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band camp thread
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the other ones was slowing down so bands/rec/review all that


>Sega Bass Fishing
>Hip-Hop, Jazz

>Lo-Fi, Indie, Alternative,

Had one of my songs being played out on K-UTE a couple of hours ago

>Black Metal/Post Rock/Experimental

>atmospheric/minimalist folk, some freak folk

Thanks for the feedback to all those who have been willing to give it. Can't wait to put out some new music soon.

fb: /pleasancehouse

oh yeah this is good, dat deep guitar with that soft voice is just...it feels like it's been a long winter
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>drone, Krautrock, noise, ambient, mega
new release in a few weeks, check it out
Link? Like to download your nice music. Cover looks wonderful.
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Hey I make bedroom pop in my bedroom, I'm buying instruments and we speak and trying to get on a comp cassette along with writing and producing music with lyrics!

>ambient, dreampop, bedroom pop, drone



This is kinda angsty but pretty good! I really like the song Dawnlight

Amazing and well produced, it honestly reminds me of deer which is super cool. I love the melody at around 1:40

"The Pieces In Sight" What a beautiful song, it really compliments you voice. It reminds me of winter time post Christmas so cold and friendly yet anxious for something warmer.

I'm not into metal so I don't feel qualified to talk about your music
I deleted it and reposted with the link!

Also does anyone know why Sat Up and Begged deleted her music off the internet? I figured it would be good to ask here since she posted here a few times.
Check out my bands BRAND new tune y'all and leave some feedback as i will do you.

>electronic, dance, jazz, psych

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>Hard Rock/ Alternative Rock / Grunge
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>experimental hip hop // hip-hop
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>experimental, synth, nosie
Galaxie Deluxe "II"
this sounds rad
Friendly reminder to NOT financially support Bandcamp artists. They should stay at their indie position where only a few select people know them. Giving them money puts them in a position in which they can promote themselves to the public. I have seen a few Bandcamp gigs go mainstream and it felt so bad.
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Reccing these

>dreampop, shoegaze, experimental

DFoH was done with the help of Polysemy


And coming soon is our new album with Efferat, which will be more towards noise pop shoegaze.


And some solo material of our lead singer


>acoustic pop, ambient, vocal layers
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>Alternative R&B/Dark R&B

Hi fellas, just released my Alternative R&B EP. Would love to hear what you think, especially about the songs that haven't been released already as singles. Thanks for everyone who has given me feedback during the last two months and helped me with this process, I'm grateful beyond measure.

I'll return all the feedback as usual!

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Just released.

>noise, power electronics, drone, ambient

>>drone, Krautrock, noise, ambient,
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>ambient, drone, glitch

The Black Mixtape
>jungle, house, some old stuff thrown in

Like me on Facebook here: /cashewmusic

Also I was copying this in the archive and saw someone promoting a track from the Is Ready EP, so thans <3

>psuedo-japanese arcade music
>also hip-hop beats
>monkey ball!!
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>>normal shit i usually put here

My next EP 'moonside' will be availble thru AMDISCS (amdiscs.com) in April
with cover art by Ricardo Stacy (ricardostacy.tumblr.com)

I have a lot in store for this year, I hope everyone enjoys what they hear :']

hella demo track let me know your opinion! :)

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My brother and I made a post-hardcore EP once and don't make music anymore. I'm kind of proud of it still
>I play a floor tom with paint brushes, so that's nice
>we read too much TMZ and watch not nearly enough wresting
>lo-fi as fuck
>we actually got paid at our last show, which I find ridiculous.
>we think it's funny

We're recording our new album, "Cut's a Promo," the beginning of April with someone who actually knows what they're doing. It's going to be way better than, "Allegedly," in terms of both quality and content.

In fact, don't even bother downloading this one. Just wait a couple of months.

Amazing, of course
Also very nice.
>normal shit i usually put here
Shit sucks. Fuck you and all the circlejerking fucks like you that keep showing up in these threads posting your tired ass shit.
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>noise pop / chiptune / fuzzy guitar stuff / uplifting

Just got some praise from Nathan Barnatt. That was pretty awesome. He wants to use my music in a video. So stoked for that!


Stuff that's really awesome
thanks for listening :]
album when jesus christ
i didn't, and no one actually does, but youre welcome anyway.

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