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How much would you pay for ponies?
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How much would you pay for ponies?
at least a dollar.
A dollar and one cent.
at least 2 dollars.
Also, twilight still has her horn, and there's nothing on it to indicate her magic is being blocked, and pinkie's mane isn't flat. 4/10.

Was in draw thread, sorry.
this is their fetish.
about tree-fiddy.
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Would I get a discount on this one?
>Implying that is the only way to deny magic
>Implying they have not been drugged out of their minds to keep them from magicking out.
>Implying Pinkie is not too stoned to even realize what is going on around her.

Also, I'd pay a lot for that bookhorse.
>buy/kidnap twalot
>free all the other ponies in a glorious massacre of autistic rage and magic
>acquire best horsepussy, otherwise let pones be free

$19.95 plus shipping and handling.
That picture is depressing
I'll pay 1 million dollars for that hat
$50 for Rainbow Dash.

Just buy sweetie belle nad protect her, the other 2 look already broken
Five hundred for the filly!
Do I have a limited amount of money? I'd pay whatever I could to buy any and all ponies and release them to do whatever they wanted. Fuck if I go into poverty, I'd rather starve and be a hero than live and do nothing.

Kill the slaver instead. No jury would convict me.
>"we have video evidence of you murdering the pony salesman. What do you have to say in your defense?"
"He hurt my feelings!!!"
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>that pic
I feel a saddening now
>What do you have to say in your defense?
He called me a nigger.
>He... But, you're white?
I rest my case.
>ponies having any understanding of human racial relations

"He called me a nigger."
>"... A what?"
"A black person."
>"But you're beige."
>"I don't get it."
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thats clearly a human silhouette.
I would pay nothing, because I can't pay for something that doesn't exist?
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How much for the young one?
So would the ponies eventually get their freedom only to become degenerates, or is there a good end to this?
Still waiting for impending some greens

>"Well sir, you certainly have an eye for the finer things. This young Uhh..spirited filly here has a pristine white coat, soft as silk, and she's at just the right age to be molded into whatever you want her to be."
>It's then the little filly shrieks "No I'm not!"
>The auctioneer looks back annoyed before stepping on her chain to bring her down to knee level. She makes a small pained whimper as he releases his hold with a small ("think nothing of it") chuckle he looks back to you "Sorry, still a bit of rebellious youth in there, but they can be persuaded pretty easily with the right amount of discipline."
"I don't know, she seems kind of a handful, what about that one?"
>"No, no, sir, I can assure you, she's a great buy, I'll even offer her for 500, half of what she's actually going for. A deal like this you can't pass up."
>You look at the small filly as she gives you a contemptuous sneer before reaching into your pocket and pulling out some bills.
"Yeah ok."
>You hand the money over as he quickly pockets it and goes behind her to undo the chain. With her chain now a leash, he hands it to you and smiles deviously "Enjoy your purchase."
>Uneasily you grip the chain and awkwardly tug her along as she silently complies, but you could tell from the look in her eyes that she was a seething inferno beneath that silent demeanor.
>You walk her along and not even two streets down she instantly dashes to the side as you try and grip the chain.
>"No! NOOO!!" Her voice could pierce the heavens with how high she could hit the notes, she squirms, bucks, and strikes like a rabid chained cat as you try to reel her in.
"Jesus, calm fucking..DOWN."
>She fights with all her power as a crowd begins to draw. Some even joke that you were powerless against the filly.
>Little did they know she fought with the ferocity of a wild beast, that and you were trying not to hurt her, yeah, you'll go with that.
>You grab her and bring her close to whisper loud enough for only her to hear you.
"Stop making a scene, I'm trying to help you."
>Without missing a beat she continues struggling and fighting. Either she didn't hear you or didn't believe you, in either case she just kept making a scene.
>Squeezing her against your chest, you position her to avoid the bites and kicks as you lumber away.

Back to my shitty work, may do this later if I get out early.
You're a scholar and a gentlemen.
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Ill take them all
And I'll pay in bullets
We will be awaiting.
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Holy fuck, I remember that thread. I got luna.

>The door swings open as you and Sweetie Belle enter, still fighting you, she squirms violently as you angrily drop her on the ground as she scurries away from you.
“Fine! Go! See if I fucking care! God fucking damnit!”
>You rub your swollen and bruised arms as you go to the kitchen and open the fridge, cracking open a beer, you go to the living room and see the filly trying, and failing to open a window as you plop down across from her on the couch.
>Slurping it up, you just watch as she strains to open the window.
“Its locked genius.” You comment as she stops and pants tiredly.
>The room gets quiet as you watch her a moment before sighing exhausted.
“You hungry?”
>She makes no reply as you get up and go back to the fridge, rummaging for something you think a horse would eat, you bring a plate of rice and beans.
>Setting it by her, you go back to the couch and sit down before drinking again.
“Look, I get it, you don’t trust me. Hell I bought you at an auction, I wouldn’t trust me either if I was you, but know this, if I REALLY wanted to do something horrible to you, I would have already. So, if you wanna go and make a daring escape tonight or whenever, be my guest, I just ask that you don’t murder me in my sleep or some shit. Just remember that whatever you find out there, is gonna be way fucking worse than anything you’re gonna see here.”
>You get up and head to the hallway before looking back.
“Oh yeah, and if you don’t like what I gave ya you can have at that fridge, I don’t really know what you like. If you need me, I’ll be in my room, I’m gonna leave the bathroom door open too.”
>With that you take your leave and close the door as she just sits there.

Work again tommorrow, so I dont know how much I can do if any.


I'd rather you guys discuss stuff and make green, could be fun.
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Depends on how much they're going for.
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>dat pic
>price: 200 gems

Are gems even worth a damn in Equestria?
File: 1438282334556.png (147 KB, 807x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I like this, I really hope the thread doesn't die before you can continue

I think its a reference to the mobile app game
does the seller offer free shipping for equestria prime members?
File: prisoner2.png (139 KB, 817x407) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd buy that for a dollar
File: sad.gif (448 KB, 500x275) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The sad thing is, this is probably what would really happen if they just showed up out of the blue one day.
Thanks faggot, and i'm age: light.
Huh, where'd this come from?
>You looked out the window over looking the viewing area of the auction.
>A small little show for the buyers was currently on before the bidding started.
>Mares, stallions, fillies and colts all walked the slowly moving line as a man in the center was naming off some characteristics of each pony.
>You take a sip from the glass you held as you calm your nerves.
>You would never had believed that a place like this could exist.
>The invitation you received a few months ago seemed like some sort of prank by some kids.
>Yet here you are.
>Driven by drunken curiosity you arrived a few hours ago.
[Ladies and Gentlemen. If would you please start moving towards your booths. The auction is about to begin.]

Here's my starter idea. I'll check back after work to see if anyone's interested.
i thought they were rupees.
>"Pay? you fool , be glad i have not took your life!"
>"You will surrender the three of them to me"
"y-yes m'lord"
"no one must know my secret."
Link pls go
I read that in his voice and it made me laugh harder than I thought.
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I am Batdrawfag
If I help you release them, will you smile? [\spoiler]
i want a green of a sith lord taking in the ponies and him slowly warming up to them , eventually agreeing to help them back to their universe . oh and sweetie could be like his apprentice or something
You... I like you. Continue, please.

> That tear
> That defeated look
> Floppy ears
...fuck, my heart. That's all she had to do to convince me.
Better not ask her what happened to her sister.
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My soul.
>Be me
>Be sith apprentice
>Be in sith academy learning the dark side and shit
>Can't wait to kill jedi niggas
>Buy pone slaves off slaver one day
>Tfw other acolytes berate me
>"Hey look theres anon, he owns ponies instead of monstrous hellspawn!"
1 full liver, for book-horse or the arian unicorn
half for a pegasus's
a Somalian baby for earth horses
Two whole dollah cash
damn it OP, now I want to adopt all of them (plus spike if he has him) just so they can be in a loving home.
That depends, what am I paying for? 1 day, 1 week, 1 month? Permanent ownership?

Define what I'm paying for better next time.
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I know that feel bro, all I can tell you is....poison their food, and murder their masters. Did wonders for me.
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>You will never live in a world where pones treated like niggers.
>You will never buy BookHorse.
>You will never be kind to her more than anybody before.
>She will never become your loyal little helper.
>Not carefully setting all the high tier students against one another in a bloodbat
>"Anon why are you so angry all the while?"
"Do not question why i am beings of the rage tiny slave"
>Be anon
>Darth Slav
Look brah, I'm just a sith immortal not one of them fancy sith inquisitors.
>buying ponies as slaves

I would love that.
>>Darth Slav
Always two, there are; no more, no less. A cyka and a blyat.
These faggets buying pony to rescue it.
Not crazy sexual acta.

i for one would buy one and treat it like complete shit, Stockholm syndrome, abuse, mind break. Then buy another one and treat it well just to mind break the abused one even more.
Probably would get rarity as the abused then a shit pony like apple or derpy for the well treated one.
>Darth Slav
Sounds strangely plausible for a sith name.
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We need green.
a dollar and TWO cents!
Bumping for more
>Be padawan
>Running through cruiser
>whole squad and master wiped out by unseen force
>Be spooked
>The academy didnt prep you for this
>Crash into a wall
>See the most terrifying thing you have ever heard
>A sith lord comes barreling out of the darkness of the hallway towards you, crimson saber ignited
>He unleashes a deadly force scream, making your ears bleed
501 for the blue fast one
probably another one for her to protect, like the purple or white one
File: image.png (398 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
398 KB, 1280x720

she's a very stubborn pony and the only one who loves gems enough to have some to buy her is spike.

>"spike! t-thanks for buying me, i was soooo scared. those horrific creatures captured us and brought us here to be sold as if we were pets!"
>"well...we have to go back! our friends are in danger and i think you have enough to buy them too!"
"no, just the 200 gems for you."
>"a-alright, then let's hurry back to equestria! i'm sure there's another portal-"
"we're not going back to equestria."
>"s-spike? i'm not sure i heard you correctly..."
"i own you now, you'll address me as darling or big daddy spike. i prefer the latter."
>"spike! this is no time for jokes! we have to save-"
"don't make me do that again, i own you now rarity. i'm tired of how you girls been treating me and finally i'm in charge."
>"spi-spike....please, you can't do this..."
"from the way the laws work here, i can. now enough with the tears, i haven't given you anything to cry about just yet."
>"but spike-"
"what did i tell you to call me?"
"i don't feel like you've earned the right to call me that yet. go with the other one."
>"big.....*sniff*.....b-big daddy spike...."
"good, you'll be saying that name a lot tonight. now let's go."

What about dash?
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>Being abusive to rarity
File: 489.png (279 KB, 847x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Spike buys Rarity
>he lets his obsession for her run wild
I approve.
>Not slapping whiniest pone into her place
It's like you don't even appreciate a good bit of discipline.

>On your bed, you mash at the controller as the game noises play in the background. You fight to keep yourself from going out, both from fear and respect of the little mare.
>You look at the clock and see its been a good 3 hours, feeling its been a reasonable amount of time, you get up and cautiously enter the hallway but see nothing.
>Walking down to the living room, you see the still full plate of rice and beans on the floor but no sign of the filly.
>The only two possibilities you can think of are she either made a break for it, or is waiting to ambush you. Sure you weren’t expecting her to be kissing your feet for “saving” her, but the thought of being attacked in your home by a child was terrifying, horror movies taught you that much.
“..Hey, you there?”
>Silence answers back as you realize just how stupid an idea it was to leave her unattended, you gulp down in fear before walking backwards to your room.
>You return from your room clutching a small butter knife as you scan every nook and cranny you’re aware of. She may have the element of surprise but you have the element of knowledge, nobody could beat you at hide and seek in your own house.
>Checking behind the TV you see nothing, turning the blind spots of the couch brings nothing either. Reaching the kitchen you see fresh garbage in the trash, apparently she DID help herself to something from the fridge. (“Apples and soda, not the best thing to eat together.”) You think as you notice a cabinet underneath the sink slightly ajar.
>Reaching for the heavy artillery you grip a butcher knife and bend down to the side of the door before opening it with a start and looking in, weapon at the ready.
>Before you rests the little white filly as she sleeps far back into the cabinet, in front of her a defensive line of heavy cleaning products and other noisy or otherwise cumbersome items.
>Her tiny head propped up with a makeshift pillow of rice bags, she breathes heavily in exhaustion. You drop your guard and watch her before noticing that the pipes have a small leak as droplets rain on her head.
“Ah shit.”
>You awkwardly lean in forward and back as you contemplate intervening. Thinking a moment you get up and walk to the fridge, fiddling around with some bags, you come out with a plastic and kneel before her cabinet.
>After opening it, you tie the bag off in a way that it collects the droplets and leave her to sleep. Closing the door you walk to the fridge and get another beer.
>In the living room you toss yourself on the couch, and turn on the TV. As the white noise of the show plays on, you give a relieved sigh. It wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

Still got work today, gonna be off tommorrow so I'll see what I can do between them.Its ok if this thread dies, I'll just repost it in AiE
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im high.gif
2 MB, 256x249
>Commander Cody
My niggah
this is bretty good m8 keep it up
Bumpin' up for a bit of writing later on.
File: prisoner3.png (231 KB, 1146x719) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
231 KB, 1146x719

A-a-and, keep the thread alive, please.
I'll be back in 24h
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Two fiddy
File: faker da boss.gif (2 MB, 480x270) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
faker da boss.gif
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will do
File: 1445134796264.gif (666 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Wake up thread
Page nine is no slave of mine.
File: image.gif (14 KB, 633x758) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Whatever price niggers ran for back when they were slaves, adjusted for modern inflation.
File: Ow_the_edge.jpg (38 KB, 400x366) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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You have to be 18 to use this website, Anon.
File: 219809890.gif (2 MB, 500x242) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 500x242
File: 1402670184861.jpg (58 KB, 481x515) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>mfw I asked the question and just legitimately wanted to buy and fuck here
File: 1446179234713.png (1 MB, 794x767) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 794x767
>protect her
Who the fuck even let this guy into the auction house? Is he a cop? He smells like a fuckin' cop.
Ignore the ID card that says "FBI" and the badge. That's just my Halloween costume. Spooked you good, didn't I?
File: 1427425168661.gif (926 KB, 600x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Halloween's over, oinker.
File: 1387556342261.jpg (85 KB, 640x480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>not buying twilight and cleaning her up
>then going on a killing spree with her to free the others
it's like you don't even autism
I'd do anything for book horse
tree fiddy
File: 1378353451235.jpg (63 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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ITT: kids who watched 'Taken' over and over when they should have been brushing up on de Sade.
Debating if it's more autistic to write this as unicorn twalot (because how the fuck does a princess get in a simple sale) or full princess.
Pleb shit
File: Ponk is Desu.jpg (136 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Ponk is Desu.jpg
136 KB, 1280x720
I'd sperg out for Pinkie Pie, any time, any place.

I would use the three of them as slaves
If they had Rarity then I would free her and make her my wife
But fuck those ponnyggers, im going dry on them
Thats gonna be a lot of smashing
>Sweetie Bell slowly opens her eyes before she winces holding her stomach. It rumbles and roars as she tries to calm its ravenous hunger.
>As she tries to shift around, her ear makes contact with a cold, squishy mass above her head as she looks up to see a bloated plastic bag overhead.
>The kitchen cabinet opens as she scoots out, tipping over her makeshift fort.
>She looks around and notices you watching TV on the couch. It's then you look over and make eye contact.
"Hey, you hungry?"
>She says nothing and looks away with a scowl as you get up and walk towards her.
>She tenses up but you pass her by and open the fridge. Assorted things clink and clank before you come out and set a couple of bananas, apples, and water bottles by her.
>Walking past her she gives you the stink eye before scooting the food and herself beneath the table.
>The only sounds you can hear is her saliva as she stuffs herself with the food before gulping down the water.
>As she takes small breathing breaks before shoving more food in you comment while watching TV.
"You know you've been asleep for the past day."
>An audible silence from her eating sounds comes from the kitchen as you continue.
"I don't know much about you guys, but I don't think apples and bananas are the best things for you to eat everyday."
>With that you get up holding paper and a pencil as you set it down on the floor by the table.
"I'm gonna be making a trip to the store, so if you want anything write it down."
>She looks at the paper and then you before remaining in place as you walk to her sleeping area and go in for the bag.
"I think a pipe is busted in there, I didn't want you to get sick so I put a bag to catch the water."
"Well I'm gonna get dressed ok? See Ya."
>Draining the water down the very same sink, you hear the water bleed out underneath and splash on the floor.
"Ah shit!"
>Annoyed, you sigh.

"...So that's probably not the best place to sleep right now. I have another room I've been cleaning out anyway, I'll..I'll leave the door open for Ya."
"I'm gonna get dressed and then head out, make yourself comfy."

>After getting dressed, you walk back into the living room to see a neatly folded note on the floor as you go over to pick it up.
>Before you do you take one last look under the table to see her still there.
>Reaching down you grab it and unfold, the writing itself could only be described as the workings of an old man with cerebral palsies on LSD as your brain couldn't even begin to fathom this as a written language.

And now my lunch break is over. Glad people are liking it. I'll work on this when I can

Hey man really appreciate you taking the time to draw some stuff. 10/10 work imo. Just hope I don't let you down by dropping the story or some shit. Still, appreciate the art, it's nice stuff.
Right in the feels, don't stop.
>the workings of an old man with cerebral palsies on LSD
That made me chuckle. Keep going.

> The market isn't exactly overflowing with joyfulness.
> More like a main course of misery with two sides of hopelessness, all slow cooked over the flame of grim acceptance in the minds of those sold there.
> Even so, however, this one looks even worse than the rest.
> Most of the ponies had varying degrees of reaction to the hell around them - some shook with fear, while others tried to catch the eyes of passing humans.
> A few dared to hold hushed conversations or comfort each other with legs and wings across withers when they didn't think anyone would notice.
> This one, though...
> She was dead - internally, at least.
> Purple eyes were wide open, but weren't seeing anything - nothing real, anyhow.
> A mane that might have been once straight-cut was now beginning to show roughness, tangles and stray locks sticking out here and there.
> No movement, either - not even when the next pony shackled down the line from her, a little filly with a pink-and-purple mane, was dragged to her knees by a foot on her chain.
> The unicorn simply leaned to the side to relieve the pressure on her own collar, then went right back as soon as the chain went slack again.
> Her gaze didn't even shift to acknowledge the filly's departure when she was lifted squealing and screaming to be sold.
> Watching the first buyer depart, you wander up to the attendant and motion to the unicorn.
"What's with her? She injured or something?"
> "Oh, her?"
> A glare was shot in the pony's direction, but yet again ignored by her utter unawareness of the world around her.
> "The first that owned her pumped her full of the anti-magic drugs they give 'em. Too much at once - withdrawal messed with her bad."
> Huh.
> You knew the drugs could have... side effects if given in too high a dose, but that bad?
> Pausing, you consider the pricetag clipped to the floor in front of her.
>all these characters from the show
There are many perfectly good OCs you know.
> Low already, probably on account of that 'damage'.
"You willing to go down on this price?"
> The attendant's eyebrows rise, seemingly surprised you'd even consider the near-comatose unicorn.
> "Wait, you actually buying?"
"If you can drop it at least fifteen percent, yeah."
> "Fifteen? Listen, she's already near twenty below the normal rate for a pony her age."
> Chewing his cheek, the attendant pauses - then sighs.
> "Ten percent off the price. No more, okay?"
> Paperwork is signed and the card swiped - the lead-chain placed into your hands.
> This finally snaps the unicorn out of her trance; she rises at the tug, seeming realize what you're doing.
> Thankfully she does not fight you - or give you any reason to find one of the tables selling a bridle and bit.
> But neither does she do anything more than gamely follow at your heels as you leave the market.
> Similarly, opening your car door gets her to climb unsteadily into the rear seats; only when you start the engine, however, does she finally seem to wake up.
> Eyes focus at last, sweeping around in awe as if seeing the world for the first time.
> Lips work a few silent words, and you can see the gears turning in her brain - but a moment later it is gone.
> Once again her head falls to the seat, gaze dully settled on the door.
"So, uh..."
> You glance in the mirror, trying to see if she was responding to your voice at all.
"...you have a name?"
> No response.
> Grimacing, you try and think of something else to add.
"I saw your mark is a, uh, star. Is that your name or something - star?"
> Still nothing - not even an ear raised to signal she could hear you.
"Well, if it's okay with you I'm just going to call you that, alright?"
> Evidently not even being named was enough to gain her attention.
> Maybe she was deaf too?
> No, she'd seemed aware enough for a few moments there.
> She'd recover soon enough, you suppose.
> ...right?
> Even if not, she deserved some place that would look after her.
> Pulling up to your home some time later, you switch the engine off and lean back in your seat with a sigh.
"Well, Star, here's home."
> Of course she doesn't answer, but that doesn't stop you from trying.
> Opening the door to your apartment yields the inside - messy as ever, the limited floor space severely shrunken by the chaos.
> Now it is your own thoughts' turn to drift as you wander about setting things down.
> So far so, in fact, that you jump in surprise when words abruptly meet your ears.
> "He lied."
> Twisting in your seat, you find the mare's eyes locked on you at last.
> She flinches back when your own gaze settles on her.
"So you can talk. What'd you say?"
> "He lied."
> Hesitating, she takes another breath before continuing:
> "My magic isn't coming back. I don't - I don't know what the drugs did to me. I can't reach my magic anymore; it's all gone and I..."
> Now the words are coming ever faster, a torrent spilling forth once the dam was broken.
> "It's all gone, everypony's gone and I don't know what to do and I want to go back. Please take me back!"
> The stream of words is soon joined by twin streams of tears tracing down her cheeks.
> Shit.
> She'd been easier to manage before she was talking; you hadn't been prepared for this.
> Most of the ponies you'd seen were stable, if often submissive.
> Moving to kneel facing her, you cross your arms on one knee.
"Let me get this straight... you want to go back there?"
> Her head twitches in a furious nod, then an equally driven negative shake.
> "I - friends - they were there - gone now. I... you don't want me. I'm... damaged."
> Eyes again fall to the floor in front of her, unwilling to stay on you.
> "You should take me back."
"...how do you figure that?"
> Several moments pass while the mare visibly gathers herself to respond.
> When she does, however, you can't help but feel your eyebrows rise as she speaks:
> "You're not wealthy. Apartment, not a separate home. No mate here, only things for you. Bargained the price down when you... bought me. Not spending for a luxury; you'll want me to work. Help you somehow. Saw you looking at other unicorns. No magic, though. You can't afford to keep a broken pony."
> Her tone had been growing steadily more confident as she laid her reasoning out, but now that drains away faster than air from a popped balloon.
> "You should send me back. You don't want me."
"...do you want to go back?"
> This time her hesitation is longer, deeper - forcing you to repeat the question.
> "I... friends. Friends were there. Gone now. Sold. Don't know where."
> Ah.
> That made sense, but...
"That wasn't an answer, Star. Do you want to go back?"
> Her head droops even further, practically falling to the floor.
> "Better now. Before I disappoint you. Before I make you angry. Before..."
> Any attempt to go any further is forestalled by her finally breaking down entirely, words dissolving into silent, heaving sobs.
> That's all the answer you need.
> No - no, she doesn't need to go back.
> She was making excuses to not stay, not giving reasons to want to be somewhere else.
> Leaning in, you slip your arms around her neck and pull tight.
> A second later you realize your mistakes:
> First, she stiffens sharply at the touch - clearly unhappy with it.
> Second, you hadn't quite realized how filthy she was.
> Though the color of the coat and mane clearly showed through oil, sweat, grime and other unidentifiable gunk had worked its way into her hair.
> They said it was best to be dominant around ponies, right?
> Like showing a dog who's boss - giving them some kind of orders to follow.
> Herd instinct, or something like that.
"Come on. Let's get you washed off for starters."
> She'd kept herself quiet during the shower.
> It had taken several latherings and rinses before her coat was approaching clean again, each time turning the water some varying shade of grey-brown with soap and lather.
> But it had been well worth it.
> Not just for the carefully stifled noises of pleasure she'd made when you dug your fingers in and scrubbed deeply, but to see the actual deeper-lavenders of her coat and mane come into full display.
> Shutting off the water at last, you promptly begin toweling off the immense volumes of water still clinging to her coat.
"Now come on. You should be feeling a bit better now, no? Let's go have a real talk?"
> Not two steps have been taken towards the door before a soft, uncertain voice speaks up behind you.
> "Um..."
> Looking back, you find her nudging the collar - tossed aside with its heavy chain to give you access to her mane - with one nervous hoof.
> Seeing your uncertain look, she adds:
> "I'm... not supposed to have it off. Except for when the vet comes."
> You're ready to object, but something in her tone catches you.
> She sounds... lost.
> Looking for something steadying.
> A way to know where she stands.
> You hadn't offered an answer to her situation, after all.
> With a sigh, you kneel to replace the collar.
> For now, anyhow.
> A moment later, your pony issues a sudden squeak as you lift her with a grunt, staggering upright.
> The sofa creaks ominously when the two of you settle onto it, but that barely seems to matter.
> You're focused on her eyes, peering up at you with wide confusion.
"So, now that you're cleaned up a bit, let me ask again: Do you have a name?"
> For a moment, it seems as though she was about to clam up again.
> Just for a moment, though.
> "Twilight... Sparkle."
> Well, that explained her mark.
"Huh. Well, Twilight, I don't think I'm sending you back."
> "But-"
Tell me, is anon a good or bad guy in this one? My autism can't handle purple smart being abused and I'd like to know before I read it.
Well when dragons eat them, because of their intense body temperature, it super heats and compresses the orally-processed gems and then they shit diamonds.
"You don't have magic. I get it. We'll figure out some other way to help; from the way you picked up on my situation that fast, you're bright enough to figure something out."
> The slightest tinge of color touches her cheeks.
"But most importantly - no way I'm sending you back to that. I don't know how many owners you've been through, but you were dead in there. We'll figure something out, okay?"
> "I... I want to be useful. I want to... do something. If I don't do good enough-"
"Then you'll try to do better. But I'm not sending you back to get tossed off to some other random, okay?"
> Once more her eyes fall from your own - but before you can draw them back up again, Twilight dives against you and buries her muzzle against your shirt.
> She's murmuring something repetitive, and even if you can't quite hear it you have a fair guess as to what it is.
"You're welcome, Twilight."

I can continue if desired.
I'm liking this so far, so keep going.
OVER 9000!
>The clamor of shouts, arguments, and general ruckus surround you as you pace down the streets of the open air market
>You subconsciously slide your hand into your pocket, still checking to make sure that your wallet is still there
>It is
>Suddenly, you hear a faint voice off to your right
"Pony slaves for sale. Goin' cheap!"
>You don't need this
>This is pointless, you need this money for food
>You push through the crowded groups of fellow buyers anyway.
>Before you lies a rickety wooden slate, upon which a pink pony is laying
>She seems to be staring at nothing
>She doesn't even react when you crouch down and check her over for any injuries or deformities
>Salesman notices from where he's packing up supplies
"Ahh, it seems you've taken an interest in our runt."
>You notice that there are two empty chains beside the pink pony
>Apparently, she didn't get picked
"How much?"
>You snicker
"You yourself just called her the runt. Not a penny over 200."
>He laughs
"300 or she's coming home with me. She's probably not gonna make It 'till tomorrow, we usually just kill the runts."
>You consider
>You hand the man your grocery money, unclip the pony's chain from the wall.
>You heft the sword you were able to get a hold of.
>Twilight beside you nervous, but determination to save her friends glinting in her eyes.
>The rock the two of you were hiding behind felt like it was shrinking, trying to expose your place of ambush to the slave camp that awaited just beyond.
"This'll be just like raiding the legion camp with Boone..."
>Twilight breaks from her giddy anxiety to give you a quizzical look.
>"Be like what?"
"Nothing, nevermind. Just memories of a life long past. Are you ready? We may not come out of this alive."
>Twilight nods with steel resolution.
>"I'm going to try my best to save my friends, no matter what the outcome may be."
>You nod back in approval.
"Good. Keep that focus to drive you to your goal."
>You steady yourself as you peer out from behind the large rock.
>The camp is big, yet secluded from the rest of pony society, and well concealed from the public.
>Numerous slavers wander aimlessly within, but the outside is skirted by attentive guards.
>This'll be tough with just the two of you, but not impossible if you play it smart and work to cover each other's weaknesses.
>You inhale deeply, whispering to yourself under your breath one last time before the charge:
"This one's for Carla."
Seems to be goodguy anon so far.
how's that even a question? keep going you're doing great

Please sir, I want some more.
> in b4 anon wants to bring back smile on pink horse face
feels good man. I am intrigued.
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I'd eat a dick to save a pone.
Story hungry bump

Dont stop
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>pay up for a slave pony
>once you bring it home, tell it that you are actually granting him freedom
>after the pony had their pang of joy and happiness tell them that once they are free there would be people hunting it to make it a slave again


Here's my take on this prompt. Set in the same world just with a different premise as the stories above.


>Fucking rain.
>Fucking cold weather.
>Fucking weathermen.
>Hey Anon, today’s going to be a nice and sunny day.
>I hope they get dick cancer and get raped by a water buffalo.
>You were on your way home from your job when the rain started.
>Luckily you managed to snag a coat from the lost and found so at least you got some protection from the ice cold rain.
>So here you were walking in the rain.
>Miserable as shit.
>The icy drops collecting on your head and dripping their way down your face.
>When you get home you’re just going to take an hour long warm shower.
>A nice warm shower sounded fantastic right now.
>As you continued the trek home the building around you changed from the usual storefronts to more derelict looking shops.
>The way home always took you through the shitty part of town.
>Most of the stores were closed down and their windows boarded up.
>You’d think there would be crime but everybody was so poor, robbing anyone wouldn’t get you anywhere.
>Hell, if anyone robbed you maybe they could steal the two bills that were currently getting drenched in your back pocket.
>With that thought the sky above you lit up.
>Great, maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get struck by lightning.
>Quickening your pace you stepped right into a puddle.
>The feeling of your shoe filling up with water made a chill go down your spine.
>Yup, great fucking day today.
>A flash of light lit up the sky again.
>Yeah there’s that.
>That and the thunder, and the crying.
>Wait… crying?
>You came to a halt.
>You’re not the smartest man on the planet.
>Hell far from it.
>Slowly backing up the crying only got louder.
>Eventually you stood at the entrance of an alleyway.
>Various bottles and garbage bags littered its entrance way.
>It was way too dark to see inside it and find the origin of the cries.
>Isn’t this how scary movies start.
>A guy walks into an alley lured by crying, only to be torn apart by a serial killer.
>It’s not like your life is some crazy story only made for entertainment.
>Steeling yourself you made the choice to continue.
>Whipping out your cell phone you flick it on to use it as a makeshift flashlight.
>Finally a use for this expensive piece of shit.
>Well except looking up porn.
>The quick internet definitely made porn better.
>Walking slowly you passed several garbage cans.
>Some were upended, spilling their contents on the ground.
>There it combined with the rain water that was now coming down even harder than before.
>Man the stench was horrible.
>If there was anyone here, they most certainly lost their sense of smell.
>Moving deeper into the darkened alley you searched for the source of the noise.
>With every step that you took the crying grew in volume.
>It definitely belonged to a girl.
>A few steps later you came to a cardboard box.
>This was it.
>With each audible sob the box moved a little.
“Are you okay?”
>Whomever was inside the box scrambled and ended flipping the box over.
>That when you saw her.
>A little orange filly tumbled out.
>Even with the rain falling you saw the fresh tears running down her face.
>But it was her eyes that shocked you the most.
>She was scared.
>”Ple…please don’t hurt me.”
>With that simple sentence she was out like a light.
>Whether from being afraid or just tired you couldn’t tell.
>Kneeling down you checked for any signs that she was still alive.
>Her chest rose and fell lightly, which earned a relieved sigh from you.
>Checking her over you were sure of it now.
>A stray.
>She didn’t have a collar or tag etched into her hoof.
>So trying to find her owner wouldn’t be an easy task.
>That’s if she even had an owner.
>Without much of a choice you picked the little pony and placed her inside your jacket.
>At least you could keep her warm until you got back to your place.
>You sure as hell weren’t going to leave her out here.
>With a new vigor you rushed home.
>Which was only slightly faster than you were walking before due to the added weight and trying to hold the filly.
>This event did raise some questions in your mind.
>Ponies were rare.
>Not extremely rare, but not something you ran into on daily basis.
>Most that were sold legally went for quite a lot of money.
>You didn’t even want to think how much the illegal ones went for.
>The illegal market sprang up here and there, but most of the auctions houses were brought down quickly.
>So how did anyone let a small filly just end up in a alleyway in the worst part of town?
>It didn’t make any sense.
>Without even noticing you arrived at home.
>Damn inner monologue’s.
>A challenger has appeared!
>Fishing your keys out your pocket while keeping a firm hold on the filly clutched to your chest turned out to be harder than you thought.
>Come on you son of a bitch!
>The damn key ring got stuck in your pocket.
>Fucking hell.
>Finally after your fight with getting the front door open you got inside.
>Going into the living room you placed the little pony on your couch and went on to grab a towels.
>Grabbing a few from the linen closet you went back.
>Picking up the filly again you headed towards the bathroom.
>A warm bath would hopefully warm her up and clean her up a bit.
>You filled the tub with nice warm water and gently lowered her in.
>Even with all this she didn’t wake up.
>She must have been completely exhausted.
>And judging by how thin she was, she was probably malnourished as well.
>Grabbing some shampoo you began washing her coat.
>As carefully as possible you began working on getting all the accumulated grit and grime out.
>How long was she out there?
>Grabbing a cup from under your sink, you repeated the process for her mane and tail.
>Soon enough she was clean and warmed up.
>Setting one of the towels on the ground you set the filly down on it.
>With the other towel you began drying her.
>Satisfied with your job you eyed the little orange puffball.
>A purple mane and tail adorned her.
>Interesting color combination.
>It’s when your eyes fell on her wings did anger really hit you.
>You heard stories of people doing stuff like this.
>They would bind a pegasi’s wings in order to impede any chances of them escaping.
>But when they did it to young Pegasi it actually caused severe irreparable damage.
>Judging by the state of her wings, whoever did own her at one point did it.
>She’d never fly.
>As gently as you possibly could you picked up the little filly and brought her to your room.
>Setting her on your bed you tucked her in.
>Maybe after a good night’s sleep you’d be able to get some answers.
>Time to fish out your sleeping bag from the closet.
>Right before you went to bed for the night you checked on the little one resting on your bed.
>There in the center of the queen size bed was the little filly.
>Bundled up in a blanket.
>Closing the door quietly you went to your temporary bed aka sleeping bag on the ground.
>Let’s face it, you are an asshole.
>So why were you doing this.
>You could have just as easily taken her to a shelter.
>I’m over thinking this, deciding to sleep on it you closed your eyes.
>You didn't even care that you were still in your wet clothes.
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when im spooked.jpg
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stop anon...i'm afraid....
I like. More!
Well, I was the guy who wrote the Twilight thing above, so base your thoughts on that. Incidentally, I will try to be back tomorrow.

Confirming this should continue as well.

I'm working on the next part, I'll hopefully get it finished tomorrow morning.

I will keep it from being deleted
bump 2
bump 3
bump 4
Only bump it if it gets down to page 8 or 9 otherwise you're just flooding the thread with pointless bumps.
This gives me more rescue feels than the homeless horse threads.
So, what we have now

Sweetie Bell chapter:

Twilight chapter:


Pinkie chapter:

And that is a one whole universe, did i get it right?
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But anon.

[Scootaloo is best filly./spoiler]
Why no rape chapter?
File: 1335813115896.png (2 MB, 1920x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because you'd have to be a monster to rape a pure, defenseless little mare.
File: 1443093974217.gif (2 MB, 397x223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>implying pones are pure
It depends on who I'd get. If Applebloom, all of it. If Applejack like a nickle. Hell, maybe a dime.
>no functional wings

You're saying that like it ever stopped anyone from flying.
File: 1008113.png (319 KB, 800x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Depends on the pony.

I'd probably be willing to part with quite a bit for Rarity or Applejack.
Less for the others.

But the offer would also be affected by how "disciplined" the ponies are.
It would be annoying if they constantly bemoan their situation and/or try to escape. And struggle violently every time I fuck them.
>"Hey, hands off the merchandise!"
"I was just checking her goods"
>You let down the rainbow tail and turn to the salespony
"She looks used. How many owners has she been through?"
>"Only a few, but her price is discounted plenty to account for that"
>You get around to the front, back to her stiff blank stare
>And wave a hand in front of her frace
"Does she even react? I'm not sure how good of a slave she'd be."
>"She's just shy, she'll warm up to you, I swear."
>You take a look at the price tag
>It's already cheap as fuck but you're sure you can bring it down further
"Tell you what, I'll pay this price, but for this and the orange-"
>That's not a good sign
>A few papers later and you're finally good to go
>You lead them both by a chain leash back to your humble home
>Time for some real fun
>You bring them both to your tub, and turn on the water
>The blue one goes in, and her eyes stare into the distance as she's led in
>There's no reaction, no voices, she just sits down without a word
>The orange one is beside you, but there's no room in the tub for her
>Well, as the water fills you might as well start checking your slaves
>You run your hand against her dirty orange fur
>She almost barely reacts, but you can tell she moved just a fraction
>Your hands reach her flank, rubbing in anticipation as you slip your pants off
>Her face doesn't move a single bit when your fingers stroke against her marehood
>It's completely dry, and her coarse tail scratches against the back of your hand
>The tub is full, and you turn the water off
>But you're hard now, and you want to finish this before you start washing them both
>The pegasus' eyes have focused on the other at some point in time
>You move yourself behind the orange pony, and push her a little forward, digging your fingers into her
>She moves, and her head is now above the tub, close to touching the other one
>You get the brilliant idea of bringing one of your hands behind her head and pushing their muzzles together
>There's, of course, no kiss
>But the fantasy still gets you even more aroused
>The blue one's eyes are downcast again, and whenever you push their heads together, her head bobs back
>Offering no resistance whatsoever, so it gets a little difficult to make them kiss without a hand behind the other's head
>You bring your hand back, and use it to grab the blond tail and lift it away
>It feels like it hasn't been washed in ages, dry and coarse in your palm
>You position her legs a bit further apart, and she uses only enough motion to keep herself standing
>here we go
I read this in Darth Helmet's voice...
>Your cock rubs against her dry marehood
>You bring a finger to her mouth, putting it in and wetting it on her tongue
>Just for fun, you bring your wet finger to the blue one's mouth, mixing their salivas
>Almost like a kiss
>And then use it to wet her marehood a bit
>If only to ease your entry
>Your finger moves in, digging into her, wetting her
>But you get impatient, and your hands move to her side, gripping her tail still
>You start sliding into your new slave, but elicit no reaction
>No reaction whatsoever from either of them
>Like fucking a very warm corpse
>You use your left hand, the one not pinning her tail to her side, and spank her
>No reaction
>Your cock still manages to slide easily into her used pussy
>It's not long before her warmth encloses your length
>Even if she doesn't react, she's still a warm hole
>You can't tell very much from the view behind her, but maybe there was a faint blush on her face
>Your balls press against her fur as you bring yourself deep in
>There's still some tightness in her warm folds
>You finally start thrusting into her, slowly
>Each thrust bobs her head against the other
>The blue pony is staying almost completely still, her head turning slightly with each jab
>You'll train them later
>Your grip on her sides tighten as you continue to ram into her
>You feel your palms dig into her ribcage
>Damn, they must've not fed very often
>Their almost lifeless bodies, coupled with the warm pussy soon drives you to orgasm
>You bury your cock deep inside the earth pony
>And release spurt after spurt of warm cum into her
>Your cock throbs hard until you've emptied yourself
>And you pull out of her, some of the cum dripping out and leaking down a leg
>You wipe your cock on her flank, and step back to examine your handiwork
>Your hand had let go of her tail, and it was now covering her marehood
>But the trail of cum down the side makes it obvious
"How was it?"
>Of course, she doesn't answer
>Neither of them even react
>Like little dolls, for you to play and pose however you want
>You sigh and pull your pants back up
>Time for the chore of actually cleaning them
>You move towards the bathtub, keeping the orange one's head still above the tub
>You give her a pat on the head, and her head dips with your motion, but nothing else
>the pegasus looks dirty, but not terribly
>just like it hasn't been washed in a day or two
>You take some soap, and start scrubbing at the her
>She doesn't react when you run your fingers through her mane
>Or when you run the water through her coat
>Her wings do stiffen at your touch, but it looks like a purely reflexive action
>Her eyes never move, her head doesn't turn unless you poke it and lean it yourself
>You could probably dress her up however you wanted to, too
>And she would never complain
>You do think she could dress a little in style
>And images of various dresses and lingerie start running through your mind as you clean her
>Your hand soon reaches behind her, and you start stroking at her tail
>Running the soap through it, taking the dirt out
>Her marehood is in full view, slightly obscured under the dirty water
>You bring your hand under the water, rubbing at her
>And like with the other, get no reaction
>You flick your finger against her slit, thrust it in, and you catch a slight flinch
>The other one might've flinched too, but you were too busy fucking her to notice
>You grip the bar of soap, and an idea forms in your head
>Her eyes flicker, blink, her legs raised a bit, and her body edges forward when you push the bar of soap in her marehood
>Finally, something
>You keep it there, and start cleaning the rest of her body
this is fucked up senpai
>You're finally finished, and drain the water in the tub
>Her skin almost glistens, all fresh and clean
>It's almost an entirely new look
>In fact, if she didn't have such a blank stare, she would look like a regular pony
>You tug her by the collar, and lead her out of the tub, dripping
>You take the soap out of her pussy, and consider putting something else in there
>Not yet, maybe later
>A quick glance over at the orange pony and you see a clear difference
>She looks even dirtier now compared to the clean and shiny pegasus
>It might be fun to leave her like that
>A dirty mud pony, never being cleaned
>Just fucked over and over, letting cum dry on her fur
>So there's that
>Only the pegasus gets nice clothes and cleaned
>You stand up, and decide on that
>You lead them both in, seeing if the orange one would react to a lack of cleaning
>She doesn't
>You head towards your bedroom, ponies in tow
>Dozens of ideas running through your head
>What first?
Cute skirt and socks for the blue pony and rope for the orange one
File: 1429354041721.png (301 KB, 807x703) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
301 KB, 807x703
I like this.
Very much so.

No ideas for what next, though.
File: celestiaspeaks.png (240 KB, 547x440) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Alright /mlp/ let's talk prices here!

Virgin 500
Not Virgin 150
Foal 600
Fuckable Foal 750
Teenager 350
Virgin Teen 500
Stallion 450
Virgin Stallion 600
Strong draft Stallion 700

Slavery 1200 for 3 ponies
Pets 900 for 3 ponies
Breeder 1500 2 mares and one stallion

Now to the stable

Single stable room for 4 ponies 2500
Double stable room for 8 ponies 3500
House room for 4 4000
Villa for 8 8500

Not your style? Maybe a dungeon in canterlot or everfree ruins?

35000 EACH only today, just for you anon.

What do you say?

Maybe a marriage? Forced?

No problem! Marry your waifu for an aditional 150!

teenagers are cheap because of their cheap attitude
>not cleaning applehoarse
>not cleaning your dick

My inner germophobe is on the brink of implosion.
How much is taken off for a broken spirit?
I'll buy the small one for 30 Zimbabwean Dollars.
If you already bought it then....

You missed one.

Scootaloo Chapter
I'd pay $2500 for Sweetie Belle

Who could resist such an adorable filly?
She's just sooo cute!
And really fuckable
>What time is it?
>Slowly your eyes adjusted to the darkness.
>Looking to the side to find out what time it was you found… nothing.
>The events from the past few hours finally came to the forefront.
>And with them the realization that you were not in your bedroom.
>Reaching up you tried wiping the grogginess from your eyes.
>Only to stop.
>Soft sobs emanated from down the hall.
>Your impromptu guest was awake it seems.
>The sobs only continued.
>That’s probably what woke you up.
>Getting out of the sleeping bag you realized that you were still wearing the wet clothes from earlier.
>You’d probably get sick if you don’t change out of these soon.
>Slowly approaching your room you cracked the door open.
>There on your bed the little filly was awake.
>Tears streamed down her face as sobs wracked her small body.
>The sight would break any man.
>Slowly you pushed the door to open it further.
>Only to hear that damn hinge creak like no tomorrow.
>Do you think she heard it?
>Looking back at the filly, her eyes were wide and staring straight into yours.
>Yup she heard it.
>In a scurry you saw her try to back up and away from you.
“Hey it’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you.”
>Your words fell on deaf ears as she continued to back up only to be met by the headboard.
>You winced when the back of her head hit it.
>That was probably going to leave a mark.
>”Please, let me go I’m sorry I was making so much noise.”
>Her chest was rising and falling rapidly, at this rate she’d have a panic attack.
>You only came to the foot of the bed.
>Any closer any she would probably have a breakdown.
“Look I’m not mad.”
>You held up both hands to show that you meant no harm.
>She still looked like her heart might pop out of her chest at any second.
>Well so much for that.
“How about a name?”
“Do you have a name?”
>Okay well at least it’s something.
“Okay Scootaloo, I’m going to grab a change of clothes then head back to the living room.”
“Try to get some rest, I’m not going to hurt you or bother you.”
>Grabbing some clothes from the dresser you left the room leaving the door ajar.
>Small steps Anon.
>At this rate you might even get straight answers before the year’s over.
>Going to the bathroom you slipped into the dry clothes.
>Throwing the wet ones in the hamper, you headed back to your makeshift bed.
>Getting back in the sleeping bag you close your eyes and willed yourself back into dreamland.
>A truly magical place where you, Chuck Norris, and Walter Cronkite saved the world from a cheese monster.
>Good times.
>Still you had a nagging feeling in the back of your head.
>Like you were forgetting a pretty important thing.
>Oh well you’d deal with it tomorrow.

Did this so far. Unfortunately I have to step out for a bit so I won't be able to write more until later today.
Honestly? If they were miserable like that, it wouldn't be worth any amount.
They are enslaved, what did you expect them to act like? Happy and Cheery?
Heli! You fucking tease!
u damn glorious bastard
ill be sure lurkin for this green
No one suggesting buying them for the flesh? Disappointing...
Not everyone is edgy.
Ponies are Shy

I'm hungry now.
Not the other writefag, but i would like to try my take on Pinkie

>You are now looking at your front door
>It feel like time drags on forever
>The guy told you he will be here at 9. He is still not here.
>What's wrong with him?
>If you find out you were scammed, you--
>Finnally, a knock on the door!
>"Sorry, i had trouble buyin--"
"Did you?"
>"Of course i did. It's in the car."
>You quickly go outside with him
>"Listen, there was another one interested. had to rise the wage and--"
"How much?"
>"A grand"
>"Look, mang. I brought it here. I don't want to leave empty-handed."
"Shit, i barely have a hundred here"
>"Not enough"
>As you get near the car, you see a silouette in the back seat
>There she is
>Pinkie Pie, in all her glory
"... Wow."
>"At least now you know i'm not bluffing"
"Okey, okey. Think. Let's go to the laundry. There's an ATM nearby"
>"ATM? Shit, you really are a nerd"
"Shut up. You want money? Drive"
>You hear him saying "loner" between his teeth while you both get into the car
>As he drives, you look at your pony.
>She looks tired and unkempt
>Nothing some scrubbing and a nice bed can't fix, tho.
>"We're here"
"Okay, wait up"
>You go and withdraw almost all of your savings.
>Now he's driving you back home
>You look at Pinkie again
>You can't wait for her to call you "Nonny" and bake things for you!
>"What's with the grin? You like these things that much?"
"You don't get it"
>"And i might as well never do, weirdo."
>You arrive and he drops you with the pony at the entrance
>You give him the money
>"Good. Now remember, i don't know you and you don't know me. You might as well forget my phone and email because i won't use them again. If you want more of these things, i'll know and contact you"
"Sure, sure. Have a nice day!"
>"... Fucking weirdo"
>As he leaves, you pull the chain and bring your pony inside the house

"This is so unreal! Here you are Pinkie! Your new home"
"Oh, my. You haven't said a word all this time, you must be so tired! Here"
>You take her to her room
>Sure, it's the laundry room with a makeshift bed, but you'll make it better with time.
>And money
>You will have to make lots of extra hours now
"There you go. Sleep well, Pinkie! Good night"
>She just walks to the bed and sits on top of it
>You turn off the lights and lock the door
>You are so excited it gives you a hard time to sleep
>You now have Pinkie Pie and it's going to make you very very happy
File: Continue.png (38 KB, 256x256) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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File: gif_twi_eyes.gif (880 KB, 550x309) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Has noone tried their hands at space slavery yet?
Wanna see more of that. Oh and please namefag

>You wake up
>After your daily routine, you quickly go and check the laundry room
"Good morning, Pinkie!"
>She looks the same as last night, sit on the bed. The same gaze as before.
"... Huh... I hope you slept well. Let's go have breakfast, shall we?"
>She doesn't move. Strange.
"C'mon, Pinkie. Let's eat"
>Still not moving
"Geez, Pinkie. Don't be shy!"
>You yank her chain
>Finally she raises up and walks.
>You and Pinkie go to the kitchen. You already make pancakes.
"Alright, sit here. Do you want your pancakes with anything? Syrup, maybe? Or chocolate?"
>She sits were you pointed and grabs a pancake with her mouth
>She just munches it like a real horse
"Okey, plain is also an alternative"
>You sit at the other side of the table and drink you coffee.
>You glance at Pinkie. She's still munching.
>You still wonder why she still looks tired.
>Maybe the trip was really long.
>You don't know how the fuck did the bidders make a portal to Equestria, but from the looks of it, it must be very stressing to pass it.
"Well, Pinkie. I have to go to work. I left you some lunch in the oven, but you have free reign over the kitchen."
>She looks at you and then drops her head.
"Aww, don't worry. I'll come back, promise!"
>You pat her on the head
"Well, better go now! You can sleep more, if you want"
>You lock the door and head for the bus stop
>And as you wait for the bus with the biggest grin you can make, a single thought crosses you mind
>You didn't see her eating more pancakes
>As a matter of fact, she kept munching the same pancake the whole time
>Maybe she doesn't like your recipe?
>You'll talk to her later
>For now you have to focus on working
Mentally broken Pinkie Pie? This intrigues me.

>You are sitting on the bus, heading home
>You are glad the boss was ok with you asking extra hours
>But the workload doubled because of that
>You'll manage
>You have your pretty pony back home to cheer you up!
>You wonder if she did anything special for you
>Oh, shit! You almost miss your stop
>Better stop daydreaming. This is real, Anon!
>You almost drop your keys from the excitement
"Hi, Pinkie! I'm home"
>The house feels quiet
>You look around. No signs of Pinkie
>You go back to the laundry room.
>Her bed looks just like this morning.
>You go to the kitchen
>She is still there, in her seat.
"... Pinkie?"
>Not only she look exactly the same as before you left, but in her plate above the other pancakes there are pieces of pancake and spit.
>It looks like vomit, but it's the first pancake you gave her.
>She didn't eat it
>In fact, you check the oven and see that she didn't have lunch either.
"Pinkie!! You must eat! You need to eat to stay healthy"
>As you scowl at Pinkie, she looks at you.
>She has the same permanent tired look.
>It's beggining to annoy you
"Well, maybe you'll like some raw vegetables then"
>You go to the fridge and grab some carrots
"You could have said you didn't like the recipe, Pinkie. You don't have to act like this"
>You reach a carrot to her mouth
"Now eat this"
>She looks at the carrot
>Then she starts licking it
"No! Not licking! I said eating"
>She beging to suck it
>This is making you aroused, but there's also the fact that she must be starved, so you keep the lewd thoughts away.
"Pinkie, this is ridiculous! Eat the carrot!"
>She gazes at you and finally grab a bite of the carrot
>She munches it a little then swallows it
"There! Was it too difficult?"
"Okey, now eat the whole carrot"
"C'mon, Pinkie. Don't be such a stubborn pony"
>She takes the carrot from your hand and eats it whole
"Good! Good! Now, you look like you need a bath. Let's go to the bathroom"
How long till Anon stops being clueless?

When will anon realize this isn't pinkie he hoped for
File: 1445615990055.png (938 KB, 1400x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
938 KB, 1400x1000

>You realize after a while that she doesn't move anywhere unless you yank her chain first
"Pinkie, do you really need that chain? You can't leave the house, but you can pretty much wander everywhere inside.... Well, except for my bedroom... For now..."
>You grin while you walk your pink bundle of non-apparent joy to the bathtub
>You turn on the water and wait a little
"Pinkie, i haven't seen any smiles, grins or chuckles from you. And that's not you!"
"I guess coming to this world made you tired, isn't it?"
>You grab the shampoo and begin to pour it
"Well, don't worry. A good bath and some nice rest will help you get better"
>She doesn't change expression or talks while you scrub her fur
>You wash her mane and tail in silence
>Now as you wash away the dirt, youb look at her
>She looks a lot less gray than before
>And her mane is not rigid
>But that unfazed look of hers
"Pinkie, can you smile for me?"
>She looks at you
>Not change
>You try something
>You put the chain again and yank it
>She looks at the chain and then at you
>She then makes a disturbing expression
>It looks like a grin, with exposed teeth and all, but her eyes are as soulless and devoid of any happiness as before
"... Well, it's a start"
>You feel a little dissapointed now
>She doesn't act at all like you wanted her to
>After drying her up, you take her to her new bedroom
"Okey, Pinkie. Now go to bed. You need to sleep"
>She goes and sits on her bed
"No, Pinkie. I want you to get inside the bed, and sleep. I won't leave until you do that"
>She looks at you
>She grabs the upper blanket and wraps it over herself
>She lays down and closes her eyes
"... Good. And remember Pinkie, you're safe here. Sweet dreams, my waif-- I mean, my beautiful pony"
>She doesn't move
>You turn off the lights and lock the door
Makes me wonder how many barriers around herself can Pinkie raise that she's so much more soulless and unresponsive than others
She's an inherently trustful pony, and that trust has probably been broken at every possible stage.
He should try making her eat all the eggs.
inb4 a magical hug, that makes her snap
I get the impression the anon in the story doesn't really have the best intentions for pinkie. He seems hung up on the fact that she's not acting happy and bouncy for him, while not really caring that she seems to be mentally scarred. The chain would have been a dead give away that something was up for someone with a soul.
>inb4 it's not even pinkie. Just a pony dyed to look like pinkie.
>inb4 it's not even a cartoon horse. Just a regular pony dyed to look like pinkie
>It's just a guy in a Pinkie costume. One of those shitty ones for Halloween that just has the character's name and face all over it.
>that was trained to understand human commands
I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a pony today
>You lock the door behind you as you take in the morning air.
>The sun was barely rising from the horizon, as you made your way towards the center of the town.
>Between the nice homes, beautiful landscape and nice people. It was hard to remember that you came here through 4chan.
>If you were told about this place before coming here, you would've called that perosn a faggot.
>Oh wait, someone did tell you about this place before you came here, but you didn't call them a faggot.
>Well to late now
>Everyone you knew and didn't know thought you were dead since you came here.
>As you neared a cross walk, motion drew your attention to your right.
>Some dude in a t-shirt and gym shorts was jogging your way with a Pegasus doing aerial tricks around him.
>The Pegasus was either Cloudkicker or Stormchaser.
>You could never remember who's name belonged to who.
>He turned left, going the way you came, the Pegasus' tail flicking your back as she made a tight turn.
>You give a small chuckle as the thought of /mlp/ before was destroyed by what you saw here.
>People were actually nice, friendly, and some didn't even treat their ponies badly.
>Of course with everything there are those 'few' people who are just awful.
>You cringe a little as you remember reading about the guy who got the genetically altered pony who was exactly like vorepony.
>Mane color, eyes, fangs, even her appetite.
>Long story short she ate her owner and was put down.
>As you neared the town's center you looked towards the only building higher then two stories in this place.
>The Pony Trade Exchange
>This was were everyone here bought and sold ponies.
>Here you could buy or sell ponies for your own desires, or spend a little more and get one specific to your taste.
>You really didn't get the point of money here.
>No one had a job, except for the people who worked at the trade exchange, but the majority of people living here had no source of income so why money was still used confused you.

>ponk licking and sucking the carrot instead of eating

sorry anon, her previous owners raped all the joy out of her and she's now a mindless cocksock

you bought a sad sack of sloppy seconds

>The days pass
>Living with Pinkie has not met your expectations at all
>It's more like living with a pet that with a apient pony
>She hasn't said a word
>She doesn't smile
>She just obeys
>Now you are really tired, coming back from those extra hours
>And as you enter your house, you see the same thing you've seen since day one
>Pinkie Pie is in the same place you left her in the morning
>With the same
"... Hello..."
>You grunt while you go to the kitchen.
>Most of the vegetables in the plate remain uneaten
"Pinkie, how many times i have to tell you to EAT!"
>You grab some tomatoes and shove them on her mouth
"What is WRONG with you!"
>She munches a little then swallows the tomatoes
"Why aren't you happy?"
"Please, Pinkie. I am giving you a nice house. You have food. You are clean..."
"I don't want to yank you to move. I don't want you to starve to death unless i put something in your mouth... I'm even starting to think that you don't actually sleep!"
>You are beginning to feel angry
"Yeah, you just close your eyes, don't you? You just lay there until a new day comes and i drag you along..."
"You could at least TALK TO ME"
>You now grab Pinkie and shake it
>She is still unresponsive
>You are now completely dominated by anger and frustration
>You get up and grab a knife from the kitchen
>You put the knife closer to her face
>She looks at you
>Then she looks at the knife
>And you notice something
>Did she....
>... Did she move her eyebrows?
".... Oh shit!"
No Wimpy.
You'll pay today.
Enter drama

Trips confirm.
Dis is gettin good.
inb4 >"do it."
This Anon is an idiot and deserves everything that comes to him.
Let Shia's words echo in your thoughts, Pinkie
File: 1443557673050.jpg (38 KB, 399x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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"space slavery"?
I know that feel
>Whip marks
>those scars
Damnit Anon.

Sorry, I meant just a space opera setting. Would feel a bit less out of place than a modern day setting with this type of slavery.

Alternatively of course a setting in the past.
File: lurking.png (100 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Bumping for more
This mental image is making me hue for real right now
cute little filly
File: 48526.png (90 KB, 276x354) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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it all comes full circle. everyone can be healed.
Even with your dubs, you're too optimistic.
Your anon is carrying the idiotball pretty fucking hard, writefag.
>"Hi! Welcome to the Pony Trade Exchange. How can I help you?"
"Hi I'm here by myself, are there any rooms available?"
>"Let me check here real quick."
>The lobby was a little cramped as people moved about their business, some leading ponies out the doors and others looking at booths as they talked.
>"Room 11 is free, are you excepting company?"
"No just me today."
>She hands you a card.
>"Have a great day."
"Thank you."
>You move down the left hall counting the numbers on the doors as you passed.
>After a minute of walking you reached number 11.
>Sliding your card through the device, the light turned green and you turned the handle.
>A small apartment room greeted you as you closed the door.
>The rooms were built like this from when this place was first made.
>It started out as a sex shop, but people kept trying to take the ponies away.
>So who ever built this building, made the town.
>You approach the kiosk and tap the start button.
>Four images appear on screen. Stallions, Mares, Fillies, Colts and Specialty.

Which one do you want /mlp/?

rescue one before her soul is ripped out
I'm intrigued, what's the specialty?

can only be a dragon or gryphon
I have seen one story involving space-opera anon having a pony slave, but it was more of a hostage thing.

Fuckit, I'ma say stallion just to see who we get.
I'm good. The only animal I'll be fucking is a pone.

Already trained Filly
File: PC with SA.png (450 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
PC with SA.png
450 KB, 1280x720
Would it depend on size?
I'd like to see a stallion like Soarin or Caramel.
They honestly have never been with a guy before, only human females.
So when you gently make love to them and empty yourself inside, they moan and explode their spunk beneath you.
Then when its all over and they're spent from the long session of love making they nuzzle up to you and fall asleep.
No homo of course.
>Soarin desperately just wants to fly again
>Willing to do anything he can to earn his way to freedom
>He'll do whatever you want, as long as it prolongs the session and helps him earn his way out
>All too happy to let you keep him straining just short of climax, trembling and twitching with every feather-touch your deliver
>Pre leaking to form a puddle beneath him as you leave him panting and stretching a fraction of a second short of that glorious release.
>After all, the pain and squeezing need in his groin is nothing compared to the pain of being land-bound.
...I did not realize how much I wanted this.
>After decades you are finally defeated in battle.
>Something unheard of happens.
>Your slaves/ponies to try to save you.
>You tell them to take your ship and run.
>They won't leave you.
>You tell them it's too late.
>And you want nothing more than for them to live on and be happy.

And they do.

Want green of Sith adopting ponies and converting them to the dark side, whilst still being bouncy happy.

You fags have your own thread. Please stay there.
>Sithponyslaves start an order in your name
>Run around the galaxy raising the most adorable havoc ever
>Bombing planets with water baloons and shit
>Keep escaping because the Jedi find them too cute to fight
This thread is rapidly turning into Submission is Mandatory.
I suggest that if writers want to continue their stories after the thread has died they do it over at SiM. I think most people will agree we don't need another general.

Well I mean there's nothing wrong with that, it'd just be more convenient that way.
isnt SiM about making pony slaves, not rehabilitating them?
If you look at the last few greens we got a few non rehabilitating ones.

I think Anon meant for those to migrate.
I don't think they'd flip out over the rehabilitating ones either.
I just meant we don't need "Writeprompt General #84"
Fine by me.
If the thread dies I'll post the rest of the scoot story in my pastebin.
Got a link?

The bunker, no matter how hard they scrubbed it stinks of terrified horse and a faint scent of blood.

It's a familiar scent by now, as is the Babel - mostly Arabic, the occasional whinny, scattered Russian, and a few words of horribly mangled Mandarin Chinese.

English is not on the menu. Filthy crusader tongue and all that. The world had a terrible sense of humor.

It gave us a portal to Equestria. The ponies were real.

It opened in the middle of ISIS-held territory in Syria, and of course, they proceeded to drive in with pickup trucks and machine guns. The only thing that saved them is the world on the other side was full of equines- horses the like of which no Arabian bloodline had ever known.

Ponyville was tear gassed and rifle-butted into submission and the population dragged through the portal before it closed, courtesy of the USAF and a Hellfire missile. Turns out magical rifts and high explosives react poorly with localized solar prominences.

We found out it wasn't some kind of mad science experiment when the first photos showed up on Silk Road.

At first? People thought it was a sick joke. Or a hoax. Terrorists selling cartoon ponies?

The next week, AJE had a member of the Saudi royal family with his own herd of pegasi. He'd bought the lot. The Internet collectively freaked out, though the Saudis weren't letting anyone near their new herd. If what looked to be a very confused Scootaloo hadn't managed to run through what would have been a perfectly normal financial interview, followed by a certain clumsy grey pegasi somehow managing to bring down three retaining walls like so many dominoes...the world would never have known. But it did.

The week after that, the photo of a crying Sweetie Belle showed up along with the rest. You're here ostensibly as the middleman for a very illegitimate name with a lot of dirty oil and poppy-based product money.

The truth is your real backer is a certain American-based toy company and a lot of very quietly raised, anonymous backers.

"America doesn't pay ransoms to terrorists" was the official word from the United States. "They aren't citizens."

There were plenty of Americans who remembered abolition, however.

And you were the newest stop on the Underground Railroad, one laid down on the foundation of men who would never be found, unless you enjoyed checking through crocodile shit.

You'd enjoyed feeding that child-fucker to them in small pieces after he signed off you as a "representative". Little boys, little ponies, small and tight and cute were his fetishes. So was privacy. The neighbors in that swank Pakistani neighborhood wouldn't be checking in for a month at least, anyway. They never did unless you dropped a chopper full of Special Forces on the mansion next door.
Euro, USD, or what?

The "product" is lined up- two unicorns, one pegasus, one bog-standard miniature pony except for the pink fur and the butt stamps.

The adults have enough Xylazine in them to make a full-grown Arabian dopey, never mind a miniature horse. The thousand yard stares, zombie shuffling, a lot of drooling.

A well-dressed man with slumlord teeth holds up a hand and the double handful of buyers begin to pay attention. Designer suits, plastic surgery that doesn't quite cover a few scars here and there, more gold jewelry than an Indian wedding. And you.

Black suit. White shirt. Black tie. Platinum and titanium rings with a tasteful green tie-pin. A face that nobody would need to remember, because it'd be a new one next week. You had a legion of them, after all.

You were Anonymous. You love the ponies. And you never forget a friend.
File: FYHDragons1.png (365 KB, 1264x3716) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
365 KB, 1264x3716
>Dragons are seen as allies and integrate into human society while Ponies aren't
I can get behind this.
>You open the stallion menu and watch as the whole screen is taken up by names and pictures.
>Looking on the bottom left you read 1 or 335.
>Looking at the first page you begin to think about anal sex.
>Quickly writing it off due to disgusting side effects you return back to the main menu.
>Mares seem to old to be a cutie pet, and they've probably been around a few times or more.
>Colts were a no because you imagined them like dogs when they hit that age, humping everything that moves and doesn't.
>So fillies and specialty were left.
>Curiosity getting the better of you, you click it.
>Gryphons, dragons, and custom made.
>Gryphons were a no, beak and claws. Dragons too, fire and claws plus teeth.
>You look at the custom made icon for a few moments thinking about all the stories you read on your first day here.
>Going back to the main menu, then to fillies once again the screen is filled with names and pictures.
>Whom to choose, whom to choose?

I'll try to write in between work.
Diamond tiara

Pic related or this shit sucks

The bidding is almost comforting- laptops, a private network, randomized handles, no names.

The lot starts off at tens of millions of dollars. They may hate America, but they love money.


Fuck it. You're never going to have this much money if you harvested every NEET on the planet....


Octs get, faggots.




Suck my septs, whoever the fuck you are.




The "budget" was $25 million from your employer. Guess they'll have to pony up since it was "get them no matter the cost"...but you know the repeating digits matter.


There's only one other keyboard a-tapping, and you can smell the rancid taint of what had to be too much fermented cabbage under cologne that probably cost ₩5 at the duty-free shop.

Word was someone in the Kkangpae couldn't get it up and the prescription was powdered unicorn horn to feel thirty years younger and a dick like a sixteen-year old.

Clearly, that was worth a lot. Not to you, you virgin-wizard faggot.


Satan hates you AND your gangam style.

The sweet sound of someone smashing their keyboard in frustration barely makes it past the audio stench of the audience in robes and rifles watching the money pour in on the jumbo TV feed above Twilight Sparkle's shivering head.

Hammer. Once. Hammer. Twice. Hammer. Thrice. Sold.

The fact that most of the green coming from this thread is about not being an edgy slave-beating asshole leads me to believe that the majority of 4chan are white-knights who just want to rescue someone as helpless and pathetic as they are
there's at least one rape green in this thread

Can get behind it.

Us, lonely faggots, wishing for something nice, which's never to come.
You do know where you are . . . Right?

Dinky or some background filly
>rest of the scoot story
>this is like, the beginning of a story


>She finally reacted
>She is looking sad
>You feel like shit now
"... Sorry, I--"
>Then she grabs the hand that holds the knife with her hooves
>You look at her while she points the knife at her chest
>You quickly put the other hand in her chest and begin to push
>You struggle. She is strong.
>You try with all your force to keep the knife away from her
>But she keeps pulling
>You focus on the knife. You can't see her face.
>You think fast
>As you try to keep space between the knife and Pinkie's chest, you slowly put your legs in position
"Pin... Kie..."
>You slowly crouch
".... Stooop..."
>And you quickly stand up while releasing the knife from your hand
>Pinkie is now in midair, the force of her pulling making your hand pressed against your chest
>As soon as she notices that the knife is in the ground, however, she releases you and falls down to get it
>But with your free hand you grab her by her collar, and you kick the knife away
>Now you are struggling to keep Pinkie Pie into place.
>She kicks you while extending her front hooves to the knife.
>Your hands burn, but you keep ahold of her
>She tries to push your hands aside, but you quickly grab her in another place.
>Finally, she starts to get tired.
>She slowly stops moving
>The both of you are now on the floor. You keep grabing her, but she is still.
>You breath a little to gain some energy to talk.
"... Pinkie.... Why..."
".... You.... Don't..."
"... Ugg, why did..."
>You now notice some trembling over her body
>She is sobbing
>The sobbing turns into crying
>And she screams while doing so
"... Pinkie..."
>She keeps crying. She shouts while tears run from her eyes
>You stop grabbing her and begin to hug her
>She is not shaking while the tears are forming small puddles around her
>She keeps shouting while her nose runs and her mane begins to flat
>You feel worse than shit now
>You can't think of anything to say
>So you just let her cry
I don't understand your confusion. If you follow the posts it states simply if the thread dies the rest of the story will be posted there.
I understand my own confusion now, don't worry.
No problemo

You walk through the scowling faces and up to the ponies. Mr. Kimchee says something nasty under his breath, but haters gonna hate and he's going home to a pissed gangster with terminal ED. The rest of them just give you the evil eye.

They're already crating up the lot in boxes that probably last were used to ship goats. Sweetie Belle is down to choking squeaks until a tube is jammed into her mouth and water poured in.

"Drown that thing and the takaful better have been paid for decades."

The tube comes out with pathetic hacking noises in it's wake.

You exchange a long list of numbers with a scrawny sandni/g/ger, and just like that there's a richer bunch of kebabs and you're the owner of four well-broken little ponies.

"Now...how much for the rest?"

You casually smack Rainbow Dash in the ass when she balks, spooking her into a crate.

"These will barely last a few days, each. The filly, maybe a week. You wanted to get rid of these four cheap. Trouble horses. Show me the healthy ones."

You hold up a cheap plastic folder with more little pages with many more numbers.

"Al-bahimia does not wish his pleasures to be short."

It was the least Croc Fodder could do for the cause.
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2 MB, 320x179

You broke her AnonI hope you feel happy
Just . . . . s-stop. Please.

>She is NOW* shaking
Yeah, empathy sure is pathetic huh tough guy.

You walk through tunnels. A blindfold is involved. It doesn't matter, you just follow the strongest scent of "I haven't washed in six months" and the path is smooth and easy.

The blindfold comes off to a rainbow of dirty mud ponies.

No, really. They're fucking filthy, standing in straw and fenced into a room without windows, only cold concrete and rock. Mostly mares, though there's a single brown stallion huddled into a corner.

The knives on the table look very sharp and the man whetting one, quite competent.

"If you gelded that stallion, you're next."

The mares as a herd shudder and back against the wall, pointedly making sure their rears are against something solid.

Your guide grins.

"They fear what is under his robes more. Or any man here. We have held them under our right hand until they learned to submit."


What used to be a fire hose is played over the shivering mass, layers of filth rinsed away to puddle in a half-clogged drain. It's like watching a rainbow drain in reverse- greys and browns into a miserable spectrum of happy colors, backing their asses halfway up the wall to get away from the hose.
well fuck
fucking flesh trade is the only thing that both simultaneously depresses and arouses me.
File: zihOu7g.jpg (47 KB, 722x349) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Moar pls.
That is the opposite of stopping. Please understand how greentext works.

You name a number. It has a lot of twos in it. Nine of them, to be precise.

Pages come out of the little folder. The caliphate is funded for weeks in seconds. You personally check each of the little ponies- toweling the water off, raising hoofs and checking for rot, teeth, under the tails, the lot.

They'd expect nothing less than you coldly defiling the lot. You play the part. It's clear that a few of the mares were in heat, and the lily-flanked one faints dead away when you touch her flank.

It just meant they got preferential treatment for being well lubricated.

"Good. At least some of them can be broodmares."

The stallion nearly scrapes his hourglass off against the unforgiving stones backing away from your hand. You get him in a headlock and paralyze him with brusque fingers behind the ears, long enough for the handlers to shove him into a crate.

Skritches were never meant to be used for evil, but the devil does what the devil must.

>storytime has to be in greentext

Are you that autistic that stories become illegible if they're not green?
Bud, just stop. Were not trying to dissuade you posting but realize the general means of posting stories here is greentext. If cant do that post your stuff in pastebin or fimfiction then post a link.

In essence, stop shitting up the thread.
I'm with this guy. You people need to get the sea urchins out of your urethras and shut your fucking hole.

Greentext is superior for the medium, though. fact.
File: SAD FACE.png (112 KB, 900x610) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This is making me feel sad but I want more.
I'm with them. Green is superior, but I'm not turning down good blacktext.

>You don't know how much time passed
>But it's well past midnight and Pinkie is now laying in your arms
>She cried for hours, then just sobbed and now passed out
>You are looking at her
>She is a mess, but at least she is sleeping
>You lift her and take her to her bedroom
>You tuck her in her bed and leave her there
>As you close the door, you let your body rest over it and slowly sit down
>You are a monster
>You just took a pony who was in fact the embodiment of laughter and happiness
>But she is not happy at all
>And it's your fault
>You passa hand over your face while thinking of what to do
>There's no point on sleeping now
>You search the house for any pointy object and store them in your closet
>By the time the sun rises you have placed all dangerous things in there
>Even the cleaner products and pills
>You take a bowl of fruits and a glass of water and go back to Pinkie's room
>You slowly open the door
>She is still asleep
>You let the bowl and glass in the floor near her and close the door
>You drink a bunch of coffee and leave to work
>In the bus, you think what could have caused her to try suicide
>You feel kind of dumb, but 'being far away from her world' was probably the obvious answer.
>Still, you save those doubts for later. You'll have another busy day at work and you haven't slept.
Doing God's work, anon.
You've introduced a premise that almost can't go well. You're hurting me, anon. If you ruin my night, I will make you regret it. I'll donate 11 million gold pieces to the church of saradomin.
>The streets are bustling with activity.
>Traders have their wares on display for the eager buyers filling the small area.
>You keep walking, knowing none of these stalls have what you want.
>After a few minutes, you see what you were searching for.
>The pony trader.
>You notice there is only one other person there.
>As you approach, he turns towards you.
>He gives you a crooked smile, and you can instantly tell he has dark intentions for this day.
>Choosing to ignore him, you look towards the trader.
>There are only two ponies for sale.
>A yellow mare with a long pink mane, and another mare, this one blue and with an odd assortment of colors in her mane.
>Both of them look like they haven't been bathed or properly fed in weeks.
>As you're inspecting them, the trader, who is sitting in a chair behind them, looks at his watch.
>"Welp, I guess it's time." he says as he stands up.
>"I was hoping for a bigger turn out, but oh well."
>He walks over to the ponies, and grabs the chain connected to both of their collars.
>He pulls the blue on towards him, and it is then that you notice that she's a pegasus.
>You also notice her wings are tied down to prevent her from flying.
>Looking at the yellow one, you see she is one too, but her wings are free.
>"Come here you little shit!"
>Looking back at the blue one, you see she is struggling.
>The trader gives one hard tug and she is forced to his side.
>He then grabs her by the chin, and looks her dead in the eyes.
>He starts to snarl at her in a hushed tone.
>"Listen you damn horse. You've been nothing but a pain in my ass since I got you, so you better behave and let me sell you, or this'll be the last auction you'll ever be in."
>He gives her head a jerk before he let's go, and before he can pull his hand away, she bites him right on the pinkie finger.
>Pulling his arm back, he brings it back down full force, backhanding her across the cheek.
>"I told you to BEHAVE!"
>As he yelled the last word, he stomped on her chain, forcing her to hit the floor.
>He turns towards you and the crooked man, and gives a toothy grin.
>"Let's start with this one."
>He let's up on her chain, allowing her to sit upright again.
>"This ones a little feisty, but with a little discipline, she'll be obedient in no time. Let's start her bidding at... two hundred."
>You raise your hand to place your bid.
>"I have two hundred. Do I see two fifty?"
>The crooked man doesn't say anything. He just keeps glancing at the yellow one with the same crooked smile.
>The trader, seeing that he's not getting any more out of her, looks a little irritated.
>"I guess not. SOLD! To this gentleman right here."
>You walk up and pull out the proper amount of money.
>After handing him the money, he hands you the chain and paperwork for the pony.
>"Heh heh heh, enjoy your purchase, stranger."
>You only give a nod in response, having learned a while ago not to engage in conversation with these people.
>You turn and start to walk away, your new purchase in tow.
>You get about ten feet away when she starts to pull against you.
"Come, little one. Don't struggle."
>"No, please, you have to help her!"
>Turning to look at your pony, you see she has her eyes locked on the yellow mare being shown off by the trader.
>Tears are streaming down the yellow ones face.
>The crooked man is giving her a very hungry stare.
>"Please? She's been my friend since we were filly's. I can't just leave her alone."
>Giving one last glance at the yellow one, you turn around and start heading home again.
"Sorry, little one. But I only had plans to buy one of you today."
>You get a few more feet away before she starts to pull even harder.
>"Please! I'll do anything you want! Just please get her out of there before something bad happens to her!"
>Stopping in your tracks, you turn and face the blue one.
"Does she really mean that much to you? Is she worth it?"
>"I would do anything to guarantee her safety."
>She gives you a look of pure determination.
>Sighing in defeat, you start to head back.
>The trader had already started her bidding at four hundred.
>You get there right as he's about to seal the deal.
"Four fifty."
>The trader looks at you in confusion, and the crooked man gives you a look that could curdle milk.
>"OK? Four fifty. Do I hear four seventy five?"
>"Four seventy five!"
>The crooked man gives you a shit eating grin.
"Five hundred."
>The shit eating grin drops and you can see him clenching his teeth.
>"Five twenty five!"
>The trader is starting to smile with the thought of the payout he's about to receive.
"Five fifty."
>Looking at the yellow one, you see she has stopped crying and is giving you a look of complete shock.
>"Five seventy five!"
>You see the crooked man starting to sweat.
>He must be reaching his limit.
>With one final grin, you shoot him out of the bidding once and for all.
"Eight hundred."
>The trader has the biggest grin in his face and the crooked mans jaw has dropped.
>"Eight hundred!? Wow, um... do I hear eight twenty five?"
>The crooked man just looks at you in defeat before turning around and walking away.
>"Sold! To the gentleman from before!"
>As you walk up to pay the trader, the blue one runs over and gives the yellow one a hug.
>After all is said and done, you're on your way back home, with two ponies in tow.
>The yellow one is leaning on the blue one while they walk behind you.
>She had started crying again, but this time, her tears were from joy.
>The blue one was smiling with tears in her eyes.
>Smiling internally, you turn the corner to your estate.
"Well little ones, we're here."
>They both look up at your home, mouths agape in awe at the size of it.
>The blue one is the first to speak.
>"This is your house?"
"Yes, now let's not dawdle. I want you to meet the others."
>"The others?"
"You're not my first pony purchases, little ones."
>"Rainbow Dash."
>you turn towards her and see she has a look of slight irritation.
"Excuse me?"
"My NAME is Rainbow Dash, not little one."
>You kneel in front of her, and she dons a look of defiance.
>Yellow one watches you two, fear filling her eyes.
"Rainbow Dash, hmm?"
>She slowly nods, still seeming apprehensive.
"Well then. My name is Anonymous. You may address me as 'Sir'."
>Rainbow glares at you.
"Or Anon, if it better suits you."
>She drops her defiant look and cocks her head in confusion.
"And what is your name, little one?" you say to the yellow one.
>She doesn't say anything, she just drops her head.
>"Her name is-"
"Shush!" you put your hand in front of Rainbow's face. "I want to hear it from her."
>You put you hand on the yellow ones chin and gently pull her head up.
"Go ahead and tell me. I don't bite."
>She looks into your eyes for a second, looking to see if you mean what you say.
"I'm sorry?"
>Fl-fluttershy... s-sir."
>With a warm smile, you stand up.
"Well then Fluttershy. Rainbow Dash. Shall we?"
>You turn back towards your house and start heading inside.
>As you reach the front door, you open it and step aside.
"Why don't you two step in first? Don't worry, I mean no ill will towards you two."
>They both look at each other and start to head inside.
>You walk in behind them and shut the door.
"Welcome, little ponies, to your new home."
And that's all I've got for now.

The truck is piled high- six crates per layer, four layers up, roped down, ready to be baked in the unforgiving heat. A few strands of candy-colored tailhairs stick out of a crack.

"The drugs will be good until the evening. After that..."

"I've shipped livestock before, Hasan. This is just very valuable livestock."

The rough robe itches where the suit doesn't cover, but a man in a business suit driving a truck would stand out too much. The sweat already is making salt tracks down your ankles.

"I'm taking the same route out. You've cleared out the other bidders?"

The roar of a KH-25 passing by to obliterate the tunnel you just drove out of ruins any possible answer, along with Hasan being polite enough to block a chunk of flying rebar with his spine.

You take the opportunity to lurch the fuck out of Dodge as a second arrow of fire spears the complex from the opposite direction a few minutes later, sending up clouds of debris.

The screams of the men fade in the distance, but the screams of the herd don't stop until one of them manages to kick through their crate in utter terror and tumbles off the truck.

It's a sky-blue one with a pair of horseshoes on the side. There's a sickening crackle-snap as she hits a rock and rolls onto her side.

You stop the truck.
The pistol belt goes on.

The sky-blue mare shudders, one leg bent in all the wrong ways.

Birds begin to circle in the sky as you reach the broken little mare and bend down.

Shoeshine knows what guns are for. She's seen what happened when little ponies break something and can't stand up and the men decide the pony is worthless.

The pistol comes up out of the holster and fires.

The sobbing is like hearing a chorus of second-graders watching the finale of Old Yeller...

...you've done what you had to do.

The vulture diving for your mare's soft belly is a heap of carrion itself.
>You're not my first pony purchases, little ones
Pony brothel?
Let's just call it... A happy place
>A happy place
>Horse pussies for everyone
Yeah, I bet it is.
File: antonov-AN124.jpg (39 KB, 1024x606) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 1024x606

"We all get out of here. Nobody dies."

It's a clean fracture, thank whatever deity Shimmerfags actually believe in. Probably hurts like fuck.

You take the time to ditch the tie and the belt and immobilize the broken leg, Shoeshine bawling like a baby.

The pony goes in the passenger seat. The robe goes over the pony. Pony draws more attention than business suit and it's fucking too hot anyway. Suit jacket goes over the seat. Gun goes next to pony.

Half an hour later, you end up on a road that actually has the occasional sign of life. Two hours later, it's a road that's actually paved.

An hour after that, there's a landing strip with an old An-124 waiting with the ramp down. The truck goes on board. The ponies, for now stay in their crates.

You find your way to the sky, kick in the autopilot, and after a session with the aid kit, claim your reward on the way to Greece.

There's just something about going to sleep with a pony in your lap that washes the sins of the world off a man. Even a man like you.

a place where people go to stick their peckers in pleasantly plump pony ponuts
>Scrolling through the 220 pages of sweet little fillies you ponder in silence.
>So many choices in front of you can't decide.
>After a few minutes of just picking randomly you have five fillies on screen.
>A younger version of Derpy. Same eyes and everything, Diamond Tiara, Snowdrop, the blind one too, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle.
>You hover your finger above the screen moving between each one, picturing all the good, bad and other things you could do with them.
>But which one!
7Apple Bloom
9Sweetie Belle
Dubs over rules singles
Trips over rules dubs and can pick one extra
Quads are a pimp
I'll check back after work.
File: 1399915134089.jpg (138 KB, 530x511) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
138 KB, 530x511


So many 4s, so few cute fillies. And the next roll is...
I like where this one is going.
Sweetie Belle roll with a side diamond tiara

Fillyfooled you!
I do not think that word means what you think it means.
give me underage horse pussy dammit
Original Pinkie Writefag here
Thanks for taking up my slack! Please keep going!

We have a winner!
and roll for sweetie belle

You were offered Derpy, but the dice dumped an Apple Bloom on you instead. Also, what a difference a single space makes.

Should have been Filly fooled you!
>Side of Diamond Tiara
muh dick
Give us the tard.

>As you get out of your office building, you go to a pastry shop and buy some cupcakes
>You must talk to her, but you don't know how
>You can only hope this helps
>As you open the door of your house, you notice that everything looks the same
>You go to her room
>You see her in her bed
"Hello, Pinkie. Do you f--"
>"You will return me, don't you"
>She turns her head to look at you
>She has big bags under her bloodshot eyes and her mane looks completely flat
>"I'm not the happy bouncy waifu you wanted, so you will return me. Am i correct?"
>You are nervous. You didin't expect her to talk to you like this
>"I bet you brought those cupcakes to soften the blow, doesn't it?"
>How did she know? You left them on the kitchen table
>"Whatever. They'll drug me again to look 'normal' and i'll be some other owner's sex toy in no time at all"
>She turns around and faces away from you.
>"I'm not hungry. I'll wait here until they come to pick me up"
>You are trying to digest everything she said now
>You look next to her bed and see the glass and bowl untouched.
>You go and pick the glass.
>She doesn't move
"Pinkie Pie, can you drink this water, please?"
>She turns to look at the glass
"What do you mean, why? You need to recover all that lost water"
>"I'll manage. Leave me alone"
>You don't know what to do.
"Pinkie, it's an order. Drink this water"
>"Oh, i'm sorry master. Would you like me to BEND OVER TOO??"
>She hits your hand and makes you drop the glass.
>It doesn't break, but the water is splashed on the floor
"FUCK! FINE, STAY INSIDE AND DIE. Why should i care?"
>You close the door with full force as you leave her room and locked it.
>Your hand hurts
>As you pick some ice from the fridge, you look at the box of cupcakes.
"... Bitch"
>You go to your room to get some sleep.
>You are too tired, anyway
Please stop, my feels can only feel so much.
bump for Anon to quit being a kek and rape her, finally getting his money's worth.
My only complaint is that I don't buy that anon would have another angry outburst so close to his last one, especially since she's finally started talking. I'd think he'd try to reassure her, or something. I don't know precisely what direction you're going with this, but if anon really wants the pinkie he knew back, he's being a real dickhead about it.
Anon is a literal autist in this story.

>A new day welcomes you
>But the pain in your hand reminds you of the shitty days you had.
>After getting dressed to work, you go to Pinkie's room.
>*knock knock*
"Pinkie. Can i come in now?"
>Your best guess is that she threw an apple to the door
"Pinkie, i'm going to unlock the door and leave you alone while i go to work. I hope we can talk when i get back"
"Please drink something"
>You unlock her door, then go outside and lock the door.
>As you go to the bus stop, you look at your house.
>You fear that Pinkie does something to herself while you are away.
>But you also fear that someone finds out you have a cartoon pony in your house.
>So as long as she doesn't bring attention, you'll be fine.
>But what about her?
>You take the bus to work
>You were warm.
>It was so much different than what you had been expecting when you woke up.
>After you escaped that hell, all you knew was cold and hunger.
>You didn’t dare open your eyes out of fear of the warmth going away.
>The fear of waking up in that dirty alley kept them tightly shut.
>But you were surrounded by warmth and softness.
>Maybe you were dead.
>And all those horrors that you saw were finally over.
>Some mares were nothing more than sex slaves.
>Some were bred with other stallions.
>Others, they go much worse.
>Sweetie was bought and taken away, as was Applebloom.
>The same happened to Pinkie and Twilight.
>They didn’t even put up a fight..
>When those humans took them away.
>But you did.
>You waited, planned, and finally escaped.
>The lone guard didn’t really think you could do it since you were so small and couldn’t fly.
>You used it to your advantage.
>Most of the ponies that were there didn’t even bat an eye when you unlocked their cages.
>They stared off into the distance with eyes devoid of all emotion.
>Then when you heard the guard returning you ran.
>Without ever looking back.
>You wanted to save them, you really did but getting caught again wasn’t going to do any good.
>That’s how you ended up in that alleyway.
>First you hid so they wouldn’t find you.
>But eventually you realized, you yourself didn’t know where you were.
>That and you didn’t dare step out of the alley with all the humans about.
>Then the rain came.
>With no food or shelter you got inside a cardboard box and began crying.
>Why was this world so evil.
>What did you or your friends ever do to deserve this.

>Complaining that Anon gets angry at Pinkie
>After she hits his hand with her hoof

It like you've never been angry when someone hits you, Anon. You must have nerves of steel.
>Thanks to your own stupidity it looked like you were coming down with a cold.
>Groggily you crawled out of the sleeping bag.
>Walking over to the table you picked up your phone to check the time.
>7 am.
>Still early.
>You should probably check on the filly, and get some food in her.
>But first bathroom.
>Your bladder felt like it was about to explode.
>Running to the bathroom you flung the door open.
>Only to be pelted in the face with a roll of toilet paper.
>”Get out!!!!”
>And quickly you slammed the door shut.
>Well she was awake and alive at least.
>As for you however.
>So much for not looking like a perv.
>As for your bladder?
>You could hold it for now.
>Waiting patiently, you tapped your foot.
>The noise of the toilet flushing got your attention.
“Is it safe to open the door?”
>Casting a quick glance at you the young mare walked past you.
>The change from her previous nervous wreck like self to this was a good thing.
>You guess.
>What the fuck did you know about psychology?
>Well next to nothing and add the fact that we were talking about terrestrial talking miniature equines makes this just a bit more strange.
>Then the reason for standing there hit you.
>Damn did you need to pee.
>After using the bathroom you made a beeline for the bedroom.
>Hopefully you could clear up the little misunderstanding.
>And hopefully talk to her about her circumstances.
>The door wasn’t closed but lightly ajar.
>Knocking on it you pushed it open the rest of the way.
“Can I come in?”
>”It’s your house.”
>Calm down girly I’m just trying to be polite.
>She was sitting on her haunches on your bed.
>Her face was impassive, but her eyes betrayed her.
>You knew when someone didn’t trust you.
“Well I already know your name, mine’s Anonymous or Anon for short.”
>She still looked as impassive as ever.
>Tough crowd.
“About last night…”
>You were cut off before you could even finish the sentence.
>”Why did you bring me here?”
>”Are you some sort of sicko, do you like filly’s you pervert. I saw guys like you at the auction house, you sicken me.”
>The last words she spat out like they were toxic.
“Woah okay, if this is about the bathroom thing, I just needed to take a piss. How the hell was I supposed to know a mare was going to be in there.”
“You could have at least locked the door.”
>Scootaloo looked at you then raised her hooves up.
>”And exactly how was I supposed to do that you idiot?”
>Well you just made yourself look like a retard.
>Blame it on the public education system.
>You were about to retort to the little mare when you were interrupted by the ringing of your phone.
“Don’t go anywhere, I’ll be right back.”
>”Where exactly do you think I’m going to go?”
>Damn smart miniature horse.
>Sprinting back to the living room you picked up your cell.
>The name on the caller Id belonged to your workmate Steve.
“Hey Steve, what’s up?”
>”No work today, there was a situation at the office.”
“Against my better judgment I’m going to ask what happened?”

>Stupid human.
>First he tries to spy on you using the bathroom, now this.
>You got rescued by the world’s most dumb and perverted human.
>Despite his request you went in the direction he ran off toward.
>There standing in the living room you found him.
>Phone stuck to his ear, mumbling incoherent sentences.
>”Office contaminated….. Jerry got drunk…. Snuck in with ten hookers.”
>”Wait how many pounds of manure… jesus… where the hell did he get all that shit?”
>Turning right around you went back to the bedroom.
>You didn’t even want to know.
He threatened to stab her, and she responded by trying to kill herself.
If he can't see that she's emotionally damaged and needs help and patience, he's retarded.
Telling someone who's suicidal to die is always a bad idea, even if they lash out at you. Especially if they lash out at you.
>10 hookers
>unknown amount of shit
Jerry had a fucking blast last night
And there goes my sides
Snarkerloo is fucking hilarious, and the Jerry thing got me too. +1 for continue.
Okay. Curiosity has gotten to me. Maud for sale . Same pony, or changes?
Deep down we all know a Jerry. He is based on one of my friends.

Oh the shenanigans he used to get into, that time he got caught jerking off using mayo as lube. Or the time he lit his pubes on fire to get out of work.

Good times.
Maud too stronk.
They'd have to sell Maud and pinkie as a set, so pinkie could be used as leverage.

>As you walk home, you feel a little thankful tomorrow you'll only work half a day.
>Sure, you don't work on Saturdays, but the pony you used to desire made a huge blow ito your wallet.
>You open the door and see Pinkie getting out of the bathroom
>Her mane is still flat, but she doesn't look tired.
>"Did you bring cupcakes again for our talk?"
"Hello, Pinkie Pie. Nice to see you out of your room for once."
>"Whatever. I live in a fucking laundry room, but that doesn't mean i have to throw my shit on it"
>Did she just...???
>"Surprised about my outburst? You don't expect us to live in this piece of shit you call a world and not to learn some bad words, do you?"
"You could at least try not to"
>"Fuck off! You won't get to enjoy it much time, anyway"
"What do you mean?"
>"Did you already called them? Am i being returned?"
"Well, i--"
>"I bet they convinced you to keep me, faggot. 'Just try to be nice to her. Have these drugs. Your dick will be on her ponut in no time'. You FUCKING LOSER!"
"Please, stop!"
>You feel confused, but you try your best.
"Look, Pinkie... I'm sorry, ok? I'm trying to help you, but--"
>"Look, idiot. You can't help me. My friends are being sold and treated like slaves. If i go outside, i'll get killed by them. And if you complain, i'll be sell to another stupid pathetic excuse for a living being who will probably rape me to sleep. So no! You're not helping!"
>She begins to cry again.
"Pinkie, I--"
>"Why did you stop me? I want to die, i want all of this to stop. I hate everything about this"
>She throws herself on the floor and keeps crying.
>You go and pet her. She doesn't stop you.
>"I bet you find this adorable, *sob* faggot"
"Look, Pinkie. I might not know how to help you, but i'll try my best to make you feel better, ok?"
"Would you like some water now?"
>"... Yes, please"
>You go to the kitchen and bring her a glass of water
>She takes it and drinks it
"Now, are you hungry?"
>"... I am"
>"Me too"
I feel like I should step in and do a Tavi one...
But theres just so many fuckin feels involed! ;~;
Continue please
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Do it.

+100 points if it involves anon not really caring about music, but enjoying hers
Don't get me wrong, I'm thoroughly engaged in the green, but this anon is right on the money.

Yeah what the fuck GET THE FUCK BACK ON THIS SHIT. I'd like to continue it but my writing doesn't have this particular touch and it'll clash with what you've already set down.

>You are now at the kitchen
>Pinkie is eating some salad while you eat one of the cupcakes you brought yesterday
>She doesn't look mad, but she is not happy either.
>She looks bored
"Okey, Pinkie. Can we please have a normal conversation, now?"
>"Sure, I'll let the weird fucker and her tiny equine pet slave have a normal conversation. Bleh"
"... Sure... You see, as much as you complain, i can't return you. I bought you via a third party, and--"
>"And the smartass told you he threw his contact info away. I know, i was there."
"Well, i thought you weren't listening"
>"And i though you were going to contact him anyway, but i guess we can't have high hopes!"
"... So, since you're stuck here, i might as well try to make you feel at home"
>"My home got destroyed. I have no home"
>She drops her eyes and begins to feel sad.
"I'm sorry, Pinkie. We.. We humans can be pretty evil"
>"Pretty evil. Heh. You humans are worse that all of our Equestrian villains combined"
"... We can be good if we try"
>"And if i fall for that, you'll be making sweet love to me in 4 to 6 weeks, right?"
"Stop thinking that!"
>"So you bought me because you need a pony to keep your place clean? Because even with hooves i can do that better than you, fucker"
"... Okey, i admit i bought you because you're my w-"
>"Don't say it. I'm sick of that nickname"
>"So, what do we do now?"
"... Let's focus on you first. Then we can look out for your friends and your world, ok?"
>"And what do i need? Please, enlighten me. I'm being fed and have a bed. My master sure loves me, woof FUCKING woof!"
>You stand up and raise your hands to her head
>Her pupils shrink and she looks aside
>"Guess i'm back to the smacking, huh? I knew this wouldn't l--"
>You unlock the safe and release the collar.
>"... I...."
"My hand still hurts, but i'm sorry about what i said yesterday. I'm doing my best here, and it will help me a lot if you cooperate"
>"... I..."
I'm hugging my body pillow vigorously.
>Deep down we all know a Jerry
Yep, we absolutely do. The one I knew stored a crate of 80 dildos in the materials room at work. When he got caught, he insisted that they weren't his. His name, address (which most of us didn't know but was on the corporate roster) and phone number were on there.
I am intrigued.

"... Are you alright?"
>"... I feel unbalanced"
>You chuckle
"Okey, enough chit chat. Let's go to sleep"
>She stands up and follow you to her room
>"... Don't worry. I'll... I can go to my bed"
"Oh, okey... Good night, Pinkie!"
>"G-- WAIT!"
>You turn around
>"... This doesn't mean i trust you, but... What's your name?"
"Wait, i haven't said my name to you?"
>"No... Not at all"
"Well, my name is Anonymous"
>"Okey. Good night, Anonymous"
>As you go to sleep, you think of all the progress you've made.
>You feel bad for the initial thought of owning Pinkie Pie, but maybe you can help her.
>Weird turn of events, but you guess it's for the best.
>she wants the d
And that's it for today on my behalf. I'll put my take on Pinkie's story on a Pstebin, and in case this thread goes out i'll follow>>25320193 advice.


I'm trying to make a socially unbalanced anon inb4 wheredoyouthinkweare.jpeg, someone who has a hard time with managing emotions. Sure, it's not good to insult someone who is on the verge of suicide, but Anon here is doing his best with his temper.

Thanks, dude! I'll keep it up tomorrow.

>anon thinks she wants the d

sure, i bet pinkie would love having her trust betrayed yet again and cry tears of agony while anon awkwardly rapes her with spaghetti falling out of his pockets.
That's the spirit.
bumpin for more heli goodness
I'll try and drop some more of the purplebooks tomorrow. Today was rough.
Please continue, Writefags! I really love what you do here.
>Be Anon.
>Buying slave ponies because they were on sale and you had a coupon.
>Purchase a Twilight and a Trixie.
>Put them under a laundry basket to make them fight.
>They just cry and hug each other.
>No sex though.
>Now you see why so much for so little.
I would be required to hug them if I saw them crying and hugging....
Especially because these pone slaves are the size of housecats.
>You tap Sweetie Belle's picture.
>A live feed of her appears on the screen.
>Her back slowly rising and falling with each breathe that she took, her curly hair and white coat.
>Your heart cries a little as you imagine all the times her voice will crack with her adorable squeakiness.
>As you continue to imagine her cracking voice cheering over the ice cream you would give her, a number appears on screen.
>You tap the number, reveling a number 23 next to it.
>Below is your number 11.
>As you type in the price you'd pay two more numbers appear and place 750 and 800 down.
>23 places 950
>45: 970

5 or 9 decides price you place
File: 1445959932342.png (99 KB, 616x523) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>housecat sized pony
I need
File: image.jpg (83 KB, 472x470) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
83 KB, 472x470

I like your take on it. Feels more realistic than other stories.
>Housecat pones
It is an adorable idea, isn't it?
File: ineedthreefidy.jpg (71 KB, 620x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'd pay about three-fidy
File: 6s70cBl.png (138 KB, 512x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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My heart
File: HNNNG.jpg (69 KB, 579x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>We thought you were dead
Twilight, pls, if you keep that up I'm going to be.
File: 1443144011904.gif (442 KB, 400x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It is
File: 1441146405034.jpg (633 KB, 3000x1821) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This artist is filled with mountains of adorable, yes.
Am I the only one who would be consumed by grief given the chance to live with the mane 6 because of the guilt induced by being unable to give them all a perfectly level amount of attention?
But just imagine the snuggle pile when you turn in for the night.
But how do I cope when one of them feels left out even for a fraction of a second as I massage the neck and ears of another?
A tummy rub. Remember they all love you and want you to be happy.
File: mttyw celly.png (1 MB, 1598x1274) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mttyw celly.png
1 MB, 1598x1274
;_; you make it sound so easy
File: giphy.gif (155 KB, 300x169) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
155 KB, 300x169

In the feels, every time.
Well fuck you too, feels. I didn't need that kick in the gut right now.

>TFW Sunfag
Stop p-please


This playing in the background as Anon kicks the shit out of Celestia
File: 1442093828829.png (61 KB, 255x205) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>my sunshine

Fucking triggered :(
File: 1441853218909.jpg (74 KB, 500x481) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Remember to clean up after your tiny pony slave.
File: 1445748681628.jpg (298 KB, 540x794) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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No fuck you! Anyone that would hurt their waifu or a pony in general is fucking scum.

Goddamit Anon!

Is it so much to ask for that when you go home after a long day at a job you hate and being surrounded by people that don't give a shit you see her.

And she'll be waiting patiently ready to just give you a hug, and tell you its okay cause you're together.
File: 1401742009923.jpg (140 KB, 949x764) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll give you a trigger, nigger.
Nice trips

>Tapping the two icon you considered for a moment how weird if felt to be placing bets on something.
>Usually you barely had five bucks to your name, but here, here there were no such limitations.
>Placing 2000 dollars down you felt riveted, excited, jumpy.
>But before you could celebrate your fake fortune 23 placed 2500 dollars down.
>85: 2750
>23: 2900
>85: 3250

6 or 0 decides next move
File: 1340076927348.png (24 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Attempt to purchase a cheaper pony.

Maybe the dented-can special?