know.. some ham.. y'know.."
>The girls look with at her with pretty evident signs of disgust
>R: "B-but that's.. meat!"
>FS: "Why don't you eat me out as well while you're at it.."
>Muh Dic-Fuck off Mr. penis!
>R: "Rainbow, dear, surely you don't actually mean to.. to-"
"I don't want to cause a fuzz of anything, but maybe she's right."
>the girls gasp
>TS: "I-i don't know Anon.."
"I mean humans ARE carnivores. Depriving ourselves of meat for long enough can have serious effects to overall health, not to mention you'll look like a major homo"
>AJ: "I'm sorry what was that last part?"
"Look, the point is that you haven't had any protein since you came here, and i think it would be best if you had at least a few bites each"
>FS: "B-b-but-"
"Fluttershy, i've been eating meat since you came here. Do you really think i'd eat you?"
>FS: "I- *sigh* No.."
"And it's just for as long you're human."
>TS: "Girls, maybe he's right.. We've got to keep our strength up. We can't afford to fall sick just because we won't addapt to human customs"
>AJ: "Ah guess it's for the best.. And i supose it can't be that bad."
>R: "Ugh, i think i'm going to be sick"
"It's for your own good."
>You take out your wallet and give Appul a couple of $50 bills
"Appeljack and Rarity, enter the closest hard ware store and but some flashlights and any other supplies you think might come in handy."
>AJ: "Gotcha' Anon!"
"Well meet up here again in 20, okay?"
>AJ: "Alrighy! C'mon, Rarity."
>They made their way deeper into the mall, heading for a hard ware store at the other side.
>The other girls tagged along with you into a grocery store. The hunting ground of the modern man.
>Now what should you treat the girls with? If they'll actually eat meat for the first time, you're planning on getting them hooked.
File: 44285.jpg (52 KB, 700x486) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 700x486

>There's something damn lwed about girls eating, especially if it's covered in smeary BBQ sauce.
>You were a man of simple taste.
>Focus, what's simple to throw together, yet fucking delicious?
>Ribs, Potato salad and coleslaw, what's what.
>As you and the girls walk over to the meat department of the store, the girls are visibly at unease. Judging by the looks of Flutters, any doctor would probably declare her as good as dead.
>Your caveman vision does not delay, and you soon spot the prey that will feed the bellys of those you care for.
>You go in for the finishing strike, or more realistically, you put some ribs in your basket.
>TS: "I hope you know what you're doing.."
"Give Masterchef Anon a chace. Everything you thought you knew about meat is about to change, for the better."
>Finding the Potato salad and coleslaw goes quickly.
>You also grab a few bottles of water.
>Beer always was your beaverage of choice in cases of BBQ, but you were too much of a goody-two-shoes to let the girls get shipwrecked on your watch.
>Just before you start to pass the wares onto the counter, Pinkie adds a bunch of candy bags, while basically burning your face off with a beaming smile.
>You sigh, but pay for all the wares and leave the store.
>Unfortunately, but not unexpected, Appul and Rarity were nowhere to be seen. You hoped they'd manage to handle the tinyest of tasks, but as usual; you were wrong.
>You sigh, and start to head for the hard ware store, with the girls as your entourage.
>TS: "Anon?"
"We'll just check on Appeljack and Rarity. Something tells me they're not getting along over something"
>And his word be done~
>As you enter the store, a faint whining starts to grow louder.
>R: "Yes, i do believe these are required, at a bare minimum! Did you not see the shape of that.. ugh.. travesty of a house?"
>AJ: "Thank Celestia you've arrived Anon! Tell'err that drapes does NOT count as a significant supply!"
"Jesus, can't you ever just get along"
File: 347285.jpg (77 KB, 610x665) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
77 KB, 610x665

>R: "B-but she-!"
"You know what? fuck it. If you find those drapes so important, just take 'em. Jesus."
>AJ: "But-!"
>R: "you heard the gentleman!" She snickered.
"At least tell me you've collected something, and not just been standing here the whole time arguing?"
>their silence pretty much confirms the answer.
"Would you two please be nice and go get some flashlights now then?"
>AJ: "S-sure thing Anon!"
>She rushes off like a rocket, with Rarity traling her.
>Just when you were about to face the other girls, you see something you couldn't imagine how you almost could forget.
>A mu'fucking radio.
>Now there's dinner entertainment for ya'.
>hell, maybe it'll even drown out Appeljacks and Raritys arguing.
>Either way, in the basket it goes.
>plus some extra batteries to be on the safe side.
Yo so I just went to NMND last week, got to meet the testers and managers of the /mp/4ccc and ran the /mlp/arties, good shit.

Also you guys are alright, Dont wait for the update to "The Girls" Tomorrow https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wAddbeYTEf17mkSEb_ylB6ujE5jr9hHLr-tU0eQ7gq0/edit
There you go. Now if you'll excuse me, i'll join Tutankhamun in an eternal rest. Clock's almost 7 in the morning, and i've got shit to do later today. Wish me luck with that.
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Another one of the lost sons return!
I always had been updating every two weeks, anon Always seemed to miss the threads on account of them dying by the time i browse the chan at night
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You suckers remember this?
Man, that thread was epic.
I shall join you, i need sleep
I remember when it came by the HN skype chet

>who are these guys?
me: wait a minute......... oh shit
>go on thread
>sure enough, see the thread
had to explain to them "equestrian invasion"
That was probably this thread's climax
I'm going to be honest with you guys. These threads need more autism
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Fine, this will have to do.
I'm just a thing or two short, but soon i'll have all the tools i need to execute the next heist.

Man, adrenaline and hormones are the best drugs there is.
is there such thing as an overkill on autism?
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There is no overkill when dealing with autism, just extreme preparedness.
Quit teasing our dicks Jasse, how many gifs have you got?
Not nearly enough. If you got 'em, dump 'em.
You should make a thread for that
Alright ladies, i got some stuff.

>Sometimes Club Solar felt like your own domain.
>Despite the reputation this place had, security was pretty loose. A minor would have no problems getting in, provided they knew somebody. You’d built a reputation here, some people still knew you.
>It was where some of your acquaintances still hung out.
>such as this bastard, a friend of your brother’s, looking you in the face with the laziest face you ever would see.
“Look, I kind of don’t have time for your shit right now. Can you, or can you not, get me what I need?”
>?: “Uggghhhh, fuck my life”.
“Yeah, fuck you too”.
>As your associate turns his back, he questions you.
>?: “Man, whatchu even need this shit for? I thought you were out?”
“The situation’s changed, bro. I need resources again.”
>?: “Yeah man, I heard about that. Word on the street is you got some bitches in yo crib. They’s some fine bitches, too”.
>It somewhat angered you to hear the girls referred to as bitches, but somehow you always managed to avoid starting physical altercations with most of these retards.
“Where the fuck did you hear that?”
>?: “Nigga, I got my sources, but you gotta tell me: you fuck any of ‘em?”
>Not yet.
>?: “Then you wastin’ yo time”.
>As a person could only handle so much butchery of the English language, you sought to end the conversation as soon as possible. You concerned yourself only with what was needed, and left immediately.
>You could only tolerate so much stupid.
>On your way out of the club, you remember that you’d wanted to have some fun first.
>Should you hit up High Deviance? The Ship was only good for sex, and Poison Girl wasn’t exactly the friendliest area for your gender. Club Solar was great, but you were looking for something fresh. Eventually, you just settle on The Monarch, because you like the décor.
- - - - - - - - -
>It might have gone unnoticed, but even in the human world, Pinkie Pie has shown a remarkable- and by remarkable I mean holy fucking shit what the fuck is she- resilience to alcohol. Three hypes, a number of shots of liquor, a margarita, and who knows what else, and she still seems sober, except for the peculiar look in her eyes.
>Her friend had unwisely chosen Pinkie Pie to a contest, figuring it would be an easy win. Now, however, Pinkie Pie was coming off of an actual, semi-human sugar high, and her friend simply remained absolutely wasted. The alcohol seems to have had little effect on the magic horse-human.
>She could vaguely recall the details of her sugar high. Time had slowed down, she moved outside of normal time. Physics were theoretically at her mercy.
>The world is only so lucky that she was so caught up in her high that the thought never occurred to her to actually take advantage of it.
>Now, as they both sat, neglecting the potential hangovers they were likely to have, one of them started feeling adventurous.
>F: “You know, I t-th- *hmph* duh, I… t-think I underesrtimated you. You are REEEALLY good at keeping your alcohol.
>This was when everything started feeling warmer.
>F: “H-hey! I have like, the most awesome idea!”
>PP: “An idea? I get ideas all the time! I’m kind of a genius, actually”
>Pinkie Pie says this with a partially genuine smirk, as if she’d just revealed a little-known truth.
>F: “Yeah,-”
>As she is about to continue speaking, Pinkie Pie’s friend places a hand on Pinkie’s thigh, and gives a light squeeze, sending a warm tremor through the party animal. Not necessarily one of reciprocal lust, but probably more likely a tremor that has resulted from coming out of a state of semi-consciousness.
>F: “I’ve been thinking… actually, no- this this idea just came to me, but I think you and I could be really good friends. Don’t you?”
>PP: “Of course! For all my friends, I will always brighten up their days, and definitely make them smile!”
>Misleadingly, this was the moment in which Pinkie Pie decided to take on a slightly more serious tone. It was preserved, and was intended to have meaning.
>But this meaning was not interpreted correctly.
>F: “Oh, that is soooo good to hear…”
>The friend proceeds to run her hand back and forth, along the length of Pinkie Pie’s thigh as they sat on a sofa-like piece of furniture, several feet away from the sect’s bar. Not too far away in the opposite direction, there stood several isolated rooms. Theses rooms could serve a variety of purposes, but there was only ever one convenient use for them.
>The friend’s urge to get up and “explore” was becoming more prominent within.
>F: “If what you’re saying is true,-”
>As she speaks, the friend stands, and lightly pulls Pinkie Pie by the hand, so that they are both now standing
>F: “- then how’s about you and I go and have a little bit of fun?”
>The friend’s voice was just now a bit hushed, as she made the effort to move her face closer to Pinkie Pie’s. Pinkie Pie, however, is either ignorant, or dismissive of the signs that are being presented to her.
>Now using her usually excited tone, Pinkie verbally relished in the newly discovered prospect for even more fun.
>PP: “OOoooooh, fun?! Where?! What kind of fun?! Are we going to dance? Sing? Because I have got the skills to rock this thang, or place!”
>As if with superhuman speed, with a flicker of the body, Pinkie Pie becomes garbed in a blue hoody with a black fedora, armed with what looks like a boom box resting on her shoulder. And then with yet another flicker, Pinkie dons a purple skirt, with arm gloves and pantyhose, complimented with a purple feather, and short length all around, all the while striking an inadvertently suggestive pose.
>At the sight of this outfit, the friend raises an eyebrow, and gets only more excited.
>The excitement dulls, however, as Pinkie’s body flickers once more, with Pinkie finally settling on the dress/outfit she’d worn in.
>The friend resigns to thinking she’d only just had a bit much to drink, and was only hallucinating these different outfits
>Naturally though, the friend gives a laugh at the situation.
>F: “My word, you’re funny, you know that? Come on, let’s go have some… more intimate, fun.”
>The friend leads Pinkie by the hand to one of the several isolated rooms, away from the busiest parts of the sect.
- - - - - - - - - - -
>You approach the entrance to The Monarch, thinking of the appealing blues and dark accents that gave the place a sophisticated atmosphere. You actually liked it, to be honest. It would momentarily refresh you, make you feel more sophisticated and fancy than you really were. Kind of like eating seafood dinner at an expensive seafood restaurant, except it wasn’t a seafood restaurant.
>You have no idea why, but it was also always colder in this part of the club complex than in the other parts.
>All around, the setting is just really different from what you’re used to.
>Look around the room, taking in the sights.
>A conceited VIP area, roped off by a big black guy.
>Some poor sap trying to impress a woman, and failing miserably at it. What a loser.
>Several clusters of booths that comfortably seat 5-7
>Applejack, in the process of getting wasted for what may be the first time in her life.
>A subtle drug deal in the corner

>Wait, wat.
>What the fuck
>You do a double take, only to find that your eyes do not deceive you.
>Applejack and Rarity. Were here
>Applejack and Rarity
>At first, you can only ponder what it is they’re doing here. It doesn’t take long to come to an obvious conclusion, and to dread the corollary realization that you’d probably need to go searching for the others at some point.
>Oh god.
>Approach them slowly from behind.
>They’re talking.
>Can’t quite make the words out yet.
>Continue to inconspicuously creep closer, like the assassin you always dreamed of being
>It sounds like they’re talking about… Rainbow Dash? You could swear you heard them say Rainbow Dash’s name. Yet you’re positive you also heard…Fluttershy? Fluttershy’s name was definitely somewhere in there. No mention of the other two, though.
>The conversations abruptly stops, as it seems that Applejack is having trouble keeping her eyes open.
“Having fun, ladies?”
>They turn and look at you. Rarity’s face shows a mixture of shock that you’re here, and amusement that you’re here. Applejack just looks like she’s seen some shit.
>R: “Oh! Anon*hic*-ymous, how absolutely divine it is to see that you’re here! Apples and I here were just talking about where you might have gone!”
>Somehow, you don’t feel like that’s a true statement.
>AJ: “HOW*hic*-dy, partner. What could Ah do ya for?”
>Say nothing at first.
>Just look back and forth between the 2
>Those looks on their faces are themselves giving off mixed vibes
>Nervousness? Anxiety? Intoxication? All of the above? Could be fucking that fucking time of the month, for all you know.
“Yeah… OK. Listen, guys, it’s been a long day. So, we’ll be leaving now. Come on, ladies. We need to be quick about this. Unless you just want everything to go to absolute shit, again”
R: “Anonymous, might you be just a bit quick to *ahem*, jump the gun, as one would say? Surely, you know of some more creative ways in which your people may have fun!”
>Rarity was never one to withhold some sort of compliment. It’s a good thing she doesn’t understand just how much of a fucking loser you were before they got here.
“Where did you hear that phrase?”
>R: “Oh you know, just around.”
“Trust me, sooner or later things would go wrong. They always do.”
>Fucking murphy’s law.
R: “Ugh. Very well then, Anonymous. If you insist.”
- - - - - - - - - -
>Pinkie’s friend has led her by the hand into a “private” room.
>To arrive at this room, they’d had to climb a single set of stairs and turn a corner. Not entirely secluded, but off from the main path of the club.
>They enter the room slowly.
>They both stop immediately after entering, with the door locked behind them
>The friend, as of now known as Jade, walked ahead of pinkie seductively, and suggestively. Pinkie Pie has yet to notice anything strange.
>PP: “So how should we start the fun, huh? Huh? How? How Should we start?”
>As she is firing of these questions, Pinkie Pie grabs Jade’s shirt by the shoulders, with a bright beaming smile.
>Jade is more than happy to return her own suggestive smile.
>J: “I see you like to get right down to business. I like that…”
>At this point, their hands are on each other’s shoulders, and it looks like they’re still on the same page.
>Quickly, Jade’s hands move to Pinkie Pie’s waist.
>Jade bends one knee slightly forward, swings Pinkie around, and pushes her up against a wall.
>Far too late for comfort, Pinkie Pie takes a moment, as she’s pinned up against a wall, with another girl’s hands on her waist, to contemplate what is happening. She wasn’t caught off guard, but was still unsure of what was to be done.
>Jade leans in, preparing for the moment of truth.
>As their faces come within centimeters of one another, Pinkie Pie finally realizes that she was looking for a very different kind of fun, and, in a rare moment of vulnerability, is overtaken by a massive blush.
>The very instant their lips touch, Pinkie Pie feels an incredible surge of energy. Not pleasure, and not heat, just energy.
>It would appear that she’s very much more alert.
>For a short time, the party animal considers letting it happen. Interestingly enough, unlike in the human world, Equestrians weren’t so much concerned with whether or not ponies of the same sex decided to love. Pinkie sure didn’t concern herself with it.
>Since, for the moment, they were both human, it also wouldn’t be freakishly weird.
>But it wouldn’t last.
>The contact barely lasts more than a second, before Pinkie makes the decision to bail. Almost as if she were a cartoon character, the party animal disappears in a puff of smoke leaving behind a mere outline of her vibrant self.
>This leaves for a very disappointed, very sexually pent up teenage girl.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
>TS: “You know me, always trying to make a big… splash, around here!”
>Brad simply stares in amusement.
>Pinkie Pie, however, is in a rush, like most of the time.
>She is walking briskly for the entrance, fully intent on cutting a party short for once. She just doesn’t know how to properly handle the situation. She’s not afraid, or embarrassed, just uncertain.
>She also had no problem, in her haste, with tearing Twilight away from her newfound romantic interest. Or what could pass as a romantic interest
>As she passes Twilight, Pinkie pie pulls her right along with by the wrist
>T: “Pi-pink-Pinkie! What in the name of Celestia are you doing?!”
>Pinkie Pie has no trouble faking a grin
>PP: “Silly Twilight, it’s time to go! Don’t worry though, you’ll get a chance to talk to your boyfriend later.”
>TS: “Boyfriend??”
>The blush on Twilight’s face weakens her defensive tone of voice.
>Pinkie makes no effort to stop or slow down.
>Just as she’s about to leave High Deviance, she collides with another human.
>Pinkie collides with you.
>But at the moment, you are a rock. You are a big, glorious, fair-skinned rock, impenetrable.
>PP: “Nonny!”
>You are unexpectedly embraced in a bone-crushing bear hug.
>So much for being a rock.
>This girl is literally lifting your feet off the ground.
“P-put… me…dowhn”
>Waste no time leaving
>must find the other two.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
>Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash stand in a corner, waiting, watching intently.
>Clueless as to how certain human games worked, she had unknowingly stumbled upon a gambling session, and decided to partake with borrowed money. Fluttershy simply watched anxiously.
>P1: “Hit me”

>P1: “Shit, I bust.”
>P2: “Hit me”

>P2: “Blackjack”
>Rainbow’s lender got 21
>And now it’s Rainbow Dash’s turn.
>Rainbow Dash had no idea what a blackjock was, but figured she could blend in.
>RD: “Uh, yeah. Hit me, bro.”
>P1: “I’d hit that…”
>Rainbow Dash took that as a sign she was playing the game right.
>Dealer: “Hit, or stay?”
>After taking a moment to look at the cards in front of her, and another to do the mental math, she arrived at the total of 21. She won!
>But now she’s got to call it out. What was that word? Black something? Anon does it all the time…!
>RD: “Nigger!”
>The participants look unphased initially, but take a moment to express reluctant silence.
>Who was this Rainbow Haired-kid calling a nigger?
>P1: “Who you callin’ nigger, nigger?”
>Rainbow Dash found this to be confusing. Had she made a mistake?
>RD: “Huh? Bro, it’s the game. I have a nigger. I mean, I guess you can hit a nigger if you want, but then you’d just be losing out on money.
>None of the players know how to respond.
>FS: “Um, Rainbow Dash...”
>Dealer: “Mam, I think it would be best if you stepped away from the card table.”
>Needless to say, Rainbow Dash was not pleased.
>RD: “What? Why?! I hit a nigger all the way up until 21! You can’t just tell me to stop!”
>The Dealer decided he’d had enough, and reclaimed Rainbow Dash’s cards.
>RD: “Hey, what the buck are you doing?”
>In order to pronunciation her irritability, Rainbow Dash attempted to rise from her seat, only to brush up against a large wall at her back.
>She turns 180° only to come face to neck with a rather large, dark skinned security employee.
>RD: “Oh, hey, I, uh… didn’t see you there. What’s good?”
>Security: “Miss, is there a problem here?”
>RD: “Problem? Nah, no problem at all.”
>By this point, Rainbow Dash was already looking to get away, preferably quickly.
>RD: “Hey guys, tell you what. How about you all keep your money, and I leave, and we pretend this never happened?”
>P2: “I believe, miss, that you still owe me some money.”
>That tone was far too serious for comfort.
>Thinking quickly, Rainbow Dash was looking for a distraction. She was already gripping Fluttershy’s hand tightly, ready to seize the slightest opportunity to bolt.
>After a couple seconds, RD’s relatively impatient mind was rushing. If she couldn’t find a distraction, she’d make one, damn it.
>Rainbow looked randomly into the crowd of people, looking to nobody in particular. She yelled in her sharpest, most offended possible tone.
>RD: “Hey! What the tartarus do you think you’re doing, thief?!”
>The moment the security guard averted his gaze, Rainbow bolted from the cards table, having to pull Fluttershy along with her.
>As they made their dash, they could only hear a demand from the club staff to wait.
>The girls speed walked through and around people, looking for an exit to the lobby, maybe another room, anything to hide in. The rainbow hair was practically screaming “fuck you”, and “catch me if you can”.
>They make the decision to just duck behind a couch not too far away, almost in the middle of the bucking room. Not exactly the most spectacular of hiding strategies.
>RD: “Well, this is just great. What the hay is with these guys?”
>FS: “Rainbow, I d-don’t think that was what Anon meant whenever he used that word.”
>RD: “You think so?”
>FS: “Sort of.”
>Just then, Rainbow Dash spied that same dark-skinned guard off in the not so distant distance, behind Fluttershy, like an animal searching for prey.
>RD: “Is this why they don’t like dark people here? Jeez.”
>The 2 girls have to bolt again, neither certain of whether or not they were just seen.
>Fortunately though, this time, they believe they are headed for the exit.
>Up to this point, Rainbow Dash had gotten many surprises in a single day. Ranging from witnessing an act of murder, to having to flee from the presence of the official guards of the land, to visiting one of the human world’s most sociable places, to embarrassing Fluttershy and herself.
>But as they reached the exit to the main lobby, the real surprise was when they were found with no opposition. Apparently, they had gotten away clean. Things shouldn’t be that easy. Things are almost never that easy.
>Whatever, she’ll take it. Neither her nor her shy friend were going to complain.
>Still feeling anxious about getting away so easily, the two pegasi exit.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
>A mother fucker can never get some peace. You wonder how you found yourself in your current situation.
>Oh, that’s right. You trusted your fucking brother.
>Fashionhorse and Applehorse were both wasted nearly out of their minds. Who’d of thought that standard human stuff is so much harder than standard pony stuff. Their lightweight bodies could only handle small amounts.
>Bookhorse was quiet. Not quite abnormal, but she wasn’t trying to lead the other girls. And that, you knew from your shameless hours of reading fanfiction on the internet, was not ok.
>And who fucking knows about partyhorse. Even in a place with supposedly no magic, she was just as much of a rollarcoaster.
>Take a minute to look at the 2 sects you’d not yet explored in your search for shyhorse and Rainbow Dash.
> “Poison Girl”, and “The Ship”
>Neither sect was really your style. In Poison Girl, you would pretty much be unwelcome because of your gender. In The Ship, you always just felt awkward. Maybe with Rainbow Dash here it wouldn’t be awkward, but…”
>Either way, you couldn’t help but wonder how she and Fluttershy went through their sect together. Whether it was Poison Girl or The Ship, there were bound to have been romantic displays everywhere.
>Should that make you nervous? Probably not. Are you nervous? A little bit. If fanfiction was any indication, then literally anything could have happened.
>As you’re still trying to summon the courage to enter The Ship, you spot Rainbow Hair in your peripheral vision.
>Thank the lord Jesus Christ.
>And she has yellow quiet with her. Well… that was easy. Sort of.
“Rainbow Dash!”
>Rainbow turns, and sees you, with a tired look on your face.
>RD: “Anon! What-uh, what are you doing here?”
“I just happened to be out in the neighborhood.”
>Rainbow Dash looked pleasantly surprised.
>Fluttershy looked relieved to be reunited with the herd.
“Alright- I would just love to stand here and have a conversation with you all, but these two can barely stand straight. So how’s about we all just find somewhere to turn in for the night?”
>You’d almost suggested going back to the apartment, until the memory returned that it was probably still closed off because of the ongoing investigation. At least your apartment will be on the news the next couple of days. And probably on /int/.
>Though with what you’d gotten from your contact, you could probably afford a couple of night ina hotel for 7.
>No arguments are made. Instead, those among the girls who could uphold a coherent conversation told you some of what they’d been through that night.
>They had more fun than you did? Ain’t that a bitch.
>The Journey to the embassy Suits was pretty much calm. No run ins with spergs, cops, or artificial disasters.
>After check in at the hotel, you all had the chance to spread out and get comfortable in the 2 room suite. Apple and Fashion were out cold.
>Book was reading a book, while party listening to her read a book
>Rainbow and Shy were just sitting on the couch, having a conversation about you had no idea what. For the moment, things seemed like they would be alright for the next few hours.
>Although the thought occurred to you just then that Spike and Lyra were still at your brothers’ you figured you could pick ‘em up tomorrow. Fuck that, you’re tired.
>It looked like Rainbow would be up for a while longer, so you picked a room, just let yourself fall onto the bed, allowed sleep to take you, hard.
Made one some time ago, but i dindn't get too much good shit
How long ago was that?
Don't know, one or two months ago?

Damn nigga, this is like the literary equivalent of that one nut you bust after holding it in for too long.
gimme a sec to read it

I'll dump a few now that im on my computer
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leave this one for the end
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You had the chance for sexy green and you wasted it. Even bisquik had a little lewd.
gotta wait for that shit nigga. I've never written anything close to lewd yet, much less romance.
End of Day 6
Is everybody in this thread a dashfag?
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Day 5 + 6 Final.png
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Final Stats for Days 5 and 6, respectively
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It's a general rule of thumb.
Holy sh.... What the hell happened there nigger?
Sunsetfag actually
I approve.
Dude, is that your Wall?
You just have electrical outlets in the middle of your wall?
Puttning my money on that chelis lives in an abandoned construction plant in serbia.
Lucky bastard
File: stalker.jpg (666 KB, 2322x1205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
666 KB, 2322x1205
Chelis' livin the life
>FS: "Why don't you eat me out as well while you're at it.."

Jesus Christ, don't tease me like that. If you're going to suggest romantic activity between them like that, you can't just drop it instantly
I don't like the name flutterfag, but Flutterfag reporting in
I hope you don't mind if j draw inspiration form this. You've given me several different ideas with this round of green
As for you, I'm just waiting. I'm not sure what to think
Bump and checked
last bump before bed
Thank you
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Friendly dump, i'm going back to work for the rest of the week so this'll probably be the last you'll hear of me til the next thread

>"Were back!"
>Rarity announced herself as she and Fluttershy entered the room
>"Oof, those stairs are a nightmare, and you say you climb them every day Anonymous?"
>"My such robust exercise, of course it's probably worse when you're loaded to the brim with inspiration!"
>Rarity exhibited all the paper bags wrapped around her arms
>Fluttershy just quietly unloaded the silk with a quiet smile
>"Oh, I can't wait to try on whatever dress you dream up Rarity."
>"I assure you Fluttershy they'll be marvelous. Now what constitutes as magical in your world anonymous?"
>You pause your chewing for a second
"Uhh, pretty much all the feely, froo froo crap you deal with on a daily basis."
>"I see. Could you tell me then, how much of this, um, froo froo crap, is acceptable in your world? I don't want to overstep my boundaries seeing as how, well no offense darling, but you don't seem to have magic in your realm."
"Ouch, pull that icy dagger out of my heart will ya?"
>"Rarity how could you?"
>Rarity was about to go on an apologetic rant before you stopped her
"Hey, hold on. I was joking. Listen in my 'realm' we have what we call witches and wizards. I think they made a few movies about them back in the day, then there's Harry Pothead. You could probably watch all of them over the internet."
>Pointing at the console you take a sip of your coffee
>Which magically appeared there out of nowhere
>You stare at it astounded
>"Is the coffee okay anon? Did i add the right amount of sugar?"
>It was black
>"Cream please, i hate black."
>Twilight diligently obeyed

there is surprisingly a lot of lewd when you type in "Twilight Sparkle maid"
That should have been expected
"We can watch some movies after school together. It'll be fun."
>"I could think of something else that would be more fun."
>Rainbow Dash came lumbering out of the bedroom
>She didn't look all too happy to see you
"Uh, hey. Sleepy head?"
>Rainbow sneered slightly in your direction before yanking the control out of your hand and plopping down on your unmade sofa-bed
>The room suddenly got quiet as she flicked through the channels
"Hey, look what time it is, we better get going. School awaits, r-right Twilight?"
>"I'm not going."
>Everyone looked at Rainbow concernedly
>This time it was Rarity who stopped you from speaking
>"Anon, would it be terribly inconvenient for us to miss a day at your school? Two even?"
>Asking why, Rarity explained that she needed time to study your definition of 'magic' and even get used to the new measurements required for humans
>"And on top of that i just need time to work dear."
>You take the time to process this information
>Another sip of delicious creamy coffee helps make up your mind
"Alright then, i guess since you aren't technically enrolled in my school, it would be fine for you to miss a day or two. Hell they might not even notice."
>The girls lit up
>Except Rainbow, she just stared at Mr.Rogers
"But you have to promise me one thing. None of you leave this apartment, not even to get the mail. Make sure to lock the door after I'm gone and for God's sake don't open it for anyone. You see that thing on the wall? It's my phone, if it rings don't answer it. I'm not expecting any calls, and anyone who does is up to no good."
>You still didn't feel right leaving the girls behind without any protection
>If any trouble came your way you wanted them to be safe
>You spot the bat lost in the corner as Gilda comes walking out of the bathroom
"Gilda, perfect. Here take this."
>You hand a confused catbird human your Louisville slugger
>"What the hell do i want this for?"
"To hit me over the head."
>Gilda gives you a blank stare
File: _ItSBQ.gif (1 MB, 400x225) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 400x225
"I'm kidding! Kidding. I just need someone who isn't afraid to use it if you're all going to stay here. This neighborhood isn't exactly the best."
>Gilda shoves it back into your hands
>"Why don't you take it then?"
"Because I'm going to school."
>You hand it back, but she doesn't take it
"Come on i really need to go. I only have a few months ahead of me before I'm out and like i said, if you're gonna stay, may as well-"
>"I'm not staying here you dweeb!"
"You're not?"
>"No way. I'm going back to settle my score with that pushy librarian. Hey, i may need this after all."
>Gilda takes the bat from you and you immediately try to wrestle it back
"No, no dice!"
>She lets go and sends you flying back into your chair nearly bonking yourself
>"Relax dork."
>Gilda smiles at her own amusement and leans close to you
>"I was just joking."
>Gilda flicks your nose which makes you a little irritated
>Rainbow seemed to notice
"Whatever. Applejack!"
>You toss the bat at her with a quick 'catch'
>"What do ah want this fer?"
"Home defense. You're staying in today."
>"Oh is that so? *Yawn* Guess you won't mind if i hit the hay again."
>Applejack dangles the bat behind her as she walks away into the background
>"So are we going or not? This place is boring."
"Just let me get my keys."
>With Twilight cooking, Rarity and Fluttershy sewing, Pinkie missing, and Rainbow being Rainbow, you figured she just didn't want to be left alone with them
>Wait back up a bit
"Where's Pinkie Pie?"
>Applejack calls from your darkened bedroom
>"She's in here with me!"
>"Hnng, Applejack stop, that tickles."
>No! You were leaving now
>Besides what would Rainbow Dash think?
>The thought makes you a little uneasy
>It looked like Gilda wasn't the only one she wasn't on speaking terms with
"Let's get a move on."
>As the two of you leave you swear you hear a small cracking sound from somewhere to your right
>Maybe the rats were in the wall again
okay that's it.! see ya
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1 MB, 575x331
that took longer than i thought it would
I really don't know why i thought such a request would offer up some CHILD FRIENDLY art

we truly are disgusting human beings
but that's okay, ponies understand, ponies forgive
It doesn't matter what we think of ourselves? I for one find clop apalling
File: 1445996842407.gif (341 KB, 364x184) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
341 KB, 364x184
And with this, I sleep
yea, that is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to my sunset collection
Since im too much of an insecure faggot to even bring up pone around my normie friends or even decorate my room with it, i've got to ask;
How do your family/friends >inb4 implying react?
I don't know about him, but my family's reactions are typical

>Grown men?
>Are they gay?
>Are they pedophiles?
>What is a brony?
>Why do you like this?
Bump, motherfuckers
Have you senpaitachi ever been at a convention?
How the fuck did autocorrect get 'guys' to 'senpaitachi'?
I've only been to one. It was... interesting

I know Dapper went to Midwest BronyFest

Canada has never been

Jasse has never been
Damn, i bet you know our identities as well.
The closest thing i've been at was a semi vidya/animu convention a few years back. As you said; t'Was.. interesting.

Which one did you at attend?
Do you remember from over the summer, when I went to Fiesta Equestria? Probably not
Oh yeah, you were in security, right?
Yes. It was my first convention
Hey, ive always wondered; How old are you guys?
We're all 5
Friends are mostly conventon buddies and those i met through the brony meetups
you'd be suprised how much hosefuckers go to those

As for family, as long as i have a job, pay my bills, support myself and my convention hopping lifestye they dont mind

Oldest sister watches the show and has kids, unfortunately she is a /a/utist as well
Jesus christ
I go to plenty of cons every year

this year was babscon, bronycon, eqla and NMND.
I've started saving for Bronycon 2016
I want to go, im eyeing the suite at the holiday inn but theres babscon and pacific pony con for 2016 im already planning with the /mlp/artiers.... if you all got skype i can throw you all in there its where we plan upcming cons. just a bit of warning if Horse News is your trigger we coordinate con coverage shit in there too
post the no fun zone pic again ^:D
I started looking for a suite at a fancy hotel in Baltimore back in September, but they were already full for that week. I think I settled for a Hilton suite.
File: 1435911309299.png (246 KB, 680x623) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you know i wasn't going to post because of the
>no content
but i just finished watching e21 and i have to say it was pretty darn good. Why the fuck didn't i watch it sooner? damn not so spooky halloween movie marathons on tv.
Why have these bastard writers decided to redeem themselves in season 5? Now i'll never get off the ride.

I'll see you faggots at the 2017 movie premiere
File: 1435524389238.jpg (57 KB, 528x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
57 KB, 528x960
Good times
Where is that premier.

I actually watched episode 21 early by mistake. I meant to watch episode 20 last week, but acid gently watched 21 instead, so now I haven't seen episode 20
This guy
last bump before sleep
Thank you
I've been trying to do something out of the ordinary ever year, and im thinking of making that thing Bronycon in 2016.
Sure, i'd have to fly from fucking Sweden, but God dammit, sometimes you just have to say 'fuck it' and go with it.
If I see you there, I'm calling you a faggot
And rightfully so.
Id be a tiny bit upset if none of the nor/mlp/eople There had heard of my billboard stunt.
My only wish was to enter horsefucker legend. Dont know why id want that, but thats the way it is.
I don't think that would reflect the Brony fandom positively. But maybe somebody heard about it.
Probably not, but it was fun as hell.
Will do again/10
I might as well keep the thread here while I can
Bump, mane
Look at those sexy ass bumps
and in case you missed it http://www.fimfiction.net/story/115816/39/the-girls/the-last-weekend-2-10
Is it really happening?
Yea, 10 chapters left
Probably my last bump till next week
It's alright
Is that anthro again!
Human =/= Anthro, son
This to be honest. Though im tempted to state it like this: human=pony>Anthro
Either way, I just don't like anthro at all
Same with furries
Should we let the thread die now? I don't think Canada or Dapper are coming back until the weekend.
Fuck, bad News everybody.
The billboard i was intending to hijack Seems to have been shut down and converted into a non-digital billboard. In other Words ive got to find a new taget.
That was unexpected.
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