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I need to know more about electronic industrial
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I need to know more about electronic industrial
>electronic industrial

I don't even know where to start because you appear to know absolutely nothing about it.
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Listen to Coil, they are industrial. My favorite band too.

23 Skidoo and Cabaret Voltaire are great starting points from going from rock to industrial.

Throbbing Gristle of course.

Skinny Puppy and Regis if you like techno and want to get into industrial.
almost all industrial is, at least in part, electronic. I'll give you some samples of some types of music that can be described as industrial.

[real] industrial: this is where the word comes from and it is the only genre that can be correctly described as industrial without any qualifiers. it was a style of experimental music that arose somewhat concurrently with the punk scene in mid-70's britain but spread rapidly through the mail-based tape/art trading scene throbbing gristle is commonly cited as the first industrial band. the major centers of industrial music were london, berlin, and san francisco. sonically it's a diverse genre but it tends to try to create a creepy, alienating atmosphere and frequently uses transgressive themes. the common techniques used were: analog noise, tape manipulation, found object percussion, early drum machines, sampling, and spoken word.

dance industrial/EBM (electronic body music)/electro-industrial: this, and it's offshoots is what a lot of people call industrial. most of the industrial influences here come from the drum machine experimentation as well as the harsh, percussive sound that was common in the early industrial scene. the difference is that those techniques are then applied to relatively straightforward dance music as opposed to structurally experimental atmospheric music.
(i'mma level with you here, I don't know many bands like this and the scene tends to be weird about it's sub genre classification so it's hard for me to come up with representative bands. although skinny puppy is considered *the* early dance industrial band.)
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Has industrial evolved? This all sounds like it's pretty 90's
Also, thanks for being helpful
industrial rock: this is another big genre that gets labeled as just industrial alot. this was big in the 90's and you probably already know about it. the industrial influences here are filtered through the dance industrial scene to some degree and only a few of the techniques are commonly used.

aggrotech: this came after the early dance industrial scene. it's looked down on by almost everyone because it's tacky, hyper-aggressive and mindless. sonically it's made up of in-your-face drum machines, distorted synths, heavily treated harsh vocals, and horror movie samples. it's great for lifting though.

futurepop: this is where the rest of the dance industrial scene migrated to, it's basically synth pop with more obvious drum machines (i think, honestly I'm hardly an expert in this area most of this information is taken from /dark/ threads and ishkurs guide to to electronic music).

also, I'm not really making this clear but all of these genres are in some tenuous way influenced by industrial and are also commonly mislabeled as industrial by their fans

This isn't related to the thread topic as much as the picture, but I have major chubbs for industrial architecture, especially refineries.

I had a chance to visit this one when I was in NOLA.
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I forgot to say earlier but a major reason there's so much animosity between the original industrial scene and the stuff that got labeled industrial afterwards is because many bands in the original scene were very focused on either politics (test dept., laibach) or philosophy/spirituality (throbbing gristle, coil). either way most of them were radicalized to some degree in a somewhat punkish, anti-society fashion and the philosophy of the industrial movement was very much influenced by the post-hippie anti-authoritarian mentality that sparked the punk movement.

there's stuff that's labeled post-industrial, coil being the most famous example, which in my opinion is just industrial that came out after the movement died down around the late 80's. now, there are arguments to be made that coil is different than the majority of oldschool industrial bands because they're more atmospheric than most but I don't really think there are enough differences to qualify as a different genre. especially given that industrial is a fairly broad term to begin with.

I should also mention that many people, myself included, use the term post-industrial to describe all music that was influenced by the original scene.

industrial architecture is cool as hell. I love the aesthetic of bare concrete with everything exposed
the next few genres take more influence from industrial's sound or philosophy

noise: much of noise music is a direct result of the experimentation and art philosophy of the early industrial scene. noise music in of itself is something of a umbrella term. it's major subgenres are:
power electronics: this uses the transgressive imagery of industrial for the same shock-tactics purpose. it consists of vocals, usually shouted or spoken word, layered over noise that is typically more structured than harsh noise
death industrial: atmospheric power electronics
harsh noise: this is the alienating harshness of industrial taken to it's extreme end, mostly it's just layers of structureless feedback

martial industrial: this uses the sampling techniques and percussive sound of industrial to make very martial sounding music. it bridges the gap between industrial and neofolk and is the reason there is a lot of fanbase overlap between those two genres. it's worth noting that there is an unfortunate section of the fanbase that are nazis/nazi sympathizers/extremely nationalistic. in my opinion this comes from the transgressive imagery used by industrial musicians as well as the angry sound of their music, both of which would attract these kinds of assholes.
(I don't know that many martial industrial bands so this list of sample is a little sketchy)
First-wave industrial
Second-wave industrial
Third-wave industrial

"True" industrial is just what happened first. Things change.
go to best buy
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Good choices m8
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