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ITT: plantcore
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post, share, discuss any plant-related music.

Botanist - Flora (2014)
>black metal, plantcore
cheerful, victorious sounding black metal played on a hammer dulcimer. Botanist's entire discography narrates a continuing story of plants taking over the world

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Surprised this wasn't the OP

>Plantcore. Instrumental Moog music created for the purpose of playing it for your plants to make them happier and healthier. It's fucking weird and great.
>Plantasia is dreamy 70's Moog synth music, ostensibly recorded for the purposes of playing the music for your plants so they grow happy and healthy. It kind of feels like listening to something you really shouldn't be listening to, like a cult tape.
>I believe this album was intended as a muzak record for plants. Turns out it also sounds nice to human ears. It makes me reminisce about old computer games, like Keen or Jetpack. Archive shows that there are some people on here who enjoy it as I do. There must be more people out there who find Plantasia to be terrific.
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I would like to take this opportunity to plug my Mort Garson Power Hourâ„¢.

It's Plantasia for the first 30 mins and then Mort's album Black Mass Lucifer for the second 30. Every minute there's a synth swell (taken from a Mort Garson track called "Walking In Space") to indicate it's time to take a shot of beer. Have fun and be safe you guise <3


>inb4 off topic
this will make you a vegetable!
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nice. this is the o.g. plantcore

Candy Claws - Ceres and Calypso in the Deep Time
>dream pop, shoegaze, plantcore
i'd argue that this qualifies as plantcore. It's always given me a very rainforesty, tropical vibe. Like half of the song names involve plants and then of course there's that album cover
haha sounds like fun i will have to see if my roommates are open minded enough to give it a shot. pun intended
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Vale of Pnath - Hymn of the Plants demo 1998
>dungeon synth, lo-fi, plantcore
if normal dungeon synth is the theme music for being lost in a medieval dungeon, this is the theme music for being lost in a medieval forest.


it's great fun! and it's much more challenging than most people think to drink 6-7 beers an hour. you start to split open at the seams
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The most patrish plantcore

cool havn't listened to this one. out of curiosity what relation does it have to aloe?
this is amazing does she have any albums out?
do you guys think plants are sentient?
why else would they release electromagnetic fields that can be recorded and converted into sounds like in this video?

how do vines know to grow towards things that can support them without having eyes?

vid related
dude blocks of granite emit EMF. the little chlorophyl-addicted bitches ain't sentient
did you watch the video? the emfs change depending on external factors such as the danger of being burnt by a match.. or in the case of the chick making plant music, just touching the plant
Certainly a unique concept. Unfortunately I'm not really into that muddy ass black metal sound, even if it is performed on a dulcimer.
top tier plantcore

Sure, I like plantasia. If I were a plant that would probably be my go to album.
It heals sunburn via soundwaves.
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understandable. if you don't like that record, then you probably wouldn't enjoy his earlier stuff as this one is probably his clearest release. but i would recommend giving it at least one full listen before you completely write it off because it's an amazing record and the whole thing doesnt sound as muddy as that sample song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhT1i-kOXe0
>do you guys think plants are sentient?
Well as much as many people would like to say that idea is crazy, she is correct in her statement that science still has yet to explain what exactly consciousness is. And even if they are not conscious in the way that animals are, it doesn't seem implausible that they are sentient considering we cannot possibly know for sure because we can't communicate with plants.
My god it sounds like a fast-forwarded journey through time from the perspective of a tree.
i don't really get sunburnt very often but im still sold

exactly. it would have to be a kind of consciousness that is different than, maybe even superior to, the one we know now. But with the amount of research that's gone into experiments like those in this video>>53853682 it's kind of hard to refute
holy shit
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