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Post yfw you first visited /mlp/.
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Post yfw you first visited /mlp/.
>pic related
>Honest to god MFW...
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>got on the ride in 2011
>I wonder what this website is like
>they want to FUCK the ponies?
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>banned from multiple forums for speaking my mind, even politely
>have friend who has been lurking /b/ forever
>refuse to give 4chan a shot cuz i think every board is autistic as /b/
>start watching mlp during season 2
>eventually find way to /mlp/
I honestly though 4chan was just /b/, with hackers and illegal shit.

Fucking media.
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>"So this is where a lot of things happen?"
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I didn't even know what memes were before I came here
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i know something went wrong. and it's not the show, my life, or the fandom. but something went wrong
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>"god damn bronies being cancer and such. Their board is probably them circle jerking to gay horses n shit"
>"oh look porn!"
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>seeing all the fetish generals for the first time
>mfw vore general
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I didn't even know what 4chan was. I mean, I knew this place existed but I had no idea what it was about. I don't even know why did I end up in /mlp/. I didn't understand shit, it was a mess. But something made me come back a few weeks ago. Still, didn't understand shit. And came back a few days later. And again, and again, and again for 3 years...
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>Seeing /mlpg/ on /mlp/
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like what.jpg
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we have to go deeper.
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>Seeing a inner mlp circle jerk inside of /mlpg/ on /mlp/
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I don't have the picture anymore, but the "Despair, but also boner" one.
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but then i couldn't
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got you covered
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>So, this is the board everyone is talking about
>Fuck it, let's give it a try
>Still here
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I saw this thread from a guy who worked on a real pony farm, and he went into horrifying detail of how retarded and disgusting they were, and the entire time I was just laughing my ass of because some guy asked why he didn't fuck them. And I've been hooked since.
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Thanks anon.
>dont ever work individually with each horse
>let them spend 95% of their time alone
>theyre not very clever
hes not very clever. i spend a lot of time with my dog and talk to her like a person. she understands a ton of speech now and acts more intelligent than quite a few people i know.
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>Come to 4chin for the first time
>already a horsefucker
>see /mlp/
>still here
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>Fuck Yeah Time for ponies
Was and still is my mentality. I just love this stupid shit.
Didn't mean to link
>mfw entire generals dedicated to vore, pregnancy, diaper, etc. dominate half the board
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No problem. I'm almost 30 and I still love ponies just as much as I did in the /b/read days.
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Literally the first reaction image I ever saved and posted. It might be compressed though, I had to transfer my old files.
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Relief and joy, similar to when I got on today and entered /trash/ and found it to be a bin covered in mave-vag.

It was a dark time for the pony fan. moot, in his infinite wisdom, decided ponies didn't belong on not just /co/, but all of 4chan. A great battle was waged, pony pictures and reaction images littered the battlefield. Bans fell from the heavens like rain. Routers and proxies smoked from the strain. Finally moot could take no more and opened the pearly gates of /mlp/ where there was much clop and rejoicing.
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I'm probably gonna go back and contribute once divegrass is done for tonight
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20 bercent cooler.png
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>mfw I thought this was gonna be another /fur/
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>tought /mlp/ was all bronies and liked bronies
>3000000 get, "fuck bronies"
>everyone starts "haha" "10/10" "top get"bronies gfo"
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aw yeah.jpg
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The pain is unreal and yet I can't stop watching.
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my body was ready
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>Finally found a place to discuss pones
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>I needed to know where this shit started
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Soarin screencap.jpg
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I'll always remember the first time I visited /mlp/
>pic related
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Lurking Twilght.gif
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I thought it would somehow be a /fur/ trap at first, so I waited a bit before posting.
I was glad to see the /co/ people had mostly came over here without much hassle and already had the archive system back up.
Gentlemen, HS should be returning tonight. We mustn't have this be a ghost thread now of all times.

The only person I can think of with those initials is the simulator guy.
I am 29 and still love ponies as much as I did on day one.
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>be me in 2012
>starting to get tired of /b/ (4 months or something in that shithole)
>"I wonder what the other boards are..."
>"Is that a fucking MLP board?"
My brother

>friend describes how much they like 4chan
>I think it's all /b/ and don't understand there are different significantly less disgusting sub sections
>mfw I finally explore and find all my favorite boards
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Thread replies: 69
Thread images: 58
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