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A thread for true music explorers to share and discover unheard albums, genres, and all around good music from all over the world.
Let's make this a huge catalog; a "go to" thread for everyone who loves to discover new music.
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I like Silk Road 3, but Kitaro has a lot of shit I can't get into. That said, "Tao" is one of the most beautiful songs I know.
>tfw have an original Japanese pressing of Silk Road 3 still with the obi strip
It's one of my favorite records, even if it isn't that rare. The artworks is so beautiful.
>Step one get a bag and fill it with glue
>Step two sniff till your face turns blue
>Step three relax, enjoy the ride, and let the music do what it do to your mind
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>An album by Vektroid, Very rare and elusive. This was supposed to be released on cassette through Will Burnett's label (the guy behind Internet Club) but never materialized, and was only circulated in file form to a few people.
I have it if anyone is curious to listen, It's pretty good
That is not an obscure album at all. it's good though
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Anyone who hasn't listened to Clube da Esquina by Milton Nascimento totally should. It's like a better Brazilian Beach Boys album. One of the best "world music" albums
Andres Jimenez's Cantata album
The poetry in the lyrics of the 2nd and 3rd track are beyond sublime. If you understand Spanish, and enjoy Caribbean ballad type music(with it's wonderful acoustic guitars), you may enjoy this album.
I'd definitely enjoy a listen
please upload
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If the Gerogerigegege were a hardcire punk band this would be it
Why glue?! THC & Psilocybin are much better venues!
haha i knew it was gunna be this, this was everywhere a few months ago. thought i would ask anyways
vektroid a shit
Never see this on /mu/.

Discover America- Van Dyke Parks
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Forgot pic
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Criminally underrated gem
A Spanish conductor directs a Chinese prodigy and her Italian instrument(a Stradivarius); the sounds they create are magical. I love this album!
Surely you've heard some of these classical works before, now hear her rendition of them.
Album is a bit hard to find, and you won't see it on YouTube-unfortunately.
...but if you like classical, then this album should definitely be in your collection.
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gay and stupid
the album has never been fully leaked by someone yet, all we have is an excerpt from one of the tracks on the album: Enjoy
Hopefully we will someday hear this in it's entirety
this x1000
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Goat - Let it Bleed. It's like some sort of weird tribal punk.

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Grand Analog
HipHop group from Winnipeg, super chill shit to just jam out to

Around This Town:
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Le Shok - We Are Electrocution
The most dirtiest gritty synthpunk you'll ever fucking hear. This is their only "album"
If you enjoy, reply. I'm curious as to how many people dig this-a different sort of rap.

Roses and Bluejays - Buck 65: https://youtu.be/qbfhY0j4tGI
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electronic folk mostly

have you tried the mega of vektroid's discog?

God'DaYyum datz gOod!!!

Holy shit it's vaporwave meets dungeonsynth + drone this is amazing
These australians dudes are awesome if your into lofi pop https://solitairerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/shawcross
that only has the one track
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figured i'd tell you guys that this will actually be coming out on a friend's label soon (for real!). no solid date and i don't want to reveal what label tho. sorry for dropping the ball on this one so long ago!
how do you anons find new music in general
Blogs. For albums, all you need is Metacritic, AllMusic, and albumoftheyear.org.
what the fuck is this

nice find bb
Wow. No one has sarcastically said NMH or brought up Hairy Amps Drooling.
What is this?!
reccing this big time, such good stuff
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each of his albums only have 1 rating on RYM

experimental ambient, mostly lo-fi

The Dream in Captivity includes some field recordings too
Someone posted this in daily album thread.
It's probably one of my favourite albums.
It's post-rock music without guitar.
Reminds me of tipper.
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What a nice idea, OP!

And what a great opportunity to introduce everyone to the German post-rap scene which I love so much (which as the name suggests is to rap what post-rock is to rock).

Here are some important projects for anyone who wishes to get into this:

Armageddon Endzeitstress
(basically the entirety of artists releasing under the actual record label called postrap (postrap.de) combined in what can be considered a supergroup)

(Basically the most well known post-rap MC, whose style is characterized largely through a lack of rhymes, heavy industrial beats and line-by-line association based writing)

(My personal favorite. Niklas Wandt is a prolific German free jazz drummer, who is also one of Germany's most experimental MCs. His first solo album as Illoyal features an interesting mix of dissonant free-jazz style beats and experiamental rap style often abandoning rhymes. His lyrics are enigmatic and his vocabulary immense. Later releases were produced by electronic musician Bassdeaph and went in a more ambient and industrial influenced direction. Their album "Das Krankenhaus ist unendlich" is a truly unique psychedelic experience.)

Other important artists include:
-form (prim)
-Real Geizt & Splidttercrist
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