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so /mu/ what is your current situation as a musician?
All going as planed or everything is falling apart?
My situation:
>have a indie folk band just for the sake of playing
>girl singer and an another guitarist
>we had one practice so far and it was fun
>its not the stuff i wanna do
>find an ad that an experimental band is searching for another member
>dont know what to do
do i just leave these two guys like an jackass or stay with them(and try to do some solo stuff i have interest in)
Yeah I'm listening to it and its amazing>>53442942
Join that one and be in both. I'm in 3 bands rn
man would i love to have that hoodie

quit your shitty band
does it work out for you?
you can be in more than one band

>tfw in a band that has written like 4 songs
>guitarist hates them each a few weeks after he writes them
The problem is that i cant afford since they are in the other towns and i need to drive there
I lost my guitar player due to him being upset about my depression and need to sort that out for a short period of time.

I'm finishing up my record right now, the band has always been a classic case of there's one songwriter and people who play with him.

Record feels really good, putting it out this Spring.

Before I took a break from music I was playing a lot of shows. Now I just can't wait to finish my record and get back out there.

I played everything on the record, but might have to play solo acoustic for a short period of time before I find players.

By the way, I'm not a control freak. In fact I embrace people writing music in my groups. They just never do.
Kinda shitty from him that he instead of being upset didnt help you.
But at least you came out as a winner.
Can you show us some of your material?
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>Was in a band
>band was pretty good
>hated it
>just sit at home playing guitar

>feels good man

One song up now that I did a while ago. One guitar, One Fender amp, a Rhodes, and some chime type stuff.

Using some of those great "Blackbird" chord shapes.

Very light song compared to the other stuff I do.
>Working on a film so I can't start a band
>Have written at least 3 albums worth of stuff so far
>Can't drum or produce/mix to a level I'd be satisfied with
i make shitty "folk" songs and post them in soundcloud and then spam the fuck out of soundcloud threads

yo soy el cancer
Is the film satisfying your need to be creative?
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>just got signed to a mid-tier label
>album will be released this summer
>tfw music isn't going to be my career and i don't know how much i should tour this summer
>tfw can't decide if i should quit to focus on something more "professional"
this is awesome,cool lyrics even better voice.Hope i will hear from you more
I know it's a loaded point.
But do what makes you happy anon.
If you don't attempt to push this record..

You just might...

Regret it for the rest of your life.
Thanks man, I really appreciate that.
do what you love, that is the main point money and other stuff dosent matter
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>been recording music in a variety of styles and seeing what I'm good at
>share the most recent results in Bandcamp threads, tend to get surprisingly positive and even constructive feedback
>half-heartedly trying to find like-minded musicians to play with to no avail
>currently working on a plunderphonics album, which will probably be done before the end of the month

>tfw everything's going well all things considered, but you wish you had more to work with (e.g. better recording equipment, band members, more spare time)
i agree with the first part, but money does matter.
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i have lots of shit written, but i feel like if i send it to labels, they're just going to fucking steal it and not compensate me in anyway or allow me to make any connections.
dont kid yourself
glad to hear you are doing fine. I think better equipment will come when you will make even more money (even with music), or try to save up when u can
show me some
>me in guitars/vocals/bass
>my friend on drums/synth
>we've been practicing/writing for about a year
>have about 10-12 songs
>half is noise rock, very Swans-ish, full of feedback and weird loops with some punk here and there
>other half is hazy, psychedelic indie with an AnCo-ass feel and some shoegaze
>currently recording and planning to selfrelease 2 EP's
>buying equipment ATM

Everything's fantastic
>failing university because of general disinterest
>i'm not going anywhere in life with my bleeps either

whatever at least i still like the stuff i make and i can postpone completely dropping out for at least another year
>tfw no ability or talent
>tfw depressed with zero motivation
Gira hates every track the moment it's recorded. A lot of writers fall out of love with music once it's made.

But to OP, it's fucking obvious you should be in all of the bands. I'm in a shitty metal band with friends to up my accessibility/catchy hook writing, while seeing if I can help their talents go to more than a throwaway metal outfit. I know, I'm an egomaniac, but everyone's a pleb in my city.
thanks for anwsering
you gotta start somewhere and i know its hard to.
Maybe just write shitty songs for fun, and you will see that you will be progressing. thats how i did. fuck other shitty opinions, only constructive ones count
>play bass
>want to do stoner rock
>only punk bands, shitty metal and an awful lot female singers
>stop searching
>Trying my best at making EDM/Big Room and I fail at it.
>Got 18 subscribers on yt.
That's that.
maybe try make a living with bleeps?
Like that guy from cloud nothings he just went to college for 1 year and he was mostly doing music at that time and then he took off
I just made a thread, but it probably should just go here

>Screwed over by my band for the umpteenth time
>Running out of people I'd even want to form a musical project with
>Ultimately decide that it just isn't worth dealing with other people's shortcomings when I work so hard to make my music a reality
>The only option left is to go solo
>Can't sing too strong but could do decent recordings
>Not sure if I have the talent to succeed by myself, not sure how I would play live
>Really anxious about the whole situation, confidence is at an all time low
>There is no option for happiness in my life other than a career in music

I need advice really really bad. My other band was relatively successful and it took a while to get there, I'd be crushed if I just ended up failing.

>only because it was asked for
>yes i'm aware it's not a soundcloud thread
>i never said it was good
>can play drums well
>can play guitar and keys shittily
>want to join a band as a keys or guitar player but currently too shitty to do so

I just want to be able to write songs
i know that feel
fucking kek, looks like someone's trying to make easy-listening pop shit.

You need ability to play an instrument well. That's developed, not born. Talent? It's a nebulous concept, because people talk about it as if you have it or you don't. I used to be the shittest musician I've ever known. Think Jon from that Frank movie that recently came out. I grinded for the past 10 years at guitar and have next to 0 technical ability, but I can jam like a motherfucker. I grinded at production for the past 5, and I'm finally starting to make music I actually like more than once a year.

tl;dr it seriously is a waiting game. It's all about learning- what makes music good is all information, not governed by the music faeries or the god of mischief or a born-in psychic talent to make your fingers do good things.

Some people are born with an ear for a melody and remember the technique fast. The rest of us fucking work, through years of misery and negative feedback, to get something you're proud of.
are you even a musician
wow this is awesome, can you show us some stuff?
You sound like me a year or two ago. I dropped out and got a shit fast food job, and kept grinding. Because my general mood is better (wasting away in higher education is a fucking bummer, right?), I've totally leapt years ahead with music. Also, finally being out of the education system has got my head out of my middle-class ass and made concrete a lot of the whole "nobody knows what they're doing, just do what you want and enjoy it" shit, which has been vital to my musical development.
its not that bad. but you gotta work on your voice more. make it more exciting and emotional
r u implying the drummer can't write the tracks?

that's what I call
>there is no option for happiness in my life other than a career in music

Grow up you fucking child.
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>tfw never been in a band
>tfw cant play any instrument
have you tried being instrumental?
Looks like SOMEBODY has a problem with the ARTIST SYNDROME
Musically, everything in my band is top notch (from my perspective) but my bandmate has turned into a bit of a cunt lately. We live together and it's like I have to pull all of the dead weight that surrounds his talent, he just cannot fucking organise anything or work without me being on his arse.

He's also kind of a sociopath. I'm wondering how long I can actually keep up being in a band with all the shitty parts of his personality, it's just disappointing. Anyone else know what I'm talking about?
Show us fag
learn it! its fun
Sure, here you go:

Its not very elaborate, but its what we got

We call ourselves 'Heated', by the way
Where do you all meet other like-minded musicians?
I have a lot of issues, music is the proven thing that works. I don't even know why you'd be mad at that.
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>tfw i was formerly a drummer and just wrote some shitty lyrics
>changed to bass/guitar and now write some decent songs
feels good
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I know that feel.
Have you tried talking with him about this?
No, but I'm not really huge on instrumental music. Narrative and vocal harmonies are big thing for me.
Because you could be happy despite not having a musical career. One of your "issues" appears to the fact that your a self pitying cunt.

Sorting that out would be more beneficial than a career in music.

Source - I'm a doctor.
pretty good. love the guitar sound, but work on singing. more harmony
Yeah, it's just deeply rooted in his personality. He won't change. There always seems to be some excuse for the way he acts, or whatever.
then practice singing it can be learnt.
if everything else fails then try voice effects

I'm this guy >>53443721
Your situation is pretty much why I quit, this guy probably won't change so you'll need to either accept that you'll be putting up with that shit forever or just go your own way.
Yeah vocals are my achele's heel, im working on it tho. Thanks.https://m.soundcloud.com/andr-s-canelones/death-collective

Thats some other bullshit we did for the hell of it
>self pitying
I'm just saying it like it is, man. You're taking this a bit seriously. I'm not some aspie in his mother's basement cursing the world for not handing me happiness, all I was saying is that the only definite thing that truly fills me with a sense of elation and extreme happiness these days is music shit. My dad was a musician and stuff, I've been around the industry since I was a literal baby and I just know that it's what I want to do.

Source - I know myself better than people on the internet do.

Please refer to: >>53445059
>uni music student
>currently taking a small good break
>learning hard ass solos for jr. recital
>in the orchestra and one of the lower tier wind groups (bad audition this year)
>M, W, F 4 hours straight of rehearsals + class before and after
>percussion ensemble rehearsals on Tuesdays and Thursday's
>also playing with a Texas rock & blues band outside of uni that gigs no less than one, no more than 4 nights a week every week
>literally have to have something new learned almost every day to keep up
>music all day err day

It's tough. I smoke a lot of weed though. It helps and it doesn't. You know.
have you told him how you feel about this?
talked with other bandmembers about this?
small food*
loving the drums here. and the noisy guitar you have potencial
How do I bring that up? "Sorry, I know we've been friends for years but I hate your personality and you'll never change so I'm going to dissolve the band while we're on the precipice of success."

From his perspective everything is gravy. The whole thing is just a mess. There are no other bandmates, just dudes we get to play with us.
Fair enough mate.

I just think you're doing yourself a disservice by writing off any chance of happiness outside of a musical career. Doesn't mean you can't still enjoy and take comfort from music.

If you've managed to learn an instrument to a decent level then you've probably got more going for you than you give yourself credit for.

Anyway, chin up and if you really do need to take that path then dig in and make it happen.
Thanks anon, really appreciate it. I wish I had more noisy stuff recorded, cuz that's what we're working with now.
well you got me. i dont know. maybe ask other people how to do it.
Just dont let him ruin your everything. You will regret it
yeah i was thinking about buying a guitar. prob gonna do it. Drums is fun as fuck but is too loud and takes up too much space
i'm a robot tho, i only leave /r9k/ to spam my shitty music

robots don't into emotions anon
hmm interesting, maybe try use being robotic in your advantage
go for it man
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