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Post your ten favorite songs by your favorite...
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Post your ten favorite songs by your favorite artist ITT.

Pic related is mine

>IV Mount Eerie
>Blue Light on the Floor
>Through the Trees Pt II
>II Solar System
>The Moan
>Lost Wisdom
>The Place I Live
>I Hold Nothing
>Karl Blau
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bp mid 90s lineup.jpg
21 KB, 400x301
>Bardo Pond
1. Yellow Turban
2. Aldrin
3. Untitled #3 (Hash Jar Tempo)
4. Amen
5. Tommy Gun Angel
6. Labiomancy (Hash Jar Tempo)
7. Adhesive
8. Kali
9. Trip Fuck
10. Maggot Brain
>Autumn Almanac
>Well Respected Man
>Where Have All the Good Times Gone
>Sitting by the Riverside
>Lazy Old Sun
>Till the End of the Day
>Dead End Street
>A House in the Country
>Waterloo Sunset
>Big Sky
These Days
Dead Souls
Love Will Tear Us Apart
A Means To An End
Atrocity Exhibition
She's Lost Control
File: 1424226832937.jpg (248 KB, 988x1024) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Beach Boys
1. Pet Sounds
2. Smile Sessions
3. Smiley Smile
4. Surf's Up
5. Today!
6. Christmas Album
7. Wild Honey
8. All Summer Long
9. Party!
10. Friends
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8/10, needs more Shadowplay and Candidate

>favorite songs ITT
>lists favorite albums
Read the fucking directions anon

>pic related, not /mu/core
1. John Wayne Gacy, Jr.
2. Casmir Pulaski Day
3. Predatory Wasp of the Palisades
4. Flint
5. The Dress Looks Nice On You
6. All Good Naysayers, Speak Up!
7. Come On! Feel the Illinoise!
8. Vito's Ordination Song
9. To Be Alone With You
10. Decatur
File: 1417387570425.jpg (549 KB, 2088x1175) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
549 KB, 2088x1175
>Baleen Sample
>Happy Singing Band
>Leaf House
>Tantrum Barb
>Spirit They've Vanished
>Daily Routine
>Water Curses
>Turn Into Something
>no Romulus

1. Casimir Pulaski Day
2. Romulus
3. John Wayne Gacy Jr.
4. To Be Alone With You
5. The Predatory Wasp
6. Chicago
7. Come On Feel The Illinoise!
8. Vesuvius
9. Say Yes! To Michigan!
10. Impossible Soul
>African Night Flight
>Five Years
>Valentine's Day
>John I'm only Dancing (Again)
>Andy Warhol
>Bewlay Brothers
>Look Back in Anger
>It's No Game Pt.1
>Sound and Vision

Hard narrowing it down to 10.
out of curiosity, what do you love so much about baleen sample? Also,
>Happy Singing Band
do you have a link? It was never released, right?

>no mention of the upper peninsula
phil too
1. The Glow
2. I Felt Your Shape
3. Stop Singing
4. The Sun
5. Great Ghosts
6. Sauna
7. Known World
8. Don't Smoke
9. Ancient Questions (all time favourite)
10. Pumpkin
10/10 if no Vesuvius and add I Want To Be Well. And Romulus is great.

>no Aladdin Sane
>no Station to Station
>no "Heroes"
>worst song on Scary Monsters

what the fuck is this? I object. Good taste with Lodger though, anon.

only ten songs and Decatur > Upper Peninsula. But that song still slams.

it's the second song in this set. i'll try to find you the mega link.

I love baleen sample because it makes me feel at peace. It's like a gently rolling, foamy seascape onto which i'm set adrift for 5 minutes and 6 seconds. It gets my top spot for the experience i had with it though.

I was alone at the library, reading a collection of stories called Mind In the Waters, which explores the world of animal intelligence, specifically with dolphins and whales. Baleen sample came on right as I started reading a story that recounted a man living in Newfoundland who heard news of a whale who'd been caught in a shallow lagoon nearby. She couldn't get out because the tide had receded while she was feeding in the shallows. Fishermen could hear her partner calling for her from outside the lagoon, and her calling back to him.

The locals saw this as an opportunity for lamp oil or something, and shot her hundreds of times, but she wouldn't die. The man was horrified and couldn't watch. He came back to her in the middle of the night to find her beached on the rocks of the lagoon, too weak to leave. He screamed and pushed at her but she would not budge. I'm fuzzy on the ending because at this point I was tearing up and felt horrible. I think she died on those rocks. Her partner wouldn't leave the lagoon, even weeks after.

That's why i like baleen sample i guess
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some dude.jpg
272 KB, 1000x750
Dance Yrself Clean
Yeah (Crass Version)
Us V. Them
Freak Out/Starry Eyes
All My Friends
Losing My Edge
I Can Change
Get Innocuous!
Someone Great
File: B4BmejoCQAAG3S8.png (306 KB, 600x408) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
306 KB, 600x408
My Body is a Cage
Power Out
Wake Up
Deep Blue
We Used to Wait
(Antichrist Television Blues)
You Already Know
Rebellion (Lies)
Culture War
Cars and Telephones
1. Impossible Soul
2. Vito's Ordination Song
3. The Child with the Star on His Head
4. Pluto
5. Djohariah
6. The Upper Peninsula
7. Star of Wonder
8. Vesuvius
9. The Predatory Wasp
10. The Seer's Tower

1. What Would I Want? Sky
2. Fireworks/Essplode
3. Safer
4. Pride and Fight
5. For Reverend Green
6. The Purple Bottle
7. Brother Sport
8. Native Belle
9. Banshee Beat
10. Leaf House

1. Sundome
2. Atlas
3. Rainbow
4. Race: In
5. B+T
6. Futura
7. Tras 2
8. Tij
9. Snare Hangar
10. Ice Cream
Hmm, interesting story. I actually listened to prospect hummer earlier today, the title track is excellent. I'll have to listen to Baleen closer next time, I had always kind of thought of it as just a shorter, less great version of Visiting Friends. When I get home I'll post my top ten for Animal Collective; they're probably my second favorite band of all time (well really it's a tie; I cant choose between them and mount eerie).
>Pride and Flight
>Visiting Friends
>Mr Fingers
>La Rapet
>Covered in Frogs
>De Soto De Son
>Native Belle
>Street Flash
Yr City's A Sucker
Losing My Edge
Yeah (Crass Version)
All My Friends
Someone Great
New York
Out in Space
All I Want
Dance Yrself Clean
>The Dismemberment Plan
1. Back and Forth
2. Respect is Due
3. The Ice of Boston
4. Tonight We Mean It
5. The City
6. Memory Machine
7. Secret Curse
8. Sentimental Man
9. A Life of Possibilities
10. Academy Award
File: the lack long after.jpg (382 KB, 1400x1400) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
the lack long after.jpg
382 KB, 1400x1400
1. Spine
2. Liquid Courage
3. Houses We Die In
4. Cripples Can't Shiver
5. I'll Be Damned
6. Sunsetting
7. April
8. Say Nothing
9. All Children Make Mistakes
10. Prev
>no Headlights Look Like Diamonds
>no Tunnels
>no Ready to Start

King of Carrot Flower Pt. 1
Song Against Sex
My Dreamgirl Don't Exist
Life is Neverending
Where You'll Find Me Now
Prank Call
Gardenhead/Leave Me Alone
Sweet Marie
Oh Sister

>waterloo sunset anything but first
File: liz.jpg (223 KB, 1183x1200) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223 KB, 1183x1200
Giving It To You
Dragging the Streets
You Never Came
Close Cloak
Little Boat/Bone Dance (Audrey)
Wind Return
Little Gray Cat
Everyone In Turn

>Where You'll Find Me Now
>Oh Sister
Fucking five star taste, just needs Naomi and it'd be perfect
>i want to be cold
>headless horseman
>let's get out of the romance
>don't smoke
>the gleam pt 2
>wind's dark poem
>stop singing
>the glow pt 2
i really really like the glow pt 2 and black wooden ceiling opening
>alvin row
>winters love
>kids on holiday
>spirit they've vanished
>penny dreadfuls
>turn into something
>today's supernatural
>lion in a coma

The Strokes
>is this it
>under control
>automatic stop
>vision of division
>whatever happened
>80s comedown machine
>take it or leave it
just got back.

>alvin row
>cuckoo cuckoo
>la rapet
>kids on holiday
>bat you'll fly
>banshee beat
>for reverend green
>chocolate girl
>water curses

nothing too obscure or controversial i guess. my favorite albums are Strawberry Jam and Spirit if you can't tell.

1. Age of Adz
2. Impossible Soul
3. Majesty Snowbird
4. All Delighter People
5. Tallest Man, Broadest Shoulder
6. Come on, Feel the Illinoise!
7. Owl and the Tanager
8. I Want To Be Well
9. To Be Alone With You
10. Star of Wonder

Honorable Mentions: Djohariah, For the Fatherless, Seven Swans, No Man's Land, Year of the Tiger

>1. Oceania
>2. Bachelorette
>3. It's In Our Hands
>4. Desired Constellation
>5. All is Full of Love
>6. Virus
>7. I See Who You Are
>8. Who Is It?
>9. I've Seen It All
>10. Pagan Poetry

Nothing from Vulincura yet because it's just too fresh but I'm sure that at least Black Lake and Stonemilker will make it onto my list somewhere. Also, making this list was very difficult. Too much good shit.
>no No Cars Go
You're wrong
Joe the Lion
Sound and Vision
Aladdin Sane (1913-1938-197?)
Ashes to Ashes
Life on Mars?
Moonage Daydream

>It's No Game
>worst on Scary Monsters
What the fuck are you on
File: can.jpg (58 KB, 644x459) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
58 KB, 644x459
One More Night
Oh Yeah
Mary, Mary So Contrary
I'm So Green
Bel Air
Fall of Another Year
Future Days
Whoops that's only 9

I'll go with Outside My Door for number 10
>of Montreal

Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse
How Lester Lost His Wife
Dustin Hoffman Scrubs Too Hard and Loses Soap
Enemy Gene
We Will Commit Wolf Murder
Gallery Piece
Tim I Wish You Were Born a Girl
The Past Is A Grotesque Animal
Vegan In Furs
'Cross the Breeze
I Dreamed I Dream
Society Is a Hole
Green Light
She Is Not Alone
Hey Joni
In the Kingdom #19
>no Tonto
>no Sweetie & Shag
You fucked up anon
File: joanna-newsom_23.jpg (1 MB, 2430x3251) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1 MB, 2430x3251
Have One On Me
Only Skin
Sprout and the Bean
You and Me, Bess
No Provenance
File: Kc5GIBW.gif (4 MB, 289x288) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
4 MB, 289x288
In no particular order... I narrowed it down from 50 or so songs.

IV. Mount Eerie
The Glow
Ut Oh! It's Mourningtime Again
The Glow, Pt. 2
Headless Horseman
The Mansion
I Can't Believe You Actually Died
Let's Get Out of the Romance

Just missed the cut:

With My Hands Out
Great Ghosts
O My Heart
Oh Anna
I. The Sun

Great choices.

You too.
File: built-to-spill.jpg (217 KB, 794x529) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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built to spill:
1. Velvet waltz
2. Broken chairs


3. Distopian dream girl
4. Else
5. Untrustable
6. Car
7. I would hurt a fly
8. Carry the Zero
9. Out of Site
10. Things fall apart
where is this image from? I can't seem to find the video it came from.
File: bros.jpg (151 KB, 495x370) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
151 KB, 495x370

Alvin Row
Chocolate Girl
Winters Love
We Tigers
Purple Bottle
Winter Wonderland
Summertime Clothes
Who Could Win a Rabbit
Banshee Beat
>no nowhere nothing fuckup
your taste isn't shit but I'm disapointed
Bill Callahan / Smog
>I Feel Like The Mother Of The World
>I Break Horses
>Ex Con
>Jim Cain
>Hit The Ground Running
>Let Me See The Colts
>All Thoughts Are Pray To Some Beast
>Thank Dub
>The Smiths

This charming man
You've got everything now
The Queen is dead
Still Ill
The Headmaster Ritual
Miserable Lie
What She Said?
Death of a Disco Dancer
Bigmouth Strikes Again
I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
3.We're an American band
5. Sugarcube
6.Blue Line swinger
7.Nights on Haboken
10.Motel 6

Ostia (The Death of Pasolini)
Who by Fire
Amethyst Deceivers
I Don't Want to be the One
Red Birds Will Fly Out of the East and Destroy Paris in a Night
Sex With Sun Ra (Part One - Saturnalia)
All the Pretty Little Horses
Wraiths and Strays (From Montreal)
Tattooed Man
Pig Destroyer
>Boy Constrictor
>Frailty in Numbers
>Blank Dice
>Flesh Upon Gear
>No Interzone

fuckin plebes lmoa

>Campfire Songs

I can get behind that

I like Queen In My Pictures infinitely more than Doggy though I mean both are great but Queen in my pictures somehow builds this incredibly detailed atmosphere in my brain and I love it

>pic related

>Stairs to the Attic
>In the Attic
>Universe is Going to Catch You
>I Don't Want Love

Honorable mentions include Putting The Dog to Sleep, Nashua, Shh! and Director
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beat happening.jpg
117 KB, 500x363
>Run Down The Stairs
>The This Many Boyfriends Club
>Cat Walk
>Cast a Shadow
>Fortune Cookie Prize
>Tiger Trap
>Teenage Caveman
>Foggy Eyes
>Bad Seeds
File: 1423670057190.jpg (15 KB, 500x500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>no samurai sword
I want to know this too, I saw on here a while back, and I can't find it again.

1. In The Fade
2. No One Knows
3. Smooth Sailing
4. If I Had a Tail
5. Better Living Through Chemistry
6. The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret
7. Song for the Dead
8. Little Sister
9. Regular John
10. 3's & 7's
What is "Covered in Frogs" from?
File: 418455344288.jpg (560 KB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
560 KB, 1500x1500

>Sigur Ros

1. Festival
2. Flugufrelsarrin
3. Untitled 1 (Vaka)
4. Kveikur
5. Staralfur
6. Ny Batteri
7. Isjaki
8. Gobbledigook
9. Hoppípolla
10. Varúð
Phil ruined all those peoples lives
>80s comedown machine
replace that with Ize Of The World and you're good
>on sight
>black skinhead
>I am a god
>new slaves
>hold my liquor
>I'm in it
>blood on the leaves
>guilt trip
>send it up
>bound 2

Yeezus is love, Yeezus is life
>Another White Singer
>Ahhh Good Country
>My Favorite Colors
>Visiting Friends
>Spirit They've Vanished
>Street Flash
6.Antennas To Heaven
10.East Hastings
Id put Behemoth but is a live only so damn you Mike release that song
>Deerhunter (not necessarily my favorite artist, but whatever)
1. Fluorescent Grey
2. He Would Have Laughed
3. Coronado
4. Revival
5. Never Stops
6. Helicopter
7. Cryptograms
8. Wash Off
9. Agoraphobia
10. Adorno

Still haven't listened to Monomania, but whatever.
>twilight at carbon lake
>vox Humana
>basement scene
>hazel st.
>he would have laughed
>fluorescent grey
>don't cry
>spring hall convert
>Calvary scars

Haven't listened to Deerhunter at all in a long time, your post reminded me of how much great music they have.
>Bomb the Music Industry!

in no order because that requires too much effort

Future 86
The First Time I Met Sanawon
Can't Complain
It Ceases to Be "Whining" If You're Still "Shitting" Blood
Get Warmer
Can I Pay My Rent in Fun?
Syke! Life Is Awesome
Stand There Until You're Sober
THERE'S My Bailout!
File: 1422774077079.gif (726 KB, 500x617) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
726 KB, 500x617
No problem, m80

And I totally forgot about Twilight at Carbon Lake, that should be somewhere in there for me too.
QotSA are great but i always cringe at the lyrics on the lost art of keeping a secret. I feel like they were written by a 5 year old.
In no order,
>The Goin' Gets Tough from the Get-Go
>Pumpin' 4 the Man
>I'm Dancing in the Show Tonight
>The Mollusk
>Falling Out
>Voodoo Lady
>Buenas Tardes Amigo
gosh I love ween
I haven't heard Quebec yet though, gonna listen to that soon
File: 1424628027663.jpg (159 KB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
159 KB, 1500x1500
>no pinch
>no vitamin C
>no soup
Operation Ivy:

Sound System
Freeze Up
Healthy Body
Sleep Long
The Crowd

Much worth a listen
Just a really great band and I love all their songs, but only 10 so
this is the perfect list

pretty great too

also great
1.People II Reckoning
2.Personal Space Invasor
3.If You Have Love In Your Heart
4.Gift Of The Magi 2
5.Fucc the Devil
8.Zombie by Cranberries by AJJ
9.Sorry Bro
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