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Rainbow Dash Thread
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Dashie Cutie.png
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Writefagging, Pictures, Discussions.
Current Writefags:

Grim Ponka !!2IgrFeafAwp



Scribble !!TL05miaGA6r

Old Horse: >>25185221
and let the cycle begin anew
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>nametripfaggotry in the OP
mind explaining why that's bad, kind sir? I'm not sure I understand the issue here.

Giving a shit about namefagging without said namefaggot making a deal out of themselves. 0/10
What is the aim of making an instance of a general look like it belongs to a non-anonymous person? What is the point of using a name for the original post? I fail to see any.
It may not be manifestly bad, but it's not good either. It's senseless. It should be avoided.
ah, thanks for clearing that up for me.

now that we've got that out of the way, let's talk about this horse; why is she so adorable?
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Dashie Pondering.png
409 KB, 1280x720
>You wouldn't say you were surprised. Not this time, anyway. You HAD taught Dash how to use your camera, and how to print the pictures out... You just didn't expect this...

>Sighing, you walked through the living room, where hundreds of Dash's stared back at you, some with cocky grins, some with proud poses, some just horribly unfocused.

"How does my printer have this much ink for her... And struggles to print even one page for me?"

>As you walked into the kitchen, you saw a larger picture of dash frowning, taped on the fridge.


>You opened the cabinet above the fridge, reaching for a can of Pega-Chow.

"Dash! Come here, I'm going to fill your bowl..."

>You hold the can out in front of you, letting out a groan.

>A picture of Dash with a disgusted expression was wrapped around the can.

"She didn't..."

>Pulling can after can from the cabinet, you saw the same face around each one, staring back at you in pure disgust.

>Dash trotted lazily into the kitchen, flopping over as she stared up at you.

>"I was sleeping... And I'm not hungry for that... It's gross..."

"Really? I couldn't tell..."

>You crouch down in front of her, pinching the bridge of your nose.

"You do know, Dash... If you don't like the food.. You can just tell me instead of sticking your picture on each one. I go to the store every week, it wouldn't be hard to get you a new flavor..."

>Dash sat up, placing her hoof on her chin and staring at you inquisitively.

>"I can...?"
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>So-called 'Namefagging'

Ye gods, but this non-issue creates as much drama as haters of anthro. There are some mentally handicapped inferior subhumans out there who are triggered extremely easily by such irrelevant things that we Normals don't care about.

Names & tripcodes in IIchan. Nobody cares. It still exists.

Grow up, you retards.

We now return you to our normal scheduled thread: Rainbow Dash.
You had to respond, didn't you. God, I hate people who get triggered by triggerfags.

>we Normals
What a lame joke. But it did make one corner of my mouth twitch slightly.
As is that fantastic picture!
"No" is the best one!
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Dashie Sits.png
117 KB, 478x729
>When I took you in, life was grim most all the time.

>But each day I got to hear your cute little chime.

>The day you chewed on coffee beans,

>attacked the sofa and pillow seams.

>When you got stuck in the tree,

>And your cute little scaring spree--

>You brought nothing but happiness

>To me.

>Even now when you act so brash,

>I can see still my cute little Dash.

>Who slips under my arm when I watch TV,

>Who stays up late, waiting just for me.

>Some days you act so tough,

>But it all melts away when I brush your fluff.

>I'm sure when I wake up, you'll be in my bed once more.

>With my body hanging over the side, or already on the floor.

>But I'll love it all the same,

>My adorable little Dash, with a perfect rainbow mane.
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"Come out come out wherever you are!"

>You had been playing hide and seek with Dash for hours, the little filly darting away as fast as she could as you counted.

>Sometimes you'd here her hooves slide against the wood floor, causing her to skid and knock over something else you though she'd never break.

"Where, oh where could you be?"

>The best part was just how excited she got, even as a filly. And she was always eager to play a game where she could try to be sneaky.

"Hmm... Where could Dash have gone?"

>You smiled to yourself as you walked around the room, checking under everything as you moved throughout your home.

"If I don't find her... I may just eat all the food myself..."

>That had worked the first few times, but she had learned her lesson... Sort of.

>You walked into your bedroom, putting your hands on your hips and looking around, pretending not to see the little Pegasus in the most obvious spot.

>This was the 10th time she decided to hide under her blanket. It wasn't a bad place to hide... If she would just keep her head down.

>You suddenly looked down at Dash, letting out a playful gasp.

"There you are!"

>Dash scooted back a bit, resting her head between her forelegs and shaking her head.

>"Nuh-uh... You have to count again... I saw you first!"

>You chuckled to yourself and ruffled her mane

"Sure thing, Dash..."

>You closed your eyes and began counting again.

>As you got closer to 100, Dash wiggled back under the blanket.
attention: This thread has been quarantined for a sever hazard to your health. Exposure to this thread may cause symptoms of:

this needs to be in the OP from now on
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large (1).jpg
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Is that bulge on her upper arm a deltoid muscle? Man, anatomically human "ponies" are weird.
How is it even possible for something to be so adorable as Dash?
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I think this literally every day
You can go to Equestria and be friends with Dash, with one rule: No attempts at romance or sexual activity. Platonic snuggling is allowed, if you can manage to talk her into it. But if you slip up once, even just ONCE, with even something so simple as a kiss on the top of her head, and POOF, you get sent back to Earth never to return.

How long could you last?
From the sound of that rule it seems like Dash is the only pony we're barred from doing anything with. I can go there, be good buddies with Dash and still get with other mares. This works.
>Dash ends up falling in love with you and you have to see that absolutely heartbreaking look of devastation on her face every time you reject her.
Oh god, muh heart.
I was not ready for this.
While Dash isn't my waifu, I would not be adverse to her being part of the herd (assuming ponies herd and aren't in monogamous relationships) since she'd be one hell of a good pony to have around to keep you motivated for exercising.

I'm not sure how long I could keep it platonic even if she's not my first choice, or even my second choice.
>You fall asleep snuggling with Dash and wake up alone
>Turns out Dash kissing you in your sleep also counts against you
>You'll never see her again and she'll spend the rest of her life thinking you ran away from her
>the broken little pegasus stifles a sharp whimper whenever your name comes up while chatting with her friends, her ears folding flat and wings drooping as she bites her bottom lip
>"Wh...where did I go wrong? Why wasn't I good enough for him?"
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Now I have a sad
atryl does ponies so well, even if they're a bit too anthro for our taste.

bad feels are bad. We need this rectified pronto!
>your keys jangle in the lock, and you push open the door to your abode.
>Its an absolute clusterfuck.
>Not one thing is in the place you left it when you went out this morning.
>You slowly trudge through your house, the devastation getting worse as you near your room.
>Opening the door to the epicenter, you see the reason behind it all
>one adorable little blue pegasus.

>"Anon!" she squeals happily, and jumps on you facehugger style.

>After peeling her off, complete with looneytoons 'pop' sound effect, you glare at her.
>she doesn't seem to notice, her expression is still one of super prideful joy, her tail whipping around happily under her.

>"I'm so glad your home Non-non, guess what happened this morning?"

"what," you reply flatly.

>"I entered my heat cycle! This is the first heat I've ever had while i've 'been' with someone!"


>Rainbow just seems to giggle happily, you realize that she must only just be starting to feel its affects, as she hasn't tried to jump your bones yet, it must be fairly tame right now.
>You do realize however, that even when you two did it when she wasn't in heat, she had one killer libido.

>"My mom told me when I was younger, that when your with a stallion and you want to start a family, you need to build a nest! So look!"

>Sure enough, all the destruction she had cause has had an outcome. One admittedly super comfy circular igloo type deal, made out of cushions, pillows and mattresses, decorated with almost every shiny object you owned.

>Bird ponies man...
Good end plz?
there will never be a good end
Pinkie Pie and Cadance team up and go to Earth to get Anon back. They find him and he's doing well for himself; he's fit, got a job, has friends. They begin to have second thoughts, that is until they hear Anon talking to himself, trying to reassure himself that this is what Dash would want. They haul his ass back to Equestria and back to Dash. Dash flies into him, pounding his chest, screaming angrily and crying. She kisses him and he kisses her back. Happy end.
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369 KB, 1077x1024

>16 years later
Does anyone have a pastebin for those old low self-esteem dash stories? I've been wanting to read one. Preferably one where Anon helps her and then loves her intensely
Which decimal increment is it?
this isn't the nrdt
this is a regular Dash thread
Noice. I need to write more sad.

Absolutely adorable

This isn't the "Nightly Rainbow Dash Thread"
This has a sort of Orpheus and Eurydice feel to it, if you ask me.
On top of that, is there a list of previous /rdt/ greens and not just current writefags?
I do think it's better just to list the green. Just tack on the writefags after.
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>Well, you'd finally done it.

>Amongst the mess, kicks, bites, and several racist insults for something without wings, you finally managed to get Dash into timeout.

>She stared up at you begrudgingly, frowning as she fruitlessly flexed her wings inside the tight blanket.

"Just... Seriously Dash?"

>She began biting the blanket letting out the most annoying sounds you had ever heard her muster.

>"You said that I was your pet! You told me you loved me! Which one is it?!"

"Uh... Both...?"

>She stared at you incredulously, still wiggling against her warm constraint.

>"Don't lie! Liars don't get to fly on the weekends!"

"Dash, I don't have wings..."

>"Your face doesn't have wings!"

>You chuckle at the terrible insult, scooping her up as you carry her into your room.

"So moody today..."

>You poked her nose, earning a scrunch of her muzzle and an angry glare.

"All you need is a nap... That'll make you happy and cheery again."

>Dash looked away as you set her down on the bed.

"Just wait here, I'll be right back."

>"Like I have a choice..."

>After straightening out a few things in your living room, setting furniture back upright, you walked back into your bedroom.

>The blanket had come undone, revealing a sprawled out little Pegasus breathing slowly, fast asleep.

>With each exhale, she let out a little purr, a smile tugging on her lips.

"Good girl~"
what does filly pet dash do when she goes into her first heat?
If you're curious.

This anon covered it nicely.
well you see... the thing is...
I wrote that

So i'd like to see how another better author tackles it. Doesn't need to be lewd, i just find the concept amusing
File: h.png (154 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 900x900
You mean "decimal decrement", right?
Too lazy to put my trip.

I'm off to work, but I'll write it later today.

>Another better author.

Nah m8, you have to give yourself more credit than that. I'm no better and no worse than anyone else on this thread. If you enjoy writing, then whatever you make is fantastic. Yours was an adorable little story I wouldn't have thought of!
Probably nothing unusual. And she'd be an adolescent pony, not a filly.
It's an amusing little idea. Might tackle it if I find the time.

In my opinion she'd probably handle it like any other adolescent -- with fear, anger and awkward curiosity.

is there more
File: LimeqLw.png (153 KB, 900x1170) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'll bet buttercup would beat up Rainbow Dash in a fight.
bump for more RD.
File: 278361.png (200 KB, 700x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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good idea
File: 1442292692879.gif (2 MB, 687x585) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Cute sketch
For Your tastes. I'm more than alright with well drawn anthro and i would like all artists to start a petition, make anthro ponies allowed , fuck the autists. /mlp/
>a bit too anthro

A bit? Yeah, right.
bump for top cute
Here's a writer's list for those threads.
and also this greentext that has a similar theme.
File: RD_snow.jpg (4 MB, 1804x2353) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 1804x2353

Damn anon, you got me torn, I love them both.
I wish I could write things like that, amazingly written.
File: 1445637056946.gif (1 MB, 320x240) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> “Anon!”
> “Anon!”
> “ANON!” The small Pegasus yells as she dive bombs into your gut.
> The collision knocks the air out of you and sends you sprawling onto the floor.
“WHAT? WHAT IS IT, DASH?” You yell out in shock and annoyance.
> “Anon I’m sick! I think I’m dying?”
> Rainbow Dash squirms on your bed awkwardly.
> She’s panting heavily and her face is burning up.
“Oh shit!”
“Okay Dashie, I’ll call the doctor right away, just wait on the – “
> “Anon! Anon! It’s hot! My private parts are hot! I’m going to explode and die! Help me!”
“Don’t worry Dash, I’ll make… private parts?”
> “Yes! I feel hot and tingly down there, I feel fuzzy and my wings are broken!”
> Rainbow Dash flaps her wings a few times as proof.
> They look rigid, flaring up every time she breathes in.
> She can’t be, can she?
“Dash – “You pause to try and find the right words “ –Dashie, I-I think you’re in heat?”
> “YES ANON! I AM HOT! HELP ME!”Says the mare as she begins gyrating into your sheets, a musky smell fills the room as tears well up in her eyes.
> Rainbow trembles with every sway of the hips, she has no idea what’s going on and that absolutely terrifies her.
> You sit next to the quivering Pegasus.
> Your arms wrap around her petite form and bring her into a soft hug.
“Shhh shh, it’s okay. Everything is going to be fine. It’s just heat” Your voice is gentle, nurturing.
> You stroke the young mares’ mane as she cries into your shirt.
> “Heat?” She questions. Her watery magenta eyes stare up at you, waiting for an answer.
“Yes, heat. It’s how a mares body tells itself that it’s ready to breed” You brush your thumb against her cheek, wiping away a stray tear.
“No need to be scared”
> “BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE A MOM!”She pushes you away, screaming angrily.
> She crawls into your covers and curls up into a ball.
> You can hear a soft sobbing coming from the tiny bundle of hormones.
> You pick up Dash, along with the sheets and cradle her, like how a mother would cradle her child.
“It’s okay, Dashie – “you whisper soothingly “You don’t have to be a mom yet. “
> “I-I don’t?”Whimpers the mare.
“No you don’t.”
> You pull away the fabric hiding her face and squeeze her nose.
“Heat is just your body telling you that you are ready. You can be a mom whenever you’re ready.” You say as she scrunches up against your fingers.
> “I’m not ready yet.”
> You giggle at the mare and hold her tight.
“Of course not”
“You’re still my little Dashie.”
> A faint smile runs across her face as you say these words.
> “Thanks Anon.”
“No problem, sweetie.”
> The two of you share a peaceful moment together before Rainbow Dash pipes up again.
> “B-But how do I get this –“ she points to her nether regions, “ – to stop?”
> An awkward chuckle makes its way out of you.
“Ahem… well, I do know one way…”

Damn, I like where this story's going.
Bump. Is there anything you guys want to see written? Aside from the anon who requested my version of Dash in heat? I can't write now, but maybe something before bed.
File: Cake.png (270 KB, 470x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
270 KB, 470x360
Hey guys. I just wanted to poke my head in to say that I won't be posting today or tomorrow. I' going to give myself a little break for my bday, plan to get drunk and play vidya. Anyways, see you all in a couple of days. I hope we survive that long. Peace!
Have a fantastic birthday, Grim! Hope it's a good one m8.
It'd be virtually unnoticeable, because they mature gradually, and there's really no such thing as a "first heat" in this case. But there could be. There's always a first ovulation, though. She'd most likely become gradually interested in young stallions, probably find out how to masturbate. The usual stuff.

Or if you prefer
>muh estrus fetish

then at the age of four or less her hormones fucking explode, nearly poisoning her. She becomes a lobotomized husk of her former self, assuming the improbable premise that her former self wasn't already a lobotomized husk. She's overwhelmed by the insatiable craving for the green monkey dick, because, as we all know, that's what fillies and mares alike commonly prefer when in "heat" or "estrus" above anything else. Another acute symptom would be feeling extremely hot; that's why it's called "heat", duh... Right, guys? Right.

Depending on whether she's an actual household pet, either she humps her perfectly rational and cool-headed owner into committing bestiality seemingly against his better judgment, or, if she's the talking, intelligent (quote unquote) variety, which makes one question why she's a /pet/ in the first place, their relationship develops into a highly sexually volatile master/slave relationship. And they fuck.

There might still be some reservations on his part. After all, she's just an animal in heat, so the green voice of reason needs to contrast with the fierce reproductive urges that hold the poor creature's weak mind in a death grip. He chooses to "help" her in a valiant effort to relieve her of the immense sexual tension and to cure her of this horrible affliction. But the therapeutic effects last mere seconds. This is "heat" we're talking about. So they try and try and try in the stereotypical anatomically incorrect ways we often see in clop.

Dammit, it won't fit into a single post. I can't believe I just wrote so much idiotic crap.
>>25318609 (cont.)

And then he knocks her up. Because fuck you, biology, this is fictional reality-bending magical sex fuelled by pure love! Uh-- yeah, love. Can pregnancy beat heat? Nope. She, naturally, continues to be extremely sexually aroused throughout her gestation, so she and our green protagonist screw with according frequency and intensity. She eventually gives birth to a foal (or something else) half her size or a litter of foals, if you're into the breeding fetish, each half her size, because fuck biology once more, at which point the story ends, because who the hell wants to read about bad parenting?
Unless-- later, the filly toddler has sex with the protagonist, her alleged father, because she's in "heat" (or #ifdef BREEDING_FETISH the harem of fillies do), everyone gets knocked up and the whole cycle repeats forever.
Geez man, you must be a riot at parties.

Can we hang out in the cancer ward?
There are people who like satire. But you're right. You'll find few such people at parties.
Have a wonderful day!
This turned me on
You have cancer?
File: AI8wDh3.png (58 KB, 326x337) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 326x337
How about they decide to take a walk through the park?
File: ManlyTears.png (190 KB, 331x327) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
190 KB, 331x327
Happy birthday, mane. Hope its a good one.
Commence day 2 of writing.

>Twilight looks at you with one of her eyebrows raised, like she’s judging your very right to exist in the first place.
>Or she’s just confused. Fuck if you know. You can’t read pony expressions for shit
>No seriously. You can’t. The massive eyes, the ears and tail. It’s all just a mass overload of information, and sometimes it seems contradictory.
>Trying to keep a track of every little tell, and then paint a picture with all the information you may or may not have gathered has resulted in more than one unpleasant misunderstanding.
>Not really too surprising. You couldn’t read people back home for shit either.
>This has resulted in you almost giving up trying to read ponies mood.
>Looking from Twilight over to the pegasus deathbringer you notice something odd.
>She’s holding one hoof in front of her face. Shaking uncontrollably.
>Shaking intensifies.
>Twilight seems to notice as well and has stopped giving you the judgmental eyebrow
>She needed that eyebrow so she could give the shaking Pegasus the quizzical eyebrow instead.
>”Rainbow? What’s wrong with you?”
>That apparently, opened the floodgates.
>It started with a snort, then a gasping giggle.
>And then it devolved into a full on guffaw with spit, tears and snot.
>You woulda been put out hadn’t it been for the fact that her voice cracking laughter was entirely too infectious and you started slowly giggling too.
>And of course, that leaves purple princess looking at you two as if you’ve grown three heads and pinkie was cleaning out the leftmost heads ear.
>”What is wrong with you two!?”
>Oopsie, Twilight seems to be at the end of her patience.
>After several seconds of dry heaving from Rainbow, you managed to get yourself together enough to talk
“Well… It was an honest question”
>You say defensively
>Twilight just groans and face hoof's
File: 1402120404315.gif (2 MB, 639x533) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 639x533
>You continue nudging the tiny pegasus on the tracks with your train.
"Come on Dash, the Contentnental Express can't make it to the station with you in the way."
>The small lump of blue finally moves a bit, her sad eyes meeting yours.
>"What's the point Anon? it's just going to circle around and end up at the start again, there's nothing new to it."
>Wow she was really down, guess you had better break out your nuclear option.
"Because when it gets to the station it can deliver all the treats to the good little pegasi"
>You could see her ears perk at that, but she still looked sad.
>"But...what if it doesn't have enough Anon? what if some good pegasus doesn't get their treat?"
>You smile as you lightly boop her nose with the train.
"Then I guess they'll keep making trips around until every good pegasus get their share...maybe they'd even give the giant rainbow haired one that guards the cushioned mountain range some."
>She looks up at you surprised.
>"Th-they would? but....I'm a hindrance to their operations in this area, their business suffers from me!"
>You couldn't help but chuckle.
"Of course they would, the proud workers of the Contentnental Express are nothing if not understanding, just let them through and they'll give you treats next pass."
>The small rainbow horse eyes the train uneasily as she sits up, lightly poking the front with a hoof.
>"okay, I'll let you pass. this time. but next time you'll have to keep up your end of the deal."
>As she got up and moved aside you made the little train whistle twice before going and pulling into the tiny station, it's nonexistent workers loading and unloading all the imaginary cargo it held before going on its way back around.
>As it was about to pass by you quickly snuck a whole pegasnax stick from your pocket into the flatbed car now looking more like a log than a treat by scale.
>Letting it carry on, you could hear Dashie's excitement when it finally got to her.
>So cute when she's happy.
I'm still pretty new to this, critique and criticism would be appreciated

>Rainbow get’s her head up on the table in front of you and manages to talk through several halting giggles.
>”Aah. That was great. You saying that with a straight face, tied to a chair like that. Perfect!”
>You snicker and give her a wink
>You bold green bastard you
>Twilight, now having finished with giving herself a face massage turns back to you two with a serious expression.
>”Now, I’ve called you two guys here so-”
“I got dragged against my will and tied to a chair, so I resent that”
>”Ugh! Fine. I’ve called Rainbow here and tied you up so that you don’t go disappearing again like the last seven times.”
“Thank you. Just wanting it clear”
>”So! That you two can talk out whatever differences you have and I don’t have to go around feeling a disturbance in the friendship magic anymore”
“Twilight. I am your father”
>”What? No. No I don’t even want to know. You are to talk this out and neither of you are coming out until you do.”
>Twilight promptly leaves the room, closes the exit and puts up some sort of shimmering magic field over the interior.
>You look over at Rainbow, who is just looking after Twilight with a raised eyebrow.
>”What’s her deal?” She asks, looking at you inquisitively.
>You look back at her and give one of those universal “Fuck’d if I know” look.
“Would you mind untying me? The ropes chafing”
>Rainbow gets up and clops over to you, trying to undo the knot keeping you tied up.
>It’s at her close proximity you promptly remember that you were scared for your life.
>And now, she’s behind you.
>Where you can’t see what she’s doing.
>And she’s got a rope to strangle you with.
>Sweat starting to accumulate on your brow as you hurriedly start stuttering out the first thing that comes to mind.
>Spaghetti level overflowing, reaching critical mass. Incoming noodle payload. Immediate evasive maneuvers recommended.
I'm here, aren't I?

I may not be able to write that today, but I will write that just for you, Anon. I promise!

Absolutely adorable!

>Evasive maneuvers failed. Abandon ship! I repeat! Abandon ship!
… She’s going down sir. Any last statements?
-Never did have a chance with that vessel anyway. Hopefully the next one will be inclined to listen to my advice-
Not a chance in hell brain.
-Ah well. One can dream-
>Rainbow stopped fidgeting with the knot behind the chair and clopped around to look at you.
>She’s got this “Wat” expression combined with “This guy needs medical attention”
>”Are you okay? You know I wasn’t really that angry with you right? I mean, c’mon I got over that weeks ago! Is that why you’ve been running away full spring every time I flew by?”
>Rainbow looks into the vacant expression on your face, confused by your stillness.
>Eyes are glassed over.
>Mouth hanging open in slack jawed expression.
>”Hello~ Equestria to green dude! You okay in there?”
-Is she talking to me?-
Nope, pretty sure she’s talking to the conscious
-Didn’t we give up on that guy?-
Don’t ask me, I’m the one responsible for the feelings. Driving this thing is your job.
-Fucking hell… Never appreciated-
… Booting Consciousness ....
!WARNING! Dangerous levels of shame and self disgust has contaminated the executable “Consciousness” Do you wish to proceed? Y/N
-God dammit heart. Why are you making my job worse?-
Dude. I’m just doing my job. He fucked up. He’s gotta feel the consequences.
-I swear to God, one of these days I’m just shutting myself off and you can be a vegetable for all I care-
... Y …
… Boot complete …
>You are acutely aware of your surroundings.
>You also want to dig a ditch and die in it.
>Pretty sure your face has changed colors from green to red sometime in the past 10 seconds.
>”Oookay. I’ll just get you out of that chair and you can be on your way. Sounds good? Great!”
>Rainbow has abandoned the untying tactic and is not just straight out gnawing on the ropes

>You have the distinct impression she wants to get away from you as fast as humanly possible. Which, in retrospect isn’t all that fast, when she’s a pegasus.
>As fast as pegasly possible?
>Sounds off…
”I’m sorry, I think I just freaked out for a second there.”
>There’s a snort from behind your chair
>”You think? Don’t worry about it. I’ll get you loose, and I’ll be out of your mane or whatever.”
>By the tone of her voice she sounds sorta upset.
>That’s not what you want.
>For one, she’s saved your life.
>She might also end said life in a fit of rage
>Better work this out. Somehow.
”I am really sorry about messing up your training back then”
>You are talking with your voice so dripping in added guilt it’s liable to drown somebody.
>”Seriously, don’t worry about it. I’ve talked to Twilight and heard how you weren’t in control of what was going on”
>Rainbow had gotten you loose at this point and was standing in front of your chair again.
>”In fact, I should be the one to apologize for yelling so much at you. From what I heard, you thought you were going to die”
>Looking at her slightly guilty expression with her eyes averted and head slightly downcast sent a flutter through your chest.
>You don’t know why, but it almost physically hurt to see her like this.
>Damn ponies and their diabetes inducing cuteness
“No Rainbow. It’s okay! You saved my life. I can’t ever thank you enough for that”
>Snapping out of her funk so fast you almost got a whiplash she stands in a proud pose
>”Ehehe, just being awesome as usual. You’re very welcome”
>The cocky grin and with her wings splayed upwards makes her so adorable you can’t contain a snicker
>”W-what? It’s true!”
>Rainbow’s glaring at you with an indignant expression on her face
“Yes, yes it is. I’m sorry Rainbow, you were just acting so adorable for a second there I couldn’t help myself”
>Her wings flapping Rainbow stomps a hoof into the ground
>”I’m not adorable!”

>She promptly turns around and leaves the room.
>That is, she tried to leave the room but slams headfirst into the unopenable door.
>”Horseapples! Twilight! Open this door! We’re done!”

And for now that's it. Might post more later today, but I need a break
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Page 8 bump!

We need more content creators.
Bed-time bump.
/b/ just got 650000000, just in case anyone was wondering. To save you the trouble of looking, the post simply said "Do want. Get."
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File: 1438906072738.png (1022 KB, 2185x1905) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1022 KB, 2185x1905
File: 1441816278996.png (335 KB, 556x724) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
335 KB, 556x724
Rainbow Dash a cute
File: 1436259969314.png (267 KB, 1043x783) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
267 KB, 1043x783
I want Rainbow Dash to sit on my lap
If it's human it ceases to be Rainbow Dash. ~3.5 billion human women in the world, why would you ever want to make her just like all of them when she's absolutely perfect the way she is?
This. Honestly most of her traits I would find a huge turn-off in a potential human mate (cocky, tomboyish, etc.). But they're cute and somehow attractive to me when wrapped up in that adorable perfect little pony body of hers.
> perfect the way she is
meaning, doesn't exist?
whereas there ARE women that have Dash's personality out there and are obtainable if you tried
>adorable perfect little pony body of hers
you're more physically attracted to her than anything else
you guys are idiots
also, all pics (within 4chan rules) of dash are welcome here in a DASH thread
man i bet she has an amazing butt
It's true Anon, there are women with her personality. Or at least close to it. Chased one away sadly. It is really hard to get a girl like her to stay.
oh, I know
gotten awesome BJs from one when I was 13 (she was 14-15) we were summer friends until she moved away
it was the best summer ever
You'd win that bet.
File: 1446230527383.gif (974 KB, 255x138) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
974 KB, 255x138
I too am of enjoy lying on Internet
believe what you wish
Just spent hours reading a human x rainbow story with Rainbow on the cover image and in the title and it turned out to be a bait and switch for Scootaloo instead. Thats what I get for using fimfiction...
File: Sick.png (2 MB, 2000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 2000x1000
>"Anon..." Hurk "Anon, I don't feel so good."

>You read down to comfort her, she's vomiting bile, she can't stand on her own, she's cold and shaking.

>"I'm gonna get better, right?" Her eyes plead.

"Don't worry, you're tough, you just have to wait it out."

>You can tell she isn't going to make it, but you don't have in in your heart to tell her.

>HURK. "I... I hope so..."

>Her eyes glaze just over a little, her focus wavers then settles back on you, you hold a bowl of water out to her, she drinks it down and closes her eyes for a moment.

"Look, you're going to get better then we can go out to a wonderbolts show and you can have all the snacks you like."

>"That sounds -" HURK. "Sounds great..."

>You sit and comfort her through out the night.

>All you can think about it her, it's no one's fault, she just got sick...

>You close your eyes for a moment and lean against the tub, one hand still gently stroking her back and neck.

>You are woken up by the sun glaring through the window, you look down to see the small smile on her face and the empty look in her eyes.

>She must have gone when you fell asleep...

>Her face will haunt you for the rest of your life.

(My first try at a greentext.)
* lean down...
>all pics (within 4chan rules) of dash are welcome here in a DASH thread
File: Hungry Dashie.jpg (94 KB, 915x618) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Hungry Dashie.jpg
94 KB, 915x618
Tried to fix the shitty resolution.
okay... why?
it sucks doesnt it? Remember anon, were all looking for any new stuff, might be worth asking here first.

Speaking of which, anyone know of any hidden gems? I mean, i've probably already read them all, but there has to be a couple hieXdash fics out there that ive slipped past.
Good end plz
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381 KB, 1280x778
Why wasn't she taken to the hospital?
Even if they couldn't cure her they could at least make it more comfortable for her till the end.

>You are woken up by the sun glaring through the window, you look down to see the small smile on her face and the hopeful look in her eyes.

>"Morning." She says with a dry raspy voice.


>You look her over in bewilderment. She's still alive, although still very ill.

>It takes her a fair amount of effort, but she leans her head up to nuzzle your hand on the side of the tub.

>"Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost." She chuckles, its strained, but sincere.

"I, yeah, I'm fine."

>You lean in and give her a gently kiss on the forehead.

>When you lean back, some of the colour has come back to her face, her breathing is less raspy.

>You fill the bowel of water and hold it to her, she drinks it and smacks her lips.

"How's your stomach feeling?"

>"Better, I haven't puked since I fell asleep."

>You smile, there is hope.

>In a weeks time, her strength has returned and her complexion no longer pale.

>You take Dash to a wonderbolts show and she gets a belly ache from too much concession food at the show.

>She's in your arms after the show on the walk home.

>"Ohhh... Anon... I feel like I'm gonna die." Hurk.

>She pukes a half gallon of nacho cheese onto your shirt.

"I told you to slow down with the nachos."
(How's that?)
Loosely based on Pet Dash trope.
File: !!!.jpg (19 KB, 600x512) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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the edge

People like you are the worst kind of cancer. Rainbow Dash is not a human, she's a pony. You faggots have your own threads for a reason, get over it.
File: rainbow pony.jpg (85 KB, 402x351) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rainbow pony.jpg
85 KB, 402x351
>Rainbow Dash is not a human, she's a pony.
So she is.
>how dare a fan of a show titled "My Little Pony" prefer the pony versions of the characters!
Yes, clearly I'm the idiot here, anon.
Kill yourself.
That's a sweet good end.
What are you doing here? It's your day off! Shoo!

I owe you your story. I'll be free later today, and I'll make it extra cute for making you wait.
nice projection
idc if you like humanized or not
I'm saying that anything Dash should be welcome in a Dash thread
and I'm suggesting that you don't love her regardless of what form she comes in

always dresses in style
Of course they're monogamous. We've seen tons of examples of it in the show. That doesn't necessarily mean that polygamy wouldn't exist or wouldn't be accepted, but it would be rather rare like it is here, and when it does happen it would just be normal even-ground polygamy without the hierarchy nonsense.

Honestly, I get tired of listening to people go off about "MUH HERDS" when the ponies clearly don't have them. And again, the idea of herds is just bullshit, a hierarchy system is going to create problems. If you write a poly fanfic or something in MLP, do it without the silly AU gimmicks and just use a normal polygamy relationship without some arbitrary hierarchy.

I'm absolutely monogamous myself, so I won't be doing any poly, but if I may comment on it, I'm very sure that having all participants be equal in status would be much fairer and much less prone to problems. If someone wants to consent to having a leader in that scenario or something, then whatever, do what you think is best, but even then you can and should still make sure that everyone has equal status.

Kind of hard to discuss. I'd try to do a better explanation of this stuff here, but eh, I just got up, and honestly it's pretty off-topic anyway.
>It's common in Equestria to bring your own censor bar to the beach.

>It's also inconsiderate if you don't.
File: 1419214702988.png (129 KB, 1104x871) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
129 KB, 1104x871
Also, goddamn the Dash folder on this computer needs to be re-organized.

How do you guys organize your pictures? I honestly don't know if I'd be able to do a re-naming at this point, because I have a terribly large number of them, but maybe I can sort them a little better.
File: full (5).png (344 KB, 1815x2681) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
full (5).png
344 KB, 1815x2681

But... okay.

>You sat down on a nearby bench, letting out an exhausted sigh. Dash was a brat when it came to walks.

>It had taken you an hour alone just to get the collar on her, another 30 minutes to attach the leash as she lay on the ceiling fan, and another 20 just to get her out of the door.

>She had thrown every racist word she knew at you... But most of them involved not being able to fly. So.. There's that.

>As you two had gotten to the park, she grew more and more embarrassed, letting out little whines and pawing at your leg, begging the collar be taken off.

>But it just looked so cute on her!

>You winced as you touched the bruise under your eye, where Dash had kicked you earlier before speeding off.

>Now as you sat there, taking in the beautiful rays of sun and gentle breeze, you felt something brush up against your leg.


>"Can we go home now?!"

"But we just got here..."

>"No! Now! I want to go back!"

"Ugh... Fine."

>You stood up slowly, reaching for Dash's leash, only to have her bat your hand away with her hoof.

>"I can walk myself!"

>You watched her take the leash in her mouth, trotting proudly away, her nose held high.

"What am I going to do with you...?"
Or stick around... It IS your birthday, so I guess you deserve a Dash of something sweet.

>A Dash of something sweet.
That's what I was hoping for.
that discussion is better off in the herd threads, but it's a matter of "to each their own" imo
they aren't real, so why should someone care if someone else likes polygamy over monogamy?

unfortunately, I don't and I really should
I have over 30gig of pone and it's a monumental task at this point, it grows faster than I can organize!

you never know who might have a camera with them on nude beaches
using the bar is purely optional (ironically, it makes it hotter than showing off your ta-tas in all their glory)

happy B-day Grim!
the best part of waking up, is Dash in your cup!

"Long, long day."
>You sighed, dropping your bag next to the door, jacket tossed lazily on top of it. Glancing at the frost that now stained the windows and part. "And cold," you mutter softly, as you make your way to the couch, falling down into the plush cushions, letting out a long huff.

>Just as you flicked on the TV, the weatherman reminding you of "just how fucking cold" it can get, you heard a scamper of hooves dart across the floor, followed by the feeling of the cushions next to you depressing.

>"Hi, master! Welcome home!"

>Before you could reply, Dash wiggled against your arm, forcing her way under it as she lay across your lap, sighing gently.

>"I bet you missed the best pegasus in the world, huh? Probably thought about me alll day, and what you were going to do for me when you got ho- hey!"

>Dash squirmed in your grip as you picked her off your lap and set her down on the floor, patting her flanks gently.

"Not now, Dash.. I just got home from work, and I'm really tired, can't you play with one of your toys?"

>Dash frowned at you, flapping her wings and hovering just enough to block your view from the TV.

>"That's not fair! You're always picking me up when I don't wanna be picked up! What if I wanted to pick you up, huh?!"

>With that, you felt Dash crash into your chest, hugging you tightly and grunting as she tried to lift you up.

>"NNnnh! G-give up?!"

>She squeaked as you stood up, walking into the kitchen as she still flapped her wings against you.

>"Y-nnn.. You'll get tired soon!"

>You sighed as you grabbed a can of pega-chow and filled her bowl, feeling her wings freeze as she looked at the gravy-glazed food.

>"You win this time, Anon..."

>She hopped down off of you and began gobbling down her food, swaying her tail quickly.

>As you turned to leave, Dash popped her head up, food coating her cheeks and mane.

>"By the way, Master... A letter came for you today. Your age has two digits in it!?"

Damn, that's fucking adorable. Thanks man!


>Dash hadn't stopped pestering you the whole day, hopping around on the couch, slipping into your shower and shouting at you, and even knocking can after can over to get you to come talk to her.

>"I don't have to get you a gift, master! You have me, and I'm the greatest gift of all!"

>That little sentence captured your attention more than the presentation she did about why pegasi are superior to "literally everything".

"You're right, Dash.. You are the best little thing ever, an absolute treat and delight."

>Dash puffed out her chest proudly, smirking her same little smirk.

"And since you just offered yourself to me as a gift, how about you do me a favor and act like a little pet for once?"

>Her fur went flat as she looked up at you, cocking her head to the side, an expression of confusion and uncertainty crossing her face.

>"But... I am a pet..."

"I mean the kind that follows orders."

>"I'm not that kind of pet..."

>You picked her up, cradling her like a foal as you carried her through your house, fighting against her squirms and kicks before finally setting her down on the bed.

>"Anon, you're not allowed to carry me like that!"

>You press a finger to her nose, causing her muzzle to scrunch.

"You said you were the greatest gift of all, right?"

>She nodded slowly, looking away before giving your finger a small lick.

"Keep going..."

>You heard a small growl in her chest as she suckled gently on the tip of your finger, huffing as she sat back on the bed, looking up at you with a seemingly permanent frown.

>But that little twitch of her wings, the heat from her cheeks, she was enjoying this a little more than she had let on.

Not over yet m8 lel

>You had never seen her this flustered before, hips shifting from side to side, breathing deeper and more concentrated as her chest rose and fell softly, her slick tongue coating your finger as her eyes shifted away out of embarrassment.

>The cutest part was watching the way she shifted her wings as your hand curved around her ear and against her neck. When she would let out a loving purr, completely betraying her expression.

>When you finally pulled your finger from her muzzle, she let out a quiet whine, tongue brushing against the empty space in her mouth, drool slightly staining her lips and chin.

>"There... Happy birthday..."

>Though her glare remained, her tone had softened, her cheeks still burning hot as she looked away from you. huffing.

>"You got your stupid present now-"

"Turn around and raise your flanks, Dash~"

>You weren't sure what pegasi were made of. But if you had to guess at that moment, steam would probably be the first word to come to mind.

>"A-anon, no! This birthday thing is weird! I'm not showing you anything under my tail.. I-"

>You felt Dash cling to you, letting out a desperate moan into your jacket as your saliva-covered finger rubbed slowly over her folds, pulling the flesh to the side, exposing the strong pink muscles just beneath to the cooler air.

>"A-anon.. I'm... Going to kill you..."

>Dash shivered in bliss as you repeated this motion, each time her body curved perfectly, leaning against your chest, staining your shirt with drool as her back legs shivered.

"Just relax, Dash. That way we can both enjoy this..."

>You watched her wings stiffen slightly as she buried her muzzle into your shirt, letting out a needy growl as you slowly pulled your finger away.

"Well... That was fun, huh, Dash?"

>She stared up at you, a mixture of arousal and anger plaguing her face.


>She huffed, turning around quickly and arching her back, flinging her tail off to the side.
File: 1426080193990.png (3 MB, 2144x2336) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 2144x2336
It's not really a matter of whether or not someone likes it, it's a matter of some people trying to insist that that the ponies must have herds or something when it's clear that the ponies are primarily monogamous. Again, I don't think polygamy would be illegal or unaccepted or anything in Equestria, but I do think it'd be relatively rare, like it is here. Also, as I said, when it comes to people writing those herd fanfics, they are often written very differently than normal polygamy, and often enough tends to involve some sort of harmful and complicated hierarchy system that can easily brew all sorts of problems and offers no real benefit. In other words, when fanfic authors say "herds", they aren't usually referring to just polygamy, they are often referring to some specific, complicated version of polygamy, and one that tends to involve a hierarchy of some form or another that simply isn't beneficial and could easily be harmful in some ways. I think if someone is going to imagine themselves in a poly relationship in the MLP setting, they should cut the herd BS and just imagine it as an equal-ground poly relationship or whatever.

But yeah, like I said, I'm very much monogamous myself. And I don't really want this conversation to linger in this thread much longer either, so eh.

And yeah, back to the pictures... I've built up a pretty huge folder of just Dash stuff, but I always saved them without giving any sort of naming scheme and now I have thousands of pictures. I guess I thought thinking of a name or something every time I saved a picture would get pretty tedious. It's not a huge deal, but it obviously makes finding specific pictures difficult.
File: Rub rub.gif (596 KB, 638x647) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Rub rub.gif
596 KB, 638x647

Can't say I'm not liking this, because I am, very much.
I believe the term you're looking for is polyamory, Anon.
>"By the way, Master... A letter came for you today. Your age has two digits in it!?"

I haven't been reading this story, as I've been absent from /mlp/, but what is this implying? Is Dash a young filly in this story, who doesn't understand the concept of someone having a double digit age, or are you trying to imply that the ponies have a lesser lifespan? Because that would be totally BS, it's pretty clear MLP ponies have a lifespan like a humans.

>"I-If you don't rut me right now... I'll run away and never come back. Then you won't have the best pet ever!"

"I dunno, Dash... Is this really what I want for my birthday?"

>You jerked in surprise as Dash quickly changed her position, burying her muzzle between your legs, biting at the zipper of your pants and tugging down as hard as she could..

>She looked up at you, same cocky grin as your pants fell to the floor, leaving you in just your boxers member clearly outlined through the fabric.

"Dash, holy shit... Just, just wait a second."

>"No more teasing, Anon! Lay down!"

>Like she had given you an option. Before you knew it, you felt Dash shove you against the bed, landing on top of you.

>You could only let out a soft moan as you felt Dash's marehood fit perfectly over your member, grinding slowly against it, soaking the fabric of your boxers in her own excitement.

>"N-now... For making me wait..."

>Dash reached back, sliding your boxers down, a deep purr passing her chest as she felt your member slid up, the tip brushing against her folds, letting you feel the sheer heat of her body as she swallowed hard, chest rising from the excitement.


>She looked at you proudly, rubbing your tip with her folds, biting her hoof gently as she felt a bit of your pre leak out against her.


>You rested your hands on her hips, earning a confused whine.

"Good girl~"

>With that, you guided her down on your length, earning a surprised squeak from the excited mare as you quickly thrust up into her, burying your member deep inside her folds.


>You watch her slouch forward, curving her body against you, tongue lulling out as she pawed weakly at your chest.

>With each thrust, she let out a feminine squeak she would never admit she could make.

>With each thrust, you felt yourself bump into the entrance to her womb, the slick, quick sensation causing her to nuzzle into you, letting out a needy moan.

>"W-nnn Why don't you ever... Ahh~? Do this... On my birthday, A-anon?"

>You felt her folds hug your length, practically milking you with each thrust as she looked longingly at you, wings beating helplessly against your sides.

"You've never asked~"

>You swallowed hard, listening to both your breathing and her's, the deep, uneven gasps, quiet moans, and hushed whimpers filling your room.

>Dash suddenly jerked up, her wings flaring out.

>"A-anon, w-wait! I'm..."

>Dash grabbed the pillow next to you, burying her face in it, and letting out a lust-filled moan that seemed to seep through the fabric pressed against her muzzle.

>"I-I just... Ahh~?!"

>You gripped Dash's hips, slamming her down on your length one final time as you hit your climax, quickly filling Dash with your seed, the excess leaking out between your too, staining a bit of her tail.

>Dash opened her mouth, her eyes begging her to make a witty remark as she fell forward, panting heavily against your chest, glancing up at you with one eye.

>"H-happy birthday... A-an... Master..."

>Dash closed her eyes, ears twitching slightly as she sat up as much as she could, lightly pecking your lips, before slumping back down against your chest.

>As you brushed her mane slowly, running your hand over her soft little ears, she purred softly in your arms, sound asleep--with you still deep inside.

Happy Birthday, Grim Ponka! Hope it's absolutely fantastic~!

I still need to write yours... Uh... Give me a bit.
You could use the same argument against any piece of fanon. For example, the belief that ponies would be willing to have intimate romantic relationships with intelligent anthropoids. However, the herd fetish isn't even based on (our) reality, despite what many people think. Herdfags often conveniently ignore that it's a dominant mare who's in charge of the herd. Then again, erroneously believing something is based on reality is nothing uncommon in this fandom either. Consider the >muh superior horse pussy that can twist your dick into a knot, which is realistically pretty mundane and not very different from the human pussy. Arguing against fanon is pointless in the end.

She's a pet.

Horse age =/= human age.
File: 1439478265342.png (520 KB, 1280x1364) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
520 KB, 1280x1364

Happy Birthday to me.

Such a perfect picture.
She's more a cat than a horse in the story.

She was acting pretty catty, huh?
>intimate romantic relationships with intelligent anthropoids

Of course they would. Doesn't necessarily mean that every single pony would find a human physically attractive, but it's not unlikely at all that many would, and there's certainly nothing to suggest otherwise. Not to mention the fact that love is so much more than just physical attraction. And it's not like we're ugly, they don't have to see us supremely attractive demigods. And finally, the whole thing with more than one sapient species existing in the MLP universe will have destroyed the notion that some people here have that sex with something sapient is somehow bestiality just because it's not the same species as you.

I don't think we'll be wanting to go further into that argument though. I'm extremely confident that most ponies can and would find humans physically attractive, or at the very least passable. And the whole thing about love being much more than just physical attraction is also very relevant.

Honestly, I think most humans would be able to find the ponies attractive or at least passable if so many people didn't have a kneejerk reaction and claim that anything non-human is bestiality. Not everyone, but the ponies have very easy appeal, both physically and mentally.

The situation with the herds is clearly different because there is tons of proof that monogamy is the norm in Equestria. I don't see why you'd compare it to any other stuff.

You're not completely wrong that arguing against fanon is often pointless, though. It usually takes far more evidence to disprove a theory than to justify one unless it's a crazy one, and ultimately a lot of this stuff is very subjective or otherwise open to interpretation, so you end up with a lot of different opinions and not much in the way of options to attempt to disprove other peoples opinions. Not a bad thing per se as long as it's kept reasonable, but can create some pretty nasty points of disagreement sometimes.
And? MLP ponies aren't at all like real horses though, the only real similarity that they are indeed both equine and have mostly similar anatomy (and not even that is identical). I can assure you that they don't age like horses, but rather like humans.

The idea that they age like horses is total bullshit. And honestly, if you need some bullet point to disprove it because you're silly enough to believe they do in the first place, then check out Sweetie Belle's fifth birthday party in the show. I'm quite sure they age like humans.

Really though, not sure why the whole horse aging thing keeps popping up, not only is it very illogical, that would be extremely depressing and horrible for them to have a short lifespan.
File: 876518.png (3 MB, 1800x4800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1800x4800
Cat pony is best pony?
File: 1443039156147.png (35 KB, 202x202) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 202x202
Well when I created the show and decided to start writing, I said to myself, "How can I piss off this one particular Anon on the Internet?" And here we are.

Every time I see that picture, I love Dash a little more, honestly. Just imagine how soft her cheek is.
I find the idea totally ridiculous and completely unservicable. Not to mention there obviously being clear proof that it's not the case.

Your snarky comments only solidify the fact that you're wrong about the ponies aging. I'm sorry if I come off as too rude, but I'm stressed, and again, the idea that ponies age like horses is complete bullshit and it's somewhat frustrating to see that people still push it just because "muh horses" when it's clearly wrong. The connection between the ponies in MLP and real horses is very loose, they are both equine, but otherwise they are very different.
File: 1426135303120.png (163 KB, 666x566) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
163 KB, 666x566
And again, I also stress the idea being extremely depressing and horrible, etc. Even just considering that, I'm not sure why someone would try to push the idea in the first place, much less when there's clear proof against it.

Hang on, friend. You're using some SAT words, and I need to grab a dictionary, while I look them up, let me write you a little piece.

>It was a sad thing to see, honestly.

>Only three days had gone by when you realized the progression of time here was much different than your own.

>Now after being here for a year, you saw the horror that lay before you, the burden and grim reminder of age.

>Dash still flew... When she could remember how. The beautiful color you knew was replaced with more humble shades of white.

>She would come to you from time to time, nuzzling your hand, or smiling up at you.

>But just a few weeks later, she was gone. A grim reminder of time, indeed.

Look man, if you don't like the way I write something, just filter me. I like the way I write, and at least one other person does. I'm writing for fun, not for you.
I can't argue against opinion, but there's something I'd like to add to all this. I believe in the biological explanation of love rather than the social or transcendental one. People (and other animals) choose their sex partners primarily according to physical traits, especially those related to reproductive success, which is zero in interspecies relationships. Everything else is secondary. If you can't get a physically attractive mate, you'll start to consider other traits. My experience suggests the majority of people are like this. I really think we're pretty shallow in this regard. And there's no substantial indication ponies are any different. I have no doubt ponies and humans could form strong friendships, but the whole idea of their seeing us as potential mates, albeit potentially true, is based on very shaky foundations. Personally, I need more than that in order to truly believe this to be possible, such as Spike (when older) and Rarity actually getting into an interspecies romantic relationship. That would be cool.
I didn't say your writing itself was bad, it's fine. I just said the idea that ponies have short lifespans is shit and clearly wrong.

I very strongly disagree, like, fundamentally and radically different worldview kind of disagree, but honestly I don't think I have the time or patience to get into a huge debate about that sort of thing. I very strongly believe that love is so much more than just physical attraction. Physical attraction is not insignificant, mind you, but it's one of many things involved. The important thing is that you find your lover endearing, enjoy spending time together with the one you love, you support each other, are inseparable, etc.

And in MLP, the importance and power of strong bonds, both friendship AND love, have been strongly stressed both by the writers and from an in-universe perspective. The ponies have been shown to strongly value friendship and love, so the argument that they'd be shallow is total nonsense. Hell, in their universe, those things are even a physical force of magic.
This entire story made me a bit confused on Dashie's size in proportion to Anon. Is there anything you can say for certain?
Not that I like that "little piece" at all, that's pretty fucking horribly dark and depressing.

Just saying your writing quality itself is fine, because it seemed like you were accusing me of claiming that you were somehow poor at writing in general, when in reality I was just attacking one of the ideas/concepts you mentioned in passing in the story. It would bother me enough to make my opinion of the particular story turn pretty negative, despite the mention being very passing, and I'd surely strongly disagree, but it wouldn't make me say your technical writing skills are bad or anything. I've only skimmed it over, so no telling what I missed or whatever other things I might find disagreeable, but from a glance your writing skills seem pretty good.
But enough about that. Have a somewhat odd picture that I saved at some point and have nowhere else to post.

She's not bigger than the average bear.
But is she smarter than the average bear?
RD is coughing up hearts again, what do?
Give her mine to replace the one she coughed up.
File: Dashie Valentine.jpg (134 KB, 827x965) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dashie Valentine.jpg
134 KB, 827x965

Take the biggest one and hide it until February, then present it to her and make sure she remember that you love her forever.

>Touch the abs.

>Do it now.
File: 1446028822124.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
103 KB, 1280x720
Not much of a bump, but a bump nonetheless. I'm out for now, friends.
Human Rainbow is always ok
Explicit depictions of anuses are NSFW, right? I wonder if this image would get deleted if someone chose to report it.
Would Rainbow have the best ass out of the mane 6? Definitely the firmest.
depends on what you like
since this is a Dash thread, I'm sure you'd like a nice firm and spank-able ass
also, I want her to do squats on my face
would you sports with her?
File: 1442249110380.jpg (143 KB, 500x439) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
143 KB, 500x439
>Sports with her until you're both sweaty and tired
>Move to the showers together
>Have sweaty passionate shower sex
Fucking UNF
File: image.png (630 KB, 1096x1176) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
630 KB, 1096x1176
RD isn't my favorite pone. Sometimes I groan at how she's so abrasive in some episodes.

But I really like her devil-may-care approach to things. And "Dashie" is the cutest diminutive for a name, ever.

Sometimes I jerk it to tastefully lewd RD and call her "my little Dashie" before cumming.

I'm not crazy in the head or anything, right?
Just get yourself a rainbow dash tulpa friend. Life will be easier that way.
We're all crazy.
>tasteful lewd

I can get behind this.
File: 1419407732229.png (485 KB, 654x930) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
485 KB, 654x930
Not always. Ponies are a lot easier to draw and many artists struggle with human faces. They often either look downright ugly or, preferably, are drawn in anime or EqG style. There are very few decent non-anime pics of a human RD.
Ahoy! I've returned! Taking a break from writing a CYOA story (which, once I'm finished with the first part, I may post here), what can i draw for you guys?
Hi friend!

Dash getting all flustered as her tail gets brushed?
Dashie flying suggestively.
Like, embarrassed flustered or turned on flustered?
Which ever you feel more comfortable drawing. though turned on flustered may be cute...
Already done it before, home slice.
>Degenerate piercings
I'd dogfight her and pepper her flank with my 9 inch cannon.
>2010 + 5 seasons
>he doesn't like piercings
look at this plebeian
Just for this, I'm going to write a piercing-fetish story.
>Enjoying degeneracy
I'd bet that it's nrdt 'you like things I don't like so you're a kek' guy so you total should write that story.
You're a faggot. Nevertheless, Dash would probably be the last pony to wear metal piercings, bracelets, and other nonsense, because these things can be quite dangerous to wear during athletic activities.
I really don't like piercings either, nor do I think she'd get them, but can we PLEASE not have this conversation again?

Guys, shut up. It's just a picture. Post more rainbow pone while I draw.
>What is removing piercings when doing said activities.
After Rarity Dash is most likely to have piercings, it fits with her nature.
No, it doesn't.
We wouldn't have to have this conversation if faggots like >>25330698 didn't keep turning up and claiming >muh degeneracy.
If you don't like them don't make a scene and bitch whenever someone posts a picture with them.
lol what?
Okay, at first I thought this was funny.. Now it's sad... Please calm the fuck down.
No, I very much disagree, but again, let's just not have this conversation. Gonna end up with a bunch of smug assholes on both sides of the argument attempting to deride each other and nothing more.

I really don't think she would have piercings, but if other people like that then whatever I guess. Definitely not to my tastes, but it's easy enough to ignore... except for when you clowns start fighting over it.
Oh that's real good say you don't want to argue then go off and insult the side opposite to your view. I guess you are one of the 'smug assholes' you mentioned.
And where do you suppose I "insulted the side opposite to my view"? If you mean the "clowns" remark, I was referring to both sides, really.

Not to say that arguing about something is bad per se. This is something that people feel pretty strongly about, but there's no real reason to initiate such a huge and vicious argument when in reality it's simply a matter of taste. If you don't like the other sides tastes, then ignore it.
I have a picture of Fluttershy and Rarity with piercings too. Wanna bitch about that too, or are we gonna post about RD?
She's constantly seen flying, hovering, or performing rapid take-offs and other stuns. So she'd basically mostly wear them to sleep, which makes a whole lot of sense.
File: 1438923959017.jpg (132 KB, 1024x1448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
132 KB, 1024x1448

We need to have more uh, addicted writers on this thread. Diversity would be nice.
I meant to ask, what's your CYOA?
Being the Dash thread, does it somehow come as a surprise to you that people hold much stronger opinions about Dash here? If someone is going to find an opening to complain about piercings, it's going to be about the character they care about most.

Just don't go around like this >>25330698 or this >>25330716 and act condescending because of someone elses tastes. We all feel very strongly about this, which is fine, but yeah. I don't like or agree with the piercings, but I'll at least try to ignore them instead of insulting people over them.

Anyway, hopefully enough of that.

That's Grim Ponka you're replying to, right? I don't recall it being a CYOA, just a normal greentext. Though to be fair I haven't really read it.
File: 1422054451002.png (144 KB, 899x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
144 KB, 899x900
Whoever >>25330612 is.
File: 1443865090248.jpg (61 KB, 500x590) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
61 KB, 500x590

Hm... dunno.
>We all feel very strongly about this
Not me. I just enjoy the entertainment dissent generates. I actually find it odd that people can get genuinely upset over such trivial crap on the internet. I guess the internet has in the last decade finally become as serious business to many people as real life, if not more.
Essentially, it's Twilight bringing Anon back from the dead, spell gets botched and he comes back as a child. From there it becomes a CYOA. I plan on posting it to different threads for each of the mane 6.

I suppose I should namefag.
Very interested... Just my own personal advice man, use a trip. I used to just post with my name and people would then write the same name and spam until the thread got deleted.
>Implying I know how to do this

Also, here's the rough draft.

After your name (no spaces) put ## and then whatever password you want. It will generate a random trip.
Mmkay, I'm gonna fix and color the thing now
Sounds good! She looks fluffy.
File: 1437099240963.png (36 KB, 182x250) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
36 KB, 182x250
Best waifu
(This needs work...)

Even now I can smell your fur
Freshly from the shower
Still hot from the summer

Even now I can smell your skin
As I wrap you in a towel
Lay you on the bed
And try to love you

Even now I can feel your wings
I can feel your feathers
I can hear your songs

And I always can find you again

Even now I can feel your hoof
Gently over mine
With almost no weight at all

Even now I can feel your eyes
Watch me as I love you
Much too late at night

Even now I can see you smile
I can hear you hum
I can hear you sing

And I always can find you again

Even in the dark of night
Even in the lowest light
Even as the world outside is spinning and spinning

Even now I can feel your mane
Blow across my cheek
As we sit in one of two chairs

Even now I can feel your face
Resting on my chest
Wrestling for sleep
And failing at it

Even now I can see you sleep
I can see you dream
I can see you fly

And I always can find you again
I bet Dash would smell like rainwater, making rainy days inside feel someone warm and cozy.
Ooh, the ozone smell just before a big down pour.
Checked. I really like it! If I could just suggest one tiny thing, and take it with a grain of salt.

It may sound a bit better to say:

"And I can always find you again."

rather than:

"And I always can find you again."

This is just my two cents, to each their own style.

Exactly, the lighter smell when you're up in the mountains.
Its more of a parody than anything. I'm not very clever with words.

Though, if you know how to get it to a brony musician...

Here's the original.

>Brony musician.

Sorry m8, don't know any. And usually people who call themselves "bronies" aren't fans of us.
File: fishnets and tacos.png (303 KB, 965x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
fishnets and tacos.png
303 KB, 965x720
>piercings are degenerate
>eqg rainbow dash is a degenerate
Don't forget the cunt piercings that makes the lips stretch over time, those are my favorite.
I already forgot.
How about huge beads implanted in the labia?
File: 1011103.png (641 KB, 1280x1130) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
641 KB, 1280x1130
How about some good ol-fashioned krusty kunt?
As moist as I'm growing from this conversations, I think I'm going to go do some work. Why don't you write that to keep this thread alive, friend-o? We need more writers.

How about no~?
File: really.jpg (188 KB, 1452x1080) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
188 KB, 1452x1080
I'm afraid people won't be very tolerant of my atrocious phrasing and even atrociouser grammar, so--- nope. No way.
Bump bump bump
Dashie has a nice rump.
>lol what?
NRDT guy? Nightly Rainbow Dash thread? If you post or talk about a version of Dash he doesn't agree with he loses his shit and starts spewing buzzwords, mostly "c-uck" and "degenerate".
Ah did et y'all
the good thing about EqG RD is that she gave us the spats
File: full (1).png (257 KB, 1243x1480) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
full (1).png
257 KB, 1243x1480
Is she stronk like bear?
>"yeah brush that tail... fuckin... brush it..."
ded thread
how many of you have a Dash plush?
I have a plush, a vinyl, and a pillow with no special characteristics whatsoever aside from being the primary way I hug my incredible dash tulpa.
I have a Dash and a Fluttershy plush
File: 1446343698203.png (88 KB, 873x914) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
88 KB, 873x914
Am of having one, but is cheap Chinese plush. Is of knowing where of buying cheap plush? Time for new one I think.
File: glutes.gif (873 KB, 491x297) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
873 KB, 491x297
What's the difference between the NRDT and the RDT?
Go see for yourself. It won't take long for it to become apparent.
>"Anon, wake up, it's morning."
>"Come on Anon, the little glowy box says it's daytime now."
>"It's a little dark out but I really need to show you this cool trick I dreamed about."
"Dash, it's midnight, go to bed."
File: 1444674286624.jpg (28 KB, 540x660) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
28 KB, 540x660
Privyet? Is anyone knowing where I can be of buy cheap plush? I was try Plush Thread, but no answer. Also, cute bump
File: 892090.gif (107 KB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
107 KB, 750x750

>"Anon? I went to sleep and woke up."
>"Can we play now?"
>"Come on Anon pleaaaaaase? I promise it'll be fun."
"Dash, go back to bed, we can play when the sun is out."
>"But that'll take forever...can't we just play now?"
"Look if I let you sleep in my bed will you stop waking me up?"
>"Night Anon!"
"Goodnight Dash"
File: 983476.png (376 KB, 917x2445) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
376 KB, 917x2445
goodnight rdt.
if rainbow came to earth, what would her favorite machine be?

Hardmode: No planes/helicopters/spacecraft/gyrocopters/gliders ect ect

Personally, I think Tanks.
(not that anon, just forking his green)
>You tuck Dash under the covers
>Her fluffy head tickles your nose at first, but after a bit you get used to it
>Not to mention, she kinda smells good.
>A bit wild, ok, but good.
>In the dark of the room you can feel her body shivering in anticipation, like a child
>"Is it time yet?"
>"you sure?"
"Pretty much"
>Another moment of silence
>She's still shivering
>"Wanna hear something?"
"...will you let me sleep, after that?"
>"I swear!"
"...go ahead"
>"I can fart real loud! Listen!"
"Wait wh-"
>All of a sudden, your nose catches an awful, awful smell.
>Like an army of rotting zombies was camping in your room after a trip in the sewers.
>You jump out of the bed and tear the sheets away
>Then go to the window and quicly open it, desperately seeking for clean air
>Dash is giggling
>"Have you heard? Am I or am I not the loudest farter in equestria? Oh, you're awake now! Time to play!?"
File: kek.jpg (113 KB, 1258x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
113 KB, 1258x720
Damn, why did this make me laugh so much?
File: curtsy.jpg (19 KB, 330x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
19 KB, 330x363
...well, I hope it did: it was specifically meant to.
That is a cute bump.

Also, I will be posting new green in an hour or two.

Story paste: http://pastebin.com/Gtruk6W4
Top hype!
File: largedghdfgd.jpg (309 KB, 1127x873) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
309 KB, 1127x873

> “Mmm, yes?” she purrs.
> She flashed you a mischievous grin.
> Yeah yeah, that won’t last long you little she-devil, you!
“I like that.”You say simply.
> Rainbow Dash cocks her head in confusion.
> “Huh?” she says curiously.
> Perfect.
“Dashie, call me Master.”
> She smirks.
> “Of course Mast – “
“No no – “You raise you r hand to stop her, “No Dash, I want you to say Masters name.”
> She tilts her head once more.
> “Master Anon?” she questions.
> You just shake your head.
“No. Master Nonny.”
> Silence runs through the room.
> Rainbow Dashes eyes widen at your words.
> “Bu-bu-but Anon, that’s embarrass – “
> You cut her off again.
“Master Nonny.”
> She shrinks back, her face burning a fierce red.
> “M-Maaaster N-n-non – I CAN’T!” she yells. Her voice cracks as she buries her face in her forelegs.
“Aww, come on Dash.”
“I thought you wanted this?”
“Plus, I kind of liked it when you called me that before…” Your voice trails off as you say that last part.
> Looking to the side, you scratch at your cheek.
> A small ‘eep’ escapes the quivering bundle of blue on the ground.
> One eye is pokes out from the defensive shell.
> “…Really?”
> You smile and nod.
“Yeah, really”
> “…”
> “Okay…”
> “N-N-no…”
> She takes a deep breath in and then releases.
> Her mouth trembles and her face dyes itself red.
> “Nonny~” She whispers out.
> Rainbow Dash goes rigid with embarrassment as the words leave her lips.
> You shake your head once again.
“Master Nonny” you repeat.
> “Nnn~ Master Nonny” moans the mare.
> You reach down and stroke her mane.
“Good girl~”
> “A-Anon, this is –“You cock an eyebrow at her “ –Nonny, this is kind of embarrassing“
> The mare shrinks back slightly.
> She says that she’s embarrassed, but that lusty, happy smile tells you otherwise.
> She loves this.
> And frankly, so do you.
File: fdg.jpg (58 KB, 333x333) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 333x333
Frankly, "Nonny" is one of the dumbest nicknames I've encountered during my entire miserable existence on this miserable space rock. I cringe every time I see it.
and to me, "Nonny" is really only something I can see Pinkie saying
but I at least know how to put up with it
I feel the same way about Dashie. It screams autism whenever anyone says it that isn't Pinkie.

I'm sorry to hear that, but what's done is done. Personally I think that she would give Anon a nickname of sorts to show affection, it may not have to be "Nonny", but I can see her calling him something similar, with an insult tacked on of course. The Nonny thing is just Anon's autism. If it helps then just think of it as part of Anon's power trip.

And besides, Muffins is way worse.
File: 397715.png (277 KB, 1600x1571) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
277 KB, 1600x1571
Whoa, fuck! No way. Where did I put the bottle of brain bleach?
Are you the same asshole who's been complaining this whole thread because things that are being posted contradict what you like?

Jesus fuck you stupid mother fucking autistic cunt. If you don't like what was posted, either write something yourself, give actual feedback, or kill yourself.
(I'm >>25339385)
No. I'm the asshole who finds certain words used in certain ways cringeworthy and occasionally, and not very often at all by the way, expresses how he feels about them.
Oh bullshit, you write the exact same way as those earlier posts complaining about piercings and age. Do you realize how little this thread actually has? And you bitch and bemoan two of the what? Three writers we have? Just because certain words or themes upset you?
I'm >>25339414
Nonny just seems more fitting coming from Pinkie, so it just sounds off to me, but I was just voicing what I thought about the word
I love the green otherwise
I do agree with Grim, that she'd have some kind of nickname for Anon, just not Nonny but I let it go because it's good green

you're the one blowing it out of proportion
stating that Nonny doesn't seem to fit her character IS feedback
I made this post >>25331053
What. I'm not even a frequent poster. I prefer to lurk.

Listen, I don't think I can convince you that you're wrong, and, likewise, this strategy of yours isn't going to work on me. I will continue to complain about words however I please. So how about we stop right here? I stop replying to you. You stop complaining about my complaining. Deal?

Now now, I don't really mind if he thinks it's off, what is green if not somebody else's headcanon? It's okay to have differing opinions, and I for one am glad he shared his thoughts. So long as it's not someone blatantly telling me I'm shit and to go jump off a cliff, I don't mind a little criticism. It's fun reading what others think about my story. If someone doesn't like my green then they can just filter me, same goes with me, If I don't like what you said then I can just ignore it. No harm, no foul.

Anyways, posting in a bit.

Gonna post that pic I made along side this update, so get hyped.
When you get to the point that you're throwing baseless accusations of identity around that easily on any anonymous image board, you know there's a problem.

Calm the fuck down, I'm the one who made the posts explaining why the ponies don't age like horses, and also a few of the posts in the second prophesied coming of the overdone piercings argument. I can assure you that >>25340112 is not in fact me.

I still very firmly stand by my stance that the ponies in MLP age like humans. And also me not liking or agreeing with the piercings, but let's get over that already, because we won't be reaching an agreement I'd say.

Anyway, you seem to have misinterpreted me explaining that as hating the writer however, which is false. I appreciate people writing greentexts for free, I just don't always agree with all the themes and ideas in said stories, and sometimes I choose to voice that. And the idea that the ponies have short lifespans like real horses is just wrong, and would be pretty damned terrible. Maybe I could have explained it without being quite as aggressive, but I hardly think I drove anybody off or something.
That pumpkin looks like a butt. Also, RD's nostrillessness in that pic triggers me.

“Master Nonny”
> “…”
“It’s Master Nonny, Dash.”
> “…”
“Are you a bad mare?”
> “… N-No…”
“Good. So say it.”
> “M-Master N-N-Nonny”
“Good mare!”
> “M-Master Nonny”
> Ahahah, OMG this is so fun!
> I love this – POWER!
> “Master Nonny~”
> “Master Nonny!~”
> “Master!~”
> She moans and gasps out your name over and over again.
> Bending down, you pet Dashie once more and coo her name softly.
“Mmm~ very good Dashie.”
> Your hand runs over her mane and then alongside her face.
> You cup her cheek; it’s warm to the touch.
> Rainbow Dash quietly chirps as you run your thumb against her cheek.
> You can’t help but think of how cute she is when you do this.
> Smiling down at her softly, you peck the mare on her forehead
“Master loves it when his pet is obedient”
> “Thank you Master!” barks out RD happily.
> Her cheeks turn rosy as her eyes slowly become less focused and more absent.
> It seems that she’s really getting into this.
> You smile to yourself and scoot a little closer towards Dash.
> “Yes Master?”
“Roll over.”
> Rainbow Dash begins to roll over onto her back.
> Her soft stomach rises and falls in front of you.
> Her hooves are curled back, held close to her body.
> Her eyes are locked onto yours; their gaze is one of longing.
> She wants you right now, you can tell.
> You unconsciously nod in response.
> You want her too. You want her right NOW!
> There she lays, tail sitting between her legs, hiding the last part of herself.
> You smile down at the vulnerable little Rainbow Dash.
> You could do anything to her right now, you could even –
> Your hand slides down towards her exposed form, slowly and carefully, you want to savour this.
> The moment your hand reaches her bare stomach, you hear her breath hitch.
> A small gasp followed by a low moan.
> She was enjoying this.

>no nostrils

Here's another pic by the same artist where he didn't forget them.

Will be uploading the NSFW versions later.
Top Unf! A writer and an artist in one, so great to have you in this thread, mate!

I think I found your skype, by the way.
Huh? H-How?!
Yay, those are some cute nostrils.
I think I might have a nostril fetish.
>Do you realize how little this thread actually has?

Have you seen the pony Twilight general?

Simple. I __________________________________________________________________________________________guessed____________________________________________________________________________________________

Am I right, though?
Don't see any notifications, so I suppose not.

Plus I go by more than one name here. If you can guess which one then you'll know what my skype is.
File: 1445091571376.png (39 KB, 160x175) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
39 KB, 160x175

Well, then someone is probably spooked.

Add me? ijustscribble
Don't you prefer a challenge?

Not really.

But for you 1000 times over
File: Dashie Hood.png (4 KB, 265x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dashie Hood.png
4 KB, 265x370

Well! I found that you're hard to find.
File: Dashie Bolt.png (307 KB, 768x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Dashie Bolt.png
307 KB, 768x1024
It is... A slow day.
That's a cute Dashie.
That's a shiny butt!
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Dashie Bow.png
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Back up you go! Can anyone write some green?
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everyone has the capacity to write green to some degree, the problem is most never try in the first place. or they do and then just give up.
um... did she fall asleep while eating?

also because of the possibility of people saying it's shit
The latter would be what happened to me. I wrote one full story for AiE [spoilers](It was weird af and honestly kinda shitty, don't read it)[/spoilers], and I had started another when irl shit got intense and I just didn't feel like writing ever again and just quit.
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Also, have a thing I found earlier. ^:)
exactly, they fear criticism and never make the leap; if you're posting as anon then your early works aren't going to exactly stay with you unless you want them to, you have no reputation to gain or lose that way.
Thanks satan, I needed that laugh.
Another great part of green.
Kek. Thanks satan
>missing child poster
god damn that's clever
Anyone think RD would miss out on motherhood because she focuses on wonderbolts too long and forgets to have a life?
She just needs a lover to remind her of that once in a while.
I wanna boop her in the nose.
Fucking read this in the Rainbow Dash Presents voice.
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I want to explore with her.
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A happy family.png
198 KB, 1285x1271

NSFW Version: https://derpibooru.org/1017214

Note to self: Use a computer to upload shit. Using a phone sucks.
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>This is a ratherDashing thread.

>Get it? I said -

Anyone want something simple written?

Here's my delivery.

I'll color it later.
That's adorable
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Muh nigga
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Just Hnnng!
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how bout... either rainbow or anon are sick, and the other one is taking care of them?
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lucky bump
Where the hell are her wings?
nrdt, hey
hey, nrdt
look what I posted!

oh god. You had to poke the beast. I can feel the trainwreck coming...