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>"By all means Anon, You should really...
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>"By all means Anon, You should really stay the night"
I hope you didn't take my dream from last week seriously...
The night? I'm moving in!
>queue sitcom laugh track as Anon drops his bags on the floor and Luna gives him a stunned look
what shall this new sitcom be called?
I vote for Under the Moon
>'Under the moon' was filmed in front of a live studio audience
>"Anonymous, you did not mention your boss would be joining us for dinner."
>'What can I say? It must've...SLIPPED my mind!'
>[raucous canned laughter]
>"Very well, does he have a favorite dish?"
>'Yeah. H-he's really fond of....creampies!'
>Anon cums inside Luna, she rolls her eyes and says 'One of these days, Anonymous..'
>roll credits
>TBS drops it halfway through season
I want to casually cum inside luna while a laughtrack plays in the background.
>cream pies
>not moon pies
you had one job.
She's just your co-star, Anon, there are no real feelings there.
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>You will never have a slumber party with the Princess of the Night
I'm okay with not hearing her cry about being an evil pony all the time.
I call top bunk, nerd
Writefags plz
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>Not wanting to Dutch oven Luna
>'Under the Moon' was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
>Smooth jazz plays as the intro screen fades into the set where we see Anon slouching on the couch with one leg propped up on the coffee table.
>Luna walks into the room with a tray of cookies floating beside her.
>She looks down at Anon with a confused look.
>"What are you doing? You're supposed to be at an interview."
>Anon shrugs while still staring forward.
"I didn't pass."
>She tilts her head as she sets down the tray on the table.
>"Didn't pass the interview?"
"No, I didn't pass the front door."
>Mild laughter from the audience.
>Luna sighs.
"I can't find anything good to watch on T.V., either."
>She looks over at the wall.
>"We don't have a T.V."
>More laughter from the audience.
>Anon bends over to grab a cookie.
"We're also out of cake, can you make more of that?"
>Luna looks worried.
>"Anon! Those were for my sister!"
"Anon takes a bite out of his cookie.
"Oh. I guess that explains the poisonous flavor."
>Audience laughs and claps as the show goes to commercial.
>anon ends up being an extreme nuisance
>a contract was signed, so luna or anon cannot legally move out
>Luna tries more and more elaborate ways to murder anon, all of them failing catastrophically
>anon is oblivious to this
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200% kek.gif
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Oh you fuckin bastard...
>Come out of the bathroom after changing into your pajamas.
"Okay Luna, I'm ready for some sweet slumber party games! Although Truth or Dare and Spin the Bottle may be a bit boring with just the two of us."
>Luna stares at you deadpan.
>"Being the Princess of the Night, I have much work to do guiding pony's dreams tonight."
>"Please leave."
>Luna promptly drops into deep meditation, leaving you effectively alone in her bed chambers.
>"So that you can force me to rub your ass again like in that greentext the writefag of this post made a while back, to which he'll gladly share the link if anyone was interested??"
>"Yeah sure, why not~"
>Screen fades to show passage of time.
>Anon is sitting straight up on the floor thinking really hard.
"Hm... I dare you to... Not talk for the rest of the night!"
>He slaps his knee.
"Ha! That means I win!"
>Luna is still in her dream-walking trance and isn't responding.
"Guess it's time for spin the bottle."
>Anon spins the bottle and it isn't pointing at either of them.
>He spins it once more and it again doesn't land on anyone.
>He scratches his head before spinning it once more.
>The bottle still doesn't point at anyone, but he nudges it with his fingers until it's pointing at Luna.
>Anon sits up and grins.
"Ooh, look who the lucky lady is."
>He then walks over to Luna, and after a few hesitant attempts finally plants a smooch on the Princess of the Night's cheek.
>The audience awww's.
>The screen fades once more to let you know time has passed.
>Luna blinks as she comes out of her trance and stretches a bit, still in her bed.
>She looks confused as she stops and touches her face with a hoof.
>A trail of spit clings to her hoof as she pulls it away to look at it.
>"What is this? Why is my face wet?"
>Audience laughs slightly.
>The sound of snoring grabs her attention as she looks to her right at Anon who is passed out under her covers.
>She shakes him violently.
>"Anon, what did you do?!"
>He bats her hoof away and rolls over.
"You're really bad at slumber party games, I won all of them."
>She frowns and wipes her face off.
"You're also a really bad kisser."
>Audience laughs and the screen fades to black.
I want to accidently call her mom
So share the link....

That's pretty hot__
Also check'd
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I oversold myself, the story I mentioned doesn't actually have ass rubbing it only alludes to it.
>>"By all means Anon, You should really stay the night"

What really fucking hurts is I dream maybe once every 4 or so months, and when I do, it mentally fucks me up.

Last week I had my first dream in quite a while, and to explain it the best I can... Imagine everyone you ever loved, or is close to you

Then imagine them all hating you like you just killed their fucking children and gutted their parents. Everyone I knew close to me treated me like this; complete utter shit.

I woke up with tears all over my face and pillow, my first waking seconds crying.

I could really use a sleepover with Luna right now
I had a dream like that once
I woke up and the feeling of wanting to kill myself in the dream carried over to real life, so I woke up suicidal and it took me a couple of hours to figure out why
I had a dream where I had four penises and I tried to milk them like cow udders.
i had a dream i sucked a horse off while he sat like a person on my couch
I'm jealous. Though if I got double-teamed by a horse and a charizard...
I don't remember dreaming often at all but almost always wake up miserable.
According to my book on dreams, under the entry for Anger,

"If someone is angry at you in dreams in an uncharacteristic way you may have offended them without consciously being aware that this has happened."

But I don't think that's the case. If I had to guess, it stems from a perceived disappointment in those close to you. You feel as though you've let family and friends down in some way, that you aren't meeting their image of success. Whether this is true in any degree or not, your dream greatly exaggerated the feeling of shame inside you.

I've had this same dream.
>me and brothers say it's fucked up to just take us away from our lifetime friends; and on a side note, I'm really fucking socially awkward and I just got a girlfriend
>"we'll let you finish up the school year then we're moving"
>fuck me
>fast forward last day of school, 6th grade in case no one's counting
>everyone knows I'm moving; all my friends are depressed about it
>me and girlfriend rode the same bus home, sat next to each other, most days would just end with me and girlfriend waving each other off as a "cya tomorrow"
>not today
>hug her and kiss her cheek because 6th grade self too beta to kiss her on the mouth in front of like 30 other little shitheads
>fuck all you fags i'm out
>fast forward we move to now step dad's house
>summer pretty boring; didn't have any friends to chill with
>I also live in the fucking ghetto now so can't walk outside; way to downgrade from apartment to ghetto shithole, mother
>anyways; new school year starts; 7th grade
>know no one
>this sucks ass
>next year
>make "friends"; the kind of people who you don't really trust; just have similar interests
>years pass by and gain trust by these guys; but sure as hell isn't close to the friendships I had with my old friends; since I knew those kids when I was only 3 years old
>never get a girlfriend; lost my appeal to anyone, even sex-wise, graduate with no girlfriend and virginity intact
>don't go to college
>move to apartment couple hours away
>get shitty job at walmart
>really depressed
>remember the facebook I had way back then
>log in
>all of my past friends, and girlfriend, all tried to contact me this whole time
>all of them would send an occasional "hey" like they wanted to talk, or even "happy birthday anon"
>this must've gone for about a year before they gave up
>damn near in tears
>call mom
>"why wha-"
"why the fuck did you think it was ok to take me and (13 year old brother) away from our friends just to live in a ghetto shithole with someone you knew only a year after they got out of jail for shooting a cop!"
>really fucking pissed from thinking just how fucked up it was
>tens of minutes go by of tearing my mom a new asshole for her damn near ruining my life just so she can have a fuckbuddy who was as much an alcoholic as my actual father was (both drank a 6-pack a day)
>then it's her turn to just fuck my shit up senpai
>"you feel good right now don't ya?"
"what the fuck do you mean?"
>"you're red-faced, shaking, and pissed off aren't you? does it make you feel good yelling about this?"
"no because you ruined me and (same brother)'s life because you needed a goddamn replacement for the same asshole we left"
>she goes on how it isn't her fault I'm a low life faggot who hasn't done shit with his life
>yes it fucking is but whatever fuck you i'm done
>hang up
>cry myself to sleep

>week ago
>have dream of all of my friends explaining how I abandoned them and they wish I were just dead
>parents explain how i'm a waste of life and done nothing about it
>brothers tell me I'm the worst child; the runt who can't do shit
>wake up in tears
>fuck this shit I'm so done
>in deep depression

My shitty story of my life.

I'm not asking for you all to treat me like a special snowflake for this shit, just wanted to explain to (mostly) >>25323512 that you're pretty damn spot on, and I hope you all haven't had to deal with this shit
Sorry to hear all that. But I think you may still be able to get in touch with your old friends.
Dream interpreter amateur here.

Thank you for sharing. No, my life hasn't been near such levels of shit (apart from having to got to a new middle school where you don't know anyone, I feel you there). My disappointment more comes from not ever having a gf, getting worse grades than I could, not having a job, etc...real light, unimportant, easily solvable shit.

I feel like just another internet armchair psychologist since I don't have any real advice or meaningful commentary on what you've gone through. But I want you to know that you aren't a disappointment and that what your brothers say about you being the runt is something even they don't believe, and you shouldn't either. Keep on keeping on Anon. Doing a little better every day brings great benefits.

Oh, and one surefire way to avoid having bad dreams is to not eat sugar or drink milk right before bed. If you want desert, plan on having it at least an hour before bedtime.

Here, I don't know how you feel about G3, but I listen to this song before going to bed while looking at pictures of flowers and it's chill and soothing as fuck. It's called "Friendship and Flowers" and, yes, that's Tabitha St. Germain harmonizing with herself whilst comparing making friends to growing a garden (watch the video or not, it's mainly for the song):

Welcome back, scruffy
RIP 1/3 of story
Oh well, DreamAnon still read it so no biggie
how the fuck did this thread start with satirical sitcom greens and devolve into people sharing depressing life stories?
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