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No thread in sight.
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>Dream Pop
>Jangle Pop
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>lo-fi, garage rock, pop-punk, shoegaze?

been working on some demos, new album should be out this year. the new material is more progressive.
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Album Art.jpg
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>Post Rock/Black Metal/Experimental

Feedback please
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>electronic, lofi, experimental

>deep distorted fuzzy melodic synth shit
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Peppermint Tea.jpg
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>tape music, ambient, drone
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>Instrumental synthpop, NewRetroWave, orchestral

I just put this up yesterday and have yet to receive any feedback, any criticisms/thoughts would be appreciated!

Highly reccing these awesome people:
Feedback time:

Have heard it before. Still way too pop-punk for my tastes. Drums are great though. Guitars are way too fuzzy imo.

Duddddddddeeeeeeeee this is amazing af. Your production is flawless. Clean melodies.

Beautiful post-rock with a slight bite to it. Definitely recommending my bud's music. Very lush stuff to get lost to. Perfect for studies.

Wasn't a fan of the first track, but I love the twinkly emo bits combined with the glitch-hop percussion on track 2.

Don't really like it v much. I can't dig it. Might just be too deep 4 me though.

I really can just never get into ambient at all so I have no feedback for this.
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MotL cover.jpg
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>psych rock, electronic
Beautiful dancey shit right here. Very catchy and simple. Flows together effortlessly. That synth melody is dank.
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>silly guitar pop

Also you can buy tapes of the JB [EP] here:

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>dreampop, shoegaze, experimental

DFoH was done with the help of Polysemy.

We also have a new album coming with Efferat and we're also appearing on Lanza Manza's next album which is going to be club music,
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>black metal
>This comes out friday
you are a fucking faggot. kill yourself
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>dance punk

>manic noise rock song i had a bit of fun making today

all sick boys

giving feedback in a bit
>ITT: Dick-waving and pointless lists of "recs" amongst the same 15-20 albums that are posted in EVERY thread
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The splits.jpg
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>split lp between some /mu/tants
The links to their music is in the description

I dont even bother with the albums I see in every thread now, you just gotta ignore them
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>instrumental hip hop
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>ambient, drone, krautrock, niose, black metal, weird pop
NEW RELEASE today check it out, I hope it compares favorably to the first
give it a free download if you like it

this is really clean. well produced and some very sexy melodies going on. i feel like female vocals could make this 10/10 but seriously, this is fantastic

this is really unique. i love the second track to death. i'll save this for another time because i feel that this could really grow on me

heard this before, huge fan.

this would be cool live, and i like some of the textures. i'm too poppy for ambient tho. i love melodies. maybe one day

pretty fun overall, but i'm not really feeling it. the first track. it doesn't really have direction. not bad though.

you deliver the matter of fact lyrics genuinely. i think that's a difficult thing to do. as for the music itself i'm just not much of indie rock.
Guys, don't listen to or give feedback to people who just post links and fish for hits without contributing.
We can make these threads productive but we all have to do our part.
Hell yeah, thanks man. Means a lot coming from you, I love your stuff. I'm pumped for the album!
Why do you even reply to stuff you can't "dig", or have no feedback on? What's the point?
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a0830889686_10 (1).png
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>Synth/Dark/New Wave, female vocals

Buy a cassette! Only four left of the only printing that will ever exist!
he's a meme you dip
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>this would be cool live, and i like some of the textures. i'm too poppy for ambient tho. i love melodies. maybe one day

I do actually play live, but it tends to be a lot more guitar intensive. Most of what I play live is texture loops with guitar layered in.
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>mathrock shoegaze dreampop
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This is real fuckin' good. I love What's Choking on Gilbert Grape.

My music ranges from electronic poppy kinds of stuff to what I like to call "submarine jazz" and experimental noise. Currently working on a new album. Market Day Blues is the title track of the album.
that sounds pretty awesome. i would love to hear this live honestly. i just have this thing with noise and ambient music that i can only enjoy them in a live setting.

I would listen to >>54235658 while staring at a big poster of that album art with like a lava lamp
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>Acid House

Just dropped tonight, thanks to anyone who checks it out.

this is one of the best things ive heard in a bc thread in a while. fkin toe sample killin it
also, any criticism is greatly appreciated, as I am trying to improve, rather than just be "recced"
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Fun game for you /mu/, make a playlist of >>54235658 and https://reapers.bandcamp.com/album/reapers and be in outer space
>>54235658 (Dan) here.


LOVE this, dude. You captured pretty much captured exactly what I was going for AND WITH vocals, haha. Plus, as a Mass Effect fan, I can appreciate your the theme. Keep it up, dude.
Well meme'd.
Why only give Positive feedback? I like to reply to everyone.
Awesome band nice mix of math rock and shoegazer
This is pretty damn good
Don't know how i feel about the covers on your bandcamp.
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>smeers, rmxs, taypes
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this is dope! love your style. very grim

I will return any feedback, positive or negative
>electronic stuff
Very rough draft, looking for some direction
Thanks for the purchase m8. <3 I'm sure you'll dig it a lot.

Do you have a profile pic on your Bandcamp fan account? Would really like to see yr name under the supporters list.
>>54237651 here

woah! super cool. fear of whales is a jam!
got me groovin in my chair man! very nice
fuck this is rad. great work
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Be Well.jpg
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Returning all feedback
I am >>54237651
that swing set was just like the one I had as a kid haha. but I really like your sound man, your voice is perfect for this kind of music
oh man i just finished Save It, love when your voice breaks
thanks dude that swing set is still in my parents backyard haha. Thanks for the feedback dude you stuff hits hard great production and arrangement of instruments.

Emo, please tell me what you think
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>lo-fi, cold.
File: parallel.jpg (1 MB, 2592x2592) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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whoops posted too soon

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good thread so far you damn dirty nigglets.

>art punk,garage rock
>demo demo demo demo demo
>>54237651 this is me

I neglected you respond to you in a previous thread, but I love how creeped out I am by your music.
fuck YEAH dude! love your chord progressions. very rhythmically interesting as well.
thanks man.

your music sounds like the beginning of something good.

Also, I recognize one of the presets you used on binary haha
yeah I'm pretty new to this stuff haha. thanks man!

EP of songs from my split album with Reign Of Apollo, check it out, there's something for everyone.

>Heavy metal, doom metal, atmospheric rock, shoegaze influence, prog. influence, etc.
not a problem. keep it up
File: cover.jpg (2 MB, 1500x1500) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2 MB, 1500x1500

>chill, downtempo, dance

just released the pictured EP a little under a month ago, let me know what you think. will peruse the thread and listen to interesting stuff.
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>Hip Hop
woops, forgot pic
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> Hardcore punk
File: Coversmaller.jpg (1 MB, 3000x3000) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Alternative R&B/Dark R&B

Hi fellas, just released my Alternative R&B EP. Would love to hear what you think, especially about the songs that haven't been released already as singles. Thanks for everyone who has given me feedback during the last two months and helped me with this process, I'm grateful beyond measure.

I'll return all the feedback as usual!
based on that retarded fucking cover alone, I can't be fucked to listen to a second of it.
Why do I have a feeling you probably wouldn't want to be seen dead without a hat on?
sending this to my norwegian friend to see if she's a fan
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