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7 Minutes In Heaven
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>You are at the CHS weekly party held by Pinkie
>Wanting to have some fun, you join in on the 'spin the bottle' game
>Consisting of You, Rainbow, Applejack, Pinkie and Sunset
>You guys share an alright relationship
>Being the only guy there, the bottle is spun to find out your partner
>Rainbow dash
>You are both litetally locked into a cupboard for 7 minutes, enough space for 3 people
>What do?
Show her penguin videos
>Cautiously approach her
"Dash, I..."
"Start making sounds, like we were actually doing something lewd!"
"Come on, it's going to be fun!"
>"...on it"
Slight chuckle
/r/ing green
Writefags pls
>you scream the most obscene and lewd sounds for the next 7 minutes
>when you get out of the cupboard, red and sweaty due to the screaming, Pinkie is grinning
>Applejack is blushing and looking shocked
>Sunset fainted 2 minutes before, from fapping too much.
>Akwardly stare for the whole seven minutes while asking the occasional "So uh... r we gunna fuck...or wut?"
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>They act like they fucked and everyone buys it.
>Anon and Rainbow become friends.
>Then, they end up enjoying each other and actually fuck.
Yes plz
I know right? Can't wait for generic greentext with sex! Really pushing the envelope.
And boring high school girls too! This is going to be so original!
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You do have a point. How would you do it?
What about a green 'bout how all the people in school believe they are together now, while they're just very good buddy friends?

>"soooo...a litte bird told me Dash came to your home, yesterday, huh?"
"Ah, yes...had a little fun...ended up wrecking her ass..."
>"WHOA, MAN! That's...amazing! And tell me, how is she?"
"...at what?"
>"Well, you know...at it!"
"Uhm...screams and struggles a lot, gotta say...."
"...but then again, I do the same when I'm on a solo run..."
>"...ok, I didn't need to know that..."
"Eh, mate, come on...Like you never threw a tantrum wh-"
>"Stop, stop, stop! Too much info!"
"Wh...hey, you asked..."
>"Ok, but I'm not interested in hearing that!"
>"I-I mean, if it's Dash it's ok! But I'm not interested about you, man!"
"...so, I can tell you she screams and cheats a lot whenever we play PES, but I can't tell you the same about me?"
>"....oooooooooh. PES...."
>enough space for 3 people

Obviously invite Pinkie to join in.
>fapping, not shlicking
I remember a 7 minutes in heaven story with fluttershy
It was funny because they went to open the door and fs basically told them to fuck off
>Flash Sentry appears out of nowhere and makes out with Rainbow
>Anon sulks and curses unser his breath that he should be home on 4chan right now
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this is Anon
Tell her we can't do anything because she's to dominant for me, and I like to be in complete control of my women because I'm dominant
If you're so dominant, why not just dominate her?
S-shut up, cück, I'm dominant.
Sure, whatever you say.
A-a wolf does not concern himself w-with the opinions of sheep
Of course not.
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I'm Dominant.png
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God, that thread was marvelous.
don't let this thread die before I finish, K?
>You look at Rainbow, who has a mortified expression on her face
"Well, uh, shall we?"
>She shakes her head furiously
>Pinkie jumps up
"Nuh uh, Dashie! You have to do it! It's in the rules."
>Everypony else nods
>You shrug, and get up
“Wait, Anon, you’re going through with this?” says Rainbow Dash
>You look around at everypony, who is in turn looking back at you
“I don’t think they’re going to give us a choice”
>Rainbow turns a brilliant shade of red
“Well…let’s just…get this over with”
>She gets up and storms into the small closet
>You follow
>Inside, it’s very dark, but you can see faintly
“So, Rainbow,”
>She looks at you
“You wanna pull a prank on the others?”
>She looks at you
“I…guess. What do you want to-“
>cutting her off, you let out an incredibly loud moan.
>You can hear the ponies outside gasp and get quiet.
>Rainbow looks mortified
“What the fuck do you think you’re-“
>You put your finger to your lips
>Rainbow stops talking, but still looks confused
>You let out a few more moans
>Rainbow starts to catch on
>She lets out a small shriek, and smiles at you
>You can hear Rarity outside the door
“O-Oh my…are they actually…”
>You and Dash snicker
>Suddenly, she starts calling you name. Loudly.
“A-anon! Oh yeah..just like-Oh ANON”
>It’s obvious she’s only knows about sex from things her friends say, because the sounds are pretty ridiculous
>Apparently, the rest of the party is on the same page as Rainbow, because they are dead silent
>You can imagine the looks on their faces
>Suddenly, you lean in to Rainbow
“Rumple up your fur a bit, it’ll look…provocative.”
>She nods, and starts messing with her wings and fur
>You unbutton a few buttons, and mess up your hair
>Finally, you and Dash step out of the cupboard
>Twilight looks petrified
“Um, how..uh..was it, you two.”
>You cast an overly suggestive look over at Rainbow, which she returns
“It was real fun, Twilight.”
Here we go.
>make her listen to my mixtape.
>She is immediately engulfed in flames as she listens to whatever monstrosity you forged in your room.
>That's when you realize what your mixtape actually is.

>It's fire.
>be Anon, musical defender of Equestria
>a ruffled up purple pony bursts through your front door
>literally, she was sent flying through the door
>she looks up weakly at you
>"A-anon, you need to go out there and defeat... it."
>apparently King Sombra, Tirek, and a bugbear had done a threeway fusion
>what does the dance look like for that...
>Twilight passes out and your roommates look to you somberly
>you pick up your phone and a bluetooth speaker
>you select your "My Mixtape" playlist and point the speaker at the monstrosity
>you keep it on pause though
>the fusion, twice as big as a house leaps over to you
>a laugh erupts from it, rumbling the ground below you
>a voice that sounded like gravel in a wood chipper slowed down resounded
>it merely laughs again
>you grin as you press the play button
>fire bursts forth from the speaker, engulfing the creature until it is little more than ash
"Shits. Fire. To."
keep it going
Thread replies: 33
Thread images: 6
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