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Listen and enjoy
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>Indie Rock
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>Experimental, Various Genres

>New Release
>Hope In Hand
>Folk, Folk Pop, Lo-fi, Singer-Songwriter.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank You. :)
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>shoegaze, ambient, noise rock, gibe moni
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>shoegaze, dream pop

just put a few covers up
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>lofi, dream pop, bedroom sounds

Newish song for my next album, any kind of feedback on that song or my other albums would be great
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>ambient, plunderphonics
>for fans of boards of canada, ricky eat acid, and brian eno
>tapes available!
If you fags want comments you've got to comment on others' music, this is simple stuff
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>lo-fi, garage rock, pop-punk, shoegaze?

been working on some demos, new album should be out this year. the new material is more progressive.
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>Experimental Post-Rock/Black Metal
>Depressive Post-Rock
i'm at work and can't listen atm. if the thread is still open when i'm free i'll definitely leave some feedback.
Its a catch 22, people want comments but no one wants to go first
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Noisy shoegazi EP

A compilation that I'm on that I did similar music on

Thanks for listening
>electronic rock, noisy neo-psychedelia, experimental pop

a demo track from an upcoming album i'm working on. it's a bit raw: https://soundcloud.com/maantis/mi-casa-demo
i love the surfy vibe this has. makes me miss the beach.

these guys are good

>the booksish, comfy, layered samples

Tryin to work on a batch of proper songs in this vein

I'll check all ur stuff out rite now
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I'm dumb
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>post-rock/math rock
>jazz fusion

let me know if you downloaded
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>Drone, Lo-fi Black Metal, synth
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>fun feels-y power pop, indie rock, three (and some four!) part harmonies
>influenced by 60s pop and 90s emo

New release, I hope you enjoy it.
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>my first album
>metro-ko, downtempo, dubstep, 2-step, underground hip hop, moody, chill, psychedelic, lonely
>collaborated with jordaan mason on a track
>contains samples of the beach boys, joanna newsom, daniel johnston, bob dylan, bill evans, and various films
>made for a girl
>last release under the name Hiding Places
>i'll be under the name Osterman and my first mixtape will be released sometime this spring with Cherry Cardinal Hotel providing percussion
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>Lofi Pop
>Weezer shit

Really cool guitar work. The drums also sound pretty cool. If you're a solo artist, I'm impressed because the instruments are all played with an interesting amount of skill. Also, I like when one-man-bands are called "the somethings" (the microphones, for example).

Legitimately the best album cover that I've seen in a bandcamp thread. The music is pretty sweet too. It's funny, because I just mentioned the microphones, and this music definitely gives me a Phil Elverum vibe. I assume that you're familiar with his work. Anyway, good stuff. Keep it up.

PS I saw your instagram. Were you born in fucking 1998? Jesus Christ, you're way ahead of the curve if you were.

Pretty dope actually. The guitar and drum sounds work together from my perspective, and I kind of like the heavy reverb and repetitive drum pattern.
The tracks are a little long for my taste, but keep in mind I write songs that don't even reach three minutes.

I mentioned you in the last thread that got deleted, so I'll say it again. I think your ideas are great, but something about your production really stops me from loving the material. If you worked on the production value, and released an entire album of surfy instrumental songs, then I would love to give it a download.

Now this is some motherfucking production value. This sounds awesome. It's really chill and trippy, and all of the instruments cut through very nicely. The vocals sound awesome, too. Great work all around. The name of the EP made me laugh, too.

You remind me of myself. I like you for that. You seem like a good guy. Hang out with me?
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>Trap Instrumentals
>Hip-Hop Instrumentals
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>experimental noise
>chiptune-ish trash
>experimental rock, industrial rock, synth punk, post-punk
gonna put out cassettes soon


> stoner / experimental / noise / utter idiocy / hue hue
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toy and a half.jpg
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>toasterwave, glitch pop, synthpop, experimental
pretty psychatronic if i do say so myself
this looks horrible
>>54807099 here. I'm gonna judge your shit, despite myself having the shittiest songs here

really nice production-wise, a little boring in the beginning, but it picks up after a while. Overall pretty good.

Actually really good for the most part. The way the drums sound kinda takes a lot of the focus off of them, though, which I think works really well for the 3rd song, but really poorly for the 4th one. Overall, the last song was probably the weakest of the 4, but they were all pretty decent

Eh, very very okay. Not good, or bad, just really okay. But idk, it's not really my kind of music.

Really nice, the songs are simple; but done really well. My only complaint is that the vocals sound kinda dull

I only listened to a few of the songs, but from what I heard, it sounds really good
>>54807099 here again

this shit is golden 10/10
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>noise, ambient, concept album about sleep

>ambient, drone, glitch

Like me on Facebook here: /cashewmusic
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curacy ep 600.jpg
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>sample-based electronic ambient

My self-titled EP which I released on Monday. Hope you enjoy it. It's pretty beautiful.
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Floral EP.jpg
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What drives people to self title things? Why do that? It just makes it harder to reference.
from the description of the album
>I consider this album to be the cornerstone of the musical identity of Curacy, which is why it is self-titled.

this is the 3rd EP I've released. but this one just had to be self-titled.
I'm not huge on this, though I did like the franz ferdinand nod before the solo. Also the solo was pretty solid. The arrangement is really solid, but I feel like the melodies and the chord progressions could use some work. Just my opinion tho
I've never been too huge on ambient stuff but I like this. Nothing sticks around too long to get uninteresting and all the loops are solid.
love this, the atmosphere is great, and you keep it noisy without it feeling like a gimmick. wish there was more bass in the mix, but that might just be me.
cathedral of st. john was p nice. is that Jordan masson of the horse museum fame?
Im loving the end of it, btw

Also, sup fellow florida bro!
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>Dark Garage Psychedelic Punk
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