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>plus / delta edition
>give one positive thing you enjoyed and one negative that you think should be changed / worked on to help them improve

old thread is really dying out
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I'll be lurking giving feedback
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>gothic rock
>noise rock
>lo fi
>not for people who aren't into dissonant vocals
>new tracks coming soon
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Love your awesome dream pop work!


>soft-pop, vaporwave
riggity reccin

>chillwave // synthpop // dreampop
>"play something more dancey" some lady
at a show
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New EP

Really digging your stuff man!
+ the guitars work wonderfully and the new almost dream poppy sound is really enjoyable
- the vocals I felt could be brought up in the mix and made less muddy
+ vapordave is my favorite track of yours, it feels the most complete
- a lot of the songs feel rushed and not fully fleshed out, i would recommend taking more time with songs and really developing the shit out of them
I thought she said "can you play something fun?"

+ instrumentation was solid and production value on everything but the vocals was great
- vocals squeaked a few times in an unflattering way and were just grating in general, which hit or miss can be cool or really irritating, the latter for me.
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>drone, ambient, underwater, atmospheric
made an album to get over a fear of water

>electronic, ambient
my main stuff is here, new releases upcoming, plus an ep was released not long ago

>electronic, glo-fi, sample-based, hip-hop
released an album under this moniker recently, quite proud of it
You're right she did say that
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Ok. For once I guess I should be nice.

I have heard and enjoyed these guys. Doesn't mean you are special or anything. You just make music I enjoy. That's all.

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>experimental, harsh noise on guitars and electronics
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itxpo - 4pm-9pm est.jpg
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IT-XPO - 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM (EST)


>noise, experimental

viral marketed, still not too bad tho.

+interesting sound, not really my cup of tea but I think if you took down the distortion it would sound better
always rec this guy, enjoyed it.
+good ideas, the sound isn't super generic indie. vocals are 7/10
- your drummer is horrendous and you guys need better mics, less boring riffs.
reccing my faves

i'm really into chillwave lately so i'll be checking you out


>dreampop, shoegaze

Our new album made in collaboration with Polysemy, Daycare Riot and K.



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>Future Garage

Concept album about the sounds, thoughts and feelings that come with a sleepless night in the city.

Very dreamy stuff nice!
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> First Wave post-rock, Instrumental, Psychedelic, hints of western
My guys!




As mentioned by the legendary Pigheads! It is way worth listening to their album with Polysemy! The 1st 3 tracks are great!
when are you gonna drop some new stuff?
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diggin hard, really nice vibes
hopefully an ep will be out soon
+ i like upbeat and happy minimal much more than darker experimental minimal
+ as an extra plus your album art is really cool
- there is some much needed bass lines on 180
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this is super chill. followed

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Our first album.
>instrumental rock
>space rock
>people have called us shoegazey, but i don't think we really are.
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>depressive black metal, ambient

>>52993161 very unique and amazing
I'm trying to find something negative to say about this album, trying reeeeaaally hard but cannot find anything. I just want more material like this, so...I guess maybe it could be longer, haha. It's like space rock, prog. rock, shoegaze, and post-rock all came together and made a beautiful lovechild. I'm super glad I decided to listen to this, it's been rewarding. This whole album is dynamic and emotionally engaging the entire way through. Perfection.

Anyway I guess I'll post my shitty music


>EP of songs from my upcoming split concept album with my best friend
>atmospheric rock, doom/heavy metal, some prog. and shoegaze influence
Wow, I think that's the most flattery we've ever received. Almost makes me question whether you're serious or not. Thanks though!
Hey! I took both of your criticisms and applied them to the track. Thanks so much for the feedback.

I'm glad you are digging my music, that means a lot to me. I listened to your first track and I really enjoyed it. Those vocals are perfect for my taste. I will check more of your material out when I get up tomorrow.

I will be checking out other people tomorrow if this thread is still up. Way too tired atm. Have a good night guys <3
I know it seems like I'm exaggerating, but I'm being completely serious. The transition from each song to the next is incredibly smooth, while they each retain their own identity and emotional resonance. There are a lot of artists and bands that regularly post on this site that I think are pretty interchangeable, but yours is one of a handful of bands I've heard on here that realllly resonance with me personally and I'm actually quite jealous of. I swear I'm not exaggerating or trying to mess with you, I'm being totally serious, your music makes me embarrassed of my own. You guys keep doing what you're doing, 'cause it's fucking awesome.
correction, *"resonate with me personally" is what I meant to type
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Album 3.jpg
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>23 songs of atmospheric guitars, weirdly tweaked samples and analogue synth worship

>difficult to classify as a specific genre

Stuff that I like:

Much appreciated, man.
Listened to your stuff. Production is kinda wonky, i guess. Sounds a bit like Sabbath. Liked the first and last track though. I think your atmospheric side suits you better.
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>really loud and brutal harsh noise made with a few cheap synths, homemade drums, and scrap metal.
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Here's something I released today. Two songs that didn't really fit the self-titled EP I'll release this year but worked perfectly together.


>ambient, sample-based, droney stuff, melodic stuff
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album cover(1).jpg
812 KB, 800x800
I'm brand new to making noise music so don't expect the greatest thing ever.

This needs some work on your vocals and some pacing/rhythm, especially where you just sing really fast to fit words in. Also Old Nickname is trash compared to your other tracks. Overall I'd rate it at a 6/10 though compared to all music, with Old Nickname bring the score down from a 7.

It was released two days ago so I assume the artist is lurking.


Sounds like a lot of aimless wankery. I dig the instruments but it really needs to have a direction and/or have louder vocals so it doesn't just sound like mumbling. I think a lack of "official" lyrics heightens this effect. The prominent electronic samples are cheesy as well and I personally think it would be better without the electronic side at all. (For example the synth thing in track 3 and the warbly effect in track 4.) I'd rate it a 5/10 but would probably bump it up to a 6 with some quick fixes in leveling and a clearer mic.
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>first half, IDM/Noise/Dub
>second half, Vapey/Drone/Post-rock
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>neo-psych, lofi, gaze
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ciritique my synths please?
i dont have a bandcamp yet because fugg that jazz ma taz

>black metal
>doom metal
3 demo tracks up so far, working on a demo album at the moment with 5-7 tracks. Raw production, will return feedback, hope you enjoy!
File: Bonesaw Art.png (2 MB, 750x750) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Bonesaw Art.png
2 MB, 750x750
>Psychedelic Metal, Space Rock, Experimental Rock

Would especially appreciate feedback on the mixing and mastering, this is the first recording I've produced myself.
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>psych, garage, post-punk

In the midst of recording, please enjoy these tasty live tracks in the meanwhile.


>pink punk, moxy-rock
>ambient, drone, glitch
>noise rock, math rock, shoegaze
>jangle indie stuff
>groovy psych, laid back music to drink coffee to
>star trek comedy funk rock
>sample based psych pop
Enjoy my first ever full length album:

>electronic pop psychgaze and lo fi noise rock
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>indie rock
cutest fucking name. Keep it or else. Vocalist sounds untrained though.
I have a bandcamp related question.

Let's say you run out of free downloads, and you don't have a paypal account attatched, but someone attempts to purchase your album. What happens?
all that money goes to china. (you probably have a web-based balance that you can withdraw from at a later date)
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pon de wall mp3.jpg
581 KB, 1936x1935

>dob muosic
generally i feel as though you all ought to rec less, it gets incestual at some point as is the case for >>52992977

i typically dislike your music but this is pretty cool. you guys have better production values than the last time i listened to you
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>Lo-Fi, Witch-House, Experimental
File: cover.jpg (838 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>sad electronic dream pop indie shoegaze
yep it's hilarious when people first link to 10 random posts from the thread with "recs" and then post their own shit

if you have nothing to say about the music, don't even bother "reccing"
gotta be honest and say I hated The Shape I'm In but it gets so much better! tracks 2-4 are so fucking good, so subtle and detailed and soulful and gosh

but I guess it's a question of taste. I just prefer the middle tracks with their lush and deep and delicate soundscapes to the punchy snares of the opener and the closer
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>spoken word
>funny as p

-boring themes

-bad vocals

+catchy shit

-bad music
+good artwork

+7/10 artwork

-bad artwork


+good band name

+good artwork

+9/10 artwork

-bad artwork

-bad artwork 0/10
Yeah that's bad when people use it as an excuse to not bother but to still seem like a good dude, but people mostly started reccing because it's gets hard to think up something new to say about the same thing you see and like every day, i'm not going to stop something because you've not been in these threads long enough to know I do it.

If people want reccing to stop, people need to stop trying to create this climate of guilt where posters feel like they have to 'deserve' being allowed to post their music first by reviewing (or as the case is when they've reviewed everyone 10 times already, reccing)
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>noise pop / chiptune / synths / fuzzy guitar

Just 2 tapes left now!

To the guy in the last thread asking about how I make my chiptunes, I just use magical8-bit plugin with Ableton. If you want to do more purely 8-bit music I would recommend trying to learn Little Sound DJ and make your music on a gameboy. This will also give you a great method for live performance. And it's like a dollar to learn it on an emulator and once you get good enough you can get it put on a cartridge.

I'm on my phone so it would be a pain to do all the +/- stuff plus I have to be back in class now. I'll try to do it later when I get back home.
enough to know WHY I do it*
>noise suppose to be loud
>something being generic
Are you really thinking you're the funny one?
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>post-rock, ambient

Really want to release new music this year. I'll probably have time to record in the summer (?) but I'll have to make plans with my drummer/bassist friend
File: avederapinia.png (840 KB, 700x700) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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my music guys!, i don't know how to classify it, sometimes folk, sometimes ambient, sometimes venezuelan joropo, sometimes noise!, always lo-fi, all made by me in my bedroom in valencia, venezuela.

File: Blare album cober.jpg (193 KB, 640x640) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Blare album cober.jpg
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>>post-rock, shoegazer, fuzzrock, post-metal, crap

we just got the masters back. everything was done for free and you can tell :U
currently listening to Sparkyano, this is really great
I love it
tbh it's not as lo-fi as I would've expected but not in a bad way
Dig it!
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>two brothers make their third album in a laundry
thanks man, it's the most flattering thing someone has said about my music!, cheers to you and have a good day!.
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>post-rock, instrumental rock, ambient
thank you!

hey I believe there'll be people who will be able to put it more eloquently than me, but keep up the good stuff, you're very unique!
>noise rock, industrial, hip hop, plunderphonics, electronic, free improvisation

>ambient, glitch, drone

Like me on Facebook here: /cashewmusic

>>52993007 Hope you can revive your reputation.
Reccing heavily.
>tfw your rec list is getting too large
File: templeokladka2.png (3 MB, 1429x1417) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
3 MB, 1429x1417
well thought out compositions and i really like your attitude to guitar parts

so yeah, here's mine
>ambient/drone/ritual/neofolk. it's all about nature guys
>Future Funk

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