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We Just Got Renewed For Three More Issues! Edition
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Hey! Check this shit out! Its a copypasta!
Welcome back faithful readers, sorry for the delay, which was a result of making necessary improvements to our comic, and not cause the GODAMND COLORIST RAN OFF WITH MY HUSBAND.. .

I mean, welcome back, as we witness the horrible villains consisting of…



Dr. Darkmane! Now with shadows bound to the physical world with stronger spells he found while reading his books!
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The Amazing Disappearing Stallion has had enough of his foolish minions. Now, via the blackest of black markets and the easiest of speakeasies, a tall, looming minotaur follows the masked unicorn... appearing quite... distinguished.
can I play?

Hits/Wounds/Points (Please check to make sure I got this right)
Captain – 8/6/5
Dr. Darkmane – 5/ 5/4
Keromas 5/5/5
TADS- 5/5/5

When we last left off the DCKS had decided to send a message, to both the cities heroes and the world, by trashing the Equestria fast food restaurants. Thus depriving hard-working Equestrians of a quick meal between lunch hours. Dr. Darkmane, who fell asleep during the planning has just been informed of the plan. Let us see his reaction….

Read the link in the OP.
head into the cytube which is linked in the copypasta, we can help set you up there

Dr. Darkmane returns to the planning room to see the plans written out on the table.

"..." he stares at everyone. "I take a rest one time and this is what we come up with?"

He sighs and shakes his head. "Well, perhaps we can give it a business-like spin later. I'm sure we can work something out somehow."
"Hey, sometimes we just need a little R&R, or perhaps D&D. Destruction and Devastation. We need to make a name, right? Tonight's the night fast food will burn!"

TADS says chuckling, playing with his knife, and tossing a molotov he procured from seemingly nowhere up and down.
''Erm...So...About this organization...I'm not certain if I have all the details...I sort of have...been working on my own so far...Not used to working in a group...''

"Mnnyes.. you're the new scapegoat, i mean, goat. Welcome do DICS, the villainous villain association of eeeevilry. I guess with your addition, we're have to be DICKS..."

TADS mutters to himself, before resuming,

"But yes... we are a union of villains sick of those damned Heroes getting in our way, power in numbers, y'know?"
"Afterrrr two r-r-robberies, this seems like a nice br-r-reak," Dreadjaw replies, sharpening her cutlass on a strap of leather. She gives the blade a look over for a bit, then goes back to sharpening.
"Plus, fr-r-ree, easy food. Since two of those blasted superrrs walked the plank. Harr har har!"
She nods in understanding ''I see I see... And what have made you get your interest in me hmn?...I don't exactly enjoyed being suddenly swooped away in the middle of a battle you know?'' she taps her hoof on the floor, staring at The Stallion with a stern look...

"You have to remember that, ultimately, our goal is to make heroes obsolete. If we control the money then people will turn to us for help rather than those accursed heroes. But, if we are just wantonly going around causing them problems, then they will hate us more than they want our money."

"Still," Darkmane sighs as he sits down. "This CAN do some good, I suppose."


"Money is power," Darkmane explains. "Control the power and you control the world. Then, it won't matter what heroes do or how strong they are. No one will turn to them for help."


"Hmm," Darkmane rubs his chin. "Maybe we can open our own chain afterwards. Make OUR business the only business worth going to. No one seems to care about the source of their fast food. If they did, they wouldn't be eating the junk in the first place. No matter who owns it, they'll go to it."

A large sneer begins to creep across Darkmane's face. "Yes, I'm beginning to like this plan."

"I have no interest in anyone but myself! You're food magic is powerful, and I like power. You'd fit right in, in fact..."


"...Our own food chain you say... Yes, I like this a lot. With our new goat companion, I believe we can harness the true evil power of WHOLE GRAIN!"
"Long as theirrrr's meat in it, I don't give a flying seagull's ass what ye do."
Dreadjaw gets a hungry grin.
"In fact: some nice, big, juicy, twenty-fourrr ounce steaks sound pr-r-retty good right about now."
Dreadjaw licks his chops as he finishes sharpening his blade.
"And we'll give the landlubberrrrs them six ounce ones that shr-r-rink when cooked. Heheharr."

Darkmane continues to sneer evilly. "Yes, fast food DOES have a tinge of evil to it."
''Hmn...Interesting...And the idea of controlling the fast food chain...yes....yes I really like that idea...''
She looks away, a smile forming on her muzzle
''Hmn...Flattering my skills won't make me forgive you immediately...''

''...But it is a start, I truly canot deny how amazing I am'' She magically floats her wooden spoon around her in a circle
''Meat you say? Now, a steak that big wouldn't be very healthy for you, you know? All that fat...and nerves...'' She scrunches
''Wouldn't you prefer a nice steamed tuna steak instead?'' With a flick of her spoon, a plate of steaming fish comes into existence with a POOF
''Or perhaps a salad of carrots and chicken breast?'' POOF
''Maybe or maybe even a nice squid pie?'' POOF
all three dishes float around the goat, then levitate closer to Dreadjaw as Kero'mas gives him an expecting look
''HEALTHY fast food.''

With future plans on hold, it is time to being.



To make this more interesting you have all decided to make it a competition. You have 7 rounds to cause as much destruction as possible, as cinematically as possible, in order to show all the other villians who is really the best.

On round 1 pick a fast food restaurant, either from the list below or make your own. You do not have to start at the same one as anyone else (and in fact I would recommend against it).

You may then comic an ACT of destruction. Describe how you are going to destroy the restaurant, and be rewarded points. Point values are as follows.

1 point – Attack a fast food restaurant
+1 Point-Describe an attack using some feature of the environment. (“I the COMMUNIST COMMANDO” grab the cash register, and take it’s coins, which I then use my telekinesis to send them flying with bullets Ironically spraying the bougish customers with the their own money which shouting to the wokers “TODAY the revolution is at hand, join me comrads!”

+1 point bonus funniest post of the round.
+1-3 points –Finish off a restaurant

Roll a d10 when doing so, this does not reflect success (you will find out why…. Later….)

After a certain amount of destruction the building will be destroyed, requiring the villain to continue his rampage elsewhere. Moving to a new building requires 1 round, (villains with a vehicle may make every other move instantly.)

Players may also pay one villain point to move to any other player’s location instantly

Restaurant starter List

Haycake factory –Celestia’s secret weakness
Mcdougals – Serves lunch (hay) and now breakfast all day (also hay)
Bella del taco – For all you magically engineered corn goodness, no side effects, we swear
Burger Princess – Like Mcougals, only crappier
Long John’s Johns- Fish food
Salad Works – make you own salad
Dairy Princess- Celestia’s other secret weakness, binging on Snowstorms™
"I only be in one once," Dreadjaw continues to say, "but the lads and lasses in therrre? Soulless. Like the Galloping Dutchstallion came and plunderrred therrre souls. So I must agr-r-ree with ye on that, lad."

"But I like gr-r-risle between me teeth...." Dreadjaw replies back.

As the plates circle around Dreadjaw, he takes his cutlass and stabs it into the tuna steak and chicken breast, taking the pie into a hoof to eat it in one bite. The carrots, however, are unsurprisingly left untouched.
"It be pretty good."
Dreadjaw then proceeds to eat bites of the chicken and tuna, directly from the cutlass.

With meat in her stomach, Dreadjaw feels ready to go to action. He chooses the Haycake Factory, since at least destroying that won't mean destroying meat in the process.

TADS and his companion will take the coffee shop chain known as Star Bucks, the horrible makers of watery coffee which can only be trumped by the even worse prices. No longer will office drones have to taste the horribleness of the butternut squash-spice coffee during the autumn seasons!

TADS sees an especially filled one, and takes his minotaur cohort in. In full costume, he orders the expensive green tea, and hands it to his minotaur friend. The dapper bovine takes one sip, and immediately throws the cup to the floor.


the teenage deer looks up at the minotaur, shrugging,

"Sir, they don't pay me enough to care. Would you like to order a coffee? For a limited time we have Pumki-"


Like a bull in a china shop, or rather, coffee shop, Sir Loin begins rampaging around the store, breaking tea pots, coffee pots, and breaking furniture,causing it's patrons to flee in panic. TADS cackles, tossing scalding coffee at the fleeing ponies and deers via telekinesis.

"What, going already? Take some to go!"

TO the Dairy Princess I go!
''Ice cream...truly the worst enemies of a good balanced diet... filled with gluten, artificial flavoring...and huge amounts of sugar mixed with milk...''
''Just look at Celestia's fat rump! Every time I see her on the news, I could not look at anything else but her huge. fat. flanks!! Mmngaaah! it infuriates me! I will destroy that place so that no pony will have flanks as fat as the princess! And not a single pony in Equestria will ever taste a single spoon of the dreaded mint with chocolate chips!''

''Never sipping down a frosty chocolate milkshakes!!''


Her wooden spoon grows tenfold in size as she rides it like a surboard through the air, circling in the air before taking off at full speed, crashing into a window as she flies away, leaving a faint scent in the air...
Smells like goat cheese...

A faint ''MUHUHUHHHAHAHAHAHAAA!'' filled with bad intentions could be heard as she goes

Obviously, Darkmane must hit the biggest and most lucrative fast food chain: McDougals.

"Fillies and Gentlecolts," Dr. Darkmane announces across the restaurant as his shadows burst down the door for him. "Do not be alarmed. I am Dr. Darkmane."

As he speaks, his shadows flood in through the entrance around him. He steps into the center of the restaurant. "As a doctor, I have found the food here to be far too unhealthy for your consumption. As such, I will be shutting this place down. Permanently."

The shadows go back behind the counter and begin to tie up the employees. [1d10]

At the same time, he brings his own shadow to life as a SUPER SHADOW.
>3 mwahaha points to autosucceed
It was a dark night near the Salad Works where all those fritzy saladers were at.

"Time to bring the pain"

I go in, sweat drooping from my brow. There would be no escape.

"Oh Celestia, it hurts too much, this was a bad idea."

Through the double doors of the place, you could see all the restaurateurs eating away their sissy salads.

"Oh man, it's so painful."

"UM... Sir, can I HELP you!?"

"Yes, you can help me, by... DYING."

Then, with a bellow. Spord turns around and a little fart came out from his bottom.

All the customers started laughing.


Then, a furious gas of divine hatred flowed out.

It was green colored, gaseous and thick.

It came to a resident eater and it started melting his face.


They would try to exist the building, but the gas was in all the exits. Soon, the salad goers backed up to the back of the building before any more gas would melt their skin.

"Aww man, I need a smoke."

Walking out, Spord exits the building and throws the matchstick inside. An explosion made him fly as he screamed.

"Aaaaaagh! Too much Sulpheric ACID!"

"Now, let us see what's REALLY in this food," Darkmane says as his shadows elevate him over the counter.

He goes in the back to see what is cooking.
With the destination set upon, Dreadjaw heads to the Haycake Factory. While some of the other places had meat: why destroy them? Better to go after the meatless places.

Taking her ship full-speed ahead, Dreadjaw rams the ship right through the front of the building. With an entrance made, namely a huge wedge driven into the building, Dreadjaw jumps down from the ship, falling through the opened cieling, and lands onto the counter.
"Avast! I be plunder-r-ring your factor-r-ry of meatless cakes! Prepare to be boarded! And if ye resist, then there be no quarter given!"

>Act is destroying an entire wall if that wasn't clear
upon her arrival, she stares at her target, standing in the parking lot...Glaring menacingly at the big flashy sign with the alicorn princess like if she was staring at her worse enemy
''So...We meet again...''

The Dairy Princess sign flashes it's light on and off...Omniously...

''But this will be the last time...'' She says, standing on er spoon, floating a few inches above the ground. her cape waves in the air.
Her focused glare is so intent that she doesn't even realized that she was right on top of the disabled ponies parking space...And that an old donkey pulling a cart that was carrying his wife who was missing a leg was shouting at her
''HEY! Could you float menacingly somewhere that isn't the handicap spot?''

She ignores them for a few seconds more, before flying quickly towards the door... It opens automatically as she swoops in, flying past all the ponies in line and standing in front of the counter, which gets many complaints from the other customers waiting in line
''Um...Hello miss, welcome to the Dai-'' An orange mare with a light brown mane smiles at her, but is interrupted by the goat, who was still floating on her spoon
''Excuse me, do you serve death?'' she asks coldly

''um..No...Here we serve ice cr-''

''BECAUSE THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I SEE YOU SELLING IN THIS PLACE.'' She shouts as a cold wind knocks all the ponies surrounding her back

''FROZEN, SUGAR-RICH, CALORIC DEATH! so it is why me...KERO'MAS. Will end this place. end this business! And end ALL OF THE DISGUSTING FAST FOOD CHAINS. STARTING FROM THIS PLACE!''
With a flick of her spoon, the ice cream pots on display erupt like a volcano of frosty goodness, splatering ice cream on the walls and ceiling as ponies start panicking. She lets them go, but when the mare in the counter tries to flee, she points her spoon at her and is shot with a jet of strawberry ice cream, pushed against the wall as she screams
when the jet ceases, the ice cream freezes solid...(1/2)
(2/2) Freezes solid in the wall, trapping the mare in a pink cone of frozen cream, solid as ice!
She does the same to any other members of the staff who try to run away. trapping them in the walls and ceilings, making they shiver and cringe in their cold prison

'''fuhuhuhuhu...This is your reward for working in this unsanitary, dirty place! And let this be a lesson to all of you! Tell your family, tell your friends, TELL EVEN YOUR PETS! To remember the name of KERO'MAS! The bringer of a new era of food! No more obesity, no more unhealthy life style, NO MORE DIABETES! HUHUHAHAHAHAHAAAA!''
As she speaks, the rest of the ice cream keeps going crazy, making sharp staglamites from the floors, piercing the windows, walls and ceiling like a spear, breaking the place as the ponies run away screaming.

She takes off again through the door, flying above the store, watching the poor ponies running away with a delighted smile

''Crazy goat lady!''

''Where will we buy ice cream now!?''

''My leg!''

She can't help but laugh with glee
''fuhuhuhu...Yes, run away my pretty ponies...Not only will the exercise be good for your cardio, but you will also be the carriers of my message...Our message...The DICKS have come to put an end to the age of the unhealthy and the caloric...Now only the healthy alternatvives shall remain! No pony Shall EVER ENJOY THE FEELING OF UNHEALTHY LIFESTYLE EVER AGAIN! HOOOHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHA! AAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!''
She flies off in the air, leaving what was once the Dairy Princess...Now a rainbow iceberg of 16 different flavors...
Bitter black drops splash
Broken china and scalding tea
But still more bad coffee

(Store is still up, you may continue to rampage, also you feel like Kero robbed you of the best destruction and you don’t know why)

Somewhere above
Celestia feels bitter loss
Not truly knowing why

(Store is still up, you may continue to rampage)
What’s this? Is it a new supervillians on the scene? This knew mad man is attacking the Salad works, filling it with sulfuric acid. Sulcuric acid which is ruing ponies mane and defiantly note killing them. Then he has destroyed the building. A explosion which look utterly horrible.

Suddenly out of no where a fire pony appears. “Thank goodness everyone evacuate, and there were defiantly no dead ponies. Defiantly no dead ponies”

(Store is amazingly still up, you may continue to rampage)

Dr. Darkmane opens the door, and attempts to enter the back, but hits his nose on an invisible barrier. “I’m sorry Dr Darkmane, but I can’t let you do that. Our food is a trade secret, you understand.”

Out of the shadows steps Rougal Mcdougal, the clown mascot of Mcdougal’s!

Rougal begins making motions with his hands. [1d10]

As Captain Dreadjaw burst into the place he comes face to face with non other that the BUFF BISON, holding a half eaten haycake.

“…. Well fancy meeting you here”.

The BUFF BISON prepares himself. [1d10]


Round 1 points Breakdown

Kero- 3
Darkmane- 2
Spord- 2
Dreadjaw - 2

No stores yet destroyed

Dr. Darkmane feel a sense of something wrong, but can't tell what.

Captain Dreadjaw, on the other hand, is pretty sure the BUFF BISON didn't managed to get a proper defensive stance.
"Hmm, I still have another Salad Works to defile with my evily ways."

Spord entered the replica Salad Works, and heard his stomach grumble.

"Well, maybe I'll make everyone a sweet treat to eat."

Sneaking in the back door, Spord enters where they are making the house chili. A favorite after going through the salad line.

"Ho ho heee, they won't see this coming."

He plants his ass into the soup and makes a mighty fart, poisoning the chili with disgusting properties.

>Attempt to make Salad customers poisoned from fart infested chili.


Dreadjaw smirks at Buff Bison.
"Harr! Didn't get enough from me gold plunder-r-ring, did ye?"
Dreadjaw runs up at Buff Bison-
"Then let me finish what I started! YEEAAARRRRRGH!"
-and swing his tail around to slam Buff into some nearby cake displays.

>Slam Bison into cake displays; Ranged Single, Crits on 8+, +1 from Arabian Agility

Dr. Darkmane squints his eyes angrily. "I hate secrets. Almost as much as I hate clowns!"

Dr. Darkmane whips his head back and his tattered hat falls off, revealing his glowing horn. He shoots his magic not at Rougal himself, but at Rougal's shadow. "Let's see if this clown can fly!" Darkmane cackles.

>Corpse Explosion on Rougal McDougal's SUPER SHADOW to make a SUPER EXPLOSION!

Meanwhile, Darkmane's shadow picks up Darkmane's hat and puts it on his own head. However, since the shadow is already wearing a silhouette of a hat, it just puts the hat on its hat, thus having a tower of hat! Pleased with itself, it smashes through a wall of the building and goes outside to find the building's shadow.

Darkmane's shadow begins to drink the shadow like a liquid. As it does, the building itself melts away.

Even though it IS a SUPER shadow, I acknowledge that this IS a rather ridiculous action with no basis in the rules so here is a [1d10].
She circles the store from above, staring at her work so far with a critical look
''Hmn...This looked good but...something isn't right... All those spike of frozen ice cream seem so...Ugly...And they could still fix this little mess I caused...''
A sinister grin forms in her lips
''Well, if they come here for the ice cream...''

She stands on her rear hooves, raising her front hooves to the air as a loud thunderclap echoes, drawing the attention of all ponies in a wide area
they would open the window of their homes and poke their heads out to see...
Fear showing in their faces as they looked at the sky
and watched as a black cloud formed in the sky, spinning like a whirpool

''Then I will give them ice cream...''
She slams her hooves back on the wooden spoon she was riding, causing another loud thunder to roar, and giant balls of ice cream made of goat milk, free of sugar and corants. of the size of a truck to descend from the heavens, crashing down the poor store bellow... one after the other...Crushing the dairy princess.

The sounds of wood shattering and more windows breaking apart were simply muffled by the countious thunder crash, but were not loud enough to muffle the continous maniac laughter as the wind blows fiercely...
And no pony could hear the pleading for help and salvation from the ponies inside as they have to watch the windows and doors slowly get blocked by giant balls of healthy ice cream

The ground shakes upon every merciless strike

The light is slowly taken away as the store is filled with darkness and the lightbulbs flicker on and off, showing that at this point, the wiring has already been ruined...Until finally they give in, only leaving a small slimmer of light directly above the store.
A single beacon of hope that shone in the middle of the now estabilshment for the poor employees who were quickly losing body heat as the temperature lowered...


"Loin, enough with the smashing. Pin some of those deers down!"

TADS shouts, getting to work behind the counter.

"It's time for them to get a taste of their own medicine..."

As Sir Loin begins to pin the pimply prepubescent poorly-paid does and stags to the ground, TADS begins to create his evil concoction. One part cocoa, three parts sugar, and twelve parts espresso... no, make that forty two!

"Now, my minimum wage friends... now you will be served what you serve out every day. You think this coffee wakes up those office drones that walk in here every day, now your eyes will TRULY be opened,"

One by one, he pours the viscous liquid down the deers throats, refusing resistance until at last they've all had a fill of the military-grade weapon-of-a-beverage. Soon, their mouths begin to froth, they're pupils dialate, and they're bodies shiver.

"Quickly Loin, face them outside the door and untie them! The next door Caribou Coffee remains to be destroyed! Attack my Caffeinated Consorts! Let the coffee beans spill!"

The hoard of deer rush towards, the other coffee shops, breaking through the windows of the inferior chain and immiting cries of "AIIIEEE!" and "STAMPEDE!" into the air.

Oh the awefullness. Oh the terrible. Oh the Huge Manatee.

Specifically the ambassador from the underwater kingdom of Mantee, who is rather large and was trying to diet at the salad works but is currently gaging on the floor.

The Chili is so badly poisoned that it will lead to severe hospitalization, and a criminal investigation for no one could believe that a single fart could do such damage.

(Salad works is destroyed, you will need to move on to a new location. This will take a turn unless you move to one where someone already is. You receive 2 points for the description. 2 points for destroying Salad works. Also you rolled a 10, so take a bonus point)


BUFF Bison slams into the cake, and in a cruel twist of fate, hits the pound cake display being readied for Christmas. Pound cake after cake falls on his head, but somehow he stands. You get the feeling that’s he is invulnerable for now, but will fall soon.

(1 point for description, ???? Points when BISON falls)

As you attempt to shoot your magic, you find it blocked before it can reach Rougal. Almost as if there is a something between you and him. It’s like he’s in…

An invisible box.

“Do you get it now? I’m not merely a clown. I’m also a mime .You can’t hurt me in my invisible box.”

Dr Darkmane’s shadow ignores this battle, and begins to drink the shadow of the building removing it, as it does so the very walls begging to become translucent and pale, as if the loss of the shadow demands the loss of the object casting the shadow.

Rougal looks at it with contempt. “Cute trick, did I say I was in an insible box? I meant invisible TANK!” Roughal holds his hands like he is controlling a vehicle, and with a flourish presses an invisible button. [1d10]

(Building is looking worse for the wear, but still up, two points for description)


The princess is crushed.

(two points for destruction, and two points for description)


(Take 3 points for description. Plus two points for destruction.)

But his invisible tank shell passes through the shadow with no effect.
Round 2 points Breakdown

Kero- 7
Darkmane- 4
Spord- 7
Dreadjaw - 3

Stores List
Haycake factory –up
Mcdougals – barely up
Bella del taco – up
Burger Princess – destroyed
Long John’s Johns- up
Salad Works – destroyed
Dairy Princess- destroyed

Other Restarants
Chick-fil-aye- For Homophobic Chickens
Black Castle- Tiny Hayburgers
Bojangles- Amazing and I wont' hear anyone say a word against it.
As you get to Bojangles, you've prepared some fart tear gasses. Spord throws a Fart Tear gas into the glass of the place, in an attempt to make people run out, and to steal all the money inside.

>Attempt to disperse the Bojangles residents with fart tear gas bombs.

Dreadjaw laughs at the destruction. Growls a bit when Bison stands back up, but still keeps laughing.
"Ye look like something the cat dr-r-ragged in, lad! Haaaarr har har har!"

Once the laughing was done, Dreadjaw takes a big breath.
"Harrrr...okay, back to yerrrr flogging. With me teeth!"
Dreadjaw charges at Bison, leaping up to bite down on the cake-covered Bison.

>Nomnomnom attack: Great (crits 9+)
''Hmn...one moment...I feel like I am missing something...OH RIGHT!''
The cloud was slowly subsiding...but before it completely vainishes, Kero flicks her spoon one more time, and a huge cherry falls from the cloud, landing in the middle of the ice cream mountain that once was Dairy Princess.
''Per~fect!'' she says with a sweet chuckle before flying away to her next target
''You're next... Filly Wok..''
(continuing in a minute)

"Mimes don't talk," Darkmane deadpans. "And, you're not the only one whose powers warp reality. Behold!"

Darkmane's minion shadows gather around Rougal McDougal's hooves, or rather where his invisible tank should be. "Everything with form casts a shadow. You were unfortunate when you ran into me. If your power casts no shadow, then it is no object. Here, let me give it shape for you."

The minions take the form of a flower pot in the direction a flower pot would cast a shadow from the sun if Rougal's tank were a giant flower pot. Rougal is standing/sitting where the dirt would be. Thus, if this works, he would be buried and find it difficult to move.

[1d10] for minions applying new shape

Dr. Darkmane throws his own magic in to give them more power over reality. [1d10]

Meanwhile, the shadow continues to drink the restaurant out of existence. [1d10]
>Onwards, to Haycakes

"Alright, we've had our tea, now for crumpets!"

Loin grumbles, but apon hearing the fighting within, the two quicken they're pace.

"Ah, Bison, you may not remember me, but I remember you. Let me introduce you to my acquaintance, Sir Loin."

"Greetings buffalo, I'll enjoy raising the steaks tonight. Prepare to be pinned down and rolled flat, dough boy!"

>Suppress: recharge 1 after letting go, weapon; renders target helpless. After success, can keep taking automatic actions to keep the target pinned. If this action is not taken, the target gets up.

As the not-so-gentle gentleminotaur pins down the buffalo, TADS uses his telekinesis to turn the baking ovens to over 103 degrees, (i'm hot blooded, hot blooded). Actually, it's more like 1000-ish degrees, but same difference. The building catches fire as TADS brings up the heat.

"Can't stand the heat? GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!"


Sir Loin flexes his muscles, insuring he wins.

>Iron Will: instant, recharge 2; You are going to have your way, no matter the cost. You can take 4 hits to make a failed action Automatic. This ability cannot be used on critfails.
pic related
"Steaks?!" Dreadjaw yells, looking from her position of biting down on Bison, and at Loin.
"I don't know who ye be, lad, but I like ye alr-r-ready."
Upon her arrival, she once again took a moment to glare at at the two floor Chineigh restaurant... Instead of a princess sign, this one had a giant rice bowl in a sign with the words 'Filly Wok' in bright colors "Ah, the despicable foreign cooking... I will tolerate your strange customs and shady cooking in this country no more!"

she decided to try a more 'calm' approach this time...
She descents from her spoon and struts inside, but once again, cutting the line as she proudly walks in.
The sight of the dishes bathed in unhealthy amounts of shoyu sauce makes her rage boil hotter than a hay oil frier... And the thought of that only makes her even more motivated!

Once again, ponies behind her complain
"Oh come on with this lady, go to the preferential line!"
"Hey! I'm trying to have dinner here!"
"Ugh, why do these cosplaying nerds always love coming to these restaurants?"

She ignores their comments and turns to the golden stallion with squinty eyes and bucktooth smiling at her
He almost spits on her face as he speaks... She struggles to keep smiling
"Yes... I would like to order some squid..."
She flashes a grin
"Live squid..."
The golden Chineigh pony tilts his head

"Oh is that so? Then how about that one?" She points to one of the ponies in the kitchen that were about to chop a squid in pieces, having just taken it fresh from the tank
With a smirk and a flick of her spoon, suddenly the squid throbs and jerks it's body, growing slightly in size... Then again... And again, each throb making it bulge as it's body got bigger... And bigger AND BIGGER
"OOH! YOU MEAN THAT SQUIDU!" he points to the now giant squid that was filling the kitchen.

All the ponies in the kitchen and tables watch in stunned silence as the squid flops it's tentacles around... Before a loud scream of a mare fills the place... And chaos breaks lose as the giant cephalopod snatches up the staff in it's tentacles, including the golden stallion before it tries to run
"HORY SHITO!" he shouts as the squid trashes out of the kitchen, knocking down the wall in its way as Kero'mas calmly struts out through the door with a smile on her face.
Now standing outside, she watches content as the squid effortlessly destroys the place for her while holding mares and stallions in its slimy, sticky tentacles
The biscuits are still amazing, even through the smell the patrons stay to get them.

(2 points for descriptions, building is still up)

Man that looks like it hurts

(+1 point for descriptions)

The Bison attacks back [1d10]

(minions fight at -2) reality begins to twist and bend, but the Rougal holds out. "You fool, don't you get it, I am both clown and mime, I have mastered the silent and the loud. I am one and the other, complete and perfect, and my clown powers give me magic as well.[1d10]

Even as he begins his magic the building disappears around you,leaving nothing rule concrete and stacks of prepackaged hayburgers.

(3 points for descriptions, building is destroyed, take 3 points)

Sir loin in mighty indeed, and managed to hold the Bison, at the cost of being nearly knocked out.

The building begins to burn, unfortunately you burn yourself with it, take 2 points of dmg.
(2 points for description, building is still up)


It’s a squid-tastrophy (I am to tired to think of good joke)

(2 points for description restaurant is still up, you may continue to rampage)

Kero- 9
Darkmane- 10
Spord- 9
Dreadjaw - 4

Rougal Laughs, as small car approaches, and stops. Then a door opens. And out come clowns. Clown after clown, and even more clowns.

"You see Darkmane, you are not the only one who can bring minions!"
"Thats it! Time to bring out the big guns!"

Spord takes out a fartcrophone, that will make his farts turn into high velocity fart cannons.

>Attempt to fart so hard, that it makes all the residence think its an earthquake and run for their lives from the bojangles.

File: Forty Cakes.jpg (50 KB, 350x206) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Forty Cakes.jpg
50 KB, 350x206
As Dreadjaw bites down on Bison, something sweet touches his tongue. Dreadjaw lets go of Bison from his mouth, smacking is jaws a bit and gives an almost girlish 'mmmm!'.
"Tasty. Not meat, but...."
Dreadjaw gives an experimental lick of cake and icing, not caring he is licking off of Bison.
"...this be amazing! Why am I destr-r-roying these?!"
Seeing the fires, and still savoring the sweet taste of cake in his mouth, Dreadjaw realizes what he must do.
"I must have morrrre!"
After a few more licks of Bison cake, Dreadjaw runs to the back of the building.

When Dreadjaw comes back, he is dragging a huge cart filled with cakes. There is easily at least one of every flavor, and doubles of others. And judging by the arrangement, the number of cakes is easily countable.
"This be me sweet booty from this plunder!"
Dreadjaw rushes up and loads the cakes up onto his ship, no longer caring about beating up on Bison more.

>Stealing pic related

"Are you a clown or a mime!?" Darkmane asks in frustration. "Make up your mind! At least make a joke!"

"You are just ridiculous! Your restaurant is gone, and I'll make you gone too!"

>McDougal is now my rival! I must defeat him!

"Stop those clowns!" Darkmane shouts to his friends. They listen and attack the clowns.


His SUPER SHADOW grows a tendril and throws his hat back onto his master's head. It then launches itself at McDougal. It lashes out at it with its tendrils. [1d10]

Meanwhile, Darkmane animates McDougal's SUPER SHADOW! [1d10]
Chuckling as she takes delight in her villainous actions, an idea come to mind
"Now my minion, drench yourself in their disgusting factory made sauce! Bathe in this disgusting excuse of a shoyu and make them taste it! MAKE THEM HAVE A TASTE OF THEIR OWN DISGUSTING SOY JUICE!" She orders as she levitates all the shoyu bottles inside the restaurant and spilled it all over the squid, who was now so big that it's head destroyed the ceiling and the remaining walls!
It proceeds to rub it's tentacles all over the poor Chineigh ponies in its grasp, filling the air with their... Moans?
"UAAAH! IT'S SO SALTY~" a mare cries out
"N-NOOOU... S-STOOOOP!" shouts another mare as she is rubbed all over and her body drips with the thick sauce
Kero'mas licks her lips With delight "Marvelous~"

... She doesn't notice all the teenager Colts that were watching with their noses bleeding slightly...
TADS continues to turn up the heat while Sir Loin continues to pin Bison

You far so hard it actually causes one destroying the building.

(2 points for descriptions, 2 poitns for destruction. and 1 point for rolling a 10 again, you lucky, lucky person)



You plunder the last of the cakes, leaving TADS behind.

(Take 3 points for description. 3 points for destruction. and a villlian point for leaving TADS behind cause that was hilarious).


Sadly the little shadows don't stop the clowns. But the big shadow does hit their master, Ronald avoids damage but his barrier is shattered. Also his own shadow rises up.

The clowns, being stupid creatures, attack the shadows back [1d10-1], but Ronald, ignores them instead turning to their master. “A joke you say? Okay then, how about yourself?” He pulls out a second red nose from his pocket and throws it.

(Take one point for description)

Kero’mas doesn’t notice most of the teenage colts, but she does notice a mare, dressed in a school uniform and with and absurdly long main in pigtails. “How dare you destroy peoples hopes and dreams by taking away their ice cream? Villains like you should learn to let others enjoy themselves. I am Sailor Luna, and in the name of princess Luna, I will punish you.”

(Building destroyed. 2 points for destruction, 2 points for description)

Sadly the heat is too late as the place is already ransacked. However, while Sir Loin is holding him the BUFF BISON stamina ends and he is helpless. (as he is pinned, he cannot attempt to recover)

(2 points for description, this is normally a 1 point description, but I’m not gonna kick someone with internet troubles when they are down)

ROUND 4 ending score
TADS- 11
Kero- 13
Darkmane- 11
Spord- 14
Dreadjaw - 10
[1d10] forgot Mcdougal's roll.
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