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*knock* *knock*, EHHM.
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*knock* *knock*, EHHM.
Everyone pleas sit down, our auction will start right now.
>our first lot is someone who calls her self for rainbow dash
>start bind $78.98
>waiting on the fillies
pony's have the same intelligence as humans and can speak our language why would they ever be on auction
Because humans deem anything not human as the spawn of satan and have no rights. Any time something went wrong a pony would be blamed. General public would side with people over a pony any day of the week.
I don't know, but I think this new concept is really interesting. What should we call it? Slavery?
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Sorry, but that lifeform is government property now
Be more politically correct anon, call it serving time in a american prison for committing a "crime". She can make mcdonald's uniforms or artisan cheeses for whole foods.
Yes, it's not as if we ever, or still continue to sell each other.
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If only there was some case in history when this was common perhaps we would know.
we aren't niggers
>moderate to 'roughshod' use in the rear
>some intimate medical issues to address
Fifty. And that's only because those are some nice restraints.
>you are auctioneer anon
>it's your first day on the job
>the training floods back to you as you step on the podium
>it's not enough for the sight before you
>the audience in front of you is full of fat overweight fucks
>the stench irritates your eyes and nostrils
>they didn't prepare you for this reality
>some shouting erupts and a couple of them start punching each other
>you clear your throat
>and hammer the gavel
>no one pays attention
>half of them look at you with dull eyes, but they continue talking to each other
>you hear grunts, and your eyes are drawn to the sight of a circle of these creatures
>they are sitting down with a hand down in the pants of the guy to the right
>jacking it off, in front of you, while you try to sell
>you clear your throat again
>the show must go on
"Everyone, please sit down. Our auction will start right now."
>there's a slam as someone walks into a wall
>none of this makes sense
"Our first lot is someone who calls herself Rainbow Dash"
>the fight in the corner grows larger as more people join
>you hear shouts, mostly indecipherable, but the occasional "slavery" reaches your ears
"Start bind $78.98"
>the audience turns to you, simultaneously
>their eyes all seem to redden, and their bodies start vibrating, muscles twitching
>even the circlejerk has stood up, hands still fapping their brethens
>the room is silent except for the soft flapping of cloth
>at the battlecry, the horde starts rushing towards you
>the ground shakes with each step, and you hear splintering cracks in the ground from the force of the weight
>you stand in shock as the first body flies into you
>and pins you down onto the ground, knocking the wind out of your lungs
>he starts hitting you but runs out of breath at the second punch
>darkness seeps in as your vision is covered by the bodies of his friends
>it's over now
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How horrifying
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I came immediately
>"So be straight with me, how much was my eternal, unconditional, life long unquestioning servitude worth?"
>You looked over at the pony currently sitting on the far side of your couch.
>You weren't entirely sure if ponies were supposed to sit on the furniture.
>Wasn't it supposed to be like an animal?
>Well, dogs were allowed to sit on the couch, so you guess ponies were allowed as well.
>If they weren't, then why would yours?
>Snapping back to attention, you reply
"500 dollars."
>"500 bits? Fuck off. I'm worth at least eight times that amount. That equals...what? 4000 bits?"
>The pony creased her brow.
>"Sorry, I don't have an abacus on me."
"No, dollars. We don't use bits here. Or abacuses. Abacusi?
"Thanks. Anyway, it doesn't matter. I bought you, you're mine now, you'll do as I say."
"No talking your way out of it."
>"Got it."
"Anything at all."
>"Anything you want. No questions asked."
"...okay cool, glad that's all settled, move over. My show's on and I need to complain to strangers online about it."
>The pony shuffles away from you as you sit down next to it.
>not using her as a footstool
>”So how is this whole thing going to work?”
>You glance up from your laptop screen before quickly looking back down.
“I dunno. I figured it would be cool to have someone do all my household chores for me.”
>”I get my own room?”
>You nod.
“I have a spare bedroom. You can chill there; just don’t complain if I kick you out suddenly to make room a friend.”
>That was a joke, everyone knows you don’t have friends.
>She didn’t laugh.
>”That’s fine dude, I’ve had worse. Hell, I’ve had worse before all this shit happened. My own bed’s basically a gift from Celestia. Beats sleeping in a cage like the last guy who bought me.”
>She waits a moment before continuing, “Can I go in the kitchen?”
“How else will you cook me dinner?”
>”Fair enough. Usually people are concerned that letting their slaves in the place with all the knives is a bad idea, but I’m sure it’ll work it this time!”
>The conversation ends there.
>Minutes drag past in silence.
>You totally don’t care, but just in case your pon…your slave does, you attempt to reawaken the chat.
“So what can you do? You know any magic tricks?”
>The pony looks over at you and shrugs.
>”Yea, just stop feeding me anti magic drugs and I’ll do something that makes your head explode. Literally.”
>You stare at her.
>”That was a joke.”
>You don’t think it was.
>Thank god the pony came with a month’s supply of whatever they used to disable her horn.
“So can you cook?”
>”Nah, that’s a bad idea. I’m an awful cook. I’d probably burn the house down.”
“Can you clean?”
>”Not well. I’m a slob and lazy at heart. They don’t make me the cleanest pony.”
“Can you…I dunno, do anything at all?”
>”Not really. I was a fucking musician back home, what do you expect? If I had any skills or talents I wouldn’t have started a career in art, now would I?”
>She’s got a good point.
“So I just spent 500 dollars on a pony that can’t do anything?”
>”Shoulda been 8000.”
>You think for a moment.
“Fuck it, I’m going to bed. Don’t stay up too late; we’ll talk more in the morning.”
>You begin to head towards your bedroom, when you hear a loud thump behind you as the pony gets to her feet. Hooves. Whatever.
>”You’re new to this whole ‘slave/master’ business, aren’t you? Aren’t you afraid I’ll, I dunno, murder you in your sleep and run away or something?”
“Are you going to kill me in my sleep?”
>”Well, no, but…”
“Then there’s no issue. Night...”
>You pause, struggling for a name.
“Sorry, I never actually got your name.”
>”Typically, you’re supposed to give me one.”
“But what’s your name?”
>She pauses for a moment.
>”Vinyl Scratch.”
>You stare at each other.
“Well then, night Ms Scratch. Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Your room’s on the left.”
>And with that, you left her standing there in the living room.

Love how completely casual it was.
>The smell of smoke pulls you out of the world of sleep.
>Or rather, your alarm clock did, but the smoke is a notable detail in and of itself.
>See, your house doesn't usually have smoke in it.
>This fact spurs you to shake the sleep from your head as you rise to your feet. Hooves.
>No wait, feet. Definitely feet.
>Following the smoke, you quickly rush into the kitchen.
>Vinyl is there, staring into the sink as a small fire builds behind her.
>She turns as you enter the room.
>"Oh, sweet, just in time. Do you have a fire extinguisher anywhere? Otherwise I'll just try throwing some more water on it and see if it works this time.
"Of course I don't have a fire extinguisher."
>Vinyl raises a hoof to her chin, before pointing at you
>"You should invest in one. Fire safety is no joke."
"You set the house on fire!"
>"Yes, and now I'm working to put it out. Chill, bro. I got this, let your little slave do all the work."
>Grabbing the glass of water, Vinyl hobbled over to the source of the fire, extinguishing it.
>Burnt, wet bacon sits in the middle of the pan.
>"Aw right, breakfast's ready."
>You have no words, so you just say whatever your tongue wants.
"I thought you said you couldn't cook."
>"Well, I'm not the one who's going to be eating it. And if we've learnt anything, it's that I definitely can't cook."
It supposed 2 be b8, not a fucking fetish green text, but it's okey.
You may continue
>Your cereal is cold.
>Vinyl is sitting across from you, casually reading the newspaper as she nibbles on an apple.
>It was the only thing she was willing to eat.
>You made another note to buy some oats or something, apparently that's what she wanted.
>It briefly occurred to you that you shouldn't care what she wants.
>You did own her, she had to do anything you said.
>Then you went back to your cereal.
"You know, you're surprisingly okay with the whole...you know."
>"Being a slave?"
>You swallow.
"Yea, that."
>"No, I'm not fucking okay with it. How would you feel if someone tore you from your family and threw you six billion miles from home to work for a sweaty slavedriver you expects you to dress up prissy and sleep with men for money? You wanna swap positions? I'll be the master, you be the slave. It's fucking awful being a slave."
"Huh. You know, I didn't get that impression from you."
>"Well, of course not. I mean, there's nothing I can do about, so I don't bother being depressed about it. No point crying over something you can't change. I figure 'just go with the flow,' see where it leads."
"That's one attitude, I guess."
>"That's the only attitude. You either do that or lose your mind, man. I've seen ponies so broken down they don't even remember their real name no more. Shit sucks."
>You keep eating.
>Was it just you, or did the atmosphere change suddenly?
>Maybe it was just the smoke.
"So have you been a slave long or..."
>"With all respect provided to you, I'd rather we not have this conversation. Besides it's not like it matters."
>Vinyl flips through the paper faster, before placing it on the table.
>Curiosity kills the cat.
"What doesn't matter?"
>"You don't really care. You'll get sick of my shit and send me back to the auction for a more useful pony. Heard they've got a good deal on this white unicorn, totally submissive, totally housebroken. Doesn't even need to take drugs, she just does what you say. Deserves a home much more than me."
You say that like it's a bad thing
>Rarity was placed in a large, fancy mansion with mostly freedom to roam
>Her mind breaks when she got dust on her hooves
Well that went to a dark place PDQ
>"Alright, that's done."
>You look up from the couch, craning your head back to get a better view.
"What, already?"
>"Cleaning's super easy when you're lazy. On an unrelated note, don't open the third draw on this chest, I think I caused nuclear fission cramming it all in.
>She wasn't lying.
>The drawer looked like it was being held together with duct tape and hope.
"Heh, cramming it in."
>"Real mature." Vinyl said, before cracking a smile. "Heh."
"I don't think I have anything else for you to do. You wash the dishes?"
"Make the beds?"
>"No, but vacuum's are terrifying dude, you gotta do that yourself."
"You're the worst maid I've ever seen."
>"You get what you paid for."
>Leaping over the couch, Vinyl sat down.
>"Yea, someone is coming out of this looking like an idiot and it's not me."
"Fuck you."
>"Bite me."
>You stare at Vinyl for a moment, before looking away.
>Something about her bare eyes unnerves you.
"If you just wanna, I dunno, chill then? What do slaves usually do in their free time?"
>Vinyl simply stares at you some more.
>"Boy, you're really not getting this whole slavery thing."
"I guess not."
>You motion at the TV.
"Anything you want to watch?"
>Vinyl stares at you again. "Is there a channel for slaves?"
"Right. Sorry."
>You set the TV to a random channel and returned to your work.
>The only time Vinyl paid attention was during the advertisements for the pony auction.
>Mostly she just slept.
Neither are the people the pikeys had in the UK, but it didn't stop them.

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>vacuum's are terrifying dude
Made me chuckle.
>"Yea, someone is coming out of this looking like an idiot and it's not me."
Most chill slave so far. I'd like to see more.
Underrated post.
This is a great one. I am absolutely monitoring this story.

Were you in the last pony auction thread from a day or two ago, anon?
>same intelligence as humans
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You're making me moist OP
Bumping for more.
>he starts hitting you but runs out of breath at the second punch
I think Anon needs to break out the pot and smoke some shit with his new pone slave
I like this chill slave business.


>Last post was 1:38pm. my time, is now 7:20pm
Fugg :DD
>the large metal door leading to your humble office slams shut
>a unicorn lay before you. Slave form says her name is "Rarity"
>brilliant white coat, flowing (but now tattered) purple hair, and three diamond marks on her flank as her cutie mark
>this one must have been a war survivor or a refugee. She still has a cutie mark instead of a bar-code
>she'll be worth a lot
>sadly I can't be too rough breaking this one in.
>according to this form, she's meant to be a 'speciality' slave
>this means sex-slave, but that's technically not legal as fucking these things is considered pretty low and disgusting by the general public
>i personally find them disgusting myself, but I'm a bit biased. still, sex is a pretty good way of breaking a mind down, so I've had my share of their kind
>this one will be no different
>you're probably thinking at this point that i'm an auctioneer. well, you're close, but no cigar. in fact what i do is far more disturbing
>my name is Anon, but most here refer to me as 'The Mindbreaker'
>i work along side the auctioneer's. they order the slaves, and i correct them. they're my cattle, and i'm the butcher. i make sure they're good and ready for the next owner
>*a soft whimper emanates from the pony laying before you*
>oh, this one's gonna wake up too soon.
>ah, there it is. good old chloroform. non-damaging to the product and puts em to sleep in a matter of minutes
>"Mmmrrrph!" there we go, sleep now
>*she passes out after a slight struggle*
>there. now where was i? oh right, torturing future slave-ponies
>why would i do something like this? well, i hate the little fuckers. with every ounce of my being
>i watched my brothers die to their fucking magic bullshit before we discovered anti-magic technology and the metal meshing
>i lost my left arm to them and wear this piece of shit prosthetic that i can't afford to upgrade
>when i was offered this position by my entrepreneur brother, i was more than happy to oblige
>i get to torture and break these fucking cattle all day, every-day. really helps with the PTSD
>i use a variety of methods, but for the sex slaves, it's good to get them 'warmed up' for their next purpose in life
>*he pulls out a set of panties he had sitting on the table near him, then reaches for an insertable remote vibrator*
>now to just make sure the shackles are proper
>*he slips on the panties and with a small amount of lube, slowly inserts the tiny egg-shaped device with ease*
>heh, it really helps to know a little engineering. normally they dont make tiny motors that powerful in sex-toys...

I can continue if you all are interested.
Bad formatting and such, desu baka senpai.
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How should it be formatted? I'm still fairly new to greening, and I wasnt sure how to format this with this perspective in narration.

What should I do? I can make the next one's in proper formatting.
please write a book or at least a fanfic
>Shit, this was legit?
>You'd come down here out of curiousity, had fuck all else to do
>But no, there was a small auction on, selling 'Intelligent' ponies
>You could have sworn those pictures were shopped
>Guess you'll find out
>It was kept all hushed and directions were posted with no direct location specified
>After all, fucking RSPCA and the police would have a field day with this
>You look up at the makeshift stand some guy resides on
>He's a skinny fellow, wearing a massive coat
>It is pretty fucking cold, you note, tucking your hands into your own pockets
>As you get closer, the crowd seems to grow, but there's likely not more than 30 people here
>They give you looks between eyeing the guy up front and the really large box behind him
>It's like an industrial crate for wild zoo animals
>If these ponies are anything like they were described
>'Sentient, and they speak English!'
>Well, ponies talking was interesting, to say the least
>If you couldn't afford one then at least you came, saw, and were awed
>The guy hushes everyone that's speaking
>"Alright, gents! I say gents 'cos I don't see no ladies here!"
>There's a laugh throughout the crowd
>You're not too surprised there's only dudes
>All the ponies were female, apparently
>"As I specified online, I came across these beauties by chance, and everyone here knows this is a very special oppurtunity."
>"I trust you all have ways to get your purchases home without being noticed. If not, I do have a car, and can assist for a little extra cash."
>Seems fair enough, dude is gonna make a fortune
>"Due to the... rare nature, of this situation, each pony will start at a bid of £400 or more, at the minimum. Each one varies in price for reasons that will be stated."
>"If anyone has any complaints, well, tough luck. It is what it is."
>Fuck, that's almost as much as you brought with you
>You have more in savings, but you really don't wanna dip into that
>"Now, to bring you the merchandise!"

Writing as I go.
I mean, it's pony slave trade.
Describe in short sentences, in the usual green format, instead of using *X moves over to Y*.

For example, going with
>The pony laying in front of you whimpers softly
>She'll wake up soon
>You place a rag covered in chloroform over her mouth
>She struggles as best she can, but to no avail
>The noise she makes stops as soon as her eyes roll upward, going back to a deep sleep

Much more in depth than
>*a soft whimper emanates from the pony laying before you*
>oh, this one's gonna wake up too soon.
>ah, there it is. good old chloroform. non-damaging to the product and puts em to sleep in a matter of minutes
>"Mmmrrrph!" there we go, sleep now
>*she passes out after a slight struggle*

As well as that, we can guess what the character is going to do, there's no need for
>ah, there it is. good old chloroform. non-damaging to the product and puts em to sleep in a matter of minutes
>there. now where was i? oh right, torturing future slave-ponies
>why would i do something like this? well, i hate the little fuckers. with every ounce of my being

All of that, plus proper capitalisation and punctuation, with commas, periods, colons. All helps to make it look better.

I don't think that's what they meant.

They way you wrote it makes it sound as if it's a total edgelord with a knife OH SEE DONUT STEEL type of deal.
File: 1412014596542.png (176 KB, 544x510) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Welp, I suck at taking criticism, but this is very useful information and I thank you. I guess I was shooting for simplicity with the capitalization not being there but should have analyzed some of the other stories before writing. Thank you for taking the time to give me some info.

As far as the edge goes, I didn't see that coming. Was attempting to imply human/pony war vet so I guess the edge kinda came on it's own. Have to look into avoiding that.

Oh well, learning process.
Oh aye. You can only improve from here.

Always look at the stories with formatting, but understand some people have a different way of writing.

I tend to use ' for thoughts or statements, like 'At the pub, on the left', and " for speaking. Most people I see use " for both.

But that's just me. Some folk put a period before the end of a sentence, like "Cows are fat." Which is how I do it, and some put it after, like "Cows are silly". Which I don't like, but it's a legit way of doing it.
Sweet, more useful info. Thanks. I'll know what more to look for when analyzing.
Why the fuck did you make a second thread?

And why the fuck are people replying?

Why is she on clearance?
File: IT_MUST_HAPPEN.png (142 KB, 945x943) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Because second worst pone.
Meant to reply to you. :^)
>Moment of truth, you suppose
>The seller moves back towards the crate, yanking it open and letting the cover fall to the stand floor
>"Come on out, me lovelies!"
>You can hear the heavy scrape of metal from chains
>You audibly mutter a 'woah', upon seeing multicoloured ponies walking out from the confines of the box
>Hell, there are Unicorns!
>The chatter goes up immediately as they form a neat line, facing everyone
>Again, the seller hushes everyone
>"Now, now, shush yourselves, I know this is pretty cool an' all, but we can't start if you're all talking."
>Everyone does indeed quiet down after that
>"So, we have eight of these ponies, all different, all at an understanding, as it were."
>"When I posted about them, I'd had them for a good month. Aint done nothing bad to 'em, just... told them how it was."
>"So they should be well behaved for you!"
>You had no doubts that most of these ponies were in for a bad time
>That being said, you thought the idea of owning a slave was neat
>You're not a massive arsehole, you'd like to think
>You're weird, definitely, but you don't treat others like shit unless they do it to you
>You wouldn't be a cunt to these cute little horses
>If you bought one, that is
>They're a range of colours, which is the most absurd part, really
>The guy did say they were bright colours but you didn't believe it until now
>Shit, one's even wearing a hat
>That one was orange, the others were... purple, blue, pink, white, yellow, grey, and... also grey.
>You like the grey ones, easy on your eyes
>Although they both look pretty bored
>One of them has their eyes going in opposite directions
>The other is just... bored. She looks as if she's been watching rocks grow or something
>The other 6 are fairly close together
>They seem too exhausted to do anything, especially seeing the shackles around their hooves
>The two winged ones: Pegasuses? Pegasi?
>Their wings are bound
>The Unicorns horns aren't covered though
>That worries you
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im ready to pay $9000000
don't worry, mother base budget got it all covered
but don't tell Snake anything about it
>You enter your home to find that everything in your living room has been replaced with rough stone replicas
"What the fuck?"
>You again regret the purchase you made the other day
"Maud??? Where are you?"
>"In the cave."
"We don't HAVE a cave!"
>"Then how am I inside of the cave?"
>Fed up, you storm down the hall to the room you assigned to Maud
>Rounding the edge of the doorway, you're startled by the massive grotto that has replaced your previously wood flooring
>Peering into the darkness, you can only see about twenty yards down the slope
"SERIOUSLY? What the hell are you doing in there?!"
>"Playing Camouflage."
>More regret.
"Get out here."
>Your pony emerges, dusty, yet only a couple shades darker than she already was
>You point towards the doorway and watch the trail of dirt appear in Maud's path to the living room
>You follow her out into the living room and greet her with an expecting stare
"Alright. So why is everything made out of rock?"
>You knock on the couch
>"It's not made out of rock...it's covered in rock."
"Oh really?"
>You reach over the back of the seat and pick a rock up off the couch
>A bit of sarcasm will ease you
"Are you going to tell me this rock is covered in rock?"
>"Don't be obsurd. That's Boulder."
"Look, I gave you that entire room to decorate for yourself, but this is unacceptable. Just get rid of it."
>Without the bat of a lash, she complies, and begins to decimate the stone sheaths around the room
"First you break the blender with whatever 'secret ingredient' you put in, and now this. I don't know what--wait, keep the rocking chair covered. It's pretty funny, actually. But I just don't know what to do with you."
>She finishes shattering the covers and sweeping the floor
>"Well, I don't think Boulder and I were done playing Camoflauge, so you're free to join us."
>You breathe in slowly, catching wiffs of stone dust, and exhale.
"Alright sure."
>But I just don't know what to do with you.

Get stoned?
i c wut u did thar
You have no idea how hard it is to resist the urge to use rock-related puns.
you could say it was...rock hard?
pls kill urself
Mediocre attempt.
If you wanted to be more subtle, you should say that 'it was Sisyphean struggle to not use rock puns'.
>Me and my friends try to stop the auction.
>My friends are there early going to bid.
>Then some royal asshole decides to put up a bid of one million dollars.
>Rainbow Dash seems to be trouble.
>We try to stop the auction.
>One of my friends' disguise then falls.
>It is then this shit happens
I don't know about you guys, but that punch was so satisfying.
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does your faggotry know no bounds/
>be Anon
>you just got back home from the pony auction
>somehow you managed to get one, for a good price too
>a lot of the other bidders only wanted the "Mane 6" as they were called
>you just wanted a little pony to take home...

>her name was Night Glider
>you only paid 80 dollars for her
>only a few people were monitoring her auction, and they didn't even look like they wanted to bid on her in the first place
>still, she was like the other ponies
>from what you could tell at the auction, these ponies were not treated fairly
>the nervous look in her eyes, her behavior
>the rashes around her neck...

>you filled out the paperwork and submitted your payment
>"congratulations sir, you are now the owner of your own little pony."
"uh, thanks..."
>you carry your new pony inside a dog crate
>apparently it was for "security" reasons
>well, you didn't want your investment to fly away right after you bought it

>you haul the crate inside your house
>it was fairly small, but it was clean
"well Night Glider, I hope you enjoy it here."
>you open the cage door, but she doesn't come out
"you okay?"
>looking inside the carrier, she's huddled up against the rear
"it's okay, I'm not gonna hurt you."
For the third time, keep it to one thread
I lurked in it but I rarely find the courage to writefag. Usually I just do it when I'm bored and have nothing else to do.
That and I'm usually busy.

>"You know, technically I'm not supposed to be to doing this.
"Is it because you're a..."
>"Alright, let me rephrase that, medically I'm not supposed to be doing this.
>Vinyl casually looked down at the blunt in her hoof.
>You're not sure how she was actually holding it.
>You'd say magic, but she still couldn't use her magic.
>"Yea, if I remember, you're not supposed to mix drugs. Especially strong ones like magic suppressants. Doesn't that do bad things to your body? I don't wanna get a heart attack or something."
>You shrug.
"It'll be fine, what's the worst that could happen?"
>Vinyl seems to think for a moment, "Actually, you know what? You're right. Why the hell am I scared, I've been through worse."
>With that, she took a deep breath in.
>An hour later, you think it was finally starting to hit the two of you, for real this time.
>It feels like everything is in high definition.
>You're thrown off your chain of thought as you look over to Vinyl.
>Her mane is so radiant, so perfectly edged and spiked.
>Her coat is dirty, but you can see a kind of soft plushness beneath the grime.
>Even her horn, though slightly chipped, looks amazing.
>Even though she's currently hanging over the side of your couch, upside down.
"Hey, Vinyl, how you holding up?"
>She looks at you, eyes diluting.
>"I feel great dude, this is really great. It's great to...feel great you know? I don't usually feel great, but I'm great. Great grates grate grates."
>You leave her to mumbling, but still glance over at her occasionally when you have enough pieces of your mind.
>Eventually you wake up.
>You weren't certain when you dozed off.
>You're not certain about a lot of things, now that you think about it.
>Standing up, you brush what appears to be oats off your pants.
>You think you may have made an innuendo at some point, but can't remember what it was.
>You see some smoke coming from the kitchen.
>Wandering in, Vinyl is in a losing battle trying to chop some vegetables.
>The fire is building behind her.
"Hey Vinyl, how are you feeling?"
>She turns, placing the knife on the counter.
>"My fucking chest hurts. And my horn has this annoying buzzing in it now. I'm not feeling to great."
"You can actually feel your horn?"
>"No shit. Can you actually feel all of your fingers? Why would I not be able to feel my horn?"
"I dunno. I figured it was, like, bone. No nerves in it."
>"Nah, doesn't work like that."
>Vinyl returns to work.
>"Besides, numbing is how the drugs work. Can't use your horn if you can't anything with it."
>"Yea. It's a fucking tragedy. If I'm lucky it'll be permanent and I'll never use my horn again. So anyway, I'm cooking dinner, just go sit down and I'll bring it out when I'm done."
>You look at the fire.
"Would you prefer I just order a pizza or something?"
>Vinyl stops and immediately headed into the other room, putting out the fire with a glass of water that was conveniently sitting next to it.
>"Yea, I'll have a cheese pizza. Where do you keep your phone?"
There is a little part of me that appreciates the edge. I can dig your green.
>rarely find the courage, etc
Ah, fair enough. If this one dies, you're welcome in the alternate version of this thread (or vice versa). Also you better pastebin, I want to see the end of this.

Moving on...


>"No shit. Can you actually feel all of your fingers? Why would I not be able to feel my horn?"
>"Yea. It's a fucking tragedy. If I'm lucky it'll be permanent and I'll never use my horn again. So anyway, I'm cooking dinner, just go sit down and I'll bring it out when I'm done."
kek. I'm loving deadpan snarker Vinyl.


Quit being faggots and let the redundant thread die already
There's already a thread for this topic you fucking shitlords:
Stop making duplicate fucking posts.
I don't even know how to pastebin, lol.
If the thread dies I'll give it a shot.

>"You know, I think I knew that delivery pony."
"You did?"
>You take a bite of your pizza.
>"We shared a cell together. Good to see she's doing so well for herself. Then again, pegasi sell like hotcakes."
>Vinyl pauses, "If you can control them, that is. I mean, it's a double edged sword. They're very hard to catch if they escape, but being able to fly is incredibly useful."
"Is that why our pizza came so fast?"
>"Yea, you can deliver things a lot faster when you just fly over any obstacles. Hell, sometimes I wish I had wings. They make your life much easier."
"What about magic?"
>Mate, I haven't used my magic in at least a year and a half. Even if I could, I could just use my fucking hooves. You know, the things on the end of my legs?"
>You think for a moment.
"It probably wouldn't make much difference which race you were."
>"It'd probably matter if I was fucking human, now wouldn't it?"
>You bite your lip.
"No, what I mean is, if they don't let you use magic as a unicorn, they're probably not going to let you fly as a pegasus, right?"
"So you should just...I dunno, be you, I guess."
>"I guess that's good advice. Who knows, maybe things will get better. After all, I met you. Got my own bed. Don't get beaten or shouted at. All things considered things aren't to bad right now."
>Vinyl took another bite of her pizza.
>"Course, that'll make it hurt all the more when you send me back. You fucking prick."
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>last line
Caught me off guard.
Keks were had.
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