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Writefags for Feels
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ITT: Writing Prompts to cause feels. This isn't the standard way of feels, this is to make a heart race and bounce with every word the reader examines. Here we are, writing to cause emotions to stir.
This is where the Greentext and Pastbin Writers are welcome to make the shit they desire come true.
With words of despair, searing in fealty to your writing,
You won't be in solitude, as you'll be with all us other writefags.
So please, make some feels come alive. Make people look to this thread in hope.
We all want this.
Break the feel limit, writefags.
Make the feels come forth.
The worst feel is that I suck at writing.
>No one will ever write a mother luna story

I wanna be the cute luna son colt
>There was the one pone
>But then the thing happened
>Now pone has become sad
>Pone doesn't like sad
Yo, take a tip from me.
I've read a lot of writing. Everything from the popular Mechwarrior books to Star Trek adventures where Troi and Riker were struggling to have a child while Romulans were planning attack. You gotta read a lot, examine evey single detail in great aspects and ope your eyes to why it's happening and why it drives the story. Hell, I wrote a feelsy story on a Waifu Vinyl being hit. Decided to make that story come true yesterday.
Just give a look at the vocabulary, the wording, the languistics, and how words can change feeling in an instant.
That and practice. Take criticism.
It's the only thing you can do. I mean hell, I do suck, but people still enjoy my writing.
For some reason
Nobody becomes a colt son. It's Anon who does. Why? Because anon is the most usable, flexible character around. No sort of backstory, no lots of writing to build character.

Wow, you really do have an interesting concept but... Well, it seems generic. Maybe another writefag can take that and mold it into a story. Or maybe I can one day. I have so much shit to do it isn't funny.
I do read a lot. I enjoy reading, and I know what your tip means. But I feel really bad when I try to write my own stories, because I always know deep in my heart that they are utter shit. This certain feeling of awareness that I am not good, that there are people I can see doing much better, it takes all strength out of me.

Also, add language barrier when I tried to write in English once or twice.
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Do a quick one. A short greentext of the shared love between anon and your waifu. I want to see. C'mon, don't be a pleb.
Give me your talents and I'll help you mold them.
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Now make his stump a penis.
I know that feel
I'm gonna have to make that a good one.
We're already getting to it, and it'll be on a different link. Maybe to some open image source. I dunno, man.
It has been done.
Good job, anon! It's beautiful...
The trick to getting started isn't about not sucking, it's about sucking and not being afraid to do so. Because trust me, your first stuff is going to suck pretty hard
My talents, even if I have them, will be probably sweep away by your language. I was at work (evening/nightshift) but how do I overcome that?
You could write a greentext about Anon and his waifu and there's a language barrier between the two
Don't I need to know English very well to try pulling this? How you are supposed to depict language barrier, when all language is broken?
Not terribly. Keep your sentences simple. Since both characters can't understand each other, there's not going to be a deep conversation between the two. So most of your writing is going to be about the actions of the characters, which can always be made really simple. Also, you can play this to your advantage. Simple actions reinforce the idea that attraction and love are basic human experiences. It's not exactly rocket science to show someone you like them, and the beautiful thing about actions is that they show everything there is to see about the character. You don't need to go into huge detail about what the character thinks or feels, they're showing it through their actions.
>Troi and Riker were struggling to have a child while Romulans were planning attack

I got the mental image of Troi and Riker fucking and a look of horror falling over Troi's face as he bangs her doggystyle and she sees two Romulan warbirds decloak through their bedroom window, but he just keeps pounding away completely oblivious to the danger.
How short? With introduction or describe a latter encounter? Classical second person point of view? Does it have to be about love?
>How short?
However short it needs to be. I've had long stories that end up being 3 posts, and I've had short stories that end up being 20+ posts
>With introduction or describe a latter encounter?
No need for a huge introduction. Just give enough information to let the reader know what's going on
>Classical second person point of view?
That's usually the go to format for greentext
>Does it have to be about love?
Listen, bud, it isn't a difficult thing to do. Hell, I mainly just read stories and researched words before I was writing. Truth is I'm already only 4 days into 4chan and migraine but I still enjoy writing, even as a newfag.
Trust me, my language remains quite basic.
I just have to word it right so the Anon can have his heart tremble.
>It's a merry, sunny day, just warm enough that you were comfortable in your clothes.
>You are Anon and it is your fifth or sixth day since you drunk the bleach and woke up here. You never were good at remembering dates.
>Anyway, after staying hidden for some time and determining that you're now in Equestria, you tried to make contact with natives.
>Well, one native. A certain dark-pink pony that you knew from the show and grown to appreciate thanks to some shitposting on 4chan.
>But you are feeling anxious. You were shit at talking to people back on Earth, why this could be any easier in Equestria? Your mind is full of doubts, as always when you made a decision. Usually doubts were followed by regrets and this is why now you are conflicted everytime you have to make your mind on something.
>Wait. Ah yes!
>An old custom of yours, thing that helps you making decisions from those really important to stuff like "Should I buy a pizza or I'm already too fat?".
>You reach to your trouser pocket and bring a copper coin from there. You rise from the bushes you were using as cover and flip it.
>You look at it with wide eyes, and right after you bring your hip flask and take a long sip.
>It looks like you are going to pay someone a visit.
>Knocking gently at the door of bright cottage you mentally prepare yourself to talk with other person. Not only that, this person is opposite gender and you had to keep your spaghetti at bay.
>Soon door opens, and you try your best to form a friendly smile.
>In front of you stands the mare you picked as your potential guide and who was your waifu when you still posted >tfw she's not real along with wojaks.
>Berry Punch.
>Much to your surprise and relief, she didn't close her door immediately, scream or something like that.
"Hello there, I'm Anonymous, do you maybe have some spare time?"
>Shit, this sounded awkward. You hope that she won't laugh at you.
>She didn't. Instead, she tilted her head, looking at you with curiousity. You can understand it, she probably isn't used to seeing tall apes wearing tracksuits asking her for a talk.
>She says something, and you cannot understand what is it.
"Sorry, can you repeat that?"
>She makes some more sounds, but you completely don't know what it's supposed to be.
>Berry continues talking, you are sure that this is what she's doing despite that you don't understand a single world.
>After a while of amazement, you start to feel down. You closed your eyes, recalling some greentexts about ending up in Equestria where ponies can't speak any normal language.
>You tried English first, since original show was made in it, but maybe you will have more luck if you try your mother tongue?
>You try to speak your own language and one other that you know, however neither of these seems to be working. Berry just shakes her head, sorry expression on her face.
>But she invites you inside.
>Wait, what?
>No, you aren't hallucinating, she just made simple inviting gesture again.
>She's chuckling now. You must look really dumb when you are surprised.
>You nod and comply, entering to her little messy, yet comfy looking cottage.
>She says something again and then pats her stomach with her hoof.
>Is this suppose to mean she asks if you're hungry? It certainly looks like it, so you shake your head and take a look around.
>Modest house, just like yours. You smile to yourself, shoving your concerns away.
>You couldn't understand a word she's saying, but she invited you and acted nice, so this is a good start.
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This is all I got, because where I live it's almost morning. I suppose it's too short to make something out of it, I'm sorry.
I'm thinking about writing something for the Moon-day thread pretty soon, perhaps over my coming break for Thanksgiving. I came up with the prompt and it's going to be overall pretty depressing, getting inspiration from my favorite album.

Not too bad, anon, so far. Green is always welcome.
You have my attention.
A great deal.
The rest goes to >>25313327
Mien Fruende, it's great. Wunderbar! But if I had to make any sort of requests:
Never put Anonymous.
Anon is always the name.
Short and sweet.
But my good friend, I have a reccomendation for you.
Music, use it to your advantage.
Listen to every damn aspect you can, like I did with this as my latest faggery came to a close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG5VDmxkTYc
Always find something to help you grab a feeling, and most of the time, bad english or not,
You'll end up with a great story.
I was listening to this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=akvTg0dQ_70 and I wanted to write some more. I'm just absolutely tired, soon I will be asleep on my keyboard. I wait for (>>25312170), (>>25312645) this guy mostly, he tried to encourage me.
And don't get me wrong. All of you do. All of you make it worth these minutes, tea, doubts and regrets.
I think he's gone, so I will go to sleep as well. I honestly don't know if I will continue this text or not, I suffer from bad feelings all the time. Now, time to stop gathering attention and slip into the darkness.
Hey, man. This is pretty good. I wouldn't worry about your English. It's fine. You had a few issues, but they're pretty minor.
>(article) + (adjective) + (noun)
You forgot the article in a couple cases.
>Knocking gently at the door of bright cottage
*Knocking gently at the door of /the/ bright cottage
>you tried to make contact with natives.
*you tried to make contact with /the/ natives
>prepare yourself to talk with other person
*prepare yourself to talk with /the/ other person
So, just remember your articles when you're referring an object, even if there's an adjective in front of it. It may have been just a slip.

Also, make sure your tenses are consistent. If you're speaking in past tense, everything has to be in past tense.
>You couldn't understand a word she's saying, but she invited you and acted nice, so this is a good start
*You couldn't understand a word she /was/ saying, but she invited you and acted nice, so /that was/ a good start.
You could also say
*so /this was/ a good start
but, that has some slight nuance to it. Example
>That was a good day
This is talking about some previous day that was good.
>This was a good day
This is reflecting on the day you are currently experiencing.

Really, your English isn't that bad.
>mfw i really want to write a story i have in mind for years
>mfw can't write for shit
>mfw being embaressed on an anonymous image board
>mfw no face
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Page 7 Bump.
Gotta start sometime
You don't have the "something recent happened, but I'm still keeping present tense" in English?
In my language it is okay to say "You couldn't understand a word she's saying, but she invited you and acted nice, so this is a good start" like I did. Well, I guess it's not working like that, so I try to keep that in mind, assuming I'll ever write again.
You can make this anon a shy or scarred mute. It'd work out a bit better if he was a mute WITH the ability to speak.
Just no ability to talk to strangers in a world he doesn't yet understand
saved by bump
Eh, I'll post something dope that makes it's own story, just like the game did for me. Working on something I hope.

My God, I love this game so much.
Well I won't continue I suppose, since this was just a test, but I can bump and ask actual good writefag to pick my prompt up.
Someone will pick it up
You go up.
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