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>PLEASE don't tell Rarity!
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>PLEASE don't tell Rarity!
Why not?
Dafuq didya do SB?
I don't have to tell her.
Because she already knows.
You shit on the coats, sweetie, there's no way I can't tell her
Hey, you're the one who said blind ponies have pretty eyes.
Too late
>plot twist
you are rarity
I wasn't planning to.
For special favors, that is
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Damn right
Stop being /b/ for one day.
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but sweetie bell, i was me all along
You guys are going at this all wrong. If she expects us to keep a secret, we should ask her for something in return...
ayy lmao
but if I do everything she wants, she'll surely willingly fall in love with me and do whatever I want later down the line. Love is like a game of chess, you see.
Alright. Give me a hundred bucks. Any questions, we triple it.
Like I want her to know you watch a show for little colts.
She doesn't have any money though
Than I would ask her for something else...
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Yeah, like a discount at Rarity's boutique
> You run a hand through your scalp, your head long devoid of any hair.
> Twilight's experiments made sure of that.
> Sweetie Belle sat on her bed, staring dejectedly down at the shreds of what once was, exquisite clothing.
> Lavender silks, Purest cottons, Scarlet threads followed by golden patterns.
> It was part of her sisters new line after all, the one she had been talking non-stop about for three months.
> You let out a long whistle, scratching your chin in thought.
> "She's going to kill me!" The filly shrieked, her voice cracking.
> That was adorable.
"I don't know what to tell ya'..." You muttered.
> She looked like she was on the verge of tears, about ready to collapse any moment now.
> One moment you were coming to visit Rarity and the next...
> You look over the strips lining Sweetie's bed.
> You were stuck with this...
> You sigh and fold your arms.
"How did you- Wha..."
> "I tried to give Opal a bath. I didn't realize that Rarity's new line was still hanging out..."
> Sweetie Belle shot forward; tackling your chest.
> "Help me! Help me! Help me!"
> You frown and pat her head silently.
> Well....
> You couldn't say no to that...

No idea where I'm going with this but I like this prompt, should I continue?
No wait, ssshhh. No-one's gonna judge from a single post, I'll repeat the question later.

> You pull the filly away, wiping the snot and other bodily fluids forming on your suit.
> The non-sexual kind of course.
> It's a little kid!
> The ribbons of used to be clothes could have her tears now.
"Okay... How about weeee... remake the line, how long until Rarity gets back from the store?"
> Sweetie Belle gave you a blank look.
> "I highly doubt that's going to work Mister Anon."
> Yeesh; you were just trying to make her feel better.
> Didn't know she was that close to her sister.
> She did have her cutiemark now though.
> Which for some reason, filled you with unfathomable rage whenever you would stare at it too long.
> You lean against her white and purple painted desk, nearly tipping the whole thing over.
"Weeee blame the cat entirely. Rarity is sure too buy that."
> "She's still wet. And Opal knows not to touch anything that's not hers since Rarity took her to Fluttershy."
> Has she been in this situation before?
"Okay... rounding back to the first idea. I'm confident we can pull it off-"
> "Anon..."
> You sigh, letting your shoulders drop.
> You didn't want to tell her the possibility of just having to....
> Stallion up and face it.
> You remember when you where a kid trying to hide stuff from your parents.

> Your dad hung from the ceiling; completely decked out in splinter-cell esque gear.
> "Listen here you little shit, I've served twenty years in the marines. I know when you're trying to hide porn."
> He threw down a multitude of magazines depicting women in naughty, suggestive, or outright humiliating poses.
> Your dealer crashed onto the table, bound and gagged.
> He let out a muffled cry shooting you a look.
> "And bad grades!"
> Your teacher slammed on top of your dealer, letting out a gagged cry of pain.
> "I didn't go through two-hundred confirmed kills and over sixty-three missions for Americas GLORY to be played by some 14 year old!"
Is gud
Keep going
> "Anon are you okay? You look like my dad whenever he talks about the war."
> You shake your head clear; forcing any oppressed memories out of your mind.
"Yeeeahhh... Fine..."
> You had to help her.
> Rarity was definitely going to kill her...
> This line had been for some big debut. If Rarity found out the Sweetie had been the main reason behind its demise...
> Wow, you did not want to be in her horseshoes right now.
"Okay; grab a shovel, rope, a bat, and some tape."

> You are Rarity.
> You hum to yourself as you trot down the streets of ponyville.
> You give a friendly wave to some of the more excitable residents of ponyville.
> "How's it goin' Miss Rarity!"
> "How's your day today!?"
"Just delightful!"
> You loved life right now.
> Three days from now you would make you great debut of your new line.
> You had put three months of hard work, tears, and sweat into this line.
> And it would be MARVELOUS!
> Despite your self-preservation of public image you found yourself clapping your hooves together and squealing like a school filly.
> You clear your throat and go back to ambling towards your Boutique.
> You couldn't wait to get back.
> You were going to celebrate all of your hard work tonight with a rather powerful drink.
> The weight of the bottle seemed to quiver in your saddle-bag, respondent to your thoughts of it.
> You couldn't wa-
> Some of the ponies that lived closer peered their heads out of their houses.
> Some gasped while others just retreated back in.
> You Boutique was absolutely ruined.
> Busted windows, broken support beams, splintered wood.
> The door was knocked in; nearly broken in two.
> You push past the rubble.
> Oh sweet Celestia.
> The inside was much worse than the outside...
"What happened!?"
> You could've swore your shrill scream just rattled the entire town.
> Two figures hidden just beyond the living room caught your attention.
> You galloped over to them.
> It seemed to be Anon and Sweetie tied to chairs.
> They had potato sacks thrown over their heads.
> You used your magic to rip the sack off of Sweetie Belle, earning a surprised gag from her duct-taped mouth.
> You peel the duct-tape away.
"Sweetie Belle what happened!?"
> She looked like she couldn't decide on what to tell you before she frowned and folded back her ears.
> "I-I don't know... Anon knows more than I do..."
> You gallop over. Taking the bag off of Anon.
> His face was bloodied, bruised, and cut.
> A half-closed eye stared at you silently.
"Shrarity..." He spat.
> Was he trying to say your name?
"Anon! What happened to you!?"
> He grunted in pain.
> He nudged his head towards the backyard.
> You peer out of the kitchen window...
> And you scream in terror.
> Your new line!
> Torn too ribbons and strewn about the yard like confetti!
> You snap your eyes shut; trying your best to turn away from the horror before you.
"Who did this?" You growl.

> You are Anonymous again.
> So far the plan was working...
> You think back a bit.
> 'Ok Sweetie, the only way Rarity isn't going to go Predator on your flank is if you do as I say. Now... wreck some stuff up with this bat..'
> 'Anon I-'
> 'Do you want her to use your skin as the next fabric for her line!? Trust me, I know best.'
> 'Okay...'
> 'First, hit me...'
> 'Wha-'
> 'Hit me!'
> 'Anon I can-'
> 'Do it!'
> 'Argh!'
> 'You asked me to do it...'
> Yes, yes going perfectly.
> Turns out thought that Sweetie Belle had a secret swingers arm- err leg that she didn't tell you about.
> Oh well, the excruciating pain you were in only helped to serve your story good.
> "Who did this!?" Rarity repeated.
> Sweetie Belle flinched.
"Da wrobbers!"
> Some specks of blood followed suite.
"Dey shaid your line shucked and they wuld be back!"
> Sweetie Belle seemed like she wanted to protest briefly.
Okay, i'll tell her that you had a one night stand with Button Mash, and that you almost drugged him in the morning so that you could drag him off to a far corner of the Everfree Forest and fuck him endlessly!
> Hmm...
> Didn't know Rarity's eyes could glow like that.
> In fact you were 100% sure they shouldn't practically be on fire.
> "T-They what!?"
> She hopped up in the air, fire bellowing from her mane and tail.
> You had only seen Twilight go Rapidash.
> And that was once.
> "Where did they go!?"
> Oh she was talking to you.
> "Where?" She growled.
> You gulped, swallowing a bit of your blood.
> Sweetie Belle managed to get close enough and whisper without Rarity noticing.
> "We should just tell her Anon, this is making things worse..."
> You should...
> You look at the current state her boutique was in.
> But that would include taking responsibility.
> Screeeew that~
> "Whest shide..." You sputter out.
> You just said a random direction.
> With a flash of magic the ropes holding you and Sweetie were cut.
> "Come on!" Rarity shouted, bucking open her backdoor.
> "Wha- where are we going!?"
> "Too get vengence!" Rarity shouted galloping off into the town.
> ....
> If you didn't go with her she was more than likely to get lost.
> Plus.
> Sweetie was already taking off after her; shouting for her sister too come back.
> You couldn't let Sweetie spill the beans.
> Rarity would skin the both of you.
> You specifically!
> You had to figure out a way too keep your lie hidden.
> Without the little one spoiling it.
> You grab a bag of ice from the freezer and take off after them.
> Marshmellows weren't going to make you take a punishment.
> Not at all.
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> It hadn't taken long for you to catch up with the girls.
> Rarity stormed through the Everfree brush, using her magic to clear some path.
> Luckily unicorn machina kept your face looking healthy and well now.
> You and Sweetie followed behind her, Sweetie looking rather nervous about the whole fiasco.
> She turned to you and clopped her hooves together nervously.
> Rarity was too caught up seeking vengence to notice either of you speaking.
> "Anon, does lying to Rarity make us bad ponies?"
"Not at all."
> A Timberwolf let out a pathetic howl in attempt to run away from Rarity.
> She growled something incomprehensible and blasted it with her magic, tearing it apart.
> "That wolf probably had pups..."
"Not at all Sweetie. It was in the wrong place at the wrong time."
> "Out of my way!" Rarity shouted at something.
> A Manticore roared in surprise as it was tossed over your heads like a hacky sack.
"I'm sure this will blow over..."
> Besides; now that you got a good look at Rarity.
> She let out an ungodly snarl, ripping the vines infront of her in two.
> You were 100% sure you didn't want to tell her anything.
> "Anon things could get worse if we don't tell her..."
"Shhhh, things aren't going to get worse!"
> "Don't you dare try and hide from me!" With a shout the whole shrubbery in front of Rarity was set ablaze, not by magic but by the sheer power of her anger.
> You scratch your rear, earning a disgusted look from Sweetie Belle.
"Yeeeeah, it's fine."
> "W-why didn't I ask Rainbow Dash for help..."
I wasn't sure at first, but I'm liking it now
> Night fell quickly.
> Of course it would when you were just following after a literal slaughter house.
> The three of you sat around a campfire.
> You held a couple of roasted lizards of the fire, overturning them slowly.
> Sweetie Belle stared at the ground silently.
> Rarity just fumed to herself; staring at the fires as if they were her salvation.
> They were yours at least.
> You pull one the lizards to your maw and take a bite.
> Delicious.
> "Rarity, I've got something to tell you." Sweetie Belle started.
> "Yes my dear?" Rarity asked, her demeanor changing from blood-thristy powerhouse to sisterly love almost instantly.
> "We wer-"
"Woah! What's that!"
> You point at the night sky with your stick.
> Rarity craned her head.
> You snatched up Sweetie Belle placing her next to you and across the fire from Rarity.
> "But Anon..."
"Rarity! I also heard the dastardly criminals that robbed your store say they were going to destroy the fashion industry forever! Think about it, no mor-"
> A literal beam of light emitted from Rarity's horn, lighting up the clearing to near blinding proportions.
> You made a fundamental miscalculation of this mares anger.
> "If they so much as lay a hoof on the industry I strive to achieve perfection in!"
"But they do!"
> "Anon please stop!" Sweetie pleaded.
> Was it getting a little hot?
> You wipe away sweat from your fore-head.
> Hmmm.
> You turn back to Rarity, who was still practically Super Saiyan three.
> You could feel your eyebrows singe away.
> "Anon, we've got to stop!" Sweetie shouted.
"They want to take everything Rarity!"
> "Why are you still doing this!?" Sweetie tried to squirm from your grasp.
> The ground around you began to swirl, slipping into the mares beam.
"All of your hardwork and thought, gone like dust on the wind!"
> "Anon!" Sweetie shouted.
> Rarity's shout reached a crescendo, merging with the beams raw power.
File: -L-88Wg79.jpg (22 KB, 550x339) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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> Leaves began to pull from the trees, flowing into her beam.
> They were disintegrated along with the logs and dirt pulled in.
> Your clothes reached out, threatening to be ripped off at any moment and join the fodder for Rarity's rage.
> Her eyes glowed intensely, the blinding light scanning the area.
> Only way you were going to get out of this was to make her completely focus on something else.
> "Anon stop it!" Sweetie shrieked, her voice hardly audible of the rage cannon.
"Negative! If I stop here we're both boned, look at how mad she is!"
> You hold the filly up, letting her get a good look at her sister.
> "She's like this because you keep on lying!"
"IIII don't think so. Not my fault she can't control her rage!"
> "Wha-you-I"
"Oh my lord! Rarity I just remembered something! They said they were going for your work first because it was the worst."
> Rarity let out an unintelligible grunt.
> She was starting to look like a magically infused, pony, orc.
> Her under-bite hung so far out it was comparable to a deformed pug.
> Her eyes were pools of bright white light now, nothing else but pure rage behind them.
"I even think-"
> The last thing you saw was a pure white explosion of light, engulfing you.
> You flew backwards at what felt like mach 2 speeds.
> The world went dark.
I won't. I'll tell everypony except her and tell them not to tell her. If her friends are trustworthy, you go free. If they aren't, you're fucked.
> Drip...
> Something wet splashed against your face.
"Ohhh Samantha stop..."
> "Anon!"
> The voice was hazy, blurred by your half-asleep mind.
> With a groan you creak your eyes open, staring at a wooden ceiling.
> What the...
> You sit up looking around.
> You and Sweetie were locked in a wooden cage, the bars looking just thick enough to withstand anything you could dish out.
> Sweetie watched with concern.
> You roll around, meeting what she was staring at.
> Oh....
> Earth ponies in tribe garb danced around a heated cauldron, an unconscious Rarity in the stew.
> "Ooga, chaka, Ooga, chaka, Ooga, Ooga, Ooga chaka."
> The earth ponies chanted as they danced around.
> They bared pointed teeth and edgy tattoos that you only expected to see on Deviantart back at home.
> Or tumblr if you got unlucky enough.
> They seemed to be sacrificing Rarity or something.
> Most likely getting ready to eat her.
> Who cares.
> What you wanted to know was, why the hell were horses fixing to eat meat.
> Wouldn't that give them mad indigestion problems?
> Though.
> It was obvious they didn't care, as evident by the way they were eyeing you and Sweetie Belle hungrily.
> "Anon, this is what your lying has got us into!" Sweetie shouted, gesturing at the sight before the two of you.
> You scratch you chin.
> "I-Wha-You-!" She puffed her cheeks out, her white coat taking a red blush shortly after.
"Look I got this."
> You pull yourself to the bars gripping hold of them.
> The earth ponies still ignored you, adding something new to their chant.
> "I can't stop this feeling!"
> "Deep inside of me!"
> You roll your eyes.
> Whatever they were chanting it was campy and most likely unoriginal.
> They stopped their chant this time, each one whirling around to look at you.
> Despite being in the cauldron for who knew how long her eyebrow twitched.
"Remember the crooks who broke into your Boutique!? Yeah, they're here!"
> You lean back.
"Any moment now and this will resolve its-"
> Rarity burst from the cauldron sending shrapnel and boiling broth everywhere.
> "Oh Celestia it hurts!" One of the earth ponies screeched.
> Huh?
> Were these not chanting cannibal pones ready to attack?
> One of them was engulfed in a ray of light, accompanied by Rarity's banshee shriek.
> Said shriek was loud enough to tear your cage apart.
> You snatch Sweetie up, already seeing the chaos Rarity was wrecking.
> An explosion went off next to the two of you, throwing you clear across wherever you were.
> The two of you came to a stop in front of a nearby trench.
> Which you hadn't even noticed until now...
> "Come back here!" Rarity shouted just behind you.
> "Help!" Sweetie shouted, going over the trench.
> You manage to catch her just before she fell in, letting out a sigh of relief.
> "Anon, end this now!"
> Flames seemingly began to whip and crackle at the bottom of the trench, punctuating the moment.
> "If you don't tell her imagine how mad she'll be when I do!"
"You're not going to tell her, you're going to be quiet about it. You asked for my help!"
> "Anon!"
"Shut it! No this is too dangerous."
> "Just pull me up! I promise we can work something out with my sister, she's a very willing pony!"
> Your eyes meet hers.
> Hers narrowed in fear and understanding.
"No-one must know..."
> You let go of her, watching her drop into the trench.
> "Annnnnoooonnnn!"
> She disappeared among the trench her voice silenced forever.
> No-one must know you were lying...
> Rarity would kill you...
"Long live the king..." You muttered, stepping away from the trench.
> As you turned around to walk away another explosion knocked you right into the trench.
> You reached for anything on your descent.
> You could get a hold of nothing.
> On your way down you could see Sweetie, levitating herself with some of her BS magic.
> You know...
> Maybe the truth would've been the best op-
> You are Rarity.
> Well relative to what happened a day ago.
> What you were a day ago was most definitely not you.
> You sipped on some wine, enjoying it after a hard days at work.
> "Wow and yah' managed to make a whole new line AND repair the whole Boutique?"
> Applejack took a sip of her cider.
"That's riiight~"
> "How did ya' do that?" Rainbow asked.
"Oh, a lady never reveals her secrets. But I will tell you, holding secrets can be good for one in the end."
> "Hmm, what about Sweetie Belle?" Twilight inquired, scribbling something down in the journal.
> "Well nothing Darling, she told me everything that had happened and I told her it was fine, it was rather infuriating that she had lied true, but I do not hold a grudge."
> Applejack downed her cider, letting out a satisfied sigh. "Say, any of ya' girls see Anon recently?"
> You smile deviously.
"He's in good hooves."

> "Stop moving Anon, she'll be back in a couple of hours."
> The earth pony got back to work, trying to pump out a quality red silk cape as fast as he could.
> You simply muttered a curse from under your body cast.
> Another pin was plucked from your back; being used to help them work on the cape.
> Sweetie Belle tapped her hooves together nervously, looking over your broken form.
> "I said we should've just told her the truth..."
> You glare at her from under your tomb.
> Someday....
> Someday things would go your way.

That's it, just wanted to do a quick oneshot to be honest, nothing fancy, or that could be built upon to be honest.

Probably a better writefag out there itchin to get on this but It's been awhile since I just got to do whatever with a prompt.
Thread replies: 39
Thread images: 9
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