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>Twi...twilight... I'm in love.
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>Twi...twilight... I'm in love.
With your dog.
With a stripper?
that's bestiality.
With a monster?
With two heads?
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Twilight looks away awkwardly, as if pretending she didn't hear what she thought she heard.
>"Spike... he's just so... irresistible. The way he smiles so brightly... The way his eyes perk up when I give him a treat... the way his tail wags when I let him peak under my dress."
Twilight is disgusted as if she's about to hurl.
>"Wow Sunset... that's WAAAY too much information."
Sunset is clearly love stricken... her infatuation knows no bounds.
>"I know... but I can't help it. Ever since I first saw... him, I knew it was love at first sight. it was... magical..."
>"But he's a dog... and you're a...."
>"It doesn't matter! Love conquers all boundaries! Besides technically he's a dragon, and I'm a pony. Besides you and Flash had a thing going. I mean he's a a human and you're a pony."
>"I NEVER had a thing for Flash Sentry!"
>"Sure you didn't... I'll believe that when Earth Ponies can fly. Face it. Spike and I are meant for each other. It is our destiny. He is the light that brightens up my day."
>"Spike is mine, and you can't have him Sunset. I don't know what you're going through, but this just isn't right! Maybe you're under some kind of spell. It's okay Sunset, I'll help you get through this as your friend."
>"Oh Twilight, you're right about one thing... I am under a spell... his spell!"
with Principal Celestia?
interesting you may continue
Spike springs into action and jumps in between Twilight and Sunset Shimmer.
>"Twilight... how could you! This is true love we're talking about here! You should be the most happy for us, and the most understanding. I mean you're the most qualified to determine if there's any magical... um... doohickey... that's making us act all weird and crazy. This is real!"
Twilight Sparkle stood there... frazzled and confused. How could Spike, a baby dragon she's known all her life since he was first hatched have feelings with one of your best friends... a misguided friend that found her way thanks to your help?
>"No Spike, this isn't love you feel. It is merely lust. You see, you're growing up, and I am proud of you. But this isn't how you really feel. It's your hormones... this is just the first time you've really noticed a beautiful woman before. You think of me as a mother or sister, so you can't think of me in the same way you think of Sunset."
Spike is appalled and disgusted. Who is Twilight to say who he can and can't be with? If he's as grown as Twilight says he is, then he should be able to be with whoever he wants. Doesn't Twilight want him to be happy after all?
>"You know what Twilight!?" Spike shouted irately. "I think I don't want to live with you anymore. I want to live with Sunset Shimmer!"
Twilight gasped in horror. Twilight's heart was instantly broken as if stabbed by a thousand pointy daggers. This doesn't even make any sense! I mean... they're not even the same species! Such a relationship should be highly illegal and immoral. Maybe Sunset hasn't changed from her recent "reform"... maybe she's just as evil and manipulative as she always was, and she's just using Spike to get to Twilight.
>"But Spike... I love you, I always have, and I always will."
>"Doesn't really seem like you really do Twilight... I mean if you really loved me... you'd be okay with this. In a way she's just an extension of me. I mean COME ON Twilight!"
>"No Spike, I simply cannot allow it. You're not even old enough. Heck I'm not even old enough."
>"But she is." Spike quipped
>"She's old enough to make up for the two of us!"
Sunset sneers at Spike. Spike notices this and tries to save the moment desperately.
>"B..but in a hot kind of way!"
Sunset has always found Spike's desperation so adorable... and after all... she is basically the element of forgiveness now... after all what has happened.
>"Oh Spike, you always know just what to say." Sunset says lovingly.
Spike barks cutely and rubs his nose with his.
Twilight forcefully picks spike up and tries to run off with him while tearing up. Spike bites her as hard as he can on her arm, and Twilight is forced to let go. Spike runs off to Sunset and she picks him up and holds him lovingly in her arms. Twilight's arms are noticeably bloodied and bruised, but the only pain she can feel in the pain in her heart. The betrayal of her long time companion, her best friend, perhaps even... her son.
"SPIKE! HOW COULD YOU!" Twilight could barely keep her words together. She is deeply saddened and sobbing to the point of incoherentness.
Spike is also saddened deeply, but in the end he knows that if he wants to be with Sunset, this day... this moment had to come eventually.
>"Sorry Twilight, but I just really need Sunset in my life right now!"
Sunset begins to run off. Sunset utters.
">One day... you'll understand...."
Twilight holds her hand out in vain... sobbing relentlessly as the two run off. It feels as if she may never see either of them again.
Well this thread escalated quickly
I feel'd
Sunset and Spike arrive as Sunset Shimmer's "home", only it really isn't her home, except it kind of is. Well it's the house that the Sunset Shimmer that this universe used to live in. But she ended up going to a technical school out of town, the exact one you can't remember, but her personality has changed since... the incident. She was once an honorable student with top grades and a member of most sports clubs in her school... but after she graduated from middle school, she was "convinced" to go to a technical school focusing on information technology. From what Equestrian Sunset gathered, she now spends most of her time working on IT projects, even winning national awards, but she seems to spend most of her free time online and away from everyone else. Since she lives on campus her parents no longer know that "she" exists, but Equestrian Sunset has purposely taken her place without a step misplaced. While Sunset feels miserable about the situation, it is the only way she can exist in this reality. It is a secret that she must keep to her grave as the simple mention to ANYONE.... even her new best friends might warp and even destroy this reality, but all realities.

>"Hi Mom, Hi Dad... look who I brought home!"
Her mother, orange skin, green emerald eyes, red fiery hair that could be out of control if it weren't styled to perfection, light blue and crimson 50's style dress, father, orange spiky hair, light blue eyes, pink skin wearing a business suit after arriving at home after yet another late and frustrating night at the bank.
Her mother daww'd in amusement and cuteness.
>"He's so cwuuteee~!"
Her father on the otherhand, did not share the sentiment. He was irate beyond belief.
>"Now Sunset, what did I tell you about bringing home stray animals!
>"But Daaaaa..."
>"Don't but dad me Missy! We've had this talk before! Do you know what happens when you feed the stray animals... they BREED!" Her father shouted angrily.
>holding hands
censor that sh....oh, go ahead
>"Now go on and get him outta here! Get him out!!! He hasn't even been neutered! Ain't natural!"
>"Come on now Capital Star." His loving wife pleaded. "Sunset has found a new friend. I'm sure we can accommodate him in due time."
>"Sherry Sunday! We don't have room for another... liability in this household. The rules in our household are clear. All possible investments must pay off in two years! Or less! There is no way that... MUTT can bring a dime in to his name! He's simply got to go for the financial health of this family. Heck, we're lucky as sin that Sunset has panned out so well... until now.
>"Now don't bring her into this Capital!"
>"Well she's the one that brought that... THING home! Heck she's LUCKY that I'm not considering kicking her OUT as well!"
As Sunset's parents continue to argue, Sunset carries Spike into her room.
>"Rough!" Spike exclaims
>"Yea, I know what you mean. Dad's a good person in heart, but he can be blinded a bit by his aspiration and drive. He was a little like... well me when I was... you know..."
>"An evil bitch?"
>"Hey... I call 'em like I see 'em."
>"Well... I guess you're right... I was a little demented and power hungry at the time."
>"Okay... I was very power hungry, but that's behind me now."
Spike begins to lick Sunset on the lips and quips
>"Whatever lyin' bitch, I'm not the one that wants to fuck a dog."
>"Spike... you better be careful, or I might have to let my parents castrate you." Sunset wittily remarks.
Spike's eyes pop out and his paws cover his genitals. His eyes begin to tear up in the cutest way.
>"It's alright Spike, I'd never let my parents do such a thing. After all, we need it for "butt fun time"."
Spike's eyes pop out as he wags his tail and does a backflip in glee.
Capital marches up stairs and forcefully opens Sunset's bedroom door.
>"Now Sunset, you know how I feel about 'moochers".
>"Yes daddy. I know. You won't have to pay a cent. I'll take care of him on my own. I'll be responsible for him"
Capital shakes his head in disappointment.
>"Now girl... that's not how I raised you. If that dog can't pull itself up from its bootstraps and take care of itself as a productive member of society I won't let you keep it... and I've never seen such... genetic garbage take care of itself in any meaningful manner."
>"Oh, but this one can!" Sunset stumbled
>"Oh!?" her father retorted in amusement and disbelief
>"Yes... this dog is super smart... and super cute... and he can even do tricks!"
>"Really.... let me have a see."
Spike looked at Capital at full attention.
>"Okay dog... Sit!"
Spike lowered his hind legs and plumped his rear end on the ground.
>"Roll over!"
Spike rolls over as commanded by Mr. Star.
>"Play dead!"
Spike amusingly clutches his chest as if he was having a heart attack before falling down.
>"Okay Sunset, while these tricks are amusing and all, I still don't think we can keep him, these are tricks that any dog can learn. I'm not seeing the positive cash outflow."
>"Oh dad, that just because you haven't challenged him yet. Here, let me give it a go."
>"Spike, stand on two legs."
Spike gets up on his hind legs exposing his belly to Sunset and Capital Star
>"Spike, walk"
Although Spike struggles heavily due to not being totally used to his dog form, his dragon form provided enough experience to allow him to walk on his hind legs over to Mr. Star Mr. Star's eyes widened in disbelief.
>Spike, shake hands
Spike offered his right forepaw out to Sunset's father. Capital reluctantly took it and shook hands with Spike with his standard firm grip. Spike returned this grip ten times over.
>"My now Spike that's a mighty firm handshake you've got there, but this still doesn't prove anything."
>"Oh... You haven't seen anything yet father."
P4 (one more to go for tonight)
>"Spike, greet."
Spike looked confused. He gave Sunset a worried look, which Sunset returned only with a smile and a wink... but what a wink!
>"Hello, my name is Spike. It is nice to meet you." Spike said robotically.
>"Ohhhhhh deaaarrrr loorrrddyyy!!! Sunset's father exclaimed. "Where in the high heavens did you find such a thing!"
Sunset explained
>"Well you see my new friend Twilight..."
>"The award winning genius from Crystal Prep?" her father interrupted.
>"Sort of..." Sunset paused. "Anyways, it turns out that she had this wicked cool science experiment that she was working on while she was there."
>"And what might that be?" Capital questioned
>"Well you're looking at him.
>"Well I'll be a son of a gun. You're telling me that Ms. Sparkle used her sciency whatchamacallits to invent a super intelligent dog? Remind me to give her a position at my company when she graduates, she could make us a fortune! I'm still not 100% sold on the dog though. While it does clearly show since of actual intelligence for a dog, I still don't see how it could be a net benefit to this family."
>"Come on dad!" Shimmer pouted.
>"I'm sorry, but you're going to have to give that thing back to Twilight."
Sunset panicked. There was no way she could let this happen. Otherwise she might risk things going back to the status quo and never being able to have her dragon/dog hybrid adorable little boy toy. She was desperate.
>"Spike... Speak."
Spike grinned devilishly.
>"Sunset's father now is it? You need to lighten up a little It seems as if all of this worrying has affected your head a little. Come on now, relax. Chase the purple dragon, you know what I'm saying?"
>"By GOD, do my ears deceive me? It's almost as if this dog was possessed by satan himself!"
Sunset looks angrily at first towards spike and if he just fucked up their only true chance at love followed by concern and sorrow.
>"But... this... satan dog... he can make us millions! The public will just eat him up! Sunset, have you kept this talent a secret?"
>"Yes dad" Sunset responds as she responds with glee and enthusiasm
>"Well you better keep him, and don't let him out of your sight! I'll pay you $20 a day for the expenses of the dog only so long as this dog can earn his keep, which by my estimation he very well should! You are NOT to get rid of this dog, that is an order!"
>"Yes dad."
>Her father leaves the bedroom high and mighty as if his entire day was turned around. Sounds of his excitement as he tells his tale to Sunset's mother reverberates throughout the house.
>"Well... we dodged that bullet." Sunset mutters
>"I'm just so glad that we can finally be together... after all of this time.
>"I'm glad too... but after all of that, I'm exhausted. I think it's about time to go to bed."
>"I think so too, Spike. I think so too."
Sunset removes all of her clothing in front of spike, all at once which startles and freezes Spike for just a moment.
>"S...ssunset... humans don't normally..."
Sunset looks over to Spike with a sneer grin on her face.
>"But Spike, I'm not human. I'm a pony. And ponies... don't normally wear clothes."
Spike's dick is now diamonds.
>"Now Spikey wikey... let's go to bed and await our new life together with the next sunrise."
>(That's not the only thing that's rising. She's even better than Rarity!) - Spike thinks
>As the two go to bed together, boyfriend and girlfriend, Sunset cuddles Spike lovingly as if he were her Spike Dakimakura, only he's actually real.

r8 8/8 if dis maek you cri ebri tme.
So what do you think?

Fuck you keep going. And if I find out you are not writing bestiality smut withing the next post I'll call hiro over to personally fuck the whole board up cuz of you.
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Oh and bonus points if you make shimmer birth out monsters from this.
Going to have to wait for another day you marvelous sick fucks.
Keep bumped if you want to see more, but sleep is required.
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