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What good documentaries are there to watch...
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What good documentaries are there to watch that relate to music? I really enjoyed watching Breadcrumb Trail and want to watch others.

ITT: recommend and discuss documentaries of all kinds, examples: documentaries on specific artists or on music theory.
if your a fan of arthur russell 'Wild Combination' is a great documentary
This Is Spinal Tap
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a bunch of these
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watch the devil and daniel johnston

great movie about a great musician
devil and daniel johnston
filth and the fury
Until the Light Takes Us.
Here's my favorite docs besides Breadcrumb Trail, which is great:
Such Hawks, Such Hounds (Stoner/Psychedelic Rock)
Live From Tokyo (Experimental acts from Tokyo)
The Past Is A Grotesque Animal (of Montreal)
People Who Do Noise (Portland noise scene)
Just read up about him, I'll make sure to check out the documentary.
The trailer wasn't too compelling but I'll give it a go.
Thanks for the image, saved.
Seems great from the trailer, I'll definitely watch it.
Filth and the Fury looks fun, thanks for the recommendation.
Spooky, I'm intrigued. I'll give it a watch.
Thanks for the list.
people who do noise was a great doc!
I Am Trying To Break Your Heart: A Film About Wilco

Also Mistaken For Strangers.
My favorite by far:

Step Across the Border
We Don't Care About Music Anyway
The story of anvil, great doc, highly recommend it
I honestly dont know if watching the documentary first would be better or not. As a huge fan, it certainly made me appreciate his music so much more. Arthur Russell is a hard one to get into since hes totally unique. No one has ever really sounded like him. Moreover, he has touched on so many genres. He does everything from chamber neo-classic music, to disco/early house, to avant-garde, to outsider electronic pop, and even some folk/country stuff. Regardless, I have gotten people who only like heavy rock really into his shit simply because he is just an outstanding unique musician and artist. IDK what you typically like, but can recommend some albums to start based of your taste if you like
Spinal Tap is a classic film
I had no idea about that. Cool I'm gonna watch it this weekend. thanks
Some Kind of Monster

I never looked at Metallica much until I saw it. It's basically what you DON'T want your band to become.
>>51564882 here

also going to add The Shield Around the K and 77 Boa Drum the Movie.
The Scorsese on George Harrison was good
It Might Get Loud, with Jimmy Page and Jack White
Nas: Time is Illmatic and Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton.
I like most music, apart from the deeper experimental stuff like noise on its own.

I see noise as something that should be used to accommodate, like noise rock. An analogy would be to consider noise as salt or pepper, on their own they're "bad" (bad meaning I dislike them), but when used to enhance a dish, it improves it.

As for documentaries on the more experimental music scene, I'm very open to watching stuff on it.

I intend to watch a large amount of the films and documentaries suggested. I've got quite a bit of spare time at the moment.

Thanks for the contributions.
You've never heard of Spinal Tap?

Get on that, cutie
Autoluminescent: Rowland S. Howard

documentary about the influential and overlooked Birthday Party guitarist
Much appreciated, thanks.
A Tale of Two Johns

It's a doc about They Might Be Giants. It's a lot of fun, but comments on how their lyrics are often incredibly depressing or politically-charged. Features the likes of Michael McKean (of Spinal Tap), Janeanne Garofolo and I think Andy Richter reading some of their more dark stuff just monotone. So awesome.
Laibach's documentaries are excellent.

Victory Under The Sun
Predictions Of Fire
A Film From Slovenia
The Divided States Of America(though this one basically amounts to an hour's worth of mocking their US audience)
>An analogy would be to consider noise as salt or pepper

I interviewed Ron Lessard from RRRecords and he said that he doesn't consider noise to be music, but a separate art form. He considers it separate so as not to prescribe traditional musical qualities to noise.
Well I am a ambient/noise fan, but arthur ruseell never came close to that scene. Honestly, it may be better to watch the doc so you know what hes all about, but at the same time, the doc would be better if you actually got into him and really enjoyed his stuff

World of Echo is generally regarded has his most critically accalimed music. This is his experiments into the world of dub. Its absolutely amazing, but I dont know if I would start there

Another Though is probably a better starting point. More of his electronic-outsider pop shit

24-24 music under Dinosaur L was his earlier dance stuff. If you like dance this is absolutely essential stuff. you wont find better disco/early house

That being said, Arthur Russell was never really satisfied with his music and never was able to release much of his stuff back in the day. Most of the music has been released post-humously. All the details are included in the doc. But I must implore you to discover his music. As previously stated, he is definitely one of THE most unique musicians and songwriters of the 20th century. You wont find anything else like him. Hope you fall in love as much as I have!!!
oh also WIld Combination is generally the first Authur Russell song that everyone likes
We Jam Econo for fucking sure

Dig! is fucking excellent.


>this fucking scene
>you will never fight your band on stage
Interesting, he makes a bold point.

Thank you for the information. I quite like Wild Combination, I'll surely delve into and explore his music.

What a great scene lol.

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