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>This little fucker is now in Equestria.
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>This little fucker is now in Equestria.
>What happens now /mlp/?
>I literally just went against this fucker as Gangplank
>fuck your poison
>Oranges it's K
>Fuck your blind
>fuck your speed
>7/0/1 game
never felt so good.
As to what he would do in equestria? protect it from threats and thrive in the everfree until prolonged distance from his own kind made him snap like Veigar. Unless the magic of friendship somehow fixed that.
>lego landers
Cry as he Hexakill's the mane 6
he gets all the pussy
Why just him? Why not all the Yordles?
Better yet, League of Legends in Equestria.
Having Diana and Leona bitch slap each other in front of Celestia and Luna.
Literally who?

>Unless the magic of friendship somehow fixed that.

Sweet mother of god, this is exactly why Yordles DO snap when they're separated from eachother! They lose access to the magic of friendship!

Think about it. Yordles don't normally use magic. The only two mage yordles that exist are Veigar, the one who went off on his own and snapped, and Lulu, the one who went off on her own and snapped, but the other way- because she still had friends, just not yordles! Every other "mage" type yordle is using yordle technology as a weapon, and every non-mage yordle deals lots of magic damage for whatever role they are.

Yordles are magical creatures who are fueled by friendship. That's why they can't evoke magic; they feed on it. The ones who do use magic are both completely insane.

It makes perfect sense! It [/spoiler]was Singed the whole time![/spoiler]

Also I'm probably gonna start a green about this but I'm not sure if it should be about LoL character(s) existing in equestria as OP prompted or LoL itself existing in equestria as someone else later suggested. Convince/inspire me one way or the other.

Dammit. Report Ponybones for unskilled player.
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>League of legends
fuck off
File: techies-dota.jpg (50 KB, 640x359) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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He get's blown the fuck up by these fuckers.
Based Techies literally blowing Teemo the fuck out
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>Top tier waifu.
I don't know, I always wanted a strong, hardy warrior woman to defend my honor and look me in the eye as she jerks me off.
Fuck, I need a change of underwear.
Do just Teeno in Equestria to start, then go on with more if you decide you need more League champs
>imagined dingaling BWOOOONG in equestra
Fucking kek

>You are Teemo, The Swift Scout.
>You are Bandle City's vanguard against the outside world
>You boldly venture forth beyond the city limits and explore the alien world of Valoran.
>You were the first of your kin to join the League of Legends, and do battle on the Fields of Justice.
>Years of training and fieldwork have improved your skills, hardened your resolve and fractured your mind.
>But this was no hallucination.
>You weren't in Valoran anymore.
>You don't know what happened, but instead of teleporting to back to base with your recall spell, you ended up somewhere... different.
>Bright. Sunny. Charming.
>You don't trust it.
>You spy a settlement in the distance.
>Looks like a small town.
>Really small.
>Whoever lives here must be close to Yordle size.
>There's a road leading into the town.
>You don't trust it.
>You quickly set up camp in a small bush next to the road, hiding in wait.
>Roads mean traffic.
>You need to see what you're dealing with here.
>A few hours pass uneventfully.
>The sun is starting to set when you spy movement on the road.
>A four-legged creature.
>Mostly white with deep blue or purple hair, it's unclear in the fading sunlight.
>Large eyes.
>Sounds like hooved feet, you can't be sure from this distance.
>The only four-legged hooved things you've had much experience with is that abomination, Hecarim, and his ghosts.
>You need intel.
>You need answers.
>It might be able to help, but...
>Better safe than sorry.
>You look around to make sure this thing is alone.
>You reach for your blowgun and wait for it to pass by.
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He walks on a stack of mines because these fuckers got there first.
he gets into a cannon and crashes into the mountain. Blood everywhere.
File: Hecarim_0.jpg (285 KB, 1215x717) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Not this based motherfucker.
>"Their souls beg for release."
Equestria has some fucked up shit but I don't think they have anything on cursed-centaur-abomination-ghost-of-war level.
Would love to read/see how Celestia would deal with it, since you know, even Tirek didn't killed anyone.
>It was Singed the whole time
Suffering is magic!
File: the deathsinger.jpg (558 KB, 1215x717) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the deathsinger.jpg
558 KB, 1215x717


>not pic related

Christ man heca would get Orbital Friendship Cannoned immediately, it would be a lot more interesting to see the deathsinger over any other shadow isles champion (except maybe mao'kai) because unlike the other undead karthus is trying to help people.

the way he goes about it is downright awful and the fact that he forces it upon people is what makes him "evil" but he really thinks he's helping people by turning them undead, it would certainly be interesting seeing the main six try to interact with him and show him how much of a raving lunatic he is.

certainly more interesting than watching the shadow of war stomp all over everything, at least to me
fforcestaffs out of thread
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I'll never get why 4chan hates leauge so badly

>It'll never know what hit it.
>Lightning quick you pop out and empty four darts into its flank and one into its neck.
>It drops like a sack of bricks.
>You dart back into the brush and look around in case anyone saw, or is coming.
>Coast's clear.
>You scurry over and check on the creature.
>You hit it with a trifecta of ajunta poison and two blinding darts, just in case
>Scout's Code: Always double tap.
>You might have overdone it on the poison though.
>You just wanted it knocked out to restrain it.
>This thing ain't moving.
>You aren't sure how to check its pulse but whatever you do, you aren't finding one.
>It's also definitely not breathing.
>You needed information.
>All you know now is these things are pushovers.
>You quickly drag the body off the road and stash it in the bushes.
>You briefly wonder if it's edible before deciding not to risk it.
>You still have plenty of food.
>Scout's Code: Always pack an extra lunch.
>While dragging it you notice a strange pair of markings on its flanks.
>Three light blue diamond shapes.
>You wonder if its some sort of rank, a brand of ownership, or just an unusual natural coloration.
>Doesn't matter much now.
>Checking again if the coast is clear, you break out your collapsible spade.
>You get to work quickly digging a shallow grave in the underbrush.
>Good thing it was small.
>Hopefully it won't be missed immediately.
>Either way, probably best to skirt around the town now.
>Stranger from a strange land shows up for no reason.
>Someone's family member goes missing the very same day.
>Not the most conducive atmosphere to be asking for directions in.
>You decide that's deep enough.
>If it frosts a leg or two might stick up through the ground, but you'll be long gone by winter.
>One way or another.
>You roll the body into the pit and shove the pile of displaced dirt over top of it.
>You fluff up the brush to look natural again and begin heading across the field parallel the main road under cover of night.
Techies in equestria now
For me it's just another meh game with an incredibly shit community.

I only care because I have a couple friends really into it, and vi exists.
mobas killed rtses
however 4chan hates rtses too, so i admit i dont understand it either
RTS's are still popular. Starcraft II LotV comes out in 5 days. Tournaments are still played in WC III. An Halo Wars II is making its debut soon, and hopefully it won't be a letdown like it's predecessor. (Even though I still enjoyed it)
It's not a bad game, I just enjoy DOTA 2 more. Both of them have shit communities.
Never bothered to read his new lore. I just remember that in the old one he was like Kel'thuzad - joined undead because he wanted to, and now kills because he's undead.
>Shit community

I've seen so many people say this.

Why doesn't anyone understand that every game has ragers ,baddies, hackers
Don't forget 4chan hates everything, even ponies.
What magnificent digits to kill worst pone with.
I eagerly await more good sir.
I'm more of a Dota person myself. League requires a different kind of skill, namely timing with all those damn skillshots. I prefer the extra emphasis on strategy that Dota offers.

MOBAs are infamous for having shit communities because those shitty people have a direct impact on your ability to enjoy the game. Unless you play with all premades all the time, you will be forced to cooporate in a very intimate and teamwork intensive gaming experience with people you don't know. You could say something seemingly innocuous in chat that offends them so they leave, or maybe they're just a fucking asshole 13 year old who's going to run down the midlane feeding for twenty minutes, or maybe they just suck really bad at the game, or maybe, etc, etc, etc. Regardless of specifics, someone will eventually be a prick to you, your chances of winning get flushed down the toilet, your enjoyment of game is ruined, and since people typically play games to have fun in the first place, your mood either went from bad to worse or good to bad.

Team games in other genres don't share this issue with MOBAs because if I'm playing a multiplayer team based FPS and I just want to snipe or I just want to play some engineer class and defend a flag or if I want to drive the tank or the helicopter, or whatever I want to do, I can do that even if everyone on my team is a lobotomized chimpanzee. The idiots on my team won't get in the way of me doing the thing I want to do, unless maybe that thing is winning the match. But if I want to, for example, play jungle Amumu in league and tank while my team pours down a hellish AoE wombo combo with Orianna and miss fortune, I need my teammates to watch my jungle entrances to prevent invades, I need both of those characters to not die and farm well in lane, I need people to follow up when I flash bandage in and drop a five man ultimate- and all that is assuming the strangers you get paired up with in solo queue are even interested in your AoE plan in the first place.

Also, have a pastebin, I'm crashing for a few hours: http://pastebin.com/k48P0fwz
>play jungle Amumu in league and tank while my team pours down a hellish AoE wombo combo with Orianna and miss fortune
Those rare moments where your team actually works together almost makes suffering through the endless piles of shit worth it.
>playing Fishtits, with a Wu, Yasuo, Vayne, and Amumu
>4 of us running back to base down midlane
>entire enemy team chasing us
>they're tightly clumped
>Amumu flashes over the wall, perfect ult
>I ult everyone one
>Yas gets a perfect ult
>Wu Ults after Yas
>Vayne cleans up the tanks barely still alive
Moments like this are rarer than a blue moon, but damn if they aren't orgasmic.
Global taunt bump
Never underestimate the scout's code.
File: 1445136268656.png (90 KB, 862x666) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
90 KB, 862x666
>made the first post in this thread
>brought a writefag in without even trying
>he killed(?) second worst horse already
Thank god, I was worried this was gonna be dead.
Gotta keep this thread alive.
I'm not sure if I like Bandle city or Bilgewater champs more
One one hand
>adorable shortstacks
on the other
Bandle gets Lulu and Trist, Bilgewater automatically loses.
I know
but damn if I don't like Bilgewater lore. Twisted Fate, Graves, Gangplank, burning tides was so much fucking fun.
If and when they do something like that for Bandle City they win, but until then it's kinda a tie.
>RTS's are still popular
>references dead game
>a 13 year old game
>and motherfucking halo wars

Besides, MOBAs didn't kill RTS, blizzard did. Their bungling of sc2 literally murdered a genre that could have dominated esports to this day.

sc2 didn't even have fucking chatrooms on release.
part of the changes to ranked address a lot of those jungle amumu problems. you can queue with more people and queue for specific rolls, furthermore you can select a softlocked champion that will be displayed to your team so that people can get an idea of what sort of team-comp they can work out.

ie: your 4th pick wants malphite top and your 5th pic wants jungle amumu, 1st, 2nd and 3rd can prepare for that if they want.
oh, and now they're changing it so last three picks are the ones banning
Remember, you ban yasuo so your team can't pick him.
isn't that always the way of it?
>your team gets Yasuo
he fucking sucks
>enemy gets Yasuo
he's a fucking GOD
you lose if you don't ban him
I also ban Rengar on sight because fuck autowin cat
That's me and Vayne.
>My team gets Vayne
She's 0/11 with 45 cs at 20 minutes
>Enemy gets Vayne
Goddamn Batman.
Because I don't feel like paying $680 dollars just to unlock all of the heroes and instead play a game like DotA 2 where all of the heroes are unlocked from the start so I can learn what everyone does, what their mechanics are, and how to counter them.

And what makes having 90% of the heroes locked off every week is that you can't counterpick anything because you can't see your fucking enemy team's picks.

ON TOP OF THIS STUPID BULLSHIT, instead of having the laning flexibility where the supports, carry, and initiator can lane anywhere they want and not having affect the game whatsoever, if I don't connect to the in-game char first and call out what lane I want, I am always either forced into the jungle or support role. And again, unlike DotA, supporting in LoL isn't in the least bit fun. It's all item-based and if you don't pick Thresh (solely because I haven't gotten around to fucking buying him yet) I get called out for being an idiot.

Just based on these merits alone, I literally cannot understand why this game garnered so much fucking attention. Seriously. It pisses me off at how little sense it makes.
>Not playing support and making it your lifes mission to ruin every vaynes game
>And what makes having 90% of the heroes locked off every week is that you can't counterpick anything because you can't see your fucking enemy team's picks.
>plays a mode literally called 'blind pick' and complains he can't counterpick
Play draft you fucking retard.
Sorry for the lack of coherentness and proper spelling. Just woke up.
And what does that solve? Everyone's just going to pick what they want anyway.
File: I has a sad.jpg (97 KB, 1030x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
I has a sad.jpg
97 KB, 1030x350
I do main support, or at least I did before I quit, but there's only so much I can do when my carry is clinically retarded.
>thread almost makes me wanna pick it back up
Please no, I'm finally free.

>hating jungle and support
Look at this faggot.

I miss Dawngate
let me explain in detail how draft pick works
>each team gets lined up and gets to ban three champions from the other team's pool
>the first person on each team does the banning (though this is changing)
>roles are then selected by pick order, with the person at the top (first one to pick) getting first dibs
>after everyone's picked you are given time to swap champions with another teammate, so first pick can get a champion that last pick wants and swap during this phase (if you ever see this happen run because it's clearly a premade and random teammates don't do this)
you don't get the chaos of blind pick and you can counterpick if you need to. also BANS ARE SO FUCKING USEFUL YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW
>what does that solve.
Draft is organized by pick order, so its impossible for people to instalock a champion/roll and calling your roll doesn't mean shit.

Furthermore teambuilder exists and you can queue up specifically for a single champion in a single roll.
File: 1366623708475.jpg (360 KB, 675x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Carry? You mean the guy that cleans up the minions for me? What does he have to do with me killing vayne?
Oh shit I love this overpowered bastard. Nothing feels better than hiding in the bushes at the end of the teamfight and ulting for a multikill. After reaching 900 ap you can easily feel like death incarnate. My mid main. I even bought him a pentakill skin for starting rp, because I got it on sale.
karthus in URF mode was me just walking from lane to lane farming while i ulted on cooldown. every 32 seconds the enemy carries lost half their hp.
Anyone else here play Thresh?
>pick Twisted Fate in URF
>teleport to some poor faggot
>blow him the fuck up
When will they make that mode permanent?
>playing support role
>not playing thresh or blitzcrank
>playing support role
>not out carrying the adc with "support" Lux
eh, she kinda gets shut down in the current meta from what I've seen.
make a banshe
Anyone know when Preseason is supposed to start?
>2spoopy chain man or Beep boop
>Not Praise the Sun!
Look at this faggot
I use leona Jungle
If the moon can do it, the sun can do it better
Muh nigga
>Not wanted based Death Sentence or Dark Passage
It's like you WANT your ADC to die.
>implying dumbasses grab the lantern
You can't save ADCs from themselves no matter how hard you try.
>It's like you WANT your ADC to die.
Well, kinda.
If you don't let them die a few times it starts to get to their head and they go full retard.
File: image.png (62 KB, 256x144) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62 KB, 256x144
But seriously though
Lion is the best support ever
>6 seconds of hard CC
>drain the poor faggot's mana while he's freaking out as a fucking frog
>Ult the stupid-ass enemy carry in a teamfight for 3 billion damage, forcing him to fuck off
Best support ever. I bet he can shit all over Teemo 1v1.
>Teemo hides in a brush
>mushrooms of fucktillion damage EVERYWHERE
>blind from the brush and a couple of autos later you're dead/dying
>runs away afterwards
>Hurr durr. I don't like the games you listed so I'm going to bash on them.

Blizzard didn't kill any genre. It takes the consumers to do that, don't you know anything about marketing?
SC II Is a huge eSport in most of the Oriental provinces.

Just because something isn't as popular in the Americas or Europe doesn't mean its dead. There's more consumers out there then just us.

Who cares if it didn't have chatrooms on release? This isn't release date anymore. Its over with, done. Past tense.

5/10 baitfag
Bumping for PonyBones.

>You slink across the fields around the outskirts of town unnoticed.
>Suddenly you find yourself face to face with the edge of an apple orchard.
>You're wary but, from what you can surmise, that is definitely a run of the mill apple tree.
>You check your six and climb up into the tree to inspect the fruit more closely.
>Yep, those are apples.
>Fine looking apples too.
>You cautiously pick one and pull out your combat knife.
>You peel away the skin
>You cut away a chunk of flesh
>You sniff.
>you taste a bit of the juice from your blade.
>Yep, apple juice.
>You try a bite and, satisfied that it is just an apple, consume a pair of them and stuff a few more into your field pack.
>You have a source of food, at least.
>Scout's Code: Wherever possible, live off the land.
>Now you just need shelter.
>You spy a large red building with a tin roof across the rolling hills of apple trees.
>Must be a barn.
>You could stash your self away inside there, possibly.
>You decide not to risk an encounter with anyone else yet.
>Probably best to stow away in a tree for the night.
>Not this one though.
>You climb down and stalk towards the center of the apple field.
>You climb back up a tree with solid looking branches.
>If the fruit you just tasted was any indicator it's close to harvest season.
>You don't know how the locals do things but you know that starting in the center of a field cannot possibly be the most efficient means of harvesting an orchard.
>You want fair warning if anyone might disturb your hiding spot.
>Scout's Code: Can't be too careful.
>You do your best to blend yourself into the leaves and fall asleep in the joint between two branches.

>WHACK. Thupthupthup.
>WHACK. Thupthupthup.
>WHACK. Thupthupthup.
>You open your eyes groggily.
>You snap to action, surveying what on earth is happening.
>Two more of those creatures
>One orange, yellow hair, same size as the other one you saw, wearing a brown hat
>The other one is larger, Red with orange hair.
>They're going from tree to tree, kicking them to knock the apples out.
>The big one started on the far side of the field.
>Already passed the tree you were first in.
>Scout's Code: Never underestimate the power of the Scout's Code.
>You've given yourself warning, but still
>How are you going to get out of this.
>They're going to kick your tree and you'll fall
>Pack full of stolen apples
>No explanation for why you're in their tree
>Can't have that happen.
>You don't know what happens to thieves around these parts.
>If they even recognize you as a person.
>They might spook and take off.
>They might attack you on sight like most people do.
>You grit your teeth and harden your resolve.
>It's you or them, Teemo.
>You, or them.
Wow, i'm impressed anon, you're actually retarded.

You want to blame the consumers for not acting according to the interests that blizzard refused to adequately serve? Jesus christ I hope you own stock and aren't just naturally a tool.

You want to pretend that the first 3 years of sc2 don't matter now that things are fixed, as if there playerbase hasn't long since moved on or now associate blizzard with those bad experiences? wow.
Global Taunt
Please.... Continue Mr PonyBones.

I almost didn't, desu. The way this story is going in my head isn't really grabbing me, but if people are actually interested to see where this goes then I shall forge ahead! Hopefully I can make it not lousy. :c


>The big one was closer
>Probably best to take him out first
>The element of surprise is only useful once, after all.
>Luckily it looks like he'll be first to your tree.
>You wait patiently until he kicks the tree next to yours.
>Your blowpipe is loaded
>He moves below you
>You drop out of the tree as you fire a blinding dart into his neck
>He cries out in confusion
>You pepper his chest with three more shots and the creature falls over with a thump.
>You plant your back to the apple tree.
"Whassamadder Big Mac?"
>He can't hear you, farm girl.
"...Big Mac?"
>You won't be getting a reply.
"Big Macintosh, what in tarnation are ya doin' on tha ground?"
>At least not from him.
"Big Mac, what's wro-"
>You jump out from behind the tree as the orange one approaches, hitting her with a blinding dose of poison to the neck and a single toxic shot to the chest.
>She stops moving, he limbs stiffening as she collapses.
>You had to use enough poison to take the big guy out
>Couldn't risk him staying up
>But you were hoping one dart would just incapacitate the orange one.
>You need information.
>You watch her flank.
>No movement.
>You walk over and listen.
>No breathing.
>You make a token effort of searching for a pulse, but really it's useless.
>Her heart ruptured in her chest when enough poison reached it.
>These things really were lightweights.
>You'll have to adjust your dosage.
>You glance around in case anyone saw you.
>Nothing but sunlight and apple trees.
>You sigh and head towards the barnhouse.
I hope this story has a happy ending.
With Teemo being horribly tortured and ripped part for a long period of time, cause fuck that little faggot.
Jesus, pick a good champ atleast
Singed, would be my best choice.

Literally pink wards everywhere.
Well if you want a Singed in Equestria post go make one.


>Good champ

Are you aware it is currently 2015?


>You reach the farmhouse and open the door to walk inside.
>You find yourself in a kitchen.
>You set your pack down and open it up to fix up some proper tranquilizer darts.
"Applejack, izzat you dearie?"
>Shit. You forgot.
>Scout's Code: Always secure the perimeter.
>You run through the kitchen and combat roll into what appears to be a living room.
>There's a green one with gray hair.
"BWAH! What in ternayshun, who're-"
>Dart in neck.
>Instant heart attack.
>Old timer.
>You're not even sure she died of the poison or of fear.
>Doesn't matter.
>You load up some more darts and ascend the stairs.
>You go room to room, making a clean sweep of the place.
>Nobody else seems to be home.
>You go back downstairs and into the kitchen.
>You work fast.
>Probably a good thing these creatures go down so easily.
>You only have so much poison left.
>You think half the normal dosage should still be strong enough to incapacitate these things without killing one.
>You pack up your gear and take a deep breath.
>Scout's Code: Leave no trace.
>You go out into the barn and start grabbing hay bales.
>You make a trail between the farmhouse and the orchard.
>You fill the kitchen and living room with loose hay.
>You get your trusty fire striker and light it from the doorway.
>You watch it spread to the interior walls before running along the hay and igniting the other end.
>You then run off across the rolling hills, heading towards a nearby forest.

That's all from me today, gotta get that sleep in my body before I start streaming Teemo games.
I guess some people aren't ever going to understand franchising. Have fun staying at the "Team member" tier. I'll keep making the big bucks nony.
Shitters dont know how to be a singed god.. That and proxy cs.
shut up, just because he was nerfed s2 doesnt mean hes bad. Just mean hes my second pick behind shaco.
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