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imagine if
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she wants the d.png
171 KB, 504x1020
imagine if
>Equestria never had a sex taboo
>casual sex was everywhere
>streets, parks, in restaurants, in houses
>eating someone out/giving a bj was equally valid as shaking someone's hand, or even just saying hi
>ponies were constantly aroused
>incest, /ss/, and basically every other fetish were totally normal
>it'd be considered weird to not have sex with all your friends (best friends you'd do all at once)
>every party, whatever type (birthday, get-together, going away party, etc), were all orgies
>everyone was happier and closer for it
I'd kill myself
so, heaven?
I'm sorry to hear about how impossibly gay you are

yes, anon. Heaven.
>you don't like seeing your waifu getting cummed inside by every guy in town
>lmao fag
Alright kuk.
File: 21341234213412214.png (954 KB, 800x1191) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
954 KB, 800x1191
So if losing your virginity before you even reach adulthood is near impossible not to do, does that mean there would be genuine rewards for staying a virgin long enough?

Shit mang, I'd willingly stay celibate just so I could become a crazy power wizard.
I'd be pretty fucking disgusted. Imagine how dirty everything is.
Well if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

>giving up sex for magic
>in a world populated by 1/3rd unicorns
>in a world where alchemy is accessible by the other 2/3rds of the population
>in a world where ascension to an Alicorn is possible in just 20 minutes
butt y doe
File: 1429387056682.jpg (38 KB, 558x340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
38 KB, 558x340
Wow. That's such a cool idea OP. Maybe you should write a greentext about it.
I gave an honest answer to your scenario. If I came that far to see my precious pony waifu fucking Spike, I'd end myself
>butt y doe
Unicorn magic could not even compare to wizard magic anon, you could be the most powerful being in Equestria just by not fucking for just a few more years.
File: 1388494604027.jpg (26 KB, 400x562) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Absolutely disgusting
File: image.jpg (52 KB, 604x431) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 604x431
Rape everyone I see while armed until I'm revered and sex with anyone else except me is taboo and feared.

This society already seems literally fucked up. might as well have some fun.
Immediately an hero again.
I think about this scenario a lot when I am fapping to pone. I like to imagine ponies offering to help one another without a second thought when they see a friend in heat in a public place, or one pony casually asking another pony to pleasure her because of a sudden urge, and they do it right there. I think of a mare being pleasured by another while one of them is carrying on a normal conversation with a third character in between her moans of pleasure, which are treated as completely normal. This makes me really hard.
ok ^:)

I'd give up sex just for those sick ass horns
Point proven, brave anon

>rape in a society where sex isn't taboo at all
>like shaking someone's hand for too long
>it's just awkward and sweaty
good luck with that

captcha: popcorn
this anon knows what he's talking about
File: image.png (25 KB, 964x800) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
25 KB, 964x800
rape fetishists would be untamable
File: image.jpg (75 KB, 522x960) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 522x960
All the mares would have multiple foals by age 18 (with no fathers, of course), and they'd die of STDs by 30.
>All of those replies
Simply wow.
rape probably wouldn't even be a word, or a thing tbqh

>what is magic birth control/std prevention
but yeah, irl this obviously wouldn't work
just like vore fetishes
that's why it's a fetish on 4chan, anon.
Because it's not realistic.
still hot ^: )
Wow! What a hawt idea! Imagine everyone having sex all the time! Makes my peepee so hard ;) See you in school tomorrow OP! Don't forget your homework again!
If you have everything you want in life, what is the point?

It'd be heaven for me because I don't give a shit, but not for the average Anon.

Remember, the price of every mare having sex with you is that they've already had sex with everyone else.
I prefer a sexually repressed Equestria where sex isn't possible until a couple is married and then only for procreation, no homosex is allowed whatsoever.
Wow! What a hawt idea. Imagine *insert fetish here.* makes my peepee so hard. ;) See you in school tomorrow OP! Don't forget your homework again!

if it's not your fetish, fuck off back to the diaper/vote/etc threads. There's 2+ of those every day without anyone shitting all over it.
File: image.jpg (29 KB, 431x720) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
29 KB, 431x720
this anon gets it
Porcupine got more gold than he could spend. He hung himself in his room 3 weeks later. The Room is worse than the Meat Grinder; it holds nothing but eternal misery behind the sweet velvet promise.

>the price
But anon, that's what's so hot about it!

I thought the Amish weren't allowed to use technology. Are you having a good Rumspringa so far?
Fuck you, I go where I want.
File: 027.jpg (154 KB, 800x585) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
154 KB, 800x585
Fucking keklords
Imagine though, sex is like how horses do it. over in a few seconds and she walks away when its done and doesn't even look at you. No cuddling, no long nights, nothing.
File: tarkovsky.jpg (417 KB, 1772x1688) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
417 KB, 1772x1688
shit, forgot to attach pic

>But anon, that's what's so hot about it!

I never denied that. I'm just saying that's why other people have a problem with it.
Piety and pureness are the virtues which yield the best crop
Insert Scary Terry: "Sex is sacred!" kill [/spoler] "BITCH!"
That stuff wouldn't disappear; the average pony might even get more of it (cuddling, long nights, etc). It's just that nobody would find it shameful or private to do so.

Apologies for misunderstanding, Anon. You have good taste. Thank you for explaining that to me.
So Brave New World?
That book made me wonder. In their world, 8 year olds having sex with each other isn't taboo, so would it be legal for an adult to have sex with a child?
Weren't the kids segregated so that Huxley wouldn't have to deal with that topic? I'm sure that in that world it's not taboo, but they didn't really talk about it in the book. Still, yeah, essentially that, but with less soma and more ponies.
Because horses are herd animals, they don't really believe in locking their doors and personal space. We see it on the show a lot, ponies just letting themselves in.
When rumors of human sexual stamina get around the town, ponies start coming over unannounced and try to seduce you. But, despite what you might think now, having all that sex and mares constantly putting their rears in your face gets old.
ponies in equestria still don't have genitals so your imagination is invalid
>implying that all I want from life is unlimbered sex
File: 1434580554394.jpg (46 KB, 434x482) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
46 KB, 434x482
>If it'snot your fetish, fuck off to the diaper/vore/etc. threads. There's 2+ of those every day without anyone shitting all over it.
>Diaper thread
>Not getting shat all over
Just popped in, but, uh, I think that's kinda the point of that thread is shitting anywhere. But at least they keep their shit contained.
>Just pooped in
File: 1343845369558.jpg (35 KB, 359x328) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
35 KB, 359x328
>No homo sex is allowed whatsoever
"It'll get old"
I dunno, anon, an infinite supply of my fetish might not. Even if it does, at least it's still there if I decide I want it again.

>proposing something outside of the show
>arguing with evidence from the show
wew lad, good response there

Saying that is like turning down infinite free food, of any variety you wanted, just because "there's more to life." No shit sherlock, there's more to life than eating, but that doesn't mean infinite, free food wouldn't be nice.

Well damn, anon. You're right. Good point. I'll be sure to pay closer attention to my use of phrases from now on.

>this fukken guy
But what would be the point then? If it's an everyday and casual thing wouldn't it cease to be so alluring and enjoyable very quickly?
The man who has everything has nothing, the only new experience is an hero.
Anon arrives in Equestria where it is perfection with free love everywhere.

He has AIDS.

Equestria becomes a shithole.

>Equestria has no condoms, no birth control pills, and no birth control magic spells
>most mares actually prefer anal to vaginal sex
File: 1433985880106.jpg (17 KB, 604x340) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
17 KB, 604x340
>Equestria gradually turns into Africa
File: image.jpg (47 KB, 306x387) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
47 KB, 306x387
sounds pretty heretical tbqh
>Saying that is like turning down infinite free food, of any variety you wanted, just because "there's more to life." No shit sherlock, there's more to life than eating, but that doesn't mean infinite, free food wouldn't be nice.
That's a stupid argument. "infinite, fee sex" everywhere does prevent and counter other good things. Obvious things already brought up in this thread.
What's with all the cutie mark crusading going on recently? Is this a new meme I missed?
Like what? Intimate sex? Monogamy? Those things wouldn't cease to exist, just like infinite variety doesn't prevent eating one thing exclusively. That's kind of the point, and why the fetish is hot.

Name one thing which would be "prevented and countered" by free love.
Looking at the OP and your post right here, I'm seeing some contradictions. If you couldn't go outside without seeing everyone fucking and there was no reason at all for anyone not to do that, adding in a "oh but your waifu is totally faithful and waited for you" rule is stupid. Monogamy existing would make fucking everyone you see taboo, wouldn't it?
~1000 years old isn't very new
Just like there are some outliers in society today who DO have free-loving sex, there'll be some outliers in THIS society who only have monogamous sex. It's not 2 mutually exclusive things. I'm not saying your waifu will totally be pure. I'm saying that monogamy would be taboo, but it'd still exist, just as free love exists in this world.
i know it's not new, I should've made that clearer. just seems to be popping up in every thread today. usually it's only once a week or so.
>I wanna have sex whenever I want
>But my girlfriend must be as pure as snow.
You're worse than #justgirlythings
I might be writing some green of this tonight. Haven't done erotic green before, though, anyone got any pointers or good fic pastebins?
File: 4bf.png (181 KB, 625x626) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
181 KB, 625x626
>Saying that is like turning down infinite free food, of any variety you wanted, just because "there's more to life." No shit sherlock, there's more to life than eating, but that doesn't mean infinite, free food wouldn't be nice.
When did I say I would turn it down? The other anons ITT >>25371697 were implying that having everything is a reason for suicide, and also that OP's concept is to have everything one could want. I disagree with both points.
File: 1439070070564.jpg (75 KB, 550x449) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
75 KB, 550x449
Not worth the risk to me. Even with the tiny hopeful chance that she'd be the odd one who believes in romance and intimacy, she'd still get mounted in the streets as nobody else would have a problem with it.
>lmao autist!
I know
That makes me wonder: have we ever had a wizard in Equestria. Like, some 30 year old virgin dies, goes to Equestria, and becomes a literal wizard
So wait, wouldn't this mean any pone who's a shut it or just plain a virgin into adulthood be considered basically autistic in pone society? Like not even high functioning autistic, we're talking severe low-functioning autist by pony standards.

Because that's my fetish
There was a one off thread once that didn't really go anywhere, and in the dazzling general someone started a wizard anon story where he was a 30 something year old neet who studied under a homeless man who called him "young grass smoker" but the writefag disappeared.

Wizard anon stories are rare.
This.How do stallions not get 24/7 erections when all the mares's vaginas are visible

>everywhere you go smells like big horse dicks, ass, and hot marevag

might be interesting at first but that would get old fast.

there has to be some regulations for ponyville to function.
I'm a wizard, but I don't think green of my exploits in Equestria would be worth reading.
>"P-princess Celestia, who is that odd figure in your foyer?"
>'He calls himself Anonymous The Green and claims to be a powerful wizard from another dimension.'
>"..Has he done anything?"
>'Not yet, no..I mean, he does smoke a rather excessive amount of something called 'marijuana' and he talks to himself alot.'
>'..Luna seems to like him well enough.'
Yes! Shut-ins who never have sex are seen as severely disabled, and seen (or, not seen, i guess, as they're locked in a house) with loads of pity. May or may not involve being forced to have sex with someone

I'm assuming that there's quite a few alchemy shops selling virility potions so stallions have no refractory period, so as to enable a stallion to please whatever mare throws themselves at him. Basically pony super-viagra
what's with all the hate of fun? Are we just >>>/nofunallowed/ now?

Yeah,it'd be the equivalent of the entire world being nudists
File: 324651257.png (228 KB, 640x360) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
228 KB, 640x360
I wouldn't see any big issues.

Equestria would essentially be the land of horse-bonobos. And bonobos are generally pretty well off when it comes to getting along.

Also, I wouldn't say no to the copious amounts of pony poontang I'd be offered.
This is what I hope Equestria is like
Autists are not for rape anon, they're for tender but very awkward relationships with other autists.
Your waifu would give me a blowjob to cheer me up then kiss you on the lips later without your knowledge lol
It kind of makes me want to write one if I had time
>Anon comes to Equestria
>finds out he has badass powers
>hones in his abilities
>starts attracting mates
>he's finally the life of the party wherever he goes
>as soon as he gets emotionally intimate, he starts losing his abilities
>fuck that.jpg
>becomes incredibly off-putting to anyone who shows a vague interest
>one of his former admirers tries to stick around
>the two of them have an incredibly fun time together
>he's torn between having a friend and maintaining his powers
>tries to keep her at the right distance
>becomes incredibly controlling
>she tries and tries to get him to open up
>finally gets tired of his bullshit and leaves him
>Anon tries to get her back
>she only agrees to if he finally opens up
>he tries bargaining with her, and tells her that if he does, he loses his powers
>without them, he's essentially nothing to her
>she admits her feelings for him, and that it doesn't matter whether or not he can shoot fire out of his hands
>almost takes the deal, but backs out
>she calls Anon a selfish asshole
>Anon sulks, and tries to come up with a way to get her back
>he decides if he can get his own kingdom, he can win her over, and give up his powers
>goes full batshit insane
>starts commanding storms, shooting fire, makes his voice call like thunder
>everyone's panicking
>in the midst of all this, he gets confronted by his old friend
>she begs him to stop
>he tries reasoning with her, that soon he'll be able to win her love back
>all she wants is for him to stop
>he's dead set on his ways
>it finally sets in the pain he's causing her, and he gives in
>he calms the storm, he mellows out
>he finally chooses to give it up
>if this is what it takes, he'll give up everything to be with her
>Anon loses his powers after having the most emotional make-up sex imaginable
File: 123431241324.jpg (52 KB, 471x694) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52 KB, 471x694
>Giving up your magic for love
The very cosmos is yours to command and you give it up for love?
Men do strange things for love
see, this is why it's so hot. Lots of love all around


Okay, that's actually sweeter and more fun/hot than I originally posted

the problem is where?
C-uckold detected
Love was made for men though, therefore man must be far more splendid!
I would be thoroughly concerned for Equestria's public hygenie
well yeah, but most fetishes have some sort of hygiene problem
so what?
writefag back with questions:
I have a basic outline of what I want to write, but curious as to what you guys want. I'm currently doing it with an entirely pony cast, but I could redo it with Anon In Equestria if you guys want. On top of that, do you guys want background ponies, or named characters on the show to be joining in?
File: 1440025351086.png (207 KB, 600x453) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
207 KB, 600x453
Maybe if you're a cück. I'm not so lucky however, and my alpha male principle makes me extremely jealous and borderline murderous when the well-being of my potential spawn is compromised.
Anal sex
Butt sex
Gay sex
Futa sex
/ss/ sex
tentacle sex
hoof sex
claw sex
fire sex
ice sex
cheese sex
cake sex
cakes sex
horn sex
urethral sex
smegma sex
testicle sex

I think that'll cover it
what if I only cuddle the ponies?
Knowing my luck i'd turn them off to sex entirely just by talking to them. I would kill the population by completely halting all forms of reproduction because spending 5 minutes with me talking about sex will render them asexual.

I guess there's always masturbation...
File: but how.gif (2 MB, 500x281) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
but how.gif
2 MB, 500x281
>testicle sex
>cheese sex
>smegma sex
File: 12415135151.png (162 KB, 606x432) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
162 KB, 606x432
>finally get to Equestria
>find out your waifu is nympho who gets fucked by countless random stallions everyday
That's ok too, anon! You do what you want to.

Ponies DO have a maximum tolerance for pure autism, and you do unfortunately exceed that limit. Sorry.

I'll pick 3. It's my 1st time, can't get too ambitious.
File: 1415724307585.gif (2 MB, 250x188) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 250x188
It would be a horrible feeling indeed
I wouldn't mind if she had a boyfriend or two in the past or something, but literally fucking everything that moves? Nah mate, fuck that slut and not in the sexual way.
writefag back with a small bit of green
first time doing clop, be gentle

>be General Care, assistant accountant at Ponyville Hospital
>you just woke up, and are very confused
>your cock is gone
>all you have is a winking marevag in its place
>not that you were complaining, it looks very nice
>you turn to your left, bed squeaking
>to your left, Twi basks in the morning sun, still completely dead asleep
>she rolls over in her sleep, and the bed sheets shift in such a way that isn’t indicative of ordinary mare biology
>you lift the sheets, and stare down at a very much you-sized (and shaped) cock barely out of its sheath
>still has crotchtits above it, just the cock itself has been plonked there
>hazy memory resurfacing; you got drunk, Twi did too, convinced you to try a new spell she’d found
>you shift in bed, growing closer to the gently pulsing rod
>might as well wake her up
>you open your mouth, closing it gently around the barely visible head
>licking around the tip, over the urethra, drinking up the bits of salty pre leaking out
>Twi moans, twisting and turning in the bed
>her breathing becomes slowly audible as her eyes struggle to open
>she finally opens them, groaning even louder as she starts bucking upwards into your gaping mouth
>a few moments later, one last moan, and she cums
>you gently swallow, and look back up at her
>she smiles
"That’s certainly a way to wake up in the morning. Thank you so much!"

>You open the bakery's doors, and the stench immediately hits you
>You're still not used to the humid air, mixed with the scent of sex, sweat, and whatever else is going on in there
>The sight that greets you isn't all that better, a bunch of couples and groups fucking or making out
>You're pretty sure you saw the Cake twins on a nearby table, coated with cum
>The parents being on top, you're pretty sure it's theirs
>Pinkie waves from behind her counter, one of her customers behind her and rutting her
>"H-hey Anon!"
>Her face went through so many reactions as she said that, you almost laugh
>The line is empty, as usual, and you step up to her, taking care not to step in any of the semen puddles on the ground
>If the moans, grunts, and overall fucking weren't so loud, you'd probably hear Pinkie thumping against the counter
>"S-so, what'll it - Ah! - be, Anon?"
>Her face looks up at you, a small smile on her face, while she bounces back and forth
>The stallion's head is buried in her cotton mane so you don't see who he is
"Just a dozen of those strawberry cupcakes, please."
>"D-did - aaaah~ - Twilight send you?"
>You nod, and she starts reaching for some of the cupcakes on display
>You're glad there's a case, because the cum splatters almost obscure the entire display
"Can you reach the ones further out?"
>Better safe than sorry
>You can see the stallion on top of her, some brownish fellow you've never met before
>His face is right in front of yours as it contorts and they both let out a loud grunt
>Pinkie stops for a moment, and the stallion before you just leans down on her body, panting
>You stand there patiently, as she collects herself, and starts collecting the cupcakes into a box
>The stallion doesn't budge, just staying on top of her, and presumably inside her
>He smells like he's been fucking her for the entire day, and you see his fur matted with sweat
Even if you made that to make fun of the fetish, I still came.

Please, go on.
>Pinkie finally gets your box, but before you can stop here she slams it onto the table, and you hear a squish and splashing sound as it connects with a pool of semen there
>She's panting with half lidded eyes, drool dripping out of her mouth and sliding down her tongue
>"A-all done, A-anon!"
>She almost slams her head on the counter, getting some of the semen in her mane
"Thanks, Pinkie. Twilight said she already paid you."
>Pinkie moved her head in what seemed like a nod, scraping her mane against the cum on the countertop
>You pick up the box, careful not to get any of the white fluids on you
>You fuck up and feel a portion of your palms get wet and sticky
>And turn 360 and walk away, cursing Twilight for bringing you here
>The box obscures your feet as you carry it, and you shiver as you feel your shoes sink into something on the floor
>But you soldier bravely on, finally making it to the outside, and taking a deep breath of the fresh air
>Yeah, there's two stallions spit-roasting a mare in front of you, but it's across the street, and you barely smell it
>You turn to your left, and scrape your shoes against the sidewalk, hoping to get out whatever you stepped in
>Your soles vibrate against the sidewalk, and the scraping is agony to your ears, but you're confident it's somewhat clean
>A greenish mare walks by you, and you deftly wipe some of the cum on your hand off on her coat
>Your dry hands let you feel a lot more at ease
>She doesn't even look at all surprised, having even stopped for you to finish, and now looks at you with a small glint in her eye
>She runs her tongue around her lips, and takes a step further, way past your comfort bubble
>"I can lick those hands clean, Anon."
>How does every pony in this town know you?
>You shake your head, quickly backing off
"I'm in a hurry, Twilight really wants these cupcakes."
>You hold the box up and her ears flatten
>She turns away and you head on your way towards Twilight's
This one made me laugh, not cum.

I actually kind of like that.
>You stand in front of the treebary at long last
>The walk through Ponyville wasn't too bad, you knew where all the relatively clean streets were
>The mares trying to shove their butts into you only left 3 stains on your pants this time
>You knock on the door, and surprisingly it sounds loudly against the...silence?
>You lean your ear against the door, but hear nothing
>Usually you can hear Twilight's screams from the door, but you don't even hear a single thump on wood
>That's weird
>The sun was already sinking, and the sky was a pretty mix now of blue and reddish colors
>You take a look around, and see no pony near the entrance
>Shrugging, you set the box down, and give the door another knock
>A hoof on your back causes you to jump, and you swiftly turn around, leaping backwards
>No matter how many times you tell these ponies, they keep touching you and thinking it's okay
>"H-hey, Anon..."
>Oh dammit, that's not Twilight
>Fluttershy looks at the ground, her body shuddering a bit
"Hey Flutters. Are you cold?"
>Her eyes look up at you, brows furrowed, but the bobbing motion of her head gives you clarity
"Ah, is Angel behind you?"
>She nods, and there's not even a hint or trace of a blush
>You lean to your side, and sure enough, there the little bunny was
>He was a white fuzzy patch, you're not even sure how a little thing could even thrust so fast
>He's clinging onto her tightly with his small paws, but Fluttershy shows almost no reaction
>Probably has a small dick
"What are you doing here?"
>"I was, uhm, hoping Twilight would be here."
"She's not."
>"Oh, okay. I guess I'll just be-"
"Wait, hold up! Why are you looking for her?"
>And of course, now her face blushes a bit and she turns her eyes away from you, lowering her head
>"Uhm, Angel and I were looking-"
>Your curiosity and repulsive imagination fight for a bit
"You know what? I don't want to know. All I know is she told me to get some cupcakes, and now she's not here."
File: neverforget.png (246 KB, 826x448) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
246 KB, 826x448
>You stand in front of the treebary at long last
Why have you done this Anon
This world seems like the perfect scenario for any STD to have a field day in.

Imagine if there was a lethal one?

How quickly would the entire population die off if they were all promiscuous like mad?
But I'm asexual.
Be Anon.

>First month of summer.
>Your 1st summer in Equestria just began.
>This place will never cease to amaze you.
>The last 8 month were an adventure by themselves.
>Ponyville took some time getting used to see you around.
>You were quite the talking subject for a while.
>The fact that the only house big enough to house you belonged to the nicest mare around was, in your opinion, a blessing of the Gods.
>You're currently walking back to Carrot Top's farm, juggling in one hand a purse ringing nicely of well earned golden bits.
>Turns out having finger helps a lot for precision work when Unicorns are busy.
>You spot your roommate tending to her fields.
"Hey beautiful! How are ya!"
>"Hello Anon, I'm as fine as the sky's blue... Just look at it..."
>The weather is indeed splendid.
"Say, I just got my pay, wanna go to town to eat something? I'm famished."
>"Mmh... Alright, but I'm paying my share!"
"Sure thing..."

>The waiter just gave you the menus.
>"What will you take Anon, Rose said their dandelion sandwich is very good, but I love alfalfa salad... Anon?"
"CT, don't look behind you... But the couple just there is... Sweet Baby Jesus..."
>The mare with orange does what you told her not to.
>"Ho right, it's already summer, Sprinkler always was in advance for that thing. It is a little impolite to do this in a food court tho'."
"How can you be so calm when peop- ... Ponies, are fucking like that in public!"
>"Anon, language please. What? Don't you do things like that where you come from?"
"Well, missionary sex is also a thing on Earth, but not where everyone can see it! Lovemaking is a very intimate thing for humans!"
>"Hoo~ I see. I didn't realize, well, just FYI, ponies do tend to do this... 'spontaneously' during the hottest month of summer."
"Spontaneously? ... Wait... Does that mean... It just... 'takes you' and you have to do it... when it does?"
>"Pretty much? It's hormonal, female tend to... umm..." she blushes "This is a little embarrassing."
"I suppose we can just take our food and leave before continuing on this topic..."
>"No, no, it's fine... *ahem* When a mare feels 'ready' she'll starts to spread pheromones, and stallion will react to this... invitation... Then... Nature runs its course."
"... Just like that?"
>"Yes... Is something the matter?"
"... Not really... I’m not that hungry actually... Waiter! Just a Chef's Sandwich, to take away..."
>"Aww, for once that we're outside... Well, I'll take the Alfalfa Salad."
>The unicorn jots down the order using his magic on his pen, before putting a carafe of water and 2 glasses between you and CT.
>You feel obliged to grab the bottle and pour a glass to your friend.
>Until a scream of pleasure crushes all ambient noises and you see a droplet of clear fluid sailing across the air to end it's course in the container you just filled...
>The background chatter resumes as the mare before you grabs the glass and gulps down its content...
>"Anon, you're all red. Do you feel alright?"

Same evening.

>Back in Carrot's Farm.
>You're lying on CT's couch, officially, your bed.
>A candle lit on the table a couple feet away from you.
>"Anon... What's wrong?"
"*sigh* Sorry beautiful... I'm just... Something'on my mind... It's stupid... Go back to bed..."
>She climbs on the sofa and snuggles on your chest.
>"C'mon, you know I won't sleep when I know you're pulling an all-nighter..."
>You never stood a chance against her...
"Kay... It's... During lunch... The thing you explained... Estrus? Well... I don't like this."
>"That's... Really weird to hear... It's like saying you hate having 2 arms and 2 legs..."
"No! Not that part... You said that... That you would... let anyone... take you... I'm not gonna allow that."
>"Um... Anon... I... Don't know what to say..."
"CT. I love ya, you know that right?"
>"And I love you, Anon. But what does it have to do with estrus?"
"Everything! For humans, when you're in love with someone-"
"Not now CT. *ahem* In love with somePONY... You don't just let the next stranger that happens to walk by at the right moment fuck you like some... Some..."
>"... But... It's... Very flattering... But it's something that has to be done... For ponykind."
"CT. Ponykind can go suck a di-"
"We're talking about fucking! We can use swearwords!"
>"Not in my house!" she commands, stomping her hoof on your chest, driving the point home.
"Ouch... 'Kay... The thing is... Ponies will have their next generation, even if you don't take part in it... And... if it's about... Urges... And needs, then... I'm here, right?"
>In the flickering light, you see a faint blush.
>"Yes, you're here."
"So, can you promise me. No funny business with anyone else than the big dumb ape?"
>"Mmh. Okay. In exchange, if I want to do funny business, it's when and where I want, no objections."
"You can't decide that kind of things. You need to set the mood and-"
>"Deal or no deal. I want an answer now, or never."
"... 'kay."
>"Good," is the only signature you need on these kinds of contracts, well, and the official peck on the lips. "Also, I am mad at you for paying for my salad."
"Be grumpy all you want, I'm already asleep."
Weeks pass...
>Work in town slows... drastically.
>As if the heat melted everyone’s desire to get shit done.
>That or the constant rutting prevents half the population to do their jobs.
>This caused you to stay around the house and help at the farm.
>Not your favorite activity with this temperature, but someone has to do it.
>On the other hand, it means you get to spend most of the day in CT's company. And this is reparation enough for the sunburns.
>As you store the last tool in the shed, you spot the orange mare bringing you a bucket of cold water and a towel.
>"Wash yourself Anon, I don't wish to be seen in town with some sweaty, mud covered gorilla."
"Rii~ght. As if you never ran inside town hall wearing that horror you call an apron."
>The embarrassing memory instantly fries her cheeks.
>"I-i-it was an emergency and-and-and-..."
"Hahaha, alright aright calm down, it's warm enough as it is today, no need to cook your brains. So, why are we going back to civilization?"
>"I wanted to try a new recipe I got from my aunt. But I don't have all the ingredients here, so why not walk a little?"
>You don't feel that confident about going back to coitus avenue, but you are running low on some stuff.
"Alrighty then!"
>A short moment later, on the road linking the outskirts farms to Ponyville.
>The two of you opt to take the longer path, more scenic and fresh, as it crosses a short thicket and a stream, bringing shade and humidity.
"... and so, I'm looking straight in Brick's eyes, all of my seriousness-"
>"He must have burst in laughter."
"Nha-ha-ha, please don't interrupt my story with your attempts at being snarky, Anon the amazing is trying to wow you with his totally true tales, feats and you're not interested."
>"Alright, alright, I was kidding, please, continue."
"Nah... You're the worst public a man like- Urgh!"
>Self-interruption now? Hanging too much with that pony...
>Shut up brain, trying to bleach out the fact that ponies are fucking everywhere!
>Are everywhere, fucking! would be more appropriate.
>Right next to the path, a lilac pegasus mare with light blue mane was literally slobbering on a Unicorn stallion's genitalia.
>>"Ho hello neighbors!" greets the on still standing, his partner giving you a dismissive wave.
>This whole thing is just surreal to you...
>It was after that precise moment that you smelled it.
>It was a really indescribable scent, stealthy, yet powerful, alien, yet pleasant despite the clear musk hidden under it...
>Unable to focus on anything other than what your nose was picking, you almost trip on a root you stepped on a hundredth times before...
>CT is immediately next to you, preventing the fall.
"T-thanks CT..."
>"It's... Umm... Alright..."
>A silence...
>You're about to resume walking when your friend tugs sharply at your trousers...
>"A-Anon... Do you... Remember our deal..."
"*gulp* Is it funny business time?"
>The only answer you get is a rough shove to the side, pushing you away from the path and a bit too close to the couple of earlier...
>The change from gravel to grass under your foot is a bit too sudden and this time, CT helps gravity does its work.
>Lying on your back, the mare with emerald eyes tries to make eye contact, yet embarassement is too much, and her gaze keeps avoiding yours... Usually hovering around your crotch...
>"Anon... I'm sorry... I don't think the mood is... Right..."
"We made a deal... Go ahead... Have fun?"
>The last 2 words were squeaked in an awfully girlish voice.
>But CT doesn't seem to give a damn at you loss of manliness.
>You're fascinated that she managed to unzip your pant with her teeth and get your half erect dick out with muzzle only.
>Seems like she also found something interesting, as the two of you can enjoy listening to the deafening rhythm of your heartbeat for a moment, CT having your meat-metronome twitching in front of her nose just to be sure your cardios were in synch...
>Suddenly, you feel someone's breath on your ear.
>Turning around, you're met with the pegasus half-lidded, shining with lust, gaze.
>>>"Good afternoon, human, I don't think we've met before, name's Cloudchaser, and behind me is Rare Find, my coltfriend."
>>"Hello, didn't know Miss Top was into exotic sex."
>Exotic? You kinda feel insulted, you're not an animal. Well... Maybe?
>Your partner doesn't seem interested in answering anything to the "too social" unicorn, grinding her nether along your shaft, generously lubricating it and the clothes around.
>Welp, these trousers were clean from this morning...
>>>"How about we compare, good ol' pony sex versus human zoophilia?"
"I'm not an anim-GHh!"
>Your retort dies in your mouth as the most sensible parts of your anatomy just disappears inside CT.
>>"We'll even give you a head-start." adds the stallion, rubbing his pole on his partner's cutiemark, drawing circles on the fur with a cocktail of pre and drool.
>The taunt is only half heard, relegated to barely an information by the fact that you /felt/ the shiver that ran from CT's tailbone to her shoulders.
>After a moment, she releases a deep, satisfied sigh, looking into your eyes.
>"I... really needed that..." she states in a whisper as her lower half begins to move slowly...
>Not even rising, but going back and forth or left and right, like an intimate slow.
>Next to you, a sharp moan followed by a series of wet slaps indicates that the stallion just went to work.
>>>"Do... Humans always fuck at the... AH! speed of snails? Mmmyes!"
>You steal a glance at the pegasus' backside, wondering for a second if you can compete with the length and thickness of a horse's dick...
>Before a happy little whimper remembers you that the challenge is worthless, the one thing that counts is the orange beauty straddling you.
>But it won't hurt to use your genetic advantages...
>Your thumbs barely touched CT's teats her voice reached a new pitch.
>"Anon! Please... You know I'm... ticklish there."
>You don't know if it's the ambient warmth, the physical activity, the desire or the embarrassing little weakness, but she turns a little redder.
"I promise you, beautiful, I’ll be gentle."
>No pinching, no pulling, just soft pokes, delicate circles, and no breaking eye contact.
>Thank you Darwin for opposing thumbs!
>About to check on your rivals to see if they could top that off, when you spot a soft blue glow massaging the above than regular melons of Cloudchaser.
>Grinning broadly, Rare Find leans forward, grabs the pegasus' mane between his teeth, and pull.
>Now the lilac mare's head is slightly above ground, you get a really nice view of her leaking crotch and the hypnotic swinging of the male's sack...
>Well, let's go big or go home!
>One of your thumbs leave CT's weak point to collect a drop of body fluids on your lower body before resuming its caresses, this time, lower right on the delicate pink treasure right next to your rod.
>Your lover doesn't say a word, her breath becoming too hectic to voice her thoughts.
>There is a curious contrast in the sounds filling the thicket.
>Barks of short feral excitation on one side, mewls and purrs of satisfaction on the other.
>Savage drilling and sensual dance.
>As your rivals' rhythm increases before losing its tempo, favoring strength for harmony,
>CT's hooves move from your legs to your shoulders, allowing her wider rotations, your member rubbing every part of her inner sanctuary, its walls pulsating more and more often, massaging your length from base to tip.
>The locks of her mane falling on either side of her perfect face bouncing at their own rythm, the careful combing of this morning going to waste...
>You lunge, connecting parted lips and ragged breath.
>This was all it took for her.
>Feeling the jolt in her entire body and the long, last, muffled whimper, you know you can finally let go.
>And your seed extinguishes the embers summer carried in her womb.
>You didn't hear CloudChaser, swear a second earlier.
>You didn't see Rare Find's spilling between erect wings.
>You couldn't care less, letting the wave of the afterglow drowning the world around you.
>You just share the peace with the mare on you.

>All 4 of you are waist deep in the stream, washing the sweat and fluids each shared with the other.
>In your case, you just had to fold your clothes and take a dip.
>Now you just have to rub CT's fur with energy!
>Cloudchaser and Rare Find are a couple meters away, you're almost done on your side and they are barely finishing the wings.
>>>"You HAD to cum on my feathers... Damn you to Tartarus..."
>>"You're the one who said you'd cut my balls if I got you pregnant."
"You 2 are a lot cuter when you fight than when you rut. Just a FYI."
>>>"Mph! Whatever we won the contest!"
"And? There is no prize to win missy."
>>"How about you invite us for supper this Friday?"
>>>"Yeah! I'd love to hear some more about you, human. And maybe we can do a few activities after the meal, you know... To burn the fat..."
"Just a moment you-"
>"Anon, if you don't mind, I would enjoy having guests one of these days."
>>"Excellent! So, let's say, 7PM, your house, is that good?"
>"Not a problem, I'll cook you my own recipe; you won't believe your taste buds!"
>>>"Oh, I'm sure of that... I do hope it involves carrots... It is my favorite vegetable..."
>You don't like the way she said that...

The End.


Thanks anon, more carrot pone is always welcome.
File: 1445719674273.gif (2 MB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 750x750
It would be paradise
Damn, that was good. gr8/8, fit the fetish, good writing, and made me want more. I loved it!
File: 135092925928.jpg (32 KB, 600x338) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
32 KB, 600x338
no pg 9
>be anon
>be in equestria
>you don't know how you got here
>you dont question it
>anyway these ponies be horny
>they fuck everywhere
>shits bonkers
>they don't even care if filly and colts see them bumping uglies
>you've even had mares and some stallions present themselves to you
>anon don't play dat
>all day its you going around smacking horny ponies with a sock filled with other socks
>or a squirt from your trusty water bottle filled with ice cold water
>this place sucks
>da end
page 10 bump
Can we get some green?
Well more green I mean,this has a lot of possibilities
>tossing the salad of someone who gets fucked by hundreds of dicks daily
sounds fucking horrible. I'd rather just have sex normally.
Agreed. I would, but I'm a shit at green.
I think you still deserve a token answer. It wasnt bad... But thats about it. Keep writing green and it will work out some day
Thanks, anon! I do need more practice, I'll try to do better next time. Maybe more tonight or tomorrow, I got shit to do.
There used to be a general or two along these lines, don't know where the pastebins are. I do have this on hand, though:
thanks, senpai

should we bring the general back?
If this is how you cure autism, then count me the fuck in.
>You will never dress up in a green mask and a suit
>You will never throw on a red cape with a big S on it
>You will never run around Ponyville with a spritz bottle
>You will never spray any ponies attempting to have sexual relations in public
>Eventually your antics will never cause ponies to avoid having sex for fear of the spritz
>This will never lead to more monotonous relationships becoming a common thing
>You will never be spritz man, the hero Equestria deserves
even if it's not, count me in too

this is my fetish but i still laff'd
File: image.jpg (50 KB, 500x549) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
50 KB, 500x549
"Yo Lyra, you want to smash?"
>"Sorry I can't. Ponies aren't for sexual"
It would be a nightmare.
File: 1421471082384.jpg (40 KB, 500x549) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
40 KB, 500x549
nice mememe m8

but anon, sex is for enjoying
>sex is for enjoying
Sex is for procreation you degenerate
>Sex is for procreation
>year of our lord 1492+523
>not enjoying sex
>being this autistic
The man who has everything will simply move up the Maslow's pyramid of needs. That's why, in glorious Herdistan, the state assigns you a mate, just like it does living quarters and leisure activities - to ensure you're working at optimum efficiency.
It might be, but something in my brain fucked up and I see it as disgusting. Help me.
To work off of what he is saying, a man who has everything will do what he desires. As scarcity is removed, society naturally progresses to a more peaceful, happy place; hunger, jealousy, and all negative emotions gradually disappear. Once all scarcity is removed, the only thing to pursue is your passion. Whether that be sex, painting, writing, reading, watching movies, putting a wire straight into your pleasure center, it doesn't matter. Life being all about the PURSUIT of pleasure, rather than the ENJOYMENT of it is a silly lie perpetrated to keep the masses quiet.

I cannot help you. Only glorious horse pussy can.
Nearly every greentext in the past 2 years then?
What if it was this, but you had just, like, the smallest dick? Just like the smallest possible dick. Like it's just the tip, like an acorn? I'm pretty sure that's my own personal hell
Why not both?
>Have superior human stamina -- fuck them with the monkey dong for an hour until they're a quivering mess on the floor.
>Get all the pones
>Get known as the Ultimate Horsefucker
>Get Twilight addicted to the dick
>Blackmail Twilight with it so that she puts a Want It Need It spell on your dick along with a spell to make it inseminate pones
>Get Celestia addicted to the dick
>Get a harem of pregnant pones who are now loyal to your dick and your dick only
>Celestia pays the bills out of the kindness of her heart and her pussy

The long haul, that's what's important. You eventually get monogamy AND procreation.
File: 1434448106308.jpg (72 KB, 600x497) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
72 KB, 600x497
Ponies procreate by becoming popular, so the fandom will make a family for them. Just look at how Derpy and Dinky came to being. They're the ultimate attention whores.

"Will "perform" for likes".
>every greentext
u wot m8
Every green I see is some variation of "meet cute, sex in house, hopeful future, fin" with no public sex, swinging, or anything outside of monogamy
What have you been smoking?

Why would that be hell, anon? magic exists in this world, I'm sure they could figure something out.

Don't they have a thread for that? It's called My Little Herd, Friendship Isn't Monogamous. I guess it's pretty close, but it's not the same as the public/casual sex part of it, only the multiple partners part. Still hot, though, tbqh sempai
>the state assigns you a mate, just like it does living quarters and leisure activities
I don't want to be handed happiness! I want to keep working towards happiness that always escapes my grasp!
Working is living anon.
>I want to be suffering forever, because suffering for supposedly unattainable happiness is life!
It's sad how badly deluded you are.
But anon, we can never know heaven if we've never seen hell.
Just for how long are we forced to experience hell?
File: save me.jpg (22 KB, 600x330) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
save me.jpg
22 KB, 600x330
Until the end
True. Humans see things not in absolutes (units of happiness), but in contrast to the bad of life. However, struggling forever is just piling on the bad without any contrast of good. Imagine how much better your life could be if you got to enjoy the fruits of your labour, rather than complain about how you can never attain happiness. It seems to be common in the thread: "waaaaah, I'd an hero if I got all the horse pussy I could want! It'd be so good I'd be bored to tears, because happiness is for fukken normies!"
Which is stupid bullshit.
Hey look, stupid bullshit!
You know what? I think you never actually had that bad. Fuck you.
Rampant AIDS.
Of the workday, then you can go home and relax in the comfy chair
>what is magic
>what is a fetish which doesn't work in real life
>no fun allowed
ok anon
>Shut-ins who never have sex are seen as severely disabled, and seen (or, not seen, i guess, as they're locked in a house) with loads of pity.
So, basically just like real life?
If you have a comfy chair to relax in, you dip.
>not both

>casual sex
So how's that Marxism coming along?
File: thumb.gif (24 KB, 250x223) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 250x223
>see this thread
Hey, it's my fetish!
>see this bs
>pic related

I came to fap, not for this.
>implying marxism
Hah, you think I honestly believe some corrupt state-run reverse-meritocracy can actually give us abundance? Mate, I'm talking about a hypothetical where there is no scarcity of resources, whether that be sexual, mental, emotional, or physical.

No state can give us that, but we're getting close in the private sector with robots and advancements towards strong AI. Once this happens, money will cease to have meaning, and we'll enjoy not a marxist, communist, or capitalist utopia. No, an entire new society will form, and how it forms, why it forms, and what it will be is entirely unpredictable. We've never seen something like this in all of history, but it's gonna be great, I think.
I would cuddle pone, but never have sex with any of them.
They wouldn't want to fuck my creepy, weird ass anyway
File: 123413241324212342.jpg (102 KB, 718x1016) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
102 KB, 718x1016
B-but, sex before marriage is a sin, god forbids it!
You're on 4chan,there's no god here
There's no gods or even kings,only man
File: 1432771392349.jpg (149 KB, 1600x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 1600x1200
No gods, no masters.
no lewd in a fetish thread
prove it :^)
burden of proof nigger
its on you to prove it does exist not on us to prove it doesn't
>All these blasphemers
Anon's please, this is a christian image board
You made a claim so burden of proof is on you :^)
I saw this on the front page and just stared with my mouth hanging. I know in general how perverse and obsessed /mlp/ tends to be about sex and ponies, but it is still shocking and amazingly disgusting someone would say that.

As if no one has read Brave New World. Please educate yourselves about how the world, any world of human-ish moral beings, actually works
File: original.png (98 KB, 379x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
98 KB, 379x363
based anon with some good green
Thank you
>ew, sex is gross
>educate yourself on how gross it is
ok, anon ^:))
God bless you people who hold on to the right. Don't you ever forget to do so.
wouldn't sex just get tiring and boring after doing it 5 times in a day?
It's like sleenash cultist, you start off vanilla and before you know it you're injecting heroine directly into your penis just to feel anything.
It will be possible once medical nanomachines become available that will patrol our bloodstreams for pathogens and clearing our arteries of plaque so we can all live in perfect health and without fear of viruses, bacteria or heart disease; nanomachines, son will be the grand panacea of the modern age.
File: oh hi anon.png (309 KB, 1892x1794) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
oh hi anon.png
309 KB, 1892x1794
Yeah, I think that sexuality would just be another dimension of play for the ponies, and they're by nature playful fun-seekers.

Yes, they probably have effective and safe horse contraceptives and treatments for most nasties.

What I don't imagine is that they'd be particularly promiscuous (for the most part). Look at Rarity, most of the fun for her is the flirting and courtship stage.

Derpy's a total cumdumpster though.
And I would ask you in turn to read Stranger In A Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein, a work that as the author once put it, "examines and criticizes disrespectfully the two untouchables: monotheism and monogamy."
File: 1446468251401.png (1 MB, 788x872) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 788x872
> Sees thread
> Awe yea mah dick
> reads scrolls down
> like only 2 green.
> mfw
>mass manufactured vibrators/pocket pussies as common as hand sanitizer dispensers are in our world
>not uncommon to pass the time with a vibe against a clit, or jerking it
>eating someone out while they're filling out paperwork
>blowing someone carrying a conversation with another pony
>pounding a hot marefriend's pussy while doing smalltalk in the park
>orgies at every concert
>casually asking for relief when you're hard, and getting it
fkin autists
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