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I'm going to be sharing some albums. Feel free to contribute.

Most of my shares will be jazz and related genres but any genres are welcome.

Requests are permitted but please share something yourself before requesting.


Sir Edward- The Power of Feeling (1973)

>fusion, post-bop
>Saxophonist Harold Vick recorded briefly under the pseudonym "Sir Edward" in the 70's after he moved away from the Blue Note label. This album highlights fusion grooves with adventurous playing and great Rhodes piano.

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Matthew Shipp Trio- To Duke (2015)

>free jazz, post-bop
>On this album pianist Matthew Shipp, usually known as a free jazz player, pays tribute to one of his less obvious influences, Duke Ellington. Shipp and co. do some of Ellington's more popular compositions with an aggressive, post-modern deconstructionist approach.
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El Prodigio- Cabecita Loca (2004)

>Merengue is a Dominican style of dance music that has seen a resurgence in popularity among Latinos in the US in recent years. El Prodigio is a virtuoso accordion player who brings his unique styling and heavy playing to this dance music.
theres already another share thread active loser
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Elvin Jones- Puttin It Together (1968)

>post-bop, sax trio
>John Coltrane’s early 60’s rhythm section of bassist Jimmy Garrison and drummer Elvin Jones continued to team up long after their tenure with Coltrane ended. Here they work with saxophonist Joe Farrell (who tries his damndest to fill Coltrane’s shoes) for a very good sax trio record.


Baden Powell- Solitude on Guitar (1973)

>Bossa Nova, classical guitar, Brazilian
>This is one of Powell's better recordings, featuring brilliant solo guitar work, as well as several songs that feature the addition of a bass/drums rhythm section.
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Miles Okazaki- Mirror (2006)

>progressive composition, experimental, improv
>This is a series of compositions by Japanese guitarist Miles Okazaki. The suite especially explores rhythmic variations, with complex time signatures, poly-rhythms and melodies all happening at once. Interpreting the music is a stellar cast including Chris Potter, David Binney, Miguel Zenon, and Dan Weiss.

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Face Candy- Waste Age Teen Land (2011)

>improvisation based rap
>Led by Michael Larsen (a.k.a. Eyedea) this group plays acoustic, improvised music with rapping provided by Larsen and Kristoff Krane, accompanied by bass and drums. Unfortunately Larsen died before this recording was released, making it the group’s last.

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Alan Shorter- Orgasm (1968)

>free jazz, post-bop
>Alan is the brother of famous saxophonist and composer Wayne Shorter. This recording carries on the tradition of the classic Ornette Coleman quartet of playing semi-structured free jazz within the trumpet/sax/bass/drums setup.

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Tonbruket- Nubium Swimtrip (2013)

>progressive rock, fusion
>After the unfortunate death of Esbjorn Svensson and the dissolving of the Esbjorn Svensson Trio, the bassist, Dan Berglund started this group. “Tonbruket” translates to “tone workshop” and the group explores the influences of classic progressive rock with unique instrumentation, influences of world music, and a spirit of improvisation.

Thank you for posting these.
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Willie Colon- El Malo (1967)

>salsa, son
>The debut recording of salsa trombonist Willie Colon and also his first of many fruitful collaborations with vocalist Hector Lavoe. A Fania classic.

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Introducing Opus 5 (2011)

>This is a quintet made up of some of the most common sidemen on Criss Cross records who banded together and decided to make their own supergroup. The playing combines the tradition of hard bop quintets ala Blakey with the more adventurous stylings of Miles' second quintet.

requesting pic related

Madlib: Beat Konducta 1-6
>amazing instrumental hip hop, guys the west coast Dilla
forgot link
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Mauricio Kagel- Exotica (1972)

>avant-garde, experimental, composition
>Argentinean avant-garde composer wrote this highly unique work, for “non-European instruments.” It’s primative, violent, and at times downright creepy. Kagel stated his intention for the piece was to question ‘the dominance of Western music or “culture”’ or ‘go back to the primeval origins of music-making, when singing was still at one with making sound out of simple, everyday objects’. Also included is another of Kagel’s compositions, “Tactil,” one that’s more minimalistic.

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Lee Konitz plays with the Gerry Mulligan Quartet (1953)

>cool jazz
>This is the popular ‘pianoless’ Gerry Mulligan Quartet, joined by the enormously talented alto player, Lee Konitz. Konitz elegant sound fits right in with the laid-back, contrapuntal compositions of Mulligan’s quartet.

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Gabriela Montero- Bach and Beyond (2006)

>Baroque influenced thematic improvisation
>Pianist, Gabriela Montero is originally from Venezuela and became interested in classical music at a young age. Unlike most classical pianists, she has continued the tradition of improvisation that used to be required of composers and musicians. On this release she interprets Bach’s themes with her unique style of improvisation.
then share
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are there any other albums like this? rapping over minimal live instrumentation, this has become one of my favorite albums ever
Why share when there's soulseek?
none that I know of other than other Face Candy albums. If you find more let me know.
so people can find new things, that's the original purpose of sharethreads, not for stupid fucking requests. requests are what ruin sharethreads
no that Cosmogramma post ruins sharethreads

also soulseek is shit i dont want that on my shit
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Chick Corea- Circulus (1978)

>free jazz, avant-garde jazz
>This quartet would come to be known as Circle, and is made up of four extremely heavy hitters in the jazz world- Anthony Braxton, Chick Corea, Dave Holland, and Barry Altschul. This is some of the more free and chaotic music that Holland or Corea ever participated in, and their skills and instincts for the music transfer well to this challenging music.
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David Virelles- Mbókò: Sacred Music for Piano, Two Basses, Drum Set and Biankoméko Abakuá (2014)

>canto Abakuá, sacred Afro-Cuban jazz
>Pianist David Virelles takes influence from his native land of Cuba and translates the traditional music of the Abakuá religion and interprets it with modern jazz sensibilities, producing music that sounds both traditional and sacred, and adventurous and modern. Between the dark harmony of the piano, the two double-basses, and the unique timbre of the Biankoméko drum, this is a very innovative and original record.
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Art Pepper plus Eleven (1959)

>hard bop
>One of alto-player Art Pepper's best recordings, this album features well-known jazz pieces arranged for large ensemble.

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The Hanged Man- Played by Bullet (1975)

>funk, soundtrack
>This is a released OST from a British TV series that aired in the 70's. The music is quintessentially 70's sounding with deep funk grooves.

great shares! thank you man, keep sharing stuff, you're making my days brighter
Can I request their "Root of Things" album?

Jenny and the Mexicats- s/t (2012)

>cumbia, flamenco, indie folk
>An indie band that combines influences of various Hispanic genres for bright, poppy and unique music.

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Archie Shepp and Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen- Looking at Bird (1980)

>duet jazz, straight ahead, bebop.
>The great avant-garde tenor player and the great bassist playing duet versions of Charlie Parker tunes. Shepp was known mostly as a free jazz player, but here he keeps things fairly structured, with moments of playing outside the form.

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Andres Segovia- The Baroque Guitar (1990)

>Often cited as one of the greatest guitar interpreters of classical music, Segovia interprets some well-known and some lesser-known pieces by Baroque masters such as Bach, Frescobaldi, Purcell, and Handel.

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Moacir Santos- Maestro (1972)

>Brazilian, jazz, fusion
>Rather than focusing on the more worn-out Brazilian styles like bossa and samba, Santos fuses more obscure styles like baião and frevo with the jazz fusion sound popular in the States, and creates a very unique sound.

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Pierrick Pedron- Kubic's Cure (2014)

>saxophone trio, fusion
>French alto player Pierrick Pedron re-interprets songs by The Cure and performs them with a sax/bass/drums trio.
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Patato Valdes and his Latin Percussion Friends- Authority (1976)

>guaguanco, Afro-Cuban improvisation
>Valdes was one of the percussionists who played on a number of great Latin records in the 50’s and 60’s. This album is heavy on percussion and vocals and features the stringed instruments quinto and tres in the traditional Cuban style of guaguanco.

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Kenny Wheeler- Songs for Quintet (2015)

>This was the legendary trumpet player's final recording before he passed away in September, 2014. Accompanied by British players who often collaborated with him, Wheeler leads the band through interesting originals. His sound is subtle and restrained (due to his deteriorating health) but the music is alive with understated energy and passion.
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Andrew Hill- A Beautiful Day (2002)

>avant-garde, large ensemble composition
>Recorded live in NYC, A Beautiful Day is one of Hill’s largest and most ambitious recordings. In his arrangements for big band, Hill still captures his idiosyncratic and abstract sense of melody and harmony. Despite the size of the band, Hill’s always adventurous piano work is still at the forefront of the music.

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Coirtney Barnett - Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit
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Keith Jarrett- Hymns Spheres (1976)

>improvisation, solo organ
>Usually known as a jazz pianist, Keith Jarrett recorded these extended improvisations on the Baroque pipe organ at Benedictine Abbey in Ottobeuren, Germany.

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Yosvany Terry- Today’s Opinion (2012)

>Latin jazz, free improv, composition
>This is an interesting mixture of Afro-Cuban rhythms and melodies, with very free and adventurous improvisation. It’s a good blend of traditional Latin sounds with the exploratory nature of modern jazz.

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