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80s New Wave Thread
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Yo /mu/, thoughts on this album?

Also, recommend me 80s New Wave.

Kate Bush, Peter Gabriel, Tears for Fears, Talk Talk. I need mooooore

>not thinking Head Over Heels is one of the GOAT



Colour of Spring is god tier
Current favorite album thanks to Talking Cat Bob.

A guy named 80zforever uploaded series of albums named " 4 Rare 80s Albums." in torrent trackers.

I discovered so many gems there.


This is fantastic. More?
New Order, Duran Duran, Ultravox, Japan

You can find it in archive with bonus tracks.

Go there mate : >>54122165

Also, I have a vibe that you are a bro-tier guy. Hit me with your last.fm username and I'll add you.

Bonus song ^^

Another gem for you.

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long since forgotten where i found it (i want it to say it was the editor's letter in a metal magazine?), but For Against - December is my favorite little-known dream pop record.

80s never die!

>For Against - December

On my backlog for infinity but never listened to yet. Link to dl ?

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Lloyd Cole & the Commotions - Rattlesnakes has been my favorite new-wave record for the past few years.


no idea, i picked this up years ago.

but if you want, i could up it to zippy or whatever.
my copy's only in 192 but i could probably scrounge up an HQ copy off slsk if it's important.
used to be my favorite album of all time when i was like 13 or 14. have since realized there is nothing special about it. its just well done dark jangle pop.
>but if you want, i could up it to zippy or whatever.
>my copy's only in 192 but i could probably scrounge up an HQ copy off slsk if it's important.

No no need. I think I can find it. Thank you very much mate. It is kind of you.

>well done dark jangle pop
having heard enough bad jangle pop out of shitty Brooklyn bands in the last decade to last me a lifetime, i will gladly take the solidly-made stuff wherever i can find it.

aight, i guess.

if you change your mind, my upload speed is good enough that i wouldn't mind in the slightest.
>if you change your mind, my upload speed is good enough that i wouldn't mind in the slightest.

Thank you a lot. Do you use last.fm ? If yes, what is your username ?

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Why are people so indifferent to such a dope thread ?

>tfw people think it is a Bronski Beat song.

i do but i generally keep it private, because the main thing i want out of /mu/ is complete separation from the rest of my life.

nothing personal, sorry.


No problemo mate. Have you ever tried China Crisis ? Nothing special but very enjoyable synth-pop from 80s with some cold war atmosphere.
10/10 for me.
That's one of my favourite albums

Here's another jewel
reminder that Aztec Camera exist and that you should listen to them
this is good too

Fad Gadget is good. I love his sick and dark sense of humour.


>Aztec Camera

Which album to start with ?
their first one (High land Hard Rain) everything else by him sucks anyway
High Land, Hard Rain
their second album is good too, tho not essential



Teşekkürler mate.
Holy fuck, nice one!

That's one of my favorite LPs and have never seen anyone else praise it highly here. I originally heard it in the 90's and didn't care for it nearly as much Fireside Favourite so I shelved it.

I started listening to it again late 2001 in the aftermath of Sept 11 and suddenly the whole wartime paranoia and lonlieness and isolation made perfect sense.

Fucking essential document of Falklands War era England and a damn good listen for anyone.

Have you heard the extended version of For Whom The Bells Toll?
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i am legit amazed that you haven't heard Aztec Camera before, seems like it'd be totally up your alley.

you've heard Orange Juice, at least?
>Orange Juice

Yes, they are nice.

There are some 80s band that have been on my backlog for years such as For Against, Aztec Camera, Chrome ( started to listen to them finally, lel ) and Tuxedomoon but I never got into them. Dunno why.

I will check Aztec Camera this week though.

By the way, what is the most praised 80s albums you couldn't love guys ?

Mine is Crazy Rhythms by The Feelies. I can't get it.

Also, the goat Tears for Fears song.

i've tried and tried and tried, but the Cure have never clicked for me.
tried Head on the Door and Disintegration, and neither made much of an impression.

I like them but I think they are pretty overrated since their lyrics are easily reachable and Robert Smith is a likeable guy.

Try Faith though. My favorite album by them. It has a coldwave appeal.
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sex dwarf.jpg
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Just gonna throw this out there, a great song from a great album with the best new wave video ever:

Great band.
Have you heard Marc Almond's post-Soft Cell work?

I had a roommate who was queer as fuck and played it all the time. I liked it then(it was a nice break from the pretentious DiJ and C93 type shit he played incessantly otherwise) and still do, but tbh it's just to flamboyantly faggy for me to truly love or even play around my straight friends (which is every single one where I now live)

pic unrelated, but fuckin hell /mu/ neglects the fuck out of the Eurythmics and I can't for the life of me figure out why - for a top 40 band they were patrician asfuck
...and this would be pic unrelated
who here /ndw/?
Discovered some great music here. Thanks guys <3

>entry level but still great, and awesome live video

>Solo Marc Almond

No, is it something like ambient-pop like David Slyvian's post-Japan career ?

Why are 80s bands so great at bringing feels ?

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vermin in ermine.jpg
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I never cared for Japan, let alone bothered to follow their solo careers

Marc's solo career ranges from pretty expected new wave (Marc & The Mambas and ...the Willling Sinnerst) to dark cabaret to faggy as fuck lounge singing


But if you like Soft Cell, its worth checking out. And you know he helped Coil with their GOAT and scary as hell cover of Tainted Love, right?
Cute as hell.

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Thomas Dolby.jpg
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>bringing feels

fuck i dunno man I dunno

This one I actually listened to as a child after finding the album in a library bin, so I have massive nostalgia for a song thats about massive nostalgia - kinda a double whammy there


Someone needs to do a neo folk cover of it, that would be boss

>dark cabaret

Not my cup of tea but I appreciate him for Coil cover.

Coil's Who By Fire cover is good, too.

David Slyvian's solo career is like the second half of Eno's Before and After Science. If you like it, you might check Slyvian.
>I appreciate him for Coil cover.

Lel, what a shitty sentence. It sounds like Almond covered Coil.


Do you dig 4 Rare 80s Albums torrents ? They are great for finding hidden gems.
>shitty sentence
As a proud product of American public schools, my English sucks too - no worries
>4 Rare 80s
Sounds cool and thanks for the tip, but I'm not that into the genre, I'd rather be looking for hidden 60's garage rock or old country gems.

Still, i'll always love a good new wave almost classic:
File: folder.jpg (65 KB, 450x450) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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This record is one of the GOAT New Wave records.
Killer Japwave
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