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General sharethread. I know there's one currently in the catalogue, but it's almost maxed out.
This is the first of two sharethreads I'll be doing, this one being A through M. All sorts of genres, but a high focus on traditional folk, african music, Free Improv, and Drone, amongst others.

Starting off with
© - Witch
>Trip Hop
Ethereal sounds, sensuous samples and strung-out grooves accent this elite trip-hop album. Recommended for fans of Massive Attack.
ብዙነሽ በቀለ [Bezunesh Bekele] - Yenat Weleta
>Ethio-Jazz, Tizita
Tizita, being Amharic for ‘nostalgia, memory and longing’, represents a kind of soulful melancholy music from Ethiopia and Eritrea. This album shows female Tizita with excellent hooks and a strong dose of passion. One of my favorites from Ethiopia’s ‘Golden Age of Music’ which mostly took place during the 1970s.


አስናቀች ወርቁ [Asnaqètch Wèrqu] - Éthiopiques 16: Asnaqètch Wèrqu - The Lady With the Krar
>African Folk Music
This Ethiopian singer uses the Krar (5 to 6 string bowl-shaped lyre) to compliment her unique voice in this collection of powerful spirituals. One of my favorites from the Éthiopiques series from Buda music, an essential compilation series that documents the broadest range of Ethiopian music on the planet.


ውብሸት ፍስሐ [Woubeshet Feseha] - Woubeshet Feseha
>Ethio-Jazz, Tizita
Spiritually challenging Tizita from one of the more obscure singers. A cassette release that was sourced from the influential website, Awesome Tapes from Africa.


ታፈሰ ተስፋዬ [Tafese Tesfaye] - Zemana Getem Derasi
>Begena Music, African Folk Music
An Ethiopian Orthodox monk makes extremely minimal folk music with a Begena (bass lyre). This is music to repent your sins to. Hypnotic and moving.

[no sample available]

ዓለማየሁ እሸቴ [Alèmayèhu Eshèté] - Éthiopiques 9: Alèmayèhu Eshèté (1969-1974)
>Ethio-Jazz, Tizita
This is Tizita that's on the soul side of things. Passionate and charismatic. Referred to as the ‘James Brown’ of Ethiopia, he sings as if his life depends on it.


apologies in advance for the limited, repetitive vocabulary. Also, if anyone finds an error with either a link or their download, let me know.
100 Flowers - 100 Flowers
Noisy Post-Punk, one of the best I've heard from the genre. Fast-paced and exciting.


Abdou Salam et Les Tendistes - Bayun Maata
>African Folk Music
This one is from Niger. Obscure, uplifting, and compelling, much like most well-executed African music.


Idris Ackamoor - Music of Idris Ackamoor 1971-2004
>Spiritual Jazz, African Jazz
The legendary saxophone player's collected anthology with The Pyramids (famous for King of Kings) as well as selections from his solo discog. Truly a visionary of his art form.


Alio Die & Zeit - Raag Drone Theory
>Drone, Ambient
79 minutes of pure raag-drone bliss. Extremely tense and hypnotic. Great for meditating, studying, or doing drugs to.

[no sample available]

eggplant kush
Alvaro the Chilean with the Singing Nose - Drinkin My Own Sperm
>Freak Folk, Psychedelic Folk
Listen to an album about a fabled religious masturbatory technique sung by a Chilean outsider who, at best, is pseudo-sane. A fine, zany selection from the famed Nurse With Wound list.


I agree
Anal Magic & Rev. Dwight Frizzell - Beyond the Black Crack
>Sound Collage, Free Improvisation
More dark outsider music from the Nurse With Wound list, this record plays into its personality with distinction.


Anvil Salute - All the Animals of the Forest
>Free Folk
Gorgeous free folk that takes solace in its surroundings. Recommended for walks in forests on a sunny day. One of my fifty favorite albums ever.


ASC - The Astral Traveller
>Drum and Bass, Minimal Drum and Bass
Fast-paced DnB that accelerates into full-explosion mode. Great for lucid dreaming. Simultaneously ethereal and intelligent.


Sorry Bamba - Sorry Bamba du Mali
>Afro-Jazz, Psychedelic Rock, Mande Music
This psychedelic blend of Malian Jazz, Folk and even Psych-Rock is an absolute killer.


dankplant eggkush
Robbie Basho - The Voice of the Eagle
>American Primitivism, Psychedelic Folk
An essential album from an essential Primitivist, this one sees Robbie taking on Native American folk music in a passionate and endearing way. Omaha Tribal Prayer ranks as one of my all-time favorite songs. One of my fifty favorite albums ever.


OP is hot
Bash Street Kids - Fuzzyfelt
>Breakbeat Hardcore
Excellent Breakbeat EP, recommended as an essential to the genre.


Basic Channel - Octagon
>Minimal Techno
Basic Channel were ambassadors for the Techno revolution in Germany in the mid-1990s, and this EP is their best cut IMO. Atmospheric and entrancing. One of my fifty favorite albums ever.


Batsumi - Batsumi
>Spiritual Jazz, Jazz Fusion
Stunning mix of Spiritual Jazz fused with African influences. Noteworthy percussion.


Louis Beaudoin - Louis Beaudoin
>French-Canadian Folk Music
Canadian fiddle music with an elite touch and strong cultural Quebecois roots.

[no sample available]

File: 21 Francis Bebey - Akwaaba.jpg (839 KB, 1073x1073) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Francis Bebey - Akwaaba
Bikutsi, coming from Cameroon, roughly translates to ‘let’s beat the earth’, and this album is considered the genre’s ambassador to the western world. Francis Bebey’s most essential and most popular release. Sunny, invigorating and altogether a revolution in African music.


Majid Bekkas - African Gnaoua Blues
Gnawa is a kind of ethnic music stemming from Morocco that blends ritualistic percussion and sacred singing into a unique sonic experience known only from the Gnawa people This Gnawa record has the atmosphere of a blues record, forming a blend that is simultaneously shapeshifting and spiritual.


bump bumpbumbp un un un unghhh
Beppu - Coercion
>Industrial Techno
Focus-driven industrial techno that feels propelling and crushing simultaneously. One of 2014’s best offerings.


Bject - Object 4
>Onkyo, EAI
Onkyo is a genre that asks listeners to digest individual sounds for the sake of the sound itself, instead of listening to music as an amalgamated expression. This cathartic and textural release from avant-garde great 秋山徹次 [Tetuzi Akiyama], alongside 大蔵雅彦 [Masahiko Okura] and Utah Kawasaki is a great starting point for the genre.

[no sample available]

Bliki Circus - Bliki Charine
>Klezmer, Cabaret
A great Japanese twist on Yiddish dance/traditional music. Theatrical, and intertwined with lovely accordions.


I can't into EAI, it's not even music maaaaannnn. Onkyo, more like notmusic, yo.
The Blue Notes - Blue Notes for Mongezi
>Cape Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz
South Africa’s unique Jazz movement is highlighted by this epic double album.


Arthur Blythe - Lenox Avenue Breakdown
>Avant-Garde Jazz
Penguin Crown Classic jazz album that, honestly, sounds a lot like its cover. Has the atmosphere of a big-band release, and a subtle charm to it.


Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood - Run From Your Honey Mind
>Free Folk
A mixture of chaos, darkness, calm and light blend in this Free Folk release.

[no sample available]

Rev. Pearly Brown - It's a Mean Old World to Try to Live In
>Gospel, Delta Blues
Extremely spiritual gospel from one of the greatest blind blues singers to live. A street preacher, too, Pearly Brown has gained justified comparisons to Blind Willie Johnson and Rev. Gary Davis.


Burger / Ink - Las Vegas
>Minimal Techno, Ambient Techno
Forget Gas, this is Wolfgang Voight’s crowning achievement. Elvism is lovely, and the rest of the album displays elite texture studies and entrancing, airy repetitions. One of my fifty favorite albums ever.


Rhys Chatham - Die Donnergötter (The Thundergods)
>Experimental Rock
This orchestral No-Wave classic is highly recommended for those taking a cursory look at the genre. Highly creative use of horns.


Richard Dawson - The Magic Bridge
>Contemporary Folk
Gorgeous example of abstract lyrics and experimental folk coming to fruition to form an elegant emotional saga. I implore anyone looking at this post to give this album a shot. The sample, in particular, gives me deep feels.


Degenerate Art Ensemble - The Bastress
The rhythm structure of this fantastic release goes in every which direction. A thundering type of charisma, this is a truly unique album.

[no sample available]

Delicate Sen - Delicate Sen
EAI is basically just electroacoustic music that’s improvised. It focuses on shaping a concept with abstract sound. This one’s a more atmospheric approach to EAI and features the likes of Anne Guthrie, Billy Gomberg and Richard Kamerman.

[no sample available]

Disco D - A Night at the Booty Bar
For fans of Follow the Sound by Bitch Ass Darius, this funky ghettotech release is even more obnoxiously sexual.


Donna Regina - Northern Classic
>Dream Pop
Inviting, hazy and even danceable at points, this savoury listen presents both character and welcoming. One of the most charismatic dream pop albums I’ve heard.


I recommend this, been listening to it for more than a year and there's something about haunting about it.
Drexciya - Harnessed the Storm
>Detroit Techno
Oceanic, synthy Detroit Techno. Widely considered to be one of the great albums in the genre. Recommended for fans of conceptual electronic art.


HIGHLY highly recommended by this anonymous poster
5 is one of the best songs I've heard of late. I agree about the haunting part.

Kyle Bobby Dunn - A Young Person's Guide to Kyle Bobby Dunn
>Ambient, Drone
Deeply invigorating, highly layered drone. Close to sonic perfection. For fans of Stars of the Lid. One of my fifty favorite albums ever.


Max Eastley, Graham Halliwell, Evan Parker & Mark Wastell - A Life Saved by a Spider and Two Doves
This EAI album is quieter, and focuses more on improvised sound series rather than atmosphere overall. Challenging, relaxing and beautiful all at the same time.

[no sample available]

Ebaahi Soundz - Oye Tsei Lo?
Highlife was the African amalgamation of Rumba, Calypso and Swing into one breezy genre of gorgeous simplicity. This one is more on the traditional side of Highlife, being markedly feminine and sunny.


File: 41 Efzeg - Boogie.jpg (114 KB, 298x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
41 Efzeg - Boogie.jpg
114 KB, 298x300
Efzeg - Boogie
>EAI, Turntable Music
Boogie has to do more with sounds that are juxtaposed between loud and quiet, noisy and calm. It has some deeply abstract patterns that link the energetic chaos back together, and it’s highly textural.

[no sample available]

Khalifa Ould Eide & Dimi Mint Abba - Moorish Music From Mauritania
>Moorish Music
One of my fifty favorite albums ever, Moorish Music from Mauritania is mind-bogglingly powerful with Dimi’s voice, and has unmatched musicianship with Khalifa on the Oud. Some songs even integrate their daughters into hand-percussion. If it’s not the pinnacle of ethnic music, it’s damn close.


Embryo - Embryo's Reise
>Krautrock, Turkish Folk Music
Yes, the two go together wonderfully. Check it out for yourself:


Ethnic Acid - Power-Works 1986-88
>Power Electronics
Dense, punishing and thorough, this collection of Ethnic Acid’s discography truly indicates just how talented 14-year olds can get.


dankkush eggplant
Ferran Fages, Ruth Barberán & Alfredo Costa Monteiro - Semisferi
>Free Improvisation
Close to 100 minutes of the most abstract, cathartic and engaging free improv you’ve heard. Definitely requires a strong amount of attention to appreciate.

[no sample available]

Cleoma Falcon - A Cajun Music Classic
This compilation of Cleoma’s ‘30s and ‘40s works culminates into an essential study of Southeastern American music, her harmonies have a rusty simplicity about them. Her voice is simultaneously tender and wild, with a kind of solace in resiliency.


Forrest Fang - The Blind Messenger
>Tribal Ambient
This is a truly unique sonic composition from violinist Forrest Fang. It’s lush, calm and brooding, and covers material with both ambience and his violin.


Winston Fitzgerald - Canada's Outstanding Scottish Fiddler
>Canadian Maritime Folk, Cape Breton Fiddling
Truly outstanding album of cheery Cape Breton fiddling. Winston proves himself as one of Canada’s all time folk greats in this excellent release.


Shelby Flint - Shelby Flint
>Contemporary Folk
A simple, shy album with a lovely heart. Traditional pop songs sung through a folk lens, inducing both heart warmth and heartache. Recommended for snowy drives through desolate suburbia.


Gareth Flowers - A Beginner's Guide to Lucid Dreaming
>Drone, Free Improvisation
This is a stellar, unique album that carefully crafts psychedelic drones with abstract trumpet improvisation. I have nothing but praise for this album, and I implore anyone reading this to give it a try.


Forteresse - Métal noir Québécois
>Atmospheric Black Metal
Forteresse do an excellent job of taking Black Metal and integrating a cultural touch into it. It's punishing, atmospherically experimental, and still decidedly unique.


The Fujii - We Pray The Brooze
>Avant-Folk, Country Blues
A highly unique Avant-blues album from a series of American/Asian buskers from New York.


The Fun Years - Baby, It's Cold Inside
>Ambient, Drone
This album has a lot of power in tiny details, and sculpts a very dark, sombre atmosphere. Good for reflective thinking, and winter walks.


Russ Gabriel - Voltage Control
>Ambient Techno
Possibly one of the most ‘intelligent’ albums I’ve ever heard, Voltage Control is nothing short of Ambient Techno’s pinnacle (from what I’ve heard).
Hamlet Gonashvili - Hamlet Gonashvili
>Polyphonic Chant, Georgian Folk Music
Simply pure, innocent music. Tender, unaltered sounds from the Georgian mountains.
Shit music. Share non-shit music.

File: jEX4zq.jpg (84 KB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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BADBADNOTGOOD & Ghostface Killah / Sour Soul
>you know what this is
I've been lurking as I write a paper, I'm really interested to look through these shares when I'm done, I've never really seen most of them before and your descriptions are drawing me in.

You're a cool guy OP

This is the greatest sharethread I've seen in a long time.
The Gray Field Recordings - Hypnagogia
Careful atmospheric focus takes place on what can best be described as ‘drone folk’. Sonically heavy and ever-so dark, recommended for fans of Grouper.
Fernando Grillo - Fluvine
>Free Improvisation, Modern Classical
Stockhausen once called Fernando Grillo the ‘Buddha’ of double bass. The orchestral transitions between coordination and chaos on this album are outstanding, and almost the entire release was made solely on the double bass, which is incredible just from a musicianship standpoint.


love this sample, so beautiful and i will give it a listen as soon as this killer migraine goes away
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Michael Riessler- Orange (2000)

>avant-garde, experimental fusion
>The music on this album is inspired by writer Georges Perec and follows an odd, abstract approach. The instrumentation is reeds, female vocals, accordion, and barrel-organ

Grim - Folk Music
>Power Electronics
One of the best Power Electronics releases. Similar to Forteresse in how it integrates cultural folk music into a genre that’s innately punishing and brutal, but also twenty years older.


File: image.jpg (67 KB, 469x462) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
67 KB, 469x462

Joe Henderson- Multiple (1973)

>fusion, avant-garde, free improvisation
>This album was recorded as Joe Henderson was phasing out of his more free jazz phase, and into his more fusion phase and it captures the best of both worlds. Amazing adventurous solos, over psychedelic, electric grooves, sometimes with almost a spiritual quality to the music.

Also thanks!
Can't say enough about Hypnagogia, very thick with all sorts of unique experimental folk sounds. So textural.
these both look great

Larkin Grimm - Harpoon
>Freak Folk
This album’s special qualities come from the disparity between Larkin’s mind and her music. It’s all over the place, but it still somehow makes sense.


David Grubbs - The Thicket
>Avant-Folk, Post-Rock
One of those albums that gets drilled into your head, but for reasons that escape you. Quiet, subtly detailed percussion craft this album into a poignant, pseudo-pretentious inspiration. An essential solo release from an essential member in both Gastr de Sol and Bitch Magnet.


Big ups OP, been waiting for a sharethread with some drone music for a while, monitoring the thread, keep it up!
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98 KB, 702x701

Balázs Elemer Group- Early Music (2007)

>Barouque influenced European vocal improvisation
>This Hungarian group does a variety of vocal-led music. This recording takes its inspiration from Baroque and Renaissance compositions and puts a jazz spin on them. The arrangements are great, but it is the unique style of singing that really makes this album interesting.

Thanks, I'm glad you're liking it.

Mahmoud Guinia - Mahmoud Guinia
A live recording of not but a man and his Guembri (three stringed skin-covered bass plucked lute), this Gnawa cassette is hypnotic and spiritually uplifting unlike any other kind of music made on the planet.


Oruç Güvenç - Ocean of Remembrance: Sufi Improvisations & Zhikrs
>Turkish Sufi Music
More unique ethnic music, this time of the Turkish variety. Repetitive, earnest and still emotionally captivating.


oh ya i'm feelin this
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89 KB, 567x567

Mucho Macho Machito (1948-49)

>Afro-Cuban jazz, mambo
>Machito was one of the leading percussionists who worked with American bebop players in the 40's to begin to define Cuban/jazz fusion. This is a compilation of some of his best recordings with his big band.

Hands To - Circumscription
>Field Recordings
Circumscription is best described as an enigmatic album, there are all kinds of elements of sound art found on this one. From digestive silences to elongated sonic beauty from sculpted recordings, this is meditative and abstract without being inherently challenging.

[no sample available]

File: image.jpg (183 KB, 697x698) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
183 KB, 697x698

Miles Okazaki- Generations (2009)

>avant-garde, progressive composition, thematic improvisation
>This is the second chapter in Okazaki’s compositional trilogy, where he mixes innovative and complex compositional techniques with the modern harmony and rhythmic figures. The pieces are enjoyable to listen to as music, but those interested in the compositional aspect will also find them very interesting to study.

Happy Jawbone Family Band - The Silk Pistol
>Lo-Fi Indie, Psychedelic Pop
One of my fifty favorite albums ever, The Silk Pistol is an emotionally manipulating experience that takes you on a rambunctious journey. It epitomizes the nostalgia of youth and the wisdom of the aged simultaneously, making it musically sporadic and subtly charismatic. I’m pleased with this being the album that I fell in love to.

[no sample available]


this is fucking nice
File: image.jpg (69 KB, 500x494) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 500x494

Andres Segovia- The Baroque Guitar (1990)

>Often cited as one of the greatest guitar interpreters of classical music, Segovia interprets some well-known and some lesser-known pieces by Baroque masters such as Bach, Frescobaldi, Purcell, and Handel.

You'll like this one.

Darren Harper - Descend
If watching the ice from Antarctica crumble into the sea was a spiritual experience, it would be this album. Some of the fullest, deepest, most encapsulating drone I’ve ever found.


Wade Hemsworth - Folk Songs of the Canadian North Woods
>Canadian Folk Music
28 minutes of simply plucked folk music from a Canadian Folk legend. For me, the album brings out strong feelings of tradition and heritage.


File: image.jpg (116 KB, 1000x1000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
116 KB, 1000x1000

Ahmad Jamal- The Awakening (1970)

>piano trio, post-bop
>towards the end of the 60's Ahmad Jamal had changed up his style and his trio sound. This record is a good example of that later style over a variety of re-imagined standards.
Roscoe Holcomb - Close to Home
Straight up, the rustiest banjo music I’ve ever heard. Warped, aged vocals along with powerful pickin’ makes this a gem of American folk.


Homegas - Homegas
>Country Blues
This Takoma gem is amongst one of the finest culminations of blues and acoustic rock in existence. The only album released from this enigmatic group, Homegas brings a mixture of sophistication and strong, founded roots here.


That youtube link expanded onto 4 other artists I found and liked, and am now downloading their music too. Thanks for these again!
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93 KB, 702x699

The Bulgarian State Radio & Television Female Vocal Choir- Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares (1975)

>choral Bulgarian folk
>A compilation of contemporary choral arrangements of Bulgarian folk music. Haunting and beautiful.

Hong Chulki, Jin Sangtae & Kevin Parks - 音影
This album, which roughly translates to ‘Eum Young’ in English, idealizes the concept of ‘shades of sound’. Absolutely nails it.


You're welcome! And did you say this is only A-M in your artists? So you have a whole N-Z section that you still aren't sharing? Damn that's impressive.
I highly recommend this, it's been one of my favorite sharethread finds. Really cool stuff (if anyone has anything similar I'd certainly be interested)
It's my pleasure, I'm glad other people are enjoying some of this.

Hoosier Hot Shots - Rural Rhythm 1935-1942
>Western Swing, Showtunes
“I don’t like your peaches, they are full of stones, but I like bananas because they have no bones” Goddamn, this compilation makes me nostalgic for being a young lad in the early ‘40s.


Elemer has some other albums. I recommend "Around the World" if you can find it.
Yeah, should be doing this again in a week or two. I only picked albums that I gave a 7.5 or over in my library.
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Red Rodney- Red Snapper (1988)

>bebop, neobop
>Rodney was one of the great trumpeters who followed in Gillespie's wake in the 50's and after a long spell without recording, he began recording again in the classic bebop style on SteepleChase records in the 1980's.
Huntsville - For the Middle Class
Hypnotic, meditative, and filled with tension. Like many albums shared before it, heavily focused on atmosphere. Deeply repetitive, and incomparable in sonic depth. One of my fifty favorite albums ever.


Enjoying this, thanks m8.
You're welcome!
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Yosvany Terry- Today’s Opinion (2012)

>Latin jazz, free improv, composition
>This is an interesting mixture of Afro-Cuban rhythms and melodies, with very free and adventurous improvisation. It’s a good blend of traditional Latin sounds with the exploratory nature of modern jazz.

Hu Vibrational - Universal Mother
African percussion and afro-jazz will never sound the same to you again after you hear this gem of an album. It’s like running through a jungle, tiring out, and then being struck with a moment of appreciative beauty for your surroundings.


I'll definitely keep an eye out for you!
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27 KB, 600x600

Keith Jarrett- Hymns Spheres (1976)

>improvisation, solo organ
>Usually known as a jazz pianist, Keith Jarrett recorded these extended improvisations on the Baroque pipe organ at Benedictine Abbey in Ottobeuren, Germany.

God-tier sharethread

thank you op very much
File: image.jpg (179 KB, 703x703) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
179 KB, 703x703

The Dave Brubeck Trio featuring Cal Tjader (1949)

>cool jazz, Latin jazz
>A live recording of cool jazz pianist Dave Brubeck joined by multi-talented percussionist Cal Tjader for interesting versions of jazz standards.

Ibliss - Supernova
>Krautrock, Jazz-Rock
Sublime Krautrock that has clearly defined jazz influences, and borders on space rock in the last couple tracks.


Teiji Ito - Tenno
>Japanese Folk Music, Electronic
One of the best releases from the Tzadik Composer Series, Teiji Ito’s Tenno is a revolutionary revision of a timeless electronic piece.


Kassel Jaeger - Fernweh
>Dark Ambient
Deeply layered Dark Ambient takes beautiful nature samples and softly layers it with finely juxtaposed dark drones. One of a kind, one of the genres best.


File: image.jpg (64 KB, 400x399) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
64 KB, 400x399

Turtle Island String Quartet- Metropolis (1989)

>third stream
>This long-standing quartet performs creative arrangements of jazz compositions and also new compositions inspired by rock, pop, jazz, and Latin music.

Jasmine Star - Jasmine Star
This enigmatic Slowcore release is reminiscent of lonely early-morning travels in wintertime. Reflective, soft and gentle.


File: image.jpg (215 KB, 670x676) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
215 KB, 670x676

Alex Sipiagin- Mirages (2009)

>For those not familiar with Sipiagin, he’s one of the most gifted trumpet players and composers on today’s jazz scene. This is one of his more straight-ahead records. This music is very much influenced by the 70’s recordings of Woody Shaw and Freddie Hubbard, largely due to the inclusion of pianist Mulgrew Miller, who often played with Shaw. There’s a very high energy level throughout the whole record.

File: image.jpg (79 KB, 350x350) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
79 KB, 350x350

Scientist Meets the Space Invaders (1981)

>A classic dub record produced by Mikey "Roots" Scott & Linval Thompson and mixed at King Tubby's studio. An offshoot of reggae, this dub record takes its inspiration from classic arcade games.

Philip Jeck - Stoke
>Turntable Music, Ambient
One of my fifty favorite albums ever. Stoke is an absolutely extravagant revolution in the world of Turntable Music, creating incomparable atmospheres out of highly-manipulated record samples, spawning from Hindustani Classical to old Gospel. Highly detailed and intricate.


Jüppala Kääpiö - Sporing Promenade
>Electroacoustic, Ambient
Sporing Promenade is a thickly layered collection of gorgeous found-sounds and ethereal ambient. Pure, beautiful music with complex sonic contrast. One of my fifty favorite albums.


File: image.jpg (418 KB, 1200x1079) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
418 KB, 1200x1079

Edward Simon- Venezuelan Suite (2014)

>Joropo, Merengue, fusion
>Pianist Edward Simon was born in Caracas, Venezuela but has become well-known in the current jazz scene. More than any of his previous recordings this album explores the folk music of his native land with incredible arrangements for a versatile ensemble.

are these v0 or 320?
Dumping various flavors of breakcore. Added a few more since last thread.

>.crk - Trojan Horse (2012)

>Airborne Drumz - Starshine (2008)

>Anorak - Aggiratic (2015)

>BLÆRG - Dysphoric Sonorities (2008)

>Divtech - Compact Reality Refuse (2009)

>Doc Colibri - Surboum (2008)

>Doormouse - Broken (2002)

>Drumcorps - Grist (2006)

>ENNNN - Yurichuu (2014)

>Igorrr & Ruby My Dear - Maigre [FLAC] (2014)

>Iso Brown - Concrete (2009)
Mine are a variety, but I can tell you if you tell me which specific album. Mine are the ones with the links on the bottom.
File: image.jpg (73 KB, 684x685) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73 KB, 684x685

Anthony Braxton- Composition 113 (1983)

>avant-garde composition, free improv
>This is a programmatic piece for improvisers about six distinct personalities riding a train together. Braxton performs each of the six pieces on solo soprano saxophone and represents the different characters and their personalities through his performance.
>KenKoTaiji - Best smile of baby (2013)

>Mons Jacet - Chronicles Of Anarcho Punk Kid (2013)

>My Sweet Kalashnikov - All You Can Eat (2014)

>Project Serendipity - Project Serendipity (2007)

>Reizoko Cj - Dark Side (2012)

>Techdiff - Coronation Of A Cursed King (2007)

>Tim Ballista - Flux (2011)

>Vixenvy & Riajuu - DEATH (2014)

>weyheyhey !! - Discography (3 EPs) (2008-13)

>Various Artists - Mutant Sniper Invasion From XXX Dimension (2005)

>Various Artists - Themeless 6 (2014)
can i request an album

don't tell me to go to /r/ you guys know better
The Karelian Folk Music Ensemble - Winds of the Past
>Finnish Folk Music
Varied Finnish Folk Music that simultaneously focuses on overwhelming vocal melodies, and simpler songs that are comparable to Sea Shanties.


make absolutely sure it's not on the archive or soulseek or google. don't risk shitting up this grorious thread
sure, just ask for something that isn't avant-afro shit like the rest of this thread
Les Karrik - II
>Folk Rock
A French-Canadian twist on folk rock. Interesting and obscure, again displaying a strong element of Canadian culture throughout.



which album?
File: image.jpg (45 KB, 400x390) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
45 KB, 400x390

Cortijo and his Time Machine (1974)

>Latin fusion, funk, plena, bomba
>Cortijo blends the traditional dance rhythms of his native Puerto Rico with funk/R&B sounds popular in 70's America for a energetic album that has that vintage appeal but ideas that still sound fresh today.

Le Kéné-Star de Sikasso - Lala
>Mande Music, Afro-Jazz
Mali Kunkan continuously proves itself as one of the best labels in human history. This Mande jam flaunts a heavy use of polyrhythmic structure and highly uplifting soul.


File: image.jpg (412 KB, 900x900) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
412 KB, 900x900

Face Candy- Waste Age Teen Land (2011)

>improvisation based rap
>Led by Michael Larsen (a.k.a. Eyedea) this group plays acoustic, improvised music with rapping provided by Larsen and Kristoff Krane, accompanied by bass and drums. Unfortunately Larsen died before this recording was released, making it the group’s last.

Are you on What.CD, OP? Do you have a last.fm?
Robin Kenyatta - Girl From Martinique
>Avant-Garde Jazz
Beautiful flutework highlights this strikingly unique Avant-Jazz album. Paints scenery with elegance, and is thoroughly engaging throughout. A highly recommended listen for anyone who wants to hear some truly unique jazz.


reccing this for sure, his latest record is also really good

I use neither that often anymore.
File: image.jpg (114 KB, 694x694) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
114 KB, 694x694

Ken McIntyre- Home (1975)

>avant garde, post-bop
>McIntyre makes use of a variety of wind instruments and is backed by an excellent rhythm section for these interesting originals and reharmonized covers.
I've come to this thread to direct everyone's attention to this album. This album is the only album worth listening to ITT so far, so feel free to ignore everything else
File: 5228866.jpg (149 KB, 746x748) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
149 KB, 746x748
cool trips, btw

i know it's different from what's being posted but whatever. i already tried soulseek, google, etc. it's $5 on their bandcamp but i literally have less than a dollar in my bank account. also, i only pay for physical media lmao it's 2015
Surashri Kesarbai Kerkar - Kesarbai Kerkar
Khyal is the vocalized component of Classical music from Northern India. Kesarbai Kerkar has a haunting voice that will go every which way on this record, including backwards, with absolutely no forewarning. Entrancing, dark, and highly improvisational Indian vocal music.


File: image.jpg (69 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
69 KB, 600x600

Pulpo’s Hot Bread (2009)

>salsa, son, guaguanco, cumbia, Latin jazz
>Pianist Gilberto Colon Jr. worked and toured with many of the Fania allstars in the golden age of salsa. On this album his band Pulpo re-interprets some salsa classics as well as original music in a variety of Cuban, Puerto Rican, and other Carribean styles. There are some tracks with vocals but for the most part the album is instrumental based and features some fantastic piano solos. Think Monk meets salsa.

Can't you just press play on their webpage?
interesting, i've never tried to into this kind of music but this is good
reminds me of itaots a little bit lmao
no. wow do u listen to a lot of music on youtube or something
This is sick

More like this?
K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas - K. Frimpong & His Cubano Fiestas
Alahji K. Frimpong, a highlife specialist from Ghana, provides some uplifting music backed by fellow highlife orchestra Vis A Vis.


File: image.jpg (24 KB, 365x363) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
24 KB, 365x363

Gurdjieff- Piano Music played by Thomas De Hartmann (date unknown)

>solo piano, vinyl rip
>George Ivanovich Gurdjieff was a Russian author and spiritual leader, who also wrote music inspired by his beliefs. This is a vinyl rip of some of his compositions for solo piano, very much inspired by late Romantic composers, as well as early impressionsim.
I can sort of see the resemblance? Jeff's vocals have similar structural abandonment.
Don't have other shares like it lines up right now, but I'd recommend
Regis - Adolescence: The Complete Recordings 1994-2001
Takaaki Itoh - Nightmare Continues
Best Available Technology - Excavated Tapes 1992 - 1999, Vol.1
do you have The High Lonesome Sound?
can you please stop reposting this charlatan's music every single thread?
File: image.jpg (33 KB, 489x490) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
33 KB, 489x490

Kenny Wheeler- The Long Waiting (2012)

>big band, modern jazz
>Legendary trumpeter Kenny Wheeler just passed away this past September at 84 years old. This recording was one of the last big projects he did. It’s an original work for big band, with extremely well written and orchestrated parts. What really makes the music interesting is the wordless vocal part (sung by Diane Turturo) which acts almost as just another instrument in the big band.

Mohammed Khaznadji - Algérie / Anthologie de la Arabo-Andalouse Vol.2
>Andalusian Classical Music
Andalusian Classical, a genre from the composers of Northern Africa, sounds like a fully-realized inspiration for many Hollywood/Africa movies of old. Mohammed Khaznadji remains one of the best examples of Andalusian Classical that I’ve found.



Untagged, unheard, in my backlog, yeah.
make me, bitch
Carla Kihlstedt & Shahzad Ismaily - Flying Low
One of the most unique folk records I’ve ever heard, Flying Low has a variety of string-based solos and improvisations, alongside a fair mixture of deconstructive/reconstructive music, all-the-while sounding innately natural.
would you share it, please?
File: image.jpg (118 KB, 685x682) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
118 KB, 685x682

Mauricio Kagel- Exotica (1972)

>avant-garde, experimental, composition
>Argentinean avant-garde composer wrote this highly unique work, for “non-European instruments.” It’s primative, violent, and at times downright creepy. Kagel stated his intention for the piece was to question ‘the dominance of Western music or “culture”’ or ‘go back to the primeval origins of music-making, when singing was still at one with making sound out of simple, everyday objects’. Also included is another of Kagel’s compositions, “Tactil,” one that’s more minimalistic.

File: image.jpg (20 KB, 398x397) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20 KB, 398x397

Eric Watson- Jaded Angels (2006)

>piano trio, European jazz
>Eric Watson is a French pianist who plays with a unique sense of harmony that gives this trio’s music a very open, free sound. The harmony is almost completely nonfunctional, so the music almost sounds as if it is being improvised freely, but close listening will reveal that much of the music is actually carefully composed.
love this theres something about the piano that almost makes me feel introspective. i could easily see myself walking though the snowy forest outside my house to this. cheers!
The Kill Devil Hills - Heathen Songs
>Gothic Country
This Australian Gothic Country group provide some great hooks and some bluntly sorrowful songs that make for an excellent depressive listen.


Yeah, it's guided many of my lonely walks, that's for sure.
Sure, give me a few minutes.
Killer Bug - Beyond the Valley of the Tapes
>Harsh Noise
The superior side of Kazumoto Endo. Ear-destroying goodness.


Osamu Kitajima - Benzaiten
>Psychedelic Folk
A melting pot of Japanese Folk Music and Psychedelic Rock, very few albums have executed the blend so seamlessly and so powerfully.


File: 91 Kolinda - 1514.jpg (120 KB, 500x504) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
91 Kolinda - 1514.jpg
120 KB, 500x504
Kolinda - 1514
>Progressive Folk
This Hungarian group integrates entrancing Balkan folk elements into the album that potentiate the experience.



"But now we must pack up every piece, of this life we used to knowww!"
Tomas Korber, eRikm, Toshimaru Nakamura & Otomo Yoshihide - Brackwater
A staggering variety of sounds, from noisy crunches to squeaky pipe sounds. Creative while decidedly dark.

[no sample available]

Kot Kot - кyнь
>Sound Collage, Ambient
A unique cassette gem that was only released in a quantity of fifty, Kot Kot has a vibrant sonic blend that is simultaneously stimulating and elating.

[no sample available]

Karin Krog - Joy
>Vocal Jazz, Avant-Garde Jazz
Never have I heard vocal jazz get this noisy. Karin’s borderline-demented singing delivers Joy in a way that’s incomparable to any other albums of the kind. Karin’s Mode is a choice selection.


Martin Küchen - Hellstorm
>Free Improvisation
As though free improvisation was made with a conch-shell.



Here's a link for you. Hope you enjoy!
Thanks for all these shares, great thread.
Piotr Kurek - Edena
The electronics pour in from every angle at this album in a smooth and delightful way. Another truly excellent cassette release. Heavenly music.


thank you very much, man :)
Lasso - Lasso'd
>Psychedelic Rock
A quirky, lo-fi mixture of Americana and Psych Rock that has an engaging concept of Westerns (as the name/title would denote). A strange find indeed.


Wanted to give back to you guys so I bought Clameurs earlier today.

Jacques Coursil - Clameurs
>jazz, post-bop (IIRC)

Perry Leopold - Experiment in Metaphysics
>Psychedelic Folk
This album, in my opinion, truly epitomizes the spirit of the Psych-Folk revival in the late 60s and 70s. Perry Leopold sings songs of homelessness, wandering, lost love, all with a stark lyrical contrast and powerful guitar playing.


Liquid Crystal - Chromatic II EP
>Breakbeat Hardcore
The best Breakbeat Hardcore EP I’ve heard. Positive NRG bangs hard. Great old-school stuff.


Dale Lloyd - Aionios the Fundament
>Field Recordings, Drone
A RYM reviewer described this album as ‘an insect suffocating from claustrophobia in a lightless room’. I think that’s the most accurate one can describe this album.

[no sample available]

Lofty Pillars - Amsterdam
>Folk Rock, Americana
One of Piero’s favorites of last decade, Amsterdam is a subtly intelligent folk rock album that paces and times itself perfectly. Field of Honour is a favorite.


Loosers - Otha Goat Head
>Free Folk
If Jackie-O Motherfucker did a live performance in the Amazon rainforest in the middle of the night, this album would be a better version of that.


John D. Loudermilk - The Open Mind of John D. Loudermilk
>Progressive Country, Psychedelic Folk
Best described as ‘Acid Country’, this politically-charged record is charismatic and insightful. A little on the blunt side, though, but I personally don’t mind at all.


Ted Lucas - Ted Lucas
>Psychedelic Folk
Definitely music for depressed shut-ins, this album of psychedelic folk sounds like it’s bred from pure isolation and regret.


File: 1424480956195.jpg (63 KB, 600x600) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
63 KB, 600x600
Forgot album art
Julian Lynch - Terra
>Psychedelic Folk
Julian Lynch’s brand of airy, lo-fi indie folk has stuck with me for years. Definitely a unique presence on the Underwater Peoples circuit.


Macha - See It Another Way
Inspired by Gamelan, Macha’s See It Another Way defines itself as a classic post-rock release. Though many of you may have heard it, I have yet to hear anything else that’s like it.


Kante Manfila - Kankan Blues
>Mande Music
One of the Mande guitar greats, Kante Manfila sings very fragile, gentle songs that harmonize perfectly with his innocent voice.


This is a fantastic thread, I'm just starting from the top now.

I posted this yesterday, so I apologize if you didn't want to see it. However, I added a few things to it and wanted to fix a couple things in the description to make it easier to find in the archive.

Björk (Bjork) - Discography (almost all in 320)


Studio albums:
Drawing Restraint 9

Voltaic- The Volta Mixes

Official Live Stuff:
Debut Live
Post Live
Homogenic Live
Vespertine Live
Voltaic- Live In The Studio
Biophilia Live At Manchester International Festival
Biophilia Live (2014)

Gling Glo
Mount Wittenberg Orca (Dirty Projectors)

The Elgar Sisters:
Something by them...to be honest I'm not that familiar with it

Tappi Tikarrass:
Bitið Fast Í Vitið

The Eye
Holidays In Europe (The Naughty Nought)

Life's Too Good
Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week!
Stick Around For Joy

Alarm Call (1, 2, and 3)
All Is Full Of Love (1 and 2)
Bachelorette (1, 2, and 3)
Cocoon (only CD1)
Hidden Place (1 and 2)
Hunter (1, 2, and 3)
It's In Our Hands (1 and 2)
Joga (1, 2, and 3)
Pagan Poetry (CD1)
Who Is It (1, 2, and 3)

Live At Shepherd's Bush Empire
1999 Live At Reykjavik National Theatre (a personal favorite concert of mine)
The Golden Unplugged Album
Orchard Hall Tokyo
The Iceland Mysteries

Again, sorry for reposting, but hopefully this helps out anyone who needs any of her stuff for a long time!

Enjoy, everyone!
Dumisani Maraire - The African Mbira: Music of the Shona People of Rhodesia
>Shona Mbira Music
This genre comes from the Shona people of Zimbabwe, using their main instrument, the Mbira. One of my fifty favourite albums of all time, this is a breathtaking example of natural music. I adore the detail and the residual relaxation it imparts. Highly recommended for studying, sleeping, and enjoying in nature. Probably the best release from the essential Nonesuch explorer series.


Marijata - This Is Marijata
One of the very first albums from Africa I ever heard, was only rated ~30 times on RYM upon my first experience. Over the past few years, it’s deservedly accrued a lot of attention for its powerful funky goodness, and its groovy charm. Still among my all-time favorite albums, This is Marijata is an essential listen for anyone interested in Afro-Funk.


John & Beverley Martyn - The Road to Ruin
>British Folk Rock
A wonderful example of British Folk Rock comes from two mainstays in the genre, a husband and wife duo on John and Beverley Martyn. Their love for each other is well-documented throughout this record, and juxtaposed with their eventual divorce some ten years later, is a striking reminder of the fragility of romance, with an eerily preeminent title.


Rob Mazurek Octet - Skull Sessions
>Avant-Garde Jazz
One of my personal 2013 favorites, Rob Mazurek plays some of his best work ever on Skull Sessions. Skull Caves of Alderon bangs like very little other Avant-jazz I’ve heard.


Prince Nico Mbarga - Sweet Mother
One of my favorite Highlife releases, Sweet Mother has some graceful and lively moments, especially on the essential Aki Special.


MC Money & Gangsta Gold - Da Hard Ov Frayser
>Memphis Rap
One of the thickest releases outta da Frayser, MC Money & Gangsta Gold go hard on this crushing cassette obscurity. Enough cop-hating violence for the whole family!


very nice
Donald McPherson - Bramble
>Free Improvisation
Donald McPherson proves himself as one of the world’s most brilliant guitarists in this cold, dark collection of abstract string work. Densely emotional and profound in its incomparability, Bramble is the black side of ice.


Blind Willie McTell - Blind Willie McTell 1927-1933 The Early Years
>Piedmont Blues
Saying with old-time blues goes: ‘The blinder, the better’. Blind Willie McTell was pretty fucking blind, let me tell ya hwat.


Szilárd Mezei Ensemble - Nád / Reed
>Experimental Big Band
This one is an exceptional example of the coagulation of simultaneous deconstructionism and reconstructionism. This album has a ridiculous amount of music per square second, and Hep 2 remains one of my all-time favorite tracks.

[no sample available]

File: 117 MFG - The Prophecy.jpg (89 KB, 300x300) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
MFG - The Prophecy
>Goa Trance
Very little trance has ever truly interested me, but The Prophecy remains an exception. Probably the best example of the genre I’ve found.


Kohsuke Mine - Daguri
>Free Jazz
Excellent Free Jazz from Japan. Noisy saxophone goodness that can be compared to the more abstract parts of the Soft Machine.


Can you post a link to your RYM profile? I'm interested to see your ratings
Ooleya Mint Amartichitt - Praise Songs
>Moorish Music
A voice as powerful as her Moorish predecessor in this thread, Dimi Mint Abba. Similar to Moorish Music from Mauritania, and recommended for anyone wishing to look deeper into the genre.

[no sample avaialable]

Really? Also, quality?
I still like some p4kcore though don't judge ;-;
Monoshock - Walk to the Fire
>Noise Rock
My all-time favorite Noise Rock record has an impeccable opening 4 tracks, and many memorable moments after. Makes me nostalgic for speeding down a highway on cocaine during a police chase.


Thanks, and no worries! Everyone around here gets uptight about liking music that's critically acclaimed, sometimes refusing to acknowledge that it might be acclaimed because it's good.

Your taste is amazingly varied anyway
Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Ruth Barberán, Ferran Fages, 大蔵雅彦 [Masahiko Okura], Masafumi Ezaki & Taku Unami - Atami
>Free Improvisation
Atami is a truly unique release from a collection of highly innovative improvisers, creating sound sculptures unlike anything else I’ve heard.

[no sample available]

10/10 sharethread op, you share a lot of interests in music as I, esp. with the Ethiopiques and African music, glad someone else on /mu/ is so into it
Thanks! I always make a point of trying to like as many genres as possible. I also rate based on personal influence and nostalgia on top of quality, so a lot of the albums I was listening to four or five years ago still mean the same to me now.
>max of 150 image replies have been reached

I only had 4 albums left ;_;

I'll share them anyways without the image.

Moss - Sub Templum
>Funeral Doom Metal
This is extremely slow, and extremely heavy doom metal. I’d listen to this record if I was being forcibly dragged to hell.


Geoff Mullen - Armory Radio
>Drone, Noise
Best described as ‘harsh drone’, Armory Radio currently stands as my sixth favorite album ever. It’s the perfect mix of chaos and experimentation, making darkness truly explorable and beautiful.

[no sample available]

Günter Müller - Eight Landscapes
A sidewalk, apparently, does emit a pulse every now and then. The fascination directed towards mundane, everyday elements coagulates with a tender sense of the beyond in this careful, gentle work from Günter Müller.

[no sample available]

this is so perfect, thank you!
Try not thinking about it as music or not music and just take it for what it is. It's not the kind of thing you blast in your car with the homies but it can be interesting and enjoyable to listen to if you don't get too hung up about it.
Mural - Live at the Rothko Chapel
>Free Improvisation, EAI
Continuing on the theme of dark albums, Live at the Rothko Chapel is an enveloping analysis of atmospheric manipulation. It shapes darkness with well-placed contrasting sounds, and suffocates with its impending density.

[no sample available]

I try to listen to lots of different stuff too, but my tastes often end with my favorites being albums and artists that are universally acclaimed and popular, which can bring a lot of hate. I just don't let it bother me.

>I also rate based on personal influence and nostalgia on top of quality

Same, that's why reviews can't do everything, everyone has a different experience with what they listen to.

Thanks again for the awesome sharethread, man!
I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.

Thanks to everyone for sticking around and trying out some of the music that I like. I hope you all enjoyed this. I'll probably share all of these a few more times here and there in the next few weeks, after that I'll do M(y) through Z.
DL'd, and thank you v much anon.

Feeling generous since you were kind enough to ask before just shitting up the thread.
Posse - Posse [2012] (MP3 V0)
>indie rock
i really want this too
fucking awesome! I'm gonna listen to all this Awesome Tapes-core stuff soon but this is what i'm going to listen to right now, have an awesome night everyone, 11/10 sharethread
yes and 320 but might be webrip idk
I was once really into leaks, but I think I'll wait to be safe. It's a couple of days. Thanks for the info though, had no clue that something so fantastic could occur. GFK is clearly the GOAT Wu Tang member, and from the single (which was sick) it seems BBNG have evolved too. Can't wait.
ya i was suspicious due to the file size so i would agree just wait unless you really cant
I got 19 albums from this thread so I'll just say thank you everyone.
Wonderful. Reminds me of Lawrence English in a way.
same really appreciate everyone who posted ITT, done shiting up this great thread just wanted to show my love to yall.
this is a fucking fantastic thread, one of the best sharethreads i've seen in weeks, and the reason i keep coming back to /mu/. i have an idea of a site that could ACTUALLY archive all this great stuff and categorize it or something like that, i think that'd be great but i wouldn't be the one to pull it off.
This is one of the best sharethreads I've ever seen. Bravo to all contributors, you are much appreciated.
This is superb. Can you just list all of your top 50 on a pastebin or something?

unranked. I have a chart but I can't post it ITT. Some you'll recognize, some you won't. A couple are in the next sharethread, so if you download those ones yourself you get a sneak peak.
Also, I adore Huntsville, and I love that other people can take the same joy in them that I do.
Decent bit of stuff that I need to revisit on there, but the outsider-ish drone/ambient/leftfield stuff you've been sharing is tops. Thanks again. Would you rank/share your top ten albums in the same vein?
Maybe. I know there are a few in my top 10 that are to be in the next sharethread.
I'm glad you've enjoyed what you've found.
Looking forward.
thank you so much, these are all amazing
Audacity - Power Drowning
>Garage Punk, Lo-fi indie
Don't listen to enough garage indie? Here's another album for you! Honestly think this is a good album with several great tracks. Would recommend if you like lo-fi indie rock with a bit of punk.


Do it sooner rather than later.
nice thread thanks

Such an amazing thread, thanks for those OP.
fantastic thread

Thanks everybody who shared
I thought this was a joke.
This is great. Any more outsider Latin music? I'm really into Reynols and (less outsider but still somewhat close to Alvaro) Redolés.
>tfw filestube is dead
Filehosters seem pretty destroyed too, can't find shit using google anymore.
How do you guys get your music other than slsk and torrents?
this fucking thread is top tier
iktf, It used to be my go to search engine.
I tend to use random blogs that upload rips of obscure shit now.
can you share some of those blogs? most of the ones i used to follow are pretty dead by now
I'm into Harsh noise/Power Electronics, so it may not appeal to you but my main two are:
http://fuckedbynoise dot blogspot dot com.au/
gorish dot blogspot dot com.au/
fucking spam filter
Great thread, thanks.

everybody, listen to this one

Why, Piotr?
i'm also from poland so i've heard it many times before & this album is so fucking great.
holy shtt... got scared for a minute o.o... but then i was like baby baby baby huuuu ... hoo sht stupid JB.. -_- sorry that song is a disease.
wow go back to your 9gag
cheers, bro.
>Acoustique, Alternative Rock
>One of my favorites


>Tracks 1 to 3 are performed by Joey Cape.
>Tracks 4 and 5 are performed by Ken Yokoyama.
>Tracks 6 to 8 are performed by Duncan Redmonds.


Lambchop – Turd Goes Back: Essential Tracks from Secret Secret Sourpuss & Big Tussie

Sample(the album actually contains an earlier version not on youtube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jv3kQvcQyU8

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?7vnfkgl8oabx4ip
I listened to Visions of the Country and enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for the share.
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