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bandcamp thread
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there wasn't one in the catalog so here goes
>noise pop
remember to review others if you post your music!
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>it's OK to feel mad sometimes
>hardcore punk
>inspired by the Minutemen, Minor Threat, and Dead Kennedys
>Recorded on a winter's day in between jack-off sessions
>Band members left in December, I did this by myself.
>Working on LP#1&2

Honestly, IDM isn't exactly my style, but I like what you're doing with it. Seems a bit more on the glitch side at moments but I still dig it.
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>shoegaze, punk, loud

new single, EP next week
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>Experimental & Psychedelic
Cool stuff!
Love ambient stuff

Heres mine:
>Rock and Roll
>Old School
Kinda hard to critique bandcamps as people already have the album up/are charging money already/completed it

But I guess people can still take feedback into account for future works
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>synth, hip hop
You guys need different album art as soon as possible
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>art-rock, post-rock, instrumental, minimalist

Thank you very much for your feedback and listening.
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acfaii cover.png
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>death pop / glorycore
>electroclash / chiptune
Millions of buildings in the dark
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sup bad boys

>noise rock
>lost gospels

>music videro

will check out some others and return feedback once i find a way to sleep

>Alternative, indie, emo, rock

For fans of Coheed and Cambria, The Early November, and Copeland maybe?
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>post-rock, instrumental, atmospheric
You look like a nice bunch of lads, listening now
We want downloads not feedback, that's for those posers in soundcloud threads
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>indie pop synth pop
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Albumomslag 2.png
1 MB, 786x786

>decide for yourself



>working on a long term project with a small group of artists and programmers to create a 16bit grimdark platformer/rpg featuring music from an album i'm working on (this song may be the start menu for example)

pic is a quick draft of some early concept aart of a bad bad guy
>Black Metal/Post Rock/Experimental
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pocketful cover.jpg
3 MB, 2448x2448

this is really neat

>ambient, some drone elements
holy shit! slovakia? that is a place I don't see music out of often. I like your music! cool name too, I think your textures are super thick and very pleasing to the ear but a little generic yknow? the longer drones get a bit samey and static after a while. I think you have texture and atmosphere down pat, but your chords and melodies could be a little more adventurous and you should change your drums up more, you'd be surprised how important that is in post rock.
>for fans of coheed
I don't see that much at all, but hey man! cool stuff! kinda cheesy but it works for what you're doing, I can tell a lot of these songs came from a place of happiness, which is an interesting choice for your very emo instrumentality. I don't care much for the lead vocalist tho, I feel like the inflections he uses can get a bit annoying, sounds ever so slightly fake and emotionless. gotta sing from the heart!
your music video was a little edgy but still cool lmao. I like the two dudes running part
as far as your music, it's a bit wonky for my tastes, a lot of weird guitar sounds and ambient swells which are a bit distracting. I like the texture and aesthetic you're going for here, but it feels a little muddy and kinda on the less intense side of how I like no wave stuff to sound.
I really wanted to buy a cassette of acfaii but alas no money ;-; if someone else buys my EP i'll grab one! great fucking stuff as always. honestly I thought the kids cassette thing was gonna get old but it works so well! it's just so fucking perfectly fitting for the melancholic songs you write. they're just really beautiful yknow? this is honestly the onlt BC i've seen where I have no constructive criticism. keep up the good work man.
this is certainly minimal! rarely do I see really simple stuff work out so well but this is pretty great. I like the more idm leaning stuff you have on this record like neck but this is pretty solid.
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Show pic.jpg
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i'd love to hear your thoughts!
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>Minimal Techno, Tribal, Chiptune
will return constructive feedback.

do enjoy how the beats can get kind of weird. it seems like many hip hop producers in these threads strive to make the cleanest beats possible, and i respect your experimentation. seriously pick better synths though.
i feel like i've heard this album hundreds of times before on my first listen.
catchy as fuck. would love it if you went more synth pop than indie pop, but as is, it's still great.
but seriously if you could keep this up for a whole album, i would pay $100 for it. great shit man. love the lo-fi drum lead.
you are everything that is wrong with these threads
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>neo-psychedelia, electronic pop/rock, experimental

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this is fucking sweet man
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images (4).jpg
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critique and feedback is what leads to exploration and improvement. I'd much rather someone talk to me about my music rather than just download it.
Thanks for feedback and advice. I'm sure I will continue working on this project and I hope I will be able to make it a lot better than this one. I got a lot of critics so I know where are my biggest weaknesses.


also rec in this thread
for individual tracks I'd really recommend a soundcloud thread. especially for songs you want individual input on
that being said, it certainly is grimdark, fits the aesthetic tho. I wish it was a little more upbeat and melodic though!
cool! do you like mac demarco? your guitar tone and singing remind me of him.
I think you really blend electronics and live instrumentation super well, I love all the crazy effects and samples and man oh fucking man that quiet chiptune bit on the first song was magic. I think shes gonna find out is my favorite track just for the melody, but no lover takes a close second, I love that glitched and delayed high synth.
OP, I dig your music a lot but you really need to work on your aesthetic my man
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>lo fi fuzz folk/new album
>cassettes for sale, 5 bucks
>check it out?


is bandcamp down for everyone else
shit i forgot to ask, are you the person in your profile pic? nice to know there's other crossdressing musicians around :)
shit i was just on 2 minutes ago and now it won't work.
yo man i'm digging the hell out of this new shit
we replied to each other a few times in the past when i posted as my other project and i've always been a fan of yours.

this is >>54055504
i really appreciate your feedback
i do hope to keep consistent with this album
and once it's release it'll all be $ fr33 $
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>Alternative R&B/Dark R&B

Hi fellas, just released my Alternative R&B EP. Would love to hear what you think, especially about the songs that haven't been released already as singles. Thanks for everyone who has given me feedback during the last two months and helped me with this process, I'm grateful beyond measure.

I'll return all the feedback as usual!
thanks man! can't wait to hear your album. i'm working on getting some kind of vinyl pressing together for this or the urban jungle. btw which one was your other project?
wait it's back
w-whats wrong with my aesthetic
too all over the place?
nah that's edgelord chris korda

but i like to perform in a nice pink blouse

thanks for the feedback btw, i can definitely see how the video seems edgy and it probably is. kinda went over the top with it as the song itself was about being pretentious and self-indulgent but yeah. it was a fun little project overall but i wasn't completely satisfied with how it turned out. i also like my no wave to be abrasive as hell

i listened to your shit the other day and it's beyond amazing man. can't relisten and go into detail because bandcamp is being weird atm but if you ever do a physical release i'll literally throw money at you
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>garage pop, indie rock, dreampunk
i'm >>54055329 but don't tell anyone
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