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Favorite Bandcamp Artists
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Don't go spamming your own shit, now, people.

Who are some of your favorite artists who primarily release their music through band camp/you discovered through band camp?
include links, please.
the more obscure, the cooler.

pic obviously related to this thread.
Russian witchhouse
Pretty chill
my bandcamp faves:

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Spook Houses. They're kind of scream-ish but not really and the songs kick ass and you should just download it if you haven't, honestly.

Joplin Rice. Folky, a lot like NMH but good for bedroom bandcamp stuff. Honestly, looks like he just made a new album & I had no clue so I haven't listened to it. But last year people seemed to like his album quite a bit, & i agreed. about to snag this new one.

Hunting Hat. It's like really weird lo fi pop kind of stuff but i think it's pretty unique & the songwritng is good. i mostly listen to the "there are plenty of people younger than you…" release, but the rest is solid.

those are my top 3 lately.
whoops, forgot hunting hat link.
diy punk emo kinda made aoty 2014
rythmic noise edm trap shit made runner up aoty 2014
indie folk post punk nmhlike aoty 2015
diy punk emoviolence
lofi noise pop
same singer from teen suicide, less noisy still good
more lofi bedroom poppy stuff
post-hardcore/math rock band

missing a bunch but these are the ones that came to mind

glitchy, IDM type stuff with post rock influences. Autechre/Boc Fans will enjoy this


really cool ambient/field recording stuff. theres alot on his bandcamp.
I've got plenty of these
Back in the days when I was trying really hard to broaden my musical horizons I would regularly go on extensive bandcamp raids
There are bandcamp artists that I found in those days that I would still count among my all time favourite musicians
Here are a couple

Greek rock band with a characteristically epic, almost operatic sound and a massive versatility, particularly their two-part album "New Battles, without honor and humanity" which smoothly blends folk and "traditional" rock and post-punk and post-rock and all manner of other styles into an experience that really feels massive
Also their vocalist has one of the most unique and captivating voices I know

Absolutely incredible ethereal folk music, touches of ambient and slowcore, think a more coherent Grouper or a less gothic Chelsea Wolfe
Her album Cover & Flood is probably my favourite album of the decade so far
Oh and she's also really cute, if you're into the whole waifu thing

Post-punk with strong slowcore influences and a touch of emo here and there, as well as some post-rock in their more recent work
Their self-titled debut is a masterfully written concept album concerning a man's conflicting emotions as he watches his ex-girlfriend sink into drunkenness and debauchery after a bad breakup, it's really heartbreaking in places, I'd recommend it to anyone who's into the feels
noon by droo
>Swansphex Twin

Dereck Higgins guy has a YouTube he has like 5000 records
yup thats what i thought too, couple of them are tagged post-rock.

and yeah he has so much cool shit. his other albums are okay too this one is just really cool.
Teen Suicide

rip ;_;7
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>Slowcore, doom metal, Enemies List
>Ambient, dream pop, gloomcore
>Shoegaze, lo-fi
>Neofolk, classical, Hungarian
>Post-metal, post-hardcore
also the jesus clause!
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Made me think of this
i'm not really a big fan of that new jordaan mason album. but i still love divorce lawyers.
same for nouns, liked the first one, new one not so much.

already knew spook houses but both of these others are fucking great so far.
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Some recent faves:


>lo-fi noisy surf/garage rock


>60s-sounding trippy spooky bedroom pop


>this dude, you all know who he is, whatever, still good


>80s outer space horror new wave/synthwave


>same guy as ^ but growly sample heavy industrial/thrash metal

all free
bruh you're breaking my balls here
I thought the new Jordaan Mason was phenomenal, way better than Divorce Lawyers, which I also thought was good however.

Same thing for Nouns, but I did like their debut more until I listened to Still a few more times. Maybe I just liked it more because it's more depressing imo and I was pretty shitty in 2014 and it was a great cathartic album for me.

Different strokes and all that though~
Little Kid - lo-fi, folky songs about religion and losing faith, from Ontario

Cindy Lee
Patrick Flegel, formerly of Women, really weird album, don't know how to describe it really

Noise rock from Toronto
I really wish the lead track on the 2l8toolate album you recd wasn't called "the balkan nigger" because otherwise the music kicks ass but that plus the anonymous logo art kinda ruins it for me
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(White light)

> Post hardcore


>Mathy post hardcore
(Build a house, burn me down)
>alt rock, prog
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This reminds me of


one of the first albums I ever discovered on BC and still one of my favorites
i don't know. jordaan mason has been pissing me off. like he's more about bitching about himself & all of his queer (don't mean that word in a derogatory manner, just in the queer-friendly one) problems & mental health issues than he is about his music. it's like, to me, his music has just become a platform for him to beg for people's attention about his personal life. which is just the worst.
only my opinion.
i think the new nouns is pretty good, don't get me wrong, i just didn't feel like it improved from their first one.
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This has become one of my favorite drone/dark ambient albums. I often listen to it when i go to sleep, it's so fucking atmospheric. I really want to know how he created these fucking soundscapes.
>Chinese hip hop, really jazzy and cool


>Mathy emo stuff

>Best vaporwave I've heard
Cyberbully Mom Club
DJ Rozwell (does he count if he's from /mu/?)
Matthew Akers
KFC Murder Chicks
Ah, I can understand that about Jordaan, some of his stuff is a bit preachy about his lifestyle, and it's all very cryptic too. I don't really let an artist's agenda/lifestyle/lyrics bother me if I don't like them, since it doesn't really change the music itself, but if I do like it then that's an added bonus.

As for Nouns I can see that too, not much really changed from between albums, I just prefer Still I think.
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>Manic maltese electro weirdness

so, you don't like him because he's writing songs based on his personal life?

Saying that his seeking attention is just absurd. If you look back on his past records, he sings about the same fuckin' things "homosexuality, mental illnesses, etc" Technically his new album isn't exactly new! He recorded while recording "divorce lawyers".
thank you so fucking much, top bro
Wait he really recorded it back then??
It sounds so different though, but that's probably because the Horse Museum isn't on it.

Thank you for those beautiful digits my man
>Alternative Rock/Space Rock from Vancouver
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>first track has farting in the first 5 seconds

why do bands do this?
yeah, he sang about the same things, but he wasn't using his Facebook page to go in detail about every tiny thing that's happened to him to try to victimize himself. i don't know. i don't see the point in airing out your dirty laundry if the music can stand on its own. he's just gotten on my nerves. had to unlike him on FB to avoid it.
EVERY artist's work (or at least mine) is about some of the toughest, most personal things in their lives. Just not everyone finds it necessary to blub about it all over the internet. Just put out the album & let it speak for itself.

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>Pure liquid dookie
Prepare to have your minds blown
That's okay.

You have to understand metaphorically, Jordaan Mason songs are hard to understand. I like the concept, it's a interesting story. I'm not saying you're wrong or anything and I could see how it bother some people.
I fucking hate the cover to this album
>Chinese post-rock incorporating Guqin

They have tons of stuff that's not on their bandcamp too.
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Pic related. I desperately want more like it.
wot? I'm seeing them live with Alex G in a couple weeks
little kid is nice
What is this?
Littlekid is great so far
Are they making new material again? I remember they stopped for a while
oh I see, there site says they're done making albums/EPs and shit but they sometimes play shows
/r/ing beautiful piano/classical compositions
Naked is sick.
bumperino, keep this shit coming
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Mat Cothran of Coma Cinema and elvis
depressedly said he was on a new Teen Suicide song. I don't know if he was fucking with us though.
DJ Rozwell.
Fairly obscure dude who makes these really, really odd songs with so many gems...definitely check out NOTIR
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>Melodic death metal from the uk


>soft-pop, davecore, post-carnival
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